Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Dr Pornthip gets 2nd post-mortem

NST 04/11: Coroner's court allows Teoh Beng Hock's body to be exhumed for second post mortem. Thai forensic expert Dr Pornthip will observe
Learn from Hangthong. Let's hope there won't be a 3rd post-mortem, as in the Hangthong Thammawattana case which involved Dr Pornthip herself.

I still think there should be at least one other foreign expert to observe the 2nd post-mortem. Gobind Singh has said "NO" to the idea but I agree with Malaysian Medical Association president Dr David Quekreally: WHY NOT?

In the interest of justice and of all parties, Dr Pornthip should not be left to observe the 2nd post-mortem all by herself.


  1. Dear Bro Rocky,

    Until today I still cannot figure out, what is Porntip actually, is it a tger show in Thailand or is hse ia a stripper? errr...errr...i think fuckatan riot have not enough budget to hire a proper doctor so they asked some stripper from Tiger Show club to act as a doctor la i think..

    he he he, damn she got the bomoh look also la...

  2. bro rocky,

    i agree with u on this.

    why not have another foreign forensic expert to observe the 2nd post-mortem with dr. pornthip?

  3. Jilbab8:14 pm


    Read this. Something fishy on the PKFZ issue......

  4. Anonymous8:43 pm

    We should engage another expert if possible Dr Porntip lecturer who had conducted the 3rd post mortem in Bangkok. People came from the same root of methodology and approach. Why our main stream media quiet on the 3rd post mortem result in Thailand which overrule Porntip conclusion.
    What type of justice we are trying to uphold. Sincerely Gobind should not even objected to another foreign forensic expert. Why he objected? Only he himself know. The government has done their very best on their part to be transparent but why can't they.
    Don't do it if political mileage is their priority. When are looking how a polital figure cum lawyer conduct himself.
    Uphold justice and not taking political advantages.

    Apek Kampung

  5. Sdr Rocky,

    Biarkanlah nak adakan Post-Mortem kali kedua dan seterusnya ketiga...sehingga mereka puas. Semua dah ada keputusan sendiri, pembangkang akan percaya ianya dibunuh dan diseksa dan kita rakyat biasa berfikir secara logik ianya sebaliknya.

    Sdr Rocky, saya nak bawa ke lain isu seketika...Kelantan akan diberi wang Ihsan, Husam Musa tak nak terima kerana dia mahu royalti. Nah Kelantan tercicir kerana mereka ni keras keng, bersyukurlah kerana sudah dapat. Nik Aziz dah nak bayar nazar puasa 3 hari. Kalau Kelantan dalam arus perdana dah lama royalti atau wang ihsan dapat...atau kalau kerajaan PAS bekerjasama ...berkelahi hanya semasa pilihanraya saja semuanya beres.

    Nah ..dengan wang tersebut pertama binalah masjid negeri di KBharu. Buatlah satu atau dua lagi Jambatan di hilir Sungai Kelantan, Lebuhraya dari Gua Musang ke KBahru, lebuhraya KBharu Pasir Puteh. Kalau cukup duit binalah double tracking rel sampai ke Tumpat. Lupakan program membantu rakyat miskin kerana rakyat Kelantan kaya raya, memajukan pendidikan tak payah kerana orang Kelantan semuanya cerdik..Mungkin bolehlah bina stadium baru kerana Kelantan dah masuk final Piala Malaysia. Biarkanlah Husam Musa nak berpolitik ataupun Sallahudin nak pertikaikan wang ihsan...pembangunan teruskan BN khas UMNO akan dihati rakyat.

  6. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Another foreign expert is a must.

    If one side plays political games with this case,the other side will too.This case will never end then.

    Furthermore,Porntip has been shown to be not infallible.

    Why the resistance to the presence of another foreign expert?

    CSI Kampong

  7. Sdr Rocky,

    Biarkanlah nak adakan Post-Mortem kali kedua dan seterusnya ketiga...sehingga mereka puas. Semua dah ada keputusan sendiri, pembangkang akan percaya ianya dibunuh dan diseksa dan kita rakyat biasa berfikir secara logik ianya sebaliknya.

