Monday, October 26, 2009

Should Dr Porntip be allowed to conduct 2nd post-mortem on TBH?

YES. After her headline-grabbing 80% homicide-20% suicide conclusion on Teoh Beng Hock's death, Dr Porntip Rojanasunan, the Thai pathologist, should be allowed by the on-going inquest into the death of TBH to conduct a second post-mortem on TBH. Not just because it will allow her the chance to test her 80-20 theory* but to help bring all the evidence to the court in order to help the Inquest determine the cause of TBH's death on July 16.

Yesterday, TBH's family agreed to enhume the body for a post-mortem by Porntip, according to NST here. "I have advised them and they now have decided that it is significant and important to have the second post-mortem," Gobind Deo Singh said in his capacity as counsel for the family.

Yes, not many people are aware that Dr Porntip had indeed been invited by the Selangor state government to perform the first post-mortem jointly with the local pathologists but she did not come, not because she was not free but because Teoh's family did not want her to do the autopsy.

Gobind said the application to exhume the body will be filed later today. I hope the Court grants it.

p.s. Someone should also draw Dr Porntip's attention to the recommendations made earlier this year by an Independent Investigating Committee into the death of Kugan a/l Ananthan which involved two post-mortems. Or she can read it here.

* The Thai forensic expert had formed her opinion after examining the first post-mortem photographs, one set of scene of incident reports, X-rays, and trancripts of Dr Khairul's and Dr Prashant's testimony. She was not given 3 DNA reports, toxicology report and two important sets of photographs and, therefore, was not aware of the negative DNA reports and toxicology report. Dr Porntip had agreed that it was important that she be given these reports before coming to an opinion, especially as she did not perform the autopsy, did not inspect the body and scene of the incident.


  1. Anonymous12:39 am

    I heard that it her fees is US120,000. Is it true? Wow, this is a total waste of the Selangor government money. Wonder what can she find with a decomposed body. But at US120,00 she better find something.

  2. Anonymous12:47 am

    I wonder why did they refuse her in the first place...hmm something to do with the failed attempt to prove killer's DNA on teoh's belt?

  3. Rocky,

    1. I agree 110% with you.

    2. Many pro-PR supporters jump in ecstasy when Dr Pornthip suggest that there could be 80% chances of homicide and 20% of suicide. Many pro-BN supporters also whack the personality and physical feature of Dr Pornthip upon hearing/reading this.

    3. I believe both reactions are pre-mature. The notion that if TBH died because homicide = PR right BN wrong OR TBH died because of suicide = BN right PR wrong is down right silly.

    3. The REAL question should be, who gains the most from TBH death whether it is by suicide or homicide?

    4. I have written a bit about this in my blog :

  4. Bro

    I agree with you 100%.

    Yes, anything that may assist in ascertaining the truth in the TBH death case should be welcomed by all M'sians.

    What's surprising is that after the debacle in the Kugan death in custody case, the AG should himself should not have already ordered a 2nd independent autopsy, in the interest of justice!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  5. Everything can be bought today.. Money is everything. People need money to live but some of them die because of it.

    Should Porntip be allowed to do the 2nd post mortem? I don't care anymore. Malaysian politics are getting too unbelievably unbelievable..

  6. Anonymous2:09 am

    No doubt she had done so many autopsy when she happened to be in the right place and at right time when the Tak Bai and Tsunami struck this region.

    Wow! In both incidence, she could have easily performed a few hundreds autopsy to bring her tally up tremendously.

    The thing is, the cause of human 'extinction' in both catastrophes were related to drowning and suffocation.

    Even a lay person could have come out with the same conclusion without having to go through the large pile of victims.


  7. Anonymous2:27 am

    The answer is, yes. So that she could come up with a new conclusion: 100% homicide; 0% suicide! Ha, ha.

    Once the new theory* is accepted, she and few others would be laughing all the way to the bank. Again the state's coffer are gonna be robbed in the broad day light.

  8. Aishah2:38 am

    I'd say the authorities should explore all avenues to get the truth out and Dr Porntip's extensive experience should be employed. But what I'd like to point out is that the Malay Mail's description of Dr Porntip's looks in its commentary a few days ago, is unbelievably narrow, insular and infantile. Likening her to, among others, "lady of the night" just because she does not conform to the writer's stereotypical idea of a forensic expert, is shocking. I am all for freedom of expression but this simply shows your prejudice, xenophobia, chauvinism, pedantry etc. Rocky, you shouldn't turn away your readers...

  9. Anonymous6:18 am

    a case of money influencing the outcome of an investigation

    poor teoh and his family being made pawns in a political quest

  10. How much she been paid.

  11. Is there no more dead bodies in Thai that require her attention?

  12. This Dr Porno was said to be paid USD120,000 an hour.

    In Thailand, her professionalism was being questioned.

    She is publicity crazy and oftenly is not objective in her statement due to her involvement in Human Rights activism. It was reported she misuse public fund. Read here .

    Her claim of 80% probability is questionable. How could she come to that by just reading other experts reports and pictures?

    Highly probable that her statement is influenced by politics and she intentionally ignored facts considered by other experts.

    Buy Ori Malaysian, No To Thai Imitation!

