Sunday, August 02, 2009

So who's liable for the RM100 million?

A question for Lawyers. Before anyone attempts to answer the Q, know the background: Raja Nong Chik told a press conference yesterday that the City could have lost RM100 m - RM200 m as a result of Saturday's anti-ISA demo.

The FT Minister's estimate is bound to raise eyebrows and draw scoffs. But what if it's true? [Read here].

Can anyone then be held responsible/accountable for the losses and damages?

In this age of transparency and good governance, shouldn't someone claim responsibility?

A lawyer friend of a friend of a friend said the Gerak Mansuh ISA, as the organiser of the demo, is liable. Meaning, I was told, that those who claim to have suffered losses and damages (which may include Sogo and Semua House, which had to close for business on that day; traders and hawkers; the LRT and bus operators; restaurants, etc) could actually sue the NGO.



  1. Anonymous12:35 am

    Correct, correct, correct... So the police must pay up for the death of Kangan and MACC pay for the death of TBK. Show by example please.

  2. jumping gorilla12:52 am

    polis and macc must pay? ok no problemo....setel dalam court la...ada beran?

    kes x abis...x yah kecah

  3. Anonymous12:58 am

    Bila sale cakap hundreds of millions bila nak kena bayar tax..cukup makan juga tuan.
    which is which la? Kalau 1 hari you can earn hundreds of millions collectively that is,your contribution to the country may even overtake that of Petronas'.
    Good for the country you know.
    And I do not condone demos of any kind period ( except demo memasak ).

    Food lover

  4. Anonymous1:02 am

    The TBK death and kugan issues are not related as both cases are under investigation, involve death in custody or so it appears (in TBH's case) and no can apportion blame as anony cunty at 12.35am implies. The less of these sort of arsehole comments the better.

    I am not a loyar burok..but since an entity by the name of GMI was associated with the whole riot, a few triable issues arise:

    a. since GMI went against express police orders and triggered the riot, they are liable to be sued for reparations given that (b) is fulfilled or otherwise

    b (i). were they issued a permit to assemble? If so and the PDRM decide to change their mind and tear gas them, then the onus falls on the PDRM to explain why they did so and if they are guilty of negligence, indiscretion etc, they (the PDRM) are open to be sued.

    b (ii)if they the GMI were never issued a permit in the first place and proceeded with the march and ended up causing mayhem by their actions, the onus falls absolutely on the GMI for creating a law and order situation in which case they are liable to be sued.

    I think b(ii) applies but must look up the relevant case law to see if there are precedents to go by. In any case, i dont think HI, MIS, KS or even the stray Indian pariah dog who got caught would be interested now to take this case pro-bono...hahahahaha...LOL

    Warrior 231

  5. Anonymous1:04 am

    Kangan who stole many cars and TBK who collaborated with who so call very clean PAKATAN ADUN. Still want to blame enforcement agency??.Malaysia is under threat when RAKYAT does not know how to differentiate between the right and wrong or the bad and good. When a political leader went to Convince,Con,Confuse and make things Completed to the Rakyat, in their mind this political leader is cannot be trusted anymore but they still this praise this leader (BUTA HATI)..

  6. Anonymous1:05 am

    Emmm. Of course the figures are questionable. Could have boosted business instead of causing so called losses, had the police not over reacted. Using tear gas, water cannons on a procession of people who feel strongly about an issue? Whats the difference this procession caused in terms of business losses, vis a vis having a Bicycle race or national day celebration or Agung's birthday at Dataran Merdeka?

    Sri Hartamas

  7. Anonymous1:07 am

    Rocky Bru.
    I think its time for the business comunities in Sogo and Masjid India sues and take legal action for the lost of income and other damages to leaders of Pakatan Rakyat PAS,PKR and DAP.I think we should follow LEE KUAN YEW our mini Emperor how he manage to shut down the opposition and makes them bankrupt

  8. Anonymous1:24 am

    Codswollop Rock! until someone owns up to the PKFZ fiasco and pays back all the money that went under table...then we can talk about this..what happens if a public bus broke down on Federal Highway and caused a massive jam, again causing the whole of KL to lock down and traders suffer, can you sue the bus company? Get real or report real issues.


  9. There is something called causation in lawyer speak. If the cause can be linked to the fact, then liability can follow but as I always say, you can always sue anyone. Finding liability is another matter

  10. Tok Dalang1:38 am

    Ini seperti kisah bangau oh bangau..

    1.Bangau oh bangau kenapa kau rugi 100 juta?

    Macam mana aku tak rugi 100 juta, FRU sembur air gatal dan gas pemedih mata dan pelanggan aku lari....

    2.FRU oh FRU kenapa engkau sembur air gatal dan gas pemedih mata sampai pelanggan lari?

    Macam mana aku tak sembur.. rakyat nak sangat tunjuk perasaan...

    3.Rakyat oh rakyat.. kenapa engkau nak tunjuk sangat perasaan?

    Macam mana aku tak tunjuk perasaan, kerajaan pakai ISA tahan orang tanpa bicara

    4.Kerajaan oh KERAjaan kerana apa ko pakai ISA tahan orang tanpa bicara?

    Macam mana aku tak pakai ISA, polis dan pendakwaraya bengap tak pandai carik bukti (kalau tidak dah lama kena dakwa dah)...

    5.Polis/Pendakwaraya kenapa tak pandai carik bukti?

    Macam mana nak carik.. memang tak ada bukti atau susah nak cari....

    6.Bukti oh bukti, kalau engkau tak ada macam mana nak tahan rakyat?

    kalau susah sangat tak ada bukti,pakai shortcut
    kerajaan pakai ISA tahan orang tanpa bicara.

    7.Ulang balik no 4.

  11. Anonymous1:42 am


    lets think outside the box for a while. Why dont we make peaceful demo such as last week as tourist attraction.

    Both the organiser and the police work together to ensure the demo is a peaceful one, not intruption to traffic - am sure many ppl will come out to watch and indirectly will patronise the business oulets strewn along jalan TAR.

    Furthermore, such demo would be an advertisement that can attract neutral parties to come down to jalan TAR. Furthermore, those who come to do the shoping can shop peacefully.

    As for loss to tune RM 100 Million, l twnd to agree with food lover - bullshit aah!


  12. Purple Haze1:48 am

    By the same token & hypothetically, is it possible for the detainees under the ISA make a claim for lost wages, since some have been detained for years without being charged in court ?

    There is a solution that is a win-win for all.

    Allow public rallies in controlled environments, say Bukit Jalil Sports Complex.

    This will not inconvenience businesses and in fact may provide business for some vendors (get permit first, though). Ridership on LRT will be boosted, car park fees can be collected, stadium rental as well.

    Also, public safety will be enhanced as the police will be able to monitor situation better and at lower cost. This will also allow them to deploy assets to fight crime in other areas.

    Even the incumbent govt wins by getting brownie points for allowing freedom of expression.

    Thus, there are significant economic, political, social and security advantages that can be had by just allowing public expression.

  13. Who is Kangan? Kugan?

  14. Anonymous2:14 am

    but we heard all the fast food joints, hawkers, lrt, cabs, buses making tons...

    so how?

  15. Anonymous2:21 am

    i have nothing to say about whether who is at fault for the monetary loss.

    But he as a minister, i would expect a better estimation.

    100 to 200 millions...?

    come on...


  16. Anonymous2:35 am

    Actually I really don't understand our govt lar.

    Just allow the demo lar, people shout themselves silly then adjourn to do some shopping, get some teh tarik, then go home. Businesses happy, those who demo happy as they get to release energy...

    Or, approve more stadium gatherings lar.

    My 2 cents. Don't care whether pro or anti govt/isa, it is health for people to have a place to vent their frustrations.


  17. Anonymous2:52 am

    100mil vs 12bil + toyo + etc etc etc.. what is there to shout about?
    100mil day? petronas should be ashamed.


  18. Sue those bastards who organized the demo. The non-malay seems nowhere around, only a few of them exist. They're really smart, only suruh malay do the demo only la, apa susah2, bukan diaorg yg kena tangkap. Leaders of opposition pun cepat2 cabut supaya x kena sembur air dan kena tangkap..followers only daa kena betul jadi leaders of opposition.

  19. Anonymous3:07 am

    Yes, as the opposition they can phucked and misappropriated the rakyat's coffers but no investigation is needed as the amount is just token!

    Yes, as the opposition they can phuked any pussycats as they like and even those that belong to thier friend of friend of friend doghter and wiefe but yet they can say to the snoop squats not to meddle with their phucking bussiness.

    Just imagine what going to happen if this scumbags opposition won the GE13? Yes, by then nobody can stop this moronic sex maniacs from doing almost everything and to dispense with any sort of rules and regulations.

    So to all of you who still have good conscience and who are not yet ready to fall into this kind of secular absolutism trap, lets make sure this phuckys' line up do not get what the are dreaming for!!!


  20. Anonymous3:12 am

    If the peaceful demontrators become violent, damaged properties etc., that they pay. But if the mata-mata fires teargas and laced water cannons at peaceful demontrators, that the authority will have to pay. Government's money are also tax payers money. So all malaysians will ultimately pay.

  21. hahaha.. why lar.. still spinning the stories? the issue is ISA you moron.
    ok.. lets go back in those years when all the malays demo againts the malayan union. does the cover story in the nect day news paper carry stories like this: "Kedai Mamak di Kuala Lumpur Rugi"
    haha.. so cheap!

  22. Anonymous5:02 am

    who is kangan, anyone? Kugan I know la, kangan.... don't know who is that. Must be some poor fellow being put into this discussion without him knowing.... hahahahaha....

    Kampungku Bangi.

