Monday, July 27, 2009

Ah, Lo' Lo'!

Titiwangsa MP makes U-turn, lauds decicion to cane model. On July 22, The Malay Mail carried a front-page article (left) on the decision by a Syariah court to fine model Kartika and whip her six times for consuming alcohol in public. That article quoted Shahrizat Jalil of Umno and Dr Lo' Lo' of PAS, both critical of "harsh" sentence.

Lo' Lo' has issued a statement to amend her stand on the caning. Read excerpts below and the link here. The about-turn came days after Nik Aziaz the Tok Guru, praised Kartika for "accepting" the punishment.

Let's see if Shahrizat withdraws her support for Kartika.

Monday July 27, 2009

Lo’ Lo’ lauds syariah court judge’s courage

PETALING JAYA: A PAS Member of Parliament has lauded the Kuantan Syariah Court judge for having the courage to impose a whipping sentence on a Muslim woman for consuming alcohol in public.

Titiwangsa MP Dr Lo’ Lo’ Mohd Ghazali said she agreed with the sentence because it was close to the penalty provided for under hudud law.

Under hudud, the penalty for consuming alcohol is 40 strokes while some ulama say it could go up to 80 strokes.


  1. Anonymous1:18 pm

    wat would u expect from Malay Mail? Next time, MM editor go learn on good reporting


  2. pas pisss pussy1:51 pm

    it shows lolo has no stance.

    it's basic pas policy and yet she could bend backward for politic sake.

    that is pas. no backbone.

    real bobo.

  3. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Kesian Kartika! Kenapa dia saje yang dihukum dan ditangkap. Bukankah ramai VIP-VIP, Dato'-Dato', Tan Sri-Tan Sri, jantan-jantan dan gadis-gadis melayu islam yang minum arak kat luar tapi tak kena tangkap pun...Cuba tanya Dato' Seri Sharizat. I am sure she has the statistics...

  4. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Heran dengan undang-undang Malaysia ni...bukan ke ramai lagi VIP-VIP dan jantan-jantan serta perempauan-perempuan melayu Islam yang minum arak. Tapi yang herannya mereka tak kena pun tangkap ...Jabatan Agama Islam sepatutnya tangkap ikan Jaws bukan anak ikan. Cuba tanya Dato Sharizat, dia mesti ada statistik...

    Anti Keadilan

  5. askar melayu2:33 pm

    Before,showing pussy and alcohol are ok? Now, showing pussy still ok but alcohol not ok? Ah, Lo' La'!

  6. Hello Rocky Bru

    Apa telah terjadi? Spelling pun salah. Macam mana boleh jadi blogger?

    Mungkin dah lalai dan setelah menjadi blogger UMNO, tak ada masa untk meneliti spelling yang salah.

    Agaknya tak dapat pandang masaalah yang kecil. Kalau begini, lebih baik tumpulkan masa dalam politik.

  7. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Imagine a BIG U-TURN person calling another a U-Turn person...what a joke!!!

    Rocky, your flip flop is so clear and I am thinking of not even buying the Malay Mail anymore.

    The political news are now so One Sided towards BN ...makes me wanna puke and so to prevent from puking...I better stop buying and reading your paper now...Sighhhhh

  8. ah long2:50 pm

    Biasa la .. maybe kena the fehmes flip flop viurs

  9. Anonymous2:50 pm


    Apa ni MMail..

    The dear Dr. has clarified her statement 3/4 days ago...

    Yours is not breaking news but broken news.


  10. Anonymous3:07 pm

    I cannot comment as I am not a Muslim


  11. Linda,
    TQ for pointing out the spelling mistake. Dah korek.

    Dia dah clarified 3-4 hari dah? Wah, Kenapa Star baru report today, eh?
    TQ, anyway.

  12. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Lo Lo what happen. You change your stand like changing underwear. PAS is selfish and they afraid of receiving backfire. PAS onlys knows to give ceramah perdana like empty vessel makes the most noice

    Lo Li Pop

  13. Anonymous3:16 pm

    In her younger days, Lo Lo was called Lola though sometimes she wanted to be Lolita. That was before the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran. She was still donning Sarong Kebaya then, minus tudung and loved Saloma and P Ramlee songs and movies. She was reminiscing about the good old P Ramlee and Saadiah days when she opposed the caning meted out to kartika for drinking beer. Now shes already awake with the tudung on her head. How can she say "no" to the caning? I thought bodek ampus existed only in UMNO/BN. Lo Lo has shown they can also exist in PAS

    Anak ku Sazali

  14. Anonymous3:19 pm

    first comment : from a feminist
    second comment : from a parrot, parroting ula(r)ma besar pas nik aziz.....

