Friday, January 08, 2010

The Allah issue: Churches torched in Malaysia

PM condemns agents provocateurs. Najib Razak has condemned those behind two incidents of church arson in the last 12 hours or so. Hisham the Home Minister is holding a press conference right now. I'm glad the Prime Minsiter has come out quickly and hard on the subject, and I hope the cops are on top of this. Politicians, this is the time to get your people to calm down, and if even that you can't do please shut the duck up.

We know the people behind the attacks are taking advantage of the "allah" controversy to split us up further. We just don't know who these agents provocateurs are.

Meantime, remember: Malaysia is not Egypt. And this is not Switzerland.
We don't want to be Nigeria, Kenya, or Iraq.

The Malay Mail will carry footages of Hisham's press conference on-line at in a while. We are rushing today's hard copy Edition to include the latest on this matter. All pics here courtesy of The Malay Mail.


  1. Anonymous1:10 pm

    The pea-brained judge didn't see this coming? She didn't think letting Christians saying Allah has a son would upset Muslim? A vile thought. Moron!

    Mat Kong

  2. Anonymous1:37 pm

    To the first anon

    I guess the rule of law, constitutional rights of the christians and decades of tolerance and acceptance to the use of the word not only in Malaysia means nothing to you? Moron.

  3. vinnan1:43 pm

    UMNO bastards trying to cover UMNO's ass. The fire bomb burns all non-muslims and the Christian natives of Saban and Sarawak. We are going to break your FDs in the east come the next GE.

  4. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Malaysia was rated as having “very high” government restrictions on religion in a recent survey by the Pew Forum, bracketing it with the likes of Iran and Egypt and it was the 9th most restrictive of 198 countries.

    The guys who did the Desa Melawati church, erm well, sounded like the Mat Rempit who did it. Only KJ, Hisham has the power to mobilise such people.

    Strange!! The churches under attack are in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, not in Kelantan.

    Now Najib can declare emergency in Selangor.


  5. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Bru, Its all BN's stupidity and biase that cuase such incidents. Why do I say so?

    a) Our Prime Minister N*Ji* DID NOT Condemn protest, instead he said NO stop to protest, and advice them not to over do it, that give a misperception that he allows Protest to go on! When Opposition party organize protest, BN condemn harshly, but why not this time?

    b) BN claimed that used of Allah by other religion is misleading muslim, but Sabah and Sarawak have been using it for so-damn long since independent! they never have issue! This is definitely politically motivated to earn Malay votes!

    c) Where is police when protest take place yesterday? BN did not even say a word and our Prime Minister N'Ji* is officating his so call 1 Malaysia clinic which is logically Not so racist-clinic compare to other government clinic!!! (Ooih..its our Tax money OK, and you spend for such stupid 1 Malaysia clinic! when we already have so many private and government clinic! I rather built a hospital nearby!)

    Let's see if they detain any culprit...

    Steven Seagal!

  6. Anonymous1:57 pm

    If I were Najib, my first order of the day is to put Mat Kong into prison for Sedition Act & Contempt of Court.

    Rocky, you too are responsible too. May Allah has blessings on you

  7. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Why the sudden fuss about whether the Christian Bible should be allowed to use the word Allah for God. They have been using the word Allah in Bahasa Bibles for hundreds of years. In fact, the Jews, Christians and Pagans have been using Allah for God since long before the existence of Islam.

    nyway, why only now do we raise this objection to the Bible using the word Allah? The Bible has been using Allah for hundreds of years, ever since they translated the Bible into Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia. In fact, we have copies of a Bahasa-translated Bible published 200 years ago that used Allah.

    So it is not something new. It is something that has been happening for centuries.

    The word ‘Allah’ existed before the word ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam’.....and it came from Sanskrit. Hindus have been referring their Deity moon goddess Durga as “Allah” in Sankrit in their chants since early period of Hinduism.


  8. Anonymous2:02 pm

    After the Talibans blew up the Bamiyan Buddha statues in ‘01, they lost Afghanistan and Pakistan, their patron got a whopping Earthquake in ‘05. Indonesia, with its Sumatra history, also got a horrific Tsunami of ‘04. Nice coincidences, don’t you think?

    Let us see what Malaysia`s Karmic Balance Sheet will be after this.


  9. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Mat Kong,

    Yes, start the blame the judge. Moron!

  10. Anonymous2:09 pm

    "I'm glad the Prime Minsiter has come out quickly and hard on the subject,.."

    Tu la dia macam baling batu sembunyi tangan


  11. Anonymous2:25 pm

    dear friends

    From an arab's mouth, who has been in both worlds, christianity and islam:

    Born in lebanese christian family, then moved to US, following his mother who married an American,

    Dr Gibriel commented:

    1-Christianity is a big religion. In all religions, there will be a "deity". Focus of worship. Any religion's deity, will have Specific Name (Nama Khas), and this name will be maintained, regardless of local languages and changes of locations of worship. In hindu, there will be Siva, Visnu, etc.Where ever the hindu is, same name will be used in their worship.

    Are we saying now, that there is no Specific Deity and Deity name in christianity? So desperate is the situations, that Christians need to change and follow based on localities, and locations?

    Even in English Dictionaries, even in Britanicca, "Allah" is the name of the "deity" for Muslims."Allah" is NOT a malay word.

    2. Why is it that Malaysian Catholics, and Pakiam, suddenly deperately running out of word to call their God, and has to borrow the specific name of "deity" of muslims? If they want to be localized and patriotik, the malay word for God is Tuhan. Why insist on Allah?

    If it is so important for Malaysian Christians to pray in bahasa melayu, then it is Tuhan.

    Allah is not bahasa melayu, but, is the name of God in Islam, which is the religion embraced by most malays.

    3. Dr Gibriel highlighted that the three different versions of prayers before eating or before sleeping, either catholic, protestant, or orthodox, are almost the same. All used the term "Our Father In The Heaven", not even the word God.

    Cut the chase. Cut the craps. Dont beat around the bush. We all know pakiam's ability to twist and spin, but, lets call a spade a spade.

    Pakiam has clear ulterior motives. Against, this country, Malaysia.

    His intentions to please his bosses and masters in europe and US, in meeting the KPI to convert as many malays as possible, penetrating the "enemy" line as he termed it, is well and above his duty to maintain peace and harmony, and allegiance to this country. he is definitely not interested to observe the National Constitution, or the Position of our YDP King. god forbid, what he really thinks of these two.

    Who is the "Agent Provocateur" then?

    And the lady judge? Innocent? Intellectual? Academic?

    dont think so...

    -call a spade a spade-

  12. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Despite Najib's stand to slowly reduce the role of ISA, he is mulling using the ISA on the perpetrators of this heinous act. Yes, flip-flop; I know.

    But can we see the ones actively seeking the dismantling of the ISA condemning the usage of ISA now? Please, have balls and stand up.


  13. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Stoopid moron judge!

  14. Because of the cowardry action of some extremists of this country can over-turn what's LEGALLY and CONSTITUTIONALLY right as ruled by the judiacry - then, we might as well have anarchy where the rowdiest crowd can decide the rules of the day.

    agents provocateurs? These are normal people, encouraged by its political master, protected by its coward masks, and fueled by our racist national leaders, into making violence attacks. Let's be honest with ourselves. Malaysia is no longer your harmonious peaceful multicultural country.

  15. Anonymous2:47 pm


    The Politics of 'Allah'
    Malaysia is still struggling to uphold basic freedoms.

    God means love in many places, but in Malaysia it can also mean politics. That's the takeaway from the United Malays National Organization-led government's attempt to quash the use of the word "Allah" by non-Muslim groups.

    At issue is the Catholic Herald's two-year court battle to use the A-word in its Malay-language edition—which it claims it needs to do because there's no other suitable word for "God" in Malay. Last week, the High Court overturned an arbitrary government ban. Yesterday, however, the church agreed to a stay of the decision—at the government's request—until the ruling can be appealed. So the Herald is once again muzzled.

    Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail characterized the decision as "a matter of national interest," which implies that somehow Muslims across Malaysia would revolt if the Herald were allowed to reference God in another language. Never mind that Malaysians of many faiths have peacefully co-existed for decades.

    The real reason UMNO is politicizing the issue and pandering to its conservative base may be to deflect attention from its own political vulnerabilities. The opposition coalition, led by Anwar Ibrahim, has gained popularity by touting a vision of a secular country in which all religions have equal rights. Even the opposition's Islamic partner, the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party—which hasn't always supported liberal ideas—issued a statement Monday saying that the Herald's use of "Allah" is its constitutional right.

