Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another one jumps the ship

Third PKR MP quits

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 12:58:00

BAGAN Serai Member of Parliament Mohsin Fadzli Samsuri has quit PKR, making the 65-year-old the third legislator to quit the party within one week.

He cited internal squabling and PKR’s stance on the ‘allah’ issue for his resignation. Mohsin has opted to become an independent MP.

Are they all bribeable? So, why are the elected representatives from PKR jumping ship? Money? RPK and Co say they are being bought by Umno, led by Jamaluddin Jarjis way out there in Washington, the U.S.A. If that was so - and I don't believe that is so - why were they so buy-able or bribeable? Remember, these aren't the only three who have jumped out of Pakatan Rakyat. The 3 state assemblymen who jumped in Perak, which caused so much problems till recently. What happened to them? Bought also, ah?

BN has also lost some, the biggest fish of them ex-Minister Zaid Ibrahim. Bought also, bribeable and buy-able?

If everyone in politics can be bought with money, what's with the ideals, cause and principles?

Let's be real, let's be frank. There's something seriously wrong over there. RPK and Co ought to do something constructive for once and for a change for their masters - analyze and find out what's wrong and advise them on how to put an end to the jumpers.

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  1. Anonymous2:22 pm

    PR people are so depressed..they cursed the frogs by 7th hell
    mereka kini hampir gila hingga menghentak kepala ke dinding brulang kali
    dengan hati yg sakit hingga berasap2 hingga hitam wajah mereka

    face its ini hukum karma

  2. Anonymous2:24 pm

    for the MP' truely following ajaran DSAI ...beliau mencadangkan dulu remember 16 september?

    all frogs including Zaid Ibrahim and Chua Jui Meng

  3. Anonymous2:25 pm are one confirmed UMNO/BN arsehole!

    We have a murderer as a PM, a DPM who "almost" sold land to Singapore while in the capacity as Johor MB! If these 2 are at the helm, what more can we expect from the rest?!!!! Want to see Malysia go to the dogs....contribute and have your "screwed up" comments in your blog! You are just like the rest....ARSEHOLES!!!!!!


  4. Anonymous2:28 pm

    PR MP: i want to quit party!
    PR supporters :@#&^%**&%!!!!

    PR MP: i have quit..but i still dont like BN
    PR supporters :&^#%*&%!@#^#@^#!!!!!!!

    PR MP: you still cursed me?
    PR supporters :WOOf! Woof! WOOOOF!

  5. Anonymous2:29 pm

    are they bribeable? ask urself lo Rocky. What made u a turncoat?

    Question answered!

    No need get MMail do scoop and waste journalists time.


  6. bukan saja org politik boleh di beli , editor surat kahbar pun boleh dibeli .

  7. Mazlan2:53 pm


    I don't think this is a mystery in Malaysian politics. Compared to other countries Malaysia probably leads in 'political frogs'. Its a standard and regular occurrence during periods of uncertainty. Sabah and Sarawak can attest to that.
    The reasons revolve around money, power and fear with a very few who do so out of principle.
    In Perak's case - it was fear of the MACC. Two were caught taking bribes and are now going through the court system - although I have to find it odd that the prosecutors are doing a real crap job with the case (coincidence..I don't think so).
    In Zaid's case it was out of priniciple - and he joined PKR late on with a lot of concerns.
    In the latest cases the PKR lot jumping are not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed and were due to be de-selected; so I suspect the fear of loss of seats may have been a motivator.
    I note most of them are now 'Independent.' But I suspect this is down to the fact that local UMNO warlord of their Bahagian is either suspicious of them or fearful of their role.
    Whatever the case it is down to the quality of the people themselves.
    They obviously were not in PKR due to the cause of PKR but out of personal interest.
    This is a lesson for Anwar and PKR to take - pick quality candidates who are committed to PR policies - then you should have no problems in future.
    This is also a lesson to UMNO - one: can these Frogs be trusted? If they can jump one way they can easily jump another. Second: are these the type of people that can help UMNO regenerate themselves? Again doubtful - as most of them are dinosaurs and are not very bright. UMNO also need quality candidates with fresh ideas.

    As history has shown us - frogs like this are only good for short term PR value to the party they jump to. In the long run they fade away into oblivion. One day Malaysia may get more politicians with principles - but it may require some clear guidelines and rules to ensure that.
    In my view - for the medium to long term PR are better off without them and UMNO should be careful about accepting them - which I think the local UMNO guys obviously are....

  8. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Not surprising.
    Money , money , money is a rich man world.

    You can buy all the EPL soccer teams too if you have the $$$$$.

    It does not matter black or white when you come to $$$$$.
    Not surprising after all if more to jumpship.

  9. Anonymous3:14 pm

    There is nothing wrong in what rpk is saying but it just shows what politics are all about.

  10. Anonymous3:18 pm

    More PKR members will quit the party. It's not something that shocking really... There are lots of problems in the PR right now.

    Will look really bad on Anwar's reputation as leader.

  11. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Rakyat perlu menilai kenapa krisis dalam PKR berlaku – Utusan Malaysia. ha ha ha baju samo kot, hang dgn utusan

  12. it's so normal now days bro what ever happen to PR, this people will blame UMNO or predictable ..

  13. Quite certainly the Allah issue has had its desired impact on some PKR wishy washy guys don't you think? How come they are not exactly above confusion unlike their PAS counterparts?

    Whether money or not, I think its good that these rubbish all get out now. But I guess even if there is no money involved now, when PR has less than one-thirds....does not mean UMNO has two-thirds. But with a little motivation thrown in all these guys, including all those who had the whif of Washington air lately, will sell out their souls so that UMNO can do what is necessary to gerrymander before the next elections , ya?

  14. With PKR MPs abandoning PKR, what kind of political senario are we looking at? It's too early to tell.

    It could be the new trend of a third force of Independent in Parliament. See what Ibrahim Ali could do single handedly with his Malay agenda

    It could also be a temporary refuge for these PKR MPs till a shift in power within PLR from from the 3As to a new leadership able to provide a new direction the PKR grassroot yearning for.

    Anwar has not been providing a direction for the party in the event he is imprisoned. All resources and party machinery is being harness to create reformasi II, albeit slow pace.

    This author is not convince that it is a power shift to BN. UMNO and BN still got their work cut out for themselves to rehabilitate the party.

    How about an intriguing possibility of a wild horse in the name of Ku Li as being promoted by desperately seeking attention Khairy and his Pemuda exco.

    But this blogger is not ready to be convince. Too simple and not numerically possible.

    Read further here

  15. Anonymous3:30 pm


    The Pakatan Rakyat is made up of the most weirdest and strangest bunch of nuts there ever was. They have serious character flaws. I agree Bro the UMNO and Bn boys can also be scary but none like the PR boys. Here is a list:

    Nepotisme : there is serious nepotisme in the PR. DAP is the Father and Son Party. They are serious racists and Chinese chauvinists. PKR has Anwar as Advisor, wife Azizah as President, daughter Nurul is MP. All in the family. Karpal and Gobind are big guns in DAP. If UMNO or BN does this, then of course it is bad.

    In Kelantan Nik Aziz has son in law Ariffahmi with his finger in the cookie jar. Nik Aziz say its ok to go on RM65,000 junkie trip sponsored by his crony. When UMNO does this, it is bad. Its ok for Pakatan to do this.

    In Selangor Ronnie Liu was called up by Selcat over his expenses - he blew RM600,000 in five months. Teoh Beng Hock was spilling the beans about this. Of course Beng Hock has died. Wong Chuan Chow has been charged with corruption. There are questions now about Soh Cher Wei's baby. Ean Yong is very quiet too. What a strange crowd.

    Then Yang Berbogel had her terkangkang pictures posted on the Net. Nik Aziz said it was OK. Real sick bro. It is very strongly rumoured that YB Yang Berbogel had an affair with YAB Yang Amat Berbuncit. What a cheap, third rate crowd bro. This is why they are falling apart. They got no class.

    You have this botak guy Raja Petra Kamarudin the PR's No 1 spokeman.
    Wife beater and child abuser. He abused and chased his son away from home at 14 years of age and then coolly said that his son was a 'rotten apple'. This takes some really low class skill bro. Petra was strong on the booze when he chased his son away. But it must have been some strong whisky to make a 14 year old child run away from home. Now the wife is drinking her sorrows away. She has already tried to kill herself twice in the past year. Sad bro.

    Then of course we have the Homosexual Anwar Ibrahim. He has been lying to his wife, family and the whole country. He has some serious craving for the asshole. Also for other peoples' wives. The illegitimate daughter he and Syamsidar had (Afifah) is now a young woman. No need for DNA tests bro, the girl looks more and more like Anwar. That is another secret that is just waiting to explode.

    There is more but this is the PR bro. Third rate shits.

    I am not surprised that they cannot hold themselves together. They have serious character flaws among their leaders and supporters. Never before have so many strange people come together under one grouping.

    Hj Hoe

  16. The PR is in a state of flux and weakened with six PKR representatives out. This implies:
    - the de facto leader being discredited.
    - Chinese chauvinistic DAP fully controls Penang.
    - many PKR Malay votes switch to PAS and some to UMNO.
    - to survive, more PAS-DAP-PKR give and take.
    - MB Khalid is shaky more so with the Islamic Bank case.
    - PR is not sustainable.
    - BN becomes stronger by default.
    -Ku Li entrenched in UMNO and non-committal to possibilities plays his trump card right.

  17. Anonymous4:17 pm

    well well well

    916, we have the numbers

    heh heh heh

  18. Anonymous4:27 pm

    No lah.. they are all bribe-able lah. simple logic.

    BN needs 2/3 majority to gerrymander in nxt election - so belie katak lah.

    Adaa duit apa2 pon bolih beli.

