Sunday, August 16, 2009

Will the Media be freer after Najib?

Based on Najib's 100 Days, I told the audience at the Chinese Assembly Hall in KL last week that I think the media would be worse off if Pakatan Rakyat comes to power. I told them to look at how the media are being treated in DAP's Penang, where the State government has barred certain newspapers from covering its official events. Anwar Ibrahim recently filed a RM100 million suit against Utusan Malaysia.

And today, Lim Guan Eng said DAP wants to sue media over Islamic issue.

The persecution against selected media will continue, you mark my words. Read my take on the launch of Oon Yeoh's book, here.


  1. Anonymous12:14 am

    52 years of Independent,,media mana bebas,,semuanya BARUA UMNO.

    52 tahun menderita bawah naungan PERIKATAN and BN.

    MELAYU Bangsat,,apa lagi PM,,dengan slogan 1M,,tapi DSAI dimaki hamun,,,,lupakah sumbangan DSAI kepada Negara!!!!????

    Di bulan KEMERDEKAAN ini minta-mintak LINGKUP lah UMNO..

    Kalah lagi BN di Permatang Pasir,,Mari kita BETTING,,$$$ Raya.

    lama terkubor Cawangan tersebut-

  2. Anonymous1:04 am

    Im trying very hard to see your point of view Rocky but its simply not making sense. Actions taken by DAP and DSAI are specific due to blatant and criminal misreporting. Isnt it the correct way to defend yourself? Else, can you suggest what actions should DAP and DSAI take to protect themselves from harm?
    Habib RAK

  3. Anonymous1:10 am

    You said in your own words, "The persecution against selected media will continue, you mark my words."

    Neither Lim Guan Eng nor the DAP started it - you agree?

    Why do the UMNo linked MSMs have to report so negatively about Pakatan Rakyat matters?

    Why wrongly interpret actions by the DAP and its statements?

    As though the BN/UMNO is a saint and has done no wrong?

    Even you were not spared - by the then BN government.

    That time you could pour out your frustrations through your blog and scorn all you can about the BN government under Tun Badawi.


    You have compromised and accepted a paid job in a media that has been re-conditioned to ignore lapses in the administration of BN/UMNO and its actions that still make the rakyat suffer.

    So, the payback by you is to join the bandwagon and whack the PR state governments like how the misrepresentations in the MSMs are carried out.

    And you call that fair...because you have to cari makan by compromising your principles. (And what were they...pre 8 March 2008. Likewise what are

    Lim Guan Eng has a point. Bernama has righly reported as follows. The message is - if you stir the hornet's nest and bluff, then be prepared for the consequences.

    As if you do not know?

    PENANG, Aug 14 (Bernama) -- The DAP is suing the media over alleged libellous reports on statements on Islam purportedly made by certain DAP leaders which have caused tension among the people.

    Its secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said legal action would be taken against several media companies over the reports, particularly Utusan Malaysia.

    "I have asked the DAP leaders concerned to take immediate action against the media responsible.

    "The media claimed that we have insulted Islam, but the party leaders have never ridiculed any religion, including Islam," he told a press conference, here, Friday.

    Lim, who is also Penang Chief Minister, said the DAP respected all religions in the country and hoped the issue would not be prolonged.

    "We don't want to prolong the issue, lest we get more defamatory statements against the party. If that happens, we will meet in court," he said without specifying the number of lawsuits to be filed by the party.

    Lim said the party was not afraid of police investigation into the matter as they believed they were on the side of truth.

    "What do we have to worry about? We did not issue statements insulting any religion. The police can investigate us," he said.


  4. Anonymous2:37 am

    Part 1

    Its not only the media that will be gagged. Dissent in general will be silenced and a reign of terror will be unleashed upon those who peddle views inimical to their own version of reality.

    The seeds of totalitarianism has long been germinating within PAS and DAP and to a lesser extent within PKR. In the DAP, it was usually wielded against the opponents or critics of the family dynasty. Ask Fan Yew Teng, Chan Teck Chan,Kua Kia Soong, Wee Choo Keong, Lee Lam Thye all would be secretary generals but who were executed by various putsches by specky's father and his cohorts to ensure specky's unhindered ascension to the throne.Tan Seng Giaw was unceremoniously sidelined and shuffled into an inconsequential position. In true quid pro quo style, an old paralyzed lion was allowed to ferret its slimy cubs into positions of influence wherein they roar with impunity in order to attract suspensions so the family legal biz remains unaffected

    As for PAS, ever since the progressivist wing under Asri Muda was annihilated by the young turks, there has been maneuvers to establish an incestuous power structure marshalled by the turbans and their cohorts. Fearing a backlash from liberal voters and to put a smile on its pussy, a liberal masquerading as an Islamist was infiltrated into the ranks with the express order to generate a more public friendly face to con the masses. Hence, you have the promotion of power suited, suave technocrats being projected as the next generation. Allied to these coterie, named the Erdogans, were the church visiting friar of Shah Alam, the selfstyled strategist from the firefly colony in Selangor and the old wine distilled in new vintage varieties from Pokok Sena,Kubang Krian et al., and to tone down the rhetoric in order to make it palatable to the DAP tastebuds, Nikki himself paraded newfound PR skills that affected a new version of Islam forever burying the more austere puritan version he once espoused in effect kaffiring himself. Ever since a classic attempt to expropriate power by the Erdogans was foiled, these power hungry bastards are in the midst of regrouping to effect another assault. In the meantime, the predicament of Ustaz Nash and his shabby treatment during Manik Urai is a clear indication of the lengths an aging warlord will go to establish his legacy. The aborted UMNO-PAS talks and the manner it was quashed bears all the hallmarks of how PAS will deal with alternative views in future.

    PKR is a Malay family dynasty in motion, issuing gag orders, notice of disciplinary actions, public lambasting of hapless idiots are raison d'etre in this gangster-whore grouping. When confronted with potential hard cases like the wonder from Kulim, the strategic maneuver is to affect ignorance and sweep the problem under the carpet.

