Sunday, June 14, 2009

1Indonesia's Pesta Blogger

1Spirit 1Nation. The logo and tagline for Indonesia's Pesta Blogger 2009 is very interesting, indeed. It's an attempt to brand the growing annual event and Indonesian bloggers as a unifying tool for theIndonesian people. The logo is not without its detractors, as blogger Ong in Jakarta points out here, but nowhere near the 1Malaysia concept that the Prime Minister is trying to push through.

Najib is beginning to get a pep talk from some bloggers about One Nation. Check out malaysiafriday at wordpress, for eg. In his Challenges of building the Malaysian brand, the blogger discusses the challenges facing 1Malaysia, including the need to get the private sector to take part.

Another blogger, Ninitalk, suggests that we learn from the experience of America's race relations. She says efforts to unite diverse communities with diverse needs remain a crucial part of the American dream as they are with the Malaysian one.

"America does this wisely and systematically through a common language, a common education system, a common constitution and law. Lately common national pursuits like the fight against terrorism and the pledge to uphold democracy at home and abroad have united the American people and given them a relevant impetus and a modern identity as a nation. "

Read the rest of Ninitalk's E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One)!, here.


  1. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Najib's One Malaysia is the BEST !!


  2. Anak Parit Buntar8:16 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    I'm sure many of us will agree with you if you also talk about abolishing NEP, quota to universities and other bumi-centric policies. In America, the Constitution guarantees freedom and equality to all Americans. In Malaysia we have institutionalised racist policies.

    So please be balanced and impartial in your opinion. Otherwise you are just another bigot.

  3. Anak Kulim10:41 pm

    Orang Parit Buntar.

    You can have the quota and policies clearly defined or you can have the discrimination entrenched in the mind but denied in public, the way business in done where one race dominates almost entirely
    At least when one party has economic power and another has political power, there is balance, if that one side has both economic and also political power, evero9ne who is not the same skin colour as them will suffer,

    are you the same skin colour as them?

  4. Anonymous12:30 am

    Anak Kulim,
    one has political power and one as economic power? are you sure that your "one" refer to all people in that ethnic group? not all malay have political power and not all chinese are rich, only a small portion in the group holding the power and make fool of the rest, looks like you are the one being fooled. Don't classify a big group by looking at the small portion of "celebrities"

    Anak Taiping

  5. Anonymous4:29 am

    Anak Parit Buntar

    Hmm.. balance ah. Dont seem to see this in your words nor actions. You don't seem to be keen enough to give the Bumis the confidence to do so as far as we can see. Are you also willing to give up your ethnic schools, China and India towns, employing only your kind, helping only your kind in business and economics, demanding temples at every nook and cranny, not torture Indonesian maids bcos they look, speak and sound like Malays and speak, read, write Bahasa like you were born here etc..etc..etc In short also stop being RACIST towards the Bumis in the first place because boy, who are we kidding here, don't we know what your race think about skin colors?

    Get real man, America is one of the racist country there is! How can you even begin to compare. In the first place the majority decides - they got their *national language* issue right a long time ago and everybody agreed to it. While we are still *nicely* trying to get you guys to accept the fact, yes,even after 50 years later, that in Msia you must speak Bahasa!! So YOU must be but just another bigot then too.


  6. Anonymous6:43 am

    WOW Rocky! Visits to my blog shot up 3fold with this plug you've so kindly given me. Thanks so much!

    In order for One Malaysia to be convincing and accepted as the national vision/philosophy it has to be clearly structured and explicated much like Vision 2020.

    How the concept is to be translated by the different sectors/stakeholders in the community must be described. Time frames must be given.

    All this must be printed into a booklet and circulated nationwide. Only then will the rakyat be clear as to what is expected of them.

    We all want to make this work! Even the sceptics, cynics and dissenters in our midst must surely admit they don't want Malaysia to go down the drain after we've worked so hard to get where we are!

