Wednesday, February 03, 2010

"Lim Guan Eng should be replaced!"

Tan Tee Beng is PKR Member of Parliament for Nibong Tebal, Penang. A local boy. This morning he called for a press conference in KL calling for, among other things, a Penangite to lead Penang. Apparently, he's had enough of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who is from Melaka, my state.

His arrogance in many occassions made so many now start to cast a doubt” (Kesombongan beliau banyak kali kini rakyat mula meragui (keikhlasan) beliau). “He does not even listen to DAP grass root. Lim Guan Eng should be replaced!”.

“He (Lim Guan Eng) has no standard (class) for Penang!”.

“In KL, maybe they accept parachuters. Not in Penang. If we talk about changes but we ourselves are not brave enough to face changes, then we are not serving. If we are unable to change, then we will face a tough battle in PRU 13!”.

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  1. You may want to go with his critic about the Penang CM, or you may believe the theory that Najib had gotten to Tan Tee Beng to try and distract the governance of Penang …….

  2. Anonymous6:15 pm

    people of Penang, please replace LGE with Ahmad Ismail as CM !!

    Hidup UMNO !!!

  3. Anonymous6:32 pm

    LGE has learnt the tactic of being cool from Koh Tsu Koon.
    After all, remember what Zahid Hamidi, Penang UMNO chief has said about Koh Tsu Koon



    How come no news about BN being breaking up. Zahid Hamidi literally saying Koh & Gerakan is useless. Ah soo....

  4. Anonymous6:51 pm

    To the MasterRace party , get a better bunch of producers, directors and script writers ! Admittedly, Saifool has the boyish girlie look worthy of the lead supporting role. Everything else sucks about this UMNOwood production. This would rate as a .1 star rating for a gay porn movie, notwithstanding the horrendously shallow script and plot of the usual bang groan moan flicks. Even if Anwar did fall for the teen boy looking Saifool, the setup looks completely amateurish. Shame shame shame. Someone went cheap on the budget, resulting in this not very convincing storyline now played on stage, or what would pass as this nation's justice processing. First we have whipping for drinking, then desecration of all houses of worship, and viola the finale "Sodomy II". Next time I am asked for my origin overseas, I will have to say "Brunei". Nobody knows where it is, but it will be less controversial and sounds less laughable.

  5. This third rate Gerakan scumbag masquerading as PKR supporter is not qualified to lick LGE's boots let alone be on the same planet!

    Last week, the Pakatan Govt under LGE in Penang announced that 70% of open tender contracts had been won by Malays. Soon, the Selangor Govt will anoounce similar results. Let this be the new gold standard - earn by the sweat of your brows and be proud of it!!

    This blows to smithereens Dr.M's and UMNO/BN's con job for the past 30 years that the Malays cannot compete without Ali Baba rent seeking handouts or crutches!

    And the TTB's of this world, like some UMNO youth office holders, are squealing because the gravy train ain't stoppin' their way unless they work for it. No more free rides for $2 companies!!

    And if he doesn't like it, well he can resign can't he? Let's see if he has that much integrity!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  6. Anonymous7:49 pm

    lepas Rocky dapat gelaran 'Datuk'..lagi kuat semangat hentam sama Pakatan !!!

    lepas ni...nak hentam siapa pulak ?? Nik Aziz ??

    Memang terror Datuk Rocky, nanti kesemua MB pakatan akan jatuh pasal Rocky...naiklah lagi satu pangkat jadi Tan Sri Rocky !!

  7. shariff7:49 pm

    At the end of the day let the voters decide. We decided and let us judge at the next election. Not this idiot MP with a personal agenda.

  8. Anonymous8:13 pm

    He should call for Najib to be replaced, that way the whole country would be better.

    Any ADUN who can publicly call for the stepping down of a PR CM that would worth RM200,000 which would be paid through an agent of UMNO. BN is playing so low now.

    See in such a short time Rocky promise is being fulfilled with a Datukship.

  9. Cheng Kai Syiek8:42 pm

    Hi ROCKY,

    As a CHINESE myself I'm saddened by another fellow CHINESE by the name of LIM GUAN ENG.

    It certainly makes no sense for a MELAKA wanker to be the Chief Minister of another state. Am I correct to say DAP lacks capable Penangites to administer their own state? Or is that LIM GUAN ENG is too bladdy greedy to wanna swallow everything for himself?

    My utmost sympathy for all DAP members in Penang because I believe somewhere out there in Penang....there is a capable DAP member who is more worthy to sit on the Penang Chief Minister seat (rather than an imported Commusnist from Melaka). Why should any DAP members in Penang bow down to GUAN ENG being their Chief Minister?

