Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anwar accuses BTN of releasing "basement tapes" on him

“I would anticipate that BTN in its crooked ways will not dare release all the videos of all the speeches. So what they would do is selective and will quote out of context and release." - Anwar Ibrahim to reporters yesterday
History and Rhetoric. I've watched one of the said 40 tapes of Anwar Ibrahim at various Biro Tatanegara courses. He was already Deputy Prime Minister back then around mid-90s and most of what he was saying was nothing new, really. Some history lessons, the rest rhetoric. It's the same rhetoric and history some of the Umno leaders are churning out today, except that now they are being accused (by Anwar and followers, ironically) as proponents of Ketuanan Melayu or Malay Supremacy. It is up to the Umno politicians to defend what they say. On his part Anwar, I'm sure, will at least stand by his words on the perjanjian keramat between the tuans of this land and the pendatangs. “In the historical context during our agreement in 1957, we gave citizenship to the immigrants (pendatang). Since we have given them (immigrants) citizenship, the question of the Malay’s special privileges should not arise." - Anwar as reported by Malaysian Insider. That's history, not rhetoric.

Several friends from Pakatan Rakyat have called to say that the tape I cut-and-pasted on this blog here was a little under-the-belt. I disagree. I am merely sharing what was already on the You Tube and I did not take any credit for it (I made links to the You Tube and to a blog that has posted the video earlier). The NST and Utusan have reported my posting and TV3 aired part of the clippings during prime time news last night, also based on my posting. If the tape and its contents were fabricated, Anwar would have said so but he did not [click here for report on what he said about the release of his BTN tape]. And if what Anwar is saying is that other Umno leaders were dua kali lima (just as bad as he was), then it is true that we should blame the politicians and not the BTN itself. The politicians include Anwar.

As a Malaysian, I am just glad that if the BTN had indeed been used to promote semangat Melayu, it was done so not at the detriment of race relations in this country. If the BTN was a brainwasher and propaganda machine, it obviously didn't do a good job (otherwise, we would not have Nik Nazmi who attended BTN course as an undergrad would have been "turned"; instead, he became even more resolute to change things from outside the "system" and today is a YB with PKR).

We haven't suffered any racial clashes since the last one in May 1969 despite of all the fiery speeches by Anwar and whoever else at BTN. Despite BTN itself.


  1. actually, i find anwar's "defence" quite baffling.
    what is he actually saying? that yes..he said all those things as Umno deputy president, but not now. yes, he believed it and was his conviction then, but not now....????

    blaming BTN for that?
    why shouldn't BTN release those tapes. Anwar attacked the BTN. His people did too.

    challenging BTN to release similar tapes of other Umno leaders?? brother anwar, you're missing the point. they are not at issue here. You are!

    tell you what, brother anwar. I have no interest here (I'm a democrat, haha). I vote for any leader who can bring goodness to this country.
    so, let me say that from now on...just be careful what you blurt out. whatever damning thing you say, can revisit you. worse, haunt you till eternity!

  2. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    I respected you as a blogger and also for the fact that you resembled a certain local rock star (haha). And having been reading your blog for the past few years (like most of your readers now), i could see the change in "views" when it comes to politics.

    Change is inevitable; and as you yourself have done, people change due to many reasons, known or unknown. I have always believed that people have the right to change themselves. I respect Najib for what he is capable of, in running the country. I respect Nizar Jamaluddin, for his truly 1Malaysian personality. If either of these figures would change, my respect for them may evaporate, but they have the right for it (the change,that is).

    You yourself have changed your political views (say what you want, but we readers are not blind nor deaf), and if some things can be said of it, it is this: do you notice how many of your readers kept on lamenting the fact that you've changed to serve your political masters? It is not because that you are pro-Umno, but you are excessively anti-Pakatan (below the belt postings and selective-reporting seems to be your MO now). We longed for the old Rocky, the neutral reporter/blogger. And that is why you see so many negative comments since the past 1 year.

    Pro Umno blogs do not have this many negative comments, nor do Pro Pakatan Blogs, simply because they are known political blogs, with clear and unchanging allegiance to their respective political masters; not wholly because of censoring of comments. Their readers support the parties anyway, and what they discuss or criticize is mostly internal politics. You have had followers who longed for neutral reporting (such as me) and then took a VERY obvious turn of siding with Umno. Yes, you've changed, and yes you have the right.

    If Anwar have changed from his UMNO days, who are you Rocky, of all people, to criticize? I do not trust Anwar myself, but they are a lot more untrustworthy politicians in UMNO. What has the ruling government done to restore confidence from the public? not much from what i can see. and same goes to Pakatan Rakyat.

    "Clear the camel in your eyes, before clearing the speck of dust in your brother's"

    - A READER -

  3. Anonymous3:29 pm

    It does not matter who says it, be it Anwar or Mahathir or Najib or all of them. The fact is, its irrelevant. The Malays were never in power then to demand or negotiate with the immigrants which gave rise to the so called "Perjanjian Keramat" or "Social Contract" at that time. Malaya had been colonised since 1511. It was ruled by the Portugis, Dutch, British, Japanese and finally by the British again. So where does the power come from to say that they were in a position to demand, negotiate or bargain? All this claims of Social Contract or Perjanjian Keramat are simply a figment of their imagination to push their agenda.People are more educated now and will not accept nonsense of this nature. Perhaps Anwar has realised it and is shying away from it.
    Habib RAK

  4. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Anwar said it was basement materials..yes because he is now in the gutter!!!
    hateanwarlike hell

  5. Anonymous3:34 pm


    This Anwar Ibrahim pundek is a muther fucker of the highest order. I find it so unbelievable that there are so many stupid people who are willing to still support this mutherfucker. Cant they see thru his bullshit and his obvious lying?

    I saw the BTN tapes. Bro, let me tell you this - even I - who you can consider an extreme right wing UMNO supporter would have never thought up the words 'Perjanjian Keramat' which Anwar uttered.