    Prime Minister Najib Razak called the A-word controversy a "sensitive issue" Sunday. But by allowing his party to continue curtailing freedom of speech, he is only stirring tensions. What a disappointment for a man who ran for office promising to create "One Malaysia."


  16. Anonymous2:48 pm

    You happy now Airudin?

    You dirty SOB.

    Airudinn = Warrior 123 = Pewira 123 [sic]

  17. This has better not be a turning point in history ala assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

  18. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Mat Kong: you are either a crazy nut or just plain ignorant. I'd say you are most likely the latter, ignorant and did not study your history before commenting.

    the word 'Allah' does not BELONG exclusively to describe the God of the Muslims.

    Go and study the history and origin of the Arabic language.

    'Allah' means God. Not the Muslim's God, or the Christian's God, or the Buddhist's God, Indian's God... it just means GOD.

    Christians aren't the ones mixing up the 'Gods'... you Muslims are the ones doing it, by trying to stake your claim on a language and attempting to make it exclusively yours, accusing Christians of saying your God is this or that, when we're not even talking about the Muslim God.

    It's like the British saying we're all not allowed to speak English anymore because we're not English.

    What a joke.


  19. Mat Kong appears more pea-brained than the learned judge is.
    If a Muslim terrorist is caught, tried and proven beyond doubt of cold-blooded murder, sentencing him to death will risk further retaliation by his comrade-in-arms. So should a judge then only fine him RM 200 to avoid further massacare of innocent people?

    Mustapha Mahidin

  20. Anonymous2:50 pm

    If UMNO is really the champions why no hudud?

    -Y No?

  21. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Mat Kong

    The judge is not pea brained. The word Allah has been used in the Herald publication for many years. Other religions such as judaism also refers to god as Allah and this has been going on for hundreds of years. So why UMNO choose now to place a blanket ban? Whos pea brained and narrow minded and intolerable.

    1Malaysia? haha yah sure and pigs can fly


  22. Anonymous2:55 pm

    The voice went one: “But this is bizarre – and seems like a first: these people going bonkers about who can refer to me with what name. What is it with these people? Didn’t I give you all a mind so you may actually think – even a little?”

  23. Padan muka judge2:59 pm

    If anything happened or will happen, it is that stupid judge's fault. This is what she wanted.

  24. Anonymous3:00 pm

    dont just simply blame the muslim, maybe it being done by others! Hisham how about mosque and the pig head? Be fair to all - dzul pekida melaka

  25. Wow... Our stupid politicians be damned!

  26. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Mat Kong, it is people like you that we have churches being bombed. Read the judgement and understand it first before you start to condemn her. I think your comments clearly show you are the one who is pea-brained. Sorry I have say it.


  27. Bro, I am sorry to say that you too have contributed towards this. You may not have said much. But you did direct your readers to provocative articles. You did stoke it too!!

  28. Anonymous3:15 pm

    its fucked up.. anger or what eva reason it is.. arson attack wont create fear instead this will bring hatred towards each other.

    mahathir was right.. settle this issue out of court and do it peacefully. he saw this retaliation from people.

    damn arsonist..


  29. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Mat Kong...the pea-size-brain is you lah or could be you have zero brain !!!

    Only Malaysia UMNO Muslim is upset and not the muslim around the world.

    See, only churches in Malaysia were torch and bomb and not in any other country !!

    Muslim in Malaysia should read more instead just listening to all those craps from UMNO !!

    King Kong

  30. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Allahhuakhbar..allahuakhbar!!Time and time again we told you not to meddle in Islamic issues,kedaulatan raja raja melayu,bumiputera rights etc and you did.So who to be blame now?

  31. 1 Malaysia3:21 pm

    What's next? The pea-brained judge will rule that Tok Peh Kong shall also be called Allah? After all 1 Malaysia ma! 1 God name for all religion.

  32. Anonymous3:21 pm

    this morning i received a sms ask me do i understand 1M ?

    hahahah..... rocky tell your boss..... incident in today morning is what 1M he meant i guess.

  33. Anonymous3:24 pm

    if only the 'judge' name is 'Tok Adi' this would not happen!

    Upset Muslim

  34. two face3:25 pm

    Should we used the ISA? Maybe we should and see whether DAP. PKR and PAS will fight for the release. Catch 22?

  35. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Sangat memalukan. Quran nyata melarang pengikut2nya merosakkan tempat beribadat kaum lain...

    Ini mesti kerja either:
    a) Orang2 yang merasakan diri Islam tapi sebenarnya cetek ilmu dan sangat jauh tersasar dari Islam yang sebenar..

    b) Orang bukan Islam yang sengaja hendak mengapi2kan keadaan dan menambahkah kekeruhan - biar hubungan baik antara Islam & Kristian hancur..

    c) Orang bukan Islam yang cuba untuk mendapat simpati dunia dengan memburuk2kan orang Islam Malaysia..

    Ada banyak scenario lain.. tapi malas nak tulis..

    Pentingnya kita rakyat Malaysia do not play into their hands by cepat melatah!


  36. Anonymous3:28 pm

    My Brother in Faith, my brother in blogging,

    I too condemn this act of barbarism.

    But, my brother, please remember. Those who sowed the lightning must be prepared to harvest the thunder.

    If you sowed the wind, you would harvest the waves.

    Siapa yang menabur angin, dia akan menuai badai.

    Who sowed this seed of discontent?

    Don't blame the fire. Not even the fire starters. Blame the hands than fan it.

    Indeed, as my young brother Khairy said, it's a sad day for Malaysia.

    But what sadness can we talk about when some of us wilfully disturb the sleeping giant for the sake of jingoism?

    A Snr Blogger

  37. Anonymous3:28 pm

    ALLAH probit 'us' from drinking beers in ISLAM.not 'christ' which allows drinking beers and play around.
    i have three words to say'

    fr Johor with luv.

  38. Anonymous3:29 pm

    The judge was was what a judge is supposed to do. If you want to know who is wrong. It is the AG. He sent a junior lawyer who is unprepared. This is a constitution matter and it should be handled by the AG personally and with proper information and argument. If he had done that the outcome would be different.

    Please read the judgement. The govt was taken to task for not doing its job.

    So do not blame the judge. It was the govt that caused this problem.

  39. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Siapa la buat tu...
    Bengong betul...


  40. The Simple man3:36 pm

    Rocky maybe should take some responsibility over what has happen! From the way you were spinning, it would give that impresion. So you too pls blog with caution.

  41. Anonymous3:36 pm

    PUTRAJAYA, Jan 8 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak dengan sekeras-kerasnya menolak dakwaan bahawa Umno membakar perasaan tidak puas hati ekoran keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi yang membenarkan akhbar mingguan Herald menggunakan perkataan "Allah", yang turut menyebabkan tiga gereja diserang sejak tengah malam tadi.

    "Jangan menuding jari ke atas Umno ataupun mana-mana pihak.

    "Kami sentiasa sangat bertanggungjawab, jangan kata serangan ini dihasut oleh Umno," kata Najib yang kelihatan tidak gembira apabila ditanya sama ada ahli-ahli politik khususnya dari Umno seharusnya dipersalahkan kerana mengapi-apikan situasi yang tegang sekarang.


    SLOGAN UMNO 2010


  42. Anonymous3:45 pm

    And you Mat Kong is a pea-brain too.


  43. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Even in the terrible bombings you still say rubbish, Mat Kong, you are a real bastard! - Completely disgusted

  44. Jin Islam3:54 pm

    Those people attacking the church were false Muslim for Allah loves not aggressor:
    "And let not hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just, that is next to piety, and fear Allah for Allah is Well Acquainted with all that you do" (Q 5:8)

  45. Anonymous3:57 pm

    I think this judge is not exposed to the real social environment she lives in. Must be living in an enclave of her own. Otherwise wouldn't make this sort of basic mistake.

    Mat Tong

  46. Anonymous3:58 pm

    PUTRAJAYA, Jan 8 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak dengan sekeras-kerasnya menolak dakwaan bahawa Umno membakar perasaan tidak puas hati ekoran keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi yang membenarkan akhbar mingguan Herald menggunakan perkataan "Allah", yang turut menyebabkan tiga gereja diserang sejak tengah malam tadi.

    "Jangan menuding jari ke atas Umno ataupun mana-mana pihak.

