Monday, July 27, 2009

Police reports against blogs in Malaysia

When the DAP starts doing it .... Lodging police reports against bloggers used to be a Barisan Nasional's past time. Before PRU12, it was Mike Tyson against RPK here or some Umno "goons" versus my buddy Jeff Ooi there.

Yesterday, DAP's Ronnie Liu and Ean Yong decided to break the BN monopoly. The two YBs jointly lodged a report against the blog for the allegations made about awards of contracts and the use of allocations. Ronnie's aide Wong Chuan How, named by the Anonymous blogger as the beneficiary of 84 of the projects Ronnie had given out in the last one year, lodged a second police report [which contained factual errors, unfortunatley, as The Malay Mail pointed out to him after we did some cross-checking].

Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim has come out in defence of his Excos, and called for a "sense of responsibility" in blogosphere. "If there is corruption, the public should not just publish these activities in blogs but must take the matter to authorities," he said. I agree. "... Sometimes, stories in blogs are not always 100 percent true," Khalid added. Again, I agree. [Khalid suggests bloggers come forward with corrupt allegations - bernama].

Now that the DAP's doing it also, I think people are going to continue lodging police reports against bloggers, including Anonymous bloggers, in future. Bukit Aman's cyber division will have a lot more to do.

p.s. This is not the first time Ronnie has lodged a police report against a site. The first, in July 2007, was against a "seditious article' on Pak Lah's official website. Read here.


  1. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    DAP, PKR atau PAS memang begitu. Dulu kata UMNO rasuah, sekarang diorang berlumba-lumba nak rasuah. Dulu kata BN tak bagi press freedom, sekarang mereka berlumba-lumba ban reporters, boikot papers dan sue bloggers.

    NEW DAWN FOR MALAYSIA??? Piiiiigiiidah ! Pembohong!

    Rakyat Malaysia Jugak.

  2. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    DAP, PKR atau PAS memang begitu. Dulu kata UMNO rasuah, sekarang diorang berlumba-lumba nak rasuah. Dulu kata BN tak bagi press freedom, sekarang mereka berlumba-lumba ban reporters, boikot papers dan sue bloggers.

    NEW DAWN FOR MALAYSIA??? Piiiiigiiidah ! Pembohong!

    Rakyat Malaysia Jugak.


    HE HE HE

  4. Dalam DAP, ramai orang yang cerdik/educated, ramai juga yang lagak samseng/brutal. Jadi kita boleh jangka apa yang akan mereka produce, sama ada dalam kepimpinan atau dalam rutin harian parti mereka. Malangnya, rakyat sudah dirosakkan persepsinya, dan mereka dengan mudah terpukau dengan setiap patah dan gerak DAP atau PR.
    UMNO dan BN pula sudah distreotypekan sebagai 'tidak boleh dipercayai'. So, dear Rocky, tugas media yang bertanggungjawab ialah mengembalikan rakyat ke alam nyata, ke landasan sebenar berfikir, kritis tapi rasional - bukan kritis dan membuta tuli.

  5. Anonymous6:05 pm

    but dont worry la rocky. no one will dare to lodge a report against u. u r the wonder boy now under najisman. go on with ur spinning. karma will hv its day.

    how abt writing something on altantuya, pkfz, scorpene to pass the time?


  6. DAP very good in acting nowdays.they will do whatever they like to pull the social support to them.CAT is rubbish.

  7. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Beggar: Please sir... give me some change so i can buy something to eat.

    DAP Guy: Shuddup!I report you to police then you know aa.

    Little kid: Hey mister you accidently step on my foot, say sorry.

    DAP Guy: Don't you know who i'am? I report you to police you want onot?!!

    Dog: Woof, woof, woof... woof-woof.

    DAP Guy: What woof, woof, woof... woof-woof?? I report you to police then you know laa.

    Wall: Boink! Thud!

    DAP Guy: Wah! You hit me aa?!! I report you to police, mampoi you.

    DAP Guy Shit: Plop! Plop!

