Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tanjung Keling, Lubok Cina

Nasir Safar must resign!- Pasquale
PM's aide to resign over alleged racist remarks - The Star

Ini Melaka, kita Muhibbah. Melaka has funny names that, anywhere else, could be labeled racially insensitive. But if Nasir Safar thought he could get away with being racially insensitive in this historical state, he was terribly mistaken.

The Special Officer to the Prime Minister incurred the wrath of some Indian and Chinese delegates at a "unity" forum at the MITC this morning when he claimed that the early Indian immigrants had come to Malaysia to beg and their Chinese counterparts were here to sell their bodies.

I must say that I was not there at the forum to hear it but I happened to be at the press conference given by Ali Rustam, the Chief Minister of Melaka, who said Nasir Safar's remarks went against the spirit of the form and the spirit of 1Malaysia.

I spoke to a reporter and several other ear-witnesses who were at the forum. I found it hard to understand why anyone would say such provocative things at a forum meant to unite.

"This is Melaka, we don't say things that hurt other races," the Chief Minister said.

I'm from Melaka, from a kampong called Ramuan Cina Kecik in Lubok Cina, and I have to agree with that statement. We Malays from Melaka are said to be generous to a fault with our neighbours. I remember and old joke:
Melayu kat Melaka ni baik betul. Tanjung dia bagi Keling, Bukit dan Lubok dia bagi Cina, Alor pun dia bagi Gajah. Ada Masjid tapi buat dari Tanah saja ...
The PM is visiting Melaka this Thursday, I was told. I think he should leave Nasir Safar behind in Putrajaya, if the guy is still in his employ by then.


  1. Anonymous9:32 pm

    Is this Nasir stupid or just arrogant? Najib should cut his head off, and literally. This guy should not be allow to walk this earth.

  2. Anonymous9:41 pm

    This is the type of annimal Najib keeps in his stable and hope to succeed in his 1MALAYSIA doctine ?
    One wonders how Najib with all his intelligence have such annimals. Since ISA is still not removed perhaps Najib should consider using it on this annimal. Or is it not applicable to some people ????

  3. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Najib has an idiot like Nasir but compared with Saiful in Anwar's office, better Nasir a thousand times.


  4. Anonymous10:14 pm

    not to worry Nasir .... 'Perkasa' wanted you !! go join 'Perkasa' !!

    Ali Ibrahim

  5. Anonymous10:24 pm

    well at least he admitted and echoed amno sentiments with regards to other races.

    anyway that mamak kutty says it all the times and...

    amno ministers and mp do it over and over, so whats the big deal.

  6. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Please read sejarah Tanah Melayu semasa penjajahan Inggeris..

  7. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Don't think the aide will do such a thing without his boss endorsement.

  8. Hoi anon 9:32pm, the guy already resigned lah, his is not such a big sin that he have his head cut off. Happy now everybody, the guy resign and Najib is throwing him out for being stupid.

    There are worse chauvinistic leaders like the DAP guy from Melaka who his father appointed as CM of Penang, now that is a real dictator and chauvinist and communist minded to boot. Ok,ok hold on, jangan marah-marah sama saya, I didn't say that, his Pakatan partners said that OK.

  9. Its not fair that this guy resigns. He after all only repeated what Ali Rustam said before the last GE. That guy still remains the CM even though it hurt BN a lot more.

    And what exactly did this guy say that has been drummed into so many people's heads by the BTN? And where were Samy Velu and the MIC complainants then?

    Just because this guy says it in the presence of some MIC and MCA local leaders this becomes an instant issue. You think when the same thing is said to JPA scholars, those of the non-Malay variety can do the same and walk out of the seminar? After all these MIC guys tolerate all that , why can't they tolerate this guy? Is it because they have found some room to make a fuss and make it to the papers?

    It is no point picking on these individual miscreants. There is a systemic fault that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately no one is going there.

  10. Yang tinggal pada Melayu batang saja.....Batang Melaka

  11. 1Malay10:54 pm

    Anon ,you want to know why malays are saying such words ? its because of the current political situation in our country.Look what is happening to the Malays in Penang,they are being treated like Pariahs.

    The malays are very angry and upset with the way the goverment is handling the uncalled for demand of Non Malays especially all matters that has been clearly spelt in The Malaysian Constituition.Its a matter of time THE BOM WILL EXPLODE and it will be worst than 1969 .

  12. Anonymous11:04 pm

    C'mon Malaysian. Lets build bridges base on trust. I believe many Malaysian are tired of politics ala Malaysia. It just does not bring us anywhere in face of global competitiveness.

  13. Anonymous11:12 pm

    this is Malaysia
    chinese and indians can bash malays under the banner of democracy and freedom of speech
    but malays cannot fight for their rights or speak regarding racial issues or they will be labeled racist.
    this is Malaysia

    people want bangsa malaysia
    but school are build to maintain chinese identity and segegrate chinese and non chinese
    people want system that do not favor any race
    but those who control economics and private businesses only employ people who can speak mandarin and prohibit wearing of tudung

    this is Malaysia!

  14. Anonymous11:14 pm

    They beg & prostitute themselves but at least they don't go around screwing their own daughters or blowing up mongolian.

  15. I can say Lim Kheng Yaik, Tan Lian Hoe, DAP leaders animals too.

  16. Congratulate and bravo to datuk Nasir. You do the right things. Lets talk the true.

  17. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Aiya... so what, he will be made an Ambassador and sent off to a nice country. Who knows he might get another Datukship ;)

  18. Tahniah dan syabas kepada Nasir Safar, bekas Ketua Pemuda Johor kerana berani menyatakan kebenaran. Amat kurang sekali pemimpin Melayu hari ini berani bersuara atas hak bangsa seperti yang ditegur oleh Mahathir.

    Mungkin dia anak Johor, tapi darah Hang Jebat mengalir di bumi Melaka. Dan bukankah yang ala komunis, racist dan diktator di Pulau Pinang adalah anak Melaka yang memerintah di sana.

