Sunday, August 30, 2009

Merdeka 09

Selamat Menyambut Hari KeMerdekaan Yang ke-52.
Last I checked with the editors, just before buka time today, 52 police reports had been lodged against the "cow-head" protesters. Sad, but I can hope that the Hindu temple crisis in Section 23 Shah Alam is not representative of race relations in other parts of the country.
Our forefathers sacrificed the earth and the sky to enable us to live in harmony as we have been doing for decades. Don't let political thuggery destroy the peace.
General August 30, 2009 21:35 PM
Tear Down Divisive Walls, Says Najib

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 30 (Bernama) -- Likening unity to bridges that connect the people and disunity to walls that divide them, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak tonight urged the people to repair their bridges and tear down the divisive walls that existed among the races.

Addressing the nation in his first National Day message as the prime minister, Najib said the passing of time saw the bridges, which were painstakingly built by the nation's founding fathers, becoming shaky due to attempts by certain quarters whom he described as opportunistic groups out to exploit frictions among the people.

Najib said these groups were exploiting the slip lines that existed among the society, be they are political, religious or social, to satisfy their narrow agenda.

In any case, Najib said, the people should continue to manage the success and build upon what had been achieved thus far by continuously nurturing unity.

"Bear in mind that what we have now will not necessarily becomes better. On the contrary, we can lose it all if we are not careful.

"There are ample evidence throughout history that successes which are not managed properly ended up as failures," he said in the message in conjunction with Malaysia's 52nd National Day aired over national television tonight.


  1. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Walau berjuta-juta Rakyat Malaysia membuat laporan Polis terhadap insiden terebut,,,Are u sure Polis akan tangkap Orang UMNO,,!!!????

    Ini Tanah Melayu,,,BUKAN Tanah Keling,,,!!!!


  2. Razif NS11:31 pm

    Sad to see and read about this ugly incident. I was ashamed to my Indian neighbour and had to apologised for the incident. And I am quite displeased to read today that the Resident Committee making excuses in denial and trying to twist and convince the world that the incident was not what it was like as made up by the press? Oh yes, maybe the photos shown were 'cut and paste' by some subversive elements?
    These are the people (regardless of pakai songkok or kopiah)whom I always referred as sick Malay Muslims aka too proud Muslims who believe their Islam faith is special and high level than other Muslims. I guess these people should open and live in a new community somewhere at Kemunting.
    (Ghosh!Asgtafirullah..there goes my Hassanah.. for the day of Ramadhan...)Razif NS

  3. Anonymous12:55 am

    Fcuk you Najis, stop talking cock & bulls...

    get hold of those 50 marderfarkers and put them in kamunting.

    if u can't do that, then just go play masak-masak with losmah.

  4. Anonymous1:27 am

    No religions in the universe would taught their followers to behave in such satanic manners.

  5. 52 reports ?

    What are they waiting for?


    mohamad 47:18

  6. Anonymous1:44 am


    31st August 1957 is the liberation of Tanah Melayu not Malaysia.
    Malaysia was born on 16th September 1963 when Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore together form it.

    It need to be emphasised here that the other state did not join but together FORM Malaysia.

    16th September is declared Malaysia Day but not a lot of people take any notice of that date... I bet not many people even know that is Malaysia Day.

    How can we appreciate our country history when we are still mixed up about the date?. That not very long ago... but then forgetfulness is one of our greatest criteria.

    The sacrifices our forefathers did was forgotten years back.

    Forget to remember.

  7. Selamat Menyambut Merdeka to all Malaysians, lets not argue whether it is 31st August 1957 or 16 September 1963, the nation's founding fathers have agreed on 31st August 1957 best we agree too.

    My fervent wish is that one day in the not too distant future a real brave politician or a group of politicians will emerge to take the bull by the horn and finally decide on a Satu Sekolah untuk Semua education system to really make us United Malaysians having Satu bahasa, Satu bangsa dan Satu negara.

  8. Double headed snake you are!!!!

  9. Anonymous4:31 am

    Razif NS,
    Belum kena maka tak rasa! Wait till you become prisoners of your own home, baru kau faham!

    You come and live in my area, THEN you will share the feelings of the Sek23 and Sek19 residents!

    303, Parang Gangs...takkan itu nak dijelaskan kat sini, kau faham bahasa ker?


  10. Sdr Rocky,

    Maybe we should start by showing to the hotheads of all races and religions of the danger of these kinds of racial and religious provocations.

    I remember some months ago somebody deposited a pig's head at a mosque near the University of Malaya.

    Perhaps we should show graphically via the newspapers and television the death and destruction during the May 13, 1969 race riot to show the current generation of Malaysian what provocation and long term dissatisfaction can lead to.

    I think we have been hiding the truth for far too long, believing that this is the way to heal the wound.

    The May 13 generation are getting old. The people who are today taking over the flags and taking to the streets are generally not aware of the blood bath and the hardship that ensued.

    Maybe the truth will set all of us free.

    Thank you and Selamat Menyambut Ulangtahun Kemerdekaan.

  11. Anonymous6:02 am

    Anonymous said...

    "No religions in the universe would taught their followers to behave in such satanic manners."

    Yes, you are right about that fact. As a norm, you just can't deny another fact ie a few bad apples are not representative of any social, race and inter-religion relationship.

    pious chinglot

  12. Anonymous6:29 am


    Why should you be ashamed to your neighbor? The Jews don't have that kind of feeling after all the shameful acts committed in Palestine's territory.

    The American don't have those sort of feeling even the reason for them to set foot in Babylon City is entirely fictitous. By right, readers should be ashamed with your holier-than-thou stance.

