Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Did Najib do it?

Updates 17/6/09:
1. Karpal considers keris issue closed (Malay Mail, June 17)
2. Azmi Anshar: Karpal's poser an Urban Legend (NST, June 17)

Original Posting:

For Internet's more gullible: A "photoshopped" pic of the PM in Malaysia Today recently, complete with a caption that does not say the picture is computer-generated. Inset (which is mine, with Tony Yew's help) is the original picture, of Hishammuddin Hussein at a recent Umno General Assembly.

Karpal's Question: Did Najib, in 1987, wave a keris and challenged the Chinese community?

The more gullible among Malaysia's Netizens believed that Najib did. That the PM, who was acting Umno Youth leader then, had uttered the words "soak the keris in (Malaysian) Chinese blood" or something to that effect.

No proof has ever been produced by anyone that Najib had waved the keris and said those words but yesterday YB Karpal Singh, whose son Gobind is serving a one-year ban from Parliament for calling Najib "murderer" in the Dewan,

Excerpts from Najib illuminates 1Malaysia, denies keris challenge [NST, June 16]:-

In his question, Karpal alleged that Najib, during a rally in the run-up to the 1987 Operasi Lallang, had waved a keris in challenge to the Chinese community.

“If it was true, are you prepared to ask for forgiveness from the Chinese community?” Karpal demanded.

The allegation did nothing to dampen Najib’s mood.

“The incident did not take place. I have never said that. The one who should apologise is the YB concerned, not me,” he said.

p.s. A fellow blogger, who was convinced that Najib had waved the keris and said those words in 1987 (even though he wasn't there), recently told me that I should prove that Najib DID NOT do it. I told him that if I would if I had the resources that the NST or Malay Mail had.


  1. This is replaying the Mongolian story to the dot.

    God knows by golly and it ain't far away

  2. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Oh,oh, here we go again.


  3. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Rocky, that fellow blogger must be an idiot...

    he should take up law and learn more...

    It is easier to prove if HE DID IT than whther he did not do it.

    This is because, the accuser had said Najib did it based on some 'evidence' right? If not, they can be called as liars.

    So, to that blogger, show us the proof that made u certain that Najib did it.

    Apa bodoh sangat kawan blogger kau ni Rocky?????

    Bel Biv Devoe......

  4. Anonymous5:35 pm

    eh...phuck this kapal . Bila dia nak karam ni ????

    ada aje ..... what next after this ? He has no proof , no evidence ? no nothing ? saje nak buat kacau !

    pegi cari pantat lain la...

    timbul sing

  5. Anonymous5:43 pm

    If got say than own up lah, otherwise is a chicken.

  6. Bro, dia org nak bukti dari bro. Tapi dia orang boleh bagi bukti ke?

  7. Anonymous5:58 pm

    This a a matter he said, you said . By all means if anyone does have a prove that he does with tape recording,few hundreds witness there signing a petition(it was a big gathering),or even better unaltered video recording , let it out in the open.I am out for the truth.Note here,truth is not modifified pictures,cut and paste voice etc.
    Malaysian be matured here.I,for one have this sick feeling of some BN leaders but if you keep on framing others based on hearsay/oh I heard that.. all those evening kepoh neighbour ways,I am losing my faith in a formidable and WORKING opposition or even the future power to be.

    Be responsible people.Blindly following do not get you anywhere but spiral down.We have seen blind loyalty did do countries in south america and Africa.

    I had a Flip maid some years back.Asked her what she think of Estrada after he ploundered Philipines.She said its ok because he was a suave talker,good on podium and best of all was a great actor.She said she forgave all the wrongdoings of Estrada on money stealing.

    I went numb.


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  9. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Part 1
    It is such a poor cut and paste job that the songkok looks like an afterthought. This is what RPK and his acolyte fellow PR bloggers are good at. Stir shit, run away and watch the affray and fire from afar. It is a typical chingkie inspired strategy, for it has the hallmarks of the cowardly pig's trotters all over it.

    And to do the hatchet job, up steps an Indian bastard (slang) who has seen better days and healthier times when he swaggered around like an uncouth arsewhore.Assume the the time-tested typical lackey role, a recurring karma since time immemorial, first for the Brits, then for Japs ( remember Bose's INLA) now for the Chinks.

    Back in 1998 when Kg Rawa teetered on the brink, i happened to be in Penang during the fracas. Not a chingkie pig was in sight. Hindulens were scampering out of chinese business premises with acid bottles and gleaming machetes in hand in a show of bravado to tetak any hapless Indian Muslim or Malay who happened to be in the way.

    Of course after Jummah prayers, when we Muslims descended on the Indian temple, the fucking shit stood trembling behind the FRU lines, fear etched deep onto their black masks. The Chingkies? "let those two fight while we sell the arms, sapu the profits and enjoy the Muslim's comeuppance" was the policy statement. It didnt turn out that way of course as it equally didnt in Kg Medan 3 years or so later.

    1.DS Najib did not do it in 1987.

    2.Neither DS nor you, Bro need to prove it for the onus is on the accuser.

    But i sure wish he had for Malaysia would be a much better place now.U know without them pinkthonged Godfathers, Bright Eyed trannies,spelling challenged malsias et al.

    Warrior 231

  10. Bro,

    Ching Peng yang telah TERBUKTI menyembelih mereka yang tidak sebulu dengan idealogi Komunis mereka bela.

    Tetapi Najib yang baru nak membawa perubahan di negara ini mereka nak kaitkan dengan "cakap-cakap" yang tak ada bukti pun. Kalau setakap bercakap, semua orang boleh buat begitu.

    Apa kredibiliti Karpal memanggil PM sebagai "murderer" sedangkan cakap-cakap dia nak saman Sultan Perakmasih belum dilaksanakan?

    Tahun 1987 rambut Najib masih hitam. Gambar tu rambut dia dah putih. Tak ada apa yang dibuktikan. Karpal kena tunjukkan bukti lengkap yang sahih baru boleh percaya.

    PM tak perlu layan benda maam ni. Buang masa sahaja.

  11. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Part 2
    P/s: i just siddled over to Zorro Unmasked and know what "unker" has pixs of the Black Coffee Party on. I fell of my chair laughing for there, after all the hype and hoopla, was...drum roll please (http://zorro-zorro-unmasked.blogspot.com/2009/06/why-only-at-old-town-coffee.html):

    1. a pix that would do hongkie town proud but a chingke village squirm in fear for lo behold, they were dressed in black like some manic chingkie Goths celeberating some sliteyed,bun-haired bound feet cuntorn buttfucked wanked out granma's death

    2. Another pix that would put many a smile on the old folks marooned in the public or private nursing homes of Malaysia. Imagine old geezers and scaws calling after the Grim Reaper togged up in his favie suit. How silly one can get!

    And the comment section was reeking with self=pity, inane suggestions, mutual cock stroking and cunt fingering, Old Town bashing..biasalah when another Projek Kerajaan PR tergendala dan terbengkalai in its tracks....hahahaha LOL.

    After the candles ran out, the price climbed, black dye went missing, the price of black dye soared....will coffee go up on the local fakatan commodities bourse...hahahaha LOL. They should have a commodities index soon and bouse where main board listing can include coffee producers, makers whatever, candle makers, black dye manufacturers, textile manufacturers....ohoh the list is getting long. You know, structure it along the chicago Commodities mart or London's or even wall street....

    And yesterday, I was fortunate enough to catch the pix of a bandanaed male babboon in heat, that appeared to be letting out whoops like a demented sex fiend in of all places, in the august chamber of Parliament House! Can security be more thorough please? We already have had little girls toting brown bears into the premise to celeberate birthdays, gangstas manhandling innocent members of the public intent on querying an MP for some remark and now this.

    What if the sex-starved babboon had gone berserk and fucked the women MPs or the female parliament staff or grabbed and suckled their titties and gams or it went on a a bisexual fiendish binge (double the collateral damage) or worse, a primate homo arsewhore looking for a butt fuck having just escaped solitary confinement from Taiping Zoo.

    So to the security detail posted there,next time u see an ugly chingkie looking babboon, just pump in the slugs, no questions asked as I for one dont want to see any of my MPs to be posthumously lauded as a Yang Buntutfied or Yang Butohfied by a babboon.It would be too late then and gross to our international reputation To the babbon, kepala butoh pak hanglah, orang bagi pisang dia tok seh, nak jugak gedebe!

    Increasingly, it ooks like the rainbow coalition is only going to be left with the yellow colour and splotches of black clouds to keep it company come GE 13.

    Dei Ziad pundek.....time for some black coffee or some cumcream to think about what might have been post GE13.......hahahaha LOL

    Warrior 231

  12. Anonymous6:37 pm

    just do it with a holy book, since he got a penchant to swear on it at every opportunity...

  13. wandererAUS6:40 pm

    The very reason why Mongolian C4 was so impatient to be UMNO PM so that, he could get away with murder!
    Everyone of us will one day have to face our Creator...let his conscience pricks him if he lied or, does he has a conscience?

  14. Anonymous6:45 pm

    ini kan tanah melayu, tak salah mana2 melayu angkat keris nak bela negeri tumpah darah kita dari mana2 bangsa nihh, bangsa2 yang tak mengenang budi, bangsa yang berperangai cukup hina, yang nak rampas negeri kita. Melayu sekarang bagaikan melepas anjing tersepit.
    Itu dah kira wajib atas kita mempertahan hak sebagaimana palestin mempertahankan tanah tumpah darah mereka.
    Kita org melayu ni orang islam .. kalau dah jatuh hukum wajib ... wajiblah jadinya.

