Sunday, May 17, 2009

Anifah Aman for DPM?

Latest from Malaysian Instinct, Anifah to Anwar: "So sue me!"

Original Article, + updates:
Was there an offer? Malaysian socio-political bloggers are looking at the new Foreign Minister closely and in a different light now, especially after telling American journos in the presence of Hilary Clinton that DSAI had promised him a Deputy Prime Minister's post if he'd abandon the ruling coalition for Anwar's Pakatan.

Blogger Pasquale, a Najib loyalist, is full of praise for Anifah in Well done Anifah Aman for catching the bull(shit) by the horns, h e r e.

PKR's Din Marican (I was hoping to meet him at BUM 2009 but he could not make it) has asked the PM to sack Anifah as he comes to the defence of his boss in Why is Anifah Aman Attacking Anwar? h e r e.

p.s. Wonder if Anifah got a date for Najib to meet Obama.

Anwar denies offering Anifah DPM post, here
Will sue if FM does not apologize, here

What Anifah said, according to Bernama in Washington, h e r e.


  1. Anonymous2:58 am

    wow...akhirnya pecah tembelang anwar ibrahim! tapi seperti biasa anwar yang licik mainannya akan menafikannya..!!!!


  2. ramai suke berdalih

  3. I don't think BN should resort no-evidence-allegation-tactic as usually used by opposition. Didn't Najib state earlier that BN should counter lies with fact. It ain't fact if there is no evidence.

    More so by doing it in front of foreign just doesn't look good. I know the intention is to get the widest coverage but it paint a negative image to BN.

    ps: he could have started a blog and announce it sure he would get a lot of traffic!

  4. Anonymous3:30 am

    Rocky bru,
    You are the man.......You have proven yourself to be Gobbels of Malaysia. Any chance of getting a job being Minister of Information

  5. Anonymous4:04 am

    Yeah sure! It's okay for Anwar to go overseas and tell lies but what others say are not okay.

    Anwar directed a representative to fly to Taiwan to buy over the MP's who went there for a study trip, in his bid to form a government.

    Of course Anwar will say " Oh, my representative was there on his own personal expenses and has nothing to do with me".

    And when the truth surfaces?? Deny Deny Deny.

    Sorry, but denial denied.


  6. disillusioned4:10 am

    I have respect for Anifah all the while until he opened up his 'ass' to the American.
    I am no supporter of Anwar and never will be. I am always a BN supporter.
    This level of mentality can be found around Chow Kit Rd and there are abundant.
    So childish this man is, he goes around talking about his domestic problem abroad.
    Now this man is sure as a person who does not have any decorum and plainly inexperienced.
    He talks politics in US like he talks politics in his ulu constituency.
    If our BN is really having a reasonable 'class' we shouldn;t talk about our problems here.
    Now I want to ask this mediocre Anifah, "Did you talk about Elizabeth Wong to Hillary? I think you should. If you have time you may talk about Sivakumar as wellor you may talk about Ibrhim Ali too!"
    Stupid you! Sometimes I tend to agree with many people that BN is having lines of leaders who don't have brain. I think Anifah is certainly one of them; I think his head is full of sand or cow dung.

  7. Anonymous4:23 am

    Do I care if Anifah statement? I don't care if Anifah is right or wrong. I'm worry about crime rate, corruption, judiciary reform, etc. Rocky do you ever worry about crime rates? What have UMNO done to protect our women? Have you ever felt that we're spending too much money on paying foreign car tax? Do you agree that we've corrupt police force? What about poor LRT service/public transportaion?

    I don't care if Anifah is right or wrong. His statement does not make my wife feel saver taking public transportation at night. His statement does not help me pay less foreign car tax.

    Does BN elites understand our problems? Who cares if Anwar or Najib is evil or not? I want somebody that can do a better job on providing us freedom, reform the judiciary, improve economy, stop corruption in all government agencies, stop racist remarks (utusan Malaysia), provide well-deserve student with scholarship, etc. Last, respect all Malaysian.

    Damn Frustrated Malaysian!

  8. disillusioned4:25 am

    Hey Anifah Aman!
    You are so silly and displayed your immaturity as a member of the Cabinet.
    You cannot be trusted and if you can smear our nation's image abroad you can do other silly things.
    It is too unethical talking about our domestic affairs to foreign leaders and that is a total display of childish leader.
    I am no supporter of Anwar and never will be, but your conduct is disgraceful.
    Anyway did you talk about Elizabeth Wong to Clinton? I think you should. If you have time you may talk about Ibrahim Ali or Ali Rustam too. Or about Khir Toyo.
    You should also tell Hillary Clinton that our New Ambassador to the US used to rub the butt of girl at Meridien Hotel in KL?
    You talk politic in US like you talk politic in Ulu Sabah!
    No finesse what so ever. Sometime I can't blame for people for dumping our BN. Najib should be accountable folks!


