Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A case for second foreign forensic expert .... Part 3

What Sin Chew didn't report. Who said citizen journalism is on a decline? Read the following excerpts from Dr Pornthip: More Questions by Alizul:

The Hangthong Thammawattana Case
Picture shows DR SUPOJ JAMSUWAN displaying documents relating to the third autopsy carried out on Hangthong Thammawattana, which concluded that he committed suicide. Click here for link.

In September 1999, Hangthong Thammawattana was found shot in his younger brother’s (Noppadol Thammawattana) bedroom clutching a gun in his hand. Hangthong Thammawattana was the administrator of his family’s vast fortunes.

The first autopsy conducted by the Thai police found that Hangthong committed suicide. The case was closed as a suicide.

Dr Pornthip did not agree to the police findings. Her team, which included Scottish pathologist Dr Adrian Linacre, then conducted a second autopsy and concluded that Hangthong was murdered. Dr Pornthip went public in announcing her findings. Noppadol was subsequently arrested in 2003 for allegedly conspiring to murder his elder brother Hangthong.

In his defence, Noppadol sought and obtained court permission for the third autopsy that took place on January 2006. The third autopsy was headed by Sawet Kanluan, a forensic pathologist based in Chicago, and was jointly carried out by a team of forensic physicians from five universities a month later. The findings of the third autopsy was consistent with the first, i.e. suicide. The team also included American criminalist Henry C. Lee, who likewise concluded that Hangthong's death was a suicide.

Interestingly, the experts who conducted the third autopsy are people who had taught Dr Pornthip (i.e. they were her teachers!). In his testimony in court, Dr Supoj Jamsuwan, deputy head of Chulalongkorn University’s Department of Forensic Medicine, said
"...respected experts from Chulalongkorn, Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai and Mahidol universities had jointly conducted the third autopsy. 'Some of them are those who have taught Khunying Pornthip, Supoj said. Without mentioning anyone by name, he said someone viewed Thailand’s forensic science as lacking standards and had tried to set the standards herself.
Dr Supoj was, needless to say, referring to Dr Pornthip when he alluded to "someone...had tried to set the standards herself."

Consequently, Noppadol was acquitted of Hangthong's murder by the Thai Criminal Court. The court ruled that substantial evidences showed that Hangthong committed suicide.

Read all H E R E.
Quincy ME and Bones are mentioned here by Barking Magpie.


  1. Well, I think no expert would dare to come up with a conclusion so very surely just by looking at a few photographs if he or she doesn't have some sort of standard of his/her own.

    This Dr Porn shall not be trusted to be left a alone in the autopsy room. She seems to be having a twisted mind.


  2. Anonymous9:31 pm



    MR K..

  3. dr pornthip is far more credible and brave person to embrace truth within the government corrupted system. it is well known around the world that there are corruption everywhere in thailand system and the truth hardly came out naturally. i don't find any indication from the hangthong thammawattana cases that point dr pornthip is not a credible and trustworthy person but find it a bit disturbing that the thai court system so easily acquitted the suspect. i am not surprise if we get the same result in tbh cases.

  4. No Judge, jury or expert has a 100% favourable track record.

    In one of the most famous blunders of the 20th century, Einstein disputed Max Planck's theory of Quantum Physics and was later forced to apologise.

    In another blunder, an Indian anthropologist dismissed the findings at Mohenjodaro in W.India as 'insignificant'.

    The list is long.

    So, the fact that Dr. Pornthip made a few mistakes in the past may well add, not detract, from her credentials. It is her overall track record that matters. On balance, is she usually right?

    And if a 2nd post mortem contradicts Dr. Pornthip's earlier conclusions, it is a huge plus point for our legal system for taking seriously PM Najib's promises to TBH"s family that "No stone shall be left unturned in the pursuit of truth and justice1"

    In the meantime, it does not augur well for anyone to cast undue aspersions on Dr. Pornthip's professionalism or neutrality. She did not come across as someone who would compromise her integrity for money or fame!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  5. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Is it fair to rely on such negative views given by Pontip old boss?T he trouble with old bosses is that when their students excelled they love to kick someone down!Very typical of Asians you know!
    In thailand anything goes just like down here!The mighty Royal malaysian police cant even or wont want to catch the real culprit but for Kugan they did'nt waste time to torture the poor soul!
    Roc! its so easy to write negatively and if we want to dig your past and fill the dirt there wont be any problem.Life is like that!The power to spin has no truth and it sucks!

    Porntip fan

  6. AminGL10:16 pm


    it seems that u are working overtime to spin the news to discredit Dr. Pornthip. How much did UMNO pay you?

  7. Hang Bulat10:33 pm

    Di Thailand pun ada Hang ka?
    Ingat melaka je ada Hang.

  8. Anonymous10:36 pm

    So, before doing a second, third or fourth autopsy, might as well go straight to the last and final one with a panel of international experts, including Pornthip's teachers.

    Over to you, YB Gobind.


  9. Aiya AminGL,

    I'm working hard to get Dr Pornthip to come here and do the 2nd post-mortem. And while she's here, you should get your skull examined for not being able to understand what I'm trying to do here.

