Friday, June 19, 2009

The Malay Mail, 19 June

A bridge that makes no Sands. My first front page as The Editor of The Malay Mail is on why the proposed Malaysia-Singapore third link is NOT going to happen. If Singapore really wanted to have the bridge, Lee Kuan Yew would not have brought up the issue of sand.


  1. Anonymous12:17 pm

    a tight slap on the face of the PM.

  2. Bru, as much we want to move forward (we meaning the young generatio, which also includes Najib and Hsien Loong) its the older ones who want the old matters resolved. Hence the yes from the PMs of both countries and neighs from the other two main stars as depicted by your cover poster.

  3. Tahniah Sdr Rocky's Bru.

    I pray that the MM will recover and do well under your leadership.

    As the proposed Third Bridge, we must take heed of the Sultan's titah.

    Ours is a power sharing among the Malay Rulers, the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary.

    There should be mutual respect among these four branches.

    It is only logical to expect the head of the executive to mengadap not just the King but all the Malay Rulerd upon taking office.

    Back to the MM, I hope you'll continue the crusade for the common men (and women).

    KL is full of foreign beggars, conmen and criminals. They even beg at traffic lights. We're looking and feeling more and more Third World by the day. Rubbish is everywhere. Crime is rampant.

    Drains are clogged. Mark my word. After a long drought and when the rain comes, there will flash floods.

    So Bru, your responsibility is heavy. But I know you're up to the challange.

    Thank You.

  4. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Najib is a wimp PM. Even against the sleepy Pak Lah he couldn't open his mouth to reject. What with the Sultan of Johor?

    LKY should have visited the Johor Sultan but instead he chose Nik Aziz and the others.As long as LKY is alive Malaysia will never get a good deal on anything.

    Tun Mahathir will never want to have anything to do with Singapore. What is wrong with Najib? If he still pursue Pak Lah's policy UMNO will reject him.


  5. Anonymous1:21 pm

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  6. Anonymous1:21 pm

    congrats Bro rocky

    its nice to read that kadir jasin has confidence in you for the challenges ahead. it is sad that all these challenges is partly and to some people largely due to the incompetent kadir is. incompetent to uphold the principles of journalism by bowing and working hand in hand with his political masters especially mahathir and daim.

  7. Anonymous1:43 pm

    I think Najib must have pissed off Madey, Rocky, when you expect Najib to step down ??

    The same 'modus operandi' like before....Najib is going to have the same fate as Pak Lah, with Rockybru leading the attack team !!

    Stay safe Najib...


  8. Anonymous1:47 pm

    I mean honestly, you lot seem obsessed with prolonging old quarrels and perpetuating this Us Against Them mentality. You talk of embracing the new, accepting change and yet you lot just love to stir up whatever's thats negative about the two countries' relationship. Get over it! It's old!
    I'm not a fan of Najib but at least he is trying to enhance diplomatic ties with important neighbours!
    We have so many more other problems. This is infuriating.

    - exasperation -

  9. Anonymous2:18 pm

    lets boycott this chinese racist state...
    say no to racist says

  10. Anonymous2:18 pm

    I totally agree with Datuk Kadir Jasin. KL is beginning to look more like a Third World backwater. Just take a walk around Brickfields (all overlah, not just the places Najib went to) and you will see what I means. Mind-boggling traffic conditions, rubbish all over the place, dirty eateries, suspicious looking foreigners and locals too. Brickfields is going to the dogs. Saudara Rocky, could you please do a "focus on Brickfields" where you can get a one or two reporters and pixmen to look at the "real Brickfields" and not what they showed Najib. Go to the lorong-lorong and backstreets. Please help us open the eyes of the authorities. We, the original residents of Brickfields know Malay Mail, the paper that cares can do it. Please dont ignore this humble appeal. We don't know who else to turn to. The best joke is that there is a police station and DBKL office in Brickfields but nothing ever happens. Thank you.

    Desperate in Brickfields

  11. Congrats bro, the 19 June front page kind of cover will be good for MM. Hope you will take MM to better times.

    Najib should have spoken to the DYMM Tuanku Sultan of Johor before he moot this third bridge idea in Singapore. DYMM knows best the pulse of the people in Johor.

  12. I think pm will fall sooner and maybe even worse than pak lah last with his issues doesn't settle yet.If he want the people to choose him as a leader,the first thing he must do is to tell the truth about everything that this country has done.
    Let the people decide about him as we still live in democracy...
    Am i right?

  13. Daulat Tuanku,I support the unnecessary third bridge. When does our politician stop to listen the Isreal (well spore is israel proxy in SEA? From the 3 cent water issue, to the polluted tambak & selat johor and now is the sand issue. The LKY worshipper also hail the leadership of this senile old man, whereas Singapore will not become advance country with the help of Isreal. Pemimpin Islam especially weak UMNO leader harus bertaubat.

  14. Bru

    It might be worth checking out whether there is any other country in the world that needs three toll paying bridge/road links to its island neighbours for such a small population.

    Also, how about MM doing an expose on the illegal DBKL stalls that spring up every festive season in Masjid India,Brickfields and all over KL. The corruption by the little Hitlers is outrageous & horrific. It should be stopped!

    Outsyed has made an issue of this again at:

    Outsyed had 'briefed' the new FT Minister, Dato Raja Nong Chik about a week ago in our company.

    I also suggested the Minister look into turning KL in fairly quick stages into a completely wireless city similar to the initiative taken by LGE in Penang.

    I'm sure public support for it will be overwhelming, if a contract by open tender is awarded to private sector companies which will find the means to finance it 100% from advertising revenue.

  15. mat t3:41 pm

    a kadir jasin if memory serve's me well rocky is a journo not the mayor,As a journo why don't you address the problem to the mayor or is that guy also stupid.

  16. Anonymous3:42 pm

    I am not sure if your duty at this media is going to work because the control rests ultimately with the politicians as this is still controlled by a political party holding power in the government of the day

    Regards, trekks

  17. Anonymous3:52 pm


    Will start buying MM today. A good start. Congrats.

    Nik Farhan

  18. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Congrats Rocky, nice cover and nice article.It was a self abortive wishful venture right form the word go and with LKY wilfully strewing sandy obstacles along its path, it was merely a question of time when the inbuilt contraceptive would activate itself and jettison the fetus.

    That the final blow came form the Johore palace is redolent with many coiledup echoes waiting to vibrate out into ether. Najib choose a path of seeking rapproachment with the local chingkie (through his services liberalisation, less curtailment of freedom, the more embracing stance of 1Malaysia and other forms of overtly courting the local chingkie populace ). He has tried to butteress that with that regional pow-wow in Spore and the East Asian convivial with China, both chingkie dens.

    Sadly, he miscalculated as the chinkie is not buying his wares for its drunk on its arrogance that it has the Malays on the backfoot and they are there for the taking. BN easily forgets the fact that if not for the Malay vote remaining solid in Pahang, Johor, NS, Malacca, Terengganu, Perlis and to lesser extent in pockets of Selangor and Perak, the humiliation would have been even more jarring. then there is the fact that there about 120 Malay majority seats up for grabs. I you atke back 100, the equation changes as allegiances are not cast in stone.

    Sometimes, I wonder what their political strategists are made of. Do they analyse voting trends, do they look at electoral maps showing wide swaths of BN territory speckled by a few green and light blue south of Kedah and Kelantan, do they ever really analyse local petiundi trends etc?

    Fact remains, hobbled though it was by a nincoompoop of an idiot, it still garnered 30% of the popular vote, about 55% of BN' total share, had 79 seats (only trumped by 3 if PR is counted as one!) and took the malay vote in 3 of the last 4 byelections it contested
    (Batang Ai excluded).

    So why does it not do the obvious, strengthen the Pribumi hand which will bring the chindian dog to heel. When i first postulated 1Pribumi, it seemed a bit absurd but thats the reality facing us today and Karim Raslan is not far from realising that:
    maybe just maybe, a lot of Malays have given up even before it has begun but obviously they are unaware of the nature of the menace at the gates.

    Warrior 231

  19. Anonymous4:11 pm


    Your headline and the masthead shown do not match.

    Which is which now?

    Is it The Malay Mail or just Malay Mail? One is definitely more lembek than the other.

    Congratulations on your first direct contribution to The paper. Now, you owe me 2 teh tariks.

  20. Anonymous4:27 pm


    Simply put it why some of us are not happy with this 3rd bridge thing.
    LKY mooted the idea for the bridge for Spore.I repeat he mooted the idea.If he mooted and Najib agrees with a condition of the land supply ban.Why the proposer who need the bridge setting the condition?Does not that deal sound funny? We should be demanding not them.
    On the lighter note,I would rather my leader only supply half of Johor water to Spore and the balance with IWK waste pipe link directly to them.For FREE. Maintaining IWK treatment sewarage is not cheap and they boasted during their National DAY parade some years back that that have membrane tech by Hyflux to purify with minimum cost.Free man,ambillah hahah.

    Cant agree more Dato Kadir and Donplaypuks more attention should be given to KL deterioting condition.

    Jamal JB

  21. It is a known fact that the third bridge will kill Pasair Gudang Port, MMHE and many other maritime facilities along that straits. Istead of spurring economic activites it will become security threat to the nation. Studies have been made on this issue before and it's a known fact by many. We don't need another study or any expert to tell us on the implications of the third bridge.

    The Sultan of Johor did the right thing in objecting to the proposal and as a Johorian i fully supported HRH.

  22. Malay Mail looks good..again. tq bro

  23. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Dear bro Bru..,

    The issue is not 3rd,4th,5th or how many bridge will be sign of MoU. The point is the causeway must be open then our submarine can control both of sea side quickly enough. Najib also deny there is no conclusion yet about this 3rd bridge. But in another hand our media report that Msia & Sigpore agree to build 3rd bridge. Which one is true. So guy remember this is our PM first flip-flop...and it will be counting

  24. Anonymous6:26 pm

    I agreed with the HRH Sultan of Johor's perintah (perintah and decision are two different thing).

    There's no need for a third bridge. We don't need to be skunked easily by allowing easy passage for their tanks to cross over in times of war.

    -daulat tuanku.

