Thursday, September 03, 2009

PKFZ: Special task force to brief Najib tomorrow

RM1.5 billion for nothing. The special task force set up by the Transport Ministry in June to investigate the fiasco and restore confidence in PKFZ has completed its job and, together with the police and the MACC, will brief the Prime Minister tomorrow of its findings, including fraudulent claims and other irregularities amounting to some RM1.5 billion.

Whose heads will roll?


  1. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Only a COW head will roll. No action will be taken at all. They cannot touch us. This is all a show. The only possible action that might be taken is that Ong Tee Keat might be jailed for taking RM10 million from Tiong. Tiong who is the centre of it all, is the Barisan Backbencher Club head, seconded by Najib Tun Razak. Najib hasn't seen it fit to ask Tiong to quit as BBC head... that gives you an indication of what will be, and is going to be.
    O. C . Phang

  2. Anonymous12:26 pm


    Ini China pakat sama China. The Azim Zabidi fellow (UMNO treasurer?) was paid peanuts of RM30k a month ($360k a year) to be Chairman. Melayu syok dapat pangkat besar, kereta besar. The Faisal fellow was paid about RM23k a month ($276k a year) - to be deputy CEO or something. Again Melayu syok dapat pangkat besar, kereta besar.

    But the Tiong fellow whack RM1.0 billion. Bro dia beli dua kapalterbang (parked in Singapore) after this deal. One for Ong Tee Keat to use. China pakat sama China, Melayu kena main.

    Sekarang siapa dapat nama busuk ? Melayu juga? Bro, kita pakai hudud law saja - potong tangan depa, baru tau.


  3. Cow's head will roll! Lol!

    Otw, NFA! Watch and see!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race.

  4. Anonymous1:09 pm

    asking a thief to catch a thief !!

    Rocky... you must be joking lah !!!


  5. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Heads to roll u must be joking this is bolihland where semua nya OK.


  6. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Habeh la lu, Ong Tee Keat... MACC dah nak siasat pasal RM10 juta hadiah dari Tiong. ke ke ke ke

    O.C. Phang

  7. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Najib will question Task Force, WHAT, only 1.5 Billion, wasting my time.


  8. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Who will be the sacrifice for the good of the crooked people? The security guards again?

  9. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Why is it so quiet here? Has the comment been moderated or censored? Haha, the real you guys exposed...double standard...!

    Peace :-)

  10. Anonymous2:06 pm

    What about the sick Minister, Chan Kong Choy? He has a reputation and is a mastermind of the Three Kingdoms. Is he going to be free?