    Apalah sangat ucapan Nasir Safar kalau dibandingkan dengan celupar Nazri dan biadapnya Lim Eng Guan.

    Biar miskin wang tanpa jawatan, tapi tidak miskin maruah dan harga diri.

    Najib hanya boleh dianggap bijaksana jika mententeramkan keadaan tapi tindakan memecat atau meminta Nasir berundur bukan darah Mat Kilau namanya, bukan cucu hang Tuah hang Jebat namanya.

    Cukuplah Ali Rustam bersekongkol dengan tauke babi sebelum ini, cukup cukuplah Melayu Melaka 'dibabikan' selama ini.

  19. Anonymous11:55 pm

    memang betul apa? so what? aku nak ramai lagi NASIR...


  20. Anonymous11:56 pm

    From the pic you added of him, he does have very bad dress sense...

    Burberry tie? Who the f*cK would wear that? Someone who just collected lots of toll money but has no class?

    At least his boss dresses better.

  21. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Yay! Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa will be welcoming him with open arms!!

    With people like him to shoot the PM in the foot, who needs an opposition?

  22. Anonymous12:00 am

    BIG joke!!!!!

    Pembantu Khas sendiri ta suka Najib,,amacam,,!!!!

    DAH lingkop 1Malaysia,,

    Gereja dibakar,,,PM gi tengok and hulur bantuan,,,

    Taipusam ada pegi,,ada $$$$$ juga kasi,,

    Masjid ada BABI tarok,,,PM apa buat????,,tolong kasi SAMAK lah,,,!!!


  23. Quote: "When Malays speak up about their rights, it must be racism. When non-Malays speak up about their rights, it must be human rights. I am no hardcore UMNO but I am a simple Malay who sees ingrates around me. Malaysia now is for us to ruin.Well done people!" (Taken from one of the comments without permission)
    ...Taken from Pasqule without permission

  24. Anonymous12:22 am

    This is to show loyalty is not enough. Najib must have competent people working for him. His loyal cronies are not up to mark. They will bring him down and soon. One more of his guys saying things like this will end his position. Make him understand this.

    The GTP must start with Najib's personal staff.

  25. Anonymous12:35 am

    This is one of the best orchestrated drama for the No 1 to continue to try and win the hearts and minds of non-Malays.

    The process is simple.

    Get someone to say such things.

    Next, the BN coalition folks 'make' noise.

    Then the No 1's office issues a statement that the 'culprit' will resign.

    With this statement, the BN coalition folks will go around to say that the No 1 is 'dead' serious that such slurs must be eliminated by all means and this episode is a fine example of him displaying 'walk the talk' on 1Malaysia.

    Very well acted.

    Compare that to a wheelchair restricted fellow who was hauled up in court for 'allegedly' making seditious statements, and till today the buggers cannot prove that he did actually say it.

    See how the courts time is wasted with such cases, but this fellow from the No 1's office can just get away with a 'resignation'?

    For all intents and purposes, it may be just a 'redesignation' to another job function and still on the payroll of the government.


  26. Anonymous12:35 am

    Salam semua,

    Tak faham,

    Why everyone hot hot and get so upset should anyone bring out historical FACTS on origins of some races of this Nation, and immediately raise the RACIST flag?

    Like the Portugese community in Malacca, how they first arrived here,

    the Blacks in America.. or the Australians whites etc..

    all these are historical facts..and our new generations should be made aware of these FACTS...

    Apasal mau sembunyi2 or mau erase, their sacrifices and hardships to ensure you, and their future generation have the opportunity to lead a better life then theirs?

    Kiranya kita sedar dari mana asal usul kita, akan sentiasa hidup dengan penuh KESYUKURAN......


  27. Najib silap mempunyai office spt Nasir . kenyataan bodohnya ini telah memalukan najib dan 1 Malaysia !!

  28. Anonymous12:44 am


    I like your balancing act, after getting the title from the Istana Negara yesterday.

    That fellow has to go, but not without you insulting the Indians and Chinese in this country further by mentioning about the Tanjung and the Lubok.

    You are sincere or you have been well trained by the PR company at KL Sentral to do such balancing acts to take further pot shots at Indians and Chinese?


  29. Simpan la si kitol dari Pulai Sebatang tu. Dah la kayu pulai, sebatang pulak tu...

  30. Bro

    I'm glad you condemed unreservedly it as should all M'sians. Kudos.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  31. Salam:

    Tapi Dato' ada dua benda yang Melaka akan pertahankan takkan bagi orang lain: Buah melaka dan batang Melaka..Heh.heh.heh

  32. Anonymous5:30 am

    No, Najib will not keep a guy like this in his stable knowingly as it would be political suicide.

    The problem here is that the problem now appears to be getting out of control.

    Years of false history and facts propaganda by the UMNOputras, the people are getting brainwashed to the extent that they actually believe that this propaganda is the truth. This is why this idiot (even from how he looks) said what he said.

    So I think the situation now is out of control and Najib and his jing-bang gang cant control it. All of this is Kutty's legacy, May GOD save this country

  33. Anonymous5:55 am

    Najib has an idiot like Nasir but compared with Saiful in Anwar's office, better Nasir a thousand times.


    i beg to differ - i think Saiful is a better arseh0le.

  34. every body need to take history lesson , we cannot be too sensitive with a Fact of the matters .

  35. every body need to take history lesson , we cannot be too sensitive with a Fact of the matters .

  36. Anonymous7:42 am

    rocky, bukan melayu hilang semua...masih ada kubur melayu merata rata.

