Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Letter from the Home Ministry

Nasihat. Today, I received a letter from the KDN re our 24/8 article MIC battles caste politics which some quarters in the party blamed for a demonstration against the paper in Petaling Jaya the next day by some 100 youths of MIC and over 20 police reports lodged nationwide against the Malay Mail, including by a leader of a newspaper vendor.

The key word in the letter is "nasihat". It's an advice for us NOT to publish similar offending articles in the future. We are also duly reminded of the guidelines issued by the Ministry from time to time.

I can't say I like the tone of the letter, at least not more than the letters from KDN which I used to receive back then. But what I can say is that the KDN under this new Minister has handled the matter quite well: queries were cool and collected, nobody was blowing things out of propertions. Can't say the same thing about some of the MIC leaders, though.

I can also say that despite the letter, The Malay Mail won't ignore issues of caste politics. It's an old issue that has remained relevant till today. [Read the piece in Malaysiakini here to know how old this issue is].

p.s. Earlier this afternoon, the Malay Mail's editor-at-large Frankie d'Cruz and writer Kharleez Zubin spent some time at the PJ police headquarters in relations to this case. Frankie gave his statement after an hour-long Q & A session, while Kharleez was in there for about 90 minutes.


  1. Semi V still has some cable left i see...

    Watchout for comments from some of your usual pro-UMNO visitors Roc. Otherwise SV or Fail Paari might pull the cable again... ah, hell... let them go at it... we need more entertainment...

  2. Anonymous11:04 pm


    Just like a loving father giving some fatherly "nasihat" instead of "amaran?"
    You are one lucky man, being loved by the powers that be.

  3. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Perhaps they are right in issuing the advice or democratic warning if you like.

    But the current trend is to gather in numbers and get into a frenzy, even if there are no issues.

    Even if a lion escapes from the Taronga Zoo, it will be reason enough for the mob to protest.

    This is becoming the fashion of the day, in the guise of democracy.

    How about the other street protests? What about the recent 'cow' boys? Were the actual organisers given any advice too?

    So, this time, the rock throwing rousers should hail you as a hero, because the 'pro government' daily got quizzed.

    Or is this a double edged sword? You could also be turned into a demon for instigation.

    In any case, the caste system was a formula used in ancient times for a certain purpose. Many cultures use it but term it differently. Dynasties, Kingdoms, Empires and even America practices some form of segregation, but they term it differently.

    Anyway, it is about time to stop poking a hornet's nest, until Malaysians reach another paradigm.

    We are still three paradigms away.


  4. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Tak usah membodek lah Whiskey on the Rocky Bru!!!

  5. Anonymous12:39 am

    Bro, aku sidetrack isu surat kdn dgn isu naik minyak yg aku kurang arif jike baca laporan akhbar ari ni.
    Aku ni sokong kerajaan ... tp aku tak taulah samada aku ni bebal atau suratkhabar pening lalat lapor harga minyak naik. Jgn flip-flop dah!
    Bulan Julai, aku isi minyak super(pemegang hijau) RM1.80 seliter tp bulan Ogos (pemegang hijau) RM1.75 seliter unleaded95.
    Mana satu ni bro! Minyak pemegang hijau skrg ni brp harga dia. Jgn la pusing cakap bg kepala pusing aje. Bonus dah la takde kabho berita dekat raya ni.


  6. Anonymous1:04 am

    While the letter is welcomed, i must say more should be done to ensure those responsible for the publishing of the particular day's article on caste are sufficiently reprimanded for their insolence especially in naming who and who are of which caste type.
    Surely all civilised readers of The Malay Mail didnt fancy names mentioned for each caste type displayed as it touches on each person and their family history and the ensuing dignity accorded.
    How foolish that it was all published. The damage done is irreparable and only God knows how those affected were humiliated.


  7. Anonymous1:05 am

    if only they could do the same to Zunar. MM is trash anyhow...

  8. Anonymous1:06 am

    soo....what are ya tryin' to say?


  9. Anonymous1:17 am

    Ah Rocky,

    We know better.

    Its true that the article in The Malay Mail of 24 Aug 2009 did anger the Indians.

    But lets put it hypothetically, that the article was just a start of the establishment's way of opening up the subject for a bigger agenda.

    It was to tell Samy Vellu that his tenure/helm at the top in MIC is no more tolerated by the current Federal administration?

    The advice to you was just to sooth the feelings of the Indians. I bet you that the Tamil mainstream media (dailies) in Malaysia will have a news item quoting this 'advice' from the ministry.