  9. Anonymous4:35 am

    You should also talk about Elizabeth Wong to Hillary.
    Stupid you!..disillusioned

  10. Rocky!

    The answer to whether Najib has a date with Obama? The answer is yes and I am going with him!

  11. Rocky!
    I think it is high time for Najib to tell the American on the truth of the matter and to correct the lies spread by Anwar Ibrahim, about Malaysian leadership and about Malaysia, to his so-called "neo-con" contacts in the US!
    By and large American decision makers are not that gullible as to believe a two bits rain maker and carpetbagger like Anwar Ibrahim!

  12. nstman5:08 am

    This monkey opened his stupid mouth and made a fool of himself before the world. Thank god this brainless sod wont be the deputy PM of the country.

  13. Anonymous6:14 am

    This new Foreign Minister is another goon trying to apple-polishing his political master.He was indeed a fool trying to reveal it to the American about the second highest post Anwar would give him if Pakatan won the 12 GE.

  14. Anonymous7:39 am

    This is self gratification so that the UMNO rank will take notice of him and also to inform Najib that he is of DPM materials hence the next promotion is to support him for a VP post. I know what he little brain is thinking lah!

    Keling Vespa

  15. Anonymous7:52 am

    This are the kind of guys that will hasten DSN from off,nobody asked him about the mongolian and he give's a complete story to the americans.This guy should be fired.


  16. Former SD8:33 am

    Used to love reading Din Merican's exchanges on Bakri Musa's blog.

    He cheapened himself since he joined Anwar. His blog is now filled with cheap propaganda, spin and lies.

    Lost are his deep intellectual thoughts.

    Sympathise with this once big man in government and sime darby. He has lost himself. How sad?

    He lost his family late in life. At one time was regularly seen at Subang Holiday Villa. Must be living in a hotel room.

    This obstinate old man probably joined Anwar to fulfill the dire need to grasp on to something to maintain relevance.

  17. wandererAUS9:03 am

    In the UMNO-BN den, we easily recognize there are full of thieves and liars...this Anifah bloke is no exception!. It is so obvious, BN clowns were trying to score a political point at the expense of the opposition...what a bloody shameless act!
    Surely the opposition has more talented and intelligent people than this orang utan from Borneo.
    America and most countries must be pretty aware by now, this UMNO scumbags are ruling the country unprincipled and without any integrity...a PM with full of skeletons in the closet.

  18. -don-9:16 am

    YB BABI ni nak saman anifah?..
    -OK..boleh diterima..

    KENAPA YB BABI NI TAK SAMAN JUGA PUAD ZARKASHI?..Puad pun accuse YB ni atas benda yg. sama!

    YB BABI takut nak saman Puad ke?..
    Takut air muka jatuh d US je?..d Malaysia ni takpe?..

    pandai YB BABI ni berlakon...lain kali masukkan dalam ABPBH..

  19. smoke of the water9:23 am

    No smoke no fire

    Anwar, if you got balls, go sue Anifah lah!!!!, don't delay.

    Alternatively, Anwar, you go make some Statutory Declaration, see whether Hilary Clinton will buy that:))))

  20. Anonymous9:27 am



  21. Anonymous10:04 am

    Rocky,why do you wish to link some of your posts to Pasquale /Barking Magpie aka Rusdi? Surely you do not see him as a reliable source? Plus he writes like he has a sewer for a mouth.

    Is it because you and Syed Akbar travelled with him to Bkt Gantang? I am surprised an intelligent guy like Syed would want to hang out with a guy like Pasquale. Syed is too good for Rusdi Mustafa. My advice : Stay away from shit.

    -Silence is Golden -

  22. Anonymous10:17 am

    Rusdi Mustafa uses Pasquale as a blog name. Does he not know that it means "Easter child" in a variant of Latin? Does he believe in the resurrection of Jesus? Is he Muslim?

    Pasquale \p(a)-squa-le, pas-quale\ is a variant of Pascal (Latin), and the meaning of Pasquale is "Easter child".

    ::lordy lord

  23. Anonymous10:21 am

    A buffoon in the making of BN/UMNO minister. Surely this FM was not prepared for the meeting or he is overly excited or feeling incompetent and under confident when surrounded by American VPs and press.
    His only experience was taking charge of Sabah football team and bringing it down the drain as well as making noise like a small kid waiting for some goodies.
    This guy surely doesn't have the mettle to be FM. Wonder how he was appointed by Najib!!! KPI!!!???

  24. Anonymous10:22 am

    Assassination attempt, seeks asylum in Turkish embassy...zzzzzzz

    30 frogs in bag........zzzzzzzzz

    September 16-new gov......zzzzzzzz

    New Malaysia post-March 08...zzzzzz

    Nizar didnt seek dissolution..zzzzz

    Fairus corrupt........zzzzzzzz

    Altantuya-najib .......zzzzzzzzz

    Anifah for DPM.......u know who's lying after all of the above, dont you?