    "Kami sentiasa sangat bertanggungjawab, jangan kata serangan ini dihasut oleh Umno," kata Najib yang kelihatan tidak gembira apabila ditanya sama ada ahli-ahli politik khususnya dari Umno seharusnya dipersalahkan kerana mengapi-apikan situasi yang tegang sekarang.

  47. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Dear Mat Kong,

    The majority muslim in malaysia is
    smart and good muslim. Islam do not allowed muslim burning or destroying other religion place of worship. Only a handful of fanatic and "so called defender of Islam" do not understand this. Please do not insult the muslim in malaysia because of this handful fanatic. As for you, if you are one of those handful fanatic, repent.

  48. oii bru,

    setakat kondem sapa2 pun boleh kondem. makcik2 kat kampung pun boleh buka mulut. tapi apa piem dhn sepupu dia buat dlm masa 1minggu lepas? kalau hang ada akai hang fikir la apa piem kesayangan hang tu dok buat.

    tak payah le jadi pengarang malaymail dgn berita muka depan yg penuh hipokrit!!!

  49. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Jangan bermain api, nanti terbakar diri


  50. Who benefited from this cowardly action? I don't think true Muslim will do this as it won't benefit them at all.

  51. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Stupid decisions lead to stupid things...

    Lets see more provocations, and use the legal clauses to stir up sensitivities.


  52. antugomen5:00 pm

    Had the "Allah" issue being tackle seriously much earlier on, not wait till thing get worse like today, a church would have been saved from torching by irresponsible people.

    There are many other sensitive issues like:-

    1. Growing disrespects against the Rulers

    2. Cooked up and twisted concept of Ketuanan Melayu to give very negative pictures of the Malays

    3. Every opportunity seized to bash PDRM, MACC, BTN etc etc

    4. Irresponsible questioning of the Constitution especially matter with regard privilege to the Malays

    5. Putting Bahasa Kebangsaan at the back seat

    6. Irresponsible reporting by certain online portals and news paper

    Do we wait for another "church to be torched" before we do something on the above sensitive issues being played up and drummed up by certain quarters of the society? Do we wait for the patience to really dries up? Najib & Hishamuddin and the government of today should be answering these!

  53. Anonymous5:02 pm

    This is the wrong way to re-act..Attack on church not supposed to happen same as Allah name not supposed to be allowed to associate with trinity....

    Never get violance involved....I condemm the attack as Im also condemm the use of Allah name as replacement of GOD...Allah is the one and only...NO SON...what will happen when "Allah"(as replacement of word god) in church has son...
    Will all bible worlwide change word god to Allah...Is this agreed by POPE? Or only bible in Malay will use word Allah? why?

  54. Anonymous5:10 pm

    judge decision are made after careful judgement. why you say the judge is pea brain? the east malaysian have been using the word for so many years already, even before formation of Malaysia, why banned it now?


  55. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Are you Happy now or you want more. You know it is irresponsible journalism that contributes to this type of hate acts.

    If you have a inch of maruah left, resign all your posts and go into hibernation, maybe Allah will forgive you!!!!!

    Janabey Ali

  56. Anonymous5:26 pm

    "I'm glad the Prime Minsiter has come out quickly and hard on the subject, and I hope the cops are on top of this."

    Kepala hotak kau la rocky. Korang selama ni cucuk api, provok tak sudah, skarang nak suruh org calm down pulak...

  57. Anonymous5:40 pm

    The judge is not sensitive to the real feelings on the ground. She thinks that the law can be carried out to the letter.

    Religious issues should always be handled with due care and should be made in the context of a multi-religious society.

    Remember the Maria Hertogh case and of course the May 13 1969 ...

    For those who think that Tun Dr M is attempting to put the fear by quoting the racial riots, this is the TIME to sit up and witness for your ignorant selves just how far enraged people can go when their precious sense of self is being trampled on by politicking individuals.

  58. Please pass judgments in future with the people's sentiment at heart. The laws are just guidance.
    The judge is responsible. She should just resign or is sacked before she causes more damage.

  59. Burning of Churches by irresponsible groups is not the answer to this "ALLAH" issue. This irrational action must be condemned and stopped immediately.

    KDN/PDRM must use the ISA immediately to detain extreme political provocateurs from all sides to prevent instability to this country.

  60. Anonymous5:57 pm

    we MUST condemn and deplore any kind of religiuos extremism whether its in malaysia or worldwide.

    remember the kerling case some years ago?

    we dont tolerate such actions anywhere neither should we allow those involved to get lenient punishment, should the police manage to round them up.

    for malaysia to have another communal tension since 1967 is unbearable. after all the achievements over the years, we must not let such actions deterring our efforts to move further ahead.

    not only the police should come down hard on them; each and every malaysian must come together to stop those trying to incite tension and riots.

    its time to put a total fullstop at this nonsense. should the malays are involved, they must be put behind bars for a long, long time. there must not be discount when it comes to racial and religious matters.

  61. Anonymous6:08 pm

    more Mas Selamat wannabe will emerge soon.. a sad day for Malaysia

  62. sick&tired6:12 pm

    i wonder who started the whole Allah fiasco? (hint, he is an UMNO warlord).

    If you guessed Syed Hamid Albar (shit head also can), the give yourself a pat on the back!

  63. Leithaisor6:15 pm

    I am a non-Muslim Chinese. But I spent a great deal of my growing up days with my die-hard gang of Malay friends. To this day, I have Malay friends. So I would like to think that I have a reasonably good understanding of how Malays tick. And I think I can understand/empathise with some of the strong feelinga some genuinely have about the suage of "Allah" issue.

    I think there are some areas where emotions and feelings have ruled too much over the heart at the expense of logical and fair thinking.

    "Mat Kong" may not feel good about the judge's ruling, but the judge is bound by the laws of Malaysia, including the Federal Constituion. If she did not do so, then she has erred, but if she has, then she has done no wrong, whatever her ruling is.

    I am not a lawyer, but from what I understand, a good judge may even find himself in a situation where he has to rule in a manner which is according to the laws, but which he himself may not agree with.

    Elsewhere, some folks have even asked that the government "revoke" the judge's ruling. This is clearly against the separation of powers. The Executive (the government) has no right to revoke any ruling the Judiciary (the judges) has made. This is part and parcel of the check-and-balance system (together with the Legislature ie the law-making mebers of the Parliament).

    Perhaps in these emotional times, it would be good for respected experts in law to step forward to clarify matters which apparently have become rather warped in the public mind.

    There may be cause for some to feel aggrieved or that there is a need to appeal for some changes. But let us first get the facts straight, think logically and act fairly.

  64. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Then we already know what Herald Tribute planning is and what they want us to be....they just playing with fire cause in the end they know it will create unstablitiy in Malaysia.....they know from the start that muslim is very sensitive in this issues..

    That their point!!! it is not about Allah can be used by christian or not....they already study the impact on that issues...

    do you agreed with me?

    my suggestion is that....we just banned the Herald Tribute....!!!


  65. Anonymous6:20 pm

    "She said the minister had also failed to adduce evidence that the use of word would threaten national security and create misunderstanding and confusion among Muslims."
    By Justice Datuk Lau Bee Lan.

    I hope Malaysia remains peaceful after this judgement.

  66. Anonymous6:32 pm

    For all u know the, there is a hidden hand trying to create tension between muslims and christians.


    The Anti-christ followers. (Please dont forget that inside Christian itself there are anti-christ followers disguising as Christians and divert the Christians from monotheist faith into paganism without them even knowing).

    Laugh if you want.

  67. skilgannon10666:43 pm

    Bladdy cowards! Faceless imbeciles! Clueless nincompoops! Racist clowns!

    How about showing your faces in the light of day and tossing your firebombs when there are people around, instead of skulking around in the dead of night?

    If you have the courage, that is?

  68. Anonymous7:06 pm

    1. Are these burning of the churches and suit against the govt unrelated? Those leaders condemning these attacks pretend it is not.
    2. What do you expect those offended souls to do? Masturbate?
    3. Who is the agent provocateur- in-chief behind here?
    4. Years of impotence under a weak govt seems to have given courage to fools to file suits that provoke.
    5. The violence on the innocent is tragic, as everywhere. But even more tragic is that the fools who started this get away to cause even more mischief.
    6. The virtuous and pious don't seem to be in charge.

    We shouldn't be surprised with God's logic!

