Monday, September 07, 2009

Thief! Thief!

Malaysia Today stole a Malay Mail scoop. We've been working on the story for days. It's what journalists called a "Scoop" or "an Exclusive". This one by Frankie d'Cruz and Kharleez Zubin on the confession of a election rigger we've saved for today's front page because it's a damn good scoop. The people at Malaysia Today seem to think so, too.

Imagine our shock when at 1.52am, which is way before our Press time, our scoop was already up on Malaysia Today! [see Screenshot below]

The Malay Mail usually updates its website around noon (about the same time the Print edition goes out to the streets) but today I told tour IT people we might as well upload the stories earlier. After all, the Malaysia Today has scooped our scoop!

Our lawyers say this is THEFT, so we're obliged to report it in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Well Rocky, what do you expect from a portal that have sold it soul to the commies; pour the scorn on race and religion; and add fuel to the flame and all that is done for the purpose of shooting up its rating!!

If the political climate turned black and dark, seemingly its moderator has nothing to worry as he is definitely safe and sound at the underworld's safe haven. What a smart guy he is.

Kampung Boy

Anonymous said...

too bad you cannot catch the thief fpr 11 reasons:

1. the judges will try to lengthen the trial.
2. it's RPK website. How on earth you could find him.
3. There are SDs everywhere claiming that the scoop was his.
4. you might as well forget it, rocky. RPK will make another report saying you the one who stole it.
5. your 'arsenal' money to fight RPK is not enough. Anwar's got more than yours.
6. writing on this blog about malaysia today is just your way to initiate racism among non-malays.
7. you, reporting this, showed that you are being used by UMNO/BN
8. better watch out, because PAS stand is that , if RPK does not know what he is doing, than is not a crime
9. we know that UMNO is behind your reporting.
10. this blog might be a bribery from UMNO/BN and there is a window waiting for you at the MACC office.
11. another blog called t4rb, or (truth for rockybru) has been set up to encounter your blog

Old Fart said...

It looks like there is someone under your roof who did not think that your "scoop" will make it to the streets as MCMC might just give you a nudge to stop it. So now you got to make sure you publish it ..right!!

Anonymous said...

Haiyaa Locky,

in your Malaymail

Ex-MIC strongman says he 'cheated' in 1977 party polls
Frankie D'Cruz
Monday, September 7th, 2009 01:05:00

while posted in Malaysiatoday,
Dark secret revealed
Monday, 07 September 2009 01:52

Grokker said...


I hardly read MT anymore for the simple reason that it's becoming more and more difficult to tell what's fiction and what's not over there. There's news and then there's "news."

Purveyors of news should compete, but there's something distasteful about stealing somebody's work and claiming it for your own. But truth be told, I'm not greatly surprised that MT stooped that low because they're more of a propaganda outfit rather than a provider of information. Why should they care about journalistic niceties?

Anyway, well done for MM's quick response online.

And sort out the mole in MM quickly won't you?

Anonymous said...

Apa la lu....apa yang hebat????? Tak dak qulity brother just like you and your paper and the rest. You think people bother....shit man..... stupid news....poraaaaaah.

Anonymous said...

Seriously.. does anyone still bevelie RPK's word. Malaysia today is nothing but propaganda.

Anonymous said...




Yeah Rocky is hot, so much so MT and exiled rpk had to stoop so low

hey pr cybertroopers any comment??

Anonymous said...

What a bloody sore loser. MT beat you to it and that's that. Typical Umno stooge.

Wood said...

How can you call people a thief?

If you look properly the news appeared in at 7 Sept at 1.05 am and appeared in Malaysia Today at 7 Sept @ 1.57 am. This a 50 mimutes difference and Malaysia Today even mentioned Malay Mail as a source.

How can somebody 'steal' something which appeared in the internet 50 minutes later and even mentioned the source of the NEWS.

You should be grateful as they even give a link to your which indirectly advertised for you.

Check your facts first before calling people names.

Anonymous said...

Its not difficult finding out who the culprit within the Malay Mail is.
Clue: look at the appointments made after you left MM, especially those close to your nemesis!


Anonymous said...

How did Malaysia Today steal Malay Mail's story? They broke into MM's server? If they did, it is a theft and Malaysia Today is a criminal. Make a police report.


Nik said...


Either RPK is damn good at being able to sneakily access your internal systems OR
you have gremlins in the office........
At least he credited your paper....

Sinatra_Z said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry Roc,
Here we are talking about electric light bulbs and you are thinking like a candle!daily mail against the internet???
Man! you all are slow!!!!


