Thursday, August 06, 2009

Nut Graph in a Jam

Note: The guys at Nut Graph DID NOT ask me to do this posting. I'm not even sure if it's going to help.

Trying to stay afloat. When you are running an online portal, you realise that you need money as much as you need passion. And money doesn't grow on trees.
The people behind Nut Graph, the 11-month socio-political news site, may have to close shop if they can't find enough money to keep the business going. Yes, it is a business: you have to pay salaries of writers, contributers and columnists, there's rent and utilities to pay, and machines and servers to maintain.
When I wanted to start my own portal early this year, one vendor quoted a fee of a little over RM80,000. They brought it down to RM30,000 after finding out that I didn't have the money and later agreed to settle for a partnership where they'd do the portal for me, F.O.C., and we'll split the profits from online ads, if any.
So, I understand Nut Graph's predicament.

If you'd like to help them, go here.


  1. Anonymous3:58 pm


    To me the Nuts in Nutgraph are just another bunch of mutherfucker Pakatan supporters. I read the Nuts just once or maybe twice. Cannot recall. But I have met with and spoken to their 'reporters, journalists, correspondents' or whatever you want to call them. All these mutherfuckers are alike. They have a total disdain for the Gomen. Ok can understand - but it cant be 100% bad. So be honest and be fair when you write. Dont criticise every damn thing.

    What I cannot understand is these mutherfuckers indulge in ass-slurpee with total glee when it comes to the bootie buster YB BABI. What is wrong with these mutherfuckers?

    There is a business end to this bro - when they support crap, when they blindly support a useless, third rate, corrupt, thieving, wife cheating, wife beating (yes you mutherfuckers YB BABI did beat up Wan Azizah, to the extent she applied to get a divorce from him in the past - why dont you mutherfuckers go and ask her) toilet bowl scum called YB BABI, you cannot sustain.

    Our Chinee braders already can see that YB BABI's end is nigh. As MM said, even YB BABI's foreign lickers are now looking for other booties to bust.

    When you support a dead cause, a corrupt bastard, your end will come too. Soon.

  2. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Bro, the previous comment was from me - Hoegarten. Bottoms up bro.

  3. Anonymous4:13 pm

    What? DAP's gangsta can't fund them anymore?. They can close-down for all i care. Contents crap anyways.


  4. Well bro way to do, they really show some passion of being the newsportal even though they now realised that it's difficult to sustain in the competitive environment. However Im still wonder how Malaysia Today and Malaysia Insider can still afloat when RPK is still hiding in australia and Kalimuthu is a jobless. who's sponsor their operations and how much profit they gained although some adv are the sex anime website (wat i mean in MT). Well really suspicious with their sustainability. USA who knows??

  5. nstman4:24 pm

    I heard Umno is willing to sponsor anyone keen to set up a portal, but Umno will make sure the news suits Umno. Any takers?

  6. Anonymous4:28 pm


    Rembrandt died pauper for his passion in paintings, however his works worth hundred of million after 400 years.

    God knows, those tiny writings in the blogs will one day become treaties and will be studied by the future generation as not to repeat the mistakes made by their forefathers.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  7. Inspired or sponsored4:35 pm

    Simple to solve,

    Get it inspired or sponsored by Anwar Ibrahim lah!!

    Tak susah:)

  8. The "nut graph" does not sound like a news portal, maybe change the name to something more catchy, like "Malaysia Unzipped" or something like that.

  9. Anwar rejoins UMNO ???4:42 pm


  10. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Fiction and friction usually have a shelf life.

    Crying wolf too often makes people yawn.



  11. mahameru6:35 pm


    i think a lot of your readers -- especially the partisan -- are just too blinded by the partisanism to make rational assessments of things.

    i see that they've skinned you over and over again for your going to the Malay mail (where you were before Kalipantat decided the place is too crowded with you around and you were such a pain in his ass) and for you being not-so-supportive of the Pakatan Rakyat.

    tthey remember you whacking Pak lah's government and bringing him and his excess down.

    they forget that you were and still are a journalist and were with the Star and then the Business Times and later the Malay Mail.

    I suppose THAT is the dark side that you left and returned to.

    How very biased they are. and blinkered.

    Anything Pakatan is good. Yeah?
    Aww...come on..

    for every one bad BN leader, there's another on in Pakatan.

