Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The perils of critical appreciation of Indians in Malaysia

Kecoh, kecoh, kecoh:Indian leaders lodge police reports against Utusan Malaysia editor Zaini Hassan. Free speech? Hehe. Like Azmi Anshar said in his article last week, most Malaysians can't take free speech. Especially those who advocate free speech.

When The Malay Mail wrote the story about caste politics in the MIC back in September, we were slapped with 21 police reports, including from one of our own big vendors who is also an MIC leader. This vendor and I farted ways after that, which is a blessing in disguise!

I've read Zaini's piece. It's a swipe at the likes of M. Kulasegaran who vowed recently to continue questioning some matters pertaining to the position of the Malays (for some, including the "perjanjian keramat" to borrow Anwar Ibrahim's term of social contract). Not against Indians. Not Indians in India, not Indians in Malaysia.

I pasted his article Indians in India, Indians in Malaysia a few days ago h e r e.


drMpower said...

entah lah.

kalau begini digambarkan betapa realiti nya di negara India yang sebenar, pun di saman, apakah masa depan kita cerah bila paksi kuasa politik berubah?

itu kena saman sebab bagitau perkara REALITI. hati terasa? jangan la terasa kalau diri tu anggap dia adalah rakyat MALAYSIA. bukan rakyat india.

begitu jugak keadaan di negeri China pada tahun 1950 an. realitinya memang masa itu, komunism di China adalah pada peringkat peak. tertinggi. antara yang komunis buat di China pada tahun-tahun ketika itu, termasuklah MERAMPAS harta benda dan memaksa mereka jadi BURUH KASAR.

itu realiti. buleh check fakta sejarah China sendiri.

ps- apa entah jadi dengan pemain badminton tersohor Singapura, Lee Swee Kim (betulkah namanya?) yg digelar 'The Thing'. beliau kembali ke China ketika itu. apakah nasib beliau? jadi ahli politikkah? ataupun bisnesman? atau hilang ditenggelami zaman?

Anonymous said...

This is not very clever of you Rocky.

Kula has lodged a police report over this matter.

He has clarified that "he had never questioned the special privileges as set out in Article 153 of the federal constitution or any rights of the Malay rulers."

On the other hand, if you are so convinced that he did touch on sensitive matters, extract it from the Hansard and publish it in your blog for all to see.

No need for you to adopt this kind of 'half-past-six' approach to still say that Kula was at fault.

That refelects you true 'racist' attitide which is the creation of the institution called 'UMNO' and the agencies it has under its 'control' like the Police, MACC and Judiciary which have successfully made you do an about turn after 8 March 2008.


Anonymous said...

kulasegaran kata malaysia tak perlu diskriminasi dimana ada sekelompok org lagi tinggi darjatnya... (nak perli melayu la tu konon)...

tapi dalam agama india ada kasta..

apa cerita beb???


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The editor of Utusan is just generalizing people of Indian descent saying them as kecoh. Now, if you take the twisted logic, it make sense Tun Mahathir also kecoh & making noise here & there even after quiting because Tun Mahathir is also of Indian descent. What about Nazri Aziz? He also kecoh in lambasting BTN or calling Tun M racist?, so is he Indian descent as well? What about Liow Tiong Lai in his MCA leadership struggle? So the point is generalization is wrong and all people make noise & kecoh and especially if they are sideline politically, marginalise, discriminated etc. UMNO make noise, MCA make noise, MIC also make noise, we want our independent from Colonial British, we also make noise and demonstrated, communists also make noise and take up arms.....the Utusan editor himself also make noise by writing his article and kecoh.

So, by the law, everyone is whoever make kecoh should face the brunt of the law. It happens to Hindraf, cowhed protestors & so on. So, this time...Mr.Zaini should face the law as well. It is not unexpected and we don't want practice double standard. And this is not silencing him or whatever....he face what he said as with everyone else and take responsibility for it.

US practice free speech, where you can kecoh all you want but they also practice law...what you say bind you and use against you as well.

Also, take note, laws not always fair....and then people will kecoh again against the laws. That is circle of life.

Ah Lam

Dr.Sid said...

now they now that 1malaysia is a myth. come on la people, just accept the fact that we are not ready towards 1nation state. lets go back to what has been bestowed by our fathers 56 years ago. cehh.


Anonymous said...

ini haramjad punya zaini..

so rocky...ko nie dah confirm DKK ke tak?

ayoyo said...


Suruh depa baca buku " Temptation of the West" - Pankaj Mishra.

segala fakta / masalah orang India di India ada dalam buku tu.