Media Cyber said...

malay mail tak provide ke system utk elak pencerobohan ni? :)

XJN said...


not surprising, Pakatan Rakyat and anything aligned to them stole democracy in this country and now they claim others are stealing it

Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

Mencuri berdosa la. Ish ish ish.

AminGL said...


No worry, you can publish this revealation of "dark secret" of MIC in Malay Mail tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Dear frens,
Online news seem faster then print edition. Is Malay Mail kena hack kah? Those Indo hackers are very experts.


Anonymous said...

Someone's gonna be mad and will loose his cool and tooooopeeee! Easy enough, create a blunder and ask for forgiveness. Makes me sick!


Jilpang Anggun said...

Don't be sour grapes la Rocky.


Just suck your thumb and move on with life.

Anonymous said...

The leak can only come from Malay Mail. So who is the leak. We want to know? Is Malay Mail reporters so easy to buy... now I have some serious doubts if all their stories are paid for...

I, the great tea drinker!!!

Lady Blue said...

Kudos Rocky and the Malay Mail.
Imitation is he sincerest form of flattery.
It looks ike someone in MM is also wotking for Malaysia Today.
Be careful.

Anonymous said...

Theft? What theft? There is no such thing as theft in RPK's vocabulary.

It's more "given to me" rather than theft.

Anyway, that's another issue. But now, there will be another bunch of MIC rebels protesting outside the Malay Mail's office and RPK's house for splashing the scoop.

The riot police should prepare to bathe these rioters.


Anonymous said...

Yes, i must say it a damn good scoop. you rarely get such stories. that might just be the reason why MT stole it.

but who handed it over to them? have you looked within? seems like a conspiracy to me. either you people want to get the full attention by roping in the audience of MT to discredit SV or there is a MT sympathiser within.

serious enough matter though for the police to act. theft, no less.

bring the perperators to book, rocky. never come across such a case.

but rest assured history will record that it was a MM exclusive.


Anonymous said...

If the story was an MM exclusive, it would stand to reason to say that your tabloid was the only paper or non-conventional Press or whatever that had possession of it. If someone else was also working on the same story, then it would be fair to say that it was not all that exclusive after all. Which was why you were out-scooped. Otherwise, someone in your newsroom "snaked" you out. No? Prufrock

Anonymous said...

rocky, you said you all have been working for days on the story. why, for days?
i would have thought there is a guy who confessed, you get his story down, and then publish it the next is not as if you needed time to apply thumb screws and such-like to extract the confession from him.

could it be that malay mail was thinking of killing the story but malaysia-today's action forced MM to publish?


ROY's said...


There are millions of stories being scooped every single second of the day in the advent of Internet. Many exclusives from very credible and respected dailies worldwide. What is so great about Malay mail news, anyway? Do not disturb our police, they have many other important things to do like watering, chasing, cursing, beating poor and old protesters.

Anonymous said...


For your information, this acknowledgement by Govindaraj already appeared in one Malaysian Tamil daily the last time, Dato' Subra had to fight it out with Palanivel.

Its thus not a 'new' story nor a 'scoop' as far as news is concerned. Maybe new in English, but certainly not in Tamil.

Thiefs take away/steal possessions of others and never tell the whole world about their act.

Malaysia Today did not hide the fact that the news is from Malay Mail. It has aleady credited MM for the story.

Where is the thief?

Actually you should cry 'foul' at the 'snail pace' of the authorities who are still not able to detain those 'cow head' marchers. All evidence is available - from your own blog to U Tube.

If this is not evidence, what else is?

Imaging the AG office returning the case file to police for more details.

And remember Kugan's case? The AG classified it as 'murder' but no murderer has been found/tried todate?

These are more serious cases that you should 'yell' about, but you choose not to!

Care to explain?


Anonymous said...

aiya what you do best lah...make a 'Police Report'....and then at the same time 'Sue' kaw kaw MT for million dollars !!

Stop being a crying baby, Rocky.


Suria said...

dear rocky,

so sorry 2 hear bout d theft. does this mean tt u hv a rat in malay mail? better find out who it is & take appropri8 actions against him. no matter what your race, religion, political beliefs etc ethics + moral is somethin tt must b practised by all... better get 2 d bottom of this. a theft is still a theft.

Pune Deck said...

What man Malaysia Today? No class man Raja Petra.

Not only MT is run by a law breaker and a fugitive, MT now have to resort to stealing people's story.

