Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SPNB under scrutiny

MoF sets up Task Force. Remember my posting late last month about how the national housing board, SPNB, was said to have run out of money [Trouble bru-ing at SPNB? Oct 27] and then, just a couple of day later, the board said it was going to pay the RM500 owing to those poor 34 contractors [SPNB will pay Oct 30, The Malay Mail]?

Well, there was supposed to be a press conference at the SPNB headquarters at 2pm yesterday. We were very keen to hear what the SPNB wanted to report to the Press but the press conference was called off.

I'm not sure if the press conference was postponed because of what the latest development. This is what I heard: the Ministry of Finance has set up a special task force to investigate the RM500 million scandal/fiasco/claims.

Members of the task force will be interested to find answers to the following questions:

1. Why did SPNB go on dishing out contracts even when the property market was down?
2. Why didn'tthe board renegotiate downwards contracts when prices of materials were down?
3. Were the 34 contractors given 34 project worth between RM10 mil and RM15 mil each through a dodgy tender plan?
4. Is there need to review the tender process?

The SPNB issue was highlighted after Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi, who used to head the SPNB, alleged corrupt practices at the national housing board here. This blog later discovered about the RM500 mil (SPNB said it's less than RM300 mil). It was great news when SPNB said it was going to pay up BUT that, I think, would be too easy. The Government MUST investigate. It needs to STOP the leakage. Heads must roll.

Otherwise, this will just happen again.


  1. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Rocky you turncoat! You used to criticise only the opposition members but now you're going after the hand that feeds you too!?

    //popcorn, with a dash of sarcasm

  2. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Kalau BABI namanya rasuah,
    Ramailah orang jadi berubah.
    Sebahagiannya makan isi dan kuah.
    Seperti berlaku pada rasuah.

    Kalaulah rasuah itu bernama BABI.
    Ramailah orang tidak peduli.
    Semua orang loya dan geli.
    Hendak rasuah tidak jadi.

    Rasuah berkembang sangatlah bitara.
    Berkembang biak seluruh negara.
    Teguh menguasai laman berita.
    Iblis syaitan memang berpesta di SPNB.

    SmOkE on ThE WaTeR

  3. Anonymous6:02 pm

    MoF.... semua wang sudah disonglap tapi ada masa lagi nak set up 'TaskForce', buat apa ???

    Kenapa tak buat aje laporan polis atau MACC bagi tangkap perasuah2 tu ???

    Kalau "Task-Force" ertinya nak tutup lobang rasuah tu lah !!!

    Omar Goh

  4. Anonymous6:08 pm


    You should ask the SPNB board who the 34 contractors are. I'm willing to bet they are mainly, if not exclusively, bumiputras linked to UMNO. Ask your virulent supporters what they think of bumiputras screwing their own kind.


  5. Wow, rasuah here rasuah there. And they have the cheek to say today's government is managing better than before? Stupid!

  6. Anonymous6:32 pm


    are you good buddy of khir toyo ?
    why you never mentioned about his corruption practice in your blog ?
    very snake huh !

  7. Haha, Popcorn, you mean double turncoat!?


    Dear Anon 6.32, If I have new and reliable info on Khir Toyo's alleged corruption, sure I'll post on my blog.

    If you have them, pass it on la. If not, just sit back and remain a spectator.

  8. No to Zahid7:19 pm

    Check this ex Anwar man, Zahid Hamidi.

    His no angel.

    Why he keep delaying his court case like Anwar?

    Why police NFA on Amir Bazli case?

    He commited violence with intention to murder.

    It doesnt matter if Amir Bazli fuck his daughter. His daughter was a floosy.

    Read it here in

  9. tony leung7:38 pm

    sah dah si rocky ni dah belot kat BN sebab dedahkan rasuah dlm kerajaan BN. kita penyokong pakatan kena la puji puja dia sekarang ala RPK. betul tak? betul tak?