    P/S Bru; One of comments yesterdat went MIA. Any reason as to why? Too incendiary? ;-)
    Just curious, thanks Bro.

    Warrior 231

  25. Silver Surfer10:24 am

    The lesson to be learnt here is that potential "frogs" cannot be trusted. Or, watch out for unprincipled opportunistic politicians. These kind of characters should never ever have passed a selection criteria for MPs.

    It is better if overt or covert enticement to MPs to
    defect is incorporated into the honourable "gentlemen's" code of conduct between any competing political parties.

  26. Anonymous10:31 am

    Hi Rocky,

    Just wondering, why Anifah mentioned it in front of Hillary and all, isn't it a bit like washing dirty linen in public - he was supposed to be representing the Malaysian public (who incidentally is paying his salary) and not be talking about his personal issues with Anwar or whoever. He could have done that back home.
    What a disgrace Mr newly minted Foreign Minister!

  27. Anonymous10:36 am

    Wa always thought who travels with pm would be classified but it looks like now you can read about it in

    not classified

  28. Rocky,

    Video of Mahathir's session at BUM2009 is now available on my blog or my Justin TV channel http:/

  29. Anonymous10:38 am

    Sabah dumb a$$...!

    cakap lah ape pun, buat la komplot sehebat mana, Anwar Ibrahim still the best man to lead Malaysia...

    Come GE-13, Pakatan Rakyat will win hands down...

  30. the bee11:11 am

    Salam Rocky.

    Another round of insulting and hurtful comments from the PR crowds. God/Allah/Tuhan, look at the HATRED that comes out from these so-called human species especially that master 'holier than thou' anti Malay/Muslim big hater, wandererAUS....the biggest orang utan of all from either Chinkieland or Hinduland.

    PR are bad losers, very undiplomatic, very childish, arrogant fools all of them, denying what is undeniable etc. As usual, they use all kinds of derogatary names on anyone who does not follow their agenda or who does not toe their line. Yo, PR Goons, only a pig brainer knows another pig brainer ...don't forget that okay Goons!!!

    It is very good of the FM to tell the world about who is really Anwar, the man responsible for the instability in Malaysia.

    Well done FM, well done Rocky.. Well done Sabah ......

  31. BN Supporter11:14 am


    Is pasquale really connected to DSNR?

    If so, can you please advice him to tone down his attacking style of blogging. It reflects badly on BN in general.

    BN Supporter.

  32. the bee11:16 am


    Need Sabahans desperately to defend

    the FM, a Sabahan...Don't keep quiet

    Sabahans, your fellow countryman is

    being slaughtered alive here in

    Rocky's blog .......

  33. Anonymous11:19 am

    Biar padan muka dia. Baru kena buku dengan ruas.

    Berapa lama lagi PKR boleh membohong rakyat?

    Bukan semua orang muda bodoh.

    Anifah tidak akan buka cerita diluar negara kalau tidak betul.

    Anifah memang sudah bersedia dengan kenyataan dan akibatnya demi negara.

    Well Done Anifah. The world need to know the spinning done by PKR supporters and their leaders. Mereka adalah pembohong paling besar.

    We give you our standing ovation. You got many new supporters behind you now.

    Anti PKR Spinning

  34. Anonymous11:42 am

    Brother the bee, kita tahu siapa wandererAUS, komen dia kita monitor.

    Selagi dia tidak lepasi batasan menghina bangsa dan ugama kita akan biarkan. Kita tahu apa nak buat dengan dia kalau melepasi batasan tersebut.

    Saya perasan Orang PKR terutama yang bukan Melayu sentiasa menggunakan isu-isu kebencian dan menghasut dan merendah-rendahkan martabat orang Melayu dan UMNO. Kita perlu bersabar.

    Mereka akan buat silap jika terus berterusan. Rakyat tidak buta. Cuma mereka ini yang buta mata dan buta hati.

    Bagi orang BN atau pun UMNO, kita terus memperbaiki keadaan. Kita perlu berusaha menawan hati rakyat dengan hati ikhlas dan mulia, menabur bakti demi rakyat dan negara tercinta. Jangan spin cerita macam banyak supporter dan ketua PKR. Rela menipu mendapatkan sokongan antarabangsa. Saya malu dengan perangai mereka.

    Anti PKR Spinning

  35. Anonymous11:50 am

    Now I get it - Anifah Aman will be organising the photo pics of Najib-Obama.
    What is the bill this time? How many million? Mahathir was more than 10 million I last hard.


  36. You all should read what this fella said though before making absurd comments. Supporters of Anwar or not this moron just made a fool of himself and the nation in front of a World Power.

    His comments are laughable, it is no surprise that he is a minister. You have to be a dumb f**k to qualify anyway lol

  37. the reason12:01 pm

    Typical Anwar, A LIAR ....