Yang menulis pulak reporter India jugak.

Aku dapat buku tu pun dari orang India.

Kira siapa yang lahir kat Malaysia ni lebih bernasib baik le.

Anonymous said...

MYSTERY: Anwar tukar sampel DNA untuk bukti Rocky balaci Madey?

di laman web The Unspundek di

Anonymous said...


Madey telah marah dengan Najib kerana Najib telah menukar dasar untuk menjadikan Malaysia barua Amerika.

Ketika Madey berkuasa - Madey membuat perjanjian rahsia dengan Amerika. Apa perjanjian ini masih belum jelas lagi.

Madey naikk angin kerana Duta Malaysia yang mngundi tidak menyokong ketetapan yang mengutuk Iran telah dipanggil pulang.

Dalam bahasa diplomatik – duta ini telah melakukan kesilapan.

Permerhati politik dan para dilpomat memandang pekara ini sebagai langkah permulaan Madey untun menaikkan Muhyiddin. Dengan menaikkan Muhyiddin - memastikan Mukriz akan mendapat tempat kedua.

satu malaysia amat amat gembira dengan berita tebaru ini kah kah kah

bila gerombolan bergaduh satu malaysia tepuk tangan
bila mereka tak bergaduh kita gaduhkan mereka
bila mereka bergaduh kita api api kan mereka
- dari kitab ilmu tok batin lintang pukang -

Anonymous said...


Undang baru untuk mencukai 4% warga telah mula di baca pagi ini di Parlimen.

Satu ketika dahulu negara banyak duit.

Tetapi telah dibazirkann dengan membuat KLCC, Litar Sepang, F1, Monsoon Cup, Formula One , kapal selam, Altantuya, Sukhoi, stadium runtuh, hospital bocor, sekolah rahai dan seribu satu macam kerenah untuk merembat dana negara.

Yang terbaru Formula One : semuanya projek merembat duit rakyat !

Hari ini kerajaan telah habis duit.

Cara terpnatas : kenakan cukai.

Semua rakyat – kecik besar tua muda – tahun hadapan
jika membeli apa saja akan kena cukai 4%.

Justeru dari sekarang mulakan kempen GST = Ganyang Sampai Terbarai

Anonymous said...

RM12 JUTA RUMAH BEKAS PM – harakah daily

Dewan Rakyat hari ini dimaklumkan, Kerajaan telah membina rumah bernilai RM12 juta untuk Abdullah Badawi zzz...

Anggota Parlimen Pokok Sena, Mahfuz Omar dalam perbahasan hari ini mempersoalkan, dari manakah bajet itu diperolehi.

Ini kerana, ia tidak pernah dibentang dalam Dewan Rakyat untuk mendapatkan kelulusan.


woit… INI SUDAH LEBIH… kah kah kah..

woit… TAK KAN SAMPAI DUA BELAS JUTA… kah kah kah..

woit… KENAPA MAHAL SANGAT… kah kah kah…




Keith said...

I'm an Indian and I can handle free spech.

Utusan Malaysia can for all purposes say what it wants, but the alternative and opposing views have to be given equal opportunity to be heard as well.

The government gives Utusan a license but then censors almost everything else....that's not free speech. It's not free speech when you need a permit from the government to publish printed material.

Free speech is fair. Kulasegaran can't voice his dissatisfaction any other way than lodging a report and that's what he did.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, you call this kechoh?

"M Kulasegaran, the DAP MP of Ipoh Barat has call for the term Ketuanan Melayu to be changed to Ketuanan Rakyat Malaysia to indicate that the true masters of the country are its people. This is seen as his counter-reaction to the recent calls by many groups for him to resign as well as police reports against him for his stand against the Malay Supremacy issue. He said "What we need in this country is people's supremacy and not Malay supremacy, which is a Umno political concept propagated to serve their own interests and not the Malay race. It is the people who are the masters as seen by their voting power during last year's March 8 general election which changed the political equation of the BN from the two-third majority to a simple majority. So how can Umno claim to have the edge in supremacy when it's the people who have the final say?"


Anonymous said...

Indians like KurangSegaran are just noisemakers like most 'Samseng' Indians we know. But he holds a somewhat important post so he's using that as a vehicle to be heard, not for his elected community, but more for voicing crap.

The trend now is to attack the Malays and it's special rights. But they always forget the Malays gave them permission to stay and prosper on this land. The Richest Race? The Most Professionals? Certainly not Malay, so they're shouting that they must GET more. Well... Maybe, just maybe should we take back what's really ours? Since they've gone well above they're heads now?