    Sdr Rocky, saya nak bawa ke lain isu seketika...Kelantan akan diberi wang Ihsan, Husam Musa tak nak terima kerana dia mahu royalti. Nah Kelantan tercicir kerana mereka ni keras keng, bersyukurlah kerana sudah dapat. Nik Aziz dah nak bayar nazar puasa 3 hari. Kalau Kelantan dalam arus perdana dah lama royalti atau wang ihsan dapat...atau kalau kerajaan PAS bekerjasama ...berkelahi hanya semasa pilihanraya saja semuanya beres.

    Nah ..dengan wang tersebut pertama binalah masjid negeri di KBharu. Buatlah satu atau dua lagi Jambatan di hilir Sungai Kelantan, Lebuhraya dari Gua Musang ke KBahru, lebuhraya KBharu Pasir Puteh. Kalau cukup duit binalah double tracking rel sampai ke Tumpat. Lupakan program membantu rakyat miskin kerana rakyat Kelantan kaya raya, memajukan pendidikan tak payah kerana orang Kelantan semuanya cerdik..Mungkin bolehlah bina stadium baru kerana Kelantan dah masuk final Piala Malaysia. Biarkanlah Husam Musa nak berpolitik ataupun Sallahudin nak pertikaikan wang ihsan...pembangunan teruskan BN khas UMNO akan dihati rakyat.

  8. Yes why not, totally agree with you Bro.

  9. Rocky,

    it looks god is on our side against the these kafir laknatullah dap, pkr, and munafeeq pas people:

    "BANGKOK – Forensic expert Dr Khunying Rojanansunanwas arrested today in a sweeping police action designed to put an end to malicious rumors about His Majesty the King’s health, which were blamed for a sell-off in the SET last month. "...

    __"However, police believe that, if applied to sensitive topics, the statement might cause panic and disorder among the Thai public, which could threaten national security. "__

    __"After her arrest, Dr Pornthip made a brief statement in which she pledged her loyalty to His Majesty the King but stood by her statement__

    __She was immediately charged on a second count of violating Article 14 of the computer law by circulating false information concerning His Majesty.__

    this siamese whore has finally been put a stop to. not only she insulted the king, she is also a big time share manipulator.

    and the best ting it blows up in the pigfaces of the fakatan scum!!


  10. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    I would suggest that a panel of renowned pathologists be assembled to do this and observe on a truly professional basis - something along the lines of the Kugan case where a panel group of 10 doctors examined the findings of the earlier post-mortem done. Dr. Porntip is NOT the only qualified person as there are certainly many more better qualified ones out there. The MMA as a professional body should certainly be there to observe as they have a reputation to uphold as well. Surely the search for truth and justice means a truly independent panel and a true confident professional should never fear of being subject to peer review as there is really nothing to hide.


  11. Anonymous10:28 pm

    you are truly one sick person rocky bru.

    you are sick.

  12. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Gobind Deo, next time please do your homework. Bringing Pornthip to the Malaysian court has boomeranged on him and TBH's family. Ha..ha..ha..Who is the moron clown now!! Suddenly everybody in Malaysia knows that her medical qualification is not recognised by the Malaysian Medical Council. If she is not qualified to practice medicine in Malaysia what the heck should we be bothered with her "expert view" when it was done merely by looking at a scanned photographs. Even if she is allowed to observe the 2nd autopsy she still has no authority to talk as a forensic expert in the Malaysian court. And being paid RM120,000 fee for being an observer? To quote Husin Lempoyang (a popular blogger), "WOW! LEBIH UNTUNG MENIAGA ORANG".

  13. Anonymous11:09 pm

    I would agree to Gobind point of view that it unnecessary for another foreign pathologist. My reason simply because the request upon second post-mortem made by Teoh family is for Dr. Pornthip with expertise and recognised internationally. The call for second autopsy should not be confused further by MMA restriction because the purpose for Dr. Pornthip is to get the truth of Teoh's death. The call by MMA for at least another one foreign expert is inhumane and illogical, MMA should not have any role at all. One would wonder why MMA has a role to play in this case? Why no comments on baseless allegation by 'inhumane' two government opinion on Teoh's suicide attempt? Dr. Pornthip testimony earlier that Teoh's death 80% homicide based on hospital autopsy report will further supported by second autopsy. Therefore, MMA want more foreign experts very likely to confused this inquiry. Shame on MMA.