    Some Indian NGOs and even MIC may accord themselves 'credit' for this achievement.

    But I am sure the administration cannot issue such 'advice' to online media like Malaysiakini?

    In fact the online media will be left out to continue harping on this matter?

    Why not? If it means that the powers/efforts must now be consolidated to 'teach' Samy Vellu a lesson for over staying and making a nuisance of himself and being a terrible liability to the BN.

    Unfortunately, the BN administration has not covered its reach to plan well for Samy Vellu to learn his lesson and get the message.

    Because Bernama (yes, Bernama again) is going all out to project Palanivel - Samy Vellu's chosen candidate and his team, as worthy MIC folks that should be elected.

    The fact is , Palinvel was once an employee of Bernama. Hence it is now payback time from those staff who served Palanivel in Bernama those days.

    If this is how a government agency interprets the current Federal administration's wishes, sorry lah...the caste control factor propogated subtly by Samy Vellu will continue to stay and our PM can only fume in anger but cannot touch or do anything to Samy Vellu.

    End result - Indians will continue to be subservient to the whims and fancies of Samy Vellu and his team and impact the Indin support for BN.

    Someone should tell Bernama to stop projecting only Samy Vellu endorsed candidates only and be fair to cover the other aspiring candidates as well.

    Who will tie the bell now?


  10. Dear Parameswara,

    Spot on. The link I have provided to the Malaysiakini article shows how much "freer" the online portals (and blogs) are.


  11. Unfortunately it is caste that more than matters in MIbloodyC!. I say it should be written about and shamed until they begin to see each other as humans.

  12. Dear Rocky,

    I am neither a professional cartoonist nor good writer but you will find my blog interesting.

    Title: Is this the way in MACC?

    Next drawing will be on the cow.

  13. The caste system you mentioned is just like any other system already existed in the animal kingdom. I was at my jungle house and I observed trail of fascinating black ants having the same system like MIC, the soldiers, the workers, the guards and of course the bottom rung the proverbial worker ants. Somehow the system works with the black ant and it is facsinating, so Rockybru if the caste system works for MIC who are we to say, live and let live, or ces't la vie! If the British still stuck with this archaic system again who are we to say, eh!
    Remember for democracy to work it is essential to make many more miserable, otherwise this system that Malaysia has chosen will and cannot work. In democracy we have to have some one to work for the rich and powerful or else we have to opt for Communism?

  14. Anonymous8:26 am

    MIC IS dominated by caste concerns. Remember when Pandithan took the coffin to the MIC HQ and the fracas that followed resulting in thousands leaving the party and joining the IPF (which the govt allowed)?

    Further, you wont find many malayalees, gujeratis, sikhs, panjabis etc in the MIC a party mainly for tamils who are extremely caste conscious. Those who do join, are mainly there to feather their own nests. In private they admit it.

    MggPillai`s articles carried much of this on the MIC disease.


  15. Anonymous8:35 am

    Jangan main main...

    I walap you upside down left and right...


  16. Anonymous8:37 am

    The MIC continues to stumble. Dato' Seri Samy Vellu sidestepped
    all contentious issues, even managed the assembly to support the
    dissolution of the Fund; he did not say of course that he supported its
    dissolution in the cabinet and stayed away from the Dewan Rakyat when
    its dissolution was discussion, which led to verbal fisticuffs with an
    opposition member of parliament in the parliamentary lobby. He now says
    the MIC assembly favoured the dissolution. This issue would haunt the
    MIC more than he realises. But the MIC made all the right moves. One
    leader was happy that the sartorial elegance of members was a clear sign
    the Indian community does well: many were attired in business suits and
    the traditional Indian dress. Six years ago, members exchanged their
    plastic bags with Echolac briefcases to prove to the estate workers that
    he is now somebody. Quite a number covered their baldness with wigs.
    In the MIC's view, this ensured the community's self-respect and be
    eternally grateful to the party for making this so. But it is this
    search for the forms of success than success itself that brought MIC to
    the cutting edge of disaster by the end of the 20th century. No one can
    take that away from it. The Indian community would then have an
    indelible place under the Malaysian sun.

    M.G.G. Pillai
    2nd august 1999

  17. Anonymous8:41 am

    Pariahs are not low class, Mr. Pillai argued. In fact, Pariahs would refuse to marry outside their caste because they would not want to be ‘contaminated’ through a mixed marriage. Pariahs’, explained Mr. Pillai, are proud of their caste. I suppose I too, who am not ‘pure’ Malay but a ‘low class’ mixed-breed Bugis, would appreciate Mr Pillai’s sentiments.