  23. nstman5:09 am

    Who's responsible for the damage? Of course, it is Umno and Barisan Nasional, which used the heaviest artillery of the state - the police that is - against peaceful demonstrators and innocent bystanders. This is Umno's way to stay in power, a classic fascist ploy using the state instruments to destroy opponents and maintain their grip on the Malaysian polity. This is a denouement of Dr Mahathir's iron-fisted rule, laid bare by the brutality of Saturday's action. BN sycophants like blogger A. Kadir Jasin, the man who made gutter journalism a byword for the mainstream press, are blaming Pakatan. Well, that's obvious, coming from a stooge of Umno.

  24. Bro, I agree with you 100%..err don't forget to sue also people behind the PKFZ calculator also breakdown when i try to enter the figure..can claim ah?

  25. Anonymous5:56 am

    Dei Anon 12.35! Where's Bar Council? So Busy protecting demonstrators' rights in Perak, who's protecting the KLites ' and stall owners' rights? Kugan aaa? You bludgeon any car thief's head to death pun tak pa, the RAKYAT willing to pay! The rakyat deserve the right to be protected correct? TBH aa? The Triad said they're willing to pay maa.

  26. Dato' Zainal Maarof5:57 am

    First, the estimate is dubious. Siapa yang kira? Macam mana dia kira? Dari mana sumbernya?

    Second, this type of potential opportunity cost that is lost is ongoing, everyday, in how the Barisan Nasional government is being inefficient and is siphoning out rakyats money by the billions through rent-seeking, into all those Dato' and Datin kaya-raya's bank accounts. Kekayaan rakyat yang berbillion setiap hari yang hilang dan masuk ke dalam poket golongan elit yang terdiri daripada golongan bisness dan politik takde orang soal pulak.

    Third, it was a peaceful march that would not have caused any disruptions. The police force installed excessive road blocks in order to create resentment in the larger rakyat. It is these restrictive actions by the police that could have interrupted business and created inefficiencies.


  27. rakyat6:12 am

    Polis and FRU liable for causing a lot of confusion and unecessary trouble spraying water canan

  28. Anonymous6:59 am

    We know you are just doing your job. Just tell the police who created the ruckus to pay up for the losses. if not for them the businesses would have earned more sales due to the many people thronging the street on a Saturday.

  29. Anonymous7:07 am

    Yes, why not?

    Let it be a lesson for all fom today onwards!!

    Love Peace

  30. we all can safely say that the deaths in Police/MACC custody are worth more than RM100 M. We all contend that stamping out corruption in Malaysia can save the entire country RM100.M a day. We all believe that Ministers and party affiliates if tried can return RM 25.b a year if UMNO/BN demonstrate genuine concerns for the country and its future. RM 100M my ass. Let SOGO and its ilk know that we the peole are first; When we go into SOGO we pay-we don't ask charity.

  31. Jati Diri7:54 am


    They must sue. Don't let these Demo "Crazy" people take the law into their own hand.

  32. Anonymous8:17 am

    Yes. GMI should be held responsible. Sogo, Semua House and all traders, do pls sue GMI. GMI should learn a lesson here. Not just a cheap publicity..

  33. Anonymous8:24 am

    For me..let demonstrator do they job and police ascot them peacefully, advertise at TV and let them do live telecast to all over the world. This will show to the world, Malaysians is a good country and of course will attract tourist to go to visit Malaysia.
    Now you see..Malaysian government is very defensive and demonstrators still want to perform their demo. So, what we get??? Havoc...

  34. Anonymous8:37 am

    Sue GMI RM100m !

    Teach them a lesson.

    Teoh's death will be determine by the inquest & court....ermmm Lonnie Liu, LWW, Kajang Pukimak?

    Sendiri buat sendiri tanggung la GMI.

    Anti GMI

  35. Anonymous8:43 am

    the demo has peaceful intentions, they only want the world to know their desire to have the ISA abolish. the police should have co-operated. the tourism should have come in to promote it.with the thousands converging into KL, the business derived would have come up to multi millions instead of the lossses. The government or the tourism industry should reward me for this suggestion that will benefit everybody on the whole -

  36. Anonymous8:45 am

    donplaypuks® said...

    Who is Kangan? Kugan?

    2:10 AM"

    Kangan + Kugan = Donplaypuks@

    = donplaypundek (a friend of the indian gangster - the moron car thief).

  37. Anonymous8:46 am

    dear gun jumpers and fellow readers.


    the supreme law of the land, i.e. the federal constitution and various international human rights standards/treaties guarantee the right to peaceful assembly.

    the oppressive and arbitrary malaysian police act which stifles this freedom is prima facie unconstitutional and thus illegal.

    this is not a case of a specific provision taking precedence over the general provision. in fact it is the opposite. what people do not realise is that the federal constitution is not an act of parliament it is THE CONSTITUTION. it does not even have a number, identifying it as an act.

    As an aside, would you like to know how it came about? It came about by way of an English Act of Parliament, so your wakil rakyat and their forefathers had no hand in legislating this document. they are and we all are bound by it. get with the program.

    you people have to start realising that as uncomfortable as it may sound, that your right to peacefully assemble is guaranteed under the federal constitution and by law, the authorities must do all that is necessary to promote and preserve that right, not stifle it or repress it.

    from the various news reports and news broadcasts it is clear that the police were the agent provocateurs of all the damage and chaos caused. the rally participants had every right to march and have their views heard despite whatever paternalistic and condescending views taken by the PM or Home Minister.

    In place of guaranteeing that right to peacefully assemble, the police did themselves a great disservice when they acted in the belligerent manner by chasing after, beating and arresting the rally participants, by some accounts, chasing participants into pertama complex... so this is not a chicken and egg situation. you don't chase people into a building and expect traders to not close shop.


    thugstone souljah.

  38. Anonymous8:47 am


    further to that, with Pewaris and Magaran, playing schoolyard bully, with their purported Pro-ISA march... little wonder that although some were arrested there were fewer reports of police force against them. selective enforcement? The point i want to make is this. The Police failed in ensuring that with 2 opposing groups marching on the same day there would, foreseeably be crowd management issues. so why were the police not being proactive and directing both crowds to march on different days? Oh, no permit. Just because no permit was purportedly issued does not mean that the police were within their rights as a law and order outfit to wash its hands of the whole affair. If the police can do that, then they clearly allowed for this situation to arise.

    another aspect of the rally was that there was active crowd management by the Unit Tindakan Amal of PAS. That's being proactive. The Government had taken an aggressive position to stifle legitimate opinion and dissent. That is repugnant.

    IMHO, the traders and persons affected ought to file their various actions for damages against the police, the home minister and the prime minister.

    Another point is this, the Prime Minister and his cohorts can cry like little divas that they are reviewing the ISA till the cows come home because the point of the Anti ISA march was that it should be repealed. That is a legitimate position to take as it is one to support the ISA.

    The problem I have with this rubbish of reviewing the ISA is that the government is taking way to long to give the people a reviewed Act for vetting. There appears to be no political will to do anything about the Act. Only when GMI forces the government to take a position, then such a weak willed statement comes out and mind you no effort to give the public more details like how far are they into the process... just that "it will be or is being reviewed".

    Our ISA Act is clearly deficient and wholly repressive and not ingrained with the relevant safeguards that UK and US legislation provide to individuals detained under such laws. Even changing the name of the Act to say, the Anti-Terrorism Act would go a long way to ensure it is not used for political dissent, which the BN government is prima facie using.

    Oh by the way, the BN government is also the same hobo using it to arrest people for their own safety, remember that debacle.

    thugstone souljah

  39. Anonymous8:53 am

    "Walaupun gagal menyerahkan memorandum menggesa ISA dimansuhkan ke Istana Negara
    ekoran sekatan pihak polis, Cif Komander Himpunan Mansuhkan ISA, Salahuddin Ayub
    tetap menganggapnya sebagai berjaya....

    Kata Salahuddin, misi berjaya. Maknanya tujuan mereka bukan nak serah petisyen, tapi nak buat kacau bilau. Itu lah hakikat PAS babi B.A.B.I.


  40. Anonymous8:57 am

    divine hope

    Sue the Umno/BN govt for causing all traffic jams, and letting the police, FRU, and thugs attack the innocent people.
    If they are so afraid of a little demo, then please resign en masse and let the the Opposition take over.

  41. haha what a joke. where did he pull this estimates from? and looking at the video, the people were there for a march and they didn't cos any damage. most walked in to the black maria.

    this is part of the trick to make them look bad. but hey what is RM200million to PKFZ RM12.5 billion. why no such concern on PKFZ?

    i think lots of Malaysians support the march, check last night NTV7 survey results.

  42. Anonymous9:09 am


    Persatuan Penjaja Bumiputra Wilayah Persekutuan should start class action suit against GMI inclusive of PAS, PKR and DAP. Ask for RM200M damages. Lets make them pauper like LKY pauperised Jayaretnam and his Singapore Democratic party.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  43. Harris Nasril

    Good point. You beat me to it.

    As you so rightly state, not so long ago there were pictures in all the blogs and MSM about how the Malays had stood up to the British over the iniquitable Malayan Union.

    When the issues are important enough, as is the movement for the abolishment of the ISA, right thinking Malaysians will come out and stand up for their rights, peacefully.

    They came out because the Govt is not listening to the majority of the People and this is the only avenue left for them to show their legitimate concerns. We will not be bought by talk of 'limited reviews'.

    Kudos to you, Harris Narsil!

    We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

  44. artchan9:24 am

    thanks for the joke again. Whenever i need a joke, i will log to your site.

    I thought as a veteran journalist, you would want to question how the minister arrive at 100-200million figure.

  45. teo siew chin9:32 am

    the polis are paid by the rakyat to protect them - not teargas them!!! duhhh.
    it was a peaceful march UNTIL the bombing of tear gas.
    if the polis had been there to ensure peace and order and just let the marchers proceed, all businesses along the routes would have made RM 100 million PROFIT instead.
    What better way to get your businesses noticed than by having 100,000 people walk by them, not to mention the media coverage all over the world!
    and btw it was a lost opportunity for the polis to endear themselves to the rakyat!

    and also btw... it was a peaceful march, NOT a demo !!!

