Monday, November 16, 2009

Twelve million

Dear Visitors,

Some things haven't changed. The thrill of your visits, for example.
In A Million thanks, a posting I did on the occasion of my first 1 million visitors back in March 2007, I was "huddled with Jeff Ooi of Screenshots at the solicitors' office discussing the NSTP's lawsuit against us". Jeff is an MP now and I am back with the Malay Mail, and we are fighting that lawsuit still. Edmund Bon my lawyer and I met the other day. He said the trials may start in January 2010 and we'll need to meet again real soon.
Que Sera Sera, The thrill isn't gone, baby.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the 12 million visits.


  1. Roti Canai Sedap Punya12:28 pm

    But Tukar Tiub is fast catching up to your blog!

    Watch out!

  2. Anonymous12:30 pm

    WHOA!! 12 million!

    That just shows that your blogging have that extra OOMPPH! that keeps us coming back for more, including the ones that says "I'll never come back to your blog." Well they always do come back don't they? Ha ha ha...

    Congrats and may u win the lawsuit.


  3. Anonymous12:41 pm

    BroBru. Congrats. May you keep us instigated.

  4. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Tukar Tiub tak hot la Roti. Aku tengok korang bukan main advertise dia punyer blog merata tempat, bukan saja kat Rockys' Bru. Dasar orang dah lama merempat, camtu lah kot.. Dia ni ramai orang nak kena ingatkan, dulu cabut lari ke UK (macam rpk dengan bala jugak, tak de beza), dia tinggalkan taik kat sini habis kekawan yang masuk jel ada, masuk ISA ada, kena buang pun ada. Dia punya pasal, orang lain kena tanggung, lepas tu marah2 gomen lagi. Balik UK lah!

  5. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Maaf la ROcky, gua hot tadi sampai lupa nak ucap tahniah 12 juta kali!

    Lu Rock!

  6. Rocky's Bru.


  7. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Tak best pun tukar tiub. Nyesal gi tengok. Rocky Numbrrr 1!

  8. Rocky,

    May you reach millions more!

  9. emzee2:03 pm

    Congrats bro,

    and you've done that in-style that none can match.

    ~your fan from day 1

  10. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Tahniah Bro....

    Moga the numbers will double soon..

    cpot cdut

  11. antunomor2:15 pm

    Hope for the best for you & Jeff on the coming trials.

    I hope they should be more prompt to haul up those bloggers and news portals who publish rubbish bordering sedition without any fact & figures to support their rubbish publications.

    And, congrats on the 12 millions.

    Numbers at Tukar Tiub has no meaning when one read the stuff he writes... the many numbers may reflect the many lalats swarming the pooh! pooh!

  12. Way to go My brother Rocky! You are the man! Congrats bro!

  13. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Tukar tiub? kah kah kah kah kah kah kah..tu je dia tau..yg masuk sana pon nak tgk tu je..PKR pon dah serik nak bagi dia organise apepe..bontot jugak die tunjuk...
    kah kah kah kah kah kah....

    Rocky lu rock la brader..

    .. Seorang toko wartawan salepas die retire pernah cakap tentang PM pada waktu itu, 'We cannot protect him anymore'
    We see you turning into the same calibre.


  14. It isnt easy
    Rocking the 12 million visitors
    Now you got it

    Say may say many things
    It is each to his/her own
    Let them parade here
    Allowing them the choice

    Each of us must have our rights
    In whatever small ways to write
    In our society
    Multi-cultural religious background
    And the cauldron of political cake

    So next year your own battle
    May Allah be with you through your trials
    Be like Samy NST drop the case
    Let freedom shine in our lives
    As well as you saudara Rocky

  15. Anonymous3:53 pm

    takziah bro, eh, tahniah heheh

  16. Roti Canai Sedap Punya4:12 pm

    Sambungan kat atas Tukar Tiub takleh jalan. Hang gi sini kalu mo access

    Harap Rocky dapat beri cabaran sengit kat blog ni pada masa masa yg akan datang

  17. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Yes, despite the disgruntled 'few' who accuse you of changing camps, as though one must stick to the wrong side forever or lose a wife!