    The so-called "negative" reports about her are not negative. It's her ups and downs. And the article was actually published and by the newspapers in Thailand so there's no question about spin here.

    You know, Amin, I don't think she needs you to be so defensive on her behalf.

    Thank you.

  10. Bro

    I agree with you against Amin GL and others.

    There's no harm in knowing Dr.Pornthip is not perefect. That puts her squarely like most of us, barring maid kilers and their ilk, in the human class.

    For, to err is human!!

  11. Anonymous10:56 pm

    One nust be objective when one look at scientific reports
    especially evidences gathered by 2 malaysian professional
    doctors=not 2 constables. From the data [observations, photos]
    that the malaysian doctors made, the good doctor Pornthip made
    her inferences.

    The malaysian doctors were certainly not incompetent. For reasons
    best known to them they did not shout out their inferences
    that is similar to Dr Pornthip's. For one thing they were
    silent when Dr Pornthip made the 'surprising' observations and
    arrived at her conclusion. As an illustration- Dr P could not have
    made an inference that tbh's arse was shafted with a hard object unless
    the statemnt to that effect was already in the pathologists's report.

    It would appear strange that you Rocky would go out of your way to
    do reasearch merely to give a dubious complexion to Dr P's inferences.
    This would raise more questions .For one does the Macc need an
    advocate to fight for them in the court of public opinion?

  12. font futura10:57 pm

    ""The team also included American criminalist Henry C. Lee, who likewise concluded that Hangthong's death was a suicide.""


    Judge: Dr. Henry Lee Hid Evidence
    Friday May 25, 2007

    In a stunning ruling, the judge in the Phil Spector murder trial ruled that a world famous forensic scientist removed and hid evidence from the crime scene. After hearings outside the presence of the jury, Judge Larry Fidler said he was convinced Dr. Henry Lee removed the evidence, but he stopped short of holding him in contempt.

    A question is "a white object with a rough edge" that a witness said she saw Dr. Lee pick up from the floor of the foyer of Spector's mansion and place into a small vial. The prosecution claims it was a piece of Lana Clarkson's fingernail that might have had traces of a bullet on it, which would indicate she did not shoot herself.

    Making the claim more credible is the fact that the witness who said she saw Dr. Lee pick up the white object was at the time an attorney working for Spector's defense team, Sara Caplan.

    Judge Fidler said she was the only witness who testified during the hearings that he found "completely credible." The judge said, "If Dr. Lee has this object, he's to produce it forthwith."

    Dr. Lee denies that he found any such evidence.

    Meanwhile, jurors saw crime scene photos of Clarkson's bloody body and heard from the paramedic who pronounced her dead at the scene. The trial has been postponed until after the long holiday weekend.


    the one and the same

  13. quite interesting that you seemed bent on digging on Dr Pornthip. Wonder if you will do the same to the 2 local pathologists as well

  14. bro this case you mentioned was not as simple as it seems. There are lots of hidden hand there and the judiciary there is no bed of roses too. That said Khunying (royal title given by King of Thailand) Dr.Pornthip is well respected in her country and by many in her profession.

    if they want to dispute her conclusion, do in the courts, not in blogs

  15. alamak Henry lee also kena tangkap la. That thai case, lots of money was involved. well at least we know Dr.Pornthip doesn't have reputation like Henry lee!!!!

  16. Anonymous12:14 am


    c you in duestche for a beer. you need it for your soul. c u there.

    pray harder, rocky. how about editor in chief for NST?

  17. Anonymous12:21 am

    I seem to recall that some years ago Rocky was called in by the Police and since them he seems to have UMNO's spin. Correct me if I recall incorrectly.

    UMNO watcher

  18. Anonymous12:25 am

    I seem to recall that some years ago Rocky was called in by the Police and since them he seems to have UMNO's spin. Correct me if I recall incorrectly.

    UMNO watcher

  19. Anonymous12:45 am

    You want us to follow your drift that the Thai is not credible after all!

    And you are scheming overtime to get your mainstream media and Patriotic bloggers to 'corner' her when in Malaysia and 'give' her 'hell'.

    What is your actual message by featuring that article that appeared in Thailand?

    There were negative articles about our PM in the foreign media too. You did not bother to 'showcase' it in your blog.

    Why such 'selectivity'?

    Or you want me to also have my skull examined, since you are so righteous and are 'working hard' to get the Thai to Malaysia and that has been your very 'neutral' and 'noble' desire?


  20. Anonymous12:45 am

    It is simple, the rakyat had made the judgment:

    MACC is guilty as charged and Dr Porntip is absolutely and 100% right.
    Any other conclusion is the result of manipulation.

  21. no2PR1:21 am

    " donplaypuks® said...

    No Judge, jury or expert has a 100% favourable track record.The list is long.
    So, the fact that Dr. Pornthip made a few mistakes in the past may well add, not detract, from her credentials. It is her overall track record that matters. On balance, is she usually right? "


    So, the fact that the BN made a few mistakes in the past may well add, not detract, from its credentials. It is the BN overall track record that matters.

    Am paraphrasing here, of course...