  37. Anonymous7:44 am

    anon 5.55 correction

    i think saiful has a better arsehole

  38. Anonymous7:55 am

    Dato' Bro,

    so this is a BIG issue. so he resigns. so he accepts responsibility. so he creates precedence, coz from now on, we expect EVERYBODY, and i mean EVERYBODY to be responsible and honourably resign when such things happen in the future

    Kamal Hassan

  39. Anonymous7:55 am


    Kenyataan berbau perkauman yang diluahkan oleh seorang pegawai khas kepada Najib Razak ketika berucap pada seminar satu Malaysia di Melaka hari ini, menyaksikan puluhan ahli MIC, MCA dan perwakilan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan meninggalkan majlis berkenaan.

    Menurut sumber, pegawai khas Najib, Nasir Safar menimbulkan kemarahan hadirin apabila dia melabelkan kaum India dan Cina sebagai pendatang.

    Selain itu, Nasir juga didakwa mengancam akan menarik balik kerakyatan mereka yang menentang keputusan kerajaan untuk menghadkan 12 matapelajaran sahaja untuk peperiksaan SPM.

    Pemuda MIC dijadual membuat laporan polis lewat hari ini dan satu memorandum bantahan akan juga dikemukakan kepada Najib apabila beliau dijadualkan melawat Melaka pada 4 Feb.

    Sementara itu, Samy Vellu melahirkan rasa marahnya berhubung insiden berkenaan.Beliau yang menyifatkan insiden itu sebagai isu perkauman yang melampau menggesa perdana menteri mengambil tindakan sewajarnya ke atas pembantunya.


    kah kah kah… INDIAN NI PELAMPAU MACAM MANA?... kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… PELAMPAU GILA KUASA MACAM SAMY DAN MADEY KE?... kah kah kah..

    woit… AMOI JUAL DAGING INI DI MANA ?.... kah kah kah…


    kah kah kah… AGAK AGAK BERAPA SEKILO PEHA AMOI?... kah kah kah..

  40. Anonymous8:00 am

    rock cock..

    watever justification and KY-ing for your 1 malaysia boss Jibbie is not necessary now...damage is done.

    try harder next time for a tan sri!

    KY season

  41. Anonymous8:06 am

    They say that if you want to know the character of a person, look at his friends. In this case, if you want to know the character of the PM, look at his special officers.

  42. Anonymous8:07 am

    There must be an ulterior motive behind this obnoxious speech by an officer from the PM's department. Do they hope to create chaos by inciting hatred among races in order to impose a state of emergency and, therefore, rule the country forever?

    Who is he to revoke the citizenship of the Indian and Chinese Malaysians? Would he dare to include names like Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Mohd Khir Toyo? I wonder how such creatures with this kind of low mentality are allowed to exist in our civil service.

  43. Anonymous8:08 am

    Resign only? No sedition charges? He is the mouthpiece and of a '1Malay' BN. He is just a sacrificial lamb of racist Umno. Just by asking him to resign, Umno thinks that the rakyat believes Umno has or is changing. We are not fools.

  44. Anonymous8:08 am

    Baik betul orang Melayu. Tanah asal usulnya hak milik mereka, tapi mereka rela berkongsi. Tapi ada yang tamak sampaikan bahagian tuan punya tanah pun mahu dikebasnya. Haloba.

  45. Anonymous8:10 am

    Police custody continues to kill people, especially Indians, with impunity. Bad apples in the force have been emboldened because the other government agencies like the judiciary and the health authorities will go all out to lie and protect their wrongdoings. This is obviously done at the behest and with the tacit approval of the political leadership.

    One way the people can protect themselves is by gathering in large numbers in front of the place where the person is being held. The families should then inform their 'wakil rakyat' and the nearest member of the opposition and demand that they ensure the safety of the person in custody.

    In the meantime someone or an NGO should make a list of all the people who have died in custody and put it on the Internet and circulate it especially among Indians.

  46. Anonymous8:13 am


    cukup lah nak hantam pakatan...cuci bontot korang dulu....jangan pakai KY ya...

    Cop probed in sex slave case
    By ANN TAN


    KULIM: A lance corporal, who allegedly held a woman as his sex slave for ten years, is being investigated by the police, but he remains on duty.

    Police had opened investigation papers under Section 376 of the Penal Code for rape and Section 323 for causing hurt, said district OCPD Supt Ghuzlan Salleh.

    He also said they had recorded a statement from the 47-year-old policeman.

    Two statements were also recorded from the 40-year-old woman when she lodged two reports on Jan 17 and Jan 27.

    “We are also conducting internal investigations and waiting for the disciplinary board to act on the matter.

    “If he is really involved in the alleged rape and assault, he will be arrested and charged accordingly,” said Supt Ghuzlan yesterday.

    Supt Ghuzlan refuted claims that no action was taken after police reports were lodged by the victim.

    He said police had taken appropriate action and were awaiting further notice from the Deputy Public Prosecutor.

    It was earlier reported that the married woman from Nibong Tebal was forced to go through nine abortions in the course of their relationship.

    She also claimed that the policeman tried to abuse his power by arresting her husband, but his senior officers found out about it and got him transferred.

    The woman claimed that the policeman was still contacting her.

    She also claimed she was raped by an unknown man at about 10.30pm on Jan 14 in a toilet of the house where she was staying with the policeman.

    When she told the policeman about the rape, he blamed her for trying to betray their relationship and started assaulting her.

    Supt Ghuzlan said police were investigating the medical report as well as the area where the incident took place.

    “We believe the suspect could be a villager who has been observing the victim for quite some time.

    “He could have been keeping tabs on her routine before taking advantage of her when the opportunity arose,” he said.

  47. Anonymous8:26 am

    He's being racist or just plain truthful...

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  48. Anonymous8:27 am

    Why all the argument? There must have been a recording of all the speeches. So get them and listen to them. Seeeesh! Some people's brains must have gone south.

  49. Anonymous8:28 am

    Ya najib don't listen to your PA only. Ask those who attend his speech in MITC Melaka. Cannot be the Indian and Chinese don't understand his language. There are also Press which you can verify on this subject matter. If its true . do something instead of covering up story after story - that is if you are really serious about 1Malaysia.

