Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bloggers have no right to privacy

Anonymous Bloggers, your days are numbered. A Voice, Pasquale, Parpukari, Walski ... you shall be exposed.

The High Court in London has ruled that bloggers have no right to privacy under British law since blogging is essentially a public rather than a private activity.

Read this British court ruling Bloggers have no right to privacy


  1. wa takut beb .... hehehe

  2. Anonymous6:55 pm

    they are hunting me down, but I bow to the EYE, and I shall remain untouched.

    LKY wants sand.. whats up with the fucking sand, ask them buat pulau dua tingkat, pakai concrete..hehehehehehe

  3. I thought our learned friends have been exposed already?

  4. teo siew chin7:34 pm

    HAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAA - pulau dua tingkat !!!! LMFAO !!!!

  5. Anonymous7:39 pm

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  6. Anonymous7:41 pm

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  7. alo this is Malaysia lah where no need no law one

  8. is..if I have not been a pain in the arse for you...and I have not rally been incinting or contentious, although I may sometimes say somethings that may be inconvenient, and the law gives you the right to expse the real me, but then ethically youknow that I'd prefer to operate this way, what is the ethical thing to do?

    Sure law is one thing..adn it gives you rights and so on. But when you are part of society over and abve the law there is ethics, there is propriety, thee is etiquette, there is curtesy and there is decency.

    Come to think of it the law does not stop me from farting in public. Neither does it you.So shall we all start farting happily when ever we feel like it? And what about picking nose too. No law agaist that is there?

    You see law aside there are axioms that govern our everyday life. This more than anything keeps us together as a society. Not the law!!!

  9. Anonymous7:54 pm

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  10. Anonymous8:39 pm

    And isn't it only right Rocky?

    Look, in the end a responsible blogger like yourself, or Jeff Ooi, or Tun Mahathir will readily be transparent because you believe in the principle.

    It is easy to be able to "baling batu sorok tangan" with anonymity. Look at Pasquale, look at Barking Magpie for example; you can call people names, use profanities and belittle everything from a pea to the King and you feel powerful.

    Even the corporate world couldn't escape. Look at Sime Darby Watch and how it arbitrarily palyed judge and jury to each move the conglomerate made. And yet the blogger won't surface.

    When you blog about public things you are essentially reporting, and thus you are a reporter. If a reporter is to be guided by ethics and structures of reporting, so must a blog that wants to "report".

    I cannot imagine what the world would be like if reporting became an "open season". This is a precedent that should be welcomed. We live in a world where responsibility and transparency is critical in moving forward in a civil and peaceful manner.

    Dr Lee

  11. Don't you think this is a better way out after all, instead of all these anonymous bloggers firing their machine guns like no body business but hold no responsibility of their lies or defamation?

  12. you can hide but you cannot run...

    hehehhe..expose...expose mistik ke? Tu kena tanya Syahril A.Kadir tu...hehehhe..

  13. JIMBO9:43 pm

    Nak takut apa Saleh gemuk?



  15. I agree with the ruling. If you want o blog publicly, it is inconsistent that you want to maintain privacy, particularly if what you write affects others in a way that they should have a proper right of reply. You cannot exercise this right to an anonymous person.
    In any case, there are mechanisms to limit who may access your blog.


  16. Anonymous11:06 pm

    rocky, wow it shows that you have BALL


  17. Anonymous12:06 am

    wow~this is really something!!!
    anyway whatever they do plz leave ROCKY BRU blog.....rocky bru blog is the real freedom of people voice...unlike FAKE blog like malaysiakini where RPK the thief write nonsense and all his staff post agree comments about it....

    silent majority says

  18. Anonymous12:23 am

    Setuju dengan penghakiman tersebut, itulah yang wajarnya. Sy ada kawan Cina seorang yang suka menghantar email "Malay bashing", tetapi tiada siapa yang kenal siapa dia. Suatu hari yang malang terlupa buang nama dia dan semua kawan Melayu tahu dia yang buat. Tapi jenis orang macam dia tak boleh terima "intelligent discussion", bila kita berdebat dan dia tak boleh jawap, dia bermasam muka sampai hari ini. Kesian hari itu kena dia, akhir-akhirnya bermasam-muka sampai hari ini, bayangkang kalau dia tak boleh buat anymouse, dia sanggup tak buat macam itu? Tentu tak sanggupkan, kenapa tak sanggup?! Sebab dia tahu bila dia baling batu kena kepala orang, orang akan baling batu balik kat dia, sayangnya, bila kena kat dia, dia tak nak main pulak. Tak rock le.


  19. What a stupid rulling, hope that Malaysia won't follow suit.

  20. Anonymous1:37 am

    Apa ini,

    This time around making reference to a British court ruling for a Malaysian situation?

    Its not proper lah.

    Our judiciary is independent and can think on its own, like interpreting that particular one about Speakers powers and choosing to ignore the one which says actions in legislative assemblies cannot be challenged.