  22. Anonymous2:37 am

    Part 1

    Now....now rocky, when you do your job as any selfrespecting journalist worth his salt does, they come after you with hammer and thongs to discredit you for exposing a cheapskate drama queen who they worshipped thus far as their Harlot. The fuckshots dont seem to understand that someone has no professional credibility and no conscience in a hurl accusations and morality be damned universe. Let me ask the fucktart chingkie cocksucking bastards and the maruahless pseudo-malay throatrammed cum guzzling crowing trannie scaws, a simple question basing it not on externalities or reports appearing elsewhere but emanating from the sow's mouth itself:

    Pornthip is reported to have said that:

    "She WAS NOT given 3 DNA reports, toxicology report and two important sets of photographs and, therefore, was NOT aware of the negative DNA reports and toxicology report. Dr Porntip had AGREED that it was IMPORTANT that she be given these reports before coming to an OPINION, especially as she did NOT perform the autopsy, did NOT inspect the body and scene of the incident" (my caps).

    It would be pertinent to look at what "opinion" means from the layman's, legal and epistemological perspectives:

    1. opinion=a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

    2.Legal meaning:
    opinion testimony
    : testimony relaying opinion as opposed to direct knowledge of the facts at issue

    3 a.An opinion is a belief that may or may not be backed up with evidence, but which cannot be proved with that evidence. It is normally a subjective statement and may be the result of an emotion or an interpretation of facts; people may draw opposing opinions from the same facts.

    3b.'Scientific opinions' are opinions formed via the scientific method, and so are necessarily evidence backed.

    Note; all three perspectives clearly indicate that "opinions" are subjective assertions which are primarily couched with a certain amount of uncertainty. In fact, from the social science perspective analysis based on opinions are termed normative analysis to indicate that they are not grounded in evidence or fact.

    It should be noted that since Dr Pornthip is consulted on a medical issue (in other words a science related issue), any opinion must be based on evidence as definition 3b clearly implies. This leads us to the following questions based on the evidence adduced from her comment I have excerpted above.

    1. She was not provided ALL the data related to TBH's death including toxicology reports etc.

    2. She did not visit the crime scene nor was privy to details pertaining to the victim's state of mind.

    3. She was definitely uninvolved in the first autopsy

    4. In her own words, she agreed that "it was IMPORTANT that she be given these reports BEFORE coming to an OPINION"

    By reasoned deduction, the logical question that pops to mind, and i am afraid unsurprisingly missed by most commentators,given their arrogant and pak pandir stupidity ala the bodoh-sombong variety, should have been:

  23. Anonymous2:38 am

    Part 2

    "How did she conjure a 80-20 split without all the relevant data to arrive at such an opinion?".

    and progressing from there, the sub-question should be:

    why did she put that figure in favour of homicide when she could have simply said this at the inquest (here I am recreating a hypothetical scene):

    Counsel: Now Dr, what in your opinion is the cause of TBH's death?

    Dr.P: Although the AVAILABLE data points to a certain conclusion in my opinion, I do not have access to ALL the relevant reports nor have I visited the crime scene or was involved in the autopsy. Hence I cannot provide a definitive opinion as to whether it was a suicide or a homicide. It would be better for me to reserve judgement until, if permitted, a second autopsy be conducted and I be involved in the proceedings plus I be furnished with a complete set of all the relevant data that will provide a definitive conclusion to assist the court in determining the truth..........

    Counsel ( badgering the witness): do you think it is more likely to be homicide than suicide by, say a 80/20 split, based on the evidence made available to you....?

    Dr: No, I would not subscribe to that assummption based on partial knowledge of events and thus apologise for not being able to give a positive answer to that, let alone bandy certain figures to affirm the line you are hinting. I would rather wait for the complete set of evidence and make my conclusions based on them as my professional ethics demand and my scientific approach warrants.
    Something to that effect would be a reflection of both professionalism and a stringent adherence to scientific enquiry, amirite?

    In my earlier comments, I directed the readers with links provided to an interview in the Washington Post involving Lawrence Kobilinsky, whom I am given to understand by an American colleague, is a respected pathologist based in NY. By default, this also led to Dr Michael Baden, another eminent pathologist in the US. If everyone had taken the trouble to read those links, they would have been aware of the scientific and professional approach adopted by both men. Prodded numerous times, they refused to say pointblank what the cause of death was in the David Carradine tragedy. The fact that Baden pointed out that Carradine was found with his hands bound above his head made it difficult to rule out homicide should not go amiss to objective observers. This is in stark contrast to Dr Pornthip's assertion in the "Star" that Carradine died due to erotic asphyxiation without her being at the scene, conducting an autopsy or even collating crime scene data. It is the same sort of pattern repeated in TBH's case and a pattern in keeping with her arrogant cuntsureness that Alizul highlighted in the MP suicide case. So whatever adulations bestowed to her by her asrefucking, twatlicking and throatramming fan club cannot and will not mask a teleological serial pattern: of making hasty conclusions relying on partial evidence.

