Monday, May 11, 2009

RPK, my enemy?

Grow up, man! In his latest posting, A lot of growing up to do, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, described recently as "the king of drama" by a Ku Li aide, named me as one of the Umno people who saw him as "The Enemy".
"The same also goes for Zakir, ‘Rocky’, Aspan, Ron, and many others -- all Umno people. These people, as far as I am concerned, are my friends -- fellow Bloggers. Unfortunately, to these people, I am the enemy."
I don't know whether to laugh or to cry reading that, but I know that RPK isn't fit to be my enemy.

Sure, I have ticked RPK off several times in my blog. But that's only because of a problem I have been having with him, i.e. he makes serious allegations in his articles without bothering to check his facts. It's a professional fault, and I've picked on him in my blog postings several times over this bad habit of his.

I've waited for him outside the police station those times after he was picked by the cops for questioning. I am against police intimidation but in the same press statement where I criticized the cops for their art of intimidation, I'd also always stressed the need for bloggers to stick to the truth and substantiate their allegations. RPK does not do that, you see, and I feared that this would eventually give bloggers a bad name.

Other than that, he does not have the traits that would make him a worthy enemy of mine. Sorry, Pete!

I don't care that he had jumped so many camps in such a short time: from Anwar Ibrahim to Dr Mahathir to Ku Li and back to Anwar. That's none of my business. I am a journalist and not a political activist or machai so I wouldn't know why people like RPK do that. I didn't even ask him if he had "sold out" to this other side or that other side. For power, money, women, cars, glamour, ideals, principles?

But I am glad RPK's talking about the times when he was "working" for Dr M in 2006 and 2007. Our paths crossed many times back then as I was also close to that "inner circle". Dr M wasn't a blogger yet but he saw the potential of blogs and he gave the space that bloggers needed then.

I did ask an aide of Dr M why RPK left the Old Man. The answer was, nobody knew. But there was no bad blood, I was told, and that was good enough for me.

I am also glad to read RPK's latest article as has finally decided to tell his readers about his night visit to Najib's home. So now the readers all know that it's not just Saiful who can have an appointment with Najib at home! Of course, some of us had known about this "visit" by RPK for quite a while but we kept the secret to ourselves for we didn't want to embarrass the night visitor.

There are many other stories to tell about that period, when bloggers were united against the Abdullah Badawi administration and when their political differences did not get in the way.

RPK has told his side; I'm sure the others will tell theirs soon.

As for me, I just want clear the air about this "enemy" business. And as for pro-government bloggers declaring war on anti-establishment bloggers ... that's the first time I've heard of it.

For Shamsul Yunus as well, judging from his response in Is RPK offering a surrender?.





  2. Anonymous3:04 pm

    At least you maintain your civility to dismiss your 'enemy' tag. When it comes down to political issues, they say there's no permanent friends and enemies. As responsible bloggers, report what's good and what's bad in a fair objective manner. Else the viewers would make it clear sooner or later your blog is a hit or a miss. There's no two ways about it.
    Look at the direction of NST and the Star. Honestly, they cannot claim with any firm conviction they are the popular media of the Malaysian rakyat at the current times.

  3. Anonymous3:05 pm

    RPK is sick.

    Semambu Striker









  5. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Dear Zorro,

    How about a public debate with RPK? I am sure this will pretty much clear things for all to see.

    Free Malaysia

  6. Anonymous3:22 pm


    I mean Dear Rocky instead,

    How about a public debate with RPK instead? I am sure this will clear things for all to see.

    Free Malaysia

  7. Anonymous3:23 pm

    RPK is so delusional.. screw lose in the head thats why he cant see beyond his stupidity












    Stupid RPK. He and his followers are all bunch of goons.

    RPK stared the war and name calling and now wanted to show he is the VICTIM???

    RPK should just kill himself for being too stupid.


    (what? a malay cannot be angry at RPK?)

  8. I have this problem with PR mentality. Anyone who "tegur" them or disagree in anyway is automatically an enemy. And as their enemy, they deserved to be cursed, shamed, baling batu and all. No exception to their rules; even Sultan of Perak will agree with that. And the scary part is, they think they are ready to lead fairly, justly and honestly. Hellooo RPK, Anwar... itu evident mana?

  9. My friend, the biggest difference between you and him is he stood to gain NOTHING for all his sacrifices while you are now the CEO of the biggest tabloid(rubbish) newspaper in Malaysia. It doesn't matter how you put it, this fact will not go away. Say all you want Rocky but the fact is you will forever be remembered as "The One who was foolish enough to think he can be mentioned in the same breath as RPK". :-)

  10. Rashid3:42 pm


    You are too cheap to plea for peace vis-a-vis RPK. He doesn't play in your league. It is baffling that you talk of friendship and bla bla. He has never questioned your hatred, puerile posturing and opportunistic servitude as you desperately savaged Badawi in order to get a job, now, why would you castigate him when he makes his own stands?

    And you talked of RPK visting Najib saying that now pple know it wasn't Saiful alone who visits Najib. Huh! Look, if you wanna spin, do it intelligently. You aren't addressing the base tribal hordes of Umno here. RPK met Najib in order to be bribed and attack Anwar and PR instead, now, does RPK's meeting with Najib solve Saiful's one? Pathetic indeed! Saiful too met Najib in order to be bribed and attack PR and Anwar. But one refued (PKR) and the child (Saiful) accepted. In what way do you use this laughable example to help your boss whom you shamelessly dusted in order to get a job?