  25. Mazlan6:26 pm

    I am amazed why Najib even considered the idea in the first place? the 3rd Bridge location made no sense economically. It made sense to property speculators and contractors who would be involved - and maybe they had a hand in both Najib and LKY's pocket.

    I would disagree with Warrior231 point on 'Chinkies' as he referred to. Sure, LKY is ethnic Chinese, but many Malaysian Chinese I know are not fans of LKY due to his brutal and arrogant 'know-it-all' attitude. I worked with some Hong Kong clients and they never have a nice word to say about him as whenever he gives talks in China and HKG he lectures them as well, which does not go down well. Frankly I find HKG a more relaxed and less anally retentive place then Singapore.

    Anyway on the same subject and Warrior; I dont want to get into a venomous debate but I think as Malays we have to stop looking to place blame on other races in the country regarding any problems faced by our community. Many of the issues we face are universal - such as poverty, lack of economic opportunity, education and crime. There is also the frustration that legitimate issues are not being resolved. In my mind the Malays have been betrayed by the Malay leaders we have entrusted our vote to since independence, particularly in the last 25 years.
    And it is not the opposition to be blamed - but UMNO itself.
    And this is why I think when we go on about how the Chinese and non-Bumis we miss the point. and not all Chinese are well off either. Many non-Bumis are living below the poverty level as well.
    Our so-called leaders have been enriching themselves and their cronies and virtually telling the rest of us to screw ourselves.

    The whole 3rd Bridge Thing is symbolic of this. Here we see Najib bending over to LKY and treating him as someone who has pearls of wisdom for us.
    Singapore may be efficient - but is a Lee family business and a joke as a democracy; and we dont need his advice on these matters - unless we all want to live in a state of fear.

    The sooner we as Malaysian started tackling the socio-economic issues affecting us and start to take our failed leaders to task the better.

  26. Crime is rampant in KL! Snatch thefts, Day Light robberies of the Parang kind and white collar crime. Another classic are The Metal Thieves. If you ever get caught in a traffic jam on Jalan Mahameru, take a look at the guard rails. Most are missing the supports and the rails are resting on the grass. I am sure this is done under the cover of darkness. If nothing is done about it, they will show up during the day and cart away the rails on a truck during rush hour traffic.

  27. Buyong7:33 pm

    I will start buying malay mail from now on!!!

  28. Mr EWoon asks,

    "Is it The Malay Mail or just Malay Mail?"

    -- I'll heed to your advice. It will be The Malay Mail, soon. TQ.

  29. benedict8:55 pm

    In Rocky We Trust!

    Go Malay Mail Go!

  30. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Even their strategic team members are busy pocketing what is left. Where got time to provide strategies for their political masters.

  31. Anonymous10:35 pm

    En Ahirudin,

    It's simply good manners i reciprocate your formal address.

    Thank you for taking heed to my humble suggestion. i was not expecting a giant of an editor of the country's oldest newspaper would be 'listening' to a small man in the street like me.

    Anyway,i do feel honoured somewhat (though wondering whether i should raise an invoice for the unsolicited con-sultancy work ... hey, isn't this how business used to be conducted by those ethos slimes and why should it be any different now, more so with honest professionalism? *cough, cough*)

    Remember also to heavy up on the type's weight too. The Malay Mail is no apologist, pipsqueak, certainly no wrist-limper. It does not hide behind anybody's skirt like what the former ular chapy used to do with the slumbering old flip-flopper and will sock it to anybody the way it is, as is, without fear or favour. The Malay Mail, supremely so, should carry itself with authority. But without being overbearing, patronising. The Malay Mail should be feared by the powerful and corrupt; endeared by the weak and disenfranchised. It's the friendly giant (ahem, someone familiar does come to mind) every evil-doer loves to hate quaking in their pants.

    Ah, The Malay Mail. Authority, justice, comfort have returned.

    En Ahirudin, should you feel the invoice thingy a little too forward ... froward ... whatever ... perhaps you can agree to something a little more palatable. The count is defintely more than 3 now and we are certainly not talking teh tariks.

    What say you, sir? Shuck, the heat these days does a quench seek.

  32. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Saya dah mula beli dan baca balik MM mulai hari ini.

    -tukang perati

  33. Anonymous11:39 pm


    Just a favor if you able to expose.I am helping occasionally to help bring papers of widows,uneducated with papers to apply for PPRT in KL.It does bring joy to me when some managed to move in.There is no money in it simply the joy in seeing those happy eyes.
    But what iritates me are those buggers who abuse the concern on the governmnet by rent over rent over rent those much needed houses.In sentul near ong tai kim there the 'rent' shot up till RM500.00 a flat. When the tenants should be more to urban poor,disabled etc , you see college students renting there.

    Just to share with everyone , 3 of my friends just lost their car in KL this month,and dont laugh , one of them own a 97 Kancil.

    As for the bridge,I should be happy by now any LKY inclined plan dont work.But for Sporean tourists,you much still welcome to shop till you drop accross the causeway and second bridge.To Desaru , please enjoy using tebrau highway , passing by relaxed Kota Tinggi all the way to Desaru.We are fine if you wish to be kiasu by opening your wallet or signing cards.
    If Najib intend to mend things now , spending the money back into micro credit loan to hard hit small traders would be a good move.Or maybe work out too the losses Johorean felt with ASJ and Dana Johor.

    Jamal JB

  34. Anonymous12:29 am

    The Front Cover ---- remind me of the popular NEW THRILL. Will MM turn to one under RBru?


  35. Bro,

    I've asked my office to start buying the MM again. With a page one like this, it's only a matter of time before the MM flies again. Syabas!

    pahit manis

  36. @Mazlan 6:26 PM
    Quite a few things that I share with Mazlan. One of them is this tendency to use terms like "Chinkies" etc that are certainly disrespectful, and might be derogatory too on another race. If they referred to mine, I won't be pleased about it, to put it mildly.

    "Like what"? Well, like what you see at MalaysiaToday and Malaysian Insider; and is creeping into MalaysiaKini too - the last one which had often prided itself on being `fair' - by some "mnatae" types whose sole purpose in life is to click on the vote Up or Down buttons of comments.

    Let's just limit this swinish use of terms to these cretins. For one thing, it only dilutes whatever legitimate points one says. At least that's how it works with me - write with an imbecile's terms and I'd just treat everything else written as being worthless - and that includes of the writer too.

  37. eWoon's suggested you add "The" to the "Malay Mail".

    Could I suggest that you change from "Your Voice for 113 years" to "A Voice for 113 years" ... hehehe :) .

  38. Anonymous1:22 pm

    one look at the MM front page makes me think that it's a poster for a new war movie in town. It looks so frivolous and childish, one would not believe it's a newspaper. If that's the new standard of MM, then I'm sorry it has got a long ROCKY road to travel.

    Dirt Road Rider

  39. @A Voice
    Both are spooky: "Your voice for 113 years" - I didn't know I'm that old.

    "A Voice for 113 years"...something haunting about this one in more ways than one. It's quite mysterious - only the voice is heard but with the figure never seen.

    @Ahmad A Talib
    Che Mat, bukan setakat beli semula - buat lah big spender sikit, order 200 daily distribute kat staff NSTP :-)

  40. electrocutioner10:15 pm

    ahhh A Bridge Too Far.. love the movie againts its historical backdrops. Nostalgia for those days at Asrama Doktor Latiff with the Kelab Wayang Gambar, showing the movie on a run-down projector.
    A bridge too far indeed

  41. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Sorry ! my boss just cancelled MM with our news vendor.When ask ed why? He says MM is all trash! And no news worth reading lor!


  42. TAHNIAH kepada otai XMC iaitu Rocky Bru dan Nuraina Samad kerana kembali ke media perdana sekaligus mengakhiri era blogger masing2. Mereka adalah insan XMC tulen yang sentiasa rendah diri dalam apa jua keadaan. Jika anda meragui kenyataan ini, cuba talipon mereka dan sebut anda warga XMC. Mereka pasti layan anda bagaikan saudara kandung - ikhlas dari RORO.

  43. nstman5:54 am

    Ahmad Talib, you say you want to subscribe to MM since Rocky is back in power. Well good. How about ordering 60,000 copies a day to show your love for MM. Surely that will be a big boost for the paper. Dont just talk, lah, Ahmad. Talk is cheap. And talking trash is even cheaper.

  44. Anonymous7:30 am

    Dato Bendahara you got ur datoship from the one of the philippines islands i talk of hate and but in between the lines your venom of hatred shows.

    if you are a sore loser and cannot accept defeat...just too bad.

  45. Anonymous7:47 am

    welcome home and congrats bro rocky....i fully agree with A Kadir Jasin.....Back to the MM, I hope you'll continue the crusade for the common men (and women).

    KL is full of foreign beggars, conmen and criminals. They even beg at traffic lights.....syndicates are importing old men/women from china....they are everywhere so much so they have become a nuisance to people who want to eat a peaceful meal.

    We're looking and feeling more and more Third World by the day. Rubbish is everywhere. Crime is rampant

    Drains are clogged and wasted food/rubbish are thrown into drains instead of using wastebins.....go to their kitchen and 'Yurk' they are so filty......the Health Ministry people are sleeping...kick them in the butt please!!!!!

    Yes, your responsibility is heavy. But I know you're up to the challenge.....tahniah once again bro.

  46. Anonymous11:38 am

    Part 1


    We come form diametrically apposite viewpoints that a dialogue is both academic and a waste of time. Be that as it may, let me clarify a few points.

    1. the term chinkie is part of the payback package for slurring the malay race, cuture, religion, with vile epithets. If you are so worked up over its use, you are free to scroll down to other comments that are amenable to your namby pamby chingkie patronising self or better still, go elsewhere and shaft some chingkie cock for keepsakes.