Heck! that'll mean Anarchy won't it?

Patience has it's limits!


Ismail said...


Baca yg nih jua, mungkin boleh link di page anda agar lain dpt membaca dan memahami.

Tajuk: India Malaysia bersyukurlah


balan said...


Do read my take on the same article


Anonymous said...

Sad that they are still shackled by this inhumane and idiotic practice while they boast how modern and free their kind are in the West.Strange ain't it, they insist on making trouble here and not migrate back to their beloved shit-hole. Bunch of ingrates !

Anonymous said...

at least they down go around waving the keris & kicking cow head, ya?

Anonymous said...

nor do they go urinate all over the public places?

Damansara said...

Bila orang India di Malaysia tidak puashati dengan keadaan mereka di Malaysia, mereka sewenang-wenangnya mengadu dengan 'bapa mereka' di India.

Maka Menteri India di negara India yang tak tahu hujung pangkal pun buatlah kenyataan yang MENGHINA MALAYSIA.

Bila rakyat Malaysia marah dengan kenyataan itu, maka kedua-dua India (Menteri India di India dan India Malaysia di India) terus melenting dan mengatakan itu HUMAN RIGHTS.

Bila kita tanya India Malaysia di India mana letaknya kesetiaan mereka sampai sanggup membiarkan orang luar menghina kita, mereka akan jawab macam-macam yang mereka sendiri akhirnya tidak faham.

Begitu juga bila mereka menulis pada kerajaan British bahawa berlaku PEMBUNUHAN ETNIK INDIA OLEH KERAJAAN MALAYSIA. Bila di pohon bukti, mereka akan belit, dan belit, dan belit, dan belit.

Begitulah juga bila mereka mengatakan bahawa panggilan KELING adalah satu penghinaan yang teramat sangat; walhal mereka lupa perkataan Keling datang daripada panggilan terhadap orang-orang rombongan RAJA KELING yang melawat Melaka dahulu.

Peliknya mereka secara bergurau selalu memanggil PARIA sesama mereka; perkataan yang sebenar-benarnya menghina.

Jadi tiada apa yang peliknya dengan lentingan mereka kali ini.

Anonymous said...

Their caste system is actually based on BO la. Some of them, especially in the lower ranks, aiyo ma, aiyo pa, even the strongest of Deo could not do the job. Hence, to seperate these folks from their (snooty as usual) Upper class they make this up. It's like saying *tolong main jauh2 sikit* : ))

Anonymous said...

Kena gempak sikit dah takut!!!!Nak jadi pejuang macammna?Kata pejuang melayu!!!!!!
Tu tak suruh pi berjuang kat Palestin lagi????


Anonymous said...

Artikel Utusan dari dulu sampai sekarang memang sentiasa rasis. Selalu mengungkit isu perkauman. Sepatutnya dah kena ISA dari awal lagi. Tapi sebab ianya mouthpiece UMNo, maka tiada tindakan sedemikian. Tapi kalau akhbar lain yang buat begitu, habis. Tiada lagi permit.

Anonymous said...

Why whack the indians, la?

If so pissed off with his life, go whack his fucking parents for bringing him to this world.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what the fuss is all about.
Anwar explained everything during the BTN courses..... about the migrants..... social contract.... Malay rights.... Indian and Chinese ungratefullness and all that jazz.

Perhaps he should tell M.Kulasegran and Samy V. to go bark at the hills.

But, to cover 10 pots of boiling soup with 9 lids is next to impossible.


Bawal said...

Its ironic.. isn't it.

DKK said...

Wow - i take it if you endorse the article, Najib does as well? I know where my votes are going.

Praxis said...

I think Zaini's piece was objective in the sense that he is duty-bound as a journalist to report perceptions, and we can't blame him if the perception is Indians everywhere are choleric. Perceptions are also reality.

This perception that Indians are rebel rousers has been helped by Samyvelu, who through his ineptitude and greed allowed the DAP to set up Hindraf to the point of defending it under Badawi.

Why wasn't this a problem during Dr Mahathir's time? Dr Mahathir saw that the Indians are a non-entity as far as the national politics is concerned, and given his priorties and democratic leanings, was bound to just leave things as they are and indeed allowed the sanguine Subraminam to articulate Indian problems in the cabinet. Samyvelu was a non-entity then.

