Monday, August 03, 2009

Economist describes Anwar as a Chameleon

Name-calling. A fellow blogger and I were just talking about the latest antics of Ibrahim Ali, the "Independent" MP in Kelantan who won the last general election with the help of PAS but who's now the Islamic Party's biggest pain in the ass. In Malaysian politics, Ibrahim is affectionately known as the Frog Prince because of his propensity to jump from one party to another in the past.

Now there's a chameleon in Malaysia's politics, according to the Economist:

"This points to a trap waiting to catch the silver-tongued Mr Anwar, who deftly tells different audiences—religious or secular—what they like to hear. The same blogosphere that helped his meteoric rise may one day pay more attention to his chameleon qualities. Malaysians would then come to ask more closely: who and what exactly does Anwar stand for?" - The Economist, Malaysia's Chameleon

Read the full article here or here.

p.s. We were immediately thrown back to the early 80s, when Boy George's Karma Chameleon was a huge hit:

I'm a man without conviction
I'm a man who doesn't know
How to sell a contradiction
You come and go
you come and got



  2. Anonymous7:25 pm

    So what. This is a paid article.

  3. let us all just wait and see how the frog prince turn tricks for his political survival. he got it bad two days back, and is probably licking his wounds back at golden sand.

    question is : will he turn into malaysia's pim fortuyn or sink into obscurity for good?

  4. Anonymous9:24 pm

    It is indeed ok to say that 'Without purging the government of a country every now and then, corruption and inefficiency will build up...' but do you really if you are a part of that country?

    Malaysia has grown and developed under the leadership of Mahathir. From a relative backwater of Asean to one that is years ahead of its pass, as well as the potential to grow further.

    Comparing it to the likes of Korea and Taiwan is not being fair. Geographically, as well as the economic driven factors, which western backers had placed in Taiwan and Korea to help it grow, differs as far as heaven and earth. Evidently with the current economic downturn of the western financial system, these same countries are hit as bad, compared to Malaysia.

    Malaysia is at a crossroad. UMNO is changing, as with MCA, and MIC, and the component parties that are within the ruling coalition. The same cannot be said about Anwar. Truely a two faced, 'silver tongued chameleon' as the writer puts it.
    Anwar is a typical example of what Malaysians would call 'Lallang'. Knowing that his popularity stems mainly from the youthful Malay, Chinese and Indian (internet civilisation), he sings the song that they like to hear. Anwar has very quickly forgotten the exposed list of his involvement in as many as 200 companies, when he used the term 'cronism' against Mahathir. That backfired in his face.

    Anwar is a product of UMNO, and for UMNo to recognise this under the leadership of Najib, which has taken the challenge back to UMNO to clean itself up, I would rather place my bet on the majority of Malays looking for help from the current government than to pawn their future on one that has been expelled from UMNO. To put it bluntly, as sourpuss, who rather play the dangerous game of 'Islam-ising' Malaysia with PAS (Parti Islamiah Semalaysia) whilst telling DAP (for secular Malaysia for malaysians) that Pakatan Alliance will grow stronger.

    If there is a firing range for traitors, I can think of no better candidate.

    'Musthatis' in response to the article as posted in Economist

  5. Anonymous9:29 pm

    yeah, khas untuk orang PAS

    view this lidah bercabang

  6. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Many locals said Anwar could win the Best Tamil Actor award hands down!!


  7. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Satu penganugerahan gelaran tertinggi dan mulia dari the Economist, salah satu majalah barat yang dulunya sering memuji-muja Sdra Anwar Ibrahim kerana 'kebijaksanaannya'.


  8. Bro, with all due respect, there's no shortage of people who'd call you the same these days.

  9. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Rocky - you hate Anwar so much arh? OR is this because is part of your job as one of the Pro-Government Media spin doctor?

  10. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Apa yg saudara bangkitkan adalah cerita lama. Mengapa sudah kehabisan modal ke? Atau sedang mengumpul modal?

    surat khabar lama..

  11. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Rocky Bru

    The economist belum kenal lagi dengan IBRAHIM ALI. Eloklah saudara cuba aturkan satu temubual antara the economist dengan Berahim Ali.

    Setelah interview tersebut, sudah tentu the economist akan menamakan IBRAHIM ALI sebagai the greatest chameleon ALL TIMES


  12. Rocky...You have learn the art to praise Anwar a little ...then make sure..readers know your true bring him low as possible.
    Yes...using comments made by others...your mind and mentality is no different from Mahathir..cunning and sly fox ways.
    No hero worship him like a god father.

  13. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Karma Chameleon is an appropriate song to describe Anwar.
    Just couldn't help noticing that the singer appears to have the same penchant for boys as Anwar!


  14. Anonymous10:35 pm

    It just boils down to which side you are, every politician is a Chameleon. Proof me wrong. To have different ideology or different opinion is perfectly well within ones right. Name calling is a thing of desperado's like you. We have watched you from your early blogs to now to see a Chameleon evolving. A Black pot calling a kettle black. We are within our right to form our own opinion about you as you are of others.

  15. nstman10:42 pm

    This writer from Economist must have been paid millions to do the dirty job for Umno. But at least this writer writes better than Umno morons like Ahmad Talib and Kadir Jasin.

  16. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Cocky Brudu

    please post this also okey?

    Raja Petra Said Mahathir as Chameleon Tun Mahathir has turned the 'race' issue as his horse battle. Is he really gunning for 'Malay' power or is he simply trying to gain attention once again in the already competitive political landscape in Malaysia? What would be your advise to local politicians who are outright playing the race card to win support, votes and attention?

    RPK: Many Chinese and Indians became super-rich during the time of Dr Mahathir. Mahathir is a racist when it comes to politics but not when it comes to money. He uses race to garner Malay support but works with the Chinese and Indians when it comes to business.

    Mahathir is man of many facets. And he can switch from one to the other whenever the situation demands it. That makes Mahathir a good politician. Good politicians must know how to play to the gallery and how to change colours like a chameleon. And Mahathir can do this.

    Take that as a positive statement on my part.


  17. Anonymous10:55 pm

    hahaha....the same mag also have shot down mahathir and najib, and all hailed the mag. now when the mag shot anwar, suddenly the mag is being paid???

  18. So are you Rocky. How many times you have changed your skin color in order to get back into the limelight?

    2 years ago. I was writing column article for local Chinese newspaper Orientaldaily. Each week, I had a chance to publish an article in Orientaldaily. And for continuous 2 weeks, I contributed my articles to defend you and Jeff Ooi when you guys were being sued by NST groups top editors.

    Why did I do this during that time, because I salute you as a Malaysian who fought against establishment's spin-doctoring practices while indirectly contributing to the effort to bring down the racial and religious barriers throughout your initiatives in various blogger-related activities.

    But unfortunately you started to spin for Najib and mahathir's racist agenda since your political masters are facing tough challenge from the more and more enlightened civil society.

    I am really disappointed on you.

  19. Rocky, me think the bigger chameleon is you... first blogging as pro pakatan, then independent and now in the BN government's side. Dare you deny what is a huge public perception?

  20. Anonymous11:50 pm

    what about you, rocky?

    what else would you not sell for a few dollars more? wanna take a bet? a beer in deustche?

  21. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Anwar is a snake.

    - orgTaiping

  22. Anonymous12:03 am



    IGP Musa Hasan has been conferred the Distinguised Service Order in Singapore.
    (Darjah Utama Bakti Cemerlang)for his active role in promoting close bilateral ties between the police forces of Malaysia and Singapore.

    How about that? Even Singapore iktiraf beb! Isn't he the guy someone wants to sue?

  23. Anonymous12:12 am


  24. Top 5 name-calling awards:

    5.Anwar 'Chameleon' Ibrahim

    4.Lim 'Swine' Kit Siang

    3.Karpal 'OKU' Singh

    2.Nik Aziz 'Alzhaimer' Nik Mat

    1.Najib 'Altantuya C4 Submarine' Razak

    Perjuangan Belum Selesai

  25. Sorry bro.. i also cannot understand your stand.

  26. ehehehe. In the mind of PR supporters, anything which goes again PR, it is deemed injustice.. and anything which benefits PR, it is called justice. PR never did anything wrong, PR is not doing anything wrong, PR will never do anything wrong. PR is free from any wrong doings. PR is the essence of truth. PR is the TRUTH!!! ehehehehe.

  27. Anonymous12:27 am

    Ngapa,,,,bila Rakyat Bangkit to demonstrate,,,Anwar di PERSALAHKAN,lebih-lebih lagi Media Arus Perdana and the FUCKING UTUSAN MELOYA,,

    Sebenarnya MELAYU SEMENANJUNG benci dengan BARISAN, Terutama UMNO,,KAMI dah FED up with them coz their FACES IS NOT LIKING,,!!!

    Tidak terlintas kah the UMNO's BASTARD to RECONCILLE WITH ANWAR,,supaya MELAYU BOLE BERSATU,,,BUKAN dengan PAS,,Let PAS dengan ANGAN_ANGAN nya,,!!

    Si Najib BANGANG claimed that the Malay Equity stands below 20%,,,and came up with all the FUCKING INcentive and BRIBES,,!!

    SO,,TUN BODOWI and CHE DET,,memang nya BODOH,,,coz they did not SEDAR the mistake they made,,!!????

    THEREFORE to DSAI selagi CHE DET masih hidup,, all the HURU_HARA/BLAME will go to U,,!!!! DENDAM MAHATHIR MASIH MEMBARA,,!!!!


  28. Anonymous12:55 am

    I notice some blogs refer to Anwar as BABI (Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim). Locally, everyone knows he's a chameleon. You are getting a lot of information from many people, i think. Keep it up...You must continue exposing this. As commentators, we form our own opinion. In this case, you are right - anwar is a chamelon.

    ali bkt jalil

  29. Anonymous1:01 am


    I used to enjoy your blog but lately your writings are diff.
    Ringgit is more powerful than Pen/dignity?? I can understand...cari makan susah, ah?

    Stil, dun push til ur neither here nor there ah!! Otherwise ur worse than chameleon but instaed the greatest hypocrite around.


