Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ah, Masrenny and Asmawati!

updated 20 Jan, 7pm:
Bernama - Malaysia should continue to provide assistance
Dr M praised Bernama TV's 4 journos for their part in the Viva Palestina. BRTV was the only media from Malaysia that took part in the 3-week international convoy. Malaysia was the only country from Asia that participated.

Click H E R E for some pics of the Viva Palestina convoy-ers from Malaysia.

Original article:
B for Brave. These Brtv or Bernama TV journalists were part of a Viva Palestina international humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza. The two newscasters, along with two other BRtv colleagues, were the only Malaysian media in the convoy.

And who was it that said Bernama TV should stick to "food, fashion and beauty"?

* Four Perdana Leadership Foundation (PLF) staff were also on the convoy, which saw 450 people from various countries took part. One of them, who also dodged bullets in Baghdad, wrote a scathing piece To Muslims, Egypt has lost its moral ground. If you're not invited to lunch with them at the Perdana Leadership Foundation tomorrow, read what Masrenny and Asmawati had to go through during the 3-week convoy here.


  1. come lote jugok mokcik2 tu ye

  2. B for Brave, Bravo and Bergetah....

    and yes Egypt has lost the moral ground in fact it should be booted out of the OIC and the Arab League.It should also apply to the United States to be annexed by Israel in exchange for a Palestinian State for good measure.

  3. hello, Why are you singing praises for the Macik2 ? They were not in the war zone covering any prime-time news risking their lives. Infact it was like honey-moon for them visiting Syria, Jordon, Egypt, Turkey etc. we are yet to see any photos of them in Gaza.The fact that they had no toilet facilities does not mean they endured much pain.What type of journalism is this ,'following huge convoy', what risk ? It was like a 4-wheel expedition on a highway ! Remeber K.P WARAN of NST covering news from the Killing Fields...

  4. Hot stuff,
    single lagi ke?

  5. Pemerhati8:17 pm

    We the world Muslims can show our disgust at the vile attitude of Egypt by boycotting the Haj in 2010!

  6. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Alahai Mat Rocky!!! cerita ka apa?

  7. Anonymous8:53 pm

    iam proud of these 4 people!!

    it is easily fardhu kifayah, and easily their simple act actualy relieved the millions of muslims here of basic responsibility to participate and show signs of support, and protect us from wrath of The Almighty.


  8. KickAnwar'sButt10:22 pm


    After a heavy stuff of Allah issue, blog about two come-lote brave BrTV journalist gives some what a breather and perhaps hopes of what Malaysians can do at the International front as crucal as the Palestinian issue. But of course, on the other hand, people like Anwar, N.Ajis and the likes are working so hard to destroy our society at whatever cost.

    Denone - ghaso nok gi ghetek ko lunch tu tapi oghe tok jeput...
    hik...hik.. .hik.

  9. skilgannon10669:33 am

    In the interests of fair and balanced reporting (a la the Fox TV channel), you might have mentioned that Hamas are not angels of peace, love and moderation.

    And that the Palestinian Authority, post-Yasser Arafat, has been split in a schism between the "moderates" and the "ultras".

    You might have also mentioned that the late Gus Dur insisted on keeping an open channel to the Israeli government, something that the mainstream media in Malaysia have conveniently ignored.

    And I seem to recall that the Malaysian govt has previously warned foreign NGOs in getting involved in the country's internal matters.

    So, why the outrage over the Egyptian govt's policy?

    A case of double standards?

  10. Anonymous10:09 am

    yes..bernama news is hot & salsy..

    Kinabatangan flood worsens, 2,145 people evacuated

    KINABATANGAN, Jan 19 — The number of flood evacuees at the relied centre here has reached 2,145 from 451 families.

    A spokesman for the Kinabatangan Flood Operations Control Centre said they were placed at the relief centres including community and multi-purpose halls, while some took shelter with relatives not affected by the flood.

    He said most of the victims are from Kampung Kuamut, Kampung Tulang-Tulang, Kampung Desa Permai, Kampung Tangkuyan and Kampung Balat, while some victims were evacuated from Kampung Sangau, Kampung Bukit Garam and Kampung Seri Manis.

    Two more villages affected by the flood today are Kampung Nusa Jaya and Kampung Buang Sayang, he said when contacted by Bernama.

    He said the water level of Sungai Kinabatangan at 6pm was recorded at 11 metres which is considered unsafe. — Bernama

    looks like no honeymoon for our dear kinabatangan MP Mr Bung..hehehehhehe

  11. Anonymous10:58 am

    To Pemerhati,

    What kind of Haji do you perform in Egypt?

