Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What took you so long, Bernard?

3pm date with Bukit Aman. Bernard aka Zorro Unmasked will be at the cyber crime unit of Bukit Aman to answer some questions with regards to his blog. I have not been in touch with Bernard for moons and he is not telling h e r e, so I can only speculate why the cops want to talk to him.
1. the inverted "Jalur Gemilang" or
2. the defaced PDRM logo
The flag is still there on his blog but the PDRM logo has been taken down. Don't ask me why.

But for one who lives by the sword, from RPK to Jed Yoong, this is kacang, something one has to experience. Don't expect tea, though, and expect to spend at least 4 hours there. A lot of boring questions but the cops are not our enemies and they just have to ask them. Procedures.

p.s. Bukit Aman dam bloggers ni macam kembar. I was a the Bukit Aman cyber unit two Fridays ago, hopefully for the last time, in relations to police reports lodged against my blogpost on Sultan Perak. I have spent a total of 14 hours in the Q & A room. And last week Sheih Kickdefella had a visit from Bukit Aman in Kota Bharu with regards to the inverted Jalur Gemilang. Also for the last time, he hopes.


  1. Anonymous12:19 pm


    its too common a prosedure for the bkt aman officials gotta follow. afterall, they are left with nothing much to do as our country now is so peaceful (huh!).

    when i got back from my 2nd visit to baghdad in 1985, they waited for me at the airport, ransacked by bags for books about iraq and saddam hussein, afraid that i would become a socialist then.

    they didnt stop just there. they visited my rented-apartment in brickfields (u remember that particular unit, dont u... hehehe!), interviewing me, sometimes at 10pm, sometimes at 3am... it went on and on for about 3 months. lucky pak samad was there then to make em stop.

    finally, they invited me to restorn sharifah in lucky garden, bought me a beriyani and offered me a few hundred bucks (i didnt take it, takut... for what, i dont know).

    brave them. they are okay actually. hehehe

  2. Anonymous12:49 pm

    so tell me is the PDRM beyond criticism?

    Do tell!


  3. Wow.. I think the freedom to express personal opinion should always be regarded as one of the basic rights for each and every good citizen. But when you do something like flying your country's flag upside down to vocal out your protest, then of course you deserve to be queried by the authorities..

  4. Bro Rocky, I hope they don't call you anymore! You are our Master SIfu!

    But as for this Zorro the racist, i think this fella should be prosecuted la bro, he is a racist basketball punya pokemon ni!

    Tua kutuk tak sedar diri ni elok diliwat anwar je, baru padan dengan muka dia!


  5. Anonymous1:08 pm


    Your exfriendship or otherwise aside, I hope the cops will put him through the dryer and see what this anti-Malay pigfaced boar is made of. For all his bravado, he must be shiiting and peeing in his pants already.Lets see if the trannie senile arseprick will take any one of the cops one on one like man. If I were there, I would show him no mercy for maggot scum like this should not appeal to age or infirmity once you chose to live by your cock arrogance.

    Its time for the dragnet to be cast and the whole bastard lot be rounded up under the ISA and thrown into some dungeon and the keys thrown away for good. This shithead has no balls on his own but lives on the praise he gets after being egged on by others= cockless cowards led by a loyar burok of a scumbag. Let it be known to all and sundry, we, the Malays with Maruah will DEFEND our race, religion and OUR beloved TANAH MELAYU with honour here in cyberspace and if push comes to shove, the chingkie bastards take to the streets ala 1969, rest assured we will be waiting for the cockless, cuntsuckling, arsedigging, cocktonguing Chingkie bastards and their trannie Malay lovvaboys and sluts. Be aware of that sliteyed, unwashed arse chingk bastards....dont play2.

    Lets send these bastard Shit Arsed Bangsat Motherfuckers (SABM) to the hellfire where they rightly belong.

  6. fikir1:21 pm

    We dont need "internal threats" to this country.

    People who sabotage efforts to build this nation such as zorro are our "musuh dalam selimut"

    This are the worst kind of people . They are the type who are willing to ruin this nation for their political agenda.

  7. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Your blog title - "What took you so long, Bernard?"

    Can you explain to this 'numbskull', what you meant by this question?


  8. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Police and thief story? Yeah, both are right in their own ways.

    Time for law and order but the consequences are simply predictable.

    The PR supporters will cry foul and run amok if Zorro is unmasked, and sensationalise the Q&A session.

    But hopefully he will not jump out of the window.


  9. azalina nak curi lagi 2 juta ke ?????? >>>>>>> Hebat here

  10. Anonymous2:42 pm

    bro, u very wrong ... polis is enemy of the ppl!

    mocking burp!

  11. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Rocky, itu baru zoro .. bagaimana pulak dengan Perisik Rakyat yang menterbalikkan logo SPRM? tak ke itu perbuatan yang menghina SPRM? Dia patut dikenakan tindakan, jgn sewenang-wenangnya bloggers menerbitkan artikel atau gambar yang berunsurkan negatif. setiap apa jua perkara yang kita lakukan, haruslah difikirkan berkali-kali dahulu..

  12. km ng3:09 pm


    Zorro stood up for you when you have problems with the authorities.

    Where is your gratification now?

    You have just shown the whole world what type of person you really are.

