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Scotland Yard, Interpol, ICAC Boleh ...

30 Nov: Art responds to Bru: Justice is an Illusion

Original Article 27 Nov:
Why MACC tak boleh? There must be a good reason why Scotland Yard, Hong Kong's ICAC and Interpol still stick to the practice of questioning withnesses after hours, right? If indeed they still do and according The Malay Mail this afternoon, that is the case.

The paper also says the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission is going to use this to appeal last week's controversial High Court ruling that the commission could only question witnesses during office hours.

Read the report by The Paper That Cares h e r e.

On 19/11, the Attorney-General said he would appeal the ruling. The Cabinet is also expected to discuss the ruling, which has already inspired DAP stalwart Karpal Singh to also demand that police stop "interrogating" witnesses after office hours. The Inspector-General of Police has said the High Court ruling did not affect the police but Karpal thinks it did [Karpal wants IGP to stop after-hours interrogation, The Star 20 Nov].

Well, I agree with blogger Syed Akbar Ali that in this case, the Court has acted really weird.

Excerpts [lclick here to read his entire posting]:
Now the Court has again ruled that the MACC cannot question or interrogate suspects outside of office hours. This is a stupid decision. So lets play with the permutations. Is it Government office hours or the suspects' office hours? A suspect could be a shift worker somewhere and work from midnite to 8 am. That is the time the MACC sleeps. To interrogate such a person during the MACC’s office hours (9am – 5pm?) may violate the suspect’s sleep time. What if the MACC decides to operate 24 hours like the 7-11 or mamak nasi kandar outlets? And they get their new ‘Dibuka 24 Jam’ office hours gazetted too? Or does the Court’s decision make it impossible for the MACC (and by extension the whole security apparatus of the country) to set its own time to do things?


  1. better book a ticket to mecca SOON bro before pintu tutup, tanda2 akhir zaman dahm mahakamah pun dah lintang pukang

  2. Rocky I dare say from the Cabinet, to the Judiciary and the Senate and everything else in this country have been compromised with the permeation of opposition-held values (read secretly pro-Opposition).
    My feeling is the reason being of every government machinery in the country is to topple the ruling government in a round about way or the jalan belakang way!
    Or either that the government has not got that strong resolve to just face their detractors face on like to throw Karpal Singh in a dust bin in Kamunting! The government should not give in to terrorists like the Bar Council and or to a group that actually believe that the government can be brought down by just threats from disgruntled groups such as the Hindraf! Come on Government show your balls or you risk losing those who support you when they start to lose their will to support you! Yes you the government! You, you I am talking to you damn it!
    Can you imagine Scotland Yard giving in to wacko opposition members!

  3. Anonymous10:25 pm

    You love to twist and turn always...dont you?

    If only the MACC plays its role properly, without being subservient to the Federal government's dictates...there will be no concerns on this matter.

    You chose to harp on this aspect only.

    Why not then go through the records of these foreign institutions and check if anyone has died in the course of interrogations...

    Kalau ada, then use that also to justify TBH's death and say that if a person can die when being questioned by a foreign anti-corruption institution, then why not TBH?

    And then also check if Scotland Yard delays in the prosecution of suspects, like the two frogs in Perak who were nabbed last year but were let loose till Perak state government changed hands this year.

    And look at the way the MACC witness and agents are answering in the courts...don't you see a scheme to now let the two guys go free and then they formally join BN?

    Or you want to plead that you are so naive that you cannot see such schemes? much from the "Paper that cares"


  4. Pemerhati10:49 pm

    Yes, I agree that the govt must act tough. Remember you owe it all to us your voters who voted you in. How can you bow down to the opposition parties? Just pack in Karpal again just to show an example. All the opposition will shut up. If the govt act soft, you'll lose in PR13 mark my words!
    TBH's death is not MACC's doing. Any stupid fool can see that MACC does not gain in doing so. In fact it has lost a star witness. Who gains from his death? Of course he who did all the wrongs that he blabbed about. Any fool can see that. I'm surprised why is the MACC so slow in taking action on all the culprits?

  5. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Do you really fear the govt so much that you will twist and turn any topic to please your political Master

    ArmNo Watcher

  6. Anonymous10:59 pm

    apa ni..malay mail free ka?

  7. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Hello Pasquale

    AKA Barking Magpie aka Rusdi aka the arsehole who is being sued by the former Ruling Familiy of Negeri Sembilan.

    ArmNo Watcher

  8. Screw MACC11:34 pm

    The problem with MACC is that witnesses it interviews outside office hours seem to have a tendency to "plummet" from windows and govt pathologists seem to like to classify the whole incident as "suicide". Typical Malaysian scenarios that doesn't seem to happen at ICAC and Scotland Yard.
    Interviews inside MACC offices whether during office hours or not have to be under CCTV all the time and the cameras must be working!
    And what is wrong with having lawyers present? After all, they are witnesses and not suspects. Why MACC takut lawyers ah?
    Malaysia is a country run by people with third world mentalities who are trying to emulate people in first world country with first world mentalities. But our local bodohs fail to achieve or even come close to the people of these first world country. why bother to try. Just admit we are blady idiots and that is why everything is SO FUCKED UP in this country!

  9. Jim Woo12:14 am

    You must be joking, to draw parallels between the MACC, Scotland Yard and Hong Kong's ICAC. God knows there's no comparison. The rakyat know too.

    Sometimes you make me laugh with posts like this. More often, though, people like you make my heart bleed for my country.

  10. Can we either follow everything the foreigner do or don't follow anything. Everyone is taking sides to every single issue in this country.

    Why can't we discuss objectively leaving the political preference. If TBH did not die, these developements wouldn't have happened.
    How many times the MACC has prosecuted the clear-cut cases. Did you read the Sun paper on 26.11.2009 (Thursday)

    What has happened to PKFZ?

    Do you think if it has happened in Britain or Hong Kong, Scotland Yard or the ICAC would silent as MACC.

    Why aren't the Selangor Exco's have not been brought to court if they have misused their funds.
    In bothe cases it is the public's money is involved.

    What are we telling the young Malaysians. It is ok to be corrupt at one side of the government and not on the other side.

    I wonder!

  11. Anonymous12:35 am

    Then bro, you also wont mind PDRM adhere to the same SOPs some of these overseas enforcement agencies practise too, right? Police officers must carry recorders and turn them on when making arrests. Video camcorders acting like black boxes attached to police vehicles. Miranda rights for suspects. So bro, are you ready to endorse these and tell our IGP to 'boleh' as well? If the shoe fits, right?