    Just look at the Selangor Pakatan govt.

    The likes of Ronnie Liu becoming more powerful than they are now is a very scary thought.

    let's just say, most of your commenters who are nailing you to the wall are simply Pakatan supporters.

  12. nut graph no money?

    zaid ibrahim dah bailed out, ke?

    Rocky...i heard the portal you were to have started would have been awesome!

  13. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Rocky, you can go ahead and help them.

    I'd rather help those stranded dogs on that island off Pulau Ketam. I know FOR SURE that I'll be doing the right thing.

    Let me make it even clearer for everyone. I'll help those animals even if they are pigs - for the same reason.


  14. Errrr....

    Looks like Lainie Yeoh has nice tounge

  15. Anonymous8:27 pm


    If you consider Nutgraph Pakatan supporters, who are you then? You expose yourself as an UMNO Babi Hutan of the dirtiest type, scavenging in the backlanes of Chow Kit near your lubang Babi in PWTC. And who are you to call Anwar a YB Babi when he is undoing all the dirty and evil things your UMNO Babi hutans do to the rakyat. If there are any pengkhianats to the Melayus it is babi hutans in UMNO! Look at your own hidong panjang and 4 kaki pendek first before you call anyone babi, Hoetargen!


  16. ...and i pray that umno bastards with ill gotten money don't go and 'bail out' nutgraph and fuck it in the ass...we have enough retarded umno controlled MM and ass lickers around already...

  17. Rocky!
    Let me tell you this much the end is nigh for these bad people including a certain ex-powerful politician who fathered his close friend's wife with a child!As for the nut-graph what is your idea of trying to help them by highlighting their problem? I hope you too are not a chameleon for I will have to squish you too. because I am tired of squishing bad and nasty people. For me not to do that you have to tell me you are not a chameleon!

  18. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Jonathan said:
    "However Im still wonder how Malaysia Today and Malaysia Insider can still afloat when RPK is still hiding in australia and Kalimuthu is a jobless."

    Jonathan, Kalimuthu may be jobless but it doesn't matter. After ransacking the country's (read 'our')booty, he grabbed more money than you and I can ever have.
    For starters, look into the BBMB Securities deal.

    Smokehouse Sam

  19. Anonymous10:19 pm

    deserve to be eaten by the monekys of pakatan rakyat. want lifeline ... go to al juburi la. at least for a few months before his ass is friend in sg buloh.

  20. I wonder how much TMI is making?


  21. Anonymous11:58 pm

    kawan-kawan semua mari baca artikel ini, best gila siot!

    Piggy whack KJ

  22. i went and saw this question and didn't waste my time much longer there in nutgraph, it went something like this.. pandemonium.. who's to blame.. stupid question.

  23. I got some friends in the Nut Graph. They're good people. Sad to see them facing these tough times.

    Hope everything works out for them.

  24. Anonymous12:56 am

    Guess.. The notorious "Malaysian Insider" has too much overflowing for them...

    Perhaps we already know who are behind this shady portal that yaps biased views and slamming one side most of the time.

    Many a times their editorials show no name.. hide behind an anonymous "By Malaysian Insider.."

  25. Tulang Besi12:58 am

    I have no sympathies for Nut Graph..
    They had a very biased view of reporting.

    I doubt they will close down..
    The DAP underworld will come to their aid.. they use these media to drum their views most of the time..

  26. Tulang Besi1:00 am

    Rocky when are you going to start your Portal.. I am waiting for it.. I am sick and tired of the rest.. they are Anwaristas and DAP ***holes..

    You can create a fund, to start your portal and have ppl as holding shares to it..
    I am ready to put in money..

  27. Anonymous1:17 am

    The Nut Graph is run by a bunch of gal journos.

    Boy George

  28. Anonymous1:27 am


    aku lebih rela bagi mkn kucing kurap drp bantu portal perasan bagus ni......


  29. Anonymous4:08 am

    Those who rants so much about not getting fair treatment by so and so, are actually the kind that have tendencies to giving ill treatment to others.

    A good example is PR. When a media inclined toward criticising its leaders, this media is perceived as not a good media.

    But then if a media is seen to be on their side for criticizing and screwing its opponent, this media is praised from head to toe!