    I need not have to say anything further.

  13. If i am not mistaken when NST took you to court, Zorro walked with you. Did you do the same for Zorro? After all I think he did not really know you then. but that did not matter.

  14. big cat4:10 pm

    The poor old man seems to get too excited being a cyber pakatan hero. support the communists lah. support people who want sabah and sarawak to pull out of malaysia lah. hantam the malays and muslims upside down lah. anything goes with him as long as he can get that hero tag. the use of vulgar words also does not even matter to him. Actually, rather sad to see a man who is a grandfather using all those f**k and s**k words. Wonder whether his grandchildren read his blog.

  15. QuarterMaster5:28 pm

    Bernard is the best of the best. As a former student of his in the 70's, he fights for justice irrespective of who you are.

    If he says that PDRM is shit, then it is shit.

  16. Anonymous5:36 pm

    In relation to that the bastard chingkie, this friend of his should be hauled up for raising the ante. Fucklah arsehole your shove your Shit Arsed Bastard Motherfuckers instigatory initiative up your hameorhhided plugged arsehole. Pariah mongrel, let me tell this, you and all your MISsie chingkie cock loving pondan wannabes will pay bigtime for slurring the Malays with this appellation. we know what you hinting at by purposely coining that appellation, stupid fucktart! You think you are cunning, give your old shegoat bitch a cunninglingus instead of trying to act funny:

    Let’s call the majority of the target group “VORS“,..........

    traget group: Malays. Now PDRM what are you waiting for? and the home minister quit dallying with the stupid ISA revision which is not worth it. Apply the ISA on this bastard and his ilk, before the dam of our anger breaks.

    Demi maruah kami, wahai Melayu ayoh bangkit segera.

    P/S : hindulen still wanna lie with the chingkie pig and the pretentious Shit Arsed Bastard Motherfuckers (SABAMs)when they have given you the middlefinger and the toilet roll for daring to break through their thought hegemony in Bagan Pinang. Toilet Roll? You disbelieve me...look how the same scumbag slurred your beloved clarion call:

    bemused at the gift that awaited each of them as they entered the hall.. (look at the accompanying pixs)

    remeber SABMs gave a fuckwit for your fellow Buah Palans.......why the deafening silence? Cos master Chingkie manipulator LGE's arse was on the line.

    and sabahan Malay?Muslims? chingkie lovvas, what about his posts in the month of October equating you lot to a bunch of arrogant, supremacist bastards. Ada maruah lagikah apabila this DAP/PR arsehole is pushing the Chingkie-based agenda there for subjugation. Bangkit and go after his arselah and tear it to shreds with a pick-axe not remain silent to be arsefucked and throatcocked in the process.

  17. Anonymous5:55 pm

    People like Bernhard Khoo aka Zorro-unmasked thinks running a country is a game. People like him wants Chin Peng to be allowed into my country.
    People like Bernhard Khoo, an elderly ex-teacher who cannot speak the national language well and properly should be given the taste of what its like to be detained under Internal Security Act for being anti-national, people like him will find out what it is like to eat spoil nasi lemak where you have no choice but to eat it because you are hungry!
    Teach him a lesson so he will after that know that being subversive is not a game. As Rockybru said: You live by the sword you die by the sword. I hope he is ready "to die" by it!
    He is one pathetic man whom I have no pity. BTW Bernhard Khoo aka Zorro, 141 sms telling you you are great man cannot stop the authority from not throwing you in a slammer! I hope they do, you and Haris Ibrahim together!

    ex-detainee! (trust me it is no fun eating nasi lemak basi)

  18. As for me my heart does not bleed for him, sorry!

  19. Anonymous6:20 pm

    iam new in these blog things. started only during the hu-ha of ganyang malaysia issues recently.

    i must say, i read zorro's blogs, and there is no doubt he is a racist.

    chinese chauvanist.

    strange that he uses slogans like anti-racism. he is very racist, against malays, against islam. nothing hiding there.

    anything that can brings destructions to malays, to islam, he will be 1000% for it. that is the criteria. that is the whole flavour of his messages and blogs.

    he is best living elsewhere, and know what's its like being second class, third class citizens. even if he migrates to china, i doubt he can survive...

    -strange indeed-

  20. "Let it be known to all and sundry, we, the Malays with Maruah will DEFEND our race, religion and OUR beloved TANAH MELAYU..."

    Your tranny bashed ass, Warrior 231/Anon in masquerade!!

    You only speak for yourself and the only way you know how to get your rocks off after having become victim of a 'Chingkie' trannie who goosed your brains off its hinges and made you impotent, is to rave and rant like a lunatic.

    Most Malays will not touch you with a 10 foot pole. And as for Zorro, you are not fit to even lick his boots!

    Take your racist, chip on the shoulder 'I demand respect' inferiority complex and garbage back to the hole you crawled out from, Tuan Tong Sampah!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  21. Old Fart,

    Zorro was the first to be there at the Court, then at Denmark House. He wasn't a blogger then but the suit by NST against Jeff and I, as you are aware, made bloggers out of many of us. We walked together for many other things after that. We went to Mahthir's events together, we went to Anwar Ibrahim's tea together, we covered Ijok as bloggers, etc etc.

