Friday, January 01, 2010

NO headquarters at PWTC

Updated 2 Jan 20ten: Crime blogger Shamsul Abas of (viewers discretion advised!) sent me more pics this morning, which show more neglect at the Umno headquarters. The blogger took this one from the Sentul police station on 27 Dec 2009.

Original posting:
Nasib baik bukan PWTC yang ghaib! Hamba Allah-Islam (bukan Allah-Katholik) yang hantar gambar ni pagi tadi bersyukur yang amat sebab yang hilang bukan bangunan Umno tapi dua huruf saja.

Maklumlah, kalau enjin jet pun boleh hilang ....


  1. Jenggg X38:50 pm

    ka ka kah... NO to UMNO... ka ka kah...

    hmm... ni memang misteri...

    tim siasat akan bertolak dari Jemapoh ke Manchestee esok pagi...

    kita siasat kalau 'M' dan 'U' kini digantung di Old Trafford... ka ka kah...

    siapa nak ikut tolong berkumpul pukul 7 pagi esok depan warong pak li...

    pastikan paspok masih sah... ka ka kah...

  2. Anonymous9:04 pm

    ini menandakan pada pru13 UMNO akan diterkubur ..... kita dapat lihat pemerintah yang lemah dan dah tak berani nak bersuara tak seperti tun dr mahathir yang mana parti pembangkang semua kecut perut dibuatnya

  3. Anonymous9:06 pm

    lawak betoi. aku bet tak berapa saat lagi Parpukari akan keluar satu artikel blaming Anwar for this.

  4. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Itu pun nak jadi isu,

    kepala kartun betul rakyat Malaysia ni...

    Saya yg sedang merantau kat Germany ni tak nampak la ada isu-isu bodoh macam ni diketengahkan kat sini (Germany)...

    tu yg membezakan otak org negara maju dengan otak org berlagak mcm negara maju...

    org melayu dan Malaysia..henti2kan lah berbincang isu bodoh2 mcm mat salleh kat sini setiap hari memikirkan pasal angkasa, alam sekitar, teknologi, inovatif..korg kat Malaysia balik-balik bincang isu kang-kung mcm ni...

    aku sayang Malaysia


  5. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Another Najib Copperfield,,,,!!!

    HARGA rokok naik wa ta'kisah coz banyak kilang HARAM di sekitar DENGKIL,,,,mengusahakan rokok INDONESIA,,,tak percaya tanya PEGAWAI KASTAM kawasan tersebut...!!!

    DAH lama mereka dapat duit saku "BUAT DEK AJA"


  6. Well said Jenggg X3

  7. Tok Pawi10:44 pm


  8. so funny eh jenggX3 , gelak ler selagi boleh

  9. looks like an inside job, Building owners must look for the culprits immediately

  10. Anonymous11:47 pm

    A BIG NO to shitty UMNO

  11. Anonymous11:58 pm

    It's a sign perhaps??

    Sudah Muak

  12. Anonymous12:14 am

    aiyo, so sour grape "allah-islam" or "allah-katholik." why so sore? you extremists here in malaysia really make me laugh.

  13. Anonymous12:33 am

    tim siasat chek dulu ngan bapak dr.fazli tu....huruf tu buat dari ape....kalu aluminium mesti mat pet co kit yg jual...ha ha haa

  14. salam....

    tak jauh hilangnya U dan M tuuu...
    Khalid Samat jer pinjam...tambah depan..
    UMP (sebut umph!) atau UMPAS (sebut AMPAS!)....sebut betul-betul "Khalid ada
    umph hasilnya tapi ampas!"

  15. Anonymous3:08 am

    jeng3, apecite arsenal no 3? by the way, good one on Allah katolik and Allah Islam. :)

  16. Anonymous4:22 am

    Part 1

    Leaving aside a kahkahing crow gagging on a huge cock thrust into its narrow oral orifice and its madcap rantings emanating from shit clogged and cum swamped brain , the missing alphabets must be a divine warning of things to come if one blasely ignores the continued trampling of Pribumi Muslim rights by rogue elephants and pigs. Keep on succouring and mollycoddling the pendatang and pay a heavy price at the next polls is the subliminal message behind the missing "um" which ironicaly denotes United Malay/Muslim..LOL

    My last take on the 'ALLAH" issue:

    The etymology of a word posits that its origins and coinage is essentially socio-cultural and dictated by prevailing circumstances. In other words, a term comes into existential being through popular and widespread use as the case of "credit crunch" implies (see Star, print edition, 30/12).
    The term ALLAH ,in Arabic, came into being as the universal address for the Almighty amongst the Semitic racial group ever since Adam alahisalam. Ibrahim (as), Musa (as) and Isa (as) being fellow Muslims and receipients of the early syariats of Islam continued that usage and it should be of no surprise that the term gained currency through their proselytisation and became common parlance amongst the Arabs as is prevalent today. The usage of Allah is,in its essence premised, on a monotheistic framework and to ascribe partners. sons and lovers and ghouls to the Almighty is shirk to say the least and Muslims who consent to this are murtads who have left the pale of Islam

    There are Muslims who quote from the Quran to justify such usage. Be reminded that in elucidating the revealation, the Prophet Nuhammad (peace upon him and his family)merely endorses the monotheistic conceptualisation of Allah. Hence when he says the Lord of "the Ahlul Kitab and the Mukmin......" as in Ali Imran, he is merely emphasising the Oneness of the Almoghty (the essence tauhidism) and nothing more for who is the Prophet but the seal of the lineage that harks back to Adam and isnt he the inheritor of the monotheistic faith as preserved by the Najran Hunafas (hanifs). It is also this unassailable adherence to monotheism that is alluded to by a famous hadith that proclaims that the world will never end as long as the kalimah" there is No god Except Allah" is kept alive. The term Allah then is the crux of Islam, the essence of which is encapsulated succintly in Al-Ikhlas" while Islam's unique position as a belief system not to be commingled and contaminated with man-made cults is emphasised in Al-Kafirun.

    Arsewhore, Shah Alam Crossbearer, Turban Munafucking Nikki or even Bee Lans aside, it should not be lost on my fellow Muslims that despite using Allah in their liturgy, Syrian and Egyptian Copts, Lebanese Maronites and Palestinian Christians etc have not embraced u can chew the cud until the cock crows seven and yet see your Catholic neighbour toting a "Allah" bible at your gates, till as they say "kingdom come".
    Monotheism has never been the raison d'etre ith the heretic Jewish and Christian cults, the latter a polythistic spawn of the Abrahamaic monotheism. In fact,those well-versed in Christian philosophical, liturgical and eccelesiastical polemics would be aware of the fact that one of the main causes of divergence between Catholicism and the Calvin-Luther-Zwingli inspired Protestant reform movement was the trenchant idolatry (Mariolatry), liturgical and eccelesiatical schisms pervadig Catholicism exacerbated by the all-pervasive influence of their priesthood in all sphers of life.Hence, dont be surprised by the anak A....., Roh...... etc rubbish in the Catholic Herald which would be akin to dragging the sacrosanct term through the gutter, a diabolical spiritual insult if ever there was one !

    Warrior 231

  17. Anonymous5:11 am

    Part 2

    The judgement itself reeks of unfathomable absurdities.

    1.Justice Lau Bee Lan also declared that under Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution, applicant Titular Roman Catholic Archbishop Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam had the constitutional right to use “Allah” in the Herald in the exercise of his right that religions other than Islam might be practised in peace and harmony in the country.

    Q: How can there be peace and harmony when the crux of the issue relates to a term entwined with tauhidism (monotheism) and sacrosanct to Islam the religion of the Federation.

    2. She further ruled that the Constitution, which states Islam as the country’s religion, did not empower the minister to make such a prohibition.

    Q: This is an absurdity as clause 5 of Article 11 pertaining to religious freeedom implicitly allows for this:
    "This Article does not authorize any act contrary to any general law relating to public order, public health or morality". (Clause 5 Art 11)
    Further clause 2(a) of Article 10 is clear in its imputation and the same clause would automatically abrogate any right to free speech if such speech causes incitement to any offence. Hence it would be preposterous to say that the Minister had failed to provide any evidence of threat to national security for isnt indirectly besmirching another belief system through the utilisation of its core constructs (when alternatives (eg:tuhan) are readily available)constitute "incitement".