    Instead of harping on past mistakes, misdeeds and misappropriations why can't we move on and make this a new phase in the nation's history - the phase of consolidating our resources, our strengths and our talents for our own good!

  7. Anonymous7:21 am

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  8. Anonymous10:17 am


    To the Chinese that keeps on harping on NEP and bumiputera rights, why not migrate (which a lot of people do) or convert to Islam. Alternatively, those who do not want to convert, get married to Sabahan/Sarawakian natives or people of Portuguese descent. Then voila, your kids get Bumiputera rights.

    Racism exist everywhere. Stop harping and deal with it. If you do not like the system, migrate. If you don't have the means to migrate, play the rules and find the loopholes.


  9. Anonymous10:38 am

    Najib's 1Malaysia means only 1 race can steal, the rest must shut up. The rest will get some crumbs, that's guaranteed.


  10. Anonymous11:34 am

    Dear Anak ParitBuntar,

    i like the US constitution. It allows so much freedom, so much so that the KKK and another white supremecist group, White Aryan Resistance (WAR), are guaranteed the freedom to preach hate against anyone who is not white. And you can buy guns from Walmart. The constitution allows the citizens to carry arm.

    i am waiting for DAP and Pakatan Rakyat to introduce that sort of freedom here. I want to preach hate against people that i don't like, and i want to do it under the protection of the constitution. By the way, i hate chingkies who proclaim that they are citizens of this country, but can only speak mandarin, but cannot speak bahasa. And I hate ah bengs who race on the road too.

    If Mydin stores are allowed to sell guns, then that's better.


  11. Why is Najib so keen and agreed on LKY third link proposal?.His keeness on the porposal is faster than Speedy Gonzales!. Have we forgotten, the crooked bridge?. How singapore at one glance dismissed the propossal for a straight bridge replacement and our dear DR M has to opt for a crooked bridge. What is wrong with replacing the old casueway?
    Is there something going on we Malaysia are not aware of?. Najib should be patiance and made a carefull assesment whenever such proposal is made especially by Singapore and avoid offending the people especially the Jpohorians since it have a great impact on them. In the first place are the Johorian agreed and happy with the third link proposal. In fact Datuk Sharir says 'no need for a third link'. Have we forgotten the chronicle of Wilayah Iskandariah? Are we allowing Singapore to dictate us? Are we in a 'bodeking' mood to Singapore. Whatever they proposed is good and what ever we proposed goes into their rubbish bin. Are we moving toward merging Singapore and Malaysia into one country knows as 'Confederate of SIngapore and Malaysis'. Of course the confederates cannot be known as 'Confederates of Malaysia and Singapore'. Dear PM Datuk Najib, what ever you do and decide are watch by us Malaysian who will then decide if you and your party are fit to lead Malaysia after PRU13.

  12. Will Najib one Malaysia ended like AAB Islam Hadhari?. Do we really need 1Malaysia or a Bangsa Malaysia. I dream of Malaysia without Malays, Chinese, Indian etc but 'Bangsa Malaysia'

  13. Anonymous1:13 pm

    racist tu kira ok lagi la

    tapi menipu dan kulit tebal lagi bahaya tau.

    nak buat macam mana ye tak?

    dah keturunan dia macam tu tapi bukan semua, majoriti nya....


  14. Anonymous1:19 pm

    ohhh terlupa,

    `We know why, the chingkies want to get their hands on Petronas: plunder its wealth and pauperize it just as the Lims, the Tiens, the Bobs had done to Indonesia'

    `More importantly, we, Malays, know how the Chingkies worked hand-in-glove with the Brits and indigenous Chingkie lovvas to plunder our other mineral, tin, to fatten their bank balances, finance...'

    my salute to warrior 321,

    kita berjuang pertama demi Agama, kedua Bangsa dan ketiga Negara.