  30. Anonymous1:07 am

    You are 1st Class nonsense. Cuba tulis sebagai orang yang berilmu ehsan bukan ilmu menterdara. We must have Islam Iman and Ihsan without which we will choose leaders who we think can protect us but they cannot; see Iraq , Shah of Iran and several others.
    If you think Anwar is bad then write a letter to him transparently. Most politicians are chameleon. I cannot write transparently because similar people like u abuse your powers.
    Let me say this if we Muslims (Muslims who are Malays, not Malays who are Malays) or Malaysian for that matter; still hope or believe that the present BN leaders can lead this country without repenting their major errors i.e. Sins i.e. Insaf then I feel sorry because the Muslim for that matter the Malays will lose n lose n lose. Lose what? Barkat from Allah SWT (i.e.blessings) then it's too late Insya'Allah. Unless, Insya'Allah if there are still those that have Islam, Iman and Ihsan without which you cannot believe in Allah SWT.
    So gentlemen be a slave to Allah SWT not your nafs, masters, race or situations that are corrupted that makes you deaf dumb and blind. Did you notice we are ruled by an empire i.e neo-colonialist.
    This comment is intended for Muslims of Malay origin but when we believe in God it applies to all. It's not the group but us as individuals where is our substance as humans i.e integrity and humanism. Not all opposition are goo nor are all BN are bad. If we look carefully it's 70 /30 for PR in spite of their differences. It's all about governance n sacrifice for the people i.e. Taqwa to Allah SWT i.e responsibility to God. Amin
    By Krommo.

  31. NSTMAN

    you are a real joke man...

    no really, you are

  32. The Sesumpah is now exposed.
    And someone from oversea does notice the elephant over here..!

    The wrath will be upon you Rocky for hi-lighting the Economist piece's..

    Or usual some have paid the economist writer..!!

    Once again TQ are good and doing fine too.

  33. To the Economist may call Anwar the chameleon but I describes him as a rapist. He are 'rape' us all Malaysians front and back with or without we realizing it. Malaysia would be more peaceful without him.

  34. Anonymous2:13 am

    Hey Rocky what about racist DAP political trick , the true chamelon hahahaha


  35. Anonymous3:28 am

    Rocky can spin all you want but the fact remains that Anwat spend many years in jail and the public that not enough? You are turning up to be a great UMNO spinner but unfortunately no one believes you anymore so your spinning is not working la...

  36. Sanusi Kedah5:13 am


    FYI Anwar is not strong and smart.The problem lies with UMNO leader.They are not capable and not being tested.What did Najib know about poverty.He can talk about poverty and elimination of poverty but he dont really know the suffering of the poor people.Compare with Anwar who have gone thro this experience.

    Anwar can talk about fighting for the poor and have not and too bad people belief him than Najib.At the same time he is human.He know how to enjoy life.He enjoy Russian caviar and wear Briony suite and stefony ricthe shirt.That is Anwar.

  37. Anonymous6:43 am

    Thanks for the link Rocky.

    What took the Economist so long to publish this piece? They probably saw through Anwar a long time ago. Any chance of Newsweek and WSJ publishing a similar piece? For obvious reasons, I doubt it.

    It's fun to watch the Anwaristas flailing about in defence of their man. Just proves what a mindless group of people they are.

    Nice sting at tail too -- quoting Boy George...he he

    Justice For Anwar

  38. Anonymous8:36 am

    The Anwar supporters have a one track mind. They cannot see what's around their tunnel vision.

    Now they blame people who change their stand for not agreeing to the falsehood championed by the PKR.

    There is nothing wrong in changing sides because we were all duped into believing all the nice fables prior to the elections.

    Now, the pieces are coming together.

    The only thing Anwar is good at is Public Disorder. He learnt that in school and the Government funded varsity he enrolled in. Instead of furthering his studies, he instead rounded up some some young immature
    religious followers to form ABIM.

    The idea was to use these foolish followers to Islamise Malaysia.

    Today, he wants to Islamise DAP by introducing PAS to do the job.

    PAS is very thankful and honoured for that and will try their best to Islamise DAP.

    Anwar will then take credit for it.

    What about the Indians then? Aw, they are too small a group to bother about. Just give one or two of them a high post and they will worship you like a demi-god.

    Well done Anwar. Keep it up.


  39. Anonymous8:58 am

    hehe..biler pulak Rocky writes for economist?. barking the wrong tree..
    mangkuk punya PR.

    wait.. wasnt it Mat Sabu also describe that anwar was a chameleon in his ceramah..something like.." anwar ibrahim al-juburi, musang berjanggut, sampai kiamat pun aku tak percaya dengan chameleon nih"


  40. Friends of Husin Lempoyang9:01 am

    Anwar Chameleon?

    I prefer Syed Husein Alattas's Anwar Al Juburi Wal Liwati Fi Bontoti.

    For good measure, add THe Mat Leather ... hehehe

  41. Anonymous9:25 am


    Karma Chameleon is a Gay Global Anthem. Aren't you poking his **** my man.....

    Prof Awe Kecik

  42. Docjitra9:30 am

    Rocky Bru,

    You started very well championing the rakyats' course. However, under pressure and for monetary gains you become "a spin doctor" just as the 'chameleon' you are describing to us. Good luck sir. I look forward to read your articles even though they insult my intelegence.

  43. Anonymous10:02 am

    Malaysiakini headline:

    "'Police protect gov't, not citizens'
    Aug 4, 09 7:55am

    free ‘The police must be independent and protect the rights of all citizens regardless of political affiliations. After all, they are paid by the public not the government.’"

    When the government is protected, the citizens welfare are automatically guaranteed.

    Stupid Malaysiakini.

  44. Anonymous10:17 am

    Everyone in here pointing that Mahathir and rockybro are chameleons too have to realise that they too are chameleons. I'd be hardpressed to believe that they supported PKR since the beginning, only switching sides during the last GE.


  45. Anonymous10:28 am

    Talking about chameleons, wasn't there this person who was called a "turn-coat" .... one who now lives on a rock and concocts toxic brew?

    This "turn-coat" should also be called chameleon ..... with straight slanting, I presume? .... not the Boy George type.

    Review Yasmin Ahmad's work. It'll help in not embarrassing ourselves in future.

    Yasmin Ahmad supporter

  46. Anonymous10:38 am

    Memang Anwar chamerlion, tapi Najib tu pembunuh gadis mongolia. Kalau minta saya pilih antara chameleon dan pembunuh, perasuah, saya pilih chameleon. Ingat lagi tak Najib minta MAXIS list kat KLSE, dan bank adikinya (Nizam-CIMB) pulak yang nak jadi penasihat kewangan Maxis untuk disenarai kembali ke dlam KLSE... sudah lah tu najib.... isteri hang besau sangatke sampai nak masuk TV- sempena hari pahwalan... Rosmah tu PM ke? Tak malu sungguh...kalau cun tax apa,ni pulak macam badak sumbu.
    Even Zimbawe Ahead of Malaysia (EZAM)

  47. This article by the Economist just confirms what everybody in Malaysia including the diehard Anwar fanboys knows already. The real surprise is what kept the Economist so long to write this article describing Anwar as a Chameleon. Anwar is one scary politician who speaks with no conscience of the consequence of his speech.

    Anyway, Boy George explained in The Billboard Book of #1 Hits by Fred Bronson, "The song (Karma Chameleon) is about the terrible fear of alienation that people have, the fear of standing up for one thing. It's about trying to suck up to everybody. Basically, if you aren't true, if you don't act like you feel, then you get Karma-justice, that's nature's way of paying you back."

    Anwar Ibrahim will soon find his Karma next month when his sodomy trial finally starts.

  48. Ahh,pleaselah, all politicians, the great ones that is, are chameleon, look it Sammy Vellu and I'll show you a chameleon. So the economist shouldn't make such a big deal out of it. Look at what UMNO's newspapers such as Utusan is saying,all issues are turned to a racial one,is that in line with 1Malaysia that is propagated by the PM and UMNO's President, if he's not a chameleon he should put a stop to the racist juornalism practiced by his party's newspaper in line with 1Malaysia concept.That wouldn't be real politics wouldn't it.

  49. Anonymous10:57 am


    You are no different but a Chameleon too. You supported PR during Pak Lah's administration but due to your greed for power, position, money, you chose to cross over the Dark side to serve BN as Spin Doctor. No wonder you have been eyeing for Group Chief Editor of NST and MM's job after Pak Lah stepped down hoping Najib will give you the job. Guess, your dream has come true.

  50. Anonymous11:06 am

    But Abang Rocky, you also chameleon kan?

    Dedicating this back to you:

    I'm a man without conviction
    I'm a man who doesn't know
    How to sell a contradiction
    You come and go
    you come and go

    Meenachi Indian

  51. "Bapa Demo Jalan"11:25 am

    Anwar Ibrahim, the undisputed Bapak Demo Jalan ( he should have this title "BDJ" in front of his name rather than Dato Seri) !!!

    Bapa Boy George

  52. Anonymous11:27 am


    One thing I admire about you blog is that you are very open minded in a sense that you published both pro-your writings and also anti your writings. That speaks volume of your integrity whereas some bloggers such as that Suck opps sorry Sakmongkol guy only published article that supports his views especially on KJ.

    So for those of you who is anti Rock, eat your heart out guys! Rock is the Man!


    Pak Nujum

  53. Anonymous11:59 am

    economist also follow rocky & utusan...

    another garbage tabloid in the making & now wondering whether their economy write-ups & forecasts are reliable...

    maybe those owners/writers in economist too are chameleons.

  54. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Dear bru...,

    He's chameleon and a snake.
    I already got his 'belit' once in 1998. Now I got feeling brader Nuar will sue this editor rm100 million. At the time Nuar goes to jail he already billionair prisoner.


  55. Anonymous12:24 pm

    I like the part where he said that if he court finds him innocent, the rakyat will discredit the government. If he is found guilty, the rakyat will go to the streets.

    Brilliant! reminds me of myself when I was 13.

    -Gay Konservatif.

  56. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Rocky, you just like to highlight selective articles only since this is negative to DSAI. Taktik ni dah lapuk la rocky.


  57. Anonymous12:43 pm

    They called him BABI & now a chameleon...

    Hate him or love him...

    but one thing for sure that the writer & millions of malaysians knows he is better leader than mr rosmah.

  58. Anonymous12:49 pm

    HAhahaha, brother rocky, good one. I tell u with ppl like u who needs rosmah??? U can do a better job and u shld be the first laydee instead. And keeping u is much cheaper than keeping a fat mama who only knows how to shop and shop and shop.

    come, let's propose to gv brother rocky a Tan Sri title!

    afterall, to these kind of ppl they are only doing it for the money. who cares if the other 75% of rakyat continues to suffer under the regime.

    end of the day, cari makan aje ma. Got anymore jalan ah brother? I also can be a good spinmaster if i wanted to.

    Tolong tunjuk jalan.


  59. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Like many others, I have decided to stop reading your blog now too because i dont agree with your views/slant/political leanings etc
    So, farewell and au revoir Rocky!

  60. AI bukan saja chameleon tapi King of Summons and Auta's. Pelik mamat ni, dia kata dia sangup jumpa orang yang di saman nya di makamah untuk tuntut keadilan tapi sampai la ni dia tak sanggup jumpa Saiful di Makamah dengan berbagai alasan sedangkan Saiful cuma menuntut hak nya untuk diadili. Itu lah Insan yang di beri nama Anwar Ibrahim.