    A new advanced version of this control has been put to use in the states, Hence not only are the MSMs put to sword, internal dissent exhibited in the public sphere are punished through sackings, suspension, public demands for apology, cross-party demands for disciplinary actions etc. Case in point, Johari in MPSP and the MPPP guy. Before that it was Fairus. Look at what happened in Perak during the blood brothers reign of terror behind a pliant puppet. As for Selangor, look how gangsters and warlords can get away with murder while dissenting views are tamed with threats and the crack of the whip
    ( note the fate that befell the hapless Hassan Ali who talked big about fighting a cause but whose balls shriveled like a withered leaf the very next day and of course, the case of Eli Wong getting to keep her seat despite public disgust).

    Warrior 231

  5. Anonymous2:39 am

    Part 2
    The paralysis gripping the followers who have been thought fucked and intellect vacuumed is legendary as can be seen in the comments sections of this blog and elsewhere. PR can do no wrong is the regular paean generated by zombie after zombie and this thoughtfucked and intellect neutered crowd make pliant sheep tethered as they are to conscienceless soul. Allied to this utter lack of critical thought is the peremptory dismissal of dissenting views. Hence, comments to news portals aligned to these bastards are left unpublished as are comments to sites like PP, Zorro unmasked etc. it would be understandable if such comments were replete with vulgarities but even sanitised ones are deemed “unpublishable” on the flimsiest of excuses and the most laughable of rationales.

    Case in point; scroll down towards the end and read the comments section for this post to see how i am stripped of my rights to comment:

    or this (any vulgarities there):

    "Ini bukan soal politik semata-mata En Zul. Kenyataan Nik Aziz jelas akan menjejaskan Islam dan ramai pihak termasuk yang berkecuali kini mula menyedari bahawa NA adalah petualang utama dalam menolak perpaduan ummah , menggalakkan penghinaan Islam dan menyuburkan maksiat dalam kalangan Islam dengan pendirian tegarnya. Tambahan pula, dalam usahanya "menggantikan UMNO, tampak sekali PAS telah mengenenepikan Islam yang diperjuangkannya selama ini. Hakikatnya:

    1. Kerajaan Selangor ada kuasa untuk melaksanakan pengharaman arak seperti yang termaktub dalam enakmen Syariahnya tetapi ia enggan dan berdalih. Mengapa?

    2. Perpaduan Ummah adalah sesuatu yang di saran Islam. Ingat barang siapa yang memutuskan silaturahim, ia bukan orang Islam. Bukan UMNO yang memulakan isu perpaduan ini, ia dimulakan PAS, jadi mengapa Nik Aziz menentang?

    3. Membenarkan golongan kuffar menghina Islam dengan alasan mereka jahil adalah sesuatu yang merosakkan akidah. Adakah Nik Aziz jahil atau berpolitik semata-mata?

    UMNO dalam segala kebobrokkan dan kepincangan mereka tidak pernah mendabik diri sebagai Islamik. PAS yang memulakan permainan Islamik ini dengan mendakwa dirinya jemaah Islamik tetapi kini tampak ianya bukan seperti yang didakwa. Ia lebih menghampiri kemunafikan dan kekafiran dari Islamik.

    Perlu diingati dalam dunia, tidak ada parti Islamik tulen kecuali mungkin Hezbollah di Lubnan. Semuanya melambangkan dirinya Islamik untuk tujuan politik semata2 termasuk PAS. Discourse politik tempatan akan menjadi lebih jernih jika penggunaan Islam dalam kerangka politik sekularis diharamkan terus sekiranya tiada parti yang sanggup mendokong epistemologi Islamik yang syumul itu dalam perjuangannya. Ini bukan sahaja akan mendedahkan siapa yang merupakan "serigala berselimut kulit biri-biri”. Lebih penting, ia akan melindungi kesucian agama Islam itu sebagai Ad-deen dan meletakkannya ditempat yang sepatutnya bukan menjadi satu alat permainan politik yang terdedah kepada pencemaran dalam kancah politik sekularis kotor yang tidak bertunjang kepada akidah itu. Kalau ini menjadi kenyataan, kita bolehlah melihat nilai sebenar PAS dan secara tidak langsung UMNO dalam mengutarakan polisi mereka berdasarkan ideologi masing-masing. Bukankah ini lebih sesuai dalam paradigma politik tempatan yang bertunjangkan kerangka sekularis itu?

    (Sent to Malaysian Insider regarding Zulkifli sulong's opinion piece not published).+ my fact-laced revelation of who is to blame for Kg Buah Pala and the fate of KBP vis-a-vis the clan jetties in Penang + the illegal abattoir in Kedah to highlight the chingkie race based approach at work (deleted by Anil Netto + many more in my collection)

    Warrior 231

  6. Anonymous2:39 am

    Part 3
    Why all this sudden effusion of fear and defensiveness? Well, this sort of behaviour emanates from individuals who have no intellect whatsoever or lack the ability to debunk rational arguments due to language or factual constraints further exacerbated by ignorance and a total lack of understanding of issues. So the safe way out is to delete and silence the critic so that well feathered lies and fallacies are perpetuated to the gullible masses and gain traction. Moreover, by censoring they seek to hide their nefarious deeds and thus preserve their “clean" image in the eyes of their stupid devotees.

    It is a shortcoming that symbolises and encapsulates the totalitarian proclivities of the PR rabble. In fact, their actions are a premonition of what will unravel in the future if they seize power: a phantasmagoric world of gulags, death squads, kangaroo courts, perverted justice and summary executions. But then, isn’t that surprising for a crowd of bastards intent on grabbing power by foul means even when a popularly elected and constitutionally constituted government is in place?

