Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sorry, Singapore ...

The Johor Sultan [which means, the people of Johor] opposes your third bridge proposal. Read the NST here.


The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Iskandar has expressed his opposition to the proposed third bridge linking Johor and Singapore.

Sultan Iskandar's message was delivered by his son, Tunku Mahkota of Johor, Tunku Ibrahim Ismail who read his speech at the opening of the State Assembly in Kota Iskandar, Nusajaya today.

"I am instructed by His Royal Highness to convey a message that he did not agree with the proposal for a third bridge," said Tunku Ibrahim after he finished reading the prepared speech.

Tunku Ibrahim, however, did not eleborate further on the Sultan's stand on the matter.

The proposed third bridge, linking Pengerang in Kota Tinggi and Changi, in Singapore is among the key bilateral issues discussed between Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his Singapore counterpart Lee Hsien Loong during Najib's official visit to the republic last month.
It is aimed at complementing future development in the less-developed Pengerang and Desaru areas.
Najib's going to have a headache over this one. Pak Lah did and never recovered from it.

Back to the crooked, scenic bridge, anyone?

Flashback, the PM's statement on Third Bridge:-

June 11, 2009 12:18 PM
Singapore Keen On Third Bridge - Najib

PUTRAJAYA, June 11 (Bernama) -- Singapore is quite keen on the construction of a third bridge linking the republic to Malaysia, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said Thursday.

"The concept of the third bridge on the eastern side of Johor is something which we will pursue, and Singapore is quite keen on having the third bridge.

"When we have a third bridge, we can develop the whole of the eastern side (of Johor) up to Mersing and onwards to Desaru.

"Singapore did say that it (the area) has the potential to be another Nusa Jaya like in Bali (Indonesia)," he said in his opening address at the 2010 Budget consultation meeting at the Finance Ministry, here.

Speaking at a news conference later, Najib said Singapore's interest in the bridge was conveyed by its Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew, who met him several days ago.

"He showed interest to work with Malaysia to build the third bridge. The bridge can develop Johor and districts like Mersing, Desaru and so forth in Kuantan in Pahang.

"I have directed the relevant parties to provide a feasibility study and consultant for the project. It is related to the development of the Iskandar corridor," he said.

However, the date to start the project had yet to be decided. "We cannot say when the project will be implemented because we have to look at the finding of the feasibility study and the costs. Malaysia and Singapore will pay for the cost of the third bridge," he added.


  1. The Sultan of Perak (which means the people of Perak?)

  2. Kenneth ,E6:57 pm

    Aiyo yo my soru gone please la don't cancel the project macha,all the sand i have sold already in advance.

  3. If he says no third bridge, then I guess that also means no Crooked Bridge. :)

  4. The money spent on the proposed third bridge should be spent to improve the bridge/road system entering and leaving the JB CIQ first.

    Najib and his entire Barisan Nasional Cabinet and ALL the Dewan Rakyat Members of Parliament should take a car ride from the entrance of the JB CIQ right through the winding road down to the causeway and then back from the causeway up the silly winding road to the JB CIQ to understand and appreciate the gravity of the stupidness and carelessness of the decision to cancel the scenic bridge was.

    Lets not even begin to talk about the third bridge and supplying our strategic sand resource to Singapore until the Malaysian Government settle this JB CIQ problem. Orang Malaysia penduduk Johor penyokong kuat UMNO dan Barisan Nasional sure not happy about it and if left too long will make it a festering wound in our hearts.

    Daulat Tuanku.

  5. Anonymous8:11 pm

    very confused..who's running the show?
    najib? rosmah? mahathir? menteri besar? sultan? agung?

  6. PAtik sokong tuanku sultan johor's view on the matter

    Daulat Tuanku

  7. giam20209:43 pm

    That is the problem with Malaysian
    leaders who are always promoting
    grandiose projects at the expense of taxpayers.From what I gather even the
    2nd link is under utilized, so why
    do with need a 3rd link.Maybe for there crony to make some quick buck at our expense.

  8. Anonymous10:34 pm

    bridge no. ferry service ok.
    transfer the ferries from penang to johor.

  9. Anonymous11:05 pm

    rocky BN,

    why must we follow Singaporean suggestion. funny because when we suggest, they automatically disagree. but when they suggest, automatically we agree. Why BN is so stupid.


  10. Singapore,the Johor Sultan [which means, the people of Johor] opposes your third bridge proposal?

    Don't spin.

    It was PM Najib who went to Singapore in his last trip to propose to SIngapore.