    Locky Fan

  19. Anonymous4:48 pm

    The trouble with the PR fellas is with their whiter than white believe engraved on the stone. They just refuse to accept reality and expect everyone to just live on fresh air and sunshine only.

    Yeah, sure, RPK can do that. He does not need to have a passport, credit card, bank account and still live a good life abroad. But is that what others battling to put food on the table should emulate?

    Isn't RPK being bribed too? He is supposed to be penniless but how do you explain his lavish lifestyle beyond his zero income? Magic, perhaps.

    Over to the ship jumping issue. This was an invention by none other than the PKR chief himself inviting BN to his ship with promises of fresh air and sunshine, yeah, right.

    But when it back-fired, he fired back.

    Now let's suppose Zaid decides to jump ship again. Will he be garlanded or dumped in the cess pool?

    So, it should be a lesson that 'promises are not meant to be broken'.

    Their state of denials are so blatant, and yet they still behave like tyrants on dead horses.


  20. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Satu lagi KUCING KURAP meninggalkan PAKATAN yang kononnya menjadi INDEPENDENT tapi akhirnya akan menyertai UMNO,,,,akan menerima habuan dari SEGI WANG RINGGIT,,!!! atau akan bebas dari segalu Charges if any,,,, kira nya ada membuat kesilapan.

    KUCING KURAP yang tua ini tidak mengambilkira perasaan hati PENGUNDI.


    KUCING KURAP ini akan kembali kepada UMNO,,,,bak kata MAHATHIR,,UMNO BUSOK SAMPAI ke USUS,,Terseraplah BANGKAI dan MAYAT ke dalam usus UMNO.

    Hoping that the MALAY akan meninggalkan UMNO dan MASUK DAP,,,

    LIHAT lah SINGAPURA yang di Perintah oleh PAP,,,,MELAYU SINGAPORE tidak terpinggir,,,!!!



  21. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Agaknya doa TGNA dah dimakbul Tuhan..Terbalik sikit saja...

  22. Dato Rocky,

    BN wanna buy them for what? 2/3 majority? If they get 2/3, will they perform better? Will MCA become more effective? Will UMNO get rid all those kitols? Will BN free from stupid and selfish politician.

    I dont think Najib think about it. BN will fall from inside. And BN will raise from inside. Import and export was coming from Anwar.

  23. Kian Ye5:14 pm

    Hello ROCKY (Sorry..I mean Dato' ROCKY),

    The answer is quite SIMPLE. PKR & Pakatan Rakyat as a whole (Oopps, sorry...I mean a HOLE) simply cannot CONTROL their own people (let alone CONTROLLING our beloved country).

    Imagine if 'the rakyat' were to give the mandate to Pakatan Rakyat to rule....Malaysia would have fell into the hands of the SHREWD AMERICANS by now.

    Today, LIM KIT SIANG came out with an OPEN LETTER to those ship jumping MPs reminding them of this & that. It's just IRONIC to see Pakatan Rakyat leaders are only GOOD in talking BULLSHIT & blaming others but when ACTION needs to be seen.....all they are capable of doing is gather under some STUPID TREE they proclaimed as POKOK DEMOKRASI.

    It's NOT those ship jumping MPs that disappointed 'the rakyat'. It's Pakatan Rakyat itself of which disappointed 'the rakyat'. WHY???

    Because they simply pick any candidate without even bothering to evaluate their candidate capabilities before fielding them for General Election. Thus, whose fault is it??? YEAH "BETUL"....Pakatan Rakyat punya FAULT lah!!!

    This kind of candidate selection used by Pakatan Rakyat can only be described as "BODOH LAGI BANGGANG".
    When ANWAR IBRAHIM constantly says "LAWAN TETAP LAWAN" in his ceramahs....he forgot that LAWAN are only for PAHLAWANS & not for the PONDANS.

  24. Anonymous5:20 pm

    It's just lost of HOPE. What happen when a dear friend for 20 years or more is leaving you suddenly. They are like your own brothers already. Unless they are very very disappointed with their party leadership and not appreciated.
    Wondering why those who jump ship from BN be given such a VVIP treatment? CJM and ZI being treated like a hero when those like Tian Chua who lay in from of a tank is given a small task and position. Those imported jumper is still to be tested their loyalty but yet be given high position.
    Is CJM and ZI also a Gurkha politicians? Being paid to jump ship? Highly probable since they also tagged all those leaving them doing so. The conclusion - it is a rampen activity in PKR.

    Frustrated Voter- Cilakak punya PR dah jadi YB sibuk buat. Duit rebut harta. Sana gaduh sini gaduh. Buat malu saja. Itu hari YB PR yang berbasikal ke Parlimen dah siap nak mercedes lampu bulat la. KM yang keluar gambar naik ekonomi kelas pun dah tukar nail Business atau 1st Class dah. Yang bodoh kau Dan aku ingatkan mereka Malaikat. Tapi rupanya setan juga.

  25. Kenapa MP jadi calon BEBAS?,
    Pasal Pakatan Rakyat dah TERBABAS,
    Mat Salleh tanya "What's the big FUSS?",
    Apabila Pakatan Rakyat sebusuk LIPAS.

    Anwar asyik cakap lawan tetap LAWAN,
    Tapi lawan adalah untuk PAHLAWAN,
    Mampukah Pakatan Rakyat nak MELAWAN?,
    Bila Pakatan Rakyat semua adalah PONDAN.

    Jadi calon bebas memang tak SALAH,
    Walaupun Pakatan Rakyat dah runtuh dan KALAH,
    Pakatan Rakyat tolong pergi gantung KEPALA,
    Sedangkan ANWAR IBRAHIM syiok main dua HALA.

    Macam mana Pakatan Rakyat nak MENANG?,
    Apabila BN memang gagah & CEMERLANG,
    Kini Pakatan Rakyat boleh mula buka KANGKANG,
    Tolong tepi! Anwar Ibrahim akan datang dari BELAKANG.

  26. nstman5:58 pm

    Good riddance. Pakatan will not lose sleep over the exodus of
    miscreants to a rotten and corrupt party like Umno. Umno must remember what goes around comes around. By the way, I congratulate Umno bloggers for earning their keep. Maybe a pay rise soon.

  27. Anonymous6:09 pm

    why dont MM investigate RPK's article and reveal the truth to the public? He did mention names and the kudat IPP. Is this worth investigating?
    Why dont MM be constructive and investigative to find out the truth?


  28. Anonymous6:16 pm

    cannot be bought ke?

    aiyah lockyblur, just name us one marderfarker politicians (bn or pr)that cannot be bought.

    you say they are damn clean as a whistle, think elizabeth taylor is still a virgin.

  29. satu lagi mp pkr lompat ketua pembangkan pegi kat dap ke?


  30. Anonymous6:32 pm


    This is Malaysia don't you know. Anybody is buyable or bribeable. You just give them enough money... or make them editor of a newspaper.

  31. Anonymous6:43 pm

    It is frogs galore! It is so sad to see PKR breeding so many frogs in its rank. Can it survive the frogs cleansing?

  32. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Some are ture fighter ..sticking to their principles but then some are boughtable...the 2 PKR MPs from Perak have been bought to say...and now they are in debts again...Go down to investigate..!!!

  33. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Muka KEROPOK ni dah jadi INDEPENDENT,,,,agak-agak dia dapat kekal or tukar kawasan when the next Election tiba,,,!!!?????

    BETUL KE??????,,Wangsa Maju akan jadi INDEPENDENT juga,,,"ORANG kata dia dengan 2 MISTRESSES and hutang AMBANK,",,,ORANG KATA,,!!!!! biar betul,,!!!!

    Whatever,,,,WANGSA MAJU punya WAKIL PARLIMEN tetap milik CINA,,coz UMNO mempergadaikan kawasan tersebut,,!!!!


  34. It is less of an issue if these MPs are leaving due to Allah issue, or Ketuanan Melayu or not getting Contracts for themselves as they clearly have a different view point of what endorsed by the voter.

    I would be worried if these MPs leave because the PR not upholding transparency in awarding contracts, corruptions within the parties or cronyism...

    whether BN is buying them over, i don't know but time will tell.

    Its good to get rid of some rubbish even if this mean to strip the party to bone, it's it?

    For BN, having lost a huge chunk of support from the voters in the last election clearly didn't deter BN from repeating the same tune again - corruptions, flip flop, manipulate the court, playing up religion and race issues

    you should be looking at the bigger picture.

  35. I think what's happening within PKR is to be expected. It also shows the evolving process of how democracy is taking shape in the country, albeit very slowly.

    I am not at all disappointed that politians have jumped ship. Better know it now than later. It provides the opportunity for the Rakyat to again scrutinize the integrity of each of the aduns.

    The Malaysian political scene will continue to mature and it can only auger well for the country. Barisan National or for that matter, any government of any political persuasion that think that the rakyat are fools have a big surprise awaiting them come the next election.

  36. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Frankly Rocky.. RPK makes more sense than that rag you try to pass off as a newspaper.

    Was in KLIA the other day and the Sun and FT were gone. Only option was your newspaper which I passed on.

    RPK has a knack of being right...while you have a knack of being wrong. Especially when you accused him of leaking your news before the time embargo.

  37. At the end of the day it does not matter what is the real reason a person jumps ship. The reasons differ from person to person.
    Some will jump for money; some are pushed out; and some do so out of principle.
    No point whining about it. But whatever party accepts them must accept the political baggage and risks that come with taking this people in.
    And ultimately the people will judge when the time comes.

  38. Siakap senohong ikan duri. Cakap bohong lama-lama kena curi!

  39. If you noticed, PR never claimed these leaders are corrupt, incompetent or downright useless until they have left the party. Until then they claimed their MPs and ADUNs are cleaner than the driven snow.

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  42. Reformasi = Demokrasi.
    For who?? rakyat or anwar Ibrahim??

