Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crackdown at PKFZ: First arrests, more in the offing

With Updates ..
More to be charged over PKFZ, says AG [Malay Mail]
PKFZ: More people to be charged [NST]
Ex-PKA GM claims trial to 3 counts of CBT amounting to RM254 million [The Star]

Original article:-
Phase One. The authorities arrested 3 people last night and will charge them in court this afternoon in connection with corruption, misappropriation, embezzlement or whatever else which have led to multi-million losses at the Port Klang Free Zone project.

These are the first arrests made re the PKFZ scandal since Najib ordered investigations into all aspects of the case, here.

"This is just Phase One". And I'm told that we will see SEVERAL more phases in the coming weeks and months as the police, the AG Chambers and the MACC (with the new man at the helm) conclude their investigations. The list of people to be hauled in includes at least two politicians, one of them a former Cabinet Minister.

The PKFZ was conceived during the 1990s as a project to provide improved facilities for international cargo distribution and consolidation at Port Klang, the world’s 16th busiest port. Its development, covering some 400 hectares, opened up a can of worms when its cost rose to RM4.6 billion from RM1.1 billion.

For a BM translation, courtesy below, click H E R E.


  1. Anonymous10:30 am

    Sandiwara, sandiwara...just like the Hindu movies where the characters go round and round the coconut tree. I'll eat my hat (the one I wear on the golf course) if a former cabinet minister or a current MP gets indicted for corruption or breach of fiduciary duty.

    And I will eat my hat in the presence of Ahiruddin Atan.


  2. Anonymous10:44 am


    I see you just like A Kadir Jasin.....narrator of the gomen sine die!

    Kita ni kalu nak hebat, jangan bertindak bila perlu ajer...kena sentiasa!....Taik PKFZ ni dah busuk sehingga ke New York apabila bos baru hang dok bentang new investment initiative baru2 ini....dia ditanya tentang bond PKFZ ni....bila udah matang, bole bayar ke?....(bab ni hang tak lapur pun!)....

    Bro, this nation is already in the dumps....and you are still narrating for the gomen 'as they please'....and you 'as you see fit'?....A Kadir Jasin kata dia nak pray that MACC will change with abu kasim at the helm....I have commented in his this!

    Bro, DAH LENGUH lah baca narrations lu orang....'membela' gomen melayu umno ni....malu pun ada dengan melayu2 ni yang kadang2 bersuara mengatakan mereka muslim!

    The MIND!!!

  3. Great news. I just hope they won't lose the case without even the defence being called!

  4. Dear Godfather,

    You want ketchup or chili sauce to go with the hat?

    And Art, I hope so too.

    As for The Mind,
    Tak tau lah beb. Gua pun lenguh layan orang macam lu tapi nak buat apa? At least Godfather dah janji nak makan topi dia depan aku. Walk the talk man, put money where your mouth is.


  5. Anonymous11:03 am

    Dear Rock,

    Macc,Polis,Ag & Court, ha the sandiwara just begin, korek,korek, why only small CKC not Tun Ling.DR M.
    Lastly not proof,only image so NFA, case close, that how our tax money gone.

  6. Dear Anon korek korek korek,

    Ambik tindakan pun salah, kowe ni. Cubalah give credit where it's due. Kalau diorang mess the case up, like bro Art kata, nak tibai lu punya sukalah.

    By the way, fyi, yang kena tangkap malam tadi ialah Phang Oi Choo atau lebih dikenali dengan nama glamor OC Phang. Yang dua orang lagi tu dari Kuala Dimensi.

    Fasa kedua dan seterusnya, gua tak tahu lah. CKC, Burung Tiong atau Liong Sik ke ..

    Tapi yang Dr M punya nama pun masuk ni, apahal beb?

  7. Anonymous11:26 am

    Bro cilok artikel dan gua terjemah di Neutral Daily :-)

  8. Anonymous11:31 am

    As usual the bullshit!!!! OC Phang and two others. What the fcuk, don't they have names, or dare not publish?
    The 2 names top secret? Maybe if it comes to trial, faces hidden just like the one before?
    Hey, Mr. Rocky, Your MM would publish those names?

