Monday, August 17, 2009

Selangor "circular" vs MACC unlawful

updated: The Malay Mail's front page today, 18/8/2009, go to

Original post:
17/8 AG chambers to file court papers to declare null Selangor govt circular setting time, place where state officials can be questioned by MACC/STAR
The politicians, they all claim that they are not corrupt. And they tell us that if we elect them they will fight corruption. But when it comes to the crunch, cakap tak serupa bikin. From the BMF scandal to PKFZ, some of the biggest culprits have been politicians. Some of them got caught (a Selangor Menteri Besar went to jail for graft), many of them got away.

But what Khalid Ibrahim's Selangor has done in response to the relentless probe by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has no precedence. Who gives the Menteri Besar's office the right to decide when the anti-graft officials can or cannot interview them? What gives Khalid Ibrahim the idea that politicians from Pakatan Rakyat must be treated differently when it comes to corruption?

The Malay Mail learnt about the "circular" from the MB's office from YB Ronnie Liu's political aide Wong Chuan How, who had eluded the MACC for over a week in probe involving misuse of state funds in Selangor. Read our report on Aug 12, here. Excerpts:
“I was not hiding or running away. After the Teoh Boon Hock incident, the Menteri Besar’s office issued a circular stating that no Selangor State government employees should talk to MACC officers after office hours or when away from their office. We are also required to have a lawyer present during the meeting with MACC officers,” (Wong) added.
There can't be two sets of laws - one for the ordinary rakyat and one for Khalid Ibrahim's men. I'm behind the AG on this.


  1. Hello..MACC go to "interview" Tiong over the PKNZ plunder at his office! Is that enough for you as to how shallow your targeting of PKR has come down to? Increasingly that Tiong is looking more and more like a crook to me!!

  2. Hello..MACC go to "interview" Tiong over the PKNZ plunder at his office! Is that enough for you as to how shallow your targeting of PKR has come down to? Increasingly that Tiong is looking more and more like a crook to me!!

  3. Anonymous2:26 pm

    'There can't be two sets of laws - one for the ordinary rakyat and one for Khalid Ibrahim's men.'

    That's interesting. But I suppose having one rule of law for BN and one for PR is acceptable huh?

    It will be interesting to see what the investigated:convicted ratio would be in cases where BN is concerned as opposed to PR.

  4. hey rocky. what you talking about investigating corruption on tan sri khalid exco's? they are all suci, murni, bersih and maksom. it is nonsense that such people are involve in corrupt practice in selangor. PKR, DAP and PAS leaders are all clean. i potong jarii laaahh if they even steal 10 sen.

  5. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Count me in, Rocky. I totally support the AG on this. What Khalid is doing is merely a manifestation of how PR operates- above the law.

    1. other people must get permits to gather while these bastards just have to dial in the crowds and riot in the streets.

    2. other people must retract statements nad apologise just because of touch-me-nots cannot take a remark (case in point: Ahmad Ismail of Penang)while blithering idiots can issue statements calumnising Islam and merely retract it after the damage is done ( case in point:Jeff Ooi also Penang).

    3. other parties must sweat it out to win an election but these bastards can grab power by conveniently usurping the constitution via the streets and frogging, the latter of which is alright with them if its initiated by their side.

    4.Other people must present themselves for questioning or be at the enforcement agency's beck and call while these bastards can arrange the schedule and place.

    Who do they think they are, bastard arsewanked, brainfucked pig dog brahmins, levitating above the law.the rakyat knows these gangstas are hiding something hence their games. ENOUGH!! time to round up these bastards, throw them into the slammer and cut the key in half.

    Only a fucked up party with a brainfcuked bunch of supporters will tolerate such hypocrisy!

    Warrior 231

  6. Yo bru, this got nothing do to with ordidnary or non-ordinary people. The way MACC handle 'cases' is not ordinary.

    Like the late Teoh, who in the right mind can stand being question for hours? And left the poor fella on the sofa (as reported) and the next moment found him dead.

    Ofcourse the MB wanna protect his ADUN, especially those from PKR.

    The AG can do what ever he like since he put his fingers into everything.

  7. Anonymous3:08 pm

    of course you are. aren't you dorian gray?


  8. Anonymous3:13 pm

    What's the surprise? The Pakatan Ruckus are freedom fighters, so they are free to do as they please.

    After all, they are in power and have to protect their nests. But if Selangor can issue non-sensical circulars to over ride investigations, what about other states?

    This is the birth of mockery.


  9. Shariff3:16 pm


    This circular was issued after the death of Teoh- who happened to perish whilst in the custody of the MACC. Thus it is quite appropriate that precautions be made.

    Also all citizens have 2 key rights when questioned:
    The right to silence and the right to have a lawyer present.
    Too many suspicious deaths in custody give paramounce to these rights.

    Also it is clear that the MACC is being used as a tool by the government against the opposition.
    Your lack of objectivity is rather profound.

  10. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Of course PR govt thinks they are above the law.Khalid is a joke


  11. Anonymous3:19 pm

    To tell you the truth, I was still buying Malay Mail after you took over but lately, I completely stopped buying caused you have turned it into an opposition bashing newspaper. Thanks Rocky.

  12. Do you blame them after the Teoh Boon Hock incident?

    Or after MACC acted in a heavy-handed manner with 7 officers sent to arrest 1 man, even though they had agreed to interview him in his lawyer's presence, and then changed their mind without informing him? Did Wong have any criminal record to warrant this kind of approach leading to an unsaoury fracas?

    Or after they shot thir mouth pematurely about MB Khalid and MP Fairuz and then there was no case to answer?

    Believe me, ALL M'sians will support MACC 100% if they will establish some priorities and consistently go after the BIG FISH instead of the kucing kurau.

    They only have themselves to blame if public perception is that they are selective in their investigations and are being manipulated by UMNO/BN. One only has to point to the PKFZ scandal and various allegations about an ex-Selangor MB to see why these accusations are flying about!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race.

  13. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Aiyaa ... I think Khalid MB know he is going to be arrested soon, very soon, over the lembu korban and lexus scandals.

    Pre-emptive strike.

    -- ANTIPR

  14. Anonymous3:37 pm

    ... And the winner for BEST ACTOR goes to... 'WONG CHUAN HOW!!!!' of the black comedy movie 'MACC COME GET ME' (clap,clap,clap...). A little speech mr.Wong?

    WONG: " Aiyah! wat to say lorr? i English so so only... sorry i speak bloken Malay ok? Mula-mula say mau cakap manyak telima kasih sama itu Anwar Berak-him, lia manyak tolong gua punya acting. Tatak helanla lia pernah menang itu BEST ACTOR of the Centuly punya award. Yala mana ada wolang sula sakit leher ada patah, lagi boleh pusing-pusing kapla. Lagi saya mau telima kasih sama saya punya mentor juga, itu Lim Guan Engggg. Lulu masa kempen ala cakap mau tolong suma bangsa, tapi itu acting saja maaa. Itu India Kg Buah Pala ingat lia butut-butut mau tolong tapi meleka tatak tau itu acting sajaaa, gua ada kasihan sama lia olang, tapi itu Lim Guan Engggg 'Damn good Actor'.

    Itu pasatla gua tau scene yang bikin gua menang ini award is when saya tiba-tiba kasi goyang saya punya badan mau kasi lepas lali tak mau pigi itu MACC ofis. Lepat itu saya cakap lutut manyak sakit. lepat itu sula pigi hospital saya cakap pula saya sakit dada kena lehat rumah. Aiya itu suma memang best Acting Maaa, saya tau punya. Ha Ha pada muka itu olang MACC.

