Saturday, May 16, 2009

Malaysian Police out-foxed

updated 18 May: Syabas, Polis DiRaja Malaysia! by Syed Akbar Ali

Original posting:
YB Wee Choo Keong's
atest Question of the Week on our cops' recent hard-line approach against hardcore criminals is food for thought. We all want crime rates to fall, but is shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later the only way to do it? Read here.

Last Kopek. Equally interesting is the talk that Fox Communications Sdn Bhd is handling the public relations for the Royal Malaysian Police. YB Wee seems quick to want to dismiss the rumour, but I've also heard that the contract was given to Fox in March, just before Abdullah Badawi stepped down as PM. Hishammuddin Hussein, the new Home Minister, can help me confirm this: Did he inherit Fox from the previous Administration?

Heard also that Fox is handling public relations for the Economic Planning Unit in the Prime Minister's Department.

Nor Mohamed Yakcob, the former MoF2 and now Minister in the PM's Department, can tell us if this is true. He knows a lot about Fox and should share the info with us tax-payers.


  1. laksa sarawak1:35 am


    when ahmad talib comes in to nst, he has lots of cleaning up to do lah.

    malaysian insider talks a lot about being open, being clean and intergirty.

    but do u know who is in charge of nst training for all the reporters

    he is non other than ravi veloo

    and who is ravi veloo and how did he got the job

    ravi is a singaporean and a close friend of brendan.

    brendan was the one who took ravi in. before that, nst had other trainers like former editor sulo who was stopped to accomodate ravi

    and a year after brendan left, ravi is still around and one wonders why

    it seems hishammuddin aun wants ravi to stay on. hmm do not we all know the relationship between hisham and brendan

    haiyoo howlah
    how to clean up nst when brendan punya influence is still very much alive

  2. anti penyamun1:39 am

    untuk penyamun memang wajar ditembak mati saja,buang masa polis saja tahan, soal siasat, bawa ke mahkamah etc.kemungkinan terlepas pulak penyamun tu.
    tembak saja penjenayah supaya penjenayah2 akan takut nak buat jenayah.

  3. Antibarua2:18 am

    Lawyers like vampire or dracula...suck our blood when we are in problems...

    Say No to Lawyers...Akhirat esok jawabler..

    Akai ada ka

  4. I may be a BN fanboy but I kind of like Wee.

    Too bad he's not in my constituency.

  5. Anak KL3:17 am

    Yes! shoot to kill! we are that fed up! Im with PDRM all the way.
    In fact, they take it one step further and position sharp shooters at rooftops in the city and snipe at snatch thiefs. Aim for the head please.

  6. Brunt Council5:55 am

    I thought fox would be a world player - competitive and not play like a typical Bumi company.

    Apa ini mintak kontrak kerajaan jugak ke?

    Mintaklah contract dari ABIM, Exxon, Shell, AT&T?

    Sama lah itu KJ, budak2 Khairy, ECM LIbra & Ethos.

    Talk of being world beater, competitive, innovative but at long last cuma kontrak gamen juga.... cheap no class!

  7. Anonymous7:23 am

    You don't call it "Fox" for nothing. Think!!

    I suppose it was part of the Mid-night regulation eh?

    Orang Lama

  8. Anonymous7:39 am

    Don't be jealous about your arch nemesis getting government contracts. I know their credentials aren't anything to shout about, but are yours any better?

    Lastly, if I am wrong and I do apologise if I am wrong and your complaint is purely in the interest of open tenders, please ask for a blanket implementation as opposed to tenders for "selective" contracts which you don't want Fox to win. After all, how do the national service contracts get dished out?

    Don't be bitter Rocky. If you have lived the good life, never conspired with people to do things you should not have done, I am sure god will judge you fairly.


  9. Bro Rocky,

    Hardcore criminals should be treated the hardcore way. I say shoot them all! Shoot THE FAT FOX also! We dont want any legacy of d ol' Sleepy Head. It was his doing that turned decent wage earners into criminals!

  10. Anonymous8:32 am


    Itulah pasalnye bila Najib bior org Musang berjanggut buat kempen, maka kadar jenayah kita akan meningkat sebab Kali Koling dan Brenden Pariah bagi maklumat sulit keselamatan kepada Singapura untuk hancurkan Malaya.