    The blogger Rocky highlighting MMA view seem to further confused netizens with ill motive. Rocky Bru is no longer 'rock' since the appointment in The Mail position by power that be. Shame on you too.

    Kelvin Foo
    Subang Jaya

  14. sawadeekap11:11 pm

    For sure Pornthip ni dah kena bayar by Gobind's masters to give a 'murder' result.
    My bet is the script & press statement has been prepared for when she does give that view. Hai, kecoh lagi!

  15. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Next time, when she autopsies any dead from Southern Thailand, particularly falling off from the back of trucks, do ask their relatives there to demand for a second autopsy. It can't possibly be asphyxiation during the first round. It was actually mass suicide.

  16. Rocky,

    Dr Pornthip was arrested today by the Thai police.

    Read further at my blog:

  17. Anonymous11:50 pm

    It is very sad to see educated Malaysians like Rocky Bru has no sense of humanity and justice in the brutal death of Teoh Beng Hock. The death is brutal murder by MACC officers without doubt. Teoh Beng Hock sins solely because he withstand the coercions upon him to testify against his boss. Rocky writings here is to confuse readers with sudden involvement of MMA.

    God knows the main topic of discussion is about Dr. Pornthip disallowed autopsy on her own but Rocky tried to divert from the attention with MMA involvement. Lost of all credibility. Group under Nazism of Umno member, Rocky.


  18. peminatrocky12:16 am

    bro... please discuss the proposed GST. Jangan susahkan masyarakat umum. Kesan dia mungkin sama dengan kenaikan harga minyak petrol, malah lebih besar lagi... please bro

    banyak lagi rakyat kita yang susah... terutamanya di bandar bandar...

  19. zzzzzzzzzz

    what else is new?


  20. i do agree with rockybru on the 3rd expert. maybe MACC should bring on in but same rules should apply, see no touch.

    lets not disgrace the Khunying by calling her stripper etc. if we do not like her, so be it. as for he arrest, well one the cops are not her friends more so after the murder of the lawyer who defended the muslims in the south. and 2 insulting the king can be very subjective and those around the King are more sensitive and have more to lose than her. The King is unwell which is correct. Lets see if he does his 5th Dec speech to the people. she still keeps her royal title, that is a clue.

  21. Anonymous2:08 am

    First time visited your blog, and, never think I will again! The abusive languages used, and the total disrespect for someone who is recognised worldwide, is understandable considering the people reading your blog are all with vested interests.

    I personally believe in the integrity and dignity of Doctor Pornthip, certainly more than you, though you had endeavour in every way you can to taint her integrity and to cast doubt on her dignity.

    The truth will prevail.


    and where is khunying Dr.Pornthip news...

    2004 statement they say. can this not the nation be trusted source?the nation(the trusted paper) has no news on her so call arrest in 2009.and in 2006 she got her royal title.???

  23. Anonymous2:11 am

    Kalo dah diberi tawaran lumayan, hai, must justify the pay, right? And how to make the first move. get the people excited, hai ini semua BUSINESS mah..

    Dr Pornthip pun nak cari makan juga.. Sama macam jual ubat tepi jalan, bawa kera, ular.. nak convince gullibles ubat kayu mereka mujarab..

    Sama taraf juga ler Dr nih..Lawyers pun lebih kurang. Benda tu tak seberapa, pusing kita naik turun court bertahun2 nak tunjuk kononnya rumit, so as too charge us their attendance fees etc...

    Why not? The fees will come in handy, probably get her a mansion in Thailand?


  24. Anonymous2:12 am

    Dr. Pornthip had testified that 80% chances of homicide in Teoh's case base on her analysis on government hospital post-mortem reports. Actually, all evidence was there in the hospital report. It was manipulated by two biased government doctors in court in testimony. Second autopsy purpose is meant to further support her testimony in court base on those evidence already exist in first post-mortem, if any found.

    Anyway, discern and humane Malaysians should always remember that Teoh anal part had evidence of things put into it. This is cruel act of the murderers. If no sense of sympathy, please do not create confusions. Gobind has the reasons not to have other foreign pathologist.