  50. Anonymous8:28 am

    "I only said it is not good for any community to make so much demands as other communities will retaliate,” Nasir

    May i know what is not good? Are you saying demanding our rights to equal citizenship in this country is not good? So what do you intend to retaliate? Don't tell me you are revoking our citizenship as your retaliation. What right have you got, Nasir? EVen if the so called pendatang are enjoying life in this country, you must understand that we earn it, and you have lost it by default. Got it Nasir?

  51. Anonymous8:37 am

    Every time when they utter seditious they will conveniently denie it ,and is conveniently forgiven by the power that be and BN(UMNO). Mr Prime Minister's senior aide Datuk Nasir Safar is again calling the Malaysians of Chinese and Indian origins "Pendatang" and denying it. Hey Datuk Nasir Safar do you those invited MCA and MIC Leaders are morons or just mute and dumb.
    What have you to say Mr Prime Minister do you support your senior aide or will you charged him for seditions as rightly demanded by Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu of MIC. The ball is at your feet Mr Prime Minister, show us that you are sincere and serious about one Malaysia and it not just a slogan.

  52. Anonymous8:38 am

    Why are you people giving Dato Nasir such a hard time for being honest about how he feels??? You do not agree, disagree laa, and vote them out. Apa hal buat bising lagi?

  53. Anonymous8:38 am

    Mulut Pegawai Khas PM adalah juga 'mulut' PM.

    Tingkah laku Pegawai Khas PM adalah juga 'Tingkah Laku" PM

    Jadi apa yang dicakap dan dikeluarkan dari mulut Pegawai Khas PM adalah juga 'cakap' PM

    1Malaysia adalah retorik sahaja. MCA, MIC . . . . Lu masih percaya lagi kah UMNO.

  54. Anonymous8:39 am

    Don't let him off so easily. He must be punished under the law. He thinks he can ward off the heat and the crime just by resigning?

    And Najib, the bucks stops with you. He IS your Senior aide. He is not another Minister's aide. He must have rub some of your thinking and inclination off you. He is after all, close to you. You are responsible. Will you resign too?????

    I think Nasir when he said the Indians came as beggars and Chinese women to sell their bodies, he might have meant now, not the forefathers of non-Malays. It is in history that Chinese came to Malaya as coolie labourers and Indians as rubber tappers. That is no dispute. Unless Nasir thinks he has the power to rewrite history.

    And to say he never intended to make any derogatory remarks is a whitewash. So, we are stupid, we are supposed to believe you.

    1Malaysia has always means 1st for Bumis and 2nd for non-Bumis. What's there not to understand? It's so plain and simple. Only that the Umno government tried to make the people think otherwise, which is hopeless in this case. People are smart, they can see through the smoke screen.

  55. Anonymous8:50 am

    .. shows the quality and caliber of our politicians. Cant teach an old hen a new trick.


  56. Anonymous9:43 am

    I'll say... This means the failure of Malaysia leadership. So... The PM has to admit his failure. You see, even his subordinate could not understand his 1 Malaysia concept... Or maybe... It was MEANT TO BE THAT WAY... THIS GUY MERELY REPEATED WHAT THE PM TAUGHT HIM...

    The component parties will all keep smiling and nod at whatever humiliation thrown to them... For they all had their balls tied to a string... Any move, will have their balls separated from the body... Just look at the 2 P.R's guys who was claimed to be threatened. Even if they jump ship, although MACC would not do a thing after the defaction, their balls will be tied forever...

    So P.R MPs. Either you guard your action well so that they have nothing to threaten you, or you quit totally. If you remain in PR, you'll be MACC-ed, you jump over, your balls will be tied... Either way, you are gone.

  57. Anonymous9:44 am

    Najib has an idiot like Nasir but compared with Saiful in Anwar's office, better Nasir a thousand times.


    i beg to differ - i think Saiful is a better arseh0le...A LOW POINTER UNDERGRADUATE WHOM CAN GET SCHOLARSHIP FROMPM NAJIB.....


  58. Anonymous9:45 am

    Very well then, if you think the way we Chinese earn our money (through selling body) is dirty, then I suppose you don't want us to contribute any more of our dirty money to the public coffers. I'll be happy enough to oblige.

    You may continue to drill your master race/ bumiputra's for tax money. Don't even kacau the Indian beggars. Since we are mere pendatangs, we are not responsible for the country developments. Ask your own bumiputra's for money if you want developments.

  59. Anonymous9:47 am

    “I did not threaten anyone, and I have never intended to do that, I only said they they should be killed if they are not of our kind. You know I’m very close to MIC people especially Semi Value, he is my favorite token Hindoo pet. I only said it is not good for any community to make so much demands as other communities will retaliate. We already allowed all these pendatang to breathe our Bumi air, now they want food and water as well, that's too much” allegedly said Nasir, who used to be a Johor state assemblyman and division chief..

  60. Anonymous9:47 am

    “Nasir never intended to make any derogatory remarks. He is just naturally obnoxious and derogatory. He spoke at length on the contributions made by all races in developing the country. There is nothing wrong being beggars and whores. He patronizes both of these types of people. Heck, even Jews are quite adorable as long as they know they place, which is in concentration camps. $o $emua-nya OK, he is willing to resign on full pension and with a bonus of tax paid RM5 million credited in his $wiss bank account for being such a nice chap and loyal spokesman for me and Ro$mak!"

  61. Anonymous10:49 am


    You don't see it as a joke do you? you look at the sentences you know that he was in any way meant no harm. It's not even political ceramah.

    Bro, always thought that you were in different class from the shitty pakatan rakyat and MIC monkeys. Well you are wrong on this case!


  62. Mazlan10:53 am

    Where is my friend Warrior 321? Nasir needs his help or maybe he can take over Nasir's post in PM's office.
    Where Najib really stands on issues like this is a bit schizophrenic.