    That was before March 2008, the 12th General Election, when there were no Us and Them. After the election, as you know, many things changed. We cover by-elections as Barisan Rakyat and non-Barisan Rakyat bloggers, for example.

    Like I said, Bernard and I have not been in touch for a while.

    Dear "numbskull" Parameswara,

    The heading "What took you so long, Bernard" is beyond you, of course, but never mind. You see, of my blogger friends or those who "live by the (cyber) sword", I've always thought Bernard should have been one of the first ones to be called up by the PDRM/Bukit Aman.

    Just look at his postings. He doesn't mince words. He is a shoot-first, ask-questions-later kinda guy.

    Once, when attending an Industrial Court proceeding, Bernard was making himself heard almost every time he did not agree with the Industrial Court chairman or the lawyer. We were expecting him to be thrown out of the court but he wasn't. Just like I was expecting him to have been called in by the cops earlier but he was not.


  22. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Pasquale, don't be so inhumane lah !
    By the way Pasquale, you sure you have a heart in you ar ??


  23. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Donplaypuks arsehole whore and dogcocksucker

    Let me tell you this< I am no warrior 231. I am my own man and I have located you where your hide in your gutter, where you skulk with your trannie whoreboys. warrior 231 may have been patient and indulgent of your asinine pigcocksucking, bitchtit suckling childish antics, pariah, casteless mongrel fucked grandpabuggered shithead. Since you have been ID-deed it would u a world of good to skulk in the shadows or hide in your bitch of a momma's cockblasted and dograped cunthole.

  24. Anonymous8:08 pm


    One more time you mention us Malays as Tuan Tong Sampah, it is indicative that you are declaring war on us malays. I dont care who or where you are, but it wont be difficult to find out. And when we do, you won't like it.You blog about the nation, you attend blog functions whenever invited and you even sit on the same table with Rocky and the other bloggers in some of these functions, but your heart is surprisingly full of hatred.

    Just a generation or two ago your fathers came to this country in search of extra greens to feed the family. Our grandfathers let you because they were kind enough. And now you call us Tuan Tong Sampah?

    Desecrating the malays like that is much more serious to me than terbalikkan flag. Value the peace you have enjoyed so far provided by this same malay government that you curse, Sir, by stopping being kurang ajar.

    What about the other malays in here. Am I in the wrong, or do you agree that we cannot just stand by watching this guy (what is he, indian, chinese, vietnamese or what?) calling the malays tong sampah? Or maybe he just does it on purpose, just to provoke?

    G. Ali Wayart

  25. Anonymous8:14 pm

    km ng said...
    " Zorro stood up for you when you have problems with the authorities.
    Where is your gratification now?"

    Blogger Old Fart said...

    " If i am not mistaken when NST took you to court, Zorro walked with you. Did you do the same for Zorro? "

    Oh it is easy laaa to reply to these questions. Paraphrasing Brutus,

    "It is not that I am ungrateful to Zorro. But I love Malaysia more"



  26. Rocky,

    That is sad isn't it? Letting politics get in the way of what must be done between men when one could do with another hand!!

    I hope my differences will never bring me to this when a friend or a foe could do with such a hand.

  27. big cat8:56 pm

    pasquale may not have a heart (for people like u) but he is better than those hypocrites who have a rotten heart,people like bernard khoo and haris ibrahim who accused others of being racists just to further their own bigoted agendas. They do not even have any qualm with exploiting children deaths to further their own political ideas.

  28. Padan muka dia.
    Orang tua tak sedar diri.
    Adake LGE, Nizar or Anwar datang support dia?
    Rocky, don't bother writing about him.
    He's not in your league. He knows nothing, nada, zilch.
    His information is always third or fourth hand.
    Ist class racist.
    Let him rot in jail. Later dah mampus pergi hell.

  29. Anonymous11:46 pm

    To all anonymous who claim to be penegak Bangsa Melayu, tahukah anda, anda semua adalah Racist bukan Zorro Unmasked. Kamu semua bukan hendak menjaga maruah melayu tapi maruah UMNO & Kekayaan Kamu sekalian. Saya seorang Melayu, dalam perhatian saya tulisan zorro tiada racist & tiada berbau komunis spt yang didakwa. Kamu semua merasa bahawa keadilan yang diperjuangkan Zorro menjadi ancaman kepada sumber kekayaan kamu selama ini. Bagi saya, sebagai rakyat Melayu biasa di negara ini tidak terasa tulisan Zorro sbg ancaman malah berbangga dengan perjuangan Zorro bahawa semua bangsa di Negara ini patut menikmati Hak yang sama. Islam Bukan Untuk Melayu Tetapi Untuk Semua Anak Adam diDunia ini. Jgn terlalu bongkak dengan Bangsa Melayu sehingga menganggap Bangsa lain tiada hak dlm negara ini.Inilah Sifat Bangsa Arab Jahilliyah & Bangsa Yahudi. Jadi cermin dulu diri kita sebelum kita mencerca orang. Malaysia Untuk Malaysian Bukan Melayu saja, sedarlah zaman berubah. Sentimen Perkauman dah Basi spt nasik lemak basi.

    "Ismail H.A.R."

  30. from

    I got there late.

    Round about 3.20pm, Ashok accompanied Zorro into the building to meet DSP Mahfuz.

    We were all out by about 4.45pm.