    Burung Belatuk

  15. Anonymous3:22 pm

    i thought only pak lah bodwi flipflop..this pas women leader lolog also flipflopped.. well her father was right on the dot for giving here the name loloq..or the northerners said lolaq..or the southerners said olok-olok...:p


  16. Anonymous3:28 pm

    YB Wanita PAS Lo Lo ini telah melakukan dua kesilapan besar.

    Pertama mempersoalkan keputusan mahkamah syariah dalam hukum hakam Islam yang sudah pun termaktub.

    Kedua beralih pandangan seolah-olah tiada pendirian dan dibuat pula atas kepentingan politik setelah menerima desakan.

    Beliau sepatutnya dari awal lagi menyokong keputusan mahkamah syariah itu. Jelas sekali wanita Pas ini tumpul bab agama dan berselidung di sebalik tudung dan logo Pas untuk mengakui dirinya orang Islam.


  17. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Lo' Lo has been loqlaq !!!!

  18. Anonymous3:52 pm

    The VIPS, Datuk Datuks and even Royalties drink wine lah.. the expensive stuff, not beer, so can lah..!

    Rocky, can you provide confirmation that Muslims are not permitted to serve or sell alcohol also? I read in the news that the servers were also reprimanded? How about all the MAS INFLIGHT crew and the many waiters/waitresses in bars and hotels? What is the ruling on this..?

    A confused Muslim

  19. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Inilah pendirian PAS, flip-flop-flup. Sama juga pendirian Nik Aziz tentang nak musyawarah dengan UMNO, pun flip-flop-flup. Sama juga pendirian PAS dalam Pakatan... Oops dalam Pakatan PAS takde pendirian sebenarnya.

    Kesian PAS jena main dengan Anwar dan DAP terus jadi flip-flop-flup.

  20. What HUDUD Law?

    Engkorang semua percayalah Pas nak buat Hudud Law!

    Yes they always claimed to do so. But it is all LIP SERVICE ONLY.

    Diorang pun takde actual planned how to implement it. Nothing has ever been carefully planned.

    Tu sebab, harini cakap lain, esok cakap lain!!!


  21. Camane pun KARTIKA earned my highest respect!! She got 'balls'

    Not like somebody yang senang-senang je claimed conspirasy....orang percaye lak tu

  22. Anonymous4:19 pm

    caning for consuming alcohol is not stated in the Quran.

  23. Ya Lah...segala-galanya dipolitikan oleh orang Malaysia.
    Kita lebih ghairah menghukum dari memulih...Kesian Kartika! Sudah siksa jiwa...ini siksa fizikal!

  24. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Why Rocky? You afraid you kena rotan kah?

    Ya...lotsa Politicians and editors must also kena...tak aci this lady only

  25. You for one cannot label others as flip-flopping because you are a flip-flop yourself. Looks like you are enjoying yourself spinning for the government now, good for you.

  26. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Actually You are the Big Uturn--UMM- no .
    Now you tend to jump in joy whenever you find anything not ok with certain party...first to let out.

    Lu tau wa tau..sudah banyak orang tau..

    mata sepet

  27. Anonymous5:39 pm

    The fuckers here who spout about Islam and the Quran know nuts about anything. They do not know what is the fiqh, kias, mazhabs, hudud, taazir, furuq etc etc, all they can mouth coming from their kaffir selves are pure inanities.

    Now I am not a paragon of virtue. I enjoy my lager/scotch whatever but if i am caught, i will pay my dues like a man, just like a strong woman like Karthika is willing to pay her dues.But i also know that the Prophet (pbuh and his family) once remonstrated Umar for his overeagerness to ferret out the secrets of others just like some contemporary muslims arrogate a holier than thou mien in denigrating a jeans clad, longhaired, lager swilling dude like me...but i couldnt give a damn for beyond my weaknesses, i know Islamic unity is a wajib fact, that denigrating the Prophet is a no-no, that consorting with people who allow 720 massage parlours to sextuple to 4200 in less than a year is a sin, that calling fellow Muslims commies, murdererers etc is the work of a satanic fasik etc, that working with openly antiMuslim forces is a no-no etc

    Once i wrote a long tract to the Malaysian Insider to correct their fallacy that PAS is an Islamic movement and appealing them to use their good sense to leave Islam out of the mainstream political discourse cos it was denigrating the religion. Guess what? they threw out the comment (maybe I should have added some risque words...LOL)

    The truth of the matter is that there is no Islamic movement per se in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world. Appropraiting the Quran and the hadith and making the syariah their central plank, do not an Islamic party maketh for the ultimate determiner is the deeds of the leaders and followers and here, damningly, none ever measure up to the deeds and precepts of Rasulullah(pbuh and hf), his family and his coterie of close sahabahs.

