Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Only 9 left under ISA

... And Mat Shah won't be spending Aidil Fitri no 8 at Kamunting. WIth the release of 5 more detainees yesterday, there are now only nine people left under ISA. This time last year, there were still 65 people being detained without trial. Najib Razak released 13 on the day he became PM on 4/4 and another 13, including the three Hindraf extemists, just before Wesak Day in May.

The nine still at Kamunting comprise 4 locals, 4 foreigners, and Mas Selamat. Singaporean Mas Selamat gets special mention because he is the only person who's been sent to Kamunting under Najib's watch, so far. The alleged terrorist escaped a high-security prison and swam across to Johor. He was planning a series of armed attacks and abductions when Malaysian police nabbed him.

The 5 to be released in conjunction with Malaysia Day today and Aidil Fitri include Mat Shah Mohd Satray, who was detained in 2002 and would have spent his eighth Aidil Fitri at Kamunting this Sunday if not for this divine intervention.

His wife Laila blogs at Merah Hitam. Read her latest posting: Alhamdulillah, Abah dah balik rumah ....


  1. Anonymous3:17 am

    Hey Rocky are you joining the Fast For Peace today? Many round the world are, for a better and peaceful Malaysia.

  2. Anonymous5:18 am


    Are you expecting those corruptible miniscule brainer to sing praise on this revelation?

    No way, as they would only be singing high praise to their own tempo if the number of detainees are to be reduced to minus nine (-9)!

    Anyway, no harm trying. Hopefully they will send the Hari Raya cards to Mas Selamat.

    Dua Sen

  3. Anonymous6:22 am

    so if i say thank you for finally releasing me after 6 years that makes you feel good?


  4. Thank you Najib for doing this. And, Selamat Hari Raya to all.

    My raya wish is for those supporting PR to have good and reasonable heart and not be judgmental and suspicious of everything that is going on in this country. We should work together in making Malaysia a better place. Negative feeling will cause negative energy and efforts which will not help in your day to day work. You can vote for PR... go ahead but don't bring the country down along the way. If PR is meant to govern the country after the next election, so be it. At the mean time, stop being negative and let us work together for a better Malaysia.

  5. Raja Petra : Surat Sumpah Altantuya [Episod 1] - Versi Bahasa Melayu

    sila ke sini untuk menonton!!!

    Selamat Menyambut Hari Malaysia! :)

  6. Anonymous9:03 am

    "Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Rocky are you joining the Fast For Peace today? Many round the world are, for a better and peaceful Malaysia."

    Stupid Anon, Rocky is a Muslim and its Ramadhan. There is no such thing as Fast for Peace as you mentioned since Rocky is fasting for Ramadhan.

    Stupid Anon

  7. Rocky,

    Why was Mat Shah in there in the first place. He never hurt anyone and never threatened anyone - he just seemed to be against the establishment that's all.
    Lets hope his family can make up for the lost time.

  8. For those take care of your self and family and make sure be a good citizen as well. Emm wondering if those pakatan jokers that involved with anti-isa demo. Last time were suitable for that room..yeah i think why not...

  9. Anonymous10:11 am



  10. Anonymous10:47 am

    Indians Killing Indians & Non Indians

    Death Toll : 1
    Slashed : 3

    1. KUALA LUMPUR: An Indian was sentenced to nine years jail for killing a Chinese national three years ago. On Sept 15, 2006, N Rajkumaran strangled to death Hu Xin Yu, a Chinese national in room G04 at Hotel Classic Inn, Brickfields, after having sex with her.

    2. KUALA LUMPUR: Two parang-wielding men slashed a jockey when he arrived for work at the Selangor Turf Club (STC) in Sungei Besi here. Vellaikannu Palanisamy, 41, was just getting out of his car when the incident took place at the car park at about 6.30am yesterday.

    In April, Malayan Racing Association deputy chief stipendiary steward Soo Lai Kwok suffered a fractured arm and leg when he was ambushed by eight people at Bukit Tambun in Penang.

    In January, Soo’s boss David McGillivray had his left arm almost severed in a brutal attack outside a popular Indian restaurant in Ipoh.

  11. Fast For Peace - just a symbolic gesture by a group of celebrities for some attention from the public. Wsate of time really just like the EARTH HOUR thing.

  12. Anonymous11:49 am

    Tuan tolong tengok betul ke maklumat ni?

    kenapa PROTON "mendahulukan rakyat asing?"

    dimanakah mereka buang "rakyat didahulukan"??

  13. Anonymous12:04 pm

    just wondering what this mat shah mohd sataray had done that he was placed under ISA in the first place. is he a jemaah islamiah suspect? if he does, then hopefully he will from now on stay away from activities which may lead to recruiting muslim youths to be suicide bombers. thats for the sake of his wife and kids.

  14. Anonymous 3:17

    Fasting you said?

  15. Anonymous5:48 pm

    YIPPPPEEEE!!!! ONLY 9 left under ISA!

    Let's celebrate! Is 9 an auspicious number for Najis?

    BUt isnt 9 too few? What will Kamunting guards be doing?

    I get it, time to recruit more inmates! YIPPPPEEE!!!!


  16. Anonymous5:59 pm

    My applause to our Prime Minister Najib Razak. He should now look to abolish the ISA and close down Kamunting. It's a terrible waste of space and resources just to accommodate 9 persons, don't you think?

  17. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Of course Fast for Peace is symbolic, as are all commemorative events. Its the fellowship and sharing that matters.

  18. Anonymous10:40 am

    It is the first step to the review of the ISA but the bashers still are not happy.

    The peaceful situation for the last eight years could be attributed to the 9 detained under that period.

    Their release may make them heroes and they might start their nonsense all over again. If so, then the ISA is a toothless act.

    Look at the many ex-ISA heroea holding high office these days.

    These people should learn to be a bit grateful, at least the government is becoming lenient.

    Now, who will fill up the vacant cells? There are many waiting in line, but can they get in?


  19. Anonymous12:07 am

    I don't know. Maybe I'm not that good in Maths. How do you get 9 left in ISA?

    You said last year, ISA had 65, minus 13 released on 4/4 minus 13 just before Wesak and minus 5 yesterday.

    65-13-13-5 = 24 right?

    And did they release those 5? I haven't google much on the release. So I have no latest information on them.

    In my opinion, ISA should be abolished. We should clean up our judiciary system, by doing that the government could have trained great attorneys to have suspected subversive person trial in the court of law.

    I believe we are capable of doing that. As long as our judiciary system is overhauled. Clean it up. We don't want people like V.K. Lingam, VT and the likes to mess up with the judge selection, we also don't want people like our ex PM to interfere as in the case of sacking of Tun Salleh Abbas.

    I'm sure with a good and strong leader we can do it. I always put a hope that one day Najib will know how to use his power to govern and clean up everything that has rotten since 1980s. Don't worry about Altantuya. As long you serve the people right, not even our ex PM can mess with you. We will support you PM Najib.

    Let your late-father be proud of you!