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April 3, 2010 - Najib's first year in office

Updated, 3.45pm on Sat 3/4/10
Remember, it's not Rocky's Bru who's saying it. It's attributable to Merdeka Center, which has been tracking Najib's approval ratings since he became PM. Me, I just happened to expect the ratings for the man to go up given how the people are responding to him and his policies vis-a-vis what his political opponents have done or are doing, which is mainly to try and bring him down at all cost. It's not hard to see who's been working harder. Even the blindly anti-Najib Malaysian Insider can see it, here.

Read Najib's approval ratings moves upwards to 68 per cent by Bernama

Original posting:
How do you rate your Prime Minister? Several polls are underway to rank Najib's performance after a year in office. I won't be surprised if his ratings, including even by the Merdeka Centre, show an all-time high. This despite the current all-out offensive against the 1Malaysia concept which forms Najib's main thrust in governing, the looming Perkasa spectre, some booby traps in his own Umno backyard, the MCA headaches, etc.

The PM seems to be defeating the cyber and blog propaganda against him and at the same time winning the trust of the majority of people in his policies despite the somewhat still slow progress in the fight against corruption and some indecisiveness with regards to GST, subsidies, etc.

After a year seeing him on the public stage, many of us have come to realize that this man does not falter, is extremely cool under pressure, and is hell of a listener. He has avoided badmouth and back-stab politics and does not kick an opponent when he's down.

The New Economic Model's focus on the bottom-40 per cent income earners should add to the PM's ratings, as would the new salary scheme for the cops which would surely be followed up by pay adjustments and better incentives for some 120,000 personnel in our Armed Forces and 300,000 veterans (I'm merely guessing here). When this happens and if the expected global economic turnaround comes true (and if he could close the PKFZ chapter by nabbing them crooks, Najib's second year in office should be plain sailing.

He may even listen if you suggest he calls for a snap election next year.

p.s. I will update this posting with the outcome of the various polls with regards to Najib's first year in office. Maybe a choronology on landmark decisions.


  1. Anonymous12:49 pm

    What so special about his 1 year in office???

    Gaji aku tetap sama aja!!! To me wahat ever figure given by the Gomen are all exxagerating.

    Adakah 5 PM before him are all DUNGUS,, RAKYAT lagi menyampah adalah!!!!!!!



  2. Anonymous1:40 pm

    damn, did u get paid for writing this piece-of-shit article? tak malu langsung. damn.


  3. Yah Bodek jgn tak bodek .

  4. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Najib is a clueless PM.....nobody take his 1Malaysia or NEM seriously... even his deputy is confuse with his 1Malaysia !!


  5. Dato', without taking away the goodness that DS Najib had done for the country in the last 1 year and I particularly like the 1 Malaysia slogan - Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan despite the useless crappy rubbish that Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang and their fanboys have to say about it; I must say what my father told me and that any PM after flip flopping Abdullah Badawi would do a much better job for Malaysia.

  6. Though he has performed well it is still too early for award winning ceremony. The future looks good with him in the driver's seat.With years of experience he knows the circuit better and handled the corners like a champ. With regards to GST its just a matter of changing tires at the pit stop.

    Still threre are bad drivers on the track waiting for the chance to
    win by hook if not by crook.I believe majority of the spectators place their bets on Najib and bookies will have a tough day to break even.

    However,driving on highways need a different kind of road handling skills. Najib must observe the speed limits and read the signs well. The Malaysian roads are full of bullies and'rempit'guys can be intimidating. However I trust,the son of a bugis warrior shall stand tall in the battle for the people,
    country and for 1 MALAYSIA.


  7. OpenYourEyes3:50 pm

    no shizzle,,the guy is practically a superman...a freaking messiah...a chuck norris twin brother...damn!!

  8. Anonymous3:55 pm

    I think DS Najib has done a good job in managing but there is a lot of room for improvement on leading. In terms of listening and then taking necessary corrective actions he is good and because of this he has endeared himself to the people a lot better than some of his predecessors.

    However as a leader he needs to be more single minded and chart the direction of the country without trying to achieve 'so many things for so many people.' You cannot try to accommodate everyone's input. Leadership is about making and taking the tough decisions in stride whether they are popular or not.

    For example, with the New Economic Model (NEM), so far everyone is still sifting through all that has been said and trying to see where they need to change or fit in to this NEM.

    I think, he should set a clear target and then everything will fall in line as we Malaysians are actually an innovative and competent enough group of people especially in the private sector to figure what needs to be done once the target has been set.

    For example, I think DS Najib should just say something like " I want our currency to be strong say at RM 1.5 to USD 1.00 in five years. This is target setting.

    Then everyone downline needs to start thinking how to get there,e.g. exporters need to start making their products with higher added value and better quality in order for their product to still be marketable at this exchange rate.

    If taking this example where our currency is strong, then it will also give our country the purchasing power to acquire assets or technology cheaply in a highly globalised economy.

    So while I think he has done a good job or managing the country so far, he needs to do a better job of leading it.

  9. Anonymous4:12 pm

    my rating is double tumb up for our YAB Prime Minister. He is working so hard to make Malaysia back to our glory days when we all can walk tall as a proud Malaysian in oversea.

    Well done and he is still listening and improving.

    Proud Malaysian said.....

  10. nstman4:17 pm

    Rocky, Najib's No 1 spokesman, has said so. So shall it be said, shall it be heard. Congratulations to Rocky and Najib and the hardworking pollsters. Well done. Also an NST insider said Pakatan is now enjoying ratings of zero. Gone, lah.

  11. Salam Datuk Rocky.

    I'm waiting for The Star.

    "Wink" Hehehe

  12. Anonymous5:10 pm


  13. Anonymous5:10 pm


  14. Benar atau Salah?5:55 pm


    Dokumen dari US Justice Department jelas menunjukkan APCO telah menasihati kerajaan Israel!!

    Maka ada hubungan dengan kerajaan Israel la APCO ni, seperti yg disebut oleh Anwar Ibrahim!

    Tengok la sini beb dengan mata sendiri! Baca! Jangan tak baca!

    Kenapa Najib Razak dengan gerombolan UMNO nak menghukum Anwar Ibrahim??