    In contemporary times, what we have is a hodge-podge of political organisations hijacking Islam, its principles, and philosophy for narrow sectaraian and selfish intentions, dogmatic in their inclinations and unable to articulate a holistic, humane Islam -centered paradigm be it in the economics, political or socio-cultural spheres.It is not because the Islamic epistemology is riddled with defects etc, it is simply due to the fact that too much interpretation to suit every Aliff, Bada and Taha has irrevocably damaged the credibility of Islam as a reformist force and the fact that the interpreters are nothing more than Munafuckins whose whole conduct is a mere manifestation of form over substance rather than seamless fusion of form and substance.

    Hence, you have a turban kaffir in Nik Aziz exhorting for state-government rapproachment merely to derive the material benefits and stanch a diminution in political support while simultaneously fanning the flames of disunty and reveling in the enmity sown. Any surprises then Lolo flip flops like a sleepwalker? As they say "Tok guru Kencing berdiri, anak murid kencing berlari".

    Pure unadulterated Islam will reappear one day helmed by the Mahdi ( a descendant of Rasulullah) as promised and till then, people like me (warts and all)will hold to whatever shreds of a pristine and wholesome faith and continue with what life holds for us out there. Thats the sensible thing to do......

    Warrior 231

  28. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Rocky Bru

    Mahkamah yang jatuhkan hukuman sebat tu dalam negeri parti mana yang memerintah? UBN ke PR?


  29. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Banyak sangat bapok d pjbat2 tu benci pompuan. Da nak fully Arabised kut- fancy boys jer. Ada masalah2 lain yg lebeh berat lagi -what about those deadbeat dads? We do know they are all over- breeding then dumping wives and kids to their own fate. Mana syariah masa ni? Bunch of hypocrites! Suda la bila nak blajar - lagi korang sekat lagi orang teruja nak buat.

  30. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Kesian Kartika.
    What to do my dear, you were born in a land where only the privilege and the powerful rule. These "high class" people include politicians of both sides, the VIPs, the Datoks, the YBs, the Tan Sris, the Tengkus a.k.a. the Malaysian Royalty. No one will say anything if these people drink alcohol, gambling, have mistresses and holidaying with their maids.
    You're just a scapegoat for somebody's political ego. .....
    Where is SIS for heaven's sake !!! The NGOS? Where?

  31. Anonymous7:26 pm

    dear mr. rocky,

    i thought YB Lo' Lo' has issued a statement saying that her original statement has been taken out of context? and what she meant was she is 'for' the caning and was surprised that there was such syariah court which brave enough to give out such execution.

    which is true? yours or hers?







  33. Anonymous9:15 pm

    I'm a grown non-muslim adult and I never drink alcohol in public or at anywhere, my mind is crystal clear and I see that rocky is totally changed, of course it's his right to blog about anything he want, but he is not on the right track, by common sense.
    Bye rockybru

  34. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Anon 7.26 pm :
    "......and what she meant was she is 'for' the caning and was surprised that there was such syariah court which brave enough to give out such execution."

    So if that's the case then pseudo LOLObrigida should be caned so that she is able to feel how Kartika feels.....

    I hope God/Tuhan/Allah helps Malaysia from becoming into an uncivilised country....

    What a joke !!

    - JohnSleepyButAwakenDoe

  35. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Tibai lah dia berkali-kali
    Minum arak perbuatan keji
    Tapi yang mana Tuhan lebih benci
    Minum arak atau sapu harta negeri?

    Orang mabuk tak kacau sesiapa
    Melainkanlah dia bawa kereta
    Jatuh longkang pecah kepala
    Atau langgar orang tidak berdoa.

    Tapi pemimpin rasuah lagi jahanam
    Harta negara habis dia baham
    Orang komplain dia buat tak faham
    Habis duit kita dia hantam.

    Kalu naik tibai orang minum arak
    Orang rasuah kena tibai jugak
    Biar orang semua nampak
    Kaki rasuah memang penyangah.

    Aziz Betapa

  36. Anonymous1:03 am

    Good reporting is defined as anything that praised so much on Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and Nik Aziz.

    Articles that seemed to have discredited those 'three stooges' would be defined as poor reporting!

    Blogger who actually made a perfect turn for a good cause, to them, looked as though this guy was making a U-turn.