Maybe it is not Raja Petra. Is it Singapore operatives running MT now?

Anonymous said...


Mau sambung cerita Musa Hassan lah. Musa has had his contract extended twice. Gues which Civil Servant makes it to the Malaysian Book of Records for the most number of extensions od service?

Its that woman in the centre of the PKFZ scandal the General Manager Phang something.

All the Chinese Transport Ministers Ling Liong Sik, Chan Kong Choy and Ong Tee Keat extended her service FOUR TIMES bro. This is a Malaysian record. No one in the Malaysian Civil Service has had their service extended a record four times.

For 12 years, Phang was also Head of the Finance Dept at the Ministry of Transport. She was in charge of Budget Control for multi billion Ringgits worth of govt projects. But she testified at the PKFZ hearing that she did not know what was a "cashflow budget".

Dia bohong bro. Anyway this is another case of China sama China main sama Melayu.


master said...

How come Raja Petra stole your story? You are such a loser, Rocky !

Mat Tech said...

Theft? Theft of what? News credit goes to whoever reports it first! This is the age of the internet!

Kama said...

Aiyo, Cit! Tarak malu punya muka ka Malaysia Today, MM punya story pun mau curi..

Anonymous said...

Bro Rocky....

Bila nak minta maaf ?? why like that...kalau hang anti MT pun kena check lah berita betul-betul, lah sekarang ni kena kaw kaw balik dari MT !!!

He..he..he..Rocky kenalah balik ke Polis station batalkan laporan polis tu !!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you have a mole


Anonymous said...

Stop being a whiny bitch-lah Rocky.

Guess you're really turning into a pondan due to your long hair.

(insert BN has Rocky's nuts joke here)

(no offense to other long haired guys who are usually cool)

In there first place your newspaper [sic] has whores not journalists anyway.

So apa scoop? Credibility tadak.

Anonymous said...

I dont think it is theft. The article was attributed to Malay Mail. Just that MM was slow in updating. Next time move your arse and dont be complacent.

Hazrey said...

Bro, it is very unethical. Very. Lame too.

rocky said...


it seems MM updated at 1.05am. the fellow who did of this if true, should be given warning letter. and you should learn to check 1st before issuing statements and police report. Meludah ke langit katakan lah.

AminGL said...


Malay Mail

TimeStamp: Monday, September 7th, 2009 01:05:00


TimeStamp: Monday, 07 September 2009 01:52:00

So, did Malaysia-Today "curi" your article?

I think if you are jantan enough please apologise to RRK!

Anonymous said...

haiya this dickhead gay RPK...No story..then people also dont want to go his blog alredi so run all around and steal loh...
he he he

The said...

Sneaky, Rocky, I grant you that. Not sure whether the story will be killed, so why not do a "leak" and claim it is stolen. Now that the story is out, publish and won't be damned. And still get to blame RPK.

chapchai said...

Hurry to your nearest polis pondok to lodge a report. RPK has so many reports lodged against him I'm sure he won't mind you adding to the list. Btw, I won't exactly call this a scoop. It is a bit of non-news really.

Theshi said...

Hi, actually I don't know what law your lawyers are referring to but this cannot be theft.

Who gave you this exclusive? Was there a contract or agreement signed when you got this story? An embargo?

Jo said...

Judging from the posting time on the Malay Mail site as highlighted by some commentors, maybe somebody from your side made a "uh-oh" and mis-published it on the MalayMail site for like a few minutes around midnight - long enough for the MT team to cite it on their site.

Cheers to both of you! xD

Anonymous said...

Bro pls RTM (reboot the fuck machine) ASAP.

Anonymous said...

anon 3.18
am sure you are son of a whore yourself.. jeezz

Anonymous said...





talkosong said...

prove 2 us that it's yours. anyone can say that.i don't believe a shit of this lie.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

i think he need to increase his blog hits

so to curi article from MM is the only thing to do

so more sd stories so quite quiet at MT

Anonymous said...

Even some of the responses to this posting is aimed to show that the majority of responses are in favour of the Blog. People..please lah. Stick to the facts and don't call others a thief regardless of which side of the political fence you sit lah. It is shameful and gutter journalism to keep spining for your political masters.

The facts:

Malay Mail onlne story appears at 1:05pm and Malaysia Today story appears on 1:52pm with acknowledgement of Malay Mail.

So, don't spin for the sake of spinning because any credibility you have has just gone out the door. Readers are able to discern what is right and what is wrong (politics aside). Malay Mail just didn't get their act together and the cheek to spin that RPK is a thief is dishonest and offensive.


ewoon said...