    Fox tak perlu pikir panjang, kjaan Singapura akan bagi kempen cegah jenayah republik itu untuk diciplak sebagai tanda penghargaan sumbangan besar Kali Koling dan Brenden Pariah kpd LKY dan Singapura.

    Maka hancuhlah Malaya dikerjakan pengkhianat2 spt Khairy Jamaluddin, Nor Mat Yakcob, Kali Koling dan Brenden Pariah!

    MAKLUMAN: Khairy dan Nor Mat Yakcob main peranan sebalik tabir operasi Fox dan Malaysian Insider.

    I S A

  11. Anonymous8:53 am

    And just how much did they have to pay for all these so-called 'public relations'? From the public funds of course which came from our taxes. No amount of public relations would do anyone any good if the cliet is by nature stinks. The Police needs them to do this job for them? Let's get everyone ACCOUNTABLE. Who gets paid for doing what. More shit piling on top of another even before they can clean the bottom out.

  12. Anonymous9:09 am

    Just stop the "I know better mentality". Let them do their job. If you are not the criminals why worry. The crime level is serious and requires tough measures. I am all for it.


  13. Anonymous9:15 am

    Wow Rocky! Najib better take AKJ’s comment seriously especially after Big Dog exposed an attempt by KJ’s insider to join the DPM Office.
    Pekan also reminded Najib the repercussions of having tainted operatives inside his office sympathetic with efforts to resuscitate KJ’s ambition to become PM at the age of 40!
    Beware of Dogs! Beware of Opportunists…!

    Below are AKJ and Pekan's comments
    A KADIR JASIN said Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    1. The MI is shooting in the dark;
    2. MI has inside men and women in Najib's Government;
    3. Remember Abdullah Badawi allegedly telling Anwar Ibrahim at a meeting in Hulu Langat that he has people to watch over Najib?
    4. Could MI be getting the info from Abdullah's people who are still in the Cabinet and the Civi Service?
    5. Or is the MI deliberately catering to the civil servants and politicians who are not happy with Najib?
    6. Lately MI has been "exposing" developments in the mainstream media by targeting some people.
    7. We should challenge MI to state who are its owners, financial backers and editors.
    8. The Information Minister should get the Malaysian communications and Multi-Media Commission to investigate and reveal who they are.
    9. It not enough to suspect that MI is the tool of Kalimullah Hassan or Brenden Pereira, who are known to be close to Khairy Jamaluddin. KJ was once Kalimullah's business partner in ECL Libra. Thank you.

    Hi Rocky, Reading Dato AKJ’s comment one cannot dismiss the possibility of him knowing the intrigues inside the current PM’s Office.
    It revolves around MI’s expose’ of matters of concern especially the scheming and plotting of individuals to justify their influence and authority in Najib Razak’s administration.
    It’s a very dangerous precedent which only hastens the PM’s departure and the government.
    Individuals like Omar Ong, Hardev Kaur, Rahman Sulaiman, Tg Sharifuddin and even the likes of Rusdi Mustapha are viewed with suspicion due to their involvement with tainted personalities and operatives of the previous administration in point no 9.
    A careful assessment of AKJ’s comment show their operatives have succeeded in infiltrating the PM’s setup assuming important roles in and outside the administration.
    Big Dog recently exposed one of them but they are not discouraged and have indeed made major inroads in shaping public opinion. Bravo No 9! PEKAN

    Note: Dato AKJ! I've corrected the sequence. You wrote No 4 twice in your original comment. See, you also make mistake Latok...Oops Dato!

    PDRM (Pesanan Dari Rakyat Malaysia)... Not RM Rusdi Mustapha or Ringgit Malaysia aaah!

  14. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    You and Sdr YB WCK don't have to wonder anymore.

    Yes, Fox is in the PDRM.

    I met a nice, courteous Malay boy from Fox when I interviewed Deputy IGP on Astro Awani some time ago.

    He gave me a Fox Com calling card. He told me that Fox is advising PDRM on PR.

    Thank you.