    P/S: the demos against the ISA is a mask. Once power is seized through street riots after the ISA is jettisoned, the PR bastards and whores will set to work to cobble a new ISA that will usurp your civil liberties once and for all. Doesnt Art. 149 confer them the constitutional right to do so? And my sources tell me that I will be one of the first to be brought into the torture chamber for extermination. For arent "pests" adroit at revealing hidden truths? But believe me, the fate of being martyred in the cause of truth is infiniteseminally more welcome and palatable than to live the life of an indoctrinated and thought neutered drone in a universe bereft of conscience where even the rights of voiceless babes are trampled upon with impunity. And they call themselves Muslims, Christians, Buddhist, Hindus etc. ptui!

    Warrior 231

  7. Anonymous3:04 am

    Put Says:

    August 16, 2009 at 2:03 pm
    Khairy is a sod, a hog, a malay demagogue and a haughty SIL of exPM. Be that as it may, he has no more influence in Umno and he has never had any influence with the malay masses except for some paid mat rempits. Come next election he is history.Why worry about this hog. He is just making noises to show to Umno members that he is around.Beats me. How come Oxford produced a graduate of this calibre. What he dishes out in politics is kindergarten stuff. I’m sure he was never interested in politics when he was studying at oxford. if he had been so interested, he would not behave the way he had been. British politicians has more class while this idiot has only crass.

    My comment: Though I am no fan of KJ's, I wonder how the good lawyer would rate the above comment on the vileness Richter especially given this earlier warning to me:

    [warrior 231,

    If you’re reading this, I’m taking the cue from Lynn.No comments from you get approved unless your views can be expressed with a bit more civility and without so much vile]

    see folks one law for the "chosen ones" and one law for us, proles, is already at work...hahahahahahaha LOL. What a fuckedup mentality the PRs have!!

    Warrior 231

  8. Rocky, you call the licensed newspaper publishers media! I call them propaganda machines.

    Remember, what they don't print and publish means, it never happened! Just like Tajuddin Ramli's plundering of MAS never happened. Why? Because the "free press" that you talk about did not publish or broadcast it. PKFZ only came into light recently....come I need to say more?

    You are now chief at one MSM. Am sure you will recall all those instances that you failed to that you had consciously decided that to me it does not matter if what you failed to publish happened or not.

    If you were home minister do you think Utusan deserves to be out there another day?

    I have said this before and I say it to you again. If PR wins and the BN's PPP Act still is in force, I will campaign for the PR to use that same damn Act to haul up all the MSMs and ask them to show prove that they have been more a newspaper than they have been a propaganda machine. Then if the evidence goes against them I shall withdraw their license.

    Can you imagine what the value of their shares will be? Right!! RM1! And mind you, it does not mean anyone needs to lose their jobs....of course the racist inciters, the editors, the directors will have to go...but the license can now be given to someone who undertakes to do the work of decent broadcasters and publishers.

    You have proudly declared to your audience that if the PR were to take over, free press will go. Bro, obviously you did not tell your audience that you have assumed that the press today is free and that it is indeed a press and not a propaganda machine. I think, failing to set out your assumptions might just have misled the audience, don't you think? But anyway, its convenient to talk when you take a position as a given! Such talk can hold with a shiok sendiri crowd. I don't think it will sustain in academic discourse.

  9. nstman4:52 am

    Rocky, I beg to differ. Under Najib, press freedom has suffered, thanks to the presence of Ahmad Talib.

  10. Bro,
    If the Pakatan in power of course they will take control the Utusan,RTM,Tamil Nesan,Nanyang Siang Pao,TV3, what BN has been doing for more than half a that particular time I wonder how you're going to lick back your spit and take one of the top job..if ever offered..cari makan ,bro..

  11. Anonymous6:01 am


    I seriously wonder what you meant by a "freer media". As it is, even before the 2008 GE, our local media were never "free"; selective reporting, anti-opposition news, you name it!..

    In a sense, the 13th GE opened up the eyes of Malaysians, particularly from where they get their news from. Pakatan Rakyat is another political alliance, and though i do not wholly support them, i do think they have been victims of local media "reporting".. Why do you think most Malaysians call the local media "government / UMNO / BN controlled media"?

    What PR leaders did so far are what most of use would do (and rightfully has the right to do); suing for false reports. Of course BN do not need to do that..

    Seriously Rocky, i know what you're trying to do here in your blog; it's kinda hopeless to see the Rocky i used to admire for his neutrality come up with dangerously-accusing posts..

    It's disheartening to know that someone you look up to as the icon of free-media is now taking a political side. Most of your posts are not apolitical; and they are all for either BN or Najib side.. *sigh*

    How can a media demand to be "free" if it publishes false / slanderous reports?

    ==One of your old reader==

  12. rocky carring balls6:48 am

    Najib have to do a spring cleaning when he took power even though the previous govt is the same party, so he include you Rocky in.

    Like wise PR will also do a spring cleaning when they take over power, they need a bigger spring clean until all the news paper are independent so that they big boss are no longer political parties. That is good for the media and that is what we call a free media.

    So what say you Rocky.

  13. Anonymous7:07 am


    To a neutral observer it certainly looks that the media is going to have a hard time under PR. They're going to use the courts to muzzle their critics.

    It's interesting that despite being accused of a whole raft of (mainly unsubstantiated) wrongdoings, the BN has never resorted to the same tactic. The BN mainly uses printing and anti-sedition laws and the ISA but never suing the papers themselves. I really wonder if the PR are going to repeal those laws if they come into power. They may say they will but looking at their current behaviour I have my doubts.

  14. Anonymous7:56 am

    What do u expect a band of gangsters, communists, talibans and anarchists to do if they came to power? Well, that's a clear hint should the so called PR managed to win the next GE.

    Rakyat Malaysia Juga.

  15. Anonymous7:56 am

    What do u expect a band of gangsters, communists, talibans and anarchists to do if they came to power? Well, that's a clear hint should the so called PR managed to win the next GE.