    Mekah is in Saudi Arabia, last time I checked.


  12. Anonymous11:07 am

    breaking news? huh?

  13. Bru..lu letak gambar comey2 pun dieorang kutuk..

    Macam ni letak je gambar2 dari ParpuKari....

  14. Anonymous11:53 am

    Masrenny & Asmawati,

    You two girls are exceptional.
    Keep it up angels.
    Congrats Engku Emran.


  15. i didn't see bernama tv reports on gaza by the two ladies so can't comment much on their news reporting. but the only malaysian reporter who has some credibility in covering war and disaster zones is the star's shahanaz habib. tak tau la kalau shahanaz pun ikut rombongan, rasanya tidak.
    anyway jangan la puji presenter je, cameraman and the rest of the crew pun buat keje juga.

  16. Anonymous1:30 pm

    alamak.....the 'Malaysia Boleh' mentality strike !!


  17. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Egyptian authorities detained Malaysian convoy member? Ha ha, what a slap on our face. So much talk about our "roles and contributions" in NAM, OIC, South-south cooperation, Commanwealth, etc. This is not the first time the muslim countries snub us. When we bid to host the last Asian Games, logically, we should be the favourite, as we already have facilities in place built for the commanwealth games. The arab brotherhood voted for Qatar, which has just probably one stadium at the time. Last year, the AFC president, an arab, wanted to relocate AFC headquarters away from KL.

  18. this is the second time I came across a comment like this

    << Pemerhati said...

    We the world Muslims can show our disgust at the vile attitude of Egypt by boycotting the Haj in 2010! >>

    Hello, from your suggestion alone reveals that you are a non muslim masquerading, especially when muslim don't make pilgrimage to Egypt!!!

    I would type a few profanities for you but out of respect to bro rocky, I shall refrain, but you can imagine what they would be.

    ANd to some other commentators about the trip done is like a drive, well you were never one voulunteer are you?

  19. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Dei Bro SatD

    Keep your hands off the one in green. that's my no4, mmm she popped outta the teapot, remember? ;)

    anyway bro, bravo and kudos for your dissection of the pagan Catholic conspiracy. I will be putting out my timebombs soon that will have a certain bastard(slang) pakiam gagging on his plate of shit while his bowels clamp up with constipation. That fuckbeest has conned everyone bigtime for there were other terms in use and the use of "Allah" in those translations were part of Dutch state policy... i have the evidence and will release it up the pigcock cocksuckling, mafucking paderi's arse, real soon. Aint no momma's cunt will be big enough for this potbellied, blaspheming bastard to hide in. As for the chingkie cocksuckling Hadis, anak samads, anak ibrahims and uncircumcised and unwashed dickheads like the Dog Zul fella... a dose from their esteemed turban lollipop's (guess who? nah! not that corrupt, cuntworm from kelante) own tome will show the "MOSSlem(mings)they really are....kafir murtads they surely are now if measured against the words of their own ilk. The game is on now for these bastards and aint no cocktorn shithole (wink2) be big enough for them to hide in! the hunt is on and ah gonna come out guns ablazing.

    Almost 20 years on, an armed to teeth and nuclear bomb arsestuffed illegitimate son of the American pimp and the Brit whore cannot even deal with a pipsqueak "ultra" jihadis of Hamas. in the process, they ran for their lives from Levant (Lebanon)pursued by a ragtag Hizbollah...its all a matter of time for the final nail to be driven into the Crusader-Jewish scum coffin and they know its coming....real soon. Egypt?? since the bastard kafir anwar (why do all the troublemaking bastard scums have this name is beyond mah ken!) sadat tethered his camel to the Jew's Kibbutz, Egypt has eefectively become the Unfettered Satan's 52nd bastard offspring. a lackey who thrives on handouts with no mind of its own...reminds one of a certain akillessanon, right folks?

    Yeah, the same one who took a potshot at me and accused me of being someone else when ah" have no reason to hide mah identity from you folks..its Warrior 231, folks..always been and will be, always signed and always tagged as such. Umm, ah better patent that pseudo 'nless some scum bloke take it to be generic and 'ssociate every T(roll)om, D(eus)ick and H(uman)arry (u know the holy trinity..stuff again, damn..) with me... Folks, quick file a suit and get the bee to declare that to be so in court...hahahaha

    What a stupid bee with a pantiful of pee from the fuckedup Unholy See who cannot ree a C from an E pissing wee from her cunty pea ....hahahahaha. Stupid, idiotic bitch..zzzzzzzz

    Warrior 231

  20. Pune Deck3:45 pm

    Reading how the Egyptian behave, I am beginning to understand why PAS behave the way they behave.