  24. Anonymous2:39 am

    Part 3

    This brings us to as to why, Dr Pornthip pulled that 80/20 split from thin air.
    Based on press and cyberspace reports, it is apparent that a certain party has been consistently demonising the MACC of being somehow implicated in TBH's death. By giving such an opinion, Dr Pornthip is merely affirming the narrative structure thus far tailored to hide the real motives of that party. The motive being to hide their shenanigans with the local mafia, deflect attention of possible involvement in a homicide designed to cover up their dastardly antics which stands to be exposed by probably TBH's testimony as witness or admission as suspect. Today;s arrest of an aide adds validity to this hypothesis and as the jigsaw puzzles fall into place, rest assured that as the shit hits the fan, The PR pigarselicking, chicken clittonguing and grandma cuntbanging slime dogs will be the first to run for cover given the huge losses they will incur for betting on a coterie of bastard wankers.

    Scum dogs and slutbitches who have poured cold water on the "he was murdered elsewhere theory" conveniently forget the following:

    1.there were other unCCTVed exits to access the buildings as per witness testimony during the inquest.

    2.he could have been escorted to his death elsewhere by the concerned friend who bumped into him. They exited via those UnCCTV passages and he had his appointment with the Grim Reaper from another highrise. Alternatively he walked back to his car, got waylaid and was bundled into a car for his Netherworld appointment

    3. the dead unresisting corpse wheeled in a plastic garbage container by someone masquerading as a janitor in the early hours of the day ala how Mourihno was wheeled into the Chelsea dressing room in a laundry basket!Body dumped rather clumsily and out of sync on the fifthfloor partially underneath a ledge. Hence no hint of a tumult or even a thud. If state secretariats can be infiltrated as WCK puts it, Plaza Massalam is kacang putih stuff

    4. All concerned parties affect ignorance of his whereabouts on his big day. MACC thinks he is back with folks, his folks thinks he is with MACC or with Esther.

    5. Alarm bells go off at about 1.30pm, the Equivocator (Model 7/2009) is turned on. Accusations are leveled at the MACC. In a well-coordinated classic pincer shaped assault,the pollies begin leveling brainless accusations, the online gutter press picks it up and stars amplifying it as well as hurling mortars of suspicions of its own at the MACC, the GPMG core from the mainstream chingkie media start to shoot from their hidden trenches, mourning sessions are hijacked and raw emotions are exploited to whip up the mob, prayer vigils are held in stadias the city over to maintain the pressure, the dead’s family are used to as cannon fodder to elicit sympathy and an unborn foetus becomes the darling unseen Shirley Temple of Malaysia's Broadway.

    6. the other side panics at the intensity of the assault, orders an inquest, effectively compromising a police investigation, an innocent govt agency is thrown to the wolves and the canines rejoice in the hope that this will effectively tear up the meat of the investigation ; i.e to uncover underworld links and massive corruption. ( a miscalculation eventually)

    7. Bastard lawyers cobble together an attack strategy to keep the momentum going as the inquest commences and as it drags on with no evidence to back up their asinine accusations, a trannie, bastard missie of a sissy imputes in his blog that a government coverup is in the works by hinting at the existence of a preordained verdict . Then Pornthip makes her splash and the now reenergized fan club crowd to suckle on the lies of a sow's tits............

    Nothing is sacrosanct to the immoral and totally corrupt Chingkie bastard mind. It will kill even its own to achieve its goal of worldly gain. Any surprises then as to why and how TBH died?

  25. Anonymous2:49 am

    I knew it!!!

    Fuckatan Rakyat people still believe in whatever this doctor said...

    you know,
    when the facts and evidence is with the BN gov..they will give all the excuses hahaha..typical Fuckatan/DAPigs atitude.

    From the comment I read...even the author have put all the evidence on this doctor reputation, Fuckatan/DAPigs supporter still can't accept it...!!! maybe they think UMNO/BN also have a great of influence on Thai government or on the result of third autopsy in the murder of this person in the article. I'm waiting for GOBINAND or all the DAPigs GANGSTER or GOD of GANGSTER , Lim Kit Siang say that.."this is the Thai gov/UMNO/BN conspiracy" please say it on the newspaper....maybe chinese newspaper is the right media to do so...Sin Chew Cit Poh?..yeahh...correct!!


  26. Dr Chow Chee Bai FRCS, MRCP, PQRS, STUV; PJK. AMN; IOU4:04 am


    As a specialist in ENT I wish to proffer some medical advise to one JengggX3 in view of the symptoms he is consistently exhibiting at your blogsite.

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    Apart from that, the said creature's broken Malay and constant hooting are indicative of fakatanitis, a dangerous malady emerging from the otitis media region eventually spreading to the frontal lobes and causing neuronitis that will destroy all cognitive and psychomotor abilities rendering the patient a free shitting and urinating invalid moron (refer Lim kok Shit (2008) and . This malady is mainly attributable to the constant ingestion of pigshit deposited at Chingkie hog farms as well as suckling chingkie cocks and licking dry their arses where infestation of the tapeworms responsible for fuckatanitis is rampant. Although there is a slight chance that the patient may have contracted myelitis or even tapes dorsalis, I am 80% sure that this a classic case of fuckatanitis with a 20% chance of either tapes dorsalis or myelitis. Do bear in mind, JenggX3 that I am basing this professional assessment based on my experience of having seen 135 similar cases during field trips to Penang, Kedah, Kelantan and Selangor and NOT on tissue culture, physical examination, blood and urine sample tests, CAT scan etc.