    I was once debating politics at the Selangor Club Long Bar with some Indian lawyers and, after hearing them grumble and bitch at length, I asked them why they do not join MIC and fight from within. Why complain and complain about the state of affairs but do nothing about the situation? They replied that they would never be accepted into MIC. And, even if they were, they would not want to join MIC. MIC is for the lower caste Indians, they explained. We higher caste Indians would never get anywhere in MIC. You have to be from the Pariah caste if not it would be a total waste of time. They will make sure you don’t go up unless you are also from the lower caste. In fact, they will make you feel most unwelcome and will try to push you out. That is why higher caste Indians cannot make it in Malaysian politics, especially in MIC, they reiterated.


  18. Hi. visit www.micelection2009.com and give your opinion on who should lead the indian community. It is an opinion poll and hope it can create awareness among the politicians the importance of public opinion.

  19. Anonymous8:56 am

    PARAMESWARA you are GOD's child --- HARIJHAN.
    Scrap Metal Mani

  20. Anonymous9:09 am

    Besar sangat ke kalau dapat surat, tu pun dari hishamudin, yang masa jadi menteri pendidikan, kerap pi bersiar siar ke Eropah.Rockypun pernah tulis perihal kepintaran Hishamkan dalam soal ni. Hisham itu pulak, di dewa dewakan sekarang ?
    Apalagi,tukar namalah dari A. K.Jasin kepada ....

  21. Bro, MM distribution/circulation, does it cover Setiawangsa and Wangsa Maju? In the late afternoons when I look for papers, I never find the MM, either its sold out earlier or not distributed in these areas. The only time I find MM consistently is at the Puduraya Bus station kiosks.

    Good read when I actually got hold of one but MM does need more space for home and office adverts though.

  22. Anonymous10:07 am

    oh my God Frankie D Cruz is still in the Malay Mail. God saves the paper. I have nightmares thinking about a paper called Leader.

  23. Anonymous10:17 am

    It is not only Malaysiakini but also MI as well, Rocky. The fact is, these online portals know that they "are out of reach" and leverage on that to spin the issue in relative safety.In fact, it is blatantly couched here as is replete throughout the whole article:

    ".....refers to the lower rungs in the hindu caste hierachy"

    So the obvious question is why the double standards or have MK and MI become the pet poodles of the Home Ministry for reason unbeknownst or as hinted by Parameswara.

    What P also failed to mention is the fact that such restrictions impede free reporting and puts MSM in a disadvantageous spot vis-a-vis the online rags who can peddle inflammatory stuff with relative impunity and come out smelling roses as purveyors of free information while MSM are lambasted as spinmeisters by certain segments of society!

    On another note, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, an inconsequential tapeworm, has just crawled out of his self-spun coccoon to come up with this classic:

    "Considering the possible outcomes of the inquest, it stands to reason that looking at the inquest as a political matter, death by suicide or accident or an open verdict (in that order of priority) would suit the MACC and, indirectly, the Government, the best."


    Instead of impartially elucidating the topic ( as to how inquests function), MIS, with a clever sleight of hand, inserted the above to subtly hint that unseemly shenanigans are at work to effect the desired outcome. It is a blatant and not so clever attempt to massage public perception. by casting the unwarranted aspersions well before a verdict is in (classic PR preemptive strike). MIS is delibereately questioning the impartiality of the coroner and related investigative agencies, another calculated strike at our institutions in the guise of free speech. It is also calculated to foment mistrust and public cynicism of our institutions and render any finding (other than the PR desired one) questionable

    I wrote the scum a missive but he has not published it as yet. Any legal honchos out there who can comment on the legal probity of this assertion as well as provide information on legal provisions that allow for the coroner or the AG to act against MIS, effect MIS's removal as Selangor gov. counsel at the inquest + call for disciplinary action to be institued by the Bar.Time to get the scum! Would be much appreciated.

    P/S' Let the girl, BE just be, she has just untied her braids and need some air to blow through her tresses..hahahaha. Pai pai, girl.

    Warrior 231

  24. Sdr Rocky,

    It sounds familiar. I had the same problem with the Indian community when I was editing the NST.

    Once they camped in front of my office over a story about a temple in PJ.

    They are very touchy when the interest of their community is touched.

    The Indians may be vocal about many issues but when you report about their interest you must be very careful.

    I once wrote about the role of Tamil schools and the kind of students they produced. I got into a lot of trouble with the MIC.