    2. The socio-historical data in 1957 will clearly attest chingkie supremacy over the economy.They had total command over the wholesale and retail sectors, a sizeable chunk in the banking sector, control over tin mining industry, sizeable rubber holdings and an ubiquitous middleman role in Malay peasant economic pursuits like fishing and paddy planting + they were living it up in the relatively well developed JB-Penang corridor in terms of road and rail links. All these were due to their preeminent status as the Brits blueeyed boys, their insouciant habit of sucking up to the Gwailohs and their adroit skill in turning once gangsta organisations into legitimate enterprises that is effectively a form of money, asset and reputation laundering rolled into one.(a classic example is outlined regarding Wong Ah Fook and the Ngee Heng in Johore in this ISEAS paper: "Continuity and Connectedness: The Ngee Heng Kongsi of Johor, 1844-1916" by P Lim Pui Huen,Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Spore,(2000) ISSN 0219-3582

    3. For the next 13 years, the bastards swaggered about like gangstas who even had time to engineer a secession (Spore 1965), 2 riots (the Chingay Riots of Penang 1957) and the 1967 Hartal Riots in Penang and finally his attempt at a coup d'etat in 1969
    (see no Bumi were involved in any of the pre-1969 thingies) when the Bumis decided enough was enough and the fuckhead chingkie squirmed back into his shell, humiliated to the core..Excerpts:

    1.Even at the eve of Independence, a spark during a Chingay procession in Penang in January 1957 caused Malay-Chinese rioting and shut down Penang for some 10 days.

    2.Worse was to come in 1967, when the devaluation of the Straits dollar led to the Hartal (an economic boycott) riots between Malays and Chinese, which ended with five people killed and 92 injured. As many as 1,600 persons were detained and at various points, Penang was on a 24-hour curfew. Lim Kean Siew, the Labour Party leader was among those detained. The ethnic tensions also spread to Perlis, Kedah and Perak where curfews were also imposed.

    3. Despite these fires, the political bargain between the ethnic communities seemingly held firm until the watershed event of May 13, 1969, which saw the worst outbreak of ethnic violence in the country todate. According to official figures, 196 were killed, 149 were wounded and many women were raped. There were 753 cases of arson and 211 vehicles were destroyed or damaged. An estimated 6,000 Kuala Lumpur residents — 90 per cent of them Chinese — were made homeless.
    Source: (Johan Abdullah : The Slide in Ethnic Relations" Aliran Publications)

    If, you follow the development linearly, the Chingay Riots of 1957, the Malaysian Malaysia incendiary rhetoric between 1963-1965,the Natrah incident of 1964, the Penang riots of 1967, the ramping up of the racial rhetoric post 1963, the infiltration of legit organisations by chingkie communists masquerading as benin socialists post 1960 were all part of the grand design for takeover attempt no 2 in 1969.

    Warrior 231

  47. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Part 2
    3. Having broadly sketched the chingkie quest for subjugation, allow me to address a couple of points regarding poverty and the supposedly negligence of the government in dealing with this issue. As space is limited, I will just provide a read that debunks your myth. Read the following paper:
    Ending Poverty and Rising Inequality in Malaysia - Trends over the Past 50 Years
    by Richard Leete (PhD) , UN Resident Coordinator
    UNDP Resident Representative for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam.
    2008-2009 MIER National Economic Outlook Conference on 27-28 November 2007 Kuala Lumpur

    focus on Bumi-Non-Bumi poverty levels and income equalities and come back to say whether the BN government has been sleeping on its arse particularly over the last 25 years (by the way, why the fixation over the last 25 years, you got something going there?).

    Regarding the second myth that socio-economic malaise cuts across racial boundaries, if the above facts do not satiate your cock lust for BN butt, why not read this scholarly paper :

    “The Determinants of Urban Household Poverty in Malaysia” by Mok, T.Y., C. Gan and A. Sanyal; Commerce Division, Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand

    where the authors have this to say:

    "Notably, the variable Chinese has a negative and significant coefficient. This suggests relatively higher employment and business opportunities for the Chinese compared to other races. Lim (1994) found that the incidences of poverty in three new Chinese villages were lower compared to the average for Peninsular Malaysia."

    Chingkie arseholes having a dime problem, my fart is more believable than that myth.

    Mazlan, if you wanna swim with your fakatan pomfret and be taken for a ride by them Chingkie sharks before being swallowed up whole, that’s your choice but the least you can do is to argue with facts rather than cloaking your agenda with false generalisations that will draw the oohs and aahs from your Chingkie masters.

    Warrior 231

  48. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Part 3
    Remember, the last time you engaged me, you spoke about your misgivings about the local education system. Fact is the chinkies and kelings were told in no uncertain terms to shut down their vernacular ghettoes in education and assimilate into the main stream as early as 1951 (Barnes Report)by their tuan british :

    “It was criticised by non-Malay communities as "saturated with Malay nationalism"[ and bolstering Ketuanan Melayu, an ideology of Malay supremacy. The Fenn-Wu Report, favoured by the Chinese, did not meet with Malay approval”.

    but they caviled like recalcitrant bastards and commissioned a “tok-tok chingkie” bastard (slang) to come up with his take on things (Fenn-Wu Report, 1951). What else will you get form an ex-Chung Ling old boy , Nanking Unversity alumni and Confucianism expert (source:…hahahahahaha LOL.

    Fact of the matter is that the Chingkies do not want to compromise for it would mean forever erasing their identity :

    Maybe you Malay lovvas of chingkie scum can learn a few things there. The fact that they (chingkies) will do their utmost to keep their own identity intact while doing their level best to strip off the robes of culture, language and religion from the Malays. And I am sure these chingkie lovva Malays love walking about in the nude cos it is liberal mah, the in-thing to do in the local climate and of course easily facilitates buttfucking, twatlicking, cuntshafting, arseramming, cumguzzling on a 24-7-365 mode , a sort of anywhere, anytime, anymood orgy. Enjoy it Mazlan and be prepared when your withered chancred body is thrown into a mass-burial pit like chicken carcasses ala Srebenica, Banja Luka et. al.,

    P/S: Do read my repartee to Shariff in a previous thread as to what your Chingkie’s gameplan is if you really bother, that is!

    P/S : Rocky, where is my repartee for that condescending Mat Cendana fuckhead, I sent it in around midnight yesterday?

    Warrior 231

  49. Rico Rempat7:19 pm

    Finally. Rocky has been rewarded for licking Barisan Nasional's ass by being made Editor!

    Tahniah and enjoy being in the dark side...

  50. Mazlan1:17 am

    Oh boy...Warrior..Warrior...
    I ask a simple question and open a debate and want to actually hear some valid points from you. But you just have to go down the road of vitriol and racial stereotypes. And why the fixation with ass shafting and cock sucking?
    If you cut out all that crap - then people may get your point.
    Do you really think you are getting your points across when you indulge in the venom and the stereotypes? And yes - there are some other playing the same venom game against you as well. But frankly you are indulging in it because you seem to enjoy it.....

    And you assume too much if you think I voted Pakatan at the last election as you don't know me at all.

    This whole idea that the Chinese are plotting against Malays and that somehow they are the obstacle to Malay socio-economic growth is a view to give excuses for failure of government policy.

    And do you really envisage this government and this Prime Minister (with his 1Malaysia slogan..whatever it means) to endorse your views?

    I am all for a single identity nation - an end to race based education and a non-racial based socio-economic policies.
    But this also means an end to insults on race and religion as well, from whatever quarter.

  51. Anonymous10:04 am

    warrior 231,the malayakie donkie inbreed result of unholy liasonie betwie his grankie and mumie strikie againie. hie hawie hie hawie hie hawie.
    doesn't make sense right?- well that is the only eway to talk to a donkie.

    you are just a chingkie (malayakie donkie assies linking chingkie who misguidedly cinta tanah melayu despite being screw by the bumiputra and deemed 2nd class fit only to be a mamak chauffeur)

    you think AA is your friend (liberal and non racist). a sincere friend indeed when he allows clowns and donkies like warrior 231 to post his kind of unprovoked shit here.

    warrior 123

  52. Anonymous11:44 am


    Warrior 213 intention is to provoke and instigate. Your good intention will go down the drain. I attached herewith his comment from an old thread.

    “Every culture has its ethnic origin……the gap between the Chinese and the barbarians is as wide as that between men and beasts” Zhang Binglin in his essay “Urgent Words(1903) from Sun Yat-sen by Marie-Claire Bergère, Janet Lloyd. And thus is revealed the primeval motivations that fuelled the founding father’s indefatigable quest. The fabled noble revolutionary who was, in reality, an opportunist marooned in a self made harbour of racial superiority and a hatred for fellow humans……

    The pyromania dickhead Warrior 231 wrote the above. Is it not selective pasting and fact twisting from one inveterate and egregious liar? First of all who is Zhang Binglin? Which year he wrote the above and in what context he makes use the word barbarians and beast? Listen here twat whore, it was during a period when China occupied by Manchu and invaded by the white bastard that brought along with them gun, warship, law and forcibly imposed their value on Chinese. Unlike the no dicknity satyromania dog who lick the Gweilo arse and swallow the Japs come throughout the period of their stay here in my country, we Malaysian with MARUAH will not hesitate to label any aggressor as barbarian and beast. Get a grip what is mean by MARUAH now?

    Warrior 213 understanding of China and Chinese history, culture and political evolution is merely at juvenile level. Hence take heed of our advice to stop the googling and pasting job and don’t shit garbage here in the hope to cover it up with profanities, racist remarks and filthy vocabulary from an old version thesaurus expecting everyone to overlook his lack of substance while presenting his garrulous viewpoint. Apabila banyak mencala orang, itulah tanda dirinya kurang. Ada Paham?

    Maruah? Racial superiority? LOL.


    PS// To know Chinese and our culture, read Lin Yutang, Qian Mu, Feng Yulan, and John Hobson. Zhang Binglin philosophical thought is too deep for one five years old.

  53. Anonymous1:16 pm

    The way warrior 231 writes reminds one of a fiction carried by Utusan about an opposition MP who was knocked off.

    Ninja Joe

  54. Anonymous1:51 pm


    Learn to address the issues like a man instead of a wankedup nut case of a pondan. Dont forget the fact that you once bemoaned about the vernacular schooling system and I get a zilch response from you on that despite the fact that the chingkie has always been historically against it.

    2. You dont deny the socio-historical realities. That is why even though I generally outlined the fact that the Chingkie comprador class totalitarian grip on the economy greatly facilitated their subsequent wealth acquisition and stii does, u fail to fathom that the government since the NEP has carved at least a 20-25% niche for the Maays despite being hamstrung by the chingkie comprador class as alluded clearly by the UNDP stats.

