Thursday, November 19, 2009


5oo lorries from home. Why are 500 lorries laden with sand entering Singapore from Malaysia every day?
Selling sand to Singapore still?
We all must know, y'see, because if we sell enough sand to Singapore (land in Iskandar not counted) they said they will help us build a straight bridge that will replace the Causeway.


  1. Anonymous2:23 pm

    I don't mind selling sand. As long as ships can pass Tebrau!


  2. big cat2:53 pm

    that sand story is in nst today page 15

  3. Mister Potato2:55 pm


    Forced to sell raw water at 3 sen per liter.

    I wonder how much they're asking for a cubic meter of sand.

  4. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Abang Rocky,

    Mengikut pendapat Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran, kita patut menggunakan Bahasa Melayu dalam perbualan dan aktiviti harian kita.

    Sebagai penyokong kuat UMNO, mengapa Abang Rocky masih menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris?

    Abang Rocky patut menjadi teladan kepada kami.


  5. Question is,

    1. Who are the one selling those sand?

    2. Is it and authorised sale?

    3. Where does the sand comes from?

    Anyone can give us the total picture???? PLEASE

  6. Anonymous3:44 pm

    another 'Sandi-wara' from UMNO ????

    Madey must be really pissed off by now !!

    Omar Goh

  7. Anonymous4:13 pm

    mat rocky..

    Q 55. Why did you not tell them the truth about the way the 2nd statutory declaration was made since you had your family with you and they were all safe?

    A. I was still in a state of confusion and was still concerned for the safety of my family. I was made aware that Deepak had some very powerful connections, especially after meeting the Malay VIP Datuk at The Curve a few nights previously and his advice was still in my mind.

    I was also surprised at how far Deepak’s connections reached as he seemed capable of organising things in different countries and had even arranged a Thai woman to apply for our Indian visas in Bangkok.

    At that time I had no idea what to expect so I felt I should follow their advice until I could think more clearly as I had my family to consider as I did not want them to be harmed.

    My family and I were also in a foreign country with no access to finances.

  8. Anonymous4:14 pm

    master rocky..

    Q 64. Did you return to Malaysia during this period?

    A. Yes, I returned a few times to sort out some of my personal affairs. Each time I returned I entered the country via Thailand across the Malaysia-Thai border at Bukit Kayu Hitam and left the same way. I did not go through Malaysian immigration.

    I did not contact anyone each time I returned as I was afraid Deepak would find out. The only person who knew I had returned to Malaysia was ASP Suresh but he did not let Deepak know. He was upset with me for allowing my wife and children to return to Malaysia but I explained to him that my children needed to be educated and they could not get into a local school in Chennai.

    Whenever I returned to Malaysia I used to stay with my wife and mother-in-law in Segambut.

  9. I still say let us build the crooked bridge!! I have remained consistent on my position ever since the idea was first mooted by Mahathir. I used to weekly cross that causeway in 1980. I always wondered what would happen if only there was no causeway and ships could go through!! Why are we denying ourselves of our opportunities just because of a man made legacy passed on to us? And why are we concerned if by doing so Singapore's ports become underutilised? Unfortunately, we are not doing anything only because we see Singapore laughing at us with the idea. I say let them laugh....let us build the damn crooked bridge and see has the last laugh!!

  10. skilgannon10664:51 pm

    Where there's a will, there's a way........

    Also known as "survival", Singapore-style :-)

  11. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Never mind that 'little red dot', comes 2012 when the ice cap in artics melts this 'little red dot' will disappear

    polka dot

  12. Bro,

    Since when?

    If we have started selling sand 365 days (a year) ago, thats mean we have sold 182,500 lorry load of sand to Singapore. That's a lot of sand......

    Imagine if we continue to do this for another 2 or 3 years, we will run out of sand la bro....

  13. selling sand for Singapore to build Sands.
    kalaulah pasir ni boleh dihasilkan di kilang mesti ramai bisnesman Malaysia yang buka kilang pasir.
    tak ada ke teknologi buat pasir tiruan Rocky?