  43. Anonymous2:10 am

    Shouldn't it be the rakyat that determines who they want to represent them? If the reason the lawmakers jumped ship are very strong, then the rakyat will not be fooled into believing that the there was money involved. Allow these lawmakers to demonstrate their good points in the election-ceramah and then the rakyat determines via votes. After all, there must be enough rakyat in their constituency who agrees with them- they are the incumbent after all and they just won the hearts of the rakyat some 2 years ago. The rakyat will still vote for them again since they (not the party) have done a good job in fighting for the rakyat's cause.

    Party PKR is lousy, but I , En xxx is good. So no matter what party I belong, I will fight for you.

    Since I was stupid to join PKR, now I am cleverer and have joined BN, so vote for me.

    Will it work, I bet you, it will.
    So Datuk, please help me persuade these ex-PKR members to prove that they are worth their salt. Resign as wakil rakayt, and have another by-election. I don't mind my hard-earned money to be used this way because I want the whole world to respect my countrymen.

    Fed Up

  44. Manjung Mari2:33 am

    Ni teman baru dengor tadi:
    Anwar Ibrahim pun dijangka akan meninggalkan PKR untuk memasuki *PSB tak lama lagi.Tindakan ini diambilnya kerana kecewa dan fed-up dgn perangai suka tikam dari belakang Wakil2 Rakyat PKR yg asyik nak cabut lari keluar PKR.Anwar diberitakan akan melaksanakan suatu 'Rebranding Exercise' untuk menonjolkan imej barunya sebagai seorang pemimpin yg 'Warak,Bersih dan Berdisiplin' dlm sebuah organisasi yg mantap,kukoh dan digeruni masyarakat spr PSB.Pihak pengurusan tertinggi PSB juga diberitakan telah bersiap sedia utk menerima kehadiran Anwar pada bila-bila masa jua.......

    *(PSB -Penjara Sg.Buloh)

  45. Charlie Oscar3:04 am

    Dear Rocky,
    When the Pembangkang Rakyat (PR) MPs & ADUNs "jump", they are BOUGHT, BRIBED and WHATEVER PR can think of!!!
    When BN MPs & ADUNs "jump", its OK to PR!!!
    Wow...very interesting!!!

  46. Anonymous7:00 am

    a) why shouldn't we blame UMNO? Since they are the one has imparted the races discrimination among the Malaysian, take our historical text book as an example, now they revise the book to talk about Ketuanan Melayu, How Komunis kill Malays when in fact Komunis kills a lot of Chinese too.

    b) Chua Jui Meng & Zaid left UMNO for good cause - to fight for better democracy. What about those bagger leaves Pakatan for? Let me refresh your memory, most those leave keep citing lost hope to leadership, and also Allah issues. Clearly indicates, i) these baggar are lying as BN has even more internal squabble than us (MCA, MIC, UMNO), ii) Pakatan took a very democratic stance on Allah issue which everyone applaud, those who are not, its better to leave because it shows that they are no different vs. UMNO...!

    c) UMNO, MCA, MIC are all face internal dispute, the only things is that some dispute are revealed where some hidden...What's the point then if they quote their resignation is due to the lost of leadership in Pakatan when they will also find the same issue in UMNO, MIC, and MCA!!! CLearly, they have been bought over....

    Steven Seagal

  47. Anonymous8:36 am

    BN is using tax payers money to bribe these frogs.
    Pakatan does not have the money.
    You know it better!


  48. Anonymous8:38 am

    Politic, politic, politic......politic. 24 X 365.

    Even if the world crumbling around us, Malaysian still talking about politic. How-lah to revive economy, correct what is wrong in government system, formulating important policies, creating jobs,.......

  49. Anonymous8:50 am

    I begin to see a very bright future for Pakatan! Fortunately, it happens now not after the winning of next General Election.

    Rocky, i hope you are a Trojan in Umno helping the oposition to win.

    Thanks & Cheers!


  50. wandererAUS9:40 am

    When these unprincipled, opportunist MBs jump, they will undoubtedly, going to land on their ass-holes...end of their political career.
    Perhaps, a donation of a fat Ang Pow from the generous UMNO Ceo will wipe their temporary grief away....
    Malaysian political arena is like a circus, stuffed with clowns and retarded half-humans found in the Borneo jungle..."I sell you my arse if you gave me a dime!"

  51. li huat chai10:23 am

    Hi Dr Bru, looks like our Sg Buluh pathologist is telling the truth now during 1st day cross examination by Beng Hock's lawyers.

    Rocky, as a human being we need to have soul.

    A clear conscience and peace at heart is better than money and power and promotions!!!

    God is not to be mocked. He is watching us, our every move...

  52. Anonymous10:38 am

    I would say who cares about the reasons...
    I think the public can tell if it is out of priniciple or out of greed.
    If the Adun or MP is any good, the voter will keep him whatever party he belongs to.
    And if he is a useless monyet then he will be gone at the next vote.
    Based on the jumpers so far and the reasons they have given I think its pretty obvious what their motivation is...
    So why worry...


  53. Anonymous10:43 am

    Bribeable or not is not an issue here.

    If PR is able to serve the interest of its followers, this may not be the case. After all, isn't it at the first place, these people were also part of the pioneers in PR. They were also the catalyst that made the party existence possible.

    Perhaps, it is PR who underestimated these people abilities as well as making wrong assumptions about these people.

    Or it may simply that they feel unworthwhile, unencouraged, and lose faith in the party they so believed that they know there was no future for them in the party.

  54. BL,

    pakatan does not have the money? You own 4 states and pay porntip with?

    Hahaha, delusional PR fanboys. Still thinking they are the oppositions alllll the way.

    I like the part someone said Anwar is leaving PKR and probably join PSB. Kelakar bro. Bravo.


    PR has to check whts wrong with them and stop pointing fingers!


  55. Anonymous11:38 am


    PM AJAK UMMAH HAYATI AL –QURAN – berita hairan

    Najib Razak meminta umat Islam menjadikan al-Quran sebagai sumber ilmu dan intelektual dalam kehidupan di samping membaca dan menghafaz kitab suci itu.

    Dia berkata, al-Quran mengandungi mutiara pengetahuan amat berharga untuk manusia, manakala membaca dan menghafaz ayat suci adalah sesuatu yang afdal kerana diberikan pahala oleh Allah.

    Beliau berkata ilmuwan Islam terdahulu menjadikan al-Quran sebagai sumber berfikir dan mencetuskan anjakan perubahan dalam kehidupan bagi menyelesaikan kemaslahatan ummah.



    woit.... JANGAN KETAWA SAMPAI KUNTUT .... kah kah kah

  56. Anonymous11:50 am

    rock cock

    Rasanya disebabkan musim katak melompat lah kes saifool di tunda sampai 25 march, bermakan kita akan saksikan lebih banyak adegan lompat melopat sehingga 25 march.

    Tarikan demi tarikan,
    liwat-lompat-liwat semula

    pandai punya UMNO- United Meliwat national Orgasm

  57. Anonymous11:51 am

    Kalau tak lompat, baik.

    Bila lompat, oh dia tu banyak masalah, kaki rasuah, etc.

    Apa la woi?

    Ingat aku budak-budak ke?

  58. najib manaukau11:51 am

    Now that it is for sure that AI's mother of all bluffs and illusions to become the next government is and will not ever happen. It was and still is his style to gain support.
    The frogs are beginning to jump back to become what they really are because they can see they are no longer going to be given positions that would make them millions.
    Good riddance and bad luck to AI for all his bluffs and illusions and above all his lusts.
    Now he can start his clarion calls again for the Chinese to all go back to China, which was what he did when he was the DPM ! May be he should take the crook LKS along with him, there are a lot of good opposition politicians out there that would have many real supporters to teach the Umno/BN how to look after the people and not to enrich themselves. Most important of all make sure all these Umno/BN racists shenanigans are kicked out of their places in the next GE.

  59. Anonymous12:19 pm

    To cut a long story short, all politicians are bribeable whether BN or PR, but BN better la.. Hidup BN!!! PR sucks!!!


  60. Anonymous12:23 pm

    do you think the defection of a few morally tainted money chasing frogs will kill PKR? The real war is the 13th general election and BN has shown the people how morally bankrupt they are by buying PR elected representatives. PKR and PR will be there at the next G.E. and the people now stand ready to kick out BN. Nobody believes the frogs are leaving because of ideology so spare us the rhetoric. The real treasure in politics is public perception, not acquiring a few morally tainted frogs. BN has given PR the real treasure while getting refuse in exchange

  61. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Tuesday March 2, 2010 Common weedkiller turns male frogs into females By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor WASHINGTON Reuters) -

    Atrazine, one of the most commonly used and controversial weedkillers, can turn male frogs into females, researchers reported on Monday ...Hey frogs..take the weedkiller and go screw yourself!!

  62. Anak Permatang Pauh12:26 pm


    Dah hilang akal ke? Tak boleh tahan perasaan lagi ke? Bunyi macam dah tak siuman? Kesian...

  63. PASir Mas12:32 pm

    nstman said...
    Good riddance. Pakatan will not lose sleep over the exodus of

    I think you guys are losing sleep, that's why you keep saying that. Who are you trying to convince... I'm losing sleep with my new ex-PKR Chinese girlfriend. She said PKR men are not as good as PAS man. That's compliment to me...he he..

  64. Lim Kit Malam12:45 pm


    PKR has no money? Poor boy, how naive. Good back to school, learn you ABC and come back and blog.

    How can a bankrupt blogger live a lavish live in Europe?

    How much fee BABI has to pay to all his lawyer's. Not just the sodomy case, but numerous other civil cases. It was free service by Kapal (Selam) Singh, Go B(eh)ind Singh, Zaid Singh? Bull Shit.

    They have financiers looking after their wealth in Austalia, US dan UK.