    The fact that the judge deemed the Minister deficient in proving any threat cannot obfuscate other more important issues i.e., how did she arrive at the judgement without first etymologically elucidating the origins of the term "Allah"? What tests of logic did she use to deduce that the term is generic? Why are other alternative and uncontroversial terms not apllicable in this context? Did she study the implications of substituting "Allah" in the said contexts and evaluate the consequences of such applications before deducing that such usage/ translations would not be incendiary? If so, whom or what precedents/circumstances did she refer to in arriving at her decision and were they were made available for scrutiny or coss-examination?

    Further if the CH is merely for circulation amongst the Christian laity, what measures are in place to ensure that such is the case ( we know of previous attempts at controlling the Harakah. dont we?) + how if the CH is distributed via photocopying or other similar means of dissemination

    In conclusion, there are more questions than answers that meet the eye as nebolous judgements are wont to generate and it would be interesting how these are answered in the written grounds. I await in anticipation.

    Warrior 231

  18. Anonymous6:20 am

    NO UMNO, this is the wish of Allah all mighty and the wish of poor rakyat.

  19. el-Barokhas7:43 am


    Allah sendiri, dalam surah al-Ankabut, Ayat 46, menegaskan Tuhan umat Mohammad dan Tuhan bagi umat ahli-ahli Kitab yang lain adalah Dia yang satu.

    Dan Rocky masih berani melepaskan kata-kata sinis seperti "bukan Allah Katholik".


  20. Anonymous7:46 am

    I suspect its foul play.

    Man, this is war.


  21. The Malay government is definitely not security conscious!

  22. Anonymous8:35 am

    Bro Rocky,

    Is there a need to put "Allah-Islam" and "Allah-Katolik" here? I'm a non-Muslim and i can understand why the Muslims are upset about the court's decision. However, God's name is not for us to play around with, bandying it as a rally call to satisfy our human needs. It should not even be brought to court. But at least there the matter is of legality, and the Name would not be used sarcastically as you have used it in this posting.

    Please Rocky, you're not the only one who worship a God. I personally think the way you're using His name here is somewhat sarcastic and insulting.

    Seeing your comments lately however, I'd assume that you'd respond to this comment of mind with your "defensive" attitude, and not take it as a sincere reproach from a fellow Creation of the Almighty.

    God Bless.


  23. this makes me smile!.

  24. Anonymous10:17 am

    Is that irony for you?
    Great shot. Hope no one got hit by the U or M...................

  25. Tok Najib hmmm.... we are watching your KPI. Dont be the last PM from UMNO...RAHMAN was not the end...Allahuakhbar!

  26. Anonymous11:32 am

    Pasquale said...
    The Malay government is definitely not security conscious!

    8:22 AM

    Read this to confirm Pasquale's assertion:


  27. Anonymous11:36 am

    Rockybru, thanks for reminding us. Yes, the rakyat will say NO to UMNO in the next General Election. :)

  28. agak2 terasa tak??


    8:35 AM

    "However, God's name is not for us to play around with,"

    Feeling our pain then? Good.

  30. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Some entrepreneurial UMNOputra decided to steal the letters, keep them and then sell them on ebay after UMNO gets thrown out by the rakyat in 2013.


  31. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Rocky, bila nak keluarkan gambar Anwar panjat PWTC hari tu !!!!

    Hamba Allah-UMNO yg sentiasa sensitif

  32. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Macam ni saja lah. Just let it be. Lets see what happens. If someone torches a kirk, they can always repair, rebuild or renovate it. It will be good for economic stimulus. If someone gets killed, well you can always have more children to replace those people who got killed. Life goes on.

  33. Anonymous1:53 pm

    This can reflect the decay and lack of conscientiousness in the owner and workers in the building. It also show the lack of pride.

    Further diagnostics are :

    1. the cleanliness and state of repair of toilets

    2. cleanliness and state of repair of staircases

    If these two items are in bad shape then the above is true.

  34. nstman2:12 pm

    This is an omen portending the end of Umno. This is it. This will surely presage the collapse of Umno. You dont have to be prescient to realise Umno is already a basket case.

  35. CommonerNinetyNine4:33 pm

    looks like sabortage more than natural wear out.

    if umno can start its year with such an attack (i personally think this is pure sabortage), then this is live or die year for it.

    external enemies are hard to fight, but internal ones, hard to even see where they come from.

  36. Anonymous5:56 pm


    UMNO is no longer important...

    Rosmah is more important than UMNO....