  14. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Jual pasir supaya Malaysia boleh buat duit...letak harga kaw kaw

    Then Singapore kene agreed bina jambatan, jet fighter tak boleh masuk Malaysia, harga air yg kita jual kene revised...

    a good deal apa?!!

    modal kita pasir je....tapi tu pun kalau pemimpin kita bijak lah...

    tapi rasa-rasanya pemimpin kita tak bijak.


  15. Shah Firdaus5:59 pm

    Siapakah yang menjadi pengkhianat kepada negara?...selama ini kini mendengar dari puak UMNO bahawa DAP adalah sebuah parti yang bertuankan LKY...sebuah parti yang akan menhapuskan Melayu sekiranya memerintah negara ini...

    Penjualan pasir kepada Singapura bukan satu isu yang baru..ia telah berlaku sekian lamanya dan walaupun pengharaman dibuat pada zaman Tun M,tetapi penjualan pasir terus dilakukan terutamanya oleh puak-puak yang melaungkan slogan Ketuanan Melayu....

    Tak percaya la...tanya la orang-orang Johor.....

  16. big cat6:37 pm

    the nst report today quoted the state customs director saying only 40 of the 500 lorries actually carrying sand. the rest carry building materials. the sand carried by the 40 lorries are the sand allowed to be exported to singapore which is of the silica type for the glass industry.

  17. NoMalayApologist7:51 pm

    Why is it that when it comes to Singapore, we're always at the losing end. We hold all the cards, but our leaders always look stupid when communicating with our neighbours. Where are our brilliant diplomats?

  18. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Sand is more important than the news below!

    The High Court here today delivered a stunning rebuff to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) investigative procedures by ruling that it has no right to question witnesses in an investigation beyond normal office hours, namely from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

    It also found the MACC to have acted illegally when it detained Kajang town councillor Tan Boon Wah overnight at its Selangor head office in Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam.

    Judicial Commissioner (JC) Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof stressed that the meaning of the phrase “day to day” as laid down in Section 30(3)(a) of the MACC Act – which is at the core of the dispute between Tan and the MACC – “cannot mean round the clock” investigation, which includes recording statements from the witness.


  19. The trucks passing through the Causeway are just small fry...

    Had a chat over dinner with a cousin few months ago.... He was in Kuantan port for a company project, and saw two dry bulk carriers being loaded with sand. For those who are wondering what's a dry bulk carrier... its those large cargo ships that carry loose material like rocks, cement, sand, grain, etc...

    Later that week, as his plane was climbing after takeoff from Changi, he saw the same two ships parked off the coast where they were doing some reclaiming work...

    Gotta love the tenacity of the Singaporeans...

  20. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Brother Rocky, can youplease investigate and publish some names and pictures of the companies yang jual pasir? WHO? WHO?WHO? WHO?

    nak tengok muka baru barua pengkhianat negara bangsa

  21. el-Barokhas9:23 pm

    Juallah pasir banyak-banyak supaya kedua-dua negara reclaim keseluruhan Selat Teberau. Biar kita cuma ada land border dengan Singapura. Tak susah-susah bina jembatan baik yang lurus atau bengkok.

    The concern and squabble over overflight and sale of water and railway land is so nineteenth century. Maybe being forced to see with our own naked eye the progress Singapore had been making and will continue to make would spur us on in our quest to be a developed nation instead of remaining oblivious of the ever-widening chasm between the two countries.

    Let's make better use of our sand than to bury our heads in it.

  22. It is not sand. It is silica oxide. hahaha

  23. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Apa masih jual pasir ke Singapura ? Agaknya BN dan UMNO ni mesti kena ajar cukup-cukup baru depa sedar kot. Jomlah kita undi ramai PR dalam pilihan raya 13 akan datang.

    Rosli dhoby.

  24. jebelus11:41 pm

    macam promosi galakkan jual pasir je

  25. this is outright outrageous! what has muhyiddin to say about this? can you rocky pls just tell us who is the dalang behind this.. such a disgrace! are we still a third world country who needs to sell sand to make money? i say go with the crooked bridge!

  26. Bro, just a guess, its probably washed sand pumped from rivers in Johor Bahru, Kota Tinggi or Pontian district. I think the Johor PTG will know exactly where the sources of the sand to Singapore are as they are the State government authority which gives out permits for sand removal and transport by land in Johor together with its enforcement.