    The only reason one could think of is becos' DAP is indeed a "COMMUNIST PARTY" of which LIM KIT SIANG & LIM GUAN ENG rules the party as if they are CHAIRMAN MAO.

    I'm deeply saddened, embarrassed & furious to know this "JERK HEAD" name LIM GUAN ENG is constantly giving the entire CHINESE COMMUNITY a BAD NAME. He was once perceived as a FREEDOM FIGHTER but only to end up now as a SELF BENEFICIAL FIGHTER.

    No doubt Penang is now controlled by CHAIRMAN MAO (Ooopss sorry...I mean Chairman LIM) but I hope another TSUNAMI would come-by & sweep this idiotic Chief Minister back to China.

    Hokkiens regard this kind of idiot as "KAN NA SAI" (like a piece of shit). KAN NA BU!!!

  10. Dear Rocky (sorry, I mean...DATUK ROCKY),

    Where on earth is PAKATAN RAKYAT drifting to???

    ANWAR IBRAHIM is now charged for SODOMY or perhaps will be jailed forever for 'MAIN BUNTUT'.

    LIM GUAN ENG is ruling the Penang State Govt. as he is a reincarnated CHAIRMAN MAO.

    NIK AZIZ is losing his mind by saying those who support PAS will go to HEAVEN & those who support UMNO will go to HELL.

    I can CONFIRM atleast 90% of voters who once voted for PAKATAN RAKYAT is regretting BIG TIME. The balance 10% are of course BODOH LAGI BANGGANG still not knowing what's going on.

  11. Like father like son...trouble makers!The sooner PKR gets rid of opportunists like him the better!Compared to Syed Hussin this chap is a political nobody.Just sack him!

  12. If I'm a Penangite, I would be ashamed to know that Penangite needs a "Import Mari Punya Chief Minister" to rule their own state.

    Oooiii...All DAP Penangites!!! Are you all simply NOT capable to rule your own State? Or is that you fellas are living your life having your BALLS grabbed by LIM GUAN ENG?

    Malaysians in all other states are laughing at Penang lah. "Malu Buat BAPAK".....Kakakakakaka!!!

  13. PJU Voter9:00 pm

    This word 'PENDATANG' is indeed wrong to label any NON-MALAYS.

    However, it is certainly CORRECT to label LIM GUAN ENG a 'PENDATANG'. Why ar??? Because he is indeed a 'PENDATANG' who came from Melaka & took away all the benefits & authority a Peangites should well deserve. can say this word "PENDATANG' again but only to LIM GUAN ENG, ok?

    Finally, this word 'PENDATANG' had found its' OWNER.

  14. Pendatang Lim9:02 pm

    CINA Pendatang?? NO!!!

    INDIA Pendatang?? NO!!!

    MELAYU Pendatang?? NO!!

    LIM GUAN ENG Pendatang?? YEEAAH!!!

    Why lah, bro??? Becos' LIM GUAN ENG DATANG from MELAKA & robbed off all the goodies a Penangites should deserve lah.

  15. wandererAUS9:49 pm

    Well said arse-licker. Unfortunately for you, we still have a small degree of democracy left in Bolehland ...that is, we still have the peoples' power to vote a govt out!..or, for this matter, pass a vote of no confidence on the CM....anything short of that, you can go and lick your own balls!
    Dato Rocky.....

  16. Anonymous9:54 pm

    speak for yrself.... penangites know who to choose !!!

  17. Anonymous9:55 pm

    speak for yrself...penangites know who to choose..and LGE is the man


  18. Anonymous10:01 pm


    The onus is with Penang DAP, for appointing a peasant boy from Malacca to become their Commissar.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  19. Anonymous10:02 pm


    Belum kenyang lagi kah. Sudah dapat datuk di dunia belum puas lagi. Alamak, depand Allah (swt) apa mau cakap, ada ingat kah

    Kesian sama awak lah


  20. Anonymous10:06 pm

    The arrogance is not Lim Guan Eng but Tan Tee Beng & Zahrain. Frankly speaking PKR MPs are opportunist as most of them are from UMNO or other BN coalition parties and they come with that corruptible mentality that they could strike it rich. How could you give a tender to a 2 dollar company owned by Zahrain and moreover that will be conflict of interest. Well if they want to leave so be it just as PKR deputy President said so.... Like Nizar said they will soon be drowned in the next GE..