  38. Anonymous12:01 pm

    Anwar lebih standard ada kot. Anifah dia boleh ke jadi deputy PM. i nak ketawa. kalau rafidah aziz saya percaya, tapi anifah, siapa ke dia. So many craps now from BN. Zambry is MR Mandela Gandhi and now Anifah Mr Deputy Prime Minister. Perhaps someone else will soon claim himself to be
    Mr Machiavelli

    Ghost of Onn Jaafar

  39. Those who believe what Anifah said show how stupid he or she is!

  40. Apalah Menteri Luar Negara ni, sudah ngook, bekin malu lagi nama Malaysia depan mata dunia!

    Wooi, u ingat DSAI ngook macam u ke? Naka lantik you jadi DPM?

    Mana bodoh yg akan percaya cakap u?

    Kalau nak pilih u jadi DPM, baik pilih Bong Mokthar! Kah kah Kah....

  41. >>By and large American decision makers are not that gullible....

    and that also applies to what Anifah said.....Why does he try to explain the murder case, etc....First rule in politics...keep in short and simple...

  42. Anonymous12:49 pm

    my god, we have an unqualified foreign minister. I don't see a developed and true democracy to talk bad about internal affair especially opposition when have an official meeting whatnot a press conference in other country. This is totally unproffesional. Our foreign miniter doesn't know his job scope and job's responsibility. Another things is, an accuse without proven as crime in court of Malaysia, Anifah's talk is merely memalukan, especially in America who knew how Malaysia's BN politician look likes after all the un-democractic incident happended in Malaysia. Don't fool them, they have internet and they don't accessto our mainstream media. Anifah,please stop fooling us in abroad next time.

  43. Anonymous1:04 pm

    This is FACT - USA is asking Malaysia for advice on tackling the 1997 financial crisis.

    The then Finance Minister, hero to some here, anwar i-bra-him FAILED miserably.

    The then PM, the great statesman, Tun Dr Mahathir (I can sense fury and frustration in the air) SUCCESSFULLY saved Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand from the rogue financial crooks.

    So, jeng jeng jeng ... the great USA is humbly learning from Malaysia (during TDM's era).


  44. RockHead (with rocks as brain),

    Still says Judiciary is independent? See Is Zambry getting special treatment (in court)?

  45. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Hei Menteri,
    Orang Sabah bolehlah kamu bodohkan..internet penetration berapa aje?

    Kamu ingat orang-orang US boleh diperbodohkan jugak?

    Seluroh dunia gelak kat kamu..Padan muka.

    Dasar lanun dua beradek!


  46. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Binatang ini bikin sial urang Sabah saja !
    Sudahlah abang dia yang jadi ketua menteri sikarang meminggirkan bumiputera tempatan, dia ni pula tunjuk kebuduhan dia di depan mata dunia.
    Beberapa tahun lalu natang ni mimang terkenal samseng dalam arena bola sepak Sabah, tanyalah yang pernah kena pukul oleh gengster-gengster dia.

  47. Anonymous2:47 pm

    I understand this chap was the one who had refused Deputy Minister post during Pak lah's time.He expected full Minister post but when was not given,he quit.But,now this hungry and greedy Minister was offered the post of the Foreign Minister,he grabbed it without any blink in the eyes. Before given the post,he was very controversial and critical towards the government.But now,he is so passive and different.

  48. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Anonymous said...


    9:27 AM

    Anifah = Bumiputera = Islam ( its not like religion is a big issue in Sabah as most of them respect each other better than teh west malaysian) = Sabahan .

    This mean Sabahan are so low in the eyes of their brother in 'Malaysia' ? Sabah not Malaysia , No?

    And you PR people are asking why Sabahan do not support you ? Look the way you generalize Sabahan.Funny isnt it , when Anwar claim a clean government etc he appointed Jefrey Kitingan as the PKR leader there.He screwed up Yayasan Sabah with corruption of course so bad but seen as an angel in '98 BY the then DPM.

    Sabahan mostly are nice,polite and way better morally compared to the cunning counterparts in the west.They had more experience under opposition janji banyak kerajaan.

    Jamal JB

  49. blade3:14 pm

    Don't even think you can fool the Americans lah Anifah!

    You can fool some Malaysians but not Sabahans. We know who you are and power crazy too. You reject a deputy minister post and criticise BN leaders to high heaven with your purported unhappiness over dismal treatment to Sabah.

    Once appointed foreign misister, you forgot Sabah's problem and turns chameleon.

    A DPM post? Dream on. You can't even manage Sabah Football Association!

  50. So just because he say so, it must be true is it?

    He did get to meet his monthly quota in one swell swoop.

    Ah, just in case you don't know what monthly quota I am talking about, it is the quota for media exposure. You see since he became Minister he hardly got any, did he?

    Of what other use is this claim that he has made anyway? A claim that just cannot be substantiated. and he had so many months to have come out with this offer...yet he kept quiet!!!

    Now he can go back to his kampung and boast away that he got media exposure finally!!! Some more got picture of him standing beside Hilary Clinton.