    DAP Guy: Better stop ploping aa!! I make police report then u kena.

    DAP Guys (all): We love to make Police reports but we hate the Police!!!!

    DAP nonsense

  8. Anonymous7:09 pm

    So if a BN operative starts a blog to tell lie, what do you do? I would whack the bugger.

  9. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Blogs against BN are all exposing the truths and should not be questioned about the facts presented.

    Blogs against PR are all BN paid hencemen involved in some sort of conspiracy and are all lies.

    All BN MPs/ADUNs are corrupted, crooks and stupid.

    All PR MPs/ADUNs are honest and hardworking and smart.

    Are we all clear?

  10. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Let's rock and roll... Down you go D.A.Piggy !


  11. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Now there are two untouchable (hopefully Hindraf members do not think this is a racist word) political parties in Malaysia ... UMNO and DAP.

    UMNO looks sober a bit now but DAP is up and coming King of Malaysia. Whoever made comments against DAP are deemed racist will political intentions.

    For DAP nobody can criticise and take action against them. Not even PDRM and MACC, and policemen are expected to kow-tow to them. Policemen are not supposed to investigate and ask questions they don't like. As Selangor Speaker rightly put it, DAP is the prosecutor, judge and executioners.

    D - Dasar
    A - Anti
    P - Pribumi


  12. Punedeck8:02 pm

    Ngeh and Nga stopped cameraman taking pictures.

    LG Enggey stopped certain press from official state press conference.

    Anwar Ibrahim stopped Utusan and Agendadaily from coming to PKR press conference.

    Fuckatan Riot serupa saja hipokrit!

  13. hey i think this is healthy! one shouldn't fault anyone sueing annyone's ass off if they have good reasons for doing so... in fact i only wish umno and BN sue the oppositions bloggers more often... except that these days ...ahem... cough cough... some of the so called opposition bloggers are eating out of the bn's hands...

  14. Anonymous9:53 pm

    hahaha bro rocky , now u see how hipocrite this DAPigs .

    DAP now lick their own spit !!!


  15. Anonymous9:55 pm

    DAP is real crook involved underground activities and corruption. Like pot calling a kettle black. DAP is the worst ever living creature with day light robbing from poor rakyat. Anyway the style must received endorsement feom TS Khalid & DSAI mosgt filthy creature on earth

  16. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Ha ha Rocky you are an asshole.

    Just put yourself in Ronnie's shoes, will you just keep quite and ignored the charges.

    Stop being a double face, look at the cricumstances before you comment.

    Everybody knows you are on the Umno's payroll now, but be fair in your comments.

    Why don't you have the balls to comment on eg the K Toyo RM24 million 'hut' which is very obvious?????

  17. Paktam rasa DAP dulu tak suka pun kat polis? Kenapa sekarang cari polis juga?? Dunia.. Dunia....

  18. Anonymous11:33 pm

    That Parpu Kari is really a moron, a mentally-challenged scum of the barrel.

    I hope he ended up in a Kari pot!!!!

  19. Anonymous11:38 pm

    locky u damn good la!

    1st u spin on the lo lo gal & now spin the twp dap flers...

    if u so free, get ur mm flers go check why still no news from the poolis on teoh diving from macc window.

  20. BRO ROCKY,

    the difference is their report against the anon "pencacai amno" blog. meanwhile all amno report was about the known bloggers. you can't see that bro?

    wait till that pencacai amno blogger publish their doctored invoice and whatever la they fancy. till then let enjoy that blog hahahaha

  21. Anonymous11:47 pm

    hahahahahaha. same old stupid pigs commenting abt dap this and that but failed to see how umno is plundering the nation. only blind n stupid fellas will still support bn/umno though they hv sinned and continue to sin against humanity and country. either u guys r paid to write or just plain naive and pls forget abt going to karaoke every friday.


  22. Anonymous11:56 pm

    is Toyo behind that blog?

    Why corruption agency never investigate Zakaria?

  23. Lim Kit Siang resign? Really?

    Haaah ???. Tak boleh tahan MALU!!!