    3. u conveniently ignore the stats and articles on poverty i gave you cos they will slamdunk you out of your fantasy world through reality's hoop.Your fantasy being : the chindians are mired in poverty, a myth planted into your thought vacuumed cum splattered brain.

    So forget it if you wanna ad hominem me on my language. Its a convenient escape route for pigs like you to dive into once cornered with facts. Its time, you quit mentioning me in your comments for I neither ever invited you for a debate nor care what you think of my views. All i know is that chingkie lovvas like u are cockless trannies, disembowelled of themselves from their own nature.

    As for the other cockshafting shit yapping away like pariah assfucked mongrels, here is more shit for them to chew on, it sums up the chingkies in a nutshell, empty men caged in empty shells:

    1.China’s “century of humiliation” which lasted from the 1840s until 1949 plays a critical role in China’s dealings with the outside world as well as with Chinese identity itself. The exploitation of China by foreign powers during this period has helped spawn a national inferiority complex amongst many Chinese.

    2.The most critical element in the formation of China's modern identity has been the legacy of the country's "humiliation" at the hands of foreigners, beginning with its defeat in the Opium Wars in the mid-19th century and the shameful treatment of Chinese immigrants in America. According to Schell, "the process was exacerbated by Japan's successful industrialization. Tokyo's invasion and occupation of the mainland during World War II was in many ways psychologically more devastating than Western interventions because Japan was an Asian power that had succeeded in modernizing, where China had failed. This inferiority complex has been institutionalized in the Chinese mind."

    3. that China as a nation suffered from a huge inferiority complex.

    Jeremiah over at The China Beat has written a great piece which does a lot to explain this idea:

    Why does China care so much about its image? Well, its part of a long history to try and achieve equivalency, as Yan Fu once wrote (via the late Benjamin Schwartz) it's about the search for "wealth and power". In the dark days of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the struggle for national survival consumed Chinese intellectuals, many of whom were convinced that China's weakness would result in her passing into oblivion.

    Only inferiors will plot like maddogs pariah pigs to reap subjugation, and doesnt the pariah chingkie history in tanah melayu, malaya,later Malaysia reflect that obsession.

    Warrior 231

  55. Mazlan2:35 pm

    On issues of race I always refer to the fact that we are all equal in the eyes of the almighty Allah SWT. And we will answer for our misdeeds in the afterlife.
    I wonder what was it that made our friend Warrior so venomous?

  56. Anonymous3:56 pm

    To warrior 123 ...

    Oi brader, kalau tak tahu nak 'engage' tutup lah lombang tu di muka.

    i am no chinkie, I Am A Malaysian!

    It's a racist like you that screws up the world. If you don't really understand English, i suggest you come take some lessons from me so you don't make a fool of yourself.

    For you, the lessons will be free. On?

  57. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Because of people like Warrior 231, Malaysia is listed as one of those countries such as zimbabwe where prostituition & human smuggling are rampant


  58. Anonymous5:13 pm

    olang mati pon kena tarok dalam anam tingkat konkrik.


  59. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Najib should have 'menghadap' to the DYMM Tuanku Sultan of Johor before he moot this third bridge idea in Singapore.
    itu jambatan yang gantong kasi siap dulu lah!main pusing pusing loh!


  60. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Bila dah terlondeh seluar dalam dan terselaklah kain dalam cingkie bastard alpiukimak bangsati, maka melatahnya tak tentu arah. Cuba menutup kemaluan yang kecut berkurap ,bontot yang berkudis bernanah sayangs ekali tak terdaya!!.

    Bila terdedah bahawa hero2nya hanyalah bangsat cacamerba yang rasis lagi laknatullah maka mulalah ia mengamuk sakan bagaikan kerbau pendek yang tak keharuan.Tidak boleh gostan, kepala tersondol dalam lubang tahi kawannya, muka terpalit tahi meleleh tak kesudahan.

    Inilah cingkie bangsat pukimak bahlol yang cuba menutup diri yang penuh daki rasis, penuh tahi prejudis, budaya supramis lagi penuh kutu babi bangsat kalbu tercinta .

    Mamahlah ini wahai babi, aku bukan potong dan tekap kerana budaya aku yang agung serta halus santunnya pernah menukil: siapa rasa cili dia rasa pedas aku tambah ; siapa rasa dirinya babi mesti rimas bila dipulangkan paku serpih lagilah terlondeh.

    Hahahahahaha .......LOL. takbir!!!! Allhahu Akbar

    P/S Aku tak payah jadi upahan sesiapa, Itu kerja babi tidak bermoral dan bermaruah yang ingin menutup pekung. Ya babi yang tidak tahu malu dan sanggup ditibai berkali2 tanpa menjawab persoalan sebenar.Mengaku dengan wujudnya nukilan Zhang tapi tidak berupaya kerana berbabikan otak yang dangkal akal untuk menjawab dengan fakta. Maka nukilan kembali berkisar kepada "ad hominem" klasik seperti mana penjilat dubur kesayangannya, Mazlan al Chingkie Juburi Al Liwati. Cuba menipu dunia dengan tipu muslihat, tetapi Allah swt amat berkuasa mendedah muslihat babi:"


    :By that official account, Zhang Qian, a general of the Han dynasty, led a military expedition to Xinjiang in the second century B.C. His presence is often cited by the ethnic Han Chinese when making historical claims to the region.The mummies show, though, that humans entered the region thousands of years earlier, and almost certainly from the west.

    Lihat bagaimana sejarah menjadi ular putar belit babi...hahahaha LOL. Nah disajikan untuk santapan babi dan sipondan Mazlan:

    2.Taiwanese Aborigines have been defined by the agents of different Confucian, Christian, and Nationalist(Chingkie) “civilizing” projects, with a variety of aims. Each “civilizing” project defined the Aborigines based on the “civilizer’s” cultural understandings of difference and similarity, behavior, location, appearance and prior contact with other groups of people (Harrell 1995:5–20).

    3.The Han sailor, Chen Di, in his Record of the Eastern Seas (1603), identifies the indigenous people of Taiwan as simply (Dong Fan) 東番, or “Eastern Savage”,

    4.........retained a pejorative designation to signify the perceived cultural lacking of the non-Han people (Harrell 1995:19), (Diamond 1995:100). This designation reflected the prevailing idea that anyone could be civilized/tamed by adopting Confucian social norms (Crossley 1999:281–295; Dikotter 1992:8–9).

    Hahahaha...Cina babi bukan rasis? jawablah, wahai babi pondan tak berteluq yang dok menghisap batang Gwailoh semasa Tanah melayu dalam gengggaman penjajah.......walau apa tipu helah babi guna, akan terlondeh jua seluar khinzir tua.. bersama balaci barua pembersih pundek, penjilat dubur, penerima sondol, penghisap batang yang bernama Mazlan......kahkahkahkahkahah

    Warrior 231

  61. Hey, whadda we have here? I go for a break to Manek Urai & Perhentian come back we have our little friend tossing his scat over the place again.

    Mazlan, people like w231 cannot argue using things like "fact". So they resort to uber-long barrage of insults that make no sense. With all that obsession of fellatio & anal sex, one wonders if he's really not... er, straight.

    Its similar to some exotic species of South American (or African) monkey that... when cornered & unable to escape, resorts to shitting itself & rolling in its own excrement hoping its predator will feel disgusted & leave.

    BTW, our celebrated headcase has now decided to try take a swipe at Mat Cendana in return for his advice. Dr. Rocky, would you be kind to allow Patient Syamil his remarks towards Mr. Cendana, like you did with the others?

  62. Anonymous11:59 pm


    Some china in your blog want us to understand PRC culture and history here, PTUI!!! Which country you live? and the last time I check you denigrate Malay culture and can't even speak proper National Language and have the heart to ask us (while you come to our house!) about to understand your PRC culture and history! Should you start to learn the host's house rule first!


  63. Anonymous9:49 am

    Just curious why your language skill is not parallel with your logic mind huh? Didn’t I advise you to cease googling and stop using thesaurus?

    What you want me to do? To refute your point one by one again and you paste another ten and to no end? Hey, i am not a 5 years old and we don’t get much subsidise like you do. My point is you paste some rubbish here and start twisting fact with your presumption that probably caused by an appalling memory from your childhood, if that is the case, please go see doctor and don’t drop your shit here. Ada Paham?

    You don’t even know who is Zhang Binling right? Go go go goo goog googl google googlin and googling.


    PS// Advise your same kind Koku to get a grip on himself for both of you are way too old for me to be giving you English reading and comprehension lessons.

  64. Anonymous11:05 am

    To those who do not want the 3rd bridge !
    Better still close down the present two bridges and say no to all Singaporeans and their investments should come to Malaysia or Johore Bharu.
    See what will happen !

  65. Anonymous11:20 am

    Anonymous said...

    To those who do not want the 3rd bridge !
    Better still close down the present two bridges and say no to all Singaporeans and their investments should come to Malaysia or Johore Bharu.
    See what will happen !

    11:05 AM

    Dan potong saluran air ke Singapura. Tengok siapa yg kena!

    -tukang perati

  66. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Mazlan 2:35 PM said:
    On issues of race I always refer to the fact that we are all equal in the eyes of the almighty Allah SWT. And we will answer for our misdeeds in the afterlife.
    I wonder what was it that made our friend Warrior so venomous?

    Mazlan al Chingkie Juburi Al Liwati.. listen hear u pariah fuckhead..

    Why u need to jump with a looser pathetic stunt like that? You dare to drag Allah s.w.t into the issue? Last cheap resort to counter warrior 231 arguments..?

    Again listen here u chingkie lovva prostitute..since when u can view from the eye of The Creator? So.., now you can also dictate what Allah should selectively view, eh? Anything Fuckatan things is heaven and the opposites are damned to hell for eternity, eh? So damn sure & confidence. If everything with brain created for auto-run (-we will answer for our misdeeds in the afterlife scenario) why the hell Allah gave us The Book as a manual to learn & follow? Then, u be an animal for that preached what you'd wished for.. it seems u already mutated into sus-barbatu.. LOL!