  9. Yes Mr Anonymous, I believe the MM will spell out the names.

    The other two, sorang CEO sorang lagi arkitek.

    Neutral Daily, Thank you!

  10. Anonymous11:47 am

    Steven abok the ceo of kd n the arkitek benard tan seng swee arrested.

  11. A project kept alive by our dear late Mariner which must have made him look silly when he was going on about it and for so long too. And no one would listen. How I wish he was around to salivate over these arrests now.

    As for Anonymous who signed off as Godfather at 10.30am, there is no such thing as a Hindu movie la. You have Tamil or Hindi or Malayalam or Telugu...but get your point!!

  12. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Belajar dari sejarahje!
    Kes paling bodoh dalam sejarah,
    Robert Kouk dalam kes Perwaja Stell apa macam bro!!!!
    Mana bukti!!!!mana bukti!!!!!
    Wang hilang berjuta!!!!!!
    -tapi kita berfikiran positif dulu dam kes ni ya!
    -jangan sejarah berulang dah!!!!!


  13. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Why shoot the messenger? Just wait for the investigations before jumping the gun.

    Tangkap pun salah, tak tangkap pun salah.


  14. Syikin (dari Kedah)1:24 pm

    Kenapa tangkap ikan bilis?

    Bila nak tangkap ikan-ikan jerung seperti Dato-Dato Seri dan Tan Sri yang terlibat, menteri-menteri dan ahli parlimen UMNO-BN yang terlibat?

    Kabinet UMNO-BN yang telah meluluskan tambahan kos berbillion untuk PKFZ bila nak ditangkap?

    Cukuplah MACC dan polis. Buat wayang kulit cam ni tak payahlah.




  15. Anonymous1:25 pm

    While they are at it, why not check out the dredging contracts at Port Klang. Just dredged but vessel still grounded. What gives?

  16. AnwarBerahi1:29 pm

    Bengap ke aper?? Ambil tindakan pun kena kutuk. Tak ambik sememangnyalah kena kutuk.
    Satu je sebabnya ... takut imej kerajaan meningkat. Tu yang kutuk je. Taksub mengutuk punya keturunan.

  17. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Sandiwara or not. cannot please everyone. Good 1st step and hope justice is served swiftly.

  18. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Jeng Jeng and the opposition will start playing up the issue. Next year our ranking in Corruption Index will drop further and then TI will say that our corruption level getting worst. Then the issue will be twisted again by the oppositions.
    In actually case to reduce corruption then there will be definately there will be more and higher case of prosecution on corruption related cases. But who cares just get the them behind bar.

    Proud Malaysian

  19. Anonymous2:02 pm

    kah kah kah… BEKAS ?... BEKAS ????.... kah kah kah..

    woit… NAK BUAT APA BEKAS… DAH LOHE… kah kah kah..

    woit… DAH LUNYAI…. kah kah kah…

    woit… INI ARKITEK PULA KENA… kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah… KUALA DIPANG … TAK ADA PULAK ARKITEK DITAHAN…kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah… STADIUM RUNTUH … TAK ADA ARKITEK DI TAHAN… kah kah kah..

    woit… MASIH KELINTAU KELINTAU…kah kah kah..

    woit… MASIH NAK PUTAR ALAM… kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah... INI MACAM TANGKAP MAT BANGLA... BILA BANGUNAN TAK SIAP... kah kah kah

  20. Anonymous2:04 pm

    siapa yang buat keputusan?
    siapa yang luluskan projek?
    siapa yang lobi dalam kabinet?
    mana duit lesap?

    ini macam kes c4 saja
    goncang goncang tapi tak pancut kah kah kah

  21. Anonymous2:30 pm


    i think the government is making the right move in the right direction finally. that deserves a lot of encouragement.

    nonetheless, i dont think many would agree with Rock that politician will be arrested, namely big names like Chan KC and Tiong KS.

    for real, one was former Cab minister, another one is big UMNO funder. i guess there is a long list of people to be arrested before enough balls are gathered to touch that two big fish.

    no offense.