    Rakyat Malaysia Juga.

  16. anak bugis8:30 am

    bro, dAP learns from PAP, suing - suing

  17. Rocky,

    Tyrants come in many shapes, colours and persuasions, the worst kinds are the ones who convince people they are angels

  18. Anonymous9:01 am

    This is what the people want. First they ask for freedom. Then they want more freedom. After that they ask for total freedom, absolute freedom, excessive freedom and what have you.

    They do not know how to handle freedom but excel in abuse of freedom.

    It looks like the inmates have taken over the prison.

    We need to value the freedom and stability attained by this country over the years of trying.

    Clearly, what the PR folks are doing is going to be even worse than modern day communism. Silence every one by legal suits and let the case continue till time stands still.

    Way to go, Pakatan Ruckus. Good on ya.


  19. Anonymous9:11 am

    Yo Rocky

    You are ssoooo RIGHT ...

  20. Anonymous9:18 am

    Bless Tun Dr M and Najib

  21. Anonymous9:32 am

    Dear Rocky ,

    The mainstream media is worse when Najib is the PM? I think it is the other way around. If DAP or Paktan Rakyat rules the country , I'm gonna be out of this country. Don't get me wrong.I'm not pro BN; I'm merely a person 'who's on the fence'. Judging by what happens in less than 2 years , it's the Pakatan who can't be criticised , like to sue the media like that Theresa Berkokok , barred the main stream media , hurting the cameramen . Everytime someone crticised they will accused the media of misreporting it and want to sue the media. Chinese newspaper is worse. So racial and has the predilection of twisting the facts. what happen to Dr. Ridhuan Tee writing? Dr. Tee was just telling the truth and the China Press and Nanyang Siang Pau had twisted the issues , calling him names and so on .Tunku Aziz's statement can't be taken into account since he's a DAP member .
    What else? Even Harakah is also not transparent. Conclusion , there isn't 100% mainstream newspaper in this world that are transparent but at least they wont nation's everytime misreporting , twisting the facts and provoke the nation's sentiment to incite hatred among the race like the opposition's newspaper and Chinese newspaper. I think soembody's suggestion that the Chinese newspaper should has the translation of Bahasa Malaysia is good since Bahasa is the national language. Come on, it's been 52 years of independence.

  22. Anonymous10:15 am

    Yes Rocky, Maybe they will also arrest reporters under ISA in the name of protecting them.


  23. Anonymous11:01 am

    Ai yo Rocky,

    Let's say a newspaper like Utusan accuse you as a gay and Anti Islam, will you still keep quiet because of the freer media as advocated by you (Do not be Hypokrit Rocky,all of us know that there is no free media in Malaysia)....

    I do not mean to ultra vires your intelligents(Ultra vires=to insult, as per the Utusan definition).....

    Just to speak out the truth....


  24. Ai ya Rocky,

    There you go again criticising the high priests of Pakatan. You will be crucified for sure. You cannot do this! What more you are saying bad about Khalifah Guan Eng. You never learn do you?

    You must say that it is good for the Pakatan to stifle the press. It is good for Anwar Ibrahim to sue anybody and everybody that say anything bad about him, because he is the epitome of goodness. You must also say that all the bad labels are only meant for BN leaders.

    You should say that the 'Gestapo' MACC had inflicted 'unwarranted and unbearable pain' to Wong Chuan How that he had to plaster his whole leg even though it had only minor scratches (to show the world).

    You must not say anything bad of Pakatan as it is made up of political parties and leaders who are angels and must be above the law.

    Anyway, keep on Rockin'

  25. Anonymous11:06 am

    The BN govt need not sue anyone because nobody dare tell lies about the government. Najib cannot sue RPK because he was telling the truth.
    It is only in our country that the majority is always in fear of the minorities! Why would DAP want to insult Islam? And have you come out in defense of people who are being scandalized and falsely accused? Since the Judiciary is under the thumb of UMNO suing pro UMNO organizations is not going to get anywhere. It is only by way of proclaimation - that they are not guilty.

  26. Bunnies11:31 am

    Aiyah... you cannot say like that one..

    How is DAP's Penang treating the media? Has the media been fair and supportive of DAP Penang? Very frankly, has the media not twist and turn facts of DAP Penang and play up the racial issues?

    Just look at Karpal's trial la and take note of the response from those FW reporters? Dont even know the meaning of ultra vires!! Don't know and dont bother to check and just kasi hantam! WAHH!! like that is call REPORTING WITH INTEGRITY ah? My dog also can do ler! What is most shocking is that these are young reporters who obviously have editor hawking at their work yet, these editors allowed such dangerous mistakes to be published! So, isnt this done in bad faith? Whether it is done in bad faith to Karpal or to the reporter, we dont know la.. but is definitely bad and nothing near fair and just la. So, like that, you still want PR component parties to be nice and invite the press ah? You eat too much potatoes issit?

    Of course BN appears to be very tolerant of the media! Because number 1, the media only print and publish good things about BN. Even if these media has no other choice but to print bad things about BN, it is always sugar coated and dressed up to make BN look like a victim more than anything else! Number 2, we have heard stories about how some reporters/ presenters have tried to speak the truth about BN and they got hell. Show cause letter, suspension, put in cold storage, do desk work, have their program or articles canned. Sigh.. what do you call that? Treated fairly? Oh come on.. ROCKY.. you can do better than that.

    Look at Utusan and its many racial inciting articles! How come they are not kepit and send to ISA like that Sin Chew reporter? Those 2 fatsoes we call PM and DPM keep saying not to incite racial disharmony, we must live and work as 1, yadda yadda yadda but they dont act on such articles. What is very funny is that DPM seem to concur with such articles! What do you call such actions?

    Aiyoo... cannot like that ma. If you say we must live and work as 1 and not incite racial disharmony, than as leaders, you must lead the way. You cannot speak one thing and act the opposite. People will not believe you and you will look like a fool!