    Sudah berapa ramai orang palestin yg mati demi mempertahankan maruah dan tanah tumpah darah mereka. Mati mereka bukan mati sia-sia, mati semasa berjihad.Itu mati syahid namanya. Syahid dalam mempertahankan tanah tumpah darah kita untuk anak kita, cucu kita,Syahid dalam membela kehormatan wanita2 kita tak kira mak kita ke, isteri kita ke anak gadis kita ke. Kalau kita tak mempertahankannya besok semua keluarga kita , bangsa kita akan jadik macam apa yang terjadi pada orang2 palestin sekarang, dianiayai pagi petang siang malam.

    so bagi aku, mana2 melayu sekalipun jangan takut, Najib pun jangan takut, Allah akan berpihak pada kita orang islam sebab kita sentiasa berlaku adil dan sentiasa dilandasan yg benar.

    Aku lagi.

  15. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Najib did not do it !!

    Najib is a saint !!

    Najib is our savior !!

    Najib also Rockybru 'Godfather' !!


  16. Jika ada, bukan sahaja Najib, seluruh orang Melayu patut minta ampun dan maaf kepada tuan baru mereka.

  17. Anonymous7:12 pm

    What did Najib do in 1987? A Government White Paper entitled “Towards Preserving National Security” tabled in Parliament on 23rd March 1988 recorded that in an Umno Youth rally led by Najib on 17th October 1987, banners bearing strong words were displayed, including one which said: “SOAK IT (KRIS) WITH CHINESE BLOOD”.
    [ ]
    Are the other Barisan Nasional component parties and leaders prepared to demand that both Najib and Hishammudin admit that they were wrong – the former for the “SOAK IT (KRIS) WITH CHINESE BLOOD” slogan at the Umno Youth rally in 1987 and latter for the keris-wielding at Umno Youth general assemblies in circumstances threatening the multi-racial fabric of our nation?



  18. zv said...

    Yeah... he said it alright...that incident ws only 21 years ago la, not 30 years...

    And he was not alone in doing this, in fact the others had fanned the atmosphere to point of being that the TPCA Stadium was supposed to be the remake of the a la May 13 launching pad to lynch sombody or some group of people.

    Mat Taib was among those who were there to "lend support" and support they did, to the point of being culpable...there was a banner in the background which had an image of a keris drippping with blood...

    Lee Kim Sai was to be blamed also for his hard words had "offended" the Malay leaders. These blokes were retaliating to that...

    Hey, i was there reporting the rally for Bernama...
    10:15 AM



  19. That blogger is a crafty one, Rocky, asking you to prove a negative.

    Bush asked Saddam to prove a negative once and see what happened.

    Shouldn't Karpal be doing the proving?

    Good luck ;)

  20. Anonymous7:20 pm

    As a young scholar in England at the time, I recall watching televised images of this event where the leaders of the ruling party was seen standing in the middle of the crowd while all this bloodthirsty demagoguery was going on. Odd, to say the least, that a man who was present at such a racist rally could now occupy such a position of power in the country. (Or perhaps not so odd, considering the nature of Malaysia’s divisive communitarian racial politics…)


    Anyway, my reply to them is sharp and simple. Raja Petra seditious? Hogwash! If anyone is seditious it is Umno and until today those propagating a blood-bath have not been made accountable for their actions.

    Was it not Najib, that ex-Selangor Menteri Besar with two Muhamads in his name, and all those others calling for my detention under the ISA who raised their keris above their heads at the TPCA padang in 1987 and threatened to bathe it in Chinese blood?

    Was it not Umno in November 1999 during the ceremony to launch Barisan Nasional’s election machinery in the Bukit Jalil Stadium that warned the Chinese if Barisan Nasional was to lose its two-thirds majority in the 29 November general election, just like on 11 May 1969, then another May 13 may erupt?



  21. Anonymous7:23 pm

    i've read it in M2day..years ago.. the "mandikan darah cina" was a banner put up by someone.
    No one exactly uttered the it..
    btw..if im not mistaken the article was from RPK himself..


  22. Anonymous7:36 pm

    When will they ever let go these racist non-Malays! To think that Malaysians are stupid, may be they are, to believe in a composite pix!?

    Enough Seven!

  23. Rocky there was a banner to that effect, as published by Malaysia Today, but the banner I was toldf was displayed outsidce of the TPCA field. But, Najib never utter those words, I was there covering the event in 1987!

  24. I had known all the while that Najib didn't say it.

    A friend who was at the TPCA Stadium during the gathering called him tame for not fiery enough in his words.

    He verified again that Najib did not say those words. He was a Johor UMNO Youth activist then.

    If anyone have the proof, including Karpal Singh, should come forward.

    Otherwise, have your peace and shut the f**k up!

  25. come on guys...he is a minister...would he do such a stupid thing by saying those words in front of everyone...if he wanted to say that he would rather play safe...I think u know what i mean. Please Karpal Singh ...show your evidence we r not stupid. if u have it, he would've come out with it by now...whatever lah.

  26. The more you gave the more they want. Dah habis betis diratah, paha pula yg dipinta.

    Tak habis-habis pembangkang yang semakin bengkok mengugut our PM with rubbish that should not be entertain at all.

    TDM always remind us to fight back, fact with fact, figure with figure.

    Najib think tank must work harder to defend not only him but also other majority who pro to UMNO and BN(?) from opposition(in and out) strategic plan that non-stop pressures him and his cabinet till they find the weak line and tear it till tattered.

  27. All4unity8:30 pm

    I do hope that Najib did say it, for it will fastened the merging of UMNO and PAS!

  28. Anonymous9:07 pm

    What is so wrong about waving a keris? Keris is part of Malay heritage just like tai chi swords and lion dance to the Chinese.

    We never question about lion dance or we never said "lion" is going to attack and eat us. We never said that the Chinese will attack us even though they are practising tai chi with sword.

    Beside swords and parang are more dangerous than keris. With swords and parang we can chop and pierce our enemy while with keris we can only pierce . Furthermore people don't use keris anymore ... gun is more practical.

    So for those non Malays please don't be so paranoid. Nobody is going to attack using keris ... gun is a better bet.



  29. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Liar Liar, pants on fire...


  30. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Yah yah Rock.
    we know u are special agent of Biro Risikan UMNO who assigned to check and do forensic experimen on photo related to your so called bosses.And u will say "just look at the picture, my boss only holding that dagger high up and speak loudly.He didnt say that word that Karpal accusing him off. Its the "taktik kotor pembangkang and more specificly the DAP".
    U are right rock. Nobody hear his speech on that day because those who came on that day are all deaf.


  31. observer9:48 pm

    wikipedia seems to say otherwise

  32. The Simple Man9:50 pm

    Rocky, you're the head of Malay Mail now. You're telling us you can't get it? Or are you afraid of what you're gonna find out? Are you afraid that your Master may have bags full garbage in his conscience?

  33. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Why need to spin Rocky? Everyone knows that Najib mentioned those words and Najib is not forgiven.

  34. Leithaisor9:54 pm

    It has been some years, but I distinctly recall at least one local mainstream paper carrying a report about Najib's "soak keris in Chinese blood" words.

    If I have not recalled wrongly, then the archives in the various libraries should be the place to hunt for confirmation.

  35. Anonymous9:56 pm

    why oh why rocky are your panties in a knot.

  36. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Let Najib wave the keris and make threats. I still support him as PM.


  37. Mustapha Ong9:59 pm

    Dear sdr rocky's bru,

    I am equally disappointed that you had purposely linked the "keris incident" that had been floated by Malayia-Today. In the first instant, did you verify whether the superimposed photo was faked or otherwise before you allowed the item to be circulated in your blog?

    Let us now assumed that Najib, who was the acting Ketua Pemuda UMNO in 1987 was proven to have waved the keris at the 1987 UMNO Assembly. However, there is no reason for the Chinese today to harp on the sensitive issue and create another racial ruckus,now that Najib is our prime minister.

    However, I have no doubt that those Chinese extremists who are with the opposition parties will continue to despise Najib and other BN leaders for their own political agenda. This is part of opposing political awakening, as there is much more press freedom and freedom of speech and public expressions compared to the Mahathir era.

    I would like to remind readers and bloggers, that those who are from era of 50s, 60s and early 70s would still remember that the late Tun Razak was branded as "ultra Malay or Pai-Hua" to the opposing socialist Chinese during the 60s and the early 70s. Tun Mahathir was also in the same category.The nation was then confronted by Malaya Communist Party(MCP) under the command of Chin Peng during the anti communist regime.

    My point is just academic to prove that our beloved late Tun Razak was never "anti Chinese or Indian" during his life time dedicated to the development of this country.The Razak family were never anti-Chinese,Indian or whatever, but on the contrary they had enriched a lot of Chinese in the process of our national development.

    In fact Tun Razak will always be cherished by the majority Malaysian Chinese as he had built the Malaysian-Chinese bridge of friendship in his historical diplomatic mission to China in 1974.

    PM Najib is now continuing to intensify the Malaysia-China relationship to a greater height, that will ultimately spearhead Malaysia out of the current economic depression. Najib's recent visit to China is also historical and in line with 1Malaysian concept, which even the Chinese(China) understood to be a diplomatic tool in order to unite both countries in a win-win situation.

    However, the Chinese in the opposition continue to oppress the true essence of 1Malaysia in order to create political,economic and social instability. Najib's 1Malaysia vision has proven his sincerity to unite and solidify all Malaysians as well as to unwind the political, economic and social obstacles that may affect Malaysian unity under his administration. If your conscience is clear, just ask yourself whether Najib is a racist!

