Monday, February 08, 2010

On how to avoid an acquital by default in Anwar's favor ..

Sakmongkol explains in Dealing with Anwar why he's not tempted by Anwar Ibrahim's invitation to treat and why we - bloggers and the media - should not, either.
Why should we kick a dead horse? Anwar is doomed. His Malay power base is slowly undermined. Look at his supporters out there at the courthouse. Hardly representing the Malay heartland. His flag bearer is Tian Chua.

Anwar remains a political asset if he remains free. To the west, Anwar is the emblem of democracy. The ignorant west insults us by treating Anwar as the representative of democracy. Can we treat Louis Farakhan or Father Jeremiah Wright as the definitive emblem of American democracy?

It insists that Malaysia must keep Anwar Ibrahim free if she is to qualify to be in the good books of the west. This unsolicited advice is similar to the insistence that we must bomb Iraq into democracy or that we must napalm Afghanistan to force it into democracy.
The blogger does have a point. Already, Anwar is using Utusan to try and win a big first round in the Sodomy 2 trial, which is to get the Judge disqualified.
General February 08, 2010 15:07 PM
Anwar's Sodomy Case Postponed To Hear Application To Recuse Judge

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 8 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial was postponed to tomorrow to hear the opposition leader's application for High Court judge Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah to recuse himself.

Anwar's counsel, Karpal Singh, made the application based on the judge's decision relating to two articles published by Utusan Malaysian which he said "brings to surface an element of real danger of bias on the part of the learned trial judge".

Justice Mohamad Zabidin asked counsel when the defence wanted the court to hear the application, this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Solicitor-General II Datuk Mohamed Yusof Zainal Abiden said the trial should proceed Monday pending the prosecution's filing of the affidavit-in-reply.

The court then fixed tomorrow to hear the application to enable the prosecution to file the affidavit-in-reply.

Karpal Singh, submitting that the court must hear the application before proceeding with the trial, said the defence had no intention of delaying the trial and was prepared to cross-examine the prosecution's first witness, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

He said Anwar had a right to a fair trial under Article 5 (1) of the Federal Constitution.

On Monday the court was to hear Mohd Saiful's testimony under cross-examination by the defence.

Anwar, 63, the Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor and member of parliament for Permatang Pauh, is alleged to have sodomised Mohd Saiful, 25, his former aide, at Unit 11-5-1 Desa Damansara Condominium, Jalan Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara, between 3.01pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

The charge under section 377B of the Penal Code carries a maximum 20 years jail and whipping on conviction.

The high-profile trial, which had drawn coverage from both the local and foreign media, started last Wednesday, 18 months after Anwar was first charged on Aug 7, 2008.



  1. Kali ini lakonannya yang kurang meyakinkan.

    Penghinaan mahkamah berlaku setiap hari di Malaysia jika di teliti di akhbar, bukan sahaja Utusan, di kedai kopi, di surau, di majlis kenduri kahwin, di blog malah di mana sahaja. Apakah semua itu menganggu perjalanan mahkamah dan hakim terpengaruh?

    Apakah semua kes mahu dihentikan untuk mengambil tindakan ke atas pihak berkenaan atau hakim perlu pindah dari satu kes ke satu kes yang lain.

    Anwar pasti tidak berjaya sepertimana harapannya agar malaikat kanan berpindah ke kiri dan malaikat kiri berpindah ke kanan.

    Jika berjaya, semua itu hanya boleh dibuat di Tanjung Rambutan.

  2. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Good of you to post Sakmongkol's blog here. Diharap blog2 yang "over" tu, insaf lah sikit. As Dato Sak said, you are just doing a disservice.

    As to your earlier posting (in which i commented but forgot to mention): I hope you are not encouraging Saiful to blog. In fact, I think Saiful should not blog at all on this. I'm sure his lawyer would be able to tell him why it isn't wise.

    Silent Blog Reader

  3. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Whatever it is, please don't be an idiot!!!
    The supporters will not be showing now, just hang on there as it will be explosive mangkok!!!
    Sekali dah kena tak kan dia orang nak tunjuk sekarang, guna lah otak... kalau kepala dah muncul sekarang, surely you know what will happen!!!
    Read tsun zu brother!!!

  4. Anonymous6:28 pm

    if Anwar is doomed, then why is UMNO so worry ??


