Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good news x2

First, the good news: Razeek Hussain, 51, has been made CEO of MRCB, ending speculation that the post could go to ex-4th floor exec Ahmad Zaki Zahid.
Now, the other good news: Ex-MRCB boss Shahril Ridza Ridzuan (pic), 39, will be made Deputy CEO of the Employees Provident Fund [not Chief Investment Officer as reported here] in charge of Investments, effective Dec 1.

Shahrir was sent to MRCB (together with Abdul Rahman Ahmad) to help revive the corporation after the end-90s currency crisis. Rahman went on to turn around Media Prima (and recently to Equinas) while Shahril stayed to lead MRCB. When Dr Mahathir, then the PM, sent the two young men out into the harsh business environment, one of his advices to them was, "Don't do side deals".


  1. Anonymous4:41 pm

    MRCB recently entered into an agreement with Yes88 to develop land in Melbourne. One of the individuals mentioned, an Australian PR, was the former GM of Prime Granite, a subsidiary of Tongkah Holdings. In his time he was there, Prime lost RM20mill. The company close shop.

    MRCB should thoroughly check the backgrounds of the individuals it has dealings with.

    Tak Boleh Tahan

  2. Apolitical blues4:41 pm

    Zaki must choose between politics or business.

    No two way about it.

  3. Ex Forex Trader4:42 pm

    Black spider Nor Mohamad Yakcop bila pula?

  4. Oghang Ghombau4:51 pm


    Kau kono pastikan Khairy tak dapek jadi Menteri.

    Muga di Mekah tuhan buko ijab hatinya untuk boghonti dari Ketuo Pemudo.

  5. Anonymous4:59 pm

    just hope that all the beautiful stories about the turnaround of MRCB is not just another 'Round Tripping' like what happen in Selangor Government concerning Talam Saga. Heard that what happen in Talam deal is Mega Saga. High Valuation of land (some already turn into pond after sand mining activities); government along over Liabilities and guess what? A cash payment to the dodger amounting almost RM280m. Like that it's enough to bailout someone bad loa la.
    How much Madam Lau portion for broking the deal? What the portion to the all Chinese adviser aat Level 14 & 20 of SUK building in Shah Alam? All this young cikus has been used to humilate former Malays leader. Does this mean Malay leader are more corrupt?

    Frustrated Malay. Post as Pengarah Jabatan but got to let the young cikus to approves what we can do.

    By Tak Melayu Hilang Di Dunia Tapi Maruah Dah Nak Takde.

  6. skilgannon10665:04 pm

    Now, Pak Rocky - could your contacts please tell us why there seems to be a "revolving door" at IRDA (Iskandar Regional Development Authority) as far as its chief executive post is concerned?

    IRDA was set up in November 2006. Its first chief executive was Datuk Ikmal Hijaz. He was replaced by Harun Johari. Harun has quit and has been replaced by Ismail Ibrahim. That's 2 chief executives gone in a space of about 3 years.

    Could it be that the Johor MB is calling the shots as far as Iskandar Malaysia is concerned and that he is not overly enthused about the federal government's readiness to do deals with Singapore?

    Are the Johor MB and the PM operating on the same agenda as far as Iskandar Malaysia is concerned? And where are Datuk Ikmal and Mr Harun Johari now?

  7. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Rocky, this you call 'Good News'...unbelievable !!!

    So, Rocky, can you enlighten us what Sharir and Abdul Rahman has achieved during their tenure in MRCB ??

    Omar Goh

  8. Anonymous6:07 pm

    tahniah budak2 Cambridge ...


  9. KJ IS A MORON6:48 pm

    Dear Bro Rocky, i am glad to hear that, but the TINGKAT 4 gays are still around, bila mau terajang keluar depa ni semua?

    KJ pi mekah konon, ya la tu, tah tah pi makan angin je, kalau dia ada maruah, sepatutnya dfia balik letak jawatan...

    Dosa dia hanya akan termapun bila dia keluar dari UMNO

  10. Oghang Gombau7:21 pm

    Kurang2 Nik Aziz terselamat dari pergi haji dari duit haram.

    KJ dan Pak Lah terlepas ke Haji dgn duit rasuah!!!!

  11. Anonymous10:35 pm


    Both CEOs did not deliver. Both CEOs apointed several of his Shell and POS Malaysia cronies in IRDA and this bacfired and failed him terribly.

    1. COO was not fit for job. He was a failure in MISC. Harun pitied him and took hinm into IRDA
    2. Head of Communications - Also a failure. Worked part-time in IRDA. Full time in KL and Director at Pavillion. Harun's ex Shell buddy and crony but failed him, as he had retired long time ago as a marketing man!! Knows nuts about communications.
    3. Head of Investor Relations - Also an ex Shell and Harun crony. Failed badly. Travels all round the world but brought in no investments to our departments in IRDA. Never in JB. Always in KL or overseas galavanting.

    Harun also created a Senior Leadership Team with his these cronies in it that formed another bureaucratic layer. They failed to support him.

    Harun also put into cold storage old Head of Departments and senior staff and placed his cronies as Head of Departments. This backfired when the new ones failed to deliver and old staff resisted this discrimination through non-cooperation

    At the end of the day, the Johor Civil Service and MB saw him as a failure - no thanks to his inefficient team. He deserves to go together with his cronies.

  12. Anonymous10:39 pm

    KJ IS A MORON...nampak sangat hang ni Parpu Kari...the way u write is so identifiable.

  13. Sceptic Eyes9:51 am

    Najib tak ada telor ke untuk terajang budak2 tingkat 4 ni?

    Atau dia main tangan belakang tabir dgn .

    Macam anwar jumpa dia di rumah dan sekarang dia jumpa dan sembang2 dgn anwar talking abt good old time pemuda umno.

    Lepas ni apa? terjumpa di New Zealand?

    Any of the two of you screw the people, you two will be finished!

  14. Anonymous10:50 am

    Could you pls tell Najib and Muhyiddin again and again that SI KJ indeed BIG LIABILTY to the Government.
    From my observation and survey, if KJ remains in UMNO,PRU13 is hell for BN.
    Dont forget also Tgkt 4 BOYS, they most go too..all of them PENYAMUN..shame you..


  15. skilgannon10664:49 pm

    Anon 10:35 PM

    Thanks for the clarifications.

    I am not surprised about Pos Msia, but I thought Shell Msia produced quality executives?

    So, who calls the shots in Iskandar Malaysia? The Federal govt/Khazanah or the Johor MB/Johor Civil Service?

    Incidentally, I am not too sure about the commercial savvy of the Johor MB, given the mess that the state govt has made of developing Johor Bahru. No plans, short-term or medium-term. Public transport infrastructure a big joke. Heck, they didn't even plan for the impact of the new CIQ on downtown JB!

  16. Anonymous7:45 pm


    Shell Msia produced quality executives?
    Maybe yes, and may be no, very subjective, in my opinion.

    But the fact is Harun has failed twice post-Shell. The first one was in PTP, that's why his CEO contract was not renewed, and Mr Chairman (Dato Sidek) has to undo most of the changes introduced by Harun. The second one is in IRDA. Can't really blame others like MB Johor or JCS or politicians for his failure as he cant even get full support from IRDA staff.

    Who calls the shots in Iskandar Malaysia?
    There are lots of stakeholders in the area, especially the locals, the landowners, the investors, the JCS and politicians. I guess everybody has to collectively play their part if they want Iskandar Msia to succeed and vice versa.