  18. Anonymous4:41 pm

    4 every hit u get a RM1, means that you would have made RM12 million by now. Why dont you experiment ... have a RM12 a year fee to enter the blog.


  19. Anonymous4:50 pm

    woit Anon 12:47PM, bodohnya hang !!
    RPK,Bala dan TT,mereka semua cabut kerana tak nak ditangkap oleh Rejim jahat UMNO !!

    Takkan nak duduk kat rumah tunggu di gari.... dan takkan anon12:47PM tak tahu sekarang kat Malaysia Hakim2 semua boleh di beli !! tengoklah kes Lingam !!!IGP pon jahat2 belaka...

    Mereka semua cabut ni bukan kerana takut, tapi tak nak mati katak di bawah tangan hantu2 tu !!

    Omar Goh

  20. bro rock,

    Congrate let u play catch up with chedet's blog. How much harris ibrahim vistiors nowdays?

  21. Anonymous5:36 pm

    The Thrill will never be over for A Good Lad.

    Boon Lay Bird

  22. Congratz bro. 12 million is a prove that u're the most popular non politician blogger.

    keep it up.

  23. Jaga Kilang6:04 pm

    The chief priest of Malaysia's Sikhs explains how the word 'Allah' has been used in their scriptures since it was written hundreds of years ago.

    He says people who try to impose restrictions or obstruct others, like Sikhs, from using the word 'Allah' either do know the truth, or do not want to know the truth.

    He shows several lines as examples from the Sikh Holy Book where the word 'Allah' is used.

    Watch this amazing video to understand his explanations.

    Rocky apa pendapat lu?

  24. Anonymous6:50 pm

    TAHNIAH. Semoga Tuan berjaya menangkis saman berkenaan.

  25. Sdr Rocky's Bru

    1. Saya adalah ahli PAS dan saya juga peminat blog sdr.

    2. Posting sdr perihal PAS kadang-kadang tepat, memanglah pedih. Ada juga posting yang tidak betul, tetapi itu adalah persepsi sdr yang adil & saksama.

    3. Posting hal ehwal semasa seperti IJN, Synergy Drive, BERNAS dll amat tepat serta menguntungkan masyarakat.

    4. Sdr juga kelihatan bersungguh-sungguh membuat posting yang adil tanpa bias walaupun sdr berada dipersekitaran media kerajaan.

    5. Akhir kata tahniah ! dan semuga Allah sentiasa merahmati sdr.

    Takbir !!!


  26. u deserve it.

    i would say by far the most consistent and most reliable blog.

    one which never take sides, but instead one which truly sheds light.

    you do not care if it is BN or PR, but only the truth and in this days, the truth is hard to come by.

  27. Tahniah...teruskan blog anda

  28. tony leung9:29 pm

    kepada semua yang perasan liberal tapi sebenarnya dalam hati racists yg anti-islam dan anti-melayu, sila pergi ke blog bernard khoo aka zorro untuk enjoy sesi onani yang menyeronokan. blog tu dibuat khas untuk engkau orang. kasi hits dia banyak sikit supaya nampak lebih popular dari rocky bru.
    suka hati aku la nak kata apa. blog rocky ni ada freedom of speech hehehehe

  29. Anonymous9:38 pm

    i don't see your writing is interesting..just bodek umno only..

  30. Anonymous10:39 pm

    BroBru, hopefully you will win the lawsuit. May God bless you and your family, INSYAALLAH.

  31. congrats bro.information is key and this is what obama had to say

    "I think that the more freely information flows, the stronger the society becomes, because then citizens of countries around the world can hold their own governments accountable," Obama told students during his first-ever trip to China. "They can begin to think for themselves."

    Now some can understand why our govt tries to control the media and even the internet cos they do not want to be accountable nor allow us to think for ourselves. some of course spin the story. The prefer to control what we read, feed us information and limit our thinking so that they can go their merry way and be in power and do what they like while enjoying on tax payers benefit.

  32. Anonymous10:45 pm


    They say they will desert you for spinning lah, for bias lah, for being paid lah, blah blah blah

    12 million says it all

    Yo Rocky Bru rocks ...