  15. Anonymous9:36 am

    Is Fox Communications also roped in to come out with messages on ‘actual’ version of how Francis Udayappan and Kugan died while in police custody?

    And also how a bottle of ‘thinner’ found its way to an interrogation room which was quickly pounced upon by the guy who was being ‘interviewed’ by the police? And how this guy drank it ‘accidentally’?

    Or for that matter, how six ‘terrorists’ in Kedah were shot dead some time earlier this year?

    The Fox is now working on how the police responded super effectively to restore order in the Perak state assembly by ‘relocating’ the Pakatan Speaker?

    I believe the Fox will also be helping the Police a lot with the Saiful case, come July 2009.

    Foxes are sly. And do we need any more reminders on the need to be careful when engaging them? But if the ‘employer’ needs such help to tell the ‘truth’ to the public, so be it. We taxpayers will pay…..and suffer.

  16. ex GRO9:56 am


    what will the PR people in these gomen agencies will do?

    don't accuse these gomen PR makan gaji buta.

    blame it on Dollah, Brendan and Kali,

  17. Yeah,

    blame it all on the police, JPJ and etc etc etc.

    please check on the history which bangsa started the trend giving duit kopi, gangsterism, race motor haram, hisap candu, nombor ekor and etc etc.

    Lee Kuan Yew can give you the correct answer.

    So if you want these social problems to be reduced and live safely, let the police do their job and stop blaming them and stop trying to be a political hero.

  18. Anonymous10:17 am

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. Anonymous10:35 am

    Heard from very reliable source inside PM office that Hassan Merican was told by Najib few days ago to appoint Syed Hamid as new Petronas Chairman. Hassan informed Najib he could not work with Syed Hamid and that he would rather relinquish his President post and become Chairman. Hassan suggested making Amir Azizan (the late Tan Sri Azizan's son now CEO of MISC) President to replace him since Hassan owes the late Azizan for bringing him into Petronas as the youngest VP when he was 36 in 1989. Najib said he wanted Hassan to remain President as he was doing an excllent job but wanted to enforce check and balance by bringing in an outsider as Chairman. Hassan refused and told Najib that if he brings in an outside Chairman, he would resign as President and if Petronas' performance deteriorates, Najib would be held responsible to the Malaysian public...and that Najib would have to think very carefully about this given the next General Elections. Hassan told Najib that he must consult Tun Mahathir before making any decision on his position since Mahathir is Adviser to Petronas. Who is really in control of Petronas...Hassan Merican or Mahathir? Perhaps it is high time that Petronas becomes accountable to the Rakyat via Parliament, and not to a powerful warlord or a former PM.

  20. Anonymous10:48 am

    Wee said Fox, then you said ex-pm, and then? Can both of you suggest something? A Parliament representative and a well thought blogger??

    From Systemsissue

  21. what PDRM should do is to invite all these people that always condemming PDRM to join them in PDRM operation. let them feel when the suspect shooting at PDRM.let them see how the bullet flying around. from then they know how dangerous this criminal is.

  22. Anonymous11:22 am

    Ok..this is evidence enough that UMNO's and BN's kelentong propaganda is not working on the masses any longer....does it mean Fox's spins will work.....maybe Malaysians are real dumb.....I know for a certainty Sidek the underperforming, gutless, ball licking KSN engages the an international media PR do to spruce up his false image......but thank God...all those scratch and win contests at TESCO has taught all Malaysians well....BN, UMNO and civil servants...satu sen tak boleh percaya....


  23. Anonymous12:16 pm


    why you worry about 'Fox' ??
    You already got MM... so, spin those Fox's out from Najib administration lah !!

    After all, you also one of the Fox wat !!


  24. Anonymous12:17 pm

    FOX = KalimullahHassan = Brendan Preraira = MINISTER

  25. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Tembak dula,,tangkap kemudian,,!!!

    Polis kita sibok dengan situasi di Perak,,lalu mengabaikan tempat lain.

    Terlalu banyak Polis kita makan rasuah,,,ta'percaya,,,,lihat di sekitar roundabout di Ibu Negara,,ramai Polis minta di rasuah kerana pemandu melakukan kesalahan kechil.