    Your taking really make any sane muslim out there really piss off..hmm..maybe now some fuckhead chingkie might be thinking i'm a fanatic PAS goons when it come to religion, when it come to race i'm an UMNO..hahaha..Such typical people behave like unorgasm housewives..accusing the husband of having external affair..pity the fucking bitch! hehehe..

    Before you engage in your tarbiah dickhead..get your chingkie masters to believe in Allah first OK? and next, get their puny chingkie dick circumsized..can you do that for us? Prove your worth..You better do it bastard or else i'll come ramming your asshole with a coconut trunk..

    p/s: For once mazlan.. stop being a pathetic melayu pariah... such a disgrace.. you sold your maruah & now Islam.. just like a prostitute... get a mirror moron!
    p/s2: As usual here, i can see similar & typical Schlitzauge Bozgor - sliteyes (deutch), without country (transylv).. mingling with imported viagra to hardly maintain erection of their dysfunctional and so fantasized 'big cock' which is micro in actual size compared to any of the other genetic traits in this land..such desperado attempt..strugggling & googling hard to command their respect more than their own worth..muhuhahaha..
    p/s3: Anonymous said...

    To those who do not want the 3rd bridge !
    Better still close down the present two bridges and say no to all Singaporeans and their investments should come to Malaysia or Johore Bharu.
    See what will happen !

    11:05 AM

    Anti whatever: NOTHING.. getting rid of parasites always benefit the host..
    p/s4: Bro Tukang Perati... bukan tu saja.. bila mereka mampos, mayat2 mereka terpaksa campak dalam laut kerana tanah tiada (sudah tentu sangkut kat tambak johor..jijiknyer..!) atau LKY dgn bijak akan suruh buat incenerator powerplant utk bakar mayat2 mereka utk hasil elektrik..mereka hanya pandai mampos saja..tak pandai membiak..lambat laun pasti pupus! hahaha.. pakcik tua nak pandu F18 & angkat senjata? LOL! They should start cloning LKY ..opss..cannot meh..clone others lah.. even sus barbatus oso ken.. LKY are meant to be the one, lorr..LOL!

    huhu rocky.. quite heavy lah for a combo meal..coz i'm hungry right now..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  67. Anonymous said...

    To those who do not want the 3rd bridge !
    Better still close down the present two bridges and say no to all Singaporeans and their investments should come to Malaysia or Johore Bharu.
    See what will happen !

    11:05 AM

    Dan potong saluran air ke Singapura. Tengok siapa yg kena!

    -tukang perati

    What a great response ask them to drink their own urine water....We dont care abt money becoz 'rezeki' come from Allah the utmost greatest not singapore.

  68. @Warrior 231
    "Its time, you quit mentioning me in your comments for I neither ever invited you for a debate nor care what you think of my views."

    You have conveniently neglected something fundamental here: This blog is essentially a public forum, despite the comments being moderated by the administrator. As such, there is no requirement for any reader to either wait for an invitation or to seek anyone's consent before he sends in his own opinion that either support or contradict his.

    It is also unacceptable and certainly that anyone should feel he has the power and authority at someone else's blog to set his own rules on how others should respond regarding his comments! If anyone here wishes to have control over such matters, he should start his own blog. This way he has absolute control over the readership and commenting - Heck, he can also set a rule that only people named "Mat-whatever" can comment, and that sentences should rhyme...

    By the way, the last part of "not caring about what Mazlan (or whoever) thinks of the views" - If that's really so, then why are you replying?? And with a lengthy comment too!...which goes to show the level of "care", which seems to be "a lot".

    I hope you're not too offended by my comment here. However, there are things that I simply can't ignore. And these harsh, abusive words against Mazlan - "and his kind". How do you define this? BTW when you use these words against others, would you believe that you are demeaning yourself, and cheapening and diluting whatever good points that you might have written? What a shame, really.

  69. ferrum magnesia3:49 pm

    Anti whatever said,

    "bila mereka mampos, mayat2 mereka terpaksa campak dalam laut kerana tanah tiada (sudah tentu sangkut kat tambak johor..jijiknyer..!)"

    The Chinkies and other non Muslim species in Singapore had already done so (sorry could not get the copy of the newspaper that published this article).....

    Some of them throw the ashes of their dead relatives/friends into the sea around the main island. They would go to the sea off Pulau Ubin, Tekong, the southern islands etc to throw the ashes. I just hope that the M'sian/I'sian islanders that live around these islands don't become sick as a result of eating fishes and other sea animals that might have gobbled up the ashes of these dead people.


  70. Mazlan3:50 pm

    Anon 12.29pm or is it Warrior231 in disguise....

    Again - what is it with the whole liwat, ass fucking with coconut trees and so on. This is real bizarre stuff.

    Again - whilst desperately trying to get your point you go off on a sexual stereotype rant.

    I don't really want o go down this whole 'Chinese / Chinkie angle' you are playing out; but just to note that there are more Muslims in China than there are in Malaysia. Not surprising since their overall population in the North is a lot larger than ours.
    I leave it to you to check if they are circumcised - as that seems your fixation.

    Anyhow - you better have a word with our glorious PM Najib about your views on the Chinese as he spent a week in China kissing their butts and another kissing LKY's ass. I wish he had bought you along on his trip to straighten them Chinese out.....

    Just wish he had sought the people of Johor's opinion on the bridge.

  71. Anonymous6:09 pm

    To those who can only use vulgar words,
    it is only when you are not taught manners in school (that is if you ever being to one) or your parents never did too.
    Your kind must be very proud of you and to show you how to argue go back to school.
    For your information Singapore did not want to renew one of water renewal contracts when it came up for renewal.
    In a couple of years when another agreement come up for renewal bet your life it would not be renewed.
    Keep the water to drown the people like you bastards !
    You need Singapore,their people and their investment and the best part is they don't need you.
    They can get everything from somewhere else and they can even use the money to build a bridge to Indonesia.

  72. Anonymous6:18 pm

    ZhangQian, Silk Road and West Asia, all this happen in year before century when Han Chinese (Gweilo like to use this term, divide and rule?) is busy tackling the issue of XiongNu (匈奴 / Today Hungary?) invasion, watch Mulan? Columbus discovered America in 15 century after event like Renaissance, religion reform and start of commercial revolution (Capitalism and colonization). Did NYT query the legitimacy of USA, Canada and Australia?

    Taiwanese aborigine is quite similar to Malaysia. Migration from mainland did happen from time to time. Last migration is of course the Chiang Kaishek KMT retreats. The coincidence is that the home province people (earlier immigrant) claim that they are the true native of the island and make use of the racial polarization tactic to defect KMT who were perceived as mainlanders. The amusing part is that no one mentioned anything about the aborigine rights. However if you watch TV program, music and movie award, you can see many categories is reserved for the aborigine even though their percentage of population is less than 2%. And recently we know that the self-claim native party loses their presidency due to flourish corruption. Does the name calling from one sailor bear any importance to the history of Taiwan and welfare of its people?

    The term Han Chinese gain recognition probably in the 18 and 19 century when China is under the Manchu rule in order to manage the country base on race. Sound familiar? But take note that the ruler at that time is not Han Chinese. In Malaysia, the older generation used the term Tang Ren, not Han Ren. Now the term is getting popular again when the Western media need a weapon as containment. To do that, you must first telling the whole world that Japanese, Korean, Siamese, Vietnamese and the minority in mainland is not Han Chinese and therefore must act cautious toward the middle kingdom under the Han ruling. The Muslim suffering under the similar propaganda of the West bring no alertness, in contrary, the one in power use the same tactic in the hope to stay on forever.

    Culture and civilisation need cultivation, communication and economy as backup but this is what lacking among most of the weaker ethnic. Ideally I think the majority have a responsibility to help safeguard such human assets. If the aim of Pribumi concept is to help the poor and suffering minority and not as a means to preserve the power of the corrupted and useless bastard, why not?

    The sheer arrogance, myopia and fallacy arguments are obvious, very surprise for one Muslim to look at issue base on Western experience and xenophobia.


  73. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Part 1

    Mat Cendana

    When the phrase "freedom of expression" is emblazoned prominently in a blog and a blogmaster, in interpreting that expreesion to its maximum latitude, allows comments as vile as mine( as you and others of your ilk put it) to filter through, there are some unwritten rules of courtesy that other commenters should observe:

    1.Not instigate or lobby the blogmaster to prohibit commenters like me on the grounds that what I say maybe inimical to your norms, taste etc. which given the fact operates on a relativistic plane should, thus, not be valorised as the operating crucible that determines the acceptance or rejection of comments from perceived "recalcitrants" like me.

    2.Feel free to avoid such comments. Neither the mouse nor the cursor are a rigid tools not amenable to manipulation. In simple language, if you do not like what is said, you have the god-given liberty to give the comment a miss, the choice to click to another blog and the freedom to switch off the CPU. How that freedom is operationalised by you is none of my business.

    Now lets dissect a few of your condescending, snooty comments:

    1. It is also unacceptable and certainly that anyone should feel he has the power and authority at someone else's blog to set his own rules on how others should respond regarding his comments!

    Comment: No one is setting any rules, faggot. The fact is you have idiots like the laughing pigdog, the prostitute back from Manik Urai ( with her puki terburai just like her mulut murai), a pondan like Mazlan can avoid debunking and getting away with shit is indicative that I have no more influence over the blogmaster or fellow commenters any more than you do!.

    2.And these harsh, abusive words against Mazlan - "and his kind". How do you define this?

    Comment : Since when you have been hurt by the insults directed at Mazlan and his kind to even warrant the adjective "harsh", you pantyhosed trannie freak. How come you dont get equally worked up and remonstrate the commenters of MT, PP or the other sewage holes, you wallow your pinprick of a pecker in?. Where is your so-called concern when the Malay race, religion, culture, are besmirched by gutter water. You enjoy that I guess for that is your moment of schadenfreud, (laugh at your own race arsewhore and run to them when the Reaper comes accalling).Dont be a fuckhead of a hypocrite, it is so revolting to say the least.

    3. Mazlan (or whoever) thinks of the views" - If that's really so, then why are you replying?? And with a lengthy comment too!...which goes to show the level of "care", which seems to be "a lot".

    Comment : Mazlan's arsekeeper are you?. Well, lick his shit and drink his urine for all you want for that comes with your territory.

