Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First ISA detainee under Najib

FREE MAS SELAMAT movement ... here.

Original posting
NST 27/05: Mat Selamat Kastari, caught by police after escaping from Singapore, has been detained under the ISA for two years in Kamunting.
Safe in ISA. This officially makes Mas Selamat the first person to be detained without trial under the Najib Administration.

I wonder why the Home Minister did it. Finders keepers? I mean, Najib has released 26 detainees from the ISA since he became PM early last month so why spoil that record by sending to Kamunting this alleged terrorist who escaped a high-security prison in Singapore?


  1. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    1. Maybe Singapore is too embarrassed to take back Selamat;
    2. Just imagine Selamat being able to escape from Fortress Singapore;
    3. Maybe the Singapore goal is not selamat enough to incarcerate Selamat;
    4. Maybe Singapore wants save a few dollars a day feeding and clothing Selamat;
    5. Maybe BG Lee said: “Bro., can you keep Selamat for me.”
    6. What did Selamat do to harm Malaysia when he was in hiding in Johor?
    7. If the new PM saw it fit to take over Selamat from Singapore and incarcerate him in our goal, should he not also be tough on the troublemakers at home?
    8. He should incarcerate those who went abroad purportedly on self-imposed exile and run down the country from abroad;
    9. We are so kind to our southern neighbour who is the target of terrorism. There must be something about Singapore that attracts “terrorists”.
    Thank you.

  2. Say no to ISA! Free Mas Selamat!

    Protect our way of life! Let alleged terrorists allegedly terrorise all of us! For that is our way of life! And sometimes, death.

    Free Mas Selamat!

  3. Anonymous5:41 pm

    SG gov has what Najib wanted and Najib has what SG gov wanted...

    SG gov not giving Najib what he wanted (Mandarin Oriental Hotel @ Orchard Road pics/videos maybe?) so Najib put Mas Selamat in Kamunting where it is out of reach from SG gov?

  4. that's strange...thot he was gng to be extradite to S'pore


  5. electrocutioner6:07 pm

    future exchange of ISA prisoner with RPK (really he is in Geylang not Brisbane)

  6. Malaysia First6:37 pm

    I agree with A. kadir Jasin.
    We always give them clean water
    They give us sewer.

  7. Anonymous6:37 pm

    where are all the shit people with the candle??????
    go n gather n protest n say NO TO ISA,free mas selamat~he is no selamat there!!!

    alot of malaysian Very stupid especially the one with candle....

  8. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Just wondering how long this Najis Tong Rosak going to last?

  9. Anonymous6:44 pm

    wow rocky-u got his pic

  10. Anonymous6:46 pm


    The person running Home Ministry can even run the Education Ministry properly. So don't expect anything from him.

  11. Anonymous6:46 pm

    uhh rocky~this pic not so cool la...
    this pic like model trying to sell hair product...
    where is his bomb,c4 or at least a machine gun??

    shake says

  12. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Dato Najib,

    as much of my deepest respect for your late father.

    Dont EVER! let your wife get involve or influence your decision.

  13. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Rusdi Mustapha @ Pasquale should tell his boss it is a mistake sending Bapak Mas to Kamunting.

    Come to think of it, who is Rushdi. His boss didn't even listen to him when it comes to Ahmad Talib's appointment.

  14. Gangsa Selamat7:01 pm

    Will Pakatan Rakyat and Hindraf Tamil Tiger campaign for his release? Maybe Hindraf Tamil Tiger can make an appeal to the British government.

  15. I don't see vigils for Mat Selamat

  16. Dhahran Sea7:16 pm

    Salam Bro. Rocky,
    Personally I thought Najib & Co. have been making "weird" decisions lately... I wonder why?... somebody's balls in somebody's hands... or virus KORO is still in somebody's body... whatever it is, its "spooky" to see the new gomen is making new "mess" on top of pak lah&co.'s really messy legacy...

  17. isnt there sufficient evidence to put this man away for a very long time? why the need for ISA?

    and after he has served his sentence, he can be handed over to Singapore for them to deal with him.

    why ISA?

