Monday, September 21, 2009

11/10, a turning point for Umno?

Bagan Pinang by-election. Blogger Sakmongkol, his AK-47 in their faces, is telling the "PR people" to prepare to lose. In Bagan Pinang - Vote for Normalcy, he said things are getting back to normalcy and that's bad news for Pakatan:
"... once things get back to normalcy, PKR starts to get panicky. This is what the situation in Bagan Pinang represents. Things are getting back to normalcy."
Sakmongkol, I think, is tired with PR's claims that postal votes are going to be rigged in favor of the BN. He sees the postal voting issue as just an excuse offered ahead by PR to blame UMNO for its loss.
"This coming win by BN in Bagan Pinang will expose the PR as a party which thrives only under abnormal conditions and that their extensive win at the 12th General Elections was just an aberration. This coming by elections, the Bagan Pinang folks are voting for normalcy. That's why they are voting BN."
Sakmongkol's words, NOT mine. I just happen to agree with a lot of the things he wrote here.

Nomination is Oct 3 and polling has been set for Oct 11, a Saturday.

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  1. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Unless there is something great coming up, I dont see any of the subsequent by-elections or GEs favouring BN.

    The Rakyat is just damn fed up.



  2. Anonymous5:08 pm

    mansuh undi pos la ..kalu beranii..umno bukan jantan gentlemenla sikit..kalu isreal zalim palestin marah..kalu umno zalim rakyat sendiri..senyapp!!!!

  3. BN has PKFZ, cow head protest, and death of Teoh around the neck...
    PAS has beer ban, concert ban, Islamic agenda of some of their cheif around their neck...

    so it's hard to tell who will win. and i am so so bored with the calls of saying BN will win, rakyat now realise BN is the right choice Talks ... all bullshit which you can see that was all bullshit time and time again in the past by election.

    Now . .even if BN win this time.. that doesn't mean that Rakyat now accept BN and BN will win in the next election...

    or Should i just agree with what u put up here, so that when BN win this time around, Perak parliment will be dissolved??

  4. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Kalau menang satu tapi kalah sebelumnya dan selepasnya takde makna juga...

    Macam HullFc la menang sekali ajer tapi dok riuh sekampung "turning point".

    Biasala kalau dah melurut tu selagi ada dahan/ranting yg boleh melambatkan dipegang juga...

    Den tak kisahlah asalkan matlamat jangka panjang sama macam LDP di Jepun dan Congres Party di India jatuh.

    Harap-harap selepas Labour jatuh di UK.

    Pengundi yg tidak sabar


  5. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Hey talk about leaked PKFZ documents la. Why dun wanna talk about that? That one more interesting wat. Selective posting issit?

  6. And you can also bet that the voters there are going to know more about the shenanigans going on in the cabinet. They are all going to hear about Raja Petra's expose, which of course you will not want to refer to here in your blog. Like as if by not mentioning it here in your blog or any other pro-UMNO blog, then it just did not happen and its just some myth.

    Postal vote will make a difference. IF BN is not worried, then it should be able to let the soldiers go out and vote like regular citizens isn't it?

  7. And you can also bet that the voters there are going to know more about the shenanigans going on in the cabinet. They are all going to hear about Raja Petra's expose, which of course you will not want to refer to here in your blog. Like as if by not mentioning it here in your blog or any other pro-UMNO blog, then it just did not happen and its just some myth.

    Postal vote will make a difference. IF BN is not worried, then it should be able to let the soldiers go out and vote like regular citizens isn't it?

  8. Anonymous7:43 pm

    dey old ford sound better lah....
    since when RPK voice is important??? rpk is a gay lah...and his blog is fake and all the commentator are his staff that have to put good commend about him...old fart grow up but not by your age...

    hater of artificial says...

  9. Dalam pilihanraya yang lalu, walaupun ada undi pos - pembangkang masih menang, jadi jangan ada alasan undi pos di tiadakan, itu hak mereka yang memerlukan undi melalui pos.

