Saturday, May 16, 2009

B.U.M 2009

Bloggers Malaysia, Selamat Berforum!

Date/Time: 9.30 am to Dinner, Saturday 16 May 2009 Venue: Lake Club, SUBANG Jaya

The Theme:

The Speakers:


Anonymous said...

Rocky, hello, 16th March or 16th May 2009?.......:)

Anonymous said...

See BUM 2007, THe first one. Who started it? Why the Ones who started no invite s Organising Com, also BYM 2008

Bumped Out!

Anonymous said...

terkejut kerana Dr M jadi speaker. kan dulu ramai pemerintahannya KUKU DAN BESI he he he kini jaguh perjuangan keadilan dan kesamaan


Anonymous said...

Hey Rocky,

Care to comment on the following description on Mahathir?

"He sounds like an idealist once he's out of the premiership. He had an epiphany eh? Typical bourgeois"

In Solidarity!!