Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whose mansion in the sky?

A mansion in Carcosa. No, fortunately not another sky kingdom of the teapot cult (pic) that infected some of us when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was prime minister and we were hungry for guidance and leadership.

Do get your FREE copy of The Malay Mail this afternoon, or look for the news on-line at on why this proposed mansion in Carcosa is rather mysterious ....


  1. shamsul yunos12:57 pm

    please don't tell me that Pak Lah is gettign his wy with Carcosa

    i had heard that he asked the Government to give him Carcosa...

    I really hope this is not true

  2. Adakah pakatan sudah memulakan program SPY ON THE FAMILY seperti yang diamalkan Hitler dan parti NAzi serta parti Komunis di USSR??

    baca di sini

  3. Jantan Kabaret1:39 pm

    Lol.... itu hari Dollah sebelum pencen ada kata dia nak relax tengok wayang dan berkebun....

    Apasal pulak gomen nak buat Mansion sampai RM12 juta kat Carcosa untuk dia. Bagi rumah kat Felda siap dengan home theater dan tilam empok dah la.

    Teringat aku baca buku Michael Backman - dia terperanjat bila sampai kat rumah TDM di the mines. Dah le kecik - tak ada polis jaga pulak tu. Sampai dia kata TDM ni Ex PM paling miskin di Asia.

    Apa jasa Dol kat Malaysia nak bandingkan ramai lagi bekas perajurit yang belum ada rumah..

    memang Dol betul si Lah ni.

    Habis rumah kat Perth tu nak buat apa.

    Selamat menyambut Awal Muharam

  4. Rocky....Greetings..

    Hungry for guidance and leadership?Mmmmmmmm.......

    2. Got nothing during Dolah Badawai`s tenure ,eh....

    3. Present perks from recent appointments by new regime, maseh x cukup? Can`t blame you old chappie, human nature is like that.

    4. Am glad though to say that there are still some amongst the human race who have not traded their souls. Able to sleep soundly and give proper advise in perspective to own children from time to time. Give own guidance and leadership to the young ones as to the right path.

    Fair Play

    17 Dec 2009

  5. sniper1:43 pm


    For Pak Lah, Rumah Hantu is enough already. Anak dua + cucu 6 orang aje.

    Lain lah Anwar, anak 6 orang. sebab tu Sri Perdana ada 1+6 rooms before Dollah renovated it for another millions RM.

  6. ex contractor1:50 pm


    why RM12 mansion for Dollah?

    Land cost : RM 4 million
    Mansion cost : RM 7 million plus
    commission to KJ
    Pillow & Mattress : RM 2 million


  7. Anonymous2:48 pm

    How about the 600k wired illegally ? Not interested.

    Put on weight also complain.
    Ya lah , no time for all baseless allegation.

    Who ask you to vote us ??

  8. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Rockybru, tolong bagilah 'chance' sama Pak Lah !!!

    Pak Lah dah bersara, takkan masih nak kutuk-kutuk dia lagi, Rocky !!


  9. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Everything will be alright , dont worry , BE HAPPY..


    Happy all the times.

  10. Awaludin3:08 pm

    "No, fortunately not another sky kingdom of the teapot cult (pic) that infected some of us when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was prime minister and we were hungry for guidance and leadership."

    "[S]ome of us"? You mean yourself, Rocky? You obviously had gone bonkers during the reign of AB to the extent that you became "infected" by the teapot cult. If that's the case, it's a real pity that AB is no longer the PM!

    BTW, why is the Malay Mail a free paper now? Has its standard gone down so badly after you became editor-in-chief that it has to be given away for free??

  11. ApaLAH!!!
    Like shamsul yunos, I hope this not true.

  12. arkansas3:28 pm


    if rumah pencen Pak Lah is at Carcosa, I bet kubur dia must be at Nilai Memorial Park

  13. I heard about two acres of prime real estate near Carcosa to be allotted and given to the former useless prime minister of this country and if this mansion is on that piece of land then iif it is true than for sure I am joining the opposition to oppose the frivolity of this government, I just hope this is not true because I do not want to join the opposition but this is how loyal people like me got turned off by such cockamamie bullshit. I hope the government will come out with a statement and say the house is actually meant for a headquarters of anything but not a palace for this con-man named Abdullah Ahmad Badawi! So there!

  14. Anonymous5:15 pm


    If its being paid by the government, so be it, at least its been accounted for.

    Why don't you do an exclusive on the alleged RM 24million mansion,how it was built, finance by, or paid by, or how income was earned to pay for this huge mansion?

    You just love Abdullah Badawi don't you? (pun intended)

  15. mustang5:28 pm


    maybe other people have got VERY SHORT memory.

