Monday, July 06, 2009

NST gets ME!

NSTP's new line-up at the end of this posting
Nuraina A. Samad officially returns to the New Straits Times today as its Managing Editor, a post once held by her dad, the late A. Samad Ismail.
In terms of hierarchy, Nuraina, 52, is now the newspaper's most senior editor after Zainul Arifin, the Group Managing Editor of NSTP, and Syed Nadzri, the Group Editor.

After leaving the NST, all Nuraina wanted to do was focus on her two kids and an aging dad. The legal suit that the NSTP, under Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan, initiated against Jeff Ooi and I in January 2007 changed that and inspired her to write her posting Please Sir, Not the NST that made 3540 Jalan Sudin a socio-political blog to be reckoned with.

Mior Kamarul Shahid rejoined Berita Harian last week as its new Group Editor.

Updated, 7pm
Editorialblog has the full new line-up for NSTP, NST, Berita Harian and Harian Metro. Click here.


  1. Alhamdulillah and congratulations to my beloved sis Nuraina! I am verry happy for her! Finally i see the good people are back in the game! You guys are the reason i am still blogging! Now i can see the light clearly at the end of the tunnel! I am very very happy!

  2. nstman6:06 am

    Ahmad Talib, congratulations. Well done. You have made cronyism fashionable once again. But enjoy the fun while it lasts because what goes around comes around if ever there is another regime change. Right now the main losers are the loyal staff of NST who are hunkered down in a bunker of hopelessness and despair. the chickens have surely come home to roost.

  3. Nstman6:21 am

    The NST is going through hell but does anyone care? The NST's plaintive cry for justice in this hour of darkness is being given a wide berth. The NST is being turned into a fiefdom with disastrous consequences. Professionalism is being thrown out of the window as Ahmad Talib tightens his grip on the mainstream press. Does anyone care?

  4. congrats, kak nuraina!

  5. Tanjung Rhu8:25 am

    Does loyalty pay when it comes to the NSTP group? Certainly not!

  6. Anonymous9:07 am

    Makes no different, Abdullah Badawi brought in his gang, now its Najib's turn. All these are done in the name of saving the paper, but circulation continues to drop. Its now below 130,000 level. I hope at least the new team cares about the paper, there are so many people depending on it..

  7. Anonymous9:26 am

    Nuraina's one hot mamacita!


  8. Anonymous9:40 am

    Hmmmm....the NST and Singapore connection never ends!

    Last time it was Brendon...grilled till well done for the 'Singapore' connection.

    This time around, its Nuraina, a 'Singapore-born PJ girl' (her own words).

    So, if something is 'not good' at NST after this, it is easy to 'invoke' the Singapore connection thing and whack both the person (Nuraina) and the paper.

    I did not know that Malaysians are so good at making themselves easy tagets for the sharpshooters.

    Malaysia memang boleh.


  9. i see you grinning as you write this article... well done to both!

  10. rocky,


    got a lot of "tahniah" messages from people -- friends and all...

    at the NST --- know the ones who are, er...a bit...(ok, I'll be nice) hesitant to say hello.
    and, guess what, you know why they are. :-)

  11. Ahhh yawn! I knew that was going to happen!

  12. Anonymous11:23 am

    Hi Rocky Bru,

    Many of us know that your fondness for nuraina and vice versa.

    Even her daughter Shaira is on your blog roll.

    Ok that's all persdonal...well and good

    However, nuraina's appointment is well, at best her rezeki and her largely due to her 'name", the name of samad.

    When we realisticly look at NST now, it is possibly at its lowest ebb...lower than lowest is more apt...

    Nuraina, is at best a mediocre journalist,she's ok only lah.... not anywhere in the upper echeleons, with the real Hardev Kaurs, Fatimah Abu Bakars, etc etc...

    Well at least now, she has another chance to prove herself and take NST deplorable standings now and take it back to its glorious days....of actual news reporting and bring back the crtedibality and respectability it once had....

    I'm sure many are not aware that you CANNOT even get NST in places like some smaller shops in places like Damansara, as they vendors usually say, "NST tak de orang beli..."

    so nuraina and all the rest of you in NST, stop thinking that just because you dapat gaji from gomen, and so secure, dont think that people HAVE to read NST, people HAVE got lots of other options....