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  13. Anonymous1:00 am

    so now your friend, tuan syed is an expert on judicial matters?
    i would appreciate if you could get hold of the terms of reference of hk and scotland yard and interpol et al, and then comment and compare it to the macc.
    and ,rocky, why the need to have sentence like "Why MACC tak boleh?". yours is an english blog. choosing to use selective malay words would tend to slant your post, i believe. you are turning it into a malay vs non-malays. smart? no. sneaky? yes.


  14. CommonerNinetyNine1:09 am

    looks like it is easier to bring down a country by getting all those, whom hold hammers while giving sentences, in line.

    authorities can only work during office hours! i don't think weird is the right word to describe this ruling, hidden agenda may be more accurate.

    bad guys can have 12 hours cleaning up evidences! or having brain storming sessions with their lawyers on how to cheat out of their criminal activities! or best, can even sneak out of the country to avoid capture!

    pity on criminals means cruel on their victims.

  15. wishediwaswrong1:12 am

    This is Bolehlad, what!

    MACC, the Police, Immigration, Customs, hospitals, entertainment outlets, and even airports ought to abide by this ruling. Thieves, too. At 5.30 pm sharp: lights out and tools and shutters down.

    After all, what is, for example, several thousand backlog cases yet to be disposed off by an institution?

  16. Anonymous2:26 am

    I have worked in the government office for
    over 20 years and I fully agree with the
    court decision that the questioning must be
    done within office hours.

    Officers who worked extra hours may appear to
    be hard working but the government only asked
    one to work 40 hour week. With proper discipline
    one should be able to finish his quota of work
    within this 40 hour. Of course occasionally
    one may need to do a bit of overtime when the
    need arises. If one properly analysed the operations
    of the immigration department I believe it is one of the
    best run department in the civil service. Now the
    office doors are opened as early as 7.00amand closed
    by 5pm. Officers
    can come as early as 7 00 am and do all the ground work and ask
    suspects to a meeting at 9.00 and even if questioning
    can take 7 hours it would still be completed according
    to the
    Any reasonably dedicated officers should be able to work
    within the time frame.

    Do not assume that if an officer works all through the
    night he can be at his desk next morning producing
    high quality work. Macc officers should support this
    system because it is good for the family and the
    organisation. Remember a happy well rested worker
    is a good worker . Strictly with the punch system
    properly run, the macc could be better run. All the
    working in the night thing is hard to monitor and
    allows officers to ponteng a lot -galavanting elsewhere in the daytime.


  17. Anonymous2:32 am

    hmm.. pelik.. sangat pelik.. we be the 1 nation in the world which practice no interrogation after normal working hours.. bravo.. looks like more criminals will be super happy.. by the way if no interrogation means cops do not need to take any reports from public after office hour? this will be fun..
    wats with TBH death anyway? blaming MACC? wat does MACC gain from his death?? nway lets see wat will happen.. justice will prevail..

  18. Bro

    Is this Judicial Commissioner (JC) Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof is the same man as the one that should listen to Nizar case?

    Is he the same person that was a former to PAS law advisor?

    Hmmm... something is not right...

  19. Anonymous4:22 am

    Sometimes, an opponent's misplaced charisma and delusions of personal grandeur would prompt other people to just accept his arguments wholesale without them attaching any suspicions of incompetency. I am not sure whether it was Rene Descartes or Voltaire who, when arguing with an atheist and asked to give reasons for his belief in God, proceeded to say, "Sir, x^2 + y^2 = n^2, therefore God exists" and left his opponent dumbfounded and unable to reply back. In this case the eminent scientist was using non sequitur to strengthen his point, but in actuality it was his opponent's deficiency in Mathematics that caused him to be speechless.

    I think this is the case here with the judge in question. Kene sergah sikit with celebrity lawyer like Karpal Singh, sudah menggelabah and start agreeing, without doing his homeworks before hand. Well Judge, I hope you are reading this article by Rocky Bru. And I really hope you turn back your decisions. Not only is the ruling ridiculous, there have also been precedents. And next time remember this: never get swayed by any wheel chairing, loud-mouthing, "Let me go, I want to go to Parliament, I want to go to Parliament" turbanless Singh lawyers.

    Shame on you, judge.


  20. Anonymous8:00 am

    Dear Rocky,

    As you know Malaysia is "Special".
    We are the only country that practice vernacular school system.
    So interrogating only during office hours will be our next added "Specialty".
    I also understand that this will be extended to the Police Force working only during office hours. This is to ensure no overzealous criminal beating policemen will succumb to apprehend criminals after office hours when criminals are not supposed to be disturbed.

    Ms.Eu Mei Fatt.

  21. Anonymous8:32 am

    people perception is macc, police, judiciary, spr are not independent. and gov is not making effort to change this, neither these org make any efforts to stand up to the people and show they are independent. urban malaysian is getting more educated, and they want these bodies to be independent, by perception and reality. if these perception continues, then there will be risk that these org will slowly be attacked and penetrated by the pro-opposition value. these org members is human too, they have preference, but it seem in the org also, the preference is either you pro-gov or pro-oppo, which all wrong, they should pro-job and pro-responsibility.

  22. Rocky your arguments and that of OutSyed the Box sound rather pathetic. Karpal says "witness" You and Syed say "Suspect"! Stop spinning la!!

  23. Brunt Council8:44 am

    Hey Parameswara,

    A spin is when a fact is twisted to misrepresent the truth. WHat is so untruthful about the fact that all questioning method in the world involves doing it outside office hours.

    Bodoh betul. Kecik2 dulu apa pasal tak mati still born, besar menyusahkan orang dan masyarakat.

    If this is the game DAP is playing, it should STOP complaining about corruption anymore. After all, there are as corrupted as the BN they accused. In fact their grassroots are linked with communist terrorists and gangsters.

    This is just a ploy to save themselves from corruption charges. We know now that Wong Chuan How is being cahrged for corruption.

    Questioning method is up to the MACC as long there is no harm done.

    They way things are moving particlularly in the case of Awnar's sodomy trial, the judiciary is no more independent. It is now no more pro-justice but pro-opposition.

    Very soon if some DAP politicians are held for a criminal case, they will demnd the same on the police.

    Good then, crime prevention by police will work according to Government police hour. 4:15 sharp no more pick up of calls.

    By then DAP should not complain of crime. After all, the criminal activites in South Johor are bankrolled by their Singapore gangsters in the land of their PAP cousing across the courseway.