What a disappointment and i hope MT will be courteous enough to offer an apology.

More importantly: who leaked the scoop, and why?

paloibinmulau said...

hahahaha lawak le rocky ni. jgn hang jadi mcm parpu suda le. ckap berdegar2 tapi habuk ja. menipu ja pandai. buat malu malaymail hahahaha

Grokker said...


MM--Monday, September 7th, 2009 01:05:00

MT--Monday, 07 September 2009 01:52:00

So MM told a lie when it said MT stole the article?

Not so fast, people.

Quite possible MM's timestamp is for when the article was authored and submitted for publication, not when it was published on the site.

May the Source (Drupal) be with you.

Anonymous said...

MM posted at 1.05am..MT 1.52am..

so bodoh la lu,rocky..the damn article was up on MM 47 bloody mins before MT "scooped" it..

cheap publicity stunt..try again,rocky

Anonymous said...


You have Moles in your join, serves
you right, what goes around comes around so stop crying foul.


Anonymous said...

yo PR troopers! how stupid can you all be?

MM upload the title on the net at 1.02 am but the content could not be read.

amazingly, by 1.52 am MT already unlocked the content on their net.

see the difference? please read the posting CAREFULLY and stop being bias.

amal said...


Anonymous said...

Rocky is it theft if the Malay Mail is credited?


RobinHood said...


Malay Mail uploaded the article at 1.05am while Malaysia Today -- as even Malay Mail admits -- uploaded it at 1.52am.

So what is the big issue? It was already in the public domain BEFORE Malaysia Today ‘stole’ it. Malay Mail did not upload the article AFTER Malaysia ‘stole’ it, as Malay Mail claim.

Who is your lawyer? You should sack your lawyer for saying it is a theft!?

Anonymous said...

If you read the article, the parties concerned in the story has already given and accepted the apologies from each other. So where is the scoop? As someone mentioned, the story is already 'leaked' out in the Tamil news 1 year ago. So it is not a new news item.

If you say it is leaked out, then you must find out the source of the leak, don't blame people for the theft.

Is there a reason for its re-appearance now? Maybe it is an online marketing strategy to get us to read the Malay Mail?

Tulang Besi said...

Who was the mole who mailed the story to MT.. Flush that ass-hole out.
Charge him under law..
see that he is bankrupt..

These are the moles everywhere,
that MT survives off..
Cheap dudes who have their own agendas.. the MT agenda..

e n g said...

u need to take a break... these whole thing is not good for your reputation

Anonymous said...

Rocky, you are about 60 years old but you sure don`t seem to have learnt much huh? Can`t even tell time?

Whatever are you going to tell your children. Today you are the laughing stock of the whole country.

-Cheshire cat

NIk said...


Based on timestamps and the fact that the Malay Mail was attributed - how can this be theft?

And based on RPK's explanation he says he just published what was already in the public domain on the MM site.

I am really confused - and seems like everyone else is as well.

Perhaps you can enlighten us on how RPK 'stole' the story.

In either way - you actually have given more PR to MT and RPK when it may have been wiser to have kept quiet about it.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

MM was still readable and was generally okay after its relaunch , until you took over.

MM online version dated the article as Sept 7 2009 @ 01:05
RPK's MT version was at 07 September 2009 01:52

You wanna sue RPK?

Anonymous said...


After robbing the rakyat's coffer, PR left a message: "from PR with love".

By doing that PR is in no way to be seen as a thief? No, don't report them to the macc!

Ha, ha, what an easy way to get away scot-free after stealing from the rakyat's coffer!

No wonder the newbies' morale are so low nowadays! RPK kencing berdiri, PRuda, ball licker, kencing berlari, beb!!!!


d_sticks said...

oh come on rocky bru...please check your facts before posting many people have already commented...and looking at malay mail's website, it's clearly stated that the timestamp is Monday, September 7th, 2009 01:05:00

...wanna tembak..but don't have the bullets....malu betul.


Anonymous said...


Go head! Sue Malaysia Today for SCOOPING a scoop! Nothing to loose! Who knows this probably can stop him from continuing his hide-and-seek game!

Somehow, one day, he still need to come out of the "lubang cacing" in order to get himself refreshed and enjoys the beauty of sun set of which he already missed for so long.

For sure it is not their supporters who will decide whether MT really is guilty or otherwise!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rocky,

quote -
"Our lawyers say this is THEFT, so we're obliged to report it in the morning."