    Both cases are amenable to treatment at this stage as successful eradication in Perak have confirmed ( refer Hee (2009), Jailu(2009)and Jamaludin (2009).
    Besides, I estimate the disease patterns exhibited thus far are within the initial and medial stages of metastases i.e., within an approximately 1- 2 year time frame and are thus more easily treated.

    Suggested treatment:

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  27. Anonymous7:22 am

    Anonymous 12:45 AM:

    It is simple, the rakyat had made the judgment: MACC is guilty as charged and Dr Porntip is absolutely and 100% right.

    Which rakyat?

  28. Anonymous7:29 am


    Rocky didnt even write a full sentence commenting the issue, merely pointing to another website that questions the suddenly-aquired-deity status of miss porno amongst the Fuckatan Riot, and already the sodom-followers are shouting spin, spin, spin and paid, paid, paid.

    I know that some (like AminGL above) have limited vocabulary, mimicking what other people write herein without understanding what it all means, but must all of these people have limited intelligence too?

    Marking Bagpie

  29. Anonymous7:39 am

    Ayoyo! This Pundek fellow is bringing in all sorts of things to justify the "Diluting" exercise when someone points out that their image of the ever-correct Porntit is shattered.

    Here he uses Einstein's name pulak. (Einstein also buat mistake yennadey. So what if pornotit is mistaken in a murder case or two? Nothing maaa...or so he implies laa).

    Reminds me of a poster the other day of a tuition class for English lessons for UPSR using "Quantum Methodologies" near one chinese school. I have to put all week laughing my belly out and just when I think it is going to subside, this Pundek fella comes out with an Einstein.

    I think he wants to murder me by laughing.


  30. How nice if we can have an autopsy and all these experts from near and far were allowed to do their bit!!

    Obviously its the season for undermining credibilities. And its not even a fine art. Its rather crude!! But you've joined in the party too Rocky?

    How about writing on Dr Asri or the weather maybe!!

  31. Now it looks like our Malaysia’s forensic science as lacking standards and this funky death doctor tried to set the standards herself with the help of those jockers....sigh

  32. Anonymous9:19 am

    Correction anon 12:45pm, the PAKATAN rakyat had made the judgement.

  33. Anonymous10:15 am

    The Straits Times says Prime Minister Najib Razak to give preferred investor status to CHINA.
    Bagus, sokong Cina, main pompuan Cina. Melayu diabaikan. Bagus Bagus Bagus... BUTOH.

  34. Anonymous11:23 am

    Dr Pornthip is a witness paid for by the Selangor PR state government. We all know what is the outcome they want from this inquest. So what do you expect her to say?

    Look at all the court cases anywhere around the world. How many times have you actually seen an expert witness testify against the party that had paid for them?


  35. "Nothing is sacrosanct to the immoral and totally corrupt Chingkie bastard mind. It will kill even its own to achieve its goal of worldly gain. Any surprises then as to why and how TBH died?"

    The tell tale 'chingkie' and sicko minded reference to trannies elsewhere, a sub-conscious fixation (probably after a bad experience with a trannie) of a racist demented mind, is a dead give away.

    Yes folks Warrior 231, after the bashing he got in Haris Ibrahim's blog and rejection elsewhere, is back masquerading as the long-winded, farty, verbally diahoerric and sewer and motor orificed (both ends) Anon.

    It's guys like him who are bringing in the race element into TBH's death and hoping against hope that they can pin the 'underworld link' tag on DAP. In actual fact the underworld has long been linked to that other component party in UMNO/BN and to a certain police head honcho.

    As to his masturbatorial fantasy that TBH was killed elsewhere by some friend or DAP connected Triad hit man, body brought in 'Mourinho-like garbage bag' and place on 5th floor roof without being seen by a single soul, well that trannie must have effed Warrior/Anon really hard in the brain.

    Even the MACC and police have not ventured in this direction. Of course, he conveniently ignores the testimony and evidence at the inquest that the body was thrown out of the 14th floor window of MACC's office.

    So, all Warrior 231/Anon has to offer is his usual liberally laced filth and obscenity laden racist tirade. Of course, he now has has in Dr. Pornthip, a true professional, a new target for his venom and vitriol by which he hopes to convince the world at large that his is a very logical, analytical mind.

    Wow! It must have been a poor 'chingkie' trannnie who orificed him all over and sucked his brains out. Poor sod!! Kek, Kek, Kek!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  36. nonPRasslicker-

    A couple of mistakes is one thing. But repeated mistakes over 40 years and costing hundreds of $billions of $ is another matter.

    Ass licking is not a recommended past time for good health!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  37. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Rocky...the story proves nothing...mistakes can be made. The thai system showed that Truth can prevail. What we are looking here is for TRUTH. It can be thru third independent party or parties..Our problem with the government case or MACC is that there are too many questions unanswered. While you are clearly shifting your quest for truth NOwadays..towards ...nowhere..we can be having a situation where anything can be obtained and TRuth always hidden.

  38. Anonymous12:52 pm

    For those referring to rakyat, which rakyat?

    The 5 states Pakatan Rakyat supporters or
    The Federal Government Rakyat supporters?