  63. MANTOL10:59 am

    Datuk Nasir Sapar dipaksa oleh MIC, MCA supaya letak jawatan. Laporan polis akan dibuat terhadap Datuk Nasir Sapar.

    Knowing Datuk Nasir Sapar, I can say only this.

    This is what the Malays get when they give the political power to the Indians and Chinese without merit. Every election year, more Malay seats were given to Indian and Chinese for the sake of unity.

    Looking back over 400 years under Portugese, Dutch, British and Japan; Tanah Melayu is Tanah Melayu and never a Chinese or an Indian become a YB.

    A sad day indeed.

    Bravo Najib.... Dont forget you are there because of UMNO.

  64. Anonymous11:08 am

    Samy Vellu and Ong tee keat, umNO called your grand mother, mother and daugther beggars and WHORES and are you going to lick his arse too!!

  65. Anonymous11:08 am

    Don't worry Nasir. The pendatang of beggars and whores will be less than 5% and 20% respectively in not more than 10 years time. And the majorities of these pendatang that left behind are mostly the elderly that can't do anything and just binding their time here. If the piece of cake is not big enough for mojorities of about 70% special bumi, what will happen ? This you have to figure it out by yourself because all the younger pendatang had left this nation for greneer pasture throughout the globe and won't be able to help. You have to settle it with your own ketuanan.

  66. Anonymous11:36 am

    Bro Nasir ni orang Pahang ke? Atau Pantai Timur? Kat situ masih banyak hutan bro.

  67. Anonymous11:54 am

    korang ni , bila Rocky walaupun semua tau dia pro-gov hentam juga gov for nonsense remark pun nak cakap bukan bukan , pelik betul

  68. Anonymous12:01 pm

    In S`gor there is batang yang berjuntai. So dont wori so much about alor yang dibagi gajah.
    Also y you marlakns dont change the name of tanjong keling to something like tanjung rustam or tanjung pakistan. Seems to me you all like the thangachis very much.
    Hee hee you all want to become PM like mahakutty ke?


  69. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Datuk Nasir is neither stupid nor arrogant. Perhaps he was too preoccupied with his personal problems at the time he made that speech. Or that, there was an event that occurred earlier which prompted him to say things that he shouldn't. Or, he simply couldn't care less about the multi-ethnic races of the country. All these though, were not gud enough excuses to defend him.

    However, to me, his speech is more of being personal. If we were to place ourselves in PM’s shoes, it is not easy to hold the top utmost post in the country.

    Being a leader, we cannot be 100% sure that the persons we select to be our aides are the best. We are prone to this mistake. Just like when we choose good friends. We can put our trust on them, make them a shoulder to cry on, but in the end, they can still betray us. Datuk Nasir's action is the ultimate betrayal to PM. What he did say though, was a reflection of his own shallow thinking, which is very PERSONAL.

    However, his willingness to resign from his post showed that he is willing to take the responsibility of his action. In this case, he owns his own actions and this, we see is lacking in our leaders these days. Let's makes this as a culture in our society - be accountable to our actions/wrongdoings, for people will respect us more...

  70. Anonymous1:17 pm

    This idiot actually said that....

    "the early Indian immigrants had come to Malaysia to beg and their Chinese counterparts were here to sell their bodies."

    In Mandarin...




    Ishhh ..ISh... Ish...UMNO.. UMNO...

    Modern Malay CHAP

  71. Anonymous1:23 pm

    This is ONE MALAYSIA?? from UMNO...?? No wonder there's UTUSAN dares to incite racial hatred every day and night and walk free....because the GRAND FATHER - UMNO is already in the same BOAT...

    Where's UMNO supporter here?? No one dare to say anything now?? I thought you always blame Pakatan the party that always promote racial disharmony..? I thought you always see UMNO as the only party that can bring everyone together..?

    AND NOW YOU SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES...THIS IS THE BUNCH OF PEOPLE WORKING WITH YOUR BELOVE PM UNDER 1 MALAYSIA SLOGAN!!!! (WHO HAS JUST LET THE CAT OUT......)..Now we know..in their eye, CHinese is merely a prostitute, Indian is merely a begger...

    And Indian and Chinese will know who to vote in the next GE!!!!!

    Steven Seagal

  72. Anonymous1:35 pm

    He was ordered to say so. The Indians will get angry. The Chineses too will get angry. There will be a few police reports about it which we know no action will be taken.

    Then come Najib, the Juara Rakyat and 1 Malaysia hero and he will..bla...bla...bla about that incidence. Everybody then will tepok tangan and say he is a real hero!!!


  73. Look at that face he has! It is a face that only a mother could love and somehow it rings that he must have benefited from the NEP Education Program cos it does not look to me like he is a bright chap.

    Screw this MF and hang him by the balls!

  74. melayu bersatu1:42 pm

    kalau nak tonton video pelancaran Perkasa Negeri Selangor sila ke http://kitaanakmelayu.blogspot.com/2010/02/video-pelancaran-perkasa-selangor.html

  75. Anonymous1:57 pm

    I think Nasir Safar is just rekindling the nostalgic episodes of early immigrants. I don't see it wrong but why are the Chinese n Indians so sensitive about being children and grand children of immigrants. What so humiliating of being called descendants of immigrants. Are they not?

    It is written in history what? You cannot erase history. Are the Chinese n Indians denied that they are children and grand children of immigrants from China n India. You can go to the muzeum and search for your ancestors and proof that you are not.

    In Sabah, the Bugis, Java, Cocos are considered non Bumi and they cannot buy NT land. They don't make a fuss of it.

    Common la bro and sis. Be positive. Accept the fact and lets live in harmony in this land.


  76. Anonymous2:13 pm

    The time has come for all key government departments to relflect the racial composition of the country in the same ratio the Malaysian Cabinet reflects the racial composition of the nation. Then we can say Hidup Satu Malaysia!Ramalx

  77. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Latest news I heard from a friend in the govt. Najib will most probably sack Nasir for such a nasty remarks on the Chinese and Indians.