  61. Anonymous1:21 pm

    GaysUnite members bio

    Anwar Beghahim

    Sucking young dicks make me eternal. (Saypol why u cheat on me??? Now hv to suck LKS's dick, Yucks, NOT!!!)

    Banging back doors. Any color also can (U know what i meannn? pt 1). Sucking up to the masses (U know what i meannn? pt 2).

    Fav song: Karma Chameleon - Culture Club ( Oh! That song IS me babey, hubba-hubba)

    Fav artist: U need to ask? Hmm, Boy George of Culture Club of course.

    Fav TV series: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Love to see those guys get straighten!! Ahh!)

    Fav movie: Brokeback Mountain, Liar Liar (Not gayish but that's ME again).

    Special Abilities: I can blend into any situation or background. There was once (actually a lot of times!)i blended into a piece of shit just so i can get close to a cute boy's arsehole in a public toilet (luckily i got out before he flushed me. You go boyyy!!)

    Special Shout Out: Come get my ass BOyyyyyys!!!


  62. Why so many people venting their anger towards this blog owner when the piece was clearly written by someone else?

    It was a good read though. Wonder if those who were quick to hentam actually take the time to read The Economist' article?

  63. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Chameleon just like you rocky. LOL Identifying your own kind?

  64. A chameleon is able to change the colour of its skin not to lie, cheat, spin or flip-flop, but primarily to be 'invisible' from its enemies and predators.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

  65. Anonymous3:40 pm

    When a spin doctor (such as Raja Petra) put a positive spin on Anwar, nobody dares to say that RPK is a spinner. Why?

    When this very same spin doctor put a negative spin on Mahathir, again, nobody dares to say that he was bought off by Anwar. Why?

    No doubt RPK is the greatest spin doctor around at this time, but he has his own weakness. He seemed to have spend so much time in putting the positive spin on Anwar without realizing the drawbacks!

    Now, just imagine what happens when Anwar is spun day and night? Even if he doesn't experience an attack vertigo, at least the eyeball would repeatedly moving to left and right just like the chameleon does.

    No wonder Anwar got this label -- chameleon nystagmus. If there anyone to blame, RPK is the right person. But don't jump the gun easily. Just wait and see whether RPK took down anything from the Economist article or will he submit a counter spin!!!


  66. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Masalah ketara Melayu Pas dan PKR ialah mereka tidak dapat membezakan antara Melayu, Islam, piousness, politik, politikawan atau ulama politik.

    Lebih jelik apabila mereka sengaja membutakan mata hati hingga tidak dapat membezakan antara ulama tulen dengan "piety chameleon"!


  67. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Anon 12:43pm,

    Mr Rosmah???!!!! WTF?!!!

  68. Anonymous4:06 pm

    So what if he is a chameleon. He knows all the tricks of UMNO. He is the right man to whack UMNO. I vote for Anwar.

  69. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Anwar (singing): Karma, karma ,karma, Chameleon... U come and go, u come and goooo oo o o! Uuuu i luv dat song i just luv it luv it! It's sooo mee! Thanks guys for reminding me. Karma, karma, karma, chameleonnnnnnnn... Awww!


  70. Anonymous4:20 pm

    How can you take this kind of crap?

    Putting up a link and get bombarded by silly fucks?

    Oh. See you at the bar.

    -PAS Selangor.

  71. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Anonymous 12:06 said...


    Yeah... stupid blind PAS and PKR Melayu demonstrators.

    Bukan mata korang saje yang buta, hati juga buta.

    Padan muka korang kena belasah.

    Ketua-ketua korang duduk senang lenang goyang kaki. Mereka tunjuk muka kejap lepas tu masuk limousine pergi relax kat coffee-house, mencekik steak sedangkan korang terkial-kial menggosok mata yang pedih, meraba-raba mencari air.

    Itu pun tak sedar-sedar diri lagi. Masih taksub dengan pemimpin2 yang begitu.

  72. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Main chorus:
    Kamé Kamé Kamé come and go, you come and go huh huh...
    Anwar no hero... huh huh

    Rap lyrics :
    The drama king should be given the best actor award of the universe. He knows how and what to say to whom ....Only fools would believe him...ain't we no fools people ?? careful masses ....don't show your a**ses lest he would poke some gasses with a basketful of glasses....(figuratively speaking)

    a real Kaméleeoon ..huh huh ...huh huh...

    Repeat main chorus.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  73. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Rocky, 'Pot' calling the 'Kettle'


  74. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Anwar is a king of idiot. Making other to believe him that he is clean man but the other side of story, Anwar is so smelly like shit because he play behind that produce shit. New nick chameleon and play the reptile back so that no evidence behind the shit man

    Shit Man

  75. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Only now the world realised what Anwar is made of? He's worse that chameleon..he's worse than SHIT..he's the PKR leader! And you know what PKR is made of...a bunch of moronic vermins?


  76. Anonymous7:05 pm

    We all know a chameleon (the animal) when we see one cos we are human beings with brains. But lower animals who dont have as much brains like insects may not know a chameleon from their ass. That is why the chameleon is able to makan the brainless insects.

    Now the mutherfucker Pakatan members and their mutherfucker supporters fall into the latter category - they are the brainless insect. That is why Mahaliwat YB BABI is able to con them all the time.

    I really hope that articles like this in these so called reputable international magazines like The Economist will help the mutherfucker Pakatan supporters open their eyes to YB BABI's chameleon character. Maybe it will help them shut their assholes too.


  77. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Film Title: TRUE COLOURS

    Hero: anwar berahi

    Producer: LKS & DAP

    Director: Hindraf

    Calefare: PAS

  78. Bro

    If I remember correctly, you took a stance early last year that you will not allow the usage of the acronym BABI in your blog?

    Is this a flip flop?

  79. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Depa nih semua nak harapkan siapa lagi kalo tak Anwar Ibrahim.

    Depa ingatkan dia tahu dalam luar UMNO.. Lebih ramai dari kalangan UMNO tahu dalam luaq dia!

    Saman orang sana sini. Saiful baru ajer buat repot POLIS, dah cabut lari masuk Kedutaan Turkey.

    Style sama EliWong, lover bongkar CD, lari sembunyi mengubat hati!!

    Haprak punya pemimpin!!


  80. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Any writeup on this shithead worthless bastard should examine his capabilities as a leader in the time of crisis. And my fact-laced analysis will reveal to all and sundry, that this urine spewed from a shit splattered dickhead is nothing but pure and undistilled mictruition of the lowest quality. Lets get it over and done with and not waste too many pixels on the lowlife. We use the 1998 crisis as our barometer to compare this lowlife and what a great statesman, Tun Dr M was:

    1.Compared to IMF programs, we find that the Malaysian policies i.e., capital controls produced faster economic recovery, smaller declines in employment and real wages, and more rapid turnaround in the stock market.
    source: Did the Malaysian capital Controls Work? Ethan Kaplan and Dani Rodrik; Harvard University; John F. Kennedy School of Government 79 Kennedy Street Cambridge, MA

    2. By eliminating the offshore
    trading of the ringgit and thus curtailing the speculative pressures on the exchange rate,
    controls enabled them to ease the monetary and fiscal policies and rehabilitate the banking
    and corporate sectors.

    source: Do Macroeconomic Effects of Capital Controls Vary by Their Type? Evidence from Malaysia
    Natalia T. Tamirisa- IMF Working Paper; WP/04/3

    3.Applying a gamut of time-series methodologies to daily financial
    data from 1995 to mid-1999, Edison and Reinhart (2001) conclude that the Malaysian controls achieved their objectives of greater interest rate and exchange rate stability and policy independence.

    source:Edison, Hali, and Carmen M. Reinhart, 2001, Stopping Hot Money, Journal of Development
    Economics, 66 (2001), 533–553.

    Warrior 231

  81. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Part 2
    4a.Had the 1994 controls not been withdrawn so soon, it is quite likely that the magnitude of capital flight from mid-1997 would have been much less, and the 1997-98 crisis would have been far less

    4b. While this debate is likely to go on for some time, our reading of
    the evidence suggests that Kaplan and Rodrik are correct: controls segmented financial markets and provided breathing room for domestic monetary and financial policies; and they allowed for
    a speedier recovery than would have been possible via the orthodox IMF route.

    source;Capital Management Techniques
    In Developing Countries: An Assessment of Experiences from the 1990's and Lessons For the Future
    Gerald Epstein;Ilene Grabel;Jomo, K.S. (Political economy research institute, University of Massachusetts); Working Paper series No 56; April 2003

    5. As mentioned above, Malaysia may have lifted most of the quantitative controls on inflows towards the end of 1994, but kept the low interest rate part of the
    residual control package. The return of inflows, extremely low deposit rates and little life in the stock exchange (by pre-crisis standards), together with low mortgage rates, set in motion a new real 'route 1'-style estate bubble: in just four quarters the index jumped 2.6-fold again. Together with the usual serious destabilising effect that any
    asset bubble of this kind tends to have, this one set in motion a Kusnetz cycle that could compete with any of the Chilean or Mexican ones.

    source:The Three Routes to Financial Crises: The Need for Capital Controls; Gabriel Palma (Cambridge University)
    CEPA Working Paper Series III
    International Capital Markets and the Future of Economic Policy
    A Project Funded by the Ford Foundation; Working Paper No. 18
    November 2000

    4a is Anwar's version of capital controls on capital inflows. i.e., through taxation. The approach was a total disaster and was witdrawn hastily in 6 months but kept residual controls that set the timebomb ticking as (5) notes and that haste contributed to the 1997-98 crisis! which was ameliorated by 4b. It clearly reveals Anwar's lack of depth in handling economic issues.

    Mind you, one of the authors, KS Jomo is an ardent Anwarista and anti-mahathirite.In fact, Anwar was widely in support of the debilitating IMF measures and introduced his own strangling version here which saw interest rates zooming to 18%, home foreclosures increasing through mortgage defaults, businesses collapsing, unemployment creeping upwards before the good doctor seized the wheels and steadied the ship. I guess, AI was using the crisis to kill off the pro-mahathir businessmen which he termed cronies for extra mileage.
    I pray for malaysia's future, if this fuckhead ever comes back to helm the country, Allah forbid.

    P?s : Islamisation, my foot. Anwar was an ardent yusuf qardhawi, a signatory to the US invasion of Iraq in 1990 by papa Bush, He also signed the Annapolis declaration in support of Baby Bush and the Jews in 2007. Talk of a chameleon operating in all spheres

    I can add more on the economics with evidence from diverse sources, athuruloka, stiglitz, krugman come to mind but space constraints impede that, But the crux is: Mahathir was a far smarter guy than Anwar, alway was and will be and the slimeball is more in Phark lah's league and thats a compliment...hahahaha LOL

    warrior 231

  82. Anonymous11:29 pm

    donplaypuks dearest

    A chameleon also changes its colours to be invisible to its unsuspecting victims = the small fries


  83. Anonymous3:05 am

    Of course Anwar is carrying a heavy baggage and that alone is significant enough to affect the peoples confidence towards Pas/DAP/PKR ie The Coalition .