    As for the warning from the Home Ministry, itu biasalah. At least you know they are reading your paper. I got one not too long ago.

    Thank you.

  25. Anonymous10:55 am


    Watch out for comments from the opposition supporters Roc... like that self righteous Bright Eyes who thinks he is right all the time.

    eh how come Malaysiakini get away scots free even after publishing reports of caste politics in MIC???????????????????????????????????????????????

    wow.. didnt know the opposition can be so free like this? i thot they are subjected to oppression?? HAHAHAHAHAHAH irony.

    Jimeny Jim Bob

  26. Aisehman11:46 am

    Bro, I many not agree with much of the stuff on your blog or in the newspaper you run, but on this matter, I fully support you.

    This is about using the law for individual political aims.

    This is wrong.

  27. Anonymous11:55 am

    One rule for Umno, and one for the rest — The Malaysian Insider
    SEPT 2 — The main take-away from Friday’s cow head protest in Shah Alam is this: that the authorities apply one set of standards for Umno politicians and another for the rest of the country.

    Just look at the lame response of the police to the action of the 50 men who marched in protest against the building of a Hindu temple and then compounded matters further with incendiary language.

    Six days later and no one has been charged with sedition or any other offence for that matter. Sure, there has been stock answers of the “leave no stone unturned variety’’ and “take a serious view’’ but precious little action has been taken against individuals who promised to shed blood if the Selangor state government went ahead and built a place of worship for Hindus in a predominantly Malay area.

    Just listen to Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein’s courtship of the residents in Section 23, some of whom were participants in the illegal march. He is meeting the residents today because “we want to be fair to everyone and give them a chance to defend themselves.’’ How magnanimous?

    Would he be equally charitable the next time Malaysians are arrested for demonstrating against the Internal Security Act? Would he sit down and have coffee with Malaysians accused of other crimes to give them a chance to defend themselves?

    The right forum for the instigators and participants of the cow head’s march to defend themselves is in court, not the minister’s conference room. But he is caught in a bind as are other Umno leaders who have been slow to condemn the actions of the protestors.

    Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has been silent. Datuk Shafie Apdal has been silent. Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has been silent. Datuk Khaled Nordin has been silent. Datuk Ali Rustam has been silent. Could it be that they agree with the actions of the protestors or they see a strategic opportunity to drive a wedge between the Malay electorate in Selangor and the Pakatan Rakyat government?

    Or does it come down to this single fact: they can’t bring themselves to dress down their party men who inspired Friday’s march?

    The brother of the Shah Alam Umno division chief was one of the chief actors in the parade last Friday. He was ably assisted by several Umno Youth officials who are not residents of Section 23.

    In all likelihood, the party leadership will give these instigators a gentle rap on the wrist and move on. By doing so, they will send an unmistakable message to their party men that insulting the religion of other Malaysians is only a minor infraction.

  28. Frankie gave his statement after an hour-long Q & A session, while Kharleez was in there for about 90 minutes.
    this is preposterous! Why only less than 2 hours long?? Oh, i forgot, Bru is on UMNO's side, now i see...this letter...this letter is not somekind of warning or advice. This letter is only a 'front' in case other newspaper were to complain why Malay Mail takde kena sound?! right Attan?

    boo hoo hoo...my reporters kena sit with the police for <2 hours...boo hoo hoooo.

  29. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Parameswara 1.17 am
    Hmm Palanivel. What can I say.
    What payback from Bernama??.
    He owes Bernama for using it as a stepping stone to his political career.
    Always absent more than present.
    AWOL is the word.

  30. Anonymous12:19 pm

    I cannot see a reason why Indians are angry with the exposure of caste practice in MIC. Caste is an evil thing. It was practiced by Indian landlords to exploit the peasants. Indians must stop practicing. Whoever is supporting this practice should be send to Kamunting. So why should this govt support the people practicing it. If Samy Vellu practice it, then send the blooming fella to jail. The Minister is wrong. He is not staying on principle. He is playing Indian politics.

    It is illegal. It is inhuman. This is Malaysia and not India. This is the 21st century and not 18th century India.

  31. Anonymous1:05 pm

    My goodness En A Kadir Jasin..!
    I am amazed by your comments on the Indians.
    You seem to have painted on all using the same brush.
    To think that some of them have some semblence of respect for you is now beginnig to taste rather salty now with this sweeping statements of yours.
    How disapointing a MALAYSIAN can ONE be.
    A veteran media expert like yourself should have by now been a good example for ALL Malaysians to respect and emulate...sigh.