    Hello Singh! where r u?

  24. Anonymous12:15 am

  25. Anonymous12:16 am

  26. It is just not a website but the way that the government agencies trusted these websites so fast and started to act against the DAP. It creates so much doubt that the police and MACC would believe an anonymous website so fast.

  27. Anonymous1:05 am

    Shouting for democracy?. Freedom reporters?...


    Sudah ludah, jilat balik.

  28. Anonymous1:29 am

    Rocky rocky..I bet you are checking your blogs stats and I bet you are not surprised the numbers are the truth is out and your readers are staying away from you. You should know why...thanks anyway for the old memories of the rocky that used to fight for a better world and a better Malaysia.....

  29. Anonymous1:36 am

    Dear Rocky,
    This is what people say about What goes around, come around. All politician must clearly draw the line. Which side they are now - Government or Opposition. Today the Government of the day still acted like an opposition.
    I'm not siding anybody but they all must know the `Asam Garam' in politics. As office bearer they're subject to public scrunities and they must answer to it. It is not how much ones swindle public money thats matter but ones shouldn't breach the public trust. Thats matter most.
    Running a private fund is totally different from public fund. So all the politicians must be mature by now. Lots of accusition is thrown but only the proven one is valid.
    Once my lecturer told us during an examination, "Those who didn't copy/cheat in examination is stupid but those who is being caught is totally an Idiot".

    Malaysia Boleh.

  30. Anonymous1:36 am

    If found there is a link between D.A.Piggy Chinkie & the Underworld, BAN D.A.P just like the BAN imposed on Communist Party of Malaya (CPM).

    Anon Hates Chinkie Piggy

  31. Anonymous2:36 am

    Money can buy all opinions. Including this one.


  32. Anonymous7:38 am

    Rocky, you are quite stupid. Memang bodoh sekali. Tidak layak jadi manusia. Idiot

  33. Anonymous8:45 am

    We award you the tile of MASTER SPINNER - GRADE 1. You have proven time and again that you have no conscience.

    Are you so stupid and ignorant that you cannot see through this.

    But then I suppose it might be your upbringing and greed that gets the better of you

  34. AminGL8:57 am


    I bet no one is dare to make police report against your blog since you are protected by UMNO, not even Kalimullah.

  35. Anon 7:23pm

    You're a true blood communist. Always put yourself and your ideology is pure and sacred.

    You're damn bloody communist


  36. I think this is all just a waste of time for our police force. There are a million things that are more pressing than these baseless written allegations that goes nowhere anyway.

  37. Anonymous9:59 am

    Dear Rocky

    Everything you write remind me of Dr Mahathir



  38. Anonymous10:31 am

    Bro, please read the latest expose about Ronnie Liu's 9,990 feng shui lucky number at Truth for Teoh Beng Hock here:

    I think it is quite hilarious too. How do they explain this? Somehow I get the feeling there is more coming.

  39. Anonymous10:37 am


    Pakatan rakyat ni bila mereka kena hentam dalam blog pasal penyelewengan mereka barulah mereka kelam kabut minta bloggers agar menunjukkan sikap bertanggungjawab dan meminta jangan menyiarkan dalam blog sahaja tapi buat laporan kepada pihak berkuasa...tetapi yang mereka hentam Polis, SPRM , Kerajaan dalam blog n media pasal kes Teoh tanpa adanya bukti yang sahih dan hanya berdasarkan andaian dan emosi serta kepentingan peribadi sahaja boleh pulak.....Nilah dia golongan manusia yang kononnya adil, bertanggungjawab dan hebat dari orang lain...pirahhh..

    Ujang Rasional

  40. Anonymous10:42 am

    In today's Star newspaper:

    Trouble brewing over purchase of Muar DAP service centre

    JOHOR BARU: State opposition leader Dr Boo Cheng Hau is unhappy with the purchase of the Muar DAP service centre and demanded the resignation of the Bentayan assemblyman, also from the DAP.