    In conclusion,I would like to comment that non of our prime ministers should be branded as "anti-non Malay" if we are fair and reasonable in our public criticism. Malaysia is for all loyal, peaceful and dedicated Malaysians, less those who are not comfortable should abode themselves and migrate overseas to the country of their choice.

    There are many Malaysians, irrespective of their racial origin,whom I personally know are doing very well in their adopted motherland, but yet they are always urging to return to Malaysia in their twilight years.

  38. Jokers laa these people, if you want to accuse someone, you should prove it, not the other way around. Hopefully Malaysians are not as stupid as these jokers.

  39. Ini semua adalah dakyah untuk memburuk-burukkan pemimpin Melayu. Kumpulan yang membuat tuduhan terhadap Najib hanya mahu menimbulkan kebencian kaum Cina kepada orang Melayu. Hati-hati lah dakyah dan propaganda seperti ini yang boleh menjejaskan keharmonian masyarakat. Mungkin juga orang-orang yang membuat tuduhan itu adalah anasir jahat atau ejen luar yang mahu melaga-lagakan Melayu dan Cina. Karpal Singh adalah berdarah benggali/pathan dan bukan Cina.

  40. Anonymous10:19 pm

    "p.s. A fellow blogger, who was convinced that Najib had waved the keris and said those words in 1987 (even though he wasn't there), recently told me that I should prove that Najib DID NOT do it. I told him that if I would if I had the resources that the NST or Malay Mail had."

    I am sad that said blogger feels that the burden of proof should lie on Najib. For all the talk about judicial reforms and freedom of speech (and other populist mantras), many (bloggers and commentors especially) still don't get it. They take the easy way out. Accuse someone and then lay the burden on him to disprove the claim. Where did this line of thought come from.

    Well, I accuse the said party of being a moron. The burden is on him to disprove that claim.

    James Seet

  41. Anonymous10:34 pm

    It was telivised on TV.Najib and MuhamadX2 then made the most threatening remarks about the Chinese.I cannot remember though whether he was waving a keris,but he did make the statement.

  42. Anonymous10:38 pm

    I don't know if u will publish
    my comment. It was telivised.Najib and Muhamadx2 made the most threating speech against the Chinese.I cannot remeber though wether he was waving a keris but he
    definitely made that statement.

    Mike Tan

  43. I have never seen D.S. Najib ( or a photograph of him) wearing a Johor "baju Melayu".
    Second, look at the songkok.Only comedians would wear that kind of songkok.

  44. ..it is a sad day, indeed, if politicians has to resort to digging up deeds of more than 2 decades just to spite your rival..personally, I'd expect more of Karpal..but then, in politics, every little shit goes..

  45. Anonymous12:26 am

    Bwahaha, who is that blogger anyway, what kind of idiocy is that. The burden of proof is upon him.

  46. Anonymous12:29 am

    so what if anybody waves the KERIS!!!chinese scared to shit AHH!!!

    i dont have keris says..

  47. Anonymous12:42 am

    stadium tpca bro... melayu mudah lupa... najib pun mudah lupa

  48. Anonymous12:48 am

    Is that a wine glass?

    Wine glass in an UMNO meeting?

  49. Anonymous1:10 am


    Ashraf dah join TV3. Tak baca ke posting dia. I agree with Ashraf. TV3 news sucks and not viewer friendly.

    See, new broom dah mula cakap. Told you old crop in TV3. Ashraf kata your news sucks even before he steps in.

    The way to go bro Ashraf. You are there because of Ahmad Talib not because of your credentials.

    Apa pun, you sekarang group editor. Itu penting.

  50. Anonymous1:30 am

    people can say anything but in the end, it is proof that matter - atasPAGAR

  51. Rocky

    Are you hinting that you should have the position in NST etc? hehehe

    Aisay, even with Video evidence lingam et al got scot free.

  52. Anonymous3:02 am


    Theres a nice article regarding this incident in the NST.


    Anyway MT has gone too far in this case, such a lack of care for the harmony of the nation by showing that pics.


  53. Anonymous4:52 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. Anonymous4:57 am

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. For 22 years I have believed that Najib said it. I "knew" that he said it wihtin a day or so after he had "uttered" it. I "knew" that Mahathir had tainted the excuse and justification for Operation Lalang by not having detained Najib as well, as he, more than anyone else, "threatened" race riots by having "uttered" those words. And for 22 years I believed all this to be so because for 22 years no one, not even Najib, denied that event taking pace or that he had uttered those words.

    Now finally I know the truth. finally Najib has said it that he did not utter those words. Just as he has denied having met Altantuya. Two truths said by Najib himself. Until he makes his next denial, we shall then continue to believe that he had made commissions from the purchase of those submarines and helicopters and so on...o.k.?

  56. Rocky its interesting to note your last para.

    When it comes to BN leaders, it is up to them to disprove the allegation but when it comes to PR leaders, its is up to the accusers to prove the allegations

    I think that the hope of Malaysians must be with PR because their leaders apparently can do no wrong

    read how these leaders achieve their Maksum-ness and what official title they have been granted for their service themselves here: http://marahku.blogspot.com/2009/02/pengumuman-penting-kerajaan-langit-ayah.html

  57. that was many year ago ,what seem to be the problem? malaysian chinese have to apologise because of chin peng ?

  58. Anonymous7:42 am

    rocky, look at the picture, we can detect the super impose! if najib say it - so what? he is umno youth to defend the malay. the problem with now, umno leader is aftering MONEY


  59. Bro,

    HADIS pun ada yang palsu. Ini kan pula kenyataan yang dibuat oleh pakar "spin" pembangkang. Boleh ke kita percaya kata-kata dari KS, LKS dan LGE tentang kenyataan yang kononnya dibuat oleh PM ini?

  60. Anonymous8:30 am

    come on Malaysians....just bury the past and look forward to the future......maybe life is to good that people are wanting to experience what sadly happened on MAY 13.....you may hate Mahathir.... for it happened during his premiership but he did it for the sake of law and order.....think carefully and dont make another mistake which can harm what we have are enjoying...mabe not enough but the little means alot my fellow malaysians.....think of your children, your grand children and your parents....whats going to happen to them when another riot takes place....deep in my heart I pray for peace and calm amongst all Malaysians......A peace loving Malaysian

  61. Anonymous9:00 am

    Dinasihatkan kepada Omar Ong supaya tidak melangkah ke Rocky Bru. Ladang periuk api. The pawns can die walking here. You know the third installment is almost done and the forth one could written overnight.

  62. Anonymous9:27 am

    Hallo Karpal,

    can you use your paraplegic position to help secure a better deal for the disabled in Malaysia of all races instead of harping about has-beens...Najib's sex life, keris waving, queen controlling issues are getting boringlah...most paraplegics cannot even have sex, so they aren't interested if Najib had a Mongolian feast... so at least help them achieve a better standard of living and amenities so they don't remain 3rd class citizens...you should know lah kan, that not even the privileged are spared from losing their physical abilities from some freak accident.

    All our politicians are so stupid and STILL hung up on crappy non-issues instead of real issues affecting the people.


  63. anak bugis9:36 am

    apa ni mengapi2kan isu perkauman, tak baik tau, kalau kita dibawah pemerintahan Cina, org melayu malaya akan jadi mcm melayu spore lah, mana ada yg pangkat tinggi atau kalau naik sikit aje kena cantas. Malainkan hardi Mirza & setengah2 artis seperti Ramli Sarip, M-Nasir etc. Sekarang ni org melayu dah berpecah2, cina sebenarnya MCA ke DAP ke Gerakan sama aje dia org semua kepentingan kaum bukan lah fahaman politik sgt. Org melayu ni aje yg shok sendiri kata fahaman politik le, Islam le apa lah, tapi semua rugi. Kita perlukan pemimpin melayu yg kuat mcm Dr M. Jgn jadi macam Anuar, baruah yg dipergunakan oleh org lah, bangsa lain.

  64. Anonymous9:39 am


    In today's THE STAR (17th June 2009)Gobind Singhs/o Kapal Singh (Puchong MP)called for tougher police action against thugs in Puchong area after marauding indian looks thugs with parang robbed 11 people at various oulets in Puchong. Funny eh..... defender of Tamil thuggeries and accuser of police brutality against Tamil thugs uttered that. I wonder why chinese voters in Puchong voted this Tamil thugs herdsman in last election. Rasakan..sekarang.

    Jonah Abdullah

  65. Bro, ini adalah satu kerja bodoh dari penyokong Pakatan. They must be running out of useless propoganda material to have scraped this rubbish from the bottom of the barrel. I am very dissapointed with the great khalsa warrior YB Karpal Singh who asked this question, it demeans him as a respected and veteran Parliamentarian.

  66. "A fellow blogger, ...told me that I should prove that Najib DID NOT do it." - Rocky

    Rocky, why is it always that the accused has the burden of having to proof lately? Here is a suggestion; why not go on the offensive and compile all the inflammatory remarks made by LKS, Karpal, Gerakan or even MCA all these while and see who the actual racists are? I am getting tired of being a defensive Malay.

  67. daniel kannan10:37 am

    it was 1987, 22 years ago, yes we must know our History to know where we are going, but why bring it up now, please give the new PM a chance, to deliver his promises, let's not spin and digg out his closet, we all have ours, there are other more important matters at hand, than to ask if najib did it or not, move on Malaysia....