  69. Anonymous7:14 pm

    What ever it is no one owns the word that existed for hundreds of years. Especially the Malaysian muslims. who gave them the right to determine who can use it and who cannot. this is pure bullheaded thinking and bullying others.
    The situation becomes worst when we have a doubleheaded PM who can speak from both side of his mouth and sometimes through other orifice. The Home Minister is just as useless and cashing in on the subject to gain popularity. The situation is being exploited by none other than UMNO regardless of what the doubleheaded PM says.

  70. Ampatuan Jr7:17 pm

    Justice Lau said use of the word 'Allah' by Murphy Pakiam and Co. is justified as its only for internal use in the the Herald.She said it will not cause any security threat to the country.....
    Oh Dear...What have you done Your Honour?

  71. Anonymous7:17 pm

    I am a Christian Iban and I don't like what is going on in this country. The best solution is to stop us using Allah and also stop us using BM.

  72. Anonymous7:24 pm

    salam, orang muslim ditenyeh2 diuli2. Bila kita protest, mereka label macam2, kalau didiam, lagi di canai2kan. Tolerance and patience been mistaken for stupidity. Berapa lama harus ku bersabar.

  73. Anonymous7:35 pm

    the torches of the churches be it done by who, served as a warning to those who never want to understand the fragility of malaysia where multi-ethnic and multi-religious population lives in, and those who want to champion their religion or race without regard on the reality of Malaysia. The issue here is not about freedom of speech or expression or religion, it is about living harmoniously and mutual respect among all the races with multi religions.. ..:-p


  74. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Mat Kong Cake

    The Judge didnt let any threat upset her wise decision. You mean now Judges must make decisions based on law or man-made law?

    It is ppl like you that set the whole judiciary upside down. Go join Umno and screw up the nation further.

    All these happened and dare to take place is simply becos someone said it is okay to vent our frustration via "demo". Of course you cant hold candles, no shouting anti-isa or mention some mongol chick's name la!


  75. MK
    u have to be so smart to overlook the bigger pic of why are the muslims in this country constantly being associated to easily confused, easily upset and running amok?
    get rid of the siege mentality would do good to the nation

  76. pak_kadir8:26 pm

    Rocky, orang Islam yang marah sangat bukan, kita ni yang jaga akidah punya. Kita takmau esok anak-cucu kita yang tak teguh iman kaki huha-huha, bila mubaligh-mubaligh kristian mai kat depa, kata Allah tu sama saja yang depa dengan kita sembah, boleh ikut cara depa, pi church, tak payah posa, boleh minum todi.

    Yang ni yang kita nak jaga sebenarnya, sebelum kita jadi macam negara lain. Bukan nak cakap selfish ka apa ka. Orang Islam yang kononnya liberal sangat tu (termasuk lah Pak Sheikh Anwar Ibrahim dan geng-geng Erdogan dalam PAS), hangpa tau dak apa yang hangpa dok buat ni?

    Takdak masalah, pak Arab pun pakai, tapi, kalangan Islam ni semuanya alim macam Tok Guru Nik Aziz ka? pandai tafsir kitab macam Harun Din ka? ramai lagi yang sembahyang tunggang-terbalik, tapi bab angkat sepanduk, baling batu kat polis, dia pi depan sekali - senang cakap, jahil laa!

    Jadi, perlulah kita yang sesama Islam supaya pandang ke depan serta celik akal, betapa bahaya kalau kita ambil mudah hal akidah ni. bukan nak jadi paranoid ka apa ka

    mintak faham laa orang Islam oii

  77. ex-PSRM8:41 pm

    I think the the chinese gangsters hired by DAPig threw the bomb to create to implicate muslim. This is the same as what they did to Teoh Beng Hock. DAPig is good and very well trained using this subversive strategy. Of course, you know where they learned this tactics. Ask Ronnie Liu, the communist guerilla comrades.

    Islam for All. Allah for Islam.

  78. Anonymous9:13 pm

    rocky ni;

    dia ni hanya mulia dan baik, professional dan terpuji, HANYA kalau dia bantai kerajaan, dan pro pembangkang;

    Sepatutnya dia ni DIAM, bodohkan diri, dan just let the pakiam case go smooth unnoticed. barulah si rocky ini, seorang journalist yang mulia, dan berhemah. wajib memilih cerita yang hanya sesuai.

    silapnya, dia ni manusia, ada otak, dan ada pendirian.

    maka, hancurlah si rocky ini, di laknat, kerana memilih membincangkan case pakiam secara public.

    rocky ini, sepatutnya tunduk bodoh, takut, apologetic, dan memilih isu dan cerita yg hanya sesuai dan selamat, oleh mereka mereka mereka yang melaknatinya sekarang.

    wahai pembenci islam, pembenci melayu, dan pembenci malaysia, tak kiralah kau bangsa apa, agama apa, parti politik mana;

    pakiam has woken up the sleeping lion.

    tanpa rasa tanggung jawab, this mother of agent provocateur of the colonials, has successfully stabbed the country. beginning maybe.

    who did the church bombing?

    may i remind you, in order to get the senates to approve the budget & american soldiers to be deployed in vietnam;

    american CIA actually planted car bombs in hanoi, in the centre of affluent white & french township, blame it on vietcong, to raise alarms and justify them coming to invade vietnam;

    these people - colonials and agent provocateurs, dont mind killing their own,as long as they get what they want.

    its business to them, its collateral damage. they call it, "for greater goods".

    pakiam definitely a winner, out of the church bombing event. he will get govt attention and protection, and influx of new budgets and support team from his masters. he is important now, to his bosses.

    Lets call a spade, a spade.

    those who hate islam, hate malays, and hate malaysia so much, in here, dont ever think, it goes unnoticed, no matter how much you spin and twist.

    its human nature. you give flower, people give flower back. you give shit, dont expect people still give flower back.

    -not sleeping anymore-

  79. Old Fart wrote:

    Bro, I am sorry to say that you too have contributed towards this. You may not have said much. But you did direct your readers to provocative articles. You did stoke it too!!

    3:14 PM


    Dear Old Fart,

    I'm sorry to tell you this, but we are all to blame for letting this happen. Muslims and Christians in this country have lived for so long as neighbours, colleagues and friends. We have never fought each other. Until now. You and I know why but we won't budge, we won't give and take, we just want to push the parameters irrespective of what others think or feel, especially what the Malays and Muslims think or feel.

    An old friend sms-ed me this afternoon. Angry. Like you, he felt he had to blame someone else. He blamed Najib for what happened to the church that was torched. He said Najib is responsible for "blatantly" telling Muslims to protest the use of the word Allah by non-Muslims.

    I share with you my exchanges with John. I'm sure he won't mind, I just need to show that it's natural to want to blame someone else. Doesn't mean you and JB my friend are right.

    JB:Big mistake by Dr M in not placing Najib under ISA, totally responsible for attack on churches

    Bru: This is a joke, right?! Hehehe.

    JB: Maybe to u, but ppl not stupid , when blatantly told to protest

    Bru: Aiya, I thot we all believed in right to express? I took part in yellow march, lawyer walk, etc. So muslims want to protest, Najib told them to do it in the mosque area not out in the streets. He told anti-govt protesters to march in stadiums, remember? He's being consistent. But damn if he does, damn if he doesn't! If he had told antigovt groups NOT to march or protest, he'd be accused of being a dictator, undemocratic. He allows Muslims to protest but in mosque, people want him detained under ISA (the same ISA these people want abolished)! Come now, let's calm down. Let the leaders from both sides sort this out. We the people should not dance to their tunes.

    JB: No, he first said DO Not Potest and then changed his tune, why is IGP saying no protest, he should hav called Archbishop to his offce n work out a solution, he wants ds to happen

    Bru: We can second guess but I don't see how this is going to benefit Najib or IGP. I can see how this can benefit the "other" side but I won't be so quick to make allegations.

    JB: Pls remove rosaries and all religious articles from your cars now. They are smashing cars with christian articles. Started all over bangsar... Protest going on now in pj n shah alam. MSG frm fren is ds true

    Bru:It is not true bro. Average Malaysians (muslims or non-Muslims) don't do that, only samsengs.

    Bru again after checking with my editors at the Malay Mail: Fr my desk:- So far, takdak report pun bro...kalau ada, will alert

    JB: Say so on ur blog bro too many rumours

    Bru: Will do.