    Last sekali saya mau ucap telima kasih lagi skali kepada, Anwar Berak-him, Lim Kit Kat, Lim Guan Enggg, Special thanks to Kapal Sink, Go-Bin Sinnk, Ronnie Liar, Khalid Ibla-him, Terasa Kok, lagii... Nick Aziz, Look...(Bzzzt -times up) Nanti laaa ala lagi olang errr Look See Fuck, Bla-bla-bla...


  15. Pune Deck3:46 pm

    Old Fuck

    That is an attention diverting argument. It does not answer the issue in hand and it shows you agree with Rocky.

    In case you are tooo stupid to think, SPRM had investigated PKFZ. Otherwise you will not get a report.

    The team that investigate Selangor ADUN cannot be investigating PKFZ. It will muddle up both cases.

    ADUN Selangor is one case. And PKFZ is one case. Dua2 lain.

    To follow yr advise, it means the Selangor ADUN team stop investigation to investigate PKFZ which they have already done on.

    New information will be treated in due time and not at Old Fart's fucking command.

    There is too much fart in that brain of yours that it stops being rationale and objective. Must be Anwar Ibrahim's fart.

  16. donplaypuks

    Someone at The Unspinners asked you:

    Does SPRM have the power to arrest a suspect?

    Are they obliged to honour a promise with someone who disappeared for two weeks to escape investigation?

    Why did he escape investigation?

    Answer that.

    Many keep asking when you are going to show proof that SPRm murdered TBH?

    If you do not have any, apologise!!!!!!!!

  17. Bro I agree, I think the AG should do everything in his power to ensure that Khalid's directive is declared illegal and invalid.There cannot be two sets of law one for the Rakyat and another for the kononnya "untouchable" Pakatan leaders.

    Warrior 231, just a small entry to your list i.e Anwar Ibrahim's PR leader's tactics to delay his sodomy trial, latest he filed court papers to disqualify the entire prosecution team, Anwar must be really believing in Pakatan propaganda that they are above the law.

  18. Anonymous3:57 pm

    One day, all these will come back and haunt you rocky. We're not even asking you to be bias, just be objective and rationale.

    When that day comes when you have to repay all these, "deeds" I am sure no one will be surprised.

  19. Nik M4:07 pm

    I really think you have a very blinkered view on reporting? What happened to your sense of logic and journalistic sense.

    Seriously Rocky - is the MACC acting with impartiality at all?
    Like others have said MACC have not investigated Khir Toyo's sudden wealth nor have they investigated Ali Rustam and Khairy's money politics.
    They are belatedly investigating PKFZ and nicely interview Tiong at his office.
    There is NFA on the Lingham Tapes nor on those turncoats in Perak.

    Yet somehow they are going all out on rather weak evidence on the Selangor EXCOs. And one young man is now dead.

    So is it any wonder that Khalid Ibrahim is taking steps to ensure proper legal protection for officers in his state.
    As someone else mentioned here - we as citizens all have the right to legal counsel when questioned.

    You are right on one aspect there is a strange difference in MACC approach towards the BN and PR.
    Yet for all your journalistic 'integrity' you fail to give us the full picture.

  20. K S Chow4:31 pm

    Err Rocky ... which side are you on? BN or the Rakyat? Of late, you seemed to have swung over the the Land of BN. Scary ...

  21. Mokhtar Abbas4:33 pm

    Rocky ... I'm totally disappointed with you. Goes to show anything in Bolehland can be settled by money and you are no different. Sigh ...

  22. Nzain4:36 pm

    He waxes desperate with imagination.
    Let's follow. 'Tis not fit thus to obey him.
    Have after. To what issue will this come?
    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
    Heaven will direct it.
    Nay, let's follow him

    Methinks something is certainly very rotten in the state of Selangor.

  23. Wait till someone close to you meet untimely death due to overexuberant investigations by MACC or the police.

  24. skilgannon10664:44 pm

    It is indeed passing strange that Hong Kong's ICAC and Singapore's CPIB don't have the same problems when investigating corruption and questioning suspects.

    Now, unless the Hong Kong and Singapore main stream media have been thoroughly conditioned by the powers that be, surely snippets of any abuse of power by these agencies would have been reported. Or if not in the MSM, then in the blogosphere, at least.

    Incidentally, I have always wondered why the Singapore Customs have managed to detect and catch so many smugglers of contraband cigarettes from Malaysia who bring their illegal ciggies across the Causeway in Malaysian-registered cars, buses and lorries. Something that the Singapore CPIB boys (and girls) would, no doubt, find interesting.

  25. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Dan kemudian mereka berkata bahawa polis itu juga jentera BN. Apabila di minta pandangan AG maka mereka berkata lah pula bahawa AG itu jentera BN.

    Maka arakian di bawa ke muka pengadilan. Maka berkatalah mereka bahawa hakim itu pun jentera BN.

    Akhirnya berpakat-pakatlah mereka melantik seorang yang maksun dikalangan mereka sendiri untuk membuat keputusan.

    Maka berbincanglah mereka. Antara Sheikh Ronnie atau Sheikh BGobind atau Raja Khalid atau Al Maliku Anju Buwar.

    Maka beberapa purnama mereka mermusyawarah, masih juga tidak dapat membuat keputusan.

    Kata yang empunya hikayat.

    Akan bersambung bagai Hikayat 1001 malam.

  26. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Don't forget who is running the show in Selangor! Sorry Khalid is Raja for now so stop blamming the pakatans.Tell this to your foul mouth chicken arse warrior 231 that the show belongs to PAKATAN and not Be-end.No use spinning so unashamely for your masters!You can be spotted miles away.


  27. DPP

    "But in Wong's case he had ALREADY spoken to SPRM (who said he was a witness)and AGREED to meet them with his lawyer."

    After waiting for two weeks, Wong was no where to be seen. He was given ample time and even had chance to call reportes yet he couldnt meet MACC earlier.

    "And why such a heavy-handed and intimidating approach by SPRM?"

    What heavy handed. Look at the video. The only thing the MACC officers did was restraining him from running or hurting himself so that he can put the blame to MACC.

    "Wong has no criminal record we know of."

    What about that wo do not know of? Example this one. Maybe tip of the iceberg?

    "Believe me, we don't care if they are Pakatan or BN. All Msians will support SPRM 100% if they prioritise and go after the BIG FISH, instead of running everywhere after the kucing kurau."

    Who is big fish? Who is ikan kurau?
    A minister, menteri besar, fex EXCO, few ADUN from BN was investigated and charged and yet BN allowed ACA to be MACC. The first case of a big fish from DAO being investigated by MACC, and they start crying wolf. So many ppl commit suicide while being investigated for corruption case, in Singapora, Hong Kong and recently Korea. No big deal. It just a unfortunate incident.

    After the Khalid and Fairuz incident - at least they are fair to say that there is no case in Fairus case. The same thing happen in Adun DAP Jejawi who was accused by another DAP ADUN. And Khalid, no one can touch him, he has already strike off a section from an act enactment by the parliament with a single circular.

    Maybe Khalid should come up with another circulat to state that PR people can do what they like as they wish. Not only against MACC, but against MBSA (beer case) or police (cyber cafe case)

    Hail to King Khalid and the DAP empire.