  10. Anonymous8:51 pm

    SPNB says that the amount is 350 mil. Malay Mail says the amount in 500 mil. The number of houses to be built is about 35,000 homes. Simple maths will disclose that b4 cutting the up front money to start the project, the contractors are building the LOW cost houses at a minimum of RM10,000 and RM14,300 a LOW cost house. Ask any contractor, and they will tell you that the COST of building the HOUSE, is WAY too HIGH. I suspect there is corruption within SPNB. Datuk Zaid, the defence minister also has claimed that there are ELEMENTS of corruption in SPNB. MACC, Lim Kit Siang, Zaid, please do something. I'm leaving NAZRI out because, he might be an interested party. Which Nazri, you may ask, well the one and only yang ada MUKA nak CERCA Dr M, dulu.

    Wan Melayu.

  11. Anonymous8:58 pm

    They take tips, backhanders and bribes.
    Don't care 'bout the starving, 'cause they from diff'rent tribes.
    Jobs are handed out by the dozens
    To the sons, nephews and cousins
    When nepotism is a way of life
    There's still a job for the SPNB man's wife


  12. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Ala biasalah, ni kerja KJ, bekas MD SPNB, dan beberapa hulu balang UMNO. Semua org tau kecuali pihak berkuasa.

    Minah Ronggeng.

  13. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Mof PLEASE dont MAKE payment to contractors, until it is certain contracts are NOT over priced. SAVES our money, dato najib.

  14. Anonymous9:09 pm

    look at tem yo yo's
    Tat's the way you do it
    Over price tem's houses
    SPNB wil pay 4 free.

  15. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Pasti kes ni akan ditutup. Rakyat derita, SPNB kononnya merana, Kontraktor bersukaria.

  16. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) detained 605 people last year on suspicion of being involved in various forms of corruption.
    HOWEVER NONE of THEM were from SPNB.

  17. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Malaysia is now seen to be more corrupt than ever, anti-graft watchdog Transparency International (TI) said in its global Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2009

  18. Anonymous9:17 pm

    I asked a friend what he knows about Namibia, and he answered that it is backward, corrupt country.
    Let me tell you this. Malaysia and Namibia actually share the same spot in the corruption perception table 2009.
    Both countries are ranked 56, together with countries like Samoa and Latvia..

  19. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Aiya, rocky bagi chan lah sama Kontraktor dan SPNB... skg ni susah nak chary rezeki. Tolong lah, kamipun adoh anok istegi.
    Sekian, wasalam.

  20. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Woi, kamu semua duk kutok UMNO apasai? Yang CINA, Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong nagis terbahak bahak pasai apa? Tepuk dada tanyalah sendiri. MCA, sama MIC dan GERAKAN jugak dua kali lima, duk nanyi : DUIT DUIT dimana kau DUIT.

  21. Anonymous9:26 pm

    If Rocky critise PKR, he is an UMNO lap dog. If he expose BN corruption he is a turncoat. Atleast he is not a plagarist like me.
    Brenden PAREIRA..

  22. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Zahid Hamidi must EXPOSE the CORRUPT practise within SPNB. Najib should ask him to EXPLAIN since he made the ALLEGATION in the first place.

  23. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Perimekar, a company owned by Abdul Razak Baginda, received the €114 million for “coordination and support services” – 11 percent of the sale price of the submarines. Zainal Abidin, then the deputy defense minister, told a parliamentary inquiry that such commissions were commonplace in Malaysia.

    Even Zimbawae Ahead of Malaysia (EZAM)

  24. Anonymous9:39 pm

    You may be a city councilman taking bribes on the side.
    But you're gonna have to serve somebody.
    Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord.
    But you're gonna have to serve somebody.
    You may call me Khairy, you may call me KJ,
    You may call me Kali, you may call me Mullah,
    You may call me NMY., you may call me SPNB.
    You gotta serve Mr MONEY.

  25. Anonymous9:41 pm

    ROCKY dont waste your breathe. The file is closed on SPNB. Nothing will happen.

  26. Anonymous9:42 pm

    SPNB Chairman Dato' Azian Osman was re appointed as Senator on 16th November 2009 at Dewan Rakyat.

    After 3 blatant years robbing SPNB to roll his campaign for UMNO MKT, he is reappointed under Istana Negara's quota.

