Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ku Li's loyalty

Oily politics. Loyalty, royalty? Play of words or silly mistake, it got me thinking of how much the Kelantan prince has lost since his disastrous attempt to come back to mainstream Umno politics and become its president and Prime Minister of the country.

Accepting DSAI's offer could rekindle that dream snuffed out so cruelly. Pakatan Rakyat is looking for a leader and Zaid Ibrahim, the man piecing together DAP, PKR and PAS into an official coalition very much like BN, has proposed Nik Aziz, which means it is not easy to find a Malay good enough (and acceptable to DAP and PKR) to be Chairman of Pakatan.

Zaid can't possibly nominate himself though I wonder why he didn't name DSAI! Ku Li would be a perfect candidate to be Chairman of Pakatan Rakyat, better than Tok Guru, Zaid or even DSAI. Been that, done there.

I don't expect the man who came closest to burying Dr Mahathir's political career to be too excited with Anwar's suggestion to make him chairman of a loyalty or oil royalty caucus. Quite beneath him. But in the unlikely event that Ku Li accepts the offer, it would be a start to another slippery ride in this oily business of Malaysian politics.


  1. Dato' Kamaruddin Duta2:12 pm

    Ku Li's loyalty should be to the people, and Pakatan are definitely more aligned to the people than Barisan Nasional's severe cronyism and rent-seeking.

    Simple as that.

    Ku Li would not be a perfect candidate to chair Pakatan. Nik Aziz fits that role perfectly fine. Ku Li is an UMNO man. Been there done that of course, all in UMNO and within the UMNO culture and rules. Bad choice for Pakatan chairman. Zaid referred to Tengku Razaleigh as a 'striker', a possible person whom can help Pakatan deal Barisan Nasional a death blow.

    Note also that Zaid in his latest piece called 'Tok Guru and Pakatan' stated that Anwar IS the best candidate for the prime ministerial post, NOT Ku Li.

    Don't be naughty and mislead readers, Rocky with your partial information spoon-feeding.

    And give up on your hopes already for a 'unity government' with Ku Li at the top. That's an old compromise story after March 2008 that is now fit to be buried.

  2. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Zaid Ibrahim dan Ku Li kedua2 nya bekerjasama untuk menjadikan Ku Li PM di masa hadapan.

    Zaid mengambil cuti 6 bulan,supaya imejnya tidak tercemar semasa PKR bergolak.Kemudian dia akan timbul semula sebagai problem solver,bila problem dah selesai.Saviour.

    Dimasa yang sama,dia akan promosikan Ku Li.Persepsi sekarang ialah Ku Li dilihat sebagai seorang yang boleh diterima oleh semua.

    Ini long term plan kedua2 nya.

    Rekindling the dream.


  3. Why not, if it help solve the ever lingering problem. If the money goes to the right people, it doesn't really matter, isn't it.

    Ku Li was involved during the drafting and finalization of the agreement, if he can share some light, the whole matter will be much more clearer.

    It will be nice, to see legislator from both side working together.

    Actually what is the worst scenario if he accept the offer???

  4. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Rocky'bru only stands loyalty to 'Madey' and no one else, not even Jibby !!

    Anyway, a great 'Spin' on your 'Ku Li's Loyalty' article !!

    Omar Goh

  5. ex ex pkr4:02 pm

    Anwar ni kalau boleh Al Gore pun dia nak suruh masuk PKR....

    Janji dia boleh lepas kes Saiful.

  6. Anonymous4:10 pm


    Awat hang ni cemburu sangat!
    Hang tak layak tapi tok sah merapu!

    Malay Mail dah improve ke?

    Orang Minyak

  7. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Mr rocky, the time has come for us Malaysians to display our maturing. There issue here involve the people. To accept based on poltical allaiance etc cannot play a role in our society. we must go beyond this timid thinking

  8. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Ku Li ni org lama. dah past his prime. mcm sharifah aini nak masuk AF. ada ke org nak vote for sharifah aini kalau dia masuk AF?

  9. Razz kicks azz...

    Sometimes I wonder, is he trying to do a "Zaid Ibrahim"? i.e. piss off the rest of UMNO so much that they kick him out. That way, it looks much better than merely going from one party to another...

    Either way, he's on the right track. The royalty money should go to Kelantan, and not through some so-called "wang ihsan"...

  10. Jenggg X32:43 am


    MACC can’t quiz witnesses beyond office hours, High Court rules - malaysian insider

    KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 19 — The High Court here today delivered a stunning rebuff to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) investigative procedures by ruling that it has no right to question witnesses in an investigation beyond normal office hours, namely from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

    It also found the MACC to have acted illegally when it detained Kajang town councillor Tan Boon Wah overnight at its Selangor head office in Plaza Masalam, Shah Alam.