  5. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Grow up lah DSAI or grow old ?

  6. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Very convenient of you to avoid comment as to what Utusan did. We all have to cari makan..even if principles are constantly been comprised here!!!

  7. Hopeful7:01 pm


    I agree with Datuk Ariff, we must let the law takes its course. Anwar Ibrahim should also take do likewise and not try to seek the help of the Americans and create Reformasi to put us all in jeopardy. Please la Anwar ...


  8. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Crying wolf too often makes people ignore the caller, even when a real wolf is tearing him to bits.


  9. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Just ask ANWAR why he doesn't register as a member of PKR?

    PKR is rusbbish for non-member to dictate the party's policy.

  10. anwar returning lame horse. bad start ... u can forget about it.. long long way to go.

  11. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Best la boleh tukar2 hakim.kalau aku salah..aku nak tukar hakim.sebab hakim yg sebelum ni kata aku salah.aku xkira la kalau hakim tak kata aku tak bersalah jangan harap aku puas hati!

    aku tak kira brapa lama pun aku nak tunggu hakim yang kata aku x bersalah...Tukar Tetap Tukar..!!

  12. nstman9:01 pm

    Sakmongkol has finally outed himself. you are a disgrace, like your Umno mate Rocky.

  13. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Anwar ooo Anwar!

    Kau ni kalau nak buat maksiat pun, cover cover la skit..

    Kelakar betul bila media asing kat US to kata yg ko ni tak patut dipenjara hanya kerana homosexual activities.

    Homosexual activities patut dibenarkan atas dasar hak asasi manusia..

    Patutle sokongan melayu terhadap kau ni makin kurang..

    Kau ni nak jadi pelopor homoseks di dalam asia rupanya...

    Kah kah kah kah!!!

    Bond, James Bond.

  14. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Rocky Bru,

    One of the principal of Rukunegara is that the rule of law must be upheld (Kedaulatan undang undang).

    I am not a follower of DSAI, but
    a fair trial should be given to every citizen of this country regardless of political belief.

    If we use the the principal of "The end justify the means" then we are no different then the state of Israel.

    This article is not appropriate since it is indicating that DSAI should be behind bars because of his political values not because of the current trial.


  15. Ying Wei Jin10:44 pm

    Malay heartland talk again huh?I thought it should be Malaysian heartland?So which is it now?

    And what is the big deal with anal sex if it is consensual?So what if Anwar really did it?Only someone as weak willed as Saiful will pull his pants down to get screwed just because Anwar got angry and he idolizes Anwar,who is to blame for that?It sure couldn't be forced upon him.Don't give me the "law says so" nonsense we all know laws can be amended.ASSUMING he screwed Saiful,can anyone give me a logical explanation(not a legal one)why he should be legally punished,since we have all established it was consensual IF it happened.Isn't it just sexual preference?

  16. Anonymous11:23 pm

    hai...Saiful Saiful....such a big boy but can't even resist a sodomy...such a disgrace to mankind...."I rejected his offer, but I follow him into the room and undressed myself..."said Saiful...

    Apa Sudah Berlaku Ni

  17. wandererAUS11:26 pm

    Rocky, you and Sakmongko make a FINE PAIR....what is the difference between a dickhead and a pig arse?

    Make your pick, Dato!

  18. Actually very sensible and logical comment by Sakmongkol, the issue here is between Saiful the complainant and Annuar the alleged sexual offender and nothing else.

    The MSM and bloggers supporting the BN should relax on their cover of the trial. Anwar thrives on negative publicity, best is less publicity should be given and allow the Prosecution to do their job professionally and methodically. Justice will prevail.

    Se-pandai pandai tupai melompat akhirnya akan jatuh ketanah juga.

  19. i don't support anwar or PR but I disagree with anti-anwar, pro umno/government blogs that resort to name calling and indecent superimposed pictures.
    don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto u.
    jagalah adab brader, jangan mencarut..

  20. Anonymous1:14 am

    "Already, Anwar is using Utusan to try and win a big first round in the Sodomy 2 trial, which is to get the Judge disqualified."

    Utusan is very stupid to let itself be used iznt it. UMNO should remove the top management there immediately for this "disaster".

    -my say

  21. Anonymous1:39 am

    Yadayadayada, Najib is sad that 1Malaysia is not understood, Rais Yatim is happy that everyone understands 1Malaysia.