  33. congratulations
    to you bro bru, why not make something to commemorate the occasion while helping out at the same time? :)

  34. 12 mil congratulations for the years of consistent bru, rocky!

    hope you and yb jeff win your case against nstp.

  35. Alex-Sweet7:23 am

    Congratulations Rocky Bru!!

    And where is the celebration? Hopefully next year you'll get 24 million visitors.....

    Bravo to the most 'democratic' blog in M' the most open minded blogger.....!!! Tabik to you.

  36. Jaga Kilang,

    That one very simple puzzle to explain.... we muslims LOVE the consistency of the sikhs. When they use the word Allah, they use it everywhere and all the time. They don't use it blasphemously. This ALLAH that the sikhs mention do not wrestle with human beings (and lost!), do not beget children, do not award sin to the entire human species just because their grand, grandparents ate some kind of citrus fruits eons ago, do not send a hypothetical son to die so that this inherited sin can be washed. In fact, from the way I understand it, the purity of this ALLAH taught by the sikhs parallel so much the ALLAH taught by the muslims.

    But the Christians way of handling the word ALLAH is different:

    (i) The GENERAL global christian population do NOT believe that ALLAH is the name of that God that sent Jesus Christ (and Mohammed too). In fact, the standard operating view (SOV) of worldwide Christianity is that their biblical god do not have a name. If He ever has one, it would be Yahweh, as written in the old testament, and certainly not Allah.

    (ii) Try telling the Black Mass adherents of the Philippines, the Lutherans of Iowa, the Methodists of New Zealand, the Mennonite Evangelicals of Netherlands, the Presbyterians of Scotland, the Lutherans of Napa Valley or the Catholics of Portugal that the name of the deity that they have been worshipping all this while is ALLAH, you'll get a beating faster than you can say "Tak Aci!!".

    (ii) The word ALLAH is ONLY to be used for the MALAY bibles. Why? Because they say the translation of the word "God" is "ALLAH". This is not true. The translation is "Tuhan".

    (iii) The word ALLAH is ONLY to be used for the MALAY bibles, even though they know the translation is wrong. Why? Because it makes conversion efforts easier.

    (iv) Imagine if we were to change the first Rukunegara to "Kepercayaan kepada Allah" instead of "Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan". I don't think those same opposing voices (who may neither be Christians or Muslims, but get in the foray of disagreement after all just because the malay govt is on the other side and thus a chance for conflict) would be nodding in agreement.

    (v) Is the instruction to insert the word Allah coming from the Pope? If so, get him to officially say so (in a documented decree). Then get him to endorse that the word IS the name of the deity, the same deity that sent Mohammad, the same deity that sent the Quran (thereby asserting the truth of the Quranic statements regarding Jesus etc), and THEN get him to instruct all the other bibles in the world (at least for the catholics) should follow suit.

    (vi) If the answer to (v) above is NO, then this means that the local Christian leaders are acting autonomously and not according to instructions from the Vatican. The local Episcopate should report this to the Vatican while the local authorities should charge Father Lawrence (or whoever laa... they all look the same to me) with trying to trick the local muslim masses with an ideology abhorrent to the local populace and disbelieved by their superiors.


  37. Anonymous9:50 am

    March 2007-November 2007 : 32 months

    11 million hits

    11m/32 = 343750 per month

    343750/30 days = 11458 per day

    11458/24 = 477 hits per hour which works out to 8 hits per minute

    and i have smoothed out the spikes and the surges which were apparent since November last year.You are da man, bro, the best unbiased "who says it as it is" blogger in town.

    Tukar Tiub who? some cuntworm or better a pigcock blasted cunthole in which the banshees huddle and yodel the kahkahkah mantra ad infinitum as the world passes them by on the outside..poor thought sodomised bastards who are suckers for cyber garbage.

    someone mentioned haris ibrahim.Now that one elicits a jolly good guffaw...kahkahkah indeed. thanks for the joke dude, had me rolling awhile there.

    Anyway, bro, keep rocking man.. you have virtually eclipsed the rest in sopo..except for the statesman, DR M that is and doing that is no mean feat.Jd summed it up best....

    and Sallyaww...good of you to admit an unassailable fact...awwwwwwwww.