  28. Anonymous4:52 pm

    This is real funny...

    One man is dead and normal people are being questioned and harassed for hours by the very commission that is supposed to upholding law, equality and transparency.... And for what? for being against government? for being against BN?

    And you, oh "smart" one, feel the Selangor MB is issuing a directive that indicates that he and his men are above the law??

    He didn't say evade questioning or don't cooperate with them. He is saying take precautions. Isnt that normal after what has happened? Didn't your mother tell you to take care when riding your bicylce when she say another kid fall off his? ... Although if she didn't I would understand why.

    You are either retarded or should be investigated by the MACC yourself....

  29. Bunnies4:59 pm

    Eh, die people ok.. not say whallop until black and blue or broken arm and leg. DIE ok.. Now we all pun nak kepoh whether that Teoh Beng Hock died being pushed intentionally or unintentionally or forced to jump but most definitely not suicide la. Who in the right mind will want to suicide without leaving any last word for their loved one?? Some more got baby coming along leh!

    So.. anyway, back to this story. Ya la.. everybody should be treated equally and fairly la. The operative word is SHOULD BE. But most of the time we see those bola besar will have special treatment like MACC going to their office, bola besar can have legal representation, MACCC wont as much as raise voice (I think la)... but we!? the normal souls, Teoh Beng Hock included.. HOW!? TERJUMPA MATI AND FACE LOOK LIKE KENA BEATEN UP!?

    HOW!!?? HOW!!?? HOW!!?? If you boss, you let your staff go ah? got possibility of coming back in a body bag, face look like pulp wor! Tak kan as boss you so heartless mah! Tak kan you wont try, at least TRY to give your staff some form of assurance that they will not be harm ma. What la!

    Eh, till now MACC pun belum go Ong Tee Keat's office to question him ah. Sit private jet, ownself pay.. HOW CAN HE HAVE SO MUCH MONEY TO PAY FOR PRIVATE JET!? This is too much already! Work as government can have so much money ah! Lagi worse if government pay for private jet!? You mean to say I pay tax for him to sit private jet ah?! Niamah!! This private jet story is tight la! Say like this also die, say like that also die because it is WRONG to begin with!

    So, dont come and play 2 sets of rules story la. If BN can play, I sokong PR also can play. Together gether play la.

  30. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Thats the problem you you people.

    I suggest you take your family there and have a nice seafood dinner, then sembang2 dengan orang sana.

    Apek nih, memang bukan sekalang saja, dah pekat lama terkenal kaki SAM....G - melayu kata penyangak kat situ.

    Go la and have a feel of whats happening RIGHT there, baru mai comment merapu kat sini. Tak kenal maka tak tahu!


  31. skilgannon10665:08 pm

    A little note for the Selangor govt to ponder upon.

    The Singapore govt conferred the republic's Distinguished Service Order on Malaysian IGP, Tan Sri Musa Hassan, for his "outstanding contribution in fostering excellent ties and cooperation" between the Malaysian and Singapore police forces.

    The Singapore govt also conferred the republic's Meritorious Service Medal on Malaysian Special Branch Director, Ramli Sha'ari, in recognition of Mr Ramli's outstanding role and commitment in developing ties between the Malaysian Special Branch and Singapore's Internal Security Dept (ISD).

    Now, Pak Khalid, doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? And make you shed tears of patriotic pride and cry "huzza" to the highest firmament?

  32. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Ayoyo Rocky, what happen to U...? U sound like Kalimullah la... same writing, only different faces...

    Old friend

  33. Anonymous5:35 pm


    b4 talk kalk, use ur brain. after TBH's death, we need some form of protection form these thugs like MACC n PDRM. No ISA is not what I am talking abt as usggested by our poop minister last time when Teresa kok nad the journalist was arrested under ISA becos they feared for her safety.

    Yes, rakyat dont need double standards when it comes to corruption. But pls oh pls, explain why TIONG gets special treatment and a lawyer? Who the F is he?

    As far as I m concerned, if one is guilty, hang him dry. But spare us ur intelligent deduction and oh so righteous stance.

    U make me vomit with this crap! Go nail Tiong and PKFZ and I will gv u my salute!


  34. Anonymous6:02 pm

    aiks abang!

    how come tiong king sing can have his lawyer present during questioning which took place in his office lah?

    bang, want to kutuk also must be fair mah ;;)


  35. Anonymous6:03 pm

    dpp you are a mutherfucker pakatan supporter. Its kucing kurap lah tamby - not kucing kurau. Sudah 40 tahun duduk ini negeri tak tahu cakap melayu lagi kah?

    The MACC is also investigated Terengganu Exco members. So should the Terengganu MB also issue a circular saying that MACC cannot investigate State employees without a lawyer present? And NOT in MACC office?

    This is the logic of the mutherfucker Pakatan supporters.


  36. Ringo6:15 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Like you, I support the AG on this. But since you are on this topic, don't you think MACC should investigate Khir Toyo? Can I have know your stand on this?

  37. Whats the need to question a "witness" after midnight?

    Whats the need to confiscate a "witness" materials like mobile phone,computer,car key?

    Whats the need to arrest a "witness"if the said person is already a witness?

    But you did not pose those as questions.
    The directive from the Selangor MB covers those from the bn as well.
    But, you only poke at Khalid for protecting PR people.

    Why dont you say that this is a more efficient way for the macc to do their probe. Instead of having an entire team to stake out a person just for asking questions.
    The macc can also set up their own office in the state's building .
    And this is FREE from any rental charges.
    Why not highlight the advantages of it?
    The circular by the Selangor MB is not unlawful. If it is unlawful , the ag need not apply any court order to revoke the circular .
    Why not say that khir toyol can saves on mileage claims to the macc office as well?

  38. Rocky, no doubt that you are behind AG and UMNO nowadays. Is it ok to have 2 set of laws for BN and PR? Tiong and OKT is still not questioned by MACC. Dun talk about Khir toyo palace.

    I agree with Khalid. Even MACC is supposed to operate within their own working hours. You better be clear on this esp. when it is coming out that MACC is using sleep deprivation and starvation method. This has been outlawed in other nations.

  39. Anonymous6:18 pm

    We never heard of MACC go after:-

    (1) Muhhamd Taib even if he brought AUD 1 million to Brisbane

    (2) Khir Toyo 's palatial mansion yang tak main besarnya even though DR.M himself sais that he also could not believe

    (3) Multi Billion PKFZ scandal that remain out of touch .....

    Only idiot like Warrior 231 can believe that MACC is independent and hence need a full support!!!!!!

    Warrior 123

  40. Raymond6:26 pm

    Hey Rocky, are you OK with the other two sets? One for UMNO and one for the others?

  41. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Askm.Bru, actually i ad. Fed up of all this pakatan bulls..ts issue, court case, eliz., ronnie who? Gangsters, demo and so on! Why dont they bring on their balls here to malacca and fight like a man! Yo anwar u already put this until up to our nose! Im telling u we the malay kampung people will put our feet onto your face if got chances! Come on lah to malacca, then we know who's the real malay champ! - D'zul pekida melaka.

  42. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Rocky, 'IF' you were given Teoh's treatment by MACC then maybe you'll
    not be singing this Tune. BUT alas,
    you have sold your soul to BN thats why you sing their song eh ??


  43. Anonymous6:40 pm

    yes rocky, im with you on this. LET MACC DO THEIR JOB!!!