  24. Dewi Indraputeri9:06 am

    Rocky, what do you think of this? Jangan block komen aku yer, kalau kau jantan....

    Tengok la Bala punya interview baik-baik.......

    See all three videos here.

    Why no investigation or legal action against Bala if what he says is slander and is untrue? He is ready to come to Malaysia and settle the problem for once and for all. Why no action?

    Also, Mahathir squandered Ringgit 100 Billion of rakyat's money. Came out here in a well researched book. Why no news or talk or action about it?

  25. Anonymous9:39 am

    hi rocky

    McKerinchie here. I would like to retract my comment written late last night ( or early hours of this morning ) There i questioned your motive for using malay word "..Why MACC tak boleh? " that was written in an inebriated state and ill-thought out.
    Now in the morning light and sober, i realized you were just exercising your journalistic license and it was wrong of me to attribute any other reason for it.
    that said, please do not publish that comment.


  26. Anonymous9:51 am

    no doubt that TBH died within SPRM premises but it does not confirm that they did it. Let's the investigation take their due course. In any investigation, surprise element and speeds is very important to achieve a breakthrough in their chances to conclude the case. If the investigator is restricted to confined to do their works within office hours then there is highest possibility that a criminal suspect to destroy or intimidate their evident.
    YB Karpal is also a very famous lawyer but that does not means that all his clients is Really innosence and never commit the crimes. Some got away due to technical glitch. Most important things is that we always have to have a clear conscience in what we do. We might successfully defend a criminal who really committed a crime but as money is the drive then we forgot about conscience. A lawyer will never believe in justice until bad things happen to them or their loves one and then only they insist that the law enforcers work hard to nail the culprit.

    It's time that we all support our law enforcers to carry out their duty. May justice prevail.

    Loyar buruk said .....

  27. Anonymous9:54 am

    Why not then go through the records of these foreign institutions and check if anyone has died in the course of interrogations...

    G20 death: 'This might have been swept under the rug' - eyewitness

    • Second pathologist results known for a week
    • Crucial witness feels video evidence is vindicated

  28. Anonymous10:09 am

    Scotland Yard, Interpol, ICAC memang boleh. MACC tak boleh. sebab kena siasat keluar mati. dah mati pun tak senang. kena korek balik.

    hey rocky. tu lah bezanya MACC dengan Scotland Yard, Interpol, ICAC.

  29. Rocky please continue to champion what is right.
    Sometime, people just act on emotion, they don't look at the real issue. It is the way of MACC's interrogation in question NOT the working hours.

  30. I look at bar council as a collection of lawyers which many of them are just full of shits.

    They are out there to show they are relevant where else in many cases they are just out there to swindle our money legally.

  31. How can MACC compare to Scotland Yard? How dare they? Beside, Scotland Yard is not an anti corruption agency. Neither is Interposal. Interpol is only a corrdinating agency. ICAC? That was what MACC was trying to use earlier and they already disgraced ICAC.

    No. MACC. You are a big bad dude. You cannot compare your rogue organisation with these agencies.
    Shame on you.

  32. There were many deaths in custody of Scotland Yard. See:


    The commenter should have surfed and find that there are many deaths occured while in Custody of SY:

    So who is bullshitting? Certainly not rocky.

  33. JinHou11:58 am

    You're talking cock. In all those institutions, the public perception is still that they are independent and free of political influence. Unlike in Malaysia, where everyone knows MACC is under the thumbs of BN. Please don't compare your filthy MACC with those esteemed institutions.

  34. Anonymous12:08 pm

    The hospital is open 24x7x52x365 as sickness has no fixed timetable.

    The same applies to crime. Interviewing witnesses or suspects at the critical time is crucial to solving a case asap and prevention of more crimes.

    Follow the international standards not some desperate politicians' take on what should be practised.

  35. Anonymous12:22 pm

    the court's order is really a joke. and karpal's suggestion is even funnier...hahahaha. man, that's why criminals love lawyers.


  36. Striker12:44 pm


    The court said no, then no lah.

    Just shut up la.

    If in many countries people are shot to death for doing something, then we also must follow is it?

    Kita takde otak, rasa hati dan penilaian sendiri ke?

    Enough with your ridiculously pro-UMNO blabber.

  37. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Common sense lar Bro!

    ICAC in Hong Kong is way too professional, and as far as I know, they don't torture and kill people like what MACC did. Moreover, The Human Right Group in Hong Kong is strong, but NOT in Malaysia.

    Logically as a citizen of Malaysia, looking at so many happening lately, I can only say Malaysia government is very corrupted because something that's so common sense can be twisted.

    Look at Kota Seputih case, the Speaker actually have witnesses and evidence to indicate that the BN assemblyman was attending a function when he was supposed to be on MC;Furthermore, the date on the Medical Certificate is also wrong, yet how EC react? ...EC override Speaker's right...Common sense...anyone who use brain to think also can sense EC's intention..

    Steven Seagal

  38. Anonymous1:35 pm


    After 5.30 pm, MACC tak boleh
    Malaysia Boleh !!!


  39. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Hakim pun manusia juga ada perasaan. Buat keputusan kadang condong kiri & kanan. Bila kiri pembangkang setuju dan bila kanan kerajaan senang hati.Dacing yang jadi simbol keadilan rasanya tak diambil kira oleh para hakim yang kononnya bijaksana. Nak bangkang kena contempt of court pula.

    Dalam abad 21 ni mungkin wajar dipertimbangkan agar ROBOT dijadikan Hakim.


  40. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Rocky you posted something strong about ASIA SENTINEL in your Rocky Bru Page 2 (Asia Sentinel getting away with murder of Malaysia)

    Now that media has said something more serious :-

    You want to 'whack' them and defend the 'clean' leaders whom you are now trying hard to prop?


  41. Kretek Manis4:29 pm

    WITNESS LA yang tak boleh disiasat lebih dari kul 5:30 pm

    Bukan SUSPECT la NGOK kau ROCKY!

    Cukup la dengan projek membodohkan MELAYU kau tu!

  42. Fed-up4:57 pm

    Old Fart

    You are pathetically too senile to grasp any sense of logic and common sense.

    It's you that has been spinning excuses to never accept any logical explanation.

    Kesian now that you have deman yourself to labeling instaed of arguing logically.

    If you cant't argue properly, baik pegi pub minum sampai mabuklah, keling!

  43. some very pathetic arguments here.

  44. Anonymous5:56 pm spin story "makin lama makin jatuh standard dah" !!

    lu tengoklah sendiri muka ketua MACC Si Ahmad tu, boleh pakai ke ??? Orang seperti dia yg selalu cakap bohong patut dimasukkan ke penjara !!