  46. Anonymous9:42 am

    First of all, the stupid demons were not straight. They were manipulated to the core by their stupid leaders.

    Their stupid followers would even eat shit, if their leaders asked them to do so.

    It would have been perfectly and legally better to send their stupid memorandum by Registered Post, rather than getting the mob to deprive the postal department from doing their jobs.

    But on the other hand, it is good for business too. The Police will now need to buy more Tear gas and Chemicals to replace the ones used up. Give that contract to Anwar's cronies, and he will be as happy as a pigging shit.

    Have to agree with some comments that these demons should march along Petaling Street and Bukit Binatang areas if they feel their stupid cause is justified.

    This march is actually a challenge by Anwar...... catch me if you can.

    Lim Kit Siang is happily waiting for the Police to nab Anwar, so there will not be any need for him to kick him out.

    Clever move DAP.


  47. Mazlan9:51 am

    I don't understand why countries like the US and in Europe can have larger demonstration without any problems.
    In these places the Police actually assist in organizing and marshaling the protesters to ensure proper traffic management without the need to resort to tear gas or water cannon.
    As I see it the protesters seemed to be peaceful and did not loot shops and that the police could have just marshaled them without the need for tear gas.

    As I understood it there were 2 groups - one anti ISA and one pro-ISA. Thus should not both be liable?
    And how do you make a loose organization with no real bank account liable for such damages. Its not been done elsewhere - so is Malaysia now moving into the realm of stupidity?

    And I would have to say the damage to the taxpayer is minuscule compared to the damage caused by such follies as PKFZ and Khir Toyo's mansion.

    Come on Rocky - where have you been as a journalist on these 2 issues? Or is Khir Toyo somehow immune?

  48. Anonymous9:53 am

    Yes the organizer for this stupid GMI should be sued. Who is Kugan? He deserve to be dead. Bagi susah pencinta keamanan.

  49. Anonymous9:55 am

    So who liable for all the mismanagement, i.e. losses at all the GLCs and others like NSTP, MM & Media, should know how much was "lost" by when management changes and when changes happens, new structure are developed and money is spent on something called rebranding.What the f**k are the internal audits at these companies doing...sleeping klike the previous PM. Dont talk of good governance and accountability only when it suits you lah

  50. Betul ke taikoh gangster ada bagi kupon kat sesetengah yang terlibat dalam demonstrasi? Boleh dapat diskaun sehingga 80% di rumah tumpangan Lorong Haji Taib. Habis demonstrasi terus pi `massage'.

    Yang pakai kupiah tu jangan disangka warak - kadang-kadang lebih setan perangai dia dari iblis. Kalau arak, dadah - H-a-r-aaaaammm. Tapi kalu ada peluang dengan pompuan, sikit punya sial munkey-munkey ni.

  51. Anonymous10:22 am

    The price for street demo RM 100M

    The price for freedom

    PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!!


  52. Anonymous10:41 am

    I hope the police will not factor in the following costs and inflate the 'losses' figure further:

    a.'overtime' costs for their staff
    b. purchasing 'extra' tear gas,
    c. buying more water from Syabas for their water cannons
    d. procuring chemicals used with the water spray
    e. aviation fuel used for the helicopters that were 'on duty', f. food ordered for the anti-ISA folks detained overnight

    You folks want to contribute further on how PDRM can FURTHER BEEF UP its claim as well?

    Oh, ya, we should not forget the time spent by the PM, DPM, Home Minister etc to comment on the matter. Time is money - for these VIPS?

    What about airtime taken up by RTM, TV3 group of companies? So much airtime spent on this rally.
    That may be at the expense of valuable advertising income.

    Oh...shit...the list seems to be endless.

    How lah Rocky?


  53. Anonymous10:41 am

    Its time the demonstrators have to be a responsible citizens. Either they pay it with their money or reputation.

    MACC and Police have paid their due with their reputations

    Quite Sad that the opposition rather fund demonstrations rather than directing their funds and time to jolt Selangor Economy.

  54. Raja Nong Chik, u think we have brains the size of chick peas?

    And you Rocky, kalau ya pun nak putar, tapis dan fikirkanlah dulu. Banyak sangatkah business sekarang? Turnover mahu ada SATU Billion ringgit, bro.

    Menteri tu kurang pandai, ko yang pernah jadi journo kat Business Times, Chief Editor MM and so on takkanlah.

  55. rocky bru,

    dont be pencacai like that parpu. please la you are a senior journo. do you believe that nong chik?

    Can anyone then be held responsible/accountable for the losses and damages?---> see bru you beend always talk money money money.

    how about the ISA detainee? can they sue your beend gomen/malaysia gomen for the injustice. by the way gomen prove nothing about their alleged crime.

  56. Kalau brader anwar tokey sumo house dah lama dia saman kerajaan malaysia nie bro..

  57. 1. Since thugstone souljah is such a smart alec, and he thinks that the purported "peaceful" assembly is guaranteed under the Constitution, then the next time I suggest you and your Pakatan supporters apply to the Police to hold your so called rights to an assembly in a big capacity stadium, I suggest the Shah Alam Stadium as a good venue for a "peaceful" assembly. There, Pakatan leader and supporters can shout and whine about the ISA until the cows go home, I am sure the Selangor MB will not charge Pakatan for the Stadium use.

    The operative sentence is that if you want to have a "peaceful assembly just do it somewhere else not in the middle of Kuala Lumpur" on a weekend where people do shopping and are taking time out with their families like normal people do. DO NOT blame the Police lah, they are doing their job protecting the majority against the tyranny of the extremists minority who wants to impose their views on the majority.

    Whatever your argument is, the majority wants the ISA to staylah thugstone souljah, that is why the BN won the Federal Government by a huge majority by any international standards in March 2008.

    If Pakatan thinks otherwise than use the ISA issue as one of your major manifesto for next election; TELL the RAKYAT that Pakatan will abolish the ISA if they get elected as Federal Government. Stop this nonsense of demonstrations against the BN Government disguised as a peaceful assemblylah, Rakyat is not stupid, in March 2008 we give BN a big warning, but next time if Pakatan still persist on their hegemony ways then PAS,DAP and PKR will be given a stern warning to not play,play with the rakyat's trust as well. Pakatan should not try to tempt fate and try to break the camel's back.

    Let us see if the rakyat agrees with Pakatan on the ISA issue in the next General election.

  58. Sedih,marah dan kagum...kepada para penunjuk perasaan GMI 1 Ogos tempohari....nk tahu kenapa? lu pk la sendiri...

  59. Anonymous11:13 am




  60. Rakyat Sri Menanti11:14 am

    We have another stupid
    Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan.

    Minta dia belajar semula ilmu hisab. Masakan dalam satu harian kerugian boleh mencapai RM100-200 juta.

    Apa pun saya tetap mempertahankan AKDN.

  61. Anonymous11:21 am

    "divine hope

    Sue the Umno/BN govt for causing all traffic jams, and letting the police, FRU, and thugs attack the innocent people.
    If they are so afraid of a little demo, then please resign en masse and let the the Opposition take over."...

    STUPID DIVINE. GMI, PAS, DAP, PKR caused the traffic jam for their illegal gathering. The Police, FRU is the costodian of majority wellbeing.

    Check your facts before open your mout. Fucking Dinine.


  62. Anonymous11:42 am

    The violence was caused by the Police. There would be no problem. Perhaps the business could improved if the police had not started the violence. The real culprit is the govt. If they want damages get it from Hisahmuddin.

  63. Anonymous11:49 am

    My neighbour who is a DAP member asked me why are the Malays doing stupid things by demonstrating over the ISA.

    Even he who is a strong supporter of the DAP, did not bother to join the demo for obvious reasons that it is illegal and will expose himself to danger.

    For once I did not feel offended because I know that the stupid Malays that he mentioned are Melayu PAS and Melayu PKR.

    I am not angry with Lim Kit Siang, Hadi Awang or even Anwar Ibrahim. They are smart and have their interest at heart and they alone will not caused any problem in Kuala Lumpur that day.

    I am more angry with the stupid Melayu supporters of PAS and PKR who blindly demonstrate for the benefit of those three PUKIMAKs.

  64. betul betul...NSTP and MM have gone down the drain due to mismanagement...i dgr reporters claims pun tak bayar!

  65. 100 mil question.
    100 mil is actually a small amount.
    if 1 family paid RM250 for shopping, parking, food.
    how many family needed to fill the allocation?
    wait. how about claims filed by on-called officer FRU which at the first place non-existant. maybe RM200 per person.
    how about the cost to clean up after the 'peaceful' demo?
    how about the petrol and maintenance of personal car that caught in the traffic jam due to the demo?

    anyhow, the peaceful demo end when you try to go march thru a blockade and it is by international standard to
    1) Chief commander to warn crowd to dispress on 3 warning.
    2) personel to blockade.
    3) if blockade fail. personel to retreat and teargas will be deployed.
    4) if teargas deployed and crowd still stand, watergun to be used.
    - high force water to scare crowd
    - watermarking gun to be used if need to identified suspect.
    - chemical water to immobilize crowd for detention

    sidenote : when watergun is used while there's still some teargas. the effect is almost the same as chemical water. as the chemical water is actually a teargas is placed inside the water tank.

    None-chemical water has been used in the recent event.

  66. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Anyway, I think the BN government has already a contingency plan in place to provide relief for those affected businesses.

    See how the money is going to come from:

    Last week, number forecast operator Multi-Purpose Holdings told the stock exchange that its subsidiary Magnum Corporation had received government approval for a new four-digit (4-D) game that would incorporate a jackpot element.