    What is this Dato Sri Najib? You promised a total jackup of corrupted UMNO politicians. But it goes all the way reversed now?

    How can the PM allow such abomination to continue?

    Am going to vote 300% for opposition if Najib's cleanup is a mess itself.


  27. Anonymous9:43 pm

    MACC has gone for the small fry that also happen to be opposition politicians. Is it a wonder why people, be they Malaysians or foreigners, think so lowly of the anti-graft body?

    Staff SPNB kakakaka heheheh hari hari dapat bonus dari kontraktor...tak siapa pun siasat. kekeke

  28. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Tolong jangan siasat kontraktor atau SPNB. Mereka semua baik baik belaka.

  29. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Taniah rocky. Taniah Malay Mail. Hapuskan gejala rasuah. Taniah.

    Ain Zubaidah

  30. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Polis nak siasat AZMIN, tapi SPNB, PKFZ- tak ingat langsung. Skandal SPNB sebenarnya sebesar PKFZ... hairan apasal media massa tak peduli.


  31. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Oii smoke on the water. you kata : Kalau BABI namanya rasuah,
    Ramailah orang jadi berubah.
    Sebahagiannya makan isi dan kuah.
    Seperti berlaku pada rasuah.

    Kalaulah rasuah itu bernama BABI.
    Ramailah orang tidak peduli.
    Semua orang loya dan geli.
    Hendak rasuah tidak jadi

    Rasuah berkembang sangatlah bitara.
    Berkembang biak seluruh negara.
    Teguh menguasai laman berita.
    Iblis syaitan memang berpesta di SPNB.

    Bruder, kami SPNB bukan BABI beb

  32. Anonymous9:50 pm

    INVESTIGATE nor mohammed Yakob, the minister in charge of EPU. All roads from SPNB stops at his and KJ's doors.

  33. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Ahmad Zahid lambasted the housing complex developer, Syarikat Perumahan Negara Bhd (SPNB.

    Ahmad Zahid, who was a former chairman of SPNB, said he knew why SPNB had failed to deliver the contract on time.

    He took to task a former senior official of SPNB who he said was responsible for the delay.

    He urged the present SPNB management to ensure that the company was free of individuals who indulged in corrupt practices.

    “That’s the reason the rakyat is angry with the government.

    Malay MALE

  34. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Patah Sayap Terbang Jua. Rasuah di SPNB tak bole dibenteras.. dari akar ke umbi, hidop meyular.

  35. Better bumi screwing bumi than a chinaman screwing bumi:-)

  36. Interesting,
    suddenly they stopped calling you a paid cybertrooper.

    In the words of an UMNO politician, if you were paid to write for UMNO you're doing a lousy job.

    But a brilliant job for a Journalist.

    Cheers to having balls in calling a spade a spade!

  37. Anonymous1:21 am

    dear anon 6 08pm, godfather,

    yes, all are bumiputeras link to umnos, with surname like lee, tan, loh, lim, sim, goh, boon, and the likes

    -tengku wong-

  38. Anonymous6:36 am

    Bro. Bru,

    Check out the DEAL between SPNB with YTL over the Bandaraya land in Pantai Dalam. It was franchised to YTL but billings were under SPNB. I used to own a condo there so I know. I think YTL was riding on SPNB. Very cozy.

    Also don't get carried away by this task force BF. It's a way of pacifying the uninitiated by not doing anything.

    MM and this blog must go on digging, Bru.


  39. Anonymous9:40 am

    There is an oversupply. SPNB had overlaunched the projects when demand was low. It is unable to pay the contractors as sales are not moving. People are not buying because the houses are in rural areas, far from basic infrastructure," the source said.-NST.
    Well its costing about RM30k for SPNB to build each house inc land costs, and sell at between rm40k and rm50k.
    Seems to me, the only winner are the CONTRACTORS.

  40. Anonymous9:41 am

    Dear Rocky
    'Heads must roll'... sounds like the French Revolution.
    Yeah, but there must be accountablility otherwise history will repeat itself.

