Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ah, YB Jeff!

12/8 Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi and DAP Youth chief Loke Siew Fook to be called up to give statements soon on allegations of insulting Islam: IGP Musa/STAR
Anti-Islam? Jeff Ooi may be some other things to some people but he is not a person who'd insult Islam or, for that matter, any belief (or disbelief) that you might have. Sure, he's been a pain in many a butt during the last five years or so that he's been blogging and since becoming the first blogger in the world to be elected a Member of Parliament in March last year. But if anyone accuses Jeff of insulting Islam then I'd say he's wasting everyone's time.

The YB has withdrawn his statement here and said he's never insulted Islam. Which part of his statement is not clear?


  1. So Ok.
    All he said was Mohd Razali Abdullah, a JIM member, an Islamic extremist and calling JIM an extremist organisation.
    And thats not anti Islam nor sedituos.
    Now I am saying, Jeff Ooi is a communist and DAP is a communist party.
    And don't anybody dare to say I am a racist.

  2. Anonymous8:35 pm

    senang je nak describe jeff ni


  3. Ialah Rocky,

    Kalau kena kat apek2 yg hina Melayu atau Islam, semuanya tak nampak, tak mau mintak maaf. Kalau kena Melayu, satu dunia kecoh suruh mintak maaf, dan tuduh Melayu RACIST. Actual fact, they're the one completely FACIST.

  4. Anonymous9:00 pm

    yeah..., wright!

  5. Bro, Jeff Ooi's statement is crystal clear but I think as a YB he ought to show some humility and offer his apologies to JIM for placing that organisation in a bad light unnecessarily in the first place.

  6. Yes Rocky I am with you on this one. I don't know him personally but have followed his blogs for a long time. It is evident to me he has respect for all race and religion. Indeed his pantun skills will put me a malay to shame. We can disagree with his politics but you can't fault the man on such matters.

  7. Anonymous9:40 pm



  8. Anonymous9:48 pm

    the part where he refused to apologise!

  9. rocky,

    he may not have insulted islam but he insulted jim by branding them extreme. by merely withdrawing his statement how can he consider the matter closed?

    okay then i say he's a f**king commie dap bastard.

    (oops, i withraw that statement but NO apologies)

    case closed?

    what a joke. well par for the course to the idiots who elected him. to me no matter how smart you are, there is no excuse for being 'kurang ajar'. this is not the MALAY way ! maybe the dap malaysian malaysia or pr way lah.


  10. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Tok Guru Nik Aziz kata bukan Islam kalau hina Islam pun tak kesah.. kepada geng umno jangan menyebok!!


  11. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Betul Ooi ada hak untuk menegur Mohd Ghazali, tetapi apakah cara beliau matang, ikhlas dan murni?

    Kenapa perlu dikaitkan prestasi individu yang ditegur dengan persatuan, fahaman dan agama yang dianutinya.

    Helo, Ooi!!! Obama sekalipun tidak akan tergamak menegur orang bawahan beliau dengan sindiran yang begitu mnghiris hati.

    Oleh itu, kalau DAP mahu dihormati oleh semua golongan, Ooi dan rakan-rakannya perlu menganggap semua manusia adalah sama.

    Untuk itu DAP harus membuang jauh-jauh persepsi cauvinis dan ultra kiasu yang terpalit di tubuh mereka.

    Kalau DAP tidak mahu berubah maka pengundilah yang berhak mengubah kedudukan mereka dalam masa yang akan datang.


  12. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Mohd Razali Abdullah probably is merely practicing CAP, is that what Eng Guan want?

    Kalau tak ada apa salah, why must the developers feel threatened sampai ketahap dapat influence Jeff to demand for Razali's removal?

    Must be something serious. Hope its not another case of SHIT STIRRER..


  13. Anonymous11:02 pm


    I wish somebody or Muslim NGO published names of those Malaysians that defamed Islam or Muslims in the OIC "Hall of Anti Islam", so that such persons become persona non grata in Muslim Powerhouse such as GCC (Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi, Brunai etc). OR in other words such persons are only welcome in Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Kelantan and Somalia.

    Din Pungkok
    Tanah Liat
    Permatang Pauh

  14. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Yes, Ooi have every right to keep track on the performance any of his subordinate in the context of CAT that is being practice but it must be fair and square.

    By right, no one should paint a black picture of any NGO even if his subordinate is one of its members. Or else not only Ooi stand the risk of being sued by his subordinate but the NGO as well.


  15. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Betul tu Rocky, sesiapa yang beranggapan Jeff menghina agama itu dan ini adalah membuang masa!!!

    Ini kerana dalam era internet ada banyak cara untuk melontar batu pada rumah kaca dan kemudiannya sembunyikan tangan.

    Kalau ada pihak media yang dituduh "play up" isu ini, makanya akan ada pihak yang satu lagi yang akan "play down" isu yang sama.

    Akirnya bukan pihak yang benar yang akan muncul sebagai pemenang tetapi puak yang memiliki paling ramai "spin doctor" yang akan dilihat sebagai puak yang benar!

    Bayangkan kalau pihak yang melontarkan batu (pihak yang bersalah) sentiasa dapat lepaskan diri kerana pintar dalam play down sesuatu isu, apakah yang akan terjadi dengan dunia ini?

    Peace :)

  16. Wah Rocky,

    This time you will be given a very big pat on the back by the Pakatan people.

    That's the way to go Rocky! All praises to PKR, DAP & PAS leaders and all the brickbats to the BN.

    Yes, say that again. It is ok for YB Jeff to insult JIM for being extremists and their members are not fit to be given responsibilities in governments, it is ok for Dr. Lo' Lo to flip flop, it is also ok for YB Eli to have sex out of wedlock, it is wonderful of Anwar Ibrahim to make promises to Buah Pala residents and yet did not keep them. All praises to YAB Lim Guan Eng for moving into a spanking bungalow due to termites!

    Or maybe Rocky, that this time around you are being paid by YB Jeff?? You were accused of the same crime when you sing praises to BN leaders.

    Anyway, keep on Rocking!