    And why do you need to ask RPK political affiliation? Has he asked where you belong? Has he bothered you? Why bother him? And what are the issues you fight? Can you mention even ONE? We know what RPK fights for? Oh, btw, did RPK care about you being an enemy or a friend? You think he gives too hoots about it? Delusional! He has been under attack from the mighty for a decade now and he has never wavred, faltered or failed. Where were you to compare yourself to him? And he doesn't need your friendship. He feeds his own children and he doesn't need to a hatche-man for anyone to get a job. While you descended to a low level in your desperate search for a job, he was offered almost anything in Malaysia and he still stands for his ideals. Whether under Anwar in Umno, Mahathir, Badawi or Najib, and even the Royalty, he has been true to his conscience. You were true to what apart from your rapacious personal greed?

  11. Anonymous3:42 pm

    In malaysia RPK style is the best!!
    Here the law is not perfect so RPk managed to show the root of the problem.So have some heart that one man fight against the man incharge of Malaysia. At least RPK has the balls where all other man has lost theirs!!!Wake up and see the clowns in Perak. How arrogant!!

    Wisdom Prevails

  12. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Since Najis being the new PM you have changed go ask yourself
    why. Before and after think it over
    I read most of your writing before and today and I think you are now a NO 1 ENEMY TO ALL.

  13. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Just like you said RPK is not worthy to be your enemy, surely you do not mean to infer that Saiful is in the same league as RPK.

    I assume this is the Saiful that Najib initially denied as having visited him.

    Yor are good, Rocky. I must grant you that.

    -Silence is Golden -

  14. Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, please tell me who up there in BN is playing by the rules?? TEll me oh wise one, is police UMNO's personal boucers?

  15. Anonymous4:09 pm


    What Pete says about you is correct,'the other side of bloggers that pro UMNO'.

    Rocky : against Police intimidation ?
    You must be joking !!where were you Rocky when Speaker Siva being dragged out from the Perak Assembly Hall ? other than your article in Rockybru write to justify those UMNO goons act.

    Rocky : I am a journalist and not a potential activist or machai ??
    Hey boss... remember Anwar Vs. Sultan, enuf say..

    you are what you are, Rocky. Most people would agree what Pete says about you. Oh, by the way, my UMNO friends has just confirmed to me that you are indeed an UMNO machai..So, Rocky , you can unmasked yourself now.


  16. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Froggy went a courting....

    RPK is a leaping frog indeed.

    But despite all claims that he is doing all these without remuneration is baffling.

    Perhaps he is living on fresh air and sunshine??


  17. Anonymous4:18 pm

    rocky rocky sampai hati kau bole letak diri kau sebaris dgn rpk?

    tolongla jgn perkecilkan akal manusia.kau terlalu dayus dlm perjuangan

  18. Anonymous4:23 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Anonymous4:32 pm

    I told you this would happen, didn't I?

    RPK, for the unitiated, is an angel. A demi-god. Clean, principled man who knows his stuff. Never lies, always the people's champion.

    Never mind that he said he would fast while in prison, only to break it three days later. (oh, the wife made him eat...i forgot...blame the wife)

    Never mind that he claimed to have been harassed by the two cops involved in the altantuya case when he was jailed (what are the chances of them being contact anyway? no...the warden is at fault)

    Never mind that he said certain ppl were there when Altantuya was bombed without a shred of evidence. (Imagine a Mama Gucci wanting to be THERE to watch an execution and mess her designer clothes and hairdo. Sure, that makes sense...wife of a prominent leader wanting to be THERE so everybody can pinpoint her presence...that makes a lot of sense...blame the mamak guy just bcoz he needs somebody to blame lah)

    Now, those who know him, ppl like you, and many a politician who have had to deal with him, would know that he has always been a gun for hire.

    I had asked you why you were standing by RPK despite knowing all along what he's made of, and your reply was because he's a fellow blogger. Such blind loyalty.

    You should have exposed him earlier.

    In hindsight, sheer waste of time now, huh? RPK has no credibility, but ppl tend to not use their head coz they were agst the Pak Lah administration...

    so much for principles...why is he not in court to defend himself? self-exile my foot...(he can blame my foot for this...)

    RPK stands for one thing and one thing only: HIMSELF....still, it is not too late to show the world who this coward really is...


  20. Anonymous4:34 pm

    I thought Najb said he has never met Saiful. In your desperate attempts to prop up a failing system and give some "examples", don't entangle yourself in the process, that's what I have to tell you. I'm reminded of Chinua Achebe's book, A man of the people. There was a chatacter who resembles you and personifies your "journey"

  21. Anonymous4:41 pm

    i) this rocky fella is NOT in the same league as RPK. i'd put him somewhere between A KADIR JASIN & WONG CHUN WAI. right.

    ii) enemy in this context means from different corners in the political field. come on, rocky, you are not political? have u read your own postings for the past so many years?

    iii) this rocky fella could have salvaged some respect if he comes out declaring that he is PRO-UMNO. at least i know where he stands. i respect (although i dont like them) umno bloggers for their views. i agree to disagree. but this rocky fella....?

    iv) john lennon once sang " thing you can't hide, is when you're CRIPPLED INSIDE..."


  22. RockyPru4:43 pm

    MB haram dah sah! Zambry.
    Hahaha...Kelakar betul la
    BN ni..mcm mana boleh terlepas ni. Tak boleh nak spin kat mahkamah dah kot.
    Lain kali hantar la Augustine Paul jadik hakim..baru la banyak 'Tak Relevan'.