    Warrior 231

  38. tony leung11:44 am

    kepada melayu melayu yang kononnya dah bagus sangat sampai tak perasan diri sendiri melayu,
    anda dinasihatkan pergi ke blog haris ibrahim, penyokong tegar pakatan. anda dibenarkan beronani disana puas puas. kalau nak hina agama sendiri pun kat situ boleh sebab digalakkan oleh haris yang juga penyokong kuat ayah pin, qadyani dan lain lain ajaran yg memesongkan akidah umat islam. pegi lah engkau orang ramai ramai kesana untuk menaikkan hits kat blog dia supaya nampak lebih gah dari blog rockybru ni.

    kalau engkau orang teringin nak sokong sex bebas pulak, pergi lah ke blog anteras, melayu yang kononnya islam tapi menyokong konsep polyamory. dia ni pun penyokong pakatan yang idolanya anwar ibrahim. polyamory tu binatang apa? check sendiri la kat google. aku cakap kang engkau orang tak percaya pulak. blog anteras ni tak berapa popular, pergi la tolong bagi hits dia tinggi sikit. kesian dia tak cukup kaki nak buat orgy session.

    rocky, best la blog engkau ni. boleh tulis macam macam. tak de kena halau macam blog blog pakatan. gua caya lu. heheheheh

  39. Anonymous11:57 am


    Hanya satu permintaan... If you can use your blog to, monthly highlight the plight of the very very unfortunate poors and needy..

    1case per month, or one state a month in a year dah 12/13orang dapat kita sama2 bantu eh?


  40. Anonymous12:03 pm

    12 Million... ya lor!
    Cos people like to read SPIN stories, the more bizzare is the spinning, the more hits you will get...

    so Rocky Bru... keep on spinning... I too love to read all the Spins...


  41. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Mr Rocky.

    Congratulations. We are grateful,

    Ron Da

  42. Congrats Bro, you are the man..

  43. iskandarshah2:29 pm

    12 million...Wowwee!!


    Hey Tengger...wah you very good want to regurgitate what the Pakatan Fuckers and K (ular) macais keep on saying about Rocky.
    the spinner is Malaysian Insider-lah.
    (*singapore-backed-malaysian insider: started with the help of the new straits times when kali-ular was controlling the newspaper with brendan P. riding and now capitalising on the media that kali himself was attacking...haha )

    Tioo bad Rocky is saying things YOU dont want to hear, He gives his opinion. obviously you must want to know hsi opinion, that's why you come here.

  44. Brought Here by NSTP3:10 pm

    Hmm! I was actually brought here by NSTP's suit against you. After visiting your blog however, I was disappointed. But I kept visiting your blog, in spite of my continuing disappointment, just in case someone else wanted to sue you, and I would have first-hand information on what caused the subsequent suit or suits against you. But frankly, I have now come to the realisation that no one in his or her right mind would want to sue you on the basis of the bland and boring blog postings that you have put up.

    Anyway, NSTP's help is seen in other ways: would Jeff Ooi have won his seat if NSTP hadn't sued him? I seriously doubt...

  45. PradBitt7:42 pm

    sorry, rocks. can i comment on what Brought Here by NSTP: of course, you may want to enlighten him/her a little.

    i agree with you. Rocky's postings are all so boring. that's why he riles up people.

    anyway, the contentious postings Rocky the boring blogger did on NSTP, Kalimula and the others whose names i don't recall -- have been deleted -- forced to by the court. I think.

    Brought Here By NSTP -- see you here soon.

  46. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Kalimoolah said Why dont you experiment ... have a RM12 a year fee to enter the blog.THEN You will be loaded to the brim

    You said " Jeff is an MP now and I am back with the Malay Mail," Remember you said you got VSS and now back again meaning Dua Kali loaded.... You must be a rich man now...GOOD LUCK TO YOU ...This is 1MALAYSIA...APA PUN BOLEH

  47. Rocky bro

    What do you think about this?

    Tiga cara dalam projek pembodohan Melayu.

    I'm sure you will agree with this 3 cara the Melayu dibodohkan by the 'gerombolan'.

    Cuba lihat, any comments?