    Pious Chinglot

  13. Anonymous6:50 am


    Are you SAD because of the 52 police reports, or because of the cow incident?


  14. Anonymous7:17 am

    Its just a symbole of "bodoh" & "kena cucuk hidung" thats all. Accept their explanation.

    Everyday thousands of cow being slaughtered for their protein source i.e meat.

  15. Anonymous7:21 am

    The cow head was used as symbol oh "bodoh" & "kena cucuk hidung" to Khalid Gagap MB selangor and his administration. It was explained boldly by the protester. That was a good explanation and acceptable. The Malay proverb says "Bodoh Macam Lembu".

    Everyday, thousands of cows being slaughtered for its meat. Nothing wrong.

    Anti Hipokrit

  16. 1blackmalaysia9:31 am

    Selangor police says they don't simply arrest and charge people. YAA RITE!!!!

  17. Najib's speech carries a message. Speeches are supposed to carry messages anyway. But when it comes from the leader of any organisation, or in this case, the Prime Minister of he country, the message has to be translated into policy. Policy then has to be translated to action.

    Speeches with nice sounding messages have been made many many times over. Mahathir, Badawi, and now Najib are just following a tradition of making Westminster style speeches which all sound nice and wonderful to hear. But that these are and should be the sounding board for policies that will achieve the suggestion of (I dare not use "intent") the message appear lost to bot the messenger as well as his subordinates whether within the leadership or even the government.

    We all can see what the message was. He wants walls to come down. fine. Can he now translate that into policies. Can those policies be then put into effect?

    Rocky, I think I can hold my breath on this one. I know and I can be sure before the week is out we can expect Utusan Malaysia and maybe a number of the UMNO leaders would be doing everything to reinforcing those walls. Certainly not chipping them away. How on earth Malaysians can hypocritically oppose the wall that now separates a lot of Israel from the West Bank, is indeed a wonder!!

  18. Anonymous9:47 am

    A Christian's decision is making the Hindus and Muslims fight while the Buddhist fan the racist card.

    Selamat Merdeka Seksyen 23.

  19. Anonymous10:18 am

    Before tearing down the bridge of divide , tear down the MASK.

    Everyone is so untrue...can you see through the disguise ?

  20. Anonymous11:01 am

    Razak NS

    Why so stupid to apologise to your neighbour when you did not participate in the demonstration ? Being too clever and want to be labeled as liberal Malay ? ( Malays who think they are better than other Malays ... these Malays thrive on the phrase like ... "awak lain tak macam Melayu lain" )

    For Datuk Najib don't blame disunity on " opportunistic groups out to exploit friction among people". There will be no true unity if different races go to different schools and speak different languages. Forget about 1Malaysia is 1+3Malaysia ...1 nation, 3 schools, 3 languages.

    There will be no trust in 1+3Malaysia. Will you trust your boss when during a meeting he speaks to your colleague in his mother-tongue language? You can't help but to doubt his motives though he may not have any bad ones. Same goes while discussing to your friends when they started to use different languages.

    As for religion when we're not interacting with people of other religion since young how can we have religion tolerancy ? We are only exposed to friends of same religion. How can the older generations are more tolerance to people of other races ? Because they went to the same schools ... at that time English school.

    Unity cannot be achieved just by giving a few good speeches or showing advertisements produced by Yasmin Ahmad. It will only make you feel good for a few minutes. It take political will and strong leadership to forge unity among Malaysian.


  21. Anonymous11:33 am

    31st Aug or 16th Sept, people asked.

    Take USA for example, initially there were only afew states and became 50 in 1940+ (I think). Did they used the latest state independant date to tbe their national independent date ? or the latest state independent date was made to coinside with 4th July ?

    May be the Govt/Blogger should make a poll to choose 31st Aug or 16th Sept.

    Just asking.

    Nani Cheras.

  22. Anonymous11:53 am

    Religion purify one's soul, it focuses on one's self. It make one stronger to face evil influences. The key world is ourself, to reduce the bing I of oneself, focus on ourself, not other!. Don't feel theartened by the temple or alcohol drink. Make youself stronger you get due respect, weaken other to make yourself look stronger is not the point.

    Merdeka! except independent from Bristish do we have other merdeka spirit to be celebrated? in fact do we have merdeka spirit at all?. Did we really merdeka? ask yourself how independent of press?, how independent of gov. institutions? how independent for us to voice up our concern? how independent of ISA? How independent of Perak, maybe later kedah and selangor in democracy process? How independent is the NEP, where the $ from bumiputra was tax to make some friends of rocky's bru to filthy rich.
    We are merdeka from British, after 52 years we still celebrating for that same only reason. We have yet merdeka from our stupidity! and we have to be keep stupid for your friends to filthy the filthy rich, Rocky!

    -Hantu Mereka-

  23. Anonymous11:54 am

    Rocky feels 'Sad' because......

    '52 police reports had been lodged against the "cow-head" protesters.'

    Speechless !!!!


  24. Anonymous12:32 pm

    'Addressing the nation in his first National Day message as the prime minister, Najib said the passing of time saw the bridges, which were painstakingly built by the nation's founding fathers, becoming shaky due to attempts by certain quarters whom he described as opportunistic groups out to exploit frictions among the people."

    Opportunistics ?? Biasalah tu Najib. It is your job to fix these VITAL FEW problems... kalau tak gaji buta LOL !


  25. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Just to prove how short fused people are.

    They have missed the point that the Cow head had been placed much earlier in front of the gate even before the procession.

    So, somebody has preplanned all these commotions.