    - Anonymous (I'll be the one knitting but not necessarily cackling when heads roll / Palestinian State Where Art Thou - Talk is Cheap Obama / Save Pulau Batu Putih).

  41. Anonymous9:42 am

    How did an unknown guy end up in top ten vote gainer in UMNO supreme council election? Well he worked at SPNB.... fact or fiction..go ask ROCKY

  42. Anonymous9:43 am

    Kalau BABI namanya rasuah,
    Ramailah orang jadi berubah.
    Sebahagiannya makan isi dan kuah.
    Seperti berlaku pada rasuah.

    MAKSUDNYA - ada CINA jadi dalang pd 35 kontraktor melayu??? betui ke???

  43. teo siew chin10:00 am

    hahahhahhaaa...double turncoat??
    kinda like what happens if you are scared half to death twice? lol

    brainache lah!

  44. Anonymous10:30 am

    Auditor-General’s report for 2008 revealed continuing financial management weaknesses at every level of the government. Delays in project completion seem to be a perennial problem and the lack of oversight by various ministries and departments in the procurement of goods and services continue to cost the government hundreds of millions of ringgit.

    These statements indicate perhaps that our Prime Minister Najib Razak may want to reverse his announcement on January 9 in Kuala Teregganu that the government would always look after Class F contractors.
    The government had in fact already set aside RM900 million, which was RM300 million more than last year, for works to be undertaken by Class F contractors this year.

  45. Anonymous10:34 am

    As reported on May 1, 2005, Malaysia had one contractor for every 614 persons. Most likely there are more contractors by now. This ratio is again likely to be amongst the highest in the world .

    I would like to pose a few questions which may appear unkind or insensitive but nonetheless need to be asked.

    Out of hundreds of high-rise buildings in Kuala Lumpur does anyone know of any Bumiputera contractor who has won any of the building contracts through an open competitive tender process? Out of hundreds of kilometers of highway in Malaysia, can any Bumiputera contractor who won any part of the highway contracts through open tender be identified?

    The answer to the above questions unfortunately is in the negative. The evidence is that all the government’s well-intentioned efforts in trying to produce competitive Bumiputera contractors since 1957 have failed.

    Koon Yew Yin - founding member of Mudajaya Bhd IJM Bhd and Gamuda Bhd.

  46. Anonymous10:58 am

    Come on laa Omar Goh, in my organisation, if we are facing something not right and serious matter, we set up 'task force' dulu laa. So this team will check dulu and then recommend the finding to board for further action..refer to police ka, SPRM ka ..

    MOF buat tu betul lah..BUT jangan cover their gang sudah lah..


  47. Anonymous11:10 am

    'SPNB sangat bermasalah..ramai staff SPNB sudah kaya raya. Mereka pekerja dan pada masa sama mereka juga jadi sub contraktor..harga jangan cakap..ikut suka hati saja..'

    Even kampung folk can came out with the above statement..very obvious, loud and clear.
    Surprisingly, how the management of SPNB are so blind and allows this to happen and happen without taking any action know why ?
    because they are the culprit..they also involve..penyamun jaga penyamun..


  48. Anonymous12:06 pm


    Death Toll : 14

    1. KLANG: Housewife R. Seetha, who poisoned herself and her four children with weed killer last Thursday, has died.

    2. Surenthiran, 24, was one of five suspected robbers and alleged member of the PCO Boy gang killed during a police shoot-out on Nov 8.

    3. A 22-year-old man was charged at a magistrate’s court here with murdering his mother whose body was hidden in a travel bag and placed underneath the kitchen sink at their house. J. Saravanan was alleged to have killed K. Malilla, 47, using an iron rod in Kampung MIC in Ulu Tiram between 9.30am and 10.30am on Oct 5

    4. JOHOR BARU: A 22-year old van driver has been sentenced to death by the High Court here for the murder of an 18-year-old waitress on Christmas Day in 2006. K. Kartigeyan was also sentenced to 20 years’ jail term and 15 strokes of the cane yesterday for a second charge of raping the victim

    5. KLANG: A trader was charged at a magistrate’s court here with the murder of Indonesian maid Muntik Bani, who died after being allegedly abused. A. Murugan, 35, was alleged to have committed the offence between Oct 18 and 20 at No 11, Jalan Dato Yusof Shahbudin 6, Taman Sentosa here.