    Tunku Jay.

    ps. Appeasing bruised egos which deserve a rehaul, dosent help our PMs 1M vision either.

  32. Bro

    Do you have anything to say about this?


  33. Its actually a letter of recognition from KDN bro. At least now we know that people are beginning to take MM seriously again.
    MM is back with a vengence. Break the stories bro!

    p/s dont bother about MIC or Uncle Sam, both are on a journey without destination nor direction.

  34. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Rocky Ronggeng...


    ada 2 MIC – satu mic samy satu mic subra

    ada dua ppp – satu ppp keyveas satu ppp murugiah

    ada dua mca – satu mca ong satu mca chua

    1 malaysia - 2 Perak - 2 MB - S Speaker

    ada 5 umno – satu umno najib

    satu umno muhyidin, satu umno madey, satu umno kj dan satu lagi… satu lagi?

    satu lagi....cuba teka umno sapa?.... umno bik mama


    minah ronggeng..

  35. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Dey Rocky ,

    Aiyoyo ...bila sudah jadi 'Drama' king ??


  36. Pune Deck2:58 pm

    Sudahlah Samy Velu, admit that you are from the pariah caste.

  37. Anonymous4:32 pm

    We must accept that newspapers have more power than online news. that's why they came for you. having said that i wonder why you never reported an illegal assembly by MIC youth protesting the actions of Frankie D'Cruz. I can bet my bottom dollar they did not have a permit.
    also why didnt you question the Home Ministry if they are saying there's no caste politics in the MIC. How can they be so certain that there isnt when it has been there for a long long time and as your paper said samy vellu himself admitted there is caste politics.

    am i to believe that samy vellu still has such powers to get HH to issue MM a warning letter?

    why may i ask that the police seem determined to question Frankie and the other writer and what may i ask are they investigating?

    if 20 reports had been made against Frankie then what are the contents of these reports? angering Indians? Sheeesh!

    correct me if i am wrong but i think this is the first time that a mob has protested in this fashion against a paper. you guys have done well. you have guts and you must continue to pursue what you set out to do. dont give up and i certainly hope journalists of high calibre such as Frankie and his colleague (sorry i forgot his name) will remain standouts in your profession.

    btw malay mail's coverage of the MIC elections has abruplty come to a halt.does this mean you guys have been frightened off? please continue as your style of reporting and writing are so refreshing compared to the stale reports we get in the star and nst.

    thank you and may the force and the lord almighty be with all of you.

    ps: i never miss a copy of the MM.

    dato' k suppiah

  38. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Mat Tonggang Rocky...

    1 malaysia...

    Sodomy Didahulukan,
    Liwat Diutamakan...
    Najib di Rosmohkan..

  39. Anonymous5:32 pm

    To-chandran 8:41 AM..
    you talk about lower and higher class...haHaha wake up dude with your indian name itself...you are those pariah in this country....

    indian also can...

  40. Anonymous6:16 pm

    kadir jasin, stop generalising.the same could be said about the races in country.minda yang kurang bijak.tolang tengok cermin dulu.

  41. Rocky,
    You can't hide behind the "freedom of the press" and scandalized people as you're are hiding. Got to be responsible dude. There's no such thing as "absolute freedom" anywhere in the world.

  42. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Don't worry, you are protected by UMNO, your paymaster. So, nothing will happen to you.

  43. Anonymous11:38 pm


    Travelled a lot to Bombay for some works. Those Indians in Mumbai are different..a lot more cultured!


  44. Anonymous12:54 am

    frankie looks good in prison stripes no? just kidding.

    keep up the good work MM
    Shine a light on the dark corners and be the people's paper.

  45. Anonymous1:23 am

    Tell that hishamu-lancau, go fcuk himself.

    He's nothing but a pariah breed.

    BTW, hope he choke on his ketu-puki-pat.

  46. Anonymous5:10 am

    There is a caste war going on among Indians in Malaysia. Visit -



  47. The more letters MM gets, the higher the circulation will be.

    So work hard on those letters.

    well we can always look at the bright side of life, now you have one extra regular buyer for the MM, the fella who has to check on MM regularly.
    Hope to see MM is becom what Sinar is for the English Medium newspapers. Daring, Fair and Sensational.

  48. Anonymous4:58 am


    Tell that hishamu-lancau, go fcuk himself.

    He's nothing but a pariah breed.

    BTW, hope he choke on his ketu-puki-pat.

    1:23 AM


    i think the above comment is made by RPbotaK from his hideout (on top of banjaran titwangsa?)