    Anwar kan cakap yg BENAR dan BETUL!!!

  15. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Najib would be stupid to call early polls... perhaps he wants to leave office early....

    too risky to call polls. Jibby should delay polls for as long as possible.

  16. Pleeze... He has herrited a flip flop attitude. GST, My card Petrol what happen, now you see now you dont got submarine can only float etc. I dont expect a Prime Minister to be like a biskut.

  17. Buat kerja la dulu.. election kemdian ikut timing.

    the NEM is interesting, with transparency, no middleman etc all thrown in.

    aku melayu yang bukan kroni, i am willing to listen and to give my time.

  18. kadir7:36 pm

    Sadly, Pak Lah dragged us 20 years back. If Najib came into power earlier, we would have achieved developed nation status before 2020

  19. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Salam to all,
    Najib has done pretty good job steering the country. He know when to work and when to be politician.
    He seems unpeeturbed with the opposition and did not play to their tune. Whatever opposition threw at him now backfire on them..
    Definitely much much better leader than anwar.
    I had to admit that initially I do hv reservation about him.
    So far good job Mr.PM.

  20. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Salam to all,
    Najib has done pretty good job steering the country. He know when to work and when to be politician.
    He seems unpeeturbed with the opposition and did not play to their tune. Whatever opposition threw at him now backfire on them..
    Definitely much much better leader than anwar.
    I had to admit that initially I do hv reservation about him.
    So far good job Mr.PM.

  21. Anonymous9:27 pm

    To Benar atau Salah comment,
    I would like to say that what's wrong if our government enggaging agency that once gave consultation to Israel Government. Even if they are Jews company and 100% owned by them also allright. They are actually being paid to improve our country and image abroad. Why till today you are so narrow minded.
    What is your stand on the influx of foreign fund/monies supporting the PR to overthrow the legitimate people elected government? Our country image has been badly damaged by Anuar and HINDRAF in oversea. I fully supported the effort taken by the government to it. Bravos DS Najib because of your far sightness. What did the Moron done for the country - NOTHING - please read my lips - NOTHING. Only creatinglots of craps to destabilize the nation. BTW, as Selangor Economic Adviser his only project is RM50 Billion Klang River rehabilation. Paying the 4 overseas consultant only will cost hundred of millions. Like the thief/pirate only - one for you 5 for me. Other than being ash f____ker, this moron is also money sucker.
    To DS Najib, we pledged all our family votes about 68 to BN again. Sorry for the mistake done but just because of the hates to our Sleeping Beauty.

    1Malaysia believer.

  22. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Bagilah peluang sikit kat Datuk Najib...tu mamat yang marah pasal gaji dia tak naik tu, carilah kerja lain, rajinlah sikit, berusaha lebih sikit dalam hidup ni...takkan gaji kau pun PM nak betulkan dalam masa satu tahun...APCO tak APCO, aku apa pedulik, asalkan negara ini dah nampak ada hala tuju, masa depan anak-anak aku dah cerah semula, sumpah aku tak ambik tahu....

  23. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Wah...rasanya tuan pun layak join apco....bijak la naikkan imej najib..tapi agak hairan laa...apco tak nasihatkan ker supaya jangan berpolitik cam bangang kt hulu selangor...masa pilihanraya baru la nak isytihar buat sekolah lah...baiki parit la...derma masjid la....politik camni sgt menghina la..ini bukan zaman orang bongok2...apalah...

  24. PM is doing a good job. I'm sure he could perform better if Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang are politicians worth their salt. As it is now, the THREE STOOGES are only interested in taking pot shots aiming to destroy the country. Hadi might be less power-crazy but the same cannot be said about the other two.
    I hope the PM would be given a chance to do his job, thats all. If you can't help just sit and watch, don't sabotage this country.

  25. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Oklah, better than the previous PM. Hope he starts walking the talk. Enough talking already. And, please, oh please, keep the wife out of the picture. She seems to be everywhere.


  26. Anonymous10:42 pm

    dare you to post a link to Niamah as your hero is featured there too!


  27. Anonymous10:42 pm

    You call this Najib a PM ???You gotta be joking?So tainted ? Entered Putrajaya by the back door and what did he really do for us to sit up and notice ? Nah! nothing but clownish results like Labu and Labi as MBM penned recently!


  28. Tamingsari 3.40pm:

    where did you get the idea that Najib is the son of a Bugis warrior?

    You mean Tun Razak is a warrior? Are you sure? Maybe he has Bugis roots from Makassar, but I doubt very much he is a warrior. More likely that he had "lanun" (pirates) roots. warrior, my foot. Please stop having feudalistic leanings. We are not in the 19th century anymore.

  29. Anonymous11:10 pm

    for me the polls cannot be trusted. it just an UMNO propa to show najib is good PM. Instead, all the things happen gone by the wind without any action from UMNO site. What happen to altantuya case, datuk nasir who not detain with ISA, and lot more.

    for me, rakyat should be reminded that government is not umno. Government could be any political party whom win the heart of the citizens. Umno, Pas, Pkr and the others are political party who has be chosen by rakyat to guide the government.

    talam dua muka...

  30. Surely smarter than Pak Lah...and more cunning too!The 1 Malaysia concept is good if genuine; the Nem theorectically is sound but we know next to nothing about the implementation!Nothing much achieved so far as far as reforms are concerned!Perhaps if he can reign back some of his hawkish supporters he shouild be able to accomplish some needed reforms.Letting Perkasa do all the ranting while concentrating in trying to win back some non-malay votes is smart politiking, but may backfire.So far still way below Tun Hussein Onn and Tunku Abdul Rahman as far as building a united nation is concerned.But, then one year is too short a time to do anything substantial!

  31. My score for him:-

    Structural: 63/100
    NEM and other economic-driven initiatives. The primary setback is communication as areas to manage change is still vague.

    Human Resource: 61/100
    Showed concerns to the needs of ppl. Informed desire and implemented mechanisms to increase ppl's economic wellbeing.

    Political: 77/100
    Did not falter under pressure. Best left unanswered approach. But difficulty to convince fence-sitters under this frame.

    Symbolic: 64/100
    Introduced 1Malaysia. Widely accepted amongst middle and lower households as accompanying acts take place.