  44. MACC Integrity Bankcruptcy6:50 pm

    Rocky, why not ?

    If not the MACC will throw people out from the 14th floor again. Wait till next time they threw someone from UMNO.

    Think before you write. You have been editor in chief, aren't you ?

    May be you could do a bit more enlightening bloggers why Khir Toyo is not investigated ? Have you visit his mansion ? It's a fantastic one.

  45. MACC Integrity Bankcruptcy7:00 pm

    Rocky, you are wrong on this one.

    Yes, there can be two sets of laws - one for the Barisan Nasional & Co and one for ordinary rakyat. I'm behind Khalid Ibrahim on the circular.

    Ask AG to propose changing the law for ordinary rakyat too.

  46. This is all a conspiracy! Khalid didn't act on his own, he was the victim of a vicious conspiracy plotted by those high up in power. PKR and DAP are as clean as pure cotton and PR government is a victim of this conspiracy. - JUST watch, Anwar Ibrahim would come up with lots of such conspiracies and plots ... as he did when his 'wantan mee' was uncovered in 1998.
    This is exactly what happens when the desperados in PKR and DAP get a little raw power.
    Abuse is too mild of a word to describe their 'drunk in power' antics.
    I just hope Malaysians are not stupid enough to keep their hearts and mind shut to these stark reality of what PR is all about.
    Once again I truly pity PAS for being stuck in this quicksand.

    p/s Saudara Anwar bila nak rescue Kg.Buah Pala kat negeri hang tu? Jangan dok auta la sheikh.

  47. Anonymous7:03 pm


    Instead of being Nazri's mouthpiece, why don't you talk about the BN candidate who is a crook.

    He got struck off by the bar Council and lost his appeal in the high court. Now, Muhyiddin might think his intelligence in right but I think his vetting committee should have spoken to the bar council instead of taking the candidate's word.

    Conning the poor out of RM140k. Shame!

  48. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Anon 3.19 on buying Malay Mail..

    If I got loaded with VSS from the same group and they still take me back with a big salary....why not.. Whether you buy MM or not is not my business.

  49. Teoh Beng Hock tidak mempunyai masalah psikologi sehingga boleh mendorongnya membunuh diri, prosiding inkues di hadapan Koroner Azmi Muntapha Abas di sini hari ini diberitahu.

    Pakar perunding kanan perubatan Jabatan Forensik Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR), Klang Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim berkata perkara itu diputuskan hasil temuramah yang beliau lakukan terhadap keluarga Teoh sebelum menjalankan bedah siasat ke atas mayat mangsa.

    “Saya bertanyakan kepada keluarga mangsa sama ada mangsa mempunyai masalah psikologi, masalah kesihatan dan masalah alkohol dan mereka menjawab tidak,” katanya.

    Selain itu, Dr Khairul Azman yang menyambung keterangannya pada hari ke10 inkues berkata beliau turut bertanya kepada anggota keluarga Teoh sama ada mendiang ada berhutang atau dalam keadaan tertekan, merokok atau mengambil dadah dan mereka menyatakan bahawa mangsa ialah seorang yang terbuka dan suka berbincang.

    Ketika ditanya peguam yang mewakili keluarga Teoh, Gobind Singh Deo tujuan beliau menemuramah keluarga Teoh mengenai latar belakang mangsa, saksi ke-10 itu berkata beliau ingin mengetahui sama ada Teoh adalah seorang yang mempunyai kecenderungan membunuh diri.

    Dr Khairul Azman juga berkata beliau mengetahui bahawa Teoh sepatutnya mendaftar perkahwinannya sehari selepas beliau ditemui mati melalui abang Teoh dan mengetahui bahawa tunang Teoh hamil dua bulan selepas membacanya di akhbar.

    “Adakah kamu sahkan mengenai perkara itu (tunang Teoh hamil),” soal Gobind.”Tidak. Saya cuma membaca dari akhbar,” kata Dr Khairul Azman.

    “Jadi berdasarkan faktafakta yang kamu perolehi, saya cadangkan bahawa Teoh bukanlah seorang yang cenderung untuk membunuh diri kalau dilihat kepada latar belakangnya,” kata Gobind.

    “Ya setuju. Kalau melihat kepada latar belakangnya, Teoh adalah seorang yang tegas dan mungkin kalau buat silap dia akan malu. Pada pendapat saya tiada alasan untuk si mati membunuh diri,” kata Dr Khairul Azman.

    Dr Khairul Azman turut memaklumkan bahawa beliau ada bertanya kepada abang Teoh sama ada beliau (abang Teoh) mengetahui mangsa ditahan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) dan mengapa mangsa disoal siasat oleh SPRM tetapi abang Teoh menjawab beliau tidak tahu.

    Selain itu, Dr Khairul Azman berkata ketika beliau bertanya mengenai kemungkinan mangsa meninggal dunia akibat jatuh atau dibunuh, adik perempuan Teoh memberitahu beliau bahawa mangsa tidak mungkin jatuh.

    “Tunang mangsa pula banyak berdiam. Nampak dari air mukanya dia pun tidak puas hati dan nak tahu kenapa mangsa boleh meninggal dunia. Jadi saya maklumkan kepadanya saya akan bantu jika ada apaapa yang disyaki dalam bedah siasat dan saya tidak akan teragakagak untuk beritahu mereka jika ia kes bunuh,” katanya.

    Dr Khairul Azman berkata selain keluarga Teoh, beliau turut mendapatkan gambaran dan latar belakang mengenai kejadian itu daripada pegawai penyiasat ASP Ahmad Nazri Zainal.

    Teoh, 30, setiausaha politik kepada Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Tetap Kampung Baru dan Pengurusan Kilang Haram Selangor Ean Yong Hian Wah ditemui mati pada 16 Julai lepas di tingkat lima Plaza Masalam di sini, selepas memberi keterangan sebagai saksi siasatan dakwaan salahguna wang kerajaan negeri Selangor kepada SPRM Selangor yang berpejabat di situ.BERNAMA

  50. Disgusted7:14 pm


    Kepala hotak ko,

    Kalau takut sgt kena question by MACC, then address it out properly la, you cant just issue something like that without anyone knowing, that would be destructive towards the nation, why didnt that guy just showed the macc khalid's memo when they came to arrest him? As if trying to resist and running away would get him anywhere. How are we suppose to function when there are 2sets of laws?

    obey the rules or else get out of the country. macam la org tatau selangor tgh kecut perut pasal kes2 rasuah korang,

  51. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Totally agree with you. Kick these PR bastards out of office. Can't wait for a return of BN to govern Selangor and all the other states.

    Looking forward to a few theme parks in Selangor.


  52. Anonymous7:26 pm

    dpp says "kucing kurau"

    hhmm ... I know of ikan kurau and kucing kurap

    BUT kucing kurau??

    must be a new breed - kepala kucing badan ikan


  53. Anonymous7:31 pm

    "They only have themselves to blame if public perception is that they are selective in their investigations and are being manipulated by UMNO/BN."

    So says dpp ...

    See again PERCEPTION plays a big part in this fella's analysis of issues.

    No need for research, empirical evidence, sound debate etc

    only perception matters to this fella

    that renders him ONE big gullible fool with an overinflated ego coupled with pseudo intelligence

    and on a BIG mouth

  54. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Aiyoyo, what MACC Rocky.
    What happen to Zaikaria the Satay King in Klang speak it all. The one who are most corrupt are from UMNO 2nd to none. The 2nd most corrupt are the BN parties, corrupt to the core. So no point attack PR cause they are so far so clean if compare to UMNO whom are born corrupt and further more with blood in hand some more.