  15. Not enuff wann?2:40 pm

    I sure am agree with Anak Parit Buntar, there, the original indigenous people, the red indians are reduce to living in whatcamacallit ? reservations . how about we make reservations here ? heck no, everybody entitled to land.. so no need ,, now what else we wanna copy from US of A ?

  16. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Najib's 1Malaysia means only 1 race can steal, the rest must shut up. The rest will get some crumbs, that's guaranteed.


    Not only that, the pendatang race also need to spare their assholes for the local race to shoved their stilletto boots until the day they understand what is meant by 1Bahasa-Kebangsaan and 1Sekolah for demanding more than what they can bargain for...tolerancy already come to its end..and with the current progress that's also guaranteed..

    until that day come, do not expect too much, ok piggyboys..godfucker..shit..your God got father..damn..I'm Luke Skyfucker..fuck you, go to hell, try Indonesia if you think your type can feel more like home there..let them throw you a warm homecoming party like they do it in Medan history, whom bring whom to where to steal what from whom with the help of whom and how? hahaha..tengok cermin lah mafucker!

    p/s: Freedomlover.. spot on bro! the name of the so called western freedom, how i wish the guns were in the hand of the pekida..let these racist fuckatan goons have the overdozed medicine that they tried to prescribe for this nation..fucking morons..even Iraq were still far better off under Saddam compared today.. The mafuckers always preaching something that is beyond their own understanding..such typical pigbrains.. fuck them all! hahaha..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  17. Better to compares with Thailand and Singapore when it comes to building a national race. Racial harmony is a must , all Malaysians must be Malaysian at heart and soul.

    It is of no help to have racially divided political parties and certainly it is of no help to remind the citizens that they are from different origins.
    It further erodes when royalties stepped in to remind about "social contract" , Malay's special rights and now recently bringing up Chin Peng as an issue when it was long settled and done with.
    If politicians and royalties cant look further beyond those , forever this country will consist of racist and religious bigots.
    A good attempt by a certain royal that questioning the Malay scholarship quota is an attempt to challenge the royals and constitution.
    Our constitution was raped long time ago. Hundreds of times as a matter of fact.
    Is this the 1Malaysia that we want?
    Or is this 1Malaysia is just another temporary product while wasting time.
    Until now, i still cant figure out what is 1Malaysia. Are we coming or going?

    NEP we still need it. We need the original NEP which was pure and wholesome back then.
    It helps anybody and everybody whom are poor.It was meant to be colour blind.
    Not the present NEP which is pure nonsense and spinned by just a single entity by pure greed.
    Lets points out the pros and cons with good sense.

    Bru, why dont you list out what is 1Malaysia for all to understand.

  18. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Excerpt --
    "She says efforts to unite diverse communities with diverse needs remain a crucial part of the American dream as they are with the Malaysian one."

    Mr. Rocky,
    Difference is "The American dream do and can come true."
    Can Bolehland measure up to the American dream?

  19. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Anak Parit Buntar, you sounded like my neighbor who says that America is so 'bagus'. Barang murah, minyak murah, rumah murah, betina pon murah kat sana. Inginkan freedom, entah macam mana punya freedom yang dia inginkan lagi. Kot2 freedom anak2 dia bagi &^%$# 'free' agaknya, tengok dia suka ke tidak. Kena tipu terang2 masih tiada kesedaran. Bangsa pendengki dan tidak tahu bersyukur. Equality, my *&^%, I've work over there, I know.

  20. ZZZZ..zz..Z8:54 pm

    Bear in mind, prior to the Vietnam War, America was an incredibly racist country. More so than Malaysia and it required a war they eventually lost to break down the barriers. In the case of Malaysia, the barriers are actually down, but the people are resisting. I suppose it means we need our "Vietnam War" to make things happen. So if anybody is under the illusion America had an easy way out, the last lynching occured in 1998, when 2 white supremacist lynched a black man. Also, where were the people when the country had 8.0% growth year in year out? It seems so as long as the pie keeps growing no one cared about the pie. Now that the pie is growing smaller everyone suddenly cared. Chinese claim NEP is bad because while they're share of the pie is still large, the pie has grown smaller. Malays cry foul of Chinese complaining about NEP because suddenly they realize their share of the pie is small. So how so you solve it? Find the middle ground. A common ground everybody can agree. Its a little like what is happening to Microsoft. When they were small no one cared. When they succeeded, they get hit by anti trust. Also Intel. Intel became the world's largest chip maker then gets hit by anti trust. But what did either do? They say ok, let's work something out. We should all do the same.