History is the Indians here are better off than those in India thanks to British patronage and so the more likely we will see choleric Indian lawyers in PR and Bar council than from other races. And we know Anand Krishnans become a billionaire with only the condition that he help Malaysians through the multiplier effects. The Malays are actually poorer off than the Indians.

Najib, when comnenting on Kelantan MB's call for retribution, stuck to his focus on KPI when he said he doesn't understand what's the MB's problem because the compassion royalties are being paid. He was sticking to the facts and avoiding the rhetoric. Herein lies the issue and solution.

The issue of Indians, like the BTN and others, is all rhetoric. Whatever 'Indian' problems they have, they have to sort it out among themslves, because the larger problems of inter-ethnic disparities have to be solved first, and should occupy our agenda.

Anonymous said...

MYSTERY: Anwar tukar sampel DNA untuk bukti Afifa anak Azmin?

fadli said...

goggle up "india discrimination". it's a fact of life.

Anonymous said...


I always tell my friends that I am lucky that my grandfathers "escaped from India" and ran away to this country. Both my grandfathers. Otherwise I would have been born in Hyderabad, Calcutta or some other sh*t hole in India.

Bro, India is literally a "sh*t hole". When he was PM of India, Rajiv Gandhi used to wear Wellingtons (the fish mongers' rubber boots) when he visited the slums around the cities. He was afraid to step into sh*t. This is because - as the article that you posted says - Indians in India sh*t and piss all over the place.

India is a terrible country. 600 million Indians do not have toilets inside their houses. This means 600 million Indians sh*t outside their homes everyday. So literally India is a "sh*t hole".

The article you have linked to is right - the caste system is a necessary part of the Indian way of life everyday. And this caste system also infects the Indians in Malaysia.

In Malaysia the Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam speaking Indians (the so called South Indians) do not mix among themselves. They dislike each other. And all of them do not mix with the North Indians. It is a very strict separation.

Then within each category (Tamil, Malayalam, Gujerati, Uttar Pradesh etc) they have further subdivisions like barber caste, trader caste, butcher caste, brahmin caste, etc.

Then they have Gujeratis, Mahrattas, Uttar Pradeshis and whatever. All of them are like enemies of one another.

Rarely will you find inter caste or intra Indian marriages. A Punjabi may marry a Malay girl (like DJ dave) but rarely will a Punjabi marry a Gujerati or a Tamil. And vice versa. You will never find an Uttar Pradesh guy marry a Malayali or vice versa.

Then in M'sia you have the super Tamils aka the Ceylon Tamils. Ananda Krishnan is one of them. These are Tamils from Sri Lanka. They dont even consider themselves Indians. You will not find Ceylon Tamils in MIC. The lawyers, doctors, accountants etc are all usually Ceylon Tamils.

And here is the best part bro. When all these different Indians in Malaysia meet one another, they speak to each other in Malay ! ! A Punjabi speaks Malay to a Tamil ! !


Sunil Krishnan Abdool

Anonymous said...


In Malaysia the Indians have found paradise. They are in heaven. Even the poorest Indian can still get three meals a a day. He gets to wear clothes and most important of all he can sh*t indoors, under a roof. No need to sh*t outside.

Yet the Indians here are screwing up. The North Indians are good wife beaters. Usually if the woman dont pay enough dowry to her husband, she will get in trouble with the in-laws, even here in Malaysia.

The most number of gansgters in M'sia are Tamil Indians. Remember Samy Vellu wanted to organise a meeting with Indian gangsters.

The Indians are very lucky here because there are Chinese and Malays in Malaysia. An Indian can send his children to the Government school where the Malay teachers can teach his children some good values minus the stigma of caste.

In the end his children have a chance to do better.

If the Indian can work hard, he will find the Chinese ready to employ him or do some business with him (hauling 1 ton lorries etc). Some Indians have also become corporate players.

In India they will not have these many chances. Very very few have any chance of even living in a house with a toilet. Most of them will have to sh*t outside.

In the 1950s and 1960s Indians travelled very frequently between Msia and India. In the 50s and 60s India was an even bigger sh*t hole than now. That is why the Indians from M'sia would only return to India for short holidays. After a short holiday they would soon "escape back" to M'sia.

And as a result many of them became very patriotic M'sians. They knew that in this land of milk and honey they had a better future.

I think the MIC and Hindraf should organise 'study tours' for M'sian Indians. Send them back to India for six months and ask them to go and live somewhere in the sh*t holes in Calcutta, Hydrabad, Mumbai, Chennai and other places.

Then they will know where they really come from.