  26. Razif NS1:51 pm

    There it goes, a post May69 generation, who have not seen a relative got killed for been at the wrong place at the wrong time, becos he thought this land was so aman dan damai, so its free to go anywhere? Macam mane terkilan hati pon, it's too late to turn the Time back! Smua dah jadi Malaysians, smua kenalah tuning sikit klau nak hidup dlm satu negara. Apa ada yang minat sangat ke nak tunggang terbalikan negara ni dan melihat smua org sengsara. Ni puak suntuk akal, yg hanya tau nak musnahkan harapan kedamaian anak cucu. My jiran bukan keling, tapi manusia yg bukan suntuk akal, yg juga ada anak cucu macam org Melayu yg cuba nak kenali erti hidup damai dan berjiran. Moga Ramadhan ni dapat membuka mata hati org2 yg suntuk akal...

  27. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Thanks for everything.

    From now on, I shall never read your blog again. or even buy MM for that matter

    Pengembala lembu

  28. moo...2:15 pm

    i just wish they did use the cow's head, poor cow. They should have use their own heads instead.

  29. Siamang3:20 pm

    Hahaha..bukan taknak percaya demo kepala lembu tu orang PAS yang buat..tapi...

    Dah la bodoh.. nak perbodohkan orang dengan taktik bodoh..lepas tu buat kerja pulak tak betul..ada je silap...

    Lain kali...nak pedajalkan PAS.. buatlah demo... siap salin jubah tu dah mantap dah, orang boleh percaya PAS yang buat.. tapi malaun mana la pulak yang bawak banner "Take Beer" tu..Sebangang bangang ahli PAS takkan bawak banner tu... Banner favourite orang PAS ialah "Altantunya/Mongolia" tu mungkin boleh orang percaya...

    Kasi kat CSI Vegas pon dia kata penyokong UMNO yang buat.. Penyokong UMNO ni kena gi belajar kat tadika kemas dulu setahun dua baru le nak cerdik..

  30. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Kenapa lah orang PR masih tak faham lagi, bukang orang UMNO saja dalam demo tersebut, orang PAS ada, orang PR pun ada. Stop being cry baby lah wei!!!!


  31. Anonymous4:23 pm

    We know what is Malaysian day and what is independence day, its a two different thing, and today we celebrate independence day (ie., Merdeka bukan hari Malaysia). When the time for Malaysian day arrive, its up to the people whether they want to celebrate or not, what so difficult?! If you want "cuti" then ask from your PR state MP to give "cuti" on that day for PR state, federal government cant do anything (but PR state don't do anything either ... funny!, or they just want to politicise thing?!). What's up with the hate?


  32. Anonymous5:33 pm

    First and formost Najib must arrest AWANG SELAMAT and three
    quarters of the problem is solved.

    Ziggy, NZ

  33. Dear Bro Rocky,
    Datuk Kadir(6:01am) put forth a profound observation today, maybe a trip down memory lane to May 1969 will give a high voltage shock and remind the extremists minority of all ethnic and religious background in our country to value the tolerant spirit of the old and the resulting relative stability,peace and harmony that we have had so far taken for granted.

    Dear Nani Cheras,
    The American Independence(Merdeka) Day on 4th of July 1776 was declared by 13 American colonies against the British Empire. Since then and 230 years later, the 13 colonies(states) have grown to 50 states. Therefore I think if we use the American Standard then 31st August 1957 is our Merdeka Day. No need for a referundumlah.

    Dear Melakamari,
    I agree that one should not apologise for something that was done by others. It does not solve the problem.

    For Merdeka Day, there is also an interesting must read by Dr Ridhuan Tee that I would like to share with Malaysian readers titled "Merdekakan Pendidikan Perkauman", read it here:


  34. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Those 50 Odd Protestors requires
    Proper Re-Education in Islamic
    Studies, they are Half-Baked Bombs walking around.


  35. Anonymous5:43 pm


    Please do not mix things up, problem from thugs can be from any
    race, it has got nothing to do with Place of Worship, so please
    do NOT generalise things, they are seperate Topics !!

    ziggy, NZ

  36. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Pious Chinglot,
    You are quite a stirrer, Razf NS
    should be commended instead and not otherwise, your mentality is
    similar to those 50 odd Bigots.

    ziggy, NZ

  37. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Anon 9.47 AM,

    You are another Big Stirrer.

    ziggy, NZ

  38. UMNPigs/H1N1 = 1Msia6:09 pm

    kita belum merdeka sepenuhnya, selagi dibawah umno/BN sebab ianya meneruskan agenda penjajah. Mat kilau, datok bahaman, dato maharaja lela, tok janggut adalah sebetul pejuang kemerdakaan. UMNO & Inggris meyerah tugas...BN penyambung agenda kapitalis...anak cucu dato bahaman lari dari inggris kehutan bersama komunis. kalau aku hidup masa itu aku penentang penjajah termasuk UMNPigs...BN masih ikut ISA, FRU, POLIS, semuanya diasuh cara british, termasuk SPRM serta SPR. Merdeka sebenarnya selepas PRU13 nanti bersama Malaysia Baru

  39. Anonymous6:32 pm

    If you want to put the blame , blame it on Khalid Ibrahim , Khalid Samad , Rodziah and Xavier for starting this . What is the reason for building a Hindu temple near the mosque and where more than 80% are Muslim? It's really unlogically . And Khalid Ibrahim and the rest failed to carry out duties , had ignored the residents plea and complaints in the first place ; avoiding to meet them .Khalid Ibrahim must resign!!