    Cops wanted to ask Zorro questions about a posting last year that featured an image of what looked like the PDRM logo altered with the super-imposition of an image of a dog.

    They are investigating what they perceive to be a possible offence under section 4 (1) (c) of the Sedition Act.

    Zorro and friends are right now putting away beers like there is no tomorrow.

    This post is just to let you all know our friend is OK.


    yup... like what happened to our old friend The Rickshaw Puller/Penarek Beca. Hours of police time wasted...

    Meanwhile crime goes up...

  31. zaman7:10 am

    Anon 11.46PM aka Ismail H.A.R

    DOnt pretend to use a malay name. We all know that you are a chinese chauvinist.

    We are the racist ones huh? zorro not racist? hmmm... have a read here, this is taken from malaysiakini;

    "Di lambang pasukan polis yang telah diubahsuai itu, imej muka harimau digantikan dengan "muka anjing yang sedang menyalak", perkataan Allah digantikan dengan "simbol wang", perkataan Muhammad (dengan perkataan bahan letupan 'C4') dan lambang di puncak mahkota (simbol Zionisme)."

    Replacing Allah with Money symbol, and replacing Prophet Mohammad with c4....
    hmmmm yea, he's not racist at all, we are the one who is racist for not tolerating people insulting our religion and our prophet..

  32. Nzain9:54 am

    Ismail Har

    Get off your high horse will you. Tak malu ke muka nak defend bangsa lain dari bangsa sendiri. You sokong Zorro tu sebab you sendiri against the government kan. Orang Pakatan right? Kenapa kena sebut "maruah Umno dan Kekayaan kamu"? Kalau nak kutuk orang melayu cakap saja, kenapa kena imply Umno? Most of us here are not supporters of Umno at all dan jauh lagi lah kita nak sokong Pakatan bangsat tu. We're here for ourselves. We Malays are being bashed left and right by the nons. We're not saying bangsa lain tak ada hak dalam negara ini, we're saying jangan lupa orang melayu tinggal di negara ini juga jadi jangan kurang ajar dengan kita. If we need to speak out against any injustice done to our race and our rights, we will do just that. Who are you to tell us otherwise?
    DPP and zorro can say whatever they want, they have the right to be racist bastards if they want to.
    But you Ismail memang melayu yang khianat.
    Btw, no need to mention about Umno ,their wealth or corruption anymore because it's now a known fact that Pakatan is capable of the same as well.

    And DPP
    Up yours. You can't see it but i'm flippin' you the bird.

  33. G. Ali Wayart

    I specifically referred to Warrior 231/Anon as Tuan Tong Sampah because of his filthy language, racist attack on Zorro and others and claiming to represent "We" (Malays)

    That should not be construed as a general comment on ALL MALAYS. Warrior 231/Anon does not have any more support than a couple of loser sycophants. His extremist views do not represent the majority of Malays' with whom I have no quarrels.

    So, if there is any misunderstanding, it is all on your part.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  34. DPP,enough of circumlocutory words of yours. make me sick.I wonder you never reply kijangmas comments at DN,why?scared?not enough words and arguments?What's the matter, has the cat got your balls,opps! tongue?

    G. Ali Wayart, I could't agree more. they does it on purpose..perhaps they had enough of peaceful malaysia and azure blue sky of ours.

    Ismail HAR, stop pretending, as if we don't know your true intentions.

    -strange indeed- these old zorro and his ilk(threesome pakatan) projected themself as human right warriors with liberal demeanour.but actually, they are racist to the core, especially DAP.if there is anything about malays mentioned, they will jump at it in less than second.typing twisted comment with filthy paws of theirs.

    never fall for them, we must stand firm for our right and demand actions from UMNO and PAS(not PKR, anwar will corkscrewing our ass instead of helping)and stop being a pondan tua.

    we must teach them a lesson of humility my brethrens..we must!

  35. Anonymous2:40 pm

    hey donplaypundek..

    If the Malays were the "Tuan Tong Sampah"..guess who are the fucking "sampah" that filled it..?

    Your kind lah ..the pendatang of course! That is so your own kind typical quality of thinking..still thinking high about your own self..not surprising indeed..default pendatang traits..hehehe..

    Pity the Malays having to jaga those inherited "Sampah buangan British"..

    Next time, think 1st before putting something that might backfire your own ass to blackout..

    i saw you having a fucking tough time screwed up your own ass in Demi much for your debating quality..

    don't always syok sendiri lah already became charcoal grilled pariah inside there..pity you..tak malu ka?