    Most of PKR members just like UMNO and MCA and BN coalition are just opportunist and corruptible. Before the last GE 08, most of the Chinese including me have feared PAS but after the GE we have finally found out that PAS are more moderate than UMNO, BN or PKR.

    I hope that PKR would choose more credible people to stand in the next election in order that PR would drowned out UMNO and BN in the mext election. My votes will definitely goes to PR especially PAS and DAP as they have people who are more principle and less of an opportunist unlike PKR members. Hopefully Zaid Ibarhim will be able to lead PKR so that more credible people will stand for election wiping out all opportunist and frogs that have no principle and loyalty.

  21. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Hey Datuk,
    Your maker is dragging the country trhrough ****. Do you not see? Can money and Datukship make one so blind? The kangaroo court the behest of N&R. The nation and its people have to endure more shame from this half past six ********. Pardon my muted French but enough is enough! We should get rid of leaders who wantonly drag the nation and its institutions through mud just to fulfill their selfish goals. The foreign diplomats present at the trial can see for themselves the kind of judiciary we have. Do you think they would want to invest their money in a country where its judiciary can be manipulated to the whims and fancies of a few? I'm apolitical but this makes me really sick! No mas! No mas!

    Inglorious Bastards

  22. Well, soon enough even this Nibong Tebal chap's boss may have to be replaced

    I do wonder why Anwar thinks the 'fabricated' evidence would embarrass him or his family

    since when is a lie told about you embarrassing

    read it

  23. You bet.

    I'm sure you are dying to replace him. Maybe in the next century.

  24. Anonymous8:09 am

    terus live from mahkamah tinggi Putrajaya...

    hakim: apa bukti atas pertuduhan?

    pendakwa: kami akan membukti kan kami ada cukup bukti termasuk hasil ujian dna, laporan doktor, laporan kimia & bukti dokumentasi. terdapat kesan air mani tertuduh tertinggal didalam dubur mangsa (saifool)!

    hakim: apa benar tertuduh telah merogol anda?

    saifool: ya.

    hakim: bila?

    saifool: 26 haribulan yang arif.

    hakim: bila laporan polis dibuat?

    saifool: 28 haribulan setelah mendapat pekenan si najis?

    hakim: bila pemeriksaan doktor dibuat?

    saifool: sebelah petang 28 selepas membuat laporan polis.

    hakim: bagaimana kamu boleh mengekalkan (mengandungkan) air mani mangsa untuk selama lebih 2 hari didalam dubur kamu?

    saifool: saya kemut yang arif.

    hakim: kamu tidak basuh?

    saifool: tidak.

    hakim: tidak mandi?

    saifool: tidak juga yang arif.

    hakim: jadi kamu tidak ketandas, tidak basuh & tidak mandi selama lebih 2 hari?

    saifool: benar yang arif. saya buat begitu untuk mengekalkan bukti dna yang arif.

    karpal singh: yang arif, nampaknya perbicaraan ini melibatkan edegan 18sx & saya mohon perbicaraan dijalankan secara tertutup.

    hakim: baiklah. perbicaraan ditangguhkan ke esok pagi.

    sekian laporan terus live dari mahkamah tinggi Putrajaya.



  25. Anonymous8:17 am

    sial betui anak siapakah ini sialful?

    kalolah seorang tu nak liwat ke rogol ko and said "can i fuck you today?" takan ko terus pi bilik mandi bersihkan dubur ko dulu?

    bodoh punya melayu umno ni...anak2 melayu umno apabila nak terkena rogol, takan dia pi cuci lobang dulu?...kah kah kah.

  26. Anonymous8:20 am

    'can i fuck u today'
    Kalu aku la kena ayat gitu...memang sah aku kuntau anwar tu...dia bukan muda takut apa..sekali hentak kepala lutut kat telor mesti koma punya!

    kambing pun puas ngembeek sambil terajang2 kaki bila kena pulak lelaki. Gila...ingat tak sakit ke.?...kalu pakai pelincir skalipun ingat mudah2 ke nak masukan zakar dlm lubang dubur? Kalu saiz besar pensil je munkin ok la...tapi kalu dah besar botol sos? Lubang tu kecik je beb! Yg heranya pancut dlm plak tu! Takkan air mani tak brcampur dgn taik dlm usus tu?

  27. Anonymous9:04 am

    Of course it is UMNO's fault. They will even blame UMNO if a cat dies crossing Penang Road.

    But hey, anyone who speaks up against the holy saints are bad.

    Our poor memories may not recall the battle cries calling for free speech, so, this is really a slap on the face.