    Who finance DAPigs? Ask Uncle Ronnie Liu la/ Gangsters and the underworld business thugs, right? Don't bluff, bluff la uncle, you manyak wang punya. Kasi sama I sikit la...I pangkah lu nanti itu. You jangan cakap sama Anwar, nanti dia pangkah lu tempat lain, uncle.

  65. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Malaysian politicians are all bought. Do you think they are in politics for altruistic reasons. Come on. Be real.They all sell their body and soul to the highest bidder. This is how contemptible they are.

  66. Anonymous12:48 pm

    "Pakatan took a very democratic stance on Allah issue which everyone (?) applaud, those who are not, its better to leave because it shows that they are no different vs. UMNO...!
    -Steven Seagal-

    - Who are those in EVERYONE?? Is it You + DAP + Some PAS turban lollipops & PKR donkeys? Syok sendiri ka?

    Ever wonder what will be the REAL result if we go for a public poll regarding this 'Allah' issue? Dare to speculate? Yeah right, deep in your mind you already know what to expect for the result unless you're an idiot or an ignorant.

    If you do not understand the sentiments regarding the faith of your majority neighbour's religion despite living here for 53yrs, it is you that should LEAVE. Trying to be DIFFERENT, odd against the norm of a society is consider trying to become a PR are so full of freaks.

    What the purpose in the 1st place to bring it to the court when all this while you people enjoy all the freedom and conveniences to use it freely without the need to legalized? Nobody ever bump to interupt in the middle of your service in the church to catch you for that.

    Clearly, the only motive to publicly amplify the issue is just TO PROVOKE.

    Democratic your sodomized ass.. if democratic, you should listen to the MAJORITY, not minority.

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  67. Anonymous1:14 pm


    Halleluyah ...

  68. Anonymous1:21 pm

    In the past 7 days, toto and magnum has paid out in three chunks, almost 29 million ringgit. I wonder if these have to do with three people jumping away from PKR.

  69. Anonymous1:25 pm

    It all about the money. You should know that, you sold out too.

    We know who's money UMNO is using too.
    Malaysians will remember this. Every time a PR member jumps we know are paying them too.
    UMNO is using our money.
    Kudat IPP to Hamdan boleh but Nik Aziz soninlaw tak boleh where MACC now

  70. Anonymous1:25 pm


    If you read the pro-pakatan comments, ONE pattern emerges ...

    blame the others
    act as sour grapes
    curse and swear
    refuse to accept facts
    always in state of denial
    no problem solving skills
    vociferous and boisterous
    low intellectual debate
    low social grace
    definitely negative

    use religion, money, threats, empty promises, sexual favours to influence others

  71. Anonymous1:58 pm

    To solve this make it a rule any MP who won an election using a party ticket would need to resign their position too if they come out or kicked of the party. Then a reelection can be done.
    Then see how many frogs PKR would have.

    Don't give me BS about cost. Rosmah's shopping trip can cover all.

  72. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Are they bribe-able? We may know if MACC investigate them, but we are not holding our breath for that, are we?You see how murky is Malaysian politics? But then again who with reasonable minds would believe MACC with their bankrupt reputation even if they declare these people clean?You see how this country is doomed?

    I hope this famous blogger is merely forgetful when he did not mention three of defectors have/had corruption charges against them, one dropped and two going no where. I would think to say we are going to drop the charges if you defect would be attractive inducement?

    I may be wrong but it seem this famous blogger is trying to paint the picture that PKR is not well because it can't be that so many MPs can be bribe-able. He even throw in Zaid because Zaid apparently left on principle. For one, three of the MPs have/had corruption charges hanging over their heads as mentioned above, secondly, if we were to go by numbers UMNO has many many more MPs who are bribe-able.So numbers alone doesn't say much.

    PKR having problems is not news (many parties have that), but then stopping bad blood from jumping ship is not the solution, in fact the opposite is.


  73. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Belum buat rayuan, tapi mahkamah dah bagi tarikh untuk rayuan.

    Pelik bin Ajaib betul la mahkamah kita ini...

    Court of Appeal 'overly efficient' with Anwar
    Hafiz Yatim - Malaysiakini
    Mar 4, 10

    In what could possibly be a world record of sorts for a democratic country, the Court of Appeal has fixed the hearing of Anwar Ibrahim's appeal for the recusal of trial judge in his sodomy case even before the filing of the Petition of Appeal (POA).

    1 Malaysia - Sodomi Diutamakan, Ekonomi Dikemudiankan

  74. Anonymous3:38 pm

    If not for the money, for wat?

    To serve the rakyat ke? LOL!!!

    I'm a ringgit collector
    I'm a paper bill inspector
    I'm a savage for that cabbage
    Man, to me it's golden nectar!
    Pour that filthy lucre on me
    spread those lovin' germs upon me
    money money money money money!!
    - stan freberg

  75. Anonymous3:44 pm

    if mp post can sell for millions...

    come next election all malaysians should stand for election...

    100 or 1000 or 10,000 or better still make it 100,000 corners fights.

  76. Anonymous4:38 pm

    PKR niche skill = character assasination, beleive me they have years of experience

    and repeating lies enough times till the gullible believes

    and the official spinmasters will always have a cigar and the LAST laugh

    and a fat paycheck

  77. PKR top leaders or their policymakers instead of childishly disparaging those who have left but instead listen to their grouses and complaints, they might find the keys to the MP and Aduns exodus. That would be called Root Cause Failure Analysis. Some of PKR problems may have started when they took in people from outside like when they tried to merge with PRM, Syed Husssin Ali became automatic VP and UMNO reject like Zaid Ibrahim came in and was elevated to higher hierarchy within PKR same goes to Jui Meng. PKR members who fought hard during 2008 were wrongly passed over for promotion by outsiders who does not know about PKR's early struggle would have felt very hurt when brushed away by Anwar,Azizah and Azmin (PKR 3As).

    PKR and especially Anwar is reaping what he sow now. Pakatan MP positions now:

    DAP 28 seats
    PKR 28 seats
    PAS 24 seats

    One more resignation will render PKR powerless as DAP will become the largest and strongest party in PR, and despite what Kit Siang like us all to believe, he WILL be defacto head of the opposition holding the strings to all of Anwar's movement as official (in name only) Leader. When that happens PR will be in further disarray with PAS is sixes and sevens not knowing where to go come the next GE.

  78. Hi Dato Rocky,

    I've created this POEM for Pakatan Rakyat & hope it helps....

    Bila ajal dah SAMPAI,
    Mari kita bersatu RAMAI-RAMAI,
    Jom! mari melambai Pakatan Rakyat GOOD BYE,
    Waktu dah sampai untuk tutup KEDAI.

    Lawan memang tetap LAWAN,
    Tapi mampukah Pakatan Rakyat nak LAWAN?,
    Lawan adalah untuk PAHLAWAN,
    Dan bukannya untuk si PONDAN.

    Bila MP nak keluar PARTI,
    Pakatan Rakyat kutuk dan CACI,
    Apa hal nak buat benda yang tak ERTI?,
    Bila yang rugi adalah SENDIRI.

    Dulu asyik cakap NINE ONE SIX,
    Sampai topik ini dah jadi betul SICK,
    Cakap kosong tak kan buat pemimpim THICK,
    Rakyat pula akan kutuk lu talk BIG.

    Bolehkah Pakatan Rakyat terus hidup LAGI?,
    Bila sering gaduh & jerit macam cabut GIGI,
    Gaduh untuk rebut jawatan itu dan INI,
    Semuanya asyik nak untung SENDIRI.

    Pakatan Rakyat asyik tahu buat FITNAH,
    Sering cakap MP semua dah makan RASUAH,
    Nak cakap pun tunjuk bukti SEBENAR,
    Janganlah cakap berputar-belit macam ULAR.

    Pemimpim Pakatan Rakyat tolonglah BANGUN,
    Jangan asyik mimpi akan jadi TUN,
    Kalau tidak jalan akan jadi BERCERUN-CERUN,
    Bagai mahligai tukar jadi GURUN.

  79. "Are they all bribeable?"

    Yes, that's basically the state of UMNO/BN politics. It's only a question og how much! Integrity has no place, money does.

    And you are being too generous. It's rats deserting the ship. In many cases, these same rats were originally from UMNO/BN, so their pedigree was always suspect!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  80. Anonymous6:23 pm

    There is a surfeit of imbecility and arrogance amongst the PR folks, the infamus bodoh-sombong syndrome in common parlance.

    Last year, I wrote in a comment that PR will eventually disintegrate due to the extreme pressures wrought by internal dialectics sucking in the external facade like an imploding black dwarf. That's precisely what is happening though you need not be a rocket scientist to divine the outcome.