  13. Anonymous8:56 am

    Yes, The autopsy should be done by the Thai Dr.
    And serves Teoh's family right for not wanting this Dr. to perform the 1st autopsy.
    Why on earth do they want to trust or depend on locals to do it?
    Also they now feel what it means to have the system under Umno/BN influence - even they themselves have to be subjected to psychiatric evaluation these people now wants to claim that Teoh was mentally deficient or worse delusional, suicidal.
    Teoh's family thought that by being neutral or nonpartisan that they can get justice for him.
    I feel they had rushed through the postmortem procedure, now regrets, regrets!

  14. Wouldn't it be entertaining to watch a debate between our Malaysian pathologists and Dr Porntip? As it stands our Malaysian pathologists appear to be rather inept in their work and opinions. But as long as they remain so, I guess we can continue to have a lot more deaths while in detention. But the MACC story so far doesn't even match up to any of the silly "detective" or police stories you would find in a Tamil movie!!

  15. The real issue is whether the good doctor should be allowed to make comment on odds that the deceased was murdered rather than committing suicide, especially when she had not seen the body.

    I think it was unethical for the doctor to pronounce the 80% theory to the press. I do not doubt her credentials.But, without looking at the body how can she even be 80% sure?

    No doubt she must have been paid for her services. My assumption is that she felt obligated to make such a sensational pronouncement to satisfy her paymasters.

    In any case I thought it was in bad taste and I didn't even know the deceased. I wonder how the parents of the deceased must be feeling.

    Did they buy a ticket to watch this circus? Would they agree to the body being exhumed? If it was exhumed, will it be in the name of justice or politics?

  16. Anonymous9:44 am

    are you sure that TBH's family did not want Porntip to do the first post mortem......please back this up with some evidence or I have to assume that you are spinning again, even when we spin, there must be a basis, you are just planting a pea in the garden and constantly watering it, hoping with other inputs this will become something that it is not.

    You seem to like to play it dangerously, by the cliff>......

  17. Anonymous9:48 am

    Yes. Dr. Porntio must be allowed to conduct the 2nd post-mortem. She brings a high level of competence, experience and most of all a strong sense of justice.

    The big problem with Malaysian pathologists is they are missing the sense of justice. They see only what they want to see.

  18. Agreed with you this time Rocky. Let's dig (no pun intended) the truth from this sordid affair (and that of Kugan). If the truth comes out, it's a win-win situation for everyone. Even for the government, if it's shown that Teoh was murdered or accidentally killed, it is good. Because then the government woulde be in a position to make MACC better by kicking out those who are responsible and putting in their place good people.

  19. Anonymous10:20 am

    Why should Dr. Porntip not be allowed to conduct second autopsy ? Perhaps it is to avoid knowing the truth that MACC was behind the murder and the first autopsy was a cover up. It will be a sad day if second autposy is not allowed, I seem to remember what Najib said,"we will get to the bottom of the case" correct me if I am wrong...did Najib said that ??? If he, as PM goes back on his words you know what type of guy we have at the top. His 1MALAYSIA is nothing but a load of bullshit, which as I believe it to be.


    When you want to put any matter to rest
    You must try your best to engage the best
    Checking from all angles close to the chest
    So that nothing is left to speculation in jest

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 261009
    Mon. 26th Oct. 2009.

  21. Anonymous11:11 am

    I am a Malaysian first and do not support or being biased towards any political party. I view all events from an unbiased perspective and largely based on logic, common sense and most of all a sense of fairness. After so many years of exposure to BN/UMNO's actions and unfair practices, I just can't help but to believe Dr Porntip's 80/20 theory. Just imagine, it is already 80/20 when she rationalise that the fracture on the skull, the injury on the hands and the marks on the neck. These are injuries unrelated to a fall from a height. Thus the 80/20 probablity is already conclusive. Now she only need to reconfirm the fractures and the neck marks. Those who make sinister remarks ought to seek their conscience in their heart.

  22. Anonymous11:13 am


    TAK PERLU kerana:

    Kredibilitinya dipersoal kerana mengeluarkan kenyataan berdasarkan bukti pihak ketiga. Macam mana Dr Porn ni boleh keluar statement 80% dibunuh sedangkan beliau TAK pun buat bedah siasat? Kenyataan 80% yang dibuat SEBELUM sebarang bedah siasat adalah bersifat berat sebelah dan mungkin didesak oleh pihak berkepentingan. Rakyat akan terima keputusan atau kenyataan beliau sekiranya dibuat bedah siasat terlebih dahulu kemudian barulah keluar dengan sebarang kemungkinan.


  23. Anonymous11:14 am

    Why was she nt challenged in court by the MACC lawyers? They cannot understand the damming statement or their consultants do not know how to counter it? Whatever questions got to be asked must be in the court and not an afterthought like what the writer is doing?

  24. Bro, this is in reality a good spinning effort by PR. Now, our world is run by perception.

    Perception is more important than the truth. When it appears in the media, people will stick to the perception altho the truth is yet to be determined.

    Fatimah Zuhri wrote- reactions by both BN and PR are pre-mature and I couldnt agree more. Then again, we are debating an issue - perception.

    Trust me, when it is out on the media, those fanboys will not do a reality check.

    And yes, good money huh?

  25. Anonymous11:19 am

    Dear Rocky,

    USD12,000 per hour? Aha..that's why she came out with as much as 80%! S'gor Govt should pay higher. Let say USD20,000 per hour for her to come out with 100%! I don't believe her. No need to allowed her to conduct 2nd post mortem! Ask other to do the 2nd post mortem. But not her! Suspicious after making the 80% vs 20%'s statement without carrying any post mortem. Based on 3rd party evidence such as photos? WOW! I'm so impresses! Must be BOMOH SIAM I guess!