    Pengundi Atas Pagar

  40. moo..6:37 pm

    what i meant to say was, i just wish they did not use the cow's head, poor cow. They should have use their own heads instead.

  41. Umat Islam perlu bersatu demi negara ku, bangsa ku dan agama ku. Di Jepun, sekiranya berlaku perubahan politik ia tetap pergi ke bangsa Jepun. Di Arab sekiranya jualan tanah berlaku akan pergi ke pak Arab. Jadi umat perlu hapus sikap buruk sangka, dengki dan jangan jaga tepi kain orang lain. Perlu berhati hati dengan dakyah kafir yang ingin Islam berpecah. Fikirlah sebelum terlambat.

  42. Cap Kapla Kambing8:35 pm


    Satu lagi projek kerajaan Barisan Nasional. Amacam penyokong UMNO..Take beer la bebanyak.. hahaha

    Dengan ini harga minyak petrol naik lagi...

    Mau duit ka..
    Mau duit ka...

  43. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    As a Chinese who was brought up in a purely Malay kampung; i sincerely believed their predicment. Why not have a win-win situation and compromise on the location. If our Muslims friend can even go to Mecca to perform their Haji or Umrah; our Hindu friend also can have their temple at Seksyen 22 instead of 23.
    From my observation, usually lots of outsiders then the locals attend to any religious function compare to locals. It make a little bit of sense if we be more tolerance instead of asking others. Please bear in mind that the Seksyen 23 folks is just only hoping that the temple to be build at seksyen 22 instead of their neighbourhood. It is so difficult to do. As i understand lots of surau of masjid land is also known as Tanah Wakaf is donated by their Muslims brother. Here the land is provided by the state government. So why fighting?
    We cannot neglect those folks feeling in Seksyen 23, maybe they worried about traffic congestion; noisy environment and influx of outsiders. Understand their predicment and the matter can be solve.

    Apek kampung

  44. Selamat Hari Harga Minyak Naik.

    Lets see how you will celebrate it

  45. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Maybe to many, this date is not relevant or of any significant?


    I can imagine them shouting, CRYING AND JUMPING ENDLESSLY for days in the sea celebrating “MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!” the moment their Tongkang reached International water.

    And once again, silent shouts of MERDEKA in their hearts as soon as they were able land and SNEAK in unnoticed, blend and finally through whatever means, secured a CITIZENSHIP in a place that will give them a new life?

    So with JERKS such as these roaming around this NATION, HOW TO EXPECT THEM to understand and feel what 31st August 1957 is all about?




  46. Anonymous11:50 pm

    "SNEAK in unnoticed, blend and finally through whatever means, secured a CITIZENSHIP in a place that will give them a new life?"

    Like Bugis Najib & Javanese Khir Toyo


  47. Anonymous12:01 am

    after what what he did in sk. 23, this fat boy still 'baling batu, sorok tangan'...

    enuf la pundek, spare us your preaching.

  48. Anonymous12:46 am

    RazifNS...why need to apologise? Are u embarrased? By the way, anybody apologise to you when pig head placed in surau? hindraf claim? Babri mosque? JI case? Azan case? This is what we get when our political leader stoop so low and no ball to to call a spade a spade and be one malaysia rather that malay, cina, india etc etc (by the way, it should be org asli, melayu, bumiputera serawak, bumiputera sabah dan lain lain) All they know is to blame the other parties. Expect other to give in but not to give in...

  49. Merdeka...hmmmmm let's celebrate...fuel goes up as a present from Najib.first it was 2rm now 2.05? ........MCA sudah pecah. MIC kuda tua, Umno sudah half past six....Tunku Abdul Rahman would be sad if he had lived to see all the racism that the secular Che Det has instill on the rakyat.i am a muslim and angry to see even Islam being targeted with the latest cow head Noh Omar protest....takbir(to praise Allah) jadi take beer.only umno would do such a thing....low mentality to the extreme.

    rocky, u need some soul searching to do in which way you want to be remembered in life. as a racist party supporter?


  50. Dear Rocky,

    Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka-52!

    I was browsing around and found a couple of clips that really brought back good memories. Just thought I wanted to share with you.

    When I look at the state of the nation now, I realize we are missing something...a common purpose that trans-gen racial/social/political lines.

    I was hoping that you can kick-start the campaign to bring Olympic 2020 to this land. I know the government is considering it but there seems to be no momentum whatsoever and the Rakyat have not join the bandwagon....yet.

    If you compared to the Sukom 98, whether you were BN/PAS or Malay/Chinese/Indians, back then everyone was looking forward to a common goal..which was the Sukom 98.

    As one of the major player in the Malaysian blogosphere I believe you have the cloud to influence a lot of people.

    1Malaysia is too "complicated" for ordinary people to focus. Let's just focus on Wawasan2020 and Olympic2020.

    The year 2020 will be our year!

    Malaysia Boleh!

  51. kalau pi borneo org sini cakap malaysia merdeka 1963. sbb 1957 malaya yg merdeka. kalau rocky pulak mcm mana? najib rasanya 1malaysia meesti le kita merdeka 1963.

    lain le kalau najib mau ubah slogan jadi 1malaya rakyat ditipukan, petrol diutamakan heeheehee

  52. Bro Apek Kampung(8:36pm), your comment on the temple issue at seksyen 23 Shah Alam is enlighthening as it is pragmatic, realistic and sensible.

    Politicians from the PKR,DAP,PAS coalition especially the PAS MP Khalid Samad, PKR Excos Adun Rodziah, Adun Xavier Jayakumar and especially the dithering Menteri Besar of Selangor Khalid Ibrahim could learn a thing or two from Apek kampung. You shamed them politicians today bro.