    Lets stick to our Malaysia boleh examples lah.

    Why do we need former colonial interpretations for our environment?

    We should create benchmarks for the British, which we are very good already.

    Dont spoil the fun we are having now.


  21. Anonymous5:15 am

    Only one?

  22. Here's something that's related: US feds subpoena names of anonymous web commenters

    I have the same basic opinions as what Dr Lee, Jahamy, Bloggerooi have expressed. When your identity is attached to an opinion or some piece of information, I'd be more responsible about ascertaining the points mentioned.

    Some might argue that this will discourage people from exposing wrongdoings by others. For example, if you are working with the Finance Ministry and you know of some shady dealings, would you dare to blog about these when your identity is known? Most probably no.

    But there's an easy way to overcome this: If you really place more importance on exposing in the spirit of "making things right", then hand over the information to the bloggers who dare. Even right now, you would know of the trustworthy one - i.e. those who won't ever reveal your identity.

    BTW there's a need to separate "total anonymity" and "writing with a pseudonym". The first one is where nobody knows who you are while the second is what we have right now - not really anonymous since many people know who you are.

  23. Aku Prati Jer Babe...8:58 am

    Adat Temenggung La.. Berani Buat Berani Tanggung. Muahahahah

  24. Rocky I might as well come out clean now, here goes: Yes, yes, yes Pasquale of Barkingmagpie is indeed RUSDI MUSTAPHA, are you all happy now! Yes, yes, yes!

  25. Anonymous9:13 am

    Was discussing with my Chinese neighbours..this kena tangkap masuk jail thingy..

    North Korean recently sentenced 2reporters to hard-labour. Tapi kat Malaysia.. sini dimanjakan..

    There's TeresaKok and this one Dep Minister will be shouting/fighting for more facilities.. maybe for convicted bloggers, a laptop each?

    Wow, some homes, ordinary folks can't even afford a piece of kembung, 2piece chicken some more breakfast 2boys egg! -sekadar ikan kering aja..

    Some more people like Rocky will be sent free KFC each day, with the millions of hit you have..surely..

    Boleh further studies lagi, macam Tian Hua.. polish his artistic skills!

    So bloggers, kena expose, convicted? Keluar ajer, like Baginda, dah siap dapat Phd?.


  26. TheDashinglyBoastful-BudinBisul9:38 am

    Eh Kuku,

    Betul ker? Kau bagi aku nama, email address dan alamat budak tu? Aku pantang jerr bende2 camni. Dah bantai melayu, sembunyi tangan pas tu tak reti nak jawab balik bila ada intelligent discourse. Lepas tu pegi hebahkan around dalam internet, kata melayu racist laa itu laa ini laaa.

    Meh kasi aku particular dia. Aku nak ajar dia sikit. Bukan, bukan. Bukan aku nak mandikan keris dengan darah dia tu. Aku nak mandikan badan dia tu dengan air bunga.

    Last sekali Tok Nek aku mandikan orang dengan air bunga, terus dapat jodoh, you! Tok Nek I power!


  27. Lets get naked.


  28. Anonymous10:23 am

    I like pulau dua tingkat joke. We shall escalate this proposal to Wisma Putra which will bring it to the table during the 3rd bridge negotiation...he h ehe he

    Syed Azman

  29. Oh no! You guys think people know who I am?

    Oh no oh no oh no oh no!

  30. Anonymous12:31 pm

    wow~this is really something!!!
    anyway whatever they do plz leave ROCKY BRU blog.....rocky bru blog is the real freedom of people voice...unlike FAKE blog like malaysiakini where RPK the thief write nonsense and all his staff post agree comments about it....

    silent majority says

    Bro, tak perlu risau lah..people know ROCKYBRU is AHIRUDDIN ATTAN.. this blog do not fit under anonymous blog.. people know how he look like, where he hang out & where he work.. no secret.. can say that to Malaysia Toddy too.. opss sorry typo - i mean Malaysia Today - RPK's..

    Unlike RPK, Rocky do not stir shit and run away to get away to stir more shit, which technically make RPK similar to anonymous by nature..

    Long live RockyBru!

    p/s: Pulau 2 Tingkat..Brilliant idea..tenggelam terus..then we can do some western-pirate thingy like kicking some people off the board into the sea at the end of tambak johor.. hehehe..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  31. Anonymous12:44 pm

    The ruling come with no surprise. The act of to intentionally open the door of any blogspots for public reading and then interactively giving commentaries, indicates the willingness on the bloggers side and commentators to reveal and share not only the opinion and thinking but also the identity.

    Of course people will not simply go to any house unless with invitation; and on the other hand, the owner would definitely not let strangers into the house unless he knew who they are.

    However why there sould be any worry if bloggers and visitors have nothing to hide? Furthermore blogospheres do not cater for aliens!!!