    My support, from beginning is just for Pas and DAP. There are many PR's supporters out there who have a high hope for either Hadi or LKS to cleverly topple this chameleon and become the next leader of The Coalition.

    If that is not accomplished, PR can rest assured that a plenty out there are ever willing to give their protest votes when the time arrives.

    If given the alternatives and the choice are small then anyone would do the same thing ie that is to select the lesser of two chameleons (evils).


  84. And Najib carries a baggage that has more than what a magician can produce out of his hat. (Rocky, you want to write, the impression that this immediately creates in your mind? For me its like my cache memory flashing images of keris in hand, Altantuya, Submarines and so on....)

    Firstly, we all should agree on one thing, there is no decent politician, full stop! that being the basis of any conversation on politicians, Economist or anyone else calling any politician anything is not news. but it would be breaking news of course if Economist was to say that one of the UMNO ministers is almost a saint or something!!

  85. Anonymous7:56 am

    Sdr Rocky,
    Adakah kita patut bangga mempunyai pemimpin seperti sesumpah? Jawapannya TIDAK. Atas manifesto Ketuanan Rakyat mereka berjaya mengorak langkah semasa PRU12. Adakah rakyat Malaysia Sudah bersedia dengan hak kesamarataan? Jawapannya TIDAK juga. Mengapa? Adakah orang Melayu sanggup melepaskan sama sekali Hak Keistimewaan sepertimana yang termaktub Salam Perlembagaan? Adakah kaum Cina dan India bersedia melepaskan sistem pendidikan vernikular mereka? Mungkin kaum India tapi tidak mungkin bagi kaum Cina sama sekali. Parti PAS pula adakah sanggup melepaskan objektif mereka dalam menubuhkan negara Islam ALa mereka. Anwar patut lebih bertanggungjawab dalam percaturan politik kini, sekiranya gagal kemungkinan besar Akan tercetus malapetaka lebih dahsyat Dari tahun 1969. Ini patut direnungi oleh semua. Anwar semasa menjadi TPM tidak berusaha memperbaiki keadaan, adakah mungkin selepas ini? Saya pasti beliau tidak Akan melakukannya.

    Sayangi Malaysia

  86. Anonymous8:13 am

    in essence,

    dpp is challenging the Malaysian constitution

    is there a legal charge for this fella??

  87. Bro Rocky, this here is no spin:

    This was what Anwar said about the ISA on 24 May 1994 when he was Deputy Prime Minister while officiating a "Mesyuarat Agung Antarabangsa ke 27, Majlis Ekonomi Lembangan Pasifik (PBEC)" in Kuala Lumpur, Anwar Ibrahim said:

    “Walaupun keadaan dalam negara sekarang adalah baik, namun tidak dapat dinafikan kemungkinan berlakunya ketegangan. Dalam keadaan seperti itu kebijaksanaan untuk mempertahankan ISA adalah perlu demi keamanan negara. Adalah tidak wajar untuk menghapuskan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) yang terbukti berkesan membawa keamanan dan kemakmuran di negara ini.”

    On 28th Oktober 1987, Anwar's statement when he was Education Minister on the arrest under ISA of both BN and Opposition members during Operation Lallang:

    “The goverment’s decision to ban all public rallies showed that it placed national security above the aspirations of certain politicians and political parties…..The government’s actions were carefully planned and placed priority on national interest not that of any particular group. There can be no compromise on national security in a multiracial country like ours.”

    Fast forward to 1st August 2009, this is what Anwar Ibrahim defacto Opposition Leader and wannabe PM said in the anti ISA demonstration:

    “We gather today to fight a cruel law under a cruel administration..”

    .....touche, Anwar is a chameleon.

  88. Anonymous9:44 am

    U got that damn right, Hoegarten!

    PKR supporters are just 'insects'. Vermins. And PAS are worse off. And DAP just hangs around coz they love the smell of the shit.

    Shit Stirrer

  89. Anonymous10:22 am

    anon 4.23 contoh org umno mcm kamu ni yg hidup makan, minum dgn duit haram rasuah mmg akan kata begitu.Sanggup bersubahat dgn pemerintah yg zalim, pembunuh, perasuah, penyangak, perogol, perompak duit rakyat.Jgn harap semua org akan bersubahat spt kamu yg telah buta hati, perasaan,mata, mulut dan segala-galanya.

  90. Anonymous10:55 am

    Looking at the mess Anwar did to Malaysia ( not to mention the current sodomy court case ) I think his western proxies are distancing themselves or perhaps erasing him from their list of " darlings of the west ".

    Maybe the disclosure of documents of evidence in court recently is clearly a done deal that there is no way for Anwar and his spinster to claim as being another conspiracy ( as if he has proven any ).

    So its good for the west to wash their hands find a new stooge for another long term planning. MAybe that idiot, the current AMK leader.

    And maybe the west finally realized all the funds given to Anwar is not producing results.
    Not like Afganistan.


  91. When one is famous, writers of whatever genetic mutation want to have a piece of them.

    The industry standard would be if one is still the flavour of month, probably good things and if one is not, probably not so good things.

    My argument has credence. Look at old man, Mahatir (do disrespect here, he is old and his name is Mahatir). He can do the twist many times better than Chubby Checker or beat any one who stand in his way when it comes to "how low can you go"

    But that is not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is we can pass judgment or critize cause we are spectators. I guess if one is in the arena or den with the lions, it will be different, would you not agree?

  92. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Dalam kes Sodomy 1, Anwar menuduh Polis berkonspirasi. Anwar kata sewaktu dia pitam atau tidur, Polis telah 'extract" atau perah air maninya dan kemudian Polis telah sapu air mani Anwar atas tilam yang famous itu ! Inilah teori gila Anwar.

    OK takpa lah. Kita terima sajalah tuduhan gila Anwar. Tetapi macam mana pula Polis boleh 'extract' atau perah air mani Syamsidar ?

    DNA itu berlainan sedikit (berasaskan sumber DNA itu). Ada DNA daripada darah, DNA daripada air mani, DNA daripada air liur dsbnya. Komponen dalam DNA itu semua sama saja tetapi saintis masih boleh bezakan antara DNA daripada air mani, DNA daripada darah, DNA daripada air liur dsbnya.

    Peguam Anwar dan pakar DNA Mat Salleh yang di upah oleh Anwar tidak dapat nafikan bahawa DNA Syamsidar itu datang daripada air mani Syamsidar.

    Peguam Anwar Christopher Fernando tidak membantah sekali pun bila Lim Kong Boon, pakar forensik Polis sahkan kepada mahkamah bahawa DNA Syamsidar atas tilam itu datang daripada air mani Syamsidar (dan bukan daripada darah atau air liur Syamsidar).

    Jadi soalan cepu mas untuk hari ini adalah seperti berikut : bagaimanakah agaknya DNA daripada air mani Syamsidar boleh terjumpa atas tilam itu? Kesan air mani Syamsidar telah dijumpai di 13 tempat atas tilam itu.

    Sesiapa penyokong Anwar boleh jawab, tolong jawab. Terima kasih terlebih dahulu.

  93. wiranto2:27 pm

    penyanyi lagu ini kan seorang banci ya pak
    kebetulan kali

  94. Yes Bro.....

    thank you for being brave enough to publish this article......Most of his die hard supporters would hate you.....But the truth will revail soon....N between two DEVIL i rather select the one less evil...As long ANWAR in Pakatan I will never vote PAKATAN AGAIN...Anwar the liar 16th Sept...Took over putrajaya....Billion ringgit investement in Permatang Pauh.....

    ANWAR you can cheat me last GE...but never again....the more you talk the more lies you make...

    I campaign for Pakatan last election with high hope....but you are useless...corrrupted,power abuse...same like BN....N you are more evil than BN>

    You can cheat other plp many time but no all malaysian are brainless to keep believe you lie.... the bigger lies you make the more plp will believe you...Anwar the liar.

  95. Anonymous3:09 pm


    Kalau guna Bahasa Malaysia terus pun tak salah rasanya, tak perlu campur-campur. Bahasa Malaysia terus atau Bahasa Inggeris terus, kedua-duanya baik. Tapi kalau campur-campur terasa turun sedikit nilainya.

    Sekadar pandangan


  96. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Specially dedicated to Anon 10.22 AM from Anon 4.23 PM.

    Kena batang hidung kau?... patut ler melenting.
    Terasa pedas?... jangan makan cili.
    Terkena getah?... jangan makan nangka.

    Brader, jangan marah. Bukan semua tentang Anwar aku tak suka... anak dia Si Nurul Izzah aku suka bangat... kalau aku dapat muaahhhhs.

  97. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Someone mentioned,
    "What I want to talk about is we can pass judgment or critize cause we are spectators.

    12:39 PM"

    Now, I want to pass judgement on you as I am a spectator here. I think you're a piece of shit, agent provocateur, stupid ingrate, a scumbag and the lowest of the lowest species of this mother earth. Amen.

    - Unique Entity

  98. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Yes Sir,

    ANwar corrupted same like DAP corrupted and cauvinis.....Just like last time BN in power so BN corrupted and the worst is DAP not even two years allready have long list of corrupted activities...

    Is like when Im in power not my turn to be corrupted....BN,ANWAR & DAP all fight for their own make money...

    After BN make money now DAP/PR turn to make money. The one suffer is the rakyat...BN make money DAP/PR make noise now DAP/Pr turn to steal rakyat money.

    Thank god...even BN corrupted the country still been developed...but DAP/PR corrupted and steal plp money when country in bad patient..ok

    DAP don't be corrupted so soon....

  99. skilgannon10664:48 pm

    Warrior xxx

    In your haste to glorify Tun Dr Mahathir (TDM), you have overlooked the key point of what exactly he achieved during the period of capital controls and whether he used the window afforded by the controls to push through a fundamental restructuring of the Malaysian economy.

    Let's see you trot out the various rankings of international competitiveness, FDI statistics and per capita GDP growth pre- and post-Asian financial crisis and see where exactly Malaysia stands in relation to economies in Asean and Apec.

    Let's reflect for a moment on the possibility that Indonesia would REDUCE it's budget deficit in 2010 to 1.6 per cent of GDP (as per President SBY).

    Whereas in Malaysia, the government itself is forecasting a budget deficit of 7.6 per cent of GDP this year.

    MIER, on the other hand, has forecast a deficit of 8 per cent this year, rising to 10 per cent next year.

    S&P has projected that Malaysia's fiscal deficit would hit 8.5 per cent of GDP this year and that there would be no major improvement in 2010.