    Maknanya, geng2 haram Zambry la yg buat kacau kat DUN perak...

  23. Anonymous4:46 pm


    did saiful been bribed? how do you know? you must report to MACC even you confident no action will be taken..

    but from my own view.. if it was because of bribed.. why did anwar always try to postpone the trial..


  24. Anonymous4:47 pm

    RPK got the balls to say all those things but not you guys who hide behind the barisan and umno sarong which was not washed for 51 years.

  25. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Rpk got balls to say all those injustice but not you guys who hide behind the dirty sarong of barisan and umno for 51 years. Reasonable man

  26. Nimalan4:55 pm

    Mr. Rocky,

    I too knew about RPK's night visit to the PM's house. I knew this even as I am a young student busy with exams. How did I know this you may ask? I knew it because...........HE ALREADY TOLD US ABOUT THE VISIT IN HIS BLOG MONTHSSSS AGO. It's not some super revelation as you are making it out to bit. He already came clear, in his words, that the PM asked him to come over. Geeez, get your facts straight

  27. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Dont know why you are even wasting time with this loser.I long stopped reading his blog.The guy certainly has a personality disorder and his ramblings are just a reflection of his pathology. Memang tidak memfaedahkan langsung. Ada topic lain yg penting lagi dan urgent seperti hal keselamatan - mat rempit, rampant rape cases, hal foreign workers etc. Jum.


  28. There's a war?

    Man, and I thought I was paranoid. What the hell is up this guy's ass?

  29. Rocky, You are too kind..

    Even when MI reported wrongly about your appointment pun you can still remain cool..

    Hats off to u .

  30. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Why so much steam from you for that post from RPK?

    He only mentions you once, mentioning and discussing the actions of that Rusdi guy much more.

    Situation of siapa makan cili...perhaps hmmm?

    No blogger ID, my name is audrey

  31. Mc Curry5:29 pm

    Ala... nak cover lagi.. if he says u are treating him as enemy, u r treating him as enemy lah.. you ingat RPK bodoh ke!??

    You ingat kita semua bodoh ke, Rocky?

  32. Anonymous5:33 pm

    zubedy's "many colours one race" dont sit in your blog; simply it's against your bosses' (umno's) ketuanan melayu.

    take it out please...


  33. Rocky, you said, "I am also glad to read RPK's latest article as has finally decided to tell his readers about his night visit to Najib's home. So now the readers all know that it's not just Saiful who can have an appointment with Najib at home!"

    But you see, all that RPK said on this subject was, "When Rusdi phoned and said that Rosmah wants to meet me I agreed."

    Somehow when I first read tht, it did not seem to me like he had met up with Najib. Unless of course if you know better.....

    Anyway, what is this about enemies? You know my stand...and most others who read my comments or my blog know my stand. But I am quite happy going into the "lion's den". Beer is cheap and apparently I do the best My until someone else knocks me on that I guess I'll still go la.!

  34. Apa salahnya kalau Rocky nak support BN?

    Apa salahnya kalau Rocky dapat KEUNTUNGAN dengan menyokong BN?

    Apa salahnya Rocky CARI MAKAN?

    Janganlah marah, kalau BN beri Rocky lebih, dan beri orang lain sikit...

    Rocky kan setia, dia tak lompat sana, dia tak lompat sini.

    Akhirnya, gua hilang respect sama lu Rocky... Tak sangka, journalist veteran macam lu boleh tafsir RPK punya posting tu, sampai boleh reply dengan posting lu yang 'macam ini'... Oh, well....

  35. Kak long5:47 pm

    Thank you Rocky, now I know Najib received night visitors, and now I know you guys are paid by someone.

    All my friends the mak ciks and kak ciks in the kampong doesn't know this.

    Kalau di bayar mestilah dengar cakap tokeh dan tulis apa yng tokeh nak. Bukan kah begitu?

  36. Oh Rocky. After reading your article I agree on some points. But you have to agree that your spin is also getting nauseating.

    You managed to miss the highly seditious blog posting by Barking Magpie which literally called for a war "Sri Lankan" style to be waged against individuals and groups in Malaysia. According to RPK he is a Mr. Rusdi?

    FYI, latest news from Sri Lanka reports that UN has confirmed 100 children killed by Sri Lankan military bombardment. What difference when compared to Israel-Palestine? And you have bloggers on UMNO's side advocating a "Sri Lanka" cum Israel style war on the cancer cells in Malaysia?

    What a shame.

  37. RPK is delusional. Let him be, Rocky.

  38. Anonymous5:59 pm


    I still believe that there is truth in his article about najib and rosmah being involve for the simple reason because seeing the serounding circumstances leading to the trial, you can see traces of najib and reason being that:

    1) why did razak baginda's wife says that his husband is not interested to be the prime minister? there must be a reason she said that..only crazy people say things without perpose...

    2) How was it possible that a mere police officer can get hold of C4 when you need permission to be in possession of those type of explosive.....and permission must be granted by someone high up....who granted it...

    3) the link between the police officer involve with najib and rosmah...both of them were ex bodyguard of then DPM

    4) why is it hard for najib to sue RPK if he knew that wht RPK said was false...he could easily get a few bucks for that..

    5) why during trial karpal was not allowed to question the witness further when the witness said something to the effect that she had a picture of someone who is tough to be razak baginda's brother...(you know who im refering)...and the best part is that both public prosecutor and defence council it not the duty of the public prosecutor to prosecute the right person and find out the truth?

