Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Detain Nasir Safar under ISA?

Some people should be detained for their stupidity, a bro told me. I agree. The politicians who are demanding ISA detention for Nasir Safar for his alleged racist remarks should be the ones detained, instead. This kind of stupidity is worse. These politicians aren't interested in unity, they just want to score some miserable points.

You may want to paint all Malays in Umno with the same brush or you may believe the theory that Anwar Ibrahim had gotten to Nasir to try and distract people from his long-delayed sodomy trial. But the fact remains that Nasir made a mistake and for that he decided he must quit.

In the end, Nasir did the most honorable thing.

So V. Mugilan, C. Sivarajah and politikus-politikus yang sewaktu dengan mereka, stop trying to prove that you guys are morons. Move on.


  1. Anonymous5:43 pm

    But the fact remains that Nasir made a mistake and for that he decided he must quit.

    Can we get more government servants and glc and ummo/star/mic linked leaders/ceo/board chairman/board members do also do the "honorable" thing and just quit. Look at Tenaga, Telekom, KTM, MRCB, Media, NSTP, Utusan, Star, Maika, PKFZ, POS, the Banks and many Govt agencies, no one resigns, no one is sacked rather these leaders are rewarded in different ways... WHY dont we highlight these issues and punish these people


  2. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Samy Vellu playing 'Shadow games' here ???

  3. C'mon, that's plain stupid. Sedition? Maybe!

    But not the ISA. Where is national security threatened? With all the deliberate racist baiting of Utusan and others, we have remained pretty calm and peaceful. So, ther's no call yet for the ISA.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  4. What a stupid suggestion by a group of BN politicians who have lost support even from among their own community. Being partisan is not the way to gain lost support lah. You will even lose support from people outside your community,the majority Malays if you ignoramuses keep up with this antics.

  5. Anonymous7:10 pm

    This guy is a SPECIAL OFFICER - for NaJib's dept.....
    Not your ordinary run of the mill guy,,,,,

    So i think he must have been bought by Najib's saboteurs,, someone wants to sabotage Najib.

    who could it be ? annuar? very unlikely. think hard.

    Anus Horibilis.

  6. Anonymous7:27 pm

    When others can be charged or eevn put in ISA for sedition remarks than why not Nasir himself. Law applies for everyone immaterila of who or what they are.

    just by quiting will not bring an end to this issue. Or else in the future there will be some morons out there will say something and than say sorry and quit from his/her post.


  7. Anonymous7:56 pm

    How will the Malaysian history read, say a hundred years from now?

    Will it be " A melting pot of Chindians, Chi Bhais, Bangla-yus, Indonphina, Afrilayu and others."

    Take a quick look around KLCC on a weekend. There's a wide range of mixed couples comprising of Chinese,Malays, Sikhs, Bangladeshis, Africans, Indonesians and others. If they decide to go forth and multiply, it may create a new breed.

    Let's look ahead, not backwards and design the future.



  9. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Well put Datuk.
    Nasir Safar is an honourable man for quitting and not drag his boss down with him for his faux pas. Considering his seniority in the government, quitting his job is a very high price for him to pay. I salute you Datuk Nasir

  10. Anonymous8:45 pm

    "In the end, Nasir did the most honorable thing"

    Sorry Rocky, i tried re-reading related news articles (the star, nst, utusan). My take away was that Nasir's boss issued a statement saying Nasir will resign. There's no way i could tell if Nasir resigned on his own accord, standing by his principles. There was hardly a peep from him after that.

    I can't say thats being honorable.

    - mano-b

  11. Anonymous8:59 pm

    What about that woman minister from Gerakan I think who is now in consumer ministry.
    There are so many other Chinese and Indian leaders making racist remarks.
    Nasir isnt the only one.

  12. Anonymous9:41 pm

    to van...what u r trying to say that we find and exaggerate all the weakness of the malay corporate and political entities and leadership.

  13. Anonymous9:42 pm

    malays dont have freedom of speech
    chinese and indians can say whatever they want
    but malays cannot
    this is malaysia!

  14. Anonymous10:00 pm

    I think in fact you are the biggest moron to be frank.

    The fact that you have decided to be a turncoat just because of money and power by rosmah and najis, doesnt give you the right to be a racist. why dont you go to signapore where you used to occasionally write articles and be racist there and see if they take action againt gimp!

  15. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Kalau cakap pasal sejarah dan fakta pun tak boleh, susah la ini macam. Cerita pasal sejarah pun dituduh rasis, susah susah. Orang yang tak mahu tahu sejarah, asal usul dan keturunan ini lah yang lupa. Bukan melayu saja mudah lupa (kata Tun M), mereka juga mudah lupa.


  16. Anonymous12:00 am

    I say, datuk,
    there is nothing "honorable" in resignation, in this situation.
    It is actually shameful that it had to be done bcos of idiotic mistake.
    But yet, there was no

    Please lah..datuk.