    This follows Kuala Lumpur’s decision last October to award all three 4D gaming companies — Berjaya Sports Toto, Magnum and Tanjong plc — 10 more special draws a year. Each draw typically adds about RM20 million to total sales. [Business Times Singapore via Malaysian Insider]

    Dont worry folks, the FT minister may have had this additional revenue source when he was talking about your concerns.

    Going to courts and getting the NGO to pay may be a tedious process.

    But if the federal government can use this additional revenue source from such activities, why not?

    And then can showcase itself as a caring government to regain all lost 'territories' in the next general elections?

    Please support the BN government to allow more gambling activities legally.

    After all only foreigners and non-Muslims patronise these activities but the revenue to the government is shared/distributed to all, irrespective of faith.

  67. Anonymous12:14 pm

    In your heart and in your mind, you would love to see the organizers sued to hell and be liable, don't you rocky?
    Truth of the matter is, the undeniable fact, those marchers rights to freedom of expression was denied by not giving them a permit. Also,it is my belief most probably, those marchers were provoked on purpose,to create a sense of hooliganism by whoever has a hidden agenda or to serve his unseen master.
    As a democracy, we have seen countries, such as Japan, Korea, and the west, also even China has had far greater protests than what we have, yet, most were peaceful. Their enforcement officers, were there to keep the peace, not provoke. Can you rocky, in a clear conscience say the same for our beloved Bolehland?

    You are a batu api

  68. Of course the organisers and their foot soldiers will say that its a small price to pay because they are fighting for the rights of these traders and those effected by the riots.


    Try saying that to the faces of the angry traders. I would love to see that!
    Silap2 ade yang kena cepuk kat kepala ...

  69. Anonymous12:21 pm

    wa this guy very good can just pluck figures from thin air,any chance of booking him in case david copperfield cancels a show.

    thin air

  70. Anonymous12:31 pm

    If Police allowed the demonstrators to march peacefully to istana nothing would happened at TAR and SOGO area. It was not a violent demonstration as not a single shop or property damage by thousands of demonstrator. This is fact. The problem was that police tried to impede the demonstration by blocking the roads and closing the mosques well before the actual events.

    fed up.

  71. Anonymous12:37 pm

    get real najib... rm100m to rm200m ?

    rupiah ke? or is it...

    Mongolian Tugrik?

  72. With the govt. NOT showing transparency, good governance, YOU expect the rakyat, whoever to be liable? With everyone knowing which side of the bread is buttered YOU better think again.

  73. Anonymous1:05 pm

    aku tak sabar nak tengok peniaga2 ni saman GMI utk Rm100juta...korang ingat depa ade teloq tak... ke sama cam pro-ISA yg berani 2-3 kerat jer turun...

    Hoi, persatuan peniaga-peniaga UMMNO, saman lah kalo berani...LHDN menunggu mu di sana...


  74. Lebai Kudin = Donplaypuks1:06 pm


    Kugan is an Indian criminal and a product of Tamil schools system.

    He is the same product as Ronnie Liu's gangsters that came out of Chinese vernacualr schools and remain an inside looking Chinese living in a Malay land.

    You are English educated and schooled with Raja Nong Chik but surprisingly think like a pariah!!!!

  75. Anonymous1:10 pm

    The dolts including the Datos are out shooting their bolts.

    PKFZ, Kugan, MACC are just the canards to deflect the big ol C

    C for canard, C for Crime, C for Conspiracy to rebellion for the sake of cockless stallions

    The bastard( slang) shitheaded arsewhores here are twisting facts:

    1. Fact 1: No permit was issued (under the Police Act) hence no right to gather materialises in the first place.

    2. Fact 2: When a gathering coalsces and the police asks them to disperse, the police are within their rights as per provisions of S27a of the Police Act (also read S27 carefully) to issue an order to disperse, which they did and when the order was defied take the neccessary to disperse the mob, gangstas etc.

    3. Fact 3: when cowards run for cover in tears into shops, they are also committing trespass which is a punishable offence under tort and in doing so, when they wilfully or accidentally trash the goods within or cause would be clients to run for their lives then they are liable to restitution if a civil class action suit is brought.

    fact 4: Pro-ISA marchers took the smart and levelheaded alternative of delivering the memo. The fact that 1 man can run the gauntlet of police, mobs to deliver it speaks volumes of how 1 melayu can beat the stupidity of 15k including that of the socalled great leaders...hahahahahahaha LOL

    The arguments as to the rights for peaceful assembly etc is moot. For that matter if you study ACT 149 that gave rise to the ISA, it fully contradicts the provisions of the UN declaration of Human Rights. So talk about amending the constitution or u dare to ditch it with the new republic initiative , bastard snakehead thugs and whores?. i bet you are scared shit of that. Why cavil over the ISA when the original Act itself is riddled with human right violations, eh bastards?

    Answer, fuckheads: You wanna get rid of the ISA so u can take to the streets to topple a legally elected government which you can never do via the ballot box and keep 149 to generate even more repressive laws when you assume power and begin your champagne, whoring, thieving antics, right?. that is the ultimate target but you dont wanna come out saying so, arsewhoring, cumswamped, pigarsefucking morons!

    FYI; The Illegal assembly is part and parcel of many commonwealth jurisdictions: ex:see sections 141 to 158 of the Indian penal Code(IPC): the prohibition model against asembly adopted by Tasmania, ACT, northern Territory and Victoria in Australia:"Unlawful Assemblies and Processions Act" (1958)
    ss. 32-33 and 64-69 of the Criminal Code of Canada and also the Militia Act in the US.

    Dei bastards, talk about the issue raised, not poke fun at the blogger, or raise canards, red herrings or other stupid arsehole suggestions like drawing tourists etc.fact of the matter the blogger even mentioned this and raised a rhetorical Q to underline his own doubts:

    The FT Minister's estimate is bound to raise eyebrows and draw scoffs. But what if it's true?

    Address the issue with facts and logical arguments or scram outta here into ur momma's wormy cuntif you dont have any grey matter but shit between them earlobes!!

    Warrior 231

  76. Anonymous1:11 pm

    i wonder why the demo can`t take place at P.s ...lagi banyak turist...lagi pun dekat lagi gan istana kalau tak salah la... atau kat b.bintang ....atau GMI takut buat kat sana....and pasal kilang arak kat shah alam tader la sapa lak nak buat demo suruh tutup...just wonder!


  77. Pune Deck1:12 pm

    These class action is legally possible.

    Blogger Syed Akbar who has a jewellery shop and had to close his shop on that day shd intiate the class action against GMI.

    Go ahead and ridicule it. If the street vendors and shops do make a lawsuit, it is for real.

    The liability if on GMI and if there exist no such organisation, PAS can be sued or personality leading GMI can be sued.

    This will be an expaensive lesson for lawbreakers!!!Hope court help to expediate for sake of law and order.

  78. Anonymous1:15 pm

    rocky we know now you kissing asses with the powers of the day....but look at both sides of the issues.

  79. Anonymous1:22 pm

    I would like to thank the Police and some UMNO officials with their effort pre-empting interventions of the Pro-ISA movement a few days before the GMI gathering especially the night before which I was there witnessing a crowd grows from 50 to 1,200 ppl in a few minutes (I knew because of the amount of glasses water ordered for them lol by asking the food guy).

    And ive heard from them that a few tens of thousands more from Shah Alam IPTA, all malay martial art organisations and ex-army and elsewhere are gathering in some hot spot like Kg Baru etc. And I asked one of them how many is coming- they showed the documents amounting to 40,000 strong!!!. And thats only the beginning.

    Luckily some UMNO officials and RELA and some Police guys intervened and distracting them with other stuff and "tazkirah" even though some of them keep inciting the anger by saying ISA is the Malay taming sari and other fiery stuff. And one of the UMNO officials intervened by saying they have been working with the Chinese Community as close as ever to tone down the angry mobs. And the UMNO guy took the opportunity to distribute the 1malaysia small pamphlets and keep saying malay and other races are as one (I got it too!). And finally the official are smart enough diverting all the mistakes on Pak Lah and Anwar and the malay mistakes itself. Those mobs primary targets were the chinese DAP and Indian Hindraf that will come and join the GMI.

    That was honorable cause I knew the UMNO guy just tuning down the mobs instead misusing the angry mobs for his own political mileage. For the first time Ive respected this UMNO guy for the effort diffusing it. This gathering happened in PAS constituents and the best part the PAS guy can only say "Kalau Boleh Jangan Bising Sangat" and then he walks away, so irresponsible. The final word from UMNO "Kalau boleh be onstandby mode dulu, jangan join terus, please leave it to Police to handle" The leader of the mob agreed and the crowd dispersed at 3am.

    I have a short chat with one of the young UMNO entourage while taking a break by having ciggy. He glad that those guys coming to their senses and told me handling these guys are far more complicated compared to the typical Opposition gathering. These guys are far more pure and committed compared to opposition rallies, they are like possessed by demon and extremely brave.

    To him opposition rallies are not that pure cause is simple they are not brave enough like these possessed malay extremists. For opposition you spray some tear gas and beat them up with baton, they run to hiding and using blogs and lawyers to cry foul but not these guys, these guys will keep on coming and have the potentials to create massive destruction and very willing to go the distance.

    And it is harder to contain them today compared to 13th May malay extremists cause these current malay extremists are far more educated, organised and can mobilise their supporters in very short time. And their supporters have grown ten folds in very short 1 year. To my surprise among their supporters are PAS people too who are not happy with how things are going.

    In short I could say those GMI guys are lucky facing the FRU instead of these guys. Perhaps not many Indians and Chinese didn't join the GMI rally that day cause high possibility that their leaders received intelligence the high build-up of Pro ISA supporters. And these guys don't "bulldoze" other malays.