  55. Anonymous7:47 pm

    I can sense Rocky's blog is getting less and less relavent. Sooner it will die of natural death.

  56. Anonymous8:29 pm


  57. nstman8:34 pm

    Well done, Rocky, you are doing what you are paid to do. Well done, keep it up. You will be rewarded by your pollitical masters. To my friend Shamsul, good job. Keep it up.

  58. I say man brader Rocky,

    NOBODY CAN TOUCH errant Pakatan Rakyat politicians nowadays, to do so constitutes breach of democracy or something.

    If local authorities like MACC would make a move against UMNO/BN politicians, zealous Pakatan goons would scream "why, those evil UMNO/BN scums, they deserve it".

    If they make a move against Pakatan politicians then it's "political prosecution, suppression of the opposition, violation of human rights" and such.

    Pakatan goons would question why so many UMNO/BN 'big fish' are left untouched by the law, yet when MACC takes action against their 'big fish', those goons would strive to ensure that those 'big fish' remain ABOVE THE LAW.

    They claim that the government is manipulating the law, yet the only time these Pakatan goons show any respect respect towards the law is when the SUE other people's asses.

    Sikit-sikit SUE, sikit-sikit SUE.

    Whatever the government does is 'politically motivated', whatever the Pakatan goons do is 'honest'.

    A farce to the end...

  59. Anonymous9:34 pm

    I saw the TV3 Buletin on the Wong incident and really felt that Wong purposely acted to framed them. That time of fall won't caused such an injury. So surprise to see him a
    It his entire leg bandaged during the PC with Yb Lim Kit Siang. Don't treat Malaysians like an idiot la.
    MACC officers don't even handcuff him.
    Regarding the Selangor MB directive, I felt that it was non issue and all law enforcement officers is allowed to conduct the duty at all time. A policemen who is off duty will be blame if he didn't react to a snatch thief that happen infront of him simply by saying he had off duty already. Can ah Long said that police cannot catch him after office hours. B'cos his boss got directive not to be interrogate after office hours and his lawyer not around. Please respect our law and cooperate and never make a mockery of it.

    What that bugger said ......

  60. Bro,

    To me, the best conclusion to round up this stupidity :

    1. Only a fucked up party with a brainfcuked bunch of supporters will tolerate such hypocrisy!
    - by Warrior 231

    2. that renders him ONE big gullible fool with an overinflated ego coupled with pseudo intelligence
    -by Anon 7:31 p.m (special award goes to smartass and one famous shit stirrer called himself Dontplaypuk )~ he maybe a smart guy, but come to reasoning, he is fucked up)

  61. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Who give MACC the right to kill people by throwing them out of the window? Until this despicable action is resolved, I support the MB.

    I am fearful MACC may strike again.

  62. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Strangely 93% respondents to NTV7 today did not agree with MACC after office hours long questioning. MACC can question from 7am-6pm (12 hours) still not enough continue tommorrow 7am-6pm again.What living creature can tahan qustioning 12 hours a day non stop?Silly isnt it?

    We r not animals

  63. Anonymous10:06 pm

    U can have so many stories and reasons, but at the end, deep inside, everyone knows Teoh comitted suicide because he was guilty. Berani kerana benar, bunuh diri kerana salah...why is DAP so defensive now? Seems to me they are just trying to cover up biggest crime made so far. If you are not guilty, why don't you practise CAT and let independent auditors audit your account, and prove MACC is wrong?


  64. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Hi rocky. Thank you for supporting BN. I saw Aliran's footage of how PKR's Gobala was savaged by the police in Permatang pasir which was simply disgusting. I'm angry and disappointed. This will only lead to the people rejecting the BN. All the best Najib!


  65. Anonymous10:43 pm

    anything is not pro not relevant. that's how stupid PR supporter think..!!

  66. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Aisayman kamu semua,

    Just wait, when the inquest is over coroners, chemists and pathologists will be THEIR next target, accused of UNPROFESSIONAL pulak!

    Then you will start demanding that Lawyers, Khalid, LKS, Karpal be present while cutting the remains of their spouses and kids?

    1. Boyfriend sendiri tibai, kasi exposed, huhuhuhuh kasi public statement conspiracy,
    2. Sendiri blabber about 2boys eggs, huhuhu kena replay baru senyap and the tok ketampi case.
    3. Wong, kelupur macam anjing ular kena belerang, tersungkur sampai hancur tulang kaki, accuse orang tolak dia..
    4. Gejala Swine flu, ApekNyonya nak baca huruf ALPHABET "a" to "z" pun tak kenal bila ciakap WADUH, itu H1N1 bunyi. Bukan H ik N ik? or H oink N oink?



  67. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Anon 8:29PM,

    Come on la kawan. TEOH must be at peace there, to be able to walk freely to the toilet and then request to take a nap in their office?

    Had those MACC fellow showed any kind of hostility towards him, or you, what would you do.. Of cos, first thing when dismissed, you still want to stick around an UNFRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT,

    Definitely you CABUT balik..

    Look, even that WONG FELLOW, felt so at home there, even he lingered on from 1:30am and met TEOH at 6:30am?

    Use your OTAK kawan, lain ler kalau kat rumah URUT, hostile pun, tapi lebih syiok kalau AMOY kasi permission to SLEEP OVER, right?



  69. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Reply to Anonymous with nickname Hoegarten (comment posted 6.03 pm) for your comments below - please don't be such a racist pig lah. No need to be like that as no one said to you to go back to your ancestral homeland in Indonesia (nor should they as you are Malaysian and so is anyone born in Malaysia regardless of where their ancestors came from - Kwangtung, Fukien, Acheh, Medan, Padang, Jakarta, Mindanao, Madras, Singora,etc). Please don't be racist. There is no place for racist pigs here.

    "Anonymous said...

    dpp you are a mutherfucker pakatan supporter. Its kucing kurap lah tamby - not kucing kurau. Sudah 40 tahun duduk ini negeri tak tahu cakap melayu lagi kah?

    The MACC is also investigated Terengganu Exco members. So should the Terengganu MB also issue a circular saying that MACC cannot investigate State employees without a lawyer present? And NOT in MACC office?

    This is the logic of the mutherfucker Pakatan supporters.


    Remember, Hoegarten, don't be racist, or you will be known as a racial chauvanist pig.

    Hey Rocky, don't allow people to post racist comments lah. Also keep your neutrality lah.



  70. Anonymous11:42 pm

    PakAtan warlord of the underworld commie arsepolisher actually don't have anything remarkable in the context of people consideration in powering the Malay nation. But that will not stop them from going for a dirty play strategies as long as that would bring some unethical win over the majority electors nonchalant decision.

    And worst still, PakAtan have no merit and what so ever on the approval for licenses to set up PR own budu business along the corridor of power. Anyway, nothing wrong keeping up with vvet dreaming. Anyhow, based on prediction, few centuries from now the moon may fall on their laps. Hopefully, bro.

    peace :-)

  71. Anonymous11:43 pm

    the problem is right from the top echelon of their ancestor, grandfather and goes to their ah pa, ah ma and then goes down to daughter, son and the root cause of the problem is called `denial syndrome'

    or can also be define as cheater, manipulate and will plunder or grab anything they can;

    which is part and parcel and were mixed, blend inside their bloodline.

    no matter how truthfull it is they wont agree till the end of time
    (who give a damn anyway)

    because we, the majority of rakyat knew which is right and wrong and who can be trusted.

    dont spread lie la... and use the law as a mask.

    note :
    will not read your blog anymore (but tomorrow will open your blog again)
    stop buying your malaymail....
    (but will read it for free at 7eleven or those who can provide free reading)

    the greatest hypocrite cum parasite of the world!