  25. Anonymous2:18 am

    Dear unspinners fan and alizul

    Scroll down to the bottom of the website page. it wrote 'Note: This website is not The Nation. For entertainment purposes only'.

    Both of you and others may like to read here;

    "The government and the press is now using this term “inauspicious” to describe the rumors, as if claiming the king is dead is somehow a crime. If it wasn’t so serious and being used as repression, one might be tempted to laugh along with Not the Nation or with Monty Python".

    Source :


  26. Anonymous2:18 am

    I was recommended a set of medication for my Highblood from this doctor just next door to my shop. Very good bla bla and cost me RM125/box per month.

    Happened the clinic was closed when I needed the meds, so I went to town pharmacy to purchase. Guess what? It cost me only RM90!!

    Kurang asam, for months this doctor been 10yrs my neighbour, was getting RM35 extra from me..

    Takleh percaya depa nih...


  27. Anonymous2:20 am

    Jeffrey, 'without a doubt' is a very serious term. If you call yourself an educated Malaysian, you won't be using it so recklessly.


    p/s: now the conspiracy theorist can say that the Thai police are conspiring with certain people from Malaysia by detaining Dr Pornthip for something in return (petrol? sugar? stopping of weapons supply to southern Thailand?). They might use the term 'without a doubt', too.

    Dr Pornthip and no one else! Ini kehendak (pakatan) rakyat! Perjuangkan ketuanan (pakatan) rakyat!

  28. Anonymous2:28 am

    My god,I really2 do not understand the resistance to the presence of another expert.

    You guys are not thinking straight.

    If it is not done now,it could lead to a 3RD post mortem,if Porntip's results are challenged.

    A request for a third post mortem will naturally conclude with usual demos and what not.

    Thankfully,a smart decision had been made today!Read the papers.

    CSI Kampong

  29. Anonymous2:46 am


    Of course MMA is just an association for the doctors. And same thing apply to the Bar Council - association for the lawyers.

    If the BC is allowed to function as a watchdog and also free to give press statement on any proceedings, therefore do we see any reason why MMA should be treated differently?


  30. Anonymous6:20 am

    We Know What she did Last Summer to the autopsy of Tak Bai massacre victim.

  31. Anonymous7:49 am

    Why Malaysia can't produce someone like the legendary Dr Pornthip? Because Malaysia are racist.

  32. Anonymous9:13 am

    Better start waxing the body to be like that in Madam Tussauds to prevent it from further naturally decomposed..

    How long they need to keep on butchering that dead guy body in and out from the grave?

    Pity his soul..some people ought to have a good nite sleep from now on.. only the dead know whom they are..the restless soul haunting the restless mind of the culprits..

    halloween passed..?

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  33. Anonymous10:15 am


    Dr.PORNO arrested in Thailand for circulating false information!

    As of today Go-Bin Sink and his Fuckatan Stalwarts are looking for another forensic EXPERT to spin their claims.

    It is noted that they are looking for another actor to act as THE forensic EXPERT. Preferably a PORN actor (easier for Go-Bin to get, cause' real actors don't want anything to do with it).

    And here are the top few names mentioned: - Ron Jeremy (Porn Star legend), Maria Ozawa (Must color her hair)... Closer to home - Eli Wong (Also must color hair and lose the specs), Chua Soi Lek (Can make it look more credible) AND... they are leaning more on him... Anwar Ibrahim! (Gay Porn) NOW he can speak through his ass and people will still BELIEVE him! .

    There you have it, who will Go-Bin and Fuckbunch will choose? Only time will tell.



  34. Unspinners Fan, Alizul, Anon who wrote about arrest of Dr Pornthip in Bangkok,

    Yes several people have been arrested according to the news here BUT there is no indication or confirmation that Dr Pornthip is among those arrested.

    Thank you.

  35. Anonymous11:29 am

    Not The Nation weighs in on rumors

    Nov. 03 2009 - 10:38 pm
    View comments (1)

    The first story is of Dr. Pornthip being arrested for spreading rumors that everyone will eventually die. The best part is the last paragraph.