    6. JOHOR BARU: Two odd-job workers were charged with the murder of a policeman near a Chi¬nese cemetery in Taman Skudai Ba¬¬¬¬ru here. S. Veloo, 30, and S. Thanasilan, 21, were charged at the magistrate’s court with murdering Konst C. Selva Ganesan between 3.40am on Sept 17 and 9.50am on Sept 20.

    7. KUALA LUMPUR: A policeman will be charged at the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court today for causing the death of detainee A. Kugan in January. Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, in a statement yesterday, said Navindran Vivekanandan would be charged under Section 331 of the Penal Code

    8. KUALA LUMPUR: A secretary was sentenced to nine years jail for killing a Chinese national three years ago. N. Rajkumaran, 30, was convicted under Section 304 (a) of the Penal Code, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years jail.

    9. JOHOR BARU: A 30-year-old man was jailed 12 years by the High Court here after he pleaded guilty to causing the death of his month-old son in June. G. Arumugam admitted to the offence, under Section 304(a) of the Penal Code, which took place at his home in Taman University, Skudai, at 6.30pm on June 20.

    10. GEORGE TOWN: Police are looking at the possibility of calling for an inquest into the death of the executive director of Alagappa Flour Mills Sdn Bhd & Group of Companies Al. Mathivanan Pillai Kr. Alagappan Pillai.

  49. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Koon Yew Yin balek cinala

  50. Anonymous12:19 pm

    No action will be taken. The contractors will be laughing to the bank. Most likely gobermen wills increased rokok prizes to bayar the SPNB contractors. Susahkan rakyat aje.

  51. Rocky,

    Art Harun shows that Mahathir's comment that "democracy is a hindrance to progress" is wrong and foolish.

    High time someone corrected the misguided and deceiving comments of Mahathir. We don't want the rakyat to be fooled by his comments. We want the rakyat to be able to evaluate his comments. The rakyat usually think that what Mahathir says must be correct, correct, correct and blindly accept.

    Lucky we have intelligent professionals like Art Harun to correct people like Mahathir from tipu-ing us.

  52. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Walau badai datang melanda
    Tetap ku tempuhi jua
    Andai kata bernada
    Segalanya ku terima
    Ku berserah kerana ringgit
    Tiada terasa walaupun susah
    Tiada lagi aku curiga hidup
    Kian bercahaya
    Kini boleh senyum ketawa
    Tiada duka gembira
    Oh... rasanya bahagia dgn SPNB

    34 kontraktor melayu.

  53. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Senator Azian, pengerusi SPNB tu dari geng mamak, mb perak. Patut dijadikan menteghi.. takpi tak jadi. Depa tu bersih bersinar sinar. SUMpah atas SAMPAH.

  54. Anonymous1:03 pm


  55. Halimah @ KL1:22 pm

    Ala Rocky ni asyik nak tembak jer kompeni-kompeni yang ada kaitan dengan Pak Lah + Khairy + dan kroni kroni mereka.

    Kompeni yg ada kaitan dengan Mahathir + Mukhriz + kroni-kroni yang sewaktu dengan mereka dia tak usik, tak tegur.

    Sama jugak dgn Najib. Takde sepatah kata pun.

    Inilah dia 'journalism' ala Rocky.

  56. Halimah @ KL said...

    Ala Rocky ni asyik nak tembak jer kompeni-kompeni yang ada kaitan dengan Pak Lah + Khairy + dan kroni kroni mereka.

    Kompeni yg ada kaitan dengan Mahathir + Mukhriz + kroni-kroni yang sewaktu dengan mereka dia tak usik, tak tegur.

    Sama jugak dgn Najib. Takde sepatah kata pun.

    Inilah dia 'journalism' ala Rocky.


    Alamak cik Halimah @ KL,

    Saya tak tahu pun yang SPNB in kompeni Pak Lah-KJ. Betul ke ni, atau main tembak ajer?

