Thursday, November 05, 2009

Zorro's PDRM logo

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Original article:
Is this zorro-unmasked?
Bernard Khoo was questioned for 1hr 45mins yesterday over a defaced PDRM logo pasted on the blog zorro-unmasked. He was cooperative, so I hope it's his first and last visit to Bukit Aman. Read the Malay Mail article here.

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Not everyone loves zorro: Police must .. terrorist ... danger ... put away ...
This one here does.


  1. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Yes, Rocky. It's Bernard Khoo aka Zorro Unmasked. He had taken off his mask for good.

    I think he will quit blogging & will stop playing Mr. Brave from now. He saw & met FEAR yesterday. There are people who claimed he pissed in his pants yesterday.

    - TOKZ

  2. The older one gets, the wiser they are.

    I truly shocked & amazed why ZORRO didn't get any wiser as accordance to his age.

    What he did was totally foolish & uncalled for. I hope he learned his lesson well.

  3. Mami Cello4:30 pm

    lepas 20 minit boleh sembang pasal manchester united ...

    wonder will he still be mean with the police.

    why is harris walking without a teapot ...hahaha

  4. No balls then don't blog4:51 pm

    That's what you get for trying to play the role of Mr.BRAVE.

    But then again, Zorro isn't any BRAVE MAN. It's just that he hasn't met FEAR until yesterday.

    From today onwards, he'll be very careful with what he writes. Don't be surprise if he QUIT blogging for good.

    Zorro is the type of blogger whom we can label as a CHICKEN BLOGGER.

  5. Zorro lost his mask4:55 pm

    I simply cannot comprehend the foolish mentality this old dude called ZORRO UNMASKED has.

    He isn't any politician, he isn't anywhere near being a politician & he isn't a man brave enough to confront, why did he do such a stupid thing??? I can understand if he's just a kid but for goodness sake, his age is almost as old as our Muzium Negara.

    It's really humiliating to see an OLD MAN getting into trouble when he should be wiser than what he should be.

  6. lagak HERO tapi keberanian ZERO4:57 pm

    He wrote as if he doesn't know what fear is all about.

    He wrote as if he could take on the entire police force single handedly.

    He wrote thinking he would be idilized like that Fugitive Blogger name Raja Pengecut Petra.

    But when you pull him into the police station....he instantly transformed into MICKEY MOUSE.

  7. Pantun buat ZORRO5:12 pm

    Semua orang nak jadi HERO,
    Terutama sekali blogger nama ZORRO,
    Bila jemput kat Balai minum KOPI-O,
    Bola Zorro kecut menjadi ZERO.

    Zorro tak berani lagi nak BLOG,
    Bola dia dah beku jadi macam ROCK,
    Dulu dia pandai tulis dan TALK,
    Sekarang takut nak walk dia punya TALK.

    Bila tua tolong BERSARA,
    Buat apa nak MENGADA-ADA???,
    Tak sabar ke nak tidur dalam KERANDA???,
    Lebih baik Zorro duduk kat rumah main dengan KELUARGA.

    Blogging adalah untuk yang BERANI,
    Seumpana blogger bernama ROCKY,
    Blogger pengecut tak sesuai berada kat SINI,
    Nanti mati macam Teoh Beng Hock kat MACC.

  8. And why is it that Zorro has to be nice with the cops? Don't they kill? Ask Altantuya. Ask Kugan. Ask Francis Udayapan. Don't they commit crimes? Ask Deputy Attorney-General Abdul Hakim Ritonga and Gen. Susno Duadji, the head of national police investigations!...Hey....looks like Indonesia are better than us man. They actually get their top cop to resign!! Or is it that ours is smarter...not so stupid like the Indonesians and allow themselves to get caught. Or maybe ours are actually good cops...just only cannot explain what they've got thats all..

  9. Anonymous6:20 pm

    The cops must be shit scared of Zorro

    -more crap

  10. Cik Suzira Biru Bak Nila7:09 pm

    Berita gempak!

    Berita menggegarkan!

    Dr. Mahathir terlibat dalam PKFZ!

    Tak percaya? Bacalah sendiri....

    Rocky, kenapa tak komen?