  28. Anonymous9:34 am

    Tan Tee Beng crocodile father was worse::

    Arrogance of power of Tan Gim Hwa as MPPP President who even leased out State land as MPPP land as 99 years

    The RM2.00 million Tainan Midlands ‘One-Stop Centre’ project is another MPPP scandal of Tan Gim Hwa.

    The Deputy Chief Minister, Dr. Ibrahim Saad has finally admitted in the Assembly during the speech of the DAP Assemblyman for Datuk Krainat, K, Balasundram, that the legality of the RM200 million Tainan Midlands ‘One-Stop Centre1 project is in doubt because of the inclusion of Lorong Reutens in the MPPP lease to Pangkal Permata Sdn. Bhd. – as Lorong Reutens is not MPPP land but State Government land.

    -i say

  29. Nibong Tebal’s Tan defends
    Zahrain, labels CM leader
    without class

    Not afraid to be hauled up by the PKR ( Pakatan Kerangkabut ) disciplinary committee . Maybe he has already removed the planks from the bridge .

    "They can call me a traitor, a BN agent, a CIA agent or anything else. I don't care. I want the people to know who they have voted in to lead Penang."

    "When we speak up and tell the truth, they label us as troublemakers," he said.

    Tan said he wanted to come clean and expose "the real Lim Guan Eng" so the people in Penang would not continue to be fooled by the "outsider from Malacca".

    rest it here :

    Who is lying ? Jeff Ooi says Tan was not happy that the recommendation by his party for him to become the chairman of the Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBAPP)

    Tan Tee Beng says :“For positions in Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBA), Penang Development Corporation (PDA) and investPenang, PKR has to beg,” Tan said, adding that he was nominated by PKR to become a PBA director but was sidelined by Lim for constantly speaking out against him.

    Chairman of PBAPP or PBAPP Director ? Which is which ? Which is the correct version ?

    rest of article here :


    Mr Chow are you saying , what Zahrain is not true ? all the facts brought up by him not true ? Common lah my kong seow wah ! Can you tell me these issues listed below true or not true !

    What about the fast tracking the construction of the much-opposed $ 50 million Penang International Convention Centre (PICC) in Relau, Is this not true ?

    Lim's hypocrisy of 'advocating' press freedom on one hand, while banning certain media groups and reporters from his functions. Barring of NST and Utusan from covering his press conference ? Is this not true ?
    Kampung Buah Pala and Kampung Melayu Tanjung Tokong incidents. Not only failures , bullshitted the people there with their empty promises and tried to shift the blame to the previous BN govt ? Is this not true ?

    Lim was against holding local council elections in Penang for fear of losing control over municipalities, despite being a central figure in DAP's 'third vote' campaign. Is this not true ?

    Penangites were also growing restless with Lim's statements blaming the previous BN administration for everything. Is this not true ?

    Lim's government had failed to attract any notable foreign investments despite spending millions in public funds in frequent foreign trade missions. Is this not true ?

    It's because Lim cannot take criticism when criticised with his planned tiger park project ? Is this not true ?

    Lim government's CAT principles based on competency, accountability and transparency. What happened to the Kampong Buah Pala issue when the state allowed the transfer of ownership during his watch ? Is this not true ?

    What about the dragon boat rowers tragedy ? That the state changed the venue to the open sea without consulting the various maritime agencies of its suitability resulting in the deaths of six students rowers? Is this not true ?

    That the state has allowed illegal restaurants and huts to be built right up to the shore line of the sea in Batu Ferringhi without taking any actions to prevent and demolish those illegal restaurants and dwellings ? That Batu Ferringhi has today become a cowboy town where certain people are allowed to collect illegal parking fees without any action being taken ? Is this not true ?

    That Tanjong Bungah folks have complained to the state on the development of high rise buildings on hill slopes and as of until today , nothing has been done , falling on deaf ears ? Is the state waiting for another tragedy to happen ? and start blaming that the approval was given by the previous govt ? Is this not true ?

    here :

    and many more ......

  31. Anonymous10:46 am

    this Tan should shut up.
    Chased out of Gerakan now giving problems to PR.
    Wonder how much he got paid to stir shit in PR.

    Get rid of useless, trouble making PR members.

    PR supporter

  32. Anonymous11:16 am


    We know you are like the Gerakan and MCA people who only join politics for benefits. We know you are disappointed you were not given the GLC post.

    Now, F--- off and join BN, that's the cesspool you should be in. People like you are ungrateful. If not for DAP and PKR, you won't be an elected rep. Don't forget that.