    The second story is about a raid on the WHO. WHO is a UN organization so they wouldn't raid it (they should have gone for someone using WHO statistics and not going after WHO, that would make it more analogous).

    The third story is about the arrest of all stock traders.

    BP: Actually, really only liked the first one.

    btw, in case people are not aware, Not The Nation is faux news, like The Onion


  36. Anonymous11:50 am

    possibility is that TBH was beaten up like hell(like ah long's victim)and when he got dizziness due to the beatings,was about to faint he was thrown out from the window while sitting on the chair,thats why the body posture of him lying on the ground looks a bit weird.there are many murders they claim was suicide in malaysia especially if the dead person is
    a suspected criminal or a mental psychiatric ward,KL and tanjung rambutan ,there are also many deaths claim to be suicide,more easier to assume the dead person commit suicide because orang gila more easy to bully and too dumb to complain

    God Knows

  37. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Instead of pushing shit uphill, a full panel of qualified experts should conduct one final autopsy together, rather than disputing one finding after another.

    Or, grill the last person who spoke and saw TBH alive for more information. It is quite likely that the last person knows more than the first and subsequent persons

    Gobind should consider this, 'in the interest of justice', the Pakatan's favourite slogan.


  38. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Hm yes. Notice there is no confirmation from other Thai media yet.

    But most of the Thai media is anti-royalty & pro-human rights if not outright. Maybe they trying to find a way to manage or spin this. Dr. PORNtip is a cause celebre to them.

    or maybe Police want to interrogate her first before releaseng a statment. I think the stock manipulation scandal has many big players. the police may want to get names from her and who behind whole thing. otherwise if this arrest is publicised imediately the big fishes may flee the country.

    Looks like not the Nation which is a news portal jumped the gun or didnt get memo to hush hush. but the not the nation publish news other Thai news website do not print or want to print. Sometimes days in advance


  39. Yea, why not a second foreign expert.

  40. Anonymous2:25 pm

    dr.who? Get lost u pakatanist..jirk. Dzul pekida melaka.

  41. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Anonymous 7.49a.m

    Malaysia racist??..

    First we must have one school system..
    then all the newspaper must either in Bahasa Malaysia or english...
    then no more TV8, all the racist channel in know what channel..
    then don't ever questioned the constutution on what have been agreed between Malay,Chinese and Indian..

    then...YOU CAN TALK!!


  42. Rocky,

    Thank you. I've in fact acknowledged that by inserting an update to my post.

  43. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Halo Gobind..,

    Perhap you should invited Maria Ozawa the real porno filmstar as she now in indonesia. That thailand forensic is to old for you to make tiger show infront of.

    Gabansink potongdua

  44. skilgannon10666:36 pm

    There are good forensic pathologists in Australia, the UK, the US and Singapore with the necessary qualifications and track records.

    Why not get one of them to work with Dr Pornthip, but publish an independent report? In that way, any concerns about possible bias could be addressed.

    Openness and transparency - shouldn't Gobind Singh be supporting this?

  45. Anonymous8:24 pm

    dr porntip arrested in thailand? I dunno if real or not.

    But got this in email inbox today. dunno if correct?

    Time: 1534 (gmt+6)
    Date: 5 November 2009


    BANGKOK - Responding to rumors of the arrest of famed pathologist Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunand in connection to the Thai Stock Market Scandal, Bangkok police have declined to confirm if Khunying Pornthip is in their custody.

    Speaking to a select group of reporters in the Bangkok Police HQ, police spokesman Lt. Lulwut Yurhapwned refused comment on questions regarding Khunying Pornthip and any rumored connection to the recent scandal. The Thai Stock Exchange was previously affected by false rumors of the King's death. It is suspected the false rumors were insidiously engineered to affect the stock market to gain illegal profits.

    "We are not in a position to comment now. It may affect the investigations into the case"

    Lt. Lulwut also reminded newsmedia and irresponsible parties not to further spread rumors without confirmation.

    "The police will make an announcement shortly", he added. "Please don't speculate now".

    It is learnt a gag order has been imposed on the media to not comment or report on the case until further notice.

    Calls to Khunying Pornthip's family were not returned.


    my opinions is its 80% true. maybe we shud wait few more day?

    but pakatan people is scared now. hehe.