  68. daniel kannan10:37 am

    it was 1987, 22 years ago, yes we must know our History to know where we are going, but why bring it up now, please give the new PM a chance, to deliver his promises, let's not spin and digg out his closet, we all have ours, there are other more important matters at hand, than to ask if najib did it or not, move on Malaysia....

  69. While I don't believe the PM, who was then the Umno Youth leader, waved a kris (this is actually a new phenomena), as one of the journalists covering the rally at the TPCA Stadium in Kg Baru in 1987, I vaguely remember him giving a fiery speech (I stand corrected by other journalists covering the event, of course). Even if it may not have been a clarion call to bathe the streets in Chinese blood ala May 13, the meaning seemed quite clear that it was a call for the Malays to rally behind Umno and defend Malay rights to their last drop of blood. Something to the effect of "Umno tidak akan berkompromi..." The rally, attended by thousands, was in response to one held earlier by the MCA Youth, Gerakan, DAP and Chinese educationists. The MCA Youth at that time was led by another fiery character called Lee Kim Sai, who was also the Labour Minister then. The speeches at the rally held beside a Chinese temple in KL was no less racial in character.

    In the end what all this had achieved, of course, was getting quite a number of people arrested under Operasi Lallang and a few newspapers closed temporarily.

    Sorry Bru, like you I too (being out of journalism for so long) no longer have access to the libraries of our newspapers, thus my information may be a bit sketchy. But I stand by my statement that no kris or weapons of any kind were waved at this TPCA gathering whether by the present PM or anybody else. And if memory serves me right, this was the only rally organised by Umno Youth. A planned gathering by Umno was canceled because by then Operasi Lallang had already started.

  70. Anonymous11:29 am

    It has been 22 years but I believe that Najib did say it. If I am not wrong, it was also reported in the media at that time. I do not think he brandished the keris but words to that effect was uttered. I tried looking up old reports on the web but none dated to that time. Perhaps somebody can look up the archives?

  71. Anonymous11:35 am

    I remember it was at TPCA stadium. Everyone knows, he did say it..and at the time there was real tension, even at Kota Darul Ehsan Arch, FRU was on standby, everyone knew this. Tan Sri Hanif Omar was the IGP at that time,

    from : orang KL

  72. The fact that Najib denied that he did not do it does not mean that he did not do it.Even if it cannot be proven convincingly that he did not do it does not mean that he did not do it.Its that simple.He knows whether he did it or not.Eventually,
    the truth will be known!However, it is not fair to assume that he did it,
    when it cannot be proven that he did it.Who are you to influence public opinion.You don't have to prove anything.Just do your work honestly...and reduce unwanted spinning, ok?

  73. Anonymous11:52 am

    What is bygone is bygone...

    Why must there always be exposure of 22years kinda incident to provoke certain sentiments...

    I am not a fan of Najib, but even he may has said that but that doesn't mean that he is going to do it today...

    As a rakyat, I am more concern of his performance of managing the country going forward... So sick of these stirring up of the racial sentiments again...

    Close this chapter and move on.


  74. Anonymous12:19 pm


    News from Malay Mail dated 17 June 2009. "Stevie G to quit 2103"!!!! Huh so long after Steven Gerrard going to quit??? Sure???

  75. sniper1:25 pm


    Most bloggers falls in the typical human type of "I know what I believe" rather than "I believe what I know"

    most of them was not there and worst some wasn't born yet.

  76. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Why dig out an old incident ? Or worse still seek some redemption if indeed it had happened and he had said those words.

    All it takes is a few guys to come out and do some sworn statemenst that they were there and they heard it and a another couple more buffoorns to say thae they also were there and swear on the Quran that he didn't say those words.

    Not sure why the NST bugger had to waste one page and take Karpal's bait.

    Move on Rocky ...,


  77. Anonymous3:16 pm

    If Najib really had said that, i'm so far off proud of his past compared to his current state of being..

    What's wrong with waving a keris..? Waving keris is a gesture of pride and honour.. waving dick..that's insulting.. :D

    Having it soak in chinese blood for what..? It takes two to tango.. why only selective on the malay side..? Mind to quote us what the chingkie side had said too?

    The tolerant & compassionate Malays do not simply kill others for no reasons, otherwise you chingkies won't be here today after 13 May 1969..

    Maybe that Kripple Singh is much envy of Najib for that his 'keris' is no longer functional..such a stupid attemp from a erectile dysfunctional desperados...ask your son to suck for a wake up call..really fit his big mouth well..kah..kah...

    p/s: The fuckatan politicians and their babaric savages pendatangs deciples are so fucking pigbrain stupid..they never understand that it takes both side to balance any equation.. they even do not know what a mirror is and have a phobia for it..so fucking stupig as usual!

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  78. Aiyoyo,

    Kenapa la majoriti rakyat malaysia yang suka pergi blog dan baca gossip ni bodoh...orang spin gambar pun boleh percaya bulat-bulat?

    Sejak bila Najib pergi ke mesyuarat UMNO pakai baju melayu Johor??? Itu kan baju melayu cekak musang ????

    Tu la...kuat sangat kutuk mengutuk ...perkara yang logik depan mata pun nak diputar belit....Kecil betul otak manusia ni...heheheheee

    Jangan marah ye..

  79. patriot jawa johor3:33 pm

    apa lah dia orang ni, najib tu kan dah kata dia tak kata benda tu. kalau ada yang nak tuduh dia lagi, bagi lah bukti, rakaman vedio ke audio ke. kalau tuduh orang kena lah produce bukti, bukan suruh orang yang dituduh tu keluar bukti. karpal tu anak beranak kan lawyer-lawyer ternama. tak kan law of evidence pun dia tak reti. nak tuduh orang pembunuh ke, racist ke, produce la bukti. kalau ada, boleh la najib pulak keluar bukti-bukti mempertahankan diri dia. kalau kat court kan macam tu. aku yang belajar law sikit-sikit ni pun tahu. ni tak, main bantai je tuduh-tuduh orang atas angin nak dapat publisiti atau pun nak timbulkan keraguan orang ramai kat si najib. tu dah kira malicious la. karpal dengan anak dia gobind ni kata je pejuang keadilan la, human right la. tapi tang dpat kepentingan dia orang, rule of law, ethics of the legal profession semua campak kat tong sampah. dah dasar hipokrit tahap cipan dah dua beranak ni. sama je dengan pencacai-pencacai opposition macam RPK tu. mana ada ethics main tampal gambar super imposed macam tu. lepas tu nak kata MSM tak ada credibility pulak. yang herannya ramai pulak yang nak percaya kat kelentong dia. apa lah nak jadi kita orang malaysia kalau dia orang ni memerintah nanti.

  80. Anonymous4:35 pm

    quote "In his question, Karpal alleged that Najib, during a rally in the run-up to the 1987 Operasi Lallang, had waved a keris in challenge to the Chinese community.

    “If it was true, are you prepared to ask for forgiveness from the Chinese community?” Karpal demanded."unquote

    come on lah brothers, why the heck this one son of a bitch BENGGALI is making all this ruckus!

    this kapal sink is not even a CHINESE - typical ULAR!

    mau laga laga semua orang. banyak pukimak punya BENGGALI !

    let's be frank lah, which politician never touch on sensitive issues related to race, especially in Malaysia.

    anyway, if najib really did utter such words, i would still support him and always support him.

    unlike the kapal sink, only brave enough to say such words in the dewan only - telorless bitch.

  81. Anonymous6:30 pm


    Jangan layan the Stupid fellas la... Najib mana pakai baju melayu telok belanga!


  82. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Over time people changed - whoever had said that then may now be willing to save the Chinese with his own blood. Politics Sir....

    If the Prime Minister of Malaysia said something ... I take his words for it.


  83. Anonymous7:02 pm

    boringgg..same politic shit everyday. cant you post anything more interesting bro?

  84. Anonymous7:06 pm

    after reading the comments, its funny why some people cant seems understand 1 thing. What made the malays tick?
    may 13 was about the provocation and the same thing happens in 1987..
    If najib did say it, as somboon cheanswaths describe, it was a respond to an earlier event. Why no one blamed them for it?
    Is it bcos malay/chinese thingy? ,
    Is it bcos politic faction thingy?
    Is it bcos pure hatred towands BN thingy?


  85. Was Najib leader of UMNO Youth at that time? If he was, then he should have ordered any offensive material removed. He was the leader and the buck stopped with him. Perhaps TV Malaysia should step forward and produce any tapes they have to prove or disprove that Najib made these utterances?

  86. "In 1987, Najib was announced as the Acting Leader of Movement of UMNO Youth by Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim after Anwar was asked to contest for the post of Vice President of UMNO. Following the complete reorganisation and founding of the "New" UMNO by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in the aftermath of the 1988 Malaysian constitutional crisis, Najib was appointed president of UMNO Youth in 1988."

    "In the midst of UMNO's internal crisis in 1987, a rally by UMNO Youth led by Naijb was held in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Anti-Chinese sentiments were expressed openly during the rally with placard carrying slogans like "May 13 has begun". In a widely documented speech Najib vowed to bathe the keris with Chinese blood."

    Above extracts from Wikipedia. Reference is made to Anwar : maybe one should ask Anwar if this indeed happened? The other person to know is Dr M.

  87. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Alahai, sekadar keris nak buat bising sangat apa hal? Dia punya lidah lebih dari parang.. terjelir2 tajam tak kira waktu dan siapa saja dia hunus!

    North Korea lebih hebat...
    Nuclear lagi, sekali bom, cair kamu semua..

    Apasal Karpal tak buat bising hal ini? Melalak tak habis2!Cheapskate!