    If the press want to be treated fairly by PR, than they must do their work with integrity and conscience la. Simple!

  27. Anonymous11:39 am

    Well, if you go to this newportal at the addy above and read the comments especially one that runs into 5 volumes or so about the
    prominent "anthropologist's", Syed Imran, thesis u will see how "free" the virtual media is while banning the comments I appended above.

    But smart as he is, Syed Imran is still stupid as they come for in his desperation to diss the Malays, he dropped nuggets of information that selfdestructs his own thesis:

    1.the real natives of this country are the orang laut..............senoi and the rest from Melayu by a Melayu(volume III)

    2.Only the Negrito......Orang laut, Orang Darat..........
    Melayu by a Melayu (volume V)

    When this article first made its rounds at my former workplace, i pointed out the obvious:

    "The Orang Laut, or Bajau Laut are a group of Malay people living in the Riau Islands of Indonesia. Broadly speaking, the term encompasses the numerous tribes and groups inhabiting the islands and estuaries in the Riau-Lingga Archipelagos, the Pulau Tujuh Islands, the Batam Archipelago, and the coasts and offshore islands of eastern Sumatra and southern Malay Peninsula"
    source:"The Malay Peninsula and Archipelago 1511–1722" The Encyclopedia of World History 2001.

    2. If you look at 1, the writer unscruplously avoids mentioning about the 'rest'. Well... who are this rest..lost chingkies selling bah kut teh atop Cina balu ...oops Kinabalu?

    3. The pejorative meaning for Melayu is aa Javanese construct that is a residue of the ancient rivalry between Majapahit (Java) and Sri Vijaya (Sumatera-the heartland of malay culture). Hence, Parameswara, a Sri Vijayan is termed a fugitive as he escaped Majapahit persecution. This rivalry and animosity extends to this day as is discernible in the Acheh- Java rivalries of recent times.

    4.Raffles in "on The Malayu Nation": Asiatic Researches, 12 : 1816; pg 103
    speks of the Malays as a nation of one people spread throughout the maritime states between the Sulu sea and the southern Ocean

    If you google on the "bajau", you will note the thesis hypothesising their origins from peninsula Malaysia via the Johor sultanate.

    Now this tract is being chainlettered again, another media disinformation project sponsored by the PR and the virtual media acolytes. Only brainfucked vermins will swallow such garbage hook, line and sinker......

    Warrior 231

  28. Mustapha Ong11:40 am

    Dear Rocky Bru,

    As a patriotic Malaysian, I am saddened that after 52 years of our independence we have yet to achieve the status of a harmonious nation. We should question ourselves why are the Malay politicians labeling each other as "traitors" based on their political struggle for power at the expense of the other peace loving Malays? The Chinese and Indian politicians are also at odds and fighting for their own political survival. Is it wrong for the Malays who are the majority of this country to compromise and defend the interest of the Chinese, Indians and the other minorities in accordance with the essence of the Federal Constitution?

    UMNO being the political majority within the context of Barisan Naisonal had proven to be fair and just in protecting the interest of the minorities of this country since our independence. For more than 52 years, we have accepted the fact that the Malays should be given the political power to rule this country, but it is unfortunate that this political privilege is now being challenged by the Malays themselves who are in the opposition parties.

    This is a unique political situation as the Chinese in the opposition parties are not capable to destablise the political power of the Malays based on their own strength. DAP's political survival depends on the strength and support of the Malays in PKR and PAS.

    Today Islam is in the focal point of public debate which had been initiated by the Malays themselves in UMNO and PAS with the support of PKR. It is unfortunate that Islam is being politicised to the extent that the issue is being challenged by non Muslims and played up by the Chinese media.

    Islam is a universal religion and all Muslims will be insulted if Islam is being attacked by non Muslims based on their political struggle and ideology. Being a Muslim, I urge the government to take serious actions against the open condemnation of Islam in order to preserve righteous in the Islamic teaching.

    The element of race and religion in this country will always remain a sensitive issue that will provoke negative feelings and animosity across the community. All politicians should refrain themselves from being too protective of their own race and abuse the fate of other races.

    The media today with so much public leverage and freedom should exercise their own censorship in order to check the publication of sensitive issues that will implicate the integrity of the ruling government. There is no desire for the government to control and regulate press freedom or to suppress public information available through the media and the internet. Politicians should not allow themselves to be exploited by the media in order to reveal certain sensitive information that will affect national security and liability to the ruling government

  29. Brave statement Bro, but I think you are right.

    I think There will be restricted freedom of speech under Pakatan rule. Just look at the way the DAP YBs whack their own PKR and PAS members for something vaguely criticising them. Imagine what they would do to others outside the Pakatan gang.

    In fact if they have their way they would probably come up ways to censor the internet and will replace the ISA with a more tougher version. There will be more political prisoners in a Pakatan rule government than there would be wannabee terrorists.

  30. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Those PAKATAN leader are not trying to stifle the media.
    If the media think the are on the right track by all mean sue them back.
    That is what openness is all about. Common la Rocky the special Bru stop trying to fool people.
    Berani kerana benar takut kerana salah, so when will the media take them to court??? Stop your lazy brain Rocky!!! I think you need more whiskey on the rock of the royal salute which will tickle you lazy brain ha!!!!

  31. oh come on!!! Rocky trying to play wheel of fortune again?

    NST was banned because they are infamous for biased reporting. No educated Malaysian believes what NST reports anymore. So no harm done if NST is shut down by the Pakatan government in the future.

    Rocky, Pakatan is not stupid. They rose through alternative media like online news portals MalaysiaKini and blogs. they know that they cannot control them at all, unlike your stupid master from BN.

    Please, dun insult our intelligence. It's not like we're so stupid that we cannot tell which bad apples are badder!

    Stop spinning Rocky! you make me puke!