I didn't hear any report on this. He he he.


InMine said...

Let me try to understand this:

1. MM drafted the "scoop" online version and loaded to server at 1:05am Sept. 7, 2009 (which was meant to be released or posted to public at 12:00noon Sept. 7, 2009 to coincide with the release of printed version).
2. Allegedly, MT stole the draft and posted for public to read at 1:52am.

If that is the case, then, either MT has raided MM's server to steal the "scoop" or MM has its guy provideing the "scoop" to MT.

My guess is MM's guy is providing the "scoop" to MT.

anak bugis johor said...

dear bro. i been reading u like what since the glorious day when you & screenshot were among the champions that went after and against Pak Lah establishment. Now I rarely read you, but it surprise to see you so low, there is so lost in your writing, hopefully not your soul.

kucau said...

anak borek bapak rintik... pencuri!

Anonymous said...

Malay mail tu bgus sangat ke..takyah la perasan...mic punya citer tu dah basi daa...baik aku baca star..tutup je la mm tu...bagi baca free pun aku tak...cermin dulu....botak tu tu pun ular jgn tak tau..aku kenal sgt frankie tu..

Anonymous said...


iskandar said...


we all know one thing about the likes of MToday and the operators. They have one set of rule for themselves and another for others.
they can malign and they can fitnah people but don;t you dare say a abd word about them or their crazy supporters will come after you. haha..

so, they steal you scoop. do they care?
Just look at Raja Petra. he has no regard for the courts or the law.

look at Pakatan governments? their mission is to be better than the BN...haha better at deceiving the people-lah.

look at lim guan eng in the kampugn buah pala case? suddently, he respects the courts? haha...

these people are power-crazy and then they have proven to be worse the the BN leaders at whom tehy have labelled arrogant.

tak ada ethics, moral. taddak.. undang-undang sendiri punya.

achai said...


banyaak itu orang yang banyak berraaanni pangil lu bodoh dam macam-macam. tapi itu sembunyi. banyak takut sama rocky.

saya ingat apa pun brudder cakap, brudder memang itu berraanni sebab brudder ada nama itu atas blog.

ini orang yang banyak pengecut di sini taddak telur.

saya ingat mau suruh pengecut2 di sini jumpa itu brudder dan cakap brudder bodoh.

malay mail sekarang baru ada standard-lah.

saya ingat itu kalimullah dan macai-macai dia sudah kasi itu pengecut komen-lah, brudder.

shabbbas, brudder.

rocky said...

if it came out in tamil news 1 year ago, it is not much of a scoop but more of a translation and adding a little more spice to the story. Ciplak juga

Anonymous said...

well done rocky

you all goon still can not grasp what our mr. rocky is doing?

do you all still think he has sold his soul to the power to be....? think again.

all the flip flop and spin on rocky's bru is designed to make BN and UMNO look bad. Being paid handsomely by UMNO and destroy UMNO at the same time...brilliant.

wake up najib......

Pasquale said...

In case if you are still wondering Bro Rockybru, BABI's moles are everywhere even in the PM's department! Why are you shocked when I can identify your moles in your Malay Mail outfit?!

Anonymous said...


lu mabuk ka bodoh? si bahlol tu dah letak kredit untuk MM pun. apa la lu, jangan mabuk, kan puasa nih..

Anonymous said...

NTV9 hari ini memaparkan tertangkap 116 Warga India & Sri Lanka, sampai anak kecik2 bini duk transit kat Malaysia nak pi Australia?

Tahun 2009!! Ada Negara tempat tumpah darah TokMoyang sendiri, pun SANGGUP nak menjadi pengemis diNegara orang!!

Dah sampai Australia, buat KUIL haram, terus akan mengaku mereka Warga sana sejak 150tahun dahulu jugak tu! Sana sini menghayap bikin semua orang susah!

Tak serik, beberapa bulan dulu pun dah terjadi rusuhan perkauman kat sana, tapi MUKA TEBAL, masih duk nak pi menempek kat Negara Orang!

Lepaih tu songgeh2 tuntut hak konon dan panggil Aussie RACIST pulak!


Anonymous said...

I say and the rest of your editorial POYO la..jgn perasan..MM bagi aku baca free pun tak pe..POYO sok sendiri..padan muka..aku tau kau takan kau baca aku puas..kah..kah..kah ..POYO..POYO.Kakalau dah POYO apa nak buat..

Anonymous said...

Bro, what's happening on this ? You still suing MT? What's the result?