  17. Anonymous12:10 am

    Rubbish!!! Full of Shit.
    The man has resigned. That is more than enoughlah.....all of us in malaysia are a little racist...but we keep it to ourselves.
    This guy, he blurted it out. He is not a good politician, that does not warrant his arrest under ISA.
    The fellows who want him to be arrested under ISA, i sincerely believe they have brains smaller than a squid....just plain idiots.


  18. Anonymous12:39 am

    can also zambry the robber who stole the perak government also do the honarary thing?

    he really do not have any idea how much people hate him for what he have done.

  19. Anonymous1:04 am

    Terlebih dahulu congrats on your Datukship.

    Aku nak tanya satu bro. Apo hel dgn satu timbalan menteri yang dilapor mendakwa Kementerian Pendidikan sbg kubu terakhir orang2Melayu? (Apa motif dia bercakap dgn nada dan lingo sedemikian? Hai, BN tak do tindakan ko?)

    Mutakhir ni nampak gayo Melayu satu bendo pun tak leh cakap. Dia orang lak anything goes...

  20. Anonymous4:36 am

    Why the hell are there so many morons working in the government? Is there any wonder why we have been slipping away!

  21. Anonymous7:00 am

    Its not a matter of making a mistake and quiting. He should have been sacked and the PM must take action against him. His actions are totally against what the PM has been trying so hard to initiate for the country. Sacking and tacking action against him will sent a clear message to

  22. Anonymous8:19 am

    It is good that this idiot is resigning. I am very afraid of what he will say about us Melayu when he puts his kaki into his mulut, as the orang putih will say.

    If you want to insult the Cina & India, he should do in a Malay assembly not before the bangsa asing. That's why he got into trouble. Better still, be polite always. That is the Malay style. Sopan santun.

  23. Amused8:50 am

    Locally, resigning after making mistakes = irresponsible. So, all those who made mistakes stay on to make sure the mistakes are corrected/forgotten. Or till new ones are made & the vicious cycle goes on & on.

  24. Anonymous9:47 am

    Look like the Datukship has changed you to be softer … jangan nanti jadi “sotong” sudah la Bro…


  25. Anonymous10:00 am

    rocky, we are forgetting about our history. China and India are a country. while Malaysia is known as Tanah Melayu. so what Dato Nasir is correct. do we should forget about our history before 1957!!! hak melayu ada dalam perlembagaan!!!


  26. Anonymous10:19 am

    I dunno about Nasir who it turns out had a cameo role in the Altantuya affair, and was 1Malaysia Najib`s trusted aide for more than 30 years (which shows wat Najib REALLY is)


    I know that the MSM are in for heavy weather very soon. Enjoy it all those with it:

    i have been reading headlines reporting dsai’s case of late. now, the headlines clearly spells SODOMY II. now, i wish to explain this from my observance.

    the first sodomy case was null and void. there was no evidence to convict dsai in any accord. secondly, i seem to understand that this is a repetitious pattern by the government, i am made to understand that the word ALLEGED was not included.

    MSM should enjoy it and not complain when thry are sued for libel and slander......and pleeeease dont cry when it happens.


  27. Anonymous10:20 am

    Three Chinese youths, aged between 17 and 18, have been arrested for posting racist remarks on Facebook, a popular social networking website.
    While details of the trio’s postings are not known, there has been a buzz in cyberspace in recent days over a Facebook group which has posted derogatory remarks about dark-skinned people.

  28. Anonymous10:21 am

    Nasir, why you like to lepak at Yaohan the mall, and ampang point? Nasir, do you know USMAN?


  29. Anonymous10:51 am

    Nasir should be left alone. He should be ignored, just like the klu klax klan.

  30. datuk,

    kenapa kalau orang melayu semua orang cepat ambil tindakan. kalau orang bukan melayu tak ada apa-apa tindakan.


  31. Nudist11:25 am

    Great Ricky, the guys who complained should be arrested. Then why weren't the Khir Toyo arrested when he made a complain against Teressa Kok. This shows after ur receipt of "DATUK" ship, u have shallow ideas. I guess, ur Datukship should go permanent and its time that you be sensible. He should be arrested under ISA. Be right, the Malays are also pendatang including you. Most of your ancesstors are from Indonesia. Dont forget that. You guys Malays are also pendatang. Who are the beggars. The Indians i.e. the chettiars were money lenders in Malaysia and who lended from them mainly? It was the malays. Be sensible man. He should be detained under ISA

  32. Quiting is not enough. He must be pilloried. He should be executed. His soul should be sent hell to burn for eternity.

  33. I agree with what u said. Nasir's decision to quit and own his mistake may be a start of a culture in Malaysia that other leaders too, should own up to their wrongdoings. Just like in Japan.