  26. Polis tembak penjenayah salah. Polis tak tembak penjenayah pun salah. Semuanya serba salah.

    YB tu nak rasa dulu rumah dia kena rompak, family dia kena ikat dulu kena taruk parang di leher masing masing agaknya baru nak faham tugas Polis dan keselamatan orang Awam.

    Kalau YB free sangat, berilah semangat, idea dan hargailah tugas berat Polis. Janganlah cari kelemahan dan kesalahan sahaja.

    Bercakap dan menaip dari dalam bilik air cond memang senang dari berhadapan dengan penjenayah berat bertarung nyawa tidak kira bila.

    Ada sahaja salah Polis, nak cuba cari juga, tapi bila tersepit Polis juga yang dicari.

    Kami sebagai rakyat Malaysia terutama yang tinggal di Lembah Klang berTerima Kasih pada PDRM yang bekerja kuat menjaga keselamatan dan ketenteraman kami Selama ini.

    Harap teruskan tugas-tugas mencabar ini dengan penuh dedikasi. Jangan pedulikan suara suara yang tidak menghargai apa pun tugasan yang Anda lakukan selama ini.

    Kami, rakyat Malaysia berdiri teguh di belakang PDRM. Tembak yang patut ditembak. Biar mereka kecut sikit, penjenayah berat dan tak berat sekarang semakin berani sebab ada yang sayang dan kasi muka pada mereka. Ada yang nak membela HAK mereka.

    Bagaimana pula HAK kami, rakyat Malaysia orang awam Malaysia??? Kami juga berhak pada Keselamatan dan Ketenteraman di bumi kami sendiri.

  27. Anonymous2:33 pm

    In relation to my comments regarding DAP involvement in Sri Lankan affairs as posted under :"Chinese for China, Gesture of Trust?", discerning and objective local Hindulens should be mindful of the fact that the doubleheaded Chingkie dragon can play a vicious game of backstabbing that will outbackstab even the Hindulens at their own game:

    "The UN should threaten both sides with prosecution for war crimes. Council members led by China – whose no-questions-asked funnelling of arms to the Sri Lankan government helped tip the balance in this 25-year old conflict – insist it is an internal matter posing no threat to regional or international stability. That is short-sighted sophistry.To begin with, China’s sudden eruption on this island in the Indian Ocean is part of its competition for regional influence with India."


    and this:
    "China, which is financing a billion dollar port project, joined Russia and Vietnam in preventing the U.N. Security Council from discussing the war. The countries argue the conflict is an internal matter — akin to Tibet for China and Chechnya for Russia — and refuse to back sanctions or other tough action.


    Well, that self same reflection should apply to the Malay running dogs from PKR and PAS as well, shouldn't it? (Remember 1945 and 1969, who started the aggro in pursuit of power and subjugation)

    And lest them Chingkies and their paid character assasins come charging out of the bush, like some demented and cornered sus barbatus, accusing me of stirring shit, I invite you to debunk the above first before coming at me ad hominem style for I have my heavy artillery in wait for you...

    Warrior 231

  28. vinnan2:34 pm

    UMNO man digging up UMNO dirt. Any mystery why UMNO is afraid of a statewide by-election in Perak. In Malaysian English: "Like that how not to die?"

  29. Anonymous6:21 pm

    I suggest that Fox also handle the PR for Pemuda Umno because Khairy needs a serious image makeover. He needs to convince us why he is unemployed yet so kaya raya, that he is actually a humble guy behind his bombastic statements, why he is so anti Najib yet trying to buy into Pahang politicians - present, past and has-been - and that he needs to survive so that he can live his dream as PM. I'm sure Fox can do that for him. After all, they helped create the myth that Pak Lah was working hard when he was napping most of the time.

    - Cerita Lama

  30. Anonymous6:48 pm

    rocky, this is what is say business opportunity. if you know somebody at top post, you will get it!!!


  31. Anonymous7:37 pm

    musang dalam selimut?


  32. Anonymous9:07 pm




  33. Anonymous9:27 pm

    WEll if a criminal does a crime, the police will release him if he pays a sum of money.

    If the criminal makes another crime, the police will ask for another sum of release money and transfer the case to another area.