    Overall Average: 62.25 (Not bad-lah for first year) - lots of room for improvement

  32. Anonymous4:51 am

    hey coward! why not address the issue of Muslim lawyers going against the Sultan of Pahang in the Karthika issue??

  33. Anonymous5:06 am

    to -BODOLAGI-,

    Apa la bangang reply kau tu, gaji tak naik salahkan orang hahaha.

    kau yang kerja pemalas, harap nak kena suap, mana gaji tak naik?

  34. Anonymous8:42 am

    You know, sometimes, you just have to rely on gut feel

    after sleeping beauty, Najib CERTAINLY gives you a good feel

    Just ignore the sour grapes, the doomsayers, the spoilt brats, the momma's boys, papa's darlings and the what-have-yous

    the million dollar question is - what has anwar, kit malam, nik aziz, kapal and co. ever done for Malaysia???

    p.s. i was pro paklah's exit

    Hurray ...

  35. Anonymous9:10 am


    Tun Dr M gave his initial approval and said it is too early to assess Najib's performance.

    Translation = Najib is doing good.

  36. Anak Permatang Pauh9:14 am

    Kamal stupidly said,
    .....nobody take his 1Malaysia or NEM seriously"

    Kamal...kamal...who are you try to kid, yourself? If you don't think anyone would take 1Malaysia serious, you wouldn't have commented here. You've lost touched with reality...all over Malaysia, every corner of the country, every segment of the society, are celebrating the 1Malaysia. You are AloneMalaysia. A loser of course. Come join the party. It's not too late, dik.

  37. Anonymous9:50 am

    To Pakatan shitters and shit stirrers here and elsewhere, shit more and stir harder.

    Hasta la vista PRU 13


  38. Anonymous9:56 am

    The greatest failure of Najib is 1Malaysia because his DPM wants 1Malay: Malay 1st, Malaysian 2nd.

  39. i don't trust BN. period.

  40. Anonymous10:12 am

    Bro, snap election will have to wait for now coz MIC and Umno fellas are now fighting to put their candidates in Ulu Selangor by-election. Tarak bersatu macamana mau menang general erection maa. If this by-election they also want to fight fight, how to give PM strong mandate in office la. Give him 100pc support on US candidate and go for a big win as a gift for his 1-year/1-Malaysia. Can aah!


  41. I used to support the Pakatan Rakyat.

    But after the election, I find the talks about eradicating corruption, fairness and all are just mirages.

    Giving PR the power is just a matter of transferring the corruption.

    So far I'm happy with Najib's performance. I don't like his character but I like what he has done so far.

  42. Anonymous11:02 am

    chua soi lek has done a favour for him. makes najib a cleaner person relatively speaking. bad day for BN with more nincompoops

  43. Anonymous11:03 am

    whether gaji naik ke, pangkat naik ke, nothing will fall on ur lap unless you work on it. Ds najib has given hope and direction to all of us to look forward to our future.

  44. Mustapha Ong11:24 am

    Salam Bru,

    I believe it is appropriate for all Malaysians to express their views on Najib's first year in office of the prime minister.It is not about what the prime minister has so far achieved, but more importantly his commitment and affirmative actions to unite all Malaysians into 1Malaysian and 1Nation.Are Malaysians ready to change their ethnic attitude and think like "one Malaysian" first, though not necessarily aboding their own ethnic origin?

    DS Najib is trying hard to create better awareness and a sense of national belonging, without compromising ethnic values and those guarantees provided under the Constitution.Thus his visionary concept of 1Malaysia was born to capture the mind and aspirations of all Malaysians.

    In a nutshell, I believe the prime minister has created a conducive platform for the nation to progress and move forward towards the vision of 2020.In the last one year, Najib has released a number of economic stimulus packages in order to complement other development programs.

    Najib has also initiated the formula of check and balance, through the implementation of NKRA and other KPIs in all the key Ministry, so that we can achieve better transparency and reduce corruptions.However, we should not expect an overnight result, but look forward to the positive changes within the next few years.

    The New Economic Model (NEM) announced recently, will serve as an economic platform for the public and private sectors to provide positive feedback in order to fine tune the new economic initiative.I believe the essence of NEM will be released in its entirety based on further assessments by the NEAC before the end of the year.

    Finally, I would like to express my congratulations and appreciation to the prime minister for his untiring efforts to meet the expectations of the people in his first year in office. DS Najib, may God bless you and give you the strength to continue your good work so that Malaysia will be a better place for us and our future generation.

  45. Anonymous11:35 am

    Well he did good if we can’t complement a person then we should not criticize.
    Before we ask what he has done always first what WE HAVE DONE??

    Wish him all the best.


  46. Anonymous11:58 am

    Well he did good if we can’t complement a person then we should not criticize.
    Before we ask what he has done always ASK first what WE HAVE DONE??


  47. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Compared to the Slumberjack we had in ofice for five years, DS Najib is definitely a breath of fresh air. He has not made major fumbles thus far. Yes he is extremely cool under pressure and he does not pick fights with the many monkeys we have in this country especially the PAS monkeys. There are better things to do with our time.

    I do hope his focus on the NEM will provide leadership to the nation. What we need now is leadership. Far sighted leadership with a clear vision. People development must be at the centre of our focus. The idea to develop a high income economy is one good idea. It must and can be done through education, training, skills development and productivity enhancement. And the element of competition is crucial to make all this succesful. I am not surprised if the Prime Minister got a 68% approval rating. He has the capacity to take it even higher.

    Syed Akbar Ali.

  48. Anonymous12:51 pm

    As PM for Malaysia, he failed miserably, as PM for Malays he probably scored high marks from Malays. Sorry as a Malaysian I have zero respect for him as PM, he is a coward and have no balls to come out openly and deny all the accusations levied on him. Submarines, Mongolias and on and on.

  49. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Memanglah SYOK tahun pertama jadi PM,,,,selalu dapat keluar Negara...ta caya lepas ni pi US,,nakjumpa OBAMA.



  50. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Opposition are good at bad mouthing and talking crap. Period. In parliament, rarely hear any constructive suggestions. Opposition is brilliant in..... BN bashing. Basically anything that goes wrong in the country, they will blame Najib. Ant die on the road, it's Najib and BN's fault. DPM's say something, it's the PM fault. What nonsense is this.