    That type of race baiting and racist language is so typical and dramatic of this mutherfucker. We only know this as the "Social Contract". Imagine if Najib or anyone else in UMNO today mentioned this thing called 'Perjanjian Keramat' I think the Chinese and Indian ppl will go bezerk.

    But this is what the pundek said when he was in power (almost). Bro two things. The Chinese and Indians in Pakatan are opening their belakang for some serious liwatting by Anwar if they think that he is going to look out for their interest. Just watch the BTN tape : that is the real Pundek Anwar bin Mutherfucking Ibrahim.

    It is true that there have been no racial riots or racial violence in this country since 1969. Above all bro, it has been UMNO which has taken pains to ensure that the ppl in this country do not see a need to resort to violence. This is not just the Malays but it also covers the Chinese and the Indians. If it was the intention of UMNO to play the racial violence or racial hatred card, this country would have burned down a long time ago. What happened in Indonesia in 1998 would have easily happened here too. e are a peaceful nation because UMNO and the Malays are a peaceful ppl.

    Lastly I have personally heard this pundek making fun of the Yindians. At that time he was NOT in UMNO but in ABIM. During speeches the pundek would often change his voice to mimic Indians.

    I hope there will be even more tapes that are released about this pundek mutherfucker. Perjanjian Keramat my ass. He will certainly recall the Perjanjian Keramat when he stuck his dick in someone's shit hole.

    Hj Hoe

  6. Anonymous3:39 pm

    "BTN in its crooked ways", he said.

    But he is plain crooked. Period. Even more than that - no principles. Says whatever convenient to him, whatever serves his purpose at the relevant time.

    Good of you to have watched all the 40 tapes, Rocky. Any 40 thieves there as well? This one is certainly Ali Baba of the famed old Baghdad fable. He stole all sorts of things, including RM2-3 billion, his former aide alleged. And in the BTN case he stole the right of people who want "to promote semangat Melayu", as you said. And you have listened to the 40 tapes - I believe you.

    More than stealing that right, he even instigated others, at least allowed and condoned his sleeping partners (pun or no pun intended) to hit at BTN saying all sorts of nonsense, including the BTN module being detrimental to non-Malays. In fact, as you said, Anwar and his followers, ironically accused BTN of being proponents of Ketuanan Melayu or Malay Supremacy. What the .... this vicious, unprincipled, power-hungry, Pengkhianat Bangsa Anwarul Jalan Belakang fellow.

    I agree that the politicians ought to be blamed. They certainly include the loud-mouthed Nazri and and the Anwarul ingrates who tried to bite TDM who had given them both places in the Cabinet.

  7. Anonymous3:42 pm

    There you have it again folks..

    Anwar is in the top list of a no maruah person..this fella cannot be a shogun or a samurai..

    ..coz he only know how to put his gun in a jubur hingga terbarai..

    If some idiots still think this fella can put money to where their mouth is, better think again or end up forever as his fellatio slavedoom moron. Pathetic.

    I know..he can be the demi-god to those Fuckatan..coz his tongue is able to twist, curl & turn that no keling or snake can ever match..Anwar the Snake Enchanter..wow, that really explained..hahahaha..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  8. Anonymous3:45 pm

    When playing with fire, be prepared to get burnt.

    Who invented Anwar's game? But when he's on the receiving end, he conveniently changes the rules. How unsporting lah brader!

    What's that saying about high high squirrel fly, must come down to ground?


  9. Anonymous4:04 pm

    habib rak...

    if malays were not in the position of power, they wouldnt have the special rights now would they?

    idiot la u..

    position of power doesnt mean governmental power (obviously the british had governmental power back then)..

    the power that made the immigrants get their citizenship while the malays got their special position in the constitution comes from the people's power and the malay monarchy.

    u understand now habib?

    if not becoz of the people's power back then in refusing Malayan Union, British would have their way.

    So what junk were you writing in your comment habib rak???


  10. Anonymous4:10 pm


    i thot prior 2008 GE, almost all umno/bn politicians and their political writers has dismissed Anwar's political career.

    Wham!,....and 2008 was already a hit in their belly?....and till today, in Dec 2009, Anwar is still very much relevant in malaysian politics.....and you have to recycle your materials?...

    When 2 sons of the jews hit each other few days ago calling each other racist, I told some friends....watch what umno is up to....and true, they hit Anwar, again....and this happened after the PM TALKED to the younger son of the jew to keep quiet!....

    Now what is Razaleigh doing from within the umno fences?.....and what is he doing with Anwar on the Kelantan oil royalty?

    Ahem....2 of the mamak's fiercest enemies have ganged up.....and umno is almost floored last night at the 2010 budget vote in Parliament.....

    and umno and you too are only fanning racial issues?...is that all?

    interesting times ahead....here's the clue....IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!!!

    The MIND!!!

    P/s : Rocki, Lu bawak ajer lori satu ton....pon...pon...pon....pon.....and shout loudly!....SURATKHABAR LAMA!!!

  11. Again rock, a good post. Others who would rather criticize others than focus upon what was being said and written, well, your lost. The issue at hand is regarding anwar, not others. Don't like what you see, go someplace else. A wrong is a wrong, no matter how small or insignificant the person whom did it. This is a simple case, anwar is a liar and has always been. He is also, I might add an excellent political strategist. It is all about diversion, to him and his followers. You don't admit you are wrong, but you divert by saying, what about the others? They did worst. To all which have this in mind, again, if someone else made something worst, doesn't mean the wrong you did became right. At least, this blogger is brave enough to write about this with all your unkind remarks in mind, when he did.

    Again, don't like what you see? GO SOMEPLACE ELSE.

  12. Anonymous4:57 pm

    rockcock pengedar cd cetak rompak BTN..

    CD najib dengan ziana zain ada tak?


  13. Bro, I like your last paragraph in this post on BTN:

    "As a Malaysian, I am just glad that if the BTN had indeed been used to promote semangat Melayu, it was done so not at the detriment of race relations in this country. If the BTN was a brainwasher and propaganda machine, it obviously didn't do a good job (otherwise, we would not have Nik Nazmi who attended BTN course as an undergrad would have been "turned"; instead, he became even more resolute to change things from outside the "system" and today is a YB with PKR).