  88. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Even if Najib said it, there is nothing wrong in it if you read what that MCA guy said about the Malays that provoked the Malays on that day. Why is PKR or DAP only focus on what Najib said?!!! If you Malays don't feel angry by what that Chinese guy said to YOU ON YOUR FACE, then what are you? a Chinese ass licker?!!


  89. Anonymous10:40 pm

    To Troy above

    "Why dig out an old incident ?" You ask rocky for that?! You should ask you GOD mr Kapal karam leh...., he who waste PARLIAMENTARY QUESTION TIME to ask for that, not NST front page wohhhh....

    Our PARLIAMENT TIME really have been used to ask stupid question instead of question like "why not the government abolish vernacular school to improve race relation".


  90. tebing tinggi10:59 pm

    what could we espect from our opposition , tere are being there not for the benefit of our nation but for the benefit of thier political party trying to get what what ever political milage they could.
    it is sad to see the quality of opposition we had and those who had voted them in should asked themself a question ,is that the role that they want them to play ?.
    what i could they just wasting public fund being in parliment failing to function as what they should be.
    to qiite a number they could be a hero .we could not denay they are hero to some but hero of what?.

  91. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Dear Malaysians,

    How I pray that we can move on and work on how to make Malaysia more competitive so we can plan a better future for the country.

    Dear YB Karpal,

    Please lah if you are a leader who really cares for the Country, do all you can in those Pakatan states so we will not regret choosing you to lead there. Please do not use the Parliament to fan more racial flames. We have seen enough of those. If you can really make a difference in the five states, the next GE will be an opportunity for you to take the Federal Government.

    As of now, we are really tired of politics. Can you and the other Pakatan leaders pressure YAB PM and his team to quickly take us out of this economic slide? Give Malaysians better security, hope and peace of mind. Some brilliantly thought through practical ideas would be appreciated. We are tired of political rhetoric and want to see real action plans, both from the Government and opposition...


  92. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Such is panic besetting the Chingkies as they await with bated breath on the next developments swirling around the UMNO-PAS unity saga. such has been their concern that they have bombarded MI, Mk and sopo blogs with yet another slew of lies and threats as AI scrambled into damage control mode over the irrevocable split between Kelantan Kaffir Numero Uno, Nik Aziz and DP Nasharuddin Mat Isa. The biggest lie perpetuated by the chingkie crowd to cow PAS; yeah the canard that PAS won on the back of Chingkie support,and it wont be the same again if they woo UMNO hahahahahahahaha LOL. These are the irrefutable facts:






    2, HULU LANGAT (MALAY :52%)
    3.SHAH ALAM (MALAY=69%)
    4. KOTA RAJA (MALAY =47%)











    WARRIOR 231

  93. It wasn't me , I din do anything ! I din even say a word ! Karpal Singh is a liar !

  94. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Here is a great chance for UMNO to electrocute Pakatan for good. as a test of PAS intentions:

    a. why not UMNO refrain from contesting in Manek Urai in the name of unity and use the move as a leverage to get PAS to the unity table.

    b.a gambit like that will flummox the turban kaffir and isolate him and his coterie of evil even more among the PAs faithful.If he continues to oppose, it will make him appear a lebai nyanyuk who understands not what he mouths.

    Umno has nothing to lose, MU is a PAS seat anyway ( as won in GE 13) althought its is breachable. But for just once, let it go and see PAS in sixes and sevens. If the offer is not taken by them as a sign of seriousness and rapproachment, nothing will plus it will also expose them to be ridiculed as nothing more than poseurs intent on playing games for political mileage.

    So why not take a gamble, there is nothing to lose!Imagine the fillip such a move will give to UMNO's battered image.

    Warrior 231

  95. Who cares? He should have said it and done it long ago.

    I am with u Najib. I m ready. Yes, please tell us when. Or should I mkae the first move ?

    Those chingkies and karpal shit and Pukimak RPK. Bodoh. Ingat semua ada kat Malaysia ni bodoh cam kamu ke. Nak doctored gambar pun tak pandai, sama macam Sex Maniac Tian Chua ... and Old Fart. Fcuk you ...

  96. Anonymous12:58 am

    Sorry to say, but it is precisely this type of pr-spin that does not help the PM and especially, the people. You are shamefully stirring a hornet's nest, you have already so fast planted a story in the Malay Mail (no byline) that you run.. you link also to Azmi A's which uses the coincidental word "metaphorically"....please, you are playing with fire, shameful and at our expense - karma will come back to bite you in the butt. It is no more about Najib or Karpal but simple-minded opportunistic sods like you - and that is the truth. I pity you.

  97. Anonymous5:19 am

    So what kalau Hishamuddin angkat keris?. I will never forgive HIshamuddin for apologizing!!

    Fuck it la wey. The Malays are tired of being defensive all the time. I am a Malay and I am proud of it. The reason the Malays are being so defensive is because the ultra chingkies are like snakes and scorpions trying sting everytime opportunity come. These opportunistic microorganism!!! These dogs are never sensitive so why should we be sensitive.

    The Malays are being attacked nowadays whether or not we realize it. Liberal Malays.. wake up! Liberal - it is all about perception. The america views the hamas in Palestin as being extreme and radical. Are they? Its not much difference in Malaysia too.

    Rarely! There is Malay racist without a reason!. Malay will become racist when they HAVE to become one to defend themselves. The ultra chingkies who think singapore and china is so so so great and Malaysia is oppressing you can just can get the fuck back to China and migrate to Singapore. Oppressing your ass la. Actually, the Malays who are being oppressed. Nothing can be said regarding or anything which is associated with Malay.! Any remarks, associated with defending the Malay rights, are being called racist and worse, the Malays are being asked to apologize for it. FUCK!!! Same thing like in Palestin. If you defend your people, you'll be shot!

    Whenever ANY Malay succeeds, they will be considered Ultra Malays. Why? So what if they're ultra Malays. If they want to defend their land which are being pigged out by the ultra chingkies who always want the Malays to be nothing else but farmers, let them! It is their rights! . This is their land!. Tanah Melayu. You like it or not. Fact is fact.

    Sigh, if only TAR didn't give those 1 million citizenship to those immigrants, we wouldnt have to deal with this shit right now!!!


  98. Omar Ong Tak Ong6:25 am

    Mustapha Ong

    Since you are reading Rocky Bru, apa pasal anak kau perangai asshole macam KJ?

    Tak ada cermin ke di rumah dia?

  99. Karpal and the Geng memang malicius adik beradik RPK!. Now, nampak benar temberang depa. Ni Karpal, hang kena buat pengakuan jujur, betui kah Hang tau yang Anwar tu buat benda tu (benda tulah malu chek nak cakap), pasai apa ada le taun tu lupa pulak chek , DAP ada cakap depa ada bukti , ni termasuk Hang lah ni Karpal oooi.. . Ni lagi satu, since Hang dah buat pengakuan (saja hang buat cirta wayang na), Hang nak ke kami ni rakyot Malaysia percaya yang Najib ada kait dengan Antatunya tu.. betui ka Karpal... Hang betui betui nak kami percaya ke.. kalau lagu ni cerita nya macam la ni, hang buat gempaq, macam mana kami nak percaya ishh Mr Bai.. satu kali tipu monkin boleh picaye tapi kalu beribu ribu kali tipu ahhh iut sirupa lemon jugak,,, orang talak picaya same lu lagi ooo... lu serupa sandiwich lah..ini pantun sama lu:-
    chit chat chit chat
    sirubu kali chit chat
    satu kali tipu ok lah
    seribu kali tipu boleh belah dah!

  100. TheDotedlyFlamboyant_IsaKontot10:12 am

    Quo Vadis, Warrior 231? (Part 1)

    Dear Rocky,

    One reason the film “Saturday Night Fever” was hailed as a breakthrough film in the 70’s was not so much Travolta’s memorable dance moves or the Bee Gees’ chart-busting music, but rather the language and profanities strewn everywhere in the film. I still remember social purists calling for a ban of the film even in the United States, but the producers defended the film by saying that finally, the masses get to see (and hear) what the real New York City people say to each other, how they swear everyday, how they take on life as a day-to-day challenge in the midst of all the hardships and complexities that life has to offer. In short, the film was an artistic portrayal of day-to-day communication lingos people use in confronting all the intricacies of life: why should we hide reality away under the social carpet from the magnanimous, holier-than-thou attitudes of the just-fresh-from-the sexual-revolution 60s silver screen? At least that were the thinking of the powers that be then.

    In an almost sardonic setting, this same magnanimous, holier-than-thou calls in the case of your other commenters who are angry with that very erudite, funny, entertaining and succulent writer who goes by the name Warrior 231 (see previous Rocky postings and comments there) warrant some comments from me too. Is it due to some moral high grounds that they are on, that they have qualms about? If so they should equally hate venomous spews written against the malays elsewhere in other blogs (which I notice some of them happen to frequent also) where they call our Malay Prime Minister NAJIS, our former Malay Prime Minister BODOHWI and Tun Dr Mahathir some names much more worse than either. The only malays who got high regards with non-derogatory Terms-of-Endearments are Ayah Mithali RPK (Yang Mulia, the Great, Our Hero etc etc), ready-to-sell-birthrights Yang Amat Berhormat Brader Anwar Ibrahim, (savior of Malaysia etc etc) and of course the recent boat-jumping, spine-busting, beer-guzzling Yang Berhormat Zaid Bin Ibrahim.