    Most of PAS are Azhar graduate ... hehehe.

  21. Anonymous4:25 pm


    Skilly, skilly...

    Masa kecil dulu, apa sebenar terjadi kat hang? Grow up to sooooo bitter with anything that is for the better?

    Selalu kena rotan ker masa kecil dulu?

    Learn to appreciate human beings OK?


  22. Anonymous4:35 pm


    hello...let me tell you bukan senang-lah brother. tough-lah.

    long hard journey. you ingat ni travel around england or europe.

    just becaus eyou havent seen them in Gaza, doesnt mean they were not there. you mesti tak nonton BernamaTV.

    KPWaran...of course... but go ask the NST people-lah...he did not cover the killing fields.

    Rocky -- wasn;t it Terence fernandez yang mengutuk BernamaTV in his column.
    Isn't he the very same terence who cried to be sent back home to Malaysia after the "attack" by Iraqi armed men?
    i was told he was scared shit.
    wah sekarang, macam GAH nak bantai semua orang.
    di Iraq, kecut teloq.

  23. Anonymous4:36 pm


    wow...zionist-lover that you are.

  24. Anonymous4:44 pm

    NEW DELHI: India rolled out a full state ceremonial welcome for Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak at the Rashtrapati Bhavan (President's Palace) here today.
    On a cold and foggy winter morning, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife, Gurshana Kaur, warmly welcomed Najib and his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, at the forecourt of the magnificent red-brick British-built palace.
    Kah kah kah kah kah kah kah kah...!!!

    Welcome back "Murujib"..!

    Kah kah kah kah kah kah kah kah...!!!

  25. dei Warrior

    gua sudah cantik imagine Ménage à trois lu datang lambat banyak cantik mau claim.....

    apepasai y never singgah my blog bro..datang la a simple hello would be great.....

    I'm now ahbeng hunting join the fun...this bunch dont qualify to enter my kitchenware collection..bagi makan kat tikus jalanan aje kut....

    c u soon...

  26. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Okay!!! Stop press rocky..

    Let's have the following associations registered in the name of protecting the rights of the various groups. Here's the list :-

    HANTAM - Himpunan Tamil Malaysia

    GaNaS - Gabungan Nasionalis Sabah

    PETIR - Persatuan Orang Temuan

    HOBINS - Himpunan Orang Indigenous Negeri Sembilan

    KEJAM - Kesatuan Jawa Mendatang

    KERIS - Kristian Semenanjung

    GANYANG - Gabungan Anak-anak Kenyalang

    API - Angkatan Pahlawan Iban

    SEPAK - Sepakat Anak Kenyah

    DUSH - Dusun's Heritage

    PERAS - Persatuan Ragut Semenanjung

    Haiya - Hainanese of Malaya

    KARIPAP - Kawalan Rapi Pemegang AP

    PANAU - Persatuan Anak-anak Ahli Umno


    Thank you.

  27. Many thanks for the 'update' Rocky ;)

  28. Anonymous2:19 am

    hei anon in the name of liberty, equality, egalitaire why not trawl the whole spectrum like:

    PAS = Partai Anak Setan

    PAS = Partai Anak Sundal or Pathetic Arselicking Scum

    PKR = Pundek Kalathai Rascals
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    Warrior 231

  29. Anonymous3:00 am

    Bro SatD
    I sympthise with u but that's the nature of things man, Bro, u win some lose some. ask the paki with the "am" in a month's time. The menage can still proceed with missus in the equation instead of the green clad miss with a come-hither-smile and eyes fixated on Warrior morsel of a damsel..hahahaha ( or am I seeing in 3D already! hahahaha)

    Gua memang drop by and read your witty and informative stuff. Apparently the Hindulen christopossessed scum was lying to the bee as i will reveal soon and boy did he lie like a freakin son of a bitch about to be set alight like Guy Fawkes. But back to the issue, I dint drop a line for i dint want missus and the kids to turn a deeper shade of pink with mah language...ahahahaha. nah thats a lame excuse, bro but i will next time. anyway, do keep hammering them chingkie and hindulen scum for they are nothing more than hot air somewhat akin to a pumped up pee wee pecker with zero sperm count....hahahaha. but then people with no maruah cannot discern their shortcomings . right? Remember the kuman and gajah peribahasa... ah the grace, simplicity and elegant beauty of our Bahasa Melayu...so like our gadis Melayu

    Warrior 231

  30. Anonymous11:46 am

    Tambah satu lagi....