  26. Anonymous11:22 am

    Anon 8:56am,

    Berdasarkan pengalaman saya sebagai doktor kerajaan, tidak pernah pun saya atau mana-mana rakan dipaksa dan dipengaruhi oleh mana-mana pihak. Bagi saya Anon cuba memburuk-burukkan doktor kerajaan. Harap tarik balik tuduhan jahat tersebut.

    Dr Shah

  27. Anonymous11:25 am

    Of course she should do 2nd post mortem.
    In fact she should have been allowed to do the 1st.That it did'nt happen in the 1st place could be a simple case of bad decision making or an attempt to drag this issue on and on.Pity the dead.

    The public is now fixated on the percentages given.Whatever the outcome of the 2nd post mortem,it is sure to be controversial and exploited by the usual parties.

    If percentage remains the same,some will say it is 'fixed'.
    If percentage changes,then her previous testimony is rubbish then and should not have been made without exposure to the full facts and evidences.

    What I don't like is when somebody is being paid lots of money,then you have to do what your paymaster says.

    At the end of it,IF it is homicide,who is the killer?Motive comes into play.More speculations and the usual hoohah.


  28. Anonymous11:30 am

    I think the Selangor govn. will have their money well spend even it is US120,000.00. If the Thai Dr. were to find that TBH was actually murdered. This itself will bring down the entire BN govn in the next election. So its worth it.

    The truth.

  29. Is She a bomoh, making conclusion based on photograph? The state government should first tell how much the state money spent on this weird looking lady!

  30. Yesway11:55 am

    Her credibility - and that of the MSM (Star and Sun lah, Cina-owned papers)which headlined her thesis without questioning her, also the Selangor State Government - will be down in the drain where it belongs if second autopsy is carried out.

    So yes agree with Rocky, court should allow the 2nd autopsy.

    Just make sure independent pathologists and the local pathologists who conducted the original autopsy are around to oversee this autopsy.

    I watch a lot of CSI but this Dr Porn is out of the world.


  31. Anonymous12:24 pm

    your paper Malay Mail gave us all a good insight into Pornthip splicing the flamboyant doctor and her professional work. kind of put things in perspective for me. she seems highly respected internationally and that's good enough for me.

    btw, let's not question the fees of experts. if you command the fees you desrve it. to prove a case, i am prepared to pay truck loads. and mind you the consequences that will follow if its indeed murder.

    Alexander Soo

  32. Anonymous12:40 pm

    (i) Originally the family didn't want to permit Porntit to touch the body but after it had been buried now they want to dig him out and let porno here do the CSI on the decaying body?

    Ni siapa punya kerja ni?

    Who had been advising the family of Teoh what to do or not do? Hmmm something fishy.
    (Hmmm by the way, who duduk mengekooooorrr jeerr family Teoh everywhere, in candle lights, in funerals and almost everywhere else, thereby to hopefully establish that "I am always with them maa... I am supporting them, so I cannot be guilty maa. And all those underworld allegations semua palsu maaa... and if you don't desist shouting them, you, your family and your businesses all will be dealt ... by eight oclock tomorrow!")

    (ii) Porntet there asked for all the documents from the Selangor Givernment and they gave her but kept some not shown? Hmmmm which documents? Why are those hidden? Anything to be scared about? And importantly: will they decrease or increase the likelihood of the "manslaughter" thing if the documents were revealed? (Since it would be in the interest of the Sgor govt to paint bad picture about the Malaysian govt, I would think that the latter can be safely ruled out.

    (iii) Which quantitative analysis did she use to arrive at this 80% thing? Sure not 79% or even 81%?

    Yes, and I agree with someone here that mentioned past experiences of dealing with dead bodies as a result of drowning is totally different from injuries in a homicide case. And looking at pictures some more! We are either witnessing a pundit in action which would put the CSIs of both end of the American continent, Sherlock Holmes AND Charlie Chan put together, OR witnessing a con(wo)man of the first degree in action.

    (iii) 120,000? Bingo!


    "We are all one race; the human race. But only here in Malaysia. In India that might not be so."

  33. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Please read The Unspinners for a better understanding of dr Pornthip's interesting career here:

    Since she already said that it was a homicide (80% chance) will that not cloud her judgement when she does the 2nd autopsy?

    I mean if it was NOT a homicide, can we seriously expect Dr Porthip to do the autopsy and say 'Oops looks like I was mistaken?'

    I know lah they are professionals and all that - but that funny coloured hair is not very convincing.

    And can we have an answer from the Selangor State Govt just how much money they are paying for Dr Pornthip's services?

    And isnt there a serious conflict of interest here? The Pakatan Selangor Govt stands to be seriously embarrased if the allegations of corruption in Selangor come true (which was why Teoh was interviewed by the MACC). The lawyer for the Teoh family Gobind Singh is a DAP MP too. He also has a vested interest.

    Now the Pakatan Govt is paying for Pornthip's services. Surely they want to see an outcome that favours them politically (or preserves them politically) in Selangor? Surely they will exert pressure on Pornthip to say whatever favours them.

    How come no one is raising the serious conflict of interest issues here?

  34. wow, there are a lot of qualified profesionals here who would do a better job than her, but can't sinse you are not ' at the right place and time'. And would prob not spend the months smelling dead bodies anyway.

    It is quite funny to have the USD12oK per hour rate and also her involvement in human rights (means she would go higher on the Maslow hierachy of needs - she would work for 'free') statement in the same speculation.