    Next time..fahami peribahasa Melayu ini:
    "kalau kail panjang sejengkal, lautan dalam usah di duga"

    ... i hope you already understood what does it means by now..if still not..i just rest my case for an irreversible brain damaged idiot like you..kesian..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  36. Anonymous6:53 pm

    guys, its true, biasanya, benda benda pelik ni tak jadi kalau tak ada barua melayu yang facilitate.

    during bintang tiga time dulu pun, sebelum cina cina bintang tiga masuk kampung melayu, barua barua bintang tiga melayu masuk dulu, minta orang kampung serahkan semua parang dan senjata yang ada.

    dah clear cantek, baru lah bos bos cina bintang tiga masuk..

    sebenarnya tak ramai cina anti-melayu, anti-islam macam ni.

    most standard citizen tak kira bangsa, just wants peace, senang cari makan, balik rumah selamat dapat bersama dengan anak bini.

    bersyukor bila tengok negara bergolak di palestin, di honduras, di zimbabwe, selatan thailand, somalia, iraq, myanmar, sri lanka etc...

    however, the few rotten ones, like those you can see in and out of cyberworld, are small in numbers, but definitely eager beaver to see all collapse and fall apart, so that they can say: padan muka, see i told you?

    these people pengkhianat negara as a whole actually. bukan pengkhianat bangsa saja. very racist people, hiding behind grand anti-racists slogans, hiding behind big words like "meritocracy", "keadilan", "freedom of expression" etc.

    its important we filtered out these pengkhianat negara, whom, most have external supports and agenda; separate from the decent general citizens, who wants peace like you and me.

    i can tell you clearly: kalaulah yang mati terlongkop kat bangunan masalam tu Ahmad bin Kasim, atau bongok bin kolop, jangan mimpi lah gobinder singh, atau zorro, atau mereka yang sewaktu dengan nya, akan angkat jari, nak membantu, mencari keadilan. jangan mimpi lah!

    Kalau lah yang mati terlongkop tu orang BN, lagi lah! jangan harap Parti Keadilan akan menyuarakan keadilan! dikencing kan mayat tu mungkin!

    thats how racial, and hippocrites they are. Its good we can see them though. Internet is beautiful indeed...

    -Jangan Main Api brader-

  37. skilgannon10667:17 pm

    Anon 1:08 PM

    Just a thot - Comrade Hu Jintao will be making a state visit to Malaysia this month.

    Reports indicate that a big Chinese bank may be given a licence to operate in Malaysia and that the government may be looking to attract more investments and tourists from China.

    Here's your big chance to tell Comrade Hu exactly what you think of "Chingkie bastards" (sic), to his face if you can get through his security cover.

    And if you can't tell it to his face, then you can always post your opinions in this blog as an open letter to Comrade Hu.

    Got the testicles for that, eh? Don't be shy, ah. Don't play play - tell the man the facts of life as you see it. Should go down well - after all, Comrade Hu is reportedly renowned for his hearty sense of humour. And his keen sense of strategic imperatives.

  38. Anonymous10:32 am

    To Anon 1:08PM, on Comrade Hu Jin Tao and "Chinkie Bastards", "China Bank", "Chinese Tourists", bla bla bla...; dont worry too much about those things.

    Dont worry, Comrade Hu has his own problems with Chinkie Bastards at his own home, and managed to quash some of them big time, at tianamen square some time ago.

    Dont worry, Comrade Hu Jin Tao is more than aware of disillusioned hypocrites, multiple faces, double crossing "Overseas Chinese" who wants to have a cake and eat it too.

    Dont worry, Comrade Hu will make sure that Chinkies in Taiwan will remain scared, worried, and alert 24/7 for however long it takes.

    Dont worry, Comrade Hu Jin Tao knows so well about Chinkie bastards. it takes one to know one.

    thats why Comrade Hu Jin Tao have Mother of All ISAs, and Mother of All Press Management & Control, and Mother of All Cyber Control, shutdown internet if they have to; to ensure their country's progress and stability will remain on tracks.

    In Comrade Hu Jin Tao's country, traitors like RPK, Zorro, and others, hiding behind big words like "Freedom", "democracy", etc., would have long gone and disappeared. As Putin, Bush, Cheney, Merkel, Sarkozy, berlusconi, chairman mao, always said, "For Greater Good".

    Dont worry, Comrade Hu Jin Tao knows so well, that the BIG & Vast, supposedly "Strong" China was nothing, raped to pieces, by its own Emperors and Empresses, By The Western powers, and even by the lame and shorty Japanese.

    Why? Because China has a serious Chinkie Bastards problems, killing the country from inside, aiding the enemies and outsiders, extremely corrupt and greedy, and selfish.

    Just look at disunited MCA today. Just look at fence-sitting Gerakan today. Just look at father-son-daughter inlaw dynasty in DAP. Just look at Father-son-daughter in law-grandson dynasty in PAP singapore.

    Hu Jin Tao & predecessor Chairman Mao knows this too well. Thats why Chairman Mao cleaned up like nobody's business, big time. Who did they cleaned up? Bloody Chinkie Bastards of course hahaha

    Thats why most run away all over the world to find shelter!To be alive!

    When overseas, bastards being bastards, never change its characteristics. Stirring and brewing troubles wherever they go!Restless soul indeed. Self inflicted curse...

    Thats why Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee died! Murdered they were. It was not Awang bin Keris, or John Christmas, or Muthusamy Singh killed them. Ruined them. destroyed them. Sabotaged them.

    It was their own chinkie bastards, triads in Hong Kong, unhappy of Bruce Lee's unwillingness to playball with them, and behaved like an arrogant American, and "defaced" the schools of traditional Gung Fu by creating a fusion and his own brand of Jeet Kune Do!

    It is pretty lame, that these dis-illusioned overseas chinese, really believe, that BY NOW, the world do not see them for what they are. Still playing games.

    They forget, money cant buy everything. Cant buy everyone. You can buy bed, but not sleep. You can buy house, but not home.