    We haven't suffered any racial clashes since the last one in May 1969 despite of all the fiery speeches by Anwar and whoever else at BTN. Despite BTN itself."

    I agree wholeheartedly with the above and Hj Hoe's comment also that despite the fitnahs by the idea bankrupt DAP,PKR and PAS politicians that the BTN is a racist course we hadn't had any race riots since 1969 didn't we.

    Seems the Pakatan politicians especially from DAP and PKR have a death wish or agenda of really pushing our country to the brink of anarchy with all this raising of racially sensitive subjects. What do they hope to achieve? So more polarisation of the races so that the Chinese and Indians will go all out to support the DAP in the next election? All these chaos and instability just to gain political power? I think we are really very lucky that the Malaysian people on our streets as a whole has more common sense then some naughty politicians from both Pakatan and the BN who likes to play fire with the race card.

  14. Anonymous5:49 pm




  15. mustang6:49 pm


    let me just say this.

    it is a fact that Anwar was in Umno.
    nobody forced him into Umno. he knew what Umno was. (or didnt he?)
    as Umno deputy leader, he delivered those BTN sermons, mimicking Umno leaders. nobody forced him.
    he did not leave Umno. he was sacked because he attempted to topple the Umno president. He wanted to be president of a racist party.

    We will never know whether it was in his grand scheme of things to change Umno, or to perpetuate Umno as it was in 1998.

    Anwar cannot now resurrect the past as he wants us to see. It remains that he was part of Umno, benefited from Umno and wanted to be president of Umno.

    He has changed?
    he still wants to be Prime Minister of Malaysia.

  16. ex BTN7:32 pm

    Laa...Suadara Anwar. Kau kan pandai bercakap tapi action tak ada.
    so apa lah kau nak takut kalau DAP tanya. Pandai la kau belit nanti kat
    LKS, LGE, Ngee and Nga dll

    Muah ha ha....

  17. sniper7:38 pm


    It's better for you to concentrate on your case VS Saiful on 25th Jan.

    It's will be a tougher thing to answer compare to facing DAP's boys question on this underground tape, which you can easily handle them.


    Tape kes saiful tak ada ke?

  18. ron957:43 pm


    I thought you have boxes of gomen files as proof.... so just open them up lah.

  19. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Balik - balik Anwar,Anwar,Anwar.

    Salahkah Anwar mempertahankan diri!!??? Lagipon DSAI tak akan di terima oleh UMNO, Whats the fuck he wants to defend UMNO.????

    Akibat Melayu,,,BUNOH Melayu,,!!!

    Siapa BODO.,,?????


  20. Anonymous8:10 pm

    "Anonymous said...

    It does not matter who says it, be it Anwar or Mahathir or Najib or all of them. The fact is, its irrelevant. The Malays were never in power then to demand or negotiate with the immigrants which gave rise to the so called "Perjanjian Keramat" or "Social Contract" at that time. Malaya had been colonised since 1511. It was ruled by the Portugis, Dutch, British, Japanese and finally by the British again. So where does the power come from to say that they were in a position to demand, negotiate or bargain? All this claims of Social Contract or Perjanjian Keramat are simply a figment of their imagination to push their agenda.People are more educated now and will not accept nonsense of this nature. Perhaps Anwar has realised it and is shying away from it.
    Habib RAK

    3:29 PM"





  21. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Rocky, your logic flawed; just because one person was not susceptible to BTN's indoctrination, does not mean others are not. i.e. there is all possibility that the BTN programme has produced extreme racists. Also, just because there haven't been any racial clash does not mean that BTN's exonerated. There are many ways in which racial tensions are manifested, clashes being just one of them. It appears to me that you are clutching at straws to mitigate bad deeds the BTN - why?

    The concept of ketuanan implies slavery of others. Explicit slavery has been rightly condemned around the world. Next it will be implicit slavery. Malaysia better buck up or it will become an international pariah in the next 20 years. After all tanah melayu is not self-sufficient yet.
    PS. Don't you think the HINDRAF clashes were race based and had something to do with the ketuanan Melayu being practised in the country?

    -Interested Malaysian

  22. Anonymous9:22 pm

    I like to borrow a few lines from A READER at 3.20
    "If Anwar have changed from his UMNO days, who are you Rocky, of all people, to criticize? I do not trust Anwar myself, but they are a lot more untrustworthy politicians in UMNO."
    "You yourself have changed your political views, and if some things can be said of it, it is this: do you notice how many of your readers kept on lamenting the fact that you've changed to serve your political masters? It is not because that you are pro-Umno, but you are excessively anti-Pakatan"
    YES, YOU ARE RIGHT-last time because the 4th floor boys are his enemies, Now he found new friends and New boss..and back to his old job..so apa lagi, change colour loh because who wants to be enemy of Big Money..

  23. If we are to hear our Chinese and Indian brothers continue to support and believe this liar; even making excuses for what Anwar has said....then they deserve every word uttered by this soul-lest devil.

    Nobody in their right mind should call anybody a PENDATANG!

    But if they brainlessly support his continous lies; then you deserved to be called anything!


  24. used to be bn supporter even voted mic and umno last pr12.

    after reading and following your blogs and the comments from your new friends(bn)my hatred towards bn is getting strongger.

    i,ll do my best to persuade all my family,relatives and friends not to vote bn anymore.if they dont like pakatan just dont go vote at all.

    and thats my promise

  25. The purpose of showing Anwar's speech tape is not intended to shows Anwar is a racist on that time. The purpose is to show that the BTN is right since beginning. They are the one telling the TRUTH about our HISTORY and the CONSTITUTION. Like Khoo Kay Kim said Those who dont know the history of Malaysia will never understand about the social contract, constitution and our system

  26. Anonymous10:49 pm


    King of frogs...the biggest liar and yet plp still believe him..16th Sept..."the number is increasing by hours"..big lie...

    He will said anything just to get suppport..he is so desprate.... Go to Malay talk abt Malay Right,Go to Chinese & India said different things.....