    He said he believed the way the agent and assemblyman Gwee Tong Hian dealt with the sale of the building was questionable.

    The premises, he said was a bumiputra lot, which the agent, a Singa-porean, sold to the party for RM300,000.

    “How can a Singaporean sell a building to the party while Gwee never approached the party state committee for approval?

    “It shows that he (Gwee) does not have integrity and does not uphold the principles of the party,” he said, adding that it was not proper to oppose and condemn the Barisan Nasional when someone within the party does improper dealings.

    Bro, not being racist but Chinese and other peoples' money are not a good mix. They like to put it in their own pocket. DAP is no exception.

  41. Anonymous10:48 am

    Dear Rocky,

    If this blog is so truthful why use anonymous name? just lodge the police reportlah....

    A plain simple man with normal mind will understand...

    Please tell me if you are abnormal....

    Razak Baginda

  42. Anonymous10:49 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I am just wondering why are you still keep uiet about Khir Toyo multi million mansion?

    The resaon is very you work with Malay mail, we know this paper is under whose controlled....

  43. Anonymous11:08 am

    See below; A good piece to read,
    to weigh in the mind with thoroughness and care, to reflect and to react....



    Ssscared to the bones! DAP are Sscared to the bones!

    Malaysians are now calling their bluff. After gaining a sort of victory in the last GE they've shown their true colors.

    First they sidelined their partners. They attacked Anwar and PKR, they attacked PAS's policies. They became arrogant, by forgetting that it's also the Malays and Indians that put them where they are now. They're impatient. Once even tried to name a street in the name of DAP's past leaders (to an avavlanche of protest). They try to show that they're better than BN at being impartial towards race issues, but they attack the constituition, language issue, even religion issues. Even pushing for the use of ALLAH as a generic god's name (yeah we know DAP's behind this racial and religious chaos). They think thay have the what they call the modern moderate Malay support. Just look at their hypocrasy in the Buah Pala issue. They didn't care for the minority Indians. If it was a chinese issue they'd jump to defend them.

    Now it's surfacing that they are involved in the triads, kongsi gelap, gangsters. Now we know who is financing them.

    In short, Malaysians now, especially the Malays and Indians who voted for them in the last GE are calling their bluff!

    They are certainly no better than the current government.

    They are the real racist.

    They are not as tolerant towards other religions as they want to potray themselve to be.

    They are not as tolerant towards the media (as LGE demnostrates not awhile ago)as they want to potray themselve to be.

    They are just plain scared to the bones that Malaysians have found them out and jumping towards the (government controlled media as they want to believe) to print and report what they say, trying to defend themselves against the allegations (after levelling mountainious allegations towards the government on all sort of issues without proper evidence). We've noticed that when they are making malicious allegations they use the internet, but when they want to defend themselves on certain issues they use the mainstream media (whom they say are not credible and are bias towards them), cause they themselve know people believe the mainstream news more than what they read on the internet.

    They are greedy and impatient.

    It's all a bluff so that they can plunder this beloved country.

    They are just ain't any better.

    Malaysians have called their Bluff and they are very very scared.

    'Previously a PR supporter'

  44. Anonymous11:09 am

    Posting 'doctored' documents online and accusing another of corruption is not mere mischief in making. It could land somebody in jail. THis goes beyond simple defamation.

    Of course DAP should go to the police. Do I worry if cyber cops have too much to do?

    Nay. Speaking as a tax payer who ultimately contribute to the salary of these cyber cops think not.

    Big Hound

  45. artchan12:04 pm

    Dulu you not you ada malay mail.. give us some hot lah some investigative journalism..don't just copy from blog.

    tell us about the toyol mansion, the two kataks in come the corruption issue takde lagi. Whatever happened to the immigration records of the mongolian lady. What happened to Bala? PKFZ..? Death threat to MCA president? So much to report, but nothing from a veteran journalist?
    Getting rusty or just earning buta gaji? Haahahaa ..thanks for the joke

  46. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Sure make fun at the Pakatan discomfort and their ineptitude in handling the incessant attacks from their media and cyber troops!