  80. GodFather9:32 pm


    Jack Woltz: Now you listen to me, you smooth talking son-of-a-bitch. Let me lay it on the line for you and your boss, whoever he is. Johnny Fontane will never get that movie. I don't care how many dago guinea wop greaseball goombahs come out of the woodwork.

    Happy blogging dudes!!

  81. Anonymous9:41 pm


    The act is despicable yes. But more despicable is the way it was allowed to escalate. Hishamuddin buat pa? Tidoq ka? Najib toksah cakap la. Kena kepung dek bini.

    Banyak blog2 yang kutuk dan mempersendakan nama Allah sekarang. You tak perasan kah? Tengok blog Patrick Teoh. Dia suka mempersendakan Islam dan orang Melayu. Respondent2nya pun turut sama. ramai pulak tu. Saya dok perati ja. Makin hari makin parah. Makin teruk orang Islam kena belasah dalam internet. Di tambah pulak dengan view2 liberal Islam macam Marina Mahathir (Islam mana ada liberal?). Hadi Awang tambah kucar kacir. NO ACTION from Hisham.

    Now, there are those who just can't sit and watch. Depa dah bakaq gereja. Macammana? Yang bestnya ada pulak idiots yang nak politicise the isu. Kata this act was politically motivated.

    Mana ada? Aku perasan, non malays yang ada ni tak faham pun perasaan orang islam kat dalam negara ni. Cakap la macam mana pun depa tak mau faham. Degil. Now? How?

    Brown Cow

  82. Anonymous9:45 pm

    When 'they' put pig head inside certain mosque in Malaysia...everybody so quiet...

    today church being torced down...why so 'bising'??


    and they blamed the muslim?? f**k ***!!!


  83. Anonymous9:45 pm

    When 'they' put pig head inside certain mosque in Malaysia...everybody so quiet...

    today church being torced down...why so 'bising'??


    and they blamed the muslim?? f**k ***!!!


  84. Anonymous10:02 pm

    the catholics should just JUSTIFY why they REJECT the word 'tuhan' as the correct translation in BM

    anyway, more issues will crop up to unsettle Malaysia, basically becoz she is doing just fine in nation-building

    and some quarters are envious and desperate to see it disrupted

  85. Anonymous10:04 pm

    This is the time to put the ISA to the test.

    Round up the trouble makers. This abuse of freedom is getting too far.




    NOAH = NOH

  87. No agent provocatures so who send the sms's? saying cars being smashed? either malaysian christians are blind, or both

  88. The ones provoking others on this Allah issue know the consequence of trampling onto sensitive issues. Its like if i were living in the midwest USA and i go around the bible belt wearing a shirt that says Jesus is the servant of Allah in a post 9/11 atmosphere i'm just asking for trouble even though its well within my right to do so. I can always say that muslims believe for over 1400 years that jesus is a servant/prophet of Allah but will the chistians extremists in the bible belt agree? or react peacefully? Theyve been firebombing black churces even when those black folks belong to the same religion. Both sides are to blame for stoking this sensitive issue.

  89. Anonymous10:11 pm

    the majority should just assert their rights and exercise all advantages to put these minorities in their place

    and teach the kaum pendatangs to eat humble pie and learn to co-exist in an officially Islamic society

  90. Ps, I copied and pasted the lebanese comments into my blog without your permission

  91. Anonymous10:16 pm

    there are smart and well thinking muslims but there are also stupid and irrational muslims

    so to my christians friends,meet the second group!

    anyway,you started this, so don't be a pussy and cry.

    don't blame anyone but yourselves.

  92. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Suddenly Malaysian court has become the most highly independent, integrity and whatever to these people; that is what happen when the judgement is on their side, what happen if the judge ruled otherwise? Damn hypocrite!


  93. Anonymous10:25 pm

    How sad.
    After days of uproar now we see some bad results.
    I would say at the end of the day those especially responsible would point the fingers all over yet at least always three fingers of their own hand will be pointing back at them.
    But of course, nobody can escape God's wrath in matters like this.


  94. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Hey Rocky

    I think some groups have lined up this series of planned events a long time ago.

    The important caution here is NOT to be trapped into chaos.

    Hindu Najib, Supervisor Rosmah, Bala's SD, hero chin peng etc were calculated to dismantle the Malay-led govt under Najib, simply becoz he's capable and seem to be on the right track

    paklah and kj were never "tested" this aggressively

    and of course they LOVE to hate Tun Dr M who did not buckle under the intense grilling

    food for thought eh??

  95. Anonymous10:27 pm


    i heard yang kena bomb, churches protestant, betul ke? not catholic churches? sure ke?

    waaaahhhh pakiam!

    wat happeng?

    tak kan nak ikut united kingdom model zaman IRA kot!!

    -pakiam the colonialized spinner-

  96. bru,

    i asked you once again what hishamudin and najib been doing to diffuse this tension? nada. they just play their batu api tactic all along. for what?

    this problem arise because of malay in malaya. most of them never set a foot in borneo. they almost know nothing about their half bumi brother in this land.

    they have no idea about christian bumi here. this herald magazine been using Allah long time ago. not since 2008 or 2009. it was kdn who start the issue in 2008/2009. the question is why?

    the malays section in the magazine is intended for christian bumi in sabah sarawak. the magazine is on sale for church member only. that 's mean for catholic. i think SIB follower even dont buy this herald. not for malay in malaya reading. so what this fuss all about?

    remember the film "the passion of christ"? our gomen once give the permit for this film to play in public theatre but restricted to non muslim only. but why no fuss then?

    melayu di semenanjung memang tak tahu mcm mana cara hidup di sabah sarawak. teman pun sblm kerja di sabah tak tahu apa2. tapi yg sedih akhbar malaya tak pernah nak kecilkan jurang pengetahuan rakyat malaya ttg sabah dan sarawak.

  97. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Untung juga keturunan mereka diterima sbg rakyat dulu. Berikan betis hendakkan peha, yg menyalak dan lupa daratan elok fikir2kanlah mana tempat hendak dituju. Pilihan ditangan anda.


  98. Anonymous10:46 pm

    rocky.. sapa yang pi kena jaga church tu sekarang? polis melayu yang selalu dituduh 'corrupt' tu ke?

    polis cabuk

  99. Anonymous10:46 pm

    To Anon "-not sleeping anymore-" 9:13 PM;

    yes, i also heard that israel also use same method, planting body bombs on drugged & mentally tortured-programmed arab prisoners, and blow up their own control post, and some planned town areas.

    they do this every time they need attention and more money support from US and europe.

    killing one or two of their own citizens are just collateral damage also.

    And to Anon "-JR ", 2:02 PM; i see your logic. no wonder US suffered katrina, forest fires, floods, and economic crashes! as well as Australia fire, UK economic crash!

    Poor phillipine with recent flood, volcanoes, disasters and catastrophies! they must be in the team of afghans that destroy the budha statues as well!!

    Now i know....thanks for the education. i always thot i missed somethin. no wonder lah!

    unbelievably stoopid


  100. Anonymous10:48 pm

    ...suddenly so many people become experts on the history of religions as if they have done research on the so many version of the bibles, the torah, injil - the new testament,the quran etc...regarding the use of the word "Allah the Almighty"...

    Luv Ya

  101. bru,

    patut you sama editor melayu msm perlu la didik rakyat melayu. bukan buat cerita mengelirukan dan lepas tu simbah minyak.

    kasi tahu apa cerita sebenar majalah herald ni. saya dengar org sikh sembahyang pun sebut Allah dan kitab mereka pun ada nama Allah. org melayu tak nak marah dgn org sikh ka?

    buat org melayu yang terlampau melayu dan islam yg terlampau islam tanya diri kita selama ini apa yg anda buat dlm menjaga hukum2 Allah di muka bumi ini dan "akidah" diri sendiri, keluarga kita dan saudara kita. kemudian bandingkan dgn tingkah laku kita dlm mempertahankan nama "ALLAH" sekarang ini.

  102. Anonymous11:02 pm

    UMNO says OK to protest, Ok to walk from mosque to church to protest, but do so peacefully. Peacefully ? On an emotional issue? Khir Toyo said he was in mourning. Do you know where the word 'amok' originated from? Sudah lah, Rocky, you are happy secretly about today's events. It shows ketuanan Melayu.


  103. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Dear Mat Kong,

    maybe the judge is a chip off the old block communist symphatizer, DAP `born again' PAP meritocracy style full of cheating and manipulating agenda?

  104. Anonymous11:34 pm

    When you play with fire you get burned.As if people do not know about it.