  51. tebing tinggi3:53 pm

    anuar ! justic must prevail.

    drag this anifah to court , asked hillary clinton to come to be your witness .

  52. Anonymous3:55 pm

    A date with obama?

    fcuk! yor think obama got nothing else better to do ke?

  53. Anonymous4:03 pm

    And typical of najis, always get some nincompoops to do his lying...

    No wonders he lined up all 'expired' liars in his cabinet.

    People go to usa cari business but this stupid pig brain sabahan go there cari pasal...

  54. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Jamal JB, 3:11 PM...

    "Sabahan mostly are nice,polite and way better morally compared to the cunning counterparts in the west..."

    ok kid yourself if want to but sabahan don't have to go round showing off their stupidity... jeez, calling himself a minister!

  55. Anifah should focus on the international issue rather then talking about domestic political issue especially abt DSAI to the American. Everyone knows how the American adores DSAI.

  56. Anonymous4:53 pm

    The Malaysian government should also sue anwar ibrahim for bad mouthing the country while making his many rounds overseas.

    Check this:


  57. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Will the 30 so called 16/9 MP froggies come forward please..would very much love to hear you part of his bargain too.

    Mesti ada, mustahil tidak kerana Anwar SO CONFIDENT hebohkan merata perusuk DUNIA..

    Hai kenapa Yong sekok saja terlompat, dituruti dengan apanama Lawyer dari Kelantan ajer?

    Kalau Anwar tak dapat senaraikan nama nama MP Frogs ni, bermakna apa segala keluaq dari mulut dia mulai 16/9, adalah DUSTA DAN PEMBOHONGAN SEMATA2,

    including this DENIAL...


  58. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Hoi Anniefart, got any recording of the conversation on this offer... give us the evidence otherwise don't keep spewing pig-shits...

  59. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Anti-PKR Spinning,

    "Brother the bee, kita tahu siapa wandererAUS, komen dia kita monitor.

    Selagi dia tidak lepasi batasan menghina bangsa dan ugama kita akan biarkan. Kita tahu apa nak buat dengan dia kalau melepasi batasan tersebut."

    Bahlol punya komen. Nampak sangat baru smalam belajar pakai komputer. Hang boleh buat apa kat Wanderer tu? hang ni Internet warrior ke?


  60. Anonymous5:21 pm

    MALAYSIA BOLIH ! we keep coming up with arseholes as minister.

  61. Anonymous5:24 pm

    i agreed with the Sultan of Selangor that many of our Government leaders have no quality. They really need to improve themselves like learning to talk...


  62. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Macam mana sekalipun korang cuci pun tiada guna bah, kami Sabahan kenal betul siapa ni beruk seekor ni yang datang dari Sepilok Sandakan.
    Mungkin urang semenanjung terutama UMNO semenanjung yang BUTA dan TULI buleh dia makan lah (Kalo betul ertinya korang memang bebal), tapi di sini sapa-sapa pun kenal sapa URANG UTAN ni !
    So teruskanlah kana main si beruk dari Sabah ! Korang pun jadi beruk sekali !
    - Sabahan

  63. Anonymous6:04 pm

    This is the stupidist thing the Foreign Minister could do in front of Americans, to go wash dirty linens. What is wrong if Anwar has offered a better position, is it a crime. For god sake what is this talking in front of Mrs Clinton. has she blamed Bush for the mesh the Americans are in. I just do not know whether this guy has any sense.People like make Malaysia sick to the core.

    My Name is Abil

  64. You know what? This is Karma. A bad government led by shady characters somehow gets shown up sooner or later. Alas in this case, too soon.

    I think the next thing Najib should do is to ask for Anifah's head. But Sabah and Sarawak are safe deposits.

    So squeeae balls lah.

    Hey, Malaysians do not want to be embarassed again by stupid leaders. What do we do now?

    We had Zam and Syed the last time. They did plenty to make us smart of embrassment for few years.

    Go home Anifah. Learn more...

  65. laksa sarawak7:00 pm

    someone please explain to me

    why is it when anwar ibrahim goes overseas and says all nonsense that he dreams for, there is no one going out kutukking him. what he says paints a negative image of the country but since he is anwar ibrahim, he has the passport to do so

    and instead when a bn minister makes a daring confession, you all start getting unhappy

    double standard lah wei

  66. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Yeah, those sabah umno buggers (sudah mabuk kuasa) should also demand anifah aman for dpm from najis rosak and kick out the present half past six failed dpm!

  67. Anonymous7:20 pm

    "Listening is better than talking"
    We learn a lot if we just listen and observe.

  68. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Rocky, saya pikir spy US sudah baca cerita pasal Sabah, Musa Aman dan Anifah Aman dalam Malaysia Today dll informasi. Itu pasal Hilary Clinton ketawa dengar cerita Anifah mahu tipu rakyat Amerika.
    Orang macam ini kita jumpak dimana2 saja. Bila marah BN sampai herdik dan ugut mahu keluar BN tapi bila adik-beradik sudah dapat apa dia mahu, negara kita pun mereka boleh gadai atau jual di luar negeri.
    Itu biasa saja sama keluarga Khan di Sabah.