    And one more thing, people who have switched from the opposition in the past never, never lasted in politics. You were not elected because you were Tan, you idiot.

    Now just go away and be where you belong - BN. And see how far you go. Malaysian politics has changed. And if you don't change, you are doomed!!! You are doomed, anyway.

    People like you should go even if it means PR cannot deny BN the two-third majority. You will see what's gonna happen in the next elections.


  33. Anonymous11:24 am

    why suddenly so silence. x de ke detractors yg nak cakap ni angkara umno.

  34. Anonymous11:32 am

    If Lim Guan Eng is so bad, why did the Auditor General remark that Penang is the best managed state in Malaysia. Besides that, Penang also has a budget surplus while UMNO run states are at a deficit.

    We can't keep borrowing forever to finance our budgets. Our children will have to settle this debt eventually.

    If LGE was a CEO, he would be given a bonus for his achievements.

    Perhaps, Tan should consider joining BN and he can moan about their "excellent" management skills.

    LGE might come across as abit "kayu" to most people but Penang needs someone who cane execute, not someone popular. This is a lesson Barack Obama is learning in the US.

  35. Anonymous11:37 am

    Dear Rocky,
    I think people are a bit frustrated with the internal squabbling and politicking in Pakatan and among its leaders. Surely, Pakatan’s leaders will once again issue a common stand to show their unity. But, I guess such a move is beginning to lose its credibility. The fact remains open disagreements within Pakatan are persistently occurring. So much so it reflects the inability of PR to forge a common ground despite efforts to formalize their partnership. Its ideological gap is so wide and if this is true, internal squabbling in Pakatan will more likely continue. A question that is needed to be asked- how can Pakatan governs effectively with such a distraction and mistrust among partners?

  36. Anonymous1:26 pm


    PKR vs DAP vs PAS instead of
    PR vs BN.

    this is more interesting than
    MU vs Chelsea.

    hopefully the rakyat is the one to gain and not these wicked politicians

  37. Bro

    This is interesting. Refer blog:

    "The Special Officer to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, Nasir Safar, has been asked to resign for calling the early Indian immigrants to Malaya beggars and the Chinese prostitutes. But that is not the icing on the cake. The icing on the cake is that Nasir Safar was the man mentioned in item 30 of PI Bala’s Statutory Declaration:

    “Azilah asked me whether the woman was Aminah and I said ‘Yes’. He then walked off and made a few calls on his handphone. After 10 minutes another vehicle, a blue Proton Saga, driven by a Malay man, passed by slowly. The driver’s window had been wound down and the driver was looking at us.”

    You can read the full text of Bala’s Statutory Declaration below.

    Yes, that man in the blue Proton Saga was Nasir Safar. But the police, who took Bala’s statement, denied it and said that it was a resident from that area and not Nasir Safar. How did the police know this immediately without any further investigation and without taking Nasir Safar’s statement?

    Now, why would the Prime Minister’s Special Officer be at the scene of the crime?"

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  38. Anonymous3:33 pm

    LGE should be replace just like Tom Hicks and George Gillete at Anfield

  39. Roddie Sari3:46 pm


    Your writting used to be one of my favorite to read everytime i log to internet. Day by day, your articles have become worst and worst. Too much BN shit.

  40. Anonymous4:26 pm

    datuk batu api,

    kau ni tak ada kerja lain ke selain menghasut orang,masa kau haprak kena buang dulu tak pulak camni.macam kau cakap lah, moron pun boleh dapat dato'

  41. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Hong Kong movies more often than not has their underground boss having beard and moustache. But that pic, in my humble opinion, if play acting in Hong Kong triad movies, qualify only as an underling running errants for big boss. An unkempt ma chai prowling the streets of Hong Kong.

  42. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Dato' Rocky,

    It is heartening to note that politicians especially from the opposition are now turning to the MSM to "spill the beans!" A great improvement I must say.For as long as they do not say they are being "misquoted" then it is okay.Otherwise the MSM shall forever be blamed.

  43. Anonymous5:45 pm

    The cement OOPPSS..semen found in Saifool's bunghole was donated by ASP Mohd Rodwan Yusof, Musa Hassan's dirty business specialist (the same guy who stole Anwar's DNA from the HKL in 1998 and smeared it on the queensized mattress, along with cum juice from various policewomen). Rodwan aka 1Rod met Saifool in Room 619 of the Concorde Hotel on 25 June 2008. After buggering the Bukhari boy properly, 1Rod carefully collected the cement and kept it in a test-tube so he could later insert Anwar's DNA for the cooperative chemist to discover. Jibby the Joker presents....