    And the fact that you use adjectives like "swinish" "mnatae" types aptly reflects the pompous hoitty toighty manner you carry your arse around. Well, If i am in your estimation an "imbecile" why bother engage at all.. you ggot some red ants biting your shrivelled cock red to goad you to the keyborad and dash misives in an "imbecile's" direction. hei, I am dealing with a guy who claims his puny blog is the msot influential around when the hits dont reflect that asinine claim.

    Warrior 231

  74. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Now, arsehole, Mazlan raised 3 issues :

    a. he had problems with me using chingkie, I addressed that and added the bit about the quest by the Chingkie for the power to subjugate for good measure, just to illustrate the fact as to why the bastard Chingkie is despised by us Malays.

    b. he talked about poverty as a a non racial construct in Malaysia. I showed with the reference to debunk his mythmaking that Non-Bumis are poor hobos.In fact, I quoted from Chingkie articles in my collection that intimated otherwise.

    c.He talked about a failed "state" presided over by UMNO. Again, I showed with the relevant facts (source: included)that that was another myth of his own imagination.

    Oh, now I understand, the attention I gave to your fellow trannie must have upset you for it must have driven you green with envy at the thought of sharing his arse with an interloper. Dont worry your balls off, I m not interested one bit, keep him for yourself and your buttfucking, arselicking ilk. Pigdog must be slurping away, licking his chops dry while brighteyed prostitutes must be having thoughts of an icecream slurping session......, he hasnt come back with a rejoinder nor anything to debunk my factual assertions. He switched goalposts like when I engaged him here (read for yourself, fuckhead of a bangsat: ). It is an old Mazlan tactic, he wont address the issue, he stirs and runs away just like the bastard chingkies who are now bessotted with his arse and by extension, yours too.In the same manner, how the laughing pigdog never addressed the issue of Zhang BinLing. I got the tome quoting Zhang in front of me. He never addressed it, instead he went on a yarn about Lin Yutang, Qian Mu, Feng Yulan, and John Hobson when I never spoke about these wellknown apologists for Chingkie racism.

    To prove my point about about Chingkie inferiority and racism, I posted 1.51pm and 5.47pm . None of the Chingkie bastards, Mazlan included could debunk that. All these are facts I have in my collection. Its no secret among my coterie that I read extensively just as I play hard and drink hard. Thats me..if you wanna tangle with me, give solid arguments, not some wishywashy cojoneless pondanish potshots and run away.

    Budak kecik pun tahu yang Cina babi tak boleh nak jawab atau tok seh nak jawab kerana otak babi memang bengap..dia bahlol cuma hero untuk orang-orang ( as in patung-patung) macam Mazlan and now you, Mat Cendana.Good to see, you have a fan club.But remember, you dont faze me at all, rather you make me laugh. Thanks for the major tickle
    Remember, I have no interest in engaging you further, you rotten , semen clogged braindead, moron of a zombie.

    P/S : Wish you had put the earlier one dedicated to this dickhead, Rocky. Never mind, I have no right to compel you to do so.

    Warrior 231

  75. Anonymous7:15 pm

    You are fucking yourself deeper into your arse, chingkie shithead of a hahahaha

    1. You didnt address Zhang Binling. which you yourself raised. Avoidance strategy at work, ah?

    2. Your rant about Taiwan is laughable and pitiful. No books, articles to back you up but just a bastard's race's false assertions and faulty generalisations pt together by a language "band-aid". You dont deny that Loulan Beauty and the Taiwan aborigine are two of the many instances of Chingkie racism and ethnic cleansing. The classic case in the spotlight now being Tibet and Xinjiang, which i think your arselicking lovva, Mazlan can brief you more about.

    3. You talk about Western containment, you cant even coral North Korean dogs, you want to take on the West. Oh i see, you got someone like the Wen fella to steal nuke sectrets for you...hahahaha LOL

    4. Your diatribe is corny and littered with errors that it seems to me that an effeminate bespectacled 14 year old vernacular educated chingkie nerd is furiously hammering the keyboards away, now that tuition teacher had walked out in disgust given your sheer stupidity and your piggy doggy body odour.

    Western conspiracy?hahahahahahahaa. Heard of that one before ever since the Stone Age or was it even earlier than that!!

    Warrior 231

  76. @nstman
    Say, how's that thing coming on - your call "to revolt against Mat Talib and drive him out" thing that you had advocated here a few weeks ago?? What have you done so far - any t-shirts that say "Down with Mat Talib at NSTP! We want Mat Cendana!"

  77. Mazlan8:52 pm


    A serious point: do you have your own blog so you can espouse your views without all the ass fucking, trannie, faggot, cock licking stuff.....
    Then maybe we would actually read it and understand where you are coming from and what your point really is and how you intend to achieve your 'socio-political' agenda.
    Because no matter how much you rant - you know this PM will never ever follow those views.
    So how do you get to the 'vision' you see?

  78. Shariff11:48 pm

    I see Warrior mentioned my name earlier?
    I have been trying to avoid this banter because I asked a rhetorical question in a previous and Warrior gave me an answer, but it took a racial turn.
    Anyhow - each to their opinion.
    My point is that if we are to debate and ask questions - lets cut out the racial stereotypes and the really quite lurid insults.
    I really got lost on this thread when the insults start flying.

    On the bridge issue - I think all sides here thought it was a dumb idea - especially when the causeway quite clearly needs to be replaced... Obviously Najib does not have the balls to tell LKY to shove the 3rd bridge idea and actually start digging up and rebuilding our part of the causeway.
    And lets be honest - Najib is going to kiss China's ass because we need access to their markets and their money.
    And whether we like it or not - the ethnic Chinese are here to stay as many are now 3rd or more generation...
    Frankly I have no issue with the Chinese in Malaysia as I see them as Malaysians. Also as someone who does a lot of work in Sabah - you cant really tell the ethnic differences that much there.
    My view is to take the Indonesian approach - satu negara and satu bangsa.
    Oh well - my 5 sen worth.
    And warrior - no need to insult me - I'm not looking to blast anyone here.

  79. skilgannon106610:04 am

    Hey, Warrior 231

    So, let's have your plain unvarnished opinion on the PM visiting China, visiting Singapore and approving LKY's visit to Malaysia. Was the PM ill-advised to do so?

    Come on - let's see if you have the guts to take on the PM and his minders in this little game.

    Oh, yah - I forgot. There were 3 Umno ministers who called on LKY when he was in KL. And came out of the meeting with kind words for the man. Are these 3 ministers thoughtless dickheads for meeting LKY and have they fallen prey to his artful wiles?

    Lemme see - Hisham is one of the 3 Umno ministers. And his home state is Johor. And Johor buys treated water from Singapore and re-sells the water to Johoreans at a marked-up price. Seems to me that the profit motive is well and alive in Johor, and that it is not confined to the Chinese only.

    But, hey - why let these inconvenient facts get in the way of your tantrums and verbal purging?

  80. Anonymous11:21 am

    The incest-bred idiot (with the pig face) called Warrior 231 continues to rant with his cut-and-paste profanities at all and sundry. UMNO really deserves supporters like this - rabid due to his being brought up by mutts because his incestous parents abandoned him when young.


  81. Anonymous11:22 am

    And despite him having a pig face, he still has ardent followers who smell his butt-hole and proclaim that it does not smell ! Hahahaha...UMNO sure smells like shit.


  82. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Mazlan.. oh mazlan..

    You fail to note the differences between me and warrior pathetic..what can i say..u just explained to us your own mind confusion & self-delusion..nothing surprise me for that, really explain alot..there's a synaps neuron circuit breakdown from your rentina to your brain..u really suffer an acute symptom..

    I'm not a split personality schizophrenic fella like u lah woi..i know my root..i'm a malay & always proud to be son of the soil..i never have a fetish dream to be a chingkie like u..schizo + inferiority complex, eh mazlan?

    Still in self-confusion whether you are a babi or a mazlan, do ya? kesian lah u..

    Don't blame yourself..blame your brain, its part of the symptoms.. your neurons deteriorated in number as you slowly mutated into sus-barbatus..its a kind of irreversible damage condition as the result of prolong swine-chingkie virus infection..u are the living proof & your days are numbered, man you're a dead to know that the process already begin.. ?

    simple : you already sound like a sus-barbatus chingkie..kah..kah.. :D

    The sad part is that, for people like u suffering this kind of stage..there is NO CURE available..really pity u..huhuhu..

    Oklah..ikut budaya melayu, orang sakit bila melawat, kita bagi buat tangan.. kan mazlan?

    so mazlan.. have my 'buah tangan':


    i hope they'll spare a locker to store your ash when ur dead at their nirvana or maybe they might just flush 'em in the toilet, F.O.C ..kah..kah..kah.. bertuah lah mereka nak keluar duit utk kenang melayu pencacai sial mcm ko..hahaha..

    p/s: Last time they potong 5 babi & panggang to represent 5 states..who knows, if they win Perak again, guess what mazlan..they might need u for the party..let me sula u with the coconut trunk and make u a babi golek to serve them..

    hey, b4 that.. one more thing, i never glorified Najib, did i?..his nothing compared to his father...last time Abdullah the him, a so-so.. we do not need such an apologetic malay leader..please pray to God that I'll be the next PM..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  83. Anonymous5:22 pm

    Typical symptom of China / Chinese xenophobia from a Western view:

    Nationalism = Japan Expansionism / Germany Fascism but in Euro-centric country = Patriotism

    Seeking for wealth = Inferiority complex but in Euro-centric country = progress and development

    Buying up foreign company = threatening but in Euro-centric country = investment

    Cooperation with Africa = colonization but in Euro-centric country = aid

    Tibet / XinJiang = another colonization but in Euro-centric = If I told you this land is own by Jew, you Muslim better shut up.

    Riot against Chinese = greed and selfish but in Euro-centric = try do it and you can have the pleasure of the carrier park at your port and can hear the roaring engine of the F16.

    Like Mazlan put it, I too can’t understand how China relates to most of the discussion here. Ignorant people tend to automatically project their own experience unto other people/cultures and claim that their belief is universal. Such narrow mind is always shown in their comments. Or shall we label it again as inferiority complex? But here of course I refer to any misinform creature that subscribed to the Western worldview.