    But still people are not distracted from the known facts!

    Cosy contracts military or otherwise,palace buit by railgate keeper on land for the poor, Malaysia own Disney palace by an out of practise dentist and other clever enterprises!


  47. Anonymous12:53 pm

    DSAI is the mother of all corruption.
    LKS is the mother of underworld
    activities. Ron is member of illegal 9990 triad

  48. Anonymous1:13 pm

    "Bro, not being racist but Chinese and other peoples' money are not a good mix. They like to put it in their own pocket. DAP is no exception."

    How are you not being racist?

    How's bout saying instead, "Politicians and other peoples' money are not a good mix."

    But then again, that would be painting too broad a stroke. Especially since the person who brought the issue to light is both a politician and Chinese.


  49. Anonymous1:39 pm

    C'mon people, I thought Kali is the top spinner. Why suddenly you all ignore him?

    Anyway who is this Rocky to be proclaimed as top spinner?

    Is he a usurper or something? How can he be top spinner when he keeps quiet about that guy with the king-sized Balinese mansion?

    In my book, Kali is still top spinner.


  50. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Rocky, dont compare BN with PR. BN lodge report because they afraif of truth will bre revealed. DAP lodge report because we want to dispel the lies and know the truth. If that also you cannot differentiate, then macam mana?


  51. Anonymous1:52 pm

    hahaha you see Bro Rocky , how disgusting those DAP and Pakatan.

    Now they eat their own shit exspecially DAP lover.

    They want a total democracy , but they cannot receive any argument and calling other people who not same idea with them is stupid , rasuah , only them is the real truth .

    Total hipocrite DAPigs


  52. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Ada beberapa sebab kenapa seseorag atau organisasi berasa sakit hati dan seterusnya mengambil tindakan terhadap laman blog berunsur politik.


    1. Adakah laman blog pembangkang hanya berperanan untuk mengkritik organisasi mereka sendiri tetapi tidak mengkritik pihak lawan mereka?

    Hakikatnya laman blog pembangkang 99.999% mengkritik pihak lawan dan hanya 0.001% mengkritik diri sendiri.

    2. Apabila melontarkan pertuduhan dan kecaman, adakah laman blog pembangkang menggunakan data dan fakta yang sahih atau cukup sekadar bersandarkan kepada persepsi?

    Jawapannya adalah nyata, semua kecaman dan kritikan yang dilontarkan oleh laman blog pembangkang tidak lebih sekadar gosip dan tohmahan.

    3. Apakah individu atau organisasi yang difitnah oleh pembangkang tidak perlu mengambil apa-apa tindakan?

    Jawapannya ialah, ada, tetapi ia mendapat bangkangan yang kuat daripada pembangkang dengan alasan menyekat kebebasan bersuara.

    4. Kalau laman blog pembangkang di saman untuk hadir untuk menjawab pertuduhan menghasut atau memfitnah, adakah mereka akan patuh?

    Pengalaman menunjukkan mereka hanya menghadirkan diri untuk dibicarakan bagi menampakkan yang mereka seoah-olah tidak 'lontar batu dan sembunyi tangan' tetapi relitinya, mereka selepas itu sengaja menghilangkan diri tanpa dapat dikesan oleh radar dan GPS. Hmmm.

    Kesimpulanya ialah:

    1. Pembangkang tidak boleh menghalang pihak lain menggunakan internet mengikut kaedah yang telah mereka sendiri amalkan.

    2. Pembangkang boleh mengundur ke belakang yakni menyekat kebebasan bagi "whistle blower" tetapi mereka harus konsisten.

    Apapun, selamat datang ke dunia PR! Dunia 'cakap tidak serupa bikin'!!


  53. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Apa yg Toyol cakap semua benar semua iklas, apa yg lain cakap bohong besar,biadap,khianat.Hidup Umno$

  54. Anonymous4:12 pm

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH hehehehheh

  55. Anonymous4:21 pm

    SHAH ALAM: Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim berkata pihak yang mempunyai dakwaan berhubung sesuatu penyelewengan perlu bertanggungjawab melaporkannya kepada pihak berkuasa dan bukan setakat mendedahkan dakwaan itu di dalam blog.