    PR also appears to like to accuse their opponent (UMNo) as having fun screwing this and that, but knowing their hypocrisy, how anyone going to believe that this jokers are not a screwer either.

    Yes! the actual fact is PR not only screwing everything that walk across their eyes but their very very good freind else well (Pas). Not only once but every time Pas raises their voice against his master (DAP) !

    If Pas could easily been screwed by his own pals, doesn't that really scares those who have taken the trouble in lending their support toward PR that they may also become the victim themselves?
    Watch out guys. Better make a move now before thing gets too late.

  30. Sdr Rocky, you should consider setting up a socio-political news site. I find your articles very simple yet articulated. No convictions, no propoganda. I see that in MM too now these days.

    The problem with most local news site is that they're too political. Feed us facts please!

    Like whats the unemployment situation in Penang, how different is the current govt tackling the issue, are they doing what they pledged. Is investments coming into PR led state as Anwar had promised (not sure billion or gazillion he mentioned during campaign).

    I want to know, whats the big deal about seizing alcoholic/liquor beverages in a muslim populated city like Shah Alam. Why can't the No. 1 in Selangor make a stand? Even PAS knowing that its alliance is fragile has left it to the state leadership to decide (and they call themselve an Islamic party?) ISA beria-ia nak mansuhkan, isu menangani penjualan arak kepada anak muda melayu tak nak masuk campur?

    I can't imagine the catastrophe that would occur should PR take control of the country. And its not because i'm pro-BN.

    To me, BN SEEMS to have gotten their act together, they seem to have level-headed, like-minded leaders (WITH ONE OR TWO EXCEPTION!!) who is sincere in wanting make amends and changes towards fostering greater unity.

    More importantly, they have for the past 51 years proven themselves as being able to lead this great country of ours + they got the message in the previous GE, they know the consequence, foolish of them to go astray yet again (Different pilot too)!

    PR has just got step up their game if they ever want to be considered in being given the chance to lead. They were given the chance by rakyat to show their mettle, but i for one, do not like what i'm seeing!!

  31. ANTI ONLINE7:32 am

    With MM goin you now think its a wise choice? I still think NOT!

  32. Anonymous8:30 am

    Why are UMNO supporters always using vulgar languages in your Blog to show their anger or disagreement ?
    Are these the kind of people they are ?
    When the heart overflows the mouth speaks right ?
    Or is it the education of their parents and their schooling or may be it is their upbringing that has something to do with it ? May be it is in their blood to be born vulgar ?
    They are a bloody disgrace to their kind and even their parents or should I say they are all beyond salvation or it is the culture of UMNO ?

  33. Anonymous8:50 am


    How about Datin Seri Rosmah's web site? She use government link web site "" la.. How much government spend for that? Not proper la bro, if minister I support lah. I think she should use facebook instead.


  34. Anonymous10:18 am

    err.. Greenbottle, i dont think Umno will bail them out so they can make it theirs. Ther're better use of THEIR money. And for all your cursing, i'm glad your stil praying.

    But just curious do you worship Anwar Al-Bontoti or Lim Kit Kat

  35. Anonymous1:22 pm

    One particular writer there with initial J had a blogger whacking her when she condemned the bersih rally.
    Fast forward a year later, he is singing her praises.....

    Just goes to show that Pakatan bloggers are hypocrites just like the political masters they serve.

    Raja Paper Kutuk

  36. hi MM CEO!!! clever to put headline sexy model wants to get pregnant.
    That sure sell low class MM..which lure me to buy read what it is all about.
    Thumps up for your publicity stunt.

  37. Nuts being crushed? Leran to play ball! Lol!!

  38. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Nutgraph's imminent demise is not surprising as its credibility and impartiality as purveyoors of fact had long been hocked at the pawnshop of sensationalism.

    It is a sad indictment of the personalities involved and the principles they uphold. In their haste to corner the market, they sought to leverage on the anti-establishment proclivities of the readers on the mistaken perception that such tendencies are permanent and immutable rather tahn seasonal and transient. The moment they were found out, the readers left in droves, ad revenue probably collapsed and the debts and IOUs piled up.

    Its a classic case of comeuppance for upstarts who probably thought they were reeling in fish at will with their lopsided reporting and biased opinuendoes fronting as columns. Nutgraph probably gambled on a niche straddling between the new kid on the block MI and the dying old man, MK.