Now many M'sian Indians take things for granted. Some of them even start to think that their "mother country" India is great - to the extent that it affects their patriotism towards M'sia.

To these type of Indians I say - please go back to India. Before you do that, buy some fishmonger's rubber boots. You will need it for sure.

Sunil Krishnan Abdool

Anonymous said...

utusan malaysia lanciau babi,potong! potong1 potong!

raja kapoor

Anonymous said...

Biasalah... dia kutuk orang ... free speech, orang kutuk dia balik, tahu pulak nak marah. Ingat kita ni ada hati batu, tak terasa apa yang dia orang cakap?


Tombak-Man said...

Dear Rocky,
When it hit them smack in their face, "freedom of speech" takes a back seat. If it's in their favour, they tell the world how "freedom of speech" is lacking in this country. I guess you're right, let them have a taste of the Indians of India for comparison.....not just "freedom of speech" only but the whole works..the caste and the whole jingbang.


Anonymous said...

This Perjanjian Keramat is rather suffocating.


Anonymous said...

Farted ways? Boy, I do love the way you play around with the language. I presume it must have been quite a big blow (pun intended) to all concerned.


Anonymous said...

could someone please enlighten me... why is it that whenever someone writes something like this... What is needed is tact, respect and sensitivity... it is, well, more often than not, he/she is the one who is in dire need of those nouns to complement his/her bland personality?

perhaps, this is why he is able to describe so well ..."Most Malaysians love to spout the ideal even if their understanding of what free speech entails is without nuance, is half-baked or peer-pressured, meaning that they aren't sure why they believe in free speech, except that believing it is the "in thing".

it definitely is the in thing, one would presume, in these PKR-influenced-days, to give an impression of knowing something while not really understanding what, the duck, it is all about... as in, ..."There's a grey patch buffering between free speech, dissent and hate speech, it has to be acknowledged"...

what, the duck, is "There's a grey patch buffering between free speech, dissent and hate speech?"

since buffer is used here as a verb... it is impossible to buffer between, for the very simple reason that it is only possible to buffer against.

unless, of course, buffer is used as a noun... which, in this particular case, is NOT!


furthermore, ...yes, there is more... the verb buffer means to reduce the harmful effects of something.

so, what is he/she implying?

...that free speech is harmful?

...that free speech help reduce the harmful effects of dissent and hate speech?

...that dissent and hate speech reduce the harmful effects of free speech?


what an idiot... that's what it is!

wait...make that a double whammy super idiot, as in, "...But that doesn't mean Malaysians can't fashion a healthy collision on imperative issues that affect the nation's future and direction as long as it is sensible even if the subject is perceived as off-limits and blood-curdling..."


now what!

...the outer limits and horror stories?

the moral of the story is... words are the only weapon for a journalist (and a lawyer for that matter.) So, isn't it tragic that this particular journalist used that weapon... only to commit harakiri!

what a disgrace.

perhaps, the greatest irony of all is that... both he and the Editor got paid for it!


glassman said...

The three apes are better, say no evil, do no evil and see no evil. Anyway check out my new header. Tq

Jenggg X3 said...


"Umno maverick Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has continued to condemn Utusan Malaysia for its “outdated” racist propaganda, saying the Umno-owned newspaper must accept that Malaysia is a multi-racial country."

The Umno supreme council member had earlier castigated the Malay daily for defending the controversial National Civics Bureau, or Biro Tata Negara (BTN), for its courses which he said were racist. The opposition has also claimed that BTN propagated political indoctrination.

“And more so now, under the prime minister (Datuk Seri Najib Razak) and 1 Malaysia, we must accept that Malaysia is a multi-racial country,” he added."


ka ka kah... satu tamparan hebat bagi tim gerombolan sendiri... ka ka kah...

ka ka kah... tiuuu! satu tamparan hebat kat muka mungkee utusan... ka ka kah...

woit, geng madey tolong bangkit!

woit, cepatlah... tulis sini sana kat blog... ka ka kah...

awang selamat kena diselamatkan

zaini cuit dah kena cuit, ka ka kah...

senyum kambing bahaya dijadikan sup kambing... ka ka kah...

ka ka kah... apa utusan nak bisik-bisik esok... ka ka kah...

Ini memang lakonan Najib Mongolia bersama Nazi
Lagak kepada rakyat, macamlah anti rasis
Kutuk BTN, kutuk Utusan, kutuk madey
Kemudian promote Satu Malaysia
Diharap rakyat akan sokong Satu Malaysia
Diharap rakyat melihat Dua N ini sebagai reformis... *eleh*
Diharap rakyat melihat madey sebagai rasis... tapi ini memang benar... ka ka kah...