    Abdul Khalid berkata penulis blog mesti bertindak secara 'gentleman' dengan mendedahkan identiti mereka dan bukan 'baling batu sembunyi tangan'.

    Beliau berkata kerajaan negeri mengalu-alukan tindakan (melaporkan) itu bagi membuktikan kesahihan dakwaan.

    "Kalau berlaku penyelewengan, tanggungjawab masyarakat bukan menulis dalam blog saja tetapi bawa ke pihak yang perlu ambil tindakan. Saya memang galakkan usaha itu tetapi pada saya ada kalanya cerita dalam blog tidak semestinya seratus peratus benar," katanya dalam sidang media selepas merasmikan Pesta Buku Negeri Selangor 2009 di sini hari ini.

    Abdul Khalid diminta mengulas dakwaan sebuah laman blog yang mendedahkan dakwaan penyelewengan seorang anggota Exco kerajaan negeri Selangor yang mempunyai kaitan dengan kematian Teoh Beng Hock. Laman blog dalam pendedahannya mendakwa berlaku penyelewengan lebih 300 projek kecil bernilai ratusan ribu ringgit di kawasan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Exco terbabit.

    Penulis blog itu yang hanya mahu dikenali sebagai 'T4TBH' atau 'Truth for Teoh Beng Hock turut mendakwa Teoh telah meninggalkan salinan bukti berupa senarai lebih 300 projek kecil itu.

    Abdul Khalid berkata ada laman blog yang diwujudkan bertujuan untuk memberi satu pandangan buruk kepada pihak yang disasarkan dan beliau berharap setiap penulis blog mempunyai etika tertentu supaya maklumat yang dikemukakan sahih.

    Ditanya sama ada kerajaan negeri akan menyiasat dakwaan laman blog itu, beliau berkata:

    "Kita pantau. Kalau betul dakwaan benarbenar berlaku kita ambil tindakan tetapi sekarang kita harap bloggers jangan jadi agen kepada pihak tertentu kerana mereka (bloggers) dianggap kumpulan yang hormati press freedom dan keadilan kepada masyarakat".

    "Kita bagaimanapun tidak akan mencari identiti penulis blog ini kerana ia ternyata membuang masa. Kita mesti terima hakikat bila kita adakan 'an open and transparent society' kita akan hadapi keadaan ini tetapi rakyat sendiri punya fikiran matang dan mereka boleh nilai yang mana betul dan yang mana tidak betul," katanya. BERNAMA

  56. Anonymous5:25 pm

    We see no issues to hold investigation on any corrupted political parties ,that is what the rakyat want.

    But as a layman on the street it is very obvious that we can see investigation was done selectively.

    Lightning fast on the oppositon even it cost a few dollars while others that involved multi millioin sems to be -esok , lusa , lama lama lupa.

    justice seeker

  57. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Report all they like & believe's as good as NOT reporting. WHY???

    Malaysian Police are plain useless. Besides eating, sleeping & extorting 'the rakyat' for duit can you expect them to handle hi-tech stuffs like cyber crimes???

    I can personally give a call to MUSA HASSAN & tell him I'll shoot him dead (if someone can give me his No.)....& he wouldn't even have a damn clue who called him. This is how useless PDRM fellas are.

    - Raja Pepek

  58. Rocky , why dont you spin this issue inside the MalayMail as well.
    Get it on print instead of putting in your blog.
    You spin Dr.LoLo's speech too.

    Dont spin too overly or your kepala will pusing and pening .

    There are readers who check from other sources as well as there are "blind" readers.
    My guess is that you now caters for the "blind".

  59. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Aku setuju dengan Anon 11.08am. dah lama nak kata pasal benda ni, tapi tak pandai nak tulis.

    DAP tengah berlagak, kononnya mereka menang banyak di PRU lepas kerana mereka berhak. Padahal banyak undi dari orang melayu dan india.