    -Anti PR (racists in sheep's clothing)-

  51. shi'ite2:32 pm

    Anonymous said...
    As PM for Malaysia, he failed miserably, as PM for Malays he probably scored high marks from Malays. Sorry as a Malaysian I have zero respect for him as PM, he is a coward and have no balls to come out openly and deny all the accusations levied on him. Submarines, Mongolias and on and on.

    12:51 PM

    either this guy is stupid or ignorant. everything that was thrown against the pm has been denied.

    what have you contributed to the country? you only know how to talk cock.

  52. Kah kah kah!2:48 pm

    I rate Jibby zero.

    First of all, he cannot even get his own Deputy Minister Muhyiddin to follow his 1Malaysia concept.
    What kind of leadership is this?

    Muhy is saying that his version of 1Malaysia is right ("I am Malay first! Malaysian second!"), which means Jibby's version is wrong (see 1Malaysia tranformation programme launched at RM2.7 million cost).

    But Jibby is the one who 'came up' with the 1Malaysia idea right?

    How can Jibby be wrong?

    Unless Jibby got it wrong when he attended the initial 1Malaysia briefing held by APCO!

  53. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Greenbottle @ 10:00 AM said...
    i don't trust BN. period.

    Haha, like anyone cares, you're just ONE miserable vote


    FAILED @ 12:51 PM said
    "he is a coward and have no balls to come out openly and deny all the accusations levied on him. Submarines, Mongolias and on and on."

    Haiya go and charge him in courtlah kalau berani.


    -LAGIBODO- @ 1:17 PM

    Memanglah SYOK tahun pertama jadi PM,,,,selalu dapat keluar Negara...ta caya lepas ni pi US,,nakjumpa OBAMA.


    Aisehman, duit kerajaanlah takkan duit betulbodo, bahalol

  54. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Najib = Najis!

  55. Anonymous3:47 pm


    I guarantee nih mesti Tamil/Hindi dan Chinese Opera movie addict.


  56. My view is that he has done a good job as PM in this 1 year period, however, how many are attributed to his own skills and leadership as the improving economy of our country is directly linked to the global economy recovery, so to prove that he's a great, not simply good, PM for the Malaysian economy would mean an above average economic growth compared to other developing countries and our ASEAN neighbours. If he can do that, then he can claim to be good for the country's economy.

    Secondly, his initiatives in tackling corruption in his 1 year as PM was a bummer, he let Ali Rustam and Khairy scot free after both were charged by with money politics, not to mention putting the corrupt Isa Samad back on the political scene.

    His 1Malaysia was merely a Public Relations exercise as can be seen by events such as his Deputy's remarks that claim his a Malay first, Malaysian second, meaning Malay interests will be put above Malaysian interest, why Muhyidin can get away with such statement that goes against 1Malaysia, becuase Najib doesn't have the political will to apprehend his deputy out of fear of UMNO's retribution towards him. Without his political will to make his vision a reality, 1Malaysia will be nothing more than a slogan which is sad really as malaysians deserve to see 1Malaysia come through our politics and differences and unite us all as Malaysians.

    Finally, he must reduce his news spins and image boosting exercises, start rolling his sleeves and start to get down and dirty and start bringing real reforms and not just have grandios media statements and Public Relations events like the overly grandios launch of the New economic Model.

    In conclusion, he did a good job, better than Pak Lah which is an easy milestone to achieve. He had shown restrain in using the ISA, certainly doing a good job in the international scene and policy wise certainly is the right policies to bring Malaysia foward. He must aim higher to bring the public towards him whilst taking the country towards greater heights. I wish him all the best as a fellow malaysian.

  57. Anonymous5:13 pm

    I nearly threw up my breakfast reading the Syabas ads in the Star today.

    Have standards fallen so low that UMNO/MCA et al are thankful that Najib survived 1 year as PM? Is there really a need to commemorate it?

    Didn't BN also decide it was best to do away with such ads?

    I guess BN never learns..

  58. Punedeck5:16 pm


    decision not made yet. how can you say it is flip flop???

    pkr paid cybertrooper

    are those documents genuine?

    how come anwar could secure an israeli document? he has to be fed by the israelis!!!!!!

  59. Er, Najib who?

    How to evaluate when we have PM's and DPM's for 1 race only. Perhaps we should have 3 PM's and 3 DPM's and a new unity logan - 3 M'sia?

    Of course, when they give press conferences to Al Jazeera, go overseas or talk in Washington, London and the United Nations, they are forced to lie and say "We are Malaysians!!"

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  60. Anonymous5:57 pm


    The dude is cool under pressure and that is a big plus + he is is a good listener. I will give an average 60 on the economic, political, social fronts.

    However, I still feel he can improve in terms of economic reforms especially effecting tax reforms, leveraging on our advantages in Islamic finance, optimising our strengths in agriculture and halal food production,our expertise in oil and gas, exploring new niches in Green technology, promoting the growth of Malay SMEs etc.

    There is a need to explore new vistas for the pribumis and I see some of the above as potentialities awaiting us given that they spiritually and physically close to the heartland. At the same time we need to comeup with a restructuring model that is equitable as well as revamp our education system to be more competitive, innovative oriented and reengineer our industrial frameworks that will push us up the value chain.

    He is certainly a breath of fresh air compared to the incompetent Sleepwalker and miles better than what Arsieboy can offer.

    I note that you stated "the looming Perkasa spectre". I hope that was unintentional, Bru, cos Perkasa is the only vehicle currently articulating Malay angst and concerns and is not out to be an ogre much less a spectre. There are real issues of concern vis-a-vis the economy and income redistribution that may have negative repurcussions on us, indigenous people in the long run which must be addressed with due care. For after all, despite what others may crow about, who else but the Malays and other pribumis who stood loyally by UMNo in GE 2008 (roughly 58% of them)so they are right not to be treated in a "kacang lupakan kulit manner" while monkeys are mollified ala "Kera dihutan disusukan, anak dipangkuan mati kelaparan" paradigms. A wealth tax on the kera would a good way to teach the ingrate monkey for starters, ;>

    Warrior 231

  61. Bunnies8:24 pm

    The people who have given our PM an all time high marks for his performance as PM for 1 year are either not in touch with reality (a lot of such people around and they are called Croonies/pallies-wallies, I scratch your back, you scratch mine, kakis, peng yu..)or simply stupid. LOOK AROUND YOU!! OPEN UP THOSE SEASHELLS EYES OF YOURS AND SEE! LOOK!!