  53. kadir jasin,

    may13 tu kalau kerajaan sendiri nak sorok apahal? saya mula terbaca buku 13mei sabelum dan salepas pada tahun 1982 waktu baru darjah3.

    kalau mau cerita 13mei kita kena cerita dari semua sudut sejarah. saya juga mungkin salah sorang dari rakyat yg berumur 30an yg merasa kesan sampingan dr tragedi ini.

    kawan dari bangsa lain ada le beberapa kerat. tapi saya anggap mereka rakyat malaysia tanpa ada batas kaum. bila datang sabah langsung tiada batas bangsa. sikap prejudis antara kaum di sabah berbanding malaya mcm langit dgn bumi.

    kalau pada saya utusan malaysia lebih banyak membakar perasaan melayu utk survival amno itu sendiri. kalau nak terjadinya semula 13mei memang utusan le batu apinya.

  54. What will happen next? ISA? Do it!!!


  55. Anonymous6:09 am

    Razif NS & Ziggy NZ,

    Semua olang hormatkan sama dia punya jilan lo.. hanya gangster sama itu kongsi gelap yang talak holmatkan jilan. Meleka suka bikin kacau (seperti yang dinaratifkan oleh PERWIRA).

    Namun, jilan diholmati dan dihargai bukan di takuti atau dijadikan 'batu loncatan'. Jilan yang baik ialah jilan yang boleh memberikan nasihat, boleh dihalap untuk amalkan amar makruf nahi mungkar, dan boleh dihalapkan ketika susah tetapi bukan masa sinang saja.

    Jilan yang baik bukanlah jilan yang hipokrit dan 'batu api' macam RPK (Malaya Today). Jilan yang hipoklit akan kutuk olang China atau olang India kalau dia mahukan sokongan politik dari olang Melayu; belakang dia akan hantam (verbally) olang Melayu kalu mahu sokongan politik olang China sama India. Ini macam punya jilan lebih baik tidak ada daripada ada, lol.

    Oleh itu jilan yang baik bukanlah olang yang beranggapan dilinya saja yang benar dan betul dan dalam masa sama berasakan semua olang adalah tarak betul. Ini macam punya jilan satu sen talak guna, bro.

    Dalam konteks isu kuil, jilan yang baik akan memberikan penerangan yang betul dan mengajak jirannya memahami setiap satu peristiwa dari perspektif manusia dan hubungan sesama manusia yang lain, macam pelibahasa Melayu: 'Sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit, inikan pula suami isteli'. Tak perlu jadi malaikat tatapi jangan "play god".

    Jilan yang baik tidak akan ambil kesempatan atas pelistiwa yang negatif/provokatif (demonstrasi kuil) sebagai ruang dan peluang untuk 'menyimbah minyak ke dalam api', sebaliknya jilan yang baik akan mengajak jilan-jilannya untuk menjadikan 'insiden hitam' di tempat lain sebagai ruang dan peluang untuk memperbaiki dan memperkukuhkan lagi nilai kejiranan dalam diri dan jilan-jilannya itu.

    Apakah anda jilan yang baik atau macam RPK?

    Pious Chinglot

  56. Anonymous6:16 am

    Khun Pana aka johanssm,

    "Selamat Hari Harga Minyak Naik.

    "Lets see how you will celebrate it


    Lu tengok ini dunia dengan otak terbalik macam lu tengok itu US punya bendela ada terbalik juga. Makanya talak helan kalu dalam isu minyak lu juga celebrate cara terbalik, lol. Selonok tengok lu manyak happy!

    Pious Chinglot

  57. Anonymous8:00 am

    a gift from merdeka celebration - by increasing petrol price!!!

    zamri, ppbss

  58. Anonymous8:05 am

    With some of the supine, clueless, headless cowardly Malay (wonder whether they really are) apologists here, any wonder as to why the chinks and the injuns are having a field day?

    Belum ada apa2 lagi dah minta ampun, mintak maaf macam pondan tak ada anu, malu konon tapi bila agama, bahasa, budaya sendiri kena tibai tak dak pun yang melalak.

    Rocky, last time someone went for your jugular with this gutter piece:

    Not realising that he would, a dozen days later, actually do exactly what Rais was planning to do and didnt while precisly answering your misgivings to a tee:

    A case of muntah sendiri dijilat semula? Wonder how is he going to arbitrate if more respondents with a readymade vendetta against me post their comments there. Talk of justice!.

    Anyway, bru, remember the time I stated that we (u and me) wil be the victims of any crackdown against dissent once these fellas assume power, (if they do). Well I was not far off the mark, wasnt I.

    Anyway, i already am notorious as you are (in the PP banner headline contest) although Stoke still "leads" in the stakes, Liverpool are last minute experts hahahaha LOL...But jeez what a way to mark National Day. Chuffed to bits as i "gingerly" await my fate...hahahahaha

    Selamat Hari kebangsaan Bru, a belated one though.

    Warrior 231

  59. Kroni stesen minyak didahulukan...
    rakyat diperbodohbangangkan....

    korang setuju ke harga minyak serupa nie?

  60. Anonymous10:00 am

    What's all this?? Face the facts everybody. The stupid PR government started it. The stupid idiotic Khalid (i must please the other races eventhough it smacks retaliation from my race and religion, or i'm just stupid that i did't do my research that it's a Malay Muslim majority area) Samad started the whole shabang thing.

    I'm all with the seksyen 23 Shah Alam protesters. It's their living space and they don't agree to this nincompoop handling of a sensitive matter.