    I have nothing personal against Pak Lah.

    But this man RUINED the country. he let his boys run amuck. he left it to the 4th floor boys to run the country for him.

    and they all were accessory to causing damage (let's hope reparable) to the country.

    Under Pak Lah BN, lost 4 states and failed to recapture one.

    Have you all forgotten what he DID NOT do when he was PM?

    Surely, he doesn't deserve a mansion -- if this one is indeed his.

    If anyone is to give him a reward, then it should be PAKATAN RAKYAT!

    Or is it the BN's government gesture of gratitude to him for stepping down as PM?

    Seriously -- you cannot reward this man with a mansion!

  16. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Talking about the ZZZZZzzzz Limb-Lamb Lah is umpama Mimpi dalam Mimpi,the Nation was in Slumberland . (It did help in escalating sales of Slumberland mattress then).

    Is this too a Sand-Castle in the air ? Wonder if he knows where is Carcosa ?

    Pls dont simply throw wild allegation and Respect the Elder.
    Right or wrong it's our kebudayaan we are proud of.

    Dont blame him ,he too cant believe he got the job when Uncle Kutty gave him the nod..

    He is wondering and still wondering why uncle Kutty still after him though he supported many of his policies including BTN (Better than Nothing).

    Sleeping Beauty ,
    Wake me I am dreaming.

  17. amender la Pak Lah ni. suruh ler KJ bikin umah untuk lu. KJ harta menimbun. Dah rosakkan UMNO, BN, Malaysia - dapat gak Tun. Lagi nak demand macam-macam!

  18. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Orang Melayu kat City Centre semua hidup merempat,,,ramai pendatang dari Melayu SO Apa salahnya terdapat sebuah rumah Melayu di CARCOSA,,!!!!????

    MELAYU kan IRIHATI,,,!!!!


  19. Dulu kan ada yang menulis yang Pak Lah nak tanah ke apa kat Carcosa Seri Negara tu sebagai "hadiah" pencen?

  20. kaypor9:46 pm

    I love Pak Lah so much.
    He can have my mansion.

  21. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Pak Lah = Umno = Najib.

    Kau orang jangan buat pekak dan tolol seolah-oalh pak lah lain, umno lain.. mereka serumpun... umno

  22. Anonymous11:17 pm

    What about the alleged RM 24million mansion by your best friend, the Toyo?

  23. sebab tu lah mau masuk politik, jadi menteri atau jadi balaci pun jadilah...masyuk.
    tengok Bung Mokhtar pun boleh mengorat apa nama pelakon tu...kerana rupa, cinta atau wang ringgit?

  24. Anonymous1:52 am


    bukan semua ex-PM is eligible to buy federal govt punya land at a discounted price ke?

    paklah got this one NEAR carcosa (not the carcosa itself), while mahathir got his at jalan tun ismail, where he built a few bungalows for himself and his kids. i'm sure those bungalows that mahathir build cost millions as well.

    jangan terlampau extreme mahathir sangat, sampai benda-benda macam ni yang dah terpampang depan mata pun tak nampak.


  25. Anonymous2:19 am


    A very carefully slected piece.

    You choose to ignore:

    a. Khir Toyo's 'palace' and how he got the funding

    b. The big fish who illegally sent out money from this country to foreign lands (and instead let your Malay Mail focus on the money changers whose licences were cancelled by Bank Negara)

    c. The many instances of how the BN government (including that of Pak Lah, failed to address concens and needs of Indians but let Samy Vellu do the damage to the community for almost 30 years)

    You deserve Nobel Prize lah, for you fantastic neutrality and objectivity.


  26. Anonymous2:21 am


    cukup .. cukup dah ! jangan tak habis-habis buli Pak Lah lagi !

  27. Anonymous9:06 am


    Tolong kira sikit ever since Najib became PM,,,da berapa kali keluar Negara attending STUPID Meeting with no results,,!!!!!

    Kira sekali wife termasuk keluarganya,,,What the expenses like?????

    We tax payers punya $$$$$ kah????