  32. Anonymous12:50 pm


    For your info, PR no.1 spin DR and blogger RPK revoked my right to comment on Malaysia Today coz my opinion is mostly against what RPK wrote and yet PR and RPK talk about freedom of speech and expression.

    To me what they really fighting for is the right to free speech of what they only want to hear.

    To me RPK and PR ar a bunch of Hypocryte. For your info, PR no.1 spin DR and blogger RPK revoked my right to comment on Malaysia Today coz my opinion is mostly against what RPK wrote and yet PR and RPK talk about freedom of speech and expression.

    To me what they really fighting for is the right to free speech of what they only want to hear.

    To me RPK and PR ar a bunch of Hypocryte.

  33. Does freer media mean putting stories about Rosmah on a daily basis?

  34. Anonymous1:32 pm


    somewhere between veteran & retired, ur leaky view - it doesn't hold water anymore...

    just like barisan nazak ( how appropriate NAjib raZAK ?!?? )

  35. patriot jawa johor2:06 pm

    i would like to comment a bit on how the NST was banned by Lim Guan Eng from all Penang goverbnment's functions. It was actually caused by just a single paragraph in an article by senior reporter Lee Keng Fatt which Guan Eng didnt like. U can check this with sharanjit who is the NST Penang bureau chief. Sharanjit got a call from Guan Eng early in the morning when the story came out. the chief minister was actually yelling to him down the line demanding an apology. Not satisfied, Guan Eng called Syed Nadzri, the NST group editor right after that, again yelling about how NST was not being fair to him. After that he issued the directive that NST reporters are banned from his and other State government's function. Mind u, all that over a single paragraph, and not even the entire story. I know some of the NST Penang reporters well and I am quite certain NONE of them are BN stooge by any long shot. I talked with some of them after what had happened and they were all clearly dissapointed by Guan Eng's attitude. So much for DAP's version of freedom of the Press. Even the most media unfriendly umno leader such as the Pahang MB had never banned any reporter from his function. Remember when Tok Nan said "go to hell" to poor reporting at the State Assembly? Well, after that he remains friends with the very reporter who wrote the offending article and even gave him a farewell gift when the reporter was transfered back to KL from kuantan for a promotion. And that reporter was actually from Utusan. Well, who said Utusan only published glowing reports for umno leaders? Umno ppl also got burned by them. Its just that even the most gangster-like umno leader know how to be fair to the Press.

  36. Bro

    DAP, Pakatan and Anwar are deliberately being demonised through a scurillous campaign orchestrated by pro-Govt MSM, as anti-Islam, anti-Malay, traitors to the Malays and Malay cause etc.,without ANY justifiable cause.

    It it were UMNO being accused of similar anti actions, would they stand by idly and allow the MSM to print whatever they wanted?

    And what exactly was Rais Yatim trying to achieve but to curtail this free spech which you say is so sacrosanct that no one must sue any from the MSM, even if it is plain, unvarnished demation and libel? And you say that Pakatan will be worse?

    Ask yourself why NST is losing readership by the day and now wants to go private?

    In the last analysis, ask yourself who filed a law suit against you and Jeff Ooi - pro Govt MSM or Pakatan MSM?

    These tactics of playing the race and religious card is a poor reflection on UMNO's think tank; it is guaranteed to contribute further to dwindling suport for them.

    All Malaysians have become more mature and savvy where politics is concerned. Selangor, the prized jewel in he crown, fell to Pakatan in GE 2008 beacuse voters across the board, but especially the Malays themseves, would not accept rampant unchecked corruption and abuse of the NEP for the benefit of the elite few!!

    We will vote for WHICHEVER Party is honest, exhibits integrity, is non-racist, incorruptable and economy, education, health and welfare policies savvy, as demonstrated by ACTUAL PERFORMANCE. Not by mere rhetoric, spin doctoring and massaging the statistics!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  37. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Anak Bugis
    PAP turn a Small Island of Singapore as a world known Republic with its first class facilities and its citizen first class mentality .
    Unlike here where Ur Umno turn this country with first class facilities of course with famaous runtuh sana runtuh sini and turn the people to third class mentality with shit paper like Utusan as penyebar fikaran rakyat and ass licking TV 3,RTM and all main stream Media.And turn this country to world known laughing stock with its Action agaist the rakyat using PDRM, SPRM and the stinking Judiciary.
    Common Rocky,
    Dont try to sell caudang to smart Malaysian.Ur main stream Medis worth worst that shit.

  38. Ooouuuch!!! TRUTH hurts, and it hurts most when you've been thinking that you could 'bull' the whole world all the time.
    The true colors of PKR and its tainted leaders are slowy surfacing and it hurts bad, real bad.
    If you think DAP is bad enough wait till PKR's pandora is opened.
    I guess its on the way and fuhhhhh... its havoc for a year old PR 'Government'.
    I really feel sorry for Pas and its sensible leaders like Hassan Ali, Nasharuddin and the likes.

    p/s Nik Aziz is also OK if he 'kembali ke pangkal jalan'.

  39. Anonymous2:11 pm


    Politik lokal tidak banyak berubah. Ia tercalit kuat dengan aktiviti memburuk-burukkan lawan dan pembunuhan watak tetapi bukannya menjual agenda pentadbiran dan pembangunan. Semua ini sukar disental waima dengan penyental berkeluli sekalipun.

    Atas sebab itu pembangkang kekal sebagai pembangkang meskipun setelah lebih 50 tahun merdeka tetapi politiking pembangkang terus berada pada tahap yang sama. Kalau ada perubahan sekalipun hanyalah pembentukan Pakatan Rakyat terdiri dari gabungan tiga parti yang berlainan selera dan cita rasa (DAP, PKR dan Pas).