    Rocky, I would like to propose to you, instead of writing about what happened on the GMI gathering day, you should investigate and write a blog what happened behind the scenes before the GMI. Their commendable effort of some UMNO officials, RELA and Police force in intervene and diffusing the Pro ISA movements. Do you think that all those road blocks for GMI supporters? Think again.

    For me, that UMNO guy will definitely get my vote for next election for his commendable efforts.

  80. Anonymous1:35 pm


    The GMI must be sued. The question is do they have money? And who will pay their legal fees? If they cannot pay, then their Office Bearers must be made bankrupt.

    The Pakatan is led by an ex convict and criminal called Anwar Ibrahim. The DAP is led by an ex convict called Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang. All have been jailed before.

    These Pakatan leaders and their supporters must pay money to the public to compensate for Kugan's stealing cars and slashing innocent victims with a parang, including two Chinese women, three Indians and at least two Malays. Kugan is also believed to have killed people. The Pakatan must pay the public compensation for Kugan's murdering people.

    The idea that a special place be prepared for people to go and scream their heads off is good. The stadium in Kota Bharu is good. The jungle area beyong Gombak, near Janda Baik is also a good place. Maybe the Pakatan people can go there and scream their heads off.

    The Police need not wait for the protesters to gather before spraying them with itchy water. Go to their houses and douse them with itchy water - make sure it sticks on them for two days at least. If they scratch themselves for two days, they will not be able to cause chaos in the streets.

    The RM100.0 million estimate is a bit high. RM10.0 million in sales is a closer estimate. What about trafic jam related losses - fuel, time, opportunity cost and lost. Maybe RM100.0 million is close.

  81. Menteri (Besar) Wilayah Persekutuan (agaknya) seorang akauntan sebab itu dia dapat membuat anggaran kerugian ngan cepat.Ini mungkinlah dalam bentuk pendapatan melepas. tetapi yang menyebab kerugian itu adalah Polis yang menembakkan gas pemedih mata dan memancutkan air beracun kepada penunjuk perasaan.jika tidak berlaku keganasan dari pihak polis itu ia akan berlaku dengan aman.Jadi sispa saman siapa nanti.
    Kalau ada pihak yang ingin menuntut ganti rugi saya fikir ia akan memakan masa yang sangat panjang dan belum tentu akan menang.Yang tentu menang ialah peguam, kiri kanan dia boleh makan.Pemenang yang kedua ialah surat kbar boleh jual cerita setiap hari.Lihat sahajalah kes penderaan pembantu rumah warga Indonesia yang kelihatannya lebih mudah - bertahun-tahun masih tak selesai.
    selepas ini bolehlah pula orang ramai membuat kes sivil akibat dari kelembapan sistem pengangkutan awan ,malapetaka yang disebabkan oleh sistem saliran yang tidak teratur yang memyebabkan banyak kereta terendam dalam air ketika kesesakan lalu lintas musim hujan,mangsa jenayah dan peragutpun boleh saman kerajaan kerana tidak dapat menjamin keselamat ke tahap yang wajar dan lagi.. lagi ..lagi...

  82. Well, why didn't the authority make this peaceful march legal? Why didn't the police give the permit for the peaceful march? If anyone is to pay, then it is the police who decided to make it illegal and to teargas and water-cannon the crowd.

  83. who cares about losses when injustice using the ISA is being carried out?

    Can losses also be calculated for the following incident, while they are at it?

    1) BERSIH Rally

  84. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Dalam sebuah majlis, seorang usahawan berbangsa Cina yang juga bergelar Tan Sri sedang ditemuramah oleh seorang wartawan. Duduk berdekatannya adalah 2 orang jurutera, anak beranak berketurunan India yang bekerja dengan syarikat Tan Sri tersebut. Berikut adalah perbualan mereka,

    Tan Sri: Kerajaan perlu bertindak adil dalam pengagihan kek ekonomi negara.Tidak boleh ada diskriminasi terhadap kaum bukan Melayu. Kontrak antara orang Melayu dan bukan Melayu mesti diberikan sama rata demi keadilan.Lagipun bangsa kami banyak menyumbang kepada kemajuan negara walaupun kami digelar sebagai kaum pendatang. Setelah bersusah payah semenjak sebelum merdeka, maka wajarkah kami dinafikan hak sebagai warganegara. Orang Melayu perlu lebih berkompromi dengan kaum lain untuk maju.
    Liberalisasi perlu dilaksanakan dengan meluas dalam semua sektor demi mencapai kesamarataan antara kaum.

    Wartawan: Tan Sri, boleh saya tahu sudah berapa lama 2 orang jurutera ini bekerja dengan Tan Sri?

    Tan Sri: Oh...sudah lama. Praba ni dah bekerja dengan saya hampir 30 tahun sejak syarikat ni ditubuhkan lagi. Malah anaknya pun sekarang bekerja dengan saya lebih 10 tahun. Mereka ini adalah pekerja saya yang paling berdedikasi dan banyak menyumbang kepada kemajuan syarikat.

    Wartawan: Kalau begitu, apa kata Tan Sri berikan sebahagian saham
    syarikat ni kepada mereka berdua. Lagipun mereka sudah lama bekerja dengan Tan Sri, malah banyak menyumbang kepada syarikat sepertimana kata Tan Sri tadi.

    Tan Sri: Eh..mana boleh! Ini syarikat saya. Lagipun saya dah bayar gaji yang mahal kepada mereka berdua dan saya tak pernah halang pun jika mereka nak kumpul harta. Mana boleh senang-senang saya nak bagi saham syarikat saya pada mereka.

    Wartawan: Macam tu jugalah perasaan Melayu. Tanah ini asalnya milik orang Melayu. Milik raja-raja Melayu. Lepas tu orang bukan Melayu macam Tan Sri pulak nak mintak hak sama rata dengan alasan kerana telah banyak menyumbang. Tan Sri rasa wajar atau tidak permintaan tu?

    semambu striker

  85. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Hang nak datang rumah aku, aku cakap jangan datang.

    Hang datang jugak, bawak anak bini. Aku pi rembat hang. Hang lawan. Aku balun hang.

    Matematik mudah.

    - Gay konservatif.

  86. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Tak yah saman diaorang.. nanti diaorang buat demo menentang saman tu pulak.Geng geng bengap ni sanggup pedih biji mata kena gas. Menentang ketidakadilanlah katakan!!!! LOL


  87. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Hei, nong cik...

    i think the ngo through rpk tell you to go ahead & sue, otherwise go stuff your mouth with bananas.


  88. Anonymous2:36 pm

    This Nong Cik, we know is not a smart fler and you Rocky of all people love to hang around with him.

    Aiyah, guess birds of a feather flock together.

  89. Raja Nong Chik plugged from the air a sum of RM100-200 million losses for just the few hours from probably 12pm to 4pm.

    If that figure is really the losses, which is undoubtedly a lie for political propaganda, then Malaysia's economy should not be in the doldrums with negative growth. In that case, the Govt needed no stimulus packages to revive the economy since the biz in the heart of Jln TAR, Sogo area, Mesjid Jamek area (etc) can contribute to such a great biz level.

    This is UMNO-boleh type of bullshitting the rakyat. Come on, don't lie anymore. Come GE13, let's see who realizes.

    Rocky Bru, you must be responsible enough to discern whether it is reasonable to quote what Raja Nong Chik said; otherwise that is not responsible blogging, if I may be permitted to say so.

    God bless & save Malaysia from further nonsense.

  90. Anonymous2:51 pm

    good to hear! alternatively if what you say is true then we as tax payers can also SUE the local council and or the government! Well then again, we are looking at the ideal aren't we? Surely the prosecution wouldn't do this as it will open a floodgate of such cases - if you can sue, why not us?


  91. Anonymous3:12 pm

    If one were to organize a public rally, organize properly.
    Find a suitable place.
    Streets are for cars, roadtax paying public, traders etc.

    Like Najib said it nicely, do it in your own stadium.
    Do not disturb the small traders.
    Does anyone realize how much inconvenience it caused the public on that day? Why?

    Incompetence of GMI to organize peaceful rally?
    Blocking the roads, closing down businesses?

    Good luck PR. This is Digging your own grave for the next GE.

    And for those participating the street demo, Anwar Ibrahim wants to say thank you to you guys for distracting PR scandals, and his court case...


  92. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Malaysians value human rights and are protesting against unjust law which needs to be repealed. One days bussiness loss is minuscule to loss of freedom from unjust law which can detain you and me for differance of opinion. Educated people will know the difference in fighting for a just malaysian cause. You must be in the forefront to fight against unjust laws rather than loss. A human life would be considered more precious than any business loss. If we can bring teoh's life any business loss is well deserved.

  93. What is this, sue here,sue there, only the lawyers will make money. Do this lah, our media,make it independent so that the public can hear and judge for themselves from both side whther or not ISA is needed or otherwise.By doing so,instead of going to the street, they can air their griviance elsewhere,like New straits Time as all I'm hearing from them is one side of the story,so unprofessional of them, Rocky you can lead the pack in Malay Mail by inviting two individuals, on for ISA,and the other against and let them say what they want to say and let the public decide.

  94. Another Rakyak3:33 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Purple Haze:
    All these “jokers” who supported the PR (Pembangkang Rakyat) are only kidding themselves about “peaceful” demonstration on the streets in the City.
    Even a small motor vehicle accident in the street can cause a huge traffic jam. This is no longer peaceful.
    It could only be true if PR have a peaceful demo at the Shah Alam Stadium. They can shout and scream all they want over there.
    I am very sure the Police will issue multiple Permits even if they want to demo everyday.
    The problem is, the PR Leaders are bent on making chaos in the City Center to protray a bad impression of our beloved Malaysia in the eyes of the World.
    That is the MAIN OBJECTIVE!!!
    It has nothing to do with the ISA

  95. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Demo..demo..demo....Looks like Drama king script. Do all these people understand what they are fighting for...or just been manipulated by certain individual to divert the attention from what actually matter. and wonder too, why only mostly malay from certain political party took part? Where are the other "malaysian"???
    Jangan kena main sudah la....THINK.