    Tidak ada sebab dan alasan yang nyata untuk menyatakan BP akan kekal di tangan BN, UMNO masih dilihat belum berubah dan komponen BN masih bertelagah. 20% undi kaum India jangan diharap Samy Velu boleh mempengaruhinya.

    Andai pun BN menang, itu baru hanya permulaan, permulaan yang kecil, masih jauh dari kehendak sebenar orang Melayu.

    Jika kalah, sudah menjadi adat untuk pembangkang membuat bising, bising yang bukan sedikit.

  10. Dear Rocky,
    I happen to agre a lot with SA47

    PAS and Pakatan team can dream on. Yes do do thrive on abnomalcy, in much eroded image of their opposition. Forget that the fitnah will destroy a marriage, forget it was done in the holy month of Ramadhan, forget to that their who distribute the fitnah had done the evil work in mosques!

    The article below is the worst case scenario for Malysians should Malaysians be gullibel (and foolish enough) to continue rallying their support behind Pakatan Rakyat


  12. It's a turning point for UMNO and Pakatan only if UMNO fails to successfully defend it's own seat!!

    So, I don't really understand what this spin is all about. With 5,000 postal votes to fiddle (and considered already in UMNO's bag) it will be minor miracle if UMNO loses. It will be tantamount to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  13. Yew Sik Kow9:45 pm

    It will be the same old record player playing the same old song.

    The Public Rats will be living in the past, talking about the past and suggesting to change the past. It will be blaming this or that, never about charting development plans for the future.

    The Raja Putar supporters do not have a brain to think for themselves and must be spoon fed by him to accept only his perverted views.

    They will conveniently forget that Raja Putar was once an Al Arkam follower who married a Thai whore when he went to Thailand to spread deviant teachings.

    Oh yes, their supporters will always follow what is spoon fed, rather than think for themselves.

    They love to lick the milk spilt on the floor rather than buying a new carton.

    Nothing can change these no brainers.

  14. Anonymous10:04 pm


    The only reason PR to still not be able to decisively and daringly contesting under one entity and banner is because they have the feeling by contesting under the PR's flag they would loose big!!!

    Just imagine if Pas symbol which is hanged on poles and trees in Bagan Pinang are suudenly been replaced entirely by PR flags.

    So is it fair to the voters who have voted for individual party but when come to powering a state government, the voters don't even realised that they voted for PR!!

    Fence Sitter

  15. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Anon 7.43pm.,

    Betul cakap awak tentang RPK iaitu golongan lembut tetapi keras kepala. Kita percaya RPK mahupun Harakah mahupun laman web PR tidak akan berani membuat ramalan bahawa PR akan menang di Bagan Pinang!!

    Begitu juga dengan juak-juak PR di sini. Adakah sesiapa yang berani membuat ramalan PR akan menang di Bagan Pinang sebagaimana beraninya mereka meramalkan Anwar bakal menang di Permatang Pauh?

    Tidak, tidak, tidak. Saya berani potong jari hantu bahawa RPK dan juak-juak siber pembangkang tidak mempunyai kekuatan untuk membuat ramalan apa yang akan berlaku di Bagan Pinang.

    Mereka telah tersalah ramalan di Sarawak dan di kelantan (0-2), pastinya mereka tidak mahu membuat satu lagi kesalahan kerana kalau tidak mereka dianggap melakukan kesilapan 3 kali berturut-turut iaitu sesuatu yang dianggap "hat trick" (0-3)!!!


  16. AminGL11:00 pm


    Why are you so chicken and afraid to mention about how corrupted is BN with the latest leaked PKFZ documents by RPK? UMNO will lose in Bagan Pinang and also the next General Election.

  17. Rocky,

    Firstly what is 'normalcy'? The past was never 'normal'..... unless corruption and bad governance passes as 'normal' these days.
    Secondly - its premature for either party to make any claims until the candidates are named. If BN select a clean, reformist candidate and PAS selects some low risk candidate then BN looks like they are on easy street.
    If BN goes for some warlord like Isa (and who else can be more tainted than him) and PAS select someone personable and forward looking like Khalid Samad - then it look pretty good for PAS.