    It's their right to vent their displeasure and anger when the stupid idiotic Muslim Pakatan(we must please the other races/reloigions eventhough it smacks retaliation from our race and religion, or we're just stupid that we did't do our research that it's a Malay Muslim majority area) leaders can't even handle this let alone the whole state.

    Now that they have the moronic Pakatan attention and the whole of Malaysia with their plight highlighted...

    Just move the 'kuil' somewhere else ok? Maybe in the compound of that more Malay than Malay commenter Razif NS (who by the way would most appreciate it if the 'kuil' is bulit there cos' he is not the 'sick Malay Muslims aka too proud Muslims who believe their Islam faith is special and high level than other Muslims' as he puts it) maybe???


  61. Anonymous10:52 am

    one way is to abolish the vernacular schools

    if resistance is still put up, then just channel big funds and great teachers to the SK so that the attraction for vernacular schools will dissipate

    also improve the curriculum by leaps and bounds, tweak the assessment methods to reward TALENT not hardwork

    vernacular schools have outlived their purpose - it was meant to ship back these students and their parents to their country of origin, once they have earned enough riches

    since they have decided to stay as Malaysia is such an attractive place to be called home, there is NO MORE REASON for these schools to exist

    ALL malaysians should be united especially in schools from young

    vernacular schools are the WALLS that divide - not a bridge

    in the past the vernacular schools is the bridge to their country of origin

    NOW no more - the Minister of Education should relook at this thorn in the flesh with a microscope and remove the thorn to heal the flesh

    Selamat Hari Merdeka ke-52
    Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua

  62. Anonymous10:58 am

    yeah old fart

    Malaysian Malaysia means unity right??

    why don't you start campaigning for the removal of vernacular schools which is definitely DIVISIVE

    the dropouts from these schools will be marginalised because their command of the national language is minimal if not zero

    you want to live in Malaysia, co-exist with the Malay majority, you need a functional grasp of BM

    so don't blame the govt if the products of these vs are forever unemployed, can't speak, read and write in their own national language

  63. Anonymous12:14 pm

    What is the point if Najib paying some mat salleh compnay 20M RM to advise on 1MALAYSIA PR? It is better to focus on the problems rather than spinning stories.

  64. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Seriuos man. That cow tail I took and make a soup. Now you see my 'thing' is very hot for almost 3 day.


  65. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Let make it simple...,

    Selama 52 thun kta hidup berpura2 dgn jiran tetangga kita yg berlainan bangsa. Hnya diluaran nampak tenang tp didalam penuh dendam. Pelancong asing bangga dgn keharmonian yg sekadar lakonan cuma.
    Oleh itu alang2 menyeluk perkasam biar sampai kepangkal lengan. Lebih baik kita luahkan segala yg terbuku dihati agar tenang kemudian hari. Tk kiralah apa pendekatan yg kita lampirkan- tunjuk perasaan, penghapusan, serangan atau apa shj kerana generasi yg bakal keluar drpd kemusnahan itu nanti akan lebih menghargai erti perdamaian. Kita perlukan suatu impak cthnya zaman2 baru merdeka semua kaum bersatu kerana pernah merasa dizaman penjajah. Selepas itu Mei 69 sekali lg kita boleh bersatu demi manjaga keharmonian semula. Dan sekarang inilah masanya kita melakukan sesuatu yg pahit kerana ubat yg mujarab dtgnya dr rs yg pahit. Adakah kita berani atau kita pendamkn sj dlm hati biar letupannya nanti. Sama2lah kita hayati.

    Dr. kronik

  66. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Rzif NS...

    stop being a 'true/typical' malay..keep asking for apologise!!..when HINDRAF do a havoc and even interrupted a PM 'Majlis' do your neighbour asking for an apologise?


  67. Anonymous2:21 pm


    Razif NS the 'true' Malay in support of Duo Whoring 'Donplaypuki' and 'Skillganon666'.

    Razif NS the licker of arses of Duo Whoring 'Donplaypuki' and 'Skillganon666'.

    Razif NS the 'true' Malay version according to Duo Whoring 'Donplaypuki' and 'Skillganon666'.

    Razif NS Rocks!

    Anti Dumbass!

  68. Anonymous2:41 pm


    Doesn't tearing down walls mean tearing down the multiple school systems we have?

    If opportunistic groups are out to exploit frictions, didn't they get their inspiration from the operation or very existence of non-standard, 'national type' schools?

    Aren't the vernacular schools, isolated from the national schools, where the foundations for 'narrow' thinking are laid?

    Is it not better to lose just the vernacular schools rather than lose all we have?

    What courage does Najib have to say that unity means multiple school systems are not consistent with 1Malaysia or Malaysian Malaysia?


  69. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Why not put the kuil in front of Kalid Samad's resident?

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  70. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Bro Anti.
    Salam Ramadhan and as usual great one bro. Those pondans will never show up, remember their boast about ISA and no-show on August 1. Its a given fact that the chingkies and Injuns are cowardly cretin mossheads. The very fact, the chingkie government is cheating on its economic figures speaks volumes of that race:

    Its an old issue really having been raised elsewhere 3 months ago but now gaining prominence as the wheels fall of the bandwagon and the truth starts spilling out.

    Quit reasoning with the pariah dog, Aru for no matter what you say it will twist it beyond twisting.He might be employed in a "Twisties" plant for all we know.Further, it is too much to expect a Tamil school standard one dropout to undertsand the nexus your are harping about.