    To Phuckatan Riot supporters, stop making comments like 'the rakyat' this and that. You are not representing me and the rest of the world.


  39. Anonymous1:10 pm

    So Sinchew is not wrong by not doing their research and hence writing only a part of a full story, but Rocky is wrong for doing his research?

    Wow. That's not what my lecturers told me about doing research.

    ..the things you can learn from blogs.


  40. Anonymous2:45 pm


    Anon 2.39am

    4. All concerned parties such as attorneys, his immediate boss etc feign ignorance while MACC thinks he is back with his folks assume he is with MACC or with esther.....

  41. uncle husin3:23 pm

    oo..ookk...got your point..shes not the ultimate forensic expert..but by whatever means we all looking for the truth arent we..

  42. Dr Chow Chee Bai, FRCS;MRCP, PQRS, IOU4:13 pm


    I sincerely apologise for in my haste I forgot to provide the relevant references. I hope the readers will find them useful nd informative while JenggX3 will find them helpful as he seeks a cure

    1. Anwar.I., 2007: " The Coitus Intteruptus Patterns Exhibited by Male Chinese Arsewhores Using Penile Inflatable Implants" in the American Journal of Anal Sexology 23(2);155-172 (Impact Factor: 36.7)

    2. Azizah I and Nurul.I, 2008:"The Soixante-neuf Revisited: a Comparative Study of the 69 Position Between Adult Male Chinese with Penile Deficiency and Fruit Bats "Artibeus jamaicensis" in the China Journal of Fellatio (12(1):69-96 (IF:0.345)
    For sample illustrations please visit:

    3.Zaid.I (2009a): "Anatomical Comparison of the Penile Organ of Chinese Male Whores Enhanced by Mechanical Pump and by Surgery with Specific Observations on Girth, Length and Turgidity"in the Lanchiau Lancet
    84(3): 70-82 (IF:2,167)

    online info at:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penis_pump#Penis_pump

    4. Zaid. I (2009a):"Field Study of 10 Suckled Chinese Arsewhore Penises in terms of Length and Size" in the China Journal of Deformed Organs 7(3): 200-208 (IF : 0.0032)

    5. Hee (2009): "Cellular Resistance to Mitochondrial DNA of bacillus incubisitus of Fuckatanitis" in the American Journal of IntraCellular Biology 10(2): 30-37 (IF: 14.127)

    6. Jailu( & Jamaludin (2009): Preventive Measures To Stem the Spread of Fuckatanitis: A Case Study of Two Rural Wards in the State of Perak in the Asian Journal of Immunological Sciences 15(4): 28-31 (IF: 17.978)

    7.Kok Shit, Lim (2008): "Case Studies of Individuals Exposed to Fuckatanitis through Bestiality with Sus Barbatus and Homosexual Practices with Chinese Arsewhores in the Ipoh Municipality" unpublished pH.D thesis prepared for the Fujian University of Contemporary Knowledge (FUCK).(IF :0.000)

    Rong Lan Chiau and Fak Porntit
    (2009):"Case Presentation of Fuckatanitis in Early Dementia Malays Tongueprobing the Chinese Anal Orifice" in the Thai Journal of Pornographical Sciences 11(3): 120-130. (IF:110.23........aw.shit! the scale broke!)

    Correction in my comment at 4.04am :

    Lim Kok Shit (2008) and Rong Lan Chiau & Fak Porntit (2009)......

  43. font futura,

    The third autopsy was conducted by a team. The other members of the team are reputable people. Casting doubt on Dr Lee does not mean that the same doubt can be cast on the other members. Further, the court accepted the team's findings. If you have proof that these other members are "disreputable", I would certainly like to hear it.

    What if Dr. Lee had concluded that Hangthong was murdered - the same findings as Dr Pornthip's? Would you would have posted your piece?

    rocky (IGC),

    If you are implying that there were "lots of money" and "lots of hidden hands" involved in the Hangthong case, where's your proof?

    The truth in the Hangthong case was, Dr Pornthip erred in her autopsy findings. That's what my post seeks to show. She may have brought justice in other cases but in the Hangthong case, her findings was overturned by equally reputable experts (minus Dr Lee if I were to accept font futura's opinion).

  44. Anonymous8:00 pm

    "Of course, he conveniently ignores the testimony and evidence at the inquest that the body was thrown out of the 14th floor window of MACC's office."

    no such testimony was adduced with ironclad certainty.The other possibilities remained unexplored and we all know the fucktart DAP bastards pressured incessantly like some pig titsuckling, cunt licking cry babies for the inquest to be commenced inordinately fast precisely to derail the cop's investgation in that direction.

    Bastard DPP aka DAP arsewhoreboy, you are a pariah scum masquerading as if he is goody 2 shoes..oh he must chaffing at being dikonkeked bigtime at Demi Negara.

    Well for your info, I am No Warrior 231. i picked up his style for it was the most effective to rile you trannies up and get you lot shitting him in his pants, the same way he made you do so when he was around at his majestic best. But unlike him, i have another ace up my sleeves, the ability to track you down and deal the blow when you least expect it and that's not a threat, fuckshit mafucking pabuggered son of a spayed, dograped, pigcockrammed, pariah mongrelcock hankering outcaste (read:Dalit)whore.Its best you start looking over your shoulder or skulk in the shadows or even better hide inside momma's unwashed huge cunthole lest the blow comes sooner than later, lowlife pigshit eating, dogurine guzzling, chingkiecock sucking moron.