  45. Anonymous6:19 pm

    shame on you. Can you please explain the word "suspect" & "witness" to your kids? ........... "bapa borek, anak rintik"

  46. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Now that you are back with Malay Mail, so you are talking like yr bosses. Look back at yr postings two yrs back. You are talking like a snake with forked tongue.
    Every body knows that you got BIG vss and now back to yr master's fold.

  47. Param Tak Suara7:32 pm

    So how much did Karpal pay the judge?

  48. Anonymous8:55 pm


    Are you not embarrassed to compare MACC with ICAC of Hong Kong, and Scotland Yard of the UK ? These institutions are full of bright people who act professionally with no political affiliation.

    Here, we have the MACC commissioner acting in cahoots with your bosses. And his convicted son is still working with a GLC. Symbiosis lah in Bolehland. Semua mau cari makan, including you when you took the job offered by UMNO.


  49. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Being Chief Editor of the Malay Mail doesn't mean that your muka(face) must be so tebal (thick) that you can even make such comparisons.

    All of my friends are rolling about in laughter on the golf course.


  50. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Steven Segal,

    It is difficult to have a rasional discourse with you which have corrupted mind. When did MACC killed one? What we are witnessing now, is a perception created from anti-BN elements in this country which try to implicate MACC and other state institutions in the country. There's no proof of you accusation. For all we know, it was DAP gangster who kill TBH. Until there is any evidence about MACC involvement in the case, everyone should not make any conclusion. But DAP and people like have going around the globe tarnishing MACC.
    And while discussing on MACC you brought in EC. What the fcuk you're talking here. Dah habis modal ke, dragging every other institutions into MACC's case. Get the fcuk of this country.


  51. Hakim tu add masalah dengan SPRM ke?

  52. Anonymous11:04 pm

    the ONLY reason Karpal Singh looked good is because there are so many idiots around.

    first, we have a JC whose declaration was based on... get this... Oxford Dictionary of English (Second Edition!)

    wow... the Second Edition, no less!

    the JC should write one of those for Dummies book on Criminal Law Procedure.

    then, we have an IGP who is prone to merajuk.

    last, but not least, an idiot for a Senior Federal Counsel, who can't argue her case well.

    the saving grace is that there are so many flaws in the JC's judgment that it should easily be overturned upon appeal.


  53. Anonymous11:54 pm

    ICIC, SY, Interpol can cause they are professional in their handling of suspects. Even video tape all their procedures wherelse MACC has not got a single shit!. Got a DG who is stupid as a cow also.

  54. Anonymous12:28 am

    Hello everyone, care to read the Centre for Independent Journalism's (CIJ) clarification as reported by Bernama?

    "Its executive director V. Gayathry said the association disagreed with the decision by the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat to bar an Utusan Malaysia reporter from covering its press conference.

    “CIJ believes that media professionals, regardless of the owners’ political affiliations, should be allowed to cover all public functions organised by the state,” she said in a statement here.

    On Wednesday, Utusan Malaysia reporter Abdul Yazid Alias claimed that he was asked to leave a press conference organised by the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat Elected Representa-tives Officers Association (Selproa) secretary Ng Yap Hwa.

    Gayathry said CIJ would also like to stress that while media should be allowed full access to cover public events and issues of public interest, they (media) should, on their part, give fair coverage.

    “The continued hostility between Pakatan Rakyat and certain Barisan Nasional-linked or controlled newspapers about alleged unfair and inaccurate representations have resulted in the media being denied access from Pakatan Rakyat events.

    “As the primary constituent of the two are public, the hostility affects the public’s right to know,” she said.

    Gayathry said CIJ reiterated that any restrictions on media organisations to cover public events was unacceptable.

    “On the other hand, public interests can only be served if the media is allowed to do its job in accordance to the principles of fairness and objectivity.

    “CIJ aspires for a society that is democratic, just and free, where all people will enjoy free media and the freedom to express, seek and impart information,” added Gayathry. "

    I wonder why Rocky did not give this update to his original blog?

    Maybe, because Gayathry stressed also " while media should be allowed full access to cover public events and issues of public interest, they (media) should, on their part, give fair coverage".

    But 'fair coverage' is a very alien term to the MSMs?

    Because they are 'conditioned' to accepting 'instructions' from the BN aligned bosses who tell them how to say and what to say as long as it serves their interest to topple Pakatan state governments of late?

    No surprise if Rocky stays mum on this aspect/request by Gayathry.


  55. Anonymous2:08 am

    so can only be productive after office hours ke ?


    is it overtime claims bagus ke?

  56. Anonymous3:33 am

    Actually we can't blame the judge because they basically follow what is written in the text law. Sometime they might give out some "stupiak" judgement because they have to follow text of law. The problem then is the text of law, if the text of law written there 8 to 5, then the judge have to say its 8 to 5 even though its stupid. The next course then is for the law makers (Wakil Rakyat) to make amendment to text of law, in this situation, just propose the parliament to change what ever necessary. Still, its rather stupid judgement, but what to do? that what was written and nobody have ever thought about it.

    The Kapal karam Sigh can say things like that because he is not in the shoes of the police or MACC, if he is in their shoes, he will also scream "stupiak" decision, the same goes to DAP supporters here.


  57. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    1. The Court decision is subject to appeal;

    2. Off working hour interviews (not amounting to torture) must be allowed;

    3. I had some expeience with the old ACA;

    4. I was interviewed in connection with a statutory declaration by an ex-banker that implicated Anwar Ibrahim;

    3. At my request or with my consent, some interviews were held late in the evening when I was off duty;

    4. I don't think it's a good idea to regulate how enforcement agencies should carry out their duties beyond what is written in their Act;

    5. Element of surprise is needed when dealing with known criminals, suspects and witnesses;

    6. In the ACA case, I was a witness.

    Thank you.

  58. This is all a DAP ploy to coverup their corrupt, criminal and subversive activities.

    They emulated Anwar Ibrahim's perception game to steer the public attention away from news of their association with unsavory activities such as gangsters, communists terrorists, gangland murder of Teoh Beng Hock, siphoning public donation, and a drug bust at Penang Airport.

    This judgement proves the court is fearful the opposition and have not been dispensing ruling for justice without fear or favour.

    The has no business to interfere in the modus operandi of MACC. Their role should have been focus to safeguard the rights of witness and suspects, and to ensure no false confessions are made.