    Joe Black

  37. Anonymous9:49 pm

    tak perlulah berhujah panjang lebar nak mengelirukan org,yg patut kita tanya untuk apa,untuk apa?untuk lebih liberal,toleransi,
    tulisan kecik ALLAH dalam bible mungkin tak memberi kesan sngat sbb tak ramai umat islam baca bible tapi bayangkan jika diprint dibaju2 banner,hatta dalam filem nama Allah digunapakai,kalau filem baik mngkin terpaksa kita telan tapi kalau filem porno? no more oh god.....sial pnya leberal.Nanti kat Mekahpun diaorang boleh pg melancong coz kita tahu sejarah Mekah kan asal dari Nabi Ibrahim. a.s.Belajarlah apa itu bini engkau,kawan pejabat aku...

  38. Anonymous11:39 pm

    someone lowly ranked UMNO ppl stole the two letters and probably sold it for 100sen.


  39. Nah....isu gini pun tak lepas nak main politik.....Woi, si sangRocky, tolong sedar diri, ini bukan isu politik.......jangan dok heret jadikan isu politik, jangan main perasaan rakyat! Allah hanya ada satu saje, ada paham? Kita tau hang ade motif yg tak suci, apa jua agenda hang.....jangan sindir pasal hal Tuhan!

  40. Anonymous1:20 am


    This is a clear case and testimony of the failure of a 'mamak' from nurturing a Malay race that can match the way the fellows administer the 'red dot' below our beloved Malay Peninsular.

    You should know better - you were from that 'dot'.

    See for yourself, how the Malays discharge their duties in the immigration, customs, police and other enforcement agencies.

    And how are they being paid?

    You know that many of them are Malaysians, on employment permit?

    Why is it they can serve foreigners with strict adherece to the guidelines and procedures in that 'dot'?

    They can do it in Malaysia too, had it not been for this 'mamak' who took them on a journey along the narrow path of 'ketuanan and misue of our national resources' for selfish purposes.

    By the way, have you any idea how many 'suspects' lost their lives in the 'red dot' police stations while being interrogated by Malaysians who are working there under working permits?

    Or for that matter, how many lost their lives when being questioned by the Anti Corruption department in that 'red-dot'?

    I know of only one ruling party people's rep committing sucide when he was being investigated by the 'Anti-Corruption' authorities in that red dot.

    That too, not while he was in the office where he was being investigated. It was in his own home.

    But in Malaysia - so different lah!

    When it comes to monopolising and serving in Malaysian civil service - it revolves mainly around 'corruption', 'tidak-apa attitude', 'ketuanan behaviour' and not wanting to compete equally with other Malaysians, 'stealing of jet engines', 'filling up Sabah with illegal immigrants', etc?

    The above trends were introduced into our lives in Malaysia by the 'mamak' who though he was returning a favour to the Malays for 'accepting' him as a Malay.

    As for the fate of that building's identity.

    Its a shame that the buggers are not taking things seriously.

    That institution was established to mean well for ALL Malaysians but when the current batch of 'intellectuals' join the rat race to out do each other in amassing ill-gotten gains and use the racial cards to instill fear in non-Muslim Malaysians, this is what happens.

    The buggers do not care a damn for even the identity preservation of an institution that spearheaded the country's Independence movement.

    And...see for yourself how the 'Malay' club in Kg Baru, KL is NOT being showcased as a tourist attraction.

    Millions are being spent on the Dataran Merdeka and other sleazy locations in the Golden Triangle (tourists' night spots - konon nya) but no focus on a historical site in Kg Baru.

    This is how the mamak has made the Malays lose focus and instead become lazy and greedy.

    And you all thought this mamak, (who declared that he was an Indian when enroling for an MBBS in that red dot) was actually fighting for the improved lives of ALL genuine Malays?

    Remember the drama where he cried that he had 'failed' to change the Malays?

    He actually ruined the progress of the Malays whose lives could have become better than the Malaysians who are now working in that red dot under work permits.

    Our Malays lost an opportunity to be better than that red dot.

    Our currency rating against the US was better than that of the 'red dot' when we let go of this 'red dot'.

    We were so far ahead economically when we did that in 1965.

    But when the mamak fellow took over, we were heading down...all the way.

    And we are still on course..downwards.

    Bodoh punya Malaysians...never want to let a Keling remain a Keling.

    This is the price we pay.. not only for our generation but for the ones that will be coming later.