    When a lady leader, an opposition goon, made a U-turn in her statements, in their eyes she is still the straight man.

    Welcome everybody to the dreamland. A land full of hypocrites. A land which is the holy of hollies to PR scumbags!!!

  37. Anonymous9:57 am

    Parpu Basi,

    The MP already clarified her stance many days before, why the STAR only report on 27/7...

    That's why u should aware there are many more newspaper available in market, not only MM / STAR...


  38. Anonymous11:12 am

    Rocky is a major munafik who's payment awaits him in hell.

    You better enjoy your beer at Lake Club bro. In hell you will only get to drink Warrior 321's piss.

  39. Ai ya Rocky!

    Why you critise the high priests and priestess of Pakatan Rakyat again? You see, the 'rakyats' are mad at you already. They claim that you have u-turned.

    You can only critise UMNO and BN leaders. Then you will be in Pakatan good books. As some of these pakatan goons believe that they owned this blogsphere. So Rocky, to these pakatan goons, you can only rock with them and never against. They have so many ready labels that they will throw at you if you do not toe their line.

    You must say that it is ok for Lo Lo to flip flop, it is also ok for Eli to have sex out of wedlock, it is good for the CM of Penang to move to a spanking bungalow because of termites, it is so caring of Anwar Ibrahim to make promises to Buah Pala residents and not keeping it......

    Anyway, you keep on Rockin'!

  40. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Caning is only for those who cause hurt to others, like snatch thieves. Caning is not for those found drinking in public. NO WAY MAN!! Be civilized!!

    Nickname: Civilized man

  41. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Anonymous said...
    Rocky is a major munafik who's payment awaits him in hell.

    You better enjoy your beer at Lake Club bro. In hell you will only get to drink Warrior 321's piss.

    11:12 AM

    Well. anon, since you have visited the place and made it safely back, how about divulging a few details. Do i get a corner unit with inbuilt wardrobes of fire suits and a fireplace to boot. Is cooking allowed or do we all share a common pantry. what about the view? Do i get a sweeping vista of Dante's Inferno and get to see Jolie, Fox, Sherawat and Kardashian in all their naked glory. Man, do i get to be their serf..u knowlah, ahhhhhhhh.... hahahahahaha LOL.

    Is Niki the resident preacherman and the guy who runs the corner shop confessional charging 10 pitih for a session and pocketing all the small change minus 10 a riyal yields?Did you see Hadi wielding the staff and hurling fire and brimstone as he chased Anwar and LKS round the block for being naughty little runts.And what about Zaid, Ronnie liu, Chua Jui Meng. were they all palvering fakatan yarns as they lapped up my piss at the public trough, walking away stone eyed and stone drunk. Did I pee a lot or was my bladder some gargantuan thingy with my pecker being even more humoungus that the dolls (Jolie etal) were at each other's throat to get a taste of the ......

    And did you see the horned one? what was he garbed in?let me guess, a Versace draped by a Boss overcoat/trenchcoat paired with an Armani jeans, and reeking of XS Pour Homme by Paco Rabbane or Lalique or Bijan whatever. Was he donning Dolce Gabbana, Tom ford, or zegna glasses..ah yes..given the glare, everyone would have been donning designer glasses with titanium steel frames except LGE, Nash, Zaid et al...right? did he poke ur arse with his trident or mouthfuck you with his rotting snakelike thingy. Did he give a tour with some discounts and freebies like shitcream icecream thrown into the bargain?. Was he riding a camel or was he speeding around in a Ferari? did he stop by to drink my piss as well and left with a smile or at least a smirk?

    Rocky swilling my piss,ah! bloody mafucking, cuntlicking, cockthroating fuckhead! U got some nerve to come in here and tar the blogmaster names but not the balls to leave at least numeral pseudonym for courtesy sake, son a spayed bitch! Since you took a round trip back,I wanna know did you travel first class on SIA or on the cheap with Air Asia. What about luggage, handluggage, security cleareance, flight time, jet lag the whole works, I wanna know! Were you given an audience by the archangels and shown the list with my, rocky's name inscribed on it or did you lobby for us to be included as permanent guests..u know the .."u can check out anytime you want but u can never leave thingy"

    dei arselicking shiteating fiend, since my piss is pure unadulterated alcohol, do they serve Cossack there, u know the throat burning type, or bacardi, scotch, either Rooftop or Wharf style. Find out in ur next trip there, arsehole! Burning ur papa's hardearned dough for so little details. Find out whether they have a resident firebrigade and whether my swank supercondo corner unit has got a helipad and a fireescape. I dont wanna be deep fried for nothing!

    bastard, u can even get my numerals right after just a shot of samsu, hypocrite. U have the gumption to denigerate us 9 u even call Rocky, bro!) but not the gall to check out whether u are on that list. You are even worse than a fasikin rat or even that bloody kaffir lebai you adore. True Muslims pray for the mercy and well being of their fellow Muslims, fucked up aresehole Moooslims like you moo for hell for those not on the same wavelength. What gives? Look in the mirror and you will find your munafucking answer.