    Read the DAP wrongdoings they wish to be coverup and get the link here

  59. I think the issues here, resulting from the judge's interpretation of "working hour". I disagree with the arguments that he put to justify the rilling and find it a bit awkward if not a bit too narrow.

  60. Jerlun7:32 am


    Ku Li dah KOYAK RABAKKAN ENGKAU dgn NAJIB kah kah kah

    He noted that the government's response "violates the letter and the intent of a solemn agreement signed between each state government and Petronas under the Petroleum Development Act which is written in plain language that even schoolchildren can understand.

    "The constitutional rights of the people of Kelantan are denied.

  61. Rocky

    A few years ago I was personally involved in apprehending a con man. I wanted to do the set up of the guy in the morning or afternoon. the Commercial Crime guys in KL preferred to do it in the evening. As they were telling me, "so that they can hold him over for the night"! That would apparently normally nicely shake up this white collar criminal.

    Anyway, the next morning the victim of the crime, not me but someone I know, was called in to talk with the criminal's mother who offered to repay him the money conned. The victim got back the money. Nothing else was heard. Presumably the con man was let out. If he had been charged the victim, and maybe I too might have had to go to testify at his criminal trial. That did not happen.

    Anyway, in this case we are talking of a "suspect"! Not a victim!!

  62. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Before you compare MACC to ICAC, can you please do a research on the success rate of conviction by the ICAC and that of MACC or previously the ACA?

    Its better you for you to state we have a better agency than that of our good friend Zimbabwe,no?

  63. ya rocky .. u r right

    i just called up HSBC telebanking and screwed them kau kau for not openning on saturday because they said the branch will open during working hours and it didn't when i dropped off my work saturday morning..

    u r damn right...

  64. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Because ICAC & Scotland Yard simply don't throw the suspect/witness out off window during questioning


  65. Burung Merbok1:53 pm

    1. As a citizen of this country, I am certainly fed up with the kind of negative attitude of some double-standard hypocrites amongst us Malaysians.

    2. Judging from the comments to this article, I come to the following conclusion and convictions :

    2.1 every issue has to be politiced. Quite correctly as has been pointed out, it has to be UMNO/BN versus Opposition - from simple thefts to rape , murder, police shoot-outs with villains etc. Somehow I get this feeling that UMNO, not the other components of the coalition, is getting the brunt of this unfair attack.

    2.2 this consistent attack on the government agencies esp by some political parties and NGOs are purposely done to undermine the integrity of the said agencies. Granted that there is no perfection, but the constant barrage of misguided comments smacks of other ulterior motives ; something that ordinary loyal and patriotic Malaysian should be wary of.

    2.3 if one cares to research one will see the double-standard perpetrated by politicians who are themselves quite dubious in character and suspicious in intent. It is as if 'these politicians' are purposely out to destroy the very fabric of political stability and harmony amongst the citizenry. If I may go a bit far, it looks as if there is a hidden agenda to specially fulfill the wishes of 'other agents' in and outside the country. (Again, research and keener eyes are needed to ascertain the truth )

    2.4 Looking at the big picture and putting two and two together, one can clearly see the motives of 'these agents', these two-timing non-patriotic gangster-influenced politicians ; politicians who have no qualms about destroying the country , who have no love for this country, who would sell their souls just to feel that satisfaction of seeing destruction and calamity !

    2.5 If we care to recognise and ask ourselves why are certain agencies targetted by these so-called agents ? Is it just to undermine their credibilty. If so, for what purpose ?
    I would urge esp the Police and the other Security agencies to work, if need be 24 hours unceasingly, to flush out these traitors and collaborators !!! Expose their game and take actions.They could be in our midst ; politicians, ;law-makers, government servants, public officials,NGOs, educationists even ordinary citizens

    2.6 The public, apart from demanding good governance,want action. The days of just coming out with warnings should have been done with. It is in this respect that a bigger majority would cry-foul if the govt decides to scrap away the ISA. We want the ISA to be fully enforced so as to contain the above-said dissidents, subversive elements and 'infiltrators'.

    2.7 Yes, we appreciate that freedom of the Press, Freedom of expression, Human Rights etc, etc - all in the name of Democracy and Human Rights. But when people go out of their way to spread gossips, untruths and false accusations, demonising your own country ; then JUST TAKE ACTION , be they from the politicians, legal fraternity, .govt servants,NGOs, media, even bloggers.

    2.8 Look at our neighbour. Though regimented in character, it has helped to maintain law and order; the majority accepts that. Strangely, 'the complainants' here in Malaysia accept that too ; but would swiftly admonish our govt for the same 'injustice' that they have heaped praises and accolades in another country ! This is the double-standard and hypocrisy we are talking about. With citizens like this, who need traitors ! Again we say, only people who love Malaysia as it is, respect the Constitution, the Rukun Negara , are loyal and patriotic - deserves to be citizens of this country. Otherwise migrate !!! Period !!!

  66. Bro, I think justice and common sense was the loser in the judicial review which declared it unlawful for the MACC to question witnesses after office hours. I hope the YA Judge will quickly come out with the written judgement on his decision so that the AG can appeal his "weird" decision which have made the MACC the only investigating authority in this planet which cannot interrogate witnesses after office hours, to the Higher courts.

    Before any body talk about the late the TBH, granted he died after MACC questioning of him as witness but his death is still a subject of an ongoing inquest so no need to shout accusations as such. By the way TBH is not the first nor will he be the last person who will die in custody or as witness whether during office hours or after office hours around the globe. The UK,Australia,China, USA and France etc also have their fair share of deaths in custody of their law enforcement agency OK.

    And with Karpal Singh saying that the ruling should include the police, the only people who are very happy with this after hours ruling will be the hard core and petty criminals including gangsters, murderers, robbers,rapist, drug pushers, kidnappers, pimps and prostitutes etc. not to mention the many lawyers who would be defending their clients with a greater range of defence material such as missing/absconded witnesses, missing evidences etc all presumably lost and carted away between 6.30pm to 6.30am. Waah, Bar Council which is keeping a very quite profile on this one, should be very pleased with Karpal Singh for making the jobs of letting go suspected criminals from the arms of the law that much easier in the name of Justice for All.

    I say with the kind of mentality that lawyers cum opposition politicians like Karpal Singh have, soon, not just the Police but the Customs and Immigration will have to follow suit and as a result we will have to close down border check points, ports and airports between 6pm to 6am as people legally cannot be questioned simple questions such as "what is the purpose of your visit to Malaysia? or How long you intend to stay?" during those times.