    WAKE UP and start WORKING....

    yOU HAVE lots OF WORK TO DO...TO GIVE BACK NST the credibility and respectibility it truly deserves

  13. Anonymous11:38 am

    feels like deja vu. hope nst will be better.


  14. Anonymous11:59 am

    A revival of a clique ? Will it be for the best or a new way to spin for its new master!
    Good luck and make sure you all do Good!
    No going back the 3rd.time!


  15. Anonymous12:00 pm

    A revival of a clique ? Will it be for the best or a new way to spin for its new master!
    Good luck and make sure you all do Good!
    No going back the 3rd.time!


  16. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Congratulations to Nuraina.

    Will she be as tough a taskmaster as her beloved Dad? Who, of course, did what he had to do for, and with, excellence and loads of charity to boot. God bless his soul.

    i heard Nuraina is her father's daughter and therefore it should be a 'walk in the park' for her.

  17. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Looks like all you ex NSTP ppl got back your old job...not thru merit but through greasing. Not at all surprise coming from ppl like you all..who has no dignity and shame.

    Go grease more BN ba##s, got promotion waiting for you.

  18. Anonymous1:14 pm

    hello rockie,

    nuraina itu siapa, kalau tak you yang bagi dia "prominence"

    saya baca blog dia, tak de apa apa lah, tak de "outstanding" journalistic ability pun, hanya biasa saje,

    ya lah, mesti anak tan sri samad dapat special privileges....

    go further down hill ....with this appointment lah....NST going further and further down....

    i dare you to publish this en rockie....

    tapi yang aneh, you pulak actually are very good at breaking news,...

    dont you fall for any ones tricks to use you rock,

    many of us who know you both, know that nuraina is "riding" on you and your popularity...

    no one bothers to read her blog or whatever....

    dia itu bongkak and sombong lah...

    thinking that dia itu "better" than others...

    no humble at alll...


    Mr.AND mRS fact

  19. Wow, congratulations to Nuraina - all the best to her future!

  20. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Congrats Nuraina. I hope you will rock the NST. The whole world will rock with you. The time has come to rock.

    I hope NST will become the avenue for more truthful reporting and for reporting what is relevant. Manohara Odelia Pinot is not relevant so please put it in the back pages.

    If you want to save the Muslims, then let all the various opinions on Islam flow. Dont allow just one point of view to dominate. There is a simple reason for this : they are all screwed up, even the flavour that you may like.

    Protecting just one flavour is promoting just one flavour. Since you can never be sure which flavour is right, that will seal their fate.

    Be a harbinger of change. Allow freedom to speak freely. That by itself is to be relevant.

  21. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Congratulation! I am happy for you, Nuriana. Arthur says hello and congratulation too!


    wee choo keong

  22. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Congrts on your appointment Nurina.
    and God Bless you.

  23. i hope NST will be as good as the GUARDIAN (uk) now....

  24. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Switched to the Star from NST some years ago. Was considering switching again when Kali first came on board but found it was a false dawn.

    Hope the change is really for the better this time


  25. Rayna5:00 pm

    Firstly, congrats to Nuraina.

    Secondly to Rocky...why is Malay Mail harping on the Manohara v Kelantan Prince issue? I'm sure there are other serious issues to front page.

  26. Anonymous5:06 pm

    I would actually prefer Rocky to head NST.

    Raja Petra.

  27. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Congrats to Rocky & Nuriana.

    X PKR

  28. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Congratulations to Ena and Mior for making a comeback to the NSTP Group!!

    I believe it is a timely move and under the leadership of DAT this move shall bring greater benefit to the readers who are hungry for credible and balanced news. We hope to see changes to the publications.

    Take care and all the best.

    Ex NSTP (VSS)

  29. Salam Aina & tahniah atas your appointment.


  30. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Salam Bru,

    Get Razali Yahya back to BH. He is one of the jewel that being left by NSTP.

    He was the editor of Buletin Bicara negara and now single handedly, doing business magazine, Jutawan which will heat the market by early of next month.

  31. Anonymous6:00 pm


    thank you for publishing my scathing "anonymous" article.

    you have truly earned my highest respect..

    you are a good non-biased jounalist

  32. Anon 11:23,

    Hardev Kaur and Fatimah Abu Bakar are fine journalists, yes. Hardev reported extensively on business and the economy; she was my boss at the Business Times in the 90s. Fati's a known entertainment journo who also left the NST to rot.