    I cannot speculate on who got those "valuable" permits to take washed sand from Johor to Singapore though, but this group is definitely a 1 Malaysia mix of characters I do not think they are exclusively of one race. Nothing to do with the Ketuanan Melayu thinghy as some people might want to believe that's for sure.

    Washed sands are quite expensive per cubic meter but I would say its not more expensive than the RM30 per cubic meter of raw water that Singapore pays Malaysia. Washed sand are normally used to make concrete in this case for the Singapore construction industry and probably for building of the mega cassino/gambling complexes at Sentosa Island one of which by the way is going to be managed by our very own Genting Group.

    Anyway I believe what was banned during Dr Mahathir's time was the export of sand dredged from Malaysia territorial waters for use in land reclamation/enlarging work in Singapore. Indonesia, I believe also banned the sale of their sand to Singapore for reclamation work until now.

    Anyway I agree with Old Fart that the crooked bridge should be built, if Singaporeans wants to laugh at us then let them, when the bridge is built we will have the last laugh and we finally have a continuous Selat Teberau for barges and shallow draft cargo ships to pass from Tg. Langsat to Johor Port to Tg Pelepas Port. Its for our use and definitely Singapore status as a premier transhipment port would not be harmed in anyway.

  27. Anonymous1:00 am

    Ada cara untuk lepaskan pasir ke Singapore,pasir memang tak boleh keluar,tapi jangan lupa di kastam sana pun material boleh dimagikkan dengan lain klasifikasi , cruher run gravel masih boleh diekspot.Cuba paham ada orang di kastam buat , tukar saja material dalam borang .. settle .
    Sama juga macam barges , declare hantar port klang atau port johor tapi sebenarnya ke Singapore.Tak kan tak tau .Kekadang politcian pun bebal juga tak tau apa yang dibuat government servant(tapi ada juga yang ada share).Wayang dokumen tak berapa susah kalau semua ada cut dan sepakat.Sebab mestilah kerana Singapore harga lagi best.

    Intip la di Kluang,Endau,Mersing mana lori tipper to load.Ambil gambar sandpit dalam dalam sana.Suruh Karam Walia jangan ke Pahang dan Cameron saja.Johor utara pun ada cerita hot kalau nak.
    Kekadang aku minum kopi juga dengar lori tipper owner ni berbual government buruk la etc tapi bila tanya tau tak apa yang mereka buat salah .. Oh I cari makan ialah alasannya.

  28. Jenggg X32:32 am

    ka ka kah... memang betoooi, ada gerombolan jual pasir kepada Singa... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... satu kilo pasir berapa? ka ka kah...

    wei, jangan kutok. ni boleh jadi kaya... boleh beli benz-benz...

    ...boleh beli istana besar... boleh beli empat bini...

    ...pun boleh beli pompuan artis... beli kondo mewah untuknya... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... dan yang best.. boleh beli undi kat pwtc ka ka kah...

  29. we have enough sand to bury singapore once and for all...

    MAJULAH MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Malay Msil is supposed to be an afternoon paper that focus on daily events of life...and Rocky turned it to another UMNO political newspaper.
    Headline photo showing Mahathir's son..two days ago...and paper is getting thinner and thinner.
    It is like competing with Sun...which is a free paper and MM needs RM1 to buy.
    Malay Mail is finished....under Rocky.

  31. Anonymous8:06 am

    There's nothing wrong in selling sand to Singapore but the price should be 'make an offer we cannot reject' sort of thing.

    But, there are other countries too, willing to sell much lower than Malaysia's offer.

    Singapore has always had the upper hand and Malaysia seems to give in too easily on most issues. Is blackmail one of the reasons?


  32. Amused8:29 am

    Mr Potato,

    to be fair, S'pore is also forced to sell us processed water at the contract rate established decades ago.

    Some highly respected members of society involved in the sand trade, as usual? Those the authorities dare not touch for fear of being punished?

  33. Sedar8:59 am

    Tuan Rocky

    Topik lain sikit ya.

    Mahkamah dah putuskan soal siasat malam adalah haram berkait kaedah soal siasat MACC.

    Sebab kalau gini MACC kira dah bersalah besar menahan Teoh Beng Hock sampai lewat malam.