    However, i also have to say, what Nasir did, has created a platform for us Malays to look deeply into our position in this country. Malaysia is the only country that has struggled to manage and contain its multiracial-multiethnic groups. It is not easy to govern this “blended pot of many spices and different tastes”. For many years, we have tolerated demands from other races and respect them in any way we can. We have never forced other races to practice our way of living. We have given others the freedom to practice their faiths and religions. We have accepted them as part of us although we made up 60% of the population

    Although this land is rightfully ours, we never disseminate messages of hate, spite, narrow-mindedness, and intolerance towards the non-Malays in the country. Or else, Malaysia will bear a resemblance to Bosnia, Pattani, or Palestine- where ethnic cleansing had occurred and still occur there.

  34. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Nasir Safar... the Malay man in blue proton car !!! 'Altantuya' !!!

  35. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Eating all the gum drops he can see
    Counting all the monkeys he can see
    Flapping his wings for all to see
    Gets a boo-boo in his tail
    Jumping up and down with his tail on fire
    Fried-out Kombie, a head full of zombie

  36. Anonymous6:39 pm

    ISA? Why ISA? I thought they say NO to ISA!

  37. Anonymous8:31 pm

    "You may want to paint all Malays in Umno with the same brush or you may believe the theory that Anwar Ibrahim had gotten to Nasir to try and distract people from his long-delayed sodomy trial."

    That is a BIG laf. It is Muhyiddin who got to him la. He can only go up if Najib goes down.
    Then that Mukriz M. fellr will be DPM.

    - i say

  38. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Plots hatched to topple Johore MB

    JOHORE BARU: Several plots are being hatched to topple Johore Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman (picture), according to Umno insiders.

    They say that two Umno leaders keen to see Ghani replaced is Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who was removed as Johore Menteri Besar in 1995, and Higher Education Minister Datuk Mohammed Khaled Noordin, a classmate of the new Sultan.

    Both the Umno federal leaders see Ghani as a stumbling block to numerous business interest groups believed to be associated to them, the insiders alleged.

    They also said that Muhyiddin and Khaled are believed to be the only two Ministers among all Johore Federal Ministers invited for Thursday’s investiture ceremony of the new Sultan’s first son as Tengku Mahkota at Istana Besar....

    They say Najib as Umno president will have his hands full if the Muhyiddin-Khaled factions decide to influence the palace to push Ghani out of the Menteri Besar’s seat.

    -i say

  39. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Datuk Rocky,
    Be careful with 1 Malaysia...nanti yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendung berciciran...

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  40. Anonymous12:29 am

    What's wrong ? The indians are beginning to wake up and they know they have the trump card or else why is Naaajib playing cute with the indians.They have at last realised they have balls to stand up to.
    Bro, we call this awakening of the tamil tigers!

    mic babes

  41. Anonymous12:51 am

    VAN.. can not la .....if this action taken. who want to lick their shit.... Rocky know better....oppsss...sorry Datuk Rocky

    ex MM

  42. Anonymous4:00 am

    i like the way u start of the article by being neutral and before long, ur true self is revealed.

    Caya lah Latuk!

  43. Anonymous7:13 am

    make him a tan sri and give him 500 acres of land.

  44. ''kenapa kalau orang melayu semua orang cepat ambil tindakan. kalau orang bukan melayu tak ada apa-apa tindakan.''

    haha melayu mudah lupa?
    Remember some non-malays even being thrown into ISA without saying such words???

    and do you also remember some Malays who saying the similar things came out scratch free??

    so you can't say nothing happen to the non-malays
    instead you should question the government why is the selective and unfair reaction !

  45. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Orang Melayu....How high is your tolerence level? Mine is up to the nose already..

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  46. denone10:50 pm

    Malaysiakini melaporkan bancian oleh Merdeka Centre terhadap pengundi di Perak menunjukkan Nizar mendapat sokongan Cina, manakala Zamri mendapat sokongan orang Melayu. Elok la Nizar, hidup la kau dengan cina.

    Cuma yang peliknya laporan Merdeka Centre "Di kalangan masyarakat Melayu pula, 67 peratus menyokong Zambry berbanding 35 peratus undi yang diperolehi oleh Nizar" kenapa jumlahnya melebihi 100%?

  47. Anonymous3:24 pm

    You have to be kidding. Nasir did the most honourable thing? It's not like he made a mistake and decided to take responsibility for that mistake. I do not agree to the use of ISA. So Nasir has to be charged under the sedition act. Then we can hope that we can find the truth as to why he uttered what he uttered that day.


  48. Anonymous5:59 pm

    I nominate you to be the best scandal story director...probably the best in the world.

    I read this article several times and can't believe it really comes from you.

    1. Detain who>> Those who are voicing something? FOR WHAT... Is it a way to silence them

    2. Politikus >> You calling them tikus...Since you have Dato title, you have become - Bapa Politik.. Then how about those with Tun's.

    Hang Rocky memang lagak/cakap besar....


  49. mic babes...resurrection of tamil tigers? Terrorist Organisation already destroyed by the Sri Lankan Government lah.

    The ISA or immediate extradition will be waiting for them if they dare try to re-form it here in Malaysia.