    This 3rd bridge is not feasiable. Desaru, Pengerang side are very 'ulu', very "kampong". If 2nd bridge is sparely used due to high toll and is between Nusajaya in JB and Jurong,Tuas, very developed area, what chance is the link between Changi to "ulu" Desaru and Pengerang, JB. Very quiet and remote region in JB.

  11. tebing tinggi11:33 pm

    ai ya banyak susah lo ini macam,wa sulah kila lo misti banyak untong lo, itu tempat wa sutak tengok tak tak susah punya ,celita sikit sudah boleh jadi punya ma.
    ini umno punya olang pasai apa banyak bising ,apa mau kila dia mau kita juat ma ,wa untong dia untong. sekalang ini sultan sutah tak-tak kasi habis lo,apa mau juat lagi.

  12. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Rocky Rocky, is it not true,when the crooked bridge contract was awarded,weeks before Mahathir retire, it was trumpeted by your past master, that Johoreans by and large support it?
    Your spin now is Singapore is the one desperate to have a straight bridge?
    Who was desperate? Even a croooked bridge has to be constructed?
    Rocky, I do admire your spins though.


  13. The 3rd Bridge means closing down the Pasir Gudang Port! This is what Singapore really wants for long time! Since Pak Lah, PTP is no longer a treat for Singapore. Now, They can easily kill PG Port. Thanks to DS Najib and the very kind of government of Malaysia.

    Enough of using rakyat Johor to justify for something we don't want! Just build the bridge to replace the causeway, period!

    Let see what newly appointed Malaysian's government and opposition's advisor said about this!

  14. Alast, The Sultan has spoken.
    Yes Najib. Listen to the Tuan of Johore.

    Rakyat Malaysia Melayu ( yang lain lain wa x taulah) majority (aku rasalah) nampak pentingnya Scenic/Bengkok Bridge kepada ekonomi Mlaysia 5-10 tahun akan datang.

    Jembatan ke tiga, atau ke empat ke tak menjadi isu. Perkara yang penting yang perlu dilaksanakan sebeleum PRU 13, kawasan tersebut mesti di jadikan laluan alternatif kepada kapal dagang yang merentasi Selat Melaka.

    Kalau Najib dan Khairy insist nak buat jembatan ke tiga atau ke empat, Singapura dengan senang hati akan bersetuju malah akan membiyaai kos keseluruhannya.

    Apa masaalahnya? Chinkies and Pro Singapore Malaysian kata, terlalu pendek, cetek , kapal tak boleh lalu bla..bla.. blla.

    So I dare Najib supaya menjadikan Scenic Bridge sebagai satu satu nya legasi beliau yang akan di kenang ratusan tahun akan datang yang kerananya menjadikan Malaysia negara yang bakal menerajui ekonomi dan ketenteraan Asia Tenggara.

  15. You all got it WRONG !!!WRONG on why Tuanku does not agree to Singapore building a third bridge linking to Malaysia . None of the reasons you all gave are correct !!!Not Sand ! Not Any Thing !
    The Reason ...simple.
    Tit for a Tat
    He wants back Piadra Blanca ( I hope my spelling is right )or the Rock which to him is like Singapore stealing his rock to become Singapore territory .
    He has mentioned many times as long as he is alive , he wants to take back his ROCK !!ROCKy !
    He is still very SORE over this issue and as far as Singapore is concerned , they can go and fly kite until he gets back his ROCK .
    Then come and talk for a third bridge when the ROCK is back in Johore ..get it !

  16. Anonymous2:08 am

    Johorean wants ,

    -Respect our Sultan wish.

    -Improved and plan well JB current bridge,not forgeting too walking pavement as many safe by walking to Woodlands.

    -Leave travelling to Desaru via the main checkpoint in JB.We want tourist from south to enjoy nice scenic roads from JB,passing by Tebrau to shops first,stop by Kota Tinggi to rest and spend more on lunch,continue driving to till reach Desaru.enjoy too the view seeing monkeys jumpings on branches.Its a worthwhile out the country short 2 hours travelling.Take away all this whats the fun of a journey to nature?

    -If you really have money to spend,build better roads from Pasir Gudang to Perling.More flyover if you are kind enough.

    -Want to make the city look 'modern' ? steal the blue print of Spore MRT system.We do not want like in KL, monorel/LRT/Komuter=Pening.Just a single mass link system design that you ALLOW us Johorean to see first before you pandai-pandai launch.Just because you all HQ/main etc in KL mean we at the south are idiots.Ask our opinion first what you want.Do a transparent poll.Just because we are loyal to BN,JB is UMNO birthplace does not means you boys can step on our heads even making idiotic ideas.Please knock the party intels sometimes for making you said the work words to media.