Anonymous said...

bro rocky ..

what about this:!.jpg

the true colours of D.A.P

antikula said...


aku tak suka kulasegaran. bapak dia orang malaysia ke? cuba semak samada ada apa apa rekod ke sebelum ni

Anonymous said...

How Rocky shows his spots, Very atypical of your kind, Right, when you were down, cry and bitch about all the injustice done to you, cry and whine like a bitch immaterial of whoever would give you a shoulder to cry on, but the moment your creed climbs back up, up goes thou haughty nose and looks a down it from your lofty heights, In English, the term aptly used is Bloody Pariah. You may wear a suit but you can never change the fact, once a dog,always a dog. This applies to all your chums too.

Umno seem to loose these trends when they need votes come elections, than what you hear is semua rakan sesama, maju satu negeri. Well you can take that and shove it mate as come next elections or the one after it doesn't matter to us but one day thou shall fall.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I'm a DLL ( dan lain-lain ) u malayis just only 18 Miliions but the chinese is
2.5 BILLIONS in this world

Fuck u arsehole & talk to us when u even reaCH 1 bILLION?

Anonymous said...

rocky DKK,

this zaini madefacka no need to shut his mouth up..he is just splling worms all over his body!

Anonymous said...

Wow bro betul ker ni?:-

Boleh kita tangkap Lim Guan Eng for Sedition?

Karku Pari

Anonymous said...

Nazri tells Utusan to stop racist agenda
By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 16 — Umno maverick Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has continued to condemn Utusan Malaysia for its “outdated” racist propaganda, saying the Umno-owned newspaper must accept that Malaysia is a multi-racial country.

rocky..todi onne thamby...

jonathan said...


Saya ada seorang Guru berbangsa India yang beragama Hindu yg saya sayang dan hormat mcm mak saya. Dia ada cerita yang dia melawat negara India kononnya mcm nak pergi haji la kat sana. Lepas saje dia balik dr India, dia ckp kat semua student dia "Im feeling grateful to live here and never want to go there anymore'.

Anonymous said...


I do not understand one aspect of this GST and would appreciate it if anyone could help explain. It is said that the GST rate will be 4 percent, which is lower than the current sales and services tax.

In that case, how will the government earn extra RM1 billion revenue if the rate is lower than the existing tax?

Anonymous said...

sekiranya kerajaan tidak mengambil tindakan tegas terhadap pendatang-pendatang, percaya lah dalam masa 30-50 tahun akan datang warganegara Malaysia akan terdiri daripada bangsa Afrika, Bangla, Mynmar, Indon, India, China dan lain-lain. Akan lebih teruk daripada sekarang..

Bangsa ini tidak pernah bersyukur dengan keselesaan, kesenangan malah akan merampas hak bumiputra.


labu labi said...

Only they can speak. Who oppose will be summoned. That's seem their modus operandi.

Anonymous said...

"BTW, I'm a DLL ( dan lain-lain ) u malayis just only 18 Miliions but the chinese is
2.5 BILLIONS in this world

Fuck u arsehole & talk to us when u even reaCH 1 bILLION?"

yeah... 2.5billion disgusting pork eating cheating chinese... i rather stay in my 18million group.


Anonymous said...

Rocky ,

Sunil Krishnan's comment is true. Even my Indian friend doesn't advise me to go to India for a tour.

why can't the other races can't be grateful that they stay here and respect the social contract? Why they keep 'kacau' and provoked with all the issue of 'ketuanan Melayu'? The Malay actually isn't a racist. When a Chinese set up a business at a place where there is 100% malays around him , the Malays never disturb him but vise versa . See a malay set up a business at petaling Street? Sure , kena attack ..
And during hari raya , to whom the Malays send their fabrics to be sew?
Lastly , all non Malays should be watching 'slumdog millionaire' grateful that you are here.. don't keep provoking the malays..

Pengundi Atas Pagar

Anonymous said...

The word "kecoh" dosent have to be a "negative" term. I think what was meant is that the situation in India was "chaotic" yet there a goal and purpose in the way the things were done becos life goes on. The poor and the rich still go about doing their thing and find ways to improve their living standards and lifestyle.
I would say the nation of India is like the story of the Brer Rabbit and the Brer Tortise where the rabbit (aka "naysayers") raced fast and yet lost in "broad sense" but the tortise was SLOW yet WON in "every sense".
Today India is soon becoming a SuperPower and quite possibly by current indications a Super Super Power for all and sundry to awe and envy about. So Indians all over should actually be proud that Indians wherever and India are actually steadily progressing (most of the time without subsidy or preferential treatment) no matter WHO SAYS WHAT... nAMASTE guys...