  41. Dr M Tak Boleh8:09 am

    The Malays in UMNO had failed badly for the nation, when Dr M think that he is what it take for the country to move forward it actually headed backward. He always think that he is a LKY equal but in actual fact he can't even be compared to a "leg hair" of LKY. See what he had done for the Malays in 22 years of darkness? His success is what LKY said in the Parliament in the early 60s,by making a few Malays rich and every otter Malays calling them Tuan. This old man LKY is really a legend by making Dr M the biggest fool in modern history.

  42. Anonymous8:15 am

    UMNO had failed the Malays.

    You just have to take the example of the railway KTM where in actual fact is a British establishment and after 53 years nothing the Malays to claim credit. Now the Chinese government had build a railway that carries thousands from Kwangtung to Anghu at 380KM per hour, that is what I call BOLEH!

  43. Non-partisan8:33 am

    Can't the UMNO management do something about it immediately before the issue drags on and unnecessarily exploited? Surely you dont't need DSN to personally issue instruction on this.

  44. Non-partisan9:01 am


    A creature like you whose both heart and eyes are bilnded by your extreme and everlasting odium could never see whatever good things one has contributed to the country.

    Whatelse can I say other than my sympathy for you.

  45. Anonymous11:18 am

    = Nzain = 12:53 pm

    "Feeling our pain then? Good."

    Bro, it seems that you have misunderstood my comment. Your pain is that of other religion using the name "Allah" to refer to their God. As I have said, I understand why the Muslims may be upset (due to the 'reason' behind it, etc)..

    Read "el-Barokhas" comment at 7:43 am.. he said EXACTLY what i had in mind when i wrote my earlier comment.

    My advise to Bro Rocky was simply that if He respects His God, then he should not be using His Name "sarcastically". read his posting again and tell me if it was not sarcastic (and of course, aimed at the Catholics). What I find funny is that there he was saying that Allah name is Holy and yet he himself is using it in vain (for his own spinning or such, but in vain nonetheless, for it was used in a sarcastic context). At least the Catholics who want to use the name "Allah" use it in adoration.

    Bro Rocky, your issue here is racial, not religion and certainly not God.


  46. I guess this pretty much sums up the attitude of Umno towards itself


  48. Anonymous1:26 pm

    woit. kah kahkah..kah. bloggers yang berjaya adalah mereka yang telah menaikkan taraf mereka. Asalnya reporter, naik tochang, pencen daripada menjadi wartawan, jadi blogger,dan 'hentam' kerajaan. kah kah...kah ...kah lpas tu dapat tawaran lumayan termasuk dapat jawatan tinggi dalam akhbar yang kurang laris pun ta ape, asalkan bahgia dengan, 'the new found wealth' sekarang ini tidak lagi hentam kerajaan tetapi membariskan 'herd of' people yan g boleh menulis dan herdik pembangkang dapat tawaran lumayan. Berapa kah gaknya tawaran. Rocky boleh jawab kot.?

  49. Anonymous2:16 pm

    They knew abt it, yet they dont want to get it fixed.


    Busy fighting amongst each other as to who will get the project to put up the other 2 letters, U and M. All trying to jack up the price ala Umno style. Someone is going to be very happy laughing all the way to the bank.


  50. Ko pergi tanya Khalid Sama lepas ni bila budak-budak PAS tu jerit TAKBIR kita nak jawab huakbar ke halleluyah?


  52. Anonymous6:37 pm

    takkan ler hilang perkataan tu pon cakap UMNO akan terkubur next election..guna laa akal siket..orang yang bawak sepanduk berjuta dalam election pon boleh kalah teruk...

  53. Anonymous7:26 pm

    What happen to Da Vinci Code? Wouldn't that offend the christians? Stop this nonsense once & for all.
    By the way, even the Sikh uses Allah as God. Apa macam? Challenge the Sikhs.
    Why some Malaysian moslems are so weak minded? Oh come on.....Engage your fellow people of the book.
    I thought early moslems presented their case to Etophian King. And granted scantuary. Ah so....

  54. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Wa,,Piang,,,UMNO Satu Malaysia tunjuk kuat memperjuangkan Kalimah ALLAH,,,!!!!!

    BUKAN kah itu MENGHINA Mahkamah,,??!!! Why the POLICE did not arrest them????????

    My FRIEND POLICE yang bukan beragama ISLAM,,ingin keluar jadi POLIS coz di LENCANA ada kalimah ALLAH,,,amacam????????