    That is why the tragedy of 69' got to be told over and over again. People always forget history.The reality is that the majority
    of Muslim just cannot accept 'Allah'to be used by the Christians.

    If the church still think that it is their utmost right and urgency to pursue this matter.... they can now see where this whole thing will lead to.

  105. Anonymous11:52 pm

    1. Herald have been using'Allah' all these years till Hamid Albar ban it in 2007. Why no fuss before this?

    2. Some ultra malay low mentality in islamic knowledge is the culprit..mostly UMNO goons.

    3. These people are so called fighting for Allah but the fact is, these people are not mosque goers or even understand Islam.

    Peace. BN gonna loose their Sarawak and Sabah majority.


  106. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Mat Kong,

    Saya sokong seratus peratus. Judge tu moron. Orang lain yg hentam kamu tu lagi moron - bapak segala moron.

    Pakiam tu bertujuan jahat. Niat dia ialah hendak memesongkan orang melayu Malaysia nanti melalui dakwah songsang dia. Kalau dia betul ikhlas pergi ke vatican tu dan pohon pope supaya semua orang kristian seluruh dunia gunakan nama Allah sahaja.

    Pundek Pakiam.

  107. Homophobic11:57 pm

    Jom bakar...ikan.

  108. Anonymous11:58 pm

    rocky, don't be a hypocrite. your articles like

    added fuel to the fire.

  109. Anonymous12:19 am

    3:57am "I think this judge is not exposed to the real social environment she lives in. Must be living in an enclave of her own. Otherwise wouldn't make this sort of basic mistake.

    Mat Tong"

    Mmm yes, many ppls living in their own enclave here. To them, whole country orbit around pwtc building. Ignorant they are of East Malaysia. Ignorant they are the Sbh & Swakian peoples using 'Allah' for hundreds o years.

    Now they find out, they try to tell Sbh & Swakians to change it by saying they are the majority, so they must follow.

    Acting like a James Brooke colonialist from Putrajaya...

    Font Futura

  110. UMNO knows very well who is behind these racist attacks. UMNO has become the driving force behind the rising radicalisation of Malay Muslims. They won't do anything about it because it's about the religion of peace & tolerance. No longer. Its becoming clear radical racist Islamists are behind this attack. One cannot criticise Islam.


  111. Recently, in Egypt, Coptic Christan churches were burned by Muslims. Another example of Islam, peaceful & tolerance.


  112. Anonymous1:10 am

    vinnan said...
    UMNO bastards trying to cover UMNO's ass. The fire bomb burns all non-muslims and the Christian natives of Saban and Sarawak. We are going to break your FDs in the east come the next GE.

    1:43 PM

    wah vinnan , u sound like the culprit who burn the churches then blame it on Muslim .
    HMM ur last sentence sound ... I wont say . Do all measures as long win the votes.
    Sound like you r trying hard to damage our relationship among the bumiputra from different religion

  113. Anonymous1:23 am

    very funny readers in here.

    many trying to protect Allah's name but many still supporting a corrupted regime aka umno.

    u think Allah wud be pleased or pissed?

    someone commented that by using Allah it would confused the Muslims as christianity allows believers to drink but hey ur umno guys aint doing too bad either. arent they ur leaders? are they showing good examples? why r u following their ways?


  114. Can we just please stop this bickering. Doesn't matter who started it or who to put the blame on. Just make sure it doesnt escalate further. We all need to be calm.

  115. Itu la sarang tebuan jangan di jolok.. kalau ada perkataan "God" dalam bahasa melayu ngapa nak pakai juga "Allah"...

    Ugama Kristian juga ada menyuruh supaya menghormati ugama lain..

  116. Dear Rocky,

    Please stop speaking with forked tongue. We ain't stupid kampung folks.

    Najib consistent? Candlevigils broken up violently. ISA protesters laced with tear gas etc..... Give me a break.

  117. Baresheen wrote: Dear Rocky,

    Please stop speaking with forked tongue. We ain't stupid kampung folks.

    Najib consistent? Candlevigils broken up violently. ISA protesters laced with tear gas etc..... Give me a break.


    There you go, Baresheen, insulting the kampung folk. Can't you make your point without shooting your own foot? Give yourself a break bro.

  118. Anonymous3:22 am

    bijak--memang bijak

    org islam jugak yang kena. pertahan pun kena (dilabel tak da konfiden, dsbnya), tak pertahan lagi lah susah. Pergi mari kalah atau menang judgement siapa untung?

    slowly ---being pushed into a corner.


  119. Anonymous5:57 am

    UMNO Malay has no rights to claim the word 'Allah' because this isn't a Malay word in the first place. Allah is an Arab world used long before Islam and if the Arab are not questioning the use of this world than who are this coward UMNO Malays to protest?

  120. Anonymous6:00 am

    If Nazib cannot preach 1Malaysia to UMNO turks than who will believe him there is 1Malaysia?

    If Nazib still believe in 1Malaysia he should resign from UMNO.

  121. Anonymous7:45 am

    The problem is Bahasa Melayu (BM) which should be restricted to only muslims, the others should learn it as "subject" only in schools.


  122. Hello, friends why are you guys wasting your time debating with extremists and their patron blogger here? Spend your time instead to get your friends and family to register to vote. And if you have friends or family from Sabah and Sarawak, please tell them what is going on in Peninsular Malaysia.

    That is certainly more productive than debating with the patron blogger and his "supporters club".

  123. MAGDELINA10:11 am

    sigh sigh sigh.

    rocky, brother.

    you are one person who cannot please everyone at any one time.

    and i think you enjoy the enigma you are in when you cut controversies in your blog.

    you like to piss off SOME people just to SHOW THEM UP for what they really are.

    we know who and what you are, brother.

    these bigoted assholes of your commenters don't.

    you count among your BEST friends Kristian kelings, Kristian serani, Kristian cina, Hindus, Buddhists...of course, some Malay and non-Malay Muslims, for whom you'd readily take a bullet.

    we know you. so we know that you'll be the first person to whack a Muslim for insulting a non-Muslim. biasa-lah in an environment of multi-ethnicity.

    you whack Umno which you had done so many times before and i know you will not stop doing, and Umno cybertroopers whack you back.

    you criticise Anwar, and the Pakatan fanatics whack you.

    you take issue on Muslim intolerance blahblahblah, and some of your muslim readers, take offence and berate you.

    now, you talk about Pakiam taking the Allah issue to court, INTOLERANT BIGOTED non-Muslims fuck you up and say you were fanning the fire.

    how can you be fanning the fire when they are all fucking you up and not buying your views?

    and yeah, right? those crazy arsonists must have read you blog and decided, ah-hah we must tor5ch the churches because Rocky say it is ok. Duuh!?? so powderful, man!

    anyway, GOOD FOR YOU that there are no pretences about you. YOU TAK TAKUT!

    and why should we all pretend that it is okay for the church to drag the matter to court just so they can use ALLAH in their publication?

    did they think it was going to be a walk in the park?

  124. hotdick10:14 am


    these very people who can easily accuse you of fanning the flames are the very bigots that they are.

    see, so easy to blame you.

    not only are they biogots. they are stupid bigoted assholes.

    come to think of it -- ok, what. they give you SO MUCH credit...your blog is powerful. haha. that's why, they belasah you kow-kow, and they come back for more.

    let me re-phrase -- they are maniacal bigoted sado-masochists. haha!

  125. Anonymous11:35 am


    would you please shut the duck up? shut the duck up for God's sake!
    You're neither muslim or christian. this issue doesn't affect u.