  17. Anonymous11:46 pm

    I wander what Warrior 231 is going to say on this post or is he going to start cursing you as well? Kekeke


  18. Rocky!

    I will write DAP is indeed an offshoot of the PAP where its raison d'etre is to get rid of the Malay regime and the Malay sultans and king and everything Malay and that I will write DAP will not rest until this country is ruled by the Chinese!! Then I will withdraw the statement but the damage has been done! And it is just like I will say publicly that "Rocky if you are not my friend I will call you a Moron, with a capital M for believeing DAP's yarns and spins, but since you are my buddy I will not call you a Moron" which I already did twice publicly!
    Jeff Ooi may be you friend and speaks good Bahasa Melayu with a Kedah accent but to me he subscribes to a very serious DAP-Chinese agenda to erode and to hopefully rule the country. Rocky it is fine if you believe in him!
    I must warn you that my late uncle was put in a gunny sack by his childhood Chinese friend in Seri Menanti he was a "Bintang Tiga" cadre. The thing is his Childhood friend spoke Malay with a Negri accent and they played together, and yet when the time came he was ordered to kill my uncle hje carreid out his order without compunction, but our family had to pay to allow my uncle live!

    I was in Bosnia at the height of the wat in the 90's. A Bosnian and a Serb families living in the same village for 500 hundred years and when the time came the Serbs massacre the Bosnian families in the name of a greater Serbia.
    Mark my word Malaysia will go along the same line as when Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP cadres massacre a lot of Malays in Singapore in 1968!
    So Rocky do not try to be nice to everyone, including Jeff Ooi?!

  19. Anonymous12:26 am

    Now, this question begs to be answered: Why do my Malay brethren constantly play the 'victim mentality'? As if all kafirs are out to get them? PAP massacred Malays lah, Jeff Ooi is a Kedah dialect-speaking commie lah, aiyoh give yourselves a break lah. Let's all get to the nearest mamak and have ourselves a teh tarik. We fare better that way.

    Rocky, no matter what you've written, some people still don't get the hint. They still insist our friend here's an anti-Islamist. Tak faham bahasa, as usual. They hate you when you side with the PR peeps. So much for being bipartisan.


  20. Jeff Ooi's remark was a manifestation of his deep rooted anti-islam and anti-Malay stance.

    The anti-Islam and anti-Malay ideology is somewhat pevalent among many DAP leaders, if you care to scrutinize their actions and statements.

    Rocky Bru,

    Jeff Ooi is an anti-Islam member of an organisation called Defenders of Alcohols and Pigs (DAP).

  21. bRO

    Sahingga 01:43am Aug 13th, tak ada yang kata you SPIN?

    Semua baca dan lalu, YES.

  22. Not the first time Jeff Ooi's mouth has gotten him into trouble, and it won't be the last, hahaha... he can't help it la... stay tuned, more to come, for sure. In just over a year he has managed to piss off Islamists AND feminists, now THAT must be another world first! (Btw I am a DAP supporter but from day 1 I wished this fella had stayed in Gerakan)

    Now, those of you who are falling on your swords to defend JIM... how well do you guys actually know JIM? Are you actually defending them because you care about them, or are you only defending them because you perceive any attack on a group with the word "Islam" as part of their name, as an attack on Islam itself?

    Poor Sisters-in-Islam doesn't get this benefit.

  23. Jeff Ooi should be arrested under ISA for being a threat to national security,with 2 years mandatory in Kamunting..

  24. Anonymous3:56 am

    ohh langau..

    nik ajiz kata DAP boleh kutuk islam. Kau ajela sokong..

    Aku tak mau sokong. Kalau apek nak kutuk islam, kutukla islam depan nik ajiz, jangan kutuk islam depan aku. Aku takut aku tak tahan untuk katok apek tu dengan p@r@ng aje..

  25. Anonymous4:41 am

    Few months back, our local mosque had the opportunity to have Dr Tee as our guest..

    As a new saudara Islam, with the knowledge you shared with us (100% of my community are Malays), I salute and thank you;


  26. Anonymous5:15 am

    I never really go thru what Jeff wrote in his blog, but if he was to be charged for anything at all, I wonder what will happen to those goons from Utusan who wrote and published many very distasteful articles. Not to name the whole lot, take the recent one for example "Melayu, bachul..." something like that. I might not ace in my bahasa malaysia but that article without doubt or even me reading Jeff's piece gotta be worst sh*t ever.


  27. Pasquale,

    You are shocking in your statements to say the least. I have tried to see if maybe you might have stated our position in jest. But I can't seem to be able to discern that. Which means you are serious in that believe.

    You surely cannot have any evidence to substantiate your believe. But it sure as hell explains your postulations and your world view.

    Just because you had a member of a family subject to threat and violence does not jaundice the entire community. And DAP knows that if they had any such inkling as you suggest their support base from even amongst the Chinese will shrink.

    But of course your position is useful to keep the Malays forever suspicious of the Chinese. Although I must add it does not stop your Malay boys in falling for and marrying Chinese girls! So much for trying to undermine any kind of compassion for the other races!!

  28. Anonymous7:40 am

    Ooi called Ghazali a religious extremist simply because he is involved in an organization that says in its vision statement "Visi JIM adalah untuk Membangun sebuah Negara Malaysia yang melaksanakan sepenuhnya syariat Islam menjelang 2020".

    How is that not insulting Islam?

    Ooi got the JIM vision statement from I'd suggest folks try visiting the JIM website. How on earth anyone can conclude that JIM is an extremist organization from that website is beyond me.

    The fact is Ooi only retracted his statement because Lim Guan Eng "advised" him to do so. He obviously meant what he said about Ghazali and JIM when he said it. Did Ooi mistake JIM for Jemaah Islamiyah? Heck no. He knew what JIM was all about and from behind his red tinted glasses he saw an extremist organization.

    To me that does make him anti-Islam.


  29. Anonymous7:59 am

    Come on guys. Be reasonable. There has been so many name calling but why this particular one? Sure we Chinese been called Money Monger. Sure Indian has been called a lawyer who knows how to lie. Sure Christianity has once overstep their boundary and lead to a Crusade war. But do we care? Maybe it is the truth so we need to fix that. I don't know about you guys but Islam has their fair share of certain extremist so we can't just pretend there aren't.