  69. sukahati8:28 pm

    ha ha

    padan muka Anwar. kena sebijik kat US dah mengelabah.

    Saman, by election, janji 16 sept, memfitnah ,,,,ni semua dosa yang Amwar kumpul dan akan akan bawak masuk kubur. belum lagi kes saiful.

    All the best Anwar

  70. somewhere between truth and lies, blogs need to feed information at best -- XMC reports.

  71. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Not bad now our BN government is sending a foreign minister oversea who knows how to wash dirty laundry.... Keep it up BN!

  72. Anonymous9:29 pm

    To fully understand why the Foreign Minister took up the issue please read the article by Ian Buruma in the New Yoker. Din Merican has carried the article in full in his Blog. Thank you Din. Ramalx

  73. Why use 'according to Bernama'?
    can't directly point readers to the origin of his remarks, meh?

    or, u don't know how to find it?

    What Anifah said is is still here.


  74. 1. I do think that he pick a not appropriate timing to spill the beans. There is an etiquette in diplomatic circle.

    2. Many people in this blog will be praising anifah and maybe Rocky. What i find sorry is that he said that he was called once, did not recall when and could not recall the content of conversation on the spot. He might as well don't say anything.

  75. He is the mother of all corruption. He challenged TGB for DPM in 1990s. Corruption was at the height. Now it happen to PAS under his influence for Hus to go for Deputy President post. Don't be surprised PAS will receive similar fate


  76. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Oh my God, look at the smirk on Hillary's face. That says all.

    Smirk faced

  77. Anonymous10:38 pm

    He is the mother of all corruption during his days when he challeged TGB for DPM and also Finance Minister. Corruption was the height and PAS will received a similar fate if no action taken for coming party election.

    Shahsin at sight

  78. Anonymous10:42 pm

    anwar ibrahim will deny deny deny...a man in denial.

  79. Anonymous10:53 pm

    "Quoted by Anonymous"
    my god, we have an unqualified foreign minister. I don't see a developed and true democracy to talk bad about internal affair especially opposition when have an official meeting whatnot a press conference in other country. This is totally unproffesional. Our foreign miniter doesn't know his job scope and job's responsibility. Another things is, an accuse without proven as crime in court of Malaysia, Anifah's talk is merely memalukan, especially in America who knew how Malaysia's BN politician look likes after all the un-democractic incident happended in Malaysia. Don't fool them, they have internet and they don't accessto our mainstream media. Anifah,please stop fooling us in abroad next time.

    Dey poondex..kalau anwar cakap merapu korang boleh percaya bulat2 ka.. nah amik ko.. kene muka dia, mcm2 la korang yg obses dgn dia bercakap in his defence...kau org ingat dia maksum? get real lah oii....i hate anwar ibrahim, full of excuses and drama. org dah lepaskan buat la kerja amal ibadat ke apa ke, ni dok menjadi pengacau keamanan sejak muda sampai dah kertu...bertaubat lah anwar ibrahim.

  80. Shariff11:44 pm

    Why the hell did the PM appoint Anifah to the Foreign Minister post. Whether Anwar offered a post to this idiot is neither here nor there - as this was the wrong stage to discuss it.
    Also what on earth was he doing discussing the whole Altantuya Najib controversy? Again a case of wrong place and wrong time to discuss internal politics.

    If tis guy is Najib's friend - he sure as hell does not need enemies!

  81. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Anwar claimed that someone wanted to kill him, and he ran for cover at turkish embassy....heh heh heh heh heh. Try that at the British embassy laaaa next think rakyat bodoh ke?

    Anifah, bring out the evidence! Sure you have something.


  82. yeah,, Hate him like hell11:59 pm

    To all who blasted anifah, up Yours,,!! Anwar have been bad mouthing Malaysian Govt for years!! Do you really believe crime levels will go down when the reason there are more Mat Rempits is because back in the refomasi age , these mat rempits were toddlers! or under age watching daddy go REFORMASI! REFORMASI and screwing the police all day and all night, thanks to the bloody arse lover. and bet you al didn't know that he tried to elope with the good lady but her relatives told him to bring her back and do it properly, now she's just a loyal muslim wife(sic)

  83. I don't believe in washing your dirty linen to your friends let alone someone you just met. No matter how much the other guy sucks or wrong.

    Be professional, you are representing Malaysia, mind you.

  84. Anonymous2:59 am

    Hoi yeah, mat rempit disokong oleh umno youth especially KJ and its umno putera and never never by reformasi groups. With tacit support from these umno idiots, mat rempit mengganas (terrorise), banyak mangsa-mangsa mat rempit dah mati!