    Memang nampak macam tak adil bila MACC tak komen pasal isu Khir toyo, zakaria dll. Tapi bukan bermakna tak boleh ambik tindakan pada DAP kalau mereka buat salah.

    DAP harus dijatuhkan segera, mereka adalah rasis sebenar. Zaman DrM, DAP takdela sekuat manapun walau sebesar mana pun isu timbul.

    Kepada orang melayu yg nak pangkah PRU akan datang, fikir-fikirkanlah. Kalau anda sokong PAS, sokong PAS sahajalah, jangan pangkah DAP andaikata di tempat anda DAP lawan MCA, pangkah aje MCA.

    DAP harus sedar, polisi mereka tidak boleh diterima oleh semua orang melayu dan india. Kalau mereka benar "Malaysia Malaysian", buktikan. Bukannya buat macam "Malaysian Chinese" only.

    Buktikan slogan Malaysia Malaysian yg sebenar dengan memulakan perjuangan Satu Sekolah untuk semua.

    Sekian terima kasih
    Melayu terkilan

  60. ............tell them that is human nature....why........why.God Save Malaysia

  61. ........why .why.tell them that is human nature.....why .....why.God Save Malaysia

  62. Anonymous6:39 pm

    ops you did it again, rocky!
    Why not we see what the police will do? are there double standards?
    Why they don't have the right to lodge police reports?
    I say, let them lodge.

  63. Rocky ada banyak anjing yang perlu ditendang, nak tahu siapa mereka, bacalah blog ini

  64. Aiyyaa Nostladamus Kaa8:50 pm

    elo elo kawan kawan dap

    lu baca ini "Ean Yong making own invoices for claim to State govt"
    sini tumpat ...

    ini babut punya cilita.

  65. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Spin Rocky Spin
    Spin Rocky Spin
    Guess $ is master and God!

  66. Anonymous10:46 pm

    ha ha ha ha

    these are the words that i can really give to Penipu Rakyat.

    aku harap dorang ni semua buat la perangai bodoh macam ni selalu.

    ingat rakyat boleh ditipu selama2nya ke?

    holier than thou attitude tapi stupid tahap otak ostrich

    cyber trooper my arse.

    aku halim dari kajang.

  67. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Rocky is a very experienced journo if everybody still remember.
    What he posted in his blog and now also in MM ,have been vetted and verified.
    Remember not too long ago his many expose`:Brendan Plagiara; the private jet,the yatch, Bungalow in Perth etc etc ,they all come with real evidences and not just rumours from anonymous people or doctored pics.
    So for those who are saying doctored facts, planted articles bla bla.. go on with your wishful thinking.
    See for yourselves where are those guys today who Rocky had exposed, PM included.
    Now go on and run down Rocky ,if he cares.
    This DAP rumble is the beginning of the end for PR.
    Take my word for no take Rocky's words.


  68. Anonymous11:36 pm

    I'm amazed to see people coming here and hentaming rocky the master spinnerlah whateverlah....if you don't like it, stay away, refrain from commenting. Anything you do has a carbon cost tied to it. At least your postings are not blocked to show openess.

    Whatever drive him to write.......dia punya sukalah. Just read and agree or not, up to you lah. What right do you guys have to whack him.

    Be constructive lah. In this case, manusia semua sama, when you have power and money, you want more to stay in power to make more money. DAP ke PKR ke Umno ke....kita kan orang Malaysia....berpolitik untuk kaya.

    budak gombak

  69. Anonymous12:02 am

    Rocky why are you so protective of UMNO? They don't need protection my friend, only those in the PR opposition need your help and support.

    UMNO members are Malays and Muslim and also they can corrupt.

    Malays Muslim in PR can't corrupt so Allah Almighty love them more than those in UMNO. You better be in the good book of Allah Almighty Rocky.

  70. Now, if you have added a little bit more to your piece like, "ah, nothing will come out of it, opposition report" "Probably will be buried under "NFA" in no time."