  46. Anonymous12:51 am

    Why border about getting it right at the 2nd autopsy when the third, fourth and so on and so forth would be very much better of for Govind?


  47. Anonymous12:56 am


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    The scene is within a room, the city lights slowly flickering out as the old father time points his hands to 6 and a cuckoo pops out of somewhere and chirps fuckit, 6X.. In the background is a screen and a LCD projector is running with screen crawls running across about some important documents. In the corner, in the shadows , a Indian.Pakistani specky trannie sits massaging his limpid cock, while beside him 3 sliteyed, scarfaced characters sit smoking…..An Indian man with a receding hairline and a beard walks in reeking of alcohol but still in control of his senses. He yawns, unzips his pants and pisses a squirt of water onto the Indian trannie’s face..the other 3 Ah Bengs shout: Bos sulah mali oh!

    Singh: bring Tai Butt Hog in (sips coffee while a tube of ky-jel lubricant sits on the table next to cup and saucer).

    A slim Individual is brought in, the lights are dimmed.

    Singh:(clearing his throat while stroking his beard): well, what did you tell them, fuckarsed snitch. How dare you spill the beans......

    TBH: i didnt spill the beans, sir. They are still in the bowl.....I only spilled the soup. Honest!

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  48. Anonymous12:57 am

    Part 2

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    TBH: I gave them the lappie which I said was yours so I couldn’t give them no password though they kept badgering me for it .

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  49. Anonymous12:58 am

    Part 3

    RL; yeah….pakai tangan aje

    Singh/Malik : Ok boss!

    Singh advances as a pliant TBH eyes him with soulful eyes,..Singh ( soliloquy) : mmmmmm…what white thighs and those mounds of flesh..solid butt….mm nice shitty smell..oh wahe guru…oh nanak…oh hargobind….keep the temptation of Juburi away from me…(gritting his teeth, as TBH’s stretches his legs to reveal a moist, pinkish arsehole), Singh gnashing his teeth, his tongue about to loll out….) Holy granth sahib…..what virgin arse… eat your heart you told tart, even you hairy legs and thighs aren’t shapely his what more being white and smooth as satin plus your skinny butt, you are passé, now. Get more cock for you

    Malik; blinking back tears (soliloquy) : oh my passion for you was king, my singh. Alas ye have found a new flower leaving me a clover to cower in my dower. Ah. the love off a trannie like me nothing more than baby’s breath blowing in the wind to be trampled like a daisy, strangled by whimsy and drowned by a dreg of whisky. Oh..if the old man had not left Pakistan in search of Afghanistan and ended up in Baluchistan I would be a wazir in Waziristan, smoking the hookah and raping young boys. Now , I am trapped in Malaysia, trying to act Malay but ……….

    RL; Quicklah..we haven’t got all day. Malik, what are you mumbling and quit staring at his cock for…get to work

    Singh (plunges his fhands into TBH’s arse. TBH gags kahkahkah, Singh fiddles around in vacuum, feels something hard and yanks it out... a piece of hardened shit fills his palm),

    Singh: “fuckshit!, where the hell is it…(elbows soaked with shit he tries again..grabs at another solid object, more shit.,yells at TBH) : you shithead pig! Where is it…you don’t shit for months no wonder you let out old farts all over the place, constipated old boar!

    Meanwhile RL gets a call on his mobile phone……chibai! Is heard

    RL :what? they got all the evidence from a pendrive! found under the table. Shit (to TBH): what the fucks is this..THEY got the PD!!!!….

  50. Anonymous1:00 am

    Part 4

    TBH: Oh no…..alamak…how? oh now I remember……no wonder the officer asked me to do a few standups and sitdowns. I thought it was exercise for my tired legs. The PD must have dislodged then and slid down my trouser legs…shit..the Malays have outfoxed us once again. When will we ever get better of this master race………aw shit What are we to do now?.