  85. Nasi Lemak4:17 am

    So many angry posts about Anifah and his "big mouth," but no one wants to link it to Anwar's already-launched American-seduction PR campaign. Just read that pandering New Yorker article. The impression I get is Malaysia is a backward neo-theocracy, with UMNO warlords running it to the ground Islamic-fundamentalism style - and Anwar is the sincere, self-doubting "messenger of god" to save the nation. What a load of cock. Sounds just like Ahmed Chelabi when he was bullshitting the Americans into invading Iraq - paint the nation as an American enemy, and they will take notice. BN is suffering from corruption and apathy, yes; Malaysia has alot of socially outdated and ineffective policies, especially race-wise, yes; people are fed up - yes! But framing us as Baath-esque, blind-to-the-world, anti-semetic religious rice-monkeys? Come on. Anwar is a true-blue traitor for going around shitting on Malaysia with such fervor, but it seems so many people want him to do exactly that. Says alot about his supporters and what they sincerely think.

    People will believe exactly what they want, to get whatever it they want; that is life. Anwar is just providing himself as a receptacle for our people's projection - using their grouses as his personal platform to be Big Boss of Malaysia. Maybe the people need some kind of figure like that, to embody and fight for their frustrations. But, for the love of God, please know what kind of receptacle you are using. You may not notice it is a toilet bowl.

    Nothing Anifah said is new - anyone with a passing interest in Malaysia would have heard the Altantuya accusations (even my American friends have read it in passing somewhere on international news sites, and they don't particularly give a damn about this part of the world). With the New Yorker article, the American intellectual community may now finally have Najib and Malaysia as a dirty blip on the radar. What Anifah did, in the light of this, is in my opinion, appropriate. Good thing Secretary Clinton didn't seem to take too much interest in Anwar personally (while maintaining that America brought up rule of law and due process during discussions). I think she can smell a rat here, especially considering Anwar's escapades with neo-con war-peddlers like Paul Wolfowitz. For my money, she knows how Chelabi played Wolfowitz (perhaps also the other way round), and won't take the risk on another asshole with a personal agenda. And despite his best efforts, Anwar will never be the Aung San Suu Kyi of Malaysia. How can you be, when for the first 2/3 of your career, you were the strongest man in the Junta?

    By the way, I fully expect this comment, and others of similar leanings, to be mostly ignored or ridiculed. Right now, the popular thing to do is rubbish the government. All the cool kids are doing it. So will most of their fanboys.

  86. RockyPru10:44 am

    Kaki Judi ni nak dilantik jadik DPM ke?
    ingat Anwar tak tahu ke dia ni kaki judi?
    apa bangang perasan Anwar nak kasik dia jadik DPM?

    Anwar memang ada tanya dia, nak tak lompat parti.
    Dia kata boleh, tapi dengan syarat aku nak jadik DPM...Haha..
    Mau nyer tak gelak Anwar dengar...hahaha...

    Dasar kaki judi...

  87. Well... this is coming from a man who REJECTED a Deputy Minister post (on the grounds of letting others hold the DM post) but willingly accepted a Minister post later on....

    Sapa yang penipu besar ni??? hmmm....

  88. Anonymous12:23 pm

    This fler,Anifah Aman is another 'Sabah Frog'...look at him ,when he was offered deputy minister post and rejected he got what he want,that why ,he is talking kock now.By the way,can any one put up their hands if you know who is our FM? >-<

  89. Anonymous1:06 pm

    ramainya calon menteri buat komen sini - x

  90. Anonymous1:31 pm

    It was reported elsewhere that Ansiah Aman said the DPM is lucrative. Does he means that this post can be "bought". Does it means the DPM can make profit from the post.

    wow. what an honest man to confirm Malaysia is corrupt. I like him already.

  91. Anonymous1:37 pm

    I just wonder, why the foreign minister, who is this guy from Sabah did not reveal here when he was offered DPM post by Anwar. Why go all the way to U.S. to state your case. That's because you have immunity there from being sued. Please repeat here your charges so that Anwar can sue you.


  92. Anwar Banyak Boleh4:17 pm

    If it is not lucrative, what do you think Anwar Ibrahim, by hook or crook want to be PM :)))))

    And remember Anwar wanted to be PM on 16 September 2008???

    Don't believe go ask Tian Chua and Elizabeth Wong who went all the way to Taiwan to secure that 30 froggie MPs :)))


  93. Anwar belit5:55 pm

    Anwar no balls? He supposed to sue Anifa if Anifa does not retract within 24 hours.

    Now Anwar extend it to 7 days pulak!!!

    Anwar, ada bola, sue sajalah, tak payah belit-belit!!!

  94. Anifah, oh Arnifah,
    What a bumbling fool you are!
    Are you really a Foreign Minister?
    You certainly sound sinister;
    Whatever you are trying to administer,
    You are a bum, mister minister!