    Anwar...King of Crony....During his time...his plp allready act like "level 4 boys"....He make his geng rich and richer...SO now his cronies supporting him....He accused TDM but KLIA was a symbol how he enrich his cronies....

  27. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Did Anwar said Perjanjian Kerrrramat! or Perjanjian Keramat?

    I just love his drama!


  28. shamshul anuar11:07 pm

    Dear Readers,

    I attended the BTN course several years ago. I can vouch that it is a very good course. It does not promote racism. On the contrary, It instills the sense of loving your country.

    BTN course explains about the history of Malaysia way back from Malacca Sultanates to British Colonialism, Malayan Union, and independence.

    The Constitution was then explained in detail. The facilitators did a very good job. They explained facts on Constitution and why Malays are dead set againsts "Malaysian Malaysia".

    What is the so called "ketuanan Melayu",a term that is seldom used by Malays that really riled the Chinese especially?

    It is an irony that not many can explain this concept. Basically, this concept is not mentioned in Constitution.

    What Constitution shows is that the basic foundation of the newly independent nation, Malaya, then, recognises the position of Malays as the native of the land.

    Hence, special mention is accorded to Malay-based structure such as position of "Raja-Raja Melayu", Malay Reserve Land, Bahasa Melayu and Islam as the official religion.

    That is what Malays perceive as 'Ketuanan Melayu". The term is not meant to treat non Malays as slave and Malays as lording over them. Rather, in recognition to unrivalled generosity of Malay Rulers in agreeing to grant more than 1 million citizenships to non Malays, some provision is deemed necessary for the Malays.

    The British maybe a cunning colonial master but they are also very legalistic. They tried to force the Malayan Union to Malay rulers using threat, but they still insist on the Highnesses signature.

    Even at ece of independence, the Instrument of Independence was signed by then Malay Rulers. That act itself can be perceived as recognition of position of Malays.

    My point is Constitution is as it is due to historical factor. the word "Malays: is mentioned 54 times in the Constitution but no mention on "Chinese" or "Indian" even once.

    Not that British loves Malays so much. Rather, they recognised that when they initially came to Malay States then, the land already had systematic governance.

    Merely telling historical facts by BTN facilitators of course is not act of promoting racism. On the contrary, many of my Chinese friends who initially feels that UMNO is racist begin to understand whenm I explained to them on the existence pof specific provisions in Constitution to them.

    Halimah, Selangor EXCO, may not be misled into thinking that BTN promotes racism. I take it that she is ignorant. But what about Hassan ali? He was then the 2 man in BTN. What about MP for Sg Petani. He was the Director of BTN.

    Even Anwar lectured in BTN course.THe problem with Anwar is that he tries to gain sympathy from Chinese and Indian communities by attacking UMNO and Malays.

    That is the thing that I cant stomach. As for Lim Kit Siang, he promotes "Malaysian Malaysia" which in fact is "Chinese Malaysia".

    In this "Chinese Malaysia" concept, the history is erased. No mention on unheard generosity( a world record) of granting more than 1 million citizenship to non Malays in 1 day.

    Mind you, the country was then exclusively Malays way up to Aug 31, 1957. The willingness of Malays to accept Chinese and Indians as citizens was seldom appreciated by non Malay politicians.

    Who is racist actually? who cry out loud that we should follow Singapore on everything but silent on fact that Singapore has one school system while Malaysia as the only country with 3 school systems.

    Who is so dead set on children on all races learning together?

  29. Anonymous11:13 pm

    anwar ibrahim is indeed the product of MCKK racist students,sadist and same level with suhaimi GAPENA but the latter was not as popular because anwar's father in penang is umno leader.anwar then in ABIM was invited to join umno from this mamak pundek madey,wtf for? anwar's wife parents is a chinese who then become malay from singapore.do u all know that those racist malay umno mostly have wife from another race like chinese,japanese ,mat salleh etc.its maybe because they r descendants of lanuns from seberang who use to hijack others merchant ship and make their women slave,yes he did say all those racial things and those non-malays who converted to muslims who try to bodek him must give him what he wanted...how he rise so fast to the top of umno leadership because malay umno need someone who can speak like hitler and everytime in his speech he will always mention May 13 and make everyone especially non-malays shitscare,have u all count how many May 13 did he mentioned in his speech and that is why all those non-malay kaki bodek gave him what he wanted like nallakurappan on magnum and MIC payroll ,vincent tan(berjaya),jeffery cheah (sunway),tan sri ramon navaratnam but mustapha ong try to bodek him but couldnt get what he wanted instead anwar bully mustapha until he took revenge...this is the typical malay kampong kaki buli stupid bloody fool but was tamed by CIA using arabics agents because this kampong bully like to travel aboard.once a CIA agent warned him through the arabs in USA that if he kept on with his racist behaviour towards other races including jews,this agent from hell will personally assasinate this bapuk jubuk fucker during his trip to USA!!!!! that is why this bapuk had changed his ways later years when becoming finance minister and wanted IMF to bail out Malaysia during 1997,his racist speech is a typical malay kampung bully racist talk which i heard during my schooldays living in northern states,Kelantan and Terrengganu. madey the mamak pundek ,mat taib,mohammad rahmat ,najib also have gave this kind of racial speech before,at that time after this speech been delivered ,those shitscared non-malay businessman will quickly fork out a large sum of moneyetc to cool them down though some of them become broke just in the name to prevent another May 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Inglourious Pundek Basterds

  30. Anonymous12:23 am

    Aren't you guys missing the point. The issue is BTN and it's propaganda. Just because Anwar supported when he was part of the government, is it ok. Pls tell me what is 1Malaysia. Aren't we supposed to change our ways and be united. Unity was never an issue when i was growing up in the sixty's. What has changed? Why unity connot be achieved now - that we have to have RIMUP during Badawi's time and 1Malaysia now? Forget about Anwar or the others. The issue is BTN. I hope more tapes are revealed so that we can see for ourselves what is said is true or not!