    Now then if the files piles up and cannot help him anymore,

    He shoots him, and get all the money plus the police becomes the hero.


  34. Anonymous10:00 pm

    For those who are against police actions, wait until you become one of the victims. The trauma of your house being broken in, parang at your neck, your sisters/wife/daughters being disturbed will last your whole life. The psychological side of the experience is indescribable.

    These criminals are ruthless and show no mercy to the victims. Why must we put them in jail and feed them using taxpayer money.

    Just shoot them and send them to hell. They will do the same to the victims when they feel threatened.

    At least we are doing them a favour by stopping their crimes thus lessening their punishment in hell. I'm sure all the victims will agree with me. Only those who never experienced house break in/ robbery will protest police actions.


  35. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Dear Rocky

    I must say this is a fantastic story. The story about Fox is one that comes from the land of make believe.

    Fox is managed by Brendan Pereira. Wong Sulong, formerly with the Star, is helping him run Fox.

    The shareholders include a Mamak from Penang whom Nor Mohamad Yakcop should be able to provide his background.

    Fox was established immediately after Brendan left NST as the Group Editor after he was disgraced for plagiarising the work of renowned novelist and sports analyst Mitch Albom.

    With the assistance of a Minister and Kalimullah's powerful influence, Fox emerged as the most powerful media consultant in the country, devouring every single project on this land. They had a hand in every PR work pertaining to the corridors which were the wonderful idea of Pak Lah despite having no experience at all in handling PR.

    But you know in Malaysia everything is possible, Malaysia Boleh. Brendan claimed to be a crusader. In his days at NST, he was pushing for the so-called reforms.

    After the NST days, he licked his own puke and joined the crooks to prise every opportunity that came his way.

    Fox made tonnes of money from the launch of the many corridors. Tried to force Ghani Othman to pester UEM to give them works in the Iskandariah Project. They were every where,in Sabah, in Sarawak.

    Then someone made a call to Sime Darby and Fox ended up with RM250,000 a month in retainer fee alone excluding payout for other PR jobs.

    After a couple of years, Sime Darby, someone in smelled that having Fox on their stable when Najib took over was not a brilliant idea.

    So before the consequences befell them at Sime Darby, someone in Sime Darby should run for cover.

    Their opportunity fell on their laps when Sime Darby came under constant attacks from bloggers for their greed and manipulation in proposing to buy over IJN and build the new LCCT.

    Someone in Sime Darby seized the opportunity and accused Fox of failing to deliver their promises to protect its good name and Fox's contract was not renewed.

    But that was not a problem for Fox. They had made their money from the corridors and a couple of years with Sime Darby was more than enough.

    That tonnes of money made Brendan richer and it was time for him to switch the Harrier for a Merc.

    Then came the EPU project. A great one and the Malaysian Insider came into being. Who financed Malaysian Insider?

    It's Fox. Where did the money come from? It's Government money. It came from the corridor projects, Sime Darby and EPU.

    Malaysian Insider was set up to prevent Najib from becoming PM and defended Pak Lah from attacks.

    Money was not a problem for Malaysian Insider. Every writer is getting paid a fortune. Most of these writers served under Brendan and Kalimullah when they were at NST.

    Malaysian Insider sustained their attacks on Najib. But they failed to realise that the undercurrent was too strong. Pak Lah succumbed under pressure.

    While Fox continued its good fortune. Before Pak Lah left, another project fell on their lap. The police rebranding project.

    And that money from the police project is good money to sustain anti-Najib Malaysian Insider for another 15 years and oddly, the money came from the police department who was supposed to protect the Government.

    Najib when he was the DPM was fuming everytime he read Malaysian Insider. Some of his operatives cursed and swore to terminate Malaysian Insider when they took over the administration. But Fox and Malaysian Insider live on.

    Now Malaysian Insider continues their tyrant questioning decisions made by the Government.

    They can afford to do it because their coffers are full. Thanks to the Government including Sime Darby, EPU and the police.


  36. Anonymous11:51 pm


    R WE DEAF?

  37. Anon aka Consultant,

    Not true about the company you said and the people who were supposed to be behind it. I've decided not to publish your comment as I have verified with that it is not true. Publishing it may drag their name in mud for nothing.