    Namun, pembentukan PR tidak dapat memberikan saingan secara sihat kepada BN, sementelahan PR tidak diterajui oleh pemikiran baru sebaliknya di nakhodai oleh pemikiran lama yang jumud dan beku. Oleh itu jangan salahkan pihak media yang melaporkan tentang apa yang dimiliki dan dipamerkan oleh pembangkang tetapi salahkan diri sendiri kerana menerima bulat-bulat budaya berpolitik pembangkang yang disifatkan sebagai kuno dan keanak-anakan.

    Anda semua tuai apa yang anda semai dan baja. Sebagai pengguna (pemilih) anda mempunyai kuasa menentukan bentuk dan corak berpolitik yang diharapkan daripada pembangkang. Tetapi kalau anda semua berpuas hati dengan corak yang sedia ada (dipenuhi elemen kurang matang, gertak, retorik dan berbohong), jangan haraplah nilai yang sama akan terhilng kalau sekiranya pembangkang tersaruk menjadi pemerintah! Pada waktu itu menangis sampai keluar air mata darah sekalipun tidak akan mengubah apa-apa.

    Oleh itu beringat sebelum kena; sentiasa mendongak sebelum terhantuk; dan biar sesal dahulu kerana sesal kemudian tiada gunanya.


  40. Anonymous2:14 pm

    The reason why the Najib administration put Rocky back in MMail is because they thought Rocky had some credibility amongst netizens.

    Boy. How silly can Najib get?

    - A journalist

  41. Anonymous2:29 pm

    I can see most of the usual crowds have abandoned this blog. Obviously it sucks now just like this latest posting that's mere rhetoric and spin but how many are reading now? Not many, just some ass lickers and a few stragglers. Gotta go now!

    Dirt Road Rider

  42. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Ha Ha Ha!!
    Dear Rocky, if PKR ever took over, all media will be sold off, and portion of the money channeled to DAP Account, and a new Media Group will be established. Called CAT (Cerita Ada Tipu), Tok Nik will have a religous column to legalise PAS members to hit and run any suspected UMNO members, LKS n son on why Communist Heroes deserves Datuk Sri's and Tan Sri's instead, special writings by LKY as the "real" Bapa Malaysia and how Malaysia will benefit if it's under S'pore, and DSAI on entertainment, ie the joy of sodomy.
    Law and Order column by Ronn....Teaching people how to shut their mouth by jumping off buildings....

    Ha Ha Ha!!


  43. skilgannon10663:49 pm

    It is entirely possible that Warrior 231 (and others of his or her persuasion) have their "R&R" stints in Singapore. Where liquor flows freely and pole dancing is the vogue in the high-end clubs. As many Malaysians can no doubt attest to.

    And talk about surreal - here's the text of a slide that was projected on the big screen when Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong gave his National Day Rally speech last night:





    Not grammatically correct, but, hey, you get the picture!

  44. Anonymous4:06 pm

    William Wallace tied to a torcher contraption moments before being executed by the Brits.. "FREEDOMMMM!"

    Anwar Berak-him tied to a bed moments before getting his balls tickled... "FREEDOMMMM!" "Ha! just kidding, don't forget to lick it too"

    Lim Guan Engggg, hands tied behind back giving a rallying speech on press freedom and accountability "FREEDOMMMM!", "Press must be free to report the truth! And we must be accountable for our actions for our fellow Rakyat! Like the Kg Buah Pala Issue.. NOT!!!".

    Wong Chuan How moments before being ferried to MACC office... "FREEDOMMMM!" "Aiya! kaki sakit! Aiya lutut sakit! Aiya Dada Sakit! Aiya Konek Sakit! Aiya..."


  45. Nik S4:11 pm

    Errrr.... Rocky?
    Taken leave of your senses again?

    Najib - the msm's friend? Sure if you are Utusan or any media owned by UMNO.

    Besides all this is moot as the internet has made the MSM in Malaysian rather redundant.

  46. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Dear rocky,

    Luckily it was PR who have missed the opportunity to sweep the most comfortable seats durng the GE12. Otherwise, majority rakyat would have suffered so much headache and heartache.

    If PR came out on top, RPK would be their best shot for a minister of information post in the most crazy driven shadowy cabinets that the whole world have ever seen so far.

    If that happened, given the poor track record of openness that is being shown throughout opposition media circles, web site like this one (Rocky's Bru) would be in no time ended up in Kemunting and only allows to rock the boat from behind the rectangular dry-stone wall, kah, kah, kah!!!

    Anyway, yours blogging outlook are the least worrying part, bro. What had the majority worried so much is that under berkhatan, Muslims will not be able to demand this and that as such this kind of demand would be viewed as extreme and racist pigs not only by a bald bold cocky RPK but all the PR spin tabibs as well. Die lo!

    Pious Chinglot

  47. donplaymumspukis5:15 pm

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race that includes the murderers , the rapists , the burglars , the car thieves like your brother kugan , the hijackers , the corrupts , the , spineless traitors like you , yeah all off 1 race like your kind .
    Well the world is for 1 race but no place you and your bethrens . They have to be exterminated , then only will this human race be pure and peaceful .

  48. Anonymous5:19 pm

    to anon 12.14-BEKAS AHLI UMNO kg TAROM,JB-

    Time DSAI dipecatkan anon 12.14 ada kamu keluar umno,skrg baru mau bising..Kenapa duit2 haram kamu sudah habis ke???

    This is the type of bangsat@melayu pariah good for nothing...anyway apa apa pun anon 12.14 TOLONGLAH jangan rogol anak sendiri ok....

  49. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Rocky,i ashamed to learn that you are actually BUTA HURUP or BUTA you agreed that UTUSAN MALAYSIA is extremist and bias..happily fanning racial issues and creat unfounded news that could stir racial tension????
    Sad to say,gov is turning blind eyes and deaf on this bustard.

  50. Eh, who is the one who sued you and Jeff last time? NST kan? Are they not the extension of BN then? I find this article amusing and your stand mysterious, knowing then that many people supported you against that injustice. IF MSM is not guilty, why are they afraid of suits?