  22. Anonymous1:40 am

    Tengku Razaleigh says democracy is a sham in malaysia, but UMNO does not have the guts to kick him out.

  23. dear rocky [and saiful, should he happen to read these comments],

    i absolutely agree with these wise words of advice from Silent Blog Reader:

    "As to your earlier posting (in which i commented but forgot to mention): I hope you are not encouraging Saiful to blog. In fact, I think Saiful should not blog at all on this. I'm sure his lawyer would be able to tell him why it isn't wise.

    let the word-ready one have all the rope, i say...

  24. Wee Phak Yew2:42 am

    Gua tak setuju itu statement 'Why should we kick a dead horse?'-Haiyaa, lu meseti kasi tindang itu kuda dulu kalu lu mau hantam dia punya balakang mcm brader Anwar punya stail. Aisey,kalu itu kuda tada betui2 mati,haiyaa,manyak susah mau liwat maaa....!

  25. Anonymous2:45 am


  26. Anonymous2:49 am

    we non malay might be 2nd class, but to us, u arseholes stink like hell

  27. Anonymous2:59 am

    babi bolih pi mampus, najis also bolih pi mampus...

    dua dua pun pukimak!

  28. CIFUT BABI3:19 am

    Salam Bro:
    Sudah bermula semua akhbar luargnegeri buat liputan kes CIFUT BABI. Mereka2 tali barut CIFUT BABI dan pertolongan Yahudi mamfuz, sudah pun mulakan paparan media, dgn menonjolkan kes Liwat adalah mainan fitnah politik, Kak Wan akan ditonjolkan sebagai isteri yg setia dan 100% percayakan BABI dan beliau anak2 tersiksa. Kak Wan yg pandai drama mama akan lakonkan sebagai isteri dan ibu yg harus menanggung semua itu, dan si Suaminya orang yg warak, as Sheik, yg pijak semut pun tak mati. Dan sebelum ini si BABI pernah tak kita semua nelihat sebelum dudok di mana2 kerusi dalam semua2 majlis kena pakai kusyen? Tetapi di dalam mahkamah, beliau akan menunjokkan drama mama, dudok harus pakai kusyen, sudah mula kena pakai bengkong badan, bengkong tengkok, tulang belakang sakit, tengkong sakit, datang bulan dan lain2nya. Ini semua sudah dan sedang dijalnkan di semua media masa dalam dan luarnegeri, satu publisiti murahan dan melelehkan simpati orang. anggih betul lakonan Kak Wan dan BABI anak beranak. Mungkin Kak Wan pun bole simpati ke atas, bekas penjahit Kak Wan, Bekas pemandu Kak Wan, yg harus menjadi mangsa nafsu serakah membabi CIFUT BABI. Kenapa Kak Wan sanggup bersandiwara, apabila orang2 yg Kak Wan kenal rapat, menjadi mangsa liwat, tetapi kenapa Kak Wan sanggup dan rela membiarkan sang Suami meliwat dgn membuas? Kenapa Kak Wan sanggup membiarkan CIFUT BABI mengambil adik terangkat dan tinggal bersama sama serumah, dan mereka bebas melakukan perbuatan terkutok dan menjijikkan di dalam rumah Kak Wan dan anak2? Kenapa Kak Wan merelakan itu semua berlaku di dalam rumah sendiri. Ishh ishh ishh ishh ishh sedarlah dan taubatlah Kak Wan, dgn bsengkongkol dgn CIFUT BABI, Kak Wan merelakan perbuatan terkutok dan menjijikkan berlaku sewenang wenangnya. Berapa ramai kah anak2 bangsa harus menjadi mangsa liwat? Berapa ramai lagi kah anak2 mangsa harus menjadi mangsa liwat untuk menyedarkan dan keinsafan kepada Kak Wan. Ingatlah Kak Wan laknat satu rakyat terhadap CIFUT BABI dan sesiapa saja termasuk Kak Wan adalah laknat Allah. Insaflah dan sedarlah Kak Wan!! KEADILAN for Saiful !!!! KEADILAN for anak2 bangsa !!!