    I hope the Government put a stop to this irresponsible behaviour and take their glove off to deal with this issue as if left unchecked will only bring anarchy to this country as innocent citizens would not feel safe anymore,where people would not come to visit as tourists and no body would even want to invest their money here.

    The safety and security of the rakyat is Paramount and should not be needlessly sacrificed just because Karpal Singh lawyer/DAP Chairman says so. If the Higher Courts are not able to rescind the High Court ruling then the Government and cabinet must make immediate steps to make amendment to the relevant Acts and have it passed in Parliament ASAP to make the relevant acts/law more clearly defined and in this case the times of interrogation of witnesses or suspect cannot be confined to office hours only.

    Let Justice for the majority and common sense prevail.

  67. Anonymous4:08 pm


    MACC (Malaysia) tak boleh pakai la !!

    macam mana hang boleh compare MACC sama 'Scotland Yard' dan 'ICAC HK' ?? tak tahu malu !!

    Rockybru's sudah jatuh standard,pasal banyak cerita 'bodoh', begitu jugak dengan Malay Mail .....tunggu saje tutup kedai !!

    Scotland Yard

  68. skilgannon10665:10 pm

    Pak Rocky

    Why look at Scotland Yard (which is primarily the London Metropolitan Police Force) which has under it's jurisdiction stuff like anti-terrorism, organised crime and major homicide or Interpol?

    Why not look across the Causeway at Singapore's Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) and their modus operandi? Surely that would be a better model for the MACC, right?

    In any case, I think Karpal has got it way wrong on this issue. If criminals don't follow "office hours", why should the police be shackled in their operating hours?

    It's all a question of professionalism, impartiality and the rule of law. And the existence of strong civil rights movements - like in the UK or Hong Kong - which means that investigatory bodies like Scotland Yard, MI5 or the Hong Kong ICAC cannot step out of line without being called to account.

  69. skilgannon10665:18 pm

    Since we are on the subject of the MACC, please comment on Malaysia's alleged next "RM10 million man", aka the MB of Negeri Sembilan.

    Or why Bank Negara is investigating one Salamath Ali Money Changer for contravening Section 30 of the Money-Changing Act 1998?

    I would love to see the Malay Mail do an investigative journalism piece on this.

  70. skilgannon10665:54 pm

    As a point of clarification, Scotland Yard (aka New Scotland Yard or the Met) is the HQ of the Metropolitan Police Force which is responsible for law enforcement within the Greater London area, excluding the City of London (which has it's own police force).

    Check out the Met's website at

    I have not been able to find any specific reference in the website as to whether the Met has a specific responsibility to investigate allegations of corruption in the public and private sectors in London. There are references in some other websites to something called a "Public Sector Fraud & Corruption Unit" in the Met, but I have not been able to find any specific reference to it in the Met's website.

    As such, using the Met as an example may not be the most appropriate for the MACC.

    What is of more interest is the Met's Mission
    Statement (as contained in it's website):

    Our mission - working together for a safer London.

    Our values - working together with all our citizens, all our partners, all our colleagues
    > we will have pride in delivering quality policing. There is no greater priority.
    > we will build trust by listening and responding.
    > we will respect and support each other and work as a team.
    > we will learn from experience and find ways to be even better.

    That sounds like a good Mission Statement for the Royal Malaysian Police to adopt, does it not?

    Oh, yes - the UK has an Independent Police Complaints Commission. Thought I'd mention that too.

  71. Anonymous6:11 pm

    hey parameswara....

    FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  72. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Rocky and all commentators,

    A judge makes his decision based on facts and laws presented before him. Have you all esp Rocky and Syed Ali read the full judgement? If you haven't, then you should.
    The gist of the decision is the MACC Act is vague and should be sent back to Parliament, taking into account the right to personal liberty of witnesses.

    Bzz asked if this was the same JC who was supposed to hear Nizar's case. Yes, he is the very same. Despite being a former PAS advisor, he has been confirmed as
    a judge after a yr of probation. The usual probationary period for JCs is 2 yrs. Refer also to the Chief Justice's interview published in the STAR yesterday. The backlog in RKKK where this judge is now serving has been reduced by 100%. I have been informed that this judge had performed very well, fulfilling his KPI by 100% and MORE.

    By the way, he was also the 1st Securities Commission's Director of Market Supervision and Enforcement. Investigation was one of his duties, so I think the guy knows what he's talking about.

  73. Anonymous7:03 pm


    24 hours is ok ? apa la you tak ada hati perut ka ?

  74. Anonymous8:32 pm

    rocky, that's what you get when you get goons working for you. i feel you shouldnt take the brunt alone for what the paper reports but its people like yushaimi who must be held accountable.

    i have always felt that the only person who can give malay mail real life is aziz hassan and not some low life journalists you have with you.

    this guy yushaimi has several lives and every new owner gives him a position he is not fit to hold inlcuding the one you gave him.

    that is why stories are not well argued out or researched in mm reports.
    please dont turn mm into a another nst/star/sun because that is what yushaimi is asking the reporters to report.

    get aziz in rocky and you will deifinetly see the difference.

    MM Fan

  75. Anonymous10:32 pm

    karpal and dap fellas are putting in place the freedom of operations for the underworld

  76. Anonymous10:40 pm


    there can be no fair coverage if coverage is denied

    define 'fair coverage'

  77. Al-Sadr10:54 pm

    CIA boleh KGB pun boleh , MACC X boleh.
    Jawapnya MACC anu balang X de.
    Pergi lautan dalam tangkap ikan bilis , ikan paus sama ikan jerung terlepas.Bawa balik pasar jual 30 sen sekilo masak gulai buat nasi lemak.

    Sudah terang lagi disuluh , huh...

  78. Anonymous11:15 pm

    When one is not truthful it is very difficult or almost impossible to write or articulate logically with sincerity.

    As in this case I share the same view as Nurainah A. Samad. It is really pathetic argument.

    The people running MACC is questionable. Their No. 1 boss is even more questionable.

  79. Anonymous9:56 am


    Lepas ni opposition group kena juga minta Police,Military, Bomba dan Hospital kerja sampai jam 5 petang.

    Penjenayah, terrorist, peragut pulak kerja lepas jam 5 petang.

    Barulah boleh dikatakan 'Malaysia Boleh'.


  80. Anonymous10:25 am


    Why don't you just keep on golfing and keep your comments to yourself? Take a longer time out on the course, fry your brains out,get hit by lightning or something and occasionally bash your head with your club a couple of times. This will ensure your continued stupidity.