    The Malays, generally, are angry with their leaders too. And also with UMNO. I can’t find anywhere in this world right now where the ruling government is 100% saintly and purely error-less and with its peoples having absolutely no complaints against their government. And so it was that when non-malays chip in to criticize and condemn the top echelons of UMNO (read: malay) the general malay populace could not know what to make of it. To fight and sneer back is to defend wrong doings (if any laa). To join in the chorus of condemnations against UMNO is as if to be on the same platforms to condemn your own people, to condemn the NEP geared at uplifting the malays’ economies, and to condemn the many policies that are meant to stop the further erosion of the Ketuanan Melayu whose noble concept has been demonized by the very people scared of its realizations.

    Enter Warrior 231.

    Uneconomical though he may be in terms of linguistic diplomatics, in the manner of the Travolta film, readers get to see in words what the general malay psyche is made up of as part of the deep despise they have towards anything that challenges their initial rights, their eroded hold on to this Tanah Melayu, their having to put up with calls to abolish some of their rights from people who came to this country uninvited by the Tuan Tanahs barely a century ago.


  101. TheDotedlyFlamboyant_IsaKontot10:19 am

    Quo Vadis, Warrior 231? (Part 2)

    Nevertheless, the real reason why these detractors really do not want people to read Warrior 231 is not so much that he is profane and linguistically scandalous, but for this and this alone: HE MAKES SENSE!

    Yes. Amidst his extremely funny and most innovative use of swear-words swashbuckling, his writings and views actually makes absorbable, logically sound and factually true sense, and definitely conveying what the general malay populace so far has been thinking but could not express in an erudite manner.

    Who is Warrior 231? Oh it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if he is or is not Kijang Mas. Or Rocky himself for that matter. It doesn’t matter who he is. Warrior 231 could be me myself…in my wildest dreams. What matters most is this: There is a Warrior 231 in each of us Anak Tanah Melayu Tulin. Perhaps Warrior 231 is a conglomerate of all things malay: a spice of Intellectualism here and there, a grain of wit and gab, a bevel of points and facts, a whole basket of anger and spite and an unconstrained knot of patience and perseverance. Isn’t there a bit of Warrior 231 in each and everyone of us?

    So no, Rocky. Succumb to pressure over hippocritical calls (betul spelling ker ni? )to ban Warrior231, and you lose one of the avenues of promulgating the rich malay psyche and harmless rage. Do so, and you have an unbridled one-sided case of the non-malays having a free-rein at NAJISSIFYING our top leaders, sneering at your own ethnicities, questioning your birthrights, calling for the removal of your rights and generally … downtrodding the entire ummat melayu. Put it this way too: you are not free to publish anything that you want in MM. Why accord that same privilege in the cyber world?

    Be that as it may, I would like to send a message too to Warrior 231, wherever, whoever you are. Keep on writing. I notice that factual though you may be, your own blog is not visited. This could probably due to the fact that they find you an untouchable and condescending juggernaut of verbiage. Comment anything, and they risk stirring your ire. For example (and anybody want to bet on this?), being a much more diplomatic commenter than you are, the anti-warrior231s do not have any problem commenting and condemning ME after this, rather than taking you on headlong. That’s alright, cowards always have such traits. But to reply to you? No Sir. They won’t. They won’t be able to stand your bazookas. Hahaha.

    And so, your way forward is to keep on commenting on these issues dear to us wherever such issues are discussed: in other people’s blogs. While hoping that widely-read blogs like Rocky accommodates you, I am certainly certain that places like Malaysia Today, MalaysiaKini, and Malaysian Insider would only be too happy to jentik you keluar as soon as their digital sensories detect anything remote to even your smell (well, allowing those other profane views against the malays they don’t have any problem publishing).

    I won’t even ask you to tone down. My only advice is this: stop referring to Nik Aziz with derogatory names. You lose credibility then. We all have different political opinions, but deep inside we all have this deep islamic brotherhood, a bond much more stronger than even malay brotherhood. When the old man was critically sick some years back, his number-one political nemesis, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, immediately instructed that the best health care and experts be made sure to attend his well-being 24 hours round the clock.

    Top that in terms of magnanimity and nobility.

    Tagging far behind,

  102. Rocky, I scraped just below the surface and look where the story led me...

    All that Wikipedia reference (which I guess must be one of their fallback argument) is simply fabricated and supported by a series of other new articles describing the subject in the last two or three years....

    It appears that all those people who 'believe' that they heard Najib say those words are simply transposing the The Gospel of Pete the King Dick on their memory.... i.e. they believe what they want to believe and even subconsciously fabricate 'memories' to back up their desperation to believe...

    go to the link below to read my findings (five minutes worth of searching je, kalau cari lama lagi entah kemana perginya cerita ni, maybe you can get the MM guys to dig deeper)


  103. teo siew chin12:27 pm

    Heh TheDotedlyFlamboyant_IsaKontot!

    Why the self-doubt? Why so quick to expect condemnation? You write good, clean, rational - the white knight to Warrior 231's black! hehehe (oops...w231 in black is surely a no-no).

    Warrior's a hoot actually - a dirty one - but still a hoot. Takes awhile to sieve thru his obscenities but there is substance in his comments. Strange though that despite a 30% headstart plus majority in numbers, he has this notion that the small-numbered non-malays have pillaged his kind. I think he has mis-identified the robbers. And dude - i think it is every regular joe ahmad ah chong siva lain lain who have been and are still being robbed!

    Aint gonna catch no robbers till you properly identify em, right?

  104. Anonymous12:37 pm

    IF i am not mistaken, it was Darah Cina dikeris Melayu. While a Govt white paper tabled in Parliament on 23rd March 1988, noted an Umno Youth rally led by Najib on 17th October 1987, had banners bearing strong words such as: “SOAK IT (KRIS) WITH CHINESE BLOOD”.
    The question is simple : If you are at the podium of a klu klan meeting, chairing it, arent you responsible for proceedings at the meeting?
    How many people, Najeeb, can give you the benefit of the doubt that you are not a violent, racist who hate chinese.
    Pasquale, next time when you come to NST, make sure you layan your driver well.
    Even Zimbawe ahead of Malaysia (Ezam)

  105. Semerah Padi12:38 pm

    The Malays have been known to be those bangsa yang berbudi bahasa dan lembut bahasanya.

    Have you ever thought why suddenly this is changing?

    Kita berbudi kepada yang berbahasa.

    Kita ganyang orang yang tak tahu bahasa!

    Beza antara Aku dan kamu adalah,

    Kamu yang asalnya bertandang yang ingin menetap di Rumah Aku yang telah terdiri.

    Aku bangsa yang sopan membuka pintu untuk kamu.

    Jangan kamu biadap tak mengerti bahasa!

    Bersopanlah dan bersusilalah, sekiranya kamu tidak mahu di nyahkan dari sini! Kamu tidak tahu Rukun Negara rumah ini kah?!


    I stand by what TheDotedlyFlamboyant_IsaKontot had said.

    If you banned Warrior 231, you have banned one of those Perwira Melayu. And I shall take note of this, if its happened.

    Tuan Perwira 231, sekiranya boleh, saya ingin memohon agar tuan dapat tone down sikit bahagian yang "swearing" itu. Tetapi jangan anggap ini sebagai kemahuan saya. Walau apa pun, saya tetap berdiri di sisi hujah Tuan Perwira.

    Saya doakan perjuangan Tuan.


    Negara Ku - Tanah Tumpah DARAH ku!

    Semerah Padi.

  106. Anonymous2:00 pm

    "I told him that if I would if I had the resources that the NST or Malay Mail had."

    Ade orang dah mula mintak-mintak jawatan. Interview dulu...hehehehe....

    but the issue of sand might fuck everything up. Mahathir was right, the Singaporeans are fucking hard to deal with.

  107. self praise is no praise...

  108. Anonymous2:58 pm

    TheDotedlyFlamboyant_IsaKontot, Sir,

    Let Warrior 231 says whatever he wants to say about Nik Aziz. We should not be too taksub over an ulamak, special one or otherwise.

    In fact there is no such thing as special ulamak. This what the Quran says. And we should never never turn a mere mortal like Nik Aziz into a demi god like what many of us are doing now. The Quran is very much against this.

    Further, Bodowi, eer I mean AAB, should not be made a point of reference on important thing like this. He can't understand the issue anyway. :)


  109. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Flamboyan Bontot,

    You know why his dog language makes sense to you? Because your bontot is all set to stretch for his dog prick inserting pleasure.

    The future political landscape is between UMNO and PAS regardless we like it or not. The moment non Malay have no fear to vote PAS, then this is bye bye for UMNO.

    Conclusion :

    1. PAS don’t need non Malay vote and support, what they want is to obstruct the non Malay to give their vote to UMNO.

    2. The return is Unity Government.

    Debunk a dog brain? Night fever night fever.....


  110. Anonymous3:34 pm

    If someone publicly accuses me of wrongdoing when I am not, i will give him or her a flying kick in the face. No questions asked, no answers given. Then, case closed.


  111. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Pasquale (Rushdi)

    1. Pasquale is a reporter.. he says he cover the event.
    so confirm lah kau reporter Rushdi

    kau jangan kelentong lah kau cover tpca tu.. aku pun cover. tak nampak pun muka engkau//

  112. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Hey lu Cinapeks,

    Read some of the excerpts from various news agencies here:

    (don't worry, the excerpts are in English).

    If you guys don't behave yourselves, this will also happen to you in MALAYsia. Give you a bit you want more and more. How come never satisfied one you all hah?....no syukur one..

    Hey I have this question for you....Is it in your DNA that you Cingkie people must STEAL, SUBJUGATE and OPPRESS the natives of any land that you go to....How come Chinkies don't have any respect for the Natives? Vely vely bad one hoi ....Have to respect the natives hoi...