    P/S: in ur nest trip there, get a list of what they serve for chow, whether ur name is on the list, how they pay Rocky, cash, cheque, e-transfer and make sure you dont get marooned by flight delays!! stupid fella of mafucker

    Warrior 231

  42. What an apt title (i.e., "Ah, Lo' Lo'") you have there. In kelantanese "Ah, Lo'lo'" means "Ah, I just kidding". So who is she try to kid?

  43. Brainless Nut11:28 am

    Wednesday, July 22, 2009
    come, whip us all!
    A Muslim woman from Sungai Siput, Perak, is to be whipped six times for drinking beer in public.

    Now, had the religious authorities from Kuantan, Pahang, dropped in at the National Press Club at Jalan Tangsi, can you imagine how many Muslims will be hauled off to the syariah courts to have their asses whipped?

    Can you imagine how many of my bosses (and NST's bosses, and BH's bosses and HM's bosses and all the other publications' bosses) will have their asses whipped if the religious authorities walked in on their beer-drinking sessions?

    And not only that, will they be made to line up in a row on a raised platform, bended over a piece of log suspended on two smaller logs, with their asses facing the audience - in a very, very public area (preferably, Dataran Merdeka)?

    Suddenly, this sounds like a very good alternative for a Saturday night entertainment. Let's blow the whistle! Call the religious authorities, yo!

    p/s: Rocky, let's whip your a$$ first

  44. Anonymous12:54 pm


  45. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Brainless Nut, a worthless mut, stuck in a rut, waiting for its gut, to be cut, by the big fart, of Nik Mat.

    Cretin, before you spout rubbish, why not get the gibberish, to nab ur favie lebai and put him to sword, for his retort, that unity is not to be sought, fought or thought.

    For he is now a heretic, harbouring lice and ticks, while playing politics, with secular fanatics.

    Dare you suggest that, i doubt by ur mommas twat, you desire that, for it will be a tad too bad, for you, mad fuckhead


  46. Anonymous7:27 pm

    1. in the first place why the need to glorify the girl who was caught drinking and is to be whipped? she got caught, and now she is getting her punishment. the fact she is a celebrity is just too bad.

    2. there may be bigger fish drinking alcohol but are not punished. so what? punishment awaits them in the afterlife. orang lain tak payah sibuk pasal ni. we are not here to debate who is caught and who is not.

    3. yang politicians sibuk nak komen pasal hal ni pun buat ape? nal defendlah, nak condemlah. halo, the law states it very clearly so shove it.

    bottomline - berani minum berani tanggung. dah tahu salah kan tapi tetap buat jugak. what is everyone getting to excited about aku pun tak faham.

  47. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Do they really know what is alcohol? Does it only come from grapes or malt?

    Do they know alcohol is a one big happy family..? Methanol, ethanol, butanol, propanol, assinol, lolonol, etc.? Not just Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniel or anything beside that Federal Highway..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  48. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Rocky, you said, "Under hudud, the penalty for consuming alcohol is 40 strokes while some ulama say it could go up to 80 strokes".

    How many strokes are you eligible for what you have been enjoying?


  49. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Like it or not,alcohol is haram in Islam but so far I have not heard the real definition and degree of punishment by any ulamak.I do not condone taking alcohol (heaven forbids)by anybody regardless of race and religion.However the recent controversy on sale of beer at an outlet prompts me to add some spice to this issue.I think every responsible citizen should focus more on how to eradicate the social ills which affect our whole country.
    1.Drug Abuse: Most of the addicts are Malays.Why not go all out to eradicate this ill? Which is more serious,drinking beer or becoming drug addicts?
    2.Unwed mothers: Babies are flushed in toilets,abandoned and left to die mercilessly.How are we going to solve this problem?
    3.Rape and Incest: This appears almost daily in newspapers. How are we going to solve this problem?
    4.Mat Rempit: A menace which everyone knows.How are going to solve this problem?

    Personally and frankly I am still looking for answers and solutions but if one can make headlines on beer,I think more serious attention is required to solve the 3 main social ills first before we start demanding that beer is taken off from the shelf.

    (Anak Melaka)