  30. Anonymous8:45 am

    Saudara Rocky,
    Setuju 100% dengan pendapat Anonymous 10.30pm dan 11.27pm, Sepuloh satu dan Pasquale.Di luar sesaorang mungkin nampak macam madu, siapa tahu kalau di dalamnya macam hempedu!. Jangan terus mempercayai orang 100% walaupun sudah lama mengenalinya.

    Mungkin saya terpengaruh dengan drama bersiri Malaysia, 'Kau Curi Cintaku' dan siri drama Indonesia 'Sujudku' sehingga saya mula amat berhati-hati dengan orang yang nampak terlalu baik di hadapan kita!. Takut ada udang di sebalik batu!

    Manusia berubah. Keperluan, keadaan sekeliling dan harta membuatkan manusia begitu. Begitu ramai manusia yang baik dan alim berubah apabila diuji Allah dengan kuasa dan harta! Jeff Oii MP PR. Sudah tentu dia ingin mendapat 'point' untuk partinya. Ketidakbijasanaannya apabila menggunakan kenyataan yang boleh menyinggung hak dan kebebasan orang lain untuk mendapat 'point' tersebut!

    Jeff Oii tidak mungkin menarik balik kenyataannya kalau kenyataan itu benar-benar suci dari noda walaupun diminta oleh bossnya. Hanya keegoan dan sikap menegakkan benang basah menghalangnya dari berbuat demikian. Saya juga dulu mengikut blognya. Mungkin rasa hormat saya akan kembali semula kalau dia 'man enough' untuk meminta maaf dan mengakui kesilapannya!

    Rakyat Setia

  31. Anonymous9:04 am

    Well both you and Jeff Ooi never insult ISLAM..right?

  32. Anonymous9:15 am

    Retraction without apologies smacks of sheer arrogance - wears his ego on his sleeve and huge attitude problem; bullies the smaller people and say talk to my lawyers if you try to be funny!

    Nickname: Anti-ego

  33. Anonymous9:25 am

    melayu mudah lupa...

    termakan kata, demi harta benda
    maruah hanya kata kata
    bangsa dan agama hanya utk makan bersama

  34. Anonymous9:25 am

    Looking at the comments here better say there are no terrorist here!

    No I'm not in terror!

    Believe me please!

  35. Anonymous10:17 am

    Is there a school somewhere for these politicians who have the tendency to shoot their mouths off - that reminds them that their
    every words may be twisted first and then reported. Very basic - think first, second and third before you talk.

    Then again is there a school, nay an institution for these particular kind of reporters who shouldn't be reporters in the first place.


  36. Anonymous10:21 am

    Bro Rocky

    Alamak Brader, Gua tau la lu sama apek Jeff ni kamceng sangat. Satu kapal lawan NST & Kali. Tapi ini hal mengaibkan agama Islam Brader.

    Dulu sebelum jadi MP, Gua pun respect habis dengan apek ni... He fight for justice. A bigot. But since becoming an MP for the DAP, he has turned into a BIG HEAD.

    Be professional Rocky... keep personal feelings apart. No need to defend a comrade if he has committed a crime.


  37. Anonymous10:36 am

    jagan sebab dia tu kawan, semua dia buat dah tak boleh nak dinilai degan perspective yang berbeza. jagan rasa bila dah kenal lama kita boleh baca hati dia. do not overcast your mind with your next of kin.


  38. Anonymous10:39 am

    Halo, Melayu brothers/sisters di Malaysia, please continue to fight and screw your India and Cina fellows so that Indonesia, Thailand and even communist Vietnam can leap over "democratic" Malaysia in terms of economy, hahaha.

  39. Anonymous10:42 am

    Hi Rocky,

    Nothing wrong for Jeff Ooi to be anti Islam. After all the great Tok Guru Nik Aziz says that the non Muslims do not really understand Islam. So they can be presumptous and get away with whatever they wish to label Islam. According to the Tok Guru more often than not it is the Muslims themselves who does not understand and have an in depth knowledge of Islam. I fully concur with him, especially when I see the Malays who practise western lifesyle more than the westerners!!

    Haiya...why you people make such a fuss - as they say "making a mountain out of a mole hill." Jeff already withdraw his statement. If he refuse to apologise why make it another issue. After all he is a YB so let him continue to do his good work.

    But if Dr M criticise the Chinese then he is a RACIST!!

  40. Anonymous10:46 am


    Ah Oiiiii, DAP Wolfman in Kelantan, the Malay Heartland.

    Nik Rahmah

  41. To Jeff Ooi,
    Do take a bit of time and get to know what Islam is all about. Then it would be easier for you to deal with the Muslims. Good luck!

    To all the Malays,
    Anda orang Islam, tunjuk kan lah bagaimanakah seharusnya akhlak seseorang Islam itu. Jika menegur gunakanlah bahasa yang sopan. Saya tahu anda marah, tetapi bukankah sabar itu separuh dari iman? Bukti kan pada DIRI ANDA bahawa anda seorang Islam.

  42. Anonymous11:21 am


    To my opinion please understand my sincere advise: Although I'am Malay and considered a good Muslim and a senior leaders of 4 million silat members. Please dont provokes us. If 0.01% goes panicked haywire .Very hard to extingush the flame if burst out.
    U such an open minded (I attended and supported your blogs court hearing) I DONT GET HOW COME U suddently change to horrible fanatical facist idiot( facist hates religious) . A good Chinese still respect others.
    U should take a educational vacation in Kemunting

  43. Anonymous11:26 am


    Setuju...... patut lah dalam penubuhan perlembagaan Tanah Melayu dulu selepas merdeka ada menyebut ditubuhkan pasukan Askar Melayu oleh Raja-raja Melayu. Askar Melayu ditubuhkan untuk menjaga dan membela hak-hak Raja Melayu dan orang melayu.

    Mereka dulu sudah tahu perkara seperti ini akan berlaku. Cina-cina DAP cibai ini ingin merampas kuasa dari orang melayu dan menghapuskan mereka dan institusi raja.

    Aku mula mempercayai perkara ini sedang berlaku.

    Wahai general-general Askar Melayu Di Raja, tak teringin kah untuk bersuara?