  29. CIFUT BABI3:20 am

    Karpal Singh is an expert at drug cases. Thanks to Karpal Singh, many drug pushers have been acquitted by the Court. For example the drug pusher was carrying drugs tied in a package stuck to his body. Karpal argue that the Prosecution could not prove that the drug smuggler knew what was inside the package. Based on technical issue like this, the drug smuggler was acquitted. Another case, the bag with the drugs was found about five feet away from the drug pusher - in his rented house. But because it was five feet away, the Prosecution cannot prove that the drugs belong to the pusher. So another acquittal. This is Karpal's expertise. Why Karpal chose to defend drug pushers? Because they pay him a lot of money. RM100,000 up front only then Karpal will defend the case.

    But Karpal has no experience handling rape or sodomy cases. Because rape and sodomy cases do not pay much money. Karpal has almost zero experience handling rape or sodomy cases.

    That is why Karpal now does not know how to tackle Saiful. There is no technicality involved. Karpal cannot say 'Anwar's cock was not attached to his body, but it was only near him' or something like that.

    So Karpal playing to waste time and delay the case. It is good the Judge allowed Karpal to postpone the case. The longer they postpone the worse it is for them. People can see how stupid they are when Karpal ask the judge to be disqualified because the judge does not want to cite Utusan Malaysia for contempt of court.

    Even Latheefa Koya said this morning that this is a stupid move. Latheefa Koya, Sivarasa, Raza Aziz Addruse and the others do not agree with Karpal's line of defense. That is why Latheefa, Sivarasa and Aziz Addruse are not in court.

  30. CIFUT BABI3:20 am

    The Court of Public Opinion has spoken,

    "Anwar is guilty of sodome and giving EXCUSES to delay High Court proceeding"

    Berani kerana benar...takut kerana memang sah main bontut.

    You can run, you can hide, you can make excuses, but you will be found guilty eventually.

  31. CIFUT BABI3:21 am

    Barisan Peguam Anwar Ibrahim sudah tidak ada jalan lain kecuali mengangguhkan perbicaraan. Alasan untuk ketepikan hakim adalah merupakan satu strategi bagi tangguhkan perbicaraan. Apakah YA Hakim boleh di gertak macam guru besar gertak budak sekolah. Jauh sekali perkara itu akan berlaku. Bukan mudah untuk di lantik sebagai hakim yang mengadili kes sebesar ini.

    Barisan Peguam Anwar memang nampak mereka akan menemui jalan buntu mempertahankan anak guamnya sebab tipu helah tidak menjadi kali ini. Anwar dalam alabi nya sudah tidak menjadi walaupun telah menggunakan tektik spy setengah masak untuk bertemu Saiful. Di sini tuhan telah memberikan satu petunjuk pada Anwar supaya bertaubat tetapi Anwar masih enggan.

    Tindakan barisan peguam Anwar menyalahkan akhbar dan hakim di lihat bukan satu langkah yang bijak. Sebaliknya menggambarkan satu langkah pengecut untuk menghadapi kebenaran.

    Tindakan menangguh perbicaraan ini seolah-olah hak Saiful tidak di pertahankan dan memberikan ruang kepada pemangsa terus bebas. Ini jelas Anwar Ibrahim melalui penyokong beliau sedang mengumpulkan kekuatan bagi mencetuskan huru hara di negara ini. Apakah wajar kita terus membiarkan golongan ini menghasut rakyat menderhaka kepada raja dan negara.

    Melalui ceramah Anwar kita dapat merasakan beliau sedang menuju ke arah sedemikian bagi menggerakkkan jentera REFORMASI beliau seperti mana tahun sebelum ini. Walau setakat ini nampak tidak bermaya tetapi kita tidak boleh lepaskan beliau begitu saja dengan menangguhkan kes berkali-kali

  32. CIFUT BABI3:23 am

    Menurut The Unspinners pasukan peguambela sepatutnya memulakan 'cross examination' atau sesi pemeriksaan balas saksi hari ini, seba itu ramai pemimpin PKR yang turun kerana mereka tidak sabar untuk mendengar perbicaraan hari ini, tujuan mereka untuk mencari kelemahan kes ini.

    Malang sekali, hajat mereka tak kesampain apabila Peguambela CIFUT BABI iaitu Karpal Singh datang lewat dan minta untuk hakim ditukarkan!

    Kalau dilihat alasan Karpal ni adalah tidak kuat dan semua orang tahu Utusan Malaysia hanay melaporkan apa yang dibicarakan di Mahkamah. Kenbanyakan pemimpin Pakatan Pembangkang terutama DAP dengan sengaja menyalahkan Utusan atas tujuan Politik.