  126. maryam12:19 pm


    yes i agree..get out and go tell friedns in sabah and sarawak what's happenign here.

    what is happening here?

    muslims burning churches?
    muslims killing christians?

    these commenters, like yourself, should get the hell out of here and stop wearing blinkers for you cannot accept the fact that yes indeed, religious issues can really get at anyone...

    for God's sakes...that sabah and sarawak experience is playing like a tired record.

    nobody is denying that Allah is used in sabah and sarawak by Christians because bahasa melayu is widely spoken by the natives who were converted decades and decades ago by chrisitan missionary who had to communicate with the in bahasa melayu.

    the fact is, so many of us here in peninsular never knew that was happening. but we know now...but c'est la vie. that is sabah and sarawak.

    that was and is not the case in the peninsular.

    good lord! in the peninisular, non-malays, if they can help it, won't want to speak bahasa melayu, let alone have sermons in bahsa melayu, or send their kids to national schools (becos so melayu and os so aiyaa islamic)...

    good lord! they resist the change to speak bahasa malaysia in courts.

    you know what, mingshit, if you want to say Allah, go go ahead.
    nobody will stop you.
    and if you do, i don't think your muslim friends will convert, unless you try so damn hard to convert them. still they won;t convert.

    but it's not you. it is no less than the Archbishop who is insistent on using the word Allah in the herald.

    sure-lah my muslim friends worry that this is PART OF A GRAND DESIGN TO CONVERT MUSLIMS, a majority of whom in the peninsular are Malays. just like they did in sabah and sarawak a long long time ago.

    but, before you accuse my muslim friends as not having confidence in muslims...let me say it is not about that.

    it is the suspicion and mistrust that has been sowed when the issue was brought to court.

    in peninsular -- don't you pretend to not know, mingshit -- muslims and non-muslims live and play in harmony.
    we have never been suspicious of one another...

  127. PakiamWidodo12:21 pm

    A group of residents attacked a church under construction in Harapan Indah residential complex, Bekasi, West Java, on Thursday evening, causing damage to several buildings. No one was injured in the incident. The chairwoman of the church construction committee, Kristina Maria Rantetana, said the incident happened at around 10.45 p.m. on Thursday. “I saw around 1,000 people wearing white robes marching to the church. When they arrived, they started throwing rocks at the church,” she told on Friday. “Some of them entered the church complex and started a fire.” Kristina said she immediately reported the incident to the police. Several officers had arrived shortly afterward, but could not do anything to control the crowd. The incident finally ended at around midnight when around 100 police officers from Bekasi Police arrived. One man was arrested for stealing a device in the church during the attack.

  128. Anonymous12:24 pm

    this is what PR, especially DAP, is waiting for...
    first, torn malay unity...then, religious unity...
    now LKS is dancing in the rain...

  129. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Dear Friends

    As a muslim, I am embarrassed by the actions of both the leaders of UMNO and by the people who torched the churches.

    To all Christians, I apologize on behalf of the Muslims of the world.

    What UMNO and the arsonists have done is un-Islamic! No amount of political positioning or explanations can dispute the fact that the word 'Allah" predates Islam. To try is to be an ostrich with its head in the sand.

    Don't do evil in the name of God!

  130. Anonymous2:33 pm


    Najib as a Hindu
    Rosamah as supervisor
    Chin Peng as hero
    Allah as Holy Ghost

    All planned to create unrest

    Bottomline - Blame UMNO, MACC, PDRM, all that has the MALAY MUSLIM faces

    Keep cool ... more issues coming your way

    To Najib's govt, TAKE legal action against these subversives, whoever they are, paid or voluntary

  131. Anonymous2:40 pm

    This is just another attempt to reduce the Malay Muslim majority to topple the Malay-led govt.

    Recruit the East Malaysian christians to pad up their majority.

    If they can justify chin peng as pejuang bangsa, they can justify anything!

  132. Anonymous2:43 pm


    if you have been smoking all these years, does that make smoking "right" or even "good"

    some justification, sheeesh

  133. Anonymous2:50 pm

    See folks, when they failed to topple UMNO thru Malay Muslim faces like anwar, zaid, paklah, kj, nik aziz

    What do they do - create a rift among the Malays and Bumis

    they need to dominate Malaysian politics - just to make lky smile and forget his tears way back then

  134. CowHeadBlasphemy2:53 pm

    Probably Fuckatan agent provokator may use the reverse phsycology just like what they did to TBH.Blame UMNO again...this time around throw molotov...and blame UMNO...maybe the non muslim fuckatan agent did that...and they enjoy it every moment seeing muslim get the arse kick....anyway,it all statred from the moronic judge...Your father has a son not like the One Allah..what did your achieved by passing a judgement which you already anticipate to happen? Shit that Pastor Samad from Shah Alam,you better get baptised in any of the Sunday churh in Batu Tiga...GodDamn you mothta faka!!!

  135. Hahaha Maryam, good one mingshit. Can't you come up with a better insult than that little person?

    What is happening here? Of course what's happening is some unidentified Muslim extremists torched a church and attacked a few others with firebombs. Isn't that what happened? Oh yes, I forgot maybe it was the Christians themselves who torched the Church or maybe its the work of those evil scum in DAP or wait wait maybe it's those damn Singaporean's. Okay, okay I know it must be those damn Zionist agents out to overthrow Islam! Deny all you want, the whole world now knows the true face of UMNO.

    I should get the hell out of here. On what authority do you have that I should get the hell out of here? Your pathetic insults and words?

    And if you are tired of the Sabah and Sarawak experience playing like a tired record, there is a very simple solution to this. Stop all your agitations and stop spreading hatred and spewing vitriol from your bubbling mouths.

    If that is a tired record, can you please advise the Home Ministry to release the 10,000 confiscated Bahasa Indonesian bibles in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu? If you c'est la vie then you should agree that right now you have relinquished all rights to interfere in the rights of the East Malaysians and dictate to them how they should worship isn't it? Don't behave like the British colonialists that colonized Malaya once.

    As for your bull crap on Peninsular Malaysians not wanting to speak Bahasa Melayu. Good lord, what an over exaggeration. But you are sadly misinformed on the issue. You see this is the 21st century i.e the era of GLOBALIZATION. In the era of globalization, there is the free movement of people and ideas throughout the globe.

    That also means that many Malay speaking Sabah and Sarawakians moved to Malaysia either to further their education or work. When they came over, they also brought their religious customs with them. Now do you understand why there are churches in Peninsular using Allah and speaking in BM? Because the majority of their congregation are Malay speaking East Malaysians! Understood? Don't believe me? Why don't you mix with your Eastern brethren more?

    You see this issue is closely tied to the issue of Murtad. Now you hear many Malays screaming that the Christians are converting Muslims just because they saw some Malay looking Sabah and Sarawak people (or Indonesian or Filipino) attending Sunday Mass. My friend from Sarawak is Chinese Christian but I bet you when you see him, you would've thought that he was a Malay. I know many Chinese here who automatically assumed they are Malay and speak to them in BM, when in fact their Mandarin and Hakka are absolutely flawless and they are 100% Chinese!

    Yes mingshit agrees. Grow up little person.

  136. Anonymous5:20 pm

    I hope you, your political masters and others of your ilk are happy now.

    Think about it, when you have your next pint in NPC.



  137. And for the record of the patron blogger and Maryam, mingshit here does not give a damn about converting Muslims to Christianity. In fact, mingshit has never proselytize to anyone before in mingshit's short life thus far. This little punk piece of shit called mingshit prefers to talk football, girls, gossip, work, family with his friends and not politics nor religion.

    And to clear up any misconception painted by Maryam on mingshit, mingshit has never used the word Allah to refer to my God seeing as I am not an adherent of any of the three Abrahamic faiths. Mingshit is actually a Buddhist who also accepts and believes in the message of all religions. So mingshit actually calls his God as Lord Buddha.

    The only reason mingshit is here debating woth the likes of Maryam, "Man" who wants to slap me, and IHATEIDIOTS and of course the patron blogger himself is because mingshit is a nationalist and does not want to see his country go to shit.

    Does that clear up your confusion, Maryam? If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask mingshit for further clarifications. Mingshit is free during (some) weekends and will gladly answer your questions and debate with you.

    And Maryam, please drop the name calling ya, this is not secondary school anymore. Please debate as a grown rational human being. Name calling and personal insults are the hallmarks of little people who have yet to grow up. So please grow up fast Maryam. Happy New Year to you too.

  138. glassman8:43 pm

    The rule of law? The law says, DBKL flats are for lower income groups, .. Wow our lower incomes groups drive volvos, camry's mercedes even

  139. the best thing is , all this madaa fakas calling UMNO cowards aRE ALL ANOnS?

  140. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Anonymous 1:21 PM said...

    ...To all Christians, I apologize on behalf of the Muslims of the world....

    Orang ini mesti sembah kat Hantu jembalang.. Belum siasat, belum tangkap, jembalang dia dah confirmkan the culprits dan memberi ORDER untuk memohon maaf??

    Wow, lebih hebat dari Pakiam dengan Judge Nyonya nampaknya terror benar Agama siPolan ni..


  141. Anonymous8:52 am

    Anonymous 1:21 PM tu kapir lah bro. menyamar je tu.