    When sufficient people got pissed off with the byzantine, dog-eat-dog world of PR politics, their penchant for flamboyant showmanship, their lack of intellectual depth, the near absence of longterm vision to uplift the socio-economy of the middle class and the poor,the stubborn and pigheaded assault on a constitutionally constituted government, the writing was on the wall for propagandists like the Nut Graph.

    It is a scenario that is creeping stealthily upon Phackatan who are still dreaming in Phark Lah Land. Diminishing victory margins at the polls, boycotts of the electoral process, the perceptible shift in the Malay vote (though as yet not sufficient given the inane liberalisations under 1Malaysia), and reduction in the number of votes garnered are all harbingers of more serious things to come.A clear indicator is the lukewarm response to TBH's funeral and memorials and tellingly the 80-90% fall off in support for street orgies given that it was hovering at 80K for Bersih at one time.

    With the infighting for spoils, the infiltration of gangstas and the use of threats to cow dissent within, expect more fractures to emerge within Phackatan as it braces for a major earthquake which will witness its disntegration within the next year or two. In fact, I have been reliably informed by sources within PAS that that a large portion of the party are going to leave it to form another Muslim-based party leaving behind a rump to be fought over by the Kelantanese Mafiosi if PAS continues its subservient fellatio and cunnilingus of the DAP. They will be joined by groups from PKR who are disenchanted of having to kowtow to the DAP in Penang and Selangor.Viewed from that angle, NG's death is a symbolic sign of things to come.I expect another web news portal, aligned to the opposition, to collapse in the forseeable future.

    Warrior 231

  39. Anonymous4:55 pm

    "nstman said...

    I heard Umno is willing to sponsor anyone keen to set up a portal, but Umno will make sure the news suits Umno. Any takers?

    4:24 PM"


  40. Anonymous5:07 pm

    the piece by zubaida in nst 2day looks like brenden's work of art. i just wonder

  41. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Godd riddance. Tutup pi lah. I am so effing tired reading [ ] [ ]


  42. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Malay Mail has to buck up. Otherwise the same fate would happen.


  43. Terminator7:17 pm

    Maybe the nutgraph should get its editor Wong Chin Huat to do more fund raising in the streets which he is very good at . Wonder why the Aussie U ever hired him as one of their lecturers , maybe to teach how to protest and demonstrate .

  44. Anonymous11:52 am

    Observer, go and offer yourself to YB BABI. He will need it. Maybe you will need it too. That was, is and will be YB BABI's contribution to everything while he lived on this earth. Nothing else.

  45. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Anonymous 11.52am,

    I have a better idea. As an UMNO babi hutan, go offer yourself to your UMNO babi hutan bosses in the way your polluted and corrupt otak thinks. If they are still not satisfied with what you can offer them, I suggest you rope in your good friend and fellow UMNO babi hutan warrior 231 for help...keh, keh,keh.....


  46. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Ask me do I care if NutGraph closes down? I say good riddance....won't be missing it ....full of shit stuff's karma....what goes around turns around....hopefully MT, Mkini and the likes will close down soon ....

    - couldn't care less

  47. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Monsterball, why are you here passing shit in rocky's bru? Did you get kicked out from all the other blogs as they find you a bloody nuisance? Nobody wants you monsterball! Get lost! Everyone wanted in blogoshphere EXCEPT you monsterball you stupid idiot!


  48. Anonymous1:10 am

    Dei Observer

    u mafucking, pigarse whoring bastard of dogshit munchie. U get this straight up ur fucking head, dont tangle with me. You got issues with others, take it out with them like a man and stop your trannie deflections.

    The way i see it, u must be YB BABI's arsekeeper, arselicker, arsewasher, cocksucker, all rolled into one. You talk like a cumswamped, shitbrain of a fuckhead. If u hate UMNO so much, remember your favie BABI was in it for almost 2 decades and did nothing but carve up Malaysia for his Yankie paramour. U dare to list down even 1 of his achievements, eh bastard? Except for street whoring and thugging, he has done nothing of importance in public service. and the less said of his private service, the better. As for his spayed bitch of a wife and idiot bitch of a daughter, even lesser said the best.