    6) why was there a text message between najib and razak stating that "leave it to cool"(correct me if im wrong)...what does he mean by that?

    7) even a right thinking person would say that the first SD by Bala was done by his own free will and the second SD was done under duress....look at his facial expression....then after that he went missing, why wasn't he brought to questioning to determine the validity of his statutory declaration...

    so that is abt all, but there are still more question lingering in my mind but those above is enought already....if you can answer them it will be good!!!

  39. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Journalist, somewhere between veteran and retired. President of the National Press Club. Columnist. Media Strategist. Protem President of the National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs). Working on a first book.

    Hello Bro/bru.

    Bila nak bubuh update profile - CEO Malay Mail?

    You should quit the Proterm Chair of National Bloggers Aliance, coz you sokong sebelah.

    U faham kan maksud saya.

    U suka UMNo, U tak suka Badawi. U suka Najib. A lot of bloggers
    in PR side. A lot in UMNO side but the mindful UMNO bloggers mostly tak namnpak.

    Sdra Ahiruddin Atan, saya fikir, u bukan dari kumpulan minda yang terjerat atau "lembu di cucuk hidung".

    Why tak minta jadi CEO NSTP sahaja? Malulah orang NSTP diperintah oleh orang Utusan Malaysia Johan Jaafer. It's suprisingm JJ tak ada proper editorial qualification kecuali seorang sasterawan dari Dewan Bahasa.
    Selamat berjaya saudara rocky.

  40. Anonymous6:03 pm

    I could not finish reading your post. Had to throw up due to the excessiv amounts of hypocrisy. Could you please repost the same story in a less hypocritical manner, sorry, some of us have weak stomachs.

  41. im with you man

    as much as i like RPK i am not that gulliable to eat his words bulat2....too bad many people will believe his stories and bash you as a traitor.but hey you have valid points here

    can he give us the buktis to all his allegation?

    that is all i want to see. justice is for all. not just for Pakatan people. pakatan people need to remember that.

  42. Anonymous6:18 pm


    have you considered that perhaps the reason why RPK looked to be in different camps at different times is because he is in NO CAMP? That he is for the people and favour whatever is good for the people at that point in time? Since you have a camp, since you are in it for material gain, perhaps you expect others to have a camp too? You cannot imagine someone doing what RPK does if not for making money. Could the flaw be in you rather than RPK? As always, time will tell ultimately of course. But so far, RPK has been very consistent with his stated aim and mission. You, on the other hand and I am sorry to say this, kept your agenda hidden for a long time.

    Rock On RPK!

  43. Tempe Goreng6:27 pm

    U rock, my man! The truth is bitter, but somebody's got to say it. RPK's supporters will follow him to the toilet if he tells them to. He has been making blind accusations, unbelievable racist statements and baseless fatwas - all to serve his own god-knows-what purpose. Now he's on the run because he doesn't have the guts to face the music.

    I was wondering the same thing as Parpu Kari - was he paid by someone, or is he hearing voices in his head to do these thing?

  44. I find people weird when they attack RPK for his expose. Many things that he wrote in his blog cannot be summarily disposed off. We will not be doing justice by simply calling him a sicko. Lets analyse what all he wrot. I can only bring what all are vivid in my mind. Let us take the expose on The Mongolian Murder. Much of what he wrote though disparaging made sense as not many came to challege him. His expose on the SMS conversations between Raja Baginda and Najib, looked too credible to be disposed off, since no independent verification was not conducted. His magnus Opus was the expose of The Medical Report of the first docter on Saiful, putting the docter's note on the web. It would be too simplistic to say all this is figment of imagination. If he can spin such stories than he is in a class of novelist James Michener, Nevil Shute and Cronin. Lets celebrate his imagination.

  45. Anonymous6:33 pm

    bro rocky,
    again...if a chick doesnt want you..dont force it.same with BN.

  46. blade6:44 pm

    Take a good look at yourself in the mirror!

  47. Nanda6:46 pm

    "I'd also always stressed the need for bloggers to stick to the truth and substantiate their allegations."

    "I don't care that he had jumped so many camps in such a short time: from Anwar Ibrahim to Dr Mahathir to Ku Li and back to Anwar. That's none of my business. I am a journalist and not a political activist or machai so I wouldn't know why people like RPK do that. I didn't even ask him if he had "sold out" to this other side or that other side. For power, money, women, cars, glamour, ideals, principles?"

    Now I don't know whether to laugh or to cry after reading that.

    You've got to be kidding.

  48. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Rocky special Bru you are so despicable.... kalau ia pun nak membodek jangan lah kaitkan orang lain. You will not last sorry munkee!!!

  49. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Rocky... you are nothing but a traitor

  50. That's it, this RPK really asked for it..

    Wanted to put a bullet in the head of another fellow blogger?

    Declare WAR on the government?

    c'mon.. don't tell me the whole police force can't find this character.. those mat rempits & snatch thiefs can wait.. I say look after this enemy of the states first!!!

    I'm one of the fence-sitters all this while; but this "holier-than-thou" and "self-glorified" RPK make me puke;

    Only visit his blog once; and read one article; that's enough to make me see him as anti-Islam, anti-Malay and anti-"what-ever-this-country-stood-for";

    I hope all patriot bloggers like Rocky, Magpie and others to continue and soldier on..

    The Almighty will reward all your sacrifices..

  51. Anonymous7:43 pm

    If you cannot seek truth for truth's sake, please get out from the noble profession of journalism.