    Nuraina wasn't doing much business or entertainment reporting when she was at the NST for 27 years. Her forte is politics.

    As for Mr and Mrs Fact, woohoo! Nuraina's blog is widely followed, just look at the stats. As for her being "sombong", that's a new one. You sound jealous, but that's quite understandable.

    Thank you.

  33. New lineup in NSTP. Go to

  34. nst insider6:58 pm


    stay focus, man.

    sometimes, you talk thru your ass.

  35. Anonymous7:15 pm

    rocky congrats to nuraina. but i would not put hardev in the class of the super journalists of Malaysia. she is your former should know better.

  36. Man's world or not, I discovered a place where you can get very, very nice pulut durian bubur!!!!!


  37. adikku8:14 pm

    mr & mrs fact,

    rocky's right. you are jealous.

    and my guess is you don't even know her.

    her blog is not a reflection of her journalistic ability, silly. it's a blog. and she writes well......

  38. jalan riong8:29 pm


    man, if i write, refuting you, you'd think i'm nuraina's number one fan.

    but you obviously do not know her as a journalist at all. or you do, and for some reason only known to you, you want to condemn her.
    she has the respect of her peers, her subordinates and her bosses.
    so, you're really talking rubbish-lah.
    nuraina has my regard and respect,. she is a professional.

    i believe her appointment is well-received.
    she is Pak Samad's daughter.
    In the 27 years she is in NST, she had proven heself.

    So...what the F are you talking about???

  39. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Principled said..

    Principles counts for nothing when she has to "cari makan" like you too. The rakyat understand and we will not condemn you two for doing that.

  40. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Salam Muaalaikum...

    Whoso interveneth in a good cause will have the reward thereof, and whoso interveneth in an evil cause will bear the consequence thereof. Allah overseeth all things.


  41. Anonymous9:31 pm

    nuraina is 52? wah. which spa does she go to?


  42. anti_rpk10:37 pm

    she is an opposition and an enemy in disguise..

  43. sekali air bah sekali pantai berubah. bila geng dah jadi bos tentulah dia ambik member. senang buat kerja. begitulah dunia.

  44. Anonymous11:20 pm

    ah chai send a email to all reporters today saying goodbye to the newsdesk

    he also said that his optional retirement was rejected

    and to the reporters who did not co-operate with him when he was the boss, he had this to say - i would make sure you get fewer bylines

    wah wah still arrogant ah after all the changes

  45. Anonymous1:06 am

    Hopefully she does a better job than you have with the Malay Mail Rocky. Congratulations for quickly turning the Malay Mail into a trash tabloid.

    I'm so disappointed with you as I had high hopes when you went back to the Malay Mail, but I guess you won't care what we all think.

    Now we all have something to read while taking a crap.


  46. Anonymous1:31 am

    whatever it is, congratulations are in order for all the individuals who have been selected to lead the nstp.

    only time will tell if they will be able to lift the nst as a paper back to its glory days. much of what has happened to the paper had little or nothing to do with them in the first place.

    some people also deserve a second chance in life, with regards to returning to the nstp. it will be entirely up to them to make a difference for the better this time round.

    they are there to do a job so let them get right down to business.
    as for the "loyal" nst staff, let's face it, loyalty alone cannot substantiate success. there is a difference between being loyal and being good at what you do. if you believe you are really good, prove it and fight for your right. if you no longer find the environment conducive, leave and discover that there is another world beyond nst. if you are indeed good, leaving will not make you a lesser journalist or competent/talented individual.

    as far as cronyism is concerned, this is inevitable everywhere. surround yourself with friends yes, but they must also be capable of getting the job done.there is also a high degree of meritocracy in cronyism.

    one advise to the management that i will make however, is to identify and place people in their areas of strength that would enable them to contribute wholeheartedly to the development of the paper. this has been a key weakness in all previous administrations. that, and the fact that the salary sucks. look into this,the welfare of the staff, and be costantly reminded that people are the company's real asset that is worth fighting for. do away with the traditional thinking that if 1 person leaves you can easily hire 10 other people. that 1 good person can make all the difference. invest in training, human capital development, welfare of staff and family members, don't stinge on promotions and overtime where it is deserved, and provide equal opportunity to all to cover the more important assignments for the day etc.

    to the management and staff of the nst, this is your organisation, your newspaper and it is you who will determine how successful this paper will become from this point onwards. if you were to dwell too much into the past, how can you ever move forward.

    again, congratulations to the new management team at nstp and my best regards to the entire organisation.