  96. Anonymous4:01 pm


    The poor chap meant to say the cost was in rupees lar! Take one or two zero away. heheh


  97. Anonymous4:18 pm

    SUE the IGP Musang and Home Minister Hishamuddddiinn, they are the CAUSE of all Losses, end of story !!


  98. Siluman4:23 pm

    Freedom of Speech does not translate into Freedom of Movement.I rather have Freedom of Movement any day.

  99. Anonymous4:28 pm

    20,000 or even 5,000 (depending on which figures you look at) people marching and coming into your business district must be good for business, unless someone chases them away. so who is liable?


  100. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Kalau aku parking kereta lepas tu kena pecah dengan geng demo sapa nak ganti??

    Anwar Ibrahim?Sivarasa? Lim Kit Siang?

    Kalau kedai aku tak ada pelanggan yang masuk pasal takut orang-orang buat demo siapa nak bagi ganti rugi??

    Orang GMI? Karpal Singh?Shamsul Yunos? Bapak Syamsul Yunus?Opah Shamsul Yunus? Mak Bapak penganjur GMI??

    Lu pikir la sendiri.. ada undang-undang ikut.. kalau zalim sangat PRU13 undi la lagi..

    Lu orang cakap rakyat sokong lu orang tp perangai macam BABI sondol je apa yg boleh..

    Kalau betul ada sokongan rakyat PRU13 lu orang sapu bersih la..

    5 negeri sudah dapat kenapa GELOJOH sangat.. terutamanya DAP dan PKR? Dah tak sabar?

  101. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Malaysia need a no nonsense leader like Lee Kuan Yew. Najib is too weak. He should learn from the Tok Guru Lee Kuan Yew.

    No compromise on street demos. Najib better wake up and tightened the screw.

    To hell with human rights....if Lee Kuan Yew can get away with it...Najib can do it even better...if he still got the BOLA lah.Things are already out of hand.

    Learn a thing or two from your southern neighbour and there won't be any monkeys on the street. And not to forget to throw some defamation suit if any monkey try to be funny.

    But most importantly
    for any leader the BOLA must be bigger than anybody's (at a time like this).


  102. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Para peniaga dan kesemua yang mengalami kerugian saman je GMI.

    Kalau tak nak kena tahan ISA, get ready kena saman la..

  103. Anonymous5:03 pm

    What a shame to Malaysia. IF really want to demo then demo at stsadium la.. not bikin riot at main street menganggu orang awam.. then portray like Malaysia sudah jadi macam thailand.. and buat investors lari tgk politik kat msia macam babi.. Stupid pakatan. Mahu mencapap - mencari publisiti murahan je tau.

  104. Think about this will you all?

    Since March 8 2008, I recall at least 3 events held in the stadium (either in Kelana Jaya or Stadium Malawati - 100 days in Kelana Jaya, TBH in Kelana Jaya, and ANTI ISA in Stadimu Malawati).

    So why don't they do it again in Malawati or Kelana jaya?

    The answer, to my conclusion is that the previous events inthe stadium did not have impact. Yup. PR leaders were preaching to their own. hence, in order to create chaos and publicity, take to the streets a-la Reformasi style, the only thing Anwaristas know best.

    And they say Anwar is the best person to lead? The street mob maybe!

    I am more certain now than ever that that no brainer former Minister who said that if show of strength is the gauge, UMNO can have 1 million people n the streets. Frighteningly, it could be a reality. Fortunately, they have the right leaders to NOT CREATE CHAOS! The same can't be said for PAS and PKR.

    What next now that street mob do not rule? Suicide bombers????

  105. good idea . .so the macik operating a stall could have earned load that day selling bandung ais if not because of FRU's air gatal !!!
    someone needs to own up for her lost... btw how could she proof her earning for somehting that she hasn't earned??

    also the Ipoh kopi tiam also should sue because their customers being chased away...

    u r getting silly

  106. Anonymous5:36 pm

    RM100m? of cos if you are in business, this estimate can be considered low;

    1. Rental in those areas are very expensive.. just calculate the daily rent and utilities for just that ONE day.

    2. Do you know how much a NASI KANDAR shop in the area can make a day and especially on a SATURDAY?

    Imagine the number of workers they need to pay, and the amount of food wasted? And theres the KFC, A&W, McD the many restaurants in SOGO alone? Even the KFC in my area, SO FAR AWAY FROM TOWN makes RM20,000 a day!

    - And even those road-side stalls need to employ assistants.

    3. I believe there are many banks, and (ATM machines too), legal and other professional firms, deprived of their potential clients for THE DAY?..

    August 1st is considered one PEAK shopping period!

    Yes, if you are in business, RM100m loss is a very low estimate..


  107. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Dei Rocky
    Tiap2 hari saya ada jual cendol pulut dalam area KL la. Hari Sabtu saya boleh dapat banyak pelanggan. Tapi itu hari demo punya pasal, saya pun takut mau niaga la. Saya rugi lo. Apa pasat itu demo punya olang gila talak pegi demo dalam stadium PJ ka. Apa pasal mau masuk demo dalam town. Ooooo itu demo punya orang maut tunjuk sama orang asing, negara kita tidak aman dan tenteram. Jahat punya orang. Kasi sunat satu kali lagi la itu Melayu. Cina sama India boleh sunat satu kali. Anwar kasi sunat sampai habis. Dia orang mau tunjuk terer saja, tapi telor banyak kecik. Apa pasal mau kacau dalam town, pegi buat demo dalam stadium la. Kalau tak mau demo dalam stadium pegi demo dalam laut la, kita tengok banyak berani ka. Sekarang mau salah itu polis pula. Polis mau jaga ketenteraman la. Saya minta kerajaan tindak habis-habisan la. Tidak kira wakil rakyat ka siapa saja. Salah mesti salah la. Saya ada bayar cukai loh. Jangan kasi chance lagi sama itu demo punya orang. Mana boleh majoriti ikut minority. Satu kali lagi itu orang buat demo, saya mau bakar itu mercun besar kasi baling sama demo punya orang. Kasi mampus semua. Itu tarak guna punya orang.

    Cendol pulut durian

  108. Nzain6:09 pm

    I would like to suggest to the Police to use air bunga the next time instead of chemical water. Mana le tau dah lepas kena sembur tu sejuk hati org2 Pakatan ni, instead of angrily rioting maybe they'll be prancing around like some drunk hippie eh. Flower power.

    Quote - "The poor suffer twice at the rioter's hands. First, his destructive fury scars their neighborhood; second, the atmosphere of accommodation and consent is changed to one of hostility and resentment."
    Johnson, Lyndon B.

  109. Anonymous6:50 pm

    dumbo food lover

    just refer to ALL previous saturday sales lah dodo

    as a point of reference

    otak udang nak aksi pandai

  110. Anonymous7:15 pm


    Let this pinch the Pakatan Rakyat and their voters/supporters..

    RM100 million, approximate this amount from the allocations to the states ruled by these idiots.
    Selangor, Penang in particular.

  111. Why cant they make it at Shah Alam Stadium. They can even make the demo at Shah Alam stadium everyday-24 hours, 7 days a week.

    Last time they did, police had no problem issuing a permit.

    And why they acted like they represented the voice of majority? Cant they just wait for next PRU? Cant they just ask their MPs to debate this issue in Dewan Rakyat?

  112. Hey, our inflation is not yet at Zimbabwe levels, man.

  113. Blogger Republican Reds said...

    What is this, sue here,sue there, only the lawyers will make money. Do this lah, our media,make it independent so that the public can hear and judge for themselves from both side whther or not ISA is needed or otherwise.By doing so,instead of going to the street, they can air their griviance elsewhere,like New straits Time as all I'm hearing from them is one side of the story,so unprofessional of them, Rocky you can lead the pack in Malay Mail by inviting two individuals, on for ISA,and the other against and let them say what they want to say and let the public decide.

    3:22 PM

    Hey Rocky tak boleh bikin u cakap. Kena buang kerja susah. Kena satu side always. Jaga govt. sahaja.

  114. Anonymous8:06 pm

    Dear Mazlan,

    Where demos in Europe are concerned, well they are more 'controlled'. Like any civilised countries, a permit must be issued before any demo can take place. If there's an illegal mob anywhere, the police have the right to take rightful measures to disperse it (hence, here the M'sian police were NOT WRONG)..For yr info, whenever there's a demo anywhere, the Riot Police are always on standby anywhere where there's a demo ...the police vans would be parked everywhere in the area where the demo is taking place, especially if the demo is a high profiled and 'sensitive' one....Yes, they use water hoses too ....what they put in the water, only God knows (I bet it won't be different from their M'sian counterparts), yes and they also use tear gases and some unknown other gases .. I had the opportunity of experiencing that one time when I was demo-ing along the streets of Paris ...demo-ing for a high-profiled 'cause'...

    The demos look like really 'peaceful' (sometimes they have a carnival atmosphere where everyone shouts and raps to the drumbeat/gongs or whatever just to convey their message), but the police do a great job in controlling the mob, but sometimes things do get out of hand ..that is why prevention is better than cure ....The roads used for the people to lash their 'anger' are chosen by the establishment, so that it is easier to contain if someone wants to create chaos, mayhem etc....