  52. Hey, which one of you out there have been thru what RPK has gone thru & for what he dares to speak & say his mind?

    RPK is the One & only One Genuine & True Royal Blood(Bloody) Raja who dares to call your penis a penis not a birdie or by any other bloody name.

    It is those cowards who dare not face the truth of his revelations that he was put under ISA etc etc.

    Murderers & those blokes who ordered innocent people murdered should be behind bars & waiting to be executed, irrespective of Creed, Colour or Status, instead RPK was the victim.

    RPK, remember your calling!

    Too many Malaysians are still in slumber while their Rights & Resources are being eroded & robbed by those snaky politicians from the Ruling Parties.

    Malaysia for Malaysians, irrespective of Creed, Colour or Status.

    Hidup Malaysia & Mampus Snakes & Thieves!

    By Caretaker_yeremia.

  53. Hello Merandok,

    You need to brush up reading on people's writings & comments in-between the lines.

    You just read one of RPK's article & you sudah merajok. One swallow does not make a summer. Go on & read from the beginning, then you will know & understand who RPK is & what he stands for.

    What do you mean the mat rempits can wait. Haven't you read & seen enough of their infamous actions(or was it robbers & peragut disguising as mt.) Whatever or whoever it may, the mts need to be checked & rehabilitated before it is too late. Don't forget, they seems to come from the Malay pop.

    God have mercy on them before it is too late.


  54. Anonymous9:29 pm


    rpk adalah `haiwan peliharaan' anwar. tak caya baca kat sini....


  55. Shariff10:31 pm

    It has been expressed earlier - RPK has shown he is no slave to one ego - whether it be Tun, Anwar, Ku Li etc.. etc..
    He is prepared to state where they have gone wrong where he sees it. Although he was one of those involved in the Free Anwar campaign - he was still ready to criticise Anwar where necessary.

    As for your arguments about his facts - so far his record for the truth compared to those in the mainstream media has been a lot better than them.

    RPK is no journalist but he is one of the few willing to look behind the veil of secrecy and try to force out the truth. - when it concerns the politics of this country.

    As I have mentioned before why RPK has such a strong following is that our newspapers and our journalists have failed the public. When was the last bit of real political investigative reporting ever been covered by the press?

    Rocky - have you retired? Or are you not bothered anymore in investigating stories like the Altantuya Case..; the Lingham Gate Tapes; why the PR reps crossed over to BN? Why did Khir Toyo spend taxpayers money to jolly around every Disneyland on earth?

    The only journalists in print doing this stuff is Citizen Nades. Don't you just wish you had his guts and his integrity as a journalist?

  56. Anonymous11:02 pm

    "I am against police intimidation but in the same press statement where I criticized the cops for their art of intimidation, I'd also always stressed the need for bloggers to stick to the truth and substantiate their allegations."

    Really? Look at your below entry, did you highlight how the police drag the speaker out? Did you write the whole truth? Aiyo Rocky don't talk cock lah!

    Najib Bin Abdullah

  57. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Rocky, the truth will prevail. I'm praying hard and wish PR will rule Malaysia in near future and when the day comes I wonder what will happen to you guys? Please had a thought, WHAT I HAVE DONE, in your heart lah!

  58. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Bloody sorry excuse of a journalist. And now you are the CEO of the Malay Mail. Another good reason to stop buying a skewed and biased newspaper. Keep writing your rubbish on your blog and your true colours will be evident for all to see. Thanks for the homour Bru Hahahah

  59. Nikolas11:47 pm

    Ahahaha. Its okay dude. We know where you stand. After all, money is more important than principle for some people, i understand that.

  60. Malay Mail11:53 pm

    Rocky, your article is a piece of shit! Man, and I thought you talked sense all these while. Well, sorry to say I totally disagree with you and now, we know who the real Rocky Bru is. Me & my group of friends talked a lot about this latest development and we unanimously agreed we no longer respect your stand.

    Reason being, you are no longer objective with your comments. It's frustating that you of all people is now backing the other camp and seeing things from their angle, so to speak.

    RPK's spurred a lot of people to be bolder and braver when making their choices at the ballot box in Mar 8 hence giving us a chance to look forward to a better M'sia.

    Rocky oh Rocky, we missed your old days!

  61. DOREMI12:05 am

    This is so confusing and you guys are getting so childish with your tit for tat antics. Rocky, stay on course like how you used to...come on, we know deep down, you are much better than this. Don't change and close an eye on what's really happening around you now.

    If it's true Najib met RPK, so what? At least the meeting did not end with RPK making claims he was sodomised!!

    It's interesting though now that the plot is getting thicker and thicker. But I hope you'll stick to the plot like how you used to. Will you betray your loyal supporters now by turning your back against the likes of RPK??? Hope not as if you go agaisnt RPK, we rather be with Pete...sorry mate.

  62. Anonymous12:19 am

    RPK memang super PERASAN, SYOK SENDIRI lagi2 bila non-malays puji nelambung bagai nak rak.
    di ni lah ANJING PELACUR yg paling BAHAYA kpd rakyat Msia.
    Kejap support ANWAR, lepas tu Tun M & now KJ/Singapore/ANWAR pula. Apa punya MELAYU lah. Patutlah kaum kerabat Selangor pun tak terima dia. No wonder most of his news lately coming frm Malaysian Insider.
    Maybe he is there now (down south) sucking Brendan Paiah's & LKY kerrepot slimy balls.
    Hero Hindustan pun kalah dgn dia ni.
    What A F....g Hypocrite.