    On the other hand the 'Machiavellian' in me would like to see Isa be BN's candidate and win because it would cause all sorts of hell in the state government and would actually create all sorts of problems for current MB, Hassan.

    I also have to agree with some other commentators here Rocky; I know its up to you what you put on your blog - but as a Journo - you really have not said much on the whole PKFZ thing which is now the largest example of financial inepitude/corruption to hit the Malaysian taxpayer ever.
    The fact that the PM is spending more time concerned on the leak of the cabinet paper - which is like blaming the messenger - rather than on explaining why the cabinet seemed privy to the financial going-ons - seems like a cover up of the highest order.

  18. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Salam Rock,

    The reality is PR supporters (especially Pas) hardly read the news paper (MSM) and as such they do not aware what Karpal of DAP has uttered in the context of Islamic Nation.

    Just imagine if PR's media didn't spin or hide any issue but instead doing its basic part as just a medium of information for the ummah and the die hard supporter.

    And just imagine if they are not hiding anything from their followers including this part of a shocking information : "langkah mayat saya dulu kalau parti Islam mahu menubuhkan negara Islam".

    For any true Muslim that kind of unfriendly remarks by any leader of any party should be interpreted as a total rejection on their religion-based political approach. The thing is why are they behaving as the Malay proverb says: "Pipi tak mancung pipi tersorong-sorong."

    Whoever befriended to any party who have uttered that kind of divisive words only makes mockery of their religion-based struggles. So, why are they so desperate to sleep on a shared political pillow with their enemy is beyond the logical comprehension.

    We can only assumed either they are hypocrites or just simply ignorance of the true facts about whom they are making the political co-operation with?

    I am more in favor of giving them the benefit of the doubt. If they happened to know the real story (the psychological warfare) and if that story is very relevant for them to make their judgment on PR, for sure they have different perspective on PR!

    Pious Chinglot

  19. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Are you cocksure BN is going to win?If they lose , then UMNO IS DEAD!In this country anything against GOD is semua okay !The malays cannot see what is right or wrong anymore!Things change at the very sight of money, and this coming election money would flow like a river.


  20. Anonymous11:42 pm

    rocky agrees wth goes to show that rocky doesnt have a mind of his own. just another yes minister in the making. If u dont get a TUN for all ur hard spinning then i consider u as a failure!


  21. The claim that postal votes are going to be rigged in favor of the BN is highly plausible. Not withstanding the BN's rich election machinery.

    Really,who is in the advantageous position?

    PKR's complain is politics 101.

    Conditions have been abnormal for the last 50 yrs....

  22. Anonymous1:08 am



  23. John Wong1:10 am

    Emmmmmm, I am a voter too, though not a Bagan Pinang voter. I do not see things getting back to normalcy.

    I SEE my money in form of tax payable gone wasted to MEGA corruptions! This is a direct result of over 50 years of BN ruling without major check and balance from opposition!

    Best to gauge people's support to BN by having an opinion poll. Not by one person's opinion.

  24. berapa majoriti amno manang dulu? saya rasa kerusi ni amno akan menang. kalau menang pun saya tak heran sbb dlm pru 13 nanti pun bukan pakatan boleh manang semua kerusi. pasti ada yg kerusi amno akan manang.

    jadi kesimpulannya takde apa yg baru sakmongkol tu cakap.

  25. Anonymous1:51 am


    We can make conclusion as to who is the real racist based on the result that will be announced in Bagan Pinang. Will it be the Chinese or the Indian or the Malay voters?

  26. Anonymous2:34 am


    Postal vote is not an illegal conduct under the UN charter. Any legal procedure became 'illegal' if and only if PR don't get the benefit from it.

    Are they daring enough to skip this election and later on they go to the court to challenge the whole process?

    Even with so many of the Govind's clones are there to have their holyarse served for their master but the answer is plain and sure and that they will not do it because they know exactly who would be there at the loosing end!