    Something about their upbringing and home education systems i guess.Knowledgeable, but not wise...

    In Aussie, even if they drink kegs of Aussie Beers like Zorro, smoke pipes like british gentlemen, and twist their tongue to acquire the local accent, and no longer say Marlbolo, they are still labelled as slanty eyed bloody asian, or bloody chinks.

    Spit in the face if they line up to share state dole, state medicare, or compete for employment. Second and third class citizens indeed.

    Can do well only in China Towns....

    -Change while you still can-

  39. Anonymous11:01 am

    Part 1

    Skilgannon 1066

    "......And his keen sense of strategic imperatives."

    The arsefucking Chingkie Hu is a bastard Chingkie just like all Chingks the world over. Yes, he has a keen sense of strategic imperatives for arses that is.

    The chingkie economy is propped up by its huge 560billion stimulus program and easy credit policies. It has built itself a bubble in which it is blowing bubbles that things will get back to normal in its arsemate's (the US) household. People observing Wall Street will think everything is coming good not remembering similar bear market rallies were also existent during the Great Depression fed as such rallies were by the fuelstock of manipulated economic data, lowering of market benchmark expectations and other shenanigans. The same day, the American arsewhore put out favourable data on jobs and retail, hidden somewhere deep in his unwashed arse was this:

    "But the improvement hasn't necessarily translated into easier terms for businesses and individuals. For them, the flow of credit is not back to normal. That's one reason Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and other economists believe the nascent economic recovery will be weak."

    Simply put: business has not returned to normal as usual and the abnormal "improved" quarterly earnings seen are more due to deep cost cuts, massive retrenchment; inventory drawdowns, plant shutdowns, repatriation of investments from overseas etc

    and further down the same report:

    The Fed said Wednesday, after a meeting of its governing board, that it will also reduce its buying of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac securities to $175 billion from $200 billion. The central bank's weekly balance sheet said it now holds $146.9 billion of those securities, $5.4 billion higher than the previous week.The Fed's purchasing programs have been credited with helping to force down mortgage rates.
    Rates on 30-year home loans averaged 4.98 percent this week, down from 6.2 percent last year, according to mortgage company Freddie Mac. The rate was 5.03 percent last week.

  40. Anonymous11:01 am

    simply put: once the purchases end, mortgages will inevitably climb which means higher repayment costs for current borroweres living hand to mouth in an era of massive unemployment leading to more defaults and more foreclosures..more houses thrown into the national unsold or foreclosed inventory- depressing valuations which also means the american bastard will not be able to take out new loans on his home to spend on that new harley, Mustang or toyota hybrid or chingkie toy whatever like he used to do in the go-go days.

    As for new borrowers, it means they will be put off by the higher instalments given zero salary growth, thus delaying or abandoning commitments to buy...bad news for the property sector

    Rivulets of truth dribbling through the cracks in the wall of lies

    What has this to do with the Chingkie bastard? Well it means that his main export market is not going to consume like it used to do and with Japan gone and Europe anaemic, the chingkie export side is gonna crumble and throw more pigs out of work. As for internal consumption a vast swath of the Chingkie pigs in the Homelnd do not have the money nor the gumption to take up the slack but they have gone on a binge betting on recovery and deluded by the cheap money thrown their way. but if the job losses due to export markets start to kick in, less chinks will have the money to service their easy money loans which will lead to hard cock losses for lenders blah2 ..heard this one b4, yeah, the Yankee bubble burst commenced with defaults by poor low quality borrowers peopling the subprime row........

    We will see if Hu has the testicles and the strategic nous to see this one through over the long run or resort to mowing down the marauding pig hordes with bullets and tank fire.

    Banks, new investments? seriously, tell me-lah with figures how much has the chingkie bastard ploughed into SEA since meltdown 101 excepting for some fund which dont seem to be helping Malaysian exports at all? tourists: more of the China doll variety will drive down costs in the prostitution sector which is a huge contributor to the malaysian economy,hahahaha.....

    for further enjoyment:

  41. big cat11:34 am

    are u saying that anyone who mess around with racists chinese residing in this country will be whacked by their big brothers from mainland China? or are u trying to say that the malays and bumiputera must swallow everything yr kind throw at us or risk being wallop by yr big brothers from your motherland?

  42. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Hey skilmoron..

    Hey..stop your delusion and syok sendiri lah skilmoron.. who are you to Hu Jin Tao? Fellow countrymen? kah..kah..kah...

    Try shouting FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY in front of him..dare to take the challenge, hah skilo?

    Bet it won't be long time before his security cover come up and wallop your fucking yellow ass until your asshole excrete green diarhoea..

    they already blinded to yellow color.. 1.3bil at their own home..what different does it make if another chingkie bastard like you die?

    The least thing he would care is another chingkie bastard runaway decendant of western-asslickers and ideology-worshippers like yourself died..

    China already succeed doing massive clean up of "chingkie bastard plague" (a disease planted by the US) in Tianamen Square not so long time ago..

    Have you ever wonder why those Tianamen refugees were so welcome to seek asylum in USA when normal people around the world need to go thru tedious process of visa application to enter the States? Now those separatees leader from Tibet also enjoy the similar privilege..