    I would like to invite the natives of PNG to come to M'sia to see the havoc that the chinkies (and tambis) do to spoil the social fabric and cohesiveness of this nation albeit with the help of Pariah Malays notably their demi Gods, Anwar and RPK. See how these ingrates INSULT and DEGRADE the natives everyday....They even bad mouth the country that harbour them and their forefathers when they were stateless many moons and suns ago .....They even LIED their way through and through....They are also corrupted to the core ...calling the kettle black ...ish ish ish ....

    Thanks Warrior 231 for the infos that you gave. Btw, Warrior I fully support you...keep on writing ....write from your heart..whether you use cuss words or not, that is your prerogative.


    - XYZ

  113. Anonymous7:29 pm

    so in the spirit of kapal's allegation , is it true that kapal went to New Zealand wher he gave a speech in which he threw our sacred flag on the ground, stepped and spat on it ? So is he prepared to apologize to the Malaysian for this !


  114. Anonymous7:40 pm

    This shit and dat guy who ran away to another country come out of the same shit-hole.


  115. TheDotedlyFlamboyant_IsaKontot7:59 pm

    Dear Ali (2:58 pm),

    Not good like thaaaat. The only thing you disagree about is on my good advice to not condemn religious people. I am not religious myself but I wont go so far as condemn the scholars. I only want people to put respect where respect is due but you construe that as deifying, demi-godding Nik Aziz. Not fair laaa like thaaaat. I know you have this special "thing" against "Religious people" and also "Uulamak" but come to think of it, your forefather who sacrificed for this religion might not like what his descendant has now become. Heck when Richard the Lion Heart got sick, Salahuddin al-Ayyubi sent his own physician to see to his well being. And even then you still insist on AAB be called Bodohwi. Cannot laaa.... you might have a thing or two against ulamaks or some comrades somewhere might have gotten too much into your head, but be fair laaa....

    On the same note, I mentioooooonned something about people not brave enough to condemn Warrior231 but ready to condemn mediocre-toned me, tup tup tup ... there immediately appears Anonymous 3:15 to prove my point. But his attempt at modeling the profanities of the Warrior is not quite up to the mark. His heart might be demonstrably dirty and corrupt, but he just doesn't have the correct circumlocutory acumen to express it out.

    That's okay. Read more and learn. One day you might just get the hang of it.

  116. Roc, anyone can tell the photo is certainly shooped & meant to be a joke (a lame one). Anybody who thinks otherwise, or shoops that photo so people would think otherwise, would be really dumb.

    And btw, what's the word on Saiful's medical report?

    As for syamil/warrior, looks like he's got some fanboys & sockpuppets to worship him. Blind leading the blind? Hell yeah. When your 'messiah' is someone seriously afflicted with Tourettes & unable to debate, your team is certainly in deep shit.

    And deep shit is what BN is in, going by the score of 5-1. Eventually, its gonna be a BN defeat in GE13, with our friend w231 screaming "The Horror! The Horror!"* like Kurtz... before expiring amidst the joyful Rakyats.

    As for his protection money demand of 1 Trillion, he should get his BN buddies instead to pay the Kelantanese the 1 Billion oil royalty they owe:


    But here's some money paid on behalf of Malaysians of all races...


    Print as much as you want w231, and go to hell.

    Now, if you excuse me, I've gotta be in Manek Urai tomorrow... have a bus to catch. Its a long trip, but I've got Future Prime Minister Zaid Ibrahim's book to read... :)

    * - It won't be "a horror". But "horrorshow". Readers, if you read Burgess or studied under him in MCKK, you'll know what this means...

  117. Miss Malaysia 200910:53 pm

    Prove that Najib DID NOT do it? How la? If the event didn't happen, how to prove?

    Silly blogger.

  118. Anonymous10:56 pm

    The devotees going into trances at Thaipusam, dancing freely about waving sharp knives, pierce their cheeks and tongues chanting vel vel, in a gesture of self-sacrifice to honor the deity known as Murugan (Murugan has one weapon in his hand)

    My kids would scream in fright whenever a lion/dragon passes by our shop. They don’t understand why such creatures exist and allowed to gobble all the hanging packets?

    So Karpal, must they too extend their apologies and to who?

    Puchong, sounds familiar? The parang attacks… Mr Karpal, these are for REAL, don’t you think you should worry more on this?


  119. I saw in the Tv either in TV1 Tv2 or Tv3, I cannot remember which channel, but I remember I was hurt of what was uttered by him... it was a sad moment indeed as far as i can remember....I believe many has seen it too...

  120. Let Me Brand TheKeris Too9:19 am


    Thank You for that Papua New Guinea article and for highlighting what has been SUSPECTed for so long: it is naturally built in the veins of some people that destruction and malice of the local inhabitants is their bread and butter recipe for survival. Couple the culture of parasitism (where win-wins are not the norms and where feeding on the hands that feed you are) with a feeling of misplaced and delusional superiority brought about by wealth, and you have cases like what is in the newspapers today and last week: Indonesian maids being brutalized into slavery, just like that housewife case a few years ago.

    Let me tell you: these group of people, they may become richer and richer due to their object in life solely on accumulating more and more wealth. But as a nation based on humanistic principles and spiritualities, I do not see they becoming anything but doomful. Nations of old have done that. been there and destroyed so. If anything, they are just another case study of anything "Rise and Fall of ..."

    Let Me Brand The Keris Too

  121. Anonymous9:39 am

    Dear Bright Eyes,
    I sure think you are deeply in love with Warrior 231.. seems to be following him/her weherever he/she goes?

    I have a bro-in-law from Malacca. He will go like this "cilaka kau, what a nice shirt you have on! cilaka kau, hari ni your birthday? cilaka kau, naik pangkat? cilaka kau, bila balik dari Mekah?!"..

    For us in Kedah, the word "cilaka" and "kau" are not norm, very intimidating.. boleh gaduh by just uttering these words!

    And by the way, Warrior 231 used those words specifically to THOSE who are what he described them to be, if you are not one of them, why feel uneasy? Unless of cos, kena batang hidung!


  122. Anonymous12:30 pm

    hi rocky,

    this is an enlightening post. just look the sort of comments it attracted..

    and i thought only chinese are racists.

    good man

  123. Anonymous1:18 pm

    (Part 1)

    When them synapses have been short circuited beyond repair by advancing neurosyphilis, its time to approach them keepers of the funeral parlours in Mount Erskine, Air Itam or Balik Pulau for the special discounts they may have for a cunt-chancred, butt-fissured, mouth-pustuled has-been whore like you. Its too late girl, trying to grasp onto sanity which has clearly flown your brain’s coop and left you an envious, bitchy old hag.

    Lets go slowly for your sake, girl and get them contacts on, girl, cos you need them real bad:

    Roc, anyone can tell the photo is certainly shooped & meant to be a joke (a lame one). Anybody who thinks otherwise, or shoops that photo so people would think otherwise, would be really dumb.

    Comment: Hmm, problem with spelling, signs of late stage dementia caused by neurosyphilis. Furthermore, so thought zombiefied are you that all you can come is a lame excuse that tops the “lame joke”(ur own words) of your Fakatan poet.

    And btw, what's the word on Saiful's medical report?

    Comment: Why the sudden interest in the boy’s buttfuck scars, eh. Girl. Oh, I see you are trying to find similar patterns with your own arsetorn trauma. Girl, they cannot be the same, for the boy’s was allegedly arsefucked by an stooped old man wielding a blunt cock while yours was delivered by a demented boar, a gut-searing thrust further compounded by the weapon brandished by the chingkie-looking baboon which burst into parliament, the other day. Moreover in any medical trauma to the anus such as yours, several variables should be considered. They include trajectory of entry, length of projectile, intensity of thrust, duration of insertion, force of thrust, velocity, movement of the implement, your position, u know straddled, upended/tertonggeng etcetera u know all the physics that determine the extent of your tear, the blood splatter, the nature of the koyak and other signs of he trauma All this will have a final (ball)bearing on the nature of your arsehole trauma and its treatment. In severe cases, you may also have a fistula (http://www.surgisisafp.com/patients/symptoms.html) which is a serious medical problem and which may require surgical procedures (http://www.surgisisafp.com/patients/treatment.html) so that your shit doesn’t float thru the orifice into other parts of your pigsty, you call a body, girl. Get treatment fast, dear.

    Anal fissures are rarely the same, more so if the cause is of diverse origin (http://www.medicinenet.com/anal_fissure/article.htm). There is even a selfhelp page with a fan-mail section to boot. I am sure you will enjoy it cos you are game for this fan thingy http://www.boardsailor.com/jack/af/. And for some pix, go here: http://www.hemorrhoids.net/#picshem. Warning: Not for kids below 2 without parental guidance and counseling….hahahahahhaha LOL

    Warrior 231

  124. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Part 2

    …………someone seriously afflicted with Tourettes & unable to debate, your team is certainly in deep shit.

    Comment: sad to see you stuck in your Tourette time warp. I guess you can help but repeat it ad nauseum as your brain is so wanked up that its thought processes cannot advance one step further. Further, the more you repeat it the less credible you sound, girl as if you are fabricating an illusion to keep the truth about yourself at bay. You know they call it transference in psychology..