    Thank U.

  38. Anonymous12:12 am

    We will support FOX/MI as only the people inside UMNO could bring down UMNO.

    Thank you for sharing. EX-FOX.


  39. wanbeemer1:16 am

    Salaam Bro Rock,

    U sure Fox got the PR job for our govt agencies? Allah help us! Apahal Brendan Pareira & The Gang diberi laluan seluas-luasnya dalam jabatan-jabatan yang highly critical dalam negara kita? Kenapa bodoh dan bangsatnya org2 besar kita meluluskan appointment mereka ni? Lebih baik hire Mossad & CIA je terus. Najib has to terminate them ASAP, for God's sake.- Wanbeemer

  40. Dear Bro,

    Opps... U r rated 5 Star Blogger. Pls visit SpotTheBloggers.

    Salam Hormat.

  41. Anonymous1:55 am

    fox in pdrm? i can add up 2 and 2 = 4...

    maybe this is the fox that tipped off reporter leslie lopez of straits times singapore of the arrest of jemaah islamiah militant group leader mas selamat by malaysian police in johor recently!

    leslie who scooped all other malaysian press on the news said he got a tip from a mlaysian source.. who else?

    fox leaking pdrm operation to singapore's operative?

    Mat Bond

  42. Anonymous2:06 am

    kalau tak penjahat mati dulu,
    polis yang mati dulu...

    kalau jelas penjahat mati kena tembak, bising..

    bila polis yang berkhidmat mati kena tembak, diam seribu bahasa....!!!

    inilah orang kata memperjuangkan hak asasi manusia tidak bertempat...

    kenapa hendak jadikan isu dalam soal keselamatan orangramai dan negara?

    biarlah polis jalankan tugas mereka. hapuskan penjenayah dari negara kita...


  43. Headlines flashback, a 1998 case.
    Kuala Lumpur - A witness today recounted the sequences of events leading to the fatal shooting of a man and his eight month pregnant wife by the police in the connection with the kidnapping of former Selangor Mentarei Besar Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib s son. In their suits, the daughters said their mother s death was caused by an unlawful act and gross negligence as the police had failed to, among others, ensure the identities of those in the house, warn and allow them surrender before firing and to investigate the case professionally. Their neighbour, Saraswathy said she did not hear the police giving out warnings to surrender or warnings that they were going to shoot.

    An innocent lady died, because the police stormed the wrong house. For those who support the execution of suspects Judge Dredd style, I pray that your head is not at the end of the trigger when it happens.

  44. Anonymous4:16 am

    The only defenders for criminals are the opposition parties. That's because the criminals know that the PR lawyers will defend them tooth and nail.

    The PR lawyers encourages criminal activities because they want to share the loot; vide legal fees.

    I support the shoot first policy. It is time to tell the criminals that crime does not pay.

    If the criminal does not want to be shot dead, then don't do the crime.

    It's sort of a job hazzard for the criminal.

    A law should also be passed to make it an offence to defend criminals in court. Jail the criminal lawyers too.


  45. Anonymous11:07 am


    Agree with you about the job hazard thing.....berani buat mesti berani questions asked and saves us lots of money too in terms of court procedures and maintaining fat arses in jail cells waiting to commit the next crine after a breather in the slammer..

    the same should apply for demonstrators, vigilers, mat rempits and the like. Procedurally, spray them first with chemical water, next use tear gas,then warning shots, next rubber bullets, subsequently shotgun pellets and if all the preceding fails, fire live bullets.(for rempits: warning shots and live bullets will do)

    Law and order situations call for no mawkish sentimentality and namby pamby kids gloves approach.Only the iron fist will do!(and the same should apply for political dissent as well, thats why i firmly subscribe to the view that should be NO review/repeal of the ISA except to streamline and fine-tune technicalities.Spore has it and no foreign pressure has caused it to buckle so why should we? Remember= All successful nation states in Asia have firm and strong governance at the helm)

    2. Regarding criminals and criminal lawyers...i feel that once brought to the courts the legal procedures should apply and he/she should undergo trial with counsel BUT with one proviso/caveat..