    Ever wonder who's behind the fall of Soviet Union, their big rival?

    wonder when can we do the similar back here in Malaysia to those people like RPK , Bernard Zorro, YB BABI and perhaps you also Skillmoron for the better good of Malaysia..

    Bunch of fucking only you know how worthless and fucking low the price of "chingkie bastards" like yourself ..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  43. Anonymous6:01 pm

    ismail HAR is a pseudo malay

    no malay will say

    "dalam perhatian saya tulisan zorro tiada racist & tiada berbau komunis spt yang didakwa"

    They would say "pada pandangan saya tulisan zorro tidak mengandungi kata kata perkauman"


    a wolf in sheep's clothing

  44. Anonymous6:08 pm

    dei amak apa aiyoyo dpp

    we all support warrior 231 coz he's got high IQ, reads extensively, can present a convincing argument, can rebut robustly with facts and well documented findings

    and we all LUV the razor-sharp slicing of pests like you

    we are fans of warrior 231

    eat your heart out

  45. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Hey Anon 10:32 AM

    We LUV ya ...

    smooch smooch smooch mmuuaahhh

  46. Anonymous6:20 pm

    well the non-Malays have exposed, super clearly, their stance wrt to where their loyalty lies

    they have also laid bare their souls

    the next step is to ensure that the silent majority KNOWS this

    and not to fall into the "kesian depa" TRAP a second time

  47. Anons 6.08/6.14 etc

    I'm sure that just as you support Warrior 231 aka Anon, you all also support Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Karadic, Bokassa, Idi Amin, Saddam and all others in this exclusive club of great humanitarians.

    Well done! You are everyone's best bet for the permanent downfall of UMNO/BN. Keep writing!! Wakaka!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  48. skilgannon106611:00 am

    In spite of all the verbiage and vitriol, my challenge has not been answered: put the views across in an open letter to Comrade Hu.

    I am sure that the more vociferous amongst the mainstream media (I am thinking of BH and UM here) would be only too happy to publish your open letter.

    As too would be the folks in Putrajaya to read it.

    So, what are you waiting for? Why spew your racist claptrap in this forum when you can address a wider audience out there - the so-called "silent majority"? Go for it, if you have the testicles.

    As for the strength of the Chinese economy (or for that matter that of the US, the EU, Japan, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia etc), let's see how the cards play out. Do you think that Malaysia, with about US$100 billion in foreign reserves and a budget deficit of close to 8 per cent, can shout loud enough to attract the attention of the biggies on the international scene?

    Hey, there's a convenient forum in Singapore next week - the Apec summmit - where the PM will be sharing the stage with Comrade Hu, Obama, Manmohan Singh, Hatoyama etc. Let's see whose voices will be the loudest and carry the most weight, shall we?

    So much for your pitiful delusions of grandeur and superiority. In the cold, clear light of economic realities, such delusions will wilt like you-know-what.

  49. Anonymous9:45 pm


    you may want to read about the litle red dot being probed for bank secrecy laws

    I'm sure you can interpret what that means ...

  50. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Dei Doggone Pukimak Pondan aka DPP

    You write and snigger at your like the pansy whoreboy you are mafucking son of an unwashed cuntboiled slut. You got prove that Anon and me are the same person, bastard whorearsing piece of pariah, chakkilian shit.

    You get this straight bloody bastard, i have got no reason to camouflage my identity unlike you, pigasre shafting clitlicking whoreboy! Dont put on a hoighty toighty squeaky clean image wherever you go, dogarse licking dimwit dead dickhead. From your sojourn in Big Dog and elsewhere, it is evident that your liberal use of "pundek", "pariah" etc are indicative of your squeaky clean image, godammned, hindu gargoyle raped hypocrite! You pathetically tried to smear me at PP and failed bigtime as no one was bothered about your crybabying antics.Now i will revert to a bit of tamil to gt the message across:

    dei pei pundek tai oli sutunakaran thevedial maghan, nenepu pundek kuthian, 9 next tome it will be in chingkie so your arselovers will knowmore about u) mind your business if you want more O2 in your pigwanked brains and dograped thoughts for a dead pukimak pundek is worth nothing more than leftover trash for mangy pariah mongrels. you got issues with anon...take it out within your bucket shithole...not dragging me into it. remember, its damn easy to trace you, pigcock suckling fuckhead.Go suck your doggi'es dick now that will salve your hurt, fucktart of a twatchewing arsehole

    Warrior 231

  51. Anonymous6:44 pm

    aiyoyo dpp

    all the kataks are lompating towards UMNO/BN ... amak ...

    akan datang:
    1) sodomy2 starring anwar
    2) quieter nik aziz (got heart problems)
    3) PAS revamped - unusual religious rulings

    Your "permanent downfall of UMNO/BN" is NO prediction, it's merely wishful thinking for desperate people like you

    warrior 231 fan (eat ur heart out)

  52. Warrior 231, anons, donplaypundekfoe, TokZ et al.

    Heh, heh, heh!

    You can dish it out but can't take it can you? You can accuse wildly in racist words without a shred of proof or fact but can't accept it when somone else does the same to you, can you?

    You can train and target your attack on anyone at your whims with your usual (and nothing else) filth and obscene language, but others must treat you with respect and engage you on your terms?

    As Patrick says, Niamah!!