  48. Sorry man I am not easily impressed, but until your reach 20 millions, may be!

  49. Anonymous10:13 am

    12mil..congrats bro!

    This blog do make me feel like home..nobody else do it as good as you..a real freedom of speech unlike the other syok sendiri fucktard hypocrite morons bloggers especially the Fuckatan Riot clan like RPK, Haris Pundek, the pariadom & chingkiedom freedom pervert domain et al.

    I still do not understand why the fucktard at the very top of comments has to bring the tukar lancau blog promo here..what's his problem anyway?

    And this statement..merely a reflection of a fucking distress jealous idiot with disintegrating grey matters:

    "But Tukar Tiub is fast catching up to your blog!"

    Macam budak spastik berak cirit je bunyinye..

    Must be a freaky mentally sick fella and stupid too and yet envy you so much Rocky..far from being professional..sound more like an old hag prostitute doing aggresive marketing strategy desperate for customers.....they still have a fucking loooonnnnggg way to go.. bunch of pathetic looser..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  50. Anonymous10:18 am

    HAHAHAHAHA... iskandarshah

    Congrats to you too. Your mind so simple n lop-sided leh.

    I read all in all the websites which are interesting incl chedet (so what do you call me then).

    But we also got brain to analyse which was right or wrong and form our own opinion, but your statement below,
    "Hey Tengger...wah you very good want to regurgitate what the Pakatan Fuckers and K (ular) macais keep on saying about Rocky.
    the spinner is Malaysian Insider-lah.
    (*singapore-backed-malaysian insider: started with the help of the new straits times when kali-ular was controlling the newspaper with brendan P. riding and now capitalising on the media that kali himself was attacking...haha )

    (as if I don't know... when young, kali came to my office for interview once... I did not take him in... )

    Tioo bad Rocky is saying things YOU dont want to hear, He gives his opinion. obviously you must want to know hsi opinion, that's why you come here."

    ... the above remarks showed how shallow a person you are!

    U yourself formed your own conclusion. How do you know I don't like to read what Rocky wrote? He got his own views, opinions and insider infos too.

    I read his writings, digest some, believe & don't believe in some, laugh at some, read n knew what was going on in the 'society n govt.' in some, read n laugh at some of the views from some contributers, read Warrior 231 remarks n sometimes his angry opinion always, and more..., sometimes he(RBru) spins, sometimes he don't... (his style changed since the 1st day he blog)

    see... how could I sounded... very good n want to regurgitate what the Pakatan Fuckers and K (ular) macais keep on saying about Rocky (as posted by you).

    In the end of the day, after all the reading in all the blogs, websites, etc., at least my brain is still free to form my own opinion and act correctly with fear or favour, or being biased or lop-sided.

    I am a God fearing person n I owe nobody a living and I work hard n was rewarded by God for all my gains. I don't depend on hands-out n neither am I corrupted and is on the take.

    But I think you, iskandarshah, owe me an apology. Why not be brave enough and post & withdraw your remarks then. Okay lah, forget about it lah...



  51. Roti Canai Sedap Punya11:35 am

    Some comparative stats on Tukar Tiub:

    August 2008 to November 2009 = 15 months = 455 days

    4.9 million hits in that period


    4.9m/15 = 326,000 per month (compare RockyBru = 343,750 per month)

    4.9m/455 = 10,769 per day (RockyBru = 11,458 per day)

    10,769/24 = 448 hits per hour

    448/60 = 7.5 hits per minute (RockyBru = 8 hits per minute).

    What does this tell you?



    When Tukar Tiub is 32 months also like Rocky's blog is now, you will see that it WILL HAVE HAD MORE HITS THAN ROCKY HAS.

    That's why I said Rocky, watch out.

    Tukar Tiub is the counterpunch to your pro-BN/pro-Mahathir soft propaganda.

  52. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Kita datang ini hanya sebagai tetamu senja
    Bila cukup detik kembalilah
    Kita kepadanya
    Kita datang ini kosong tangan dada
    Bila pulang nanti bawa dosa bawa pahala

    Smoke On the WATEr

  53. To those who serang Tukar Tiub, just read this blogpost by Tukar Tiub and then you tell me what it says is valid or not.