  51. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Anon 2.09.

    Singapore can have a world class brain BUT there is also a study or finding (I don't know which one) that says that these same scholars are NOT STREET SMART. They are good only in memorising facts..and I was told that in Singapore, children are given tonics/supplements for brain enhancement just for memorising. Hence, i don't think it is fair to say that Singaporeans are way smarter than M'sians. Book Smart and Street Smart should go together. These 2 qualities enhance the person's ability to confront problems in future...Don't look down on your own countrymen lah ...Excuse me, are you a Malaysian?

    - Be fair lah!

  52. Anonymous7:35 pm

    remember DAP's twin down south

    yeah PKR will follow in the footsteps of the little red dot

  53. Anonymous8:00 pm

    You see Rocky

    Those proPakatan commentators accuse you of spinning lah, paid to write lah, not neutral anymore lah, blah blah blah lah

    They also curse you, threaten you, sulk round every corner BUT still come back to curse you again

    These PKR followers are already showing their true colours

    Disagree with them or write something not to their liking and they will SLAM you

    without a shred of evidence unlike warrior 231 (proud of him)

    So if PKR comes to power, you have been forewarned RIGHT here in your blog

  54. Najib attempted to control the internet (secretly) but did a flip flop.
    Najib wanted to shut down Malaysia Today but flip flop too.
    Najib attempted to control the usages of Altantuya's name.It back fires.

    PR did barred NST the same way as bn barred MalaysiaKini.
    PR did NOT banned NST , did not attempted to shut down NST.
    Whats your problem?

  55. Anonymous8:10 pm

    "beacuse voters across the board, but especially the Malays themseves, would not accept rampant unchecked corruption and abuse of the NEP for the benefit of the elite few!!"

    Dpp where are your brains??

    The Malays are angry with the sleeping PM lah not the NEP

    See you actually show your INTENTION here very clearly for all to see

    YOU are against NEP not the Malays and you are trying to CON the readers with your own version of the TRUTH

    so that makes you the real SPINMASTER

  56. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Kalau PR (pakatan rojak) yang kontrol segalanya, alamatnya adalah seperti berikut:

    1. Media hanya boleh mengeji pihak lawan PR tetapi tidak akan menerima sama sekali, kejian terhadap diri mereka. Mereka akan saman!

    2. Hanya PR yang boleh mengatakan si polan dan si polan adalah rasis. Kalau ada si polan yang menuduh PR sebagai rasis, mereka akan diberi amaran keras dan akan ditarik hak untuk bersuara. kalau berdegil mereka akan disaman brjuta ringgit.

    3. Iklan arak akan dibenarkan tanpa sekatan.


  57. Anonymous8:36 pm

    rocky, you are now really umno runner- even your blogger becoming selective on certain issue!!! that involve in PKR, DAP or PAS only


  58. 26 Syaaban 1430

    Lets PR have a daily paper or two. Then ... lets talk about paper vs paper. Approve a tv license to PR... then boleh lah TV lawan tv. Tak payah saman punye.

    Ramli AR

  59. Anonymous9:23 pm

    ROCKY!!! Jaga bro.... pakatan menang - awek best lari.

    Lu musti masuk ISA ..... banyak org dengki mu.... lebih selamat di kamunting

    Afterall Rocky you are the one saying Najib's methond of arresting reporters without trail but for their safety better than taking them to court for defamation right?

    Fed UP!

  60. Anonymous9:44 pm


    The is pure bulls dropping.

  61. Politikus Veteran12:08 pm

    Itu lah ajaran Uncle Lee pd Bro Lim mcm mana nak hancurkan musuh politik (saman jgn tak saman)....lawatan yg berkesan...

  62. Anonymous3:47 am

    Percayalah saman banyak manapun, PR hanya membuang masa kerana pasti kalah!!! Buat penat aja kerana mahkamah bukanlah bebas!!!

  63. Rocky what do you mean if "will the media freer after Najib" and what are you implying, that he will not be the PM?
    Explain please!

  64. Anonymous11:23 pm

    I wonder what another FREE that these stupid people ask, you people being calling people dog, pig, shit, everything and everywhere in the net!!! Just go to Malaysia Today, or in this Rocky bru site it self, you people being telling your "side" of story like no tomorrow, calling people idiot, calling the government shit and anything!!!! what kind of freedom that you want more?!!! Or is it just excuse because YOU PEOPLE DON'T HAVE POWER YET!!!! I totally agree with ROCKY, PR view of press freedom is simple, their side of story ONLY.

    And I wonder, if freedom of expression that they want, why are they angry if Utusan paper issue articles that defending the Malays?!!! Isn't that is their expression?! they are free to express it! And the Sin Chew or Harakah telling their side of story too, what's the problem?! Fare and square right.... Nobody stopping you to browse!!! or Malaysian today...?? or Keadilan online?!

    Or.... because YOU PEOPLE DON'T CONTROL THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT YET!!! hmm... sorry... I've not intent to vote for you in the next GE!

    Ex-PR supporter

  65. Anonymous11:28 pm

    To stupid above that ask "Why do the UMNo linked MSMs have to report so negatively about Pakatan Rakyat matters?

    If you can answer why do the PR linked online/offline media have to report so negatively about BN/government/police/Malay matters?

    I though PR people is the one that cry for freedom of expression? Or you mean only your view can be considered as freedom of expression?! Stupid PR

    Ex-PR Supporter.

  66. Anonymous8:40 am

    Oh dear. Dont you notice majority of the comments in your blog disagree with you. Not necessarily they are Pakatan supporters. Even UMNO supporters are not supporting your views either. You used to be a "fair" blogger, you are different now.

    Repent bro.
    Follow you conscience. Inside you, you know what you believe in.
    Jangan jadi buluh kasap,hujung hilang, pangkal lesap..
    -Buluh lemang.