    -tukang perati

  44. sheesh, melayu dah jadik cam hindraf dah.

  45. Bro,

    correct me if i am wrong, i thought you once said it that you would not publish any comment(s) from anonymous reader(S)


  46. Anonymous11:37 am

    i tot u r a BN stooge..
    Spin rocky Spin... hahah why havent insulted u yet?..


  47. Anonymous12:10 pm

    The 'Communist' DAP modus operandi:

    FIRSTLY, accuse, accuse, accuse, accuse:-

    "Ini Pemuda Umno Celaka! Mau Ugut aku Singh is King"

    "Najib and his wife is a Murderer!"

    "Teoh is killed by the Malays of MACC and the government!"

    "Razali is a JIM member, thus he is an Islamic extremist"

    (After the public have judged and made their own assumptions):-SECONDLY, don't confess it just a gimmicky lie but just retract the statement and let the public chaos begin.

    THIRDLY, NOW, sit back relax, laugh, beat the hairy communist DAP chest and say:- The Muslim Malays are just too weak to counter us, just look at the support they've given us, HA HA HAH HA what a dumb race, we shit on their face and spit at their religion also they STILL give us support HA HA hAH HA HA. Well anything for power! MALAYSIA is ours! HAH HAH HA HA HA HA !!!!


  48. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Anyone who want to condemn islam/malay just proceed as I dun have feeling about it. You know what I only interested joint demo on PPSMI,ISA, blablabla....
    Hailyeah ! Anwar

    e.d yot malay

  49. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Of late, it is becoming more obvious the ways Jeff Ooi operates and what he stands for! Some of us put him where he is now, I know my family and I contributed a fair bit.

    Fortunately, it is not permanent and we have a chance in the next election to put to right what we did wrong.

    As a Muslim myself, I do not critise others (religions or race) and expect the same especially from elected representative in the likes of Jeff Ooi. It does not have to be publish but words do get around.


  50. The Cat12:30 pm

    I'm curious, what did Mohd. Razali demand from these investors that had written to complain and triggered all this racket?

    Alo... aku mau tau lah, kalau dia ada mintak suruh bina surau ka masjid ka... make it public lah..

  51. mike richards12:41 pm

    Wow, your police force has time to do this shit? So I'm sure a lot of time will be wasted on this - and in meantime crime statistics will shoot up.
    You morons have such a warped sense of priorities that while all this goes on your economy and your competitiveness will burn to the ground.
    Seriously you morons all deserve each other - as if all you can do is bitch about each other - Malaysia will just become a non entity nation.

  52. seriously, you dont know why? why he is picked up and not the wankers at Utusan? you dont know?? how bout an intelligent guess?

  53. Anonymous12:59 pm

    adakah sesiapa yg betul2 mengikuti blog Jeff Ooi dari awal lagi.terutama pada musim p/raya ke11. masa tu DAP belum ada PR lagi.nak tahu apa dia tulis tentang islam dan ulamak, sangat mengguris hati. tapi apa boleh buat blog2 lamanya telah ditutup.
    Bagi ana ini bukan kali pertama dia hina Islam.

    Jeff ni macam budak2, bila berbalah dgn orang lain mulalah nak kaitkan pihak ketiga. lagi pun dia ni COS Negeri,takkan perangai macam orang tak sekolah.

  54. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Why are you kissing up to Jeff Ooi? Did he pay you or are you just trying to make an extra buck now that you didnt get the job at nst?
    Carl Megan, newsdesk

  55. Anonymous1:17 pm

    sigh...why do MP all bother to shout and insult each other and call each other names? Why can't they just get on with their job as MP and do something for the state and country and people?

    There are many out there in Penang who are jobless.

    Michelle Chow

  56. Anonymous1:49 pm

    extreme (BELIEFS)

    describes beliefs and political parties which most people consider unreasonable and unacceptable


    Yes if the above is the definition Ooi would like to base his argument for calling JIM as an 'extreme' organization then by the same definition PKR and DAP are also an extreme organizations in that most people considered their ideology are unreasonable and unacceptable.

    So in context of extremism DAP must accept the fact that most voters have rejected them for so many years and only lately catch some ground ie after making some political co-operation with Pas but then only on the ground of negative similarity: both are equally extremist!!!

    Story teller

  57. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Saya tidak menyebelahi sesiapa didalam perkara ini. Setiap satu daripada semua komen yang diberikan mempunyai kebenaran dan kekeliruan tersendiri. Bagi saya, jika pun Islam itu dihina, ia adalah akibat dari perbuatan kita orang Islam sendiri. Pernahkah kita bertanya pada diri sendiri apakah yang telah kita pamerkan kepada orang bukan Islam supaya mereka dapat mencontohinya? Adakah dengan bersongkok dan berserban itu Islam? Adakah sekadar menjerit-jeritkan keIslaman kita maka kita sudah Islam.

    Ingatlah..Islam itu cara hidup. Menghormati orang bukan Islam itu cara hidup. Memaafkan kesalahan mereka itu juga cara hidup. Jika kita berterusan menunjukkan cara hidup yang mulia, pada suatu hari nanti mereka akan rela bersama kita, walaupun mereka tidak bertukar agama.

    Adakah kita takut satu hari nanti kita akan diperintah oleh mereka?

    Perkara ini tidak akan terjadi....jika kita utamakan ILMU dan PENDIDIKAN, apabila sains dan teknologi didalam genggaman kita, apabila ekonomi kita pertingkatkan dan sebagainya. Ini, biala suruh belajar, orang Islam belajar untuk segulung ijazah, bukan kerana Ilmu. Bila suruh berniaga, orang Islam (Melayu) tak suka ambil risiko dan lebih suka makan gaji. Tetapi pada masa yang sama kita sibuk menjerit bahawa ekuiti 30% bumiputera yang disasarkan DEB tak tercapai. Banyak lagi perkara jika diperbincangkan menunjukkan kita tidak menjadikan Islam cara hidup.

    Fikirkanlah......jika dunia ini ranap pada hari ini dan tiada sesiapa yang hidup......apakah berbaloi untuk kita bincangkan perkara ini melalui perspektif budak kecil....