    RL drags Singh aside while Malik begins licking TBH’s cock; (Chinese mandolin plays a slow ditty)

    RL : u r the lawyer..u know they will put him on the witness stand and break him to corroborate the evidence, we are finished. Our project Malaysia for Chingkians is doomed! We are finished shitheads. Everything is gonna ooze out like cum from the slutwhore I fucked just now. (Grabbing the last strands on abalding pate, he looks imploringly at Singh); do something, save our arses….oh..Kwan yin, Tua Pek Kong, Tiu Nah Mah..please get us outta of this…oh..what to do. Oh 9 emperors stop fucking ur empress and help thy disciple

    Singh: You chingkies are genius…come up with an idea

    RL: SHUT UP…please..think for me….please…(kahkahkahkah ni mm …(he gags as he starts to urinate and shit in his pants)

    Singh(whispering): We will kill him here and throwing the garbage outta here and make it look lie suicide. Get in touch with the cleaning contractor there pronto, lanchiau …(whispers instructions into RL’s ear..whose face gradually etches a smile) but first let me have him….

    RL: What an idea..exactly what I was thinking but couldn’t say..See I told u we chingkies are genius…our ideas travel through ether to reach your brain matter .

    Singh (to himself) pooddah cuni pundek. (To TBH) : you did snitch on us by giving them the PD… much were u paid, turncoat?

    TBH (protesting after shoving aside malik’s head rhyming up and down like a nodding donkey over his crotch) : I didn’t..honest..please don’t…

    Singh: yes you did…pigarse!! You male bimbo of a cocktease me have ur pink arse first traitor before my next move…(grabs TBh’s hands and yanks off his shirt, then Singh rips off his own trousers, violently kisses TBH’s pouty lips and tongues his arse. Then he mounts the table after straddling TBH and thrusts his dick into TBH’s arse thrusting away while screaming nahnahnahnah as TBH moans Kahkahkahkahkahkah)

    Stage Directions: Screen comes on again : injury to his anus could be caused by penetration with an object before his fall

    Singh: you want some freaking orgasm…here let me cut off the gas to ur wanked up brains. (strangles TBH with his bare hands while cockthrusts intensify in rhtym) :

    Stage Directions : (Screen “ round marks on neck indicative of manual strangulation)

  51. Anonymous1:00 am

    Part 5

    stage directions: …(.In the background, 1Malaysia orchestra rises in crescendo, drum beats downing out other instruments, jengjengjengjengjeng ….Malik manages to get some drops of cum as the stage is darkened)

    (Announcement : Children are to be chased out of the theatre!!)

    RL (shouting Singh): The cleaning contractor, Wong Lin Kun, has agreed to spare the services of a janitor. meeting place at the carpark and thence to fifth floor via unCCtved entrance. Garbage trolley also available.

    Singh nods as he digs deep within riding TBH’s back like a demented cowboy… he is in deep ecstacy, his lips pursed, eyes closed…oh bhindranwale, I see you on the golden pond on a lotus frond…..oh wahe guru wahe guru oh wahe wahe cum eh..oh nanak..oh Gobind..oh hargobind ohhhhhhhh cum cum cum…om padme padme cum ….ahhhh…ahahhhhh…ahhhhhhhh……awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    (he whacks TBH on the head with a truncheon and throws the torn-arsed TBH io the floor, TBH manages to pick himself up and quickly slid into his clothes)

    Screen comes on : blunt force applied directly to the skull

    He tries groggily to make for the exit but is .blocked by the Ah Bengs. Suddenly, Singh grabs him by the trouser belt and his trousers are ripped open at the back…holding TBH close and eyeballing him, Singh sneers, his teeth gnashing!!)

    Singh: Titfucking arsewhore, cumdrinking, pigshit of a trannie whore…you double crossed us and now trying to run away ah….sorry your time’s up.: this is what we do to traitors..

    TBH: please..puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze. I didn’t d anything…(crying) let me go…I wont talk, I will do a Bala, I promise……..u lot wont see me again..puhleese I got an unborn kid…(pleadingly) please let me go. I am afraid of heights……

    Singh dangles him over the ledge…TBH looks down, the height gets to him, he swoons and passes out:

    (Stage directions: Screen comes on: “ may have been alive when he hit the ground but was unconscious before falling.)