    - HITMAN -

  47. Anonymous2:55 am

    Congrats Nuraina ..
    Sometimes .. miracle do happens.
    Wali Kota

  48. Mohd Ali8:54 am

    Regime change, media games and any Barisan parrot with flash colors is still a parrort. Pass the nuts please.

  49. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Anyone who says kak ena is sombong must be damn stoopid or too intimidated by her. understandable la considering her stature as a seasoned and and well-connected journalist. so blame it on your own shortcomings la. to the many who knows what kek ena is all about. we have this to say, yes she doesnt tolerate bullshit and can sense bullshitters from miles away. if you are that, just stay away la. she's such a warm and genuine person. nuff said.

    My hope is that kak ena revives the nst political desk. it'll do nst some good.

    luck kak ena. hope you will be able to change nst for the better!

  50. sick&tired11:42 am

    "Nuraina's one hot mamacita!

    Are u blind?

  51. Anonymous2:25 pm

    prostitutes please line up for the queen..

  52. Anonymous3:28 pm

    so what if she likes opposition....hei dumb if not of opposition in particular anwar ibrahim...we the people would not have know much about our rights and willingess to speak what you are doing.

  53. Anonymous3:29 pm

    so what if she likes opposition....hei dumb if not of opposition in particular anwar ibrahim...we the people would not have know much about our rights and willingess to speak what you are doing.

  54. Rocky, i have to agree with some of the comments. From my personal encounter with Nuraina, she's sombong. She's only nice to people she choose to be.

    In short, her attitude sucks - big time.

    i dare you to publish this comment.

  55. It was good while it lasted kan?

  56. nstman9:11 pm

    Nst's descent into the abyss is complete with Ahmad Talib at the helm. Ahmad Talib is good for only writing puerile stories. He should stay in his league. He is not fit to punch above his weight because his intellect is limited. In other words, he should just punch his weight, which is flyweight, to say the least. Need I say more. I leave it to readers. In the meantime, god help the NST.

  57. Mustapha Ong7:29 am

    Salam Rocky's Bru,

    Padahari Jumaat yang mulia ini, saya hanya nak katakan tahniah kepada Nuraina Samad atas perlantikan ke jawatan baru beliau.

    Oh yah, ada yang telah komen bahawa kak Nuraina ini agak sembung sikit. Mengikut fitrah Islam, jika orang itu tidak mahu menunjukkan keimanan di kalangan umum, dia tu agak what's wrong because men are born not equal but women like to tackle the "sembung and play hard to get man for her life". salam.

  58. wow, it seems all 'perceived' neutral malay socio-bloggers are getting their old/ better jobs! now that's a WOWWEE!

  59. Anonymous12:58 am

    Mustapha Ong,

    How do you know whwther Audi is a man or a woman.
    What if it's a woman? Then your pious rebuttal bue sai lah.

    Mana eh sai

  60. puteragunungledang3:26 pm

    waah....very bitchy aah you. or jealous?

    another bitchy one here. ayoyo. NST full of prostitutes?

    why-lah you think she "sombong" with you?
    you know her?

    nuraina was with NST for 27 years. and she's back there.
    what's your point?

    Rocky, bro. do you get the feeling that some of the commenters posting negative remarks about nuraina seem to be one and the same?
    i am not a friend of hers. Gua kenal sama dia-lah. Gua kenal orang yang kenal dia-lah. Nuraina manusia biasa jugak. Ada good traits,dan sudah tentu ada flaws.

    orang yang posted komen2 yang busuk di sini adalah :

    1. memang orang yang tabiat dengki -- sama ada kenal atau tidak dengan nuraina

    2. orang yang dengki dengan nuraina

    3. orang yang rasa sangat terancam dengan kehadhiran beliau di NST

    4. 1,2 dan 3.

    kalau kita orang yang waras, tiada vested interest, kita tidak akan
    mengecam Nuraina.

