Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Johor's Retort

Blow by Blow. A special body or council should be set up to resolve problems involving members of the Malaysian royalty. They should not be allowed or encouraged to attack each other in public. It makes excellent copy for the newspapers, but it's downright demeaning to have a royal family mud-slinging another during a press conference and then have the other party returning the favour.

Which is what the Johor's Raja Muda is likely to do this week in order to protect his good name, or so says the front page article of the Malay Mail today. Read the article "No way, says Johor Royalty [Negri's RM50 million demand extortionate, they say]" here.


  1. HE HE HE


  2. Betul dan baik cadangan tersebut tetapi sekarang ini sudah diketahui umum atas 'kepandaian' mereka sendiri mendedahkannya.

    Rakyat ingin tahu sekarang boleh ke soal penggunaan senjata seperti yang dakwaan Tunku Dara Naquiah boleh terlepas dari Kanun Acara Jenayah !

    Bolehkah semua perkara diselesaikan di luar mahkamah !

  3. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Apa kaga ckp betul kalau nak setle benda ni panggil yg parpu kari kah jkah kah.


  4. Anonymous7:28 pm

    still no news on PKFZ in ur blog? Why? Is it Rm12.5bil too big for u to digest?


  5. Rocky it gives the impression the Negri royalty is all money grabbing upper class twit! One shitty Negri royalty does not make all bad. THe children of the late Tunku Jaafar are all spoiled as far as I am concerned. They are all having Tattlers withdrawl syndrome. They have Jewish blood, Tunku Jaafar's mother was related to David Marshall the famous Sephardic from Singapore.
    Now it must be made clear that the present Yamtuan Tuanku Muhriz and his children are all well brought up. So please when you write do not give the impression all Negri royalty are bad, and you must also not show to be one sided for the Johore royalty since we know you know them well!

  6. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Masjid kat Kampung saya harga kurang RM3m!! Hah dah berapa banyak buah Kampung kat NS dan Johor boleh dibangunkan Masjid dengan RM50m nih...

    Apa salahnya saman supaya dibangunkan 15buah Masjid, kan lebih bermakna?

    Lead by examples, demi untuk membangun Agama Islam.


  7. Mazlan11:28 pm

    If the Police and AG just did their job and then informed both parties what the result was - without fear or favour; then we would have this mess.
    I would disagree with a 'special tribunal' as what makes these people more special than the rest of us?
    The rest of us have to pay bills and work for a living. And the rest of us have to face the consequences of our actions IF we do wrong. So should this bunch of 'aristocrats' who are really making themselves out to be a laughing stock.
    Tell the family of the caddy who was whacked to death with a golf club by a royal. Where is his justice?

  8. wishediwaswrong11:29 pm

    Let the show begin! In the raw. Uncensored. Unabridged.

  9. Purple Haze11:56 pm

    The simple question is whether the members of the Royal Families are to be treated differently in the normal course of life.

    If the Raja Muda of Johor really did what he was alleged to have done, can he be said to have a "good name" anymore ? Of course, we don't know what transpired other than what the Negri prince has mentioned but the point is are there going to be different sets of rules ?

    During the tenure of Tun Dr M, he had started to dismantle the aura of the Royals and installed a Special Court to deal with the transgressions of the Sultans. If he had intended to include members of the Royal families in this Specail Court, he would have done so but it appears that he intended for these persons to be treated as ordinary folk.

  10. Anonymous12:25 am

    Aiya...just resolve by giving one cow, one chicken and one duck lah!

    If still not satisfy than two cow, two kambing, two chicken and two duck lah!

  11. Anonymous12:36 am

    Agung kan ada? Majlis raja-raja kan dah ada? Gunakanlah dua pihak yang sedia ada itu. Lagipun hanya dua entiti berkenaan yang dapat membuatkan semua pihak akur dengan apa jua keputusan!!


  12. glassman12:42 am

    Thats what I thought too, royalties should not wash linen in public. They could use as a tool to bring problems, to the malays and the nation. But do they realise this?

  13. Young men may fight over something as a matter of pride. It doesn't mean that their families should be involved; less so the royal families.
    Why not refer the mater to the Ruler's Council or a Select Committee
    of the Council for advice and reconciliation. Abunawas.