    Takut ker?

  11. Anonymous8:13 pm

    No Bernard Khoo is nothing like RPK, RPK stuck to his gun and he became a fugitive and still write somewhere.
    For this old man, he thinks he is playing cowboys and Indians with the PDRM.
    This old man, while being called by the Police, still insult the PDRM by admitting he only writes for a blogsite Zorro-Unmasked telling the police he did not known who Zorro was? When everyone knows he is Zorro-Unmasked!
    Well like, RPK who once said he writes for Malaysia Today but said he did not know who runs Malaysia Today. And Zorro also said the same thing to the police! Both RPK and Zorro have one thing in common - they are both been advised by the same lawyer!! Haris Ibrahim!
    May be after Bernard the racist Khoo, th police can now concentrate on this Malay lawyer who has an Indian name in his IC!

    Tired of shenanigan from Taman permata!

  12. Anonymous8:37 pm

    According to the MM report that you linked to, quote Khoo also did not reveal Zorro's identity.Unquote.
    What does it mean? I'm afraid I don't understand.


  13. Haiya, I posted a nice note on that Apek Tua Bernard "Zollo" Khoo's blog but the old chicken shit didn't approve lah.

    Where got fleedom of explession with these Chin Peng sympathisers.

    Only syiok sendili lah this Communist felon.

  14. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Rightfully, Zorro can express his emotion or anger to any individual or any institution for that matter. That is his problem.

    Since there are many more peoples who don't share the same sentiments, it is so wrong on his part to instigate others to do so.

    Invincible Man

  15. Anonymous10:27 pm

    whatever derogatory or 'clever' one may say about zorro, there will
    always be fans of his writing. While it is easy to comment [or more
    clearly -talk cock ] about zorro, it requires a beautiful mind to write
    what zorro had written.

    To zorro, there will always be a place in the sun for you-cheers


  16. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Maybe when questioned, who our first Prime Minister was, he blurted our "Chairman Moa?"

    As that was what been told by his father who came direct from Mainland China?


  17. Charlie Oscar12:21 am

    Dear Rocky,
    There is Nothing Wrong with Zorro!
    He may be "lost" because of too much Politiking!!!
    Please do not Condemn or Curse him!!!
    Everyone is Entitled to his/her own Opinion, whether it is Right or Wrong!!!
    MALAYSIA is a DEMOCRATIC Country!!!

  18. Bernard Khoo denied that he is Zorro? What a joke. Brudder Zorro, are you not the BRAVE Pakatan Rakyat HERO who travelled (funded) to all the by-elections to spin for Anwar Ibrahim and friends? Be a man Mr.Zorro or else just change your nick. Cowards and liars cannot be Zorro the Hero!

  19. Anonymous8:27 am

    It's just round one.

    Round two will feature 'revenge'.

    Round three, troopers will join the meelee.

    Round four?? Heart attack?? Police brutality?

    Let's wait, the show's not over yet.


  20. Anonymous11:17 am


    Yeah,heard about the pissing too. A dead giveaway about his testicular fortitude is his ashen-faced mien in the photo adorning this post. The fact that this despicable fuckshit didnt own up speaks volumes of his balls or lack of it. Now he says he is not speaking about the case on the advis of his pigarse faced attorney.poorah shit!

    It is time for the attorney to be hauled up for instigating racial tension by calling us malays, "vors", an intentional insult to demean our honour.

    The day will come soon, fuckhead unwashed arseshit, dogcock, pigshit sons of bitches, keep feeling them knuckles, joints and uncut......for you aint gonna feel anything real soon...

  21. TokZ

    Heh, heh, heh, heh!

    You hate the Chinese when they stand up to your racism. You hate the Malays when they stand up to your racism. You hate the Indians when they stand up to your racism!

    You now realize who's in the minority? Why it's you! Sad isn't it? Why are you so vitriolic against 1 man - Zorro - if he is just an old man with no power and has no folowing? Who's crapping in his pants?

    Who's left for you to hate, bro? Next, in your frustration, you'll be the one who will be taking it out on poor Indon maids!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  22. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Old fart
    "And why is it that Zorro has to be nice with the cops? Don't they kill?"