    Besides, you seem to be a tad too green with envy regarding my brothers and sisters lending me their support. But then again, its no surprise of you being envious cos isn’t the Chingkie alarmed when the Melayu talks about kesatuan. Proof: Chingkie triad, DAP, makes threatening noises regarding the unity initiative here,and here (2 is more than enough, girl) and today takes a different tack : http://themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/malaysia/29873-now-its-dap-in-damage-control-mode-over-pas-split

    Reason: the chingkie is smart that if he appears too abrasive and contemptuous, he risks reaping Malay wrath and sparking Malay anger and suspicion as to why he is so against the whole thing. So he uses, his stalking pig, PKR to work with the erdogans to jettison the whole thing while secretly applauding the turban kaffir for his “heroic” last stand. Net outcome: if things go well (i.e, the initiative is scuttled), well and good for the arsefucked, cumguzzling, shitlicking, cockshafting Chingkie lovvas have done the gangsta’s bidding but if the plan goes wrong (unity yaks actually materializes), the ah Beng can turn around and say…well…I was all for it..good thing, mah. See, how the bastard hedges his bets, I can tell, the chingkie’snext 100 moves with my eyes closed and my cock buried deep in Jolie’s cunt as that is how patently they telepathy their stupidity.

    And revealing their tactics with asinine abandon is a trait their fakatan scum share with unbridled candour. Smart of you, tofu, to give the links for when I argue, I look up everything given and marshal my facts before I strike back, like the ex-military man I am. But you were smart enough to hide this:

    Sementara itu, di Kuala Lumpur, ahli Parlimen Machang Saifuddin Nasution Ismail berkata pakatan pembangkang akan memainkan isu royalti minyak itu dalam kempen pilihanraya kecil DUN Manek Urai.

    warrior 231

  125. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Part 3

    U know this ex-Umno youth stormtrooper who wrecked APCET 1996 (http://www.etan.org/et2005/april/17/19malay.htm

    , fancies himself a master strategist which he aint (he lost 1000 cocks in Penanti against grandma Minah). Now he shows how stupid he is by tagteaming with another selfstyled technocrat who has masterminded kelantan’s stupendous catapult ion to first world status from third world obscurity. For 4 years, this dickhead kept quiet about things while busy campaigning his butt off for the deputy post, then suddenly issues a pansy demand. It is pretty strange as to what people do in power. When they are supposed to bela rakyat, they bela their cocks and then out of the blue they get slammed in the head by an epiphany and start spouting cock. Humbug, munafiks!!

    BE, if you are halfsmart (which you aint), you will know that even a kid can see that Husam issuing that demand NOW with a dovetailing Saifuddin leveraging on it is indicative that it is all part of campaign foreplay, u know the type where the teats, the cunt, the inner thighs and all those erogenous zones are tongued and stroked like mad but no muscle to thrust or cum to speak of in the end. You can probably sell that kind of rubbish to folks in the boondocks of Manek Urai or wherever else in Malaysia, but not to enlightened ones like us.

    You have bought it BE, now shove it up ur arse for your future PM himself knew what would happen if money let alone power is given to PAS. For wasn’t he once an erstwhile opponent of PAS: http://mt.m2day.org/2008/content/view/19622/84/ and http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2003/11/3/nation/6627337&sec=nation

    Gonna deny it now, baby whore or u are going to put down the book and pen these questions to mr fatso bin fatarse and ask him:
    Since you have joined PKR, an ally of PAS, what do you think about hudud and its implementation.
    Since he has been opposed to PAS, how can he reconcile his working with the turbans now.

    The PM in waiting thingy, is that an implicit admission by you BE that anwar is guilty as charged? You are onto something we don’t, sharelah ur explosive expose…. U are one fuckedup arsehead, BE…I hope the tigers in MU tear your cunt to pieces but then they may sniff the air and be leery of NS. This is the last time I am engaging you rotten cunt, unwashed arse, cockthroated chingkie arsewhore of a scum. You are not worth the time. Anyway, this is just one for the road… remember? pai, pai…girl

    P/S : * classic strategist eh saifudddin? He blames megat junid while the mangy kitty has his sights on Anwar. By the way, how times have changed. It’s a passionate love fest now between Saif and the gang in link 1. also I couldn’t resist this: “"Karpal himself had said that it would be over his dead body if the PR would talk to Umno. PAS has done so. Now it is up to him (to take further action)," Azizan said.”
    Has he seppukued himself already…hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    P/S; what with Kurtz, lifted it from my comment in another thread…fuyoh…you are into Burgess as well….mc kaykay girl, must be some serious lit. fan. hahahahahahahahaaha LOL

    Warrior 231

  126. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Instead of apologizing and further become apologetic, why not just give them what they'd wished for..

    Keep on wishing for it , mafuckers , it might come true one day.. I'm eagerly waiting for that day..

    so desperate these politician racist mafuckers trying to open the hell door, eh..? let just let 'em if Najib still do not have the balls to throw these animals into the cage.. :)

    I want to see who's going to push Karpal wheelchair when that day come..his mafucking assholes shit lickers? Or they forgot him behind while busy running for their own life pissing & oozing diarhoea in pants...kah..kah.. kah..let just wait and see..

    On behalf the real Malay host, and as a pity sense to Najib, let me offer a special warm & friendly gesture to Karpal & the chingkies...

    have this: ..|.,

    :D muhahaha.
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  127. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Flamboyan Bontot

    Don’t lecture us like one pseudo-psychologist snub. No one here is trying to model a foul mouth stinking dog. Unlike you, many commentators didn’t see the point engaging in a juvenile penis brandish contest or a bitch anus enlarging competition just to make oneself feel better. What is the frig deal about incorporate profanities into bullshitting? Would that make your penis grow longer and anus more elastic? And is that what make your reasoning ability was correspondingly reduced?

    Did you come?


  128. Anonymous7:43 pm


    I am sure you dont take that pariah arsewhore of a fuckhead seriously man. With your command of language, you will understand that he has never ever cared to debunk our points ever since he blundered in here like a blind arsefucked, mouthshafted, shit splattered, urine drenched cumguzzling whore around March or so. On the scale of ten, he ranks zilch, nada, pujiam, kosong and now he has got his arsescratching Indian faggot of a tuition master in knots by pestering him to write on his behalf.

    Anyway, bro, as i said your command of the language makes it almost obligatory on you to spend some time lobbing grenades at the chingkie and hindulen scum. But i dont want to force the issue. thanks for the encouragement, brother but your style is much better, hop onboard and we can go on a piggy hunt ala Jack and his friends in Golding's piggy fest of a classic "Lord of the Flies". by the way, I will explain why I call old Nico names but I need to collate the facts first for you to chew upon. Anyway, I still appreciate the advice given and will consider it subject to Nico modifying his recent mischievous, brattish antics...the old prat!

    Warrior 231

  129. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Anwar should clarify this. He's there.


  130. kratos,

    He is half dead protecting his keris...why worry him more?

    This July, did he tikam or did he not, hai jenuh bersilat kat Mahkamah nanti.


  131. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Tak habis-habislah kaum pendatang ni...

  132. Anonymous7:40 am

    Betul kata kamu. Tak habis2 anak2 dan cucu2 kaum India, Indonesia, Bugis, Hadrami, Cina yang mangakui mereka tu "bumiputra".


  133. Anonymous5:28 pm

    ini KAPAL memang lanun la......kepala potong kasi la,,,,,


  134. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Betul kata kamu. Tak habis2 anak2 dan cucu2 kaum India, Indonesia, Bugis, Hadrami, Cina yang mangakui mereka tu "bumiputra".


    Betul tu.. mereka tu ada kesedaran diri yang tinggi, tahu berasimilasi dan tahu dimana mereka tinggal..tahu malu, ada identiti baru dan ada maruah..

    Bukan seperti spisis pendatang berkenaan, tak sedar diri di negara mana tinggal.. mengagung budaya import dari negara yang nenek moyang mereka telah dengan tidak bermaruah melarikan diri sendiri(self-exiled)..tiada identiti, tiada tamadun & tiada maruah..kalau lihat cara mereka makan, bersembang, berak & kencing memang tiada beza puak pendatang tak bertamadun ni dengan perilaku anjing & babi..serupa tetapi tak mengaku sama! krisis identiti..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  135. Bunnies4:37 pm

    There is nothing wrong with waving the keris. But when you wave the keris and shout slogan of racism filled with hate and killing, that's where it's so wrong. Deadly, terribly wrong! Yup, no matter who provoke what.

    Please get it right! It is wrong to kill for whatever reason. It is wrong to want to kill a certain race no matter what was the provocation. It is wrong to incite hate for mankind irrespective of color and race. It is wrong to instigate and work people up to hate enough to kill another human being whether he is black, blue, yellow or red.

    So, to those out there who think there is nothing wrong with waving the keris, I concur with you. But to those idiots out there who think there is nothing wrong with waving the keris and demand blood of a certain race all in the name of being provoked, I tell you this.. ISA is made for people like you! You need to be put in ISA! Your type is dangerous!

  136. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Hey don't talk about Palestinian blood or specific race's blood only. Any minority or powerless citizen would suffer under government or state which discriminates. You think only Muslim blood's are spilled in the world, many other religious believers face the same thing.Why don't you guys try to have universal views. Humans are can be evil but not God. So any religion or race can be guilty of evil things. Second, those who incite racist hatred (in the comment section)whatever your race are, doesn't deserve to be in this multi-racial country. I hope my comments will be published.

  137. Anonymous8:37 am

    Thank you for publishing my opinions sir. I'm not here to make enemies. I don't make enemies of each other just because we are of different races, religions and creeds. I'm a Bumiputera and I have my own beliefs and creeds. But doesn't mean I have to love my own and hate others. We are created not to hate one another but to know and love one another. Its always been said said USA, South Africa are racist country. Aren't we are becoming one too?