    Kalau nak dikutkan dengan laporan dan fitnah yang dilakukan oleh portal dan bloggers Pakatan Pembangkang adalah lebih teruk lagi namun tiada sesiapa pun bising! Kenapa mereka minta supaya Hakim tersebut ditukarkan?

    Bila terjadinya perkara sebegini maka ianya menimbulkan pertanyaan, apakah pihak Peguambela belum bersdia lagi untuk melakukan 'cross examination'? Dan ada juga yang percaya bahawa Peguambela percaya kepada segala testimoni yang diberi Saiful! Apa yang diceritakan Saiful adalah benar dan tepat memang susah hendak disangkal lagi!

    Sememangnya Pendakwaraya dari awal lagi sudah pun membentangkan segala bukti dan hujah tentang kes ini, maka apa lagi yang menjadi penghalang untuk peguambela menangguhkan kes ini, tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah kerana mereka tidak tahu bagaimana lagi untuk memusing atau memutar belit lagi akan kes ini!

    Segala cerita mengenai KONSPIRASI TEORI dan macam-macam teori lagi sudah tidak boleh jalan lagi, pihak peguambela tahu yang mereka tidak cukup hujah untuk lawan kes ini dari aspek undang-undang, ingat Karpal dan kawan-kawannya bukan calang-calang peguam!

    Mereka juga tahu kali ini Pendakwaraya sudah cukup bersedia menghadapi segala macam persoalan dari pihak Peguambela, ketakutan paling besar mereka adalah sekiranya pihak pembela terperangkap dalam segala macam perangkap yang telah dipasang oleh Pendakwaraya, kalau silap tanya soalan nanti takut semakin terbongkarlah kemungkaran Anwar!

    Sesungguhnya pihak peguambela sudah tak tahu nak buat apa sekarang ni selain dari menangguhkan kes ini, mereka juga mengetahui segala bukti baik dari segi forensik mahupun bukti nyata serta segala hujah yang menyokong Pedakwaraya adalah kuat!

    Hanya satu sebab untuk tangguhkan kes ini, mereka cuba menghidupkan gerakan Reformasi dan sekaligus untuk menimbulkan kekacauan supaya rakyat menjadi rimas, mereka sanggup lakukan apa saja demi untuk mengelakkan kes ini dari diteruskan! Inilah wajah sebenar CIFUT BABI AND THE GANG!

  33. CIFUT BABI3:23 am

    Blog Anwar jelas menghina mahkamah tapi Utusan pulak yang cuba diseret dengan tuduhan menghina mahkamah. Blog Anwar seolah-olah telah dilantik bertindak sebagai pasukan pembela yang berhujah di luar mahkamah mengikut versi sendiri.

    Tindakan ini bolehlah digambarkan sebagai mahkamah yang berjuang di atas prinsip, “bila kena ke mata dipicingkan, bila kena ke perut dikempiskan”.

    Maksudnya jelas, iaitu bertujuan mempengaruhi persepsi rakyat agar jangan mempercayai mahkamah dan dalam masa yang sama cuba memaksa pemikiran rakyat agar menyebelahi versi hujah mereka.

    Lagak tertuduh semakin hari semakin jelas. Dia sudah nekad. ‘Go for broke’. Ibarat orang hanyut di sungai. Apa yang lalu depan mata semua disambar demi menyelamatkan diri. Buah kelapa hanyut pun cuba dijadikan pelampung. Bangkai 'kambing kembung' hanyut pun cuba dijadikan rakit.

    Semua ini dilakukan kerana dia tahu, dia akan mati lemas akibat dari kegagalan mengawal nafsu dengan bertindak terjun tikam di ‘off shore’ luar tabie.

    Kapal Sink yang datang menghulurkan pertolongan pun dia sambar. Sedar atau tidak, mungkin Kapal Sink yang diharapkan dapat menyelamatkannya inilah yang bakal menenggelamkan terus Anwar di dasar Sungai Buluh.

    Pendekatan menyelamat yang digunakan oleh Kapal Sink mungkin akan menyebabkan para hakim menjadi semakin sakit hati dengan pasukan penyelamat.