    The question is why can't PR turn this sort of voting procedure into a: one man's lost is another man's advantage?

    To get the answer on this PR need to do some soul searching ie "bermuhasabah diri" Without that, they will forever be in denial with regard to why they are not so popular amongst this section of voters!

    Dulu Pas

  27. Anonymous4:21 am

    you PR guys are jokers la.. lets face the facts.. whoever gains power gains money.. dont talk about cleaning up, transparency & such.. just goven la.. rakyat wats pembangunan, pekerjaan & keamanan..
    if the PR YB not corrupted, good for them la but most importantly do ur job.. their job is not to find other people fault.. kalu salah betulkan la.. no need to go marching protest.. no need to buruk2kan other people.. want to be like Thailand? so be it.. if it comes to that, im better off migrating..


  28. Don't be so sure that the BN will sure win in this coming by-election.Infact,BN is now facing a big headache whether to put Mat Isa or not as this fler is already tainted to the core.To put him is a sure win but otherwise a wipe out.I'm absolutely sure that the voters would make a wise decision if this fler is nominated and a big tsunami would occur.

  29. Anonymous11:02 am

    Only the FORCE is with BN.
    Rakyat's HEART is NOT.

    BN's win is not the rakyat's win.
    It's only for the Elite and the opportunists.

    Sometimes many wonder how one can win when one is embroiled in so many pitfalls.

    Distant's eye.

  30. Anonymous11:36 am

    A win is not A win without the conscent of the Rakyat.

    We need a total change in the whole governance. Good or bad we dont know but atleast there is hope for the new challenges ahead.

    No Boundaries.

  31. Anonymous12:05 pm

    KEPALA Lembu says PKR will lose in Negeri Sembilan, because that is what Anwar wants. This is Khairy's home state. A barisan will, more or less put presure on Najib to bring KJ into the cabinet. RPK can then once again have all those leaked cabinet paper. BTW why hasnt the MACC investigate KJ's wealth?????


  32. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Now yo know why is it so difficult to field a canditate. Most are rotten eggs in the basket and if you are lucky to find a reasonable one and that is also a telur masin.

    Anyway MORALITY got nothing to do with eggs ,telur masin is a delicacy too if you like it.

    Eggs lover.

  33. Bro, aku rase dah tiba masanya kerajaan kene buang kerakyatan penulis nama Kua Kia Soong, malaysiakini. Inila salah satunya contoh bangsa cina bukit yang sengaja nak memecah belahkan negara kita. Dahla keturunan pendatang, jadi penulis nak memecah belahkan rakyat pulak. Bagi dia sokong BN kire sokong pecah belah. Aku xkisah la klu dia kutuk kerajaan psl failure projek bakun yang sememangnya masa zaman Anwar jadi finance minister. Tapi apabila dia samakan org sarawak dan sabah mcm org scotland yang kene siksa dgn org england. Aku rase tu dah tindakan paling melampau. Please la gomen, tangkap org malaysiakini dan jugak malaysiainsider psl cara politik diaorg dah semakin melampau. Jgn sampai negara kita huru hara gaduh sama sendiri psl ada golongan cina bukit yang jahat nak suruh negara kita lemah dan dijajah semula oleh tuan mereka British atau US. Politik is politik tapi etika wartawan ialah untuk menyatukan kita semua.

  34. Adam Razak4:02 pm

    If normalcy means the corrupt gets free reign, the elite hoovering wealth, the return of yes men, then good luck to Malaysia.

  35. Anonymous5:26 pm


    Keputusan PRK di Bagan Pinang bolehlah di tafsirkan sebagai pemutus dalam konteks siapa yang sepatutnya diiktiraf sebagai pejuang Islam sebenar dalam konteks masa kini. Adakah ianya UMNO atau Pas + PKR. Sama-samalah tunggu keputusannya.

  36. Anonymous7:04 pm


    Untuk apa pakatan politik ini membuang masa berkempen dalam kem bagi tujuan mengajak pasukan keselamatan menyokong perjuangan mereka? Bukankah pakatan ini yang terang-terang menyokong agar mantan ketua komunis Malaya (Chin Peng) di berikan laluan mudah untuk kembali ke negara ini?