    Let her do her job. If any of you ( or local experts) were able to describe what she said in the court, you can have her job. I can't , and her rationale are the more competent I have heard so far. Not like those 2 other locals who were not able to defend their theory.

  35. Our local forensic experts and pathologist failed to mount any credible challenge right after Dr Pornthip announces her conclusion.
    Therefore, Dr Pornthip must be given a chance to look at the body.
    At this moment it is only a preliminary verdict from her.
    And if she is right on her findings , nobody will trust PutarJaya ever again.

  36. Mister Potato2:28 pm


    why not use her expertise in Anwar - Saiful case as well ?

  37. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Since there is some implication that our own medical examiners are incompetent or in complicity with those responsible an independent autopsy could clear up a lot of speculations. Those who oppose cast doubt on her capability or accuse her of profiting from the fees and even her outlandishness in looks.
    But she had already been called and her opinions had not been challenged by the government counsel which is probably why the family of TBH agree to second autopsy.

  38. Citizen Kane3:26 pm

    Even if this Dr. Pornthip eventually concluded that Teoh was murdered, the next question would be how,when and by whom? Nobody should jump to the conclusion that its MACC that did it because in criminal investigations , motive also play an important role in determining the guilty party. If its MACC what are their motives? If its other parties, what are their motives? Let the experts do their investigations properly without undue influence from both parties. At this juncture, we don't know who is really the guilty party.

  39. Anonymous3:38 pm

    remember that Burmese doctor from Pusrawi?

    How much he get paid? $60,000 per hour?

  40. Anonymous3:42 pm

    The Selangor State Government must at all cost create uncertainties to imply that MACC was responsible for the deceased.

    But it is strange that the family of the deceased are victims of indecision. One minute no, next minute yes..... upon whose advice??

    New evidence may crop up during the 2nd post mortem, as for all we know, the grave has already been
    exhumed prior to Dr. Pornthip's suggestion.

    In any case, it must be proven beyond reasonable doubt, not 80% but 101% and that is surely one tall order.

    The bottom line is justice. If MACC is found guilty, charge them. If DAP is found guilty, charge them too.


  41. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Dear Guys,

    I am all for the porn doctor to dig up the carcass and then do her stuff and then show that it was indeed murder.

    There are too much time and money wasted already. The DAP underworld or Teoh's superiors must be brought to justice. Who knows what else he could reveal to the MACC if he were let alive.

    Justice for Teoh

  42. Anonymous4:11 pm

    First of all dun question the fee involved cause in Malaysia, the government are spending RM80k for 2 laptop and many more as reported by the AG.. So to pay that much for an expert advice, it is well spent and morever our doctor seems incompetent..

    To another commentar Dr Shah, how can we (Rakyat) trust on you guys when a normal post-mortem can't be carrier out properly.. "remember the DNA found on TBH?" So you better sit down and think hard regarding the profesionalism of the government doctor before you come out crying like a baby, shout we 'rakyat' make the wrong consumption.

  43. Grokker4:20 pm

    Yes, she should be allowed to do the second post-mortem and the authorities should extend her all the help she needs including access to all related documents.

    According to an interview with Australian media she also likes to interview family members of the deceased in her cases. To be fair and thorough, TBH's family members should comply, or maybe the notes of the forensic phychiatry interviews done by Selayang doctors are enough for her.

    BTW, what happened to the 'spander' guy? when's he giving evidence?

  44. A possible reason that the family did not wish to have the autopsy done by Dr P, is because of chinese taoist custom.

    The soul of the dead is said to make a 'home' visit on the 3rd day after one's passing. Further, having died a violent death, taoist tradition (the form I saw as a child when my mum passed away) has this practice where next of kins make 'petitions' through rituals to ease the passage into the next world, to help the soul of the dead get a better reincarnation.

    The entire process ends after 49 days.

  45. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Yes, she can do as many times as she likes but one thing for sure, she won't find any strangler (perpetrator) buried in the same grave. Hu, hu.

    What she failed to figure out is that the stranglers probably had found new resting place in Danok.


  46. Anonymous5:03 pm


    What compentent? She comes out with as much as 80% based on photos? WOW! Then, Malaysia should hired her (for sure our Govt need to pay her USD120,000.00/hour) to solve any unsolved cases. Just give her photos and she will give you the truth! What a joke! Come on guys! Wake up!

    Dr Shah-

  47. Anonymous5:06 pm


    Lepas ni ramai lah yang kalau sakit pergi ke Danok sebab dah tak percaya dengan doktor Malaysia. Hehehe. Bagus juga, tak susah-susah doktor kerajaan kita nak merawat orang yang tak kenang jasa. Doktor kerajaan kalau nak rawat tu tanya dulu, orang Pakatan atau BN? Kalau Pakatan terus aje suruh pergi Siam. Hehehe. Jangan marah ye. Gurau aje.


  48. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Bro,Dr. Porntip's professionalism were questions just because her pre-findings does not sides with the power that be...what if later, after the second post mortem,she concluded that TBH killed himself..are these balls-polisher going to lick back their spit,and anointed 'Dr. Porno' as an Angel?