  81. Anonymous10:48 am

    Interrogator: ...TELL me! Who is the you leader?!!

    Suspect: Okay! Okay I'll tell you! I'LL TELL YOU! His name is... it's...

    Beep! beep!

    Suspect: Well what d'ya know? It's 5 o'clock, end of office hours. Gotta go now.

    Interrogator: Wait! You've got to tell me the name first!

    Suspect: No way! It's after hours. I've nothing to say anymore.

    Interrogator: Then i'll be interrogating you again tomorrow.

    Suspect: Hmmm, tough luck. Tomorrow's first week of Saturday, CUTI! Day after is Sunday, oso CUTI, Monday's a public holiday, Raya i think. Tuesday can laa, but see first.

    Interrogator: Okay Tuesday then.

    Suspect: Yeah sure (snicker) see you then (he he hmph).


  82. Anonymous11:51 am

    I agree with Nuraina. Some of the arguements here are truly pathetic.

    The written judgement IS available. If I am not mistaken, it was ready for distribution on 23 Nov. You can contact the judge's office for a copy.

    I have read it and had checked the cases fwd by Federal Counsel. IMHO, her argument was weak.

    The phrase under scrutiny was 'day to day'. Pray tell, what do you consult when you wish to find out the ordinary meaning of an English word or phrase if not a DICTIONARY?

    Dato' A.Kadir,
    The grapevine has it that the AG has assigned 2 officers to study the judgement. Btw, the AG was a former student of the judge.


  83. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Dear frens,

    I'm in the view MACC can also interogate within their working time but I don't agree strictly to 8:00am to 5:30pm criteria as well. There must be certain act to protect the witness or suspect where any interogation must be videotape as form of protection against MACC abuse. And the witness must sign consent to the time they are interogated. Eg. if the witness is call to be question from 6:30pm ~ 8:30pm. He/she must sign a form consenting to this time interview and MACC must have a tape of this interview. Also no interview on "witness" can be more then certain stipulated time like 3 hours maximum. For suspect, there can be another act to permit a longer interview.

    MACC need to clean up their image and must seen to be professional and not only ball carrying BN party only.

    Ah Lam

  84. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Karpal Sink + DAP + Anwar + Nicky Aziz = END OF CIVILISATION!

    Help! Save Malaysiaaaaa.

  85. Ciput Serawak4:58 pm

    Kah kah kah kah!!!


    "There was no goodwill payment in the agreement, I made the agreement and there was no goodwill payment. Goodwill payment is for those who are begging for alms. This is the public’s right."

    Rocky, nak buat camana ni Rocky?

    Tolong kasi spin bagi putarkan apa Ku Li cakap supaya selari dgn Najib ...kah kah kah kah kah...

  86. Anonymous5:13 pm

    I, too, agree with Nuraina. So many pathetic arguments they put out in your blog, Rocky.

    Many are along the DAP line - endless accusation and insinuation of MACC being responsible for TBH's death. Even before disclosure of the 2nd autopsy results. This time observed by a British pathology expert.

    These DAP supporters, sympathisers and perhaps even card-carrying members would surely support the Court decision to limit MACC interrogation to only office hours. That decision cannot be right. It probably was based on what was presented before the JC - they all have to decide only on the evidence before them. If the practices of Scotland Yard and other relevant organisations world-wide were not quoted and evidence on them adduced, then the Prosecution was not doing their job well.

    But then the story is not ended yet. Until the highest court of the land. It must be pursued to the end. We cannot let corrupt blokes have time to destroy evidence simply because of interrogation postponement due to hours limitation.

    Once interrogated, the blokes know MACC is on their trail. Until the necessary evidence (like the four invoices in TBH's laptop) or admission of wrong doing has been obtained, they must be allowed to continue the interrogation.

    Remember that TBH was so concerned about his laptop, wanting it be carried to MACC office in his presence. If TBH was allowed to continue the investigation and keep the computer to himself until the next day, any stupid fool would know what he would have done to the record of the invoices.

    The MACC officers have been willing to sacrifice their regular sleep and normal family life and convenience, and they must be given sufficient tools to nab the culprits. Continuous interrogation is one of the tools. So long as it is not torture.

    What constitutes torture? Go by international standards. Remember that in the West they even talk of the American Guantanamo fellows using "water-boarding", which, of course they deny.

  87. Rocky:

    Art Harun has responded to this blog post of yours, particularly your "weird" statement about the learned Judge's judgement.

    Read all about it.

    I seldom comment on here. But Rocky be prepared to be shamed for having written this post.

  88. Thanks Marina for the alert on Art Harun's posting. I'm always prepared to be shamed for making a posting (heck, I'm prepared to be be sued for any posting I've done and I have, too!) but I see Art Harun's posting as one that has provided us an insight into the Judge's character and credentials (which I'm not able to do because I don't know the Judge personally; Art, on the other hand, knows the guy very well).

    When one of my commenters left a comment about the Judge's person which Art knew to be untrue, he sms-ed to let me know that it was not true. I expected him to do this posting to clear the air, and I am glad he did.

    It's good for blogging.

    Thank you.

  89. Regardless of Art's comment or Marina's, you have nothing to be ashamed of Bro, you write what you think based on the subject matter and public interest, therefore the comments you invite will be pro,against or meaningless depending on which side of the political divide one is on.

    I think that is what positive and healthy blogging is all about...raising awareness about a subject that its author is concerned about.

  90. Anonymous10:17 pm

    If the court decision is made on the personal interpretation of "day to day",then it is certainly open to challenge.

    Since a day consists of 24 hours,I agree that it is weird to interpret 'day to day' as pertaining to daytime only.

    Best to consult a cunning linguist.

    CSI Kampong

  91. Anonymous7:45 am

    I've read art harun's article too. In no way you can say he shamed you rocky. What's wrong with marina with her condescending tone and posting?

    Not read the judgement but if what art says that the case depends on "day to day" interpretation it's sad. Cannot imagine legislature intended this? Don't understand why the judge cannot employ basic canon of statutory interpretation learnt in law school. His interpretation in all legal sense leads to absurdity. Really weird.

    To the arguments above, you cannot argue in court that because of tbh pending inquisition, MACC therefore cannot interrogate at night. Ask any of ur lawyer. Reason is it's not related n unproven. Simple. Tbh case is not t existing law.

    To those who condemned for a fair media I applaud you. But if you wish so, you must rightly condemned t pro-opposition media for not being fair as well. Numerous times Malaysian insider did not print my comments condemning MI for being unfair. At least rocky does not discriminate.