  45. Anonymous8:25 pm

    initially when dr porntip said theres 80 pc chance homicide (based on some pics ect...), i thot "well, theres 20pc chance of suicide, which might increase IF she actually did extensive study"...and now this revelation makes the whole case EVEN MORE explosive...woohoo, exciting...!!!


  46. Anonymous8:39 pm


    I am afraid some dogcocksucking, catcuntlicking and chickenclit licking dimwits like DPP are implying that I have reappeared in these parts as one of the anons here who is writing in the same style.

    Experts versed in forensic linguistics will note the following:

    1.I never use malay phrases interspersed with English.

    2. i never use b4.

    3. i address you as 'Bru" not Rocky as anon does.

    4. i use the colloquial " dint" for "didnt"

    5. Of course, i sign off as Warrior 231 not anon as there is no reason for me to hide my cyber trademark.

    and several other differences if those who follow RB and PP will note. Moreover, i simply do not have the time to comment here or elsewhere or contribute to my friend's blogs given my heavy schedule ever since i have commenced work in several organisations to further propagate my 1Pribumi concept.I however reserve my right to comment here subject to your approval if and when time permits.

    Be that as it may, I am indeed flaterred by people equating anon with me although, i do admit i am not a great writer myself unlike the silky smooth DN. However, i am indeed proud that anon and several others have taken the fight to the Chingkies and their lovva boys who are now running scared that this coordinated assault will expose them as nothing more than, liars, charlatans, bornlosers and scumbags and slutwhores on the payroll of foreign powers and their local acolytes. Keep it up men, my prayers and moral support are with you and i will rejoin you in due course.

    Rest assured that I reserve the right to inflict my own form of street and cyber justice on those who continue to cast unwarranted and unsubstantiatd aspersions in my direction.

    As for the "bashing" i received at PP, objective observers will note nothing of that sort as the majority of the responses were:

    a. for allowing me to continue commentating there

    b. inquisitive as to my stand on certain issues which were acknowledged and rejected civilly or otherwise.

    c. some of the garden variety types tried to egg me and received their just desserts in my own inimitable style though I dint deign to entertain each and everyone nor indulge in cussing out of deference for Holy Ramadhan

    What was most gratifying was that;

    a. a post specially devoted to me was posted by my erstwhile enemy on National Day (31/8/09)something a pipsqueak like DPP would never get plus an admission of my threat given that blogs are rarely inclined to raise such issues.it was an admission of my influence and the fear i raise in the PR crowd.

    b.the post attracted 172 responses which surpassed many others related to vital issues save for the Cowhead brouhaha (187 responses). It confirms several of my assumptions regarding commenting in PR blogs which i will share in due course elsewhere.

    As for DPP, I will unveil his antics and hypocrisy in due course in blogs elsewhere and wish he will feel less envious and hurt that he dint have a post devoted to him in his honour. pathetic scumbag offspring of a pig arsewhoring slimedog and a cowcock suckling slutwhore.

    Warrior 231

  47. Jenggg X38:47 pm


    CIS! MY INGLIS TERER! I IS DOKTOR OSO! - datuk prof dr Pendikar Duak Tigak Satuk; M.D.(Somalia), PJK(Mindanao)

    ...don’t have all the data, photos of the said penis, measurements pertaining to its circumference and length, the ramrate per second (which gives intensity & frequency of ramming). the detritus swallowed with sperm, effect of sperm motility on esophageal soft tissue...

    ...tart chingkie cocksucking bastards and the maruahless pseudo-malay throatrammed cum guzzling crowing trannie...

    KAH KAH KAH...

    ka ka kah... saekor gerombolan jadi berang... ka ka kah...

    tiuuuu... alibi dia kene tibai... hhaancur same skali... ka ka kah...

    nak menyamar doktor medikel pulak... ka ka kah...

    woit, ni doktor kangkong apa? Doktor Quack? Doktor Evil?

    Mungkin Doktor Kilang MC kot..? ka ka kah...

    M.D dapat mana? kolej rumah kedai...? ka ka kah...

    Weii... apek suratkabar lama nak beli... phd berapa sekati?

    sijil berapa sekilo? ka ka kah...

    memang untung dari jual baju bundle... ka ka kah...

    ehh... soalan masih belum jawab...

    mengapa MACC & gerombolan asyik tukar plot cerita lebong?

    jawab... jangan tak jawab... rakyat nak kebenaran... bukan dengar fentesi seks... ka ka kah...

    tukartiub di merata tempat
    kat tepi jalan, kat pakir motor
    kat Pavi pun ada ka kah kah...
    tapi tak semua tukartiub sama urang

  48. Anonymous9:55 pm

    "Yes folks Warrior 231, after the bashing he got in Haris Ibrahim's blog and rejection elsewhere, is back masquerading as the long-winded, farty, verbally diahoerric and sewer and motor orificed (both ends) Anon."