    Malysian in sprit

  31. nstman3:26 am

    Anwar is a patriot. The liars are the ones who are complicit in the airing of the videos to fool the public. The perpatrators of this subterfuge are Media Prima robber baron Ahmad Talib, former NST propaganda agent Kadir Jasin and the New Shit Times. The truth will out. My advice to Umno fascists, nazis, stalinists is very simple: Repent. In the end truth will set you free. Break away from the shackles of hate, lies, bigotry, idiocy, stupidity.

  32. Why is it when Rocky is pro-PR, its okay but when he highlights the shortcomings iof PR, he is biased, being unfair or sold-his-soul-for-money?

    This posting purely proven that Anwar 'Mat King Leathers" Ibrahim is just a 'DRAMA KING'. HE dramataize everything and anything, where ever he is for power.

    What Rocky is highlighting that Anwar "Mat King Leather" Ibrahim shouldnt be trusted!

    He did not mkae any of these tapes up. It is all about Anwar "Drama King" Ibrahim MAIN WAYANG!

    Then and now!

    As simple is that. Wake up to the smell of coffee!

  33. Why dont you write that after paying 5.3 Billion for the 2 diesel class submarines and now
    we all have to pay 300 Million a year just to maintain them.
    Why dont you write that we have to pay 12 Million for badawi's new house.
    Why dont you write that the new Istana is going to cost more than 1 Billion and it is still rising.

    You can see the faults in others, but failed to see your own.

  34. Anti Sahabat8:41 am

    The problem lies with few BTN facilatotors whoe tend to syiok sendiri and think they are so damn terer.

    These BTN ppl are the batu api that resulted in factional fight dalam umno.

    they take sides and cause more problem.

    THey first supported Musa Hitam faction (with Pak Lah as head of BTN), then Awnar used BTN for his politics and finally Pak Lah again to "sokong membawa rebah".

    Close BTN. It is subjected to regular abuse and contributed to split the Malays!

  35. Dear Rocky,
    Forget about all this BTN nonsense,what the rakyat is facing hardship nowadays,is the 3rd party car insurance.All of a sudden the premium has risen tremendously.The pool company that is incharge of the policy has enforced policy holders to buy PA,which they will make money.This a kind of regulatory business where a standard 1 pupil can run if given a chance.No need to find customers same as Fomema.You should send your reporter to investigate about this 3rd party motor insurance policy as it is affecting the whole rakyat.

  36. Anonymous8:43 am

    shamshul anuar above gives a good comment, with well-reasoned arguments, substantiated with facts. I wish there are more of his type of comments here. It's a pleasure to read early in the morning before the start of a working day.

    But the fellow below him, JARING, wrote a long piece without any paragraph. That alone tells his way of thinking. If he is a bulldozer operator, the whole town may be razed in no time.

    Imagine, not a single sentence of fact in JARING's single-long-paragraph comment, all accusations, denigrating and putting people down. Rude and abusive too. No justification, no substantiation of what he says. This, really, is an anarchistic mind. Spoils one's mood reading it. He is even seditious. He mentioned May 13 three times, even provocatively. Hope the Police Special Branch keeps track on him.

    Opposition to the word "pendatang" as expressed by another up there is trumping up racial sentiment. History is very clear on the fact that the Chinese came in large numbers only in the mid-19th Century. It is also a historical fact that for about 100 years, including the entire period of British colonial administration, the non-Malays were stateless. They became citizens only after Merdeka, after the elements of what became known as the "Social Contract" were incorporated into the Constitution of the country.

    If understanding history and the Constitution was discussed at BTN courses, what is wrong with that? Of course, DAP would always try to find anything they don't like and exploit it, politicise it. Note that it was in Penang that the first opposition to the word "pendatang" came out.

    Then there is the "Interested Malaysian" fellow stating "The concept of ketuanan implies slavery of others". What is he talking about? What slavery is there except perhaps those who abused the helpless and financially desperate foreign maids? Has he not read who abused them?

    Then he stokes up racial sentiment some more by asking, "Don't you think the HINDRAF clashes were race based and had something to do with the ketuanan Melayu being practised in the country?" I don't understand these people whose comments reflect warped minds and demented thinking as shown above.

    Let's live as Malaysians, people. Respect the Constitution and live by it. Let's everybody be loyal citizens. For, how else can we prove loyalty to the country other than by respecting and living by the Constitution? Not by shouting I love Malaysia on the top of our voices. Not by just paying taxes because even the menial foreign workers pay a "levy" tax and they are not even citizens.

    - Interested In Loyalty.

  37. Anonymous9:04 am

    rockcock brew..

    lihat sini doa abang azwan ali terhadap adiknya..




  38. Anonymous10:12 am

    Rosmah has no time to entertain 'wild allegations'- MALAYSIAKINI

    Rosmah Mansor is unperturbed by the many wild allegations hurled against her by hostile parties.





























  39. Anonymous10:14 am


    I don't see you making a call for more BTN tapes to be released showing how Muhyiddin, Hishamuddin, etc, spewed their venom or terrorised your own race into believing that you must be united in the face of "bad" non-Muslims.

    Ade ke ? Tunjuklah....don't be a hypocrite. Your boss Najib and his sidekick Hisham asked every blogger to be fair - and he didn't mean the colour of your skin.


  40. Anonymous10:21 am

    its a 5X2 = 2x5 situation.

  41. Anonymous10:40 am

    Tapah MP saves the day for BN
    Dec 15 - Malaysiakini

    PARLIAMENT Saravanan walked into the Dewan Rakyat just in time late last night to cast his vote to ensure the government's budget was approved.

    the title should read:



  42. Bravo Bro Shamsul Anuar, very profound and very well said. I happen to think that the attack on the BTN and the not often talked about ketuanan melayu which you quite well explained, the attack that is being led by the DAP and supported by very few Malay apologists in PKR is just one of the ways by some extreme Chinese chauvinists to try to erase the early history of the Malays and the Malay Rulers in Malaysia and how our Perlembagaan come into being. Singapore PAP managed to do it (even the last Malay Istana in Kg Glam has been turned into a tourist attraction) so in all probability DAP has got this inspiration from their PAP mentors.