Anonymous said...

what kulasegaran did was to cover dr mahathir water face maa...

he's the true dkk live in m'sia and founder of jewish party call armno baru.

Anonymous said...

encik pikir tgok. itu batu besar atas kapla ada duduk. senang mcm nila kaum india berasal dari tahi adam. bila dah keras buh dlm buluh pastu goncang. klokklakkloklak bnyinya. mcm tu la riuhnya bercakap 2 org pun satu tren komuter meriah.


eddy said...

Penat cerita pasal kecoh-kecoh ini, sekarang dah macam fashionable bila masa orang Melayu berkata-kata diselarnya racist(gara-gara Pakatan Racist) dan apabila orang melayu cakap balik mereka yang paling cepat naik angin(sacred cow ke?) buat repot polis sana sini pulak tu dan tuduh lagi orang melayu racist. Sampai bila-bila pun tak boleh habis selagi mulut boleh bercakap dan tangan boleh menulis dan Malaysia negara mengamalkan demokrasi.

Yang sebenarnya saya belum pernah sekali berjumpa dengan kawan-kawan orang Malaysia bangsa India yang pergi kenegara India untuk melancung atau beribadat dan mahu tinggal disana selamanya. Rata-rata semua pergi sekejap dan lepas tu semua mahu balik Malaysia.

Mungkin ada baiknya jika Kula dan mereka yang sama pendapat dengan nya pergi keIndia seketika dan mengambil iktibar dari suasana kehidupan disana, baru mereka boleh menghargai kehidupan makmur diMalaysia ini di bawah panji Raja-Raja Melayu.

NoMalayApologist said...

I say score 1 for freedom of speech...being critical, and being offended is part and parcel of the system. Dialogue, even though sometimes abrasive, is better than everyone just keeping quiet and letting it all out in one go in a riot...
The "sopan" culture as understood by BN is overrated. It is outdated and was merely a tool used by the upper classes to prevent criticism and revolt from the masses.
Good manners yes, but not at the expense of justice please

Anonymous said...

tahniah kepada anwar ibrahim kerana berjaya memecahbelahkan rakyat malaysia,dan melayu khususnya.

sedarlah kaum2 india di dalam pkr,anda sedang dipergunakan oleh anwar berahim.

and also i second the opinion,to let kulasegaran and other ungrateful indians,take a 6 month-1 year tour to calcutta or hyderabad.lets see how long can they take it.


guess you guys might want to read this too:

Anonymous said...

told you people in india they shit in the middle of the road
i repeat

in malaysia the attitude is the same ; go anywhere where the project perumahaan rakyat pprt or any lowrise government sponsor flat is located. take note if any indian living there.
(take note also most of them did not pay the monthly payment on regular basis)

their favourite place to urinate is at the staircase or inside the liftcar or anywhere they like,to make matter worst after chewing the sireh with the gold ingredient inside they simply spit anywhere they wish, leaving a red mark on the wall of a corridor all over the place! go try clean the red mark if u can.....

chit podah pundek maune!!!

and did u know what UTHAYA putar alam?

because the habit of drinking todhi, smoking ganja, consuming glue and the gold ingredient inside the sireh thus resulting a short circuit inside their brain.

dear UTHAYA putar alam dan juga yang lain-lain sewaktu dengan nya, we the rakyat believe this is more critical matter in championing your race rather trying to gain a poltical mileage by saman other people from other race.

while we know you do have natural gift in the art of cheating, if you still wish to be a racist we suggest you learn the art from the DAPigs la.

is it true what lim guan eng write as appear in

Anonymous said...

Ah-alangkah indahnya berada di Tanah Melayu,
Dimana semua bangsa gembira bersama,
Mencari harta dan cita-cita,
Dan yang rasis tinggal dalam komen blog sahaja,
Ah-Malaysia negaraku.

Nona Anon

syabie said...

what ever excuse you give to criticize other people, surely people will criticize you back. Who can accept criticism? As a muslim, we know that all of us just god creation, thus are far from perfect!

Kalau tak puas hati tentang sesuatu perkara, berdebat la secara straight to the point. Bukan dengan cara perli-memerli atau ungkit-mengungkit.