  21. Anonymous9:10 pm

    yes fight and fight....plz fight with guns or at least parang and i will go and steal things...make myself more richer...LOL
    Anyway when the FCUK all you people going too kill each other???Bastardd keep on talking again and again??
    Again if dont want to fight then solve or find solution.....Malaysian Bastardd
    haris says...

  22. Anonymous12:55 am

    migrate is a way to run from problem la you idiot, those rich taukeh cina migrated, look at robert kwok, he is now enjoying flow of wealth from malaysia while he sleep in hong kong, you are still sleeping, ah?

  23. Rocky, to blog on LKY visit.When are you going. Malaysian Insider have been posting LKY expectations and it lookis like they will be distating us just like AAB era. Here my comment in Malaysian Insider'

    LKY is a smart guy and in Malaysia DR M is the only one on par with him. The rest inclusive curren PM and cabinet mister plus the oppsosiiton leaders 'your brain is up in your head not beneth your foot'.
    'The two iconic projects are the Iskandar Malaysia economic corridor and a third bridge between the two countries'
    'He cited Malaysia's ban on sand exports to Singapore as an example of how cooperation had not been across the board under former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad'
    He vicious as ever. What ban on sand export can effect co operation ?. SIngapore knew that by expanding their land they are affecting the environment and changing the 'sea border' , I would like to proposed that selat Johore to be reclaimed with land so that it will be land that link us no more bridege. We can scraped the third link idea, demolished the causeway and the second link. This will make both leader live 'happily ever after'. As like Iskandariah, we can let Singapore lead the development on the new reclaim 'selat Johor; land.. Mr LKY, you are lucky we are not mean to cut the water supply even Singapore is paying the cheapest ever tarif in the world, even Malaysian couldnt enjoy it, becasue Malaysian are warm hearted.

  24. Anonymous10:38 am

    (10:38am)Just like your idol LKY's Singapore eh Godfather? only the other way round. Bloody C****#kie!

  25. Anonymous2:59 pm

    what NEP?
    i dont know if NEP exists anymore..

    my friend application for MARA study loan just got rejected recently.

    MARA claims they dont have anymore allocation from govt thus they have to reject MORE bumi study loan application. last week I read in Utusan, a mother complain about his son failure to get MARA study loan, and they are poor ppl. so, same situation like my friend. Her father is a pensioner. So, if no MARA loan, how to study?

    Since 27 service sector just got liberalised and MARA dont have anymore allocation for study loan, so what else we have in NEP? discount to purchase house?

    something is very very wrong happen now.. so, warrior and ultra, what is your comment about this?

    yg benar
    Melayu terkilan.

  26. Anonymous4:54 pm


    *Najib's 1Malaysia means only 1 race can steal, the rest must shut up. The rest will get some crumbs, that's guaranteed.*

    Yeah la, they steal , want all, evade taxes, suap sana sini,now wiping out our hutans clean smuggling wildlife even as we speak, never satisfied, must eat every bloody thing that moves. Then they own just about every commercial buildings there is in the land, developers are always their kind. Top millionaires in the country consist of their race, these poor honest bastards and their crumbs!

    Godfather is a Bigot! Dengki kat Melayu!