    PKR - Parti KELENGTUNG Rakyat

  31. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Bro SatD & Warrior 231..

    after all those boasting about that aman sentosa funland under the sun, i strongly doubt that this stupid skillmoron really know how to fuck or even get his puny pecker erected properly.. so identical like the way he erected his arguments..

    He is just another typical lost soul ahbeng suffering acute schizophrenia as a result of prolong denied orgasm i would say..must be really in deep depression everytime being ass busted by people like us..

    "So, why the outrage over the Egyptian govt's policy?"

    - and also why the outraged over the policy over here? I'm asking you, yes you, zionmoron alien..that is so typical coming from an idiot who forgot about his own Rukunegara..such simple thing..truly an alien.

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  32. Anonymous5:53 pm

    I got another question for typical fuckhead pigbrain like skilmoron and the herald lunatics to answer..

    Hey you all Trinity pukimak champion, the so called holy worshipper of Allah's as your new Gods' name..especially that pariah Pakiam..

    The Zionist are killing Allah worshippers in Palastine everyday..what have you all done about that all this while?

    I demand answer from you fuckheads..if you don't have the answer, better start eating your own shit..

    You all are just bunch of idiots & magnanomous hypocrites. That's reality!


    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  33. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Bro anti

    As usual, u have the right Qs for these arsefucking, cumswilling bastard pigs. But dont expect an answer anytime soon for now it is "hide in momma's cunt time" you know after "stirring shit" time. The usual sus barbatus modus operandi.

    Warrior 231

  34. skilgannon10669:11 pm

    warrior xxx, antiwhatever etc

    I kinda suspect that all your pitiful caterwaulings (which is deeply disrespectful of all the cats out there) is simply a cover for your deep feelings of impotence and frustrated rage that a little country like Israel can give the finger to the great and glorious OIC.

    A scan of the realities in the Middle East show that countries like Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the GCC are deeply suspicious of Iran and it's agenda. Libya is sitting on the sidelines, Sudan is self-imploding, Iraq is trying to handle a Sunni-Shia divide, Syria is on it's best behaviour and Lebanon is no longer a Syrian patsy. Turkey is seemingly caught in an ambivalent position of having to decide if it's part of Europe or a part of the Middle East.

    In any case, the staunchly secular Turkish armed forces will not allow a Turkish government, no matter how Islamist, to embark on any "adventures" against Israel.

    What's left? A Pakistan that is constantly on the verge of self-destruction? Afghanistan? Bangladesh? Indonesia? Or even Osama-what's-his-name who must be constantly looking over his shoulder for remotely-piloted US drones?

    Which is why people like Tun Dr Mahathir, who have a good grasp of geopolitical realities, are bitter.

    And all your rantings and ravings are not going to do anything to resolve the realities in the Middle East.

  35. Anonymous5:47 pm


    Pandai cakap...

    go ask your grandpapamama why they flee from their mainland and LEFT everything behind?

    Because they were COWARDS and would rather hide their pungkok and in Alien countries.

    Shame on you cucu of COWARD.


  36. Anonymous10:04 am

    Hey skilmoron the stupid fuckhead ahbeng,

    I don't see you answering my questions especially the second one coming from that verbal diarhoea of yours..you just farted your pigbrain out with that, didn't you?

    Show some substance and prove your chingkie worthness, will ya..

    P/s: My question must be an anti climax for those fucking Herald with their hole-ley-new-Gods name fetish..I didn't see them coming except for this one pigbrain lost soul chingkie.

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  37. skilgannon106611:57 am

    anti whatever

    Glad to oblige.

    But in order to "balance" the picture, can I ask you comment on:

    - Shias and Sunnis at each other's throats in Iraq?

    - the Taleban bombing fellow Muslims in Afghanistan?

    - the in-fighting between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza and the West Bank?

    - the Pakistani jihadists targetting fellow Muslims in Pakistan?

    Conveniently forgot all about these, yes?

    And if you disagree with my brief analysis of the geopolitical realities in the Middle East, feel free to rebut.