  22. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Ancient Mariner will be smiling from his boat in heaven. The Captain will be very pleased with today's news.

  23. Anonymous2:44 pm

    dah habis PKFZ ni, check pulak project CIQ tambak johor, gerbang perdana sdn bhd , and the aborted crooked bridge project!!

    waah gomen money flow like water, mobilize, demobilize, compensations upon compensations, etc., and is there anybody checking total amount paid?

    this one banyak terbabit. lots of favourite names of course.

    banyak yang menggeletar if someone picked up these pieces....

    kah kah kah kow kow


  24. Anonymous3:17 pm


    He's not serious, this Godfather fellow, is he?

    Of course he'd not identify himself when the time comes, would he?

    Judging from his past comments, I think he wears a smelly hat, anyway.

    I dare him to identify himself so that Ahiruddin Atan can really witness him eating his hat and report it in the Malay Mail when the time comes.

    Make sure you play golf frequently to stay healthy and be ready to eat your hat, old chap.

    It may take time but remember, new brooms sweep clean at MACC. And DS Najib has issued a specific instruction to investigate the case saying the culprits would be hauled in.


  25. Anonymous4:02 pm

    ROKI SAID..Tak tau lah beb. Gua pun lenguh layan orang macam lu tapi nak buat apa?



  26. Anonymous4:06 pm



    Artikel 'India suka kecoh' diadu kepada polis

    Abdul Rahim Sabri

    Dis 10, 09

    kemaskini 2.52pm Pemuda MIC menyeret seorang pengarang kanan Utusan Malaysia yang melabelkan India sebagai kaum yang suka buat kecoh dalam satu artikelnya semalam kepada polis hari ini.

    Biro integrasi kaum pergerakan itu MT Padmanathan membuat aduan polis terhadap Zaini Hassan berhubung artikelnya 'Alkisah India di India dan India di Malaysia' di ibu pejabat polis daerah Sentul, Kuala Lumpur pagi ini.

    Artikel tersebut menceritakan betapa kelam-kabutnya kehidupan di India yang dianggap telah mendarah daging dalam kaum tersebut, termasuk India di negara ini

  27. tu la bn, kalu tak de rasuah amacam nak hidup.. bole caya ke mp bintulum tu ade private jet??? banyak nye dia makan ....//// aku betul2 pelik.. sebab tu la kat malaysia ni, kalu nak kaya jadila adun ke atau mp kot2 sepenggala,, lepas tu ko tak reti2 nak belasah lubuk duit? so amacam bro..ko nak pangkah bn lagi ke??? cuba la tukar ..kasi pembangkang perintah dan suruh dia orang bogelkan perasuah2 yang masih belum kantaoi2 tu? amacam bro.. aku rasa semua patut sokong pembangkang la .. takbirrr????

  28. Anonymous4:53 pm

    bro .. kasi pr perintah dan suruh dia orang telanjangkan satu-satu perasuah @mane2 projek yang puaK-PUAK NI DOK BUAT.. BARU KITE TAU.. YANG ORANG2 BUSINESS NI KAYA SEBAB MAKAN DUIT HARAM.. PATUT LA DAPAT BELI JET. MACAM TU AKU PUN NAKK..


  29. Anonymous4:58 pm


    You asslicker - you subtly put in as najib ordering an all-out investigation. Ha ha...when the opposition was harping on this scandal for years, where was Najib although he was in the Cabinet? Where were you? Now, you subtly credit Najib for this....Podah!

    I have never commented in this tone in your blog. But I am fed up with your asslicking lah. Had so much respect for you. But it's all gone now.

    Have fun asslicking and earning fat salary.

    Your one-time friend

  30. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Hope that MACC have a strong case. jangan jadi macam Eric Chia dan lain lain VIP, kena cekup but case not stong enough. At the end, acquitted. Buang duit rakyat aje.
    MACC, better do your homework.