Anonymous said...

You all need to compare Malaysian Indian with the Indians living in America's and western countries and not to be compared with India. This is what the right to do.

Talking about India. Please do not compare at all. They are rising and will be the super power's in 30 years to come and ahead of America's in almost all aspect.

Look at the Indians living in Pangkor and etc. You will be ashamed of their living conditions and can't believe this happens in Malaysia. This also happens to other races too. MIC talk big. Without Samy Velu, Indians would be better very much.

Be more fair Rocky. Samy bought two bungalows each for RM 2.5 million in Bukit Tunku from Bolton developer. Each bungalow is for his wife and daughter.


Anonymous said...

Apa kecoh kecoh

"Abang, kalau dah tak suke tu, hantar aje saya kerumah mak ayah, hoo hoo hoo ..."

balik kampung tok nenek moyang lerrr, habis cita.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:08 PM
"what kulasegaran did was to cover dr mahathir water face maa...

he's the true dkk live in m'sia and founder of jewish party call armno baru."

What more needs to be said of the products of pakatan supporters??

'Cut and paste' is their patented style, in their clear 'brainwashed' ramblings.

Anonymous said...

"BTW, I'm a DLL ( dan lain-lain ) u malayis just only 18 Miliions but the chinese is
1.5 BILLIONS in this world

Fuck u arsehole & talk to us when u even reaCH 1 bILLION?"

- Yeah,.. but you only 20% here, I don't care about a billion there, because if the billion there want to come here, they need "VISA". Have you read history? Even Monggol army can't win with the natives here? But your Chinese have to kiss Monggol arse for few hundred years. And please dont' say Monggol is also a Chinese, they and including the Tibet, Igur and few others don't consider themself to be Chinese.


Anonymous said...

"You all need to compare Malaysian Indian with the Indians living in America's and western countries and not to be compared with India. This is what the right to do."

Now people like you incoherent in typical aliens in Malaysia talk.. So what with all that fuss about the the Malay in Malaysia? Twist & turn as it is..Bizzarre & sound stupid enuff..

"Talking about India. Please do not compare at all. They are rising and will be the super power's in 30 years to come and ahead of America's in almost all aspect. "

30yrs in India? I really doubt..300yrs maybe..see how they pulled their economy? crude and raw..with a kereta lembu, perhaps..built rocket to the moon & yet native beggars all over the place..its a common phenomena there, ..try to comply with all the basic industrial standard 1st before moontalking..not to mention the standard hygiene practice as per basic WHO, very loooonnnng way to go.

How to move fast, you tell me? eliminating all those dalits clinging to the Brahmin's supremacy..?
Indian social fabrique fiasco need a total revamp first before they can ever dream talking overtaking USA or even at par with USA citizen..China communism yet far better in terms of social equality compared to India..

You must be one typical malaysian indian joker then...anything but full of hot-gas..speak for yourself.. keep on dreaming...

have you visited your motherland recently? Tell us pls... must be really great seconds by now from the moment i posted this comment..

:D muhahaha
-anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

Anonymous said...

My Indian friend,born and bred in the USofA, was attracted to some big time career opportunity(or so he thought). Packed his bags and left for India and had the biggest cultural shock of his lives! Literally couldn't believe his eyes and ears and really had a hard time adapting. Laughed out loud when I reminded him about the wonderful praises he reads in the papers everywhere about India this and that. He said -"Sure, perhaps in another 500 years!!"

Anonymous said...

India is a nation practicing mixed economy like most commonwealth countries.
But this is only more since the 80's till now.
Prior to that it practices largely socialist ideals.
This is a single most reason for its being behind although independent since 1948.
Unlike China which pracitices authoritarian communist rule with lately more freedom in commercial practices, India practices democracy which in itself can be quite antagonistic in meeting goals more quicker since many minds have to be agreed upon before goals are implemented.
Hence the pros and cons of a freedom engaging nation.
However unlike in China, there is more freedom for the individual to empower himself or herself.
Hence the notion of basic human rights is enhanced therein.
India is already a GREAT nation.
The Americans and the Europeans already know this and have great respect for India and its people.
The Indians cant help but continue the current progress to attain greater leadership in the world for the betterment of mankind.

Anonymous said...

Blehkeh dlm Interlok org india atau cina tulis "org Melayu suka rogol anak sendiri,pemalas & suka duduk bawah pokok sambil minum kopi & juga suka kencing bawah tangga/lift. Boleh bunuh org & lepastu kata -amuk"??