  18. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Just to show PR he means business.
    Forward one step then backwards 3 steps, he is just like the Lalang

    Ziggy fr NZ

  19. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Najib is not being Kind to Singapore by feeding and caring for Mat Selamat, he is doing a kind deed for his Cussie Bro.


  20. Anonymous7:55 pm

    To A Kadir Jasin: it's gaol sir, not goal - quite an old fashioned way of referring to 'prison'.

    English teacher

  21. Anonymous8:11 pm

    First, the great escape from has many open ended questions.

    How in heaven's name could a prisoner under no nonsense Singapore's tightest security do a Houdini? Did they want to let him swim over here on purpose? Or did they find out he did nothing wrong?

    Now this brings out another question. How did RPK swim to Australia? Did Malaysia want to get rid of him or does Australia want more criminals in their population drive?


  22. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Something did not jell well during PM Najib's visit to SG, the bargaining chip was too small an offer for SG to even consider "something" in return.

    Thus no deal.


  23. he is an 'asset' to malaysian G.!!

  24. Datuk Kadir Jasin,

    While sneering at Singapore, do remember that we have our own share of terrorists:

    Mohamed Amin Mohamed Razali led a band of 29 Al-Ma'unah men in a mission to overthrow the Malaysian government.

    Dr. Azahari bin Husin -"Demolition Man". a Malaysian national and Islamic terrorist, was believed to be the technical mastermind behind the 2002 Bali bombing and various other Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) terrorist attacks. Azahari was killed in a police raid on his hideout in 2005.

    Noordin Mohammed Top aka Noordin Mohammad Top is one of the most wanted men in Asia.Born in Johor, Malaysia, he is one of the key bomb makers for Jemaah Islamiya (JI).

  25. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Maybe Malaysia take in Mat Selamat, so that Singapore will take in RPK.
    Quid pro quo.

  26. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Hello Mr Rocky,
    We know u are UM-NO man!But u r a journalist!
    An educated man like you should know that every man has to be tried and convicted of the crime. Why should Mat Selamt or anyone be imprisoned without trial?
    Even so called 'backward country' like India and Indonesia can try their terrorist without violating human rights.
    U will only kutuk if America did that. Now they also have decided not to have Where are we heading to..Backwards or forward?!!

    Mr. Logic

  27. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Mr Rockey's

    All along Singapore applied ISA to maintain peace and security. It is unheard of hues and cries by its citizen to review or revoke this law. It's very effective in keeping the peace including putting the threat by the terrorist, racial, political and religious extremist under control.

    While certain group in Malaysian called this a draconian law and wised to be scrapped. Now certain Malaysians daringly come forward to demand the Malaysian Government to allow Chin Peng the CPM Secretary General to return and settle for good in Malaysia. They fail to look into the extreme threat of the socialist/communist ideologies on our populace.

    A purportedly Malay by name of FAHMI has written by giving his nonsensical idea to support the Gerakan and others for the return of CHIN PENG.

    I think we in Malaysia have other priorities to deal and for that matter I would suggest that let the idea of allowing CHIN PENG to return to Malaysia is placed outside these priorities and be demised.


  28. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Singapore should take Mas Selamat back.
    Singapore is responsible for Mas Selamat.Singapore should sent him back to Indonesia for him to be tried as per Indonesian law.We dont want Chin Peng here or Mas Selamat here. Sent him where his crime was committed to be tried. No ISA detainees in Malaysia.


  29. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Mr. Rocky Bru,

    Simple question, provided you have the guts to answer.

    Are you pro ISA or are anti ISA?

    A simple yes or no would do.

    Simple minded

  30. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Cun la Mat ni. Phewwitt! what balls too! Jangan la jeles.

    Mina Terkini

  31. Mat Selamat should be on trial, not held up with ISA. Why is he held under ISA when he's wanted in other countries?

    For 'his own protection' izzit?

    Abolish ISA, it's a crime against humanity.

  32. story of PKR11:23 pm

    The conversation as disclosed by the ex-PKR Aminah.