    If the counsel willingly defends a suspect whom he knows DID commit the said crime and tries to weasel out the criminal with his legal tricks and/or reliance on technicalities, that lawyer should be

    a. suspended from practice for a certain period of time

    b. repeat offenders be permanently disbarred and struck of the rolls.

    Time to clean up the legal profession of thugs, skunks,cheats, liars, hypocrites and other assorted slimeballs and scumbags who are in it for the easy moolah and the glamour, and of course parlaying the latter for other more nefarious quests as some lately do.

    The relevant authorities should also set up a Royal Commission to investigate the Bar Council and its members to establish their links with the underworld, international terrorists and foreign intelligence services as its crude and blatant attempts to interfere in the local political arena is becoming increasingly disconcerting to the man in the street.

    Warrior 231

  46. Rocky, you and your pals sure seem to have a vendetta against your media rivals...

    Don't get burned...

  47. Dear Bright Eyes,

    Here's to transparency and fair play.


  48. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Yoo.. Rocky..
    U should ask the YB to put up a campaign promoting more chinese and indian to join the force. Instead asking stupid questions.
    Talk is cheap.

  49. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Anonymous 10.35am's comments about Tan Sri Hassan Marican from an alleged reliable source in PM's office is too speculative and illogical to be believable. Firstly, why would PM want Syed Hamid Albar as Chairman of Petronas when he was dropped even from the Cabinet. Secondly, there wasn't anything in his service as a Minister that came across as "distinguished". Thirdly, there are many others in Malaysia who would be "better qualified" than Syed Hamid. Syed Hamid would need to take a number to be in the queque and it is gonna be a big number and a long long wait even.

    Then there is the totally irresponsbile statement that Tan Sri Hassan wants Amir Azizan to take over from him since that would be a gesture of gratitude to Tan Sri Azizan's family. This is most preposterous because Tan Sri Hassan's profesionalism in the industry is unquestioned and he is man of great integrity - he will never allow his own personal emotions dictate a professional decision. He will choose the best person for the job and it is logical to think that he has already has a succssion plan for for a Fortune 500 company like Petronas! PM is smart enough not to tinker with Petronas and try to fix something when it ain't broke. PM has more pressing concerns and issues to deal with in the short and medium term.

  50. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Hello Najib .. Stop your stupid walkabout and do some real job if you do not want UMNO to be history by the next general election ... Wali Kota

  51. Mazlan11:53 pm

    The police need to clean up their act first rather than employing a 2 bit PR agency that frankly has not done a good job at any client.....
    The police need to truly be an independent body with top class and well educated leaders who have a proper understanding of the law and not beholden to any political agenda. Using a PR agency cannot hide the crap that is going on right now.

    But the looking at the quality of the current PDRM leadership is pretty sad to look at.
    And what happened to IPCC???

  52. Dear Bright Eyes,

    Here's to transparency and fair play.

    And cheers to that too... (lifts a glass of Kilkenny's)

    But you should checkout The Utusan. They need loads of that transparency and fair play. Badly.

  53. Anonymous11:08 pm


    I agree that hardcore criminals, like robbers and murderers, should be dealt with harshly. As a concerned citizen who values a peaceful and safe Malaysia, I'm behind the police action all the way insofar as the shooting of suspected hardcore criminals goes. [We have to remember that these criminals are only 'suspects' not because they are not guilty, but because our law demands that these characters are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.]

    What YB Wee, or for that matter, any good politician, should be questioning the police on the sprouting of gambling dens in the Klang Valley. Who are behind all these unlicenced gambling outlets? I think if the police are doing their job, there would be no mushrooming of such illegal outlets. What is the IGP doing about it? It is not enough transferring the police officers in charge whenever an issue such as this crops up.

    It is a social scourge, these gambling syndicates which also thrive on other underground activities like prostitution and narcotics. And, it's business as usual for these scums. I doubt very much that the police can claim innocent. It would not involve all in PDRM, but I'm sure somebody high up has something to do with the current state of affairs.

    Suspicious Poirot

  54. So happy to be given a privilege to post a comment here. You have a wonderful site. Thank you for the effort to publish this.