    Tapi nampak nya, satu dua saja yang berdengki....


    Haaa. kecut telur!

  61. mek kembe6:07 pm


    i follow your blog but always dont want to leave comments.
    but this time i feel i should because of some comments on nuraina being sombong.

    i think i know why they (nampak nya satu dua saja yang berpendapat macem tu) think like that.

    i tell something that happened some years ago. i hope you can bear with me.

    i met nuraina and her sister one night at a wedding reception of a kelantan royalty.

    they sat at our table. most of the people at the table knew one another.

    when they came to our table, we thought they were comel betul.

    they smiled at us but remained bersama sendiri, cerita sesama sendiri...tak berbual dengan kami.

    at first, kami ingat they were sombong. kemudian, saya start berbual dengan nuraina.

    we talked throughout dinner. sebenar nya nuraina dan kakak dia memang kena warm up dengan orang yang dia tak kenal.

    nuraina mengaku pada saya yang dia selalu bercakap masa kerja jadi kalu ada function-function bukan official, dia lebih suka tak cakap banyak.

    saya faham lah. masa tu dia wartawan. mesti kena tanya orang macam-macam, kan, bila bekerja? jadi private time tu dia lebih senang tak cakap banyok.

    tak-lah sombong.

    maka itu-lah al-kisah kesombongan nuraina.

  62. nst insider3:59 pm


    what the fuck are you blabbering about? you seem to hate ahmad talib and we've seen you hitting out a kadir jasin. they must have done something terrible to you.

    Ahmad talib and AKJ surely have faults.

    talk abotu bad management and wreaking vengeance. Let's look at kalimullah's exacting damage to NST.

    now, that's destruction and ruination.

    and did someone asked about lyalty? Aaah..yes..Tanjung Rhu. yes you. what the fuck are yout talking about?

    kamrul idris the best man for the DGE job? do check out his track record.
    this guy is ill-equipped to be an assistant news editor. and everyone knows that.
    loyalty? well, now he is loyal to kalimulah and brenden because under other circumstances, he'd not be in anyone's radar.
    kamrul has been in, out in, out and in again at NST. so, go figure!

    nuraina is not loyal to nst?

    sometimes you people ralk cock.

  63. Anonymous6:04 pm

    As for puteragunungledang's shrunken balls :
    What would YOU do if you were at the receiving end of such 'sombong' treatment?

    Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas.
    Tepuk dada, tanya selera.


  64. Pasir Salak10:15 am

    Hi rocky,

    I read the appointment of Nuraina as the ME at the NST with a tinge of sadness.

    Sad because many of those who had stayed back to work with the NST, despite having opportunities to move on, remained unpromoted.

    For me this appointment is the pinnacle of shame. Did not Nuraina quit the company vis-a-vis the VSS?

    Whether Nuraina or others, to come back to the company in higher positions after having quit and taken the dough previously... well, it's nothing less than a shameful act.

    It is this type of appointments that demoralises so many of us; for despite our hard work we are where we are for the last 10 or more years.

    Is Ahmad Talib doing the right thing- bringing former NSTP staff back to the group?

    Anyway, it is an open secret that when you rejoin the NSTP after quitting, you'll get better positions and pay.

    Just look around. And, let's not even start talking about juniors being promoted over calibred seniors with proven track record.

    Well, I surely am demoralised, now...:(

  65. Hi Pasir Salak,

    You should not be too demoralised. Under Kali, people who NEVER worked for the NSTP were brought in and made your editors.

    You and I know these people were not better than many of us, certainly not better than Nuraina, Zainul, Lazarus Rokk, Azmi Anshar, to name a few.

    If you had no problems serving under Brenden, Rajan Moses, Joan Lau, Kamarul Idris (who was also a comeback kid, don't forget) and Santha, then you should not have problems with working with your former colleagues like Nuraina.

    As for the VSS, none of us wanted to opt for it. I was told by a top exec then that it was an option I should take because of my soured ties with Kali.

    Nuraina opted for the VSS as a matter or principle, because she could not stand to see what Kali was doing to the NST.

  66. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Pasir Salak has valid points of principle in his comment. And I agree with you to a certain extent.