  32. Paquale the cencaluk maker1:53 pm


    You don't reveal me, ok?

    Nanti susah cari makan. Cina-cina ni boikot susah mahu jual cencaluk. Dia orang control distribution channel.

    Kita orang Portugis tak ada crony. Bukan boleh jual ke Lisbon. Orang Portugal tak makan cencaluk.

  33. Anonymous1:54 pm

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  34. Anonymous1:56 pm

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  35. Anonymous1:59 pm

    In an event hell breaks loose, tell the Americans to come and sit on the table with me....LOL

  36. Anonymous2:04 pm

    I'm glad this was decided by the High Court in the UK and not here!

    I can imagine the mudslinging against the government, in particular the Minister for Information, Communication and Culture if the judgement was passed in the Malaysian High Court.

    No doubt there would have been many hits below the belt and personal insults levelled out at him, his officers, maybe even members of his family.

    I'm all for constraints and control in freedom of speech!

    In fact, I think it is a test of creativity and ingenuity in blogging and other forms of citizen journalism to address/ discuss an issue obliquely - unless there is direct evidence and proof in hand. Even then there are higher authorities to handle this and the ordinary citizen is still liable to charges of slander and libel.

    More so if you are squeaking on colleagues while still sitting behind the desk next to theirs in the organisation!

    Why not squeak to the highest authority in the organisation or the agency and hope he will listen intently!

  37. Rocky, just so to prove how people will believe anything on the blogsite! Pityu this Dato Bendahara! Sigh!

  38. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Does it mean that non-anonymous bloggers are allowed to say all they want?

    What about the whistle blowers?

    But coming from the Brits, it is a bit surprising from the co-preachers of human rights.

    Yes, luckily it is from an English court, or else, there will be another riot in town with lawyers marching or cycling to the Palace of Justice demanding our Judges to resign.


  39. Anonymous8:26 pm

    I hope you don't mind passing on the thorough posting I have read on this new blog that I stumbled on and have learnt much from it.
    Thank you

  40. Anonymous8:57 pm

    tutup je internet terus.. lagi senang..

    -who is who-

  41. If a simple blogger have no privacy rights then the same applies to the government.
    Government will have no rights to privacy and their files must be open to all. This is only fair.

  42. Anonymous12:06 am

    [Pasquale said...
    Rocky, just so to prove how people will believe anything on the blogsite! Pity this Dato Bendahara! Sigh!]

    It can mean that Pasquale is saying that not all postings in your blogsite are true?

    He is doubting the credibility of your blog's contents?

    Or is he saying that you allow 'bluff' also to be published in your blog?

    What is now Rocky?

    Care to clarify?


  43. I have no problem with it,
    I have never hide my identity in the first place.

    Sinatra_Z = Tan Sri Frank Sinatra

    Sudirman only got datuk you know.

  44. Well, I'm semi-exposed anyways... seek and ye shall find. Not that I'm worth the trouble, actually - many will be very disappointed, I'm sure.. heh heh...

  45. Well,

    anonymity in blogosphere is always going to be an issue, but if people really do not want to be discovered, they can hide, for a long time

    but you see some of these bloggers acquire enormous ego after a while and then they forget to be careful...

    I think this decision should be appealed for deliberation by a higher court....

    that said, the reasoning of the court of first instance does bear merit so a higher court will probably need to balance the interest of society as a whole before deciding whether blogging anonymity is truly beneficial or whether it creates more distrust and raises the level of anarchy within the internet and perhaps even the real world.

  46. Does this mean i'm gonna be famous? Oh Yeah!!
    So bloggers have no right to privacy? If everything is right, what is left?


    Walski, I like you, exposed or otherwise!

  47. Anonymous11:31 am

    salam bro..

  48. AA!
    As was discussed at BUM recently,ANON should not be allowed.
    1} One could establish a link with a "daring" Blogger - and pass the infor & commentary/ies via said Daring Blogger {DAB}.
    The "responsibility" of Blogging is vital.
    Hence there should be enough confidence on the part of the DA.
    2} "Create" a persona - shadow writer.{SHAW}
    From the writings of the ANON bloggers , it is patently obvious that they posses enough "creativity" for this exercise.
    with a firm grasp of ICT, the SHAW could easily escape detection.
    The one issue that is a thorn in Bloggers side is PROFAINITY!
    Whilst all of us in normal chatting tend to use such words,
    in the written form & more so in cyberspace, it must{x 100} be avoided.
    I mean:
    "What the shoosh!" sounds so much better that its other sister:
    "What the ......!"


    PS:Albeit Blogging is a personal perspective, Bloggers are in cyberspace, therefore are keen to publish/go public.
    That being so certainly CULTURE, TRADITION & CIVILIZATION demands that we respect each other.
    "Its Not What you have to say that is as important as HOW YOU SAY IT"
    {The Late Tan Sri Hashim Yeop Sani}