    RL: throw the bastard out. He is lying again to save his arse. We don’t need him anymore…nuisance…bastard running dog.. Send him to the real underworld where he can lay with corpses, play with them ghosts and parlay with them ghouls. All we need to fete his ghost are paper money, waxed duck and with some luck he meets up with a petrified sow and lives happily ever after in the arms of that cow away from now

    Voice of a Woman: Yes.. throw him out for such is a heartless wimp that turned me into this blimp with his unborn imp of a chimp. Oh how can ye usurp me in thine heart with that tart. Oh how the stars and the full moon weep at my sorrowful peep of being made cheap. Perchance, a better pig awaits me in his sty on this tender night to forever remove the blight from my plight…(beating her tummy) oh….we sailed the waves of passionate ecstasy and embraced an illusion distilled by alchemy now harsh reality lifts my visage to the face of calamity, just desserts for our iniquity in the laps of infinity.

  52. Anonymous8:26 am

    Hey Anon @ 1:00 AM

    That should be made a thriller, box office material ...

    hee hee hee

  53. Anonymous8:52 pm

    All these UMNO sicken maniac just can't stop for a minute to think about the racist policy that UMNO has been putting up against other races in the country!

    Now we have a person die in MACC building, a person who was going to marry the next day! A person who has no financial problem, and a person who has nothing to do with corruption...even if he did, a merely RM 2000 for a few hundred Pakatan flags also get suspected for bribery...YET...all those UMNO freak still think getting a 2nd Autopsy is Pakatan's is absolutely the same thing that happen in Thailand, where the government is covering up the truth and put a person professionalism at risk...this is so ridiculous...UMNO..wake up please! we are no longer living in the world of UMNO = Malay, MAC = Chinese, MIC = INdia..we are living in the world of Pakatan = for ALL...all these stupid racist people...

    Steven Seagal

  54. Anonymous11:20 pm




  55. Anonymous11:30 pm


    Pakatan is for losers who want to be in power and collect money but fail to do so. No difference with BN. Only that they are sore losers!!!!!

    Pakatan is just another tool of the New World Agenda. Just like what they did in Thailand and other 'reformatted' sovereign countries!.

    Such fool pakatan people are!.

  56. Anonymous5:08 pm

    As far as i know, there are more stupid fucking racist in holy disguise inside that Fuckatan Riot compared to UMNO/BN or any so-called freedom movement in this world..PR are bunch of screwed up fucking racist hypocrites & pretenders..

    Masquarading behind the so called Equality, Meritocracy, Democracy, Non-Racist, Freedom , blah..blah..yada..yada..
    yeah right..fuck you all..

    Don't take everybody as stupid as yourself lah fucking steven seagal..siege deep inside your own asshole for your path of light first (if you can find any) before talking cock to us..

    we already know PR true fucking color & fucking obvious day by day..annoying & irritating racist chingkie-piggy-supremacy dominated you Fuckatan people really are..did u know about that or not?
    Bet you don't coz you do sound like an idiot to us.. try convincing us again with whatever leftover grey matter (if any), make it another bigtime like your worshipped Lord BABI The Great Grand National Sodomizer.

    here's a token for you your own shit


    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  57. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Dear Anti hindraf & ultra chingkies, & anonymous 11.30pm,

    ha! see, this is how a UMNO racist would reply and said so, UMNO for Malay, MCA for Chinese, MIC for Indian again...and again..blah blah blah...

    Despite the fact that the commission is set up by your very own BN- UMNO government and approved the Dr Porntip statement and approved 2nd autopsy, STILL...these UMNO freak is making noise and refuse to accept the fact...isn't that clear the racist propoganda has poluted all UMNO-ish mind...ha...the more you shout, would only prove 1 thing for sure..BN is a racist government where comprises of only race base party...LOL - pandan muka UMNO...( i think you are very happy paying tolls, and corruption money to the police, and who knows! you are one of them taking the money too....that's why you are still supporting them....LOL..)

    Steven Seagal

  58. One question for you,
    I stoppedreading your blog months ago. May i ask, what the shit happening to you ?.
    How much did you sell your soul to the Devil?.

  59. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Most of the comment consist of vulgar words and those kind of people who give vulgar comments have big potential will be going to hell when they die. Repent and please give a truth comment with proper evidence. Don't just make comment "main cakap saje".

  60. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Hack again?!