    Kalau saya jadi hakim, sudah pasti saya akan bertindak mengumpul segala hujah-hujah yang boleh menyebabkan tertuduh akan dijatuh hukum sebagai bersalah.

    Sebabnya… mahu tak sakit hati? Hari-hari kerja mereka cari jalan bagaimana untuk menjejaskan kredibiliti kita sebagai hakim. Dia tak tahu ke kita hakim ada kuasa dan pertimbangan tersendiri berasaskan hujah-hujah yang dikeluarkan di dalam kamar?

    Hakim pun manusia. Undang-undang pun ciptaan manusia. Kalau pasukan pembela rasa dia bijak sangat dalam memasang pelbagai perangkap untuk memerangkap musuh, Hakim pun ada kaedah tersendiri untuk memerangkap pesalah jika dia mahu.

    Kalau hati dah ‘modam’, macam-macam lagi kesilapan bodoh akan terus dilakukan samada oleh tertuduh mahu pun pasukan pembela…
    Kita tengok lagi aksi seterusnya…

  34. Anonymous4:33 am


    i wonder what he is trying to say??

    from the way he pursed his lips, he could be saying a word starting with F??

  35. Anonymous4:34 am

    He is trying SO HARD to ensure SAIFUL is not HEARD...thats enough for me to confirm that he DID it!

    Fullstop... THE END..


  36. Anonymous4:40 am

    ooooo tunggu Dato Seri atau Tan Sri ke?

    brapa juta u sudah pocket brother?

  37. Anonymous7:28 am

    Anon - we non malay might be 2nd class, but to us, u arseholes stink like hell

    Haiya dimwit, you think everybody else's YOU considered first class citizen stink like yours mah.See that's what you get for all those years of practicing unsafe butt-hole clean up. What your mama never taught ya you can now learn in here. Flee of charge!

  38. Ying Wei Jin, I do not know where you grew up or where you come from. Here and may other places in this planet, shit hole are meant for passing shit out of your body, not for sexual pleasure. Even animals knows what shit hole are for, and they never get it wrong when mating time comes. So this shoving of an object in to the shit hole is out of the order of nature and is wrong, understand.Do not be lazy and try to look up and Read and find out exactly what anwar was charged for OK.

  39. Anonymous9:07 am

    Anonymous said...

    we non malay might be 2nd class, but to us, u arseholes stink like hell

    2:49 AM


    like hell

  40. Anonymous10:59 am

    Anon 1044pm

    R u gay ? To condone gay activity ? Maybe ur belief allows u to but Islam condemns it . Respect that . its ok for u to bring ur 'other half' for your cny,thaipusam or thanksgiving celebration but they are not welcomed to a hari raya gathering.even that I checked , to be apart from anwars trial , majority of my non muslim family even detest this kind of abnormal sexual preference.
    Let the trial go on with interfering it.same goes with bn super imposters.

  41. Puak yang memerintah mempunyai sebabyang kuat untuk meletakkan Anwar di dalam jel kerana ini memudahkan untuk memerintah, melenyapkan penentangan bersepadu terhadap BN, menjadikan puak pembangkang terkapai-kapai untuk mencari pemimpin baru untuk menyatukan mereka. selagi Anwar bebas BN mempunyai masalah besar untuk menangani pembangkang.

    Anwar akan memanjangkan dan melambatkan pembicaraan ini selama yang boleh. Sebabnya semakin panjang dan semakin lama pembicaraan itu maka dia akan memperolehi kelebihan. Penaja Saiful akan akan letih dan sumber baru perlu ditambah.Saiful sendiri pun sudah letih jika dilihat dari keinginannya mahukan kes ini disegerakan. Agaknya dia tidak menyangka bahawa permainan ini memerlukan masa yang panjang.Habislahlah masanya dan tergendalalah harapannya untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ( kalau tidak mengapa perlu berjumpa PM memohon biasiswa untuk menyambung pelajaran...)
    Tetapi kali ini penampilan dimahkamah berlainan dengan penampilaqn gala 1998 yang lalu dimana pendakwa datang dengan penyokong berprofail kotroversi mengayakan fesyen terbaru yang tersohor. Hanya ayah Saifiul denga imej guru besar pencen saja yang kelihatan.

    Umumnya masyarakat melihat kes ini sebagai ulangan cerita lama dengan tema lama yang memuakkan.Bahkan penyokong sendiri pun meragukan sahihnya.