    But your para that says:

    "You and I know these people were not better than many of us, certainly not better than Nuraina, Zainul, Lazarus Rokk, Azmi Anshar, to name a few." basically full of holes. MOre of a hogwash statement of a friend supporting a friend. Many in the business can testify that some of the names you mentioned here are just as "certainly not (should read no)better than...." many who are still around or gone but are just not in a position to show their ability just because they are/were sidelined.

    COrrection: Not only Kamrul, but JOan Lau and Santha were also comeback kids. And I agree they were Brendan's blue-eyed gals. Santha is bland and Joan has a queen-sized ego.

    If I can do it here, I would name the people who can really deliver the goods in NST if they are given the stamp of approval to fill in various positions of responsibilies. Sadly, I just can't do it here in this kind of atmosphere.

    Maybe, somewhere in the future, the true picture will be painted on the wall for all to see.

    *Looking in from the Outside*

  67. anon 2:11PM:

    blah blah point yakking away if you dont want to mention names of people better than names Rocky mentioned.

    pasir salak -- if you think nuraina is not fit for the job, pray tell why?

    1. no experience.

    2. not qualified.


    she took VSS?

    people i talked to are ok with her. they have regard for her. at least these are people who have known her and have worked with her when she was at NST.
    they say 3 years away does no damage to her qualification. she was in NST for 27 unfettered years.

    banyak dengki, maah...

  68. marakesh3:15 pm

    Looking In From Outside,

    you said:
    "If I can do it here, I would name the people who can really deliver the goods in NST if they are given the stamp of approval to fill in various positions of responsibilies. Sadly, I just can't do it here in this kind of atmosphere."

    why "if"....rocky won't punish you. neither will his readers.

    just say it, man.
    we will tell you if we agree or disagree.

    because they non-malays? sidelined?

    scared? haha...that's why you're an anon commenter and rocky is a blogger.

  69. puteragunungledang, kan saya suda tulis in my posting, "From my personal encounter with Nuraina..."

    What do you think that means ? Of course i had met her and i am stating the truth.

    Kalau you tak tahu apa2 please don't open your mouth and make a fool of yourself.

  70. nstman4:45 pm

    I know I may sound like a broken record but I guess I have to regurgitate facts with monotonous regularity. I guess I have to reveal facts a thousand times so that it will be the truth, nothing but the truth. I would like to remind NST insider that the very same people who led NST on the path to destruction are now back in power. Does that bode well for the paper? Definitely not. When Ahmad Talib and Kadir Jasin took over NST in the eighties, NST was numero uno. Its circulation regularly topped 200,000. Reading the NST was the de riguer among the elite and middle class. Such was the reputation of the paper. Star was just a young pretender. Fast forward to the nineties, and NST was gone. Ahmad Talib does not have the wherewithal to lead NST in a newspaper industry which has undergone seismic changes. In a world of fast changing technology, Ahmad is a dinosaur still clinging to the old ways. His promotion of has-beens and cronies is a case in point. Everything he does is ad-hoc when the situation demands a wide overview of things. The world has changed. Politics has changed. The NST, however, under a Rip Van Winkle is still in manic stupor. Where is NST heading? The end result is obvious - oblivion.

  71. Pasir Salak6:05 pm

    Hi rocky,

    thanks for replying to my response. wait, let me tell u something. u are my former boss and i liked your style. (where and when...mmm... another time)

    i am still with the group. and yes i agree kali and brendan screwed many things.

    i suffered my fate at the hands of their discretion (refer to the second last para of my first response).

    but, my focus was on readers and what they want me to write + the couple of thousands of ringgit i was getting for doing that... so i perservered

    i m not questioning the qualifications of nuraina or meor or even u. i know u people are good.

    but my beef is about coming back when you people have left. isn't a goodbye a goodbye, especially when the company forked out money to pay those who left.

    voluntarily leaving or not is not the question. just go. don't come back - never mind the excuse about sour ties, boss.

    but, it's tough surviving alone. and, most people are suckers for contacts. guess, that's why nst will never improve... (i'll hold my thots there now)

    rocky, if u really wanna know what nst reporters feel about their new or old bosses, go round the bureaus.

    lotsa disappointment and cluelessness. what keeps them going is merely that couple of thousands they are getting amidst this bad economic times as well as that little desire to make an impact on the society.

    well, even i m looking to quit in the next few months. seen too many screw ups happening. maybe i'll go jobless for a few months and then go round collecting rubbish.

    i am not bitter, just a little demoralised. that's all, boss, just a little.