    Ellese A
    On media being

  92. Anonymous8:52 am

    Judges are supposed to be impartial, meaning they cannot be politically aligned or maligned.

    We now have a situation in which the public seem to dictate pre and post judgements.

    Perhaps one day, judgements will go by way of SMS votes, like reality shows??

    Hey, what happened to law and order? Looks like law and disorder has taken over.


  93. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Bru, I just wonder why you did not carry the news about BN YOUTH Freak protesting in Penang by Burning YB Lim's Photo and Vandalise the ISA sign BOARD...???????? Why? you should carry it here to show all those BN freaks how they look like when they look into mirror....

    Steven Seagal

  94. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Dear Parameswara,

    I guess you are no different but like how the UMNO blind follower, followed the news from Utusan without using your brain to think.

    Can you think of a reason why Gangster choose to kill him? Motif?

    Why gangster choose MACC building where there's guard, camera and police guarded that area from time to time..a government buidling...

    From what we see, we can think with our brain, we see MACC integorate and torture him but off-hand accidentally throw him out of the window..this may be MORE reasonable....and frankly, if i am a gangster, I aint that stupid to walk into te a building and kill someone under the supervision of MACC for god sake! I must be very 'Big' head in the gangster world to do that...that stupid?
    I think you are blinded....

    Steven Seagal

  95. Anonymous1:33 pm

    if one hears that our country is called a pariah state-
    surely one feels hurt. That is why institutions in
    this country must always uphold the minimum standard
    of human decorum when dealing with suspects, witnesses
    or prisoners. So far there has not been any adverse
    report in our handling of prisoners in prison except
    some for some political bullying raised by a couple of bloggers.

    As far as handling of witnesses, we had one terrible tragedy
    which take place in the premise of the macc- which is not
    part of the police organisation. I would consider the
    handling of witnesses poor and the overall management of
    the security very very poor. How does the management explained
    the event that took place the night that tbh was dumped from the
    macc office floor either because of his[ tbh s own volition =suicide ]
    or he was pushed out of the window by person[s] unknown.
    In both scenarios things look bad for macc and the bn gomen when innuendos
    about the complicity of macc officers [exaggerated to be bn s work ]
    during the future pru 13 campaign.

    If macc still want to behave like a police organisation with 24 hour questioning ,
    then the organisation must be put under the local
    police control and its premise within a police compound. Then the security
    will be good and there cannot be the possiblity of persons unknown terminating
    the life of a witness just like in the tbh s case


  96. Dear Readers,

    I was told by a fellow blogger that the "Marina Mahathir" who left the comment under this thread is an IMPOSTER.

    I don't know how this clever IMPOSTER did it, but when I clicked on Marina Mahathir's ID at the start of the comment, I was taken to Marina's blog! (Can anyone explain how such trickery is done?).

    Dear Elesse A, please take note.


  97. Dear S.Seagal, on the subject of your hero Guan Eng pictures, you seemed to have missed the stepping ceremony of the pictures of the 3 ADUNS(YB Hee,YB Jamaludin and YB Osman) laid on the floor during the 15th DAP Perak State level convention just two days ago.

    Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng , Nga and Ngeh were photographed for posterity stepping on the pictures of the 3 Aduns, which is rude, arrogant and very immature for TOP leaders of the DAP to display such uncivilised behaviour don't you think? Don't agree, different double standard applied ka, DAP can, others cannot? Never mind, it makes for terrific photo banner for Barisan in the next election with all kinds of juicy captions.

    Kit Siang and Guan Eng sure burned themselves and the holier than thou DAP that fateful day on 29 November 2009, that's for sure.

  98. Anonymous7:01 pm

    These subversives will try anything ...

    First they swoop in, in droves with cut and paste comments usually in crude and acussative tones.

    Then they decide to use Malay names.

    Later they even put up Malay girls photos to accompany their comments.

    Then they preach "universal values" like forgiveness, 1 race = human race, blah blah blah

    Then they praise anwar, nik aziz, zaid ibrahim, art harun, sky high

    They also quote from the QURAN and (konon-konon) gently chide the Muslims for not obeying the religious obligations

    At one stage they also spout curses (konon-konon) to give back Warrior 231 as good as they get.

    Now they impersonate celebrities - to wage war against one blogger to another

    to them nik aziz is the icon of purity

    anwar the human rights champion who would not back down

    zaid ibrahim the brave challenger to UMNO's established code of conduct

    kj the fresh 'talent' from abroad

    how warped can you get?

  99. Anonymous8:11 pm

    after reading this Malay Mail article, one question comes to mind:

    why, oh, why, must there be so many idiots in this world?

    the thing is, since the JC based his judgment using the Oxford Dictionary, then, use that as one of the grounds for appeal!


    contest the word day.


    the first definition of DAY is given as... a period of 24 hours.(Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

    so, why did the good judge choose to ignore this, but, instead opted for the other definitions of the word "DAY?"

    anylaluan, the above should also refute that Arty Farty's fairy-tale about his honest and impartial judge.


  100. Bro,

    I knew it was an impostor. Easy to tell. Now anyone can use any nickname on here lah bro, just don't percaya easily who they are lah.

    I saw in other blogs also people calling themselves Anwar Ibrahim but sure doesnt sound or look like Anwar Ibrahim!

  101. Nawawi2:06 pm


    Put this up on your blog as an update ------ you have been slammed in THE MALAYSIAN INSIDER..... your blog post has been directly referred to

    Read here

    serves you right for opening your mouth without thinking

  102. Anonymous6:00 pm


    You know very well that MACC held TBH overnight as part of a technique to make him crack. You cannot condone this kind of behaviour.

    ICAC and Scotland Yard does proper investigations first before arresting anyone because civil liberties are held paramount.

    The more you blog nonsense, the less people will buy Malay Mail.

    - I rather read Daily Chilli

  103. Anonymous7:04 am


    To qualify my following statement, I'm no pro opposition, neither am I pro gomen.

    Now, in other countries, it is accepted that you are allowed to interrogate/question suspects/witnesses after hours. However, this is qualified by an expressed NECESSITY under extraneous circumstances (for example,there is a risk of valuable evidence being disposed off if they were released after hours). The margin of appreciation of NECESSITY is not one that is subjective. It's quite common sensical really.

    It scares me how uninformed you are about this matter as a reporter. Next time before you link to other unreliable sources, make sure you qualify it by distancing yourself from such ignorant blogging.


  104. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Just let BN die. Hopeless government