  42. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Anom 2:49 am,

    Non-Malay are not 2nd class. Malay just demand that we are not lag behind.What is per capita income for non-malay and malay? there is big difference

  43. Anonymous12:45 pm

    when ai was in melayu umno all these racists attacked him as racist. now since ai is fighting melayu umno, all these racists are taking sides with him. eat shit and die. the issue ia less complicated. ai is a homosexual and a philanderer - an adulterer. he can bugger a goat for all i care. but this is what he did wrong : in 1998 he used his power as dpm to get the sb to arrest and torture an innocent woman and his ex driver because they had signed statutory declarations (with signature etc) accusing him of sexual misconduct and homosexuality. For this abuse of power he went to jail for 6 yrs. but he lied to us all. he said he did not do it. he blamed everyone especially dr mahathir. if dr mahathir wanted to get rid of him it would have been easier - just drop him from the cabinet. anwar would have died. but he was actually a homo and an adulterer.

    there is a loose end overhanging from 1998 - anwar fathered a child with syamsidar. yes afifah is the living proof of anwar and syamsidar's liason, with the blessing of the husband azmin. anwar and azmin then switched blood samples to fool the DNA test over the child's paternity. this chapter is not over yet. just wait.

    then 10 judges across three courts agreed that he had committed sodomy. but the bush administration's pressure on abdullah badawi saw anwar getting an early release. so much for judicial independence under badawi.

    now anwar is in a real pickle. it does not matter who is saiful or how the sodomy happened, but how did anwar's semen sample get into the little bottle that was held up as evidence in court the other day. can someone explain this mystery? how does one's semen end up in little bottles like that - in a court room?

    again who cares if he buggered a goat or saiful. but the lies, his accusing others of conspiring against him, of the whole country ganging up against him, faking a non existent medical report - is this the man that the racists look up to as the slayer of their hated melayu umno?

    hj hoe

  44. Anonymous5:06 pm

    someone asked, ..."what is the difference between a dickhead and a pig arse?"...

    the only correct answer is wandererAUS.

  45. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Anonymous 2:49 AM,

    we non malay might be 2nd class, but to us, u arseholes stink like hell

    Sapa suruh hangpa mai sini sanggup jadi 2nd class citizen, as you so claimed yourselves?

    Your grandpapamama citizen class aper kat Negara Asal mereka? No class macam Eng Guan kut, sampai sanggup lari merata perusuk dunia?

    Don't blame the Malays for what you all choose to become..dulu2, taik kami hangpa juga yang sanggup kandar atas kepala bahu..

    Belajar dari sejarah, then you will know how to control your tongues..


  46. Ying Wei Jin2:29 am

    Dear eddy,

    Heya!I was borne and raised here,just like you,I presume?I must admit I am not too hardworking.Just a uni student.It's fair to say that most people commenting here probably know more than me,but hey,I am just asking questions.Now you wouldn't deny a young,unlearned,lazy youth the chance to do that,right?(or am I wrong?).Now to the points you raised...

    I know(and you know I know,right?) what a**eholes are naturally for,and I myself too have no such inclinations or preferences for other uses of the a**hole other than the proper functions you mentioned,but if someone else wants to use it for something else,how has that got to do with justice and subsequent punishment(AS LONG AS it is not forced(that would be like rape))?It's his a**(or penis)anyways,not yours or mine's.

    That's my question.We might conclude that it is a shameful for a person and especially a Muslim to commit such acts(if he really did it),but why should he be legally punished for that?

    The question isn't whether we(or I),due to our personal religious beliefs,condemn or support anal sex,that is not something the FEDERAL court should deal with.Maybe that has a place in the Syariah courts(I do not mean this with any offense),but definitely not in the FEDERAL courts.Please correct me if I am wrong,I do sincerely admit that I might possibly be wrong.

    And following your line of argument on animal behavior,animals have sex anytime,anywhere with any of their mates,and that is natural in the laws of the animal kingdom.Should we mirror that?Thus,I don't think that an argument based on "animal behavior mirroring" on this matter is relevant.Catch my drift?

    Thank you for your time(and trouble to explain things the way you see it.)