    Hopefully that will teach him a lesson and shows Najib's commitment in making 1Malaysia a success.


  78. Anonymous3:00 pm


    When the englishmen made irish jokes, John F Kennedy the irish american did not nuke England back to stone age when he hold office as US president. These Indians and Chinese makin sehari makin manja dan mengada-ngada. As if they are now the landlords and the native malays are the tenants.Wa naik geli.....Joke sikit-sikit pun nak mengadu kat Najib,,,

    Din Pungkok
    Tanah Liat

  79. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Please don't talk something negative about the non Malays because its a grave sin and against the spirit of 1Malaysia. But its alright to question the status of the Malay Rulers as well as Malay rights.

  80. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Dato Rocky,

    Ever heard of Malay Waterfall,
    Nova Scotia, Canada.

    This place do exist you know....
    I was there once in 1987.

    Send this guy there for a while.

  81. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Dato Rocky,

    Ever heard of Malay Waterfall,
    Nova Scotia, Canada.

    This place do exist you know....
    I was there once in 1987.

    Send this guy there for a while.

  82. Pendatang Warga Indonesia3:44 pm

    Mungkin Dato Nasir tersilap cakap atau orang tersilap dengar...mungkin dia nak kata pendatang warga India yg datang sekarang begitu jugak dengan wanita pendatang warga cina sekarang yg banyak buat hal.Betul kah begitu Dato' Nasir?

  83. "Melayu kat Melaka ni baik betul. Tanjung dia bagi Keling, Bukit dan Lubok dia bagi Cina, Alor pun dia bagi Gajah. Ada Masjid tapi buat dari Tanah saja.."

    Batang, Melaka tetap simpan untuk sendiri..

    (My BM not so good. Maybe someone can make an improvement?)

  84. Anonymous4:25 pm

    There was nothing wrong with the basic fact that he uttered, only the occasion he said it was.

    The facts of history are that the non-Malays are indeed pendatang. We can argue till the cows come home, the facts won't change. But one Penang UMNO politician shouted the word "pendatang" out of frustration some time back. The DAP fellows politicised it and now the word may be used only with discretion. It certainly was not discreet to use it at a forum on unity.

    But I agree with the opinion that the Nasir fellow is worth some salt. He admitted his indiscretion and is prepared to fall on his sword. That can't be said of practically all politicians these days. Ask Lim Kit Siang or Anwarul Jalan Belakang, or even Pak Lah, if they were ever wrong or indiscreet.

    Ony Tun Dr Mahathir had admitted he made mistakes in choice of leaders - like Anwarul, Tun Dol and .. never mind.

  85. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Ha, rusdi the mustapha is gloating over wht happened to nasir...guess its an opportunity for him to climb the ladder, huh?

  86. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Was he not reading Najib's speech? So, why penalise him?

    Ha,Ha,Ha 1Malaysia! Now, UMNO Jual-lah Rakyat! Rakyat yang mana satu yah?


  87. Anonymous4:46 pm

    I cannot help but think aloud , is this a conspiracy to undo all the work done by PM. These so called people who are suppose to be championing our PM's vision and call, are the same that are destroying it. Can it be possible that they are opposition 'moles' Or have I gone too far ahead of myself.


  88. Anonymous5:21 pm

    I wonder who or what provoke him during the session until he became emotional.

    Even the tadika kemas child knows what is 1 Malaysia about

  89. Anonymous5:24 pm

    o'man. damage control.

    p/s: esok ruma aku mesti rame orang.adoi.


  90. azman6:01 pm

    DES SAID: "Look at that face he has! It is a face that only a mother could love and somehow it rings that he must have benefited from the NEP Education Program cos it does not look to me like he is a bright chap."

    I agree that he doesn't have a bright face. but i don't agree with your insinuation to the link between being stupid and being in the NEP education program.

    I am a product of the NEP without which i would not have been able to further my studies overseas.
    My family was poor and much as i wanted to study hard, i was not able to because my kampung then (in the 70s) lacked so many things.
    Besides, I ahd to also help my family in the fields.
    i did not get good results but i knew that given the chance i could do better.
    i got financial help to stay in kuala lumpur and repeated my MCE. i opted to do a professional diploma (external course) based on the credits i got. i got into ITM.
    the course was one that i was really good at and was able to continue my course overseas with the help of a scholarship because my family could not afford to send me.

    i was a kampung boy that made good. thanks to the NEP.

    so please do not make a remark like that.

    thank you.

    You also said: "Screw this MF and hang him by the balls!"

    that, I agree.

  91. Anon: ''…..It is written in history what? You cannot erase history. Are the Chinese n Indians denied that they are children and grand children of immigrants from China n India. You can go to the muzeum and search for your ancestors and proof that you are not…''

    You missing the point or you are ignoring the point. Stating that non-malays are pendatang and can be stripped of citizenship is pure provocation and bag of bulls. Saying that Indians came to beg and the Chinese came to prostitute their bodies is slander.

    Similarly, you would feel offended if the non-malays were to make the similar remarks.

    You need to differentiate the wrong from the right. Making those remarks is wrong.
    This is Malaysia, the non-malays are here to stay. If he is not happy with what have been agreed in the constitutions and feels so strongly about Malay supremacy over other races and politic dominance, Nasir should leave Malaysia and set up his own Tanah Melayu or travel back in time to champion the independence himself.

  92. suresh6:04 pm

    bro rocky,

    all the anti-najib commenters so easily condemn nasir's action to be one that mirrors his (now ex) boss.

    i have no interest in najib, nor the BN. but i cannot agree with this sweeping remark.

    in all honesty, najib is not a racist. certainly this nasir fellow does not represent him or his views.

    it's too bad that the pro-pakatan commenters are so blinded by their hatred for najib and the BN that they cannot see what can be the truth and what the lies are.