  63. Rumpun Jingga1:09 am

    Senang jer..

    Sebenarnya RPK marah sebab MAGPIES kata RPK bukan pure royal blood pun..


    Cakap je besar RPK ni..

  64. Anonymous1:28 am

    Rocky remarked about RPK: "he makes serious allegations in his articles without bothering to check his facts"
    ROCKY, can you substantiate this comment? We are neutral in this matter. Just curious.
    Since you are now part of the established MSM, please uphold your journalistic principle and publish true news and not fabricated ones.

  65. You mean you always speak the truth..
    write about the truth ?! That's news to me.You are controversial...and that's why I visit your blog...not because you speak the truth!RPK is also controversial..but he is courageous and has integrity.That's why I respect him.Sorry,...but, I can't say the same about you.Anyway,
    you belong more to the mainstream media.Hope you can be successful in your endeavours to get back to where you,more appropriately ,belong!

  66. rasupal1:48 am

    I read both his and yours. He never direct his attacks at any bloggers including you; but you though known as veteran journalist who claim to be professional have time and again have proven you are all about prejudice and hidden agenda in your words and articles.
    No man will like to go behind bar except few like RPK, rejecting the millions that could come his way. Just look at you, now have the position to lead a daily. Ordinary folks who have conscience can never support your cause, rocky!

  67. Rocky,


    Take your pic!

    Either way, he should be caged!

  68. Anonymous2:54 am

    I was about to compare you with the beach Hee, But come to think about it, you are even worse than her.

    At least she tried to spin the truth. You don't even know the truth.

    Desolated Malaysian

  69. Anonymous4:15 am

    In this world there are only the good, the bad and and the ugly.

    ..the god-fearing, the evil/satanic, and the mere followers, dumbos or goons.

    Rocky chooses to be the FOURTH:
    the profiteer, chameleon, munafiqin, baruah, prostitute etc No?

  70. Anonymous7:20 am

    You're right about RPK story. But sometimes it does sound very real. I'll wait and see for his story about Rosmah before I make any judgement. In Malaysia, nothing is impossible especially UMNO.


  71. Anonymous7:26 am

    Overall, blogging did help all Malaysian. This allow Pro and Anti UMNO to present their side of the story. Therefore, Rocky is free to present his view about Pakatan Rakyat and same for RPK.


  72. Anonymous8:07 am


    RPK tak konsisten. kalau dia konsisten, saya boleh terima. dan dia menukis ikut sedah kepala dia saja. bila dia buat silap, dia tak minta maaf. saya ingat dia sengaja buat silap. dia ni perasan yang dia saja yang hebat.

    hidup rocky!

    ali bukit jalil

  73. Anonymous8:08 am

    hello anonymous 3.46....who gave u the rite to say rocky is enemy no.1 to all......speak for urself and not from ur arsehole ok.

  74. Anonymous9:54 am

    RPK is not sick. He is very intelligent. Those who say so are the ones need help. - chomelwangi & hubby

  75. Anonymous10:02 am

    You must be getting a lot of money from UMNO for you to jump from one camp to the other! I am reading your blog just to see what kind of bullshit that you can be writing and see how many naive people there are to believe what you write.


  76. I'm not one to take sides as this whole thing is still fresh.

    BUT in my opinion, there is a clear distinction between the supporters of both camps...

    Rocky and his supporters are less convincing in their arguments. Rocky your post didn't actually address the issue, I don't even understand what some things you said have anything to do with RPK or bloggers. And the supporters on this blog, though they try to act intellectual and try to post convincing arguments, none of them hold water.

    RPK's camp is made up of both the knowledgable and the plain followers. There are the ones that make very persuasive arguments and then there are the ones who are just plain tired on UMNO.

    in any case, Rocky, your integrity still comes into question and you come across to me as a total sell out. Don't think you should go on with this debate coz you have a high chance of losing.

  77. Anonymous11:16 am

    you need a good dose of dulcolax ....... you are so full of sh*t.


  78. Anonymous11:26 am

    RPK is prepared to go to jail for his cause....Rockybru is prepared to take the sweets offered by BN to forsake his cause.

    Your conversion to the dark side is now complete, Rocky. The Emperor is very proud of you.


  79. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Bro, you are so shallow in your thinking. What RPK wrote is about BEHAVIOURS of both divide, the pro govt and the anti establishment bloggers.

    His actions and behaviour shows us RPK has got first world mentality and you sorry..4th world.

    I really pity people like you, with such low mentality, almost next to an animal.

    dare to win.

  80. Anonymous3:06 pm

    rocky is the man.......
    rpk is full of shit till his wife/ children and a few idiots here have to carry abit of his shit....

    A true malaysian says

  81. Anonymous3:27 pm

    which reporter if not RPKN has given so much news and expose which uncannily turned out to be truthful albet a little exaggerated, nevertheless, spot on? I defnitely cannot recall anyone making such a breakthrough without fear. Could you?


  82. Anonymous4:47 pm


    Tuesday, 12 May 2009
    Perak Ramblings

    I love the way some people spin things. Especially when the spin is so shallow that all it manages to do is to boomerang back and hit the spinner's forehead. Spinning is an art. And if it does not take off, it would fall flat. And worse still, it might boomerang back to the spinner's face.