  142. Anonymous7:50 pm


    you heard of Lina Joy?

    have you also heard of Farida becomin Freda, Johari becoming Harry

    Even Hirman Ahmad has a middle name 'Xavier'

    well I guess not since you chose to mix around with your own kind

  143. Anonymous8:21 pm

    dear mat kong,

    i never seen any stupin, idiomoron like you. most probably you are eating so much of shit until it clog your blady brains, unti you have no idea to talk. maybe i think it time for you to go to hell. see you in funny papers soon bro !

    anti mat kong.

  144. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Just wandering when the British(Christians) was the "ruling power" in Malaya and Sabah & Sarawak before independence they've respected the sensivities of the Muslims and why can't this group so called Malaysian who has a little bit of power do the same.
    For decades we have tolerated each other and just because a small group of us wants to exercise his constitutional rights we have to jeopardise the racial and religious harmony of all Malaysian. By all means you can exercise your rights but not at the expense of others.

    Ayah Sulong

  145. Anonymous4:45 am

    mingxhin 10:01 AM said...

    ....And if you have friends or family from Sabah and Sarawak, please tell them what is going on in Peninsular Malaysia.

    Hoi Apek Aney mingxhin,

    Majority of Sabahans and Sarawakians are Bumiputras and they have been part of us since the formation of Malaysia..

    Lu ingat mereka baru mari dari NEGARA LU PUNYA ATOK India atau China ker SAMPAI tak tahu menahu perkembangan Dalam Negara sendiri?

    Lain ler lu punya olang, lamai lamai baca Bahasa Kebangsaan pun talak tau, cakap Bahasa Kebangsaan pun talak tau... hali hali chong chiang anugerek lain Negala punya bahasa pakai!

    hali hali mau angkat lain olang kasi terjemah apa saja belita dalam Malaysia, mau kasi lu olang faham..

    Itu boiled eggs pun lu Amoy ala cakap "boy's egg". Bahasa Ingelis pun lu olang mayak cucah!!



  146. Anonymous5:24 pm

    To 'a-spade-is-a-spade':

    go get your facts right again - read up the dictionary. if you are too poor to have one (or dumb to know one) look up online wikipedia.

    'Allah' is the universal word for God and NOT for the (ultra extremist) religion that is Muslim.

  147. Anonymous7:57 pm

    One of America’s pre-eminent evangelicals is challenging the advice of a retiring Roman Catholic Bishop in the Netherlands who has raised eyebrows worldwide by suggesting Dutch Christians pray to “Allah.”

    Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, argues that it is inappropriate for Christians to call God Allah based on irreconcilable theological differences associated with the name Allah and core Christian beliefs.

    The key condition behind calling the Christian God Allah is that Allah must refer to the same God as the one in the Bible. However, this requirement presents “a huge problem for both Muslims and Christians,” contends Mohler.

    The theologian pointed out that the Qur’an explicitly denies that Allah has a son, and Islam considers the idea of a triune God to be blasphemy.

    “Thus, from its very starting point Islam denies what Christianity takes as its central truth claim – the fact that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of the Father,” wrote Mohler on his web blog Wednesday.

    “If Allah has no Son by definition, Allah is not the God who revealed himself in the Son. How then can the use of Allah by Christians lead to anything but confusion …and worse?”

    Last Monday, during an interview with a Dutch TV program, 71-year-old Bishop Tiny Muskens promoted the idea of Dutch Christians calling God Allah, believing that it would ease much of the conflict between the Christian and Muslim faiths. Muskens contended that God doesn’t mind what He is called and the arguments over what to call Him is an invention of man.

    “Allah is a very beautiful word for God. Shouldn’t we all say that from now on we will name God Allah? …What does God care what we call Him? It is our problem,” said Muskens, according to The Associated Press.

    The retiring bishop was a former missionary to Indonesia – the most populous Muslim country in the world – for eight years, where he said priests used the name “Allah” while celebrating Mass.

    In response, Mohler pointed out that it would be difficult to support the argument that “Allah” can be used as a generic term for God. The theologian said separation of Allah from the language, theology, and worship closely associated with it is difficult. Moreover, even non-Arabic speaking Muslims use Allah when referring to their god.

    Another irreconcilable difference is that Jesus commanded his followers to baptize “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

    “When this command is taken seriously and obeyed, the whole issue is greatly clarified – a Christian cannot baptize in the name of Allah,” stated Mohler.

    “So Bishop Muskens is disingenuous at best when he suggests that God does not care about His name. This is not a matter of mere ‘discussion and bickering,’” said Mohler.

    “If Allah has no son, Allah is not the father of our Lord Jesus Christ…This is no mere ‘discussion and bickering.’ This is where the Gospel stands or falls,” the theologian concluded.

    Bishop Muskens in the past endorsed other controversial ideas which went against the Vatican leadership – such as those who are hungry can steal bread and that condoms should be permissible in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

  148. Anonymous11:14 am

    mingxhin AKA Mingshit,

    what are you blaming rocky for?

    if you don't agree with, so be it.

    you are the intolerant one here.

    besides, who said the church arsonists are muslims?

    they're evil, yes. But, they have not been identified and you happily assume they're muslims.

    youa re indeed, MINGSHIT.

    And happy new year to you, too!

  149. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Anonymous 5:24 PM

    Kesian sama lu olang...

    Mau pilih kasi nama sama lu punya Tuhan pun mau pi Mahkamah?

    Itu maciam ka?

    Mujur dulu itu Hitler tarak insist tukaq kasi sama lia punya nama, kalo tarak setuju sama dia, mesti semua olang dia kasi masuk rumah GAS!!


  150. Anonymous8:51 pm

    So, those fanatics said Allah is exclusive to Muslms.

    Fine. Then lagu beberapa negeri should be sang by non muslims. Or should be sang at all because its not islamic.

    Hotdog: popular food aong muslims. Got dog, anjing haram, what say yo?

    In histry books, the word Allah should be cut out. Should not be read by non muslims. The word Allah in history boks shouldnt touch by those non muslim.

    Wha say you? but how about corruption? How about death of Althatuyyah? Is it nothing concern about Islam


  151. Anonymous3:34 am

    Hoi Mamat,

    Go make friends with Skilly+++13 on facebook.. or join him for a vacation at Sentosa Island..

    It will do you good!


  152. skilgannon10664:42 pm

    Hey, mamat

    Listen to "perwira". Come on over to Pulau Sentosa - sun, sea, sand, bikinied babes, booze and casinos! Plus a Universal Studios theme park and dining options galore. What's not to like?

    Close proximity? No worries, mate!
    Booze till the early hours? Sure!

    And no religious police personnel around to spoil the fun!

    I kinda suspect that "perwira" is secretly lusting after such forbidden fruit!


  153. skilgannon10663:58 pm

    Hey, perwira

    A digression: to add on to my invitation to mamat, I have just found out that a Victoria's Secret lingerie store - the first in Asia - will be set up at the Resorts World at Sentosa IR in Singapore.

    By a Malaysian company, no less!

    Imagine - scantily-clad lingerie models! Wowee!!! The famous Victoria's Secret lingerie shows in Singapore? Coming, lah!

    Come on over, brudder. Get away from the prudery, conservatism and the pressure to be holier-than-thou and enjoy the hedonistic lifestyle at Pulau Sentosa in Singapore!

    Btw, this invitation is also extended to warrior xxx, anti whatever and those who vent in this blog and who are badly in need of a little R&R, Singapore-style.

    That includes the blog owner, Sdr Rocky.

    And guaranteed no religious police or vigilantes to spoil some innocent fun! Like I said - close proximity? Boleh!

  154. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Sad indeed..really sad..sound pathetic also..
    Their meaning of life only revolved around their Sentosa fun land eh, everything about them is them money, hehehe..
    Soul-less, what gonna happen once all the fun under the sun suddenly gone? kapish!
    Mass suicide??
    Well, so good for them then..I'm craving for the later..hahahaha..

    Btw, thanx for the invitation skilmoron.. i would rather throw my money in Thailand & Philipines where I can get better quality services at a cheaper price..Yo! nice marketing you're doing there, moron! kah..kah..kah..desperate?

    Who need the casinos anyway especially the Malays except for a few rich idiots to burn to hell with their sin money & make the tauke judi richer. What a relieve now that it is bigger in Sentosa island compared to Genting..let it be 'transferred' there..wait till its in full swing then you'll know the 'effect'.. Even a lot of Chinese over here also wanted Genting Casino to be close down..go figure out yourself why.

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-