    You're the same like Zorro. Should you require any immediate assistance from the police in the future ie indon holding parang to your neck, please forward all emergency calls to haris ibrahim. Don't call the police.
    But you know what? They'll still come to save your scrawny ungrateful neck.


  23. Anonymous10:14 pm


    finally zorro understood why the word Malay word AMOK got into the English dictionary

    Congrats, he is now a learned man

  24. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Yeah old fart

    The Indons also got your kind to remove ALL chinese names

    and speak BAHASA INDONESIA

    heh heh

  25. Anonymous9:10 am

    This is St. Peter in the New Testament. The cock crowed thrice for him and he denied his affiliation or knowledge of the monster he created "Zorro Unmasked".

    If nothing else could have proved this man's cowardice, it is his denials at his interview at Bulit Aman.

    This is the man the article speaks of which he denies likewise has nothing to do with the real Bernard Khoo at La Salle School Kelang.

    No one supports a police state or bullying. None of us here at our blog support the intimidation or persecution of an individual or community through the use of state force because they have an opinion contrary to ours.

    Bernard Khoo should learn that or he will like Raja Petra Kamaruddin sully and defeat genuine attempts to foster better freedoms, and better rights for all.

    Time to quit the Chinese only rights Bernard. Stand up, don't censor those you disagree with. Otherwise you are no different to them and must step aside.



  26. Anonymous10:25 am

    dei dpp

    the last maid murderer was an indian

  27. epiclulz5:46 pm

    Muahahahahah... this Bernard Khoo/Zorro or whatever sure got whacked. Below is a transcript of the interrogation. I got this from a friend of a friend's father's driver, who's stepbrother's son's roomate works at the warung teh outside Bk Aman.

    Time: 3:30pm

    DSP Mahfuz: Ok, Mr. Bernard Khoo, we've got you now. Hehehehhh. Our investigations have shown that you are the blogger Zorro Unmasked who writes seditious and subversive material. And we have evidnce to prove that.

    Insp Zed: To be precise, seditious and subversive material is written by Zorro Unmasked, and to prove the evidence, we have that.

    Bernard: I see.

    DSP Mahfuz: Is that all you have to say? Lets see if you can even speak after this. Bring it in!

    (3 PCs walk in, each carrying a large stack of papers right up to their heads)

    Insp Zed: As you can see Mr.Khoo, this is all the evidence we have to show that you are the blogger Zorro Unmasked.

    (the 3 PC plonk the stacks onto the table. Unbalanced, they fall over onto the heads of Inspector Zed & DSP Mahfuz)

    DSP Mahfuz: Aduh! Owww! Bodoh ngkau bertiga!

    Constable No.1: Ah, sorry Sir! We did n...

    DSP Mahfuz: Git out you lot...! Keluar! Or I'll have you transferred all to Bario!

    Constable No.2: Ah, Yes Sir! Tabik!

    (the 3 cops leave...)

    DSP Mahfuz: Nowww, as you can see, we have all the evidence here of your subversiveness. For example, this sheet of... Daaa?! What is this??!! Seargent Zed! What is this?!

    Insp Zed: Uhhh, the evidence Tuan.

    DSP Mahfuz: Yesssss, evidence. But these are all printouts of Zorro's blog! (flips through pages) AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN GET THE FORMATTING RIGHT!

    Insp Zed: Ah, we just hit 'Print' on the Internets Explorer.

    DSP Mahfuz: Yes, but look, half the text is on this page, the other half on that other page... (flips through more pages), Help me sort through this you fool! Don't sit there and angguk-angguk!

    Insp Zed: Aah, Yes Sir!

    DSP Mahfuz: I thought I told you and your men to sort through these and get a sumary list of what we can charge him with?! DIDN'T YOUR MEN DO THE HOMEWORK?!

    Insp Zed: But Sir, they all spent most of the day stopping motobikes in Jalan Tun Razak. You know, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Xmas, and all. Need extra income, you know...

    Bernard: Heh heh...

    DSP Mahfuz: Shaddup you old fool! We will get you sooner or later!