  44. Anonymous6:43 pm

    dap won't but guess amno have settled all the gambling debts, along borrowings and all the shits that been piling up...

  45. dato rocky , i learn a new word today.. CIFU?


  46. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Tan, please give concrete reasons why Lim is not fit to be a CM, i.e. genuine blunders he has made.

    Attacking personality won't work. In a team there are divergent personalities. If you don't like the team, leave!

  47. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Can I F*ck You?

    Mmmmm... Gggrrr!!! OK, can oso!

    Saifool can, Ah Beng oso wan.

    Kah! Kah! Kah!

  48. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Saifool got semen in his arsehole but some guy love to plastered semen in their mouth.

  49. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Lim Guan Eng pernah masuk jail kerana menolong Bangsa Melayu,,,!!!

    Pemimpin Melayu adakah berbuat demikian,,????

    To LGE,,jangan dilayan nyamok sekor ni,,,SPRAY saja dengan racun serangga,,!!!!


  50. Anonymous9:57 pm

    One fler said chinese love to prostitute themselves... not all but only some Ah Bengs!


  51. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Latest pick-up line...

    Hoi, Ah Bengs...

    "Can I Fuck You?"

  52. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Datuk Rocky,
    It is sad that a person like you can actually be lured by the dark side. I really enjoyed your blog when you views were impartial and balanced. Now I just visit for the links that are there. Maybe I should stop doing that as well since this may artificially spike your site visits.....good bye!

  53. Anonymous12:23 am

    Another chow chi bai talking through his arsehole.
    This traitor should be strung up like a dog and hung to dry!That 's the trouble with this kataks and the sorry state of PKR to accept this chinku chibais!They say you find the worst in Penang men and this guy beats the cake!

    Gerakan lover

  54. Anonymous1:30 am

    mr rocky , something is wrong with your blog? it is prompting for somekind of password, wanted to email you to notifier this issue , bout dont have your email id . so please check on it please.


  55. Anonymous7:57 am

    What a shameful act from the Malaysian government. Mamak started this game and Najib is finishing it. We look like such stupid folls around the globe. Friends and foes are having a good laugh at us.

    rocky..r u ejaculating now?

  56. Anonymous8:05 am

    The name 'Jude Pereira' seems to conveniently pop up all the time in too many places. Maybe Raja Petra will brief us later on this extremely capable Officer. The whole world is seeing or reading all about Malaysia today. Iwonde how many of them feel when they are accosted in the streets or called upon by their foreign friends on " Malaysia - All of Asia. Unfortunately the adverts on Malaysia show only Indonesian or Malay looking people. Thus saving the other races from ridicule. We must thank the 'clowns' concerned for putting the race to ridicule.

  57. Anonymous8:09 am

    Meskipun perbicaraan kes liwat membabitkan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim masuk hari kedua, hari ini, namun pihak pembelaan masih gagal mendapatkan senarai saksi daripada pihak pendakwa raya.

    Lazimnya, dalam kes jenayah, senarai saksi perlu dibekalkan pada hari pertama perbicaraan. Malah dalam kes sivil, senarai saksi biasanya perlu disediakan atau dipersetujui sebelum perbicaraan bermula.

    Menurut seorang daripada peguam Anwar, Sankara Nair mereka akan mengemukakan permohonan pada Isnin, jika senarai berkenaan tidak dibekalkan esok.

    “Pendakwa tidak berlaku adil dalam perbicaraan ini, malah mereka juga tidak membekalkan senarai saksi kepada kami. Mahkamah Persekutuan ketika menolak permohonan kami berkata senarai saksi boleh diberikan apabila perbicaraan bermula.”

  58. Anonymous9:00 am

    Dok Kecoh Hal "Jubur" Epul, Enjin Sukhoi Hilang 2 Bijik..!
    Kecoh punya kecoh kes liwat Anwar, tak de sorang pun perasan laporan berita dekat bawah ni...
    Two more RMAF jet engines 'lost'

    PETALING JAYA: Two more fighter jet engines were "lost" by the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) in 2007, apart from the two F5 engines that were stolen from its Sungai Besi air base.

    The other two engines "lost" belonged to a newly-delivered Sukhoi Su-30MKM Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA). The aircraft suffered "foreign object damage" (FOD), as it goes in air force lingo, after its engines sucked in stones and other objects as it landed in June 2007.