  93. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Salam, setahu saya, sejak kecil hingga saya dewasa, memang sudah lama kerajaan Umno laungkan muhibbah, and yet they been label racist.

  94. Anonymous8:00 pm

    I cannot help but think aloud , is this a conspiracy to undo all the work done by PM. These so called people who are suppose to be championing our PM's vision and call, are the same that are destroying it. Can it be possible that they are opposition 'moles' Or have I gone too far ahead of myself.


    opposition moles -unlikely. BUT what about rival's mole? some umn0 hawk rival..possible?

    Ang mole @brother of ang wah

  95. Anonymous8:02 pm

    kalau nak tonton video pelancapan Perkasa Negeri Selangor sila ke http://kitaanakmelayu.blogspot.com/2010/02/video-pelancapan-perkasa-selangor.html

    1:42 PM


    ni video saiful misti tengok ya

  96. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Hmmm why you guys calling datuk Ahiruddin Atan "dato'"?..

    cucu datuk

  97. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Talk history?? please go back and study history lar...as far as I know, even Malay are also pendatang lar OK....how can a land called Malaysia without the first pendatang to the land of Malaysia..??? LOL...

    You can talk until cow comes home but Malay is also pendatang pls...if not the 1st pendatang, must be 2nd after orang asli!!!!

    Aiiks..Furthermore, Chinese, Indian and Malay together fight for independence, without the independent, Malay is not different from Indian and CHinese lar OK...


  98. shamshul anuar11:47 pm

    Dear suresh,

    thanks for some injecting some reasons in this blog. There is a saying " a swallow does not make a summer". Meaning do not make conclusion based on one episode.

    The guy had already apologized and tendered his resignation. at least, he has some principle.

    What ever said about UMNO, I must say that its records in racial handling is superb. At Independences, it granted more than i1 million citizenship to non Malays. a world record until today.

    In 1957, almost 70% of seats were in UMNO's MP. UMNO can simply declare that this is a Malay country. But it did not.

    It still allow MCA and MIC to contest in Malay majority area, a peculiarity by world standard. For decades, UMNO was chided by PAS for ts alliance with MCA and MIC.

    UMNO takes the middle road. If it really wants to play racial issue, it has ample time to do that.

    Many of My Chinese friends were red faced when I reminded tem how May 13 started. They all thought that Tun razak engineered the carnage. Whem I prove to them the role of DAP in that tragedy, they were quiet.

    Dr Riduan Tee , my neighbour, told me how DAP MP from Rasah insulted Islam and Malays when he( Dr ridhuan) criticized DAP. Why no uproar?.

  99. datuk,

    kenapa orang melayu terlalu 'apologetic'. kalau orang bukan melayu mereka akan buat tak tahu je.


  100. Dear commentators'
    Do your really understand about 1 Malaysia?.

    What Dato' Nazir said is abslotely true by fact. It's not the mater of racis or not.

    For me 1 Malaysia means Malaysia yang 1. No others Malaysia in this planet beside this malaysia which is belong to Malay.Thefore all malaysian MUST follow all the Malaysian consitution without fail.

    Any change of the constitution and culture will create another Malaysia, then they befome 2nd.malaysia which proposed by the oppotion party. To eliminate original malaysia and build up new malaysia.No way.

    To dato' Nazir kamu orang yang ada prinsip. let tinggalkan jawatan and pangkat, this is what we call PRJUANG BANGSA allah sentiasa bersama mu. Takbir.

  101. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Nasir was booted out ? Why ? All he was doing was explaining the PM's official position. Nasir lives and breathes from the environment of the PM's coterie. He was said to be the man that drove the proton by Abdul Razak Baginda's gates, just then when Allanthuya was kidnapped by PM's bodyguards, before her untimely death.

    Take him to Court for sedition, exciting racial hatred, blah, blah else.

  102. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Is Mahadey consider a Malay or a Mamak? Please answer.


  103. Jenggg X38:34 pm


    ka ka kah... ni orang akan masuk perkasam... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... boleh pakai tengkuluk bodoh macam madey minggu lalu... ka ka kah...

    woi semua... sila ambik perhatian...

    tak dapat kontrek potong rumput?

    tak dapat projek mashyuuk?

    tak dapat permit permit teksi?

    gagal jadi ketua cawangan gerombolan?

    takde kerja?

    cubalah nasib awak kat PERKASAm... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... nak join sila tanya katak gemuk gedebab... ka ka kah...

    woit mazlan, kawan you ni sibuk...

    sibuk sibuk nak buka cawangan Perkasam kat Gombak...

    ka ka kah... sedang sibuk cari rumah kedai buruk dan 10 ekor mamat yang nak join... ka ka kah...

  104. Semifallen9:15 pm

    "Anonymous 11:12 PM said...

    non-malays can bash malays under the banner of democracy and freedom of speech
    but malays cannot fight for their rights or speak regarding racial issues or they will be labeled racist.

    people want bangsa malaysia
    but school are build to maintain race identity and segegration

    people want system that do not favor any race but those who control economics and private businesses"

    ... at last I found somebody who shares my feeling.

    Kee said (My BM not so good. Maybe someone can make an improvement?)...after living in this country ur whole life? and u call urself malaysian?

    People please!!!

  105. Anonymous12:59 am

    believe me...nothing will happen to nasir....he's the PM's man..unless if he from the opposition....I'm sure Malay Mail will allocate 2 or 3 pages to publish this issue.Same like cakes story in kelantan


  106. Anonymous9:21 am

    “Where is my friend Warrior 321? Nasir needs his help or maybe he can take over Nasir's post in PM's office……”

    Comment: dei Mazlan pundek, the last time I looked you were all in agreement regarding something else so your schizo' working up, mafucking cuntlouse.