    Siapa yang mahu diperbodohkan oleh pakatan ini? Lupakah mereka bahawasanya pasukan keselamatan adalah pihak yang bermati-matian menentang teroris (komunis) agar dengan itu rakyat mendapat nikmat keselamatan dan seterusnya mudah bagi mereka mencari rezeki, membuat duit dan mengumpul harta apabila keselamatan negara berada dalam keadaan terjamin?

    Kini, setelah pakatan politik ini dan penyokong mereka yang tamak itu mendapat apa yang dicari yang mana ia tidak akan menjadi kenyataan tanpa adanya pengorbanan dari pasukan keselamatan, maka mulalah mereka melupakan jasa pihak yang telah memberikan mereka ruang yang kondusif untuk mencari rezeki tanpa batasan!

    Persoalannya: Kenapa pakatan kekacang lupakan kulit? Lebih teruk lagi apabila mereka (pakatan kepolitikan baru) dengan sombongnya mengguris perasaan pasukan keselamatan dengan mengajukan permintaan yang ultra kiasu ia itu: ketua teroris (yang tidak mengiktiraf hak asasi rakyat) agar diberikan hak kemanusiaan? Hah, lain macam bunyinya?

    Oleh itu, dalam keadaan sekarang ini siapa yang sepatutnya di tarbiyahkan? Parti politik pembangkang atau bekas Pengerusi Komunis Malaya?


  37. To pr supporters, dont worry umno sure win this time, power will always at muslim malay's hand now and forever! Coz. This is malay's country! no wonder guan eng ppsst..ppsst at Pm's open house, latok ada can ka wa join sama lu punya kabinet? Ni nuar sama hadi kuat temelang wooh.. jerks kena tipu sama itu nuar wondering hadi flip flop no 2 or nuar belaim will be the next pm...ohh. Sorry kid siang you are not in the list...naa just kidding...hehe..bru selamat hari raya bro.

  38. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Kita undi PAS dan PAS menang. Sedihnya Islam bukan tunjang pemerintahan kerajaan sebab PAS boneka DAP. Lihatlah di Perak apa yang telah berlaku. Islam hanya menjadi slogan di atas pentas ceremah perdana tetapi hakikatnya PAS hanya layak buat demostrasi sahaja. Islam untuk semua tapi Islam bukan untuk jadi PM.

    Dulu Islam now DAP

  39. Anonymous11:30 pm


  40. Anonymous11:37 pm

    See first lah .. this is BN stronghold .. PAS break it adi in KT ..

    I see this is good test for PR .. with 5K votes in BN bag .. PAS need to grab the remaining 9K votes from the public ..

    6k votes will make sure PAS victory .. N9 is not that far from KL .. 1 hour drive and somore in Sunday ..

    I have 2 malay friends work in KL .. going back to vote and family votes for BN in 2008 .. but now will swing to PR due to the PKFZ issue ..

    Why vote for BN .. MCA and MIC both in deep crisis ..

    PAS jentera is strong and efficient .. and every PR election campaign u see PKR and DAP will help not like UMNO .. u hardly see MCA and MIC help .. UMNO work alone .. those mca and mic only fight for power and post ..

    Just ask urself ..
    Parti Mana Yang Korupsi?


  41. Anonymous12:28 am

    Rakyat want change, BN fail big time.

  42. Anonymous12:31 am

    If PR win the next GE, do you think malays and others will have more opportunity to work in private sectors? Think about it.

    Working in private sectors is way beyond the control of PR or BN. Whoever want to win the next GE, must fight on this.

    BN/UMNO might be bad, but show me PR is good first please.

  43. Anonymous12:34 am

    Yes, the Rakyat is getting fed up with the non-performing Fuckatan Riot. How can you we government who is in favour of street demos. I do not know when the Fuckatan Rakyat state governments are going to start governing their states they way they promised they would. Gwo Burne can you speak Bahasa Melayu now or still taking BM101. Forget about Rakyat issues, these Fuckatan Rakyat goon is an MP of `Main Pel**'

    A Fed Up Fuckatan Rakyat voter.