    -Still more to spare?.Crime are on the rise in parts of JB.Spend on here.We are happy if you can solve this.We Johorean welcome people from other states like Penang or Perak even Kelantan to stay in JB and ride your bikes early in the morning to Singapore to work in Jurong or Keppel but please leave bad habits like clanship or ah beng ah seng mentality in former state.

    -We noticed that the second link is hardly used due to its expensive tolls.We dont want the same mistake again in the east.Anyway whats the point of second link when its used to shorten travel for Singaporean to maybe Melaka waterworld or KL straight?Whats the economics benefits to us? As a bypass access only? What if the third bridge makes the tourist straight to Kuantan.We are the one on the losing end.
    No thanks.

    Please.We love our state.Listen to us.Closely

    Jamal JB

  17. Mustapha Ong9:15 am

    Dear Sdr Rocky,

    The topic of discussion on the 3rd bridge proposal is still very premature. I failed to apprehend why the critics and bloggers concerned jumped the gun.As we can see most of the comments are negative and not based on technical and economic facts, rather through an outburst of uncontrolled emotion.

    We should control our emotion when we decide to comment on such a mega project, without any personal agenda or political motives. All of us should have a say, whether you are a royalty (Tuanku Johor) or politician like Shahril Samad. I am also a Johorean and still harbors a lot of sentiments especially on the causeway.

    The causeway is a historical piece for Johor and if Almarhom Sultan Abu Bakar and Sultan Ibrahim were to be alive today, both our Tuanku will be very sad. Maybe they are wringling in their graves.

    The causway is a monument and I still vividly remembered two historical incidents, namely the late Sultan Ibrahim shot a towkay's car for his attempt to overtake Tuanku on the causway. That guy must be an idiot if he was also a Johorean. The second incident involved a lawyer and a few friends who were commanded by Tuanku Ibrahim to do body pumping 100 times at the causway due to some mischievous.

    I believe we should let the evaluation team from both countries go through the 3rd bridge proposal seriously and report to their respective prime ministers. How do you expect PM Najib to brief Tuanku Iskandar, when it is just a proposal and no MOU signed between him and the Singapore leader?

    I had my link to Istana Bukit Serene in my younger days when Tuanku Ibrahim was still around and Tuanku Iskandar was in his teens. I beg Tuanku Iskandar should have a bit patient and listens to what PM Najib has to say when he has got all his cards on his table.

    "Najib knows enough istana protocols and he will not go against the wishes of the Sultan and the people without going through the due proper procedures involved. NAJIB TAK MUNGKIN MENDERHAKA."

    In a netshell, we don't need to be an economist to realise the great economic potentials through the smoked screen, if the construction of the 3rd bridge is viable from all perspectives. The 3rd bridge will be the new gateway to cement better economic and social ties between Malaysia and Singapore on a win-win situation. This will lead to greater economic potentials to develop the eastern states through the Eastern Economic Corridor as well as Iskandar Malaysia.

    I believe to 3rd bridge will also compliment the optimal use of the 2nd link. If this happens, we will not depend on the Causeway, which could be converted to a street mall or preserved under the UN Heritage initiative. That's a beautiful vision and I wish to see these projects go through, if I am still around in 10 years time.

  18. Chaptokam, That little rock is Pedra Branca and means "white rock", it used to be called Pulau Batu Putih before the ICJ unfairly awarded it to Singapore.

    However, you do not have to impose your views on otherslah and say we all got it wrong. We have to give DYMM Tuanku Sultan more than thatlah, he is a very wise person and beside not happy about Pedra Branca I also remember him making a speech lambasting Abdullah Badawi for not removing part of the causeway to make way for that bridge in Johor Bahru.

    Jamal JB, except for the part where we need to steal the Singapore MRT blue print, bro, saya sokong anda.

    Also its true that the third bridge would only bypass JB and make the Senai-Pasir Gudang-Desaru Highway (being constructed now) to be redundant.

    The third bridge will also limit the size and number of vessels/oil rigs/platforms going to and fro Pasir Gudang Port, Tanjung Langsat Port S/B Oil and Gas Terminal and the Sime Sembawang O and G Fabricators and MSE Shipyards among others.

    The third bridge will probably be between Changi point - Pulau Tekong - Belungkor. Singapore will use this land points as an excuse to get sand from Malaysia for their long unfinished Pulau Tekong reclamation and size increase project. The Changi point will also have to be reclaimed for its new CIQ and infrastructure support.

    Not only that, Singapore will have full and direct control of any vessel traffic going into Malaysian ports by virtue of the fact that the single longest span of the proposed bridge will be in Singapore waters.