    You see you are so full of yourself, PR arsewhore that you cannot differentiate them louses from them leeches on your stinking momma's cunt, bastard. You get your arsewhorlian fix by taunting the likes of me when I step out or when you think the coast is clear. Well, I am back with some fact cookies for you just to show the ignorant, blinkered, bigoted scums you and your ilk are:

    1. Warren argued that little attention was paid to prostitution that followed migrant male labour prior to 1870s when the Contagious Diseases Act (1870) came into being. He notes that prostitution was present as early as 1848 in pioneer mining areas under the control of secret societies but accelerated after the 1870s with the rapid expansion of the tin-mining industry in Perak and Selangor when the “single male population quadrupled from 70K to 300K between 1874-1881”. In fact, both states being the focal point of the early colonial capitalist economy became the hubs of prostitution with “known” prostitutes, for instance, increasing almost 5 fold from 800 in 1891 to 3500 by 1906 in Selangor…. ( Warren: at the Edge of South East Asian History, 1987)

    2. From a sociological perspective both Warren and Jaschok& Miers viewed prostitution as being part of the vicious Chinese patriarchy system wherein women were considered to be sex objects while Warren further averred that prostitution and concubinage was ingrained in Confucian and Buddhist codes of morality. (page 29 of Warren,J : Ah-Ku and Karayuki-San : Prostitution in Singapore; 1870-1940, Oxford Univ. Press, 1994)) + Maria Jaschok and Suzanne Miers : Women and Chinese Patriarchy : Submission, Servitude and Escape (London, Zed Books 1994)

    3. Gronewold on the other hand, observed that “Chinese families viewed women as chattel and were thus amenable to them being “sold” to adoptive families and procurers” ( see page 3 of Sue Grenwold’s Beautiful Merchandise (New York; Harrington Park Press. 1985)

    4. The Straits Times in 1869 noted the beneficial effect the Chinese prostitutes had on the fellow men as in : “it cannot be denied that abandoned and forlorn as they are, they exercised a perceptible beneficial influence on their countrymen” as they served as a conduit for “the wild men to fulfill their uncivilised lusts” (“ Chinese Female Slaves” in Straits Times: Saturday. December 25, 1869)

    5. Finally it should be noted that as early as the 1870s, the Brits viewed the Chinese labour as a transient migrant population from which it could profit through their endeavours in the tin mines “ and not, as Purcell noted, “ as permanent settlement colonies”. Further, Purcell also noted that the disparate sex ratio was one of the main causes for the trafficking of women with poverty in China serving as a push factor” (page 147 of Victor Purcell’s The Chinese in Malaya

    Before u and everyone here start calling me racist, googlist, cut and pastist , remember these are immutable facts about certain ancestries and histories which I have a treasure trove of ( 60 or so on prostitution alone), so try me if you and your ilk wanna me dribble out more for I don’t give a damn of any of your bullshits except facts

    Warrior 231

  107. Anonymous2:13 pm


    I have no problem with your fascination and acquaintance toward prostitute and prostitution, In fact, I am one too.

    Most of the poor country and people at that time suffer the worst living of time. Slavery, coolie, feudalism and colonization are as common as terrorist, freedom of speech, secularism and democracy of today. Hence I don’t see why you are so concern that reader would contest your PASTE fact.

    Please re-read again Rocky post “when he claimed that early Indian immigrants had come to Malaysia to beg and their Chinese counterparts were here to sell their bodies.” my question is what are the percentage of Indian and Chinese immigrants had come to Malaysia to beg and sell their body? If most of them did that, I may say Nasir is right, otherwise, we could tell Nasir can’t articulate historical fact well enough by looking at his position and role. Our PM shall do the right thing to kick him out. He is a shame to 1Malaysia.

    Lastly thanks for the historical lesson, the fact is, your “fact” doesn’t substantiate the main subject but serve as a diverting and distracting writing for our reading pleasure. Is that not your usual stunt? Or this round cause by your poor comprehension skill?


    PS/ Look forward again comment by all the warrior fans, that have nothing much to tell apart from parroting their master. Especially that bontot.

  108. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Dei Rhan, the backside sniffing dog

    Read this real good and shove it straight up your arse for it to remain there till YOUR personal kingdom come and for it to constantly fart itself into your consciousness each time you are seized with the temptation to go on an arsewhoring and cuntlicking orgy of deception, cuntlouse fucktart of a vermin born of a now spayed bitch and a deadcock fuckbeest.

    I wasnt engaging you in the least. I was responding to the pigcocksuckling Mazlan who had a sudden yearning for some pithy stuff after all those pathetic ejaculate drips pigdogs like your ilk have been desperately spurting into his mouth. Talk about deadcocks tethered to dead brains and decaying torsos trying to cockram morons into the pale of existence.

    Dei dograped piece of shit, whatever you do to sidestep reality aint gonna work for REALITY and TRUTH are two ravenous dogs that love to chomp the arses of LIARS like your ilk frittering your daylights away in of a phantasmogorical world of thieving, money laundering, speculating, gambling, whoring,tax evading, pimping, cheating etc. No, you never gonna stop the truth from dribbling out through the cracks of your outer facade of Superiority burnished by the cheap paint of Chauvinism and festooned by the neon of Prejudice.

    You either accept the REALITY or you can selfwank yourself into insignificance for the world aint bothered about your defensive jerkings nor does it deign to cast an understanding eye on a group of cheapskate parasitic WHINGERS squealing that they are in the most dire of situations when fact is they are doing umpteen times better than their brethren elsewhere holed up in sweatshops, triad infested ghettoes, godforsaken communes ravished by disease, poverty and natural calamities. Only ingrate descendants of castway scums, like what History has revealed from his vast treasure trove, will bitch like the way you do and the sooner you understand that the better.

    Now scram outta ma sights and quit twisting everything into a persecution thingy lest you wanna the prosecution to demand your execution, wasted drop of sperm!

    Warrior 231

    P/S: Dont forget to twist this around into a racial thingy. I am fully expecting it already.