    Pakatan thinks they have a chance of grabbing power, Pakatan is dominated by the DAP and the DAP are just trying to soften up the landscape for acceptance of their future political dominance of Malaysia if Pakatan succeeds in the next GE. Its a big IF though, with all their rhetorics they have so far NOT shown that they can even manage the states that they control with Guan Eng rejecting a multibillion ringgit investment in the state of Penang purportedly because they (the DAP state Government) cannot offer 1000 Engineers for the investor and in Selangor even the DYMM Sultan telling MB Khalid to stop politicking and get on with the business of governing Selangor.

    Nevertheless, I think the common people on the streets who cares about the safety, stability and prosperity simply bread and butter stuff would be evaluating Pakatan endless politicking and decide for themselves who is better to govern and manage Malaysia.I think definitely not political parties like DAP,Pakatan or PAS who has nothing to do but scheming for poltical power by indulging in constant politicking and raising racially sensitive subjects. Macam PM najib cakap diParlimen, mereka ini tidak habis habis berpolitik. TQ.

  43. Anonymous11:22 am


    ..."We haven't suffered any racial clashes since the last one in May 1969 despite of all the fiery speeches by Anwar and whoever else at BTN. Despite BTN itself."

    I have to tell you, the racial integration is not real, Chinese and Indian are simply too afraid to stand up all these while because of all the threat from UMNO, all the thretening speech by UMNO people has put Chinese and Indian mouth shut, and suffer all these while. The Police, Army and even government are all controlled by UMNO...What we want now is "real racial integration"..and it can only be achieved if we abolish all the unfair act devised by UMNO....

    Steven Seagal

  44. Doesn't matter how politicians play chamelon on the BTN issue. I know when even before BTN there was a similar course one had to attend before getting confirmed and when I attended I was reminded of my place in BolehLand - Like I am still staying here by invitation than by choice! It harps on loving the government of the day, respect for majority religion, majority race but when it comes to those who has a majority in say business, instead of respecting the majority, there is a desire to destroy the majority by the minority to be as they say 'on par' whatever it means.
    And why always May 13. The US of A has moved on past 9-11, we are still stuck with 5-13 hoping for a return! sigh! BTN depending who they are trumpeting and who they want to put down or malign will have their supporters and opponents.
    Wonder if BolehLand is the only nation in the world that has 'civics' education, reeducation, etc at every stage of a person's life, from school to after school (NS), university then working life (BTN) soon it will go to private universities and all private businesses. BolehLand must really be an uncivil and not enough proBN UMNO progovt fellos to warrant such courses. Hemm, use to remember commie nations and dictators such as North Korean also have lots of 'civic' reeducation classes too! see www.jonathan66-my.blogspot.com

  45. Anonymous11:54 am

    Salam to all,
    Shamshul: nice piece of write up.
    This kind of argument from both sides needed to ensure we keep our civility.

    "Ketuanan Melayu" has been demonised by irresponsible leaders and in the way incite racial sentiment. Pity ..pity..

  46. prancing horny pony12:18 pm

    encik habib, ya habibi...
    pandai kau mengarut ye?

    malaya had been colonised since 1511??errr,people are more educated now?but where did you pluck your twisted fact?to much for educated one.hahaha.

    smarty-pants, portugis just colonised melaka, just a litle piece of land.but I am sure they scared and shuddered in their fort thinking of johor and acheh.these empires never stop figthing portugis, figthing over crown jewel(melaka).get the fact into your brain ok?portugese and belanda NEVER get their hands on other states!!

    british colonial only started with perak(185x), thanks to ghee hin and hai san.then other malay state.except kedah, kelantan, terengganu, patani and johor.colonization only started early 19xx at these states.with british and dirty siamese working together plundering our wealth and murdered thousands citizen of kedah,patani and kelantan.

  47. Anonymous1:47 pm

    History vs rhetoric is the issue!

  48. Anonymous2:00 pm

    There was a riot in Kg Medan a couple of years back. BTN is good to make sure people are stupid. Stupid people are easier to control by not so stupid people.

  49. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Anwar in the 1990s was an icon. His performance was legendary - I think on aura factor, man for man, he is certainly better than TDM. (My opinion).

    But pity he had all this evil machinations on him and after that he had to turn to survive. Real pity, because just to preserve the power of 1 man and his children, we lost a great leader.

  50. Not only this, Anwar too was the one who introduced Bahasa Baku..anyone remember? And he also was the one who had RTM DJs and announcers to speak only in Bahasa Malaysia one time when introducing songs and making announcements and so on across all the language broadcasting stations.

    Anwar has a lot of apologising to do. Fact is, he was wrong saying what he said then. And he remains wrong trying to defend what he said then.

    Now, just because there have been no riots or racial clashes (as you claim) that is no reason for the continuation of the racist program.

    The release of the video with Anwar saying all those idiotic things is prove of what BTN is all about. I hope they will continue to release more of these Anwar and other PKR leaders videos spouting their worst at BTN programs further implicating themselves for the vile that is spewed at BTN.

    Yes, if the BN leaders find Anwar's video vile, they should come out to apologise for allowing an institution of government to be used to spur on racist ideologies. I know that if a subordinate of mine were to use his or her position to insult or cause unhappiness, I would probably sack or reprimand that person and offer my apologies if that subordinate's actions were a result of carrying out of his or her duties.

    The Anwar video is more useful now as one that implicates BTN then it does damning the man. The only thing I am aghast about is that after that beating he got and the 6 years of incarceration he does not seem to have learnt the errors of his past. He should have come apologising for his part in BTN.

  51. that's soooo lame, Anwar

  52. KADTELAI4:02 pm

    hallo,Khun Pana aka Johanssm,Dont ask rocky to write,what you want to read.why not you write yourself so we can read and comment. Its so simple as that.BODOH!!!!!!BODOH SOMBONG.

  53. Anonymous4:12 pm

    rockcock brew..

    ko nie betul la mat goncang.

    Ko tahu tak sejak DSAI kena cekup la semua masalah perpaduan melayu ini timbul.