    As a PM, his job is first and foremost keep the economy humming or if is has hummed, revive it. He has failed! I dont care what who has to say what about the economy.. I only know that my money has shrunk! What I can purchase with my RM100 last year and what I can purchase this year has shrunk by at least 30%!! If the economy is so rosy posy than what the hell is all this shrinking about?! I know it is called inflation but come on! if bank negara says our inflation is around 3% than someone please explain why there is a 30% shrinkage in our money. Either Bank Negara is lying with their big round eyes open or the PM is doing shit. Which is which?

    Dont even bother to argue that he has this new candy call NEM! Dont be a twerp!! That NEM is nothing but nothing. It is stale news.. that kind of action plan have been around since the day I was wrinkle free with perky ass and bouncy bossom to boast! Please la! He is not ashame to read it out, I am ashame to hear from him. GO READ THE WHOLE DAMN NEM and than come and tell me if it is going to bring us any where but hell!

    As a PM, his job is maintain harmony amongst all the many many many colorful people here. By saying that DPM is correct to say that he is a Malay first than a Malaysian, it can only mean that he is a minister/government servant to the Malays first than to the other races. That also mean that the other races are second/third dan sebagainya class.

    If the ministers are to put race above their duties first, than we are no different from a country run by racism. Than 1Malaysia is crap. 1Malaysia is the toilet paper that I used to wipe my ass after my busines! Where is the sense of belonging to the country for the other races? We are so doomed!

    GOD! How can a minister be so stupid to be tricked and lead into saying something that is so damaging is beyond me. And! he is the education minister!! Our future (our kids) education is in his hands! HOW!? HOW!! Stupid one running the show can only mean stupid things!

    I dont know about all you guys out there but I feel the struggle in terms of financial and racial tension and for the life of me, I for once feel that we have regressed so badly it is beyond repair. I am not sure if we will ever recover as the seeds of suspicion has been planted deeply in each and everyone of us. I will never look at a malay as a human being first and his/her race as irrelevant anymore. I will always be suspicious of their intentions.

    If you ask me, our PM score high marks in all the PR gimmacks and 1st class self advertisements. Maybe 4As should give him an award for it. I am sad.. I am sad that the country I am born into is going to waste because we have idiots running it. I am so sad that my kids will never inherit this country as theirs.. we and the many generations to come will always be a pendatang no matter how hard we contribute. It sucks! and the PM doesnt know about it.


  62. "I note that you stated "the looming Perkasa spectre". I hope that was unintentional, Bru." Warrior 231.

    You have the fucking cheek to come to Rocky's own blog and pose a racist question to him as though Rocky is your tranny lap boy??!!

    Only a demented mind like yours can continue to support a policy that is fundamentally flawed and that has failed after 40 years of abuse and misrule by those who embraced your Indonesia imported concept of pribumi and us and them.

    As to your suggestion to introduce 'Kera Wealth Tax' one can only ask, what else? Window Tax, Salt Tax, Skin Colour Tax, Foreskin Tax, Turban Tax, Cross Tax?

    Of course 'Mind Tax' cannot apply to you since you have clearly demonstrated that rare members of the tranny fixated psycho species like you can exist with a complete vacuum in the skull!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  63. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Najib's quite capable, rather knowledgeable and despite the many enemies hitting below the belt, he remains nonchalant.

    He should adopt the 'bicycle' approach. It means do not stop paddling, or you will fall.

    Any Prime Minister for that matter must work hard for the nation, and for Najib, he should ignore the rag trade opposition and bulldoze them away.

    Keep it up.


  64. Anonymous2:18 am

    If only Malays as a people are the expressive kind, if only more Malays have computers and lap tops than they actually do, you would find many Malays expressing disapproval of Najib.

    You see, his leanings on the non-Malays make the Malays feel that he is not protecting and promoting Malay rights and interests, but the other way round.

  65. Anonymous2:28 am

    Who is this Merdeka Centre? How reliable are they? Didn't some people say some time ago they were biased towards some parties?

    Of course if they sample mostly non-Malays, or the so-called liberals who actually are pseudo-liberals, or the likes of "confident woman" Marina, the result would be highly in favour of DS Najib.

    I have yet to see a reliable, truly independent, polling or research organisation in Malaysia. Not the Asian Research Institute which said the Malays already had 45% wealth of the country or Merdeka Center which, the last time I checked their website, didn't even put out the names and resumes of their top personnel, their funding, etc.

  66. Anonymous4:14 am

    Alahai Bunnies,

    To us Bumis, dulu atau sekarang sama saja...

    Almost 50yrs Merdeka, we still face the same problems, all colours roaming around from China/India/Indonesia/Bangladesh/Africa/Pakistan/Mynmar/Vietnam pretending to be Malaysians.

    Just hope 50yrs from now, the above Nationals don't give our children headache.. trying to impose all sorts of nonsense on us Bumis..

    while deep in their hearts feeling the same like you, XYZ first, Pendatang second and Malaysian Last!!


  67. Anonymous9:58 am

    DIldoed Pundek Pariah aka DPP

    Fucked your mother already? that must be the reason for the long hiatus vis-a-vis garbage rantings against me since the last time around.Must have been a mighty to have IT got done at last given your cock's poor mechanics and dynamics....hahahahahaha

    Now you get this, scumbag of an arsewhore:

    1. Mind your business and dont try to gatekeep at other people's blog like you do at someone's blog like a demented cocksuckler.

    2. Perkasa is here to stay and you have no rights, pendatang whoreboy to question its existence. In fact, the PM is more amenable to listen to its reasoning rather than your condescending, self-righteous, vituperative drivel.

    3. You seem to be fixated on trannies now. Coming so sonn after introducing "arselicking" and "scumbag" into your lingo to villify a principled Chingkie polly (what a breath of fresh air, for chingkies that is) in the WCK thread below, that aint no surprise. But then again, its no surprise at all, as I have seen your expletive fueled retorts elsewhere. Dei Chakilliyar pundek, in the long run, what is embedded in your genes will show thru, get that into your spongy cum-mush of a brain, armchair moral police.