    I am talking about the High Court's decision in the Nizar v Zambry case. Before the decision was given, I was telling my friends that in the event Nizar succeeds, the BN spinners would surely spin it by saying that Nizar's success is definite proof that our Courts are independent. Fair enough, yesterday, after the Court delivered its judgment, the newly minted Malay Mail Chief Editor published this post on his blog, Rocky's Bru.

    That post encapsulates the Barisan Nasional's simplistic and almost nonchalant attitude towards the independence of the Judiciary. Coming from the Chief Editor of a national newspaper (or rather in Malay Mail's case, I would rather call it a national tabloid) makes the post laughable. The shallowness it portrays befits the image of the BN, and particularly UMNO, nowadays. If they are finding life difficult nowadays, they have nobody to blame but themselves as they continue to dig the proverbial hole and unconsciously preparing to jump into it.

    What he and his BN masters don't realise is that the people's perception about the partiality of the Courts towards the Government is not something new. It is also not something which suddenly appeared, as if one fine day, the people of Malaysia woke up and decide to distrust our Courts. This perception is not the product of one or two cases in the last few months. It began a long time ago. And if people like Rocky - and his BN masters - still need reminding on how this perception started to bear itself and then morphed itself into a sub-conscious super glue, then dare I say that the BN has no business governing this country as much as the Mat Rempits have no business guarding a bank vault. What crap!

    The reputation of our Courts as one of the best Courts in the Commonwealth was not built in one night. It was built over years and years of excellent judicial tradition. Judges were courteous to lawyers and litigants. They were conscientious. Hard working. Knowledgeable. Through the years, Malaysia produced towering Judges who were at par with those law Lords presiding in the House of Lords. Judges like the late Tun Suffian and Tan Sri Eusoffee Abdoul Cadeer. Judges like Datuk VC George, Mahadev Shankar, Harun Hashim, KC and LV Vohrah et al.

    Although Rome was not built in one night, it could just disappear in one day. The same with our Courts. It just took a couple of months for ONE man to desecrate our Courts, groped its chest, molested and raped it beyond recognition and rendered it powerless and almost useless! Life has never been the same again ever since. And if people like Rocky or the BN government still need to ask what was it that I was referring to, then probably all of us Malaysians should just commit harakiri, like, now.

    It has been 21 years since. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge. And just because Nizar had won but ONE case does not in any way show that our Courts have regained its full independence and impartiality. True, there have been a spate of decisions which are in favour of civil societies, such as the one delivered by Justice Dato' Syed Helmy in the RPK ISA case. But those are few and far between. And it takes the braveness and conscience of the Judge to come up with such decisions.

    So, please. Don't treat us like some morons. One case does not make the Courts great again. Just wait and see what will happen from today, in the Court of Appeal and Federal Court. Then we can make conclusions.

    If you asked me, the only way to bring back some resemblance of the glory of our Courts is to reintroduce the right to appeal to the Privy Council. That is the only way to check the excesses, mistakes and even down right stupidity displayed by some of our Judges.

    For the uninitiated, the Privy Council consists of 5 House of Lords' Judges in the United Kingdom. They can be convened to hear appeals from Commonwealth countries such as Malaysia. Before 1984 (if I am not mistaken), litigants in Malaysia may appeal to the Privy Council from decisions of the Malaysian Federal Court. These law Lords would then hear the appeals and they would advise our King on the case.

    There were many cases which were referred to the Privy Council. Many of the cases were on points of law relating to the Federal Constitution and also on judicial review of governmental acts. Needless to say, the Privy Council decided according to the law and nothing else. Malaysians Judges therefore had to be on their toes. They cannot be partial. Their judgements must be well reasoned. They must conduct themselves in the highest tradition of the Common Law Judges. If not, the Privy Council would tear into their judgements and make them look really stupid. Of course that was not good. Was it?

    Guess who abolished the right to appeal to the Privy Council. It doesn't take a genius to know. Well I give you a clue. It wasn't Winnie the Pooh.

    Can you all imagine if the right to appeal to the Privy Council is brought back now? Our Judges would be trembling in their tiny little underpants! Any judicial indiscretion, any judgement not strictly based on the law, any moronic conclusion which defies logic and intelligence would be opened up by five law Lords in the Privy Council, dissected, commented upon and consigned to the bins of idiocy for the whole Commonwealth to see.

    The Privy Council would have the last say. And I am sure they are above everything else BUT the law and the law alone. Just by one stroke of the pen, the Malaysian Courts' reputation would regain some form of normalcy.

    Don't you all think so?

    By the way. The Times, on April 24th 2009 has this report:

    A district judge has been sacked for “inappropriate, petulant and rude” behaviour towards solicitors appearing before her in court.

    In the first judicial sacking for decades, Judge Margaret Short has been removed by the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice after a “history of complaints”.

    The decision was announced yesterday by the Office for Judicial Complaints, which said that the decision to remove the judge followed a judicial investigation started in 2006.

    That found that as well as being rude and petulant, the judge had taken annual leave when told not to; refused to hand over papers to assist the investigation into her behaviour and made serious “untrue” allegations against support staff.

    I hope some of our Judges read this report. Especially one or two who think they are gods, or some creature closed to gods. They know who they are.

    Posted by art harun at 11:31

  83. Anonymous10:03 pm

    U can say whatever shit U want and RPK can, as well... So, don't be such a cry baby just b'cos his site is more popular than yours. Another thing, each and everyone of us has our own views.