  31. ya give credit when it's due

    shouldn't we all thank the opposition for all the korek korek work ?? shouldn't we thank them for exposing and putting pressure on the gomen??

    should you not also thank OTK for his work as well ?
    Rocky, your neutral reporting has conviniently ignore these facts

    although we don't know if the real big fish will be caught.. but this is a good start

  32. Anonymous6:11 pm


    No need for ketchup or chilli sauce. Just bring along a few bottles of coke to go along with my hat.

    They charged OC Phang and the COO of KDSB. Who are they trying to kid ? Why wasn't Tiong charged ? Why wasn't Faisal charged ? Why were the PKA board members not charged with dereliction of duty ? They approved the board minutes, the board resolutions, so they must be charged with criminal breach of fiduciary duty.


  33. Hi Rocky,

    I'm looking forward to the hat-eating ceremony by Godfather. Let's hold a big event for this - suggest that it be held at the Bangsar Shopping Centre - Dome or La Bodega and invite ALL politicians and the rakyat to witness this. I'm sure someone will come forward to sponsor the drinks all round. I'll bring the ketchup and chilli sauce, heh heh.

    Let it be known that there is a price to be paid for cheap and loose talk!



  34. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Dear Locky,

    Haiyya thees wan ah Chainee peeper chit the Maray peeper wan. Dat Tiong fellow pay the Maray CEO RM30k salary wan man sudah cukup wan. The Maray CEO fellow so happy wan - get RM30k salary evely man, got car, got driver. But Tiong ah, he sapu the money hundreds of meelyen wan, can buy too jetprane. Waah - the Chainee peeper ah so crever wan. The Maray peeper ah not so crever.

    The OC Phang ah lagi crever wan. She trever oar over d worl the company pay evelything wan. Wah her husband oso trever with her wan - 1st class. She go so many place wan - donno bisnes got or not she simpry trever wan. Actuary ah she just go sightseeing and shopping with her husband wan.

    Locky, when the Maray peeper got money or project ah, the Chainee peeper sure got masuk wan. Locky, you must see Alab Malaysian Merchant Bank, but before lah - now I donno how oredy. A lot of Chainee peeper work there wan. Last time ah, a lot of 'kau thim' wan. You wan loan ah sure can get wan. Can 'kau thim' wan. Then ah the Alab Merchant Bank ah sudah bankrap - three time wan. Then the Azman Hashim go to the Gaarmen and ask for bail out. So the Gaarmen bail out lah. Then the Chainee peeper makan sum more. Then the Bank banklap some more. Then the Gaarmen bail out sum more wan. So ah, the Chainee peeper got very rich maa. Then the Maray peeper bail out wan.

    Same stoly wan.

    Haji Hoe.

  35. Anonymous6:54 pm


    Ta'ada Melayu kena tangkap ke!!!?

    Hilang cerita,,, DSAI kena cekup,,

    It"s gonna be a NEW YEARS JOKE..!!!


  36. Anonymous7:02 pm

    how bout 10mil dump into OTK pocket by KD boss. Opssss 'NO CASE LA" just warung talk....

  37. Anonymous8:17 pm

    mahathir mahathir mahathir, rocky ni penyokong die hard mahathir, tak kira apapun, rocky akan pertahankan mahathir, walaupun jelas si toon kutty tu buat salah, kan?

  38. Anonymous8:20 pm

    alaa...take action also wrong. no action also wrong...what la...u guys.

  39. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Here's a greater news. Gambar-gambar ketua DAP kene kencing beramai-ramai:-

    Hehehe baru puas hati. Lepas ni bagi Nazri Aziz habaq org2 yang kencing tu adalah racist, dan DAP yg pijak kepala melayu tu tak racist.

    Tapi best kan situasi ni? Yang kencing gambar Kit Siang are unknown laymen. SO we can always shrug "We don't know. It's not BN policy".

    But the fact that yang pijak gambar melayu is the leader of DAP, we can factually assume to be correct that such policy is the party's policy, thereby exposing the official wretchedness of their hearts.

    More to come. Let's wait for part 2.

    And paraphrasing Hishamuddin Komunis, Kah kah kah.

    Ngeh Nga Ngok

  40. Rasputin Beliong9:09 pm

    Trum, dum, dum! Hope MCA President Ong will live to see the crooks go to jail.