  27. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Anonymous 8.41
    C'mon la,such a drool, this is not all true, you know that unless of course you've never seen up close the other side of the US. They too are doing it by leaps and bounds while we still have to deal with a bunch of ingrates who can't seem to get over their obsession with their so called cultural superiority and refuse to assimilate. Ah, but the grass is always greener elsewhere. Its simple really -you don't like it here, you move baby. So how to be united with your kind of thinking? Even after abolishing the NEP, you guys will come up with something to whine about.Nothing is ever good for you unless its dominated by your kind, Unless its yellow or white its never good enough for you guys. Thats the trouble when you worship and see the $$$$$ in everything.


  28. Rocky,
    Walau apa dan bagaimanapun...tahniah! Bukan mudah mengharungi segala rintangan yang datang. The sweet comes with the bitter.
    I am sad when I read your blog. There is so much pain and hatred here. Let us all as one nation try to do something about living in peace instead of trying to kill one another. WE must or else we WILL perish as a nation!

  29. Anonymous7:08 pm

    You guys get so much crumbs - wanna trade places? Take that island down south for one. Man,if I have an island all to myself I think I can do just like that robber Apek if not better I'm sure. You asked my innocent great-grdpa first or not when you came over and help yourselves to the tin-mines and enrich your families and triads,if not its called STEALING la. So how about trading one of those modern chinkgie-owned buildings all over KL, Pulau Penang and the pekans. How about some timber land in East Malaysia that you are helping to wipe off the map ? Or we can also talk about how you poor,innocent guys got hold of these lands? Still tak puas ah? How about the STEALING and SMUGGLING of truckloads of the Malaysian wildlife to chinkgie land? Also can share your special prices in your contracts and dealings with us or not? Then there is the grab-every-land for-temple-construction schemes think we don't know ah? So how, mindset like yours,playing the victim,ignore facts and demanding change?

    Apa kesah Spura ada air ka tidak! Keep the price, grade it, turunkan je quality like everywhere else in this world, pay for it cos we have to look for and maintain the sources too.Kira environmental preservation charges.


  30. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Now it is no longer “malaysians”, BUT “MALAY-SIANS”……..Dr. Mahathir started it, the MCA cows have picked it up and MCA`s Star follows:

    “If there are distortions, Malay-sian children will not have proper understanding of the country’s struggles for nationhood and nation-building,” she added.

    That is 1Malay-sia now. Enjoy.
    “Pendatang” are hyphenated to impose the UMNO Apartheid policy and MCA. MIC, dll agree.


  31. Anonymous10:10 am

    Najib's 1Malaysia means only 1 race can steal, the rest must shut up. The rest will get some crumbs, that's guaranteed.


    so you are hiding here, you pabuggered, grandpacumhosed shit. Who do you think you are godfuckedfather to cast aspersions at us Malays in your trademark asinine throatrammed cumdrunk manner. Get this straight, fuckhead:

    1. The chingkie bastards (slang) had robbed and plundered Tanah Melayu's wealth and fattened their pig girth on the spoils for 137 years since the scum set foot here in numbers circa 1820. come to think off it, it should be 446 years ever since a chingkie pariah loaned his junk to the Portugezeers in 1511.

    2. in return for all that "convivial empathy" for the natives, we , the natives are going to rob back all the wealth you own for the next 394 years to equalize things up bastard brickhead, arsetorn, twatvacuuming trannie of a bitch (TOB)and once thats over and done with, we are gonna load you up in them tongkangs and send you back to old chingkeland with your eunuch chingkie lovvas as oarsmen to be slaughetered as traitor pigs by Mao's greatgreatgreatgreatgreat grandson of a bitch.

    The same applies for them fuckedup hindulens but for this species there will be a shorter duration for there is nothing much to take anyway.

    Now comatose, cum swamped, brainfucked, arse digged and arsewhoring. twatsmooching scum, get the hell outta here for son is waiting for more instructions.....hahahaha! LOL

    P/S: You want to avoid that, father of gawd....get son to inform the chingkies to pay an immediate compensation of RM1 trillion for your past pillage...

    Warrior 231