  28. Anonymous10:27 am

    Salam Rocky, Jika benar bangunan yg akan dibina ini untuk bekas PM yg tak guna tu,jelas ianya menampakkan kepincangan dan kelemahan kerajaan PM Najib.Tidak cukup dengan pemberian gelaran TUN kepada isteri yg entah apa jasanya kini diberi pula istana yg berharga RM 12 juta. Adakah ini merupakan sumbangan krana menyerah jawatan PM selepas mempurakperandakan negara?Perkara bukan sahaja tidak wajar tetapi ianya satu pembaziran yg melampau.Jika pembaziran semacam ini dan perbelanjaan yg tidak berhemah seperti kes PKFZ dan perkara2 yg dinyatakan dalam laporan audit negara dikawal dan dielakkan,sudah tentu kerajaan tidak memerlu untuk membebankan rakyat dengan kenaikan bayaran yuran makanan asrama,cukai GST dan kenaikan harga minyak. Selain daripada itu,nampaknya pembinaan "istana" tersebut dibuat secara"hanky panky"kerana semacam diselubongi rahsia dan sumber kewangan pun tidak diketahui.Takunya nanti amalan semacam ini akan menjadi kebiasaan dan kelaziman.Amalan ini akan membuka ruang yg amat luas kepada perbuatan rasuah yg kini kaedaannya amat runcing. Askar Tua

  29. Anonymous11:17 am

    Tolong sampaikan mesej ni kepada Najib. Katakan padanya kami tidak akan keluaq mengundi di PR akan datang. Katakan padanya kami sudah tidak percayakan BN tapi masih tak percaya kat Pakatan. Katakan padanya juga rakyat terasa tertipu dengan janji nak membaiki public transport tetapi menggunakan wang kami untuk membina sebuah mahligai untuk PMT(iduq). Katakan padanya diskaun tol hanya retorik kerana tidak ramai yang menggunakan tol sebanyak 80 kali sebulan. Katakan juga yang kewibawaan beliau hilang begitu sahaja dengan mahligai ini. Katakan jugak Melayu di bandar tidak suka PPSMI digugurkan tetapi kami tak mau berdemonstrasi. Selamat tinggal BN, Umno, Pakatan dan ntah apa-apa. Biarlah rakyat merana, kami pun dah merana sejak Tun M berhenti lagi. Bye dari Budak Hitam dan rakan-rakan

  30. Please leave him alone..he is still better than the presence PM. At least he do not commit Scandal...

  31. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Rocky, apa hairan sangat ?? baru RM12 juta saje !!

    bila nak buta laporan "Rumah haram K Toyol" yang bernilai RM24juta tu !!


  32. Soalan saya pada Perdana Menteri pada 30 Jun 2009 dalam sesi soalan lisan berbunyi :

    ..Adakah benar sebuah banglo dianggarkan lebih RM40 juta akan dibina di Jalan Mahameru, Kuala Lumpur sebagai ihsan Kerajaan kepada bekas Perdana Menteri..

    Jawapan :

    ...Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat, mengikut Akta Ahli Parlimen (Saraan), 1980 (Akta 237) antara elaun dan keistimewaan bagi bekas Perdana Menteri yang perlu disediakan oleh pihak Kerajaan adalah menyediakan sebuah Rumah Kerajaan. Walau bagaimanapun, buat masa ini keputusan mengenai pemberian keistimewaan ini masih belum dimuktamadkan...

    Jawapan Perdana Menteri ini tidak menafikan, baik nilai mahu pun hajat Kerajaan. Sama-sama kita tunggu keadaan sebenar.

  33. Anonymous1:44 am

    This is the likable answer from him -
    What is going on ? I was not informed yet on this issue.

    I just woke up so give me sometimes to read the news before I commence.

    Ya, forgot to tell you I caught a Carcosa fish at the fishing trip near Adelaide yesterday. You know what ?? The Carcosa fish leapt off from the water and get hooked before I cud even lay down the fishing rod. what a rezeki !!!

    Blur all the times and born lucky.

  34. Anonymous12:08 pm

    by hook or by crook dont vote BN ,whatsoever let their leaders learned a real lesson about the money they swindled,this just a mansion in malaysia,what about overseas ,or KJ's mansion? KJ is a real oxford graduate or from oxford brookes? a lot of oxford wannabes who cannot enter oxford enter oxford brookes, must make KJ and his gang lose in the next election or our country will totally will become poor nation,

  35. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Bagi jela PLah tp pastikan nama dlam geran xleh tukar. bl PLah mati ha ambik balik. tgok org tua kutuk tu pun mcm dh parkinson je nmpaknya hbis kuat pun dia duk rmh tu 3@4 tahun je pastu ke dalam la dia.


  36. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Rocky: If your market intelligence is any good, you would know that Rosmah has been given the land next to Carcosa and she's teaming up with a blue-chip developer to build high-end bungalows there. Ask your friends at Bandaraya @ buaya darat about their submission.

    All that your political masters want is to loot the country. Not ashamed ?

    Don-key Godfather

  37. Looks pretty down to earth to me. Well, it is on earth, isn't it?

    You only see the mansion in the sky after you kick the bucket.

  38. Anonymous4:34 pm

    On this teko kote , sky kingdom whatever thingy.. why not just ask Haris Ibrahim of his opinion since he is an ardent admirer of Ayah Pin's freedom of bullshits..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-