    Dulu2 BTN semua melayu bersatu. Sekarang punya BTN mana ada?

    anne...todi onne!

  54. Anonymous4:27 pm

    old Fart.. you wanna see racist?

    look here :



  55. Either by premeditated design or fortuitous intent, the issue of BTN has been blown: not out of proportion, but of purport and of context. BTN has been labeled an instrument of racism. Period. Some people believe that is so. I will prove that it isn’t. But the issue here in Rocky’s latest expose is not about BTN per se, which I will shortly address, but rather about Polymorph Extraordinaire Anwar Ibrahim, whose stand on issues banks upon the platform-of-the-day he is speaking. When such is the policy of any politician, then stone the crows: one would even sell one’s own mother in order to get applauds.

    But let’s tackle the BTN issue, shall we. For those not familiar with it, I advise you to read again Shamsul Anuar’s take at 11:07. Now here is a first-hand account of the BTN syllabus by a person who attended it, noted it, digested it and thereby expounded his thoughts and experiences here. Nowhere is there any implication that Shamsul had been “brainwashed into racism” as the DAP had been so wont to try to make people believe: if BTN was racism, it had either failed in its objective (by not getting Shamsul to be one), or that it was too weak to achieve its purpose (which would be a reason not to worry!). Well, the only other explanation I could think of is that BTN is not racism, had never been and never will be. So why so much ado about BTN being racist? Well the answer to that--- if people from the other quarter are so bent into making the QUEEN believe that Malaysian Indians are now experiencing genocide, a little exaggeration here and some white lies there pale in comparison. So is BTN racism? It is. As much as Tiger Woods is a cleanly debilitating, loyally unblemishing, honestly teetotalling, extremely wife-loving, manly non-debauching, monogamous husband.

    So if there really are no racism in BTN why the hell are the DAPs so hell-bent on attacking it? THAT (paraphrasing Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof) I can answer in ONE WORD: History!

    Yes, it is history that the DAP is so much scared about. To them, the history of Malaysia does not start from way before. It does not start from Parameswara. From how Ptolemy’s labeling of the region as the Golden Chersonese. From how even the oldest cartographers history has ever known had been calling the region as The Malay Archipelago. From the time Malay Kingdoms had existed and flourished even in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. From the time Muslim Malay Sultanates were enjoying trades and commerce in Malacca hundreds of years before the pilgrim pioneers set up camp for the first time in the Americas.

    No. In an effort to promote their existence as part of a common denominator, what the DAPs had wanted to convey is that there is no such thing as Tanah Melayu, or Malay Archipelago, and that the history of the nation started only in 1957, obliterating beneath the carpet the thousands of years of history, just because there were too much “malay” factor therein. Ergo the recent staunch attacks on the very concepts of Ketuanan Melayu.

    Now about this Ketuanan Melayu thing. I thought we all had gone through this before? It had been exactly one year since we discussed about this in Jebat Must Die’s pages and the excellent comments by readers there, but apparently this dead thing refuses to lie down. They know it is right, they know that it has been misinterpreted, but yet they still want to propagate the erroneous part of the concept.

    Now the things that BTN would like to highlight to the younger generations of Malaysians in terms of history, the kinds of history that the DAPs would wish people forget (and alleging that by expounding them will constitute racism) are the following:-

  56. 1. That the malays had been in this part of the world since very early times. Ptolemy recognized it and termed it as the golden chersoneses and early records show the existence of Malay kingdoms even in the 2nd and 3rd centuries.

    2. The modern history of the Malay Muslim sultanates began officially by the coming of malay hindu prince Parameswara and his conversion to Islam in the middle of his kingship.

    3. That there were an unbroken series of kingships and lineages of Malay Princes from that time until the present day, except for some brief and localized excursions due to the successive colonialization of a small part (note: small, not entire!) of the malay archipelago by the Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, British.

    4. After the colonialists had either left or chased away, there had been a return back to malay kingships except for a few places like Singapore, Malacca and Penang.

    5. That during the uninvited regime of the British, they had in turn brought in foreign workers from China and India for labour (thereby making their presence DOUBLY uninvited and unwanted). The local malay populace, through enforcement into subservience and silence, had no say in both the coming of the British AND the workers they had brought in. If they had, things would have been soooo very much different.

    6. By right, after the colonialists left the country during independence, the foreign workers should also have left. Instead they were given free citizenships, almost with point-blank prerequisite for independence. The fact that the malays did does not, by any means, indicate a real willingness on their part to all these.

    Now which part of the above history is untrue? Which part of the above is racist simply by letting our younger generations be taught about it? Or … simply which part of the above would the DAP want to nullify, to defy, to deny to fit in with their more grandiose scheme of a closet racism?

    THIS is the kind of history that the DAPs have been so vehement in trying to erase, trying to extol to the populace that such retellings constitute racism, and that our country begins in 1957 when they were given free citizenships, and not before.

    So let me conclude by a few points:-

    It is NOT wrong to assert Ketuanan Melayu because it is historically correct. Read back that posting of mine in Jebat Must Die. It CAN be wrong, however, if one thinks that Ketuanan is all about Master and Slave, but I can’t remember ANYONE ever saying that except for some diehard DAP voices that have some hidden diabolical agendas.

    BTN is NOT racist. In fact it should be continued, and even done in greater magnitude. And best of all, it should be a curriculum in those SJKs to prevent our younger chinese generations be brainwashed into becoming closet DAP racists and become True Malaysians instead. Heck, I think we should ABOLISH vernacular schools to achieve this.

    It is NOT WRONG to call the people that our constitution mentions as “other races” as Pendatang. Just like what Anwar Ibrahim did. This is so because historically it is true. People like YB Ahmad should be given recognition, re-installed, and be put in charge of educating young Malaysians on their true histories. Nevertheless, I am speaking only from the point of view of history and linguistics. To be fair, any attempt by any people, even the malays, to denigrate this term and use it to connote derogatory meanings and install polarizing behaviours amongst citizens must be susceptible to punishments.

    History is a reference point. Denying it for political agendas show the lack of a certain kind of integrity.