  72. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Come to think of it, one Zakaria from Klang was driven to death by the opposition over his home. But the issue died the moment he died. Not even a whisper over how he died, nor an inquest. Who killed him? Did he commit suicide? Was DNA tests conducted? Was there an inquest?

    Of course the answer is a flat no. Job done. Mission accomplished. Because he was not aligned to Pakatan Ruckus.

    Perhaps the Pakatan Ruckus comittee on fairplay should also request for a Royal Commission into his death too. But since the cause of death may be zeroed in on the PR, they just clapped their hands clear.

    Perfect justice, Pakatan Ruckus style.


  73. wandererAUS11:50 pm

    Hey MACC still no action on the rich Indo dentist migrant ar?
    24mil Mansion is a very significant evidence for investigation. I thought every one should be treated equally...obviously, this UMNO bastard is different!

  74. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Rocky you have joined rank with this pariah AG, a ball sucker and an arse licker...good on you old chap, you have become BN shit stirrer!

  75. One man death and suddenly all other can be the legal devil eh? sounds like conspiracy. Didnt u think so? But the clever part is the victim is one of them. I wonder what words can be read here if people of law enforcement working the same office hour..

  76. One man death and suddenly all other can be the legal devil eh? sounds like conspiracy. Didnt u think so? But the clever part is the victim is one of them. I wonder what words can be read here if people of law enforcement working the same office hour..

  77. Anonymous1:15 am

    Rocky Bru,

    What are you ranting about?

    Pakatan Rakyat members who are still alive are afraid that they may suffer the same fate as Teoh. Wouldn't you?

    What if you get hauled up by MACC and questioned for 14 hours non-stop? would you like that?

    YOu need to be subjected to the same treatment before you can make your mind, do you?

    You are getting more unreasonable and pro UMNO/BN just because they pay your salary in Utusan.

    I am cursing you for your lack of fairness....that you suffer in health or die in the air, on the road or in the sea. Wish you nothing but death and ill health.

    You are a sickening pondan!!!!

    Upset Rakyat

  78. Anonymous1:53 am

    Out of court arraignment hurled at a Muslim-Malay-based party is nothing new. No point repeating the same allegation again and again. Even the world transparency body (WTB) couldn't be bothered to find out the truth any longer. They are not that stupid as all this noisy hubbub started as a mere political psy-war persecution.

    But that doesn't mean WTB is simply loosing sight of their main priorities. Of course they would not turn a blind eye to what is considered a virulent macc foisting on DApiss (H1N1).

    The conflict is so simple yet PR make it more complex. Reports were lodged and macc took the task of investigating Dapiss on allegation for mercilessly screwing around good and proper. Problem arose when stubborn H1N1 refused to be interrogated by reason of novelty -- new and therefore sinless. Therefore, who would lend macc a helping hand to rid infested Dapiss of corrupt illness? Rakyat?


  79. I answer KJ Mouthpiece, Malaysian Insider's questions who is a traitor...

    read it here

  80. Anonymous3:16 am

    Dei Glenfendish

    Are you some Scottish Glen fucking pigdog stranded here by chance when your owner abandoned you for your ticks and fleas. Dei, arsemouth, address the issue not take potshots at people whilst u while your days away in solitary confinment at the SPCA. Bastard arsefuckd twatlicking piece of shit, engage your brain before you mouth like a train spewing shit from the drain.

    It is to your eternal stupidity that your revealed your and ur ilk's perfidy with this little ditty:

    "Don't forget who is running the show in Selangor! Sorry Khalid is Raja for now so stop blamming the pakatans.Tell this to your foul mouth chicken arse warrior 231 that the show belongs to PAKATAN and not Be-end."

    What does that say loud and clear, fuckbeest (a new species of wildebeest) of a farthog (a subspecies of the warthog)?

    It says that when we are in power we will act above the laws of this land and it aint no surprise for that is what twatscums like you support with gusto - a party that breaks laws and insults the constitution! A "caste based" pariah grouping who have different laws for different castes.

    Dei bastard, we know for a fact that you scum are aiming for a totalitarian state where Chairman LKS will string along arsewhore AI like a puppet while the chingkie and hindulen gangstas ransack the state coffers under Nikki's supervision and sell the land to the landstarved chingkie shit from that piddling mini city-state(which will soon bleats its last as the crisis strangles the shit outta of its mafucked paraped self,Folks, dont believe what LHL and co are putting out, intelligence suggests otherwise).

    Pig arsefucking, shitlicking and urine swilling pigdog Glendenfish, get this straight brainfucked moron: it aint gonna happen as more and more people are waking up to your reality.Now go and munch your own shit, fuckhead

    Copycat Anon 6.18pm

    u cant even get an original nick, shithead but you have the gumption to comment. Speaks volumes of you, pigtwat licking slimebag!. Fact of the matter is, case 1 was settled a long time ago. Your Sekinchan fuckhead of a lowlife could not even furnish proof let alone sell the property at the claimed valuation as per 7/08/09 :

    while Case 3 is being processed as evidence dribbles in via the PAC, PWaterhouse etc.Add to that a Trengganu exco has been detained, Norza under trial and others having to face the rap which all goes to show that the relevant agencies are not biased as you,a dograped shithead claims. Now get the hell outta here before labeling others, fuckbeest of a shitworm.

    Rocky, Anon 3.57pm is representative of what the mutherfucker PR supporters have in store for us, the rational enlightened ones, when PR seizes power. They are gonna exterminate dissenters like us (as I said in my comment to the previous post, told you so, didnt I).

    I dont know about you, Bru but they will come up against the Arsenal (not the EPL fellas)when they come to get me. I will be mighty pleased to do the honours if they dare!, guns ablazing, that is.......

    Warrior 231

  81. Anonymous3:37 am

    Fuck to the fuckatan riot supporters! Bodoh dan bingai la u all! You think that Teoh was very clean?

    No you moron, he was a some bad ass who became a hero after he commit suicide!

    SPRM got everything they need from teoh, knowing this fact, so chingkie being chingkie apa lagi commit suicide la!

  82. Anonymous4:53 am

    Yup, Rocky Bru, as long as you are willing to fling your kindself from a the 14th floor of any building, I too am with you on this one.

  83. Rocky, give up just cannot win. And you are not the Rocky that your recent postings make you out to be. How low do you really need to go? You can see by your own selective postings the damage it is doing to you as a person and you as a professional. The next time we meet at the PC, you tell me so over a pint!!

  84. Anonymous8:55 am

    To skilgannon 1066

    aisehman ...

    how did Mas Selamat escaped the little red dot's super efficient operations eh?

    million dollar question = who caught Mas Selamat?? heh heh

    he was supposed to be passed to LRD on a silver platter

    but nope no go coz they do not want a fair deal

    so Mas Selamat is here to stay

  85. Anonymous9:15 am

    there are lot of politicians from BN have been questions by MACC....but they don't try to get free or cheap publicity like those from Fuckatan Rakyat which asked media, bloggers, cameramen all over the country stand by with them when MACC officers came (to make an issue of it!!). So for those who don't have the statistics just shut up..!! I also don't have the statistics and if Fuckatan Rakyat have balls asked MACC to published it how many from BN been squeezed by MACC and how many from Fuckatan Rakyat....