    Sebenarnya, SPNB ni bukan kompeni sesiapa, it is a housing board dan stakeholders dia termasuk lah cik Halimah @ KL dan saya juga, tu pun kalau Cik Halimah ada bayar cukai lah.

    Yang 34 kontraktors tu pulak, wallahualam, Cik Halimah. Saya tak tahu diorang ni kompeni Pak Lah ke, Najib ke, AliBaba ke.

    What I heard, though, is that one of the Bumi contractors who have been talking about the SPNB issue in the papers is under probe by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission for the Terengganu stadium and Mid Ring Rong fiasco in KL.

  57. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Yes, let the heads roll. Let the axe men roll up their sleeves.

    More importantly, ask MACC to go in and investigate fully.

    I fully support you that this sort of things must not happen again. Too much corruption all over the places in recent times.

    High time they be stopped. The culprits be hauled into court. Irrespective of their positions. Deterrent punishments and sentences be meted out on the guilty blokes.

  58. Bunga Kejora1:51 pm

    Kejora Minda,

    Betul lah kata Mahathir tu. Tengok saja Singapore. Demokrasi ke? Kita lebih demokrasi, jauh lebih demokrasi, tapi Singapore progress gila babi.

    Bunga Kejora

  59. Anonymous3:08 am

    in a complex operation of a government body
    it is easy if we have a working role model.
    For a guide on operations the role of the contoh is invaluable.

    For people housing we have the HDB as a v good success story.
    I must say I agree with zorro in his evaluation of our civil
    servants - if they are not corrupt , they are bodoh. 

    If they are bodoh and corrupt I cannot but say sorry
    for the people who look forward to owning a house in
    our blessed country.

    See how a nation like Singapore with their limited land
    resource can provide good housing for her people.
    Gomen must not pay spinners good money to give fancy
    slogans that are never meant to achieve anything .

    Slogans like-
    kerajaan membela
    keranamu Malaysia
    islam hatari
    Rakyat didahulukan

    will just be a bad memory of people going through
    the various regimes of non performing prime ministers

    At the end of the day , the people, not some lucky
    ones [like a 4D winner] will want to feel the joy
    of house ownership.

    Lately gomen announced the the pprt will be sold to some lucky people
    [most probabbly to cronies , friends and ilks]. No thought
    has been put as to how the property would be resold later. There does
    not appear to be a mechanism to regulate the sale and the maintenance of the
    pprt. Again the not so pandai civil servants did not bother to copy
    the policies of the bright guys down south.

    What can you expect from this bunch of unmotivated , inept civil servants
    not wanting to deliver despite all the spinned slogans put up by the gomen
    year after year. There does not seem to be love of the people by politicians
    and civil servants. This is one kpi that the BTN has fallen short....


  60. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Who will guard the guardians?,Who shall watch the watchers?

    SPNB staff laughing at MACC bodoh's

  61. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Watch the watchers ka guardians ka kita tak pedulik. Sekarang kita mau Azian bawak semua saki baki dia tinggalkan SPNB dan management sekarang mulakan kerja-kerja pembersihan.

    Kerja Senator Azian, Dato' Shamsul, Dato' Radzuan(Naib Ketua Bahagian Azian di Ipoh Timur), Pegawai khas Azian Anuar aka Arab Mamak hitam kadawale, geng-geng kontraktor Sabah bawah Joafin GM Legal, ex-MD Dato' Amin(dengar cerita dia dah nak kena tangkap dah) dan konco-konco yang ada sekarang ni tak boleh dibiarkan.

    Kontraktor pon makan suap bagi depa ni semua kaki perempuan, simpan perempuan di karaoke Club De Vegas, Azian tak sedar diri tua botak haprak punya chairman la ni,

    Dok sembang sama PAC depa pon nak masuk dah la ni....haha..

    Heads must roll...


  62. Anonymous10:11 pm

    check spnb tu weh..semua projek sakit..seluruh negara..semua kontraktor tu semua kroni...

    sayang duit