    I am happy that the M'sian police did a very good job in containing the illegal demo on Saturday. It was more of a riot to me if not for the good job of the police...Before I forget, kudos to that lone pro ISA guy, Khairul for being able to outsmart everyone compared to those PAS lembus ...hahaha..LOL

    - a Melayu in Europe

  115. They curse you, hated you and repeatedly say of wanting to boycott your blog but yet they still kept coming back.

    Must be the Mat Leather crowd, Rocky. They loved being whack at ... hehehe

  116. Anonymous8:12 pm

    thugstone souljah @ 8:47 AM

    so much mumbo jumbo

    put simply

    your child wants to bring home his friend for a chat

    your house rule is that he must get your permission first

    upon knowing the poor reputation of his friend you said no

    he disobeyed and still brought home this friend

    although unhappy, you watched the two pals chatting

    then your child's friend loudly asked, "why are you afraid of your parent?"

    he can't stop you from smoking if you want to, everyone has a right to smoke, you won't die

    so freedom to smoke should be allowed for all including underaged children and women

    the parent should ALLOW the child to become addicted to smoking, right?

    after all you won't die

    whatever HAPPENED to the parents' right to bring up their children as they fit??

    and as we know, once you allow first time, there will be second time, third time

    and Malaysia will be like Thailand, perpetual protests daily

    and another peaceful country will attract all regional investors easily

  117. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Anon@3:13 PM, says ...

    "Malaysians value human rights and are protesting against unjust law which needs to be repealed. One days bussiness loss is minuscule to loss of freedom from unjust law which can detain you and me for differance of opinion. Educated people will know the difference in fighting for a just malaysian cause. You must be in the forefront to fight against unjust laws rather than loss. A human life would be considered more precious than any business loss. If we can bring teoh's life any business loss is well deserved."

    Hey Guys,
    I think this is the brainwahing technique that is used to psycho the blind followers. The strange LINKS in this confused anon's head is typical of those deluded and deranged.

    Read every word carefully and you will discover the "zero-logic" behind this poor chap's thinking faculty.

    he ends with justice for Teoh????? - hullo, and we thought it was anti-ISA protest

    See guys, lobang sudah pecah ...

  118. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Anon@1:22 PM

    I get the creeps reading your personal account.

    These provokers had better watch their limits.

    The last straw may just be round the corner.

    And PAS members better so a soul-search, buka mata, buka minda, jangan diperkuda.

  119. Anonymous8:52 pm

    betul ke nak hapuskan ISA

    Kan Mas Selamat ada kat Malaysia

  120. Anonymous8:55 pm


    dint know got so many BN supporters here!!

    not such an impartial blog i see...

    the way some ppl here drum up support for crackdowns here sounds like germany of the 1930s (mind u nazis were legitimate gov of their day)

    btw 100mil as bad as 12bil pkfz
    (unless u never had common sense or maths education).

    who can we sue for that huh ?

  121. Saman.......Saman....jangan tak saman !

  122. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Sue the owner of GMI & PR leaders for causing stress damage to the traders. Teach these idiots a lesson. Really stupid to do such demo causing our family outing cancell. Sue RM100M like DSAI sue anyone who said DSAI is the mother of sodomy

    Sodomy II

  123. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Kalau ye pon buat lah di padang, ada lah rasa perihatin terhadap2 peniaga2 disana. Apa tujuan mereka buat demo d jln tar? Tiada tempat lain, jangan lah buta perut pulak, pentingkan diri sendiri.. Laknatullah sesiapa yang mengikut buat demo begini. Susah sangat bebenar nak bertingkah-laku dengan kesopanan.
    Mereka2 yang di tahan oleh ISA ada sebab2nya.
    Get a life laa... selfish ignorant fools...

  124. 1.I think the amount should be increased to RM100 billion instead of RM100 mil,to teach these terrorist some lesson and to make them think twice before staging demos in the near future,

    2.We should call professionals to evaluate how much these petty traders deserved to be compensated

    3.Standard procedures of calling open tender,main & sub-con,consultant,directors, suit,counter lawsuit..a substantial amount of 10% were agreed upon,while the remaining amount goes to 'development'

    4.Then we can use the money to build a concrete wall (after tedious process of repeating step 3 above..),3 feet thick by 25 feet tall complete with cctv(like Israel build surrounding Gaza)to protect Sogo,Masjid India,Central Market..

    5.Trespassers must produce special pass,which recognizes them not only by gender,race,religion but also political leanings..

    6.Any gathering more than 1 person is considered illegal..

    7.Any posters,t-shirt,stickers depicting opposition,NGOs,human right are banned..

    8.Police are also allowed to interrogate suspected terrorist any where,under tree,roadside,bridges with a standard first question like 'What are you looking at?' and 'What are you thinking of?' don't even think about it..Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai..

  125. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Mmmm.. nampaknya masih ada orang yang menyokong demontrasi nie ya. Bodoh punya manusia. Bodoh punya pemimpin Pakatan Pembangkang ni.

  126. The FT minister have no say in this.
    KL voted for the PR and this means KL supports PR all the way.
    Business owners surrounding sogo have to close their shops on many occasions organized by the bn government in a year.
    Will this means that business owners can make a claim when the government close the roads during FT day, New year day , whatever VIP birthday, hari berbasikal , lumba this -lumba that and on and on?

    If KL folks do not want to have street demos , they wont be voting for the PR.
    I am using the same argument like umno uses when they defended the ISA.

    The whole wide world saw it that it was a peaceful protest. Until today the polis did NOT found a single item that could be consider as a weapon among the 500 protesters they had arrested .
    Therefore damages to public properties dont hold any water.
    Take a look in youtube , can you tell me who are the ones damaging properties?

    Next time, allow them to march.
    Let the protesters march , make them walk as fast as possible and finishes in an hour or 2.
    Nobody get hurt , business as usual(will be more than usual if 20k turns up), everybody goes home happily and the world news can end with a happy note that Malaysia Boleh.
    Plus najib dont even have to pay 20 million to props his name in the world news.
    Ever heard of making money from street rallies?
    Temporary license can be given to hawkers during a rally.
    make rally organiser to pay deposit . 50 k ? 100 k? just in case for property damage or the crowd went amok and tear gas have to be deploy. How much is a canister of such gas by the way?
    US$ 20 ?

  127. Anonymous1:55 am

    Heshler wrote:

    I see that you don't trust Anwar, which seems a prudent choice. However, as a Canadian, it seems obvious to me that the ruling party needs to be removed from power. Without purging the government of a country every now and then, corruption and inefficiency will build up. Even if Anwar turns out to not run the government very well, it would still be for the better, due to the fact that he will be forced to increase freedoms of people and free the media by his disparate coalition members. That alone will take Malaysia a long way towards becoming a fully developed nation. Over the long run, good governance is very important for a country's progress.

  128. Anonymous3:35 am

    haha Rocky you are a joker...the one should pay is the police since they are causing so much inconvenience to veryone...if they do not know how to handle demonstrations, please ask them to study from Hong Kong police...

    Anyway, if Raja Nong Chik is so smart, please ask him to QUANTIFY the losses...

    Don;t talk rubbish are fast making a fool of yourself by every posting of your blog...

  129. the police should pay for it of course??

    Mind you, potentially you had 100,000 people who would have come for the march. If permits had been given and the police had assured that they'd help with traffic, maybe another 500,000 would have come out to see the marchers or protesters, as some would rather call them. And all of them would have marched through Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Assuming a lot of them would have come early, and maybe stayed a little longer, since they are in the city already, give and take the march would have finished in about 3 hours. Can you imagine the number of people who would have stayed on to do their shopping?

    Hawker stalls would have done roaring business. All the other shops, starting with Sogo would have raised prices even and the sale that would have gone on would have been better than any Hari Raya or Christmas shopping day.

    There would have been parties all over the place. Selangor club would be packed at the Long Bar. and Rocky, am sure you'd have been really Presidential leading the celebrations at the Press club. OBE and I'd have been hogging the karaoke there too.

    What missed opportunity!! the police and home ministry have to pay for this lost opportunity.

  130. Anonymous9:00 am

    If the police create trouble, let the pakatan goons manage security

    the police should have let loose the pro-ISA groups

    who reportedly are out to TASTE blood and they are committed

    just go in the foorsteps of Indonesia, let the REAL rakyat take the laws into their hands

    and old fart, donplaypuks, lebaikudin and company will leave the world without graves

  131. Anonymous9:05 am

    Why should police and gov pays all the loses??

    The stupid GMI don't even apply for the permit!!! the case in Selangor they do it in the stadium..police allowed it!! please to all the people that have lost their business last Saturday..

    PLEASE SUES ALL THE LEMBU PKR, PAS and DAP!!! please do it!!

    and to the time you want to do it in your own background...SHAH ALAM, GEORGE TOWN and KOTA BHARU...and let see if your own people affected there will slapped your azz or not!!


  132. stupid police? do provocation, we brought no weapon during the rally, why u treat us roughly.u have to bear the cost.. bastard!!!

  133. Anonymous11:23 am

    if 100m - 200m a day, Petronas should be closed down lah. not viable.....

    Govt should just go and whack all traders in KL on saturdays and sundays to get money from their sales for the weekend.... boleh rocky?

    Macam ni, rosmah pun kalah lah... dei, pakai otak sikit rocky...

    Raja Anonymous -

  134. Why alwasy march demo at JTAR? Why not PR (but mostly PAS) march demo at Bukit Bintang area?. Got play kasta ka. Mentang mentang BB high class area and TAR low class!. Hey go march at BB lah there u got Berjaya square what! No wonder Utusan say MELAYU that join the demo not only stupid but DUNGU macam kerbau.

  135. Anonymous2:22 pm


    a broken down bus causing jams is not something planned


  136. Anonymous2:44 pm

    man@9:05 AM

    Yes, hit where it hurts THEM the most

    morality has no place in their vocabulary

    MONEY does have a disciplinary impact

  137. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Dei Khunji spana, Lebai berkudis,irwan arsewant dan sebiul dengannya

    The issue here is restitution for damages ( 1 cent or 1 billion, doesnt matter). To establish who is at fault, its very simple:

    1. establish whether the arse bastard retards had a permit to gather and then march. As i see it, this is an open and shut case under the purview of S27 of the Police Act, no doubt about it.