    Judicial Commissioner (JC) Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof stressed that the meaning of the phrase “day to day” as laid down in Section 30(3)(a) of the MACC Act – which is at the core of the dispute between Tan and the MACC – “cannot mean round the clock” investigation, which includes recording statements from the witness....


    Ciss! Komunis betul jadge Hai Kot ni

    Hanya Komunis tak nak orang lain kerja obertime

    ka ka kah... Jadge Hai Kot ni memang komunis!

    MACC nak buat kerja... jabatan krajaan lain curi tulang... Jadge Hai Kot ni nak masok campur

    ka ka kah... takpe, gerombolan kalah kat Hai Kot, boleh pegi Apils Kot.. ka ka kah...

    24jam boleh dapat, lebih cepat dari FedEx dan DHL... ka ka kah...

  11. Anonymous7:41 am

    Zaid must have had a bad hangover when he suggested Nik Aziz for the top post, unless it is a short term decision or retirement package for the orthodox thinker on his way out.

    Ku Li has lost grounds and recovery may be next to impossible, unless he becomes charitable.

    Anwar? Well finances are running dry for him and he needs to make new promises to fill his wallet to fund more chaos.

    If Zaid is still having a hang over, he would probably announce Chua Jui Meng to head DAP.


  12. Anonymous11:38 am

    Eh! Apsal nobody consider Lim Kit Siang haa? Lim Kit Siang la bagus. Diakan tahu segala benda dalam dunia ni. Suma yang tak betul dia boleh betulkan. In fact jangan panggil dia Chairman, panggil dia Maharaja Pakatan Pemuliharaan Malaysia lagi bessttt. Apsal kena Melayu jeekan? Tak Malaysian Malaysiala macam ni... asyik Melayu jee. Ala, Anwar ke? Ku Li ke? Zaid tak tentu arah ke? suma tu bukan chairman material laa. Diorang ni Museum material, jadikan contoh yang tak perlu anak cucu kita ikut.

    Lim Kit Siang... ha baru betul! Dia mesti boleh membawa Pakatan to greater Heights, takpun Disaster Heights.

    Maharaja Lim Kit Siang! Yeah!


  13. Haji Ghazali Manaf1:30 pm

    Lit Kit Siang memang bagus.

    Tapi oleh sebab minda orang Melayu dah diperbodohkan untuk melihat warga bukan Melayu, terutamanya Cina, sebagai "musuh" yang nak "rampas hak Melayu", maka dengan dukacita sekali tidak bolehlah dijadikan Lim Kit Siang sebagai pengerusi Pakatan walaupun beliau layak.

    Ini realiti rasisma Malaysia masa kini.

  14. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Yes ada logik juga kalau Presiden Pakatan Rakyat bukan keturunan Melayu...lebih demokratik & lebih Malaysia...

    Ketepikan Anwar/Zaid/Nik Aziz/Ku Li - pilihlah Lim Kit Siang/Karpal/Sivarasa/DerekFernandez @ drp keturunan Bajau/Melanau/Dayak/Kelabit/Semai/Sakai/Org Sungai/KAdazan dsb...


  15. Why Ku Li? Common lah.. Ku Li will never go out of UMNO to join PKR. He's too honorable to do a RPK stunt. If you PKR guys really need a chairman.. Pick Lim Kit Siang lah.. Then you guys can happily address him as Chairman Lim..haha..

  16. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Ku Li is probably the most qualified to speak on this subject, ahead of everyone in government including Dr M who was Education Minister while Ku Li was setting up Petronas.

    I believe his loyalty belongs to the rakyat and his comments on this matter thus far reflects his belief in fair play.

    It is interesting that bloggers who far less experienced and knowledgeable than him are questioning his loyalty, more so when he is doing the right thing in accordance with the very Agreement he helped negotiate.

    Blind loyalty can only take you so far. We know what happened in Pak Lah's case. Lets hope the same does not happen with Najib and the bloggers who surround him.

  17. Tuan Rocky,

    Where is your loyalty? Is it with the "royalty" that pays you for your loyalty or for the royalty that you hope to get from people whose loyalty depends on the royalty who are not royalties in the first instance to stop the royalty from reaching the people of the royalty whose loyalty is uppermost to the royalty?

    Ada Faham? Kalau tak faham memang you susah faham sebab you tak faham kerana susah nak faham benda walaupun benda senang faham disebabkan kuranag kefahaman. FAHAM?

    Nik A. Azmi (BUL)