    But you didn't.

  71. Yang Tze12:51 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Congratulation for your blog exposing the great secrets behind the death of Beng Hock.
    But what saddened me, why certain people trying hard not to believe what was really happening when its involve opposition individuals. I afraid Allah has closed their hearts like what happenned to Firaun.

  72. Penyokong PR ni ada sakit mental. Itu ajer....

    Apa saja yang buruk, semuanya UMNO/BN. Kalau ANwar cerita malam ni dia sakit perut sebab UMNO taruk rafcun, besok mestilah penuh blog akan hentam UMNO dan BN. Semuanya baseless allegations... Takde bukti langsung...

    Bila blog t4tbh keluar dgn segala macam dokumen, siap dgn no tel, invoice dan nama syarikat, no cek dan lain-lain, penyokong PR sudah awal-awal mengatakan ianya tuduhan palsu....

    Dunia oh dunia..Bila SPRM mengatakan tidak bukti nak mendakwa Fairuz (ex DCM Penang), semuanya cakap bagus... Bila kena batang hidung sendiri, semuanya kata SPRM pilih kasih...

    KElakar la lakonan PR... Mungkin semua ADUN PR ni taraf malaikat atau wali kot..takde salah langsung..

  73. Anonymous1:51 am

    Tak apalah kalau juak-juak PR sanggup bermati-matian mempertahankan pemimpin pembangkang yang rendah moral, menyeleweng, rasis dan menjadi balaci kepada penjenayah kalau mereka benar tulus dan kalau dengan itu dapat membahagiakan mereka di dunia ini!!

    Cumanya di akhirat macam mana?

  74. Anonymous3:16 am

    Yes, without doubt, any articles written by a person of high credibility more often than not are being lot more trusted by all readers.

    But, when a guy who got the gut to expose thing like the bad conducts of some of the opposition scumbags and if these scumbags are notoriously linked to the underworld then how? Of course the safest and most practical approach is by hiding behind the Anon entity!

    But, that doesn't mean issue that is raised by this Anon is necessarily loss its credibility. What is most important for any reader is the effort that being made but not the person who make the effort.

    In fact, what is so great about a whistle blower who identify himself by a proper name but in the context of writing he is just circulating rumors? Of course to his fanatic fans, that is entertaining but to a critical minded reader it is considered worthless.

    Last but not least, what is the point of knowing the real name and the address but when you need to see this guy face to face, yet hmm...he is taking comfort in the underworld hideout!!

  75. Anonymous8:47 am

    Rocky tak makan pujuk rayu, tak gentar gertak, tak heran caci, tak endah sumpah, tak kisahlah yang nak merajuk

    He's Mr Cool dude

    lantak lah korang nak tulis apa

    dia tetap beri peluang

    hey you guys, YOU have been allowed SPACE to vent your anger and frustration

    P.S. Rocky should charge them fees!

  76. Anonymous9:06 am

    Let's face it. No one can live on fresh air and sunshine alone.

    Any politicians for that matter, need that dreaded creation called money in their wallets.

    However, the opposition used the theme of cronyism, corruption and bad governance to their advantage as their battle cry to dupe lesser thinking individuals to vote them in. They painted themselves as holy saints and god fearing representatives and the voters swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

    So, what's the fuss all about?


  77. Pune Deck9:25 am

    Whose the idiot who cut and paste Zorro's posting here?

    That ole coot is a closet racist and pretensious humanist.

  78. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Sesuatu yg ade pada anwar yg mungkin xde kat pemimpin2 UMNO yg len...
    semua ahli keluarga anwar yg sudah baligh dan mumayyiz menutup rambut mereka senang cakap menutup aurat...
    pemimpin umno?rambut terjulur sampai masuk dlm mee yg nk mkn time breakfast..haha..jgn lupe klik link di bawah utk menikmati rezeki dr perniagaan...

  79. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Anonymous 6:59.

    Anak bini tutup orat tapi abah eh kaki nyontot camno?

    Eh Eh kelakaa la pulak