    The ingredients for the implosion was there all along-the powder keg of imbecility and the fuse of arrogance. In the final analysis, the PKR pollies come across as nothing more than charlatans, scoundrels out to trick the gullible at every opportunity. Arsewhore himself admits freely to having selected inappropriate candidates, a damning indictment of how lowly he values the intelligence of the electorate. A champion of the masses would have picked the best not any Mat, Chong or Rama scrounging for goodies to whet inordinate lusts. Arsewhore and his coteries themselves are dismissive of the electorate whenever they rouse themselves to truth as in Bagan Pinang. This condescending attitude has become an indelible character trait and that melded to the supine and pliant attitudes manifested by their supporters meant that every PR stunt was fronted by brainwashed zombies as the anti-Isa or anti-Perak Sultan demos illustrate. In fact, the lembu value of their zombies takes precedence over even their( zombies') welfare. Emplaced on a pedestal by an uncritical following, arsewhore and gang grab the chance to ride roughshod over the High Chapparals of Buah Pala, gallop frenetically away from anti-poverty initiatives in Selangor unless there is something in it for them and lasso the PMBK as a family run Mafia lording over a hapless and poverty inflicted rabble. The list is long and inexhaustive but each fiasco engineered by arsewhore, the spectacled chingkie, the senile and mad turban lollipop, the pigfaced Perak ape or the mophaired potbellied selangor thug and their minions was another arrow into favourable public perception especially amongst the now aware, intelligently sophisticated and discerning Malay crowd who have subtly shifted their allegiance away from the Ngee Chars, Guanos or arsewhore himself. Now only, the cocksuckling pondan, pseudo malay trannie crowd, the pigheaded buttfucking and arseramming chingkie shitballs and some toddy drunk hindulen scumbags are holding the fort. But then, this motley group of losers, social pariahs, political misfits and intellectual flotsam are beyond redemption or any form of reasoned imprecation, just whiling their days away as thought-lobotomised zombies awaiting the inevitable deluge that will sweep them into the sin-bin of history. I reckon, come 2013 or sooner, they will probably eke out 40 seats or so amongst them with the treacherous and belligerent Chingkie pigs holding sway. It is not the defectors who are stupid, greedy, unprincipled but rather the PR rank and file itself. How else can one fathom the spectacle of a selfstyled senile intellect unravelling the weaknesses of ex-colleagues with preposterous claims. How else can one account for daughter's claim that these are unprincipled, selfish debris who better off away. How else can one understand the indignant tone of a CM berating others for daring to question his autocratic oligarchy? There is no attempt to dissect the ideological faultlines, no endeavour to subject existing frameworks to self analysis or critique, no move to examine shortcomings let alone rectify them.Nothing of that sort, only a string of invective berating others for their self wrought incompetence, casting incredelous aspersions and mocking individuals who selflessly break the kernel of truth.

    Warrior 231

  81. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Part 2
    Part 2
    We come across a sad and lonely coterie of hollow one-dimensional beings bereft of morality and ethics, disembowelled of religious principles and eviscerated of remorse. Men and women who stubbornly cling onto their own saintliness, who assume that they are beyond reproach, who think they are above accountability and public scrutiny. It is a disease pervading the PR rank and file, hence the pathetic comments by their supporters to cloak the obvious. In the final analysis, the stupidity and arrogance of the PR rabble have cloistered them from the light of truth, veiled them in ignorance and shielded their souls from ever reaching the light of redemption. In darkness they await like the Munafuckings as narrated in the Holy Quran, dithering between truth and illusion, stupefying themselves beyond the pale of reality, arrogance and stupidity befogging their minds and mantling their souls. Like phantasms, they flit about blindly in a private hell awaiting release from perpetual self immolation. They are dead, spiritually, emotionally, morally, intellectually. Self -deluded bodoh sombong morons full of hot air and deflated of all things humane- the thumping heart and the whistling breath being the last strands of thread preventing them from fallin thru the trapdoor of jahanam.

    Warrior 231

  82. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Wang yang dicurah ke dalam projek MyKad subsidi minyak yang gagal separuh jalan itu mungkin awal-awal lagi sudah digunakan untuk projek perbelanjaan menternak katak, satu lagi projek kebanggaan Bn.

  83. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Najib another PAK LAH in line. Flip flop goverment. December property tax retract after Budget 2010 and now fuel subsidy retract. i think we have clowns running the goverment or najib and gangs are too busy in strenghtening their position rather than to take care of the sick economic we are going through.
    Tun Mahathir why there isn't any comment when it come to Najib - oh you berbudi dengan dia - dah beri jawatan untuk anak TUN walaupun kalah dalam pilihanraya UMNO. Ok kita faham lah ini semua politics UMNO

  84. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Here is a cute one on politicians, in case you have not read it.

    A DAP member, a PKR member & an UMNO member died & all went straight to hell.

    There's where politicians go, right?

    The DAP member said "I miss my party. I want to call my party and see how everybody is doing there."

    She called and spoke with Lim Guan Eng for about 5 minutes, and then she asked "Well, Devil how much do
    I need to pay for the call?

    The devil says "Five million

    The DAP member said "What, so
    expensive-lah???" but wrote the Devil a cheque and went to sit back in her chair.

    The PKR member was so jealous, he starts screaming, "My turn! I wanna call Anwar, I want to know ow his so-do-me trial is going"

    He called and talked for about 2 minutes, then he asked "Well, Devil, how much do I need to pay for the call????

    The devil says "Ten million dollars".

    The PKR member said "What the heck! Bloody rip-off," but he had no choice, paid by cheque and
    went to sit back in his chair.

    The UMNO member was even more jealous & starts screaming, "I want to call my party leaders".

    He called the UMNO headquaters and he talked for twenty hours about the Port Klang issue, the Allah
    issue, the pig head issue, the church issue, the missing jet issue, Teoh Beng Hock issue, Perak takeover issue. He talked &
    talked & talked, and then asked "Well, Devil how much do I need to pay for the call????

    The Devil says "Twenty dollars".

    The UMNO member was stunned & said "What !!?? Only twenty dollars??? So cheap ??!!"

    The Devil says "calling from Hell to UMNO headquarters is only a LOCAL CALL."


  85. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Like the US in Afghanistan who thought that they had bought the Goodwill of the Warlords we will find that we have only been rented them. If you do not pay the next rental when it is due then you will see the fireworks.


  87. Anonymous10:31 pm

    dpp says, "so their pedigree was always suspect!"

    yeah you would know, the caste system comes to mind where the pariah will never aim for high places

    heh heh

  88. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Hey Warrior 231

    You are promoting the sales of dictionaries and face towels

    coz I see confusedly stunned and sweaty faces of the pro-pakatan rabble rousers

    as they try to comprehend your blog comments


  89. Anonymous10:45 pm

    to PARAMESWARA @ 8:36 PM

    Yeah and asking for help from Indians in India is a NO GO

    coz the levels of caste is so complicated it will take years to unravel who can be helped and who to be rejected

    therefore malaysian indians will have to stay put

    so don't be shy, welcome back parameswara

  90. Anonymous12:37 am

    Blogger donplaypuks® said...

    "Are they all bribeable?"

    Yes, that's basically the state of UMNO/BN politics. It's only a question og how much! Integrity has no place, money does.

    And you are being too generous. It's rats deserting the ship. In many cases, these same rats were originally from UMNO/BN, so their pedigree was always suspect!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    6:06 PM


    Good summary dei. Only that you woke up too late.

    Your idol BABI (Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim) came from where?

    UMNO la dei. Ha Ha too bad eh.

    Padan muka!

    You are all of 1 race, the Pundek Race


  91. Anonymous1:52 am


    written by gundrohiker, March 04, 2010
    I read a comment above which was categorized as a 'lowly rated comment' and was hidden. I don't think its lowly rated. It was well written and well mannered.

    What I see was that the author's comment was in support of Zul Noordin. Don't tell me because of this, you rated it as a 'lowly rated comment'. Please be impartial. Do not try to skew the comments in one way only like the government controlled media. It would make Malaysian Insider no different from them.

  92. Anonymous1:52 am


    I would like to highlight something that I observe frequently when comments are made in MalaysiaInsider. I always respect its positioning as an unbiased commentator of Malaysia's news and politiccal development, though it seems that there's a;ways a tendency to be a bit more opposition tendency but that I think is as healthy as the approach of the mainstream media. But, I am always struck by the fact that comments given that are of a different stream from the intention of article has always been given 'a lowly rated comment' classification. Is this a conscious action by the moderator or is it an interactive exercise by readers and commenters. I always believe that alternative views and different perspective should be welcome and encouraged as the society grows mature and strengthen the democratic thinking and psyche of the people.

    If we are fighting for justice and openness, then we should welcome alternative views despite how different or partisan it may be.

  93. one full day later, you have nothing to say with the mca problem? sad lah, bro

  94. Anonymous6:23 am


    Must be extra careful, rats are regarded a delicacy for some who once came from a certain foreign land..They even breed in their backyard, meat more expensive than pork!

    Guess those who can foresee their fate staying on with PR and don't desire to end up being fried, sweet and sour dish, or swallowed life as "three squeaks, the best is to quickly turn into a frog and JUMP TO SAFETY!!



  95. kilang_komag6:30 am

    Anonymous said...
    Belum buat rayuan, tapi mahkamah dah bagi tarikh untuk rayuan.

    Pelik bin Ajaib betul la mahkamah kita ini...

    Court of Appeal 'overly efficient' with Anwar
    Hafiz Yatim - Malaysiakini
    Mar 4, 10

    In what could possibly be a world record of sorts for a democratic country, the Court of Appeal has fixed the hearing of Anwar Ibrahim's appeal for the recusal of trial judge in his sodomy case even before the filing of the Petition of Appeal (POA).

    1 Malaysia - Sodomi Diutamakan, Ekonomi Dikemudiankan

    2:41 PM

    Precisely!! That's the way of Anwar Ibrahim.

  96. Anonymous7:00 am

    Agaknya kalau rocky pro pkr, he won't be label as an arsehole eh. You will be worship as God kot, lebih2 dari orang2 India....and your patong will be place together with the rest.

  97. the Reader8:09 am

    the thing is, almost all of these MPs are under inverstigation by the MACC...

  98. chemat8:38 am

    mereka mungkin orang kuat prinsip. tapi mereka orang yang bacul. mereka bolih pergi masuk umno ke atau pergi mampus ke tapi kembalikan hak pengundi di kawasan mereka. Lembu ini semua nya tak ada telor

  99. najib manaukau9:27 am

    Warrior or shall I call you the chicken,

    I told you, you can run but cannot hide and that I will hunt you down wherever you try to hide. Take the DNA test bastard and prove that you are indeed a true blue Malay !
    Go back home and screw your mother as she is lonely with your father dead and gone for so long. You know what they do to chicken like you when they fail to accept a challenge issued to them -have you BBQ and then feed you body to the pigs and the dogs!
    You may call on the three Chinese from U.S.,Taiwan and Singapore you call chingkie to protect and save your skin or even more to do the DNA test on your behalf. But at the end of the day it is still not be your DNA test to prove that you are a true blue Malay. You can try to confuse yourself and your kind but not the readers. One thing you haven't done is to call on your former half Indian P.M. to take the test and why don't you do that ?
    Take the DNA test and also the one hundred thousand dollars offered as a hand out for confirming that you are a Malay. This is easier than hand outs and corruptions that your kind and Umno live and thrive on. Come on take the DNA test to prove that you are a Malay !
    Simple just your DNA or that of the former P.M..
    All the bombastic languages will not have you shielded from the test to prove who you are !
    You are just an uneducated bastard and worst of all a bloody chicken disguise as a Warrior.
    I hate to agree with you that AI and LKS are both crooks and most all just like all Umno politicians !