    4. Trying to cosy-mosy up with Bru. Go on, I aint bothered but thats you in a nutshell. An unprincipled, lallang munching pigshit. Dei Fuckhead, you aim your umbrage at Bru for spinninglah, for twistinglah blah3, the next minute you are his pet half-chihuahua or half-pekingnese pariah lapdog, woofing your tiny bark and wielding your puny cock like some pathetic keris at me. You think I am quavering in my boots already....dei poodah shit pundek kalathai thaioli, all you have done is to harden my resolve further for when I wield a real keris, you better scram pronto up mummy's dynamited shriveled cunt and piss and shit in your pampers there and take you due "wages" like a man instead of a blithering, squealing, whelping trannie fuckhead, bastard cuntlicking, cocksuckling,buttfucked, old whore titfucking fiend.

    Now go and complete fucking your mother instead of leaving her unorgasmised and in throes of despair just b'coz your cock cunt keep its erection going and you have to type drivel here at me for it to rouse itself.

    Your mummy must sure be regretting of disburthening herself of that constipated shit all those years ago. What a waste of sperm and egg! Stupid fellatist of a pariah dogshit.

    Hidup Perkasa. Support a Wealth Tax on Non-Pribumi.

    Warrior 231

  68. Anonymous11:07 am

    Dontplaypuks or pundek,

    You are bloody racist yourself in referring to NEP as "a policy that is fundamentally flawed and that has failed after 40 years". I have seen your racist arguments in many places and find it not worthwhile to repeat the lengthy arguments that have been given to justify the NEP. A racist is always a rcist no matter how many times justifications are repeated.

    I support Warrior 231 fully.

    You can talk about faulty implementation of NEP, "abuse and misrule" but not of it being "fundamentally flawed". You are talking through your nose for saying so.

    You are the fellow who talked about Malaya being colonised for 400 years, not knowing Malayan history that only Malacca was ruled by foreigners since 1511 until Merdeka, Singapore and Penang ruled by the British since 1819. Yet you talk about "Indonesia imported concept of pribumi". Go play you pundek.

  69. Anonymous11:56 am

    donplaypuks® said...
    Er, Najib who?

    How to evaluate when we have PM's and DPM's for 1 race only. Perhaps we should have 3 PM's and 3 DPM's and a new unity logan - 3 M'sia?

    Why only 3 races represented, what about the Sabahan dan Sarawakian ethnics...

    You are a true racist, thinking of race only.

  70. "DIldoed Pundek Pariah aka DPP. Fucked your mother already?" Warrior.

    This confirms that like tranny bashing this is another sordid and disgraceful perverted fixation of yours!! To turn on your own mother!! Which religion and race promotes that, brain dead?

    What a perverted and loser mentality you have. When you can't counter criticism with logic and soundly argued language you subconsciously revert to the only thing yoy know - racism and depraved, filthy language!!

    Btw, what gives you any exclusive licence to gatekeep at Rocky's Bru and his worrying about the "looming spectre of PERKOSONG?" Your Indonesia imported pribumi rights? My foot!

    Well, we can't levy a tax on Warrior 231's brains since nothing exists up there. But if we were to a levy a tax on Warrior's filthy language and mind, I think we'll clear the national debt within a month.

    And don't try and pass off that tranny fixation obsession on me. Everyone knows you started it. And I can pull out all the earliest references fron Rocky's archives if you really want to call the bluff!! Be honest about it or is it something fake "pribumi" loser come today gone tomorrow PERKOSONG supporters like you can't own up to? That would fit the profile of warped individuals like you.

    Warrior? Hah! The only battle you would ever have engaged in would be warding off the litlle kids whose pocket money you would have tried to extort!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  71. Anonymous2:36 pm

    wah...very high rate wor...why don't dissolve parliment and have 1 round of election...dare?

    Steven Seagal

  72. Anonymous10:06 pm

    dpp and bunnies should hold hands and go attend anger management course


    or read up on copyrights issues

    coz Rocky's readers NOTICE the adopted "cetak rompak" style of warrior

    heh heh, they say that imitation is the SINCEREST form of flattery

    Steady Warrior 231 ...

  73. Anonymous11:38 pm

    dpp, unnies and sillyannon++13 should also take a trip down memory lane, to visit their place of TRUE origins.

    Maybe should be able to jolt their OTAK KELENTONG and see for themselves why their forefathers had to scramble for their life so to be able to give birth to them on this blessed TANAH MELAYU (then) and MALAYSIA (now).

    I propose Najib create a special fund to give out free tickets (one way or return) to these kind of nutheads, those claiming themselves to be XYZ first, pendatang second and MALAYSIAN last!

    Agaknya bila balik sini, mulut dengan tersendiri akan diZIP!


  74. Anonymous12:52 am

    lim kit siang,

    you are the greatest hyprocrite, liar, cheater, manipulator at the highest order.

    you say you are malaysian first chinese second - kah! kah! kah!

    after `flattened' the wealth of this country, this tanah melayu... oh wait a minute!!! still got some value before migrate maaa....

    give you my middle (ooops malaysian) finger for that!

    typical communist propaganda...hypocrite at highest order....go learn some more from the modern thinking of marxist-leninist-maoist updated vision of the `red book' from the now senile sohai lee kuan yew singapork lah ... ptuih... tak sedar diri, berak tak basuh, tak mandi pagi, pengotor, zaman dulu depa bakaq taik depa.

    dont ask me why.

  75. Anonymous1:37 am


    at least u speak from your heart and good riddance of a rubbish!

  76. Anonymous2:41 am


    Dato' Mohd.Ariff Sabri bin Hj. Abdul Aziz (UMNO) is asking the following, tapi lu heboh sahaja kichi punya hal.

    Explain to the public how and why Bank Negara lost RM 30 billion engaging in foreign exchange hedging. Since the person connected with that losses recently gained notoriety because his POLSEC was caught red handed with millions in cash, he can't escape being spluttered with the mud. His position in a cabinet of a PM who says there must be zero tolerance of corruption cannot be tenable.