  58. Anonymous3:00 pm

    it's not insult to islam.
    but i think we can safely say that just like the majority of politicians/ the people who take care of our country, Jeff Ooi is ignorant. dare i say bodoh sombong? yes i dare.

    poor malaysians. We did we do to deserve these sort of people to take care of our welfare? sigh.


  59. Anonymous3:01 pm

    If the mission statement of JIM is "Visi JIM adalah untuk Membangun sebuah Negara Malaysia yang melaksanakan sepenuhnya syariat Islam menjelang 2020" as posted by Oik, then it goes contrary to the present Malaysian Consitution.

    If I were the Minister of Home Affairs, I would certainly keep an eye on this organisation for potential illegal and/or extremist activities in the next 11 years !


  60. Malaysian90,

    Now, this question begs to be answered: Why do my Malay brethren constantly play the 'victim mentality'? As if all kafirs are out to get them?

    Maybe because it's fact?

    Well, maybe not all kafirs, but quite a few prominent ones including Ooi.

    Ooi has a problem with Mohd Razali Abdullah, a JIM member and a good ole card-carrying PKR member as well. The problem is Ooi is not happy with Razali's behaviour on the Penang municipal council. This seems to me to be a political matter. Now, why did Ooi attack only Razali's religious (JIM) affiliation and not Razali's political one (PKR)? After all, Razali's on the Penang council by virtue of his PKR membership. JIM didn't put him there. As far as I know JIM didn't contest the last elections.

    In what other way do you expect your brethren to read Ooi's statement?

    Ooi's retraction is no bloody good either, and all the worse for its patent insincerity. In fact one can also read that Ooi retracted his statement under duress -- by his boss, the Umar Abd Aziz-quoting Lim Guan Eng. And through recent events we are now all experts on the value of 'statements made under duress', right?

    Most elected politicians nowadays talk nonsense but even they know that there are a few things that are best not touched upon in politics. And I'm not talking about Islam or Malay rights but more like the need for vernacular schools after 51 years of independence.

  61. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Sekarang kita kenal mana batu mana kayu. Rambut sama hitam, hati lain2. Rambutnya lurus tapi hati bengkang bengkok.


  62. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Who's anti-Islam? Often times, its Muslim themselves who are most anti-Islam by their action.

    Need I say more or give examples. I am more likely to forgive non-Muslim for insulting Islam because they know not much about Islam. But Muslims? - they should know better or are they the product of brain washing and Malaysian education.

    In any case UMNO has done a great job to promote racial polarization.


  63. BigSchool4:30 pm

    Jeff Ooi seorang yang sombong dan busuk hati.

    In him we see the cadre of old DAP extremists yang bukan sahaja dilaknat keseluruhan orang Melayu, tapi juga orang-orang Cina moderate.

    And his claims of being open to dissent is dishonest. Read up on the "Hotels should serve babi issue" aka "Malaysian Muslims have been brainwashed issue" on his blog.

    Kalau dulu kepala dia sebesar sebiji kismis, sekarang dah jadi "MP of Jelutong" kepala dia dah membengkak sebesar sebutir tembikai.

    Adakah dia ingat dia setaraf dengan "The Tiger of Jelutong"? Grandeur by association is the name of his game.

    What he really is though, is a gangrenous limb yang semakin hari semakin busuk. Much like Pak Lah was to BN. Kalau tak dikerat, maka akan terus malarat.

    So kalau anda penyokong BN atau pembenci DAP, don't take out the proverbial senapang gajah in haste.

    He and people like him are the real impediments to a truly united Malaysia. They are the same people who turn progressive Malays cagey about giving up their constitutional rights.

    Last but not least, I would like to do a Jeff Ooi and retract all that I've written above.

  64. Maybe there is two sides two Jeff Ooi, one the hugely popular blogger and the other side a member of the DAP.

    The DAP side has been conditioned by Lim Kit Siang never to apologise for anything even when they are proven wrong, remember Theresa Kok and the nude squat Chinese who turned out to be Malay, Guan Eng never apologising to the Kg Buah Pala folks for misleading them during the Penang election campaign, I have never remembered Kit Siang,Gobind,Ronnie Liu apologising for anything. Jeff the DAP guy is just acting like a DAP member who shoot their mouth first and if they are wrong just keep quiet or in rare cases retract their sentence, in this instance Jeff retracted his sentence because apparently Guan Eng told him to do so.

    Jeff the blogger on the other hand is the guy who I can relate to.

  65. Anonymous5:16 pm

    I'm a Malay and maybe pro to the current government, but Jeff Ooi love for Malaysia and Malaysian way of life especially the Malay Pantun put me in a different perceptive on him. You may visit here...

    Tingkap papan kayu bersegi,
    Sampan sakat di Pulau Angsa;
    Indah tampan kerana budi,
    Tinggi bangsa kerana bahasa.

    Buah berangan masaknya merah,
    Kelekati dalam perahu;
    Luka di tangan nampak berdarah,
    Luka di hati siapa yang tahu.

  66. You are no better yourself by spinning religion in your blog.
    The new virus H1N1 is a more serious problem .Create more public awareness about it than it is to spin religion.

  67. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Anon @ 5:16 PM

    Here is the reply:

    Manis sungguh tebu sebatang,
    Dari akar hingga ke pucuk;
    Manis sungguh mulut orang,
    Terkena tipu dalam pujuk

  68. Anonymous7:03 pm

    You guys just good at spinning. We are clearly divided. Either you with PR or against it. This is not a just society, masyarakat madani or civil society that some of you have been dreaming. This is a pure spin doctor, psyche war or media blitz. Be smart Malaysian. Baca baca benda2 yang berfaedah, kurangkan benda2 yang emosional dan politik. To muslim read and understand Quran interpretation. Less Politic. Selamat maju jaya Malaysiaku.

  69. rocky, glad that you do give support to your old buddy jeff even you now was a main stream media man


  70. It it's good enough in Parliament for an MP to withdraw his statement when requested to by the Speake, for the matter to be resolved, it is good enough for the rest of the country. It has been so since 1957!!

    Case closed. Nuff said!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race.