    Fact of the matter, bastard, u observe them through your arsehole not through your mind's eye. That is why you cant see the garbage they are nor smell the stench they emit. Get a life and start looking at things critically for a change and use your intellect (that is if u have one)to analyse issues, performance, promises, delivery etc. Otherwise, quit tagging your self as the "Observer" and spend more time picking the ticks and lice off your momma's cockblasted cunt or examining her wormy cunthole and arsehole to see whether there are any blackholes you can squirm into, bastard, suckcock of a doggone dogdick + pigarse licking scumbag of a arsewhore.

    Warrior 231

  49. Anonymous12:00 am

    Oi Babi hutan UMNO yg terbesar Warrior 231,

    Good of me to tell you that you are in fact the biggest kok-sucking muth-fucking shit eating bastard of all times licking the areshole of your boss the najis and his gemok babi betina you know who...Don't try to insult the intelligence of the people with your shit as nobody buys it any more...If you need to call anyone babi there are so many in UMNO anyone can think of from the Najis RasuahMaidin, kerismudin etc...all are babis that you should remember and not DSAI..the rakyat's champion!!!! you UMNO babi hutans are so afraid of DSAI that your najis shit in his pants. Naji and Rasuahmaidin still cannot forget that at one stage, they were worshipping the very ground DSAI trod now who is more inferior.. Come Next GE, DSAI leading PR will kick all your UMNO babi hutans with your MCA/Gerakan/MIC bodek ampus out of Putraya and all of their leaders together with mamakmati(r) will take a one-way plane trip to Zimbabwe to live in political exile, otherwise the people will hang them upside down by their balls! So what are you talking about Warrior 231? Balek lubang babi hutan kau di PWTC and wallow in your shit and kencing....keh keh keh.. HIDUP DSAI!


  50. Anonymous3:04 am

    Dei Observer Pigarse faced mafucking pabuggered shithead of a goddamn chingkie:

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    Warrior 231

  51. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Warrior 231,

    Thank you for telling me what a BABI HUTAN UMNO TERBESAR you are and all the dirty things which only UMNO babi hutans are doing all over the place.


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    kah kah kah


  52. Anonymous3:52 am


    Response: It takes the original babi to advise the fake babi. Dei pigarse faced bastard scum, I see you have attained your moment of epiphany, a long while back. Thank you for revealing your real self in all your glory, pigarse licking, pigcock mouthing, pigdog buttfucked arsewhore of a moron.

    2.kah kah kah

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    Warrior 231

  53. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Warrior 231,

    You are truly King of all the babi hutans in UMNO in terms of passing shit, eating your own shit and drinking your own kencing. No wonder even when you "oink", the stink is strong that it pollutes the whole of KL! You and fellow babi hutan D Muhahaha are badly needed keep rocky's bru clear of your pig shit. Go shit in Putrajaya for the Najis and his babi betina the gemok...keh keh keh..

    Hidup DSAI!
    Hidup Reformasi!
    Mampoi Najis! Mampoi UMNO!
    Mampoi yang terutama sekali Warrior 231 dan D Muha haha


  54. Anonymous6:25 pm


    I've posted several comments on Malaysia Insider which till today had not been posted. One is about Chua Jui Meng and the other with regards to Malaysia for Malaysians. This is to show how biased this Malaysia Insider portal is compare to yours. I sincerely hope that you maintain YOUR portal as the way you want it and let any of the detractors @#%* off if they think otherwise.
    Keep up the standard Bro.....


  55. Anonymous9:59 am

    I have and continue and will continue to have run ins with the Nutgraph. A well intended bunch of young restless people wanting to change things.

    The nutgraph will in my estimation cease to exist or change its format and its stated objectives and principles to survvive. The word principlees here is used a bit liberally.

    Unless they concentrate on facts and being politically independent which also means being poitically detatched, they will as they have I believe sow the seeds off their own destruction.

    Nutgraph tends to publish stories complete with exaggerations, gossip and populist rhetoric often creating a situation where they share the culpability of others (their sources) in defamatory conduct against inddividuals and organisations alike.

    Ther eis no political independence and neutrality with the Nutgraph. They are precious when it comes to pointing out their errors. And their demonstrated capacity for censorrship makes me wonder why anyone would want to support them financially without attracting governmeent interest as a consequence.