    MIER has pointed out, that out of 52 years since Merdeka, there has only been 6 years of budget surplus. In other words, the Malaysian government has been spending beyond it's means, "pump-priming" the economy "even when times were good".

    What has 46 years of deficit spending achieved for Malaysia in terms of competitiveness, reduction of poverty, availability of good jobs and world-class infrastructure?

    If the SBY administration has the discipline to restrain government spending in Indonesia to achieve a budget deficit of 1.6 per cent of GDP in 2010, what does that say about the financial discipline exercised by the Malaysian government?

    The unpalatable facts are that Malaysia's GDP could contract by up to 5 per cent this year, that Petronas provides almost 50 per cent of government revenues and that operating expenditure accounts for almost 100 per cent of government revenues.

    The performance of the Malaysian stock market and the Malaysian ringgit versus their Asian counterparts is a clear signal that international investors, fund managers and rating agencies are highly sceptical about the Malaysian government's ability to navigate it's way out of the morass of perpetual budget deficits.

    Do you think that the Malaysian government has the guts to say confidently when it can achieve a balanced budget or return to budget surplus?

    Yesterday, the PM launched a special economic zone (SEZ) stretching from Kertih to Pekan. This SEZ hopes to attract investments of some RM90 billion and create more than 200,000 jobs by 2020.

    Who is going to pump in RM90 billion into this SEZ (which is only 6 per cent, by land mass of the Eastern Corridor Economic Region - ECER) when the government can't even balance it's books? Petronas? The Arabs? The US or the EU? Singapore? Or even your bete-noires - China and India? Do you think that the government can spin a convincing story for this SEZ, the ECER and the other four regional development corridors?

    Come to think of it, maybe the government should appoint TDM as a salesman for this new SEZ. Perhaps the man who formulated capital controls could do an equally good job promoting the SEZ to his buddies in the OIC and the NAM!

  100. anon of 9.24pm:

    you have no bloody balls writing Anon and libelling a fellow Malaysian. Nobody should throw labels of calling another "traitor"! You learn well from the DPM and Utusan Malaysia --but at least they said it in public!

    Wrt your cowardly act: "If there is a firing range for traitors, I can think of no better candidate..."

  101. Anonymous7:58 pm

    They say if you take a DNA sample of one of Syamsidar's children and compare it to Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim they are one and the same, I believe Azmin knows that one of his children is fathered by the Cameleon! We must expose this once and for all!

    Now writing from afar!

  102. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Kesianlah Bang Nuar..kesianlah kepada penyokongnya. Janganlah kita mendedahkan kebodohan mereka di blog ni....

    Hantu lagi...

  103. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Kesianlah Bang Nuar..kesianlah kepada penyokongnya. Janganlah kita mendedahkan kebodohan mereka di blog ni....

    Hantu lagi...

  104. ha ha ha - Every Politikus is one and many jurnos too ke ke ke

    we are all well aware of "planted article" maybe someone bought the Editorial, Hows that Rocky, and it could be Razak Bagindas PR hand at work, after all everyone knows he is in UK kan...

  105. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Oi brader, isn't it a little too conspicuous that you left out altogether a posting or comment on PM's decision to revise scope of the Royal Commission of Inquiry to examine the inquest? Surely you are talented enough to comment what is wrong or right with this move, no? I miss the old Rocky's Bru. The version today is looking increasingly like another govt propoganda tool. Aisehman!

    - Anon

  106. Anonymous10:33 pm

    The worst part about you is how you repeatedly and freely criticized Kali when he spun for the previous administration. I am starting to wonder who lacks the conviction? Start with the man in the mirror bro

  107. Anonymous11:45 pm

    "Economist describes Najib as man with baggage"

    lets see rocky post this..haha

  108. "Now, I want to pass judgement on you as I am a spectator here. I think you're a piece of shit, agent provocateur, stupid ingrate, a scumbag and the lowest of the lowest species of this mother earth. Amen.

    - Unique Entity"

    Whoever wrote the above I forgive you for it was no fault of yours that the light of reason and good language were never a part of you.

    Now that I have forgiven you, may I ask which school of language did you attend? Such perverted peotic use of foul language, though hard to stomach can nonetheless be useful in the future when I come across another someone like you. I hope by then, I can communicate more cleary my thoughts and you will at least know what I am saying.

  109. Anonymous1:06 am

    Anon @ 11:45 PM

    "lets see rocky post this..haha"

    your comments are posted, any more challenges?

    accusations against Najib remain accusations - no proof, no charge

    whereas your chameleon....heh heh

  110. Anonymous1:14 am

    or maybe skilgannon can become the next finance minister

    for his accurate take on the economy

    and go the way of IMF and America's economy

  111. Anonymous1:16 am

    rocky bru smart fella. last time bukan main kutk previous nst editor. now he sitting in the big chair enjoying cigar n wine and gals. kakakakakakka. go play 5 times also no use. now u know why all over the world ppl laugh at u guys?

    ahgroo again.

    gv me a job n i will be a turncoat too.

  112. Anonymous1:17 am

    - Unique Entity @ 3:46 PM

    this fella can say 'amen' RIGHT after cursing

    he must be one confused and frustrated dude

  113. Anonymous1:28 am

    old fart bases his decision making on impressions

    hmmm and i thought it was based on odours

  114. Anonymous7:25 am


    You armchair economists make me sick. So what if there's a budget deficit. I don't care if Indonesia balances it's budget or even runs a budget surplus. The fact remains that Malaysians' quality of life is better than theirs. Why don't you look at America's national debt. By your reckoning people should be abandoning the country in droves because of the scary numbers but instead people are queueing up to go there.

    The whole global economic system is based on the instrinsically faulty basis of fiat money and usury. We are just playing the same game. Budget deficits/surpluses don't really matter in the end. It just gives some economists something to talk about because they're useless at anything else.

    Former Worldly Philosopher.

  115. Anonymous7:37 am


    Cis... mati mati aku ingat Si Anwar ni unta, rupanya sesumpah la pulak!!!1 sigh..........


  116. Non-partisan8:21 am

    If my memory doesn't fail me, KJ once was a contibutor to The Economist before he became somebody in the Pak Lah's admins.

  117. Bro,

    For me anwar is not a chameleon for more like 'biawak hidup'. Menyusahkan hidup semua orang. Asyik2 nak demo dan kerja buat fitnah. Tgk PR states, takde la maju sgt, asyik salahkan kerajaan lama jer. Tapi there is something abt Najib's baggage that I hate too, which is ROSMAH.

    Aku Confuse...

  118. Anonymous9:14 am

    Aku kesian kat nko la brother Rocky, kini nko pun dah jadi SESUMPAH juga, lidah nko pun dah bercabang juga...

    Bekas Pengikut Nko Dulu...

  119. Anonymous10:17 am

    What to do..mental fiasco..all political idiots without proper qualification & knowledge think they can turnaround the economy of the country to uthopia state..promised the moon and star but can't even deliver even a pinch of earth to the people.. worst when it come to a babi-chameleon cross breed type.. the opportunist sondol the malay from the back and assimilate the brown color when he hit the tree trunk..babi where can U-turn or do sudden cornering..that's why he need the chameleon capability to hide his face..

    "hahaha....the same mag also have shot down mahathir and najib, and all hailed the mag. now when the mag shot anwar, suddenly the mag is being paid???"
    Anon 10:55 PM

    Spot on bro...

    That's why everybody should have every damn reason to disgust the idiot babi creatures called the Fuckatan Rioters...

    They always view themselves like immortals and some sort of divine beings..holier than thou mentality..fuck them..


    ..wonder when can they vanish from the surface of this earth...if u idiots got problem with UMNO leaders, you go all out towards them..the moment u idiots go overboard all out against the majority Malays' status-quo and insulting our religion & race in general..u idiots already spelled your own doom especially to the DAPigs..wait for GE13 mafuckers..start count your days now & try to have a nice sleep.

    Same analogy to those stupid extremist too.. if u hate Bush so much..go hit the target bull-eyes..Bush is no longer a President protected by the's the opportunity..
    why self-explode and killed others who got nothing to do with idiot people not even solving the main problems with that stupid sacrifice..wait until all the innocents killed file suits against u idiots in the afterlife..still thinking God will spare you Heaven then?

    Anwar & his Fuckatan Fuckhed goons think they alone can sue others for millions?

    Wait until all the traders, the passerby, the everybody affected by the stupid GMI demo start to file suits against them... free 1000 lawyers services available .. hahahaha...

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  120. Sal-a-din11:17 am

    I beleive one of the reasons we abouse Rocky is that we all know that he is better than this.

    We all know that he isn't a true blue umno-man [sic].

    Shit he even enjoys a cold one as much as I do.

    But I do believe that he has been forced against his usual self to act this way to serve a hidden hand.

    Our dear Rocky isn't one of them. He's one of us.

    That's the reason for all the vitriol and venom spewed his way from us.

    Wahai saudara Rocky baik insaflah sebelum terlewat.

  121. Anonymous11:19 am

    What a SHAME Rocky. Your reputation now equals Rosmah.

    Why did you sell your principles? Was it worth it?


  122. Anonymous11:22 am

    Any writeup on this shithead worthless bastard Mahathir should examine his capabilities as a leader in the time of crisis. And my fact-laced analysis will reveal to all and sundry, that this urine spewed from a shit splattered dickhead is nothing but pure and undistilled mictruition of the lowest quality. Lets get it over and done with and not waste too many pixels on the lowlife. We use the 1998 crisis as our barometer to compare this lowlife and what a great statesman, Datuk Seri Anwar was.

    Warrior 231

  123. Anonymous11:25 am

    Who is he? the Liar, pretender,opportunist,Chemeleon,smooth talker,the founder of cronyism.....Desprate to be PM???

    A man without political party...For his die hard supporters...can you please check Anwar is member of which political party???

    Non of PR parties....coz he is still hoping to back to UMNO>>>>

    This is Chameleon who will do and said anything as long i can be PM?


  124. Anonymous1:01 pm

    I dont know what is the problem with these mutherfucker Pakatan people. Najib has got nothing to do with Anwar. Najib can drop dead tomorrow for all I care (just like the asswipe badawi has been buggered off) - Who cares? But get this thru your mutherfuckinjg skulls : YB BABI is still the product of an asswhacking gone wrong between his father and mother.

    He is a mahaliwat maniac, an ex convict criminal who was jailed sic years because he forced the cops to arrest people who he did not like.

    Yet these mutherfuckers support him.


  125. Anonymous3:03 pm

    skilgannon1066 said...
    "What has 46 years of deficit spending achieved for Malaysia in terms of competitiveness, reduction of poverty, availability of good jobs and world-class infrastructure?"

    All of the above. You must be blind. There's no denying, overall, our standards of living has improved. But of course everything is relative.