  41. Anonymous9:28 pm

    kerajaan bawah najib ni tak berubah. yang kena tangkap dan charge orang yang diarah oleh ahli politik tipu claim. ahli politik tak kena. ong tee keat lepas. Tiong lepas. sama macam kes mat hassan mb negeri sembilan. yang kena tangkap money changer.

  42. Anonymous9:38 pm


    wayang coolit lah.....the politicians all very very very clean eh?...

    over sensitiv lah lu bila orang mention nama bos lama lu tu....bukan main jaga beb!....

    untuk bos baru lu, gua bagi one word....scorpene....

    makan, makan, makan....tak kenyang2...manyak helan lah!....

    The MIND!!!

  43. Anonymous9:54 pm


    pasal duit tu, gua takde manyak luit macam bos2 lu tu....depa makan tak abis sampai 10 keturunan!...and both claimed themselves muslims!

    walk the talk?....aiseymen....grow up lah....

    you narrate benda2 yang orang kata outdated story lah....semua orang dah tau citer PKFZ ni....only now take action....pun tangkap ikan bilis je....

    The MIND!!!

  44. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Dear Uncle Rocky,
    Since the time of TDM till now, how many big fish were caught and convicted? Unless the cabinet minister or ministers are put into jail, this is just another case of sandiwara...but i don't have to eat my hat in the presence of uncle Ahiruddin..Becos this is what Malaysia Boleh is all about.

  45. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Now action is being taken, and the promise that more actions will be taken. Good. But don't stop there. Look at disneyland trip, 24 mil bungalows, ECM libra, etc. If BN listens to the rakyat and act accordingly, they will win again next election. They need to clear all cases. Else, PR will win, regardless of whether they know how to rule, regardless of whether anwar will go to jail, regardless of whether Guan Eng will turn away more investments in Penang, regardless of whether khalid will win his loan case.


  46. Anonymous10:14 pm

    To Anon 2.02pm,
    Arkitek turut diberkas sebab dalam urusan tuntutan kemajuan (progress claim) wajib Ada Sokol kelulusan oleh Arkitek sebelum pembayaran. Sewajarnyalah arkitek Akan ditahan sekiranya mengeluarkan sijil pengesahan Palsu.
    Jangan kita buta hati hanya sebab prasangka. Terima kasih.

    Orang amanah ....

  47. Pakatan punya budak-budak ini, apa mereka mahulah Bro Rocky. Tangkap salah tak tangkap salah, untuk mereka Kerajaan buat semuanya salah. Macam mana pun saya memang bersetuju benar kalau dapat saksikan Godfather makan topi busuk dialah. Saya sponsor tomato ketchup atau Chilli sauce kalau mahu kicap manis pun saya boleh sponsor.

  48. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Ohhh please. It might takes 5-10 years to complete this issue in the court.

    By the end, there is no enough evidence to convict them.

  49. Bro,

    This video must watch punya.

    Really 100% gempak.

    Argumen Nazri cukup mantap.

    Dulu saya bantah Nazri. Tapi bila I dengar argumen dia, betul juga apa dia kata.

    Camana Mahathir mau lawan?

  50. Tabung Uji11:21 pm


    why dont u look at Tabung Haji. From the outside it appears ok, but if u talk to the employees, there are too many shitty things going on. The current CEO, Ismee Ismail, is ex-ECM Libra (no need to elaborate further). The Finance GM is charging RM1k from every RM10k that Tabung Haji parked at islamic bank. Out of Tabung Haji's total funds of RM20 billion, >RM5 billion are in cash. Just imagine how much money those suckers are robbing per month. U can ask Bank Islam or Bank Rakyat, they should know about this. In fact, one of the Bank Rakyat brach in KL does not want to pay and Tabung Haji withdrew RM400 million from the bank. Even Bank Negara is aware about it, but no one dares to say anything. As for investment, as at to date, Tabung Haji has suffered RM2 billion loss in stockmarket (and nobody evert highlighted this). The biggest losses include Ramunia (about RM170mn). The weird part is the CIO will retire by year-end, and the current GM equity will be promoted as CIO effective Jan 2010. Why? For making RM2bn losses? Heard fron insider that the GM equity's "charges" is no less than 10k for every transaction worth RM10mn. Those suckers in Tabung Haji , Finance and Investment, are making money like nobody's business. Please investigate them!