  49. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Siapalah pegawai SPRM yang bodoh nak tolak orang ke bangunan yang memang pejabat dia? Logik ke? Kalau anda la pembunuh dah tentu tak bunuh di tempat sendiri. Contohlah, katakan (jangan ada yang saman plak..hanya contoh) si Lim Kit Siang bunuh seorang awek Siam yang cun lepas melakukan hubungan seks. Tak kan dia nak bunuh letak kat halaman rumah dia. Tak gitu? Tak pasal2 dia jadi suspek utama. Persoalannya: Siapa yang paling untung dalam kes TBH? Dengar cerita dia bertengkar dengan kawan dia. Inilah suspek utama!


  50. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Woi Khun Pana aka johanssm!

    Tak reti2 nak hormat Jalur Gemilang ke? Gua tak kisah kalau lu nak terbalik kepala ahli politik. Tapi hormatlah jalur gemilang tuh!

    Ada gak rakyat Malaysia yang bingai macam lu!

    Khakkk tuiiii


  51. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Why she did not come during first invitation? She is not sincere. She came here for money. The longer she stays, the more money she is making. Perhaps may reach millions. Rakyat Selangor is going to suffer because of making political mockery by PR.

  52. Bro

    Allegations that Dr. Pornthip was paid US120K to testify have appeared in :

    Unit Media Baru Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Baru at and

    Unspinners, another UMNO/BN lackey at

    Neither quote the source of their info. Isn't that just dandy!

    As to the allegations that Pornthip's profesionalism has been questioned, it has mostly been by those she exposed such as Thai police, politicians etc.

    So, we can see the scurrilous game that's being played by UMBPP and Unspinners.

    If the truth be told, there's not a single epxert in the world whose professionalism (including Einstein) has not been questioned by someone, more often than not, by those with vested interests in suppressing the truth!! That's par for the course.

    Our attitude should be that no stone should be left unturned to get at the truth of the TBH matter. If we then have to pay Dr. Pornthip $1 million, so be it, so that we are not held hostage by other salaried half past six "professionals"!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  53. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Porntip agreed to the request after receiving the green light from her boss, the Ministry of Justice permanent secretary.

    “I was asked about my professional fee. But I said no. I work for the Government and if there is any payment it should be government to government,” explained Porntip, who sported a multi-coloured retro-punk hairstyle and wore jeans and Dr Martens boots during the interview conducted at her office in Nonthaburi near Bangkok.

    Source :

  54. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Yes, TBH family and lawyers have agreed to go thru the second autopsy. Million of eyes, ears, we all rakyat need to know the truth. Bring Justice for TBH soon. Thank you..

  55. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Yes, TBH family and lawyers have agreed to go thru the second autopsy. Million of eyes, ears, we all rakyat need to know the truth. Bring Justice for TBH soon. Thank you..


  56. What's wrong with performing a second autopsy? If in doubt shouldn't you try to learn more about it? How unfortunate it is that some people here are being racists.

  57. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Do the 2nd autopsy.
    Just with a different pathologist.
    Porntip is damaged goods.
    The fact she is paid by the Selangor Government using the Rakyat's money makes her judgement questionable in the public sphere and further bury the truth from surfacing.

    To the guy who came up with the line below, thank you for giving me a good laugh.

    "We are all one race; the human race. But only here in Malaysia. In India that might not be so."

    Ms.Eu Mei Fatt

  58. Anonymous7:09 pm

    This case is going to take a while to resolve - just when she had her say, the Federal govt will engage their own pathologists with their version of the truth.

    And so it drags on....some key witness may be dead by then and ..some even more dramatic events may have come about ....When it is a distant memory there it is the final chapter of the case in a corner of the newspaper.

    As if you all need to be told all these.


  59. Anonymous7:32 pm

    If the 2nd one found it a homocide... what next????????

  60. Li Huat Chai8:44 pm

    i think our 2 Dr pathologists are paid even more than USD120k per hour, check their a/cs and see...

    Anyway, MACC's lawyer, Mr Razak is the best, cant help what a belacan lawyer that come out with that suicide theory, tak takut orang ketawa ke ???

    By the way, i didnt live with my parents but i live with my frds, tak boleh ke? Something wrong with me? Or something wrong with Mr Razak, MACC's loya.

    Malaysia,forever headnews - a laughing stock for the world...

    I really hope those have a hand in the killing of Beng Hock , ajal mereka sudah tiba...

    Ibu Beng Hock, kata, " ...bukan manusia mereka yang bunuh anak dia..."

  61. peminatbigdog11:22 pm

    porn =
    tip =

    apa la maksudnya

  62. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Hope this dont turn out to be another tok ketampi case. After thorough investigation, discovered that if this is really murder, was done by their own people..

    Would be interesting to see the outcome..

    Alahai, why use modern technologies? Siam kan banyak Bomoh handalan? Dalam PR pun ada jugak. Nah, sekarang la kalau nak prove kehebatan mereka..

    Kasi seru pembunuh pi melalak kat tingkap tu...

    Kalo kes bunuh diri, biar yang duk manipulate fakta pulak yang melalak kat tinggap tu.


  63. Anonymous12:00 am

    I think it is rather puerile and infantile of some of your commenters to make fun of Dr Pornthip's name just because part of it means something rather negative in english.And how she chose to groom and dress herself is her business and to comment negatively on it reeks of sexism.

    If they had cared to research they would have known that 'porn' means 'blessing' and 'thip' means 'from the heavens' or 'celestial'

    So her parents saw her birth as a celestial blessing and named her Pornthip. And what is wrong with that ?


  64. Anonymous12:00 am

    you scared that the truth be known?

    have a beer to appease your soul, man.