  44. Anonymous1:33 am

    Ha ha ha

    Turning point? Rocky - I tot you are a better analyst that this.

    Sigh... I tot wrong

    Maha Johor

  45. Anonymous2:09 am

    Dear Rocky,
    Bet you that PR (Pembangkang Rakyat) already have ALL the EXCUSES, Postal Voters, Phantom Voters, etc., for the BP by-election.
    As usual PR will still contest just to create havoc.
    Wondering who will be arrested on nomination day?
    This is PRs' brand of Politics!!!

  46. Siapa akan menang di Bagan Pinang banyak bergantung pada calun yg akan diletakkan oleh BN/UMNO. Lebih penting dari siapa akan menang ialah apa implikasinya jika BN menang atau kalah. Apakah rakyat mahu perubahan atau sedia menerima minuman lama dengan lebel baru? Abunawas.

  47. uncle husim8:49 am

    since when BN wins is a normalcy?

  48. Anonymous12:40 pm

    We are fed up with BN, We want to look east to Japan.

  49. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Feel really sad for the likes of you and Bardhan. I cannot stomach a different view but cannot swallow, guys like you selling your souls for a few million.You are a very pathetic person, Rocky. I really feel sorry for you and the likes of you. UMNO may win teh war in Bagan Pinang but will lose the war come the GE 13- thanks to you and the other UMNL lackeys who are forever in denial.have a good day bro'.have one on me at the press club.

    anak malaysia

  50. One sparrow don't make Spring.

  51. Anonymous8:27 am


    old fart's reliable source is none other than jeng jeng jeng ...

    rpk who has no guts to face trial

    self-exiled and still preaching long distance

    be a real man and face the music lah

    heh heh, no spine yah?

  52. Anonymous10:13 am

    Parti MUNAFIK ni mesti menang punya sebab dah ada simpanan 5000 pengundi pos. Mana datangnya undi pos tu, saya pun tak faham SPR ni, betullah kata orang Suruhanjaya Parti Rasuah

  53. Anonymous10:16 am

    UMNO patut berkubur saja sebab menyusahkan orang melayu saja.Dah 50 tahun memerintah, apa yang melayu dapat..bila lah nak mampos parti barua melayu ni.

  54. Mustapha Ong10:35 am

    Dear Rocky's Bru,

    I think it is morally important for UMNO/BN to retain the Bagan Pinang State seat. It is a strong BN constituency, with a comfortable ratio of Malay, Chinese and the minority voters, which had been loyal to Barisan Nasional.

    However, the UMNO warlords are deeply concerned that if we field in a tainted UMNO leader as the candidate, the chances of BN retaining the seat may be slim.

    I fully share the sentiments of Tun Mahathir that the former MB should not be nominated, as his nomination may only backfire and caused a defeat for UMNO/BN. Although, Mohd Isa Samad is a potential strong candidate, his return is against political ethics at the national level. So even if he wins in the by-election, UMNO may face the wrath of the voters which may provide ammunition to the opposition to condemn UMNO.

    If that happens, Najib will have a tougher time to wade of his critics as to his commitment to cleanse up UMNO's high profiled corruption cases, as well as amongst BN's tainted leaders.

    I believe UMNO can identify a better and fresh potential winner candidate. I also support that perhaps a Wanita candidate in Bagan Pinang may give the opposition a run for their money.A woman candidate may easily blend into the Minang family traditions among the Malay voters.

    Last but not least, Sammy Vellu should stay out from the campaign and leave it to former deputy president Dato' S. Subramaniam and perhaps Pallanivel to gather strong support from the Indian community.

    It is hope that BN Wanita, Puteri and Youth leaders would work out a win-win strategy and ensure a political victory for PM Najib Razak. They should walk the talk and put aside whatever differences that they may have harbour among themselves.