  84. Whether Rocky and RPK are enemies or friends..somehow political bloggers.. cannot be trusted as sincere friends.
    Malaysians respect and admire RPK for sacrificing his life to expose so much for reasons to change the government.
    He can be bought ten times over...but UMNO is afraid of him...and revealed he declined bribery too.
    Glad Rocky explained he somewhat admire RPK too....but with his usual cunning style to bring RPK down again.
    RPK have established himself to be true freedom fighter. What have Rocky established himself to be?
    RPK..sneaking in to see Najib at night..whose idea was that? Did Najib ordered him to go? What was discussed? details...except sneaking to see Najib.What shit is Rocky trying to tell us?
    Rocky and RPK have clearly shown who they are supporting in the political arena.
    They are thoroughbred political bloggers.
    Most commentators and readers are voters with no party links.
    Vast majority are interested to change the government..and put out comments...not allowing political bloggers Rocky.. to advertise and swing votes for UMNO.
    Political bloggers are for highest bidders. Rocky is bought by UMNO...PERIOD.
    Commentators are more sincere and reliable. Both sides know exactly where we are swing and swaying...with smart sell our souls to the devils.
    I can never forget Rocky say he will never participate in any walks again...meaning he is pro UMNO.
    Do we need pro UMNO guy to tell us about RPK??

  85. Yes Rocky is undemocratic and pro UMNO..with a cunning personality.
    Most of my comments not approved..why?

  86. Bro, not sure man where u are now.

  87. monsterball said...

    Yes Rocky is undemocratic and pro UMNO..with a cunning personality.
    Most of my comments not approved..why?


    Probably because your comments are too stupid and too racist.

    Yes, even stupider and more racist than any we've seen here.

    Then again, you might be lying.

    Why don't you start your own site, man? That way, more people can attack you and give you more attention, directly.

  88. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Rpk is a jinx...
    rocky bru is the real/true hero...

    hoooraaaaay Rocky....

    Observer says

  89. hi Amir....."kickdefella" Sheih said I am not a racialist....which Rocky also know.
    Why keep asking me to start my blog?
    If I will be most welcomed. But I prefer to be commentator...searching for devils.
    Who in this world have never lied..tell me?
    Me stupid"? You mabok ke?
    How many samsu you drank today?
    Rocky nak jadi spin master?
    Susa jadi orang. Jadi goody goody...orang banyak sayang dia.
    Nak jadi class la.
    Nak jadi...satu hari busok...satu hari baik orang.....itu dia
    Spin master ...he is.
    Now pro UMNO...tak boleh kasi chance. Hentam butol butol.

  90. Blogger monsterball said...

    hi Amir....."kickdefella" Sheih said I am not a racialist....which Rocky also know.
    Why keep asking me to start my blog?
    If I will be most welcomed. But I prefer to be commentator...searching for devils.
    Who in this world have never lied..tell me?
    Me stupid"? You mabok ke?
    How many samsu you drank today?
    Rocky nak jadi spin master?
    Susa jadi orang. Jadi goody goody...orang banyak sayang dia.
    Nak jadi class la.
    Nak jadi...satu hari busok...satu hari baik orang.....itu dia
    Spin master ...he is.
    Now pro UMNO...tak boleh kasi chance. Hentam butol butol.

    11:07 PM


    Yeah, you are not a racialist, but in my opinion, you are a racist.

    Who in this world never lied?

    Well, take your pick:

    1. Muhammad
    2. Jesus Christ
    3. Siddharta 'Buddha' Gautama
    4. I-Ching
    5. Moses
    6. Xenu
    7. Joseph Smith
    8. Aaron Stack
    9. Morpheus
    10. Promethea

    Do not simply assume, that because you do it, everyone else is also doing it.

    If you fuck a goat, and you like it, doesn't mean others are fucking goats and they like it as well.

    Samsu? I don't take that kind of drink.

    Why people constantly ask you to start your own blog? Because you need the attention, and as a society that is very attentive to the needs of senior citizens, we like to accomodate you as much as possible. Make you as comfortable as possible.

    So start your own blog, and I am sure you will get all the attention you would need. But don't forget to come here from time to time. Use as many anonymous postings as you want.

    We need people like you, Monsterball. We really do. If there are simply 10 of you, this country will be saved.

  91. For all intent and purpose we are all fucking racist. Just chill and listen.

    I may disagree with Rocky but I read his blog because he appears to speak from his heart; and he doesn't incite hate like RPK...unlike other bloggers..from both sides of the aisle.

    pArpu kari should have kari kepala ikan with rpk. Kita semua mest bertaubat. Monsterball has shrunken balls.

    I think an occasional reading of THE MALAY MAIL is good for the

  92. Anonymous1:27 pm


    HA, HA, HA....

    RPK and the family deserve it coz he project himself to be the most honourable man on earth and volunteer to educate all MALAYSIAN on civil society and yet he forgot to teach his own kid’s basic civic principle which is honesty.

    RPK you are full of shit and the shit is flowing in your children as well.

    It is easier to blame others then blaming yourself and all RPK fans is having a denial syndrome.

    For your info Malaysia Today revoked my right to comment on their web site coz my opinion is against most of the comentator on MT and yet RPK talk about freedom of speech and expression.

    Bull Shit RPK

    To RPK please digest this proverb.

    Bapak Borek anak rintik

    Bapak kencing berdiri anak kencing berlari

    Siakap, Senohong, gelama, ikan duri, bapak cakap bohong anak jadi pencuri .

  93. I'm not much supportive for RPK, but I think we don't need to hit him so hard like some people here like to do.