    There's no denying that Malaysia under Tun Mahathir over took Indonesia in many aspects. Otherwise, there won't be that many PATI in Malaysia. Just look at things objectively. We have enough of your kind in Malaysia. You might to want migrate to Indonesia now...But you need to change your name to Indonesian name. You cannot keep your apek's name there, if you don't know. Please learn to be more grateful for what you have in Malaysia.

    Anak Permatang Pauh

  126. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Warrior 231 and Skilgannon,

    There is no doubt that economists such as Adam Smith, David Ricardo and John Maynard Keynes have contributed a lot to our understanding of the world. Nearer to home economists such as Ungku Aziz and Prof Yunus (Grameen Bank) have both contributed tremendously to uplifting the lives of the poor.

    But there are also economists such as those at MIER who are run-of-the-mill. The trouble with armchair economists such as those at MIER is that they're talking through their hat.

    Recently the BBC aired a segment of their "Dateline London" programme. In it the four panelists (all journos, and a couple probably trained in economics) were having a good laugh at economists. This is how the story goes:

    In November last year, the Queen (of England, the one whose portrait adorns English money) was asked to open a new wing of the London School of Economics. Being a wise and sensible person, the Queen asked the assembled economic experts and financiers, some of the best minds on things economic, why no one foresaw the economic fiasco that was and is engulfing us. Sensible question, and so far so good.

    But it took the faculty at LSE, some of the best minds on things economic, a good six months (in July 2009), and not before a seminar on the matter no less, to produce the answer to the Queen's simple question. The BBC panellists had a good laugh about this and needless to say, so did I.

    This is their (LSE) conclusion:

    "In summary, Your Majesty, the failure to foresee the timing, extent and severity of the crisis and to head it off, while it had many causes, was principally a failure of the collective imagination of many bright people, both in this country and internationally, to understand the risks to the system as a whole." Taken from the Guardian

    In other words, they have no bloody idea.

    The local armchair economists like to bury their heads in their neat theories that can explain away anything from the price of sugar to why the sun rises in the east, and their graphs. They're so good at making dire predictions with artificial measures of 'economic performance' and 'competitiveness,' and 'budget deficits and surpluses' when the bottom line for the rest of the world is, 'Can I get food on my table?' They like to talk about long-term consequences. Well they have to. In the long term we, and especially China, hope the US will still be around and so able to pay off its trillion dollar debt. But as Keynes famously said, in the long term we'll all be dead.

    Former Worldly Philosopher

  127. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Melayu dlm umno MEMANG BODOH, RELA DIPERBODOHKAN dan TERUS BODOH dulu, kini dan selamanya.Negara ini akan terjual krn pemimpin2nya dipilih menerusi rasuah.

  128. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Melayu dlm umno MEMANG BODOH, RELA DIPERBODOHKAN dan TERUS BODOH dulu, kini dan selamanya.Negara ini akan terjual krn pemimpin2nya dipilih melalui rasuah.

  129. ramai orang yang buta huruf di sini.
    semua berkomen bagai nak rak mengutuk saudara mengenai rencana Economist se-olah-olah saudara yang menulis nya.

  130. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Worldly Philospoher,

    The MIER is headed by bloody Pakatan supporters. Read their statements over the past 10 years - not a good word about anything in the country. You find these bastards everywhere.

  131. Anonymous4:07 pm

    aiyomanaboleh asked,

    "...may I ask which school of language did you attend? "

    Oh, I learned from you PR guys at Mkini, MT and the likes, even here at Rocky's blog ....see, you guys are good teachers...considering the results ...Congratulations and keep it up .... :)

    An anon said,

    "this fella can say 'amen' RIGHT after cursing."

    If you're intelligent enough, it was meant to be "Amen" and not as Amen my case.

    Unique Entity

  132. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Anon 10.33pm

    U mean Michael Jackson?

  133. Anwar,Lim Kit Siang,LIm guan Eng...all good in talking...shithead worthless bastarde asshole.....

    Good in creating tense and master of racist issues....

    All blame pass to others.....they are holy, smartest plp in malaysia...If now they do mistake...all becaouse of other plp except them...

    All this dogs just good in barking and shit stirr...

    Anwar,Lim Kit Siang,Lim Guan Eng....malaysia will be better without them shit stirr....At least Karpal Singh much smarter and have brain....

    PR will be more respected with out that three stooges.


  134. The Economist once famously called Dr.M an 'conomic pariah'. They got it utterly wrong in 1998 and had to eat humble pie and later acknowledge his correct decision in imposing limited exchange controls during the Asian Currency Crisis.

    So, why should anyone pay any heed now to what the Economist says? How have they suddenly become very credible?

    They'll get it wrong again!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters.

  135. Anonymous7:46 pm


    Thanks. You took the words right out of my mouth ;)

    Former Wordly Philosopher

  136. prof_ridcully8:06 pm

    Those who say that the Economist has also published negative reports on Najib and Dr M have missed the point.

    The newspaper (as the Economist styles itself) has never had anything good to say about Dr M or Najib or Malaysia in general.

    They only had time for Anwar. Only Anwar could do no wrong in their eyes. Like the other western mags, they gave Anwar a platform. Anwar was their darling; Malaysia's saviour; Asia's renaissance man; the great Asian Hope.

    Now it looks like they (at least the Economist) have come to their senses and are beginning to see Anwar for who he is....or isn't.

  137. Anonymous9:03 pm

    DontPlayPuks said,

    "So, why should anyone pay any heed now to what the Economist says? How have they suddenly become very credible? "

    DPP, can I get a tuition from you on how to 'belit belit' like a snake.....? How much do you charge ha? per hour? Btw you make a good stand up comic ..

    Take it as a compliment.

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  138. Well said everyone! To me, Anwar represents something more sinister that we are unaware of. A chameleon is nothing but an adapter and Anwar adapts to the crowd that he is facing at particular time. He is still clueless on how to manage a multifaceted political front because he has been in a single race party.
    Too bad, I was one of his ardent supporters but things have somewhat sprouted and true colours are to be seen. Whether is a paid article or not, there is truth in it.

  139. Anonymous3:54 am

    Part 1

    Dei, welcome it turned out to be a shitty place ain’t it bastard. Chingkieland I mean, what with the pneumonic plague brewing, a bubble economy about to implode and an over-inflated stock market primed for a crash,. the stupid bastards fuckheads must be regretting for having over-titillated Miss Economy till she has had a copious orgasm...but more on that some other place some other time. Now back to the central issue, arsewhore!

    The central issue here is the evolution of an hitherto undiscovered species of chameleon. My point was not about economics, my point was where would Anwar stand when benchmarked against our statesman, par excellence, Tun Dr M, who happens to set the benchmarks pre-circa 1981 and post circa-2003, Ada faham kepala butoh, skilly?

    In your haste to crucify me, you forgot to address a few issues.

    1. the valid comparison for my analysis of Anwar-Tun M's economic performance would be the IMF addicted Thailand and South Korea as any respectable economist would vouchsafe in terms of counter factuality. For starters, bastard, the aggregated growth rates post 1998, till 2003 is as follows:

    Malaysia: 25.2 (av:5.04% p.a)
    Thailand: 23.8 (av :4.76% p.a)
    S.Korea: 31.3 ( av: 6.26 p.a)

    if you look at the 2 subsequent years (after Tun tragically quit to leave us in this morass) before a central plank of the controls, the peg was finally rescinded, Malaysia outpaced S.Korea cumulatively by 3.7%. So bastard, by any measure the controls and the peg were just as effective as the IMF dose but with less social implications and political instability..

    2. In terms of FDI inflow, Figure 3 will show that South Korea and Thailand substantial inflows post 1998, but this is actually a distortion due to

    a.most of these inflows were to effect mergers, acquisitions etc. and not capital investments per se. In fact, the internationally benchmarked accounting principles adopted by Bank Negara (BNM) accounted for a substantial amount of the discrepancy:

    “…………..During 1998-2000, during the three-year period 1998-2000, capital inflows relating to mergers and acquisitions s amounted to US$ 20.5 billion in
    Korea (203 percent of total net FDI inflows) and 7.7 billion (50 percent) in Thailand, compared to 2.7 billion (17.2 percent) in Malaysia. It is also important
    to note that, accordingly to the FDI classification system adopted by Bank Negara Malaysia in its balance of payments accounts, ‘purchase of existing
    Plant and equipment’ by foreigners is treated as ‘changes of ownership’ not as ‘new investment’. Because of this [sound] accounting practice, whatever takeover that have happed are not reflected in official FDI figures, whereas in Thailand and Korea value of these deals are captured in FDI data together with ‘true’ investment (Ogus 2000).

    Warrior 231

  140. Anonymous3:56 am

    Part 2
    b. the delisting of Malaysia Se by MSCI , IFC and Dow Jones affected FDI, especially the hot money variety ( but heh, u cant rely on the addictive fixes forever, something Anwar in his naivete realized to little too late!)

    3. In terms of budget deficits, the post 1998 saw an increase in budget deficits given that there was a need to mediate the gap created by FDI shortfall and reduced local private sector investment as the key players set about repairing their balance sheets. Moreover, the tech recession caused by the bubble implosion in the US, in 1999-200 accounted for the increased government spending as manufacturing which is heavily dependant on electronics contracted during that period. Aggregated over 5 year period, budget deficits percentiles amounted to 27.2% or 5.44 per annum, well within international norms. The fact that subsequent administrations skewed up the deficits is none of my business as I noted elsewhere that post 2003, all we have had are a bunch of messed up fucktards both in government and opposition so much so that I have not bothered to vote since 1999. This was particularly so when a sleepy head fucktard of a shriveled dickhead messed the finances up during his 5 year siesta and his penchant for hammocks in corridors which are all in shambles while his supine successor embarks on “not here, not there” stimuli, (in fact prior to the second stimuli, I floated a few suggestions here which u urself commented upon). A stimuli is only a stimulus if spending is initiated by the government to take up private sector slack and FDI diminution,the case in point is Chingkieland, the US, or even Spore where money poured in has somewhat ameliorated the downturn but there is a catch, how far u go before u stoke future inflation, lead to misallocation of resources(in frenzied speculation as the case of China)etc. Secondly, the success of a stimulus depends heavily on how the financial system is healed especially the corporate and banking sectors which is what Tun M astutely did via Dana harta and Danamodal. Once the bad debts were removed, and banks recapitalized, the situation stabilized and returned to normal, 2001 onwards. This move has been recommended as far back as 1999, when Krueger and Tornell observed:

    The third lesson is that recovery is not possible unless the banking system has been "fixed". If there are sizable portions of banks' portfolios that are nonperforming, the banks themselves cannot extend new loans at reasonable interest rates.

    a recurring theme in Kobayashi’s analysis here on Japan’s lost decade:

    Warrior 231

  141. Anonymous4:01 am

    Part 3

    At any rate, the figures you quoted are aberrations, pigarse :

    1. Petronas accounting for 50% of revenue in 2008 is perfectly normal given shrinkage in global demand for manufactured goods, particularly electronics and other exports (Malaysia is the 3rd biggest export dependant economy after Spore and HK in Asia), higher oil prices hence more tax revenues etc.
    2. the fact that those budget deficits have ballooned is partly due to the 2 Extra Stimulus Packages unveiled over the last year
    3. the global contraction in FDI have virtually emasculated previously healthy FDI inflow and crimped private sector investment. In fact, all major economies have embarked on Keynesian stimulus packages to titillate the economy’s clit with varying degrees of success. Their fiscal thrusts being supplemented by monetary policies like Quantitative Easing, low interest & easy money regimes. Indonesia has gone in the opposite direction but only after splurging over the past few years. Whether that will keep the passion burning is moot and good luck to them.