  51. Al-Sadr12:40 am

    sita harta depa sekali.Jangan lupa!
    Baru sedapp...

  52. salam ziarah, jika mahu mengetahui rahsia nusantara, islam dan kebangkitan akhir zaman sila mengunjungi

  53. Anonymous9:19 am

    masalah org kita ni taksub.
    tak boleh fikir terbuka..
    asyik dia je yg betul..
    siapa yg nak mengaku dia silap?
    pak imam pun wat silap..
    nabi adam pun wat silap..
    so, muhasabah diri.. amik yg baik..
    sepahit mana pun ubat, kalau terpaksa.. kena telan juga utk baik & sihat..

  54. Anonymous9:35 am

    "Let it be known that there is a price to be paid for cheap and loose talk!" Jason

    How can it be loose talk when the BN gomen has this wonderful track record of going after ikan bilis and leaving the sharks alone to enjoy the spoils ? Billions and billions get siphoned off, and only a few machais get charged, and in many cases let off the hook for inadequate prosecution ?

    Someone said "don't take action complain, take action also complain". We are not complaining about the action taken on OC Phang and the other two. But tell me, how many people can believe that these three people contrived to siphon off hundreds of millions of public funds ? These three people caused the Minister to issue his letters of support ? We were not born yesterday.


  55. Anonymous9:35 am

    bro rocky...

    ini haramjad punya zaini..ada ke dia cakap ko nie DKK,,,HUH...

    Zaini noted, "Orang Melayu tidak seperti orang India, walaupun ada juga Melayu yang darah keturunan keling (DKK), tapi darah Melayu yang lembut banyak menguasai mereka." ( The Malays are not like Indians, although some of them have 'keling' blood, but the 'soft' Malay blood in them is more overwhelming). For the past 3 decades, the biggest-mouth in Malaysia has been a "DKK", as Zaini calls those with Indian blood. If Zaini's above assertion is right , then the biggest-mouth DKK cannot be a DKK but a pure Indian - there is and never has been even the minutest softness in this DKK and hence, according to Zaini's assertion, that DKK can't have any Malay blood . So a pure Indian, and not just a DKK, fooled Zaini and his UMNOdiots, became UMNO president and served as PM for 22 years, all the while fooling Zaini and his fellow UMNOdiots that he was a Malay. That DKK, or rather Indian pretending to be a Malay, continues to fool Zaini and his fellow UMNOdiots even now. Perhaps Zaini and his fellow UMNOdiots have finally realised that that Malay pretender, the bloody racist Mahathir, is actually an Indian. The idiot Zaini has finally realized how Mahathir has made a fool of them by pretending to be a Malay then and even now. Realising his folly, the fool Zaini wrote that piece in Utusan Moron but dared not mention that his racist statements are targeted at the evil corrupt criminal Mahathir and instead alluded to YB Kualsegaran. Through this stupid and racist article, Zaini has revealed to all that he is not just another bloody racist but also a fool and a coward. If he has any balls, he should openly mention Mahathir as his stupid racist article is most appliacble to the tyrant Mahathir rather our fellow Indian Malaysians.

  56. Beacon10:16 am

    Dear frens,
    Our beloved blogger the late Ancient Mariner, may his soul rest in peace already reported to Allah about PKFZ fiasco since BN government never listen. May BN burst in their stomach....


  57. Isu rasuah ini harus lah di tangani tanpa mengambil kira di lakukan olih sesiapa pun. Tak kisah lah dari mana-mana parti pun. Salah tetap salah.

    Juga sesiapa yang berkaitan dengan rasuah ini mestilah di tangkap, yang memberi, yang menerima dan juga yang tahu tapi duduk diam ajer.