  28. epiclulz5:48 pm hour passes... blood is smeared upon the interrogation table... but its from the DSP & Sarge, ...furiously & frantically sorting through the huge stack of A4 papers... their fingers riddled with paper cuts

    ...Bernard Khoo and the lawyer Ashok merely sit & look, occasionally glancing at their watches...

    (the door opens. Corporal K rushes in...)

    Cpl. K: Tabik Sir. We have reports of rampant snatch thefts going up in the precinct. A robbery & lynching in Selayang market, and someone ran over a snatch theft! The publick are calling and asking where are our police patrols, where is police presence, what...

    DSP Mahfuz: Wei, shaddup! Can't you see we are busy here?! Leave us, or I'll transfer you to Gua Musang!

    Cpl K: Aah! Yes sir!

    (door closes)

    Bernard: So who's fighting crime when the police are fighting cranky old bloggers?

    DSP Mahfuz: Mr. Khoo, we have the most sophisticated equipment to do the job for us. See that? That, is our Anti-Crime Computer! (points to machine visible though a glass window in the interrogation room)

    Bernard: I see.

    DSP Mahfuz: Uses the latest in Tape Technology and Punch Card! Made in Germany! We got it for RM5,000,000 last year.

    Lawyer Ashok: mmhmm. I see. By the way, have you heard of silicon chips and Pentiums?

    DSP Mahfuz: Silly Con? What stupid question are you asking?

    Lawyer Ashok: Ah, nevermind...

    DSP Mahfuz: You don't play fool with me, brader! I can get... Oho! Here we have it! (puts up a sheet of paper), This, what is this? Picture of PDRM logo on your blog? A German Shephard, with $ sign & C4??? This is indeed a blatantly offensive and seditious insult to PDRM!

    Insp Zed: To be precise Sir, dogs, $, & C4 is blatant in PDRM and an insult to the logo

  29. epiclulz5:51 pm

    DSP Mahfuz: Er, Indeed. But (glances at watch) oh, it is 4:40 already! Tea time.

    Insp Zed: But Sir, we have even not interrogate zorro yet!

    DSP Mahfuz: But its tea time...

    Insp Zed: ...

    DSP Mahfuz: ...and after that... balik.

    Bernard: So...?

    DSP Mahfuz: So? So we will use this logo of the dog, sign, C4 and see if we can hit you for Sedition, Perdition, OSA, or... uh I dunno... must look through the lawbook tonight.

    Lawyer Ashok: Then you must release my client, for you do not have a warrant...

    DSP Mahfuz: Grr, you got me there! But we will get you with this I swear, er, i mean your client! (presses buzzer on intercom)

    Lieutanent Rajaluddin, come in!

    (Lt. Peter Kamal Rajaluddin steps into the room. A half-Malay, half-Anglo portly officer, with a beard, smoking a pipe. Could it be?)

    DSP Mahfuz: We may have found proof to charge The Zorro with something. Take this sheet of paper with a dog, C4, and $, Lieutanent and file it in the Evidence Room. Door should be open with a slipper. Access code is written on the vault door, if closed.

    Lt. Peter Kamal Rajaluddin: Very well sir. By the way, we have made a little success in tracking Raja Petra Kamaruddin. Intelligence shows he is in the nation of Freedonia last month. But he may have moved again, possibly to the Republic of Kugelmugel to take advantage of nonextradition treaties.

    DSP Mahfuz: I will speak to the Malaysian Ambassador of, uh, Kugelmugel to get him extradited. That Raja Petra is very cunning. He is always ahead. Who knows, he may be in this building now as we speak. We must make sure he or his agents do not access the Evidence Room where the secret files are kept.

    Insp Zed: And secret files indeed, such as PKFZ, Altantuya, submarines, toll concessions, Prime Ministers bank accounts, who killed so and so, who is screwing so and so...

    DSP Mahfuz: Now go and file this in the Evidence Room now Lieutanent! Before I transfer you to Ulu Anyut!

    Lt. Peter Kamal Rajaluddin: Yes sir! I go now. (leaves room)

    Bernard: Can me and my lawyer leave now?

    DSP Mahfuz: Yes! You've made a mockery out of us too long. Go get lost you two!