    The net impact of CC 1998 has been: proved that unorthodox policies can and do work especially when wielded by a knowledgeable leader like Tun

    2.that blind adherence to IMF prescriptions is a recipe for social disaster and the fact that the twatlick AI was pushing for it is indicative of his low intellect and knowledge. I will never trust this dickhead with the levers of power. For ultimately economic well being of its populace is the raison d’etre of any government…..

    More importantly, bastard, u wont find another statesman like Tun M. Even LKY has to kowtow and kiss the gentleman’s arse given that LKY could have never thought up something as flamboyant + have the gumption to c it thru. That explains Harry’s hatred and envy for all things Mahathir for he has been trumped and put in his rightful place, right in the center of the pig’s arsehole. Now Skilly, get into that arse and tell piggy to ferry u to spore, Australia and hinduland to see whether u can get a pigsty job for a change, will ya..arefucked, cumdigged, shitbrained, dogrammed boar!! And don’t dare come back fyckhead for I will skin you for daring to call a statesman a salesman!!!

    Some papers/articles that give a comprehensive take on the CC:

    Prema-chandra Athukorala “The Malaysian Capital Controls: A Success Story?”paper for Asian Economic Panel, Brookings Institution, April 9-10, 2007

    Doresami, Anita. 2004. From Crisis to Recovery: The Motivations for and Effectiveness of Malaysian Capital Controls. Journal of International Development, 16(2), 241-254.

    Krugman, Paul. 1998. ‘Saving Asia: It’s Time to get Radical’, Fortune, 138(5):74-80.

    Mahathir, Dato’ Seri Bin Mohamad (1999) ‘Why Malaysia’s Selective Currency Controls arenNecessary and Why They Have Worked?’, paper presented at the Symposium of the First Anniversary of Currency Control, 2 October 1999, Nikko Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

    Landler, Mark. "INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: The Ostrich That Roared; Did Malaysia, Its Head in the Sand, Duck the Asian Crisis?". The New York Times.


    1.Athukorala, Prema-chandra. 2002. Crisis and Recovery in Malaysia: The Role of Capital Controls (2nd Edn). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

    + many more

    Warrior 231

  142. Anonymous4:26 am

    Part 4

    now Skilly pundek

    Regarding your caterwauling about deficits, note that in 1981, under the nincompoop,Razaleigh, the deficit reached 16.7% of GDP!, no one bolted in panic like u idiot :

    “It is hard to believe that Malaysia’s budget deficit accounted for 15.6 per cent and 16.7 per cent of GDP in 1981 and 1982, respectively, sowing the seeds of the 1985 recession”.

    When Daim took over in 1984, it stood at 8.9%, Cost-cutting measures which aggravated the 1985 recession, ended with the figure being reduced to 2.0% in 1991, setting the stage for the boom easy money years that Anwar enjoyed courtesy of Daim’s effort.

    In fact, Daim is credited with the growth BUT everything only materialized with the support of Tun as this will attest: Given all this, red ink is a minor thing for small,vibrant, high savings rate economies like Malaysia unless it becomes oppressive. Deficit spending is the norm now for Japan, the US and even Spore was heavily into it in 2003: and as late as last year.

    A final point I wish to make is Tun’s belief in others even though they never live to his expectations. Both Anwar and Razaleigh share this failure “trait” unlike Daim who vindicated his selection. Tun’s mistake was indulging a charlatan like Anwar, the same way he tolerated an ineffectual but belligerent Razaleigh. Malaysia almost paid the price in 1888 & 1997. Fortunately, the statesman immediately took charge and things normalized by January 1999 when Daim took over for 2 years before Tun returned to the helm until 2003. Bodohwi rehashed Anwar and Razaleigh in more ways than one by plumbing the nether depths while the jury’s out on Najib, though, it doesn’t look good, economy-wise thus far with all that liberalization and weak stimulus thingies.

    Moral of the story: monkeys will always be monkeys, while class is permanent and form temporary …hahahahahahaha LOL


    While I agree with some of your points, I beg to differ on the grounds that economists who r rooted in reality, are aware of historical antecedents and are attuned to Santayana’s maxim “ that history repeats itself when man fails to learn…….” are able to presciently predict outcomes based on valid and reliable models. Case in point, Nouriel Roubini, Krugman et al. and earlier, Keynes, Galbraith, Arrow etc but that does not apply to the riffraff retards like the LSE bunch who blinded by partisan interests, ideology, rewards or plain pigheadedness could not even tell that Greenspan was blowing bubbles, an upgrded version of the type the Yanks were puffing up in the 20s; the Japs were blowing in the 1980s and anwar was blowing albeit small-time between 1996-1997 as were other simians elsewhere in the world..Dig deeper and one will find most of these bubbles walked hand in hand with Miss Deregulation and with no momma and poppa to call the shots, no wonder innocent love turned into orgies…mmmmmm……….hahahahahaha LOL

    Any wonder why economics has been getting the short end of the stick, lately. No the US will not pay but rather blast all of us into a nuclear winter. Anyone dare to bet World war 3 is not on the way anytime soon? For the end to economic malaise is often…WAR. So Keynes, may be right about the long run thingy too in a perverse sort of way….hahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  143. "Anonymous said...
    in essence,

    dpp is challenging the Malaysian constitution

    is there a legal charge for this fella??"

    Bro Anon, Huh??!! I do not compute Spocky!

    We rea all of 1 race, the Human Race. That is all that really matters

  144. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Did someone mention KJ in one of the comments?

    To me he is Anwar's second coming. Cakap serupa, gaya sama, idealism pun hampir sama. Dua-dua "Autar banyak".



  145. Anonymous6:24 pm

    dedicated to donplaypuks

  146. Anonymous7:28 am

    Warrior 231,

    "I beg to differ on the grounds that economists who r rooted in reality, are aware of historical antecedents and are attuned to Santayana’s maxim “ that history repeats itself when man fails to learn…….” are able to presciently predict outcomes based on valid and reliable models."

    Touche. And agree entirely with you about Roubini, Krugman, Keynes, Galbraith, Arrow et al.

    Former Worldly Philosopher

  147. Anonymous10:34 am

    Wahai Sal-a-din 11.17 am,

    Tukar sajalah nama awak tuh ....buat malu keturunan Sal-a-din ajer pakailah nick lain kerrr...perasan giler pakai nama sal-a-din


  148. Anonymous1:20 am


    Who is he? The Liar,pretender and smooth talker....I support him last GE....and now i realize i fall in his trap.....Hopefully others will also realize.....16sept to take over federal governm, will bring billion dollar of investment from middle east....but end up nothing.....Talk...n talk n talk......But he is smart that other UMNO leaders....He know what plp want to hear....Different group of plp he make diff promises...He smart in stir a shit....

    ANwar u can cheat me once only but u can;t continue cheating me....To DAP he said secular to PAS islamic country....wat ever promise as long he can be PM...

    Justice only for abt victim.....Even if 100,000 thousands attented the rally, Governmant shld remember got other 9 millions more plp don;t attended the rally....silent majority want peace...

    Coz of selffish Anwar and Lim Kit SIang willing to see plp in KL facing traffic Jam...and denied the right to have peace life.....
    ANd PAS supportes been used by ANwat and Lim Kit Siang to stir the shit...

    Only the trouble makers affraid of ISA.....other than that whats the problem....Like said....Even punishment for stealing is sentence to death....I have no problem coz im not a robber.....but the robbers will make a lot of noise...coz they want to robe.

    Anwar crazy to be PM....Disaster for Malaysia....Good in talking and making trouble.....

    Anwar stupid compare to TDM but smarter compare to Pak LAH...if smart he already become PM and kick out TDM...but old man smarter than him....Where is justice for victim of his unique sex desire....Anwar you better go to bollywood and be an actor...ur good frnd in Philipine already back in acting...

    But don't worry anwar will still get support coz there is a lot of who beleive his sweet story I enjoy listening his speach expecialy when i need entertainment....Oh Ya is he becoming PM this 16sept or 16thsept next year or 16the sept another next year.....

    Liar will always lie....simple concept...the bigger the lie the more plp will believe...

    Muacks...Abg Nuar

  149. 1Love1:32 am

    All politicians pander differently depending on who the audience is.

    UMNO politicians at the UMNO general assembly are extremely pro-malay while on the outside they adopt a more inclusive attitude.

    The same goes for politicians from MCA and MIC.

    Inf fact, politicians the world over deliver speeches based / tailored along the lines of who the target audience is.

    To single our Anwar as a chameleon is misconceived.

  150. Anonymous9:54 am

    Bro Warrior 231,

    As expected...our pig of the game has once again back in da house..glad to see u had grilled that filthy pig again as usual..

    So predictable.. just from the topic : ECONOMY..for sure he will emerged from his chingkieland kandang babi..
    his favourite subject....where he can spin his pigbrain circulating from the ass to the cranium to come up with verbal diarhoea to degrade Malaysia directly and the Malays indirectly..a cunning chingkie pig indeed..fetish of becoming an economist thought he already failed misreably been ass-shoved by the very people he always looked down & underestimated..kah..kah..kah..

    Forever he will remain in typical state of denial..

    Who else if its not our same-o-shit multiple identities piggy - THE SKILMORON..

    He come, brag, throw shit, end up in deep shit and then runaway..

    Just imagine he being a piglet that makes those irritating & annoying oinking sound after getting a hard blow kick from you bro 231..last time SatD and you already grilled this babi to! u sure had much fun with it..

    but as usual..what would WE expect from a typical no maruah chingkie pig..
    Pigbrain will never learn ..they only sondol everything and love to talk proudly with high nose although its just a fucking flat ..

    p/s: I describe Anwar as a BABI.. he get too close to the babikind and sondol his own bangsa and negara from the back for his fetish dream of premiership..he is a hybrid babi-chameleon..he is a type of babi that can wear lebai, sikh serban, songkok, or nothing alltogether and even shoved others asshole and pretend not to be seen..nature assimilation..?hahaha..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  151. Anonymous11:03 am

    Bro anti,

    The pigface arsewhore skilmoron is actually a farmhand at Ee Lee Gal Pig Farm Sdn in Toa Payoh, Spore.His job is to keep the sty clean, lick clean pigarses, suck their unwashed dicks and sidle up for them to buttfuck him to Chingkie hell. The idiot bastard is lurking under other nicks now and will make his appeareance sooner than later. He got a companion now in Look Sow Fuck, The Yang Babi for Seremban.