  55. Pasquale,

    Probably you are right.

    Could you kindly tell us who was the Minister of Defense, when the two F5E jet engine were first missing (assumed 'stolen')?

  56. Rocky = ada video Anwar ceramah depan Bishop di blog saya.

    Mohon sedikit 'publisiti' dari Rocky untuk popularkan Anwar Ibrahim.

    Dia memang popular di kalangan pejuang Kristian yang beria ia nak guna nama Allah.

    Tetapi tak nak ikut Rasulullah sebagai kekasih Allah.

    Oh ye, saya minta maaf kerana tak minat dengan gambar tulisan NO dah hilang.

    sebab tak jadi isu besar kecuali utk elak sentuh isu besar...


  57. O course la bro. Now got no more funds to tap from Selangor and Penang, an or a short while there, Perak also, how to upkeep HQ. Right? Just imagine what will happen when Federal government changes? All the government offices in UMNO buildings throughout the country also move out of them as well as MCA, MIC an Gerakan buildings!!! Is that a good enough reason to make sure they never loose?

  58. Disappointed with you bro! What and why Allah Islam an Allah Katholick for? Learn something from Goebbels?

  59. In case if you are not sure why I might be disappointed with you. I have friends who are Muslim. Even though I may not care too much for their faith, I do care, respect and honour their faith. Even though I write anonymously under this pseudonym my respect for the faith of my friends does not permit me to ridicule their faith. You are and in your previous posting promoting such animosity. Well, if you tell me that you don't have any Catholic/Christian friends, then I understand.

  60. No,No, No...many pro Pakatan commenters are way off their mark on this one. I say the _ _ N O is a sign for 2010 and means,

    - NO more blaming of UMNO for anything bad under the sun;just because the Pakatan have nothing good to say about themselves, does not help that they talk bad about BN. Could work in 2008 but Malaysians are a lot more clever and pragmatic then Pakatan leader like to think.

    - NO more blaming Dr Mahathir for the plight of the Malays; the Malays are fully responsible to what happened to them, so lets move on;

    - NO more telling the Malays that they should be this or that or whatever, leave the tolerant Malays be, they are fine as they are, let them find their own level. NO body kacau Petronas Management see how well they have done and now reputed to be the new "seven sisters" of the oil industry;

    - NO more missing jet engines; Angkatan Tentera Malaysia better buck up.

    - NO more pussyfooting by the Government when dealing with citizens of any race who makes seditious or intimidating statements designed to incite the masses against the King and the Government Institutions.Charge them and sent them to jail pronto.

    - NO more, please no more talking about how great the little city state down south is. They have their own problems and hey they are flocking to Malaysia every weekend and long holidays just to escape the stifling atmosphere there and of course enjoy our scenery and our delicious but cheap food.

    - NO more talk about how different we Malaysians are lets talk about how similiar we are. More 1 Malaysia stuff.


  61. Anonymous2:41 am

    Tak payah betulkan. Nanti 2013 nak kena turunkan balik.

  62. aiyah bru kalau mau jadi pencacai amno pun pada2 la. benda kecil pun mau kecoh. byk lagi benda penting pemimpin amno mau buat.

  63. Anonymous2:33 pm

    The LKY arse-licking fellow writing in the name of "Dr M Tak Boleh" should be told that chauvinist LKY was deliberately trying to put down the Malays and coined his so-called "Malaysian Malaysia" slogan to subvert the Special Position of the Malays that has been enshrined as Article 153 of the Malaysian Constitution. He didn't succeed and got kicked out of malaysia instead. He is still trying to do so with the likes of this fellow licking him along the way.

    Of course this puny brained fellow will not acknowledge the many accolades that the Malays have showered on TDM. Admittedly there were shortcomings for TDM was only human. Of course the arselickers say LKY is perfect, God like. But do read Temasek Review from time to time to broaden your thinking beyond the narrow connfines of your being, man.

    Then the fellow at 8.15 PM glowingly praised the communist Chinese government building a railway that carries thousands from Kwangtung to Anghu at 380KM per hour. Another puny, peanut-sized brain which should be rolling in the multitude of problems the Chinese are facing which he seems to be oblivious of.

    Grow up boy. Learn about China having 3,500 years of history and a huge population but became an international pariah politically and economically until only a decade or so ago.