  100. Anonymous10:49 am


    Harga ikan di sini meningkat secara mendadak semalam berikutan pengimport mula memboikot kemasukan ikan daripada Thailand dan Indonesia mulai Isnin lalu disebabkan tidak bersetuju dengan langkah Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM) mewajibkan ikan yang diimport perlu disimpan di dalam kotak berinsulasi.

    Kira-kira 20 peratus daripada 500 nelayan laut dalam sepanjang Muar-Bagan bergegas ke laut semalam untuk menangkap ikan berikutan keputusan LKIM, namun kurang separuh daripada mereka mampu mendapatkan pulangan modal cukup makan bagi kos perjalanan pergi ke laut yang dianggarkan RM200.

    Penjual ikan di Pasar Parit Jawa, Lim Ah Hong, berkata walaupun harga ikan baru kembali stabil selepas musim perayaan Tahun Baru Cina, ia mula melambung semula sejak Isnin lalu apabila pemborong memboikot ikan daripada Thailand dan Indonesia.

    “Harga ikan melambung antara 15 hingga 20 peratus. Ikan tenggiri contohnya, hanya RM16 setengah kilogram sebelum ini tetapi kini menjadi RM18.30. Ikan cencaru pula naik 80 sen sekilo berbanding harga sebelum ini RM5.

    “Bagi ikan yang besar pula seperti ikan merah dan kerapu kini berharga RM38 sekilo berbanding RM36, manakala ikan bawal mencecah RM35 berbanding RM32. Harga ikan dijangka melambung lagi menjelang Rabu dan Khamis ini berikutan stok ikan tempatan mulai berkurangan,” katanya ketika ditemui, semalam.

    Sementara itu, Naib Pengerusi Persatuan Nelayan Muar-Batu Pahat berkata, Tan Yong Hwee, berkata boikot yang dilakukan ketika hasil tangkapan kurang memberangsangkan turut menjejaskan pendapatan nelayan.

    “Apabila berita boikot diterima, nelayan bergegas ke laut untuk menangkap ikan tetapi hasilnya sungguh mengecewakan apabila hasil tangkapan di Selat Melaka sangat berkurangan berbanding dulu,” katanya.


    woit... APA PUNYA MENTERI BAGI ARAHAN MACAM INI...kah kah kah..

    woit...APA PUNYA MALAON....kah kah kah..

    woit... INI PROJEK KRONI... kah kah kah..

    woit... TAK ADA FASAL CARI FASAL.... kah kah kah...

    woit... TAK ADA KERJA ...BUAT KACAU... kah kah kah..

    woit....MENYUSAHKAN ORANG RAMAI... kah kah kah...


    kah kah kah... JANGAN BAGI SUSAH ORANG RAMAI... kah kah kah..

    bila harga naik
    pasti akan keluar nasehat
    makan ayam dan sayur lebih baik dari ikan.

    bila harga harga beras naik
    pasti akan keluar nasehat
    makan roti lebih baik dari nasi

    bila harga leterik naik
    pasti akan keluar nasehat
    lampu minyak tanah lebih baik dari lampu leterik

    bila harga barang naik kerana cukai
    satu Malaysia tunggu kenyataan mat mongol
    makan sehari sekali lebih sihat
    kerana akan slim macam ziana zain kah kah kah

  101. Anonymous11:10 am

    kenapa mp jadi calun bebas


    dari confession salehudin hashim duit
    is the sebab. he worked without pay
    for 3 years so now when pr is the
    gomen he wants to recover hi duit. is
    that too much to ask for?

    anonymous wrote-

    'Its... setan juga '

    setan juga . of course bn mp's have
    always been the other setans.

    it takes one [setan ] to know one [setan from bn ]

    at the end of the day , when the dust
    has settled one setan will try to
    decapitate the other, leaving one setan to roost.....

    to all the setans, go to hell ,now and hereafter


  102. Anonymous11:40 am

    in a year or two, with all the inept mp/adun swept out, pr will only get stronger & stronger.

    and the states under pr will be getting more & more prosperous.

    tok guru, khalid, guan eng... gua orang caya sama lu.

    soldier on... we voted for pr then (and unfortunately some cockroaches as well), we will still vote for pr again & again.

    --- its pr or shits.

  103. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Datuk, a better title would be "another rat jumps the ship"


  104. Anonymous4:00 pm


    DPP's melancholic-but-seldom-taken-seriously Malay-hating two-liner lament pitched just above Warrior 231's long winded display of flamboyant virtuoso of gab and true intellect.

    Is that by chance, or is there a conspiracy of dwarfing an already dwarfed persona-non-grata beneath a towering Icon of Reason and Linguistic Juggernaut?


    (Yes I am back, but haven't folded my sleeves up yet)

  105. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Every man has a price including me.Ramalx

  106. Anonymous9:43 pm

    For an insight on why the Melayus will never progress, all waiting for free hand-outs,Why the tanah melayus was such an easy price, because the malays will betray each other for a dime. Why people call Melayus bodoh and lazy , here is an example.
    Kalau berniaga judi, Melayu pun boleh maju — Kunta Kinte

    5 MAC — Kunta Kinte dah cerita macam mana tauke-tauke Cina dan India yang terkenal jadi kaya raya. Antara yang kaya raya itu adalah tauke-tauke perniagaan judi.

    Beberapa hari lalu, Kunta Kinte nasib baik boleh cakap sikit dengan Profesor Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim. Dia adalah sejarawan ulung negara dan dia pun pakar dalam sukan bola sepak.

    Dia kata salah satu punca mutu bola sepak Malaysia jatuh merudum adalah rasuah oleh ‘bookie’. Bila kita kata ‘bookie,’ mereka tentulah haram walaupun di Barat, ‘bookie’ dibagi lesen untuk ambil pertaruhan.

    Kita tentu maklum bangsa apa ‘bookie’ ini. Kegiatan ‘bookie’ Malaysia ini sangat luas sampai mereka boleh merasuah pemain Liga Inggeris.

    Kunta Kinte dah cerita minggu lepas macam mana seorang pemandu teksi Singapura yang ketagih judi sanggup curi kad pengenalan saudara kandungnya dan kemudian cuba tipu kasino pertama di Singapura yang tuannya adalah konglomerat judi Malaysia, Genting Berhad.

    Minggu ini Kunta Kinte nak cerita pula pasal seorang cucu di Hong Kong yang ketagih judi sampai sanggup pertaruh duit pengebumian neneknya.

    Nenek itulah yang belanya sejak kecil. Si nenek memasukkan HK$10,750 (RM4,710) ke dalam buku bank cucunya dengan wasiat duit itu diguna untuk pengebumiannya.

    Tapi si cucu yang berusia 19 tahun itu pergi berjudi dan habis rugi duit simpanan neneknya. Akibatnya, walaupun si nenek mati pada 2008, mayatnya hanya dapat dikebumi tahun lepas pasal tak cukup duit.

    Sebab itulah Kunta Kinte selalu kata memang susah orang Melayu nak lawan orang Cina dan India berniaga. Orang Cina dan India yang bukan Islam semua boleh berniaga. Haram atau halal tak jadi masalah. Judi, arak dan pelacuran semua boleh tak kira dibenar atau dihalang oleh undang-undang negara.

    Tapi orang Melayu pasal kita Islam, banyak jenis perniagaan kita tak boleh campur. Kunta Kinte sedih dan susah hati bila tak ramai orang Melayu yang berani atau pandai jawab hujah mereka yang masih kata Dasar Ekonomi Baru jadikan mereka anak tiri.

    Bila Melayu gagal semua orang kutuk. Malahan ada orang Melayu yang seronok. Kerajaan pun kutuk kata orang Melayu malas, bergantung kepada kontrak awam dan subsidi serta suka berfoya-foya.

    Tapi bila orang bukan Islam berjaya, kita puji. Kita kata mereka tekun, pandai berniaga dan berdikari. Kita tak pun tanya macam mana mereka boleh berjaya.

    Kunta Kinte yakin orang Melayu pun boleh berjaya kalau sanggup jadi tauke judi, tauke arak dan bapa serta ibu ayam. Tapi kita tak mahu sebab kita tahu ia salah di segi agama dan moral. Kerajaan pun tentu tak mahu bagi lesen judi dan arak kepada orang Islam.

    Kunta Kinte tak tahulah apa nak cakap. Tapi kalau kerajaan tak ambil kisah perkara macam ini dan bagi segala macam lesen kepada orang bukan Islam, memang mustahil orang Islam boleh berlumba dengan mereka.

    Apatah lagi kalau kerajaan tidak mahu khaskan kontrak dan pembelian awam kepada Bumiputera takut tak boleh tanda tangan Perjanjian Perdagangan Bebas dengan Amerika Syarikat atau sebab globalisasi. — Berita Harian

    * This article is the personal opinion of the writer or publication. The Malaysian Insider does not endorse the view unless specified.

  107. Kepada yg marah2 pada rocky..
    kepada yg marah2 pada MP yg melompat..

    korang telanlah ludah dan kahak korang sendiri..

    ..siapa raja lompat?..sapa yg terhegeh2 ke Taiwan kejar MP Bn untuk melompat?

    Korang memang munafik dan hipokrit..tak gitu?