    Bernard & Lawyer Ashok: Whatever. (both leave)


    DSP Mahfuz: Aduh, hilang maruah-lah. no progress. Zed! I want you to go posting on blog & forum tonight. claim the interrogration was a success. We must salvage our reputation

    Insp Zed: Yes sir! I will use aliases like 'No balls then don't blog', 'lagak HERO tapi keberanian ZERO' & 'Pantun buat ZORRO'. People will think I am three separate people. hahahaha!

    DSP Mahfuz: hahahahahahaaa!

  30. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Looks like (from the photo) yer got urself Bhagawanji’s eldest son as your sidekick counsel to go along with Ibrahim's moron.Nice menagerie collection in the making there given the intelligence of your other fuckwit moronic pals.No sign of Ghulam's cockdead dimwit? By the way, tell the pondan arsewhore Zorro Unmasked – now that you admitted that you aint that dirty old clitleech - to vamoosh to Bahamas and get his brains some sunshine lest we open up his cranial cavity to the heavens free of charge and enjoy the daughter for our pains, quid pro quo.

    P/S : Haris pundek,
    U must be preening yourself over that VOR thingy in your blog and regaling to ur Chingkie pigs and Malay pigarse licking mates, over a dram of cheap Tiger at the Wharf, on how u “astutely” gave us, the Melayu bermaruah, the middle finger with that insult. Well cuntboil, since you are cunningly into the insult game, cracking jokes at our expense or casting slurs in our direction, let me get into the game as well to even things up and show my middle finger at the pansy boy you are, fuckhead.

    What if I say that you are the son of a SLUTVOR = Sri Lankan Unwanted Tamil Victim of Rejection. You like that, twatworm. Or do u like this one about the chingkies you love so much, that they are actually nothing more than trash CUNTs : China’s Unwanted National Trash. Gets interesting and creative, aint it this acronym game?

    You figure that cheap stunt sure makes up for your lack of balls,aint you? Poor fella, it may be something you may be unknowingly familiar with. Me making up stories…no sir…its from your own pen:

    They were Ceylonese. Great Grandpa Eliathamby ( I never knew him, of course ).....: (Of course you wouldnt want to!!!,)

    and from my own snooping:

    Wei Chyi even took us to Taman Eliathamby. In Tamil, Eliathamby means people who are borned with Kilnefelter disease (a polite term for 'pondans')……..

    so that explains a lot of that Armani clad, pseudo-cock (read: cigarette) sucking bravado, doesn’t it?. Get to the hospy real fast, check into ‘mergency and check that out for that thing runs in the family:'s_syndrome
    …..could resolve a lot issues and unscramble a lot of riddles…….. hahahaha!

    Warrior 231

  31. Anonymous3:57 pm

    WARRIOR 231,



  32. wharfman8:03 pm

    Wah, he actually stopped blogging about certain topics when advised not to and he admitted that. So much his mega big balls talk. Now we know. It was all just talk. Zorro konon. Belah laaaa..

  33. Anonymous1:04 pm

    From now on.. just refer this Bernard Khoo the old senile real racist in disguise as Zorro Unpants..

    Kah..kah..kah... bet his puny pecker already swallowed inside his puny balls when confronted with PDRM..after all its what the chingkie do best..stir shit and brag with their big-ass foul mouth and scram the shit out hiding when it come to face the real consequences.. a real fucking jokes..that's what they are..

    The least this nation would need to keep on progressing solving real national issues for the better good of the nation is to have someone like this senile-o-racist, a real chingkie supremacist bastard.. malay supremacist your ass.. cakap org saja pandai..cermin diri lah..

    He and his kind love to stir and spin shit out of their asshole pigbrain and yet everything just revolved back around their fucking pigbrain agendas end up going nowhere at all in reality...blar..blar..blardy keliling berguling-guling kuat kencing sampai naik juling mengalahkan keling pening..

    Cakap saja pandai, if smart, give ideas lah how to solve those problems other than just bitching loud..for sure cannot..that is so them ... pigbrain standard..

    Unresourceful fucking troublemakers...together with those like of RPK, Haris Pundek et. al... deserved to be eradicate from the surface of Malaysia..for the better good..

    fuck them all..