    Mungkin tak dapat semua orang yang terlibat tapi tangkap lah mana yang dapat. pasal tersabit kesalahan itu satu cerita lain, ynag penting jika ada sebab dan bukti yang munasabah, tuduhan mesti di buat.

    Juga, segerakanlah perbicaraan itu, jangan lah mengambil masa bertahun-tahun. terutam kes-kes yang seperti ini ynag melibatkan kerajaan secara terus.

  58. Anonymous11:26 am

    Aku setuju degn anon Nonpartisanistic

    10:09 PM;

    kalau najib korek and clear all major cases of past 5-10 years blatant corrupt cases raised by the rakyat;

    umno and BN will be surpsrised by a major landslide win in PRU13.

    such cleaning process is not buka pekong di dada, but, a sign of serious and willingness to listen to rakyat;

    do that, and BN will win big time

    siti anon

  59. Anonymous11:51 am

    The police catch the big fishes. It is the AG who let them go. Watch the AG closely and make sure he do no hanky panky

  60. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Dalam kes ni, saya respect kat Ong Tee Keat,presiden MCA.(dalam kes PKFZ sajano!Yang lain taktau!)Tapi adakah Ong Tee Keat akan kekal sebagai presiden MCA nanti?Rasanya dia akan ditendang keluar!
    Mana ada pemimpin melayu yang sanggup "berkorban" seperti Ong Tee keat?Yelek!!!
    Apapun kita tenguk dulu kesni, walaupun pengalaman dari kes Robert Kouk (Perwaja Steel) membuatkan kita macam nak termuntah,gelak pecah perut!!!!
    Kadang-kadang terfikir dalam hati!Pemimpin-pemimpin kitani tak terfikirkot,yang ramai rakyat negarani dah mengaji tinggi!!Dah tau bab-bab rasuah,bab-bab penyelewengan!Masih buat-buat bodolah bercakap dan memberi ceramah tentang nilai,nilai amanah,jujur dan sebagainya!!
    Lihat bekas-bekas pemimpin pula,bukan main syok lagi,bagi nasihatjangan ambil rasuah!Tapi dulu dan lani orang masih ingat kegiatan rasuah yang mereka amalkan!!!
    Tenguk anak-anak mereka!Kaya,tak habis duit tujuh keturunan!!Malah ada yang jadi pemimpin pula!!!
    Tapi buat apalah duit haramni!Tenguk apa jadi pada mereka!Hidup mengalahkan org putih!Perangai anak-anak mengalahkan syaitan!Bila mati,anak-anak berebut harta!!!
    Dan yang penting BILA,
    Boleh tenangkah hidup dia dalam duniani!!Tu didunia,akhirat!!Taktau la,itu kerja Allah SWT!!
    Tak percaya,kita tenguk kehidupan pemimpin-pemimpin yang termasuk dalam golongan diatas!!Alah tiap negeri mesti ada punya!!!!!

    Minta dijauhkan Allah SWY la dari makan duit rasuahni.....


  61. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Datuk Seri Najib Razak berkata beliau sentiasa mengatakan media baru atau Internet memainkan peranan penting kepada masa depan politik dan sivil rakyat negara ini.

    Perdana menteri berkata medium itu penting bagi kebenaran didedahkan melalui laporan yang bertanggungjawab.

    "Oleh sebab itu saya amat berminat bila mendapati ada satu Kod Etika Penulis Blog yang mungkin boleh diterima pakai oleh para penerbit," kata beliau dalam blognya semalam.

  62. Peasant2:13 pm

    The ikan bilis are caught and punished while the big sharks roam free to continue plundering the nation's coffers.
    When will it end? It will end when the Pakatan Rakyat forms the federal govt in the next general election.
    The country is broke! That is why Umno is implementing taxes on credit cards and GST and this and that to korek a few hundred million here and there while their cronies bleed the country drier with their corrupt antics.
    Aiyahh...kesian this country...bled dry by the corrupt tycoons and rich politicians while poor citizens sleep by the roadside and five-foot ways in Kuala Lumpur.

  63. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Orang amanah ....