  71. withdrawing statement makes no sense. He has not appologised..
    He must go and understand what Shariah means and not learn it from Taliban..
    He is making a fool of himself criticizing Shariah.
    Shariah dictates everything in a Muslim's life just like 10 commandments.

  72. Yes, Jeff Ooi never tasted coffee but black coffee tastes better... thats Jeff Ooi!!!

  73. betul ke rocky? cuba baca kat sini semua org oiiii

  74. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Jeff Oii is anti Islam and if a muslim drinks beer that muslim is insulting Islam.

    Rosli dhoby.

  75. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Yeah...only Malay should apologise.
    At least we see the true color.

  76. Jeff Oi12:25 am


    Ko dah gile ke bro?

  77. Anonymous7:45 am

    Anon 5.16 pm

    Don't confuse yourself as though a person's affection towards "berpantun" is an indicator of his/her race or religion. You got it wrong, bro as "berpantun" is same as poem which is a literature!!

    Just imagine if a person likes eating tosei and roti chanai so much for his daily breakfast or participate regularly in candle light vigil sessions whenever it is being held, does that imply anything?

    And most importantly can we say that just because this person like tosei/bade or the candle light vigil then the assumption must be that he/she is attracted to the mariaman or jchrist way of life or religious thinking?

    It is alright taking some effort in defending someone who got entangled in an issue but any arguments that being put forward which sound rather stupid would only point to a conclusion ie that is the degree of fanaticism.

    Story teller

  78. Eddy is right about this little ignored fact. Never heard apologies came out from DAP leaders heavy mouth. Hope Rocky can check this out with this Jeff since he is so in love with the pantun and suchs. To admit and put their own self below some people is what they believe that a shame should be avoid in their life. Arrogant and selfish.

  79. Anonymous8:56 am

    perhaps our friend jeff ooi should stick with his blogging career..he can be a burden to DAP.


  80. Anonymous9:53 am

    salam bro!isu yb jeff tak begitu rumit!kita kenal jeff ni siapa,yang kita tak kenal muka je melayu, kutuk melayu, kutuk Islam, bila 'check' memang betui2 melayu.bangsat tu namanya!

    Xmelayu hilang didunia
    yang hilang maruahnya saja.


  81. Anonymous10:49 am

    Bro Rocky,

    Excerpt from Harakah Daily, 14 Ogos 2009

    "90 pemimpin Pakatan berbengkel esok"

    - Surat yang dipercayai palsu ini telah disiarkan di muka depan sebuah akhbar harian berbahasa Inggeris yang editornya adalah penyokong tegar Tun Dr Mahathir, bekas perdana menteri.


  82. Anonymous11:32 am

    To wak segen 7:59 PM
    bla bla bla..And don't anybody dare to say I am a racist....
    first of all wtF are you and who the fcuk are compare yourself with a politician???A typical melayu bodoh makan taik kerana tak ada duit...

  83. Anonymous11:39 am

    people who go shooting without thinking should be shot dead.

    know why? you can compare this with pepatah melayu "terlajak perahu boleh undur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya" some more, "kerana pulut santan binasa, kerana mulut badan binasa".

    Ingat ko masa kecik Rock, org tua2 berkata "jaga mulut", to those yg pura2 bodoh dan just say anything and expecting they can be forgotten after blurting it and retracting it ..please la.. use your brains before speaking out.

    or, just becoz the muslims are forgiving people, we can be treated this way?

    idiots have been doing these..they draw pictures of the prophets and take them down apologies, although they insulted billions...then expect people just forget about it..say something blasphemous ,then say "I retract it, but not apologising"..simple life hah?

    People like Nik Aziz and Anwar Ibrahim are the same , just like any other politicians, no differences.. what they say depend on what it is to them.. DAP hina islam OK, pegi kunyah sireh aje la kalau dah takda modal sgt nak cakap. Jgn sesatkan pemikiran anak2 muda yg dah semakin keliru dgn perangai org tua2 yg selfish ni.

    And jgn marah kalau anak2 muda ni, mengabis masa buat anak haram sebab yg tua2 ni tak tau nak nasihat secara tepat berlandaskan agama.
    Banyak bergaduh sesama islam, kerja tak buat. Muak la...

    Muntah Hijo

  84. Anonymous11:44 am

    to anonymous pukul 5.16pm...

    awat la hang...just becoz Jeff Ooi suka berpantun , tak bermakna apa2.. org melayu ni weird sgt. kalau cina cakap pasal quran, meskipun tak faham maknanya, korang kalau boleh nak cium ketiak diaorg..kalao berpantun, korg ingat dia dh masuk melayu..get melayu byk yg narrow minded.. sebab tu heran sgt bila org lain pandai berpantun.. kalau org jadi jual ubat kena lah tahu berpantun..sama mcm mat saleh, yg dihantar ke Iraq semuanya pandai cakap arab..get the drift?

    muntah hijo..

  85. Anonymous11:47 am

    Bro Rocky,

    In hARAKah today they said about a newspaper editor who is a "penyokong tegar" to Tun Dr Mahathir. I wonder who? :D

    but what about Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini, Suara Keadilan and Harakah itself? Are they too can be considered as "penyokong tegar" to Pakatan Rakyat leaders?

    I believe the word tegar means addict. Does that mean they're addicted to someone whose been accused for sodomy twice?

    I'm just curious..


  86. Sila bc luahan ati ini...

  87. Anonymous1:07 pm


    Who can expect an UMNO sympathiser or supporter, even member like you to relate to Jeff Ooi in any capacity? Are you sure Jeff Ooi is wrong as the pro-UMNO mainstream media portrayed him to be? UMNO people always like to prejudge others and then whack them first irrespective of whether they are right or wrong. This is one of the reasons many people hate UMNO.


  88. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Kerana pulut santan binasa..
    Kerana mulut badan binasa..

    Orang2 DAP baik fikir dalam2 maksud pantun perbidalan Melayu di atas tu...itupun kalau faham bahasa melayu ...

    Tolak Nik Ajis sebab dia tak kisah..

    Keep on talking with your mulut lah DAP... or is it coming from other holes or lips?

    You people know for sure what happened to the santan when the mulut is too much, right..? Pandainyer u all.... wtf.