    Don't just accused if you don't have the facts.

    Fuckatan Rakyat always trying very hard to place a sympathy perceptions like they are being abused, not fair, only me Malaysians...

    the problem is BN don't like to counter them...and for what to counter them....?? wasting time when we have real issues like economic downturn and H1N1...UNDERSTAND??


  86. Anonymous9:28 am

    The Law is being used to protect BN especially Umno. MACC & PDRM are the Law! They give a lift to Najib and make sure he is above the Law. They also gave a lift to TBH and make sure he exited from the Window.


  87. Anonymous9:40 am


    Khaled Ibrahim is Shah Alam Section 22 Malays' bogeyman. We need somekind of talisman to ward off his evils.

    Khalid Janggut
    Seksyen 22 Shah Alam

  88. Anonymous9:45 am

    The No-Frills DAP/PKR list of Public-Relations Successes (Or : It may be what you read but it may not necessarily what we mean)

    Wong Chuan How for resisting arrest
    Manage to demonize and put blame on:
    MACC for trying to do questioning

    Abuser Supreme Yim Pek Ha
    Manage to demonize and put blame on:
    Maid Nirmala Bonat– for “hurting herself with Electric Iron”

    DAP Underworld for murdering Teoh
    Manage to demonize and put blame on:
    MACC – for “murdering Teoh”

    13th May “Sweep out the malays” and "Oii Melayu pigi masuk hutan" chinese and “Ini negeli Kita olang pelintah” Indians
    Manage to demonize and put blame on:
    One Word: the Malays

    British for giving citizenship of a country that isn’t theirs, to an uninvited people who don’t belong
    Manage to demonize and put blame on:
    Ketuanan Melayu

    Ronnie Liu
    Manage to demonize and put blame on:
    Everything under the sun, but mostly UMNO

    Hindu Priests who keep on dreaming that Krishna was born under this tree or that tree in Selangor, Perak, Near Midvalley, and various other places thereby giving them free license to set up kovils and temples anywhere they like whether there is zoning area or not
    Manage to demonize and put blame on:
    Malaysian Government, for “demolishing temples”

    Overzealous kampung folks who build suraus out of the zoning areas
    Manage to demonize and put blame on:
    Malaysian Government, for “demolishing mosques”

    Free Sex-with-people’s-husband, Free “look-ma, no-panties” Show of family-buster Eli Wong
    Manage to demonize and put blame on:

    Free Sex, No need to Kawin, Anak Luar Nikah Also Halal maaa….
    Manage to demonize and put blame on:
    Religions, any religions, all religions (Oh, and Dr Ridhuan Tee too)

    Sodomy and Lifestyles condoning unnatural sex acts
    Manage to demonize and put blame on:
    Saiful Bukhari

    Being. Just … being
    Manage to demonize and put blame on:
    UMNO (oh, and Jackie Chan too)

    3rd house from left of Jalan 6/67B Kampung Tong San punya Astro broadcast tak dapat channel 23 plus Newspaper delivery man come half hour late
    Manage to demonize and put blame on:


  89. Anonymous9:48 am

    At the rate this is going, the Selangor Government is going to set up its own
    a. Police Force
    b. Anti Corruption Agency
    c. religious authority
    d. Moral police
    e. Anti Beer selling enforcement unit

    Raja Paper Kutuk

  90. "Anonymous said...

    8:29 PM "

    anon 8:29 has been watching far too many horror movies, the made in Hong Kong ones.
    Ini bukan cerita Jacky Chan or Rajnikant la brader.
    Siapa duk pakai topeng pelakon tu dulu? lawaaaaaaaaan tetap lawan?

  91. Anonymous10:02 am

    Between BN and PR ... I know who is more corrupted ... and who is more sincerely trying to clean corruption ... if tomorrow is GE ... I will still vote for PR. Thank you.

  92. AminGL10:21 am


    Why don't you visit Khir Toyo's palatial mansion since you already UMNO's spin doctor now? I am sure Khir Toyo has no problem to invite you as his VIP to tour his multi-million mansion.

    Wait a minute....why doesn't MACC go to "interview" Khir Toyo on where did he get so much money to build such a big and expensive mansion, even Dr. M also didn't believe it.

  93. I'm not for or against.. But why it has to be AG?
    Why not the MACC chief who filed the papers?
    MACC has people with DPP powers.
    Is it MACC still comes under AG?
    And normally AG is for the government of the day...



    gobalakrishnan tampar polis

  95. Anonymous11:05 am

    There can't be two sets of laws - one for the ordinary rakyat and one for Khalid Ibrahim's men. I'm behind the AG on this.

    So said Rocky.

    Barisan Nasional (BN) backbenchers chief Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing is 'ordinary rakyat' and is invited in his office by MACC. He is allowed the presence of his lawyer.

    But Pakatan Rakyat aligned folks must go 'handcuffed' to MACC offices, cannot have their lawyers with them at MACC offices - during question time.

    Thats the way to go Rocky.
    For once you are BEHIND something that does not smell at all.

    You know when to choose a clean non-smelling anatomy to justify your pro-BN stand.

    This is indeed 1Malaysia.


  96. Gangstas'rule lah...

    If I am a gangster, I would also want to impose conditions for the authority. You can only go after me from 9 to 5. Make sure you have an appointment.How about December 2010? Now I am busy. Have to go to china first. My father is going to die some more. Suddenly I got selsema babi and 5 days MC. Jantong berlubang. So,you wait lah...

    Banyak cantik!

  97. fucked up and screwed up -- that's what i think of the pakatan supporters commenting here.

    malu-lah, you all yang support pakatan. i am no BN sympathizer. Not a pakatan supporter.

    looking at their remarks, they should be re-educated.

    they all have convicted the MACC. Oh come one. What, you think a Pakatan-appointed MACC would eb better?
    look at the selangor pakatan-lah.

    they can play with the law. goodness. if you think BN is bad, Pakatan is worse.

    you think BN don;t play by the rules? NEITHER does Pakatan.

    as far as I'm concerned, the supporters reflect the political parties they back. and the way i see it, very very very scary, these pakatan supporters.

  98. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Khalid Ibrahim was a corporate king. Corporate kings are used to making their own rules to beat the system.

    Old habits die hard.

    "Nasi Lemak"

  99. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Nobody dies from "overexuberant" questioning. Otherwise all the corporate warriors would be found dead outside their office windows from "overexuberant" workloads.

    The late Teah likely jumped out the window. We must find out why.

    Nobody cares about that anymore. The why. Everything is just for political mileage. And boy, you sure can get good mileage from a murder story.

  100. rocky,

    don't go listening to the likes of old fart.

    they should just stop reading you, if they don't like what you're writing.

    and that wenger KJ...i'd like to see him fling himself down the 20th floor. what is he? a malay apologist?

    they're so full of hatred and venom of Najib and the BN, that they just think everything Pakatan does is right.

    hello...if someone had died while MACC was investigating Khir or whoeever else from Umno or MCA or'll be the same procedure. ok?

    Jesus! what's wrong with these people..