    If the "Zionists" are targetting Muslims in Gaza and the West Bank, then why not address the issue of Iran getting proxies to target the Israelis? Isn't Shia-dominated Iran brave enough to take on Israel mano-e-mano? Using proxies is a coward's way out of a dilemma.

    Stupid is as stupid does. Something that you might want to think about in your more lucid moments or when the miasma has left what passes for your intellect.

    Cheers, mate!

  38. skilgannon106612:27 pm

    Part A

    "Tel Aviv - an emerging global technological hub" (commentary by David Brooks in the 'New York Times'; reprinted in the Singapore 'Business Times', Jan 13, 2010).

    Excerpts therefrom:

    "Jews are a famously accomplished groun. They make up 0.2 per cent of the world population, but 54 per cent of the world chess champions, 27 per cent of the Nobel physics laureates and 31 per cent of the medicine laureates.

    "Jews make up 2 per cent of the US population, but 21 per cent of the Ivy League student bodies, 26 per cent of the Kennedy Centre honourees, 37 per cent of the Academy Award-winning directors, 38 per cent of those on a recent 'Business Week' list of leading philanthropists, 51 per cent of the Pulitzer Price winners for non-fiction....

    "Tel Aviv has become one of the world's foremost entrepreneurial hot spots. Israel has more high-tech start-ups per capita than any other nation on earth, by far. It leads the world in civilian research and development spending per capita.

    "It ranks second behind the US in the number of companies listed on the Nasdaq. Israel, with seven million people, attracts as much venture capital as France and Germany combined.....

    "Mr Netanyahu preaches the optimistic view: that Israel will become the Hong Kong of the Middle East, with economic benefits spilling over into the Arab world. And in fact, there are strands of evidence to support that view, in places like the West Bank and Jordan....."

  39. skilgannon106612:40 pm

    Part B

    More excerpts from David Brooks' commentary:

    "Analysts at Barclays write that Israel is "the strongest recovery story" in Europe, the Middle East and Africa....

    "But it's more likely that Israel's economic leap forward will widen the gap between it and its neighbours. All the countries in the region talk about encouraging innovation. Some oil-rich states spend billions trying to build science centres. But places like Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv are created by a confluence of cultural forces, not money...

    "The surrounding nations do not have the tradition of free intellectual exchange and technical creativity. For example, between 1980 and 2000, Egyptians registered 77 patents in the US. Saudis registered 171. Israelis registered 7,652.

    "The tech boom also creates a new vulnerability...these innovators are the most mobile people on earth. To destroy Israel's economy, Iran doesn't actually have to lob a nuclear weapon into the country.

    "It just has to foment enough instability so the entrepreneurs decide they had better move to Palo Alto, where many of them already have contacts and homes.

    "American Jews used to keep a foothold in Israel in case things got bad here. Now Israelis keep a foothold in the US.

    "During a decade of grim foreboding, Israel has become an astonishing success story, but also a highly mobile one."

  40. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Dei Skilly pundek son of an arsewhore

    You called mah soul brother "stupid". U bastard I am gonna slit ur throat for your cheapshot, cowardly cunthiding goddamn piece of shit.

    Why shouldnt Iran use the ragtag Hezbollah to taunt Israel for after all Israel uses the sohisticated US like a bully to terrorise the whole neighbourhood.

    Your wholesale ripoff of David Brook's article is sure gonna anger that Jewish pig.... yes David Brooks is a Jew and that accounts for his article:http://www.jewishjournal.com/bloggish/item/david_brooks_lands_in_israel_is_bemused_20090417/
    plus the whites are so hooked on drugs, the whores and alcohol that they have no time to beat the Jews.You will love this arsewhore gay lovvaboy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Brooks_(journalist), cocksuckler chingkie skilly. I can already see in my mind's eye, you, Brooks and a certain kosher Jew now Christian padre : Brother Anuswar, in a menage a trois fucking the daylights outta one another and licking the shit outta ur arseholes

    Dei bastard cuntworm, greenspan was a jew and so was marx, bernanke, the sachs brothers and all those leeches who have sucked dry and wrecked many a live just like you pig Chingkies have done here and elsewhere. Rest assured payback time is well nigh and no middle finger arsedildoing Christo messiah is gonna your butt from the hell fire. So watch it fuckbeestfor u will pay bigtime if you come after my brethren. Now scram up momma's cunt and hide real deep, shithead

    Warrior 231

  41. Anonymous10:51 am

    As usual bro warrior..