    Investigate and explain the more than USD800 million losses incurred by PERWAJA under the stewardship of Eric Chia.

    Explain the rationale of using RM10 billion EPF money for Valuecap Sdn Bhd to mop up shares in the share market. This becomes pertinent as EPF has also come into the limelight when the PM says, EPF money will be used to invest in the economy. We don't want a repeat of a Valuecap job.

    Investigate the RM 700 million losses in Bank Islam. How can a bank built on moral and religious sanctions and whose operations also come under the purview of Islamic scholars, bank incur losses? Was it due to mismanagement? If it was, let it be explained to the people.

    Explain to us in full how has the oil royalty received by Terengganu totalling more than RM 7 billion been applied? Where has the money actually gone to?

    Please explain how we can justify using RM 500 million for the Philharmonic Orchestra over a period of 10 years? Why are we sustaining this elite pastime with PETRONAS's money? Once in a while inviting SM Salim or Siti NUrhaliza to sing cannot hide the astronomical sums paid out.

    The government has spent a total of RM3.2 billion in teaching Maths and Science in English over the past five years. Out of the amount, the government paid RM2.21 billion for the purchase of information and computer technology (ICT) equipments which it is unable to give a breakdown.

    The government must come clean about the "commission' paid for purchase of jets and submarines to two private companies Perimekar Sdn Bhd and IMT Defence Sdn Bhd amounted to RM910 million. The current defence Minister says no commission were paid by the government. He may be technically correct, but that doesn't excuse him from having to tell us of the circumstances enabling people to get RM 500 million for being procuring agents. He would have to tell the public fast as more revelations will come out in the open, when partners to the RM500 million-windfall will be going to courts accusing each other of reneging on their promises. The government can't explain away the channelling of huge amounts of money in such cavalier fashion.

    Explain to the public why RM300 million was paid as compensation to Gerbang Perdana when it didn't complete the RM1.1 billion "Crooked Scenic Half-Bridge". Samy velu was adamant and insistent the government wouldn't pay even a smaller amount but ended paying anyway.

    Explain further the RM1.3 billion that now appears to be wasted building the white elephant Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) facilities on cancellation of the Malaysia-Singapore scenic bridge.


  77. Anonymous7:43 am

    teruskan usaha Najib untuk menjaga kebajikan rakyat jelata -leez

  78. Anonymous8:16 am

    Dei (Chakkiliyar) Dildoed Pariah Pundek

    I call your bluff. Reveal your archived collection, bastard and lets see how the socalled "trannie fixation" of mine adds up, fuckbeast.

    Dei fuck your motherlah arsehole, cuntwhore and clitworm. It was you who started the gatekeeping business. Everyone knows how you tried to get me banned from RB 6 months or so ago and you ended up with shit on your face. Still trying the same old tricks, toddy drunk and whorepissed peon?

    Small boy with even smaller pecker, calling me to be banned from Haris Ibrahim cuniyandi's blog on Merdeka Day 2009 and he had to dedicate a post for me on that!.

    Dei brainless scumbag defecated from a kaniniamah dirty chibai, me avoiding fighting your asinine logic with facts and "soundly argued language",fellate your father's uncircumcised unwashed dick headlah while fingering mummy's unwashed, shriveled cunt hiding in them stinking folds.

    Fact of the matter, your stupid condescending drivel doesnt even deserve a second look much less a pixel. Why should I waste my time on mindless drivel like yours? Who are you, pipsqueak peon boy to sit on your boss' chair when he is away to type rubbish here and demand to be noticed? Samsu guzzling thaioli pigshit. Ask your gargoyles how the goddess begot an elephant and she will tell you more about your chakkiliyar self and how your, pantheon of "priapismic" philanderers, snakes, rats, cows,and cocks are bunch of loser perverts

    Now go and unsarong your old lady and do IT and dont leave her unorgasmised with your puny cock. Why not get a spear and thrust it in while she screams vel!vel! and you dance about like a drunk with your puny cock pierced and spears sticking from your arsehole as you shiver and shake like an arrack addled twatfungi in search of an epiphany.

    I swear I will shit into your gaping mouth and piss into it for good measure when the time comes..Now get outta my face, dang scumbag!

    Warrior 231

  79. Anons & Perwira

    "Dpp...not knowing Malayan history that only Malacca was ruled by foreigners since 1511 until Merdeka, Singapore and Penang ruled by the British since 1819."

    For all intents and purposes, Malaya was colonized between 1511 and 1957 by the Portuguese followed by the Dutch and then the English. S'pore was considered part of Malaya. Much of the northern states were under Thai control.

    For most of the world then Melaka was Malaya because it stood as the gateway between India and China and the all important spice trade, and to a lesser extent, tin. While the focus of the Portuguese and Dutch was Melaka, they controlled all trading rights here when in power by blockading the Straits of Melaka! The rest of Malaya was deemed to be of no strategic importance to the Euro colonizers before the British came up with their "Residents" control system which rendered the Sultans ineffective in practice.

    If you don't understand all that, ask yourself why Onn Jaafar and then the Tunku had to negotiate with the British for the Independence of the whole of Malaya and not just Melaka & Penang .

    As for a free trip to our lands of origin, what about you? Which part of Taiwan, Indonesia, Ceylon, Celebes etc., "did your forefathers scramble for their life from so as to be able to give birth to you on this blessed TANAH MELAYU (then) and MALAYSIA (now)?"

    And after 40 years of NEP you can't afford your own fares but must scrounge upon the largesse of Najib & the Govt again?

    I reiterate that the NEP was fundamentally flawed because it did not have safeguards to prevent the rich from becoming richer at the expense of the poorer segment of ALL Malaysians. If that criticism is racist, then you don't know what you are talking about!!

    And Anon 11.56, if you want to include Sarawakians and Sabahans then go ahead. Then we will need 5 M'sia! My point is it's ridiculous to talk about anything other than 1 Malaysia. Otw, you are bound to end up with 3 or 5 unmanageable systems completely divided along racial lines!