    10:14 PM

    BUKAN BURUK SANGKA..mmg bagus pon..tapi.. arkitek dalam kes runtuh stadium terengganu kenapa tak ditangkap??

    arkitek dalam kes resort runtuh kat Perak pergi mana?

    amanah la sangat..

  64. Najib Razak4:19 pm

    Kesianlah aku.

    Tak habis-habis kena whack lagi.

  65. Nothing but "sandiwara".Maybe a few scapegoats will be indicted.However, eventually, due to the "inefficiency" of the prosecution, eventually their defence will not be called.They will all be discharged
    because of a "technicality"The "big shots" will not be touched!This is the general perception Malaysians have of our Judiciary.

  66. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Tabung Uji,

    Saya ada juga dengar cerita penyelewengan di Tabung Haji. Tentang Pengurus Besar Kewangan yang meminta RM1k untuk setiap RM10 juta yang disimpan di bank2 tempatan itu memang benar. Rakan saya bekerja di Bank Rakyat pun mengesahkannya. Saya percaya bank2 yang lain pun menerima "nasib" yang sama. Dengar cerita banyak lagi penyelewengan yang di lakukan oleh Pengurus Besar Kewangan ini, terutamanya untuk kontrak2 IT, perumahan, dll. Saya harap pihak yang berkenaan dapat mengambil tindakan segera. Semoga Allah akan melindungi Tabung Haji dari lanun2 malaya.

  67. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Minta maaf,pembetulan!Eric Chia,bukan Robert Kouk dalam kes Perwaja!


  68. Anonymous2:09 am

    Jika benar Tabung Haji mengalami kerugiaan sebanyak RM2 billion dari pelaburan saham, saya syorkan pihak berkuasa segera membuat penyiasatan segera ke atas pihak pengurusan Tabung Haji.

  69. Anonymous5:32 am

    Tengoklah ini semua penjangak besar diTabung Haji. Tempat orang simpat duit nak pergi keTanah Suci dia buat kotor begini. Tidak ada scruples langsung, tidak ada peri keadaban, tidak ada semenggah langsung. Depa kurang ajar.

    Tolonglah, siapa yang ada maalumat, lapurkan keMACC. Ada boss baru disitu - new broom sweeps clean.

  70. Pemerhati Tabung Haji10:47 pm

    Tabung Haji's major losses in equity investment as at to date:

    Axiata - (>RM150 million)
    Tenaga - (>RM150 million)
    Ramunia - (>RM50 million)
    BIMB Holdings - (>RM150 million)
    Lityan - (>RM60 million)
    Green Packet - (>RM40 million)
    MEMS Technology - (>RM40 million)
    Muhibbah Eng - (>RM40 million)
    AKN Tech - (>RM30 million)

    Out of 200 stocks owned by Tabung Haji, only 30% (or 60 stocks) are profitable.

    Total losses of those 140 stocks that are in the red are about RM2 billion!

    Dear Ismee Ismail, CEO of Tabung Haji, that recently got another 2-year extension, what do you have to say about this huge losses? You think we orang kampung are stupid is it?

  71. PKFZ..Justice ? justice my foot..Justice only serve orang miskin, takdak nama, takdak duit..takdak pangkat dlm UMNO, takdak kenal orang2 besar,takdak connection JPJ/Kastam/ High Govt officer/takdak main golf dgn hakim, takdak apa lagi...tambah tambah...only Allah can give justice...not human..not even the best least that's what i think:Imran..

  72. sick&tired5:52 pm

    Your one-time friend,
    Well said my friend. BTW he can also lick balls,provided the price is right :p

  73. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Bagaimana Tabung Haji boleh mengalami kerugian yang amat banyak seperti yang dikomen oleh para pembaca setia Rocky Bru sedangkan pada awal 2000/01 Tabung Haji telah memperkukuhkan bahagian pelaburannya? Adakah Tabung Haji terlibat dengan penyelewengan untuk kali yang ke dua?

    Saya harap pihak lembaga pengarah dan panel pelaburan Tabung Haji akan membuat tindakan yang sewajarnya demi menjaga amanah pendeposit pendeposit yang bakal mengerjakan ibadah haji nanti.