  72. Anonymous10:28 am

    Dear Nuraina, Its good to have you back. Its obvious from these comments that many people here do not know you. To call Nuraina sombong would be incorrect as having worked under her for several years, I have never known her to be proud or arrogant. She tends to keep to herself and mind her own business, which I would say is a rather good trait. After having people like the great Brendan Pereira who had absolutely zero news sense, having someone like Nuraina would surely be a breathe of fresh air. My only sincere hope to you, Nuraina, is please be fair to all those deserving journalists in the NST. Please do not be racist like all the others have been and do look beyond race, colour or creed. Please give those of the other races who have worked hard for the NST all these years the rewards they so deserve. Thank you and wish you all the best. God Bless.


  73. Anonymous11:03 pm

    I must agree with everything that Pasir Salak said. Its true. If you have principles, and dignity, you wont come back. Period. And yes, reporters are demoralised.


  74. marsha9:52 am


    so you're tired of this shit.

    because she came back, she's got no principles and dignity?

    poor you. you must be really tired of this shit.

    becos you're all confused.

    you want us to list down who in NST have no principles and dignity, all this while?

    can list down but not nice.

    and sorry, i cannot agree with pasir salak. he's more frustrated...
    and you?? echoing pasir salak

    if you're unhappy and want to get angry with being stuck wherever you are...bark up the right tree.

    tell you what. you know nuraina (oh...obviously you don't). you know where she is..

    go tell her all this. don't think she's aware that people (you and you) are upset with her re-entry simply because you guys are stuck wherever you are.

    like rocky said -- you're ok with kalimullah coming in NST and causing all the damage, brenden, (re-entry of) joan lau..again, re-entry of rehman, and appointment of kamrul , re-entry (after god-knows how long) santha...

    because she took VSS?

    hmmm... because she took VSS. Right. That's it. Got your point.

  75. reporters are demoralised because nuraina is back?

    Hahaaaa.....that's a new one.

    which reporters, aah? the ones who got away with murder under LAC, LM, KI, BP, ?????

  76. lemang9:57 am


    Looks like many reporters think they are more qualified to eb managing editor than nuraina.

    that's good.

    please come forward. you will be considered.

    please state your qualifications. Your experience, and your raw copies.

  77. Ketupat4:26 pm


    lemang,ting dan marsha ini sebenornya orang yang tak pandai baca antara baris.

    orang bukan cakap pasal tak nak nuraina atau meor... bodoh.

    yang pasir salak cakap tu pasal sistem nst itu sendiri yang dah dua dekad ni langsung entah kemana.

    macam org putih kata, tak ada "proper upward mobility"punya sistem?

    tak ada promotion dengan cara betul, tak ada assessment, tak ada dialog, tak ada matlamat.

    simpulnya: pi mai pi mai tang tu jugaklah.

    yang lemang dan rakan rakannya yang pro nuraina ini tak paham ke yang orang pi lepas tu mai menunjukkan kebodohan pimpinan nstp itu sendiri.

    kalah dah ambil duit banyak-banyak lepas itu mai hisap lagi apa-apa baki yang ada, itu yang naik bengang itu.

    tanyalah kat meja pengarang nst dan bh itu sendiri. suka ke depa dengan keputusan nak bawa balik orang yang dah pencen, atau yang tinggalkan diri dengan sukarela?

    memang bangang punya orang yang nak sokong benda yang tak betul, tak beretika dan tak masuk akal.

    tak boleh ke nstp pilih org dalam organisasinya sendiri. takkan lah yang ade itu semuanya bodoh dan bangang wahai saudara ahmad talib.

    apa boleh buat? kalau jadi macam ini, baiklah kalau si pasir salak tu tinggalkan nstp dan datang balik lepas dua tiga tahun.

    mesti dapat jawatan dan gaji tinggi lepas tu. inilah budaya keparat nstp dan pimpinannya.


  78. Anonymous7:07 pm

    hooray for audi for being spot on on your comments !

    if ever there is a plastic human and a reservoir of crocodile tears -- this is her.

    all plasticky and full of crap !

    hanging cats' balls