  47. loud blog reader8:12 am

    Anonymous said...
    Whatever it is, please don't be an idiot!!!
    The supporters will not be showing now, just hang on there as it will be explosive mangkok!!!
    Sekali dah kena tak kan dia orang nak tunjuk sekarang, guna lah otak... kalau kepala dah muncul sekarang, surely you know what will happen!!!
    Read tsun zu brother!!!

    6:27 PM

    looks like you also never read tsun szu, how can you expose your strategy? or it's just your imagination? funny fella

    loud blog reader

  48. kambing8:17 am

    eddy said...
    Ying Wei Jin, I do not know where you grew up or where you come from. Here and may other places in this planet, shit hole are meant for passing shit out of your body, not for sexual pleasure. Even animals knows what shit hole are for, and they never get it wrong when mating time comes. So this shoving of an object in to the shit hole is out of the order of nature and is wrong, understand.Do not be lazy and try to look up and Read and find out exactly what anwar was charged for OK.

    8:24 AM

    Ying Wei Jin probably watched too much 'Bruno'

  49. Anonymous11:01 am

    Rocky, must read wat the despo MalaysianInsider just posted..

    Some brash racistly biased report from some faraway chinkoo consultancy firm PERC about Malaysia being unstable.

    So DAP getting some of der Chinkoo contacts to play out der game..

    PERC my ASS!!!

  50. Anonymous11:09 am

    The Anonymous Coward posted at 2:49 AM - "we non malay might be 2nd class, but to us, u arseholes stink like hell"

    Thanks for spelling out your hate,
    albeit behind a cowardly anonymous post.
    Yet its no secret what you hold inside. And it is not hard to identify you arses amongst the population..

    So as an when I get a chance,
    I will leave no stone unturned to maim and tarnish you, or spoil ur chances (in u endeavor and dat I have power to pass thru)..

    Talk out your filthy tongue more..
    and more will it burn urself off.

  51. Homophobic7:44 pm

    some wandererAUS asked, ..."what is the difference between a dickhead and a pig arse?"...

    hey, I bet Anwar can answer that anytime for you.. especially if you bring up about dickhead and an arse in the same sentence, same breath.. care to go to his condo and ask, wandererAUS?

  52. Anonymous11:44 pm


    thanks for letting us know that you are an asshole xpert. But you cant beat tjhose guys who stimulated the prostate of an unconscious anwar to get semen samples.

    What you need eddy, is to shove a vibrator up your arse then tell us. you could also bend over for a donkey and tell us about it later.

    ciao, have fun.

  53. Anonymous11:47 am

    Anwar seems to find faults with anything or anybody to extricate himself from all the accusations. The more he struggles to defend himself, the more fed up people are with his drama. Too much dramas-road shows, campaigns which are based on his own personal agenda. I don’t understand why are people still incline to believe in his innocence.

  54. 1. Bro Ying Wei Jin, we have to agree to disagree for now btw I believe you when you said that you are not a champion of homosexuals.

  55. Anon11:44pm, is probably a homosexual supporter or champion activist as he/she seems very unhappy about my explaining what billions of humans already know for thousand of years since and that is shit hole is really for shit to come out/excreted from the body.

    Sorry to dissapoint you anon11:44pm ignoramus, I am a heterosexual(straight) and unlike you I do not stick my finger nor a vibrator up my shithole or another men's shithole for that matter.

    Good luck and enjoy yourself anon11.44pm but please remember to wash with water and antiseptic soap after that OK shit smells bad... Goodbye.

  56. Anonymous5:46 pm

    See BABI's face expression..

    Is he trying to say "fuck"..?

    Well fuck you fuck up spinster..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  57. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Lets be very practical and be very neutral. Can someone tell how to convince the rakyat the court is fair and not bias when " It looks like me and sound like me but it is not me" issue was never resolved. Lets us not insult the rakyat by saying other wise. THis is the mistake of the BNNN where they almost get trashed in GE12.I am not a fan of Anwarrr Ibrrrahim b'cau I believed he is not a angel as well. Remember, he used to be in the BN govenment as DDPM. However, that is not the issue. The issue is that the court need to be seen as neutral and fair. Until now, nobody can explain how to F**** a ass without penetration. Remember, three doctors from two hospitals had reported there are no sign of "kena main belakang". So, if someone said the are Semen with DNA profile intact in the asssss, that someone still have to explain how it gets there. Very tricky?. Well, in this bolehland you will be surprise with capablity of PDRMMMM.

    Not STUPID