    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  34. Alex-Sweet8:10 pm

    Zollo, the hilo? aiyah, lia boleh balek tilo.....sulah tua tak tahu jaga lili....apa maciam ini loh?? mahu jali hilo tapi tatak stamina leh....balek masok kubo sulah la....

    You ain't no hero, zorro! an old dumbwit with an old disgruntled bird....yeah, heard that you pissed in your sleep too, on your bed ...forgot to put on your old man's panties against incontinence....what a poor old sod!!

    Remember old sod, there is still law and order here.....don't think that this country belongs to you and your ilk only ....don't say the kettle is black and then turn around and say that it is red instead!!! Bloody old fool !!

  35. Anonymous12:23 pm

    "pusing keliling berguling-guling kuat kencing sampai naik juling mengalahkan keling pening.."

    that was a great one, bro anti. Rhynes perfectly with the zorro zero mentality these fuckatan scum bloggers carry about them. These pigarseshit can only affect false bravado like a paper zorro and have zero brains and balls to boot to go with their asinine courage. Fuck them all......Did you hear that Skilly bastard pondan 1066 got his arse torn by Hu Jin Tao's lanchiau when skilly tried to suck his cock FOC?

    Warrior 231

  36. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Padan muka zorro...umur dah lanjut tapi otak masih tak matang. seriously this is one of the dangers of giving those untrained in journalism the power to write whatever the please.

    earlier blogger jed was called by the police because of her stupidity and now it is this bernard guy. In jed's case, ppl might just say that she is young and stupid..but what about this guy??? all that big talk is plain B.S.

    Takat nak jadi blogger just to get free publisiti tu..lagi baik tak yah la. kan dah malu..kena panggil polis kerana kebodohan sendiri. ha sekarang pegi la jawab dgn anak cucu kenapa atuk buat benda bodoh yg boleh jatuhkan imej negara. blah la



    Guys,guys...Lets not get hasty over
    a"Freedom of Expression" antic by a
    70 yr old man in his Bloggospace..!
    Where's our SENSE of Tolerance,that
    we all have talk about:TO LIVE and
    let LIVE in PEACE and HARMONY in a
    multicultural meltpot????
    WE've been living together for what
    ??over more than 100years?? as MALAYSIANS(well,50yrs MALAYAN and 50yrs as MALAYSIANS).
    Our Father of Merdeka,Tunku Abdul Rahman & his
    Chinese,Indians, Sabahan, Sarawakian and other Malaysian had worked so HARD to get us TOGETHER: to live together,to prosper together,to excel together,to MOVE forward together,so DONT LET a few Bigots,Troublemakers &Destractor, DESTROY our MALAYSIAN DREAM...!

    Yes,there are poor & unfotunate people,the handicapped,the unlucky,who needed HELP,support and protection..& thats what we should DO,OVER & OVER again!!

    Now,we see WHAT the POLIS are doing these days..??Are we being PROTECTED??from CRIME around us??? Are we being HELP when we,the MALAYSIAN need help from the POLIS???or are they HELPING themselve when they LET GO, the PENDATANG HARAM who are potential criminals for a few BUCKS??
    Instead,we see peaceful demonstrators being BASHED by the FRU,for walking peacefully to EXPRESS their FREEDOM of XPRESSION...!!!Who are we protecting????the RAKYAT or PATI??NOT all POLIS are KORUP..according to former IGP TS Haniff Omar, maybe 40% are..(out of 100000polis)see STAR 2008....

    so if this BERNARD KHOO aka ZORRO unMasked,was to XPRESS his opinion on the POLIS,there might be some message there!!!!xcept the way he did it was NOT QUITE RIGHT and a bit DISTASTEFUL....
    and the POLIS has EXPRESSED their EXPRESSSION--by detaining KHOO and investigating him,in order to put FEAR to this KHOO koo for his FREEDOM of EXPRESSION....!!!

    Zorro Team

    ps: ZORRO TEAM is not related to Zorro-unMasked or Zorro(pro UMNO blogger).ZT is neutral,non-aligned,unemotional & pragmatic MALAYSIAN.ZT supports whats right and rejects whats BAD and CORRUPT.Whats GOOD for MALAYSIA is OK...