    The SA 50 deserve our empathy and solidarity.If need be lets channel some donations for their legal fees if the need arises.What they intended symbolically has been literally twisted into a religious thingy by bastards who deserve to be ISAed. But then again, none of this bastards including KS,KI, AI. Nikki, Ngee Char or the rest of Malay pariah ilk ever raised a hue and cry over this:

    bila melayu pariah macam tu never raise a hue and cry what elselah but for the pondan chingkies and Injuns to revel like dumb warthogs and uncivilised barbarians.

    Take care Bro Anti and that goes to Perwira, Pious chinglot and the rest of the malay Muslims here who are the REAL DEAL not namby pamby trannie whoreboys.

    Warrior 231

  71. Bunnies3:16 pm

    "Bear in mind that what we have now will not necessarily becomes better. On the contrary, we can lose it all if we are not careful."

    So, what is Najib trying to say? That we should be scared or fearful to try something new? That BN will not think twice about tearing down what it has built just to achieve its aim of getting back at PR? SO WHAT IS NAJIB TRYING TO SAY?

    "Najib said these groups were exploiting the slip lines that existed among the society, be they are political, religious or social, to satisfy their narrow agenda."

    So, who are these groups of fanatics? Isnt it always the case where such fanatic groups have powerful backing to do what they plan to do? Isnt it always true that such groups usually get away with murder? If such groups arent from BN, than I really dont know where they are from? The Amazons? MY toes are laughing!!!

    Najib should just shut the Fcuk up la. Most of us can see thru his "kind and warm" facade and it is repulsive to see/hear such "mother theresa" talk from the devil himself!

  72. Anonymous3:34 pm

    The latest UMNO wild pig eddy is showing his true colours and bigoted views. I think you should call your BabiH1n1/UMNO instead of eddy, you UMNO shit stirrer!!!!! Go back to your kubang babi in PWTC!


  73. Anonymous3:35 pm

    This problem is best left for the Selangor State Government to resolve.

    They are the warlords of the day and rightfully, they should come out with a solution.

    But instead, they prefer to blame and blame and blame.

    Is this the way to govern?


  74. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Very soon Malaysia will be like Bosnia-Kosovo.

  75. oh wow, Rocky...

    why can't people just wish everyone else a happy merdeka day!
    i know things aren't too rosy -- H1N1 and economic downturn -- but, chill out-lah.

    reading the comments here -- ooh...full of anger.

    watch your back, bro! there are political fanatics around!

  76. Anonymous6:28 pm

    well said! dr kronik

    ya, semua bangsa mennyimpan bara dalam jiwa tanpa ditunjukan dalam kehidupan sebenarnya!

    Apa yang perlu sangat dikatakan masykt majmuk sedangkan semua negara lain pun ada lebih dari 1 bangsa.


    Tapi kita terlalu nk sngt jaga hati bangsa lain. Cth lihatlah bagaimana Muslim di India, di Filipina, di Thailand tapi kita di sini terlalu "baik" sehinggakan hilang kuasa memerintah.

    Adakah seorang Taukeh Cina mahu berikan status "director" atau berkongsi syer kpd pekerjanya yang
    20-30 tahun bekerja dgnnnya??

    Tidakkan?? Sama jugalah di sini bagi setiap masyarakat pribumi sini.

  77. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Sdr Rocky,
    Saya melihat kemelut hari ini kebanyakkannya ditmbulkan oleh ahli politik yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Kenapa perlu demo kalau setiap 5 tahun dibenarkan PRU. Pangkah sahaja mana yang suka. Masyarakat hari ini lebih bersimpati kepada PEMANGSA daripada Mangsa itu sendiri. Misalnya, kes setinggan/kuil haram; kenapa kita semua sibuk mempertahankan PEMANGSA iaitu Setinggan sedangkan tuanpunya tanah teraniaya. Sudahlah sewa tak boleh dikutip kemudian kena pula bayar pampasan kepada setinggan untuk berpindah dengan proses mahkamah yang panjang. Bukan saya tidak bersimpati dengan setinggan/kuil haram hanya kalau buat pun biarlah bertempat. Mangsa terkial-kial keseorangan kerana bilangannya yang kurang dan setinggan pula dibela oleh ahli politik.
    Cuba-cubalah jengok kawasan setinggan/kuil haram; ada yang berkereta sehinggakan bayaran ansuran pun melebihi RM1000 sebulan atau turut mempunyai ASTRO. Sedangkan sewa rumah PPRT pun mungkin hanya RM200 sebulan. Majoriti setinggan hari ini adalah warga asing tetapi warga temapatan sebagai Dalang hanya menunjukkan muka bila ada usaha memindahkan mereka untuk mendapatkan pampasan. Akibatnya dapat dilihat di Kg Buah Pala, bila pembela setinggan pula memerintah dan cuba menjalankan proses undang-undang dah jadi haru biru sebab janji manis pilihanraya dituntut pulak.
    Jadi masyarakat hari ini perlulah bersikap lebih memihak kepada MANGSA dan bukan PEMANGSA (setinggan haram). Proses undang-undang hendaklah ditegakkan.
    Berbalik kepada isu di atas, penduduk Muslim di Seksyen 23 pun bukan menghalang terus pembinaan kuil hanya merayu agar ianya dapat dibina pada tapak yang lebih sesuai. Penganut agama Hindu pun perlulah bertolak ansur dengan memilih tempat yang disenangi masyarakat. Kekadang tersenyum juga saya melihat sesetengah orang Melayu Islam yang bersikap `TERBUKA KETERLALUAN" sehinggakan tiada sifat timbang balas. Sehinggakan hendak mempertahankan hak satu golongan tetapi mengabaikan hak golongan lain.
    Kalau dah hidup bermasyarakat perlulah hidup secara bertolak ansur dan bertimbangrasa.
    Saya tidak prejudis tetapi jiran saya kebetulannya berbangsa tu... serumah tetapi bisingnya sehingga setaman. Kekadang kena telefon polis untuk menyuraikan mereka. Bayangkan pA sistem dipasang sehingga nak meletup jam 1 pagi.
    Sendiri mau fikirlah. RAZIF NS cakap memang senang tapi buat belum tau lagi. Jangan jolok sarang tebuan sebab bila tebuan menyengat dia tak kira siapa; kulit warna apa. Bersyukurlah dengan apa yang ada sekadar mana yang berkemampuan.