    Sebenarnya RoS boleh hantar surat tunjuk sebab kepada MACC kerana tindakannya. Kalu gitu MACC boleh juga dimansuhkan dan ditubuhkan badan baru.

    Boleh komen skit Tuan?

  34. Anonymous9:37 am

    rocky the man..

    Q 71. You have said that you met a Malay VIP Datuk outside the Volkswagen showroom at The Curve on the night of July 3rd 2008. Who was this gentleman?

    A. He was Datuk Nazim Razak, the younger brother of Najib. He was there with his pregnant wife. Although I did not speak to her, I recognised her as being a TV personality. I think she was the host on the ‘Nona’ programme.

  35. Anonymous9:44 am

    rocky the man..

    ko pernah breakfast with (suami najib) Rosmah tak?

    Q 72. When you were in the Hilton Hotel at KL Sentral with Deepak, Dinesh and ASP and after you had signed the 2nd statutory declaration, was there anything said to you which you consider to be significant?

    A. Yes there were two things which Deepak told me.

    He informed me that Rosmah was very happy with me for retracting my 1st statutory declaration and wanted to have breakfast with me.

    When I enquired from Deepak how long I was expected to leave the country for, he informed me it would be until Najib became the next Prime Minister and that I could return after that.

  36. Anonymous11:04 am

    All roads lead to the Menteri Besar's office. Ask him.


  37. Anonymous11:25 am

    Oh my God! I agree with Old Fart.

    Crooked it is.

  38. Yeah bro, why in the hell Singapore still can have the sand when we can't get our bridge? Damn you Malay leaders!

  39. Ah, Monsterball! Still alive and kicking, eh?

    Thank you for the comparison with theSun, because theSun is a good free paper, y'know.

    The Malay Mail is going free like theSUn, too.

    Don't stop reading, old friend. You must try to be there when the Malay Mail, under me, is "finished".


  40. Anonymous3:44 pm


    gua marah ni... apsal ade org bolos jual pasir ke singapore???????

    in two weeks time i want the culprit to be charged, otherwise, im going to influence 2 more people not to vote you and your BN in next elections.

    i hope others will follow the same to press the gov to work.

    - edid -

  41. Like Johnny Walker..still going on strong la. think I am dead already....Rocky dear?
    From RM1 paper to be Sun?
    Why you idiot...that's saying Malay Mail is finished from your mouth....but never mind payers have so much billions...your Boss will steal and keep your job cozy and steady..till 13th GE.
    After are finished..and can go back to revive your "All Blog" nonsense.

  42. Why you UMNO racists Melayu feel no shame to kill an indespensible afternoon paper with your weird minds?
    Ah...not to worry...MONEY stolen can solve everything...correct ..ROCKY?

  43. Copy copy...Sun became Sun? Malay Mail want to copy ...give free....print 2000000 and says circulations increases by 2000%...telling corporates..." hi guys..MM increased by 2000%..advertise la".
    Why's up front that counts and UMNO melayu like you have way to be way par with Chinese..if you stay racists and Najib.
    You give free MM...Sun will sell for RM1 and there goes your plan.....kapook.....finito faster than you think.!
    You Benefactor Mahathir getting powerful er?
    Najib is finished.
    Only newspapers make him look good.
    He is finished in his own UMNO .right now. Just look and trace...he said one thing....another said the
    opposite embarrass him.
    Come on ...Rocky smart ass...stop umpooing Mamak and good for your soul.

  44. Give Sheih a job la.
    He is jobless now.
    Employ me to train your idiots...RM1000 per hour..with guarantee 1000 your one time.. bosom buddy...Zorro..biggest bullshitter liar and braggart in blogging...hahahahahaha

  45. tony leung4:51 pm

    kawan engkau monsterball ni terlebih makan ubat sakit puan ke? meroyan semacam je....

  46. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Itu tua bodoh lancau tak naik , telur kecut nama monsterball sudah nyanyuk mau mampos la..

    tinggal temberang cakap besar saja telur dia 'monster size'..
    mau kasi tutup malu telur dah kecut jadi sebesar zarah pasir..

    Di Malaysia cina babi macam monsterball ni mana ada telur..muka tak malu serupa muka babi juga sebab hari2 makan babi..ada betul ka?
    Cakap bising semua auta saja..serupa itu zorro boro juga..