  57. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Just scrap this BTN. It's a govt propaganda tools. Like what the comunis used. No difference.

  58. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Wenger Khairy your opinion is worth jackshit. Anwar in the 1990s was an icon among the stupid people. I dont want to mention race cos that may be Seditious ok. But in a country where you have the clever, the cantankerous and the bodoh, Anwar was the hero among the last category. Those at the bottom of the dump and who still could not figure out how to go up. Dr Mahathir was telling them all the right things - work hard, get ne wknowledge, look East, go West, Malaysia Boleh and a million other things.

    Now here is the catch, Dr M's message was universal. The clever, the cantankerous also could absorb his message. In fact the clever really loved Dr M. They became richer than ever.

    But Anwar saw that the bodoh classes did not really like Dr M's 'fast forward' pace. The bodoh classes still anted to believe in their religion,their bomohism, their stupidity etc. Anwar rose to the occasion and filled in this vacuum. he started singing the religious song. Why else did he set up ABIM?

    So you now represent this bodoh class. To the bodoh class, Anwar was an icon - of their bodohism.

    Other than whacking peoples' asses and screwing every other woman he could lay his hands on, can you point out JUST ONE THING that Anwar has achieved in his 18 long years in Govt?

    You cannot. So you see Anwa is indeed an icon - for the bodoh classes.

    Use KY bro. Tidak meninggalkan sebarang kesan.

    Hj Hoe

  59. Anonymous7:49 pm

    To - A READER - @ 3:20 PM

    Virginia Satir, American Psychologist says, “We must not allow other people's limited perceptions to define us”.

    Your perception is LIMITED, period.

  60. Anonymous7:58 pm


    pathetic, desperate, myopic, state of denial, FAT hope - these are the pakatan supporters

    kesiannya, macam nak nangis pun ada ... hoo hoo hoo

  61. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Interested Malaysian @ 8:53 PM says, "The concept of ketuanan implies slavery of others. Explicit slavery has been rightly condemned around the world. Next it will be implicit slavery. Malaysia better buck up or it will become an international pariah in the next 20 years. After all tanah melayu is not self-sufficient yet.
    PS. Don't you think the HINDRAF clashes were race based and had something to do with the ketuanan Melayu being practised in the country?".

    This simpleton is so simple he misunderstood the concept of ketuanan and tries to justify its abolishment. Ketuanan means landlord not master of slaves. You are Indian, I presumed based on your HINDRAF quote.

    Implicit slavery is the caste system practised in India, where the rich poor gap is super wide. The pariah concept again originates from India.

    Look again in the mirror and like Michael Jackson says, "I am asking the man in the mirror to change his ways".

  62. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Come-onlah guys, all this is history.
    Its already Perjanjian Keramat as said by Anwar.
    We get citizenship, they get their Sultan.
    Still can do business, buy land go to our school.
    Don't shake the tree or we may lose out.


  63. no to kj12:50 pm

    wenger's remark shows kj is pro anwar ibrahim and a pkr planted agent in umno. he has out lived his usefulness to the brit and cia.

  64. Anonymous3:19 pm

    pathetic, desperate, myopic, state of denial, FAT hope - these are the pakatan supporters

    kesiannya, macam nak nangis pun ada ... hoo hoo hoo


  65. Anonymous3:33 pm

    HJ HOE






  66. Anonymous5:19 pm


    You are just another Slave to the
    RINGGIT, you sell yourself to the
    highest bidder.


  67. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Anon at 8:07 - Attack the message, not the messenger. So far the only argument you seem to have come up with is ketuanan means landlord - does that mean that the non-Malays are tenants in Malaysia?

    -Interested Malaysian

  68. Anonymous6:52 pm

    All the rhetoric ...

    Once again, BTN is just another issue to whack the Malay-led government.

    And it won't be the last. This agenda had all along been vacuum-packed to be released when the time is right - Paklah's era.

    Thru KJ, Paklah is like plasticine. Now the weak link may be Rosmah, so this angle has to be closely monitored.

    Anwar, Zaid, Ku Li, Tunku Aziz, Paklah, KJ, Nik Aziz are the Malay face they need to execute this agenda.

  69. Anonymous6:01 am

    -Interested Malaysian@6:30 PM

    Yeah, a long long time ago, you came as "foreign workers" brought in by the British, worked for years to forward earnings back to homeland. Meanwhile saw the opportunity for mass accumulation of wealth and fell in love with the life in Tanah Melayu.

    Began to like durians, the romantically tropical settings, and of course the pleasant and overly contented local inhabitants.

    So from foreign workers to overstayers to stateless people to citizens with a special clause "perjanjian keramat".

    But now the descendants get "meritocratic" and demand as "sons of soil" their "birthrights" without realising their grandpa's unforced and consensual agreement.

    Equipped with modern law training, they are more "assertive" (konon).

    But they forget that a contract (keramat, you know) DICTATES that if any part of a clause is challenged, the whole contract is rendered NULL and VOID.

    A new contract will have to be drawn up. Heh Heh, so no more NEP means no more eternal citizenships for the "pendatangs".

    IM, tenants PAY rents - you wanna calculate how much your peoples OWE the Malay Bumis ALL these years, fooyoh ... especially at today's land prices!! Phew!

    I surmise that the 'perjanjian keramat' was the embodiment of the WISDOM of the orang orang Tanah Melayu.

    ... who saw through the greed of these newly-rich coolies.

    So tara ... the social contract, which was legally executed in the constitution.

  70. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Your caption HISTORY and RHETORIC is captivating.

    History means facts or actual performance, which is the best answer for all the PR's rhetoric. So, if we replace 'history' with 'KPI', we have a great slogan for BN's next election campaign: KPI vs RHETORIC, provided we ruthlessly follow the KPI and drop the non-performers.

    Saw some details of NKRA on TV which look good. Also see Kit Siang pissing in his pants. We have outsmarted the PAP/DAP geniuses a number of times now - Sepang, Twin-towers,Pasir Gudang, etc and now KPI. IT feels good.