  65. Anonymous1:11 am

    [Our local 'institutions' are too politicized, and are not trusted by most law abiding citizens. They are regarded as Umno BN Institutions.]

    Yes, Dr Porntip should be allowed to conduct 2nd post-mortem on TBH.

    Truth Seeker.

  66. Bro, I hope the late Teoh's family get their wish, have Teoh's body exhumed and a second autopsy performed by Dr Porntip but on condition that the Government must appoint another pathologist to do the second autopsy together with Dr Porntip so that both will have their own independent report to submit to the Coroner in the inquest.

    Dr Porntip cannot do it alone as she is being paid good money by the Selangor Government and there are every chance that she would be biased to satisfy her paymaster, especially so after she stuck her neck out and say that it could be 80% homicide and 20 % suicide based on selected documents and photographs given to her and without even visiting the scene of the death.

    Interesting what else the DAP lawyers representing the late Teoh's family will take out from their bag of legal tricks to prolong the inevitable and deny the obvious conclusion to this inquest.

  67. Anonymous1:45 am

    Why is this any different from any other malaysian whom died from murder or any other unexplained death, why such focus? Aren't we all good enough for you pakatan idiots, so that our death should/would get such focus and justice? In Selangor itself, I believe there are murders and unexplained deaths, as we speak. Should you pay this porntip doctor for them too?

    Bastards, all of you. Your sense of justice is as deluded as your idea of a country. In such tragic event, you still use it, any angle of it to add to your political milage. I am sick with all of you pakatan bastards.

    Aren't government doctors good enough? When you get sick in this country, who do go to again? No doctors in this country?

    Bastards, you hear me, bastards. In such mourning, you take joy in making it a fiasco. Just so that you can be seen correct, a bastard, in my eyes.

    If you want someone who is experienced in doing post mortems, don't you think doctors from the USA should be called? Or any other developed country, perhaps? For $120,000 I am sure we can even get the whole csi team.

    Sick of it all.

  68. Jenggg X32:10 am

    ka ka kah... lucu sangat tengok balaci gerombolan cuba patah serangan muay-thai minah thai... ka ka kah

    woi... apa dah jadi dengan teori bunuh diri? kena dimuay-thai-kan. ka ka kah...

    woi... apa jadi dengan blog t4tbh? lama tak tulis?

    woi... gerombolan bayar you lebong, bukan bayar you tidur. ada KPI & KRA tau...

    contohlah unspinners... rajin lebong isu ni... rajin memperbodohkan rakyat...

    cepat... jangan tunggu cik thai rosakkan pelan... mesti ambik 'preemptive action' tau?

    tulislah ni; 'Teoh Beng Hock dibunuh komando DAP masuk tingkat 14 MACC guna roket jetpack'. Logo DAP kan roket? ka ka kah...

    bagai bukti... masuk klip youtube filem 'Star Wars' Bobba Fett atau 'The Rocketeer'. katakan rakaman Cee Cee Tee Vee. ka ka kah...

    utusan melayau dan hairan pasti makan. ka kah kah...

  69. Anonymous2:51 am

    Art Harun and Rocky Bru, is good to proceed with the 2nd post-mortem on TBH.

    The MACC has already declared during the trial that instructions to do what they did came from Putrajaya.

    What is the death really traced back to Putrajaya? You think the MACC folks will take the rap?

    I don't think so. It will just be NFA....look at Altantuya's case.
    Anything traced to Putrajaya animals will be NFA.

    No justice in justice will be done and no justice will be seen to be done.

    Sad....really sad for Malaysians.


  70. Anonymous8:59 am

    "No justice in justice will be done and no justice will be seen to be done.

    "Sad....really sad for Malaysians.


    Knowing that, why should you suggest Dr Porn to do a 2nd post mortem? It is not free and you know that very well don't you? Oh yes may be Khalid don't know how and where to spend the rakyat's money eh? Illogical beb,

  71. Anonymous9:40 am

    Anon 4:11 PM says:
    "So you better sit down and think hard regarding the profesionalism of the government doctor before you come out crying like a baby, shout we 'rakyat' make the wrong consumption."

    Errr… I am a rakyat and I don’t conform to what you think. In fact I represent in number more than what you guys THINK a rakyat is. So macam mana hah? Hehehe. One PRU12 and these people are already disillusioned and have heads high in the clouds.

    Elizabeth 4:23 PM says:
    "The soul of the dead is said to make a 'home' visit on the 3rd day after one's passing. Further, having died a violent death, taoist tradition (the form I saw as a child when my mum passed away) has this practice where next of kins make 'petitions' through rituals to ease the passage into the next world, to help the soul of the dead get a better reincarnation. The entire process ends after 49 days."

    Ayo yo yo. He came to visit on 3rd day ‘aaa. What automobile did he drive in? And wouldn’t it save a hell lotta trouble (no pun intended) if he could just as much HINTED (through medium, sinsei, charlatans or whatever) on who killed him? Or WHY he committed suicide if he really did? Jeez.

    Li Huat Chai said... 8:44 PM and Uranus 7:09 PM says:
    "And so it drags on....some key witness may be dead by then and..."

    Ish ish ish. Not good maa, talk like that one. You think Tan Boon Wah, Ronnie Lieuw and gang are that old aaa?

    McKerinchie 12:00 AM says:
    "If they had cared to research they would have known that 'porn' means 'blessing' and 'thip' means 'from the heavens' or 'celestial'. So her parents saw her birth as a celestial blessing and named her Pornthip. And what is wrong with that?"