    Ancillary to this , the court can enquire whether

    2.the police applied reasonable procedures to disperse the unlawful assembly (in plains speak, mob) and such a proviso for doing so is expressly mentioned here:

    ......or 27A(1) and do not disperse, any police officer or any other
    person acting in aid of a police officer may do all things necessary
    for dispersing them and for arresting them or any of them pursuant
    to subsection 27(6) or 27A(5), and, if any person makes resistance,
    may use such force as is reasonably necessary for overcoming resistance.

    resistance need not be force, it can even be like standing rooted like a stupid cow and blinking like a blithering idiot or lying prone waiting for some unsatiated mouth fuck. You lot should know better.

    3. once (1)is established as material fact, then any act of dispersing which results in the bloody bastards running into private property, causing damage or such will yield the application of tort for trespass, civil action to seek compensation and such others similar legal moves. In fact, criminal charges can be levied if the fleeing gangstas had damaged property or even squeezed the breasts or patted the bums of any anak dara/makcik manning their shops. (a frequent crime committed by a certain party's perverts).

    Now dont talk lanchiau here about PKFZ, tourists, car thieves, gangland murder and other unrelated stuff, Stick to the issue and dont squirm like an ol grandma in a wet panty or had a sudden episode of re-menstruation. Some of the malay lovvas of the chingkie boys and whores here are apparently infected with swine flu (u know from who) and are blabbering nonsense in their fevered ache for attention and their ague for cheapskate kicks.

    Stupid to the site below and go through pages 24-28 regarding unlawful assembly here and disprove me if you got the cock, which you dont:

    1. Given that GMI is an illegal ogre, I presume that PR,, Hadi, Anwar, Kitty boy and those who instigated will have to carry the jerrycan as per section 27 subsection 59(b)pg 27 and further 5 (C) on page 28.In fact, the leaders are in deep shit as prime instigators ex; anwar, hadi, sallehoudini, LKS (prosecute, convict and throw them into the slammer and cut the key in 2, just desserts for deadcock bastards(slang)

    2.for those of u still caterwauling about the whole thing, i am gonna organise a march to your front doors with busloads of tourists in tow. Got the balls for that, fuckheads?

    3. About time the police take action. If they tutup mata, then its confirmed they are talibaruts of the opositions and are just playacting Keystone cops. Use the video, photo, other printed materials as solid proof to put these scum away or face the Pro-ISAs taking the law into their hands and doing what we r supposed to do. I c, some of u posters here alreday have an inkling of what could have...get the drift!

    Warrior 231

  138. Anonymous6:12 pm

    lantak laa sape byr, aku tak peduli.

    nuar brahim! next time tiap kali nak demo, pi buat kat bukit bintang!


  139. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Wahai peniaga2 AMNO di KL, tue proISA dah offer free guaman lagi, so apa lagi, saman lah Rm100juta. Jgn jadi bacul sangat...

    Hehe, masuk ni dah 2 hari, kira lah hari ke berapa baru depa nak saman..Tu pun kalo depa saman lah...


  140. Mohd Bakri10:48 pm

    Korek, korek, korek.... rocky you are getting shitier as you feed on those barisan regime morsels... mouthing the same propaganda, parroting the same instutionalised crap that a rookie journo would not smoke or spit into...

    Sogo and other shops can make claims against those who rallied...? macam mana journo macam ini jadi babi buta ya? if anything the shops were glad for the extra flow of customers. What crippled the streets and "manufactured" the jams and incovenience was the police.

    Barisan regime anjing police, fru thugs were the criminals that inflicted this on the rakyat. If any one should be made to pay it is the IGP, and their Umno masters. They masterminded the plot and hijacked a peacefull rally and turned it into a full-scale attack on unarmed civilians.

    Umno anjings violently and brutally attacked women, children and teenagers and arrested people who were not even in the streets. The world has witnessed how basic human rights was violated and it will not go away easily or forgetten this time.

    The rakyat will bring to justice these umno militants jihadists that use the police to do their dirty work, like that of blowing up mongolian model, or snuffing out thousands of lives in police lock-ups, or even "mysteriously" finishing off opposition politicians.

    Don't assume for a minute that either the Umno regime or the police can get away with these crimes, Watch, wait and see.

  141. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Heyy "Mohd Bakri" of 10.48 PM fame, you are a COWARD lah of the highest order....barking, oinking, sondoling, shouting in this blog ...

    Got brain or not? STUPID LIAR!! Don't try to goreng here okay!!

    Hello piggydoggymonkey species, please don't insult our intelligence by using a Malay name, as if we don't know Chinkie Thambie punya olang lah ...use your own god forsaken name lah...moron, scumbag, shithead !!!!

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  142. Anonymous1:41 am

    mohd bakri dear

    your spin is TOO obvious, let's hope you manage to emerge from the SODA (state of denial always)

    admit that you are a non-malay first - that will definitely destress you

    otherwise you would have identity crisis

    sekali they SUNAT you, how??

    aisehman, power ...

  143. Anonymous7:16 am

    Mohd Bakri,
    Lain kali ajak kawan2 kamu pergi demo kat Petaling Street, Brickfields, Bukit Bintang dan SriKembangan..

    Sana, mesti mereka sambut kamu semua dengan panggang babi dan buah2 mandarin orange, siap dengan naga singa lagi..

    Siap bertempit dan berlompat, semua yang letih lenguh badan, boleh rehat kat rumah urut, bilik2 pelacuran special tersembunyi banyak kat sana... ramai Amoy tunggu dengan botol2 arak...

    Yang gang pompuan kamu semua, nah kat dalam bilik Eli Wong duk tunggu, ajar selak jubah, kangkang dengan laki2 orang yang turut serta demo..

    Kan lebih teratur dan aman... banyak hotel2 kat sana dari no star sampai 5star.. all FOC compliments dari PR..

    Janji... lain kali buat demo kat sana OK..


  144. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Kepada Businessman di JTAR, Penyokong Pro-ISA yang tak dibenarkan turun, Orang yang tak suka traffic jam.

    Apa kata kita buat Demonstrasi "Anti Demonstrasi"?

  145. Anonymous11:52 am

    Kenapa nak buat demo dekat tempat orang meniaga? Kenapa tak buat demo dalam stadium ke? O... buat demo dalam stadium tak dapat kesan yang baik?! Jadi buat di jalan raya dan tempat meniaga yang menyusahkan orang? Polis dah memang kerja dia nak menyuraikan demo, suruh bersurai tak bersurai, "fire"-lah. Kalau buat demo dalam stadium, polis tak payah nak suruh surai, malah permit dah pasti diberi. Pendemo tak boleh salahkan polis, macam nik aziz cakap, terjun dalam air, basah-lah, apasal terjun dalam air?, tak ke bodoh tu.


  146. Anonymous11:58 am

    Aku setuju dengan pendapat komenter-komenter diatas yang suruh buat demo di bukit bintang ke, cheras ke, jalan klang lama ke. Yang dia orang gi buat demo kat tempat melayu meniaga apsal? Orang melayu meniaga tak besar, tepi jalan, pakai payung, cari rezeki, korang menyusahkan diorang pulak. pegi lah kat tempat yang memang sokong korang, bukit bintang, cheras, klang lama, kawasan cina yang sokong korang semua, tengok diaorang suka tak bisnes diaorang kena kacau? bodoh betul-lah pendemo lembu!!!!

  147. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Kalau buat kat China dah lama mampos kena gelek dengan kereta kebal...hahahaha..bodoh!

    Kalau ada ramai melayu fuckatan di China sudah tentu mereka akan berguling dihadapan kereta kebal dahulu terutama yg berlebai beserban..hahahaha.. lagi bodoh!

    Singapore negara contoh demokrasi mereka....? Demokrasi kepala butuh kulup kecil cina bukit.. Parti pembangkang pun tiada di singapore..takyah temberang lah..hahahaha.. bodoh!

    ..tu lah..kuat sangat jilat jubur & hisap batang pemakan babi dan pendewa lembu...kena penyakit selsema babi dan lembu gila..hahahhaha...bodoh!

    Lain kali buatlah demo di Jln Klang Lama, Petaling Street, Jinjang, Segambut.. OK Melayu Fuckatan Riot bodoh macam babi..? Janji Ok..bagilah adil, asyik2 babi je..keadilancau sungguh..korang tau tak negara ni amal demokrasi?..bukan demokasi ..hah..dah tu kenapa asyik jaga babi & lembu je? Jagalah hati yang majoriti..PRU13 dah tak lama ..

    Orang dah pesan jangan main dgn BABI..degil..kan dah kena jangkit selsema babi..babibuta & babibodoh.. menyusahkan orang lain je..

    P/s: Zaman IT pun kena hantar memo "by-hand" lagi ke? Sampai kena escort dengan lembu2 naik minyak..kenapa tak masuk dlm portal2 web atau buat banner/billboard besar2? Semua boleh nampak & tak payah demo2 menyusahkan diri dan orang lain.. PBT Selangor kan dibawah si exco cina kesayangan korang tu..kelulusan? ada masalah ke? Bodoh..! hahahahaha....

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  148. to the anons, this demo has no licence, and anything can trigger a riot. imagine automobiles anbd busses getting stuck, a nudge here, a honk there can trigger a riot. so don't shift the blame to agent provocatuers.

  149. how many shoppers visit Jln TAR per saturday ? how much is spent? averagely? RM300? multiply by the no of visitors, 20,000 X 300 equals 6000000, duh.. only 6 million? maybe my estimation falls short... and i don't have the facts and figures and the statistics , just from my imagination

  150. and another thing, PKFZ so called losses were only an estimation to its cost in a future date,, it has not happen yet, but it will if wee continue with the riots and accusation , then investors will not come causing the estimated cost of PKFZ to be real. Duhh.....