    From these conversation, you can judge what type of quality of leaders PKR that will lead us if PR really govern the country:)))))))))

    Really hilarious!!!!

    CAUTION: Chicken sound can be iritating

  33. Anonymous11:38 pm

    not bad looking this Mas Selamat

  34. Sdr Rocky's yg dihormati,
    Saya rasa lebih baik mas selamat diletak di kamunting Msia berbanding di penjara singapura.
    Tindakan mas selamat terus berada di Johor Msia sblm ditangkap menunjukkan setidak-tidaknya dia memilih untuk berada di Msia yg mungkin dia lebih rasa selamat di Msia berbanding negara lain.
    Yg pasti semua rahsia Msia pegang sekarang. Betul ke tidak dakwaan Singapura terhadap individu yg mengganas? Itu pun Msia dah tahu...
    Syabas polis Msia...

  35. CONFUSED MAT12:39 am

    I can't understand this
    Why is Malaysia feeding this alleged terrorist who is wanted in another country.
    let him eat and s**t there.
    Why are we housing him?
    Lest we are protecting him!!
    That is a thought you can't deny that may have crossed many minds.
    I say send all criminals from other countries back to where they come from. Send them back to where they are wanted.
    STOP wasting our tax payers money.


  36. Anonymous12:55 am

    Maybe Najib can use Mas Selamat to blackmail SG government?



  37. batu gaint2:43 am

    maybe malaysia is stupid enough to give him free food and shelter for next 2 years. after that he may get his PR when he step out of the door.

    Isn't that malaysia is famous for producing terrorist? Go to indonesia, they will tell you who is the sifu of terrorist over there. MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

  38. How come the Singaporeans aren't asking for his extradition? Didn't he escape from them?

  39. Anonymous9:09 am

    until ISA is abolished, nobody is Selamat and that includes you, rocky. wake up and subscribe to your conscience if there's one. money is the root to all evils.

    Mas Tak Selamat

  40. Anonymous10:19 am

    Najib is helping Mat Selamat Kastari and doing him a big favor by keeping him safe.

    Most importantly he is proving to the whole world that ISA is still needed in Malaysia.


  41. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Mas Selamat has useful info for Najib's govt.

    Singapore's lax in prison management is already known

    Mas Selamat can be a bargaining chip

    Chin Peng is not allowed back

  42. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Are we running out of CANDLES?

    One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter

    Mas Selamat should be allowed to give a speech

  43. Anonymous12:48 pm

    The sneering and sarcastic tone of AKJ adds another feather to his warped mindset. The first feather given to this ex-GE of NST was when he almost destroyed the paper until the board stepped in to tell him he has done enough damage. Do you think this kampung boy believe in 1Malaysia?


  44. artchan10:00 am

    A Kadir Jasin 537pm.

    10. Maybe can keep him as bargaining chip in future, like water concessions? pictures or photos at some hotelwhere VIPs are seen gallivanting with missing women? Crooked straightened bridge etc.

  45. Anonymous11:43 am

    mat selamat hensem la daripada irwan syah. for the poster, maybe u should dress him up in die hard 4.0 dressing..

  46. mas,

    selamat menjalankan ~refresher course: `How to do blowjob (safely)for(/?to) dummies.`

    salam untuk:
    Menteri Keselamatan Dalam Negeri(Negeri ASEAN).

    world without borders indeed.

    ps biar lambat ,asal selamat,mas
    (better late then never)

  47. Well, you got to always have a first before the second and the third and the fourth .......

  48. Haha.. as always.. Singapore use Malaysia as a dump site

    So Singapore might got a good amnesty report this year compared to they not prison Mas Selamat without trial or use the ISA.

    Haha fool Malaysian been tricked again by Singaporean...

  49. homophobic7:02 pm

    like my superhero Amir "The Malay Male" said - say no to say no to ISA...

    i still need it, you still need it, m. kayveas still need it, lim kit siang still need it, malaysians still need it...

    or should we wait until the talibans kill and rape our child before we change our mind?

    and i dont give a damn whoever being detained in Kemunting...