    Dah nak puasa..i spare my profanities & vulgarity for now..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  89. Sal-a-din1:33 pm

    Nice of you to stick up for your mate.

    But the DAP's abysmal exclusive Chinese centric track record and hence Jeff's is there for all to see.

    Jeff should stick to writing a blog and reviewing gadgets.

    Pork issues in Perlis. Screwing the last Indian village in Penang. Booze episode in Selangor.

    Just a taste of what happens when the undeserving be given the power to rule.

    DAP is a big liability to PR. They must be cut out like a cancer for PAS and PR to survive the coming onslaught by the BN.

    And f**k Chin Peng. Let that murderous commie bastard rot outside Malaysia.

  90. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Sdra Ahiruddin,
    Ini kenyataan daripada saya. Harap siarkan. Ini kenyataan saya:
    "Saya akan bunuh Jeff Ooi dan Loke".


    Boss saya tidak suka dengan kenyataan itu dan saya tarik balik kenyataan itu.

    Bila pemberita tanya saya samada akan minta maaf kepada Jeff dan Loke, saya jawab "Saya tarik balik kenyataan itu".

    Boleh kah gitu bah.. gila. Selepas membuat kenyataan yang sudah tersebar luas, tidak mahu minta maaf?

    Jika pun Jeff dan Loke minta maaf, INGAT! Luka sudah berdarah kembali. Saya tidak terkejut jika sdra Roky membela dan mempertahankan Jeff, kerana dia kawan lama sdra.

    Hidup Islam

  91. Pasquale,

    want to hear what those ah peks said who live thru withnessing the may13 incidents?

    what u have said only make u most of an exremist than anything else

  92. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Anon 5:15 AM:
    Not to name the whole lot, take the recent one for example "Melayu, bachul..." something like that. I might not ace in my bahasa malaysia but that article without doubt or even me reading Jeff's piece gotta be worst sh*t ever.

    Old Fart 6.02:
    “Which means you are serious in that believe [sic]. You surely cannot have any evidence to substantiate your believe [sic]. But it sure as hell explains your postulations and your world view… Although I must add it does not stop your Malay boys in falling for and marrying Chinese girls!”

    Terasa nak komen on this inarticulate commenter, but seeing his topsy-turvy grammar with verbs replacing nouns I might wrongly opine that this guy’s problem is actually spelling and grammars rather than why-must-malay-boys-wanna-marry-chinese-girls racism.

    Anon 5:16 PM:
    So next time if anybody wants to insult Islam and the Malays all he/she has to do is just create a website and make some malay pantuns? And oh wait: perhaps also get someone to disguise as malay/muslim and thereafter support said transgressor?

    Guys guys guuuyyyyyss! This is non-issue lah. Jeff Ptooi didn’t insult Islam. He just testing the waters maaa. Kalau sikit-sikit camni pun orang PAS tak marah then there will be more to come. Yang tak sedar-sedar serta bahlol sampai sekarang are those poor Passites.

    UMNO hentam Pas – Kafffiirrrr!
    DAP hentam Islam – Salah paham maa. Dan sapa kata PAS nakkan Negara Islam? (Menurut Nizar laa)


  93. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Umno calls PAS extremist..Jeff calls JIM extremist...what's the difference?

  94. Sejahat-jahat aku,aku tak pernah memaki agama seseorang kalau bangsa ada la....kerana mulut badan binasa....

  95. Anonymous8:30 pm

    The damage been done.

  96. Mohd Bakri9:22 pm

    And I am saying that umno and barisan politicians are opportunists, they love to use the "anti-islam, anti-agong, anti- whatever to further their regime agenda... that goes for umno butt n testicle licking umno jornos too.

  97. Hey rocky are also one of the Defernders Alcohol and Pig (DAP)

  98. Anonymous12:15 am


    i think u r wrong to say that LKS has nvr apologised b4. Go dig his blog archives. U hv to respect a man such as LKS. A true Msian at heart.


  99. Anonymous12:29 am

    rocky, why you never comment about Datuk Ong Tee Keat issue. because i really want to give comment. i think he must not think other are stupid. please


  100. Anonymous1:37 am

    Perceptions play major role in politic. In order to win people's supports, any coalition don't need to prove that they can actually handle any state better then others. What we do hear very often is name calling, derogatory remarks, accusing their opponent of being racist, extremist, moron, lazy and bla, bla.

    No wonder they play second fiddle for more than 50 years.

  101. Anonymous10:15 am

    Who cares about Jeff Oii

    Carl Megan, newsdesk.

  102. Ah, Rocky! What happened, Rocky? Kambek, Rocky! Embek, Rocky!

    You have turned to the duck side! I will never read your blog anymore! See what you will write tomorrow.

  103. Mat Jerman3:57 pm

    Jeff Ooi has a misconception of Islam and refuses to accept any criticism.

    He had a trip to Dubai and wanted Malaysians to put pork near normal food.

    He is egoistic.

    Anyone can write pantuns anyway.

    Slick Jeff Ooi, trying to cari makan here and there.

    Both Rocky and Jeff Pui have enormous egos the size of Tanzania.

  104. ahgroo, you should do the digging, then let's see what you come up with.

  105. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Hey you people, get a job lah, the world is already in danger, why keeps blaming each other? I don't mind people insult me, or anything, I LIVE MY OWN LIFE!
    you people really should consult a psychologist!

  106. Anonymous 5:16 wrote:

    Tingkap papan kayu bersegi,
    Sampan sakat di Pulau Angsa;
    Indah tampan kerana budi,
    Tinggi bangsa kerana bahasa.

    Buah berangan masaknya merah,
    Kelekati dalam perahu;
    Luka di tangan nampak berdarah,
    Luka di hati siapa yang tahu


    Uish, ada pantun la!

    Meh aku jawab, meh.

    Sampan tersekat di Pulau Angsa
    Pantainya suci, tiada merpati
    Tinggi bangsa kerana bahasa
    Rendahnya budi kerana puki

    Kelekati terbang dalam perahu
    Hinggap di tangan, di atas peti
    Luka di hati, siapa yang tahu
    Diubat dengan pantat berduri

  107. Anonymous1:07 am

    Even LKY the "great" had to withdraw and apologise(to Mahathir and UMNO- 1998) for making statements on his affidavit against the opposition in Singapore(saying that JB was infested with criminals and car-jackings).