    Apek Kampung.

  78. Anonymous9:56 pm

    setelah dijajah oleh orang putih

    kini orang kulit warna lain pula ingin menjajah Melayu di bumi bernama Malaysia

  79. Merdeka Day was spent on the beaches of Batu Feringghi, dinner and wine at one of the many seafood restaurants there... and later... at the petrol station to fill an empty tank before the price goes up.

    BTW warrior, you sore that people are rising up to give you a well-deserved virtual ass kicking? But hey, don't be sad. Looks like Haris will still let you post, based on the votes on his site. Hahahaha

    Because people there would do with some humor, in the form of a Tj Rambutan escapee with Tourettes. Hahahaha

  80. Anonymous12:08 am

    Releive...there still some level headed people in this blog...that able to disect and make this problem simple. To those yg banyak maki hamun and buat fitnah (accusation without basis and let yg kena fitnah prove he/her innocent)..malu la sikit dgn brother "apek kampung".
    Apek kampung for ADUN (he can give few good pointer to Rodziah, KS, KG etc etc in Selangor line up on how to manage.

  81. Anonymous2:29 am


    Tolerance and understanding. Cheer up, we just celebrated MERDEKA! Lets hear how Vinnan celebrated his Merdeka day;


  82. Anonymous4:17 am

    Hi Girl

    Did you trawl the pasar malam near Park Royal, did you climb and yodel your lungs out from the ship;did you wear your panty inside out and wiggle your butt at the Arabs loitering about drunk and dandy...did you...did you...oh..soo exciting ah girl...good ol penangkan!!

    on your way back did ya spend the money saved on petrol on grog at Uptown, Slippery senorita's or did you drop by gurney drive at Island coffee or Mr something....or did you end up at Jap sushi at Pulau Tikus

    Aw shucks grl, i am chuffed to bits about the haris thingy. see i am front page, a first for a commentator to be feted and tried in public [i am applying for guiness so exciting....let me grog, tv appeareances, press interviews, Bru''got a spot for me in MM?, reality show invite, airasia free tickets ;) ]. Last i checked, 94 people and counting were lynching Warrior. See I am celebrity girl all thanks to you.

    Oh i could kiss you girl..urgh...but never mind, i send a cyber blowkiss ok? U know from my nether orifice. its called an a...kiss and it is fragrant too (straining)..mmmm...ahhhh!. there i have sent a nice fart to you for putting in a nice word with haris for me......enjoy that...poooorah citt!

    oo time for a glass of Dewatsuru

  83. Anonymous12:19 am

    Warrior 231, thanks for enjoying my "succulent saucy thingy" in Harris Abraham's blog.

    I like reading your comments. Nobody can beat you in articulation, facts, data etc. Your English is impeccable, sir. No mistake about that.

    In PP, I'm being put at the same place as you, what a great honour for me...Those dimwits in that god forsaken blog are the "syiok sendiri" type..In their mind, they are above everybody else but in actual fact, they are very clustered in their own world...that is why they are "self syiok" only ...real goons, I would say!!

    Selamat Berpuasa, Warrior 231.

  84. Anonymous9:26 am


    After the fart treatment by Warrior 231, I conclude brighteyes will now be rendered with cataract vision.

    In matahari's words "syiok sendiri, or SODA - state of denial always.

  85. Anonymous9:27 am

    # The price of merdeka:

    1 million free citizenship to pendatang.

    # Experience having to live for over 52yrs with people who refused to nationally assimilate and with high pride at heart towards their own abandoned motherland..


    Bro warrior 231, tq for the support..all is need was just few of US to kick the butts of those pendatang herds and slam their high arrogant faces to the ground to the taste & bite the shit..suit them well..

    And the rest of my real malay brethren Perwira, Pious chinglot, John, Nzain et. al ..kita hidup bermaruah..bukan hidup mcm pariah mcm sesetengah melayu tu..

    salam ramadhan 1430H.

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  86. Anonymous11:49 am

    Agree wholeheartedly with you,Matahari. even your Sunlight of Reason wont stir them up. They live in coccoon as all PR zombie faggots do, the end result of sysyetmatic brainwashing and thought cleansing conducted subtly by the PR leadership.

    Those pathetics have only one mission in life, cast aspersions and run at folks who harbour an alternative worldview than theirs. They cannot rebut so they when confronted by someone who plays by their gothic rules, they resort to labeling these recalcitrants like me as bilious, verbous and other forms of garbage to mask their inability to engage as well as find a way to throw me out.

    my sojourn there has wholly confirmed a few suspicions I harboured which i will reveal in due course.

    Salam ramadhan to you, too bro.

    P/S; thanks for the compliment but there many better writers than me around. The delicious Demi Negara, for instance. Shamsul Yunos is another + Bro anti here also can deliver a smacking when he is on song.

    Salam Ramadhan to you too, Bro.

    Warrior 231

  87. Anonymous4:00 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. Anonymous4:13 pm