    You do not have to employ a expensive international consultant to do a feasibility study to show that its not a win-win solution for Malaysia and Singapore, its just a win for Singapore.

    DYMM Sultan Johor is a wise man indeed.Daulat Tuanku.

  19. Anonymous10:52 am


    It takes 2 to Tango...

    DS Najib was as equally keen on the Third Bridge as Singapore...

    So it's not Only "Sorry, Singapore"
    It Should be..."Sorry to BOTH Singapore and DS Najib"

    Joe Black

  20. I agree with Eddy. The link from the cause way to the new JBCIQ is really a mess!. PM Najib should take a passengger bus ride to experience what the people everyday using the link feel.

    I travelled to Singapore recently, leaving my car at the new opened public car park at the CIQ, took the bus, and I really pity the Malaysians who especially work in Singapore.

    On the way back, there was a car breakdown. There is not even enough room for the emergency lane.

    The road is such a shame to the great new CIQ. Its so big and beautiful. I suddenly think of Dr.M when I was in the CIQ. And I really understand why he was very angry with x-PM Abdullah.

    As a Johorean, I am always with my Sultan. And I personally want the brigde linking the new CIQ to Singapore.

    Daulat Tuanku.


  21. skilgannon106611:39 am

    So, who exactly is the Sultan of Johor sending a message to?

    I notice that he has not banned members of the Johor royalty from R&R and shopping trips in Singapore. Indeed, cars and SUVs with the "TMJ" licence plates have been noticed at some posh shopping malls in the republic.

    Neither has the Sultan commented why so many Johoreans have to work in Singapore (look at the daily commutes across the Causeway) or why so many Johorean parents send their kids to study in Singapore schools.

    And the Sultan has not stopped his annual Hari Raya feast at the Istana Bukit Serene for Singapore ministers.

    Singapore? You may hate it, but you can't ignore it. And that riles Tun Dr Mahathir and the ultras in Umno no end because the republic is the "one that got away" and prospered.

  22. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Mustapha Ong,

    Rupa-rupanya kamu n Omar Ong ke yg jadi batu api jambatan ketiga ni?

    He he, kamu buta ke yg DYMM Sultan Johor mahu tambak Johor dirobohkan. Supaya air Selat Teberau dapat lalu dan tidak menjadi busuk macam sekarang ni? Pandai-pandai pulak kamu nak cadangkan tambak tu jadi tempat nostalgia kisah-kisah kemurkaan Al-Marhum Sultan Ibrahim dulu? Apa tujuan kamu disebalik tu? Nak promote tentang kezaliman sesorangkan?

    Kamu ni kelakar. Boleh ke kamu dapat keputusan win-win dengan Singapore? Semua orang tahu, kalau berbincang dengan Singapore sebenarnya kamu berbincang dengan LKY. Tak pernah ke dengar sikap kiasu LKY tu? Semuanya perundingan diikat dengan syarat-syarat yg tak ada kaitan langsung dengan perkara pokok. Siasatlah dulu semua keputusan perundingan dengan Singapore yg lepas, tak payahlah diceritakan disini - terlalu panjang.

    Cubalah kamu letakkan diri kamu tu sebagai pihak Singapore atau LKY, barulah kamu nampak segala muslihat tentang cadangan jambatan ketiga ni yg memang sebenarnya pernah dicetuskan oleh pihak Singapore dulu.

    Orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal, pucuk dicita ulam mendatang, kecil tapak tangan nyiru ditadahkan - itulah pandangan pihak Singapore mengenai jambatan ketiga ini.

    -tukang perati

  23. Mustapha Ong7:51 pm

    Sdra/saudri Anonymous,


    I tak dapat teka yang you ini orang Islam atau tidak, lelaki, perempuan atau pondan. Pada pendapat saya yang mulia ini, you telah komen penulisan I mengenai, Jambatan 3, PM Najib dan Tuanku Johor.

    Jika you ini ada buah atau alpom, jangan menyerok di bawah kain lentang "anonymous" itu.Nanti jika kena kesan dan tangkap basah susah. nasib baik you hari ini Jumaat adalah hari mulia bagi kaum Islam seperti saya, jika tidak you punya sarong pun ditelanjankan!

  24. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Mustapha Ong said...

    Sdra/saudri Anonymous,


    I tak dapat teka yang you ini orang Islam atau tidak, lelaki, perempuan atau pondan. Pada pendapat saya yang mulia ini, you telah komen penulisan I mengenai, Jambatan 3, PM Najib dan Tuanku Johor.