    Aikkk? How come terbalik? I thought he gave you guys a good beating, then cabut like a true malay warrior, leaving you people in Harris Ibrahim fazed, not knowing what hit them. Aiseeyyy, same scenario but concluded differently, 'aaa? I dont know about you guys, but assuredly Warrior231's performance there (and I hope he goes everywhere in other anti-malay blogs too) outshines his performance elsewhere! He is best read when under attack, standing solely and boldly like Custer amidst the (excuse the pun, pundek) whooping Indians. Just like a true warrior.

    But what is CLEAR though, is that you, dontplaypundek, received so much bashing, been so much outclassed and outmanouvered in Deminegara that even the READERS themselves get malu reading the manner with which you got demolished there: apa tah lagi orang yang empunya badan yang kene smash - dont know how he will take it (unless of course orang yg punya badan kene smash is the kind yang tak tahu malu punya).

    Seriously, folks, I must confess that for a while, there was a teeny weeny tinge of momentary pity in me for this elderly mr. dontplaypundek there when he got demolished here, here and here.

    But then is it true Warrior231 is here already? If so then good news. School us some more with your thoughts and writings, o great one. You, whom even the mere mention send shivers in the spines of the likes of the spineless Dontplaypundek. You with whom some mothers wish THEIR sons are not born. You who are a gift of the gods to a wilting malay world experiencing wilting and dysfunctional erectiles the prime example of which goes by the names of the DinMericans, the Azly Rahmans and the Farish Noors. You whom the mere sight of your anonymous postings cause the pendatangs to quickly scroll their mouses over downwards.

    Tak kisah with whatever name you go by, we are here with you.


  49. Anonymous3:16 am

    1.tiuuuu... alibi dia kene tibai... hhaancur same skali... ka ka kah...

    Jawapan: Phiuuuu...puki pelacurnya kena dedah...koyak rabak same sekali...hahaha

    2. nak menyamar doktor medikel pulak... ka ka kah...

    Jawapan : nak menyamar hero sosialis ilmu tak sampai seinci kulup.....hahahaha.

    3.woit, ni doktor kangkong apa? Doktor Quack? Doktor Evil?Mungkin Doktor Kilang MC kot..? ka ka kah...M.D dapat mana? kolej rumah kedai...? ka ka kah...

    Jawapan : Hait! ni sosialis apa? sosialis jaja buntut? Sosialis hisap butoh? (so)Sial(is) Kepala Butoh? mungkin Sosialis Minyak Cap Ular kot? Gelaran dapat dari mana? Tandas awam bas stand Kelang? hahahahaha.......

    "Sosialis Malang Penjaja Buntut"

    hidup parasit perangai pelesit...
    kecik2 dok dengar mak kahkahkah masa dok tengok pak tibai nahnahnah...
    juboh mak depan mata
    butoh pak bagi rata...
    pak berlagu nahnahnah
    mak mengerang kahkahkah...

    sosialis dok mengalun nahnahnah sesekali mengerang kahkahkah... dah besaq bagi buntut nahnahnah babi cina tibai hahahaha
    mendengar sosialis kahkahkah

    seumur hidup ditibai kahkahkah, nasib badan jadi jeng jeng jeng
    batang bagi anjing, nahnahnah
    punggok dikoyak babi, cheng cheng cheng

    4.Weii... apek suratkabar lama nak beli... phd berapa sekati?sijil berapa sekilo? ka ka kah...memang untung dari jual baju bundle... ka ka kah...

    Jawapan: woi.. kalian.jengggx3 jual punggok untuk sesuap nasi hisap batang untuk seteguk brandy. sekali tibai berapa riyal setusuk batang, sekali hisap pulun berapa sen sekali kulum?

    memang untung dari kerja keras, duit dapat nafsu puas..
    kaum sejenis pantang dilihat
    cepat punggok diliwat....
    kalau tak dapat gila meroyan..
    cari babi lepas gian.
    Babi tak dah..anjing pun oklah

    hidup tak bernikah kerana suka bermukah
    jilat palat India dan pantat Cina
    teloq kecut, batang berkudis, pungguk susut mati athis...

    Dari Antologi : "Aduhai...Nasib Sosialis Hina" Pustaka Al-liwati Wal Juburi. Hubungi Anwar.I dan Hishamuddin.R untuk tempahan punggok dinombor kod: My-S-IS-4UR-KOK-LKS/LGE/KS segera. **Tawaran Terhad*** : Butoh dihisap Free bagi setiap pelanggan

    5. ehh... soalan masih belum jawab...

    mengapa MACC & gerombolan asyik tukar plot cerita lebong?

    jawab... jangan tak jawab... rakyat nak kebenaran... bukan dengar fentesi seks... ka ka kah...

    Jawapan: Mengapa DAP & bangsat PR berpenglipurlara yang tiada di ada?

    Mengaku...jangan tak mengaku
    rakyat menunggu pengakuan ...bukan pekikan pondan diliwat.... hanya mampu berkahkahkah sambil Cina babi berlagu nahnahnah

  50. Anonymous8:30 am

    What's so special about this soul that needs another autopsy? There are thousands more who died for much better reasons than his...


  51. Anonymous9:46 pm


  52. Anonymous10:25 pm

    to err is dpp being born