  108. Anonymous10:39 pm


  109. Dei Donplaypundekfoe

    Podah! If I'm dwarfed and seldom taken seriously, then what is there for you to worry about lah? But it sure sound like you are worried! I wonder why?

    But it doesn't look like you and your tranny fixated Tj Rambutan sicko inmate hero Warrior 231 are winning anywhere, does it?

    It's you who hates the Malays (and the Chinese, Indians and others as well) because you as an individual have no self respect, don't want the Malays to succeed on merit and keep giving excuses!

    You see, you can't even stand and just give your own opinion; you need to lean and ride on Warrior 231's back!! Boy, Warrior 231 must have a pretty sore back from all you big-time loser guys riding his tail! Isn't that against some law in this country?

    Me, I criticize UMNO/BN where it has erred. No more, no less. That is not even remotely Malay hating by a long, long way. I have never needed leeech hangers on.

    If that hurts, go suck your thumb or whatever part of that towering Icon of Reason and Linguistic Juggernaut that pleases you!! Go on poor child, go running to Warrior 231 for succour, comfort and relief! Muahaha!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  110. Anonymous11:50 pm

    when the ship is sinking, the clever ones will abandon ship

    the gullible ones will stay on after having convinced themselves that the ship is all OK

    we know what happened to the titanic

    heh heh

  111. Anonymous12:57 am

    Have you ever asked yourself why you got your datukship.?Tell us why you must deserve it.Had you been bashing umno pukis and still awarded your datukship then its a well deserved recogniation by the royals!or else you too was bribed by unseen hands!


  112. Anonymous2:46 am


    And you know why some BN frogs, cannot remember the names, one health fella and Yong something including Zaid the Senator fella and one old old old man and so forth..

    Notice how silence the became after jumping jumping few months to PR?

    These same people who love to eat RAT meat, they also LOVE to eat FROG meat!! Have U been to some dirty wet markets, where they skin the poor creature alive?

    So now, these human frogies who just jumped into PR, have to lay hidden, quiet and low, silap2 kena jadi katak panggang or deep fried frogs legs!!

    Haiyaaaa, semua mau telan mayak susah lor.


  113. nstman4:38 am

    Rocky, the more you and your Umno bloggers spin lies about Pakatan, the more you lose your credibility. Even if Umno were the last party left standing, we would still give our vote to a donkey. In the meantime, keep on spinning.








  115. Anonymous11:09 am

    najib manaukau meroyan..
    u punya mumblling less insulted compared to warrior speech's... even u meet him face 2 face u will run out like a chicken...


    - parti jahat -

  116. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Lari topik sikit...

    SIJIL HALAL. Tindakan JAIS dan JAKIM berusaha bagi memastikan kesahihan sijil halal amatlah dipuji. Harap jabatan agama islam yang lain dapat mengambil langkah yang sama.

    Bagi peniaga-peniaga diluar sana, harap hormati orang islam dan peraturan halal kalau mahu menjual makanan kepada orang2 islam.


  117. Ir MALAYSIAN 20204:02 pm


    We are now moving towards a 2party
    system(or maybe 3party system).For now,its a 2 Coalition system i.e.
    Barisan Nasional(BN)vs PR(Pakatan
    Rakyat).Possibly later on,there might be a Liberal(3rd party)as the
    case in UK and USA.
    For Malaysia,the reality of things
    and events from era of Parameswara
    (1400)to the Portugese(1511)to the
    British(1700s-1940s),to the brief Japanese and Communist era(1942-1955).The efforts of UMNO-led Perikatan(with MCA,MIC)finally achieved Merdeka(Independence)in 1957.The rest is history from 1957 to 2008,where Malaysia was ruled totally uninterrupted until PRU12.
    8th March 2008 to PRU13(2012/2013)
    is METAMORPHOSIS time for the Malaysian Politics.
    Either BN or PR,the focus should be for the people of Malaysia,the
    wellbeings of Malaysians,the good
    future for Malaysians,the Quality of Life,the infrastructures for the people,the clean environment,
    education,good economic condition
    etc the idea of just FOLLOW what the party says i.e.,by
    being PARTISAN,should be changed and reconsidered for the GOOD of the RAKYAT,from the RAKYAT(elected Rep),by the RAKYAT(voters).....
    I would say YES to BiPartisan Politics in Malaysia,if it is for the Good of Malaysian in general for Present or for the FUTURE.....

    YOU now see ex-BN/UMNO joining PAKATAN and ex-PR joining (or fished out) to be INDEPEDENT(3rd Force) and probably join BN/UMNO..!

    The QUESTION is whether the MOVE has got RINGGIT-attachment or the fight for a better DEMOCRACY.....

  118. Anonymous7:48 pm

    nstman said...

    Rocky, the more you and your Umno bloggers spin lies about Pakatan, the more you lose your credibility. Even if Umno were the last party left standing, we would still give our vote to a donkey. In the meantime, keep on spinning.

    4:38 AM


    Kecian la sama lu..... patutla gua tengok lu macam olang dungu.
    Macam olang tongong.
    Macam olang mengong.
    Macam olang bahlul.
    Macam olang itu apa MORON!

    Lu ni jenis DONKEY! Patut la senang kena spin. He He PR senang spin lu la.
    Cibai la lu.

    -tukang perati

  119. Mereka mereka ini memang ahli UMNO/BN rejek berhijrah ke PKR sebab mereka tiada tempat dalam UMNO/BN ketika itu.Seperti harimau kehausan dan kelaparan pada masa yang sama PKR telan aje apa yang dapat walaupun ayer danau atau bangkai asalkan dapat melepaskan kedahgaan dan kebuluran.Akibatnya ia mejadi penyakit kerana kuman menyerang tulang saraf.Dikuatiri penyakit barah ini tak bolih diubati dan ditangkis sebab banyak lagi kuman ditubuh badan tak dapat dikesan.Ubat camana agaknya dapat membunuh kuman selicik ini? Good luck PKR!

  120. Anonymous11:18 pm

    "Me, I criticize UMNO/BN where it has erred. No more, no less. That is not even remotely Malay hating by a long, long way. I have never needed leeech hangers on."

    that is dpp for you - an arrogant, self-deceiving, not intellectual, perasaan bagus senile old man

    ranting away and wasting precious blog space and readers' time

  121. Anak Permatang Pauh12:20 am

    kilang_komag said,
    "1 Malaysia - Sodomi Diutamakan, Ekonomi Dikemudiankan."

    Itulah ketua hang, Mr.Sodomy. Orang lain dok sibuk pulihkan ekonomi, dia dok pulas teloq sendiri nak masuk lubang tahi.

    Hang ni otak memang kepala otak ikan, penuh tahi, loyar BABI dah buat rayuan pada 19 Feb, bongok. Hang dok korek cerita kat lobang mana nih. Hisss, Bodoh tak boleh di ajaq.

  122. Anonymous4:36 am

    Part 1

    The sum of arrogance and stupidity is inevitably humiliation and humiliation is what PR, in particular PKR, has to endure over the past few months. What was once touted as the new dawn for Malaysia is now finally revealing itself to be nothing more than a fading dusk on the Malaysian political landscape. Much of PR’s appeal was premised on the Change mantra. But mere appropriation of a mantra for Public Relations purposes does not a political movement maketh. In fact, the deficiencies in PR’s political strategies and the poverty of its leadership’s collective intellect is never more apparent than its adoption and interpretation of the word “ change” itself which is just another variation of the ”reform” mantra (nothing new, aint it?) they bandied about ten years ago as they proceeded to hoodwink another set of gullible gullivers in 1999, riding on a hysterical wave of personality hatred whipped up by a morally and intellectually bankrupt political arsewhore.

    Change by itself connotes transformation, a break from the old ways of doing business and the embrace of creative and innovative methods to effect political, economical, institutional or social transformation, a fresh approach to social engineering predicated on so-called enlightened modalities. That PR’s manifestation of the change crucible is woefully inadequate is never more apparent than in the current political quagmire they find themselves in. But allow me first to outline what “change” means in PR’s political lexicon with a few illustrative examples:

    1. Change in the PR weltanschung means the acceptance of political frogs in order for politico-social transformation to materialize. Hence in 2008, froglegs was touted as a desirable culinary delight for the full moon night of Sept 16 despite the Constitution (pun intended) revolting against it!.
    FACT : How far is this DIFFERENT from 1994 when a constitutionally constituted Sabah state government was stripped off its legitimacy by a certain arsewhore?

    2. Change in the PR vocabulary meant the selection and emplacement of politicians devoid of the baggage of warlordism, “cronyism”, vested interests, moral turpitude etc
    FACT: How come the now maligned and ridiculed ‘INFAMOUS THREE” and earlier Bukit Selambau and Bukit Lanjan fell through the sieve is beyond me

    3. Change seemingly implied the adoption of a more inclusivist, consultative and consensual form of governance, a clean break from the perceived authoritarian, oligarchic and elitist miasma pervading the old order.
    FACT: Dirty linen washed in Penang over the past month is indicative of the fact that authoritarianism is alive, well and kicking up north. And one just needs to go back to August 2009 and see how a consultative Selangor government forced Muslims to accept hideous gargoyles and unmentionable rituals in their midst.

    Warrior 231

  123. Anonymous4:38 am

    Part 2

    4. Change meant the enfranchising of seemingly marginalized groups, the empowering of the proletariat and the valorization of “silenced” voices.

    FACT : such has been arsewhore + co’s assiduous efforts to uplift the community’s standing that they have become perpetual supporters of the new order….hahahahahahaha ( see:

    5. Change apparently signaled the transition towards a less monoethnic framework of governance
    Fact : ditto Penang

    6. Change would herald socio-economic transformation, imbue the economy with new thrust, decouple the political-business nexus and effect a better quality of life
    FACT: 2 years on since March 2008, FDI has virtually dried up in Penang and Selangor while in BN controlled Johor and Sarawak the reverse is true. The less said of kelantan, the best, while Kedah has silently fallen off the radar.