    Who is Jeff Ooi or DAP compare to his god/LKY?? Jeff Ooi should follow LKY's step to swallow his pride when the need arises.

  108. Wak Sagen

    Communists have nothing to do with race. Why imagine that communist in the Malaysian context means Chinese? How can they be communists and capitalists at the same time? Come to think about it, it is the present BN government that is doing all the socil and economic engineering to redistribute wealth that sounds communist like to me.

  109. There are many malays who are anti-islam unknowingly. what isthe big deal?

    Baba Chusa

  110. those who put their interests and feeling first than God's interest and feeling are anti-God.

    baba chusa

  111. Anonymous10:53 am

    To anon pukul 5.16pm who quoted this:

    "Umno calls PAS extremist..Jeff calls JIM extremist...what's the difference?"

    Difference is like this, UMNO and PAS same boat; different way of navigation. Jeff and JIM different boat, different everything. Cannot talk if don't even understand the base.

    Don't criticise and talk cock about other people's religion in the media, if you can't hear people talk cock about your religion if you have one.

    Collectively, chaos will happen, when people start critical discussion about others' religion openly. You can discuss in your own close door or your preaches one cares, but no need to meddle in others' religion. We never say one tokong is greater than another. Or one reverend is less of anything than the other...So, shut your ()*&^ mouth up.

    And if you don't have a religion , a communist or an atheist, I am not sure if you are fit to be a one of the rukunegara is kepercayaan kepada Tuhan.

    Muntah Hijo

  112. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Jeff Ooi posted this in his Screenshots: "Bernama and its 'blur sotong' reporter?"

    Where in the Malaysiakini report that mentioned a Bernama reporter?

    Jeff Ooi is the one who is "blur" here.

    Are we expecting an apology from this DAP MP? No he won't apologise. Like other DAP leaders, he will never do it. Never.

  113. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Anon 1:39pm,

    Boleh excuse dia blur kerana baru saja masuk kerja, mungkin tergagap bila ditanya. Ataupun facing the same problems as me;

    Put 50Bengalis in one row, including KARPAL, I will definitely not recognize him.

    They all looked the same as any Punjabis from INDIA.

    One way I identify them is by looking at the colour of the Turban they wear at that very particular time.

    the minute they leave the room, I too will become BLUR!

    And their names, like Balbir and Harjit, Ranjit, I for one cannot differentiate if they are Male or Female, again, except if one is using the TURBAN.

    The girls are thin and skinny. But when they grow old all are fatty and rounded... Gosh.. even their body shapes are standardised!

    So as for KARPAL, I might mistaken hima as our "fresh susu kambing peddlar!"




  114. Anonymous1:18 am

    Old Fart,

    Only a minute % of mus&lim are extremist. Therefore, by right, any sane slime ball commy politi*** wouldn't dare calling the mus&lims, in general, as the ext**** lot. Only the heartless huge beer gut commy got the nerve going for it.

    And you know very well that this sort of brutal accusations are not true. But then just because this commy smell blood, you and 1/2-brother commy wasted no time but fervently swallowed the whole bullshit in its entirety! Once you picked up the junky habits already, no way you can get out of it, bro!

    Same thing to commy's name calling. A chunky % of them are Chinglots but only inconsiderable % are non-chinglot. So, going by the %, in the case of people ferociously hurled commy brickbat at you and thuggish exhibitionism chieftain, hmm, how to renounce it?
    Ha, ha.

    Pious Chinglot

  115. Anonymous9:13 am

    Jeff Ooi has changed his posting from this in his Screenshots: "Bernama and its 'blur sotong' reporter?" to this "RTM and its blur sotong reporter?" without any apology to Bernama.

    If he can sue Utusan, there is no reason for Bernama not to sue him.

    Bernama Management, what say you?

  116. Anonymous10:20 am

    "Ah, Datuk Yong Soo Heong, KP Bernama! Bila mahu demand apology - reporter kita dilabel 'blur sotong'"

    Jeff Ooi posted this in his Screenshots: "Bernama and its 'blur sotong' reporter?"

    Where in the Malaysiakini report that mentioned a Bernama reporter?

    Jeff Ooi is the one who is "blur" here.

    Are we expecting an apology from this DAP MP? No he won't apologise. Like other DAP leaders, he will never do it. Never.


    Jeff Ooi has changed his posting from this in his Screenshots: "Bernama and its 'blur sotong' reporter?" to this "RTM and its 'blur sotong' reporter?" without any apology to Bernama.


  117. sebenarnya Ayatollah PAS ni takut terlepas kerusi kesayangannya iaitu MB Kelate.Dah 18 tahun dok kat kerusi tu TAPI Kelate dok macam tu juga... Awat nak pecah rekod Tun DrM ke?

  118. skilgannon10664:33 pm

    Anonymous 1:07 AM

    But, in hindsight, LKY was not wrong, was he?

    Not when UEM Land, in it's marketing presentations in Singapore, emphasises the point that Singaporeans must feel safe in Johor.

    Now, can we say that UEM Land is wildly misinformed?

  119. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Skillgannon 1066,
    One of my neighbour is a Singaporean. Husband a Malaysian, died, and she is stuck here with her children, not able to process her application to return to Singapore.

    Her kids are like you, ini Singapore, itu Singapore. Malaysia itu ini stupid, I asked her why dont she find means to REALLY go back to Singapore?

    Haiyaaa, sana mayak susah mau cali makan lo.. Semua balang mayak mahal. And mind you, her whole family cannot utter a single word of English!

    PULAK? Sindir suruh balik, takut nak balik Negara sendiri pulak..

    lebih kurang macam hang!

    And mind you, her whole family cannot utter a single word of English!


  120. Anonymous10:25 am

    Jefff Ooi is as dishonourable as his paymasters the Neo Cons of Washington.

    He perhaps could answer who paid NH Chan to write his analysis of the Perak Crisis.


  121. Anonymous4:56 pm

    puki mak babi punya cina ,kau maki ugama aku dan puki mak juga nik aziz biar kan si sial tu maki hamun Islam