  101. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Warrior 231,
    No matter what ! you are just a tiny whinnee clit lost somewhere trying to be loud .Better you spew your cum elsewhere !


  102. Anonymous2:01 pm

    What about Khir Toyo, Rocky? Any follow up on that? Or ur directives in accepting the post were to stay clear off ur 'masters'? And KJ? Ali Rustam? As for the Tganu ADUN, come on, guys, check ur facts- org Deris ke org Mat Said? Don't tell me u guys are too thick to see the writing on the wall...

    And yes, as a Shah Alam resident, just a stone throw away from the sek 7's latest palatial mansion, or the RM40m exco village; whose surau pernah kena tutup, we do feel some changes... the humble ADUNs or MPs whom we often meet, or even give tazkirah or khutbah, compared to the previous non-appearance of super-busy Disney-visitor ADUNs...

    Hm, I really am now off you, Rock... last time visiting this blog, after being used to ur impartiality for the past 2 years on almost a daily basis, I just can't believe the disgust I now feel of having this blog listed as a favourite site. The Sun will be my staple from now on. Say hi to Muli, sorry that an old friend can no longer pick up an MM copy, whatever changes u promise to make in a month's time, as long as changes of mindset aren't done, farewell! I just hope that my fellow Muslims will have a clear conscience on what's wrong and what's right, and that it is His laws that all of us has to adhere to, cos' Rocky, he is the true MASTER we have to answer to...

  103. Grokker2:37 pm

    The PR crowd have real problems, I tell you. Their leaders' heads are firmly in Gagaland: first, Khalid wants to write his own laws; now Nik Aziz wants to have a say on who goes to heaven.

    Tell you what, why don't we fence off a nice place, say Pulau Babi Besar, and ship them there? That way everybody will be happy. Khalid can enact whatever law he wants, Nik Aziz can issue passes to those of his followers who want to go to heaven, Gobalakrishnan can shout to his heart's content, and Sivakumar can put on his robes and chair a session under a nice tall coconut tree. And oh, Eli Wong can do what she likes best; and the rest of us can resume our normal lives.

    The only downside is we may be deprived of the regular laughs provided by these loonies. But hey, that's life -- we can't have everything.

    Like you say Rocky, cakap tak serupa bikin.

  104. skilgannon10664:18 pm

    Anonymous 8:55 AM

    Your point being what exactly?

    And who, or what, is the "LRD"?

    In any case, people like Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng (who have both spoken at conferences in Singapore) should be proud that a state that is big on meritocracy (i.e. Singapore) has seen it fit to confer awards on the Malaysian IGP and the Director of the Malaysian Special Branch.

    In fact, LGE has said that Penang has a lot to learn from Singapore.

    So, next time that AI, LGE and LKS mouth off about the Malaysian police and the IGP or the Special Branch and the ISA, let them remember that the Singapore government, at least, recognises their services as valuable.

    What a delicious irony!

  105. gerald7:49 pm


    now you are expected to please the Pakatan people?

    one idiot said;"Like you say Rocky, cakap tak serupa bikin."

    i tell you, bro....i don't know what they think you are or expect from you.
    what is clear is that they have such high expectations of you like SUPPORTING PAKATAN!

    now, they accuse you of "cakap tak serupa bikin"? whatm now you are a public servant? wakil rakyat?

    take care, bro...good to see you as usual..BERANI.

  106. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Actually the issue is VERY simple

    It is FOOLISHNESS of the highest order to caste pearls before swine

    so don't be nice to nasty people

    H1N1 ala SWINE flu is dangerous - exterminate the disease and the source

    so get rid of swines and pkr

  107. Rashid Ibrahim9:00 pm

    Yes you are behind the AG on this one.... and how much are you paid to bend over your behind for being an Umno backdoor man?

  108. Anonymous2:57 am

    Petikan dari satu blog

    ...Rakaman percakapan Teoh Beng Hock yang diambil pegawai Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) bakal dikemukakan di Mahkamah Koroner bagi membantu siasatan berhubung kematian setiausaha politik itu Julai lalu...

    peguam Gobind Singh Deo yang mewakili keluarga Teoh membantah..

    Kalau benar, elok juga semua orang boleh dengar apa maklumat yang TEOH telah bocorkan?

    Kenapa pula si Gobind tak setuju?


    Kenapa Govind tak mau orang lain dengar?

  109. bro,

    kalau tiada kes teoh, tentu tak timbul isu ini..

    semua terjadi selepas kematian teoh..

    apa jaminan macc agar kes sepertinya tidak berulang?

    sebab + akibat

    simple logic maa..

  110. Grokker10:38 pm


    When I said "Like you say Rocky, cakap tak serupa bikin," I meant I agree with Rocky that these PR politicians say one thing, and do another (and quite opposite) thing.

    Next time, please don't comment if you don't understand what's said -- something that's over your head.

    I don't mind if you disagree with me but understand what I say first. Otherwise you will get arang di muka (look it up)

    Don't be an imbecile: I don't want to force Rocky to support PR or BN. He's his own man.

  111. Anonymous11:07 pm


  112. Anonymous1:44 am

    Khir Toyo beli rumah mewah....penyokong Pakatan heboh dan mempertikai/mencabar dari mana Khir Toyo memperolehi sumber wang yang begitu banyak.

    Anwar Ibrahim tak ada kerja kerana dudok 6 tahun dalam penjara..... keluar penjara terus bina mahligai mewah juga dalam lingkungan berjuta-juta ringgit...tapi tak ada pun suara yang mendesak/menyoal dari mana sumber kewangan beliau dan tak ada pula suara yang menggesa MACC jalankan siasatan.

    Kalau tanya penyokong Pakatan, mereka akan mempertahankan bahawa Anwar Ibrahim adalah seorang yang tersangat suci dan bebas korapsi.....Tapi secara logiknya, bagaimana pula seorang bekas banduan boleh mampu mendirikan mahligai begitu mahal?...dari mana datangnya kekayaan yang terkumpul ini?...ini hanya terjawab kalau kita imbau kembali beliau pernah memegang jawatan sebagai TPM dan Menteri Kewangan sebelum itu.

    2 X 5 = 10....5 X 2 = 10. Kita tak boleh lari dari persepsi ini.

    Hakikatnya Khir Toyo dan Anwar Ibrahim sama sahaja.

    Hakikatnyan Pakatan Rakyat dan BN sama sahaja....

    Hanya bezanya Pakatan merasakan diri mereka terlalu suci, bersih,bebas korapsi, angkuh , riak dan sombong.

  113. ManHon3:16 am

    You wrote: "What gives Khalid Ibrahim the idea that politicians from Pakatan Rakyat must be treated differently when it comes to corruption?"

    Actually, he is seeking the SAME treatment as those from BN, no?

    Until there is assurance and evidence the recent spate of ultra diligence by MACC applies to ALL cases that are reported, it is reasonable for Khalid to do what he did.

    Corruption is a white collar crime, conviction comes from paper trail evidence, not interrogation and confession. Recruit accountants, lawyers as investigating officers, not ex-police officers whose modus operandi is bantai dulu, siasat kemudian...

  114. Anonymous6:13 am

    Tactic melengah2, tak nak kasi orang semua dengan perbualan, antara TEOH dan MACC, nah, MUNCUL SURAT MISTERI..

    Putar belit tak habis.

    Keluarga mendiang, apahal bawa kehulu kehili gambar? STOP IT!