  14. skilgannon106611:17 am

    Now, what was that about Muslims and alcohol?

    Seems to me that certain elite clubs in Singapore would have several unhappy VIPs and VVIPs if rules were strictly enforced.

    But the great thing about a secular state is that no one gets to play the morality high cards!

    Including getting a glimpse of Beyonce's cleavage during the F1 Rocks concerts, if the inclination is there.

    And you can take that any which way you will!

  15. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Came here from nuraina's blog. you guys are a regular tagteam.

    anyway, OK. Let's forget the 50m ringgit for now. Having a gun pointed at your head while you are getting bashed is really no joke, if what is said is true.i will be shitting in my pants wondering if my brain will get blown off, if it was me.

    Anyway,I look forward to reading yours and nuraina's exclusive interview with the johor royalty to hear their rebuttal. My bet is they will only talk to both or either of you. ok, maybe there will be a press conference with a bunch from the other papers too, but you two will have to be there. for sure.


  16. Anonymous2:48 pm

    To anwer you Kaga, because you have nothing worthy to say. Your comments are not serious and only snide remarks against other bloggers.

    If you have your own blog, why bother going to others. Nobody coming eh ... It shows you are not made of quality.

    No Agak2

  17. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Dear Sdr Rocky,

    Here is some news to chew on and spit out.

    Samy Vellu has cowed the government into accepting his 'dog' and 'candidate extraordinary' to the prestigious Public Services Commission ( Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam)

    His name is G.Perumal a Divison Three - S (M) 26 former Information Translator who then moved to Malaysian Nanban as a political reporter. He was bias in his reporting of the Malaysian Indian agenda and often churned our editorial work to hit at Dato'S.Subramaniam, especially during the recent MIC debacle.

    Even the Human Resources Minister Dr.S Subramaniam is dismayed with this appointment but he has to toe the line for his party supremo.

    The question is why is there scant regard paid to many accomplished individuals some of them, who are former Ambassdors, Professors from the academia and holders of Doctorates. These accomplished individuals are not considered for the job.

    Many in the know are utterly disgusted and feel violated on hearing the news and that to in the very arrogant manner that Samy Vellu has antogonised the leadership of this nation.

    He has even failed to contain his followers from passing seething and unruly comments about the former Prime Minister...has he got something against the government that we do not know about.

    The position to sit on the SPA( PSC)is normally given to civil servants who have given impeccable service to the nation.

    This very corrupt ( bodily and otherwise ) G.Perumal who normally permeates with body odour and halitosis is given the job instead of deserving individuals. He has no sense of diplomacy and is known to possess dubious qualifications.

    This will ultimately cause irreparable consequences to the civil service where future cronies of political agendaists are given priority over others.

    If he is a paid mercenary of Samy Vellu, then he is not to be trusted to sit on this august commission.

    In the words of the wise Tun
    'In other countries, when a leader fails, he resigns voluntarily. In Japan, he commits harakiri (suicide). We are not asking him (Samy Vellu) to commit harakiri'.

    Pencapaian Di Utamakan !!!!

    Pegawai Khas Menteri

  18. Yew Sik Kow9:24 pm

    Both parties must be caned in public for getting drunk at night clubs and fighting in public areas.

    The Muslim court should hear this case out.

  19. Anonymous10:56 pm


    this time around tak nak blame Brother Anwar ke? so somehow it's the Jews lineage that brought about this mess. are you related to that mustachioed shorty from Austria by any chance? how passe. you have been drinking again, haven't you?

    mein kampf

  20. Anonymous11:06 pm


    I wake up in the morning, have breakfast bought with my own money, then go to work where I earn my own money, then I go home and have dinner bought with my own money which I earned in the day. I do contribute to the economy directly through my work and the taxes I pay on what I earn. I think millions of people do what I do, including you. Its called being productive.

    Then there are such things called parasites . . Parasites live off other ceatures. A good example of a parasite is a creeper plant. It grows on other trees. It gets its support, water and nutrition from the tree. Ultimately the tree will die when the parasite has sucked the tree dry.