    And so it begins: the cleansing of anything iniquitious. Henceforth, Larry Flynt, Ron Jeremy and Hugh Hefner shall compete to be next in line for the papacy and old porn starlets in Hollywood shall be seeked to receive the Annual Mother Theresa Illustrious Virginity Awards.

    Truth Seeker 1:11 AM says:
    "Our local 'institutions' are too politicized, and are not trusted by most law abiding citizens. They are regarded as Umno BN Institutions."

    Likewise, the DAPs and PKRs are also too politicized in such a manner that anything the BN says will be deemed bad, irrespective of whether they are or aren’t. Errr incidentally regarding that Penang Bridge which was brutally criticized by the DAP left and right upon its inception 30 years ago: Can we have a SECOND Bridge please?

    Siebel 2:51 AM says:
    "What is [sic] the death really traced back to Putrajaya? You think the MACC folks will take the rap?"

    Trace back to Putrajaya? Is this what you people have been believing all these while? And upon doing so, do this? If so, then the answer is this.

    MACC? Simple. Prove that they are guilty, it would be easy for the government to chuck out a few bad apples therein. But if it traces back to the DAP/Underworld then how? I mean we are not talking about a few bad apples. We are talking about the machineries of the DAP including its main Yang Berhormats! Read above!

    I REALLY wish I could have a teeny weeny bit of whatever these guys are smoking.


    “We are all of one race, the Human Race. But excuse me if I don’t shout these out if it doesn’t comply to my political agendas, ok?” – overheard in one Lotus Restaurant in Brickfields

  72. Anonymous10:59 am

    Citizen Kane,
    Who do you think should do the investigation ? The most corrupted MAAC ?? Where have you been all this while ? You probably believe in having the FOX guard the Hen house.
    I say Khunying Porntip is a hundred times more qualified than any or all the pathologist we have in Malaysia, who can't even make a proper post mortem, KUGAN or TEOH BENG HUAT.
    Hate MAAC

  73. "But if it traces back to the DAP/Underworld then how? I mean we are not talking about a few bad apples. We are talking about the machineries of the DAP including its main Yang Berhormats."

    Anon 9.40 A.M., that, as Rowan Atinson (Mr.Bean) famously said, is crapulence of the 1st order.

    Long before these silly allegations against "the entire DAP machinery" surfaced, MCA's Ong Ka Ting was photographed at dinner and seen in the company of a famous underworld boss, Jackie something.

    So, are you suggesting "the entire machinery of MCA" (and by association UMNO/BN)is involved in Triad activities?

    This nonsense about Triads and DAP is a red herring deliberately raised by those like Wee Choo Keong who has an axe to grind with DAP and UMNO/BN in its plan to topple the Pakatan Govt in Selangor. Today TBH's death is on WCK's conscience! It's a political ploy that has seriously backfired on their own face and now its MACC's reputation that is in tatters.

    Do you honestly think that Lim Kit Siang, Karpal and Guan Eng would touch the triads with a 10 foot pole or be seen on the same planet with them?

    Being a rabid UMNO/BN lackey dog, you have not a clue about professionalism, integrity or honesty!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  74. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Li Huat Chai said...

    "I really hope those have a hand in the killing of Beng Hock , ajal mereka sudah tiba...

    "Ibu Beng Hock, kata, " ...bukan manusia mereka yang bunuh anak dia...

    I still belief DAP very much a human being even though their involvement in TBH case still couldn't be ruled out as yet. The only known bukan manusia species in our political landscape is Pas (angel descendant) and beast-related (PKR).

    Pious Chinglot

  75. Anonymous3:29 pm


    Dr Shah,

    i've only 1 question.If injuries to an ex-DPM in police's custody found to be self inflicted,how are we the layman going to trust your 'professionalism'?


  76. keng tiong hai3:51 pm

    I too support giving Dr Porntip a chance to do a post mortem on the late TBH body. hope the court will allowed it and it must be done quickly as the body is fast decomposing. Time is definitely not on Dr Porntip side. hope she will bring justice to TBH so as the truth will prevail and his death is not in vain.

  77. Hmmm... wonder if Dr Porntip is a bogeywoman

  78. Keng Tiong Hai, you said Dr Porntip should be given a chance to do a post mortem on the late TBH body. You hope the court will allowed it and it must be done quickly as the body is fast decomposing. Time is definitely not on Dr Porntip side. hope she will bring justice to TBH so as the truth will prevail and his death is not in vain.

    Mr Keng, I have bad news for you. I seriously don't think Dr Porntip will be able to do justice for Teoh with another post mortem or ten.
    The question that you should be demanding an answer is WHO advised the family NOT to allow Dr Porntip to do the post mortem earlier with the local experts?
    Was it Gobind? After all he is the family's lawyer.
    Another bad news Mr Keng is that our pathologists and forensic experts are generally better than Dr Porntip and her colleagues in Thailand.


  79. To all BODOH's who don't know head from tail.

    The good doctor only has to take a glance at any tell tale signs ie fracture, bone fragmentation, any broken bits and then correspond that with existing report.

    Obviously, she smells a rat. From report, we know the 'purported' height in which Beng Hock was supposed to have jump. We know his height and his weight. Just like that, we can calculate velocity.

    Question ? One doesn't have to be a scientist to ask - what kind of force or rather how much force is needed to cause Beng Hock's injury ? An inquisitive mind would quickly equate # pounds per square (psi), the amount of pressure needed to break a bone for instance.