    Sources said the two NPO Saturn AL-31FP engines were scrapped after suffering "catastrophic damage" when the brand-new Sukhoi jet landed on the runway at the Gong Kedak air base in Kelantan.

  59. Dato',
    Replaced LGE ?
    Replaced DAP ....

  60. I think it is very unbecoming of Tan to make such a comment, i am a 100% Penangite, and i truly support the leadership under Ah Eng, we have seen the changes that are taking place.

    If Tan is sincere in helping his own state to excel, then he should do what is right as an MP to fight for Penang.

    Come on, Tan,i agree that there are some aduns who are not to the expectation but surely that's not Ah Eng.

    Ah Eng is not arrogant, he is a fighter.

    Please remember Tan, you are where you are now, because the rakyat put you there,so please what is necessary to help the state

  61. Rocky surely you can do better than that. This idiot is an MP. As an MP he has not been heard saying one bit over the areas of his concern. On the other hand he is commenting on stuff that does not matter and for which he is not even being paid for.

    You run a newspaper and you should know. Your editorial staff write and of course they can comment on what you publish and the quality of the stuff that is published. On the other hand if your accountant who is cooking the books and unable to produce the monthly bank reconciliation statements and produce for you the statement of who owes you what and so on, and yet he comments on editorial stuff, I am sure you will get mad.

    Firstly i do not think this Tan idiot even knows what his role is as an MP. I don't think he even knows or realises that having failed as an MP he has already failed his constituents. And he should realise that as an MP he does not really need any MP allowances to meet his constituency needs.

    So why give him so much foreplay for

  62. Anonymous12:47 pm!/group.php?gid=283999143787&ref=ts

    Another incitement to Muslim


  63. Lim Guan Eng pernah masuk jail kerana menolong Bangsa Melayu,,,!!!

    Pemimpin Melayu adakah berbuat demikian,,????

    To LGE,,jangan dilayan nyamok sekor ni,,,SPRAY saja dengan racun serangga,,!!!!


    9:53 PM

    Mr Kong Kek Kuat,

    LGE bukan nak tolong gadis melayu, dia nak tolong karier politik dia.

    Pasal isu tu konon boleh jatuhkan KM Melaka.

    Kalau gadis Melayu tu tak boleh dijadikan modal nak jatuhkan KM Melaka, jangan haraplaaaa LGE nak sentuh

    isu gadis Melayu yg dibanggakan anda hanyalah sekadar BATU LONCATAN LGE

    Boleh bagi contoh lagi........ mana kes yg LGE tolong Melayu?


  64. Anonymous4:04 pm

    So, Altantuya died...for what? For 500 million commisen and Razak Baginda holidyaing in London enjoying life.

    The moral of the pays to kill people and massage Najib balls. The more you massage, you get Datukship just like Rocky!


  65. Anonymous5:02 pm

    What is wrong with a CM from Melaka to rule Penang?
    Please get the fact right.

    Our 1st PM's mum was a Thai.
    We have another PM whom was a grandson of an Indian from Kalara.
    We also have another PM who has Chinese blood.
    Further more we have three more PM that was a byproduct of their great grandmother being raped by Dutch in Java and thus produce the European mix look.

  66. Anonymous5:15 pm

    On what criteria was he actually been selected as CM?

    What was previous track records or experiences and achievements?

    For serious INVESTORS, they will want to know all these factors first before wanting to bring in their FUNDS..


  67. Anonymous6:03 pm

    y make a fuss... just admit laa that all chinese in penang are useless. melacca chinese is the best chinese in msia, some said even better than singapore. mca or gerakan or dap.. as long as penangite, melacca anytime better laa.

  68. Anonymous6:43 pm

    when LGE helped the old Makcik in Malacca years ago, it was because the case is against rahim tambi chik.

    Otherwise LGE won't bother about the Malays at all.

  69. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Mak/Pak, sebab orang tu tak cakap magic word tu ke? Dasyat ya, lupa bersopan santun!

    Can I duck you *PLEASE*?

  70. Anonymous8:33 pm

    To all PR hopefuls here,

    Yes, most PKR reps are former BN 'rejected' leaders. That includes Anwar "Mat King Leather" Ibrahim.

    The ONLY genuine PKR rep is Loh Gwo Burne! Even that, he is useless in Dewan Rakyat becoz he can't speak Melayu.

    Yes, these PR hopefuls can't admit the fact; they have been butt-fucked BIGTIME! Especially Penangites!

    Ask Kg Buah Pala folks. Like TTB said, do your own math!