  95. Anwar, what say you ?8:28 pm

    Second DPM in PKR's Sabah manifesto

    Published on: Thursday, February 28, 2008 Email to a friend Printer Friendly

    Kota Kinabalu: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sabah, launched another manifesto here themed "A New Hope for Sabah and Malaysia" promising a second Deputy Prime Minister if it rules the land below the wind.

    "As partners to the formation of Malaysia, the Borneo states deserve to have a Deputy Prime Minister for without the Borneo states, there would have been no Malaysia.

    "Thus, under the PKR government there will be a second Deputy Prime Minister for East Malaysia," the PKR said in its 14-point manifesto launched Wednesday by State PKR Vice President Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan. State PKR head Ansari Abdullah was also present.

    Other points in the manifesto included termination of any petroleum agreement with national oil company, Petronas, and replacing it with a petroleum sharing agreement apart from a review of the Petronas Act to give a fair revenue to Sabah.

    PKR would also ensure that state immigration be placed under "state matter," where the movement of people in and out of Sabah would come under the purview of the state government and "the director of immigration would be a Sabahan".

    The party said if it rules Sabah, Federal Territory Labuan will come under the jurisdiction of Sabah without changing the status of the island as an Offshore Financial Centre.

    PKR also promised to introduce a comprehensive economic and development plan for Sabah called the Development Agenda for Sabah.

    For the March 8 election, the opposition is putting up 55 candidates for the 59 states seats.

    It promised to resolve the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah, restore relevant State rights, see to land reforms as well as set up a comprehensive economic and development plan for the State.

    The manifesto also focussed on increasing the State's per capita income from RM10,000 to RM15,000, promoting transparency in the government as well as ensuring more women participate in decision-making processes.

    PKR also wants to replace the Federal Development Department in Sabah (JPPS), which it describes as a waste of public funds, with a State Development Department (JPN) to ensure development funds go straight to the State Government.

    On land reforms, PKR promised to restore the role of the village chiefs (Ketua Kampung) and Ketua Anak Negeri in land applications besides setting up a Land Reform Committee to review existing land laws.

    An agency known as the Sabah Native Land Development Authority (SNLDA) will also be established by a PKR government for native land and interest.

    The party also vowed to democratise the appointments of Village Development and Security Committees (JKKKs) as well as village chiefs (Ketua Kampung) and ensure these JKKKs are actively involved in the development of the respective villages. As such all projects costing RM25,000 and below will be implemented directly by these JKKKs.

    PKR Vice-President Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan said the manifesto is a supplement to the national PKR manifesto entitled "A New Dawn for Malaysia", which was launched recently by party adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    "I am confident the people would accept the manifesto as they have had enough of Barisan Nasional's empty promises since it come to power", he said after the launching at his residence at Bukit Padang, near here.

    He claimed the BN's just unveiled manifesto themed "Security, Peace and Prosperity" was just another of its sweet promises".

    "We must remember that when BN launched 'Sabah Baru' in the previous election, it promised to reduce poverty to zero, housing for all, etcÉ but today we bear witness that all their promises have not been fulfilled and for that the current government must be change," he said.

    Jeffrey went on to say that the real power in BN Sabah was Umno and that the 10 component parties have little say in the State Government.

    He urged the people of Sabah, especially the young voters not to be misled by the BN's promises and instead vote PKR for change.

    "Sabahans have a history of making brave changes when needed and together we can do it again," he said.

  96. Anonymous9:51 pm

    A serious setback to Najib's mantra of "1Malaysia Performance Now" ho-ha.

    Right away from the word go, Najib is already ending up with a clueless FM.

    When did he last pick up a book to read? Does the notion "it's how you say it rather than what" mean anything to him?

    So much for the KPI, since its originator is also clueless. Deja vue anyone? It takes an ass to appoint another. A real performance index test as per his KPI initiative on himself.

    I know which job Anifah'd do well. An UMNO warlord. You don't need a KPI for that.

    dark wader

  97. Anonymous3:23 am

    Since this anifah rejected a dm post and only took up a minister post as he thought himself very capable, no deputy post for him. This anifah is a really BIG head, now he think that dpm also cannot fit his BIG head, now he want the prime minister post, now he is dreaming how to kick out that najis to take the prime minister post for his BIG head but inside this BIG head kosong!

  98. Anonymous9:31 am

    anwar ibrahim is the "mother" of all liars. he plays dirty tactics and when he got beaten cannot even accept the truth. remmeber the rakyat only voted BA because BN was so weak last Election. he was only everywhere, but NO POWER.

    BA won but not because BA is well liked. The three stooges cannot even work together.

    when anwar washes dirty linen abroad no one said anything..why? can accept him being so stupid in front of other world leaders?


  99. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Please accept the facts that Anwar is not so well clean as what we had perceived. He is not only bisexual but only take away his PA wife and having good time of his life at Tivolli Bangsar. The stupid PA did not accept his wife main kayu tiga just because he want to maintain his wealthy status quo at big bungalow at Titiwangsa