    I bet even Abang Rocky will agree with what Tukar Tiub has to say on this 100%.

    Betul tak Abang Rocky?

    Together, they are the top Malay-guy blogs in the Malaysian blogosphere.

  54. tony leung4:35 pm

    tukar tiub tu blog macam sial. tak payah buang masa nak layan. tu je lah aku nak cakap...peduli apa aku...

  55. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Eee! Roti Canai Tak Sedap macam cibai ni bila nak blah ni. Pegi mampusla kau ada brapa banyak hits pun. Bukannya BEST pun blog tu. Cara penulisan pun macam SAMPAH je. Dah lah Roti Canai macam Cibai Oii! Belah ajelah dari blog Rocky ni.

    You just don't have CLASS like Rocky to even compare with him and his numbers.


    Capati Sedap Punya

  56. Much congrats Rocky.

    Yes, I do checkout Rais's website frequently. There's not much effort expanded to provide the humor, the news & antics of the politicos in target does the job...

    TukarTiub (Aug'08-Nov'09, 15 mths) = 4.9 mil

    Rockybru (May'06-Nov'09, 42 mths) = 12 mil

    If we do the math, the rounded average is 327,000 ppl/month for TT & 286,000ppl/mth for RB.

  57. BrightEyes,

    Thanks for the input.

    The wonderful thing about Tukar Tiub is that he provides his opinions.

    For example, like the latest news about Najib going around to Sulawesi to secure land for growing rice for Malaysia.

    Why can't we keep our prime paddy lands instead of giving it away to rich developers?

    This is the argument provided by Tukar Tiub.

    Rocky, on the other hand, has low-value for its opinion. Same as Nuraina Samad, who is a classic cut-and-paste blogger.


  58. Cencaluk4:47 pm

    Bang Rocky....

    bila nak pasang hyperlink ke laman web Tukar Tiub kat blog abang?

    senang skit nak pegi sana.....

  59. alexandra7:39 pm


    i don't quite agree.
    yeah. sure, tukartiub (trying hard to get hits by coming to Rocky's Bru -- and someone compared the statistcs during corresponding periods...hello...Rocky started from scratch and got hits...tukartiub tumpang here and everywhere, including advertising in nuraina's Jalan. what a cheap trick)
    may give his own opinion.

    so does Rocky, and Nuraina too.
    so what cut and paste? to show us the news reports, allowing us to give our views on issues published in the newspapers or elsewhere.

    your "criticism" is terribly misleading. but it's yours and shows you up.

  60. syedali7:41 pm

    venom -- alaah...buat kerja untuk tukartiub.

    commentors macam venom lah gunakan popularity Rocky's Bru nak mempopularkan blog dia.


    tapi..ikut sukahati-lah.

  61. awang7:44 pm

    rocky, bro.

    you're de best. kelakar nya..sah-sah tukartiub punya baruah2 di sini dok hebohkan dengan desperate nya blog tu.

    Hang publish komen2 depa. ada yang taks edar diri punay komen. ada yang mengutuk hang.

    hang publish jugak. hang betoi2 tak kisah.

    Gua caya Lu-la beb.

  62. aminahadi7:47 pm

    abang rocky,

    obviously using rocky to get the hits.

    (you know which blog I'm talking about-lah. the tiputiub)

    rocky steady saja, tak kisah.

  63. tukartiub is spamming your blog with his promotion, bro.

    nose not sharp, cheeks hang-hang. muka tak malu, as they say.

    the cheek of itall.

    the STARK difference between you and this lunatic blogger is so simple : TT is ANONYMOUS, therefore a bloody coward and you're ahiruddin attan, for all to see.

    tukartiub desperately trying to promote his/her blog which is THE RANTS AND RAVINGS OF AN ANONYMOUS LUNATIC.


  64. BTW, bro,


    Keep on bloggin' ...

  65. Congrats and good luck wth the trials.

  66. Anonymous1:50 pm

    aku tak pernah dengar pun nama hang ni walau aku dah pernah jadi stringer n writer sejak zaman a.samad ismail, ahmad sebi dll...aku harap jangan hang syok sendiri mesti ada misi dan visi jangan hampas aje...