    Jika you ini ada buah atau alpom, jangan menyerok di bawah kain lentang "anonymous" itu.Nanti jika kena kesan dan tangkap basah susah. nasib baik you hari ini Jumaat adalah hari mulia bagi kaum Islam seperti saya, jika tidak you punya sarong pun ditelanjankan!

    7:51 PM

    Wkmsalam, Mustapha Ong.

    Apa lah yang kamu meraban ni.
    Mulia sangat ke pendapat kamu tu?
    Hingga tak boleh komen?

    Apa ke hal ni kamu tanya pasal buah orang? Kamu nak telanjangkan kain orang? He he, Kamu ni gay??

    Tak boleh ke gunakan id anonymous di sini? Jangan jadi buta, sila baca apa Bro Rocky pesan:

    "If you must use ANONYMOUS to leave a comment, please add a nickname at the end of that comment. Without the nick, your comment may not get posted."

    -tukang perati

  25. Anonymous11:01 am

    Why that end and not where the present Causeway is now.? Isnt one of the reasons for the crooked bridge is t demolish the separating wall created by the causeway so that thw water in the straits can 'freely move' and also so that light ships can trave to Pasir Gudang ?
    Or has everybody forgotton about this ? Of course singapore is happy that the bridge is on the desaru side as it might cause more hindrance to Pasir Gudang !!!

    Help develop the area my arse ! More like saving their arse !!!


  26. Mustapha Ong6:03 am

    Dear Rocky's Bru,

    Looks like the issue of demolition of the causeway and the previous proposal for the"crooked bridge" which was craved by the former PM, still remain a sticky national topic with public interest.

    To those bloggers who are so adamant with their explanations that the causeway should be demolished in order to create a free flow of water from both sides of the causeway,I differ from the technical view point.

    Being a former diplomat, I have been to Venice many times as well as in Hong Kong and Kowloon. How do these two countries protect the environment, in order to generate a free flow of waterways? It's about new marine technologies that are being constructed through the tunnels. In this case, it is another technology to create an under the "causeway" waterway, so that the Straits of Tebrau will be free from environmental pollution.

    Ships should not be allowed to pass through the causeway, as the 3rd bridge will serve as a conduit for overland transportation and linked to the 2nd linked highway in Iskandar Malaysia.

    As I had mentioned earlier, we should be more innovative and creative as how best we can preserve the heritage of the historical causeway. Can we all visualise that one day, the causeway will be converted beautifully into a walking mall, like the "walkboard" in New Zealand?

    The distant is just 1.2 KM and it's very scenic in the evening with the neon lights from both sides of the causeway. It is a romantic spot and our youth will love to spend time along the mall.

  27. Anonymous9:31 am

    why not build more circuits like the new ICQ cause we might ends up as the best FI tracks in the world. By the way "is building a new bridge a must and a way to build every new pm legend'.....haha

  28. Anonymous11:17 am

    Why bother about building the 3rd bride !
    Just shut down the existing two or just tell Singaporeans not to come to Malaysia via Johore Bharu. Then not need to worry about selling sands to Singapore once and all !

  29. vinnan12:14 pm

    What ban has ever worked in Malaysia? Go to the rivers of Johor and track where the sand barges are heading. What Singapore wants is a supply of sand close to the island on a steady long-term basis. Do not delude yourselves into thinking Malaysian sand has stop altogether from going to Singapore.

  30. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Mustapha Ong,

    Kamu beri contoh tu Venince, Hongkong n Kowloon.

    Semua tu dalam satu jajahan pemerintahan negara. Samalah macam P Pinang dalam Malaysia. Mudah lah kalau nak lakukan inovasi teknologi marin dsb.

    Tapi ini Singapore dgn kiasu LKY. Setiap perundingan mesti ada ikatan lain. Jadi, Malaysia saja kah yg patut buat pembersihan inovasi teknologi marin ni? Air longkang Singapore pun mengalir jugak ke Selat Teberau. Kamu kata kamu bekas diplomat, pergilah pujuk LKY tu kalau boleh.

    Apa lah sangat nostalgia kamu dgn tambak bau busuk ni sama macam nostalgia bekas PM Singapore tu. Sultan Johor pun benci dgn tambak ni dan suruh ganti dgn jambatan. Kamu kata kamu ada hubungan dgn Istana Johor, pergilah pujuk Sultan.

    Banyak lagi tempat indah untuk muda mudi berhibur dan menikmati udara bersih dari tambak tepi sungai Seget yang berbau busuk tu.

    -tukang perati

  31. Anonymous12:52 am

    Dear tukang perati & Mustapha Ong,
    Jangan gaduh2, maaa. Kita olang Islam jugak, maaa...

    Zulkarnain Cheng Abdullah