    Anwar ibrahim, the arsewhore is a waste of pixels. He has got Zaid Ibrahim (look at this pig's face if ever there was a human pig, this one sure fits the bill: to lick his arse and suck his john. Fuckedup chingkie lovvas par excellence, the two of them.They will pay big time for sure after we have cleaned out the damn chingkie pigs.

    Warrior 231

  152. skilgannon106612:08 pm

    Warrior xxx

    You are long on talk, as is usual, but woefully ignorant of economic realities.

    All of your arguments, statistics, rebuttals and citations can be negated by one simple fact - that Malaysia needs private investment (domestic and FDI) in order to grow the economy and provide jobs for Malaysians.

    Where is this private investment coming from? Are you privy to what is happening in MIDA and what their success rate is in attracting FDI into Malaysia?

    Just a couple of months back, UEM Land was doing a roadshow in Singapore to try and persuade Singaporeans (and foreigners living in Singapore) to buy high-end real estate in Iskandar Malaysia. And this is not the first roadshow that UEM Land has done in Singapore. Seems to me that a Malaysian GLC is doing the unpatriotic thing, is it?

    Get your roadkill-addled brain wrapped around the fact, in spite of your bluster and bombast, Malaysia is a bit player in the grand scheme of things. You wanna name the groupings - Asean, Apec, NAM, OIC, G20 - and whether Malaysia exerts a significant influence (that can be directly measured in terms of FDI, jobs created, companies set up and real estate acquired) in any of these groupings? Do you want to tell us the FDI rankings in Asean and Apec and which countries have pulled in the most FDI on a cumulative basis?

    And get this, coke****, what Nor Mohd Yakcop said at the just-concluded capital markets symposium in KL (which, I suppose, you didn't attend). According to reports, he agreed with Singapore Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam that the momentum from stimulus injections needed to be maintained, but that in Malaysia, the government hoped to see domestic consumption, which was growing steadily prior to the financial crisis, pick up the slack again.

    However, he warned that "the difference I see in surviving the near-death experience of last year and going forward is that was just the easy part. We just give the palliative and the patient survives."

    Note his words - "the easy part", "palliative" and "the patient survives". Now that the "easy part" is over, what comes next? And "palliative" is defined as something that relieves, but does not cure the underlying symptoms.

    Given that Malaysia's budget deficit is expected to balloon to over 8 per cent next year, Nor Mohd Yakcop said that governments would likely have to undertake decisions that, while painful in the short term, would benefit the nation in the longer term. He said: "We may have to look at taxes, for example. One may have to create a broader-based tax which will stand (us) in good stead in the longer run, but that will not be popular".

    So, Petronas' revenues notwithstanding, Nor Mohd Yakcop may already have fired the first warning shots over the possibility of implementing some form of tax on domestic consumption - like a Goods and Services Tax, for example.

  153. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Part 1

    Skilly Pundek

    1. FDI consists of 2 varieties: what i would term the long term, more "productive" variety in the form of capital investment in plant, expanding manufacturing capacity, job-creation, more moolah for R&D etc.
    Variety B= is the short-term, hot money variety that idiots like Anwar and you assume to be FDI but which are speculative capital in search of quick returns; the now you see it; now you dont thingy.also remeber the FDI inflow into Malaysia is measured according to strict accounting standards while other countries, Thailand, Korea are lax. Hence, M7A in these countries count as FDI while in Malaysia, it doesnt.

    As a pig styhand and an exgraduate of Fujian University of Charlatan Knowledge (FUCK, i dont expect FUCKERs like u to understand the distinction between the 2.

    2. I also undertsand that you are enrolled in the Chingkie Hog Economics and Administrative Training (CHEAT) programme, a collaborative effort between FUCK and Chinese University of Nuclear Technology (CUNT). That is why you always target me with your arserammed, mouthfucked, cuntlicked comments so that when I respond, I will throw you a morsel of information from my vastly superior intellect for a slimearsed, urinedrenched pigfaced pigdog like you to wolf down, digest and comprehend the resultant alchemy before you come back for more. This hankering for factual links will have to stop, pigface because like all chingkie bastards, u seem to assume that just because we Malay Muslims have tolerated your whoring, thieving, cheating ways for 210 years or more, we will be kind enough to carrying on doing the same for you parasites for another millenia!!

    3. Since talking cock is your speciality and Singapore is home to cunty aunty, I will throw these last slivers of meat to feed your mangy self, chingkie bastard.

    a. Look at the FDI figures within ASEAN and figure out urself where MALAYsia is? It is obvious aint it, cumwhore!!:
    Table 1, FDI flows to Asean.pdf
    linked via which you get to via: where u click on: Statistics of Foreign Direct Investment in ASEAN, 2008

    b. the figurea above are in trend with Malaysia's 2nd position that was recorded in this paper:
    FDI Effects of ASEAN Integration
    Michael G. Plummer and David Cheong,
    The Johns Hopkins University, SAIS-Bologna
    wherein u can red to your hearts content during lunch break as you munch on the pig shit you extracted with your bare hands from the boar's arse.

    3.Next, go here
    and click on this to view Malaysia's relative position to others. of course when u do so, remember comparisons are moot since GDO varies. For example, the GDP of marsjhall Islands would not amount to much, as such any % proportioning would be skewed even if the Marshalls coral in 1 billion!
    While you are at it, click on Tables 20.1 and 20.6. 20.2 will show you that MALAYsia is investing substantially overseas, 2nd only to Spore.

    about FDI from Malysia outwards, why not google this:

    Warrior 231

  154. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Part 2

    Tax can be in the form of direct and indirect taxes, they include income tax, a GST tax, value added tax etc. GST & VAT have been yappped about for years and have yet to see fruition. My reasoning is that the government need not introduce new forms of tax (except a Tobin tax) to raise revenue as the economic downturn is abating. Moreover, through improved collection of tax, revenue can be enhanced (a point noted by Finance Minister hanafiah something). In fact, by raiding the chingkie bastard tax frauds and defaulters revenue can be enhanced by another 15-20% or so. I also propose that we introduce a form of a Tobin tax to tax Chingkie wealth holdings so as to ensure that reparations are made for Chingkie economic depredation in connivance with the Brits over the past 200+ years which the pribumis (malays and others) had to stoically endure.

    4. money is value neutral and color-free. it goes where maximum returns can be made. the case of the UEM roadshow is nothng! Are u saying that adverts about property in HK, Australia, UK etc are indicative that they are about to die.Hahahahaha stupid wanked up chingkie.

    The deficit is a temporary aberration due to 2 stimulus packages, stupid and nothing to worry about. In fact, economists like Sen, Krugman, De Long etc are advocates of such maesures during a time of diminishing private investment and falling consumption. Moreover, i have pointed out in my previous post that at times the Malaysian deficit attained 17%of GDP. ther is another elemnt you failed to consider, malysia's stash of savings allows it the leeway to tap into these ources to finance growth. The resilience of the local economy is one reason why money is still pouring into Malaysia and it remains a desirable FDI destination:



    Finally, ur fixation with Spore is perfectly understandable but to use it as prism of malaysia is downright stupid cos of the different growth models and country specific factors.

    I have been courteous and civil to u cumswilling, cocksucking, cuntlicking, arsefucked bullshit and your long on talk...............thingy is uncalled for. In fact, i dont even throw challenges ur way knwoing that you are a mad pigdog who cant reason dispassionately and suffering from delusions. As a matter of fact, i have answered all ur queries and ur attempt at shifting the goalposts is pathetic. maybe you need to drink a SB"s urine to get those synapses going, arewhore, cumshit son of a stone drunk, wormy cunt of an arsedigged chingkie wh--- (complete the puzzle). Enuff said!!!

    Warrior 231

  155. Anonymous9:50 pm

    BANGKOK, Aug 12 (Bernama) -- Foreign direct investments (FDIs) to the 10 Asean countries in 2008 were affected by the global economic crisis as they dwindled from US$69.48 billion in 2007 to US$60.17 billion last year.

    Singapore remained the most attractive country in the region for FDIs, gaining US$22.8 billion in 2008, but much lower than the US$31.6 billion received a year before.

    Thailand took the second spot with US$9.83 billion, followed by Malaysia which earned US$8.053 billion compared to US$8.4 billion in 2007, Vietnam received US$8.05 billion and Indonesia US$7.9 billion.

    Malaysia's FDI included US$6.2 billion from outside Asean and US$1.86 billion from within the region.

    Statistics provided by the Asean Secretariat ahead of the 41st Asean Economic Ministers Meeting here showed Asean still relied on investors from other parts of the world as US$49.1 billion in FDI came from outside the region while only US$11.07 billion was intra-Asean investments.

    Dei Skilly Fuckhead

    Malaysia is still pulling them moolah in as this evidence shows.The figures for Thailand are skewed as:

    " Bank Negara Malaysia in its balance of payments accounts, ‘purchase of existing
    Plant and equipment’ by foreigners is treated as ‘changes of ownership’ not as ‘new investment’. Because of this [sound] accounting practice, whatever takeover that have happed are not reflected in official FDI figures, whereas in Thailand and Korea value of these deals are captured in FDI data together with ‘true’ investment (Ogus 2000"

    so if you factor out thailand, malaysia maintains the pole position in terms of "true economies" for Spore is nothing but a safe haven for money laundering for triad chingkie businessmen gangstas like this (just the tip of the pigshitberg, mind you):

    "Ho made his first fortune smuggling luxury goods across the Chinese border from Macau during World War II"

    Jewish MNC regional HQs and Yankee strategic port of call.

    Dei bastard, u have no inkling of who am I in the SB setup.Once I get you i will throw u into the tiger pen for rubbishing MALAYsia. I will have a free tigershow for the kicks as you are arseslammed and mouthfucked by real tigers. better dont crawl out of the shithead harry Lee's arsehole where you are hiding in with Brendan, Leslie and Kali. But Lee is an evil pragmatist, for when the right screws are turned, he will just scratch his arsehole, dig you out and throw you to the dogs as this clearly shows:

    "If I have to shoot 200,000 students to save China from another 100 years of disorder, so be it." - Lee Kuan Yew endorsing the Tiananmen massacre, Straits Times, 17 August 2004

    Now getta out of Ee Lee Gal Pigfarm and jump on the next boat to tongsan if you dont want to pengsan after the tigers show no kesihan with your natural jamban... fuckhead!

    Warrior 231