    It was not I who started this nonsense about whether I am Malay, Indian, Chinese, Sarawakian or Sabahan first; it was DPM Muhy supported now by PM Najib!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  80. Warrior 231

    "I don’t believe in banning him or anyone. But they must be civilized in their comments."dpp

    That what I posted on 31.08.09 at HB's blog at People's parliament at Go check it for yourself.

    As for trying to get you banned on Rocky's blog here, why Rocky himself can tell all whether there's any truth to it or it's all a figment of your warped imagination.

    So, Warrior 231, liar liar, pants on fire! You write shit, expect to get splat!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  81. Anonymous11:25 pm

    badawi had great approval ratings too at one point....

  82. Anonymous12:02 am

    dedicated to dpp (hahahahaha ...)

    Samsu guzzling thaioli pigshit chakkiliyar self
    pantheon of "priapismic" philanderers, snakes, rats, cows,and cocks
    bunch of loser perverts

    shiver and shake like an arrack addled twatfungi in search of an epiphany

    wow such colourful language!!

  83. Anonymous12:05 am

    dpp @ 12:11 PM
    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    Errrr, where does the caste system fit into this tired slogan??

  84. Anonymous12:12 am

    Caste system developed in ancient India. The four main castes are Brahman, Kshatria, Vaisia and Sudra. Below them are untouchables. Castes origin from Hinduism.

    we hope dpp can comment on this social system

  85. Anonymous7:29 am

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

    Aiseyman... melenting nampak?

    Scared tak mau visit your relatives back there? Apa? All waiting anxiously to wallop your money "made in Malaysia" ker?

    Relax babe.. we Bumiputras have seen it all. The changing colours..

    Tamau banyak2 kelentong here OK?


  86. Anonymous9:40 am

    Anonymous said...
    To be fair, I do perceive Datuk Seri Najib's earnestness in his plans to re-engineer Malaysia out of the recession and onward to greater heights.

    However I feel he has missed the mark on some issues namely the PPSMI issue. It is an undisputed fact that English is the leading lingua franca for technology and business and yet there is an obvious pandering to the demonstrasi jalanan- loving ultra nationalists that is pushing for Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction for Math and Science. (Tak cukup ke... that for Primary School at least 9 subjects are taught in Bahasa).

    For the life of me, I can't understand why there can't be a compromise even for schools (such as Cluster Schools and Top 20 Schools) that clearly show they are capable of handling PPSMI - to continue.

    I believe we are kidding ourselves if we feel that such a compromise will threaten the common thread of the national type schools when in the first place there isn't a lot of commonality with vernacular national-type schools - where in more than a few cases, the only Bahasa Malaysia medium of instruction is the subject itself.

    If Datuk Seri and the 'ultra nationalists' can guarantee that my children won't be rejected by would-be employers with comments like 'cannot communicate well in English' - then go ahead, muck around with the medium instruction for Math and Science.

    (Note to Rocky Bru : Tq for airing my views).

    - deeply concerned parent

  87. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Hello dpp,

    You got see TV the raids on prostitution dens few days back? Haiyaa.. imbas balik SEJARAH masa kecik2 dulu.. the same looking faces do openly by the roadside, got Tiger show some more!!

    Just hope they are being deported.. silap2 nanti, they manage to secure Mykad, anak cucu mereka, 50years from today.. memandai nak ajar cucu Najib how to run this Nation!!

    Sejarah, sejarah makes what we are today!!


  88. "Errrr, where does the caste system fit into this tired slogan??

    Caste system developed in ancient India....We hope dpp can comment on this social system." Anon 12.05 & 12:12 AM"

    Dpp is M'sian and does not condone caste system, is not responsible for it, promote or practice it!!

    Our focus is on things Malaysian.
    But if you are so interested in the caste system and want to know more, why don't you apply to PM Najib for a scholarship? I hear a certain Sighfool has the contacts! But be careful coz the price may be having your backside torn for that kind of scholarship

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  89. Perwira

    No, I got no see prostitute dens. But you seem to know a lot about it not to mention tiger shows by the roadside. I'm sure you're an expert in this area, but I have no time for it!! Muahaha!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  90. Anonymous9:12 pm

    so dpp also THINKS that Saiful was buggered by anwar

    it is not 'sighful', this shows the true reflection of your upbringing - bad taste to be making fun of a young Malaysian

    wonder which caste did dpp descend from way back in ancient india

  91. Anonymous12:42 am


    1 year is nothing special..the part of ANTI RASUAH pls PUSH UP!! and dun juz simply speech out without take action!

  92. Anon 9.12

    Read carefully. Only 2 names are mentioned and nothing about Anwar. There's buggered and then there's "buggered"!! Muahaha!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human rRace

  93. Anonymous4:35 pm


    Bunnies finally admits to being a woman and a pendatang, and DPP has come out of his racist closet.

    The truth will always prevail.

  94. Anonymous11:55 pm

    I feel so sorry for poor Ms Rabbit. I don't want to add salt to wound but er...i managed to buy a Sante Fe this year, my dear. And my wife bought a house in her own name. With our own hard earned money, no handouts, no bumiputra privileges, not an Umno crony, and certainly no doing business like the chinese..cheating,rasuah,illegal etc etc. Clean, clean, clean.
    You see, Melayu boleh. You just CAN'T ACCEPT it and insist on denying us.
    You need a reality check my dear and a good shake up. You're the one living life looking out thru narrowed blinkers. You have so much hate and paranoia in you that is so disturbing i feel it may have affected your mental state.
    Get help please.

    In the meantime, please move your myvi out of my Sante Fe's way on the highway. Like nyamuk you see. I feel the need to swat.

    Ps Oh ya, You're a racist too.

    I am a Malay Malaysian first and Successful second.

  95. Anonymous3:31 pm


    dpp family history only began in Malaysia... He knew nothing of his PAST??

    Ni mesti lompat dari laut atau jatuh dari langit punya keturunan!



  96. Anonymous1:28 am


    Wah today got hear TV3 news… markas pak hitam gatal di serbu polis…

    Haiya, 50years ago we also have so much similar problems. Itu toddy related problems, sooooo scared, red eyes roaming around!

    Anyway, just hope these pak hitam gatal be deported ASAP…

    Nahas, should any one of them manage to secure our MYKAD, 50yrs later, their children too will memandai2 cuba ajar anak cucu Najib how to run this Nation!