    The consistent intra and inter party squabblings and washing dirty linens are simply over-bearingly nauseating. The rakyat, (mostly who loathe PM 'Flip-Flop' Abdullah and co) are not getting their gambles' worth and tired of the theatrics.

    PR is on the sure road to self destruct!

  71. Anonymous9:47 pm


    Can we somehow get the details of all the companies which get projects from the Penang state government. What company get how much. Who are the owners. Where are their offices, etc.

    You see Rocky, it is easy to claim that 70% of the open tender contract had been won by the Malay. But 70% in term of what?

    If all that 70% contracts are only for RM1,000 projects; but for the million-million projects still be awarded to the 30% non-Malay contractors, TAK GUNO JUGAK KAN?


    and another thing, how can you be really sure that it is free from ALI BABA?


  72. The biggest jokers shouts like they are a bunch of crazy fools. Ask any penangites and they can tell you they do not mind Lim Guan Eng is from Melaka. All they want is an alternative. This guy who is like a crazy man shouting stupid things on the press these days is a complete fool. But hey, look at his father, and you woudn't be surprised

  73. Anonymous12:53 am

    I remember my Chinese friend once told me that Penangites are different from the rest.
    They have a mind of their own.
    They do not follow the crowd.
    It must really hurt to have a Malaccan as a CM.
    It hurts more to see how he is screwing Penang up.
    Penagites, the power is in your hands.
    You can make The Change or you can let LGE say CIFU2Day...and everyday till the next PRU.


  74. Anonymous1:04 am


    Dei, don't believe that you have become a con artist. That 70% or so tenders given by this chauvinist no-class communist KM is a con job too.

    Quantity wise, yes 70% la. But value wise? He He not even 40%! Pundek la lu.

    You are all of 1 race, the Pundek Race


  75. Anonymous2:19 am

    Roddie Sari 3:46

    ...Too much BN shit.

    You ni baru mai dari mana? This article has nothing to do with BN.

    APEK tu orang DAP, yang duk complain pun sekutu dia dalam PR...

    Apahal, semua hal mau tarik nama baik BN?


  76. Anonymous8:50 am

    Please be careful with your postings concerning the on-going Anwar's sodomy court case. You might be charge for contempt of court. You IP addresses are being collected and monitored.

  77. Anonymous9:43 am


    You can say what you want but LGE is a hero to many Malaysians and we know the sacrifices he has made for the nation. Anyway hope you feel good that your articles are contributing to the gradual demise of Malaysia....

  78. Anonymous10:21 am

    I think you people are confused - journalists[rocky] just put up a news - then the reader should evaluate it themselves

    Now because rocky choose this topic - & u all hantam him - very unfair & grow up la

  79. Anonymous10:31 am

    Dear Rocky,

    It's been such a long time since I saw you at the airport.

    Yesterday I discussed with few intellects what went wrong with Malaysia's innovation and productivity . Lots of reference and comparison made against other nations, nearby or faraway.

    Our conclusion, Malaysian, you and me alike, are more incline in politics above everything else. Innovation, economics are among the last in the menu. we asked, when will we wake up. answer was three or four more decades. long way to go and you and me will sleep forever by then.

    good luck Malaysians, the politicians of the universe.

  80. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Quantity wise, yes 70% la. But value wise? He He not even 40%! Pundek la lu.
    1:04 AM
    Ya, these days crutches are not good enuff. They demand wheelchairs before they get on to trolleys.
    For next GE, BN should have in its manifesto that once they win the DE they will pass a law that requires every non-malay to "adopt" a malay (for life).
    No need to work, just sit in wheelchair waiting for trolley

    -my say

  81. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Australia has set up its Customs and Border Protection Service post in Kuala Lumpur to combat human smuggling activities in the region.

    MALAYSIA truly a BANANA nation.

    Na JIN anak laki laki Na JIB

  82. Anonymous10:41 pm

    -my say
    1:14 PM,

    I fully agree with your statement.
    Very very true.

    You need the Malays forever to live here. Not only that but you too need the crutches and wheelchairs to support your own con men.

    Don't emulate that LGE cibai in trying to vanish the Malays cos that won't happen here in this land that has a name called MALAY sia!


  83. I^Luv^Penang5:35 pm

    We should be happy and proud to have LGE as our CM!! Be happy that Penang is doing so well under him and stop accusing him. It doesnt matter where is he from as long as he is doing something good for the Penang state.
    BN supporters especially those who are in UMNO..tell me in which way you guys are better then Chinese and Indians? This country is not stop discriminating other races!!