    The evidence is there on Beng Hock's skull and I'm certain the good doctor realises that the injury doesn't tally with initial report.

    Somewhere in the report, wasn't there an observation that Beng Hock landed on his feet ?

    My guess is that all those flimsy reasons/excuses manufactured are beginning to come undone when tested against precise science.

    There will be fireworks once Porntip applies sound theory that runs contrary to what was 'suggested' in initial autopsy.

    Let the games begin.

  80. Yup, Dr. Pornthip should do the second autopsy. Make sure our local boys are around.

    They could learn a thing or two about real forensics... beginning by wiping down the table first.

  81. Anonymous10:56 pm

    So the DAPs and PKRs considers Malaysian Doctors as Incompetent.
    Yey! Good for you.

    Same with Malaysian Police (Kugan)
    Same with SPRM (BERSIH)
    Same with Sultans (Perak DUN)
    Same with Judiciary (Lingam)
    Same with MACC (Teoh BH)

    Guess Bomba will be next.

    Same old record over and over and over again.
    Only LOSERS blame everybody else but themselves.


  82. Anonymous1:31 am

    "If injuries to an ex-DPM in police's custody found to be self inflicted,how are we the layman going to trust your 'professionalism'?"


    3:29 PM

    What happened to Anwar, may not necessarily happens to others. Meaning ,if Anwar received some bad treatment (from his long time mentor who suddenly turned into his great foe), that doesn't mean the rest of us would be receiving the same fate.

    The good analogy is this: If a opposition politician was charged and later found guilty of sexual misconduct, the public would only see that case as a personal issue but got nothing to do with PR. Therefore, it is not fair on your part to conclude the rest of the opposition politicians as being a bunch of *** maniac, don't you?

    If that still not clear, just look at the case of MJ and his personal doctor. Just because this doctor is 'greedy', doesn't mean the rest of them in US are also greedy, eh?


  83. Anonymous7:52 am

    This is same Dr Porn Tip who declare that Thaksin goverment is not do anything wrong after done autopsy of the massacre of Muslim Pattani in the lorry on the way back to Bangkok.
    She has no credibility..

  84. >>""This is same Dr Porn Tip who declare that Thaksin goverment is not do anything wrong after done autopsy of the massacre of Muslim Pattani in the lorry on the way back to Bangkok.
    She has no credibility..""

    [citation needed]

    This source contradicts your claim:

    "Pornthip said the autopsies showed that about 80 per cent of the 78 deaths were caused by suffocation, and the rest by convulsion.

    She explained that the deaths were probably the result of the protesters being forced into a small space on the trucks, while others were crushed to death.

    But Pornthip did not rule out the possibility that the suffocation could have been caused by another party blocking the nostrils and mouths of the protesters to prevent them from breathing.

    "We can't tell for sure if anyone blocked their nostrils or mouths," she said.

    Maj-General Sinchai Nutsathit, deputy commander of the Fourth Army Region, and Justice Ministry deputy permanent secretary Manit Suthaporn were also present at yesterday's press conference in Pattani.

    Manit said the arrested protesters were put into the military trucks "in an orderly fashion" and that they were not thrown into the vehicles."

  85. Anonymous6:54 pm


    donplaypuks kena WHACK at demi negara ...

  86. Anonymous7:05 pm

    dpp says "Our attitude should be that no stone should be left unturned to get at the truth of the TBH matter. If we then have to pay Dr. Pornthip $1 million, so be it, so that we are not held hostage by other salaried half past six "professionals"!!

    who's we? how come you are deciding for ALL taxpayers??

    how about another visit to deminegara - they are waiting to turn you into pulp

    heh heh

  87. Anonymous2:11 pm

    If ever they're gonna exhume the body of Teoh for another autopsy for this Dr.Pornotip, i think two things will happen:-

    1. The plan backfires and it's revealed that DAP members are involved.


    2. Teoh comes to life and 'CEKIK' Gobind Singh and the rest of this bloody longkang politicians who's pushing for poor Teoh' body to be exhume for their political mileage (if any).


  88. Anonymous2:07 am

    ^ more likely in No.2 he go cekik the bastards who bad mouth him n his family with all sort of bullshit story.

    -bn bloggers spreading crap story about him
    -t4tbh blogger
    -razak musa, MACC prosecutor
    -his MACC inquisitors
    -many msm newspaper columnist
    -etc. etc.

    and the jampi will offer no protection. muaharharhahaaa!


  89. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Ms.Eu Mei Fatt, Hoi, UMNO Babi Hutan yang terkotor, don't use a Chinese name to insult people's intelligence. If you want to use a Chinese name, one which sounds to reflect Chinese views, then stop writing LIKE AN UMNO AGENT PROVOCATEUR, BABI HUTAN!

    Eddy, another UMNO arselicker paid commentator. You have that UMNO tendency of one-upmanship over the rest, wants UMNO to have last say. you conveniently forget that it is idiocy of the 2 gomen pathologists that Dr Porntip came to testify. The 2 gomen pathos are so incompetent, that's why Selangor called Porntip. You suggest having another patho to oversee Porntip. You think she's incompetent like the 2 patho idiots? She's internatiionally recognized and accepted. Since you are UMNO man, get UMNO to pay for a well qualified pathologist and see whethr he agreew with porntip in 2nd autopsy. But make sure your UMNO bosses don't bribe him like they bribed the Indian patho.



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