  84. Anonymous7:12 pm

    mat cendana..

    what got in to you? I hope its not that filthy virus infection that i had been talking all this while in this blog..

    Does that 'mat-whatever' refer specifically to me, bro? far i never pick up bones with our own bangsa to be precised, for no reasons...i only pick mutated pig-zombie like that mazlan guy over there for a roast.... last time with the stupid jenggg3x freak..

    ....and what's your problem with that?

    :/ muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  85. Shariff2:05 pm

    What is it with all the racial insults here?
    Debate and asking questions is fine - but is all this stuff about Chingkies, Liwatn trannies and pondans getting us anywhere?
    From a bridge it somehow went on to a racial insult free for all.
    We can disagree without being disagreeable.
    I for one was surprised at how this BN govt bent over for LKY. The guy is an egomaniac who destroyed anyone who disagreed with him. LKY was a racist who jailed and bankrupted many decent people who opposed his dictatorial ways.
    We can only learn from Singapore business efficiency but let's not follow the way he runs Singapore - or most of us blogging here would end up in jail!

    Please - warrior and others - there is no need to go down the quite disturbing language. Take the high road not the low road and people may listen and absorb.

  86. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Little mind dog,

    Why do I need books and article to back me up while I giving my opinion in a public forum? I am not here to do cut, paste and add in some mother, arse, cock then expecting reply. No one is telling you this is very old fashion and naïve like one five-year-old who play play with his own dick?

    Take into consideration that the whole internet is fill up with English language Euro-centric resources, googling of bashing this and that is nothing but more like a form two boy surfing for porn, so what is the big frigging deal to paste here some old grandmother story?

    I first thought I encounter one knowledgeable challenger, alamak, what a laughable misunderstanding.


  87. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Bro anti

    Good one for Mazlan, the zombie chingkie arsie-lickie piggy doggie of a monkey. Each day as it looks in the mirror, more of sus barbatus comes to the fore until it is impaled and golekked by a coconut trunk....hahahahaha LOL. Dei natang, one more thing..have some maruahlah, the Xinjiang Muslims are being slaughtered by them chingkie bastards and you have the gall to talk about Allah and Islam and being courteous to the chinkie bastards here, fuckhead Munafik, pi mampuslah!!

    Get lostlah pariah, Mazlan, pariah Shariff and other Malay pariahs who are the next chingke buttfucked wannabes, a colossal waste of cunt and cocktime and a humungous waste of sperm and ova all those years ago.

    Hahahaha piggy dog

    still trapped in its anti-west rant. How come it mentions Hobson and writes in English... western language mah and Zhang Biling conveniently is shoved up hahahaha's arse. Nope ..not only the west are pissed off as the "cut and paste" below will show.

    get lost got no time for you, told you so a long time ago. Better spent your time at the asylum examining your shrivelled cock for them kutus, skilly. u are officially dead and finished in my book

    God"fucking" father - a nut case whose mother was raped by a syphilitic grandad and a down syndrome brother to beget this scum...the horror...the horror...... hahahahaha LOL

    Come to think of it, bro anti, doesnt the repeat visits by these chingkie bastards for more comeuppance indicative of something? Yes, mereka baru confirm kebetulan telahan saya: BANGSA CINA TAK ADA MARUAH!. Need i say more,,,oops forgot the buah tangan for these bastards and the sick "malay" chingkie loving scum:


    here is wishing you a safe journey to hell!
    P/s : last one for the pigdog arselicking, cocksucking, pigscrewing and dogshafting liar:

    China’s neighbours have been experiencing for quite a long time the brutal and unsophisticated ways of its foreign policy of naked selfishness and its choice of promoting ruthless leadership in countries where ever it wants to implement its agenda. There is no history that China ever cared for ideology or values other than its self-interest when it comes to foreign policy.

    Moral: dont ever think other races are "stupid when it comes to the slime of a kind, pig dog fuckhead and keep changing goalposts, the latest being, we should not "extrapolate" China onto chingkies elsewhere....If so, why the fucks to be so defensive of Zhang et al.,. U got a good pigdog of a tuition teacher, Mazlan

    Warrior 231

  88. @Godfather
    Well, well... looks like the foul-mouthed want to use this blog as a shooting range - and polluting my RSS feed of this post. This use of "Umno" and "parents" - is this practice for something else, along the lines of using "Umnoputera" to throw stones and hide?

    By the way, my father is a long-time Umno member and supporter; and my sisters and their husbands too. And I've started to support it too since October 2008 - or at least "to not attack and ambush it at every turn and corner as previously".

    So when someone insults them with offensive slurs, I and others might take it as *personal* attacks. The conclusion: If you don't have anything useful to add, perhaps it's better to just SHUT UP.

  89. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Dei Shariff

    The high road was boarded up a long time ago when you and your chingkie arse loving, cock sucking wannabes kept quiet, clapped and cheered when the bastard scum demeaned our race, culture and religion. Now only visceral hate pours from our every pore as we seek to protect the remaining vestiges of our culture, race and religion.

    The bastard mafucking cuntlicking cockshafter Lao Tze, his pa buggered acolyte Men Tze, the fatherless bastard scum aka confused Confucious and the cockless pig whoring eunuch , Chin Shih Huang inculcated the Chingkie arsewhores with feelings of superiority seeing that they were wild beasts beset by a perpetual notion of inferiority.

    When the Chingkie arrogantly and stupidly tried to get the the gwailohs to kowtow before the fucked up chingkie emperor, the white man showed him the middle finger and the rest is history. For 149 years or so the bastard groveled about like sus barbatus arsefucked sluts, their faces squashed into the muck by various jackboot makes, from the Brits to the Russkies to the Japanese.

    Now that he has got some small change in his pocket, the chingkie tries to swagger about like a scum resurrected. in reality however, he is nothing more than an empty shell of a bastard, no culture, a religion of eunuch deities and petrified prostitutes and a language which writings resemble chicken scratchings and which sounds like constipated pigs grunting in heat.He doesnt even have a sense of personal hygeine with his frolicking with them pigs and with his leaving his arse unwashed after shitting and urinating away in his vegetable patch and his favie toilet, the pig sty. Mind you, he even uses sticks like the primitive primates to pick up his food and shove them down his cockshafting gap:

    "They can use sticks to reach out and grab food.......

    source:1. Journal of Comparative Psychology. "Comprehension of Cause-Effect Relations in a Tool-Using Task by Chimpanzees." Saray Boysen, Luca Limongelli, and Elisabetta Visalberghi. 1995, Vol 109, No. 1.

    2.Berthalet, Arlette and Chavaillon, Jean (editors). The Use of Tools by Human and Non-human Primates. Kim Bard. Oxford: Clarendon Press. 1993.

    SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, TB and most other diseases emerged from Chingkie land known for being the shithole lab for bacteria, virus and other germs.Since the chingkie is a moron with a deficient brain, it is hardly surprising that it strives to avoid debate, discussion or other forms of intellectual engagement. That is why it loaths the West and the Malays for their technical superiority and more advanced civilisations.

    The chingkie is a parable put on earth by the Almighty to educate us all, the message being: herein is a pig of a race whose arrogance and stupidity know no bounds and who will be ultimately undone by his own hands!!

    Warrior 231

  90. Mazlan12:17 am

    What is it with all the pig dog, ass fucking etc etc... Warrior?
    The last post was completely off the wall?
    Can't you have a rational debate without going down this road of filth.
    I get it - you don't like the Chinese...
    But we are waiting for you to come up with a rational explanation and what your vision for Malaysia is, bearing in mind we are still a very multi-cultural nation and that any changes to be made will still need the democratic consent of all Malaysians. My view is if you want your ideal nation - how are you going to get there?

    Like I asked before - do you have your own blog or website where you can give your views and agenda in a rational form.

    Seriously i do want to know what your angle is and your background - because I come to this site to actually listen and debate in some form of logical way.

  91. AA!

    No wonder this issue got sold out!

    Keep a copy for me will pick it up as collector's piece.

    Until we meet!



  92. Anonymous9:13 am

    I am one believe in Western conspiracy, but it is not the Chinese that being conspired because nothing much you could yield from such plot. Instead, the target is towards the oil producing country or probably we could say most Muslim country. You like reference? Read Shahidin’s comment in MT. Propaganda against China is merely a warm up mind brainwashing game depends on how soon the rest of Muslim country turn to become Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. It is a long list from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya and etc, “be nice to us, or we will bring democracy to your country.”

    No one would deny Darwinism does exist among all society, nation and ethnic. Base on what I see and learn, the Taiwanese government did put in effort to help the minority in term of economy and cultural preservation, I therefore believe that this is part of the responsibility of every government to practice the similar humane policy. By the way, if the earlier Taiwan aborigines bring along more people from the Malay Archipelago, probably the population demographic would be at a more balance mixture today. But sorry, history have it caused beyond my comprehension, it’s used to be a globalise world in the past until the West introduce the concept of nation and ethnic.

    When question is raised on why some love to write in a doggy style, I didn’t know that the excusesssssssssss given could an unbelievable wide as one gay’s ass. It cover from MT, commenters in MT, Petra, Haris, Pakatan, Anwar to Lao Tze, Men Tze, Zhang Binglin, Sun Yetsun, Mao Zedong, Tibet, Xinjiang, colonization, Taiwan aborigines, and etc, etc and etc. Wow! However, I am more willing to believe that the writing style is kind of psychological sickness that require non stop mental masturbation in order to cure the softening dog dick.

    Congratulation, many of us here could now verify that the dick almost stand.


  93. Anonymous2:09 pm

    you are a chinkie. Get it! you can deny all you want and call yourself malay sian but you are a chinkie. Yes, you are a tanah melayu loving chinkie.
    Thete is nothing wrong with my english but perhaps something wrong with yours because you do not understand that you are a chinkie despite what is being written here. Try asking warrior 231 (the malakie donkie inbreed, the other malay sian). I also can give you free lessons on why you are a chinkie. On?

    warrior 123

  94. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Mazlan said@12.17am:
    "...I come to this site to actually listen and debate in some form of logical way."

    How to listen when u are deaf and polarized to listen to only one frequency & blind to see only to one wavelength? Now u tell me , moron..