    In all the 6 examples above, I have comprehensively demonstrated that PR stands for “No Change”. This is basically attributable to the fact that there was no political will to bring about their much ballyhooed “change” – a lack essentially traceable to a totally abject incomprehension of ground realities. An incomprehension brought about by innate imbecility with equal large dollops of arrogance. It is this potent combination of arrogance and imbecility that underpins the PR rank and file, a morally depraved institution peopled by charlatans, cheats, political whores and other lowlife scumbags. It is a sewage hole teeming with shit bacteria gorging on their own self-importance, growing fat on their self-perceived notion that they are demigods worthy of adoration. Ironically, they display the same mindset that so bedeviled he Abdullah BN administration.

    Like Abdullah’s BN, Arsewhore’s PR is afflicted by political arrogance, the top-down imposition of policies and agendas, the “we know best, you know nuts” mien adopted to control their supporters. Allied to this autocratic streak is the use of fear to instill obedience, character assassination to repress internal opposition and silence dissent, political gangsterism and a public shaming mechanism to rationalise away the actions of the socalled traitors. Little wonder that PR uses the disciplinary framework as a tool of intimidation, cyberrags as a misinformation sluicegate to character assassinate dissenters, the foreign media to spread the notion of persecution and the ceramah circuit to hypnotise the simple minded and gullible polity into believing the unbelievable. The modus operandi is simple, a ceramah session, for instance, is peppered with fiery rhetoric and unsubstantiated sensational lies to arouse the crowd. Plants in cyberagdom are paid to sprout inane commentary and disseminate misinformation; foreign journalists and paid hacks are deployed to blast the government and its institutions at regular intervals and disciplinary panels are stuffed with goondahs who mete out preplanned punishment
    In tandem with this, resources are expended to vilify the judiciary, the police and other institutions as tools of the government . The lynchpin of this web of deceit is the deification of PR leaders as “maksumites” who are epitomes of human perfection. Hence, each PR gathering is an orgy of cult worship wherein the chattering classes reveal their intellect-lobotomized persona with their lunatic ululations and mindless clapping as their stupid heroes scream themselves hoarse like demented banshees. In blogsphere, cyber pariah mongrels bark their stupidity and caw their moronic self through inane comments that lack depth, are devoid of facts and that are perversions of reality. Such is their blind cocksuckling and arselicking that it is a wonder they can even scribble a few inane sentences!

    warrior 231

  124. Anonymous4:39 am

    Part 3

    Like Abdullah’s BN, Arsewhore’s PR cloisters itself away from the heartbeat of politics: the electorate, premised on its arrogant notion that its pronouncements and edicts would easily percolate through a permeable ground when in reality that ground is made up of both porous, semi-porous and non-porous structures. Hence, the infidel troika of Anwar, Hadi and Khalid confidently announce that PR is amenable to arsefucking Catholics expropriating Allah’s asma when the Muslim ground knows that such a move is akin to self-apostasy. Thus, Arsewhore calls upon the Malays to accept Lim “Guano” Eng when reality barks that the Chingkie political gangster is subtly eroding Penang’s fragile multiracial social compact with his blatant promotion of Chingkie interests, a prelude to the eventual emergence of the oppressive, foreign, exclusivist, discriminatory and kiasuist “Ketuanan China” supremacist construct as an antithesis to the more inclusive, expansive, indigenous and ultimately benign and humane “Ketuanan Melayu” umbrella. Therefore, the kafir lunatic Nikki Lee Aziz brazenly avers that cronyism was the raison d’etre of early Islam and hence sees no sin in foisting his morally corrupt worldview on an economically demoralized polity as in the PMBK affair.

    Ironically, Arsewhore’s PR is replicating (so much for change!!) all the shortcomings of Abdullah’s BN which threw him a lifeline for redemption when he (Arsewhore) was about to be consigned as nothing more than a charlatan, a political misanthrope out to squeeze the polity for personal gain. He still is one but postponing the inevitable twice would be asking too much of a political bumpkin of limited intellect and capabilities and even more limited morality supported by low-IQ idiots. And whats worse, arsewhore doesn’t have a sleep junkie of an idiot to weather the storm,the next time around.

    Warrior 231

  125. Anonymous12:42 pm

    " no it is because of principles, it is because of Pakatan, it is because of the ideals we fight for, our struggles"

    and so bleats arsewhore in the Malaysian Insider as he tries to placate an angst ridden and betrayed Zul Nordin with sweet poison. Juxtapose that falsehood against this statement in today’s Star by a little pharaoh:

    “The board views seriously the strong attacks against party policy, its stand and cooperation within the Pakatan Rakyat.”

    and the impute of Zul’s sacking becomes clear. Zul Noordin’s political crucifixion is not THE disciplinary issue that it has been purported all along. The Nasution pariah mongrel can bark that the police report was the crux but his giveaway about ‘party policy” and “tv interview “is screaming to us that Zul Noordin was politically butchered for his uncompromising kalimah Allah stance. A stance which dictated correctly that ZN be tried by a panel of Muslims as he requested and not by a bunch of anti-Moslem cretins as the party inexplicably insisted. Be that as it may, and its water under the bridge now, the wider and hitherto hidden implications of the move now comes into focus.

    ZN’s political crucifixion is a signal that PR is prepared to purge from its ranks, Islamists who may stand in its pathway to the institution of a Satanic government. The move transcends internal politics. In fact, it signals the silencing of Islamic dissent within an avowedly atheistic and infidel dominated organization. It is an organization dedicated to
    the obliteration of Islam, the evisceration of Malay rights and institutions as enshrined in the Constitution in order to facilitate the eventual enthronement of a Chingkie-controlled Christian dominated government; that will facilitate the eventual alignment of Malaysia within the global anti-Islam framework. In other words, a Washington lackey dedicated to the pursuit of a Christian crusade (couched as the war against terror) in sync with Huntington’s “civilizational” clash thesis, a thesis arsewhore has embraced wholeheartedly despite pretensions to the contrary.

    Little wonder that Arsewhore in cahoots with Father Hadi, Friar Nikki Aziz, the Dastardly Arrogant Pigs, certain NGOs and individuals have been subtly implementing a nefarious plan against Islam in earnest since 2008 as evidence over the Net and elsewhere attests. This assault against Islam is also in sync with the wider onslaught against Malay rights and privileges. In the PR equation, the Constitution can survive, damned for all it cares as long as Malay rights institutions and privileges, Islam’s status etc are effectively neutered. In other words, the Constitution remains as a mere parchment of scribbling RATHER than a living document attesting our Social Contract and as a palpable heartbeat sustaining our nationhood.

    Warrior 231

  126. rocky,
    frogs not bribe-able ?
    don't need to look too far but at yourself.

  127. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Guess they are going thru a serious phase of "culture shock".

    We can clearly see their representation during the debates in Parliament..

    Aduhai, yang belah satu, MP/ADUN cakap Bahasa Kebangsaan pun tak teghuih. Macam baru saja turun dari tongkang dari Negara yang tak berbahasa Melayu. Tapi setakat projeck golf balls, itu pun dah sepi sunyi..

    satu lagi, berserban tasbih, asyik nak sembahyang hajat doakan bala kat orang tu orang nih, wonder how come Kelantan and Kedah not able to attract investors from where they think they are from..

    yang lagi satu, nak sangat tunjuk budaya asal usul penyangak mereka, vido kangkang, sodomy, issue Allah, beer, terjun bangunan, ugut nyawa orang, dalam Dewan pun nak show-off tiru budaya Taiwan/Korea perangai loklaq, kepala serabut, nak hele' cara2 Barat pun ada..hisssshhh

    Kaghut.. what a shame!

    So unorganized, not coordinated, inexperienced and rowdy Pakatan.. Kami orang biasa tengok pun dah naik meluat!!


  128. Anonymous10:46 pm

    This bitch* is lying when she claims here ( that even Muslim clerics do not have a problem with non-Muslims using the asma “Allah” in their Satanic rituals, teaching etc. Well, at least one Muslim cleric, Abdul Hadi bin Awang has cautioned of fiddling with Allah azza wa jalla’s asma as the following extracts clearly imply:




    And which in plain speak clearly states that you have self-apostatized (murtaded), the moment you agree to something what Allah and the Holy Prophet (pbuh and HF) clearly negate/deny which in this case using a sacred ama on some blasphemous trinity mumbo-jumbo. Read the Mubahalah incident in the Quran to get a grip on the truth about Islam and Christianity and how the Najran Christo bastards ran away like pondans when challenged to a Mubahalah……

    Either Hadi, Bitch or I am lying or the sun rose in the West this morning.. Take your pick, folks. Don’t believe me, get a copy of “Muqadimmah Aqidah Muslim” and check it out yourselves.

    Well, when you have chingkie blood flowing in your veins, it is easy to prostitute your religion or anything for political expediency. Guess, even whores go around these days in habit, bisexuality, menopause and the veil be damned. Don’t take us for simpletons-lah, Satan’s whore and for Allah’s sake, yank off that veil ( and get daughter to do so as well) or at the very least, display the whoreson strapped like a road-kill on some t-junction symbol so Moslems here wont be easily confused.

    *Bitch = a despicable, “lowlife” woman, is very pertinent and applicable in this case as the bitch in question is clearly denigrating something ALL Muslims hold dear and fully deserve our contempt much in the same vein as when Nikki once said that Allah swears!!!

    Warrior 231

  129. Anonymous12:33 pm

    rocky, katak2 yg melompat masuk umno n bebas akan bekerja utk pakatan rakyat secara diam2.
    the kataks only pentingkan duit, duit,duit... like urself.

    umno akan terus lumpuh dan hancur. just wait n see..

    bye-bye umno

  130. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Anon@12:33 PM says "bye-bye umno"

    huhuhu looks like ta ta pkr ...