    This chingkie idiot failed to understand the context of my question..i'm addressing the Qs to the Christian specifically Herald Catholic & their pathetic sympathizer in Malaysia.

    why suddenly he need to sondol everything out of proportion trying to divert from answering my so simple question..fucking drunkard, what with all the bitching about Islam as if christian, hindu & buddha do not have their own inhouse problem..conflict of Protestan-Catholic in Ireland? Dalit Hindu dilemma in India?, Hindu-Buddha conflict in Sri Lanka?

    In the first place, what is this skilmoron anyway?? a christian, a buddhist, a hindu or a pigbrain?? Failed to distinguished his own identity as usual..

    Definitely the last..a pure pigbrain chingkie.

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  42. Anonymous10:51 am

    As usual bro warrior..

    This chingkie idiot failed to understand the context of my question..i'm addressing the Qs to the Christian specifically Herald Catholic & their pathetic sympathizer in Malaysia.

    why suddenly he need to sondol everything out of proportion trying to divert from answering my so simple question..fucking drunkard, what with all the bitching about Islam as if christian, hindu & buddha do not have their own inhouse problem..conflict of Protestan-Catholic in Ireland? Dalit Hindu dilemma in India?, Hindu-Buddha conflict in Sri Lanka?

    In the first place, what is this skilmoron anyway?? a christian, a buddhist, a hindu or a pigbrain?? Failed to distinguished his own identity as usual..

    Definitely the last..a pure pigbrain chingkie.

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  43. skilgannon10663:36 pm

    warrior xxx

    Payback time, eh? So brave, ah? Why not start by rebutting the facts in David Brooks's commentary?

    At least, I didn't plagiarise and pass his analysis off as my own.

    And if you disagree with my analysis of geopolitical realities in the Middle East, feel free to do your own analysis. Run them one by one - Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Yemen and Sudan. And those players further afield - Libya, Pakistan, the Central Asian republics, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

    Or the puissant and glorious OIC?

    Or the corrupt and dysfunctional Fatah and Hamas? What have they achieved except for heaping more misery on the Palestinians?

    Or the fugitives Osama and Al Zawahiri who are skulking in the tribal badlands of Pakistan?

    Why not run through the list of Asean countries and see how many of them maintain diplomatic ties with Israel? As do China, India, South Korea and Japan.

    Let's see now - anyone left out of the above list?

    Your point about various people being Jews - so what? I could just as well make the point that there are others who are Indians, Chinese or Japanese or Arabs. They get your pecker all exercised too?

    Seems to me that your meanderings are the shrill cries of the impotent who are afraid to face up to realities - in this instance, in the Middle East.

  44. Anonymous10:45 pm


    Why tell us stories about others?

    Tell us the history about your grandpapamama, why they sailed away and left their ancestor's motherland?

    Hari2 teliok tengok tempat orang lain sama macam lu ker?

    Like grandpapamama like cucu...


    Me very curious to know..

  45. Anonymous12:22 am

    Plagiarise Skilly bastard? Cre to tell me where, when bastardalking cunty with his panty all knotted up in a tizzy.

    I linked you to Brroks to certify that arsehole is a JEW get it and like Chingkie bastards the world over, the Jew will promote his kind no matter the gutter garbag they are. nowhere did ah lift anything or quote the fucktart verbatim and claim it as my own as the Jewish bastard is simply not worth a mention unlike by brainfucked pigs like you. Now watch your word Skillgannon half past six wanker ten times over, if you dont want to end up in a pot of hot oil during your last moments on this earth after having your throat garroted that is....kaninama chou chibai skint of a grandpafucked part time moonlighting arsewhore get back to work in that goddamned pig sty of yours

    Warrior 231

  46. Anonymous12:38 am

    And if you disagree with my analysis of geopolitical realities in the Middle East, feel free to do your own analysis.

    hahahaha..............arsefucked chingkie boy rying to prod and goad me to doing a free analysis for him onlie so he can rip it off cyberspace, affix his damned chingkie name to it and preen about in class like some genius...typical chingkie scum.

    Fact of the matter is, you cant even ANALyse your arsehole let alone your navel, pigbrain. Now scram and get busy at the farm for boss will be freaking livid if you allow the current spike in hogs to pass you lot by. ANALysis konon...dont even have the nous for 101 economics sekalang nak try geopolitics pulak....bangsat pukimak china babi!

    Warrior 231

    P/s: when this post is disappearing down the screen, com in and drop ur shit so you can save face amongst your anus digging, shit munching pros fucking coterie, stupid fella!