    ..or debate logically when your dead-zombie swine-chingkieflu infected pigbrain cannot digest any single facts thrown in front of u.. you fail to even get grip of the fact-balls, how to throw it back at your opponent?

    Such a poor pathetic soul..listen here sissyboy, just go fly kite & cherish your remaining days...u are such a waste of sperm..

    SKILMORON1066...well..well..our old-wounded piggy has finally emerged again.. better fuck off pighead before i shoved ur ass another big time..

    This is a final warning before i throw the same nasty stuff again here for everybody to see.. such a no maruah u are as always.. typical gen trait of pendatang chingkie..

    Still remember your Ivanhoe fail parachute jump with that "nabobs of negativism"..?

    ..and this warning is for real ,pigbrain.. your typical stupid-arrogance really annoying & irritating..try me if u dare!

    Our intelligence-network are so damn intelligent nowdays..and we do not easily forget things anymore..thanks to that 81yrs old statesman remark..

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  95. Anonymous7:24 pm

    I am compelled to address you for the last time as you had obviously targeted me in that 12:17 AM comment.

    Considering the angle you are coming from, it is not surprising that you hold certain sub-human cretin species in high regard, oblivious of their devilish machinations. I have addressesd you before regarding 1Pribumi,1 school and debunked extensively your take on the local kaffirs poverty etc. I dont think I want to prolong the debate here or elsewhere and neither do I have MY own blog to explicate on the issues you raised.

    Further, I wish not to engage you nor Shariff anymore given both your "tegarisms". So let us leave it at that.

    As for other numbskulls, no amount of idiotic laughter can mask the fact that waffling and practicing shifty argumentative strategies will ever hide deficient mental faculties which by nature is an incurable hereditary defect that has been thus far and will be in future transmitted across generations till kingdom come
    (and it has nothing to do with darwinism or other hocus pocus).

    Warrior 231

  96. Mazlan11:10 pm

    Dear Warrior,
    Again you miss my point - and that is I don't hold any one 'species of humans' in any more high regard than another.
    My view is that no one ethnic group is more superior or less superior than another.
    Certain people (irrespective of their ethnic background)may be idiots or smarter based on their educational and socio-economic upbringing.
    That is the angle I am coming from.
    Racism in any form (whether it be from someone like LKY - who I do regard as a racist dictator or anyone else) is reprehensible.
    So its not a matter of ass-kissing Chinkies as you term it. I would defend anyone under racist attack whether they are African, Amerindian, Arab or any fellow Malay-sian. How do you defend racism against our own when we don't defend others from similar attacks?

    My only other point is that since you have a lot to say - maybe you should have your own blog.

  97. Anonymous2:01 am

    You have a warped perception of the world, Mazlan and no amount of logical sane argument will disabuse you off it.

    There have been umpteen unprovoked diatribes against us Malays in various threads in this blog but you have been perceptibly silent about this with a nary a whisper much less a scolding . So how do you square that hands-off stance with your pompously professed assertion of battling racism irrespective of the instigator and victim's origins:

    : "would defend anyone under racist attack"

    Keep kidding yourself to assuage your infantile, hypocritical ego and salve that sense of guilt. But then a confused schizoid like you is no stranger to a moral warp of how to defend their kind when they themselves have disembowelled and self neutered their own origins.

    Secondly, having already conveniently labeled me a dastardly racist, i am perplexed as to why you seek an engagement regarding my stance on certain issues. Wouldnt it be patently clear to your rainbow vision that whatever that emanates will be tinged with a veneer of jaundice and the coating of prejudice.

    Thirdly, I cant conceivably visualise how you can reconcile your stance on the 1school issue (as u enumerated in another thread)with your non-racial leanings. It must take a helluva of moral gymnastics for you to contort seemingly disparate stances and meld them into some palatable shape agreeable to your skewed conscience.

    It is clear that you are an hypocrite who trivialises Islam, the scripture etc for your own selfish interests. And brother Anti is spot on when he diagnosed you as being mired in some identity crisis hence your schizophrenia. You can rant for all you want regarding my views but keep that pompous condescending attitude of yours to yourself. I dont need any advise or unsolicited consultancy about blogging my opinions which i can better propagate in the real world than in virtual realities.

    Whatever i do is solely at my prerogative and I dont need an identity crisis-ridden malay to counsel me on things. Or maybe you might be a poseur of a Malay as my brother, Demi Negara once waxed lyrical.

    Warrior 231

  98. Anonymous9:17 am

    A Malaysian friend of mine showed me this site as she was amazed at some of the stuff written here.
    It really has been funny reading the posts here as someone who comes to KL and Singapore a lot on business it just confirms how fucked up you lot are.
    Frankly you are all wrong and you are all a bunch of screwed up buggers.
    You are all a bunch of money grubbing Chinkies, talkative Indian gangsters and lazy Malays who can't survive without government handouts.
    Seriously while you whine and moan about each other the rest of the world is moving ahead and leaving you lot to wilt and destroy each other.
    I put it to you that you Chinese and Malays are not superior at all because you have invented and achieved bugger all.
    Its the white Anglo Saxons whose ass you should have kissed. It was the Brits who left you with a legal and parliamentary system. You lot screwed that up. You used to have a well respected English based education system and fucked that up.
    Good lord you have to send your students to the UK, US and Australia to accumulate a semblance of knowledge.
    I agree with this Warrior guy - sure the Chinese are annoying - I really hate it when they speak Chinese in front of me. Its ok if they are in China but if you are in KL speak Malaysian and if in Sydney speak fucking English.
    But honestly Warrior you have nothing to be superior about because you sound like you blame everyone else for your woes when you are just another lazy Malay looking for a handout. You'd kiss a Chinaman if it made you a fortune.
    You buggers are lower down the education and economic trail than WASP nations. The US has a mixed race President that's smarter than all of you put together.
    So carry on whining and whacking each other while the rest of the world passes you by...

    Fred Townsend

  99. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Since I am on a roll here - what is it with your race based schools and political parties?
    No wonder you lot are fucked up and losing your best brains to Australia and Britain.
    Imagine UK or the US having a whites only school system or parties,
    ? You bigots would be the first to call us racist?
    Maybe Australia should have a big signboard at schools: Crooked Chinks and Lazy ass Malays please sit in corner and shut the fuck up'.
    And seriously for all your talk about the Chinks being sub-human (no argument here as I don't give a damn) - but Mr Warrior what the fuck does that make you. What fucking breakthroughs in science, technolgy, medicine and education has your kind achieved compared to us in White or mix raced nations?
    Bugger all as I can see. You fuckwits are so good at shooting your mouths off but don't do shit. You lead the world in corruption and human traffiking and gay space tourists and that's about it.
    Your smartest migrate to my country at the first opportunity. The rest sit around moaning or wait for handouts.
    The best thing about Malaysia are your women who I would say are damn hot!
    And your women whether they are Chinese, Indian or Malay would rather date and marry a Caucasian or any foreigner because you morons are too busy wanking on the internet than pleasing your lovely ladies. Is it no wonder few women come and blog shit like you.
    This is someone with a Malay girlfriend... Ha bloody Ha!

    Fred Townsend

  100. Anonymous10:19 am

    Through the many postings here, I find that some knowledge about China and Chinese sorely deficient and flaw. My advice to this people is please do some serious soul-searching and ask yourself why is it exactly that you hate Chinese. Is it due to ignorance, government’s political or media conditioning or whether it is because of some personal issue like appalling childhood memory, your Chinese crony don’t pay you enough, your network coverage is too narrow hence no one give a damn on what you said and wrote? And if it is the latter I suggest this people to ask yourself whether it is really justified or even relevant as China and Malaysia moves on.

    I don’t mind reading profanities or derogatory term as long as I find the comments sound sensible and fact based. Anti whatever mention identity crisis is quite true, and his rebut with detail rental computation versus foc sound so comical until I can’t stop laughing. I definitely agree when someone mentions that Petronas contribute the major chunk of revenue and not bloodsucker like Robert, Jeffery, William or Francis.

    I defend my cultural belief like some of you did to your religion and dignity. I too hope this is my last comment.

    Regards all.


  101. Anonymous12:13 am

    I've always read MM since primary up till secondary and resumed reading it after I came back from university and the first few years in my first job. Then left again for a few years and came home expecting an evening paper I would automatically resume picking up a for its catchy headlines, bravado in consumer affairs - fighting for that man on the street, the almost incomprehensible geeky features on comics, and the latest in sports. I still remember an Indian boy selling MM in front of the Kelana Jaya giant with a poster headline "Kuwait Annexed" and him waving the paper a~la Evening Standard, and people picking up the paper in succession. The excitement of breaking news and attraction to the simple, catchy and easy to understand headline made it easy for people to make a split second decision to pick up the paper on their way to their cars. Though I didn't understand the word "annexed" at the time, it was simple enough to pique my interest and to buy the paper. Now, I am not so sure I would pick up MM because I think the editors at MM have used up my goodwill and trumped up their noses to me too much with I believe an arrogance that says to me, "I am going to publish what I think you would like to read," rather than making an effort to find out what a previously loyal reader like me would actually like to read. I believe this is called the "Ivory Tower" syndrome. The more you stay at the top, and mix with the elites, the less likely you are to understand ordinary people. You lose touch. And I believe the present MM has lost touch with the ordinary people and their concerns. I was ready to reserve judgement on your stewardship, but this cover and headline is an elitist way of talking to an ordinary person who has no inkling what the pun "A Bridge Too Far" conveys and feels no affinity with the images used. I am just a frustrated reader who wants to fill an evening with a good read. I look around and see yuppies and perfectly middle class families picking up Malay tabloids. People who are very comfortable with English are getting comfortable reading Malay tabloids. My friends and my children too. These people could have been the existing and future MM readers. But instead, I pass by a newsagent and see a stack of unsold MM and a certain determination on my part, not to part with my 1 ringgit in return of an insipid and clique-ish headline.

  102. Anonymous6:55 pm

    when will MM become free to all?


  103. when will MM become free to all?


    Dear "reader",

    It's still in the planning but right now the focus is on improving the content of the paper. In good time, I'll be able to share with you in detail what I plan to do with the paper.

    Thank you.