    Here is the moral of the story: the tree allows itself to be sucked dry because the tree cannot think too well.

  21. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Saudara Rocky
    Sekarang saya tidak lagi berminat membaca komenblog suadara. Yang ini pon kerana ada pautan dari blog lain. Sejak akhir2ini saya dapati topik yang saudara utarakan serta analisanya x jauh bedanya dari yang dipaprkan oleh media arus perdana.
    Selamat jalan rocky


  22. This Tunku Ismail Idris Abdul Majid Abu Bakar must be in his thirties now.

    Some of you may remember him as the hockey playing prince who wasn't selected by the team coach named Douglas something. He complained to his datuk -the reigning Sultan of Johor- who summoned Douglas to the palace.

    While in the palace, Douglas was scolded and slapped by his (prince's) datuk. This incident was what TDM needed and what triggered the Constitutional Crisis whereby the Royalties' immunity from prosecution was removed.

    The NST should have this piece of news in their archives.

    NS vs Johor. I support NS.

  23. Anonymous12:53 am

    There were these stories floating around pre-Idris Jala's days at MAS, bout a certain Negri princess with a rare form of permanant nose-in-the-air disorder, who would always demand to be upgraded to First-Class despite only having purchased coach.

  24. Anonymous1:10 am

    This exiled branch of the Negri's have always been opportunists at best and well camouflaged extortionists at worse. Now that they have been stripped of all that made them 'special' before we are seeing them in their true form. It was indeed a blessing when they didn't keep the throne as the next in line is married to a real monster of a woman who abandoned a son from a previous marriage after physically and mentally abusing him. Imagine her as Queen.

  25. Hmm. I think a lot of people know that that side of the NS royalty (yep, the smug wine-drinking side, not the more pious ones that thankfully have been returned to the throne after being horribly side-lined for so many years) have a lot of money problems. Now that they are no longer the main show (as in holding the throne which some says gives 'immunity' to default on loans and such), they don't have that much protection against banks and lawsuits as they once do. Given that, they sorely need that RM50 million. It should not be of any surprise then if they did add and spice up stories to make them look good as if they are the victimised Mother Theresas. After all they still have ties with certain medias (especially upmarket mags who for years have been promoting them as the toast of town at 'important' and 'happening' VIP functions).
    The truth is the family is losing lustre. Remember a news report sometime ago questioning the position of a certain Undang (which if read between the lines is actually an attempt to use the adat to question the validity of Tuanku Mukhriz's installment as YT NS and dethrone him in favour of the wine-drinkers)? I'm not suprised if this failed attempt has their marks all over the report. If they continue to fail and don't have the means to fill back their dwindling coffers (which looks most likely in the negative), chances are the whole family would fade into oblivion very soon. The process (of fading) has already begun. RM50 million for a pub-related brawl which some says were actually started by their side thinking themselves to be the 'stronger'macho ones able to push other people around only to get whacked? It sounds like a desperate measure to save their own asses, nothing more...

  26. Anonymous11:42 am

    macamana rakyat nak hormat kat puak raje-raje ni kalau mereka sendiri tak reti nak buat orng hormat pada mereka. pendapat mengatakan raje adelah benteng terakhir bangsa melayu. tapi kalau benteng dah dimakan anai-anai apa yang nak diharapakan.

    cicit hang jebat

  27. What is the difference between this and two neighbours in a kampung fighting it out? Sme as in Sentul and Brickfields also what. I think Jinjang and Kampung Kerinchi also you get these kind of stuff ..so no big deal la.

  28. skilgannon106612:20 pm

    Radzi Sapiee 11:20 AM

    Certain members of the NS royalty are consumers of wine, according to your post.

    My reaction - so what? Maybe there are other members of the Malaysian royalty who are also imbibers of wine and other alcohol-based products.

    It is possible that some five-star hotels and exclusive clubs in Singapore could have a tale or two to tell about such things.

    Do the moral police extend their "policing" to Singapore to check if Malaysian VVIPs enjoying a spot of R&R in the "little red dot" stick to the straight and narrow path? What say you, Pak Rocky? You are reasonably familiar with Singapore, right?