    Stew in it you unborn worshippers of Hitler, stew in it! And keep writing. You've exposed yourselves for what you truly are - whingeing losers!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  53. Anonymous8:35 am

    dear brothers and sisters.

    it would be good to air out all ideas, opinions, feelings, debates, fights, quarel, whatever, MINUS the swear words and curses.

    bukan apa, bila terlalu banyak swear words and cursing, (80% swear, 20% points and messages),susah, nak absorb message yang anda nak sampaikan.

    some of the points yang anda nak tonjolkan sangat bernas, cuma, when cluttered with curses and swear words, susah nak di nikmati bersama.

    macam meletak kan sebutir berlian di dalam sebakul kristal. atau, meletak kan se-ulas durian yang first class dan sangat sedap, di dalam mangkuk bersama pulut basi dan lipas mati.

    or, maybe, just maybe. hmmm...unless, some of you swearers, are actually planted. reverse psychology cyber messengers? like some of those non malay bloggers, using malay masks & names?

    being different is very ok. kill and mutilate each other with facts and points, is the name of the game. swear and curses hardly effective. its like shooting blanks...

    hows that. good idea?

    -I is going to school-

  54. Nzain5:19 pm

    Malay Warriors

    Kita orang Melayu jangan terpedaya dengan taktik2 kotor orang2 seperti DPP dan Skill. That's the whole point of their game. To break and divide us. To ridicule and humiliate us until WE lose our sanity and eventually our kesopanan dan kesusilaan sebagai orang Melayu. Then they can point their fingers and laugh at us for being so gullible and easily provoked. They get a high by doing that. That's why people like Zorro,dpp,skill and the rest do very well in M'sia because sadly we Malays allowed them to treat us in that manner for far too long now. Try doing that in the US, Australia or Europe. Habis kena balun semua. It has become a kick for them to kick out at us.

    I can understand how much their racial bias and hypocrisy can be so riling for us. But we need to take the upperhand in order for us to be better than that and in control of ourselves and I strongly believe that we are so very much above DPP's standing and skill's constant whining need for justifications (me thinks that one is a girl..snigger)
    So I suggest that we all cool down here and take a deep breath. Save it for a another day instead of giving in to their racial taunts. Bro Pejuang and Anti, you are both still the most popular around here.

  55. Anonymous9:07 am

    we better learn from china.

    china is what she is today, strong, stable, rich, powerful; because china is applying effective methods.

    we better learn from china. i believe everyone here agrees with me.

    just look at china today. From the west to the east, north to south, nations applaud, and bow down in respect. Kudos to china!

    while we are debating, hissing and panting about PDRM summoning & interviewing zorro and the likes, about PDRM running around chasing RPK and the likes,and about PDRM Cyber Team's spending sleepless nights monitoring other wannabe(s); china tell us right in the face; thats not how to do it!

    the great news today; china successfully EXECUTE 9 uighurs chinese rebel, lead demonstrators, and opposition leaders; 2 mongolian tibetan chinese rebel and separatist, and 2 fanglun dong chinese activists, demonstrator leaders, for spewing out hate anti government slogans and campaigns.

    They were all sentenced as traitors, enemies of the country, and saboteurs of national peace and stability.

    live by the sword, die by the sword indeed...

    proclaimed "human rights and freedom of expression" champions, first world countries' leaders, from mr gordon brown (hindraf's prime minister), merkel, sarkozy, berlusconi, obama; to putin, castro, chavez, singh, kevin rudd, harper, Key,Aso, Zapatero, Rasmussen, olmert; agree, it is for greater good.

    not just for china, but for the world. china's collapse, can affect rest of world!

    malaysian government MUST learn from China.

    greater good, stability and peace, MUST be maintained AT ALL COST.

    some of the anti government bloggers really see PDRM, KDN and the government as a joke and weak. too friendly.

    If kemunting cannot deliver, the implementation of buang negara, buang negeri must be implemented. for serious unrepenting no remorse cases, must follow china's footsteps.

    for greater good.

    China is setting global standards.

    Chinese passports and citizenship, anyone?

    -wow indeed-

  56. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Agree with Anon@9:07 AM
    -wow indeed-


    “Jackie Chan has triggered controversy by claiming Chinese people are so chaotic they need to be firmly controlled by the government.”

    “I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not. I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we're not being controlled, we'll just do what we want." He reportedly said this at a business forum in the country’s Hainan Province.

  57. Anonymous7:31 pm


    Please put the Brahmins inside your list too ok..
    You go and lick their ass now pariah..
    You think you can escape them and try to pretend being a Brahmin when you came to Tanah Melayu, hah pariah? dream on!

    Bravo to your human race..kah..kah..kah..mind rectifying your own screwed up society 1st, hah pariah before bumping to others..?

    You are a cyber joke lah dpp..!
    DPP a.k.a damn pissed pariah.. hehehe...
    the abbreviation just explained your state of being now after being hardly fucked up by Kijang Mas and being unable to retaliate coz you already displayed yourself being just a plain stupid pariah trying hard to be smart..must be really under stress, eh? kesian..go wank yourself lah..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  58. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Hey Anti

    Yeah, dpp should preach to the Indians about dismantling the caste system if he truly believes in his one race 'shouting'.